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Do you need a private detective in Malaga?

Our detective agency in Malaga is an office with extensive experience in investigations. Any type of investigation is covered in our office, if you need to investigate any issue related to your family, company or children, among many others, contact professionals like us.

We are experts in monitoring and monitoring in order to clear up doubts or collect evidence, since we have the necessary and most advanced technical means.

At our detective agency in Malaga, we are professional and serious, and we know how to act in each situation, which is why discretion and confidentiality is our main quality, as the good private detectives that we are. If you have a problem, you can come to us and we will tell you everything we can do in each situation, offering you personalized attention.

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Once the possibilities have been analyzed, we will decide how to proceed and we will explain everything we will do such as monitoring, surveillance, etc.  If you agree with everything, a contract is signed at our agency and we will agree on a budget, which we will adjust to your case, your circumstances and your pocket.

Why hire private detectives in Malaga?

Have you ever planned to follow an individual to understand what they do throughout the day, but are afraid of being found out and embarrassed? If you think that your partner is unfaithful, if you think that one of your employees is not fulfilling their task as they should, if you think that your child is surrounding himself with people of dubious behavior, you can choose the private investigation service of our detectives in Malaga . .

Whatever the situation you are in, our agency will always have an answer to suggest.

Since, by having a pool of experts honed in all sorts of occasions, we are able to offer a service that covers larger surfaces in an efficient and credible way.

If you are trying to find a group of detectives to help you get information to solve your circumstance, you should take into consideration some essential information such as the legality of the detective  who is offering you his service.

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Private Detectives in Malaga experts in obtaining evidence

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The detective’s presumption of truth is in the report that is delivered to our client. A private detective in Malaga is easy to find because the demand is great, especially in situations of infidelity, labor issues, etc. In Malaga, as in other towns, there is a great diversity of detectives, although the best choice can undoubtedly be found at Grupo Arga Detectives.

Private detectives investigate carefully, look for clues, and do a good job. Our detectives are fully prepared. The most sought-after issues are those related to the investigation of infidelity and fraudulent sick leave. Professional detectives have to be very curious, observant, intuitive, have logical thoughts, have the right set, preferably high-tech, because information assistance is one of the main tools. 

Detectives have to be able to work alone, for medium to long periods of time, to be skilled at investigating, to manage endless numbers of cases, to deal with all kinds of people, and to overdrive the investigation. confidential information.

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Is it legal to hire a a private detective agency in Málaga?

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Hiring a private detective in Spain is completely legal, since the Private Security Law of 2014 legitimizes and regulates the profession. Therefore, any natural or legal person can hire a private detective.

We must be clear that in order to hire a private detective in an investigation, there must be a legitimate reason for the request. Where the objective of the investigation is the carrying of evidence and information about facts or conduct of a private nature. Considering, as a private fact, the following:

  • Everything related to the labor, financial or commercial field, which includes the private life of people, that is, the family and social environment.


  • Cuando se requiere obtener pruebas o información, que ayuden a mantener el buen desenvolvimiento de las labores y actividades propias del sitio, como: centros comerciales, locales públicos, ferias, convenciones, y todo aquel espacio que tenga mucha concurrencia de personas.
  • En caso de tratarse de la obtención de pruebas, evidencias o información por delitos, solo podrá hacerse a solicitud de las partes que estén debidamente legitimados.
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Private Detectives in Malaga cooperating with justice

Detectives in Malaga are a professional talent that can be of benefit before the  Courts of Justice , since they provide the opportunity to display expert criteria around the generation of various milestones that facilitate the concretion of facts and the determination of responsibilities before The authorities.

 A private detective is one who allows himself, by issuing a specialized report, to get to the bottom of the events, with the aim of establishing the best possible response to the needs of our clients and the application of an investigation that has the capacity to reinforce the elements of administration of justice that the Law contemplates.


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The detectives in Malaga are those who provide the best answers to the entities where their participation is required, when we mention this we cannot fail to demonstrate the aspect of the Courts of Justice, since it is in this instance where they provide great support towards the functions that are deployed in the public sphere.

