We provide comprehensive solutions

The usefulness of a detective for lawyers

When looking for and needing an expert detective in providing judicial evidence, do not hesitate to consult the proposal that we have at Grupo Arga Detectives. We offer you not only an important margin of security, but also the best advice within any sector of the exercise of the work of a lawyer, whether labor, civil or of any other nature.

You can count on our services for all kinds of situations with complete confidence . We are a company committed to your needs to focus on the investigation completely, we have the best experts for lawyers where a high level of quality investigation is maintained .



detectives privados abogados

In the midst of a judicial investigation, it becomes difficult to have reliable evidence to deal with this type of situation, for this reason the intervention of a professional with a different vision is vital to play an active role, to support a search with greater knowledge to comply with the objectives of the case. Having a detective in the middle of a legal process is a huge advantage because we are able to take away the evidence that he needs.

Our work stands out for the constant effort to carry out each action within the investigation with the utmost care, because the field of private investigation within a judicial resolution requires professionalism and attention to small details. Herein lies the trick to deploying quality work together.

Expert detectives in investigations for lawyers

We provide evidence

The services of expert private investigators are increasingly in demand in different fields, for this reason at Grupo Arga Detectives we have a range of important specialized services so that each client can find the best solution in us through the quality work that we provide. we strive to do.

The usefulness of our work has had a positive influence on the administration of justice, which is why we have  detectives for lawyers , since we are focused on modernizing each of our specialties to achieve results that allow us to respond to different solutions.

smart solutions

If you request the services of a  detective for Grupo Arga lawyers, you will not have to worry about getting the necessary evidence. If you have no idea where to start, don’t despair or lose your mind, as this is much more normal than you can imagine. Our detectives will be able to help you clarify any type of doubt you may have.

Thanks to the constant work of our team, we can provide comprehensive solutions to all fields of private investigation. With a methodology developed over the years, we have managed to position ourselves as a detective agency that provides top quality services and a full guarantee of results.

Efficiency and professionalism

Our detectives stand out for their professionalism with high efficiency in resolving the conflicts we face. We actively and fluently collaborate for companies, law firms, mutuals, insurers, legal associations or individuals, conducting fact-finding to provide clarity.

The Grupo Arga detective agency is your best option in this matter. As investigators we must be prepared, ready and carry out the appropriate parameters, in order to be able to effectively give reports that, if necessary, can be presented as evidence in court.

We are qualified detectives

How to choose a good private detective?

Thanks to the enormous experience we have in private investigation, we can have an impact on a reduction in errors, an increase in professional quality and an added value in the process of obtaining evidence, since only an experienced and well-trained detective knows the parameters laws that must be protected when carrying out any matter of private investigation.

As previously mentioned, there are many detective agencies, but the quality difference between one and another can be very visible. At Grupo Arga Detectives we have experts in the investigation sector for lawyers.
Through hard work and dedication we do the most remarkable job possible. We have obtained a sequence of recognitions for our distribution in the area of ​​research and the contribution of our tests and final investigation reports.

detectives abogado
detectives abogados

We are a safe bet

There are many  detective agencies , some excellent, others perhaps considered mediocre and that could make you waste your money and even worse your time.

Now we present a sequence of causes (although we would have the possibility of offering you many more to help you decide for us) for which we recommend hiring a  detective  for  a lawyer from Grupo Arga Detectives:


  • We are an agency certified by the Ministry of the Interior, we work within the legal parameters and according to the claims of your client.
  • We cover both the national territory and abroad thanks to highly experienced collaborators.
  • Satisfied customers after our intervention.
  • We offer the best propositions and guarantees that are reflected in the fact that the results will be objective and truthful.
  • We offer a contract where all the data of the investigation are manifested as a guarantee and evidence in case of having to present them in court.
  • With more than 15 years in the area of ​​private investigation, we know how to operate in the best way in different occasions.

