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Do you need a private detective in Marbella?

The best detectives are part of Grupo Arga Detectives. Our  private detectives in Marbella are authorized to carry out all kinds of private investigations with Official License 2464.

Our private investigators in Marbella are characterized by working   transparently  when investigating any situation that our clients demand and thus provide them with unparalleled work.

Our   Detectives in Marbella  are characterized by discretion, experience, duty and effectiveness, essential pillars to offer our future users positive results. This set of actions contributes to effective resolutions and results in your company or on a personal level. Always confidential.

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All the data obtained in the investigations will be reflected in writing in a report and ratified  in court if necessary. A  private detective in Marbella  is a professional who, under legal standards, will carry out in-depth investigations that the client requires for either personal or legal benefit.

Why hire private detectives in Marbella?

It is not easy to decide which private detective to trust when you are a victim of injustice or have a feeling that your partner is betraying you or a member of your work team is selling information to the competition and you are stressed about not knowing how to get out of the situation. situation.

A  quality detective agency  , when advising the case, the first thing it does is guide you with the support of a certified private detective, probing what would be the outcome that fits your request. 

It is important to look at the reputation of the detective company , this can be done in several ways: through its main page, observing the receptivity among the sector, its social networks, customer comments, etc. This way you will find out if the office takes its work seriously, and if it is legally certified by the Ministry of the Interior and has qualified professionals for the service requested. 


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Detectives in Marbella experts in obtaining evidence

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Grupo Arga detectives is a company that has always proposed to provide the best of the best to its clients, which means that through the activities that we carry out daily, we achieve the greatest satisfaction of our clients, an issue that places us as an agency that will always be focused on an area of ​​evidence and resolution of each case at the service of the client.

Our private detective in Marbella  is an element that has a high level of training and that in the same way can guarantee the best conditions to deploy various strategies and important actions in each investigation with the aim of getting to the heart of the facts.

Additionally, our investigative detectives are a staff who think every day about how to provide the best evidence and sufficient elements of conviction to manage the concerns of our clients.

From Grupo Arga Detectives, the reason why we get up every day to carry out the detective exercise is to be able to satisfy our clients, since their smile and satisfaction at having the advantage over any fact is our main reason for being.

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Private Detectives in Marbella experts in surveillance and monitoring

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Through our private detective services in Marbella we will provide you with the monitoring and monitoring service you need. Our private detectives in Marbella offer you the best quality 

The best investigative services in terms of the deployment of  surveillance and monitoring strategies  are available to all those who are able to hire private agents in order to obtain the required data and information at an indicated time.

From Grupo Arga detectives we have maintained a highly professional expert criterion since our beginnings, capable of providing the best answers to the different types of clients that come to our agency, with the aim of satisfying their concerns, and needs, for this, our firm Research has managed to carry out an entire program that is capable of focusing on client management as a fundamental element.

Managing the needs of our clients in terms of private investigations is not something that is achieved overnight, this has mainly led to generating a host of strategies that have allowed us to improve over time.

The best thing that we have been able to achieve from Grupo Arga detectives is to adapt to changes and to the demands of our clients, which implies having been agile enough to provide the best response at the right time.

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Private investigation strategies by private detectives in Marbella

Being agile when developing an investigation has implied on our part the deployment of new surveillance and monitoring techniques, and  requires putting into practice different elements that can identify our “timing” of response to the client’s requirements, since it is the only guarantee to be able to manage these processes adequately.

Client management, satisfactory from the point of view of private investigation, is not only capable of generating the answer to each case, this view being like the coverage of a question , but it is also very necessary to take into account that they can be developed new elements to establish which findings can lead to the best post-case decision-making by the client, with this our investigators fully understand the situation.


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The generation of positive strategies towards the construction of a research case also deals with the possibility of establishing a status of improvement on the services that can be structured towards our clients in the short, medium and long term.

Efficient solution with our detective in Marbella

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The best investigative detectives capable of establishing the  most optimal surveillance and monitoring policies  are available to our clients with the aim of establishing a sense of timely response at all times, this is the guarantee of excellence of our organization and also means the possibility of being successful in the development of our activities.

