Sabadell: Spanish city, autonomous society of Catalonia province of Barcelona and its capital is a region of the western valleys together with Tarrasa, since these two cities share the same number of inhabitants, more than two hundred thousand according to the last census carried out, they are in fourth place in Catalonia, its extension of land is 37.5 km. Squares, closest neighbors: San Quirico de Tarraza, Barbera de Valle, Polinya , and Badia del Valle, traditionally industrial in the textile area with great artistic wealth, it has numerous museums, the daily life of its inhabitants is very pleasant, it is called the city intelligent thanks to great technological development, it has a large artificial navigable lake, the largest in Spain.

The Arga Detectives Group: we are the private investigation agency with the experience, specialization, professionalism, discretion and with the most advanced cutting-edge technology, to simplify the investigation and security work, thus obtaining the largest number of quality investigations possible. We carry out personalized studies of each case and at the end of the investigation, our clients will be shown a detailed report with all the evidence obtained in the investigation process carried out by our private detectives and, if necessary, they will be revalidated in the corresponding judicial courts.



Our detectives in Spain are specialized in investigations such as fraud and claims, and also cover different types of investigations, in addition to providing countless services such as: theft, computer fraud, absences from work, industrial espionage, employee spending control, claim simulation, etc. We invite you to go to any of our detective agencies and ask for your budget. We have prices that fit your case without any commitment about the following services.


Our Sabadel Detective Agency l are the ones that allow the management of all the articles investigated in the shortest possible time at the best possible price, making our case management a reality that offers the best benefit to all our clients.

At Grupo Arga, our Sabadell Detective Agency , without a doubt, allow our agency to do everything necessary to safeguard the elements that the client has requested, this is how from the management of our procedures we do the best of the best for anyone who is interested in hiring us.



At Grupo Arga detectives, thanks to the specialized management of all our processes, we do the best of the best for all those who need to handle elements that can provide a sense of optimal resolution to any type of client, within the activities of our agency, we do what is best for people and companies. The usefulness of the deployment of our activities at the Sabadell Detective Agency undoubtedly allows us to promote the best sense of resolution for all those who require the detection of an infidelity process, as well as any type of particular investigation that helps them to validate a fact. or search for the location of a particular item.

Furthermore, the processes we have been successful in implementing mean that not only can individuals benefit, but also companies have several alternatives that they can benefit from around managing elements that provide strategic resolution. to a particular business or matter.  Thus, for all entities interested in knowing how they can have an investigation process at hand, we highlight that they are carried out at the level of an investigation activity due to sick leave as well as with everything else. related to the management of the research processes of a shopping experience through the mystery shopper technique

Finally, our activities always seek to provide various protection tools for all those who require the exercise of a logical response apparatus at the level of an investigative activity, thus, from the point of view



of our processes, we carry out surveillance tasks. Y counter -surveillance and we also apply digital investigations to strengthen security elements in the 2.0 spectrum

At Grupo Arga, our detective agencies in Sabadell are the ones that are undoubtedly seeking to generate new elements to provide the right answers to all our clients. This is how, within our agency, we do everything possible to provide margin coverage for all the needs of those who need this type of business.  At Grupo Arga we are not satisfied with having gained a new client, which will have a greater impact and greater satisfaction because the exercise of our activity is linked to the realization of a solution so that from this we can make the best decision possible, that’s just what satisfies us.

Among the Grupo Arga detectives, our agents are undoubtedly the ones that can provide the best sense of response, that is why from our agency we do everything possible to generate the appropriate response to the situation in which each operation finds itself. is required. In other words, our Sabadell detectives understand that variables such as results and time are undoubtedly represented by the type of case we deal with on a day-to-day basis, this is how our agency does it. everything we can to make the best sense. In response, I understand that a person needs the fastest and most accurate results.

But on the other hand, an entrepreneur and/or a board needs to know in detail what is going on, which allows us to be a little more diligent in determining the best piece of research.  At Grupo Arga detectives, our processes undoubtedly promote the best sense of resolution to all clients who demand a large-scale investigative apparatus regardless of the levels of complexity they face, so from our agency we provide the best quality at the most affordable price for our customer.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
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In the territory of Sabadell, Grupo Arga detectives know what all clients want in terms of the execution of procedures that can give the indicated response to any investigation scenario.

Through our Sabadell Detective Agency , we take care of the structuring of the processes that undoubtedly favor the best solution character for those who must couple a whole process of questions and suspicions about an element worthy of being investigated, that is. That is why our agents are the best to reach the conclusion of each case.

Our Agents undoubtedly represent the core of our value proposition, this is how from an investigative point of view we can develop various elements that guarantee the resolution of our detectives in any professional investigative field, thus ensuring the solid execution of our processes. oriented to the optimal management of a problem.

At Detectives Grupo Arga we have spent more than 10 years giving the best meaning to investigation and making our knowledge and skills available to the Sabadell community. We provide the best research service!





The generation of research processes can represent for all our clients the contracting of a first quality service, hiring detective in Sabadell is sufficient guarantee to have a high-level investigation process at hand, which is capable of offering the best of the best in said locality, with the aim of promoting a sense of agile specialization and that it may be able to to generate the best performance towards the inquiry processes that our clients request.

A research service in the city of Sabadell can provide great solutions to people who may be interested in contracting research work with the aim of obtaining data and information under a highly specialized view.


The construction of investigative processes as a result of hiring detective in Sabadell can provide the best answers to everything that can represent the configuration of elements that can accurately seek the construction of an investigation case, an issue that undoubtedly generates the need to collect more and better information to the service of our clients.

Our detectives at Grupo Arga who are dedicated to investigative work in the city of Sabadell, are resources that are mainly oriented towards obtaining evidence, an issue that undoubtedly represents a great solution in all the elements that are required to structure patterns. logical that allow determining responsibilities and facts that may be of value towards the resolution and clarification of a specific case, an issue that undoubtedly ends up being a great resolution of all the elements that need to be revealed.

The structuring of a successful investigation is not only based on the deployment of techniques and skills that are capable of guaranteeing a sufficiently expert criterion for the execution of tasks, since without a doubt the implementation of processes that represent a strategic sum towards the detection of elements that may be key in the resolution of a specific case, which is why from our Grupo Arga offices we offer support to our agents through our operations room and the articulation in the field of our computer experts, with the aim of providing the best sense of operation to our customers.


The structuring of a solid layer of operations in our Detective Agency is mainly about identifying the information needs of our clients, an issue that undoubtedly allows the application of an investigation criterion that can represent a solution and the shortening of response periods towards those who have contracted for the implementation of a case.

For a detective in the city of Sabadell, it is always important to ensure the execution of various investigative elements that may be in correspondence with the execution of activities that represent a solution to what the client is actually requesting, an issue that undoubtedly it is represented in the structuring of elements that allow detecting the best possible amount of evidence in a short period of time.

