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Do you need a private detective in Cádiz?

The best services that can be available to our clients are focused on the possibility of hiring a qualified private detective  in Cádiz;  since these services provide the opportunity to generate the best sense of response in all those interested.

The opportunity to have a timely operation scheme towards the provision of a detective service, focuses on the possibility of requiring the best detective resource, capable of providing the necessary answers at the indicated time.

We are an agency with the integration of professionals in the field of investigation, professionals who are in charge of doing the investigations that you need; legal, labor, family research among others. 

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Our professionals are in charge with their skills and experiences to carry out these investigations that the clients require. We have more than a decade of experience in private investigations and this gives us the professionalism necessary to solve your case. Each case has a different factor and apart from being different it has a very high importance, this is how we care about clients by helping them resolve their investigations.

We are certain that we will help you in collecting the necessary data that you request, we will give you the care you need. Private detectives  are people with whom you can have complete confidence in telling your problems for your benefit and help.

Why hire private detectives in Cadiz?


In the execution of our services, we make possible the operations of our  detectives in Cádiz 24 hours a day.

From Grupo Arga, our detectives in Cádiz 24 hours a day , are willing to carry out the best investigative action, which without a doubt can lead to the generation of a service that can have the best capacity to answer all the concerns of our clients.

Before you contract any of our services, we will give you a free estimate adapted to your needs, where we first make a preliminary study of the situation. This is totally personalized and adapted to your situation. 


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Private Detectives in Cadiz experts in obtaining evidence

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Choosing to search for a  detective agency in Cádiz  will no longer be a problem among the wide variety of options that are available in this area. Grupo Arga is a select agency with a recognized track record for its complete disposition in the various areas that concern a private service. 

When we refer to hiring a private service, we are also emphasizing the search for experts who meet certain requirements.

Professionalism, local activities and quality execution are some of the elements that describe our work team from head to toe.



The work in the research area in the city of Cádiz as well as at the National level will no longer be an anguish when the integration of an expert is necessary. Our detective agency in Cádiz  has specialists in cases of particular and commercial interest, as well as a large staff that accompany them. Along with the team of detectives who work hard to please the clientele, there are other professionals in specific areas who help considerably in investigative actions, such as psychologists, forensics, criminalists, technological experts, among others.

The opportunity of being able to have a reliable contract at hand makes us focus on improving and ensuring a resounding success in each of our operations. Our detective agency in Cádiz is accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, which shows its complete dedication to legal requirements. In addition to this, we need the integration of each element necessary to achieve adequate management. 

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Professional private detective service in Cádiz

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Our philosophy is to create a culture of excellence and dedication in each detective that makes up our agency, which makes us a resource with a high sense of belonging in the deployment of detective operations. The tasks that the detective performs are related to the application of various standards. 

These are typical characteristics of high-level performance in order to manage the needs of our clients , which allows us to secure our operations through the implementation of technical tools.

In addition to everything related to the use of our laboratory equipment and electronic analysis equipment to generate the greatest deployment of resources . these can guarantee the acquisition of evidence to be included in the investigation; and the purpose is to determine sufficient resources.



Grupo de Detectives is an organization whose objective is to constantly update everything related to the best execution of investigative services, which allows us to act with a sense of opportunity according to the needs of each situation. We have extensive experience when you need to deploy different resources. We are willing to never stop learning to give our clients the possibility of success.

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Private Detectives in Cádiz cooperating with justice


All detective agencies provide services according to their classification, which is given according to their experience and training. Our detective agency in Cádiz, as in other communities in Spain, has a considerable number of expert professionals in multiple fields of investigation. 

The investigative tactics are so wide that it is essential knowledge to put the most significant ones into practice to select the correct one for the case.

Private investigations can be initiated by means of a factor that affects the personal, family environment as well as systems or commercial integrity.


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The requests addressed to our  detective agency in Cádiz are due to actions that affect the integrity of people or the security system of businesses, occupying a wide range of concerns that must be dealt with immediately. The catalog offered by our private services is really extensive, adding other elements that may appear as the operations are applied. .

On the other hand, digital measures are another determining element, especially in the field of commerce since it is very common today to witness problems due to espionage or leaking of valuable information. For this reason, Grupo Arga has highlighted the constant renewal of strategies and technological tools.

Private investigations in Cádiz at the forefront

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Together, we handle a variety of services such as: Fingerprint investigation, infidelity, computer forensics, computer cleaning, cybercrime prevention, tracking and finding people, surveillance cameras, counterintelligence, personal reports, scam monitoring, etc. All this is offered for private clients, lawyers, companies, insurers and mutuals.

