Private detectives expert in location of people in Spain

Location of people in Spain

Do private detectives have the ability to locate a missing person, whether for one reason or another? Private detectives are location experts, they are the best option for locating missing or lost persons of any kind.

This kind of investigation can be a bit broad, however, the experts at Grupo Arga Detectives have a structure developed to carry out these investigations in the shortest period of time possible.


detectives privados localizacion personas

To request a private investigator in relation to this matter, the person must go to Grupo Arga Detectives where they will be able to request this service from a detective, and the detective will provide them with an estimate of the value that the investigation itself will have.

Investigations focused on locating people can undoubtedly be an investigation that requires several procedures, the detective can carry out interrogations among neighbors, search among relatives who are still in contact, different sources, etc., with the intention of locating a clue to its location.


Hire private detectives  expert in location of people in Spain

There are many people who recommend leaving the  search for people  in the hands of a professional and experienced detective for various reasons such as the ones that we will know below:


By choosing the help of a detective to search for a person, you are guaranteed that the work will be carried out with the greatest possible professionalism, always maintaining the best values and ideals for a transparent and honest investigation.


The search for people and other services provided by detectives are generally carried out in secret by different people, preventing others from having information about what is happening.

Best results

Thanks to the fact that many of the detectives of our agency are dedicated to the search for people, results are guaranteed in the shortest possible time and accurate.


Our detectives, in addition to dedicating themselves to the search for missing persons, also provide advice on the best way to proceed in the case, how to collect the information and how to proceed legally.


When carrying out an investigation of this type, it is important to have a detective who inspires confidence, thus making the investigation and information gathering process easier and more bearable for both parties.

validity tests

When carrying out an investigation with the help of investigators from our detective agency, it must be taken into account that the evidence provided by them will be valid before a judge.

Typology in location of people

  • Location of defaulters: when you want to collect money and the person does not appear.
  • Locating defendants: we look for defendants in a judicial process when it has not been possible to serve them with the judicial summons.
  • Locating people on the run: when the reasons for the disappearance are unknown.
  • Location of heirs: we are looking for people who are wanted for being involved in a will or inheritance.
  • Locating old friends or relationships: people who have lost track of them over time and want to find them again.
  • Location of relatives: this service is highly demanded, relatives who are not found.
  • Locating witnesses: we look for witnesses in legal proceedings.
detectives localizacion personas
busqueda personas desaparecidas

Methodology to locate a person

To search and locate someone an interview with our team is required. After knowing the information related to the circumstances we will offer a budget.

If it is accepted by the client, we will sign a professional order sheet where all the details of the investigation are reflected, such as the data of the contracting party, the person to be investigated, legality, confidentiality, legitimacy, etc.

Then we will draw up an action plan. We use our skills, knowledge and techniques to successfully conduct research.

We use various sources such as human sources, records, interviews and site inspection. The legitimacy of the contracting person is a fundamental requirement and without it under no circumstances could this service be carried out.

All the information provided by the client will be duly guarded and will be governed by the professional confidentiality contemplated in the order form and in the Private Security Law, in addition to our code of ethics.

busqueda personas desaparecidas

How much does it cost to locate a person?

There are no global rates for the search and location service for missing persons. To offer a budget we must know all the circumstances of the case after an interview with the contracting party before.

To do this, we assess all the circumstances that result in the particular case and the possible difficulties in which we may find ourselves 

Roughly speaking, the people search and location service ranges from €220 plus VAT forwards depending on the complexity of the matter.

The professional commission will depend on the data provided by the client and the particular situation of each case.

hallar persona desaparecida

In most applications, this first investigation is enough to find the missing person or their assets, thanks to our team of detectives, professional experts who can provide the information to the client.

Contact detectives who are experts in finding missing persons

We know that the search and location service for people is widely demanded as a private investigation service for private detectives. On many occasions, the detective even has to go outside of Spain to locate certain people in the course of a private investigation. We take care of getting all the evidence in this regard and finding the whereabouts of people. There are many circumstances for which the search and location of a lost or disappeared person can be requested.

Grupo Arga Detectives has a private investigation department specialized in the search and location of people. The search and location of people to carry out a judicial notification are frequent in this type of Service. The role of the detective plays a key role in this service. The private detective is in charge of verifying the effective residence of the person investigated.



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