Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid


When conducting surveillance and monitoring, we will assume that people generally do not think they are being followed or recorded. However, we will exercise extreme caution at all times.
Our detectives in Madrid are experts in surveillance and monitoring of all kinds through the use of all kinds of means. We use various passenger cars used by professional driving experts, always in support of high-displacement motorcycles driven by specialized riders .  

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

Arga, Detective Agency in Madrid has a very diverse professional team that is in charge of the operation of all surveillance and / or follow-ups in the most appropriate way possible, always making a detailed study of the place or to be monitored or the individual to follow. For this we have a varied staff, both for follow-ups on foot, public transport, plane, car, motorcycle, etc. Our success rate for such investigations is practically 100%.   

We have many years of experience behind us and we are experts in such investigations. If you are looking for a Detective Agency in Madrid, we will give you the full guarantee of all surveillance as well as follow-up. A surveillance or a follow-up is not something that any person or professional can do if they do not have the necessary knowledge on the subject. Do not leave surveillance or monitoring to anyone, as a momentary oversight can lead to spoiling the entire investigation. Arga, Detective Agency in Madrid, always carries out all its investigations with two detectives fully experienced in the field. In addition, in all follow-ups we use a large-displacement motorcycle to support the vehicle.  

If you want more information about hiring surveillance and monitoring in the Community of Madrid, visit other collaborating companies of Grupo Arga that you can find out on our website. Our detective agency in Mason is an expert in surveillance and monitoring.  

Contact us if what you need is professional treatment.




Surveillance and surveillance services are a basic service of every private detective used to investigate.
Although it may seem at first glance to carry out surveillance and monitoring as something simple, the truth is that they are reversed of great complexity and great specialization. In addition, great knowledge as well as great experience is required to be able to directly execute a direct observation by the private detective.
There are many setbacks that can be found in the course of direct observation during surveillance and monitoring.

  • The main problems that we can face unexpectedly are the following:
  • Bad planning of the environment.
  • Inadequate study of the objective.
  • Circumstances specific to the workplace. When close to work are official institutions or other organizations such as barracks, police stations, houses of personalities with escorts, heavily guarded institutions, etc.   
    Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

    Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

  • Not to be communicated by our clients that the investigated suspects that they have put a detective on him.
  • The client himself had previously been caught by the investigated for having been following him.
  • Having hired detectives who have done a dire surveillance and have been discovered. 

Through surveillance and monitoring we can know the movements of a person and these can reveal much information about him.
We may have knowledge of places that you frequent, friends, family, other people with whom you meet, hobbies, work, habits, level of expenses, form of displacement, schedules, deviant behavior, etc. However, for a surveillance and monitoring device to function properly it is important to have two factors: 

Permanence time

This is due to the fact that in the vast majority of occasions it is necessary to wait long. Our detectives in Madrid are highly trained in surveillance and monitoring, they are taught to persevere. Our objective is to clarify the doubts of our clients without there being a hint of error, fleeing at all times from interpretations and sticking strictly to reality. 



The issue of the use of GPS by private detectives is a topic of debate that is not very clear and that many clients and users ask us about it.

Grupo Arga Detectives wants to talk about it and how our private detectives in Madrid make use of it when following up on a private investigation in Madrid.

The use of it as a general rule is prohibited by law and by withdrawn jurisprudence over the years.
Its use of should be restricted to few uses in private investigation as long as all the legal formalities that must deal with the principle of proportionality are complied with.
As a general rule, therefore, there is no room for its indiscriminate use.

Its use is rather when there is authorization from the owners of a vehicle and it wants to know where your vehicle is going.

For example, it is the case of a taxi driver who rents his vehicle to a driver and wants to know if he is really working and places a geolocation system in his own vehicle.

Its use must be completely temporary and strictly necessary, with just enough time for private investigation.

It is therefore clear to point out three important points about the use of GPS by our detectives in Madrid:

  • Its use as a general rule in a systematic and indiscriminate way is not allowed.
  • When making use of it within the cases allowed by law, the time must be the minimum possible and only while the private investigation lasts.
  • Its use and application will be governed by the principles of necessity and proportionality.
Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid


Surveillance and monitoring in rural areas have special consideration for their risk.
People in towns know each other, know what cars there are, and control outsiders very suspiciously.
It is very normal that the neighbors themselves call the Security Forces and Corps when they see private detectives wandering around the area.
It will be very frequent to see the elderly of the place walking with the cane and controlling the entire area in an amazing way.
We must remain camouflaged in our vehicles at all times without leaving them.



