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Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga Detectives develops all kinds of investigations throughout the national territory according to the current regulations applicable to detectives. It should be noted that the figure of the private detective is configured as the only person competent to carry out private investigation tasks.

The purpose of our work will be to provide our clients with all the evidence and information they need about a fact that concerns them and, later, to ratify in the Courts if necessary.

Arga Detectives can be proud to carry out all kinds of private investigations with great success, which has been amply demonstrated over the years.

One of the pillars Basic of Arga Detectives is full empathy with our client. From the beginning we strive to understand the concerns of all those who visit us and explain their problems to us.

Aware of how hard it is for many and many to come to a private Detective Agency in Spain for never having done so, we try to transmit at all costs a high sensitivity and discretion in order to reassure the person who always visits us with the highest respect possible.

The best possible treatment is achieved with a large team committed to private investigation and extensively trained, also having extensive experience in solving problems.

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain

Arga Detectives has a team of detectives in Madrid that offer the following services:

  • Personal and family area.
  • Labor area. – Industrial area.
  • Financial area.
  • Registration area.
  • Area of ​​urban leases law.
  • Insurance companies area.
  • Area of ​​mutual insurance companies for occupational accidents and diseases of the S.S.
  • Technology and security systems area.
  • Electronic Investigation.
  • Calligraphic expertise.

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain


Arga Detectives’ clients are very diverse, coming from different parts of the national territory and the international scene. It should be noted who can be a client of our private detective office in Madrid.

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain

Our The best guarantee has become, without a doubt, the hundreds of clients that year after year pass through our offices in the center of the City of Madrid, as well as all those who hire us directly by phone or email due to the impossibility of visiting us. We carry out private investigation services for: Individuals, Mutual Lawyers and Insurance Companies.


Arga detectives develops a wide variety of services for individuals. It should be remembered that private detectives are fully trained university professionals whose mission is to legally obtain evidence and information on private events.

The fundamental role of the private detective is thus that of expert witnesses before the pertinent authorities if he should come to the case as well as before our clients about the entrusted facts.

Among the most demanded private investigations are: – Relationship infidelity. – Search and location of people.

  • Urban rentals and subleases.
  • Gambling, addictions and alcoholism.
  • Personal reports.
  • Forensic computer services.
  • Electronic scans and electronic countermeasures.
  • Installation of hidden cameras.
  • Counter-espionage.
  • Matching fingerprints.


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga Detectives puts at your service all the years of experience that we have in the world of private investigation. The research service for large, medium and small companies is highly demanded among our private research services.

Arga Detectives is highly specialized in business investigations, counting for this purpose with a highly qualified team for the purpose whose mission is to provide evidence to companies.

The basis of our contracting by companies is based in demonstrating a series of legitimate interests before third parties in the courts of justice and being victorious without a doubt.

It should be remembered that the private detective is the only one authorized to carry out private investigation tasks. Among the most popular business investigations, the following should be highlighted:



  • Fraud investigation and prevention.
  • Search and location of people, defaulters and assets.
  • Investigation of fraudulent sick leave.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Thefts and internal thefts.
  • Mystery Shopping or mystery customer.
  • Verification of sequel and accidents.
  • Solvency reports.
Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain


Arga Detectives carries out a very close private investigation with lawyers. For this, our basic pillar of action is twofold.

  • On the one hand, maximum coordination with the legal department.
  • On the other hand, the interest of our client. All the evidence obtained by Arga Detectives is carried out legitimately, keeping all legal formalities in such a way that all the information contained in the report is given maximum power by the Courts of Justice.

Among the most popular investigations in this area, it is worth mentioning:

  • Fraud investigation.
  • Search and location of people.
  • Contentious divorces.
  • Obtaining paternity tests.
  • Regulatory agreement.
  • Child custody.
  • Subleases and rentals.
  • Forensic computer expertise.
  • Diverse achievement of tests.


The maximum legality is a fundamental pillar for any private detective office that claims to be serious and effective.

Arga Detectives acts under the strictest legality in every private investigation carried out. We work nationally and internationally with different insurers with magnificent results.