Although it is true that a private investigation process is arduous, that does not mean that the budget is also arduous, giving way to a common question: How much does a private investigation service cost? Our detective agency in Cádiz  adjusts to the client’s pocket and makes sure that operations meet expectations. 


That said, at Grupo Arga commitment and dedication prevail . One characteristic that governs this agency with a long and excellent track record is that it does not neglect its quality of services under any circumstances. The prestige of obtaining a high-level image by paying attention to the interests of customers is our gratitude.

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Do not take risks, hire our private detectives in Cádiz

A direct path towards the demonstration of the truth is found in our specialized services, we provide personalized tools for your case, since they fulfill the function of finding and analyzing information that is useful for the case, because with the revelations it is feasible to follow the directions that the case itself demands.

Make sure to reveal the truth when hiring our professional services, this is a complex and specialized task that should only be carried out by legally authorized private detectives , this is the recommended way par excellence to gather evidence that is crucial to the situation that worries you so much.


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Our private investigation professionals cover your case and use expert techniques. Thanks to the virtues and training that our specialists have to obtain real evidence, all the work translates into a permanent analysis to follow the outlined strategy and leave nothing to chance. 

Guaranteed results arise thanks to the restraint of planning. It is a careful job where the circumstances of the situation mark the path to follow to have contact with the source of information on which the case depends. It is not possible to investigate without assuming this type of observation reservations before proceeding to set a budget or an action plan.

Best private detectives in Cádiz

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To subtract weight from any deception, the virtues and power of truth are necessary, which is why having our services is really significant in the face of any type of problem . It is crucial that you present your needs to our experts who are focused on obtaining tangible evidence that you can use in your favor. 

Pointing out a subject or the reality of a fact is easy thanks to the solid probative elements that we obtain.

In each case, situations are processed with the sensitivity that they deserve, so it is possible to assume and reveal more serious circumstances such as events of family violence, alcohol abuse, fraud, harassment, infidelity and others.


Receiving the evidence that your case requires is the support available in the development of the private investigation, this is not complicated when you are adequately advised. Do not forget that we are a legal entity through which the search for evidence that is admissible for any legal purpose can be planned .

Hiring professionals to help you reflect reality is a great freedom for your objectives, since it accentuates the opportunity to receive evidence without having to deal with more problems during the information search process. At any time you can place the request to investigate both for individuals and for companies.

This type of request for services is extremely beneficial, in Cádiz you can count on multiple disciplinary areas represented by our highly trained professionals. These services reflect a way of working attached to your interests, the attention to your case is ideal by customizing all the actions or procedures according to the problem to combat. The commitment is maintained 100% on the details of the case , we provide services in order to incorporate optimal and specialized resources. So presenting a case that is affecting you in any way is achieved with the committed attention that we issue from Grupo Arga.


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Contact a private detective in Cádiz safely

From the support we extend it is possible that you will find clear solutions. Everything happens as long as the alert and up-to-date attention of our highly professional private detectives is directed. We locate reality gathering by investing considerable effort to attend to the most specific details of the case . The highest priority in the case is to define the evidentiary elements necessary to establish a position. This is the premise that is maintained at all times during the exploration of the case, which is why private investigation is the best guide to explain the occurrence of events and have evidence that really exposes the reality of the events.

The realization of strategies is a guarantee so that the searches have a clear purpose. If you need to analyze a problem or a situation objectively , you should go to the professional instances of Grupo Arga, this increases in relevance in business and work environments where every decision deserves a valid argument.

The need to investigate events is part of the reason why we offer our specialized services. The impulse to gather information does not give way to complications. Ideally, it is not an unresolved cause, but from the beginning we establish an action plan viable enough for you to trust this alternative .

The status of a case advances to the proportion of evidence due to the tenacity of our private investigators. As a private investigation agency we maintain an experience full of resolved cases that serve as a basis or support for the quality that we maintain regarding the treatment of your situation . It is possible to make a difference in different areas with the solution we offer on a large number of cases. This demonstrates the priority that exists over the dedication to expose the truth, we offer you the opportunity to receive your case from empathy, at the same time the seriousness with which we resolve your case helps you to remain calm at all times.

Don’t doubt that your case action plan will come to life, through a hard effort to obtain valuable information. This type of support is significant and one of the best you can find in Spain. It is the way to be advised by expert teams in labor, personal, business, commercial, computer and other matters.



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