Before carrying out all kinds of surveillance and monitoring, we must carry out an action plan correctly. For this we must carefully study the entire area as well as all possible escape routes.

This study will take place at two points.

Study in the office through google view type maps and others similar.

Street study on site and always before starting the private investigation.

We will have to study all those points likely to shelter the private detective when he is conducting surveillance and monitoring.
Whenever we can we will get as far away from the subject to investigate as possible.

To have a good visualization we will use binoculars and other similar zoom devices.

When we do surveillance on foot it is a good idea to buy a newspaper and sit on a bench and pretend to read to go unnoticed. In the event that we could not have a newspaper we could take some advertising pamphlet.
The devices that we carry to investigate we will place them among the papers so that they are not visible.
The mobile phone is also an element that allows us to go unnoticed by being able to disguise when we speak on it.

When surveillance continues over time, it will be advisable to change the location every 50 or 55 minutes so as not to raise suspicion from the neighbors.

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

We will take care not to expose our recording equipment continuously, removing it only when strictly necessary.

When we have to use it, we will have to assess whether or not we risk taking it outside and exposing it. We will never get them out without thinking about it.

When collecting everything that has happened, it is important to write down everything that has happened well on a tape recorder with pen and paper, we should not memorize as a general rule.

Vehicles made in this type of private investigation by our detectives in Madrid have tinted windows.

It is recommended to sit in the back to go unnoticed. Sometimes it is interesting to use some type of black sheet to cover us if necessary. We will slide this sheet through the back of the seats so that it is as discreet as possible.

It is interesting to use the sun visor at the front to give curious people the feeling that the car has been parked for a long time.

It is important not to have distractions while being watched so as not to miss any detail of the circumstances.

We should not get out of the vehicle as a general rule to avoid attracting attention.
In the surveillance on foot, when they are prolonged in time, we must use two garments in such a way that we are exchanging them so as not to raise suspicions.

When we are inside the vehicle we will try to use dark clothes and we will avoid bright or white clothes.




Now we are going to list a series of recommendations at an advanced level to take into account when conducting surveillance and monitoring.

The male detectives will start not shaving us a week before the investigation service with the intention that the beard will grow. At a certain point in the course of the investigation, we will be able to shave in order to change the look .

To withstand the strong summer heat inside a vehicle, we must carry cold drinks inside the vehicle as well as some cloth to dry our sweat.

We will have to control the drops in sugar when we have been in a vehicle for a long time, so we must carry some type of food that contains some sugar.

In the breaks we will take care not to make them next to the area where the person being investigated is, we will move away from the area until we avoid any type of direct visual contact by the person being investigated.

Before starting a private investigation we will fill the gas tank completely.




Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

For many people, the role of the private detective in Spain seems to be unclear. It is important to correctly publicize this profession through knowledge of its regulations in order to know its regulations.
It should be remembered that private investigation services are a service for individuals or companies that have a legitimate interest. 

Grupo Arga Detectives is characterized by its clarity and transparency in all phases of private investigation. From the initial reception of clients, to the planning of investigation operations as well as the preparation of reports and their subsequent judicial ratification.  

The private investigation services that our detectives in Madrid can carry out in Spain are very diverse.
The work of the private detective was distinguished by:

  • Be a discipline.
  • Require a methodology in its development and obtaining evidence. 
  • Be extremely planned.
  • It is necessary to later translate it into a report.
  • One of the most important plots of the private detective profession takes place on the street.

Every private investigation service must have four characteristics:

  • Planning.
  • Development.
  • Be farsighted.
  • Need to collate the evidence obtained.

For its part, the surveillance is characterized by:

  • Its great dilation in time.
  • Being engulfed with boredom and boredom.
  • That the professional is competent.
  • The need for the detective to be disciplined.
  • Professional’s ability to record at the right time.
  • Detective’s ability to go unnoticed.
  • Needed permanent attention.

Private detectives have to fight against different factors such as extreme heat or cold, physiological needs. It is therefore important to rotate private detectives every few hours so that they do not lose their ability to concentrate as well as so that they go unnoticed. It is also important to move the vehicle.

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid




The maximum in any private investigation based on surveillance or monitoring is to maintain maximum confidentiality.

