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Are you looking for a private detective in Murcia?

If you are looking for detectives in Murcia, ask us for a price and information about the work we do. You will be amazed at the professional team we have and all that we can do for you. Contact a detective agency in Murcia that has private detectives with extensive experience and training, it is the only way to carry out an investigation satisfactorily.

Our detectives in Murcia have more than a decade of experience and can carry out investigations ranging from marital, personal, professional, industrial, computer or technological investigations.

We offer the maximum legal guarantees by having a team made up of professionals authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and members of the Official College of Private Detectives of Spain. For this reason, the evidence that we obtain and that we collect in a comprehensive report will have full judicial validity.

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Private detectives in Murcia with great training

Our great mass of clients already mention it to us, they let us know from time to time, due to recidivism they come to hire our services again. Due to the certainties to which we adhere and make ourselves valid, we do not allow ourselves to succumb to any strange event that knocks on our door.

We feel truly comfortable because the better the contact and the pre- and post-investigation conversation with the client, this will give many letters in favor to specify in an effective and accurate way solutions to those questions that have you involved in this mess.

It is not surprising that cordiality is present to us even through the pores, because as we said, the remoteness and stridency with which some other agencies are handled can greatly degenerate the possibilities of resolving or at least taking a diametrical line satisfactory investigation in its entirety.

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Private detective agency in Murcia qualified

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Professional experience shows us that once an event is suspected, the only way to resolve the existing uncertainty is to hire an expert private detective.

This professional will write his report objectively and detailing the events that occurred during the course of the investigation carried out, to this the corresponding annexes such as videos, photographs, etc. will be added, guaranteeing the right to privacy of the investigated subject.

Our agency has a multidisciplinary team of professionals, capable of solving any type of case according to your needs.

Our first consultation is free, contact us and explain your case to us.


We know the personal and legal implications of hiring a private detective in Murcia, which is why we offer all the necessary guarantees so that investigations can be carried out efficiently. We are personally committed to each case, acting with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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Request a free quote of private detective in Murcia

Ask for budget

Guarantee of results

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At the moment of hiring a  private detective in Murcia , it is suggested to the client that the detective he is looking for is qualified, requires accreditation of the professional activity, requires a contract with all the specified services and entering the budget with the value that he is going to carry the operation in advance and at the end that requires a report with all the information collected throughout the investigation, which will be confidential at all times.

At Grupo Arga Detectives,  everything mentioned is given to the client so that they feel satisfied and can maintain a good opinion of the agency.

If you are looking for a  detective agency in Murcia, the best one you will be able to find will be that of  Grupo Arga Detectives, since it offers a wide variety of investigative services in which various types of users will be attended and the private investigation that will be carried out, whether family, marital, labor, business, financial, industrial, business, registry and all kinds of technological investigation, introducing electronic sweeps and espionage.

Any private investigation carried out in Murcia is legal and can be presented before a judge to formalize charges against the person or company under investigation. While the  private investigation is being carried out in Murcia,  information will be collected, which will be filed in a general report, which will describe everything carried out by the private detective and by the person who has been investigated. In this way, all the concerns will be clarified and all the questions that the client presented will be resolved

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Prices and fees for detectives in Murcia

How much does it cost to hire the services of a private detective in Murcia? It will be consulted, are the services provided by  Grupo Arga Detectives very expensive? The answer is negative, our costs are accessible.

Commonly, the labor stipulation of a  private investigator  from Grupo Arga Detectives usually costs 70 euros per hour, while their labor stipulation is a minimum of 4 hours.

Grupo Arga detectives gives you all kinds of services in matters of private investigation . Private investigations in labor, marital, technological matters, electronic sweep services, for example, branches in which their detectives are the most qualified to give you the special results.


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There is no  private investigation agency  with as many awards as Grupo Arga Detectives, who has an award for business excellence awarded by the sector in 2017, thus seeing the results for more than 10 years of experience. Come to our agency to understand the costs of our prices.

