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Are you looking for a private detective in Mallorca?

Our Mallorca detective agency is made up of a team of professionals specialized in their sector: graduates in private investigation, graduates in criminology, forensic computer experts, security directors, investigative journalists, among others.

As an addition, our detective agency in Mallorca maintains collaboration agreements with professional experts in areas related to investigation, such as psychologists, graphologists, experts, auditors, scientific police technicians, laboratories, etc.


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Our detective agency offers the latest technology, and we apply it both in the field of video editing, as well as layout reports and final films, and all this, with the addition that all our reports have full legal validity before the courts. of Justice.

Hiring the assistance of a  private detective  is not illegal and tends to be more common than you might think, they will be able to solve questions that concern our clients. All the evidence collected in this  investigation is legal  and can be used instantly to carry out any kind of trial if the situation warrants it. Private detectives  are trained to do this kind of task following the legal framework.


Effective and fast responses

At Grupo Arga detectives, our investigators can undoubtedly determine the best sense of resolution for all private clients who want to carry out a private investigation, experts in expert reports who have the ability to promote the best sense of response to all our clients to short, medium and long term.

In our research group, we do our best to provide a sense of care appropriate to each of our clients’ needs.

Therefore, given the many doubts that many may have regarding a particular topic, our researchers are the best opportunity to generate the necessary answers.


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The management of these processes without a doubt, can promote that all those people who have a sense of uncertainty before certain situations, can through our  detectives in Mallorca , solve any case and provide the client with the necessary answers.

At Grupo Arga, the management of our processes can undoubtedly generate the best sense of resolution for all those who expect to generate various elements that can resolve various doubts.

Professionalism and guarantee

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The concurrence of private investigation services, are performed with great specialty by our detectives in Mallorca by Grupo Arga and its initiative to bring solutions to every corner of Spain, being the pioneers in this field.

There is no doubt, the virtues of a private detective lie in the answers they get within all kinds of complexities, from personal, business, work and others, thanks to the fact that we have very advanced techniques where we act with a great margin of success that allows us to stands out to users.

It is not enough to live with a suspicion, we offer you a direct way out with the help of the truth, since as detectives in Mallorca we take care of compiling the greatest amount of information, to solve situations such as infidelity, search for people, fraud and scams, theft of information, among others.

All these kinds of situations are common within the demand for our services, which are answered by a professional intervention, since each of our private detectives has training to provide a solution and act with precision within each area. There are no doubts about the value given to private investigation services, since through it all kinds of situations have been unmasked, without any discrimination of their complexity, we get to work from the interview to plan a solution and form a personalized quote.

You will not have to worry about anything, we take care of each contract as a resounding commitment, where we look for each test with great enthusiasm. This in the end, constitutes a powerful report that can be used even in court, plus our private investigators are expert witnesses.

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reasons to hire us

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There are many  detective agencies  in Mallorca that are considered mediocre and that could make you lose your money and even worse your time. Now we present a succession of reasons why we recommend hiring an investigator in Mallorca or in one of the Grupo Arga Detectives work areas :

  • We are an agency certified by the Ministry of the Interior, we work within the legal parameters and according to the claims of our client.
  • We have work areas throughout the country and abroad
  • Our clients, at the end of the investigation, are satisfied with the results that were achieved and this shows our greatest achievement.
  • We offer the best propositions and guarantees that the results will be the most truthful.
    • We offer a contract where all the details of the operation are stated as a guarantee.
    • We have more than ten years in the area of ​​private investigations, it is a long time in the job and we know how to operate in the best way in different occasions.

    Most people assume that hiring a  private investigator in Mallorca  is a luxury, but the price is affordable for everyone.

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How can a detective help you?

At the level of the operations that we carry out from our Arga detective group, our private investigators have the best tools that allow us to determine the key aspects of any question about any matter that may concern you, from family, personal or work issues,

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have been carrying out the best investigation for our clients for more than 10 years, which is why, from the structuring of our procedures, we undoubtedly provide the best sense of response to all those who need the execution of a process that is capable of promoting the best of the best to our customers.

We do everything possible to manage in detail the articulation of each case, an issue that undoubtedly ends up fostering the best sense of resolution and coverage in the needs that each case and each client poses.

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We do our best to develop a sense of timely inquiry. It is for this reason that all those who may be interested in contracting our service can access our portal and find out about the specialized services that we offer to the public, making personalized customer management a reality.

From our agency, the management of our processes is undoubtedly guaranteed, so anyone interested in contacting us can do so through a simple form or by phone. At Grupo Arga we do the best research!

How to choose a good private detective in Mallorca?

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Thanks to the huge demand for private investigations in Mallorca , people who think they are very clever and want to skip the certification step of a State judicial body and show their services to others illegally at very low prices and rates are the result.

This has repercussions in a reduction in professional quality and in the process of obtaining evidence because only a certified detective knows within the legal parameters that must be protected when controlling and persecuting an individual.

As previously mentioned, there are many detective agencies in Mallorca, but the difference in quality between one and another can be very visible.

Grupo Arga Detectives has experts in the investigation sector, with more than ten years of experience serving citizens throughout the country. Through the commitment and dedication  Grupo Arga Detectives develops the most outstanding viable work, we have obtained a succession of recognitions for our distribution in the area of ​​investigation and the contribution of our tests and final investigation reports.

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How much is a detective worth in Majorca?

Grupo Arga, is a private investigation entity, which seeks above all to be the best solution for its clients in Mallorca. Those who ask  how much a detective in Mallorca is worth should not worry, since with our agency they find the best value for money around the performance of these services. The research hour would be between €70 – €90.

We are an investigative agency that promotes the resolution of each case, through the generation of a process of great expertise, an issue that undoubtedly provides the best sense of solution and response for all our clients at the lowest possible cost.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we do the best of the best for our clients, which is why we always have the vision of executing investigative elements that can provide the best response at the shortest time, with the least amount of resources used.

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Presence in the Courts

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Do only licensed private detectives have the chance to display their work in front of the law? Yes, only a private detective will be able to show admissible evidence in the eyes of the law, this for all that has been previously said. Their reports drawn up at the end of each private investigation will be taken as pure and credible evidence by some judicial entity in Mallorca and worldwide.

And not only that, if the situation deserves that your authorized private detective testify in your favor in court, he will be able to carry it out with complete clarity of actions, without fearing that they may be questioned for their certainty. .

There are people who are in legal proceedings and decide to hire a private detective to investigate some circumstance of a judicial nature.

Our private detectives in Mallorca make reports that show the chronology of the events that occurred throughout their investigation. This is accompanied by physical evidence such as photos, videos, audios, documents, or any other evidence that the professional has collected. All the information obtained involves the preparation of detective reports,  where the conclusions reached by the professional are detailed when analyzing all the tests he did.

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Contact our private detectives in Mallorca

At Grupo Arga, it is always possible to do better research, which is why we tirelessly innovate our agency to provide all our clients with the best level of research, while we hope to be the answer they expect. To satisfy your needs.

It is not only a successful decision to hire our detective in Mallorca, but it is also the best option, because this precise and quality service will not be a significant cost for the purpose pursued.

Our detectives in Mallorca have in their hands the best tools so that all investigative processes required by clients can be carried out, so operations management can promote an extremely favorable sense of investigation for those who need a private investigation.

During more than ten years of research we have developed a methodology. There is no doubt that any problem is solved with elements that can provide the best solution for those who need to carry out the professional operations level of investigation.

The execution of this type of operations has always led us to the path of duty, a subject that we will always highlight as a point of honor. The construction of these processes, without a doubt, promotes the best sense of articulation in terms of solutions that can be very practical for our clients.



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