Private detectives are individuals who are trained and qualified to serve society in such a way that individuals who contract their services can successfully obtain the necessary information to reveal situations that in one way or another are impossible for them to know. Mysteries, secrets, rumors and gossip, in life there is everything and inevitably people are involved in situations of this type, some just let the moment pass and do not care about this, but others go out of their way to know the truth, however, they do not have the necessary tools to discover it.

Many of us want to think the best of people and not see the world as a place full of dishonesty, fraud and corruption. Unfortunately, there are situations that require expert advice and assistance when individuals and businesses are concerned about such threats. According to studies carried out among the criminal offenses that occurred in Palencia, they indicate that the crime rate in the province in 2018 is approximately 4.3 criminal offenses per day.



Among these, in addition to robberies, kidnappings and homicides, there are other types of criminal acts, among which we find investment scams, false resumes, false companies, identity theft, corporate espionage, romance and infidelity scams, and thousands of other threats.

Therefore, many of the clients trust in hiring a detective agency to minimize the risk and gather clear evidence, about possible crimes or evidence that proves the contrary. In today’s world, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry and get the facts.



         Within the radar of the influence of private investigation, there is a large number of alternatives to collect all the evidence on some infidelity, on the whereabouts of a person, as well as bring to light any attempt to steal information, being a help of great importance today.

private detective agency in Palencia is at your disposal , being part of an extension of Grupo Arga Detectives where we have a long history that drives us to improve and provide our services throughout the Spanish territory.

         The value of the private detective agency in Palencia increases as we establish new areas of attention every time, since through a group of experts in each type of need, we offer you a personalized action plan, in the face of family, personal problems. , labor and business.

Thanks to the strict training of our private investigators, they have a license to practice freely, maintaining the integrity of any data obtained, in this way it can be presented or used before any legal process, this is outstanding for all those users who wish to go to other instances for their rights and impose the truth.

No matter how complex your situation is, we answer you with the truth, since we not only protect your peace of mind, but also your investment, the main objective is to pursue clues and facts that are demonstrable either by photographs, videos, and even digital ones. , to manipulate this type of data we have computer experts.

You will have no reason to worry, but leave everything in the hands of our specialists who will get to the bottom of your problems, with a substantial performance with a meticulous level so as not to leave aside even the smallest detail, our private investigators are dedicated to pursuing and prove even the slightest hint.





When it comes to going to private investigation specialists, do not hesitate to opt for the private detective agency in Palencia , where you will find true experts who combine the company’s extensive experience with skills acquired for the development of this profession with broad guarantees. .

Instead of living overwhelmed by some problem that in the end is just doubts about your staff, your partner or the insecurity of being spied on somewhere, the best thing is to take care and hire our services to investigate what is happening, obtain enough evidence to clarify what’s happening.

Our functions intervene in all kinds of situations, being a tool capable of improving your quality of life with real information that allows you to discover what is really happening.

There are essential requirements to qualify for the position of private detective , such as obtaining a legal authorization, which corresponds to the license number assigned to the detective in question, which is unique and non-transferable, something like the national identity card of a natural person. Grupo Arga detectives , has national coverage and as such, boasts a range of certified and qualified private investigators to carry out any type of investigation, in the province of Palencia from cases of infidelity to embezzlement.

This is why the private investigators that make up the primer of our agency, with coverage in the Palencia area, are highly demanded.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




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Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

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When wanting to hire a detective in Palencia, many of us wonder if there is the possibility of establishing an absolute advantage if we have a detective on our side who can carry out an investigative process for us, well, given this fact, it is necessary to emphasize that he is a A resource that undoubtedly promotes the achievement of tests with a high vision of experience, an issue that undoubtedly represents a great solution for those who require this type of service.

The execution of investigative processes in the hands of experts is of great advantage for those of us who can entrust said work, since these activities are framed in the professional praxis of a detective.




At the beginning of the structuring of an investigative operation, it is necessary to point out that many of us feel extremely confused at an initial moment regarding the usefulness that the investigative exercise may have, it is for this reason that mainly the activities of a professional in The matter is aimed at making us feel comfortable and, secondly, at establishing a joint planning program so that we can unload and accurately explain everything that is happening with our situation.

An investigation case for us as clients, allows us to clear up doubts and also generates as an additional advantage that we can know the scope of the private investigation work, with the objective that we can consistently establish the best criterion of action before the elements that the detective can collect.

In this way also through this joint planning exercise with a detective we can know what the law has for them as an investigative resource allowed to operate, since on occasions such as these activities little is known in public opinion. , it is preferable to try to fully determine what concretely the various researchers can do for us.

In Grupo Arga, in order to reinforce this process even more, we are offered the possibility of expressing all our suppositions and hypotheses regarding the situation that is affecting us, leaving the opportunity to the detective as a resource to write down and gather all the information elements that they can be useful to us. By hiring a detective in Palencia in this first phase of the investigation, we can properly define together with the agent what the objectives of the investigation should be in order to establish the parameters by which, according to our point of view, said act of investigation can take place. for concluded.

The construction of a highly efficient research case entails the generation of various elements that promote a wide range of response to all the needs that we pose as clients, which is why an Arga group agent is always in constant communication with us. with the aim of guaranteeing at all times that the previously outlined plan is in full development and manages to satisfy all the client’s requirements.

The execution of investigation processes to individuals that Grupo Arga detectives directs, can benefit us in the structuring of activities that without a doubt provide us with the best response criterion at the level of infidelity investigations, as well as investigation acts related to the execution of personal investigations, as well as all kinds of business investigations, making viable the progress of these processes for our day to day in the decision making of some strategic matters towards the hiring of a private detective.

From Grupo Arga, it can be said that its commitment regarding the execution of services that can satisfy us as clients through the efficient obtaining of evidence is a reality, since, from this investigation agency, they can also be refined through an operational phase in which different types of experts intervene at the level of fingerprint purification, as well as the delimitation of DNA investigations.

With this, we can benefit from a work that does not stop innovating and that without a doubt can benefit us by being able to obtain, under a highly resolute spirit, everything that may be related to the achievement of milestones at the investigative level.

The research criteria that may arise as a result of private research work are mainly related to the execution of services that have the capacity to promote a high sense of response to all the specific needs that we have expressed towards our request as clients.


Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has been in Spain for more than 10 years, its main objective has been to support all types of clients that we find in Spain, which is why through its activities they can provide us with that help that we so much require with respect to the application of a highly professional investigative criterion.

The realization of this type of activities for the detectives of this organization, represents a great advantage for people who want to obtain a highly specialized investigation service and at the service of all our requirements as clients. Leaving this work in the hands of experts, we guarantee the greatest possible probability of success in the execution of this type of service.


In this sense, it is necessary to point out that from Grupo Arga detectives, a service of great education and training is promoted for those who wish to establish a career in the private field of investigation, where through an extremely precise specialization in the conduct of some investigative processes that can be useful to manage a given problem.

That is why Grupo Arga detectives promotes a solid training policy for its agents with the aim that in the case of the city of Palencia they can offer us the best of their investigative essence. When hiring a detective in Palencia, we have at hand the best human and organizational resources that are capable of guaranteeing a good job. From Grupo Arga they offer us the best for Palencia!




The need to appeal to private investigation is part of wanting to find answers to the large number of frauds that occur in society, so if you are looking for a real alternative, through our private detectives in Palencia an important correspondence of services and performance.

The notable presence of services that we offer, starts from personal, business, computer and other situations, which can be provided with a first-rate response that you should know so you are not suffocated by the presentation of some type of deception that is common today. .



Through our private detectives in Palencia you get a diverse approach to satisfy all kinds of needs, first of all we have family investigations, where events such as infidelities stand out, as well as modification of alimony, DNA tests and even surveillance of children .

All the scenarios described above are part of that permanent effort to exercise the best coverage, this extends over the service provided for individuals, which includes the request to locate people, issue surveillance reports and all kinds of comparisons that are necessary on this area.

Any requirement that arises in the midst of that personal atmosphere is well attended by our services, even including services on the business level, where we issue economic reports, leak information, mystery shopping and any kind of request that is discovered. manifest itself.

The limits that were previously postulated on private investigation, are combated under that effort that we seek to capture when dealing with each situation, is that passion leads to continue imparting greater control over events, which become dominated by our services.

In the same way, we offer coverage through computer investigations, where the experience of our computer experts is launched, who have the scope to collect a large amount of digital information, to the point of stopping any attempt to subtract data by the spies that inhabit this realm.

But not only is this coverage abstained, but technological research is established, where effective electronic sweeps are developed to ensure the privacy of an environment, frustrating any kind of attempt by spies, which only favors competition and leaves important sequels.

While there is also another brilliant advice from the labor area, where sick leaves are studied in depth, in addition to full control over the issuance of labor reports, for this reason, more than detectives, they end up becoming allies that you cannot lose from not seen for a moment.

In your hands is the possibility of accessing this important offer, where there are plenty of alternatives to respond with the functions that these experts carry out in each special area, for this reason you can place your complete trust in Grupo Arga to carry out a rapid intervention. about these sectors.




There is no doubt that describing the capabilities of our private detectives in Palencia is based on a wide range of capabilities, so the great point in favor is having the freedom to express any type of problem until you come across the specialty that resides on this type. of professionals who do not stop.

In the face of any kind of circumstance that arises, we have the ability to respond by appealing to their faculties at all times, since in different areas the commitment to serve and provide each client with the tests they most need is installed, all thanks to that dedication. to acquire more knowledge.

In the midst of the training of our private detectives, a pleasant response can be ensured regardless of the type of difficulty that arises, because the power of detectives is a reality to preserve the obtaining of information and in turn the preservation of privacy about any environment.

Through the work we carry out on each case, we establish ourselves as a firm solution to deception, where in addition to everything we are dedicated to improving each means of customer service, because it is about continuing a positive transformation to leave a good performance in each assumed case.

