Private Investigators Pamplona

Private Investigators Pamplona


Private Investigators Pamplona

Private Investigators Pamplona

At present there is a highly competent unit of experts in private investigation and security, which belongs to the Arga Detectives Group. With this group of people at your disposal, you can give a definitive solution to whatever investigation or security problem you need, always with the utmost discretion and privacy. It is important to underline that we have a career with many years of experience (more than a decade) and we are highly qualified to carry out all kinds of investigation and security tasks, ensuring effective work.  

There is no type of investigation that a private detective in Pamplona cannot carry out.


Throughout our lives there are times when it is completely necessary to hire the services of a private investigation professional, bodyguard or high-ranking computer scientist, for different reasons. The Arga Detectives Group makes them available to you quickly, always offering the best service, fully insured.  

The Arga Detectives Group is a company sleuthing of influence and high stature that has a set of specialized human resources in the shape of private investigation, which feature the most advanced devices around the technology market, whose mission is to its users are totally satisfied with the work done.  

The detectives in Pamplona , belonging to the Arga group, are a multidisciplinary investigation team that are at the height of being able to overcome any task assigned to them in the most efficient and fast way, whose investigations are focused from the intimate contour on marital issues ( exploration of people, adultery, loss of money, addictions, etc.) to purely domestic issues (investigation of companies where a certain family member works, investigation of a lost blood relative or whose location is unknown, academic performance of descendants, friends or colleagues, etc.). 

The Argas Detectives Group provides a set of multi-service investigation services throughout Spain and the entire world, which are divided into:  

  • Union Investigation
  • Investigations of Associations, Industries and occupation services
  • Guarantor Investigations
  • Investigations of Real Estate and Real Estate Branches
  • Computational Research
  • Professional Investigations
  • Family Investigations
  • Individual Investigations


            It is not necessary to invest a large amount of money to hire a private detective in Pamplona, ​​it is more accessible than you think.  


If you are fully determined to hire the services provided by a Detective Agency in Pamplona, it is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting with our work team so that you can be given a totally free estimate related to the type of work you are requesting. and so the fees and payment methods can be discussed.  

It should also be noted that when carrying out an investigative work it is absolutely necessary to provide our detectives with all the pertinent information to the person, property or property or company, in order to speed up the working time, that the cost of the same is the possible (we think of you and your pocket) and that the work carried out with successful results.

On the other hand, it is imperative to emphasize that all the information provided will remain only between the client and the investigation group, since being discreet is the motto of our investigation agencies and of our group of professionals in Grupo Arga Detectives.

Private Investigators Pamplona

Private Investigators Pamplona

When hiring the services offered by detective investigation professionals, you should always select the best in every way. The strengths and weaknesses of each agent or organization, the shortcomings they may have, the work experience of each professional or, failing that, the degree of prestige of the organization, the degrees they have, etc. must be taken into consideration.

Always remember to take into account all the characteristics mentioned above because, if the professional you decide to hire does not have these virtues, it is quite likely that, apart from losing money, they will waste their valuable time.

The private investigation detective profession is the one with the greatest professional intrusion. You should always make sure to hire investigation professionals such as those offered by our organization Grupo Arga Detectives, who are properly trained and regulated, do not hesitate to reject cheap professionals who are not qualified for this work.  

The Arga Detectives Group started from the ground up with only one headquarters in Madrid, but over the years they have reinvented and renewed themselves, always keeping up with technological advances. Currently they have different establishments throughout Spain (Pamplona, ​​Zaragoza, Albacete, etc.) that are at your complete disposal with the best teams and professionals. 

The cost of the official payments of the professional society of private detectives throughout the Spanish territory is given by a set of general hiring rates according to the work that is carried out, which could be broken down into:

  • In a period of 1 to 5 hours, per individual and per day they are the equivalent of 350 euros.


  • Per hour and additional human personnel will be charged an additional 70 euros to the cost.


  • On holiday dates and night plans the price will increase 50% of the total agreed cost.


  • In searches and locations of people, the cost will be that agreed previously. In case the investigation is very specific, the basic cost is applied, which is 350 Euros.


  • In matters of technical investigations or insurance inquiries, the minimum rate will also be used or, depending on the expenditure of resources, the investment of time and the difficulty of the investigation, a budget will be made by both parties, and this will be accepted bilaterally according to the resources used .


It is necessary to emphasize that, in our detective agency in Pamplona , we adapt the cost of the investigations to each client, because as each investigation is different, each client is also. Our work is fully guaranteed, you will get everything you request (as long as it is within our legal, state and moral ordinances of each human being) so that you are satisfied with the information you are requesting. 

Focusing on family issues, our private investigation professionals in Pamplona can help you with any problem in this area that you need.

Private Investigators Pamplona

Private Investigators Pamplona

There are times in every family when it is necessary to hire an expert in the investigation. The Argas Detectives Group makes them available quickly and safely, always offering the best service, fully guaranteed.  

Throughout Spain, in our different research centers we have the most advanced material in the technological environment to be able to satisfy all the requests that are required by our distinguished clientele, always respecting the legal statutes, rules imposed by law and ethical limits that govern our work.

The Argas Detectives Group is a prestigious and high-class investigation company that has a set of human resources specialized in the detective investigation environment, which have the most modern devices in the entire scientific market, whose task is that its users are absolutely satisfied with the work done. 

