Private Investigators Sabadell

Private Investigators Sabadell


Sabadell: Spanish city, autonomous society of Catalonia province of Barcelona and its capital is a region of the western valleys next to Tarrasa, since these two cities share the same number of inhabitants, more than two hundred thousand according to the last census carried out are in fourth place in Catalonia, its land area is 37.5 km. Squares, closest neighbors : San Quirico de Tarraza, Barbera de Valle, Polinya , and Badia del Valle, traditionally industrial in the textile area with great artistic wealth, it has numerous museums, the daily life of its inhabitants is very pleasant, it is called the city intelligent thanks to great technological development, it has a large navigable artificial lake, the largest in Spain    

Private Investigators Sabadell

Private Investigators Sabadell

The Arga Detectives Group: we are the private investigation agency with experience, specialization, professionalism, discretion and with the most advanced avant-garde technology, to simplify the investigation and security work, thus we obtain the largest number of quality investigations possible, We do personalized studies of each case and at the end of the investigation, a detailed report will be shown to our clients with all the evidence obtained in the investigation process carried out by our private detectives and if necessary they will be revalidated in the corresponding judicial courts.     

Our detectives in Spain are specialized in investigation such as fraud and claims, they also cover different types of investigation in addition to providing you with countless services such as: robberies, computer fraud, absences, industrial espionage, control of employee spending, accident simulation etc. We invite you to go to any of our detective agencies and ask for your budget. We have prices that adjust to your case without any commitment regarding the following services:     


The private investigation in the workplace is to talk about all those behaviors that can lead to possible fraud and harm your company, these supervening actions can be from your supplier, workers and clients, having the slightest suspicion of inappropriate behavior of an alleged fraud of this type request the services of a private investigation, the most common services in all our experience is fraudulent sick leave we are experts in this matter. In our agency we have an investigation department specialized in fraudulent sick leave:      

  1. Robberies
  2. Feigned casualties
  3. Duplication of employment
  4. Trademark counterfeiting
  5. Address search
  6. Unfair administration
  7. Work absenteeism
  8. Job abandonment
  9. Breach of contract
  10. Unfair competition
  11. Duplication of work activity
  12. Against espionage
  13. Customer deviation
  14. Work performance and productivity
  15. Verification of resumes
  16. Non-compliance with professional standards
  17. Non-compliance with other regulations security measures
  18. Mysterious customers
  19. Personnel selection report
  20. Information leakage


Private Investigators Sabadell

Private Investigators Sabadell

Our detectives in Spain have innovative electronic and digital technological equipment, which are used in investigations and go undetected at the time of a surveillance and monitoring service. With our cutting-edge equipment we are professionals, and in each case of investigation we work for both individuals and companies.    

  1. Recordings
  2. Electronic sweeps
  3. Microphones
  4. Digital investigations
  5. Hidden camera location
  6. Electromagnetic wave studies
  7. Thermal camera studies
  8. Closed circuit studies
  9. Microphone detection
  10. Hidden camera placement
  11. Detect GPS
  12. Forensic information
  13. Network study
  14. Study phone lines
  15. Detect vulnerability
  16. Security audits
  17. Radio frequency studies
  18. Detect both active and passive audio and video transmissions




The family investigation process is when a family member hires the services of a private detective to investigate another family member, below we mention the cases that the Arga detectives group offers them, the most common investigation is undoubtedly the infidelity highlighting that adultery is not currently punished, that is, it is not a crime, since it remains as the breaking of a fidelity agreement between two people who joined at a certain moment either by marriage, cohabitation, etc.      

Surveillance and monitoring services that a private detective can carry:  

  1. Heritage
  2. Witness location
  3. Children’s behavior
  4. Detention for drug use
  5. By concealment of assets
  6. Pension claims
  7. Domestic surveillance
  8. Fictitious marriages
  9. Fraudulent school fees
  10. Registration of restraining orders for judicial non-compliance
  11. Pre marital reports
  12. Guardianship of minors
  13. Record evidence in family courts
  14. Against surveillance
  15. Alcoholism
  16. Search of goods and documents in public registers.


Private Investigators Sabadell

Private Investigators Sabadell


Private investigators carry out important work in different areas for justice, they always relate it to cases of infidelity and in fact if they are done. but they also carry out surveillance and follow-up work on other cases such as kidnapping, bank fraud, etc. This is one of the many reasons why people look for a private detective because we are the evidence seekers to found a productive lawsuit in the judicial courts of Spain and the world, the private investigator performs an important commendable job in all the cases they have to do with justice          



The Arga Detectives group are experts, they offer the best private detectives in all of Spain and the world, we have extensive experience in investigation and the best technological equipment, all communication and information on our cases with clients are carried out in writing, we make a report. of the investigated person and technological elements that will be used in the investigation, the time that it will last, important points of an investigation and our clients should know it, our private investigators are very experienced and that is why they have to provide not all the correct information to obtain the best results at the end of the research carried out.          

