Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca



Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca

On many occasions we feel the need to resort to the services of private investigators for many reasons, whether we need to discover whether an employee of ours is making fun of us and committing fraud at work, or investigating any infidelity on the part of our partner or an employee performing a dual job, some surveillance and monitoring services, among others.


There are many reasons why you need a private detective, for many generations it has been a profession that citizens have required for its ease of solving the most common problems with great effectiveness and also presenting the necessary evidence to carry out a trial to that justice be done to him.



There are many detectives in Spain and in Salamanca is not the exception, the best private investigations have always been carried out in our country since it has served as a worldwide reference on many occasions for offering a good quality service, the use of tools more modern and the professionalism necessary to do a good job with the maximum of discretion and the minimum of errors.


Among the many services we offer, the following stand out:


Search and location of people.

Making business and personal reports.

We have private detectives, security directors, and computer experts who can help them in computer forensic services such as network tracking, messaging verification, social networks, theft of information, among others.

Hidden cameras, microphones and tracking tools installation procedures in homes, businesses and cars.

Comparison or comparison of fingerprints, DNA checks and paternity tests.

Verification or investigation of urban and suburban rentals or leases.

Spying on friends, family, employees and others close to you (as long as there are fair and legal causes).

Electronic sweeps and electronic countermeasures.

Surveillance and monitoring both inside and outside the city, including the country.

We offer guides and advice with the best price on the market to help you and direct you to the best solution to the problem.

Among other specific services or required by the client in question.




The detectives who are in Salamanca are those who are able to support all the operations of the Arga Group detectives on the basis of obtaining and requiring an official license, which is why in order to establish the optimal operation of our chapter in Salamanca it is necessary to know all the aspects related to Detectives Salamanca at the level of the exercise of private investigation tasks.


Investigation tasks when carried out by a group of private investigators at the national level require certain expertise in the field, this applies to almost every strategic element that a company wants to deploy around the tasks that are intended to be carried out.

Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca


Our Detectives Salamanca, provide the possibility of establishing operations in a private environment, for this it is required that the investigator is not only a resource willing to learn everything necessary from the investigative work, but that he can also establish all the elements that are found linked to the exercise of research starting from experience.


The best thing for a client who is interested in the city of Salamanca to obtain specialized investigation services is to make sure that the detective does indeed meet the sufficient requirements to carry out his work, this allows him to establish everything on a solid contact basis. what is necessary to establish an optimal resolution of an investigation case that he requires, since it may not have a certification, an issue that from one moment to the other can only generate a risk on the operation to be carried out.


Not by this we mean that that private detective who is in the process of obtaining his certification is not empowered to expertly carry out an investigative operation, simply what we want to highlight is that sometimes there are a few detectives who under this status do not generate an ethical performance of their functions, nor do they optimally guarantee the results of the research to which they are committed


For our Salamanca Detectives, obtaining a license is the possibility to generate a greater sense of tranquility in the client, since he will feel comfortable having a qualified resource that is capable of providing the answers that he himself finds. Looking at a given moment, this will undoubtedly lead the agent to the success of an investigation and to the generation of all the necessary elements of certainty towards the client.


An investigative detective who has this type of certification is more than understood who has the backing of all those who undoubtedly generate sufficient logistical and recursive support for all the operations he manages to carry out, this is done with the need to establish a high quality service at the research level at all times.


From Grupo Arga detectives we have valued the approach of the resolution of licenses to our personnel as an essential part of the whole process, this section being valued as an important prerequisite when carrying out detective work, so that this process is obtainable by Part of one of our agents must establish the achievement of certain milestones at the level of our training process, an issue that will undoubtedly generate the necessary sum towards our clients.


Our detectives are resources that go through a highly demanding training process, which implies the elaboration of various stages of instruction, including logical training, investigative technique training, generation of investigation patterns, as well as reinforcement towards comprehensive training through the induction of elements of emotional intelligence.


Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca

Agents who are interested in obtaining licenses that allow them to be Salamanca Detectives must go through all these training sections and must additionally complement each other under optimal standards of execution of detective work in the field, at Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to the training and development of comprehensive agents.




At Grupo Arga detectives we have not stopped in order to generate with a great sense of precision all the elements that can be useful towards the training of a comprehensive detective, which is why we are committed to innovation, with the aim of not paralyzing ourselves in our mission to train and create the best field agents at the level of private investigation.


