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Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

When you are trying to obtain the services that are made available by Private Investigators in Zaragoza, you will come across numerous service providers.

Due to the same reason, there is a high possibility for you to get overwhelmed as well. If you get overwhelmed while searching for a private investigator, you will make mistakes when obtaining the services.

That’s why you need to be aware about the mistakes that people do when they are trying to obtain the services offered by Private Investigators in Zaragoza.

Once you are aware about the mistakes, you can make sure that you don’t commit those mistakes.



Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

At the time of selecting a private detective to obtain the services you want, you need to check and see how convenient it is for you to obtain the services that are offered. If you find issues with obtaining the services, you need to understand that you have not selected the best service provider. That’s because you will come across numerous other struggles in the future with service that you are getting as well. Hence, you need to make sure that you can conveniently get the service that Private Investigators in Zaragoza are offering to you.

You should be in a position to get in touch with your private investigator conveniently over the phone. You should also be mindful about the way how the private investigator is responding when you first call to obtain the service. If you are directed to a voice mail, you should consider it as a big red flag that asks you to look for another service provider. Moreover, you should also make sure that the call is not answered by a person who works in a call center as well. It should be a private investigator who works for the company itself.

If you contact Arga Detectives Group, you will never come across any such issues. That’s because we answer your calls and we provide a perfect experience to you. Based on that, you can make the decision to obtain the services that make available to you as well.


Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

At the time of obtaining the services offered by Private Investigators in Zaragoza, you should also make sure that you are meeting the service provider in person. Otherwise, you will continuously will have to live with doubts until you get the services. You just need to visit the office of the private investigator and meet the experts.

Then you will be able to discuss your requirement openly with the private investigator who will work on your case. Hence, an appropriate service will be delivered to you at the end of the day.

You will be able to find office address information on the website of private detective firm. Then you should pay a visit to the office. The visit you make to the office will also provide a great help to you with getting a better picture about the quality of service that you can receive as well.



Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza | Private Detectives Zaragoza

You must take a look at the portfolio of the private detective that you are planning to hire and see whether he has been able to complete any similar cases in the past. You should hire the detective only if the agency has been able to maintain a positive reputation for solving similar cases to your one in the past. Then you can expect your task to go in the same path and provide you with excellent outcomes at the end of the day.

You need to ask how the service you will receive would look like. In such a situation, the private detective should provide details promptly. In some of the instances, you can find information that you are looking to get on the website of the private detective as well.

Our team of private detectives who work for Arga Detective Group have been able to maintain a strong reputation by completing many different types of activities and tasks in the past. Hence, we can provide you with appropriate references to you accordingly. This will help you to get a better understanding about the quality of services that we offer. It will also help you with obtaining the services that we make available to you as well.

If you don’t want to make these mistakes when hiring a private detective, simply go ahead and contact Arga Detectives Group. We can guarantee to deliver a top notch service to you and make sure that you never deal with these problems.


Our detective agency in Zaragoza is made up of a team of professionals from private investigation and security. In this way we provide solutions to your problems with the highest levels of professionalism and seriousness, since we have both private detectives, escorts, security directors and even forensic computer experts on staff.

Private detectives, calligraphy experts, private security specialists and computer security experts (forensic analysts in cybersecurity ), form the highly qualified team of our detective agency in Zaragoza. With many years of experience and prepared to respond to any request that you may make in the field of research and security.

Our detective agency in Zaragoza belongs to Grupo Arga, whose director and founder of the agency, apart from being a private detective, is a director of security and a computer expert. His extensive CV includes his patience, his tenacity, and his training as a private detective, chief of security, director of security and computer expert.




In our agency we have the latest technological advances to meet all the requests of our clients, always keeping in mind the legal and ethical limits that guide our work.

If what you need are private detectives in Zaragoza, get to know our working method; We are sure that we will be able to help you in a totally personalized, confidential and professional way, at unbeatable prices and with the maximum guarantee that your investigation will be carried out by private detectives who are security experts.

We are a multidisciplinary team that offers private investigation services of all kinds. From personal, such as marital issues, people search; even family members like location or verification of children’s companies, I treat our elders. We also carry out professional, industrial, patent and trademark research, etc. Ask us, we can help you.



Looking for detectives in Zaragoza can sometimes be a tedious task if the sector is not known. We are the professional association with the most intrusiveness there is, and this is the main problem that private detectives in Zaragoza find ourselves with. In our agency, we have a constant concern to achieve the optimal result and satisfy our clients. Concern that is transmitted and applied to your organization, guaranteeing legal and professional work in any field of investigation that is requested of us.