The Detectives in Pamplona and throughout Spain are a research unit usually multidisciplinary that falls short of being able to overcome any task assigned to them in the most effective and impetuous manner, whose investigations are focused from the inner contour personal issues (exploration of people, adulteries, loss of money, addictions, etc.) to merely family issues (investigation of companies where a certain family member works, investigation of a lost blood relative or whose location is unknown, academic performance of descendants, friendships or colleagues, etc.).  

The Argas Detectives Group offers a set of multi-service investigation focused on the family, which can be broken down as follows:  

  • Investigations of sects and fanaticism
  • Paternity testing investigations
  • Custodial investigations
  • Abuse investigations
  • Theft investigations
  • Divorce investigations
  • Domestic service investigations
  • Control investigations of minors
  • Addiction investigations
  • Investigation of inheritances
  • Surveillance and monitoring investigations
  • Infidelity investigation
  • Disappearance investigations

In the business field, the Arga Detectives Group has the most qualified professionals to provide a solution to the irregularity that your company is going through

In the event that your company is going through some kind of problem or irregularity, Grupo Arga Detectives is an expert in the labor investigation environment. This organization has many years of experience dedicated to the private investigation sector offering a large number of services at your disposal.  

The researchers in Pamplona are a group of experts in these labor issues, focused on the recurring theme of misleading sick leave. Private detectives are tasked with finding the worker who feigns a feigned illness or sequel. With this action, what the worker who has a sick leave tries is to extend it in order not to work and continue enjoying the benefits of the company in question.  

           In general, for all companies this type of fraudulent sick leave represents a great loss, being in most cases an intensely dangerous event for the assets of small, medium and large industries. The experts who have worked for years with this issue established a model to identify this type of case, which is expressed as: 

  • There is a pattern of behavior during the non-working period that consists of receiving a second remuneration for a second job that they perform clandestinely. In all this time, the worker continues to enjoy all the advantages of the employment situation causing serious monetary losses to the company to which he belongs.
    Private Investigators Pamplona

    Private Investigators Pamplona

In addition to our organization, it offers another large number of labor investigation services, which can be broken down as follows:

  • Unfair competition.
  • Breach of professional secrecy.
  • Pre-work reports for personnel selection.
  • Checking CVs.
  • Personal and family history.
  • Control of employees and the like in the development of their work activity.
  • Work performance and productivity.
  • Discovery of information leaks and, where appropriate, prevent them.
  • Observation of executives in order to verify commercial fidelity.
  • Work absenteeism.
  • Control of sick leave: these can be false, prolonged or successive sick leave.
  • Professional intrusion.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Customer deviation.
  • Control of merchandise.
  • Dedication and use of union hours.
  • Ratification in the Social Courts.
  • Fraud attempted derived from information leaks, theft, customer diversion or control of delegations and franchises.
  • Counterintelligence.
  • Mystery shopping or mystery customer
  • Infiltration of workers to monitor other workers.
  • Unfair administration.
  • Duplicity of employment.
  • Job neglect.
  • Duplicity of work activity.
  • Workplace harassment, mobbing .
  • Lack of security measures and other internal regulations.

Not having a professional to conduct research within any company (small, medium or large) causes large and multimillion dollar losses of patents and money per year. This tends to begin when the entrepreneur hears rumors of the marketing of his brand or even sees it for sale in another establishment.

The Arga Detectives Group will quickly check if any type of irregularity related to these issues is occurring within your company and if the investigation is positive, by collecting evidence it will suggest the actions to take according to the case.  

Private Investigators Pamplona

Private Investigators Pamplona

The services offered for all types of companies broken down are the following:

  • Investigation of the members of the Administrative Body / Proxies of a company.
  • Contribution of commercial documents.
  • Control of commercial actions.
  • Electronic protection.
  • Patents and Trademarks: plagiarism.
  • Installation of closed circuit television.
  • Violation of intellectual property.
  • Detection, location and origin of counterfeits and imitations.
  • Theft of industrial property.
  • Industrial counterespionage.
  • Industrial sabotage.
  • Investigation of national and international companies.

This type of actions annually cause billions in losses, in addition to the deterioration in consumer confidence about the particular brand, as well as a devaluation of its cost in the national and international market.

The Arga Detectives Group , offers you the installation services through our forensic computer company the hidden cameras that you require for your company, thus having full control of it when you are not present. 

In addition, our organization is highly specialized in research in the industrial field, since it has the most highly trained professionals with many years of experience and the most advanced work instruments in the entire international market.

The Arga Detectives Group will detect the weaknesses present in your organization or company, find the origin and distributors of the same in question. After carrying out the investigative detective work, a legal report will be issued so that it can be delivered in the courts of justice and thus obliged to comply with the Intellectual Property Law in the event that an offense is being committed.  


Why should you choose Grupo Arga Detectives and not another organization?


The Arga Detectives Group, is a company sleuthing prestigious national and international level has professionals better trained planet, research teams more advanced all the technology market and also has prices more low all the competition .  

It has a number of multi-services that can be at your disposal immediately by contacting them at any of their locations. Remembering that this organization strives to maintain total discretion and caution as it is its main motto. So you can hire any of their services with complete confidence since only the information will remain between the agency and the client.

It should be noted that each service has a cost which is based on the level of work required to carry out the work, the material operated, the personnel that must be assembled, the equipment requested by the same, the work days that the investigation demands and the level required.

Private Investigators Pamplona

Private Investigators Pamplona

Always trust us as our service is guaranteed, totally confidential, safe and affordable for your pocket.


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