Get to know some of our research specialties: Paternity test, gender violence, pension claims, national and international locations, search and location of defaulters, search for missing relatives, custody of minors, compliance with restraining order, visitation regime, economic solvency report, recovery of deleted messages from the mobile, abuse, dubious behavior, suspicion of domestic service, control of minors, report for personnel selection, polygraph test, photo and video tests, search for evidence for divorce separation, full legal validity, extraction of evidence from digital media, investigations in social networks, legal advice on computer science, false cancellations …


Our detective agencies offer assistance and advice for your personal protection, the mission of the Arga group is to provide the best investigation service and obtain evidence of: fraud, infidelity, theft, deceit, child abuse, surveillance and monitoring of any other suspicion, Our private detectives are prepared in the field of investigation and are capable of collecting the large amount of possible evidence for your problems. We have all the experience and operational training for the entire investigation process. If you need assistance we have offices and allies at the national and international level, rates within your budget,          

For more information, contact us through social networks, by phone, and of course, our office. At Grupo Arga, our mission is to investigate and clear all your doubts, being the best serious and professional private detective company . We also offer you the surveillance and monitoring system with internet video surveillance equipment, electronic videos, hidden cameras for homes and businesses. If you want to observe your husband, wife, children, your business, property and home, our private detectives are experts to investigate your case. We also have satellite GPS service for your vehicle, closed security circuit, private surveillance and property monitoring.        

The Arga detectives group complies with all the legal regulations of Spain to carry out private investigation. Private investigators are experts in observation, detection, skillful to search for information of interest to clients, surveillance and follow-ups are carried out for companies and individuals, preparing very detailed reports of

Private Investigators Sabadell

Private Investigators Sabadell

the investigations so that clients can handle the timely information in the taking of your decisions. Skills that our private detectives handle in an investigation case: expert in photography, guiding the client, expert keeping records, disciplined, expert writing report, ability to concentrate, teamwork, great ability to control conflict between people,           

He can work alone, they handle simultaneous cases, great capacity to question people, they are discreet, computer experts, they have knowledge of the law, expert driving, great communication skills, information skills, he communicates with clients, he performs his records with great precision, methodical, patient, objective and observant. The detectives in Spain seek to tender information that will be profitable for our clients in which a process of research, using methods of observation surveillance and monitoring interrogate different people involved in the case, once obtained the information immediately is informed to the client.      

The work of the private detective is based on three fields: legal, private and business, private investigation to individuals occurs when a person requests services such as: a case, search for a person who has disappeared or is missing, monitor behavior of a mother with her child or to seek evidence of the father’s infidelity. They can also investigate a person for behavior of immoral acts with their neighbors      

           The group Arga detectives in investigations in terms of companies we are experts these can be large and small as well as government organizations, companies almost always request the services of a private detective agency to carry out investigation of cases such as robberies by an employee, a person who They owe money to the company, for industrial espionage Legal investigations of a private detective are almost always requested by lawyers in this type of investigation consists of questioning and taking statements from possible witnesses about accidents and crimes, investigating alibis, seeking people court orders , write reports etc.       

    Detective investigations are carried out in local areas and sometimes move from one place to another, whether open or closed. 



You have any questions, you are looking for something or need to monitor a person, you want a personal protection service, hire a private detective or a regional detective agency in Spain, the offices of the Arga detective group provide the best services for you. You need an investigation, clarify a criminal case or are looking for a person or a company, private detectives in Spain also offer partial and permanent services, such as protection of some property, personal protection, surveillance and monitoring of department stores, warehouses , professional and commercial, labor, family research           

Doubtful behavior of children and relatives, infidelities, false work absences, scams and locations of all kinds, you can contact a private detective and agencies of the Arga detectives group in Spain and around the world contact us private detectives and detective agency, visit our main offices located in Spain in the Princesa 9-1ª izda shopping center. 28008 Madrid in the heart of the city, by full appointment, by telephone and by email: email or through our telephone numbers 913-866-294, 912-536-045 and at 34-608-767-979 we will assist you 24 hours a day and holidays, fax 34-912-536-045               

Consult without obligation and we give you your budget without any cost, with payment facilities for money orders, we also accept your credit and debit card. And we provide you with more information about our private detective agencies, we also provide back guard services throughout the Spanish territory, in the United States of North America and Latin America, we are experts in investigation in insurance companies: cases with more commission in insurance companies are We mention them below: life insurance, fire, air accident, robbery, injury control and claim clarification.  

The detectives in Spain in his private investigations for both companies and insurance companies perform their jobs with full confidentiality and discretion of private investigators of the Arga group enjoyed special consideration by the insurance companies for their high experience in research as fraud has its great ethical value. Next we will mention the jurisprudence, the judgment EDJ 2007/103119 /, SAP Seville 07/03/2007, judgment EDJ 20003205426, SP Castellón 09/12/2003 that guarantee the private investigation works .          

It should be noted that the surveillance and monitoring by a private detective gives insurance companies a margin of savings in euros per year and it is very profitable to hire a private detective. Private investigators are the only professionals authorized to investigate and search for evidence.         

Main elements when requesting a private detective service: 

1.- Legalization of the private detective to make a written contract of the investigation to be carried out, information about the person to investigate and legitimacy, etc.  

2.- that all the possible evidence of the investigation obtained by the private detective , be adjusted to the law. 

3.- the presence of the private detective before the court is essential to reaffirm their evidence and close the case

4.- It is important to write a good report, without inconsistency, to avoid serious errors, it must be signed and once delivered it cannot be modified, the report must contain all the tests and evidences obtained in the investigation.

Private Investigators Sabadell

Private Investigators Sabadell

The work of the detective is a profession like any other and legal, regulated by a set of controls, administrative rules of its functions and services, the profession of private detective is regulated since they begin to train to obtain a university degree and any other specialty, With the approval of the new private security law, it says that detectives can only carry out private investigations fundamentally that affect the prestige of people, give evidence and information to solve cases, be it labor, social and family.    




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