The quality of the services we provide is an extra reason to closely follow our specialties, since as an organization we have focused on forming a wide variety of responses that are up to the problems that society is going through, which is a reality. under the stimulation of our capacities.

The cunning of our private detectives remains one step ahead of the deceptions that are taking place today, in the midst of this sector we increasingly include more areas of attention to design a highly effective service, being a solution that can be access by simply contracting our services.

There are a large number of private investigation services on the market, but the difference with Grupo Arga comes from passion and that license that continues to ratify us as experts in the areas offered, which is why we classify ourselves as one of the best agencies with unshakable values.

When dealing with a case, we take care of launching a discreet intervention, ensuring that each intimate trait is respected, and above all of following that line adjusted to legal actions, because as long as data is obtained through the impositions that are fixed on the lawful exercise of our private investigators.

The credibility of the evidence that we issue after each case ends up being key, so that each client can enjoy the peace of mind of obtaining a job framed under great effort, which ends up translating into truthful evidence, ensuring the timely closure of each case. so that the consequences of an event do not continue to multiply.



The execution of various investigative cases can be achieved by contracting the services that are available in our Palencia Detectives Guide, where through the practice of a high-level investigative policy, various types of clients can be extremely satisfied. towards the realization of the answers they most need.

That is why, the generation of a high-level investigation can, without a doubt, provide the best answers to all those who may need a highly efficient service through a process that is capable of generating the best answers. in the shortest possible time.


Our operations in the city of Palencia are directed towards the construction of the best research criteria that undoubtedly lead to the best results, with the aim that our clients can have at hand the realization of a process that can undoubtedly lead to the generation of a highly accurate decision-making phase.

There is nothing worse than making a decision based on subjective facts and the generation of purely superficial criteria, which is why the construction of an investigation case allows the client to have the best evidence and elements of conviction at hand so that they can know what to do and also so that they can know the best resolution and alternative towards the construction of different events.

The construction of an investigation process that can be reliable is mainly based on the exercise of the investigation technique with great precision and with elements that undoubtedly promote the best collection of evidence towards those who wish to direct the best of the processes to level of a given case.

That is why our detectives are mainly oriented towards the strategic resolution of cases where they can find the best possible amount of evidence, regardless of whether these are of a direct or indirect nature in the management of an investigation, that is why Grupo Arga detectives always manages to promote detective processes with the guarantee of having our best efforts and organizational resources at the service of those who need it.

The construction of an investigation case without a doubt promotes a strong sense of specialization towards the entrusted work, this is how at Grupo Arga we promote a strong sense of response by placing in each case the detective who is likely to yield the best results in a certain type of investigation, this allows us to establish a criterion that allows us to guarantee the success of all our operations.

Mainly, when taking this criterion into account, we place, for example, for a case of infidelity, the detectives who find it more natural to solve cases in that field, in the case of other personal investigations and the investigative work carried out in the environments Corporate offices do the same, since we consider it extremely useful to make a delimitation that allows us to respond to our clients with the best of resources.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we serve not only clients, but also companies, for this reason we are mainly in a highly agile cooperation frontier where a case of this type is not only deployed to individuals, but we also execute it towards those who from corporate activity they need highly specialized research work.

The construction of an investigation process mainly has the quality of leaving in the applicant of these services a great experience of attention and specialized management to their requirements, an issue that undoubtedly provides the best element of clarification and clarification of evidence for those who want to run this kind of services.

Through our Palencia Detective Guide, we can obtain various elements that can be useful to our clients, deploying at all times any type of role that can support our agencies in any function specialized in tasks that for many people could seem like something simple, but in practice it does not end up being so.

The construction of an investigation case undoubtedly promotes the opportunity to establish a specialized response to all the requirements of our clients, which is why through our services we allow ourselves to operate with a highly specialized trait towards the concretion of tests that are capable of providing what those who hire these services request.


At Grupo Arga detectives we find ourselves in the construction of processes that are capable of establishing a solution criterion for all those who request in a special way the construction of a case that can consistently elucidate all their suspicions, that is why through the management of highly specialized requirements we can promote a great resolution criterion towards all those who request this type of activity based on parameters of trust and extreme discretion.

The structuring of these aspects in our organization is made possible because we have managed to establish a highly efficient research process that without a doubt can generate the response that both individuals and companies need, which is why through our research processes we can ensure the best of the answers for those who consider hiring a research process throughout Spain, making our work something that has a total scope in our nation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we are focused on building an investigation service that has the ability to respond with the best to our clients, which is why through our education and training process we have directed our agents towards a job of excellence with the objective that they may be able to respond to any type of research in any research context.

The operations carried out by our agents through the Palencia Detectives Guide undoubtedly promote the best response to the various needs that are present in the market, it is for this reason that our detectives in said locality are so referenced, For Palencia we offer the best!




From the first moment in which the arrival of a case is presented, we exercise a first level consultancy, where each of those small details are clarified, being an exercise based on the subtlety of not letting any aspect pass, and above all that the private detective generates that state of tranquility that everyone deserves.

On the other hand, through our services, the level of the techniques we use stands out, because they are put in place to find the most efficient route that leads to the resolution of a case, this translates into a clear plan of action that determines effective resolution for each case with a realistic vision.

Instead of receiving false expectations, you receive a highly transparent analysis, this also refers to the planning that is personalized when dealing with and working on each case, which is why this type of ingenuity is effective in meeting the demands of the case. For this reason, it is a very dynamic task.

Behind the claims that each client presents, we respond strictly to find a solution that can be attached to the circumstances, which in the end contributes to the guaranteed issuance of results that are reflected through the final report, which has absolute accreditation. legal to use before any legal process.

As long as all kinds of responses are developed, we will be prepared to face a great diversity of cases, always displaying that important trait of commitment that is responsible for promoting a clear victory against the different deceptions that are desired to be established at any level, especially by tests confirmed with

prior .

The conclusion of a case is presented, as the respective analyzes are carried out, especially using the valuable training of our private investigators, who make it easier for each client to obtain information, this access to the truth is found in the great number of tools that we implement.

On the other hand, the amount of resources that we make available to a case is marked to retain that evidence that provides an effective culmination, for this reason we seek to be at the forefront of this sector, being the best way to respond, which implies a constant effort so that each method fulfills its basic function.

The topics that deserve more subtlety receive a much more thoughtful manipulation, stopped so that each proceeding obtains that care that causes a positive outcome for the client, for this reason when a true expert is needed in that sector, we respond with the ingenuity of different specialties that extend coverage.

By opting for our diversified services, you will be able to receive complete assistance, avoiding all kinds of inconveniences that may cloud the development of private investigation, where we make ourselves recognized under the trajectory of our actions, which makes us occupy an important place in exposing the truth. .



When you need solutions to investigate your case, through our private detectives in Palencia, who as they close each case show a clear growth to develop their functions through a special approach, that is why we increase our skills on a large scale every time we close a case.

The motivation persists in continuing to be an important alternative, and for this fact to be a reality, it is necessary to improve, everything is due to wanting to cover the needs of each client, since as a private investigation service we can provide ratified information that is crucial to have greater confidence and security.

As certain causes are presented, we handle each data and action with caution, so that through the issuance of each test a state of mind full of tranquility can be instilled on the part of the clients who receive this type of coverage, without Regardless of the magnitude of the consequences, they will be placated with the tests.

At the time of working and covering some kind of sector, we dedicate ourselves completely to satisfying the claims, because this is part of that elevation of quality of our services, instead of relying on another kind of private investigation, through our private detectives. in Palencia you get great satisfaction.

The guarantees are imposed through the utilities that are developed on the case, where, in addition to everything, detectives who are qualified to seek solutions on the case they are dealing with intervene, because this is part of the commitment and love that exists on this profession.

Depending on each situation that arises, we respond with a high sense of caution, so it is worth trusting in our abilities, by putting our private detectives in front of your problems, everything becomes covered by their nose to discover those little traces revealing a deception.

As long as a true professional has contact with your problems, there will be plenty of possible resolutions, to blur all that series of inconveniences that are presented as complications of a case, for this reason our attention is complete to take each aspect into account. .

Whenever you have the opportunity to corroborate and expose the truth, you can go to our services with total freedom and confidence, where everything is facilitated based on the level of preparation that is exercised, in addition, more and more attention is emerging on the most feasible resolution. about a case.

The response that we issue through our private detectives is classified as verified and first class, all thanks to having an important diversity of experts, as long as we have the power to provide information, we will be attentive to each circumstance to meet each requirement.

Experience serves as an inspiring element to represent this constant search for the truth, which is why every time a request for our services is presented, it is answered with strict monitoring in every detail, and state-of-the-art tools are implemented for this reason our results are effective.



The effective response that occurs as a result of our investigation services is the best perspective that can be exerted on this profession, which gains more qualities with each passing day, this transformation in the end leaves important sensations of tranquility, since our detectives private Palencia will take over.

At any time you can present your needs to our services, to generate the best possible resolution within this area, since as a detective agency as time goes by, we take care of extending the offer so that the private investigation sector is much more useful.

As different uncertainties arise, we design a response that is up to the task, especially in the hands of experts who love what they do, so the result behind each private investigation ends up being what you need in the midst of difficulties of a nature. personal, work, computer and others.

To get rid of any kind of doubt, one should only trust in the potential that the area of private investigation has gained today, which shows solid growth, so that each investigation process is preceded under a quality threshold that is comforting. in the middle of some important event.

The services of our private detectives in Palencia await a high sense of response, because it is the best management dealing with the concern of different types of clients, which deserves to be guided with ethics and commitment, that is the accompaniment that is required, but above all to provide results.

At Grupo Arga we focus on always promoting improvements, because to stay at the top of the private investigation options, it is necessary to make a personal criticism of each action to leave an important path towards greater efficiency, being what is needed to execute the best professional answer.

