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Our private detective agency was created more than a decade ago, and was born from a group of people, all private detectives, who joined efforts and training to create Grupo Arga Detectives. Currently, we provide services throughout the country, we offer detectives in Cuenca, Barcelona, ​​Madrid… And all this with the aim of becoming one of the leading private investigation agencies nationwide. Thanks to all these years we have a great experience to resolve in a positive way any case that the client proposes to us.

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The information provided by our office is very important, since it will reflect the reality as it occurs abroad. Our intervention in a case can mean a significant change in the way our client has dealt with the problem up to now. With our intervention you can know the truth and therefore, you can make the right decisions about it.

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From Grupo Arga detectives we do everything possible to try to generate the best possible execution of the investigation procedure with the implementation of aspects that can provide the best sense of resolution to a specific problem that a client can. so that, at first, they always arrive with a great sense of urgency, an issue that is essential for us to support an investigation system capable of responding with great precision to all our clients’ concerns.

From the Grupo Arga detectives we manage our processes according to aspects in which we can provide a feeling of adequate response to all the needs of our corporate clients and our private clients, a problem that is undoubtedly synonymous with the broad request. Investigative processes.

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When we respond from Grupo Arga, our  Cuenca Detective Agency , it can provide a clear framework for anyone who wants to know what it means to carry out an investigation process, in this case we must be as specific as possible when determining the various elements that provide a framework for the development of each research context in the shortest possible time.

The structuring of the elements that can allow the rapid development of a file implies that our agents can be trained with the best training elements and the best resources, this is how from our pool of agents we manage a cutting-edge process to provide the best professional development of all those who wish to start a research career with us.

Private detectives in Cuenca with Discretion

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The elements of each investigative process are very important because they allow us to do precisely everything related to the execution of the investigative aspects that can promote the best sense of resolution, which is ideal for all our clients in different investigation files, a problem that that allows us to do a precise job in the face of any complexity.

In the detectives of Grupo Arga, the execution of these aspects is not enough because it is also necessary to deploy all the necessary resources to determine, as far as possible, the elements that are linked to the delimitation of various hypotheses in relation to a particular case.


This last element implies the implementation of various technological tools that facilitate logistics at the level of an investigation process, an issue that undoubtedly allows to determine with greater precision all the activities that have the capacity to collect data, evidence and elements of conviction. that have direct and indirect weight in handling each problem.

In the Grupo Arga detectives, managing these processes offers the best sense of response for anyone who may be interested in hiring an investigative service at any level, an issue that helps promote the best sense of assistance in the short, medium and long term.

Taking all these elements into account, we say that the Cuenca Detective Agency is something that we can undoubtedly establish under a standardized price, in this sense we must emphasize that each operation we carry out is unique and that the requirement of each client. It involves our part of designing a strategy and a logistical link that achieves what is necessary.


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Best detectives in Cuenca with Grupo Arga

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The investigations that Grupo Arga has deployed in the city of Cuenca, have received around 97% acceptance from its client database, this is synonymous with the desire that our collaborators give to all of this investigation process, being highly useful in the generation of positive elements and the collection of high-value information for the client.

This allows us to be leaders in the generation of various aspects that are useful towards the realization of various elements that facilitate customer satisfaction in the shortest possible time and with the fewest possible resources. The deployment of Grupo Arga detectives services is achieved through the request that the client makes through our communication channels, which are available 24 hours a day. 

    Grupo Arga Detectives is a leading organization in investigative services. Serving our clients is one of our greatest passions, and for this reason, the  Cuenca detective  is a high-value resource that allows each activity to be accomplished with a great sense of precision.

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    Detectives in Cuenca Authorized by the Ministry of the Interior


    At Grupo Arga we establish the best sense of execution for all cases where our detectives can operate with extreme precision any investigation where a private investigation is entrusted, thus doing everything related to structuring a response framework and all the solutions available to our clients. 

    Anyone wondering,  Cuenca Detective Agency , should certainly know that there is a level of complexity involved in carrying out all of these processes and that level of complexity cannot be resolved with the same precision on our own. It is there that someone who knows how to carry out an investigative process is needed and this is only possible with a professional familiar with the subject.

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    At Grupo Arga, we take each case with a high priority, we inform all our clients of the main indications of each investigation in a matter of hours, we even seek to keep them updated in periods of 4 to 6 hours, with the objective of that they not only receive high-level personalized attention, but also that they know that they have the best resources that are capable of keeping them up to date on the progress of events.

    At Grupo Arga detectives we are prepared to enable the execution of a personalized attention process, therefore, through our communication channels, we make it possible to manage processes that promote the feeling of immediate reception with the needs of our clients and each particular case. The Grupo Arga detectives guarantee the execution of all these processes, thus safeguarding everything that is related to the determination of a first-rate investigative environment. For Cuenca, we do our best!

    The best answer in Cuenca with Grupo Arga

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    Understanding the value of truth is the main virtue that is part of Grupo Arga’s services in Cuenca. As part of a professional effort to deal with work, personal, family, commercial and computer circumstances, we have the ability to carry out out cases of this nature.