Grupo Arga detectives, is an organization that never intends to stop modernizing itself, which is why, within the deployment of its functions, it has always been proposed to maintain a communication link with the client accurately and efficiently , a link that is capable of taking under a optimum parameter all the elements of sufficient training towards the generation of a policy of sustainable support for our clients.


The members of the Arga detectives group are those who can establish, under an optimal operating parameter, all the elements that are essential for the administration of a quality training process around the management of various problems and various scenarios with a variable level of complexity. that it is faced in the investigative task, this without a doubt ends up being a critical element to which our agents pay sufficient attention.


Grupo Arga detectives is an organization with more than 10 years of experience in the task of private investigation, this represents the sufficient guarantee for an optimal execution of operations in the short, medium and long term towards our clients, the possibility of being Detectives Salamanca It is a milestone that local detectives can reach with us in order to have various resources to more accurately deploy all the elements that are possible towards their professional development. In Grupo Arga you will find the best!


That is why, maintaining an optimal execution of research standards, we remain at the forefront of generating the best possible service provision. 





In our Arga Detectives Group we are a private detective office in Spain with offices located throughout the country, we have ten years of experience in the private investigation sector offering our clients the best detective service in the nation. Our office in Madrid was awarded in 2017 for our quality, delivery and success in our contracts and missions.


We have an office located in Salamanca very close to you to help you with your problems and concerns, we have the best prices in Spain and our private detectives are the highest quality specialists, in addition to having the support of the Interior Minister to operate in your work. Investigation without problems and within the legal framework our detectives have your professional title, you can and should require it to ensure that you will get the quality service you need.

Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca



You must be very careful when hiring private detectives since many are not as professional as they say, being a market so required in many parts of the world there are a large number of people who offer their services independently or clandestinely. According to article number 101 of the Spanish Private Security code, it says that: only private detectives are in charge of obtaining evidence and data on private behavior or conduct, also in the investigation and exploration of prosecutable crimes, in other words, the investigator Private is the only professional who can legally carry out investigative, search, follow-up and evidence-gathering operations to be brought to a state judicial body.


As we have previously said, the Arga Detectives Group is a detective office that has said permits from the Interior Ministry and Private Security that allow us to operate and carry out investigations, obtain evidence, search surveillance and follow-up in a legal manner and without the regulation or some law of the constitution of our country is broken.


You must remember that our private investigators are graduates of the best universities in the country and then go through a difficult admission test for our offices, and thus only stay with the most enthusiastic, professional and best-attitude detectives in the country.




Most people think that hiring a private detective is a privilege, that they are very expensive to do a job that you could easily do yourself, or that it is an unnecessary expense. From the detectives we give them our opinion: a person who has spent so much time in a profession or trade can provide you better results when a problem of this type arises, as well as when you have a serious problem with the pipe of your home and you hire a trusted plumber, or when you do not know why that light bulb that before lit, now not and you decide to hire an electrician who solves the situation that according to that logic, you could have solved yourself.


A detective is a professional who has spent many years of study and practice acquiring investigative knowledge for use in the service of people who have been or are suspected of being the victim of an injustice. We must remember that the main role of the private investigator is to present witness experts before the judicial authorities.



In recent times, with so many requirements and demands on the subject of private investigations, it has become difficult for citizens to decide in which detective agencies to trust their problems, since it is not something simple when you are the victim of injustices or have a feeling that your partner is unfaithful to you or that one of your workers is selling information to the competition and you worry. You have to know which professionals to tell about and expose your problems, since not all of them are as trustworthy as they say, and for some, an infidelity can be mocking and clients ask that it stay between client and professional.


You can count on a private detective in Salamanca who is trustworthy, professional and with a lot of experience in our Arga Detectives Group, we have more than a decade at the service of our clients and they have been very satisfied with the conclusion of their case, we are an agency recognized worldwide for our seriousness and dedication in our work although our greatest achievement is the satisfaction on the face of the clients who have helped us to solve their problems since it is our main motivation to help in a world of many injustices and infidelities that are not sanctioned for lack evidence or lack of knowledge of the subject.

We offer you the guarantee that you can rest easy while one of our professionals works on your case, obtaining evidence to help you prove your words and suspicions. We have national or international coverage in case you need to search, investigate or follow up outside the country. If you need a private investigator in Madrid,

Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca

Seville, Valencia or any other city in Spain you can visit our detective guides in the country, we have offices throughout the nation.



Veteranship is very considerable in a business such as private investigations, only with time can you become a good detective, how to proceed, what type of tests to take, etc. And even more the experience is what gives the agency a good recognition, in addition to the good reception of its clients.