Faced with the clear demand on the part of each client, we seek to provide information, all in the same synchrony as the demands of the situation, this is what makes it possible to follow each case in depth, where the specialists on the subject will be able to obtain much more data in a short span of time.

The level of our private investigation services is high, because we seek at all costs to generate an effective representation, where it is possible to conclude if there is any kind of infidelity, fraud, and above all if there is any space that is being followed by some device, all this can be eradicated with the findings that we issue.

Each private detective is in charge of looking for the best resolution of a case, under this panorama all the sequels that are being suffered are linked, therefore through some scam, its origin can be determined, whether it was carried out by some computer source, or under some kind of administrative maneuver.

In the business sector, a clear dependence on private investigation services has been marked, where all kinds of operations are presented to search for that data that allow a case to be put to an end, always seeking to reveal it in less time so that it is not followed up. producing such high losses.



While the details of the case are being developed, as an anticipation, the action plan is developed, which is classified as a hypothesis that traces a resolution route, which will be accompanied by first-class advice, where professional practice adheres to everything moment to the chain of custody protocol.

What is guaranteed from the first moment is the integrity of the information we provide, because care is taken in processing the data so that the data is not altered so that it can affirm or deny any fact that is happening in the middle of the case, making worth the intellectual capacities of our detectives.

The strategies that we impose in each case, is part of the nature of the matter that arises, in the midst of this classification it can be ensured that the appropriate detective can attend to the situation that arises, this corresponds precisely to a high-level process, where then you answer with the experience and skills you have.

Through the updating of knowledge, all kinds of problems can be faced, which is positive because it is imposed as a synonym of ability to solve most of the cases that are presented to us, so if you are looking to trust a private investigation service , the ideal is to look for where a great margin of success resides.

When you have contact with very complicated cases, there is no doubt that our private detectives in Palencia bring out their greatest dedication, everything is due to the great effort of structuring a constant response based on the characteristics of the case, investing a specific response about each problem.

To search for evidence that clarifies a case, resources are used that are qualified to face all the circumstances that are involved, where a strategy is applied together with the different details that are present in the resolution of the case, for this reason we offer a clear opportunity to end any burden.

The rigor that is invested in a situation where there is a leak of information is important, so that those who promote this scenario do not discover that they are being targeted, for this purpose, this intervention is carried out stealthily to free the area from such danger, that is to say, respond with the confidentiality required by the situation.

Do not let time play against you, through our private detectives in Palencia you take care of all that stress that is manifested through the case, where the anguish is dissipated with the amount of resources that we have to obtain the answers that you need so much to reconcile calm.

We offer very special attention to each client, since from empathy we are able to design the best response that the situation needs, so when each request is presented efficiently, an analysis is generated that leads to the discovery of the best way to provide evidence.



Our private detectives in Palencia generate a sample of efficiency every time a case is processed through the services we have, everything is part of that combination between analysis and detection of answers, especially from the hand of the best detectives to take care of certain case conditions.

This kind of private investigation ends up being a useful response to get ahead in the face of the different problems that arise, at Grupo Arga we always aim to satisfy the needs that each client postulates, for this reason we have the possibility of carrying out different types of investigation.

Faced with such a combination of experts, each client can be offered the feeling of being in the right place to start all kinds of research with an immense guarantee of being attended by professionals, where in the short, medium and long term responses continue to be designed to continue closely gathering information.

The best of all is that you can file all kinds of investigations at any time, 365 days a year we have full customer service to schedule the different requests that are presented, where different successful processes are started to have the evidence that the case needs.

The details that are revealed as the private investigation progresses, where the advances always become known immediately by the client, until later expressed through final reports that end up being convincing, where that important amount of evidence resides .

From the initial phase of the problem statement, a resounding attention is dedicated, to then launch the different processes that collect data that provide peace of mind, these are the results to which you aspire as long as you have private investigators who are in sync with the advances in this sector.

As long as we have contact with different types of difficulties, we end up responding and acquiring more experience so that you can choose us with peace of mind, where important resolutions are built from the first moment, since an effective analysis is developed in the midst of each cause.

In the midst of the different cases that are presented, we have that skill through which the determining evidence that makes up a case can be located, for this reason the operations are updated so that they do not lose that value or that investment of mystique which is demonstrates through the care schemes we offer.

The professional practice of our private detectives in Palencia reflects at all times an unconditional commitment, since this management is the one that imposes an effective development where in a matter of hours an entire action plan is launched that can expose the existence of some fraud.

In all circumstances we maintain a high sense of responsibility, since we do not leave any cause unattended, but rather stick to the provision of information in a timely manner, where sufficient elements of conviction are presented that can be used even in judicial environments, due to its level of validity. and forensic care.



The exploration of each type of private investigation allows all kinds of information to be collected, especially using resources that are personalized or fit the situation that is manifesting itself in some area, which is why the characteristic approach that we carry out ends up setting a trend.

The intention to corroborate some event is always the initial feeling that each private detective presents from the beginning, since their functions are recognized as a fundamental job or exercise where a certainty of some event can be presented through sufficient evidence and evidence. cause calm.

While private investigation is used in more areas, it will be possible to advance to be a versatile resource, which we take seriously, because we can set the course of a relationship, a work situation, and above all to feel more comfortable in the middle of a space, without doubting that the conversations will be filtered.

The professional actions that are invested behind each case have a lot to do with that permanent interest in looking for alternatives that can facilitate the quickest resolution of a case, in this sense, knowledge is a safe door so as not to overlook the different routes that are postulated as an alternative of tranquility.

For this reason, the objectives of private investigation are designed through empathy, because in this way the concern of the client is taken into account, together with the service areas that we have, to make the aspirations come true, the potentiality of the research laboratories and other processing resources.

Each situation is classified based on the area that corresponds, in the case of the family, the requirements that support a rapid response can be developed and above all that it is applied to the extent of the circumstances, with the appropriate tact and respect that make you feel comfortable.

Providing a private investigation service with the client in mind is an authentic example of training, so that you do not have to lose hope, much less get used to being surrounded by doubts, problems must be resolved promptly so that they are not extend the consequences.

The cunning of a private detective ends up being a huge attraction for not letting any detail go by, which is why your case receives a high level of attention, in order to promote or have authentic reports that can be implemented in any instance, which is why verification is the key step to affirm some conclusion.

Faced with the need to locate people, expose an unfaithful person, verify the validity of a document, inquire about suspicious accidents and other scenarios, everything is made possible by the offer of our private detectives in Palencia, we seek that in the midst of the development of the professional practice complies with the

cause .



The disposition that our private detectives in Palencia invest extends towards support in all areas, including the computer sector that has become so crowded today, under this scenario a forensic intervention can be granted, in any environment a specialty is postulated very detailed and deep.

In Grupo Arga you will be able to find the best work team, so that in any situation the best range of answers is found or felt, where each cause is assumed with resources that have an advanced level, always aiming to form state-of-the-art resources to present a clear compliance alternative.

The recognition that we seek to sow in each client, retracts on that willingness to undertake any kind of investigation that is requested, since there is no limitation but that you will be able to find the best possible support in that area, taking into account the incorporation of top-tier teams.

The special answers that we have established on each area, ends up strengthening the work that each private investigator develops, who comply with all the lines or details that make up a case, where the knowledge of different experts is brought together so that a certain resolution authority is possessed in each case.

The concerns that surround a problem have clear solutions when the resolutions are managed under the ingenuity of experts, where the implementation of a solvent investigation process is facilitated that generates that sense of security that you need to wait for the presentation of the report. final.

Before each client the confidence that they confer on us is valued, for this reason the preparation that we have is raised after each situation overcome, because this trade does not stop, but must be innovated to be attentive to the different events that can be presented later. .

At the time that claims are made, we concentrate on presenting those tests that correspond to the scope, combining the modern formats that we are capable of processing, which invites a very detailed processing that we can exert to impart a conclusion that is effective with the doubts that are established from the beginning.

In Grupo Arga, private investigations are carried out with effective action, which is extremely valuable when the presence of implanted microphones, cameras and any other kind of spy device that has been placed must be discovered, which is more common than is believed. about business environments.

The technological response that we use postulates us as an effective contracting, not only to safeguard incidents in this area, but also as an outlet when answers are not obtained on the physical level, to opt for the digital route where support from extraction of digital data that are extremely valuable.

At the time of incorporating advanced techniques for your case, you can enjoy that kind of coverage, which helps to guarantee important results, the best of all is that you will not have to pay too much or in addition to what is due, because the budget is established with great conscience to cover all the latent needs.



A forceful job that seeks results, is one that in each situation that arises leaves a clear sign of commitment, this is the correct way to establish a personalized solution for the different scenarios that are reflected in a case, where in addition to everything there is the factor of finding affordable prices when researching.

The diversity of our services means that they can be implemented preventively to protect the privacy of an environment, in addition to recovering trust, and at the same time to defend the interests of any kind of client, both aspects are used. fully by individuals and companies.

Whenever convincing evidence is needed, we present results that have a high level of guarantee to use this kind of response to any problem, for this reason we assume the duty of taking charge of the investigation on different areas, keeping as a priority the satisfaction of the needs of each client.

Through each of our experts a special coverage is provided, where there is no exception for any reason, but rather each of the factors that affect the resolution of a case are covered, therefore professional understanding is one more proof of the capacities that we can put into operation.

The constancy of assuming private investigation allows us to extend to each client an opportunity of security by presenting evidence in accordance with the situation, for this reason our professional actions are substantial where every minute counts so as not to lose sight of the collection of related evidence.

It is not only about knowing the truth about a problem, but this must be elevated to having valid information, because we have first-rate evidentiary methods that generate that relief of having in your hands certain evidence that can be presented before any circumstance with the certainty of its validity.

The advice provided by our private detectives meets the requirements of the case, because it is crucial to maintain this kind of management of the work we do, since this is the ingredient that promotes that high level of success that does not disappear on the actions that we exercise

Each private detective that is part of our organization, fulfills the duty to point out that virtue of seriousness, commitment, and above all to have the correct reading to exercise the corresponding decisions on the case, you cannot give up this type of response path.