A private detective in Málaga is the ideal solution

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Hiring  detectives in Malaga is the best alternative that those interested in finding out how they can obtain high-level information about a problem that they want to know about or that is also having a substantial weight in some facet of their lives can take.

A self-respecting private investigator is a resource that can advance around the realization of various elements that can be linked to the generation of clues and the validation of hypotheses that is sufficient towards the detection of new elements that can provide the best criteria for the investigation. decision making on a specific issue.

When having a problem, many people wonder if a detective is the solution to their problems.

Well, it not only represents a set of optimal solutions for the management of your requirements, but it is also the best qualified resource to do this work, this requires the possibility of having sufficient economic resources to be able to hire a agent at this level. Malaga is a city that stands out for its wide cultural contrasts, this also requires the need to appeal to various research techniques that are capable of determining the best results that can be oriented towards the detection of patterns, elements and behaviors in such a changing urban environment. and dynamic.

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Engagement with the client

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has the capacity to carry out all kinds of activities that are in favor of generating a tangible solution for our clients, which leads to the need to analyze in meticulous detail all the elements that surround each case. For this, from our organization we have always advocated a constant effort to update our methods and the development of various strategies.

Maintaining an update criterion allows us to improve on a day-to-day basis; this is also the necessary guarantee to outline the best services for a client whose expectations are changing and highly demanding over time.

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At Grupo Arga our discipline and our commitment is synonymous with success for our detectives in Malaga, since through various efforts our agents allow us to be at the forefront of each investigative event, this gives us the possibility of training a resource that can provide not only the necessary answers, but can also act with a sufficient ethical element.

For this, it is worth saying that in Grupo Arga there are the best. It has been more than 10 years that have filled us with multiple experiences and learning and it is precisely that time that has made the difference between our successes and overcoming all our challenges and obstacles.

How much does a detective cost in Malaga?

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What are the costs and fees of detectives in Malaga? The costs and rates depend on the  private investigation agency in Malaga that you choose, since multiple causes have to be taken into account that directly affect the amount that any of our services that we have accessible may cost.

One of the most essential reasons for which the price may vary is due to the type of investigation that you need to carry out and for which a specific specialist is necessary for the requirements of your particular case.

At our detective agency in Malaga we will offer you a personalized budget that you can find, together with the first consultation completely free of charge, in which we will provide you with all the pertinent, descriptive and necessary information for the private detective who attends you.

Beyond the adequate customization in relation to your budget, we will always try to fully inform you about all the ends of the investigation, and for that, logically, we will offer you the superior service of our detectives in Malaga who handle the most appropriate costs for all the pockets that can find.

In addition, we offer to work with all the legality, for that we will offer you our services with all the legalities that the situation deserves to offer you their respective legality. We do this with the intention of providing you with the greatest possible security that is in our hands, since there are different private investigation agencies in Malaga , which have staff that are not legally authorized, which can be a double-edged sword for you. and more than anything for your pocket.

The truly logical thing would be to assume that the value adjusts to the claims of the case, such as, among other things, the time invested, the means of materials used, the use of festive hours, nights, trips, for example. It is the only way to quantify the value of your research.

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Contact a private detective in Malaga safely

Grupo Arga Detectives offers you a personalized estimate, free of charge and without any duty from the beginning. Before making your choice to hire, we offer you a personalized study of the exploration and you will see that the key is in the time invested. Our main purpose is based on making resolutions easier by providing the essential reports and evidence that are valid in court, we also agree to contribute to making the right choices, guaranteeing discretion, experience, diligence and total confidentiality.

Once you know the legal structure in which we operate, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to hire a private investigation service in Malaga. We are a national research agency with a License approved by the Ministry of the Interior. Our goal is to do satisfactory work, build customer trust, and work prudently. We guarantee the utmost professionalism during our investigation.

Whether it is family, mutual and insurance issues, new technologies, rentals, technical or economic reports, contact us without any problem. We have experts in different fields to provide comprehensive quality search services. At Detectives Grupo Arga, we pride ourselves on meeting all of our clients’ needs. We are specialists in gathering information and providing evidence that we work with other professionals (psychologists, lawyers, calligraphers, etc.) in the private and family sphere. Contact us, we will help you without compromise, with the utmost determination and sensitivity.


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