A Grupo Arga detective is always a resource that guarantees the articulation of investigative operations in any type of case, being able to operate in an investigation for infidelities, as well as in operations related to any type of personal investigation, in the same way an agent of our organization always allows us to respond with the best of the best to each requirement, which is why our investigator also develops activities related to corporate investigation without any complexes.

The investigations carried out in the city of Sabadell are always focused on obtaining information under a broad criterion of specialization, an issue that undoubtedly allows the collection of data and the safeguarding of critical information chains under a criterion of great mysticism and rigor, a key issue to detect the resolution of central aspects of an investigation case in the client.

The generation of specialized research processes in various subjects is possible through the catalog of services offered by Grupo Arga for the Sabadell region, offering the best of the best to our clients on a sustained basis.



The investigation work that arises as a result of hiring a detective in Sabadell can contribute to the generation of aspects that can represent a great solution for our clients, since in this way the execution of investigation processes that can establish the conduct of a case is guaranteed. under high standards of specialization and elements that undoubtedly represent the resolution of a case that may be required at a specific time.

What has always been done at the level of Grupo Arga detectives is something that is always directed towards the realization of aspects that can represent a strategic sum of operations and that can guarantee the best results in an investigation operation towards the client, that is For this reason, through the deployment of our agents, we maintain a synchrony that is capable of ensuring the execution of activities under highly expert criteria.

The structuring of research processes that are capable of satisfying all our clients, comes from the hand of a criterion of constant updating, which is why we have always provided our agents in the city of Sabadell with the best of the best in each investigation case, precisely guaranteeing the execution of an investigation process under optimal performance standards.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we remain in sync with the execution of an investigation process that has been going on for more than 10 years throughout Spain, our commitment and discipline are a sign of the excellence with which our agents deploy their operations in the field, At Sabadell we think of offering what


Any person who may require the hiring of the best services in detective matters should turn to detectives sabadell , with the aim of executing various services that may be in the possibility of satisfying the needs of our clients in terms of structuring services that they may represent. obtaining the answers that he may be requiring.

Investigation services, when they are highly specialized, have the capacity to provide the best possible response to people who need to obtain data and specialized information based on a high criterion of discretion.



Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that is oriented to the satisfaction and coverage of all private investigation operations that may be at the service of the client, with the aim of providing the best possible response and resolution criteria towards all the needs that may be afflicting an interested party in resorting to our services.

The operations that are structured from our sabadell detectives are mainly directed towards the structuring of services for individuals and companies, with the aim of providing a very broad range of responses at the service of the community, thus guaranteeing the full progress of operations by of our Arga Detective Agency.

With regard to services to individuals, we must emphasize that they range from the deployment of operations that are capable of promoting the determination of facts that can validate an act of infidelity, to executing personal investigation services under a great expertise through the structuring of processes that are related to the determination of paternity tests and DNA tests.

From this point of view, under the vision of Grupo Arga detectives, we establish a total synchrony with the needs of our clients in order to obtain highly specialized information that can have the best sense of coverage towards the structuring of an efficient decision-making criterion, to make We complement this possible between the deployment of more expert strategies in the detective field and the collection of highly sophisticated evidence that is capable of generating support for all the activities of investigations and determination of evidence that are required.

At the company level, the criteria for applying an investigation do not change much, since the work that is being carried out in the city of Sadadell is mainly focused on structuring an investigation criterion that is key to providing the standard of response that a client/interested party requires, in this sense, the variant that could guide the delimitation of facts could be that it is not a person, it is a business group that is trying to obtain answers that help it gain a strategic radius of action .

The construction of a research process for companies can be established in obtaining elements of the research focused on the execution of research activities due to sick leave, as well as research that can support the performance of specialized techniques towards tasks that have the ability to review services and customer service policies such as the Mystery Shopping technique.

At Grupo Arga, detectives we have always ensured the optimal execution of services capable of generating the best element of strategy in companies, with the aim that they take into account that there will always be the possibility of obtaining elements that allow them to behave with greater agility and precision in the field in which they work.

The structuring of operations at a business and private level that our Sabadell detectives make possible represents a great opportunity towards the strategic linking of the investigation process by obtaining elements that can be useful towards efficient decision-making, the performance of all these activities and Operations additionally allow to guarantee a sense of great discretion towards the clients, with the objective that they can obtain a service of great advantage by knowing aspects that even others believe that only they dominate.

The services that Grupo Arga detectives can establish in the city of sadadell seek above all to build highly specialized processes, they undoubtedly represent a great solution for those who need to know this type of data in the shortest possible time, with the lowest possible cost and the greatest discretion.


The services that Grupo Arga detectives has managed to deploy through detectives sabadell are related to a history of more than 10 years of our investigation group, thus guaranteeing the best coverage of our services throughout Spain, precisely satisfying companies and individuals who are the ones who establish with a great sense of urgency everything that is related to the request for a research task.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that will never stop innovating, for this we have always proposed the establishment of activities that can represent a great solution to all the investigative criteria that may be needed in a given period of time. That is why we have always considered updating our training processes and the tools and devices that can be implemented in a given operation.

The execution of activities under a strategic sum that are pursued from Grupo Arga detectives guarantees that our clients feel satisfied with all the evidence management processes that are capable of representing the best of the best towards the coverage of the needs of our clients / interested.

Anyone interested in finding out about the services that Grupo Arga has deployed in sadadell can find out through our social networks and our blog everything related to the tasks that we have deployed in our day to day in that town, with the aim that they may have the idea of the scope of our work.

In the same way, anyone interested in accessing the services of Grupo Arga detectives through contact through our social networks can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thus guaranteeing highly personalized attention. In Sadadell Grupo Arga offers the best!




Private investigation in labor matters is to talk about all those behaviors that can lead to possible fraud and harm your company. These unforeseen actions can be from your supplier, workers and clients, having the slightest suspicion of inappropriate behavior of alleged fraud. of this type request the services of a private investigation, the most common services in all our experience is fraudulent sick leave, we are experts in this matter. In our agency we have an investigation department specialized in fraudulent sick leaves:

  1. robberies
  2. fake casualties
  3. Duplication of employment
  4. Trademark counterfeiting
  5. address search
  6. unfair administration
  7. work absenteeism
  8. job abandonment
  9. breach of contract
  10. unfair competition
  11. Duplication of work activity
  12. against espionage
  13. customer diversion
  14. Work performance and productivity
  15. Verification of resumes
  16. Non-compliance with professional standards
  17. Non-compliance with security measures other regulations
  18. mystery customers
  19. Personnel selection report
  20. Information leakage


Our detectives in Spain have innovative electronic and digital technological equipment, which is used in investigations and goes undetected when performing a surveillance and monitoring service. With our state-of-the-art equipment we are professionals, and in each case of investigation we work for both individuals and companies.