The imposition of guarantees that we establish in each circumstance postulate us as qualified experts to provide a private investigation service that awakens that potential where the source of information is analyzed, to reaffirm a forceful case, always following the course of the law, together with the insight provided by experience.



The preference that exists over our private detectives in Palencia is due to the respect with each instance or protocol that is exercised, this translates into the following of different security rules that place us as the ones indicated to capture and communicate the truth in any instance, access to the tests is granted.

The evidentiary importance of the results that we create is due to the extensive acquisition of knowledge, as it is the ideal basis to achieve the expected success, so when a private investigation is undertaken, you can count on that dose of passion that each client aspires to. find in each service.

In the face of globalization, one cannot lose sight of any data that can end up sealing the effective outcome of a case, professional action ends up being forceful to completely reduce those risks and consequences that arise, therefore, through the issuance of evidence, can blur the effect of misinformation.

You cannot live under the amazement of victimhood, the best thing is to undertake clear response actions hand in hand with private investigation, where you can receive fair advice with the circumstances experienced, so that you can feel that protection through the undertaking of our services that do not leave you alone.

The issue of response is a priority over any case, for this reason you will have at your disposal a whole series of experts who are committed to getting to the bottom of each situation that arises, where the needs that arise are visualized to manifest an action that is above your expectations.

The connection that exists with each case that is presented is also a valuable element that is used in your favor, to correspond with evidence in the shortest possible time, this highlights the immense value that our services currently have, this is what causes that we be recognized as a blatant alternative.

Before the reading that is exercised on some situation, a great training practice is manifested, to have a full control over the tools that lead to the presentation of valid evidence, which causes that all kinds of areas can be investigated with a skill by above the rest.

Each problem can be found with a wide margin of specialty that abounds on our services, we apply the best of the functions as professionals to prove the truth in time, for this reason our services end up being classified as a privilege to end any fear.

When dealing with a problem, the fragility of the intimacy that is being evaluated is taken into account, to provide great quality results, for this reason the reception of a cause is always guided by a very serious approach, where one always believes and owns immense faith in every plan of action.



Our private investigation team remains attached to an intense security protocol that guarantees coming across a greater amount of information in less time, the handling of each data is based on an in-depth study, this is what each client deserves, to have this level of capacities which extend after each case.

Learning never stops, but rather it is a general rule, because in this way you can continue aiming towards obtaining more evidence, where quality coverage can be developed, because it will be the only way to forget about any problem, while you can count on our services you will have full access to information.

It is not only about providing information, in the same way we take care of evaluating its veracity, especially under the presentation of an accessible budget, where a well-attached study is offered precisely with the complications that the case has, instead of to speculate you can consider our costs.

At the moment of receiving a case, we establish an extensive commitment, so that your problems can receive unparalleled attention, because the performance of our private detectives seeks to generate the best experience in relation to the advances that private investigation presents, where it is done. value the training we enjoy.

A service of multiple specialties ends up causing a great accumulation of advantages, where the extensive reputation that houses us for the effective completion of each case is felt, since the attention is felt in that search for resolution on time, so that your quality of life does not continue to present more damage.

All the aspects involved with your case are analyzed, asserting that training that places us as an expert, where a sense of belonging is instilled in each case, always preserving that virtue of finding the truth, since every client deserves to enjoy this advantage that it only provides the private investigation.

In each complex case we take care of responding honestly, to extend the response on some cases that do not have any resolution in sight, so neither time nor money is wasted, these actions are felt on the type of finding that can be filed to close a case.

The capacity of private investigation is undoubtedly worth changing the quality of life for each client, since when certain problems are attacked with the demonstration of the truth, it is possible to attack the consequences that arise after a case, for this reason it is It is important to practice this profession correctly.

When we have the opportunity to exercise this discipline, we take care that each expert can influence the different causes that are presented, since in each environment we look for convincing evidence that leaves aside that large percentage of frauds, asserting the experience as a resource for answers.



Each one of our private detectives seeks to accompany the entire offer with results, because it is about constantly demonstrating the capacity that characterizes us, while success can be sought at each opportunity, each element of evidence will be demonstrated, which are crucial for set guarantees.

At the labor level, for example, it ends up being decisive to present the necessary evidence so that some financial consequences do not continue to spread, this type of loss can be stopped through private investigation, for this reason we take care of covering each area with a broad sense of responsibility.

Faced with each complexity, the level of attention is increased so as not to miss those small details through which a case is usually resolved, where the vulnerability that arises in the middle of some deception can be left aside, for this reason each piece of information is You must verify in each portion so that you can anticipate some kind of crime.

On the other hand, the issuance of a final report has the reasoning of each evidence that is presented, being an absolute verification to constitute a clear image of resolution, for this reason they are reflected as irrefutable evidence, where various formats are also accompanied that recreate everything happened on some environment.

It cannot be omitted that in each private investigation we establish that forensic character that defines us, to become your best ally in any field, in this way clients find themselves with the clarity of our services, where each concern is addressed with the evidence that We expose about a situation.

The type of response that we issue is totally high, which ends up being crucial to locate people, this situation is established as an example to measure the forensic efficiency that characterizes us, where in addition to everything we have legal assistance so as not to lose the path of legality .

If you are looking for valid evidence that is not disputed, you should firmly opt for our private detectives in Palencia, we invest an extremely unconditional management, therefore you will be able to come across an important variety of results, because we are leaders in conducting a private investigation first level.

Each private detective that is part of our organization seeks to achieve a prompt resolution that makes a difference, where we use every technical resource that is involved to have a better data processing, where in addition to everything we have the influence of ethics and also precision.

The search for information is necessary with a quick starting point, because it is not possible to speculate about it, because the data is degraded, therefore the solutions must be presented with greater anticipation, therefore instead of observing that type of hiring as an expense, it becomes a guaranteed investment.

The understanding of all kinds of situations is put to the test when you have contact with the details of a problem, because through the expression of each client you can visualize the prompt resolution to that enormous problem that only presents a high stress load that you can avoid. with our service options.



The reality of running into private detectives in Palencia who have a license becomes an important guarantee and a feeling of tranquility, since we carry out this task of presenting evidence full time with greater property, in each area we respond with vital techniques and tools for more data.

Finding true results is part of the service that we extend, where your problems can be covered through that attachment to proving the truth in any circumstance, where we seek to issue quality answers, but with the touch of revolution that this kind of profession establishes.

The functions of our private investigators are sought to expand on any scenario, because it is the best way to offer an unconditional follow-up, which translates into the provision of an important benefit for each client, for this reason the list of specialization does not stop but progress over time.

Regarding the treatment of different problems, important alternatives are postulated, which serve to continue responding to future requirements, for this reason the faculty of each one of our professionals can be explored to another level, fulfilling that goal set to continue growing and leave in high to private investigation.

In each area we explore the resolution measures that can be adopted, so that in each circumstance that is going to arise, we can postulate a quality of seeking the best so that in each case we are more competent, extending the diligence that corresponds to the exercise of private investigation.

The effectiveness of the resolution routes that we establish as we work on a case has been demonstrated by the reputation that defines us, which is why each area that we cover makes us present this important quality of quality, because the concrete answers that we are capable of extend imply an enormous relief.

Every time more technical tools are implemented, an important management model is being built, to overcome the adverse circumstances that may be inhabiting some case, everything starts from that effective study of the cases, to be able to exercise the care that the situation deserves. .

Faced with so many refusals that you can receive with some type of organization, you can go to our services where you usually see greater nuances of resolution, because with the breadth of areas you can try different paths until you get to obtaining the evidence that is necessary to the case.

The great diversity of professionals that we establish at your disposal, you will be able to impose all kinds of requests, because this is the way to guarantee the proportion of data that changes the face of a case, where each client ends up being privileged to receive those results that so much waiting.

The expertise that we use to deal with a case ends up being the best response that you can get from a responsible service, because the exploration of the circumstances is first-rate and with a technical perspective, where you will have that objective approach that is difficult to grant. on their own.



The demands that are imposed behind each case, mostly have to do with haste, since convincing evidence is always needed more quickly to shorten that gap that has been established on deception, since even the slightest doubt is causing an immense headache you shouldn’t live with.

The concerns are presenting various havoc, instead of sinking into this great abundance of negative consequences, it can be answered through effective and conscious action, where quality must be above the problems in any circumstance, being fair of what We take charge.

Over time we always seek to provide that essential information that adds solutions to the situation, therefore the adjustment that our detectives cause is to impose themselves with a persistent understanding, where later the vocation that classifies us as specialists can be made a place.

In full work, the connection with the concerns of the client continues to be respected, therefore in the exercise of our functions we are able to provide those guarantees that every client needs to find, for this reason professional performance continues to point towards good results that reveal a deception. .

The tasks that are developed on each case end up being an effective impulse, where the tests end up being endowed with that expected validity, for this reason it is sought that the execution of each process is monitored from beginning to end so that it does not lose that management attached to the criminalistics where care is treasured with each test or finding.

The difference between going to a legal process in a traditional way, is that if they are about simple doubts, it does not prosper as desired, but with the personalized inquiry, enough evidence can be obtained to advance in the prosecution of certain situations on the judicial instance.

The attention that our private agents establish, ends up being key to sealing the effective closure of a case, as well as having that legal advantage when gathering the information that proves the commission of a crime, for this reason it is an opportunity to make that great difference on demonstration of certain criminal situations.

The contribution of specialization is obtained to have all kinds of evidence, there is no possible obstacle when processing any element, but rather we implement a high degree of variety of techniques, which support the demonstration of some fact, making a aside the complications altogether.

Choosing the right private detectives is thinking about our group of professionals, since they are highly trained to understand what the case deserves, therefore, in the face of each problem we can exercise exclusive attention, this is what allows your trust to be well deposited already that we are dedicated to providing you with the tests.