The main quality of a private detective must be discretion and that is our maxim.

Private Investigators in Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza

Strictly speaking, our detective agency in Zaragoza is always governed by 5 fundamental points for us:


1. Analytics of problems and solutions in the matters that our client raises us. This marks the right moment and the right line of research for the optimal execution of services.

2. Risk forecast in the execution of the investigation, which foresees possible problems that may arise in the course of the investigation.

3. An orderly and effective teamwork system, which facilitates the optimal result for the client.

4. Choice of the material to be used for the execution of the investigation.

5. Selection of the best time to contact the client and deliver the result of their case.




The first thing to know, when hiring private detectives in Zaragoza, is that our agency does not have as a basis the profitability of investigations, that is, what is important for our private detectives is not what the client report us financially, but how satisfied you are.

Hence, we offer estimates without obligation and adapted to each circumstance. Contact us if you need a professional private investigation service.

Ask us for a budget without obligation and tell us about your case, we will give you options so that hiring private detectives in Zaragoza is a success.

We serve both companies and individuals keeping the customer informed at all times. Our private detectives in Zaragoza guarantee their assistance before the courts of law, for the ratification of the content of the reports issued for the client, since all our investigations are carried out in accordance with what the Private Security Law marks us.



Our private detective agency offers different types of investigative services. The main groups are as follows:


1. Insurers and mutuals: Investigation of accidents, control of sequelae accidents, alleged faked casualties, disabilities, exaggeration of damages, reconstruction of claims, fraud, simulated accidents …


2. Industrial / Professional: Research on patents and trademarks, plagiarism and counterfeiting, espionage and industrial sabotage, attacks on industrial property, mutual and insurance companies, calligraphic, recognition and authentication of signatures, collation and study of handwritten texts by expert calligraphers, Judicial or private expert reports, expert reports and reports on brands and models of patented products, expert opinions on works of art, documents copy 


3. Real Estate: Duplication of housing or commercial premises, undue transfers and subrogations, undue subleases, dedication of housing / premises to other purposes, absences, works, concealment of internal reform, evidence of evictions, old rent …

Private Investigators in Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza


4. Labor: Absenteeism, dismissals, pre-employment reports, verification of “Curriculum Vitae”, feigned leave, duplication of employment, professional intrusion, unfair competition, cessation of rights in processing wages, reports and observations on employees, investigation of work performance and productivity, mystery shopping or mysterious customer service for chain stores or small businesses …


5. Private and family: Injury and slander, threats, premarital reports, observations and reports on people, infidelities, provision of evidence to support economic claims (alimony and compensatory, child custody claim based on alleged disorderly, nocturnal behavior, asocial, family abandonment, mistreatment, pathological gambling). Children’s behavior: (questionable behaviors, friendships, drug addiction, frequented places, home escapes of minors, location of people in unknown whereabouts, inheritances, ill-treatment, etc.)


6. Digital research: Our digital research is carried out by experts in the field. We offer electronic scans, search for digital evidence, location of photo or file metadata …


If you need private investigation services, please contact us.




The prices for hiring a detective in Spain vary depending on the service that is demanded.

According to the official fees of the professional association of private detectives in Spain, the general rates for hiring a private detective should be as follows:

From 1 to 5 hours, per person and per day are 350 euros. An additional 70 euros will be charged per hour and additional person. On holidays and night hours the price will increase by 50%.

In searches and locations of people the price will be the previously agreed. In case it is very specific, the basic price (350 euros) applies.

In cases such as technical investigations or insurance investigations, the minimum rate will also apply or, depending on the expense of resources, the investment of time and the difficulty of the investigation, a budget will be made between the parties, and this will be mutually accepted according to the resources employees and other physical and technical means necessary for the investigation.

However, at our detective agency in Zaragoza, we adapt the price of investigations to each client, because, since each investigation is different, each client is also different.



The law of supply and demand in the private investigation guild offers a multitude of alternatives when hiring private detective services in Zaragoza.

Always have private detectives who are duly authorized to practice as such. Always demand professional documentation from the staff you are going to hire. All private detectives who are legally recognized by the Ministry of the Interior have a professional identity card, TIP. Demand that of the detective you are going to hire and check if it is legal or not.

If you need to contact Detectives Zaragoza, call us at 913866294 or send us an email at

Private Investigators in Zaragoza

Private Investigators in Zaragoza

Our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation.






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