    Enough with assumptions or doubts, you can support the occurrence of events by obtaining evidence, you can demand the activation of our services with the goal of gathering strong evidence, you have the option of initially consulting the type of action plan corresponding to your situation with the expert observation of our private detectives.

    The professional factor that resides in the representation that we provide, has to do with a dedicated improvement of our service areas, in this way we have answers at the level of modern circumstances in which deception or fraud is established, so it does not matter No matter what type of problem you’re facing, we have the measures to investigate.

    Currently you can present your case for free, until you know and have the certainty of the capacity of our private detectives, in Cuenca you have the option of having a diversity of services so as not to stop before any problem, but rather to highlight with personalizing professional responses to investing.

    The point of quality of the response of our services has to do with the combination of knowledge and tools to ensure the veracity of the evidence involved in the case, with the best costs when looking for an action plan that adapts to the situation as Also your finances.

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    The level of commitment that we draw on each cause is indescribable, therefore, more than a contract is to have the support of different experts to solve a specific problem, we take the forecasts that the case needs by paying attention to the small details present in the situation .

    Stipulating what your case needs is part of the quality of analysis that we have at Grupo Arga, to achieve the demonstration of reality with the appropriate professional means, especially when reflecting a clear respect for the legal measures that prevail over this professional practice. that favors even legal causes.

    At that moment in which you want to confront a problem, there is no doubt that the figure of a private investigator is key, that accentuates the benefit of trusting our private investigation agency, we integrate more and more specialists to increase the areas of available services .

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    The main thing is that you have the confidence to go for advice, so that our specialists have the option of evaluating the details of the case, until they have the private detective that corresponds to the sector to investigate, having experts from different sectors allows us to fully customize approach to the case.

    This type of private investigation work maintains a high quality standard, so that you receive evidence that completely clarifies what is happening, where the competence of our private detectives stands out when carrying out a search for the truth quickly, we occupy an expert representation of this sector in an impeccable and verifiable manner.

    At Grupo Arga, each of our responses covers the needs of the different sectors of society, which require an adjustment assumed by our experts. In addition, we comply with the task of carrying out monitoring and surveillance activities so as not to lose sight of all the details involved.

    Private investigations in Cuenca de Calidad

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    The main symbol that defines our services is commitment, because before each request in the town of Cuenca, we transmit a representation that can provide solid evidence, as a private investigation agency we have experts from each sector to occupy a position that reaches the last consequences of the inquiry process.

    For each surface or theme we have well-trained private detectives, this kind of security allows you to be faced with a contract that really helps you, you can appeal with the clear aspiration to know the truth, you should not live behind fear or doubt because our procedures They are developed based on anonymity.

    The prominent discretionary response that we offer you causes it to be a worthwhile representation, both for a personal, family or business purpose, in the same way we strengthen empathy with the defense of your cause, hiring our services is a clear aspiration to demonstrate of the truth with convincing and irrefutable elements.

    The advice that we offer you ends up being frank and empathetic with what you need, for each investigation carried out we design an action plan through which the budget is originated, that generates that you have a rate according to your needs, since it is not a purpose commercial but a true vocation.

    Understanding is another of the faculties that you get when contracting our services, we have the goal of helping each client to highlight the usefulness of each area of ​​attention and continue learning to improve the level of response that we provide on a specific situation.

    You can share what you want naturally, to trace a realistic line of investigation, that way our professionals know in advance what they are facing and the type of methodologies necessary to find the solution you are looking for, every case has its variants, which is why we develop a critical view of the circumstances.

    Seeking help through Grupo Arga is a great success, we have opportunity rates as well as an updated and quality line of services, so that inquiries of any kind can reach the agreed term, with evidence that is really requested to clarify a situation and that allows you to make the most opportune decision.

    The value of a quality private investigation ends up being defined by obtaining peace of mind, especially with processes led by expert private detectives. In any part of Cuenca we take responsibility for directing an optimal investigation procedure to provide the evidence you need.

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    Contact our private detectives in Cuenca

    If you have come this far, it is because you really need private detectives to solve some aspect that worries you. If this is the case, contact our Cuenca Detectives agency, we will offer you private investigation services of all kinds. All our reports can be ratified by our Cuenca detectives if necessary, since all the investigations we do enjoy full legal validity. If you need to contact Detectives Cuenca, call us at 913866294 or send us an email to  Our first consultation is free and the estimate is without obligation.

    On the other hand, one of the services that we usually provide nationwide at Grupo Arga detectives is advice as the first impact on each case that comes to us at the offices. This allows determining the processes to be carried out, the resources and the time used in each case and therefore the cost that it will have. As part of the advice or guide, you can count on the website, where you can find all the information about who we are, where we are in the Cuenca area, how to contact us by phone or by mail, as well as additional information on cases and testimonials. from our experience as private detectives.

    In addition, the prices can be validated for the most relevant cases, but to have a personalized budget, it is necessary that you contact us through 913866294 or send us an email to to be able to assist you as soon as possible. With this we can guarantee to carry out a small survey that can give us the parameters of the case and likewise be able to send a budget that as a client can be accepted or not, and said budget has no cost, since only the parameters of it are being defined. before doing any action.



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