  1. recordings
  2. electronic sweeps
  3. microphones
  4. digital investigations
  5. location of hidden cameras
  6. Electromagnetic wave studies
  7. Thermal camera studies
  8. closed circuit studies
  9. microphone detection
  10. Hidden camera placement
  11. detect gps
  12. forensic information
  13. Network study
  14. study telephone lines
  15. Detect vulnerability
  16. security audits
  17. radio frequency studies
  18. Detect audio and video transmissions both active and passive



The family investigation process is when a member of the family hires the services of a private detective to investigate another member of the family, below we mention the cases that the Arga detectives group offers, the most common investigation without a doubt is the infidelity, emphasizing that adultery is not punished at present, that is, it is not a crime, since it remains as the breaking of a fidelity agreement between two people who joined at a certain time, either by marriage, concubinage, etc.

Surveillance and monitoring services that a private detective can carry:

  1. Inheritance
  2. Witness location
  3. Children’s behavior
  4. arrest for drug use
  5. for concealment of assets
  6. pension claims
  7. domestic surveillance
  8. fictitious marriages
  9. Fraudulent school fees
  10. Registration of restraining orders for judicial non-compliance
  11. premarital reports
  12. guardianship of minors
  13. Consign evidence in family courts
  14. counter surveillance
  15. Alcoholism
  16. Search for assets and documents in public records.



Private investigators carry out important work in different areas for justice, they always relate it to cases of infidelity and in fact if they are done. but they also carry out surveillance and follow-up work on other cases such as kidnapping, bank fraud, etc. this is one of the many reasons why people look for a private detective because we are the evidence seekers to found a productive claim in the judicial courts of Spain and the world, the private investigator does an important laudable job in all the cases they have what to do with justice



The Arga Detectives group are experts, they offer the best private detectives in all of Spain and the world, we have extensive experience in investigation and the best technological equipment, all communication and information about our cases with clients are carried out in writing, we make a report of the investigated person and technological elements that will be used in the investigation, the time that it will last, important points of an investigation and our clients must know it, our private investigators are very experienced and that is why they have to provide us with all the correct information to obtain the best results at the end of the investigation carried out.

Get to know some of our specialties in investigation: Paternity test, gender violence, pension claim, national and international locations, search and location of defaulters, search for missing relatives, custody of minors, compliance with restraining order, visitation regime, economic solvency report, recovery of deleted mobile messages, abuse, dubious behavior, suspicion of domestic service, control of minors, report for personnel selection, polygraph test, photographic and video evidence, search for evidence for divorce separation, full legal validity, extraction of evidence from digital media, investigations on social networks, legal advice on information technology, fake casualties…


Our detective agencies offer assistance and advice for your personal protection, the mission of the Arga group is to provide the best investigation service and obtain evidence of: fraud, infidelity, theft, deception, child abuse, surveillance and monitoring of any other suspicion, Our private detectives are prepared in the field of investigation and are capable of collecting the large amount of evidence possible for your problems. We have all the experience and operational training for the entire investigation process. If you need assistance, we have offices and allies at a national and international level, rates within your budget,

For more information, contact us through social networks, by phone, and of course, our office. At Grupo Arga, our mission is to investigate and clear all your doubts, being the best serious and professional private detective company. We also offer you the surveillance and monitoring system with internet video surveillance equipment, electronic videos, hidden cameras for homes and businesses. If you want to observe your husband, wife, children, your business, properties and home, our private detectives are experts to investigate your case. We also have satellite GPS service for your vehicle, closed circuit security, private surveillance and property monitoring.

The Arga detectives group complies with all the legal regulations of Spain to carry out private investigation. Private investigators are experts in observation, detection, skillful in searching for information of interest to clients, surveillance and Follow -up for companies and individuals, preparing very detailed reports of the investigations so that clients can manage the timely information in making their decisions. Skills that our private detectives handle in an investigation case: expert in photography, guiding the client, expert in keeping records, is disciplined, expert in writing reports, ability to concentrate, teamwork, great ability to control conflict between people,

Can work alone, handle simultaneous cases, great ability to question people, are discreet, computer savvy, knowledgeable about the law, skilled at driving, great communication skills, information savvy, communicates with clients, conducts records with great precision, is methodical, patient, objective and observant. Detectives in Spain look for legal information that will be of benefit to our clients in which an investigation process, using observation, surveillance and monitoring methods, interrogates different people involved in the case, once the information is obtained, the customer.

The work of the private detective is based on three fields: legal, private and business, private investigation to individuals occurs when a person requests services such as: a case, search for a person who disappeared or is missing, monitor behavior of a mother with her son or look for evidence of the father’s infidelity. They can also investigate a person for behaviors of immoral acts with their neighbors

The Arga detectives group in investigations regarding companies we are experts these can be large and small as well as government organizations, companies almost always request the services of a private detective agency to carry out investigation of cases such as theft by an employee, person who they owe money to the company, for industrial espionage The legal investigations of a private detective are almost always requested by lawyers in this type of investigation consists of questioning and taking statements from possible witnesses about accidents and crimes, investigating alibis, looking for people court orders write reports etc.

Detective investigations are carried out in local areas and sometimes move from one place to another whether they are open or closed.



You have any doubts, you are looking for something or you need to monitor a person, you want a personal protection service, hire a private detective or a regional detective agency in Spain, the offices of the Arga detective group offer you the best services for you. You need an investigation, clarify a criminal case or are looking for a person or a company, private detectives in Spain also offer you partial and permanent services, such as protection of some property, personal protection, surveillance and monitoring of department stores, warehouses , professional and commercial investigation, work, family

Doubtful behavior of children and relatives, infidelities, fake sick leave, scams and locations of all kinds, you can contact a private detective and agencies of the Arga detective group in Spain and around the world contact us private detectives and detective agency, visit our main offices located in Spain in the shopping center Princesa 9-1ª izda. 28008 Madrid in the center, by full appointment, telephone and mail: email or through our telephone numbers 913-866-294, 912-536-045 and more 34-608-767-979 we serve you 24 hours a day and holidays, fax 34-912-536-045

Consult without obligation and we give you your budget at no cost, with money order payment facilities, we also accept your credit and debit card. And we provide you with more information about our private detective agencies, we also provide bodyguard services throughout the Spanish territory, in the United States of North America and Latin America, we are experts in investigating insurance companies: cases with more commissions in insurance companies are we mention them below: life insurance, fire, air accidents, theft, injury control and claim clarification.

Detectives in Spain in their private investigations for both companies and insurance companies carry out their work with total confidentiality and discretion. The private investigators of the Arga group enjoy special consideration by insurance companies for their high experience in investigation as fraud has its great ethical value. Below we will mention the jurisprudence, the sentence EDJ 2007/103119/, SAP Seville 03/07/2007, sentence EDJ 20003205426, SP Castellón 09/12/2003 that guarantee private investigation works .