Grupo Arga detectives is a detective agency in Marbella that has outlined the generation of various elements that allow establishing a strategic action towards the short, medium and long term. The consolidation of our objectives , as well as the construction of various cases allow us to build the best response.


The construction of a solid investigation case is undoubtedly the guarantee for the optimal development of all Grupo Arga’s operations, with the aim of providing the best of the best to our clients. This also means that our agency is The commitment to the entire community is in force, with the objective of determining the best condition of excellence in the quality of a pioneering research service.

From Grupo Arga Detectives we have trained our agents towards success parameters, which allow them to fully develop their professional career. Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that has undoubtedly generated the best training elements for its investigators with the aim that they can meet the demands of a changing consumer segment.

Grupo Arga detectives is a detective investigation organization that has been around for more than 10 years throughout Spain and that undoubtedly proposes the generation of various elements that may be indicated for the satisfaction of our clients . Establishing surveillance and follow-up  parameters  towards all the cases in which we work is something that fills us with satisfaction and excellence around the work carried out.

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Do not be mistaken in the choice of detectives in Marbella.

The best  detectives in Marbella  are available to our clients with the aim of providing the best answers when investigative services are required, this undoubtedly ends up generating a favorable framework towards the resolution of cases at inside our organization.

A private detective is a professional who does not allow himself to fail and, thanks to extensive training and experience , provides him with sufficient knowledge and expertise to carry out different tasks that can lead him to the success of each activity he carries out on a daily basis.

At Grupo Arga, we have thought of our  detectives in Marbella , as a factor of union and change towards the development of detective work, since they constitute a clear example of how association schemes can be generated. Together in parallel they constitute the possibility of executing a successful case

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The professions and activities that support all the requirements emanated by the detective in the field are directed towards the management of various elements where a highly specialized criterion is required , this generates the need to implement agents with scopes in all investigation processes. of operation in laboratories, thus standing out for its development of studies in the determination of DNA evidence and also through the comparison of fingerprints.

Additionally, our investigation agents are staff who think every day about how to provide the best evidence and sufficient elements of conviction towards the management of our clients’ concerns.

Highly qualified private detective in Marbella

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One of the most requested services that we have in our detective agency is the labor stipulation of  private detectives in family inquiries , where we will also offer our services with adequate costs adapted to each of our clients.

Our detective agency  , Grupo Arga Detectives , offers you any kind of service that the Law allows us to provide, any occasion and situation that you deserve without a doubt, with all the legality that is warranted in the situation.

Among the properties that a  private investigation agency in Marbella must have, the most relevant is the staff that works there, and it happens that the detectives who provide their services in our agency have to be highly qualified detectives and have certification endorsed by the Ministry inland.

The tasks that Grupo Arga Detectives has proposed to deploy are related to the execution of investigative activities and justification of the field of private investigation through the management of specialized work , this represents sufficient guarantee to express to third parties that our investigators They are resources that will always be conducted by an internalized and strict code of ethics , with the aim of providing our clients with the indicated answers.

Our Grupo Arga Detectives are high-level resources that will not stop their desire to modernize, this implies the need to always maintain an optimal investigation criteria that is capable of providing an adequate response framework capable of responding to changing needs of our researchers. From Grupo Arga Detectives, the reason why we get up every day to carry out the detective exercise is to be able to satisfy our clients , since their smile and satisfaction when having the advantage over any fact is our main reason for being.

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Contact a detective in Marbella with Guarantees

A private investigation agency  in Marbella must have some properties that make it the best private investigation agency in the region where it is located. In Marbella, the investigative agencies that provide their services can be agencies with prominent prestige or some that do not have so much, but if we are talking about the best private investigation agency, we must mention Grupo Arga Detectives. Our agency has private properties that make it the best choice in all of Marbella.

A  Marbella private detective who has been trained in an institution that offers a detective degree and has spent many years learning to become an investigative professional is of the utmost consideration to achieve superior results and quickly.  When you hire our services, you will be closer to solving any case through private investigation.

And it happens that on occasions there are people who call themselves “private detectives” but they do not have any type of accreditation that verifies that they are expert private detectives of the investigation who can legally practice the profession in the territory of Marbella.

That is why when hiring research services you have to be very careful and you have to investigate which is the best alternative before resorting to making a hasty decision and hiring anyone who claims to be a research professional.


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