The solution is a firm reality on the skills of our private detectives in Palencia, where we seek to impose some action of justice on each case, because the mission is to present evidence that generates peace of mind, and above all that a case can be firmly concluded, this It is the help that everyone deserves to receive.

When sentimental aspects are involved, the case is mastered with greater precision, since through our professional career we gain discernment to handle all kinds of complications, we assume each case with that commitment that shields you, always with an air of optimism to provide solutions. .

The occupation of our experts extends to other areas where solidarity is asserted, to awaken that sense of occupation, leaving aside the inconveniences to have reliable evidence, always monitoring and follow-up is established with a high virtue of quality.

The adjustment of each of our services seeks to extend itself so as not to leave any problem without professional coverage, because with the intervention of our private detectives information can be collected much faster, as long as you seek to solve a problem as soon as possible, it will be worth it. hire our services.

The coverage of problems that have a great incidence worldwide, works as part of an effective methodology, where a large part of the conflict is avoided to make way for the solutions it presents, which is why private detectives are above other services. traditional.

Direct attention is a virtue that you cannot waste, that is why when hiring our private detectives in Palencia you get a view much more attached to the circumstances, this type of preferential treatment is what earns all the praise from clients. So you can’t wait another day.

The virtue of conducting a private investigation with a specialist clears the way for you, to present the evidence that concludes any uncertain scenario, when processing a case, it will not be a problem to venture to obtain evidence, but at the right time you will be able to count on a Well formulated final report.

An exceptional job is that carried out by our private detectives, maintaining a low-profile approach, so that the entrance to the scene works and provide evidence that is up to the task, which is why our service ends up being recommended, where do you get that endorsement to present this information in any environment.

The highly qualified vision is the main argument with which we respond, that is why we are capable of acting as it should be faced with any contract, you will always be able to receive that empathic treatment that reactivates trust, we also support any inquiry about advances in computing, with a forensic approach.

Everything related to the digital world is used as a crucial resource, since today with the use of social networks any panorama that seems adverse can be clarified, for this reason these types of utilities are used in your favor, as well as they are used for other kinds of purposes, they are also a source of information.



In the case of infidelity, we impose a clear attention to this type of circumstance, which is why we start with this situation as an example, as it is one of the areas that are traditionally demanded, which is why we also strengthen the level of response to this type of event, where a follow-up attached to technology is presented.

In the same way, the intervention on emotional causes has no end, since the subject of divorce is also included, this has a lot to do with it, because they are scenarios where the client presents certain pain, experiences each information with a type of reaction that is taken taken into account by our professionals so that you find stability.

Custody, assets and everything that is at stake behind a divorce, deserves that a private detective take action on this type of event, for this reason the best attention we exercise is to provide the evidence you need on time, leaving aside those bad intentions that the other person involved presents about the situation.

Each irregular behavior that occurs in an environment can be thoroughly studied by our specialists, when it has to do with questioned people, a pattern of behavior is established to determine their latest movements and thus collect information that is relevant to the case.

The coexistence of our private detectives in Palencia with the characteristics that the case presents is professional above all, we have the best in each area to work and invest the special care that corresponds, therefore when the task of locating people is presented, we always start from the small details to follow the steps.

The reconstruction of the movements and indications that are presented on a case clear the way, where missing persons and evidence in general that we issue, are imposed in time to clear up all kinds of problems that may arise, for this reason you cannot in the type of powers that we invest in each case.

In the midst of the great variety of professional areas, the robust side of computer forensics is also added, being a powerful tool to closely monitor all situations, the digital landscape cannot be neglected for any reason, since there are many possibilities of hacking , and the study of the profile of social networks.

The attention we provide at Grupo Arga is presented with an endless approach, since we have specialists who enjoy what they do at all times, we can also carry out important utilities such as electronic scanning, to free any space from espionage devices. .

In the end, the consideration and updating of the work of our detectives is only carried out with the sole objective of multiplying our functions, therefore, with greater knowledge, it will be possible to have control over the different requests that we receive every day, to which is added the significant incorporation of top-level technological resources.



The constitution of a highly professional team helps us to develop much more daring functions, that is, what were previously limitations for the exercise of private investigation, today there are more opportunities that arise, where we note that elemental value that presides over our knowledge.

Imparting great results when taking on a case is what you can have as a true guarantee of our services, since we take care of carrying out inquiries where the professional level that is necessary to bring to light the consequences of a deception is asserted, which is a reality by using that preparation that identifies us.

We are able to deal with all kinds of cases, which is why we have 24-hour service on receiving different requests, which are then scheduled to respond with the prominence that defines us, where each process ends up meeting your demands, however complex or simple that arises.

From the beginning, cases are presented that are ambitious, before these possibilities we do not give up, but neither do we base ourselves on action plans that are a fantasy, because the intention is to pursue realism and not play with the hope of each client, where our detectives Privates get involved with every detail.

The rapport with each case we deal with allows us to follow the pulse of the investigation with an authentic level of passion, where the whole intention is to collect the evidence that the case needs, especially in those adverse cases where the response by our detectives private must be effective.

Each topic is addressed only by the most suitable, so you will not have to worry about the level of expertise that is possessed, because this ingredient is guaranteed as long as you contract our private investigation services, where we maintain a detailed performance from the beginning to the end.

We take care that each case receives the tools it needs in each study phase, until reaching a deepening section, where that technical touch and legal protection are asserted to provide conclusive information, this allows us to fully dominate all the private investigation practices.

When it comes to going to a service that has different means of guidance, there is no doubt that our private detectives in Palencia are not going to disappoint you, we have an action prepared for cases of infidelity, location of people, fraudulent sick leave and others, everything at your disposal.

As long as you can enjoy this high level of specialization, you can be sure of having evidence that has an extreme guarantee, where each contract is responded to with high efficiency, especially to provide you with information that is useful about any environment that arises. .

We offer you the shortcut to the truth and the demonstration of the facts through each area of work, where we take care of complying in any instance, because we make up a response group for each sector, which means that we can develop all class of processes with the corresponding expertise.



Our private detectives in Palencia have the clear mission of manifesting the best effort to seek the truth, for this reason different areas of attention are channeled that serve to obtain answers for each case that we receive, this in turn helps us to cover your needs. just as you expect.

At Grupo Arga we always maintain the firm conviction of seeking to have contact with more evidence in a short time, therefore, before each claim, we seek that each private detective be a figure of hope and encouragement for you, because through the level of hierarchy that we impose we managed to perfect an action plan for your case.

The proportion of our services is recognized for the investment of experience that helps perfect that detective nose, since the true dedication that represents us is to seek answers in any event, especially using the quality that allows us not to overlook those small details revealed by the perpetrators of illicit acts.

Before the call to investigate there are no excuses, but rather we make ourselves feel with the commitment that is forming part of that attitude of private investigator which cannot be renounced, since you can have the aspiration that we present solid evidence in divorce cases , location of people, and any need that they present to us.

When working with a source of information, we carry out very exhaustive processes to always doubt, since otherwise we do not issue information that has not been ratified, but rather you will receive results that serve to get ahead in each situation, issuing the results that ends a deception.

The search for the truth is found in less time when you bet on the professional route, we are always capable of designing an effective action plan, but without losing sight of that ethical resolution at all times, since it is worth nothing to know the truth, if it is not affirmed with the force that corresponds to use it in a legal environment.

The support of the private investigation that we carry out is found through the accreditation of our private detectives, who are licensed to obtain evidence that have that level of accreditation that serves to do justice in any circumstance, especially because it becomes a great evidentiary item.

Our final report can be presented before any court, in addition to having the corroboration of our private detectives, being a final touch to reaffirm the value of the evidence we provide, this kind of professional testimonies, ends up imparting confidence and tranquility.

We have a reliable response for each situation, there is no limitation when responding with the attribution of these pieces of evidence, we test the ability of our private detectives, so that you can come with the freedom to run into the best follow-up within this profession.



The achievement of any private investigation is found through the hiring of true professionals, who do not judge you, and in all circumstances seek the appropriate alternative to collect information, where in addition to everything the existence of false data can be excluded and proven. .

The way to establish an action plan is due to the special vision, to delve into each of the present details about the case, seeking to establish this professional performance that is part of the detectives as a permanent condition, where the real mission is to leave the profession at the top.

The action is present on that important amount of resources and techniques that we are able to invoke in the case, for each sector, whether personal, labor and industrial, is well covered, where the effort that is above any intention can be exerted. to hide the truth about any environment.

The instinct to search for information and evidence is still awake on each stage, where those resolutions that we are capable of throwing can be noted, always working against the clock, granting the level of relevance that the case possesses, that follow-up is harmonious so as not to miss any detail.

By having our services, you find expeditious actions, always scaling towards greater efficiency, presenting a budget that can be adapted to a greater number of needs, and above all that can investigate all kinds of situations, due to the great variety of skills that presented by our experts.

Regardless of the situation that arises or the eventuality, we have the ability to transform ourselves into that loyal support you need, where we concentrate the best functions or responses in each area, since specialties continue to be our best virtues to face any event.

Strict attention is paid to each fact where our participation can be classified as a timely intervention, covering at all times the expectations of the client, where we can play a multiple role with the number of functions that characterize the new facet that we can manifest. currently.

The true reliability that represents us is found in the variety of professionals that accompany us, since we have differential knowledge to have that aspect of seriousness and personalization, since you come across a treatment that adjusts to the implications of the situation.

We carry out each investigation with an extraordinary pulse, because we read each problem as if it were something personal, under that feeling in our own skin is that the call to action that we exercise when we cover a case stands out, for this reason you will have empathetic assistance as a primary value.

To have quick and accurate results, you don’t have to think much, but rather place your trust in the figure of our private detectives in Palencia, you can communicate your problems with the greatest possible confidence, this is because we take control of suspicions to respond with firm evidence.