It should be noted that surveillance and monitoring by a private detective gives insurance companies a margin of savings in euros per year, it is very profitable for them to hire a private detective. Private investigators are the only professionals authorized to investigate and search for evidence.

Main elements when requesting a private detective service:

1.- Legalization of the private detective, make a written contract of the investigation to be carried out, information about the person to be investigated and legitimacy, etc.

2.- that all possible evidence of the investigation obtained by the private detective , be adjusted to law.

3.- The presence of the private detective before the court is essential to reaffirm their evidence and close the case

4.- It is important to write a good report, without inconsistency to avoid serious errors, it must be signed and once delivered it cannot be modified, the report must contain all the tests and evidence obtained in the investigation.

The work of the detective is a profession like any other and legal, regulated by a set of controls, administrative rules of its functions and services, the profession of private detective is regulated since they begin to train to obtain a university degree and any other specialty, With the approval of the new private security law, it says that detectives can only carry out private investigations fundamentally that affect the prestige of people, give evidence and information to solve cases, be it work, social and family.


For all those who are interested in knowing how much detective in Sabadell is worth , without a doubt we can say that we have the best agents who are able to provide the best sense of response to all those who need a logical response device at the level of private investigation.

How much is a detective in Sabadell worth? It is an element that we undoubtedly allow ourselves to respond to through the management of elements that can provide the best response criteria at the level of the generation of elements that make the construction of elements of certainty viable for all our customers.

Prices Detectives Sabadell ®



The prices of a private investigation in Sabadell are equivalent to the results generated by the detective team of Grupo Arga Detectives knowing that a detective is a professional person, dedicated exclusively to carrying out commissioned investigations and that they are called agents in many regions worldwide. , the price for their work is variable, for this reason the private detective agencies have been in charge of unifying these rates, where it will depend on the difficulty or complexity of what is requested.

Variety in costs and services in private investigations carried out by Grupo Arga Detectives

The costs that the services for private investigations in Sabadell of the Arga Detectives Group may have are small compared to the rest of the market, with different ways of canceling, this agency is an organization that places itself in the place of the clientele, maintaining a service where your economy will be taken care of and you will obtain satisfactory results of great quality.

Knowing that prestige is the good name and influence that are recognized when positive results are achieved, as well as those received in private investigations in Sabadell , by the professionals of the Grupo Arga Detectives detective agency in both economic and in personal, labor, financial, commercial, among others, highlighting its class in the proportion of evidence, whether videos, recordings, photographs, electronic sweeps, computer forensics.

Cost and quality, proven evidence in private investigations in Sabadell by the Arga Detectives Group

The Arga Detectives Group has at its disposal a group of professionals in the field, capable of solving or providing the material or judicial report, which are key when it comes to effectively completing a case in all private investigations in Sabadell . adjusted to the substantivity of each specific case. It should be noted that the detective profession or simply carrying out private investigations has become an essential need in Sabadell, beyond a fashion, to solve a variety of cases,

Highlighting the previous paragraph, the private investigations in Sabadell managed by the private detectives of the Arga Detectives Group, offer constant surveillance in multiple places with the discretion that the client needs, always protecting the person who makes the request for the service, for that reason the company has generated trust and prestige in the Spanish territory, it can even be spoken at an international level, this being verified by other agencies and by the different judicial entities.

In conclusion, the prices and rates to be placed will depend on the complexity of the case or the evidence that you want the detective to provide, taking into account the quality of the photographs, videos and sustainability of the reports with judicial certification, it should be noted that if necessary the presence of the private detective in Sabadell at the trial will have a great impact on the final decision despite the additional charge in relation to costs that the Arga Detectives Group may have.



At Grupo Arga detectives, we do our best to provide an immediate response to all our clients, a matter for which it is made precise through the management of elements that can promote a sense of clarification of each investigation, the best possible operation for all our clients. , an issue that has served us to promote a highly remarkable investigative management process.

At Grupo Arga our agents can have the best within their reach to carry out the best research work and thus meet all the requirements of our clients, this without a doubt gives us the possibility of doing with great precision everything that is related to the execution of an investigation process that is extremely useful in a sense of gathering evidence and carrying out investigations.

In the determination of all the elements that make possible the construction of first level research processes, we mainly make possible the management of activities that can bring great results to all our corporate clients and private clients, which is why it is necessary to coordinate of processes that can provide the best sense of response.

How much detective in Sabadell is worth , is something that we can answer from our agency by providing the client with the possibility of understanding everything that is related to the execution of a first level service, since above all it is necessary to emphasize that the articulation of these activities requires a succession of efforts at a synergistic level that materialize in the resolution of each operation in the generation of the result of the investigation in question.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the generation of all these investigative elements provides a great opportunity for our clients, since without a doubt we make possible the execution of processes at the private investigation level that make it possible to resolve doubts regarding a given situation and to tenor of events make the indicated decision with a high sense of discretion.

For this, it is necessary to highlight that our agents are in charge of deploying their skills first, but these come as a result of an extremely rigorous training topic that we make possible in our agency for all those who are interested in being part of our agents, an issue that Without a doubt, it makes possible the management of elements that allow obtaining the best sense of resolution through an expert resource.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these processes also leads us to generate the search for evidentiary elements and aspects that without a doubt can provide the resolution and clarification of an investigative problem, this is also done through the participation of roles that promote a highly specialized work such as our laboratory experts and all those who provide logistical support through our operating room.

The deployment of an operation not only implies the development of experts and the deployment of their skills, it also contains various elements that can provide the best sense of resolution and greater agility in the theater of operations or investigative context, this is how we have tools and technological devices that make us generate more precisely the collection of all the evidence of each investigative context.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of all these processes undoubtedly provides the best sense of response for those who wish to bet on the generation of investigation services that can generate the best response, at the best price in the shortest possible time.

Taking this into account, and the versatility of the operations that Grupo Arga carries out for its clients, we must analyze that when we ask ourselves the question of how much a detective is worth in Sabadell, it undoubtedly provides the best sense of response to any type of client. , and it is also


The generation and articulation of operations that we execute from Grupo Arga detectives, without a doubt, generate the best results for our clients, it is there where from our agency we make viable the construction of investigation operations that have the capacity to provide the best of the best to all those who need a high-level investigative response apparatus.

In Grupo Arga, the execution of all the operations that are carried out by our agents is undoubtedly carried out with a great sense of precision and elements that can safeguard the execution of aspects that, without a doubt, can promote a highly specialized response criterion to all our clients.

