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We have  detectives  who are in charge of carrying out an investigation ethically and in the shortest possible time, in order to provide timely responses as soon as possible to all our clients.  

Likewise, we have stood out for being an agency that has a 24-hour service and rates with the best value for money. Our clients can contact us at any time they wish to start any investigation. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain all the necessary information about our services and start your investigation. You will receive the results of your investment in the shortest possible time, obtaining all the answers you need.

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Our detectives in Granada are based in an office with headquarters in Madrid, and with branches in Granada. You should know that we, private detectives, find ourselves before one of the most intrusive professions out there. And for this reason, you should always request the documentation from those professionals in the sector whom you are going to hire.

With a professional trajectory of more than 10 years of experience and a continuous presence in the world of private investigation, our private detective agency has a mixed and multidisciplinary team, capable of carrying out any type of investigation at all times by strange whatever you like
Our Grenada detectives take the work we do very seriously. We offer security, reliability, discretion, honesty, and all this under the cloak of the strictest legality. All our Granada detectives enjoy their work, and it shows in the result.

Private detective agency in Granada with official license

Detectives  in Granada   are resources that are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the aim of formulating the answers that the client of the investigation needs.

 The execution of successful operations is synonymous with teamwork that is done taking into account various actors, among them is the client, the researcher and last but not least, the organization can also be mentioned.

If a client wishes to establish the contracting of quality detective services, they must resort to expert analysis, and this is possible through  Granada detectives  who are capable of verifying various means of verifying their hypotheses and at the same time acting in synchrony towards success. of each investigation.


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In general, in the city of Granada, research work focused on the need to detect various elements that may be useful to the client is necessary, these are aspects of their own that follow from establishing a high-priority protocol with the field of private investigation.

It may sound like something that is too beautiful to be true, however it is necessary to highlight that Grupo Arga detectives are trained to generate the optimal deployment of their resources and skills in order to generate the achievement of the proposed objectives, a question that ends up positively influencing the development of a job.

 This in turn has generated the need for the inhabitants of this great city to resort to  Granada detectives  since they are the guarantee that an investigation can be carried out successfully.

High-level private investigations in Granada

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From Grupo Arga Detectives we have had the opportunity to establish various elements that are part of a unique training process for each generation of detectives that is trained under our learning methodology and skills.

The possibility of being productive in our daily work is about the possibility of being innovative, of betting on the process of creating new strategies and of approaching each case from a rigorous personalization perspective, since no case of our clients should be taken as a recipe where certain elements are applied.

This generates the probability of being highly proactive in the search for all the elements that have a direct link with the investigation, the organization of the evidence, the clues and all the elements of conviction that surround an investigation, are collected through the application of different tactics and strategies that  Granada detectives  have for this purpose.

This supposes the possibility of being extremely advantageous elements for those who require information of great opportunity in order to be able to establish different elements of a quality investigation that is in accordance with the demands of the case.

To establish various improvements in the research process, the main reason for this is the need that must exist between being updated and providing a comparative advantage to our client in order to obtain the results that he himself desires. It is necessary to emphasize that the possibility of adding various aspects and variables of weight is found in the investigator’s detection of these as a key factor, capable of establishing various elements that can be useful for the generation of multiple action schemes that allow him to address each case under a strategic approach and that all these elements also enable the detection of various aspects that are of the utmost importance in order to give a successful conclusion to the investigation that is being carried out.

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The investigator is a resource that can establish, in short, the detection of different elements that guarantee the success of the operation, however, he does not act alone, since behind his work is the possibility of having an organization that allows him to grow. and that supports you in all the decisions that you make with the aim of maximizing your development based on efficiency criteria.

Private investigators are agents who, above all, seek to alleviate the needs of clients, for this they allow themselves to act with unparalleled criteria and technical rigor, since through these elements their professionalism stands out to the maximum around to obtain various criteria that allow them to be a resource of opportunity.




The generation of a work scheme by the investigator with respect to each case, is not born in a discretionary way, this in some occasions we have seen that if it is applied in other private agencies, where the client’s opinion is not taken, in this From Grupo Arga detectives, we always bet on the generation of a planning process for each case, these being agreed jointly between the client and the investigator.

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Best detectives in Granada

A private investigator also relies on his organization since, as described above, he is a resource that specializes in going to the action context of the investigation itself, an issue that involves establishing a role as a field investigator, however Grupo Arga detectives level, there are also other specialists capable of supporting all the work of our Granada detectives under an operating room  .  The synergistic performance of these two types of elements generates in itself the guarantee for the achievement of good results. .

Anyone interested in contacting Grupo Arga detectives in the city of Granada can communicate their willingness to hire our services through our telephone numbers, fax or email addresses. Our social networks are also used as a representative channel towards the reception of various cases and different requests regarding our services.