Why are you looking for a detective? Are you sure why you need a detective in the area where you are located.

You may be a legal entity located in Palencia or an individual who, like any other, has a past and a culture and normally interacts with many people every day. However, what is seen with the naked eye may not really reflect what a business with which you want to make a contract is up to. If you want to do a background check, many of the private investigators can collect and present evidence about the acts committed by businesses that are believed to have a good reputation.

You may also be thinking of investing abroad, you could face a risk of fraud. Professional investigators will check the business or individual with actual due diligence, to verify operations, registration, legal status, criminal and court records, reputation, profitability, and more.

These cases also include identity theft, which occurs when a person’s personal information is stolen and the criminal commits fraud or theft under that person’s identity. Unfortunately, researchers say identity theft is only getting worse, millions of dollars are lost each year as a result of identity theft, and hundreds of dollars and countless hours are spent trying to repair victims’ credit.

Private investigators can help determine who stole your identity and can create a report for you to take to the police. More importantly, expert investigators can advise how not to be a victim. If you recruit internationally or even locally, false CVs and backgrounds may appear that will put your company at risk. Companies that are serious about protecting themselves hire only the best, since they take these checks seriously.

Checking criminal records is not only a prudent verification method, for any company that wishes to hire new personnel. A private investigation checks each of the candidates you want to employ in detail and determines if the person is competent and qualified before committing. Welfare fraud, such as unreported income or abuse of other government assistance issues, can also occur within the company.

A private detective ‘s job is to identify all sources of income: they can identify all occupants of a household to ensure that reported income is accurate. In short, there are endless possibilities why you would like to hire a detective agency in Palencia, both private detective agencies and private investigators,

able to solve these countless more cases in which, in some way, you are involved.


There is much more to being a private investigator than just sitting in a car with a long camera lens. Many investigators work with companies to conduct extensive legal investigations, often in advance of large business transactions.

Private investigators focus on a few areas including extensive background investigations for companies considering investing in or buying a business, and collaborating with attorneys on complex litigation matters. They also specialize in locating hard-to-locate personalities. A certain group of private investigators can come together and form a group or agency of private detectives. In this way, they can form teams to collaborate in investigations and thus resolve cases in a more appropriate and accurate manner.


If you need to track down a person, monitor someone’s activities, or learn information, you may be thinking of hiring a private investigator (PI). With so many options out there, hiring the right private investigator can seem like a daunting task. Make sure you do your research before you talk to someone and be prepared with the right questions.

Decide what you want the IP to do. Private investigators can track down all kinds of people and information, but their skills can vary. Some are good at following people or digging up information, while others can track someone or something. Before you start looking, you need to be clear about what kind of work you want the IP to do so you can find someone with the right skills and equipment.

Looking for someone? Once you know what you’re looking for, start looking for names. Start with references, people who have used a PI in the past. If you don’t know anyone who has hired a PI before, start by flipping through a phone book or searching for investigators in your area using an Internet search engine.

Once you’ve found a PI, be sure to ask for references. These are people you can trust to vouch for the skills and abilities of the investigator. Once you have some references, go ahead and check. Hiring an investigator is not something you should do lightly, so make sure you know the person you are talking to.

Ask for a license, it is usually safer to trust an IP that is licensed by the state. Each state has different rules and requirements for a license, so the standards will vary. Still, if your state requires a license, you’ll need to make sure the IP you want to hire has such a license. The best thing to do when hiring a detective is to make sure that your private investigator has insurance that will protect you and him in case something happens during the course of the investigation.

When you start talking to the private detective , you should make sure that you feel comfortable working with them, since you will need to provide this person with confidential information and trust that they will treat it confidentially. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this kind of information with this person, it won’t work well with the PI. At the time of making the consultation, be sure to bring any information relevant to the case you want me to work on. This will vary depending on what you want the detective to do, but can include a variety of documents, photos, or general information.

The more detailed and concrete the information, the better it can be used by the professional investigator. When you are talking with the principal investigator be sure to ask how long they have been doing the specific type of work you are asking them to do. It is recommended to discuss their specialties, how long they have been working, and whether they have been deposed or testified in court.

Your first consultation will also involve the private detective asking you a few questions. You’ll want to clarify what you’re asking it to do and learn more about the information you’ve provided to ensure you can provide the best possible service. Private investigators do not normally charge for a consultation session, however the investigation can cost time and money, and you should clearly understand how much your investigation will cost.

In most cases, the private detective will charge an hourly rate, which will vary depending on the service you are requesting and the time it will take. You may also be charged for additional work-related expenses, such as airline tickets and long-distance calls. If you feel comfortable with the investigator and are ready to move on, call back to schedule a follow-up meeting and start your case. This meeting should be more complete, since this is no longer a consultation, but a real case.

Be prepared to provide any additional information that the investigator requested at your original meeting.



There are different services to which we can choose, this will depend on the selected agency, however, many of these companies provide different types of services among which we can mention.

  1. Fraud / Embezzlement Investigations:

You may be wondering if your company should use background check investigations. The answer is yes, it can help prevent future problems.

Too often, companies find themselves in a situation where assets are missing, books were not kept accurately, or bribes are taken.

Private Investigators can help you determine if the assets were fictitious, if improper payments were made, or if there were other misrepresentations.

Private investigators can also track down the guilty party through background checks, and asset searches that uncover the money trail.

  1. Risk of romance scam

Online dating is a booming industry, but with it has come exponential cases of fraud and scams. Posting profiles and photos is simple and fast, and anyone can do it, even criminals hoping to scam you.

Love scam victims lose more than money. Victims are often financially and emotionally devastated. Comprehensive background checks by real investigators are the best prevention for dating scams.

  1. Premarital controls

Marriage is a big deal, especially if it is a foreign bride or groom. Don’t start the visa process without knowing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth A skilled investigator can verify everything you know or think you know about an individual, prior to the wedding.

  1. Investment scam risk

Investment scams these days are unfortunately a dime. Fraudulent websites, fake companies, and endless possibilities are now targeting people and businesses.

High-risk areas for fraud are in countries like China and the United Arab Emirates, etc., but the threat is now global thanks to the Internet. It is more important than ever to properly verify with international due diligence.

  1. Stalker /Predator Investigations

For those who believe they are victims, it is time to act before the situation spirals out of control.

These crimes are often ignored and become a losing battle, but private investigators can help stop the threat and prosecute the stalkers.

In these cases, it is important to also work with law enforcement.


There are also services such as: labor investigations, personal investigations, patrimonial investigations of goods and assets, Compensatory Pension, Alimony, Custody of Minors and Modification of Measures of the Regulatory Agreement. Studies on intellectual property, feigned invalidity and contractual breaches. Location of people, Unfair competition, Investigation of de facto coexistence, Monitoring of people, Investigations on urban leases, controls of abnormal behavior of children and Obtaining evidence for lawsuits.


The prices of the detectives vary according to the activity that they must carry out, however the minimum cost that a detective can charge for surveillance and monitoring is around 70 to 90 euros per hour, these services can also be contracted for working hours, the which can come out between 350 and 400 depending.

If you want to contract a service of this type, it is likely that the standard rate will be surcharged by 50% of the price.





The prices of a private investigation in Palencia will never be enough if it is compared to the work used by the team of detectives of the Arga Detectives Group knowing that a detective is a professional person, dedicated exclusively to carrying out commissioned investigations and that they are called agents in many regions. worldwide, the price for their work is variable, for this reason the private detective agencies have been in charge of unifying these rates, where it will depend on the difficulty or complexity of what is requested.

Grupo Arga Detectives, check the prices and services offered by the agency in Palencia

The costs that the rates for private investigations in Palencia of Grupo Arga Detectives may have are small compared to the rest of the market, this agency is an organization that cares and takes care of its clientele, maintaining a service where its economy will be taken care of and you will get satisfying high-quality results.

It should be noted that the detective profession or simply conducting private investigations has become an essential need in Palencia, beyond a fad, to solve a variety of cases, the Arga Detectives Group has at its disposal a group of professionals in the field. , capable of solving or providing the material or judicial report, which are key when it comes to effectively completing a case in all private investigations in Palencia adjusted to the substantivity of each specific case.

Prices of a private investigation will be located in Palencia shortly.

The private investigations in Palencia managed by the private detectives of the Arga Detectives Group, offer constant surveillance in multiple places with the discretion that the client needs, always protecting the person who makes the request for the service, for this reason the company has generated, confidence and prestige in the Spanish territory, you can even speak at an international level, this being verified by other agencies and by the different judicial entities.

Highlighting its class in the proportion of the evidence, be it videos, photographs, electronic sweeps, computer forensics, as well as in different special areas of investigation that may not be so common. Knowing that prestige is the good name and influence that are recognized by achieving positive results, as well as those received in private investigations in Palencia , by the professionals of the Grupo Arga Detectives detective agency in both economic and in personal, labor, financial, commercial, among others

Finally, the prices and rates to be placed will depend on the complexity of the case or the evidence that you want the detective to provide, taking into account the quality of the photographs, videos and sustainability of the reports with judicial certification, it should be noted that if necessary the presence of the private detective in Palencia at the trial will have a great impact on the final decision despite the additional charge in relation to costs that the Arga Detectives Group may have.



From the point of view of agile investigation to all those who may wonder how much a detective is worth in Palencia , at the level of the operations that Grupo Arga detectives manages to structure, we can establish for all our clients in Palencia the best opportunity for investigative services both individuals as companies.

How much is a detective worth in Palencia is, without a doubt, an extremely useful question. However, it is worth noting that it is only answered by the generation of a service that deploys for each case a particularity of logistical and organizational resources, an issue that without a doubt promotes the best sense of resolution according to the needs of our clients.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we make possible the best investigative service for both individuals and companies. An example of this can be taken into account in the dedication that our agents give to their work with the aim of promoting the best possible response to any concern. investigative.