Arga Detectives owns a team of private detectives specialized in solving problems for Mutual and Insurance Companies. Among the most demanded investigations by mutual and insurers, the following should be highlighted:

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain

  • Verification of Injuries
  • Accuracy of accidents
  • Simulation of fraud.
  • Search and location of people.
  • Fraudulent sick leave
  • Simulation of theft and theft.

We have a specialized department for mutual and insurance companies that has created value over the years due to the increasing demand for our private investigation services by this type of client.


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

The Arga detective agency is a specialist in investigations in the personal and family area. We have all the resources and means, as well as a great experience in investigations on surveillance, search and location of people and any other topic related to the personal and family area.

Arga will do everything in its power to dispel any type of doubt in all kinds of family investigations. We carry out all kinds of family investigations, from infidelities, alimony modification, DNA tests, fingerprint matching, searching for and locating people, checking minors, or any type of abnormal behavior of any member of their family, etc. For this, what we will do is collect all the necessary evidence to prove the intended conduct. Through our Acting, you can regain the emotional stability you had lost through so many insecurities.



When we talk about family investigations We refer to all those intimate relationships that occur within the family nucleus. We can consider the family as all those people who present some degree of consanguinity. That said, it is essential that the private detective has knowledge of family law to be able to act correctly.

Family investigations throughout history have been presented as a basic service of every detective office, hence, family investigations represent a specific section of action within our functions.


We can define family investigation as that private investigation contracted by one of the members of a family nucleus to investigate another family member. Thus, the research par excellence within this field would undoubtedly be research on infidelities.

It should be noted that adultery – previously punished – is not a crime today, so the unmasking of an infidelity can no longer be considered a crime. Infidelity can be conceptualized as the breach by one of the parties to the established fidelity agreement after the union of the same, without necessarily being a requirement to be married, since unmarried couples or even couples who do not yet live together are governed by the same concept.

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

As detective professionals our mission When we investigate an issue of infidelity, it is to try a second collateral relationship or just a few occasional dabbling. Infidelities can occur in any social environment, anywhere, any day, any time. They do not distinguish between sex or age and we can clearly say that it is the order of the day, more and more widespread by the consumer society we are facing, sometimes becoming very frequent in family nuclei.

To carry out the investigation of an infidelity we have expert detective professionals in this matter as well as the most avant-garde technology that sets us apart from the rest.

All the evidence obtained during the course of an investigation is captured in a report that details all the details that occurred with great accuracy.



  • Surveillance and monitoring at the request of a legitimate party.
  • Search and location of people, objects, goods and documents in public records.
  • Infidelities, separations and divorces.
  • Reports of paid activity or marital coexistence for the suppression of compensatory pension.
  • Claim for pensions.
  • Control of children for dubious behaviors, companies, drug use, alcohol.
  • Leaks of minors from the family home.
  • Inheritances and location of heirs.
  • Genealogy.
  • Gambling.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Sects.
  • Concealment of assets.
  • Counter surveillance service.
  • Provision of evidence in Family Courts.
  • Premarital reports.
  • Control of domestic service.
  • Control of restraining orders and other judicial breaches – Fraudulent school enrollments.
  • Fictitious marriages or de facto convenience.
  • Offenses to pursue them at the request of the party.
  • Paternity or DNA tests.


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

If you want a family detective with extensive experience in family investigations, contact our private investigation company specialized in family investigations, made up of family detectives with extensive experience who will assure you of success in achieving your objective.

Arga Detectives is fully aware of the serious emotional implications of most family investigations due to the feelings involved.

To carry out family investigations we have the most modern technological means as well as the best trained professionals in this regard. We collect all the information in a report that is subsequently delivered to our client, which consists of all the evidence obtained.

On many occasions when investigating a person in the family nucleus for a specific reason such as infidelity, etc., we have verified the existence of other collateral behaviors that were the ones that actually produced a suspicion, example discover a gambling or alcoholism.



Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Do you want to carry out an investigation into an infidelity, divorce, separation, modification of alimony or something similar to the family? Well, do not hesitate and contact us. You will find the best infidelity detectives in Madrid. Infidelity detectives with extensive experience.

