Private Investigators Vigo

Private Investigators Vigo


In general terms Private investigation in Vigo, we are aware that Vigo is a city in Spain, in the province of Pontevedra, in the community of Galicia, it is known as the Olivica city , it is the first most populated municipality in Galicia. It is a perfect mix of a traditional historical enclave and an active city, beach, mountain, it is

Private Investigators Vigo

Private Investigators Vigo

innovative and industrial, this unique personality is reflected in its streets and neighborhoods.  



In this sense, in Private Detectives in Vigo, this city is divided into parishes, something unique is Spain, it is the commercial and cultural city, it is the nucleus that develops around the port, but in the neighborhoods of Vigo, you will find places with charm and natural. It has been an industrial, tourist and service city, its economy is based on the industrial sector, thanks to the automotive industry, shipyards, and the various activities of the port, there is also the fishing sector, commerce and tourism, for its beaches , and the passage through the Camino de Santiago.  

         It is important to note that in Private Investigators in Vigo, when we talk about private detectives we mean that we know very little about them, and this is because they work with the utmost discretion, our detectives are capable of finding out practically anything, they are usually specialized in cases in which the police do not devote much attention and time, or private investigations that cannot be carried out otherwise.    

Also in Surveillance and Monitoring in Vigo , we are aware that when selecting a good detective agency it is important that we focus only on the budget, the most essential thing is to ask for credentials, and our work staff has them. That identifies them as private detectives and shows if they are enabled or not, we have no problem showing this identification code so that you can verify that everything is indeed in order. 

From here at Private Detective in Vigo , we take care of your order always with the maximum discretion possible, nobody in any of the cases we have attended has found out about our intentions, much less that we have been hired to investigate it, we establish a special code between the client and the detective who can never be violated, in addition the information is presented in a very orderly and clear. 


Finally, at Private Detective in Vigo , we are aware that hiring a private detective may not be the best option, the reason is that a professional can take care of certain issues, but there are others that are not so simple for him, that’s why we are an agency is the best option, we have professionals specialized in different areas, as soon as you present your case, we will put the detective who knows more about that topic and he will take care of it personally. 



         According to the Detective Agency in Vigo , the justice of our country cannot cope with so many problems in society, that is why you now have a select group of detectives, forensics, investigators and professionals, we also apply tracking technology, high-end equipment, all with new technology to satisfy our customers, in short, we create, follow, discover and verify facts. Notify us of your interest or doubt, to give you our support and collaborate in the solution of your problem, or doubt about our agency. 

Private Investigators Vigo

Private Investigators Vigo



           Grupo Arga Detectives , we were born in order to support, empower and promote the development of the activity of private detectives in Vigo, we base our activity on the possibilities that the private security law allows, we never exceed the line between what is legal and what is illegal , we begin our task by taking the following steps: in our offices we meet and you give your problem, we study the viability of the matter and we provide you with an appropriate budget, once you accept the conditions, we draw up a contract, then you provide us with everything specifically , data or information to start working.


         In short, at Private Detectives in Vigo , we are what you need, we have specialized investigators, experts, who also have the knowledge, the technology and equipment to do the job. But despite what many believe, there is information that is obtained that is used in courts of law, our detectives are professionals, because they are very good at their work, they have university training, and they have also worked in the investigation before. 

Consequently, Private Investigators in Vigo , we know our private investigator needs different equipment to be able to perform his work in the best way, using different means of transport, such as cars, or even walking. Our detectives use the best technological equipment, in addition to being up to date with advances in technology, such as audio and video recording devices, cameras, among others, they even have the ability to make arrangements, depending on the plan in action that they must continue to discover the information the customer needs. 


Finally, in Surveillance and monitoring in Vigo , if you are looking for a detective, come with us, they have ethics and professionalism, as in all professions, our agency has a deontology that shows us the way where we must respect and move, in this detective company private, we are governed by this morality, professional and ethics. Specialists in obtaining information and providing evidence, contact us, we will assist you free of charge and without any obligation. 



Mainly, it must be taken into account that private detectives in Vigo meet the following requirements, possess the physical capacity and psychological aptitude necessary for the exercise of their functions, they also have excellent memory, are objective, honest, reserved, tenacious, truthful, They are observers, analysts, sociable and this summarizing the innumerable characteristics that they possess, and that our clients validate, affirming each of these qualities that make us the best detective company found in Vigo.   

On the other hand, we Private Detectives in Vigo , here in our company have different roles, that is; They carry out surveillance and searches, interview people for information and check their background, also work incognito, use the latest computer technology as it provides access to a wide range of information, phone numbers, associations, records vehicles, searches for people, lawsuits, among other options. 


The role of the Private Detective in Vigo is to satisfy the needs of our consumer, they are trained to investigate any type of issue, their real function is to carry out civil investigations and to collaborate with the Ministry of Vigo, either on behalf of a natural or legal person. In our company the private detective is not a national policeman, he is not an intelligence agent, he is not a public official, he is not a specialist, here he is an independent investigation professional, who works for the private sector, for companies and individuals . 