The services that we promote both to individuals and companies are not only developed by an agent or detective, but also by an organizational resource that is behind the performance of each operation with the aim of directing a sense of quick and consistent resolution. to the needs of our customers.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an agency that without a doubt promotes investigation services without equal to all those who need an investigative activity that is capable of responding precisely to a given situation, this without a doubt means that from our agency we do possible the structuring of infidelity detection operations, as well as any type of personal investigation that without a doubt can promote the best sense of resolution to all those interested in hiring us.

Asking ourselves the question of how much a detective is worth in Palencia is something that can be extremely timely when observing the cost-benefit ratio that we are going to obtain by hiring an agency that even has the power to promote an investigation service. with a high level of effectiveness, an issue that undoubtedly means that our requirements are efficiently covered.

But the work of Grupo Arga detectives, in this sense, does not stop since it also focuses on generating the best deployment of services at the level of corporate clients, an issue that undoubtedly ends up promoting an agile development by the companies that acquire some specific activity by our agency.

Grupo Arga detectives, deploys for companies investigations related to the determination of fraudulent sick leave, as well as with the generation of elements that serve to make possible the construction of aspects that undoubtedly end up being of great advantage for anyone who wishes to take the best possible decision in its corporate environment around this situation that can affect an entity in the long term with its cost structure.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we make possible the construction of elements that can promote the best sense of response for all those who wish to hire a detective in Palencia, this is how from our agency we manage a broad sense of operation for all those who wish to hire the best research service to clarify through technical expertise everything that can be conceived regarding research methodologies that can promote the best specialized data.

When we talk about collecting specialized data through our research techniques, we are undoubtedly referring to the construction of a Mystery Shopping investigation, which is capable of promoting the best sense of response towards the improvement of all the departments that have to do with the action of sales and customer service, since at Grupo Arga we understand that more than a few divisions these activities are a true premise of success within a private entity, by not establishing a correct management of them we can fall into malpractice of the implemented strategy.

Grupo Arga Detectives additionally promotes investigation services that make a safer environment possible at the level of electronic and computer security in companies, an issue that undoubtedly lays the foundations for an investigation service that can be made available to anyone who needs the professional research activities.


At Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to building an investigation process that undoubtedly has the capacity to provide the desired support to all our clients, this is represented by the fulfillment of a high quality service that without a doubt can represent the better sense of resolution to each of our clients.

For all those who want to know how much a detective is worth in Palencia , they should go to our portal to learn about the various services that we deploy from our agency, efficiently carrying out the personalized management of each case.

The construction of elements that allow a first-level investigation to be carried out for each case is very variable, therefore it is not possible to say exactly how long it takes to execute any operation for the client, this undoubtedly ends up promoting the best sense of resolution of a case at a time. raise the possibility that at the beginning of each operation we contemplate the opportunity to formulate some operating budgets that allow us to carry out an investigation service for the client based on a scenario of greater budgetary restriction.

The three action scenarios based on the availability of resources vary in terms of response times, however, they always end up being executed based on managing the expectations of our clients with the aim of completing them before the stipulated date.

At Grupo Arga, we do our best for Palencia! It is for this reason that we do not rest in providing the best possible service to all those who may be interested in building a logical pattern that can address all their concerns, that is why throughout our 10 years of service we do everything possible to support with great precision everything that is related to a remarkable execution of the private investigation.





If you wish to contact the Grupo Arga detective agency that provides its services in the province of Palencia, you can contact them quickly and conveniently through :

913 866 294/ 608 767 979 /



There are cases in which someone else is needed to investigate something we want, no matter what this case is, if an expert is needed then you call him, therefore you do nothing but hire the best detective agency in Palencia , in Arga detectives will show you why we are and why you should hire us.

No matter what the case is, or if you require a person to search for crucial information for you, also if you simply require someone to perform a people search for you, whatever the reason you need a detective agency does not matter because our detectives are specialized and prepared to deal with any search.

When you hire a detective from Arga detectives you are not only hiring a person, you are hiring the experience they have in the field, the times or the cases they have solved, you are hiring everything they have done as a detective, that is to say everything that can help you make or resolve a case quickly.



In addition to the reason that we offered at the beginning, which is that we are the best in the area to solve any type of case, we offer the best detectives that can be offered in this job, counting only on those who have the most experience, those who have the instincts of a sharp detective and that they can solve any problem that comes their way.

Our detectives are not only the best but they have the wisdom in most cases to be able to get out of any dead end that a clue leads them to, they are experts in unraveling any clue that can lead them to what a client wants, always and when possible, the detectives will do their job flawlessly.

Our detectives have the greatest experience, tools that help to carry out the fastest search, in addition to this they are one hundred percent legitimate and legal, that is, they have the authorization of the Interior Ministry to be able to practice, it is the only thing you need, a professional who can serve at a legal level to search for all kinds of information.



To be able to work as a detective you have to pass through a filter at least in Spain, that filter that we have to comply with as a detective agency in Palencia , it is that all our detectives have a university degree, this obviously has to be in the specialty or based on what a detective requires.

The detectives of our detective agency in Spain not only have this, but also have everything required to be a detective, a task that is not very easy today, since they require at least no criminal record, university studies and complete yes or yes with the detective diploma that will grant them their identification card.

In the event that you do not know, you have every right at the time you meet or hire a detective to ask him for his TIP or his professional identification card, at the time you do so you can verify his numbers and the date of broadcast at the Ministry of the Interior, to find out if he is a detective or just a fraud.

Our agency has a fairly strong filter that allows only the best detectives to work with us, since when they want to work in our agency we ask for all the requirements that the Ministry of the Interior requests by law.



As I mentioned before, in our detective agency in Palencia we have the best of the best when it comes to having detectives, but not only this, but they are the best in the field thanks to the fact that they are not only involved in carrying out a type of service, that is, they have the ability to find the desired information in different ways.

Our detectives are ingenious and can solve different problems that can be found in a case, as we have already explained, it is normal to reach a dead end street, therefore it is best to know that our detectives always have an ace up their sleeve to be able to find the information they require.

Said “ace” is given by the experience in the field and by the ability to know what decisions to make when encountering a crossroads, it is something that only the most expert and wise detectives can do, it is usually a quality that they acquire with the pass of the time.



Our detectives at the detective agency in Palencia do not specialize in a single field, they have the ability to adapt to situations, if necessary they can carry out a cyber investigation, they can also search and locate people or if necessary, they can serve as a witness speaking professionally because he knows the law.

Just as you are reading the specialized and experienced detectives always, in addition to getting to know the law while they study the career and specialize to be lawyers, they also have this information thanks to the fact that they need it, they are key witnesses when testifying before a jury .

What we mean by the above is that as a detective the word has a greater validity as a witness in the case of having to use it for a trial, it does not matter if what you were looking for was the information you needed to get a divorce or if you are only protecting yourself from complaints from anyone such as your employees.

Detectives become the key to any trial because they have the most important word after any eyewitness who has seen any case or crime, so if you have a detective in the field doing the investigative work you asked for he will be useful at any time, he is not a disposable person.



Our detective agency in Palencia is not only one of the best because of our fame, but we also depend on the good service of our detectives, since without them our job is just to advise people where to look for the best to carry out the investigative work. , if you want to know more about our agency you just need to contact us.





The scope that a detective has today makes him very important in terms of security issues, but it is not easy to choose a good one. In the meantime, Arga detectives offers you the best professionals for your comfort and well-being, however it is good that wonder why we are the best private detectives in Palencia?

Well, as you get to know our services and our way of working, it will not be necessary for you to look elsewhere since you will see why we are the best and most recognized, everything we do is with passion and dedication, always putting ourselves in the place of our customers to understand how we can help them.

We always seek to innovate and have increasingly effective and practical strategies that are adaptable and above all useful in various situations, since without that our work would be useless, as detectives we have the task of unmasking any situation that our clients are going through. and give a verdict that is verifiable before anyone.

Whether it is natural persons, as well as before any authority, because if all the work we do cannot be used in court, it will not be something one hundred percent useful for those who hire us because we have a duty to give them evidence. that can be used in any situation and that no one can question under any circumstances.

Many detectives believe that creating an atonement plan is their only duty and that with that they fulfill their work, but this profession has many branches in which to develop and we know how to do it, we like to be integral to be able to get where others do not In addition, we have specialists who work with us, allowing us to guarantee quality services.



In order to be able to work as a private detective, it is well known that the person must study, obtain his degree, must specialize in most cases, have knowledge of private security, and obtain the legal qualifications that allow him to practice this profession with all the of the law.

But a good detective goes beyond that, because in this profession various means are used to be able to find evidence and various points of view that allow solving any unknown, for this reason the studies of a detective never end, it is a profession of constant updating in which must be advanced as the generations do and even go one step forward.

In addition, a detective who complements his profession with other separate courses will be more useful than anyone who only studies the minimum that is required, for example, within the work of a detective is having to take photos, so taking a photography course at least basic will be of great help to complement the professional.

Just as you could also take courses on managing social networks, since many investigations today are through these and that the detective we hire knows how to handle this gives a great addition to his work and will even be taken into account before others . that just because they have a title they think they have done enough.

You may still be wondering why hire Arga detectives? o Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia? These are questions that you will be able to solve as you get to know us and see our work plan in action, in addition to the treatment we will give you is also a key point in our recognition as private detectives of excellence.



Finding a certified detective who also has experience practicing is somewhat difficult today where anyone who has a little knowledge wants to pass themselves off as a detective, and offering these services through the internet is extremely simple even though you do not have a legal training in this profession.

For this reason, it is more reliable to hire a detective agency that is already recognized and that its trajectory can be verified, we have infinite advantages, no job will be left halfway through or unsolved because the detective gets lost with our case and leaves us without a solution any, because this is another answer to Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia?

Since the agency has the duty to answer for them and the agency would lose more than you by contracting a service that was not fully given, because customers must be kept satisfied in order to continue growing as a business, so the The agency has the duty to provide you with a quality service, which cannot be left halfway.

