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If what you are looking for is a quality service at an affordable price, we at  Grupo Arga are your best option. We have a long professional career in which we stand out for having various beneficial aspects for you as a client.

With great care and dedication, we have managed to attend and close more than 9,000 cases for more than 10 years. Among them, several services rendered satisfactorily stand out, of which they are fully recommended by previous clients.

We own the best  private investigators in Toledo .


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Highly qualified specialists, who will assist you directly, fully understanding your situation and ready to guide you throughout the investigation process.

Our investigators consecrate as a central process in the execution of an investigative role everything that is related to the obtaining of highly solvent evidence in favor of the generation of aspects that without a doubt, can result in the concretion of an investigation case that may have the ability to respond to all our customers.

Private detectives in Toledo with guarantee

At Grupo Arga, the detectives in Toledo are our most precious investigative resource for the city, since we have been able to carry out an exemplary work of trajectory through time where, without a doubt, we have generated as a result the realization of various logical schemes of research that promote a sense of immediate response to customer needs.

The construction of a precise research case comes hand in hand with the generation of various scenarios and initial indications that are constituted by a research hypothesis. The duty of our detectives is to test the hypotheses and elements that are typical of the execution of each case, with the aim of knowing what is part of the objective facts and what is part of the field of assumptions.


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Experts in obtaining evidence

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At Grupo Arga Detectives we make any type of investigation possible, it is for these reasons that our detectives focus primarily on building a scheme that is capable of providing all the answers in various environments where the execution of investigation processes are extremely detailed towards obtaining evidence.

The achievement of investigative aspects through our private detectives in Toledo, make an efficient work viable towards anyone who may require this type of service.

At Grupo Arga, we do our best to provide timely research criteria for those who require the practice of a high-level investigative process, this is how the research exercise for more than 10 years characterizes us.


The construction of investigative patterns and decision models that are solvent towards our clients make it possible to generate elements that simply promote a high sense of resolution towards the needs that all our clients have. Our private detectives in Toledo do their best!

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Experts in surveillance and monitoring

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We have extensive experience in the control and monitoring of workers who do not perform as desired in their task, sales representatives who do not dedicate the agreed time or who diversify with other companies, absenteeism, continuous and unjustified sick leave that cause low productivity in the company, among many other sectors.

At our detective agency in Toledo we offer a personalized study of each client, carrying out fast and efficient work, preparing a budget exclusively based on the real needs of each client. We work with great seriousness and commitment so that you are satisfied.

Our main virtue is discretion, so you can rest easy, come and meet us, and you will see that our budgets are adapted to each client and each specific case.


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Benefits of hiring us

  • It will have an agency with a long professional career, with more than 9,000 cases handled and closed satisfactorily, where 75% of the cases involve investigation of fraudulent sick leave.
  • You will have the support of a whole team of highly qualified detectives, as well as computer experts. Thus, attacking both physical and digital points at the time of the investigation.
  • You will obtain a complete orientation, where you will be explained the various strategies that can be implemented, in order to carry out an effective and positive investigation.
  • You will obtain tangible evidence in various formats, which can be implemented before any legal action. All documentation given by us is fully endorsed by legal entities.
  • You will have the best rates on the market. Thus, you will have the opportunity to opt for an optimal and high-quality service at a reasonable price.
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efficiency and precision

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The criteria that our  detectives in Toledo  always use when determining all the elements that are links in an investigation, allow us to be leaders and a reference in the investigation market, since they have been characterized by obtaining excellent results in the topics that are required to carry out their investigative work.

This has also led to the need to be agile and always reinvent ourselves in the daily tasks of our work, with the aim of always advocating for improvement towards our clients.

These results have shown 96% satisfaction with our services in recent years, so this is an important element when making the effectiveness of our services known. We deploy the best human and technological resources.

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We have the best investigation process

At Grupo Arga, the management of our processes undoubtedly leads us to offer all our clients the best possible investigation service, so that the specialized management of our processes becomes a reality. Anyone who requires a private investigation service has as a good answer the joint work of several experts in the field of investigations who are capable of responding with great authority to everything that has to do with the application of an investigation.

The construction of each investigation process, without a doubt, has guaranteed the specialized management of each case, which is why through each operation and activity that our detectives deploy, the construction of elements that can promote the best sense of security is taken into account. certainty in all those who contract our services.


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We guarantee the management of all the needs of our clients with the aim of giving them the opportunity to make the best possible decision on a particular problem.

Guaranteed results

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We own the best  private investigators in Toledo . Highly qualified specialists, who will assist you directly, fully understanding your situation and ready to guide you throughout the investigation process.

We have the best technological advances of the moment, in order to ensure that you obtain palpable evidence in various formats such as photography, video, audio and more. Everything, exposed in a clear and precise way; a complete content that can be implemented to generate any legal action on your part. In addition, you will have the best rates in the market, where the quality-price comparison results in a very comfortable option for you and your company. Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to create greater security.


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Contact private detectives in Toledo

There is nothing better than turning to a privileged and well-known organization that has the best trained investigators to carry out any private investigation assigned to them. In this way, you will be completely sure that you can rely on the services of true experts who will offer all their energies to focus on resolving your conflict.

Grupo Arga Detectives can provide you with the security that is needed for these occupations that can range from checking that you are not the next point in a hack or supervision of an employee to infidelity. Anyone who is in this situation can have assistance through our detectives in Toledo. Without a doubt, we will be able to answer your concerns.

We are, without a doubt, the best decision you can make when wanting to hire a private investigation service. At Grupo Arga we are leaders in the research market with the best technology and the best professionals. Choose us and see what we are capable of. Contact us and we will draw up an action plan.




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