Our private detectives in Madrid know this maxim by heart and are specially prepared to keep the maximum professional secrecy at all times.
When we meet with clients at our Madrid Private Detective Agency, one of the first things we ask them is to maintain the utmost discretion on their part and not tell anyone.
We can assure you that the techniques used by our private detectives in Madrid are in general terms very diverse and quite secret.

We are going to reveal how the private investigators of our detective agency in Madrid work.

One of the characteristics of our private detectives in Madrid consists in the deep knowledge of the forms and ingenuity in the subject of observation, surveillance, counter surveillance and monitoring.

This great knowledge is extremely essential to carry out a quality surveillance and monitoring service.

Many wonder what techniques are used by our private detectives during the course of a follow-up.

The Surveillance operation consists of a preliminary study on the circumstances of surveillance and monitoring.




The option of hiring a tracking agency detective expert for a personal issue, such as tracking someone may be a bit of a stretch, but at the same time it is a way to start fixing a problem early on.    

Must attend all legal means as a private investigator to get all the information to help find the satisfaction before it ‘s too late.        

In most of the occasions, users ask private detectives specialized in monitoring , about the moral and legal doubt that is exposed to them when they feel that investigating can be a synonym of spying on someone.          

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

As private experts we can ensure that our work is not based on “spying”. Because it is a task of gathering information.         

The discretion and prudence with which Grupo Arga Detectives admit this kind of commission, is only surpassed by the respect for private life.    



Follow – ups are found among the most research – recurring who tend to carry out the private detectives .      

Private detectives provide a variety of evidence and with this they have resolved countless investigations. These tests are the only valid in the situation of proceeding to trial. Evidence is critical for research to take effect.         

After signing the contract with the detective company , they check the previous data of all the information that was investigated, the private detective uses technological utilities, sometimes digital cameras.     




The images detail each movement of the investigated.   

According to studies investigated the evidence more and more requested are infidels, in the vast majority of investigations the detective must carry out one follow the person, understand what haunts times some sites what their itinerary, etc.               

The detective’s job is not a simple task , investigating the conduct of someone needs planning and extensive experience.     




A private detective must be very careful with the evidence, must not manipulate it, the evidence must be real, the photographs must be delivered with a report that contains all the information obtained throughout the development.         

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

Currently photographs have the possibility of being modified, there are computer programs, apps that change the photo, so the imaging tests that detectives provide have to be real, true.            

The other investigative tests are the videos, the interviews, documents, audio recordings, measurements with psychological devices, physical tests such as hair, blood stains, clothing or any object that is on the site of the events, all these tests make the investigation is complete.    




When you are a legitimate party and interested in finding some information, you have to assist detectives to show what happened, the investigation should not and cannot be random, or carried out by anyone.

The fitness probation the report of the private detective must be ratified. In the report, the detective tells what he saw, what he heard, and appends the evidence, he can also make a sequential account, this means different occasions by part or sequence.                  

The report is a documented testimony so formal, the consideration you have is the certainty, sometimes it is not only what a trial is appreciated. The private detective ago as an expert, runs deep studies of the facts, that foundation the detective must be certified.              

The survey is a technical study to expertise compo computer expert, documentoscopy, etc, although the situation of finding images of the tracking of an individual does not require of this skill.             

The investigations have parameters and detective should be aware of this, any error or recklessness that is committed cause the cancellation of the investigation. No need to confuse privacy with private life since not is like the privacy is inside a house and is maintained and private transcends the privacy.                      




The investigations carried out by our private detectives have the possibility of being essential in more cases than we imagine.     

Some investigations require advanced detectives in surveillance as others will require professionals in their field.         

Because of the extensive approach to surveillance, detectives professionals in the industry is fighting a huge set of cases in their hands and, consequently, be sought even porticulares or companies.            

The investigations of this kind need anyway of utilities and tools that make the prices and rates vary. In the situation of private detectives who are experts in surveillance , prices and rates are adjusted by case and capitals have the possibility of changing in each one.                 

Hold monitoring can be challenging, but with assistance of a detective, is quite simple to hold one research of enormous importance, in this situation, active.             

Thanks to the different levels that have been raised, the prices and fees of the detectives have to be adjusted to the request that a client has. The prices and fees of a private detective expert in surveillance vary based on the items you must use, the profits you must count, and the time you spend holding the surveillance in the situation.                       

Usually a detective will make an initial base budget, but this can be affected over the course of the investigation and change.        