We put at your fingertips the best infidelity detectives and family detectives and partner detectives in the entire Community of Madrid. Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid can help you with your problem.

Come and meet us, our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation. We work throughout Madrid, if you are looking for private detectives both in the capital and abroad, we are your agency. Contact us on our 24-hour service telephone number 913 866 294.




Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga develops all kinds of private investigations in the workplace. When speaking of labor investigations, we refer to all those behaviors that may produce some type of fraud or impairment in your company.

These actions can come given by a diversity of subjects, from suppliers, clients or even the workers themselves. Therefore, when you have the hunch that some type of behavior may be occurring in your company, it is best to contact professionals.

Among the services most demanded by our private investigation office are fraudulent work sick leave.

That is why they have adopted a higher category, our agency creating a department specialized in research. fraudulent work casualties.

we have the best professionals and the best means to respond to any need you may have in any investigation of the labor area. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions and we will gladly inform you of our research services in the workplace.


When we talk about fraud in the workplace, we commonly refer to the most widespread fraud, which is fraudulent work leave. In this context, the private detective finds a worker who simulates a fictional disease or sequel. With this, what the worker who enjoys sick leave is seeking is to prolong it.

This type of casualties Fraudulent represents a great loss for all types of companies, being in many cases an extremely dangerous fact for the economy of small and medium-sized companies.

A pattern of behavior usually occurs during the enjoyment of the period not worked, which consists of receiving a second remuneration for a second job that is carried out surreptitiously.

During this unfair situation, the worker continues to enjoy all the advantages of the work situation, causing serious losses to the company.



A detailed action plan aimed at discovering the reality behind it. Said action plan will be based on surveillance and follow-up by us of the worker, where all reality will be reflected surrounding about it. To do this, we will record everything that the alleged fraudster does at all times. In this way, we can record if you carry out a second job, if you go out partying with movements you shouldn’t, if you do sports, ride a motorcycle that you shouldn’t, or simply walk properly or throw the trash doing movements incompatible with the medical prescription.

After the completion of the private investigation we will issue a report that will collect all the evidence obtained in this regard. If it were necessary to go to trial, the private detectives involved would appear at the trial to attest to everything that had happened.

Detectives in Spain

Detectives in Spain


We refer to testing, on the part of of the private detective, the behavior of the investigated that spreads in the time and not be something punctual. To do this, we carry out an investigation that lasts several days, in order to prove that the person under investigation performs the behaviors repeatedly. This is a concept that jurisprudence, courts of law and judges have long required in this regard.

When investigating for several days we make sure that when going to trial there is no doubt about the real situation of the worker.


In this area, the services offered by our Agency are:

  • Pre-employment reports for personnel selection.
  • Verification of resumes.
  • Personal and family history.
  • Control of employees and related in the development of their work activity.
  • Labor performance and productivity.
  • Detection of information leaks and, where appropriate, prevent them. Observation of executives in order to verify commercial fidelity. Work absenteeism.
  • Control of sick leave: being able be feigned, prolonged or successive casualties. Professional intrusion
  • Duplication of employment.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Breach of professional secrecy.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Customer diversion.
  • Control of goods.
  • Dedication and use of union hours.
  • Ratification in the Social Courts.
  • Abandonment of the job.
  • Duplication of work activity.
  • Workplace harassment, mobbing.
  • Breach of security measures and other internal regulations
  • Fraud attempted derived from information leaks, thefts, customer diversion or control of branches and franchises.
  • Counterintelligence.
  • Mystery shopping or mystery shopper Infiltration of workers to monitor other workers.
  • Unfair administration.

Our Detective Agency in Madrid is an expert in labor investigations. We have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for more than a decade and we offer a wide range of possibilities. We work throughout Madrid. Both in capital and populations.

If you are looking for detectives private anywhere in the national territory do not hesitate and request information. The budget is free and without obligation. Contact us.