These rates commonly include a parameter calculated in hours for the expert fees of the detective, to which the costs of the investigation in relation to materials and technological elements must be added, as well as the respective tax. This is how a previous idealization of a  private investigation in Murcia is taking shape,  which can be foreseen in relation to costs and time.

Benefits of hiring us

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  • You will have an  optimal and quality service . Attacking your case directly, giving total priority to the security of your  company .
  • You will obtain complete advice, where you will be informed about the plans, movements and strategies to carry out the investigation. As well as, you will have all the guidance to generate security barriers in order to keep safe the true information that transits daily within your heritage.
  • It will have the best company detectives  experts in fraudulent sick leave in Murcia . Highly qualified professionals with a long career path.
  • You will have the support of our team of  computer experts . Experts in the digital field, who will handle your case through digital and technological means.
  • You will be attended with the greatest cordiality and empathy that characterizes us so much. Supporting you throughout the research process.
  • Thanks to our electronic equipment. You will obtain any tangible evidence that confirms the existence of a  fraudulent sick leave , in various formats such as photography, video, audio and more.
  • You will have the  best rates on the market , where the  quality-price comparison  will make the difference between other agencies. At  Grupo Arga Detectives , we always ensure your safety and that of your assets.
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effective responses

An incredible private investigation is one where there are the elements that give conviction to the reality of the facts that are examined. In the same way, it is essential to establish clearly what elements of conviction are rigorously necessary, and beyond that, compelling, in order to achieve that purpose efficiently.

In this way, there is no talk of saturating unnecessary evidence, but of obtaining the exact ones that are useful, pertinent, lawful and essential. This is very clear to the experts from the private detective agency that are part of the select group of  Grupo Arga detectives  in Murcia.

That is why his philosophy of work is based on focusing on finding and collecting the particular evidence that each investigation needs so that it is truly efficient and viable in the administration of reality, managing to solve each case quickly and economically, resulting in security. .

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The most famous private detectives in Murcia owe their prestige to this way of working, since they do not waste time or elements in carrying out unsuccessful or overloaded investigations, their primary purpose being to meet the demands of users with the greatest effectiveness. This strategy, in addition to favoring users and the agency, speaks really well of the trajectory of the detectives of our detective agency, in order to clear up doubts .

Detectives in Murcia with official license

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Hire qualified professionals, since only a professional private detective can guarantee truthful and legal investigations in Murcia.

The most recurring investigation is the investigation of infidelity, infidelity in the couple, creates extreme distrust in the person who suspects they may be the object of it. Only a private detective can help you clarify the truth.

In Murcia we have 24-hour service, your call will be attended with the utmost confidentiality and we will try to resolve any doubts that may arise in this regard. Grupo Arga Detectives has always been characterized by innovating in the field of investigation. Adding youth and highly qualified personnel as the axis of its human elements.


Our detective agency also has a network of branches throughout the country that is growing every day, positioning itself and establishing itself as the best alternative when it comes to requesting the services of a professional detective. Our headquarters in Murcia makes its already accustomed efficiency and effectiveness available to its users.

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Contact our Private detectives in Murcia

We,  Grupo Arga , are a private detective agency   that provides its services to the autonomous community of  Murcia . We are made up of a large team of highly qualified researchers who will ensure the resolution of your problem. With a long professional career, we have more than 9,000 cases resolved thanks to the effort and dedication of our team. Offering evidence in various formats in order to assist you in your situation. They are fully endorsed by both police and legal entities.

We always carry out our work with absolute professionalism, ensuring a natural environment where the situation is beneficial for obtaining relevant data in your case. At  Grupo Arga , our  researchers  are some of the best in all of  Murcia , so the work will be handled in the most professional way possible, always maintaining hope and optimism.

We are not an agency that seeks profit from the embarrassing situations that you are going through. You will always have our support from the beginning to the end of the investigation, ensuring a full understanding of the quality-price comparison as appropriate. We understand the situation you are going through. We are characterized by establishing a direct relationship with the client at the time of requesting our services. Empathy is key during any process; an aspect that stands out thanks to the experience of previous clients. We are  Grupo Arga , the solution you were looking for.



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