The Group Arga detectives have experts subtle and trained in investigations requiring surveillance. Being a detective agency expert in surveillance, the entire legal framework is taken into account and the distribution of a report with the evidence corresponding to each case, with the aim of giving a legal and legal basis to the users who require it.                      

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

Most of the situations that need of skilled professionals in surveillance, tend to be on research family or work. In Group Arga Detectives we will provide the best and most talented detectives professionals in research family and experts working in surveillance, which play a role very significant for society.                      

Similarly, they have the possibility of guiding you to solve division and divorce matters , regime review and child custody, doubtful habits , inheritances, location of people, paternity tests, urban leases, suspicion in relation to domestic service, pensions food, tracking and supervision, etc.                 




How can a professional detective help me with surveillance ?  

The detectives professionals in surveillances r equieren a very subtle research work on the lot, also in his attitude and actions to monitor the people, places or things in a more effective way to achieve certain information or test group.    

The monitoring today was greatly enhanced by technology, making it more comfortable work to experts. This is reflected in GPS tracking and digital monitoring, among other things.        

In addition, these experts have different appropriate techniques of tracking and monitoring to suit individual claims of users.            

Similarly, these investigations have the potential to be useful for collecting evidence, location of present satisfaction of certain drawbacks, knowing fraud, out of concerns about some familial cases or even corroborate these same. That is why these professional surveillance experts have the possibility to guide you, through their certain methods in relation to the case.                            



The experts private in surveillances have a set very professional running surveillances how best to conducting studies and research through different methods depending on the situation.                

Similarly, it can be domestic investigations and infidelity, in these situations much discretion is needed thanks to the commotion that these situations have in a family.          

In addition, investigations of surveillance that runs the professional investigator have the potential to be useful for court cases as legitimate evidence, so be it for a divorce, child custody or Alimony.        

Then it may be purely a collection test for the customer, because, according to evidence collected by the investigator, this person will be able to use at the moment to confront a court, so you will have more favorable results .             

In addition, it can be physical supervision , which basically talks about that the investigator must put the boots on the ground and be more subtle in order to gather the physical evidence of his investigation.           

We must also talk about digital supervision , which is about the researcher collecting evidence by digital means, in this way and from communities, deep web databases, both private and public. And ending, also can try to perform trace or find people with very little information.               

Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid

Finally, the Arga Detectives Group can carry out monitoring behaviors with the ability to continue and control the actions of certain people or places, with family, business, and other objectives .           



The question regarding how much a private detective in Madrid is worth to carry out surveillance and monitoring is often asked at our private detective agency in Madrid.
Many individuals and companies ask us:

  • What is the value of hiring a private detective in Madrid?
  • Is it very expensive to hire a detective agency to carry out surveillance and monitoring of …?
  • Will I be able to afford hiring a private detective to investigate someone?
  • Are private detectives as expensive as people say?
  • What do I need to have a budget for private detectives in Madrid?
  • What do I have to do to request a quote from a detective in Madrid?

Faced with such demand, we consider it appropriate to make some qualification in this regard and thus clarify doubts about our rates.

The prices for a surveillance or monitoring will be offered individually to each client after exposing us to the specific problem.

The prices of private detectives in Spain are based on those set by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, these prices can be seen in the prices section of our website
As a general rule, our private detectives meet with the interested party to request all the information in this regard.
Once all the problems have been understood, we will prepare a specific budget for the price of the requested research service.
Broadly speaking, we can say that surveillance and monitoring range from € 50 to € 70 an hour, the orquilla will depend on specific factors such as:

  • Necessary use of motorcycle.
  • Number of detectives involved.
  • Time zone.
  • Weekday.
  • Technical complexity.
  • Number of hours, etc.

At these prices VAT must be added


Surveillance and Monitoring - Private Detectives in Madrid

Surveillance and Monitoring – Private Detectives in Madrid


On many occasions, private detectives are required to carry out surveillance and monitoring based on observation in order to clarify a series of doubts about the intentions of the people under investigation.

Our detectives in Madrid are characterized by their great professionalism, discretion and great academic training, all counting that they are in full possession of the Official Private Detective License that authorizes them to Investigate in Spain.

Surveillance and monitoring could therefore be defined as the basic technique of every private detective that can be applied to goods, vehicles, people.

To hire a private detective in Madrid who is an expert in surveillance and monitoring, you can call our 24-hour telephone 913 866 294 or send us an email to





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