At Grupo Arga, we are committed to maintaining a great sense of specialization in everything that is related to the management of elements that make the satisfaction of our clients possible, according to highly specialized parameters and standards of care.

At Grupo Arga, the management of our clients is guaranteed 24 hours a day, making how much a detective in Sabadell is worth is a question that remains in the background when contrasted with the sense of execution that we have with respect to the competition.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have been doing private investigation for more than 10 years, an issue that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution towards our clients in favor of obtaining a response apparatus that makes it possible to determine the best elements and hypotheses towards all our clients.




There are all kinds of necessary jobs in the world, both peculiar and common, and there is no exception, therefore there are services that are completely necessary for the people of said city, such as research services, that is when we enter, today we will explain because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell.

To begin with, we are an investigation services company, among other things, which presents the solution to your misinformation problems when it comes to suspecting any doubt or some type of inconvenience, whether it is a problem with couples, a partner or an employee. or even from a family member, however we are your solution to problems.

What we mean by this is that our detectives will give you what you need to be able to verify any doubts regarding certain data such as infidelity or directly any theft of information from a client to the company, in any case we are a company multi-services that offers you the information or evidence to inform you.

Everything you want to know and that needs a serious and completely legal investigation, carried out by professionals and who give their all for their work, falls into the tasks of our detectives, we are the best, as we have already mentioned, not only in Sabadell but everywhere. of the country because we have the knowledge required to work as detectives.



Our agency is recognized for the varied number of jobs that range from the most specific that you may need to complete packages with much more than you need because we have added value in each of our jobs, we work with so much variety to bring you what you need. you need with the work you need.

So what you should know is that our work goes beyond just investigating, our detectives do everything possible in the work they do to provide what the client needs in terms of information or evidence, we work with varied services to be able to be agile in any field of research, we act quickly when necessary.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell , we offer you what no one else can offer you, which is the quality of services of excellence like no other with everything you require, because many times in these investigative works much more than just a job is necessary and we can take charge in any situation without inconvenience.

If what you want is a wide variety of resources, jobs or services, then you are in the right place because our detectives are prepared to do a variety of jobs and so you can trust their services because they are the best quality professionals and at the best price. What can you achieve with so much knowledge?



When we carry out a job, once we deliver the information to our clients, all this is completely confidential and remains in the hands of the clients, that is, they are the only ones who have this data and who decide what to do with it, which means that it can reach trust that all you receive is a detailed report with all the key evidence.

Each one of the files that we send to the clients will be of all the information that we collect from our investigation, at no time do we break confidentiality between the client and the detective because, first of all, it is ethically prohibited in our agency and second, we have to maintain this duty endorsed by law.

It is the same as hiring a psychologist, which means that everything you say or all the information that is given to the detective in order to do his job is completely confidential between the detective and the client, this means that they can have total confidence of everything we send, besides that in no case do we fail to grant everything to the client.

Our reports and evidence are as specific as possible because we seek that all the evidence cannot be misappropriated or misunderstood, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we want to deliver quality evidence that does not have any double meaning or that due to the angle of the camera has gone wrong, everything is excellent.



It may not be clear but information is currently one of the most powerful weapons, which is why these investigation services are on the rise, they are necessary when you want to be sure of something, no matter what it is, we are here to be able to help you on any occasion, for this reason a detective is useful in many cases.

One of the most mentioned cases would be in one of the most common services and it is when they ask for the service to discover the infidelity and be able to be clear with evidence what is needed to be able to take action, another case taken to the workplace would be to find out if a CV or resume is really correct or just fallacies written on a piece of paper.

Regardless of how you see it, we are that step between intuition and action, you could say that we are a kind of intermediary for doubts in certain circumstances, such as cases in which you doubt a secret with your partner or that you think someone may be cheating in any way, we are the way to assure you of your doubts.

In any case, what we want is to offer people the best service that exists and because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we want to prove it, if you are looking for any job in the majority you could find a correlation in what you want to investigate and it is because we have variety and we have excellent jobs.



We know that we have given it a lot as an example but it is one of the most requested and quoted jobs not only from our agency but from any other, more than anything because these doubts are the most likely in marriage and it is normal to doubt, for this also This work exists to be able to verify or deny these doubts, however we send you the information.

The first thing you should know is that, as we have already mentioned in all our work, confidentiality comes first, so calm down if you think that you may be discovered by your husband/wife trying to clear up any doubts, this will never happen because we are like a kind of shadow that follows its target without being detected at any time.

What we do in this work is something that only experts can do without being discovered, which is to continue our objective without realizing it with a camera capable of detailing every moment and that can capture the evidence with high resolution, something that it’s difficult for anyone we do it simply because it’s our job.

Stop hiring or relying on family, friends or acquaintances, it is better to leave it in the hands of professionals like us, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell , we leave you the best price for the best possible quality, there is no agency that compares to us when it comes to conducting an infidelity investigation.



Perhaps you think how we jump from infidelity to these cases but it is that another of the most necessary research markets is found in electronic data, it is when professionals capable of carrying out searches and finding all kinds of information arrive in a storage base or on the Internet, in this case is a computer detective who does the job.

You have to know that this is one of the most important jobs and computer detectives are never out of work since they are the ones who do most of the information investigation work nowadays, everything we need in most of the times is found online, the only way to enter or obtain it is to know where to look.

The computer detective has a large number of techniques that make them essential to search for information, at least on the Internet and in electronic databases, they are experts in carrying out this type of search and they do it so that customers can be satisfied with the results and with the time it takes to search all the data.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we want you to have the best team, this includes a computer detective and you have to believe us when we tell you that our private detectives are professionals in their work dedicated to doing everything possible to meet the objectives and not They will defraud you in the information they give you.



If you thought that the only thing that the computer detective does is search the internet for information, then you are wrong, he does much more than this because his real job is to recover all kinds of information that has been lost, deleted or perhaps damaged inside the computer and also on the internet, for now we will talk about the computer.

The computer detective, as we mentioned, uses a series of techniques to be able to search for what the client needs on the hard drive, extracts information directly from the hard drive and even in many cases repairs it so that you can have all kinds of files, they use programs such as DiskDigger to be able to do this job.

Many times they have no choice but to manually review all the files to find the one they need and you may have even tried to recover the information but sometimes that makes things worse for their work, so it is always recommended to leave it on the hands of trained professionals like ours.

The detective will do everything possible to recover information from your computer or storage medium because they can also recover data and files from phones, tablets and other types of media, however there are times when it is more difficult than others, it is for this reason that you should know why We are the best private detectives in Sabadell.



The computer detective plays a very important role in our society because at this time he is the only one capable of legally entering a website as a white line hacker and extracting emails and data that you thought were impossible to obtain, although this It does it without breaking the firewall but under other alternative means that save the day.