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Also the different interested in not only knowing our services but also obtaining a little more information about our more than 10 years of experience can check our website with the aim that they can have a more comprehensive vision of all the activities that the Group Arga Detectives deploys throughout Spain, with the aim of being leaders in the professional investigation market. 

The incessant work of modernization that the senior management of Grupo Arga has followed never stops, which is why it is a process that our organization intends to carry out with great responsibility, since constant updating makes us better in our day to day.

Precise private investigators in Granada

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Our extensive experience in providing private investigation services to professionals allows us to ensure that our reports are presented as key elements of the forensic strategy, for end-of-trial proceedings.

In this sense, our private detectives in  Granada  work every day so that the reports that we present are of the highest possible quality, and together with the video reports that we provide, they are also the most compelling evidence to leave no doubts about the fact investigated. .




If you are looking for detectives in Granada, you should know that having a legal and regulated private detective office will give you the necessary guarantees to hire a private detective in question, with guaranteed success and without wasting time and money.

Our detective agency in  Granada  offers a wide variety of private investigation services to cover all the needs of our clients.

 We offer location and location services for people or defaulters, marriage monitoring in case your partner suspects infidelity, social investigations, such as dismissal fraud, absenteeism, unfair competition, undeclared competitive work.

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If you come here, it is because you really need to hire private detectives in Grenada. Any type of investigation is presented to our detective agency and in this way, we can provide a complete search service for all our clients.

When you decided to sign a contract with private detectives in  Granada , you must make important factors that will save you time and money. It is always included in the activated private detectives, which means that they have the right to investigate any type of case, it can only be given if the private detective wants to hire, have all the necessary documents.

All private detectives are activated, they must be released on social security, there must be the necessary qualifications as a prerequisite, and above all they must have a professional identity card with a professional from individual dealers and transfer impossible, people. Recognizing him as a privately licensed private detective.


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Always hire private detectives who meet all these requirements, like the detectives we have in our detective office in Granada, this is the only way to be sure that you won’t waste time or money, and it will work for you. your very well forensic examination in court, if you decide to present the report that was given to you at the end of the investigation.

Infidelity detectives in Granada

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Groups like  Arga Detectives  offer private investigation services to all kinds of couples. Not in all cases it is easy to find a private detective in Granada who is competent to solve cases of infidelity in an optimal way. 

As users, taking into account all the points under which we want to be served is important and having information about this could help us find a more satisfactory service in general. In any case, if we are not sure, we will always have the possibility to find out with the online agencies.



The  detectives perfected in Infidelities in Granada  are experts trained in understanding and conducting information in relation to the legal guidelines where it can be handled correctly. Not all agencies have perfected experts in the investigation of infidelity in Granada and have the possibility of having contact with the client on a recurring basis through the new digital media. 

By contracting directly with our agency, beyond the distance, you have a professional infidelity investigation service in Granada that will have full knowledge of its field of action.


Infidelity is the most disturbing taboo in sentimental relationships, for this reason there are  professional private detectives in infidelity , to find out if the couple is unfaithful, they have cameras with which they obtain the essential evidence to put a total test on the other person. 

The work of this class of professional private detectives in their field is that the person being investigated does not realize anything, when hiring them they begin a cautious search, to understand what time they are, where and if they see any circumstances that warrant a test will take it to deliver it to the contracting party.

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If you need to contact Detectives in Granada, call us at 913866294 or send us an email to Our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation. The research agency that aims to give  Grenada  the best research service at the best possible price. cheaper, no! It is to provide a good service with the adequate resources to achieve the objectives in the established time, taking into account the budgetary restrictions of the client.

The focus of our research proposal certainly refers to establishing a number of factors that would ensure eligibility in order to properly train all of our agents in order to provide the best possible research service. Implementing aspects that promote a sense of better treatment for our clients has also been proven to be able to count on the full support of the organization for our detectives, for the purposes of the best practices that can be implemented.

The prices of the detectives in Granada surely give the best advantage to our clients, taking into account the factors involved in starting an operation, because not only a detective moves, but practically the entire agency moves him, he can announce the best feeling of treatment for all types of customers. For Granada, we have the best!

This means that at Grupo Arga Detectives we are oriented towards structuring elements that undoubtedly favor a sense of better serving each client’s need, an issue that makes the difference when it comes to addressing the best development of the process.

The investigations can be in the order of those who claim the performance of the private detective. There is no doubt that the work of a private investigator is one that is capable of getting the best of himself to answer, with noble investigative execution, a question is undoubtedly the true solution to all the questions of our clients for the city of Granada. .



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