The services of  Private Investigators for Lawyers are in high demand. Our area of ​​activity is very versatile. In this case, when asked: what kind of professional do you need if you need to make discreet and quality inquiries? You require a private detective, that is, a smart, qualified and subtle professional. You can find it in the Arga Detectives Group.

detectives abogados

Guarantee of results

Grupo Arga Detectives  is guided by three essential pillars for and with clients: legality, honesty and discretion . Our firm has an extensive track record in private investigation.

With more than 15 years in the private sector, we have a multidisciplinary team and, by hiring the services that our private detective office  provides, you will obtain the evidence that you require in this way as a resounding triumph in the execution of your proposed purposes.

We are a private investigation agency with adaptable prices, yes, without losing quality or experience for value. Grupo Arga Detectives  is undoubtedly a safe and reliable investment to solve the inconveniences that you or your company requires, and in this way achieve the objectives set.

detectives particulares abogados
investigador privado abogados

We build the best alliance

Our private investigators are agile professionals who become an alternative plan for the resolution of any case, we act in agreement with lawyers to support them in any need to present evidence, we also enter the judicial process as a crucial witness and an expert in the area.

Each of our professionals is competent to ratify a testimony before the court, where information is provided that is usually more valuable than that of a conventional witness, since there is no emotional weight and we are endowed with a significant proportion of impartiality.

This is due to the fact that our detectives receive professional training to exercise active observation within any legal process, we focus on resolving any point in controversy within the debated situation, especially since we are trained to exercise criteria with greater propriety in court .

Through Grupo Arga Detectives we understand the leading figure that a detective has taken on, which is why we take care of having professionals who meet these types of requirements, regardless of the subject matter of the legal issue that the lawyer is working on.

Whether on a personal, business or commercial level, we respond with a professional performance . We take care of preparing ourselves for this type of situation and an evolution of the figure of a detective is appreciated.

investigador privado abogados

Key intervention in the courts of Justice

Detectives for lawyers can provide additional assistance, because we act in a timely manner respecting the powers of the competent authorities, that is, we do not hinder the investigation because we have the necessary knowledge to intervene expertly.

At the legal level, the intervention of the detectives is crucial not only to try to reach an agreement with the counterparty, but also to reach the resolution of the legal process, because with this alliance a great difference is made within the controversial fact, since they can obtain determining tests to save time and money at the same time, for this reason the easiest thing to do is to have the services of Grupo Arga Detectives.

investigadores abogados

The investigation carried out by a means of a private investigation professional can be a satisfactory solution to conclude the case in the shortest possible time and with the maximum guarantees.

This alternative is increasingly being chosen, which is why we comply with the effort of being made up of professionals trained to practice in the midst of this kind of situation and thus complement the lawyers who require additional evidence to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

We guarantee to carry out a meticulous investigative process to be successful in your case. Thus, by choosing our detective agency, you get optimal care because we comply with all the training standards to intervene in this type of situation with the maximum guarantee and compliance with the legal framework.

investigador abogado

Valid reports in the Courts of Justice

Detectives  for lawyers play a basic role in the execution process under the synchronization of expert activities . We are responsible for the evidence collection process and determine all the factors and other vital aspects surrounding the content of the investigation.

Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize that the members of the Grupo Arga detective team are highly proactive and correctly identify all fact patterns. The possibility of connection of the hypotheses should not be seen as a simple coincidence, in this sense, a series of facts and events should be skilfully intertwined.

investigador abogado

Contact real professionals

The  Grupo Arga detective for lawyers  knows that they must establish a strict procedure when implementing all the elements involved in the investigation, establishing unique parameters for each case, in order to obtain evidence. The evidence collection process is key to later sending it to the analysis and evaluation stage.

Innovation, creativity and improvement in our processes are the key factors for effective research . We know that experience and comprehensive training are sufficient guarantees to be able to manage any matter

Our detectives for lawyers are those who will be able to face various obstacles and will finally be able to solve each element of an investigation with great dedication and determination , thus solving and providing the necessary answers.


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