These alternative means are a little more complicated than they seem and that is why we cannot describe them completely, they can be from searching through the data stored by the computer to even using many times some kind of algorithm to get directly where they need but without being completely illegal.

Whenever a computer detective is necessary we can help you, the best thing is to avoid unnecessary or very tedious procedures such as changing the email with which you update your passport or if you ever lose the email password, somehow recover it easily to avoid having to enter forms as is the case with Hotmail.

It should be noted that there are times that when you do not have the amount of information necessary to be able to enter the form you cannot retrieve the mail, that is when detectives are more than necessary to avoid annoying procedures as we are commenting, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we offer you the best that is not to worry.



Why hire a detective service that is not legal? Well, there are many people who lend themselves to pass as private detectives in order to earn money or other benefits from this, however, this is not the case because our detectives have the necessary knowledge and studies in addition to the authorization of the Ministry.

The detectives of our agency are the most prepared and trained that you can find in the entire country, not only because they have the knowledge but also because they have the experience of working in different branches of our diversified number of services, this means that they are not only the best but those who have more agility when it comes to solving a problem.

In any case, legality goes hand in hand with the professional identification card, which means that if the detective you want to hire does not have one of these, it is totally illegal and all the acts of investigation carried out are illegal to the point that it can reach to harm you in some way, even if you don’t want to, you are an accomplice to a crime.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we have the guarantee that all our private detectives have had their professional card for years and are completely at your service, you have every right to ask for professional identification and it is something you should do and we will be happy to help you. we will give the legal evidence with the card.



The professional identification cards or TIP are a special identification that only private detectives have, these are delivered to the Ministry of the Interior after passing a test that is carried out by them, if you pass you can practice as a private detective, now if you are a client What you want to know is to identify the difference between a false and true.

Among the things that you can come to know and within the errors of the people who carry out counterfeits is that they normally think that private detectives are part of the Interior Ministry and place the shield on the card as large as possible when this is not the case, yes you see this then you have to call the police immediately.

If it is a counterfeit that is more difficult to recognize, what we recommend is that you look at where the date of issue is, it must be the last data on the card and, in addition to this, it must be next to the detective’s identification number. you can check if it is legitimate by calling the Police Department and asking for the registered data from detectives.

In any case, the first thing you do when entering and hiring a detective in our agency is to guarantee the fact that you have total certainty that all the detectives are legitimate and legal, we say this because the agencies have to be legal in order to operate, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we make you not worry about this.



If you thought that only detectives are useful for evidence and information, then you could not be more wrong, this is because there is something that makes a detective valuable for an argument before a court, something that is often a factor of life or death for a case and this is to be a witness to the circumstance that occurred.

There is a reason for this and I am going to explain it to you immediately, first of all it is because a detective details all the details, worth the redundancy of an event, whatever it is, if the detective sees it, he will be a better observer than any other witness and has a validity greater than that of any witness who was just passing by.

It can be said that the private detective has the obligation, like that of a police officer or someone similar, to be attentive, observing any situation that may occur and in part thanks to this sense of observation, his great memory, unique in its kind, and the ability to count. all without changing the facts makes detectives crucial to the cases as witnesses.

This is one of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Sabadell because in the event of needing it, then we will be impeccable when it comes to testifying, giving you the advantage in the argument that is being carried out, in addition to our detectives being able to have evidence of the circumstance which makes them perfect for the moment.



Something for which you should take us into account is not only because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell and in all of Spain, but also because you can trust our work, we ourselves are going to prove our worth to you and because we are one of the best agencies of the country if not the best, one of our qualities is trust.

When you hire our services you can trust that all the information is completely yours, that is, that everything we obtain is not only classified between the detective and you, but you also have full confidence that our detective will give you everything without staying. with nothing and will also seek to do so quickly.

At the moment in which we refer to being a trusted team, it is that you can have complete fulfillment knowing that your information is safe with us and that our team will not have any copies when it is delivered to you, in the event of losing them anyway has the word of the detective who has the evidence so you don’t have to worry.

If what you want is a top team with the ability to use all the tools for the job so that you can be sure and guarantee that you will get the information from the safety of your home without having to make more effort, then there is no better agency than the ours because you can trust us to give you everything you need.


Our private detectives are the best in this job thanks to the fact that they can get to use all the knowledge they have acquired in the university and not only this but also the experience through other jobs and services, not everyone can say that they have the best detectives and this is something that we can guarantee you with our services.

When the detective carries out a search and location of people, he tries to be guided by the information given by the client, it is something key to being able to find him because after all, only that person knows in a certain way who he is with, the places he usually visits, even how you saw or dressed is a key point when it comes to finding someone.

What we mean by this is that the work of our detectives goes beyond just looking for someone, it goes from recording all the information that the client gives us, having experience in the field which means knowing the area in this case Sabadell but that in the same way you can know with your intuition where people can end up.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we have to prove it through our work, for this reason we search and locate even any debtor and not only this but the search and location work after finding the person becomes of follow-up without the detective noticing.



When doing this type of work, you depend on much more than just having experience, however, it is something very key to being able to find someone as we have already mentioned, how do you know where to locate someone if you do not know the area for example, on the other hand It is not the only reason why we are the best in this and other types of work.

One of the reasons why people choose us over the others is that we deliver a quality service and that we give the maximum effort in everything we do and not only this but we have the best detectives who know how to carry out different jobs and They have the greatest amount of knowledge that they serve at all times.

The above reason leads us to the next point: variety, thanks to our wide variety of jobs we can defend ourselves in any situation and know how to deal with it correctly and as quickly as possible, that is why if we find ourselves with a target we act with caution because We are the best private detectives in Sabadell.

We have to have the best capacities and the best disposition to be able to carry out our work and guarantee a good service for anyone, which is why we are considered one of the best thanks to our capacities, experience and studies, as well as a few other things that they add value to our services but not the prices.



One of the reasons why we hire experienced private detectives is because many times they have made a lot of mistakes, this really does not make them bad, on the contrary, they learned from all these mistakes and corrected them to make them the best, no they make the same mistakes twice and can act in a good way.

Not everyone can say that they have the experience to find someone, much less collect all the information from a person or follow them without them realizing it, it is a job that depends a lot on the agility of the mind to react, the intuition that is perfected over time and above all with the gift of being able to get the clues.

You will only find these qualities in certain people and it is in the experts and experienced of certain teams, one of these teams is ours, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we have what we need to do the job and much more, the qualities of our Detectives range from their values as people as detectives.

As an agency in itself we have a large number of years that give us the experience of knowing how to do our job or knowing what a client needs, in this way we give him what he needs almost immediately without having any difficulty. and above all guaranteeing a well-done result and without any kind of complaints in any job.