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Mystery Shopping is a modern term whose synonym could be “QUALITY CONTROL IN BUSINESSES”. In the modern world where competitiveness means that there is a great rivalry between shops and is voracious, the degree of demand on the quality of the treatment received by the client must be magnificent for said establishment to function properly.

Arga, Detectives in Madrid through this quality service in Merchants, can check the degree of professionalism of its employees with respect to customers according to the way they behave.

With this information, the businessman, once the reality is known, will be able to improve his trade by taking the measures he deems appropriate. Through the control that we establish through the service Mystery Shopping, we can objectively check the service received by customers.

Arga Detectives, has specialized personnel who make false purchases anonymously and objectively collects the relationships between the seller such as their attitude to sell, their attitude to relate to customers, etc., this will allow you to measure the quality of the service offered by its employees.

Sometimes when the opening of a business or premises occurs everything is going well and from one day to the next sales start to fall without knowing very well what happens when everything should go well.

The businessman falls into demoralization and does not know very well what to do. It is in this context when the entrepreneur begins to ask questions such as: If everything was going well, why has he stopped going now? Why the stores next door have customers and I don’t? If I’m spending a lot on advertising, why don’t I make a profit? I

In this context, Mystery Shopping services offered by  Arga Detectives arise to provide answers to these types of questions. It is intended to provide answers to questions such as:

  • The punctuality of opening and closing of workers.
  • The quality of the sales service.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • The greeting by the worker. I
  • f they answer the phones.
  • If the working of the contact forms is correct.
  • If advertising is suitable.
  • Business location.
  • Those things that go wrong like dirt, bad presentation, etc.

Through this service everything can improve in your business. You can take charge and channel sales.

The Control service Mysterious or Mystery Shopping was born in the United States to a demand from businessmen who wanted to know what was happening in their businesses when they were not around. To do this, the private detective observes and evaluates the behavior of workers with

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain

clients incognito. It is a detailed study of the behavior of the workers themselves, where their ability to treat customers is evaluated. Over time, this service fitted in very well in the different sectors and was consolidated. For this, the private detective records what happens, exports it to a report and delivers it to the businessman so that he can make decisions.

By implementing this service, the aim is to analyze and evaluate the operation of a business open to the public.

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain


We adapt or focus the investigation to the needs of the client, which may be some behaviors such as:

  • Image offered by the trade Operation of the customer service.
  • Control collection
  • The attitude the employee has to sell Relations with suppliers Compliance with regulations.
  • The correct execution of special, promotional and punctual campaigns .

We inform merchants the information collected that has been obtained, which will serve the merchant to: Know the evolution of your company Know what customers feel when dealing with their employees.

Once this is known and corrected, claims and complaints will decrease. From the above, it follows that your company will have a better image. Observe if the regulations and internal regulations of the company are complied with.

Check the competence of your employees, which could be reduced in efficiency, professionalism, their behavior and friendliness.


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga Detectives in Madrid posing as anonymous and visiting one more client with the aim of verifying those guidelines that the client has prescribed, as well as the data that has been obtained, the client will be able to define the quality of the service and correct all possible deviations.

If what you are looking for is really a professional detective and to infiltrate in your business and tell you how it really works inside, our Mystery Shopping company is the solution to your problem.

Contact us through our form. If your business is going bad, hire: Mystery Shopping detectives.

Arga Detectives through this exclusive service will be able to check what is behind your business or if it is going well and everything is well-founded or on the contrary if errors have to be corrected. Through our intervention you can take all the necessary measures to correct the negative of it.



Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

The private detective uses the hidden recording system as an investigative work method to test the intended behavior by recording it in a report with all the details from the private investigation of Mystery Shopping.

It should be remembered that in Spain, according to legislation, only the private detective is authorized to carry out private investigation tasks. No other professional can make a hidden recording. Thus, the private detective is the only person who can carry a hidden camera, and Arga Detectives performs this function with absolute discretion.

There is a proliferation of companies that advertise as Mystery shopping and perform these tasks without being private detectives and that is completely illegal.

If they had to go to court to ratify, the evidence presented by them would not be valid in court.