Private Investigators Vigo

Private Investigators Vigo


         In the first place in Grupo Arga Detectives , it is an agency that is located in the heart of Vigo, we have been in the private field of investigations for many years, we have established ourselves in this sector until we have become one of the most promising and serious firms in Spain. All detectives in this agency, we are obliged to help our clients in their personal or work matters, but respecting the laws.  

Consequently Private Investigation in Vigo, we know that if you need to hire a private detective with your guarantees, the first thing you should do is take note of the contact of our agency and consult with our advisors your budget, you will do it in a very simple way, through of a form, fill it out presenting your case, the headquarters of our closest company will analyze your query and we will contact you as soon as possible.  


Currently the private detective in Vigo , is a recognized figure in society, specifically in the field of private investigation, investigating cases of a strictly private nature, with the different means of collecting evidence, they write a report with all the information to be provided for the client, having this legal validity, in any trial, and even the information can be ratified by the detective himself. 




         In principle in Private Investigators in Jerez de la Vigo , the maximum of our agency is professional ethics, transparency, honesty, efficiency and confidentiality, of the people who hire us we protect their information and data, they will not be accessible, if It is not by judicial requirement, we are under the rigor of the data protection law, the reports obtained from audio or video will be delivered only to the client, not to third parties. 

Therefore, in Surveillance and Monitoring in Vigo , the services we offer are: In the workplace (simulated illnesses and absenteeism, duplication of work, mysterious clients, breach of contract, control of merchandise). In the business area (unfair competition, feigned insolvencies, labor reports, inquiries of the debtor’s assets, studies and verification of partners). In the family and personal area (infidelities, visiting regimes, divorces, pensions, custody of minors, problems with drugs, alcohol and fanaticism). 


We configure ourselves as a leading agency in the private investigation sector, detectives in Vigo, it belongs to the Arga Detectives Group, we provide a basis to operate with the greatest efficiency throughout the territory of Vigo and with your support. Our work team has an excellent ability to get involved in the cases that arise, making the work decisive, discreet and efficient. Confidentiality is guaranteed, which is very important, in addition, our work is supervised by a legal cabinet that guarantees the legality of all documents and evidence obtained from said investigation.   




In the Detective Agency in Vigo , in everything that refers to rates and prices, they are governed by the minimum costs imposed by the Private Detective colleges or by those established by the detective associations. For this reason they may vary between different locations, the rates are established per working hour and generally

Private Investigators Vigo

Private Investigators Vigo

include two detectives, there is also a minimum number of hours per day that is usually six hours as well as special prices if they are weekends or it is at night . 

Therefore, in Private Investigation in Vigo , in certain cases it is possible to close a price in advance, but it depends on whether these fees, the difficulty of the case, the number of detectives, and the expenses are calculable with accuracy, for this reason it is very difficult to put A price table, and most of our staff will tell you to raise the specific case to give you a price, all cases are different and we need to assess them, in some places the consultation is charged, here it is free, for more information you can get in touch with us. 

Our working method in Grupo Arga detectives is the abruptness of a solution, through first an assessment prior to the investigation, we will do it with legal advice to see if it has legal viability, come talk to us about your case and we will study it. Second, we offer you speed and discretion, we know that it is important to solve your problem as soon as possible. Third, we use a unique research methodology, we plan a protocol that will allow us to achieve the intended objective, regardless of the result obtained and finally a final report, which is delivered to the client, attaching the appropriate tests. And we adapt these services to any need.  

Finally, private investigations in Vigo , has a very good experience offering its services throughout the national geography, we have our own offices. The Arga Detectives Group offers its investigation and advisory services in the different fields on the market. We welcome you, so consult our services for free and one of our private detectives will attend you personally, with us you will be guaranteed success. We attend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contact us, your case is important and it will be analyzed by our intelligence team.  


         Mainly in Private Detectives in Vigo , being professionals our investigators know the legal system of Spain, and we accompany our clients in all processes, to the court if necessary, where we will disclose the evidence we collect during the investigation of the case, he says. With us at your detective agency in Vigo, when you need to carry out an investigation we are focused on discovering the truth, we are reliable and professional. Without a doubt, we have all thought about the possibility of hiring the services of a private detective, however, sometimes we do not do it because of the mysticism that surrounds this issue. That is why, if you are thinking of hiring us, do it right now.   


Grupo Arga Detectives , If you want truthful information from us, our detective team is serious, efficient and will attend to you before and during the investigation, in a particular way. It was difficult for us to consolidate our company, as the number one in Seville in the area of ​​private investigation, but we were able to achieve

Private Investigators Vigo

Private Investigators Vigo

international recognition due to our excellent services and human quality, always highlighting our corporate values ​​in order to maintain leadership in the market. Call us there, we will help you, with the information you offer us and offering you a budget that is as active and accessible as possible. So log in now and request your service to be purchased with your budget. 



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