One of the advantages that we have as an agency to give to clients is that we are assiduous at work, we love what we do and we always give the maximum in everything we do from searching for information or evidence and even a person to the point of making detailed reports of everything we saw or did, they are works of excellence.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell, you can rely on one of the main things when hiring a good team, which is the excellence of their work, because you really don’t hire someone because they have a degree or have experience, but many Sometimes you do it because they are recommended or because you know how it works.

Not all of them work in the same way, that is true, but if our detectives are alike in something, it is that regardless of their methods, they achieve results in almost all the jobs because there are some that effectively do not have clues to proceed with due to the time they were erased. the prints figuratively or by some mistake of past detectives.

We guarantee that what you will appreciate most is our quality of service, with excellence in everything we do to give the maximum in each job and not lie to our clients, but give them everything we get and always maintain professionalism and our ethics as detectives, because we always maintain ethics towards clients.



Sabadell is a municipality and city that, like any other in Spain, normally has expensive and cheap services depending on the area, this also influences the cost of detectives and there may be an increase or decrease in the price of detectives, without However, it has an acceptable price range.

The prices of a detective can be very confusing because they are affected by many factors such as the area as we already mentioned, also the amount of competition that exists in the area and not only this but also the amount of experience they have, on the other side with our agency you do not have to worry about these little things.

One of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Sabadell and in all of Spain is due to the fact that we are not affected by these factors, we are a fairly large agency whose prices can vary depending on the service, normally you can get an hour service of a detective for seventy euros.

Now, this does not imply that it is expensive, far from it, but that the price for the quality that we give is the best that exists, let us remember that there is something very different between economic and good, we give the best of the best at the best price that you can get. at least in Spain, it is something that other agencies cannot do due to the factors mentioned above.



Perhaps our prices are not cheap but they are definitely the best prices you can find for certified detectives, with experience, with all kinds of tools and above all with the desire to work to provide excellent quality, now you should know why others arrive to charge much more expensive than us.

The reason why others have high prices for their services is due in part to the factors explained above, not entirely because part of the reasons are missing, but if they are influenced by this, since they are not national agencies but a single site and for this reason they have neither the experience nor the capacity to give first class prices.

One of the main reasons that I have not mentioned is that of the fees of a detective, while our detectives have their fees at a minimum in other agencies they can easily charge more than 80 euros for the fees, which is understandable for the amount of time spent, but it is part of the reason why they are not the best.

Among what we can say is that many times they spend more on better tools and want to get to charge more for the quality of their evidence when this is not everything and in the end it ends up being an exorbitant price for all the added factors, because we are the best . Private detectives in Sabadell offer you what you deserve, the best price.



You may think that you are saving money by hiring cheap services, this is the most common mistake when hiring the services of different jobs, going for the cheapest prices instead of going to those that offer you better quality, that is when what happens worse and it is that we do not get the quality we want or they can simply scam us.

There are a lot of dangers when hiring a cheap detective, it doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, acquaintance or relative, whoever you run the first risk of not having

Confidentiality is something very important in this medium, secondly, to have an excellent service and thirdly, that they get to use this information that they obtained for their benefits, harming you.

If you want to get to hire the best then you cannot go for the cheapest way, in our case because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we want to make it clear that the best option is never going to be the cheapest, however, our agency has the best prices and services in addition to advising and making free estimates.

Returning to the subject, we can say that hiring cheap detectives is running an unnecessary risk since not only are you running the risk of not having confidentiality and that someone else finds out about something that they should not have for the wrong reasons or versions, another is that they can threaten you with your information or worse be totally illegal.



In a certain way, this is the best thing you can do to find services that are worthwhile. After looking for several options, you can compare prices and see which one benefits you the most. In any case, this is not what should guide you in order to hire a service but that they can help you with what you need without any concern.

One of the worst dangers that you can have is that the person you hire can become a scammer, kidnapper, murderer or who knows what else, it is better to go for the safest options that in this case we cannot tell you which is better than ours because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell and in the whole nation.

If you want to avoid personal problems, not having to pay large sums of money for some extortion, not having to be worried about someone selling your information or that they know that you have money and that they can kidnap you, the best thing is to go through an agency that has a guarantee that has been working for many years and that gives you a certain guarantee.

Investigation services can be double-edged if you don’t know who is doing it, resorting to legal means you can have problems with anyone just for sending someone to spy or follow them in a certain way, even looking for information of this person can be illegal and land you in jail if it’s not done by the right person.



If you cannot see the legality through the personal identification card then you can get into serious problems, first because this person, legally speaking, is not a private or legal detective, much less can he bring you something good for your life but problems, because this person may not even be qualified to investigate.

Surely you know that there are some things that carry more risks than profits, this is one of those, it is better to always play it safe when it comes to services that need legal approval because or else the play can get worse, you can leave with more problems than you thought you could save yourself, it is better to be safe than sorry for a bad action.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell , we give you what you need, an investigation service carried out by the best detectives in the city and who also have a lot of added value that makes their service one of the best you can get, it is something that is worth much more than risking for a cheap job.

If you have already seen that they do not have professional identification cards then it is no longer worth hiring a service like this, in the case that you saw it but you still think it is too cheap, check with the nearest police agency, do not trust yourself but believe and the actions and the reputation of the agency, if you do not want to be denounced or go to jail, play it safe.



You may think that private investigation work is a waste of time and money, but it is actually the opposite and can become necessary both for the woman who wants to verify if her husband is unfaithful and for the investor who needs the data of a partner to be able to invest with him, are services that serve anyone.

Our value as an agency goes beyond just becoming research because we give people what they need at the time they need it, we are the best option when it comes to wanting a quality service because we do everything possible to deliver results as soon as possible and without requiring wasting time or charging for something more.

One way to demonstrate that our work is of excellence is by showing the number of people that we can help with our services, this can be seen with the variety of jobs that we offer so that all the information or data that you need to recover or obtain is in At the moment, there is no better way than to get it from the experts.

As we have already explained, you not only require a detective to carry out investigative work but for much more; to inform you, so as not to waste your time, this is why we want our work to be for anyone who needs it, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell, we maintain the best prices and the best service.



There is a reason why we have always stood out above other agencies and it is because we care about our clients, unlike others who only think about detective fees and how they must increase in order to generate the income that the company needs we think about what is fair for both.

Normally you will see that the agencies only want to attract you because they want to complete the offer and be able to obtain benefits from you, we are not like that, we try to ensure that our services are in the best possible way so that you are satisfied with everything we do and that you have no need to look for more services or detectives.

The only reason why we are the best private detectives in Sabadell is this, we differentiate ourselves from others because we want our clients to have what they need and always have justice between the price, quality and effectiveness of the detective, in any case taking into account account the fact of having customer reciprocity.

You will not find any agency that is similar to ours because only we have enough to be able to counteract any inconvenience at work and give the expected results within the time limit or less, not only this but our detectives adapt to the circumstances to be able to always give the maximum and give what the client needs.