In addition, a crime against privacy and self-image would be taking place. Therefore, it is clear that a private person or a professional who is not a private detective cannot record another person in their workplace. A violation of rights is taking place. On the contrary when All the evidence comes from a private detective, it is fully accepted by the Courts of Justice in all types of litigation.

Arga has the most modern technological elements to make hidden recordings in companies, we are also experts in preparing future reports that will go to trial.


The main function of this service is undoubtedly the identification of behaviors of business employees facing the public. In other words, check if there is suitability between the behavior of the employees and the sale to the public.

Arga detectives values ​​the behavior of these workers, their responses, their attitude, etc.

The Human Resources department is not always able to filter the perfect employees, and these many times, manage to transmit an attitude that is not the real one and later when they are working, they behave as they really are when nobody sees them. Our role is to detect atypical behaviors that should not correspond.

Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga Detectives, through their detectives in the mysterious client investigation service, may have a behavior close to workers or dependents. We can assess how they behave, when addressing clients, their responses, their interest in the interests of clients, their involvement, the help provided, etc.

This way you can know what type of workers you have and if they are behaving properly and making you earn or lose money. It happens on many occasions that we think that a person behaves properly and it turns out that he does not know how to behave well or behave properly.

This private investigation service is applied to all types of businesses without discriminating any and being useful in sales in a clear way. It can also be applied to Online sales and sales that are not directly facing the public.




Arga Detectives we are a private investigation agency expert in private investigation services of Mystery shopping or mystery client. Our staff is highly qualified in this type of service and has ample on-the-job training for Mystery Shopper.

Contact our professional team through our telephone number 24 hours +34 913 866 294. Do you have questions about this service? Call us and we will clarify all the details about this service and we will provide you with a free estimate. Looking for answers? We will give them to you. What are you waiting for? Call now.


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga detectives arises from the social and personal need to clarify all kinds of doubts in all private investigation plots. With a clear purpose in providing solutions, our professionals specialize in all areas of private investigation. This specialization is achieved through recycling in new technologies and permanent updating in technological matters. The best private investigation services can only be obtained with the most committed and best-prepared professionals on the market.

With Arga you will have the confidence that your case is being handled by the best in the sector, committed professionals with the truth and with your interests.

The reports issued by Arga Detectives have all the legal formalities to be fully considered in all types of jurisdictional litigation. We know perfectly all the legislation regarding the private detective’s work and we take care to comply at all times with all the legal precepts of whatever order.

With our presence you can end a problem that has been dragging on for a long time. To know the prices of private detectives in Spain call us and tell us about your problem, after knowing all the details of your problem we will provide you with an adequate action plan together with a budget.


Arga does everything type of private investigation services that are authorized by the Private Security Law and the rest of the legal system. So we can mention some of them among the most common.

  • Surveillance at fairs, hotels, exhibitions or similar areas
  • Investigation of private crimes at the request of a legitimate party.
  • Calligraphic expertise.
  • Identification of authorship of signatures, anonymous, etc.
  • Authenticity or falsity of all types of documents.
  • Analysis of typed writings.
  • Verification of the falsity or authenticity of currency, titles, checks, etc.
  • Paper studies, ink analysis. Psycho-graphological reports.
  • Market studies.
  • Biological paternity tests.
  • All kinds of computer analysis.
  • Electronic Scan
  • Fingerprint analysis.
  • Search and location of people.
Serive Private detectives Spain

Serive Private detectives Spain


Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Services Private Investigators in Spain | Know everything our private detectives do in Spain

Arga Detectives puts at your disposal private detectives capable of carrying out all kinds of private investigations in accordance with the legal system. It should be remembered that the legal system includes as the only person authorized to conduct private investigations the private detective.

Our office is only made up of legally qualified private detectives who are highly trained. The purpose of our intervention is to put at your disposal all the evidence you need in relation to the fact that concerns you, whether it is work, personal, financial, economic, computer or technological.

Call our 24-hour permanent service telephone number+34 913 866 294 and we will present your case. A professional will help you. Learn about other investigation services of our Detective Agency in Madrid by visiting our website.





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