A good institution or private detective office should advise you, even more if it is your first time requesting your services.


In our Arga Detectives Group we have a wide variety of services in all our offices throughout the country, whether your demands in the contract specify an investigation of the labor or personal type, we will solve it in the period that the private detective tells you. . Below we will provide you with a list of services that are most requested of us and we specialize in any field or sector:



In our Arga Detectives Group we put at your disposal our knowledge and tools to solve research problems in your large, medium and small company, we are specialized in labor investigations due to the long experience we have and the great demand for orders in this area, among The most requested services by companies are:


Searches and locations of people, other competing companies, defaulters among other requests (must be requested under a significant or legal interest)

Inquiries and verifications of fraudulent sick leave to any of the company’s workers.

Thefts, infidelities and internal robberies.

Investigations of mysterious or better known clients such as Mystery Shopping.

Verification of solvency reports of its partners or other interested companies.

Aftermath and accident investigations.

Investigations of employees with suspicion of labor infidelities or labor duality.

Exploration or investigations of fraudulent competition.

Verification of pre-employment reports or false data on the resume.

Recovery of leaked information.

Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca

Detectives Salamanca

Detectives Salamanca



Our private detectives are specialists in private services to Spanish citizens who require them since our main objective is to help all people in the country from small cases to the problems of large companies.


Investigations of addictions and alcoholism. Detectives Salamanca


Verification of personal reports.


Investigation of marital infidelities.

Mediations in divorce matters and investigations or verifications of the regulatory agreement.

Obtaining and presenting evidence to a judicial entity.

Fingerprint verification, DNA and paternity tests.

Electronic sweeps, detection of hidden microphones and other spy tools.

Recovery of sms messages , WhatsApp, social networks through computers or mobile devices.

Among other specific services that our clients may request, you already know that the work of a private detective is very extensive and the cases usually vary between one and I enter the subject of use of tools, confidential specifications or other requirement.


The Arga Detectives Group works in a cooperative and a very constant relationship with lawyers in the country, for them it is very necessary to obtain evidence that justifies the behavior of their clients and our private detectives can provide them quickly, easily and without problems. Among the services required by lawyers, the following stand out:


Fraud investigations of any kind.

Child custody and divorces with difficulties.

Computer forensic service or experts.

Obtaining various tests.

Leases and rentals.

Accident verification.

Confirmation of injuries.

Exaggerations or reproduction fraud in accidents and commitments. (Fraudulent sick leave)

Theft and theft fraud.

Technology and spy tools.

Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca

Detectives Salamanca

Insurer contracts are usually specified between the company and its clients, so the services are usually very peculiar and defined by it. We fully adapt to your requests.



Any service charge per hour ranges from 50 to 100 euros depending on the type of contract and its difficulty, the use of additional tools also often influences.

For 5 hours of investigation, the private detective usually charges between 200 and 300 euros.

For contracts of the type investigations of personal, family, friend, partner (or ex-partner) or any particular person financial reports are 800 euros.

Labor or lease type reports (dedication of the property, duplication of address, assignments and transfers, subrogations or other similar information) are from 800 euros the contract.

Guides, queries or advice on a particular issue or situation, private detectives usually charge between 50 to 80 euros an hour, if it is in their office.

In the case of private searches and investigations, if it is very specific, the 5-hour fee will be charged in the contract (200 to 300 euros), otherwise it will be the agreement between the detective and his client.

The hours between 22:00 and 06:00 for surveillance and search purposes will have an increase of 50%. Just like I work on holidays. All this is only a guide, that is, the rates may be subject to change and the above rates are only an approximate calculation so that you as a possible client get an idea of ​​how accessible the services at Grupo Arga Detectives can be. Your first consultation or advice comes completely free. However, such rates do not reflect situations such as the need to rent a vehicle to track and search for a person or if food expenses are reflected in a surveillance operation, etc.




If you need a private detective, a security director or a computer expert in Salamanca do not hesitate to contact us, you can trust that we will solve your problem in the simplest way and also at the best price on the market with the quality you require. The way to contact us is according to what is easiest for you:


You can contact us at any of our offices from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Spain.


Email or e-mail: or


Telephone or WhatsApp: 608767979/913 866 294/608 76 76 79. Available 24 hours a day at your service.

Private investigators Salamanca

Private investigators Salamanca


Facebook: GRUPO ARGA – Private Detectives in Madrid (or as @ argadetectives )



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