You may believe that we have already told you enough about what we can contribute to clients and the truth is that this is not the case, we have much more than just confidentiality, experience and a card that endorses us as detectives because we are people with values that it makes us more valuable as workers in all areas and at all times.

First you should know that our agency offers clients the due responsibility in each job to give everything possible to provide results, in addition to this we have the value of perseverance that allows us to continue at all times to find what is needed, Respect for our clients among the paramount things for us.

We have many values that we put into practice every day and not only that, but every day we try to acquire new knowledge, more experience and be able to renew these extra values that make us unique because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell we want to give the best of us that effort is not compared to anything else.

Arga detectives offers you what no one else can offer you, which is more than trust, it would be a worker different from the others with the values that every person should have, not only with responsibility but also dedication, quality, the kindness that should be receive in each service, the detectives of our agency make us excellent.



There are certain works that are more personal, which are something that we directly want to be completely confidential so that no one finds out what we are investigating, this is dedicated more than anything to find out many things about a person from any secret that may be carried out even the past of the subject in question.

Not because it is personal does not mean that it is something that is not quoted, on the contrary, one of the most requested jobs by clients is always infidelity investigations, any evidence of a certain problem with the police, that is, an arrest or background criminal, among other things that are used for the protection of the client.

Our detectives can even get information about psychological problems that you may have, all this and more because we know that this topic is something very necessary both for a person who wants to know about their partner’s infidelity and the person who wants to avoid problems. by marrying someone you may not know.

We don’t know or better yet we don’t get to know people completely, that is why research papers are the best to take into account all someone’s information or maybe not all but many things you didn’t know, because we are the best

Detective Sabadell

detectives in Sabadell offer you what you need to know at all times.


We have already talked about the personal side or area, however, it is not the only one that exists or it is not the only area in which we work in our agency, another of the areas in which we have extensive experience would be in labor investigations, when we What we refer to is all kinds of information that may be required in a company.

A company needs a lot of information, among that many times it is necessary to use data to know which employees are really worthwhile, those who do not lie on their resume to obtain a position or who have some debt or personal problems that arrive. to influence the image of the company, it is necessary for the company.

This type of research works to be able to have great productivity in the company, not only is the veracity of a resume investigated, but also all kinds of searches are carried out to find out if an employee makes a fake leave or may be using excuses to not perform its work, it is implemented for better quality.

It is not only used for this, but many times companies use it to be able to know more about their employees and see both their performance in the company and any type of treatment outside of it, the image is damaged by their employees, it is for this reason that you should know because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell in these investigations.



You might think how come there are so many areas, however, they are really a bit similar, we just separate the jobs in different ways to make it easier to identify, on top of this we do it that way so we can separate the types of jobs in a certain way. form and that the client can choose the one that he really needs to use as a service.

On this side we can say that we take care of reviewing the information of different things such as a person’s income or verifying what assets they may have, not only this but it is also necessary so that you can reach stipulate what a person’s true earnings are or what assets are seized.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell , we offer you what you need to know about a person on an economic level. This type of work is good for people who want to start a business or who want to find out who they can invest with and who they can support with their assets. the initial investment if something goes wrong, which it sometimes does.

So this type of work goes to enterprising people but not only this, many times it is used by people who want to get a divorce and want to leave what is fair to their children, many times the other party lies about their earnings and goods and harms children, this research is ideal to have what is fair at least for children.



In these cases we also carry out different jobs that can be interesting both for entrepreneurs and for people who want to be certain of certain relevant information, as in the case of the lease, many times in the registry of the same it appears duplicated and it is necessary to know this so that don’t get confused or have problems.

Obtaining a report from distributors and suppliers has never been as simple as with us, we can also verify any kind of use other than rental that is not indicated, we are an agency that has everything you need to know and just by calling us we can give you free advice on what jobs you may need.

What you have to know is that we have what you need to investigate, all services are available, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell you can count on our services at any time, at any time and in any place in the city,

do our work with the greatest effort and excellence possible.

One of the most requested jobs for businesses or rather premises or franchises is market research , which we offer several jobs of this type and one of the most requested is Mystery Shopping which offers certain benefits for the company such as knowing what you need to know according to the opinion of a professional with everything you need.



These are just some types of work that we divide into zones or areas to be able to identify them in a certain way as we already mentioned, in any case, it is not the only thing we do as an agency because we have professionals who are capable of doing private security literally it is one of the jobs you can count on.

Private security is something that does not enter into investigative work, but on the other hand it is something that can become necessary in different aspects, in any event you can count on us without problems because many times hands are needed to contain a situation and more if the party is large in size or has more than 200 people.

If you thought that it is the only thing for which you can describe us as the best then you are wrong because there is a service that we mentioned before that is classified as a job of a different field which would be electronic sweeping, with which you get rid of any type of problem with spy devices or any doubt that there is one.

Because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell , we offer much more than any other agency could offer, in this we include an investigative work that could be said to be for protection, which would be counter-espionage, we have work of all kinds to guarantee you not only information but security.



We want to provide our clients with everything they need, but not only this because any agency could do it, which is why we have divided it into many areas and it makes it easier to identify what work a client really needs, that is, we are specific to the job a client needs to be practical.

Because we know that many times it can be tedious to pay for a job and in the end what is done is not even ten percent of what we pay, in our case our agency focuses on what is needed and that is why many Sometimes you can get to see as many jobs but it really isn’t, it’s just what you need.

Really no agency has taken the method like us of doing only what interests the client because after all it is not something that benefits the agency very much, however, we care about delivering something of quality, that is why we have the best prices throughout Spain and with the best possible service.

The only thing we want is to be recognized for what we are, because we are the best private detectives in Sabadell , we give our best so that each client is satisfied and gets what they want, because there are only specific jobs for what each client needs to know or what it requires to do in the case of counterespionage.



As we mentioned, it is a complicated issue, however, as an agency, in order to provide the best detective services, we charge in a way that our clients have a job well done and without being expensive as it happens with other agencies, our costs depend a lot on the difficulty that has the service and some of the tools used.

If you want a good job then you should know why we are the best private detectives in Sabadell and we have the best price, even though we are not the cheapest, we are the fairest for both parties and it is because we are not influenced by the common factors such as the very expensive fees of the detectives.

We have already said that we are influenced by the difficulty and a little by the tools and this is because there are jobs like sweeping that require many tools that do the tracking job, however, it is a tedious job that requires being attentive in all sites and for this reason it is one of the most “expensive” services.

You may have thought then if they have expensive jobs, well that’s not really the case, because for a job like ours of electronic sweeping that we normally charge eight hundred euros in other agencies it costs a thousand and up, being one of the best prices with the best quality. that exists throughout Spain, the best agency you will find.






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