Another advantage that you could obtain is that if you are not satisfied with the way the detective assigned to resolve your case works, the agency could offer you others to help you complete the case with the comfort that you as a client you deserve, ideally you should be introduced to someone you can feel comfortable taking your case with.

The advantages that you can obtain in an agency like Arga detectives are many, in addition to the comfort and security that you are dealing with true professionals is priceless to compare, because if you are already facing a problem, the last thing you want is that seeking a solution through supposedly trained private detectives generates another.



If you are facing a problem that requires security measures, irrefutable evidence and advice, it is always a good option to hire a detective who has legal qualifications so that in this way you can present your case before authorities who will give you the necessary and fair reprimands before your situation, what is not recommended is to hire it on your own.

Although there are many good detectives who work autonomously, there are currently more scammers who pose as these detectives to make a monetary profit from clients who need help and do not know where to find it, but for this we are a solid agency. in which you can trust any situation or crime that comes your way.

On the other hand, if you want to hire a detective on your own, you must be very careful and be very demanding with the service for which you are willing to pay, since there are many dangers involved in hiring someone from whom we do not have any endorsement or reference. of your work and the results it can bring to your situation.

You must demand that this person whom you contract verify that you have everything required by law to be able to practice and realize how you react to this, since, if you refuse to verify this, we may be dealing with a possible scammer, although sometimes it is even a detective who is professionally prepared but still does not meet all the requirements.

We emphasize these requirements because in this way you can verify how committed this detective is to his work, because if he does not have a commitment first of all for himself , he will have even less so with the case that you present to him. So as hiring on your own represents more than anything disadvantages, you will always have Arga as your trusted agency.



Having specialists is another of the advantages that we offer you at Arga detectives and another of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? Since having this complement allows us to have more complete answers that are endorsed by professionals in the matter of which the case deals, since each case is different and touches on specific issues.

These issues, despite the fact that we have private detectives focused on being more comprehensive every day, it is easy for us to deal with them on their own, because for this we have specialists in different subjects who meet the high standards that all our clients deserve, they are professionals who they have been trained in their area and that they have the skills to practice.

So regardless of the seriousness of the cases that we face, we have the ability to respond to them and not only as detectives, since we have this point of view that comes from professionals dedicated to different areas that espionage can encounter, this at In addition to being a relief for our clients, it is another advantage of hiring in our agency.

We always want to give you the best and most complete results, that’s why we look for more tools like this every day to give you an answer despite the fact that the situation is very complicated, because we don’t stay with the excuse that we don’t handle any issue, we always look for the way and the best options to be able to find the expected results.

For a self-employed private detective, being able to count on other specialists to help you on different issues would represent an extra expense that you as a client must cover, instead in the agency we have these allies who are part of the same price and it is mostly cheaper for you regarding the quality of service you will receive.



Normally the prices of the detectives are quite high, but in our case we seek to reduce those costs that sometimes seem to be unnecessary, that is why, unlike others that offer the service of private detectives that have a complete package, we have strategies that allow us to do our services much more accessible for you.

First of all, we make a price-quality relationship that turns out to be unique in the private security market, because we do not raise prices when they do not merit it, because we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients who, when they are going through some inconvenience, turn to us with the purpose to solve it without being more affected by this matter because of the price.

So over the years we have designed strategies that allow us to remove everything that turns out to be unnecessary and causes an exaggerated price increase, we focus on using only what is strictly necessary and we simplify our work, making prices sustainable and offer viable options to our customers.

This in addition to the fact that our prices for fees are set by the Association of Private Detectives of Spain, so you can be sure that they are fair prices that the law recognizes as such and we are not inventing anything to take advantage of some work, this is another of the reasons why many turn to us and our incredible and honest prices.

But so that it can still be safer of our hiring we have for you the free estimate service that is made to you before proceeding in the investigation of any case, through this estimate we show you all the expenses contemplated for it and we adapt them to your case so that You will have a complete customization at the time of hiring.



Together with any of the services that you wish to acquire, we offer you the possibility of having at your disposal extra services such as means of transportation, specialists in specific cases, surveillance fixed at times and places that you wish, the number of detectives that you deem convenient. , among other things that are within our power to offer for your convenience.

These extra things cause changes in the fees, however, you will be able to know the cost of them from the moment we make the free estimate and you request it, so each of our prices is transparent to you, since the confidence we offer it together with our services and advice because you deserve the best.

Another factor that can cause the price of the fees to vary is the amount of time in which the collection of evidence is going to take place, that is, the monitoring of the person who is being investigated , since you will have the amount of hours and the time that this procedure will be done, since many times evidence is found immediately and in other cases not.

The number of detectives that you require can also be obtained and this can cause the cost to rise, however, each and every one of the extra requirements that you need must be indicated at the beginning so that all this is adjusted in the budget and the waivers with respect to severity or type of case.

Putting your needs as a priority is another point that can give you the idea of why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? Because our hard work is due to you and that makes us want to give you more comforts and better services to the extent that It is possible for us, that is why our prices also take you into account and look for a way to make everything functional.



Primarily, a detective who wants to practice his profession must have studies that allow him to obtain the diploma that certifies him as such, so when hiring a private detective we must ensure that this document is presented to us in such a way that we can verify this from what Otherwise, you should doubt that person and his services.

This does not refer to the fact that we should doubt any professional that comes to us and that we want to hire, but rather that for a detective to work, he must have it, otherwise his services will not be useful to us, because a great detective is not due to his title but to his values, his vocation and his perseverance, but in order to be legally one you must have this document.

Of course, after this, the detective should have post-career studies to specialize as a private security professional, since this goes hand in hand with the work that he must do when exercising his profession, and it never hurts to continue learning more in this career that is one of constant learning and that each time has a broader range of action.

All the titles and other specialties studied that the detective presents to you must be recognized by the Ministry of the Interior since without this they are practically obsolete before the law, for this reason you must be attentive to all the details that you present to us, and you must be still but be aware that he does so, because it is time to doubt when he refuses to check them.

As we mentioned before, there are many courses that you should take as a good detective, so that you can learn how to use the tools that you must use in order to develop your profession in the correct way, since an excellent detective who cannot collect video evidence is useless. of actions that may be key to the resolution of a case.



There are many cases in which a detective will find the simple answers and the investigation will become easy, but most of the time the cases have complications that get out of hand and that is where the detectives must have the mental agility that allow us to see beyond the circumstances in order to respond to customer requests.

This is one of the characteristics that responds to Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia?, since all our detectives acquire this skill that makes our work easier, in addition to this allowing us to provide peace of mind to everyone who comes to us. contract, because there is no use putting more pressure on our clients when they look to us for solutions.

Another physical characteristic that a good detective must have is to lead a healthy life that allows him or her to have a balance and physical and mental well-being, since we face situations that require it, in addition to the fact that they must be very active to be able to face any challenge that may arise. is present, so we ensure the well-being of those who make up our agency.

Well, if they have stability and are in very good health, we will know that they are going to carry out their work in the best way and this will be beneficial for our clients, so they will have the certainty that in everything they need us we will be the best, this in very good hands and especially the most capable of exercising this arduous profession.

These characteristics, accompanied by our specializations and experience successfully exercising our services, have made us the best private detectives in the world, thanks to our extensive coverage that has no limits with respect to location, with our services we also seek to leave you with solutions that are prosper in the future.



Every detective must be constantly updated because, as technology advances, so are the crimes that are currently even related to it, it is increasingly common to see cybercrimes being committed and it will be a relief for you to know that We are prepared and we continue to prepare ourselves day by day for these and other situations.

Software updates and the newest devices to exercise espionage are also part of our agency, as they have become even essential work tools to be able to reach evidence that can be of great help to build a case with solid foundations . that its digital extraction is becoming easier to handle and present as evidence.

Tools such as microphones, night vision cameras, recording equipment, spy cameras, laptops and other tools that have already been tested and approved to be used as a resource to capture evidence in the field is what we have at Arga detectives and every day they are plus those that are added to our teams thanks to technological advances.

Of course, despite having all these tools that facilitate the detective’s work, they cannot do all the work, so we move forward trying to anticipate what may happen, and we do not trust technology at all because it can fail due to Therefore, our detectives have the analysis capacity to correctly use these tools.

But it should not be left aside that they are necessary on many occasions, such as in the collection of evidence, since an image or video could demonstrate with facts what attesting may not be entirely credible, in addition to that in front of the authorities They are valid evidence that advances the case further if they follow the protocols that the law requires to manipulate them.



In the follow-ups it is necessary to act in the most discreet way possible since it is essential so that the person who is being investigated does not know that this is happening because this could spoil the investigation, so our undercover detectives are the best option if wants to achieve a service like this in the best possible way, because they know how to proceed.

Along with surveillance and monitoring, we use means of transportation of your choice and the amount that you require, as well as two or more detectives who carry out this work, since two think more than one and by fulfilling different functions they can give with better results, this checks the Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia?

To develop this work we could use a motorcycle or a car, as well as both can work simultaneously to have different points of view and even access to the place where the suspect is, as well as we could be in two locations at the same time. same time having two vehicles to have all the research covered.

This type of service is the one that we carry out the most since it is also the basis for many other investigations, such as infidelities, tracking suspects, fraudulent sick leave, counter-espionage or if you want to check what the guilty suspect is doing or not in a certain matter, without matter the case we have the experience and the appropriate tools to be able to solve it.

The tools that we use mostly for this type of investigation are usually cameras that have very complete functions when it comes to needing different shots, ideal microphones to be able to capture conversations, night cameras in case they are required, eyelet type camera to be in cover and of course the professional who knows how to use everything together.



Thanks to all the technological tools we have and the experience we have acquired with respect to computer investigations due to your recurring requirements in recent years, we have developed computer investigations for you where we deal with all crimes produced by means of the computer, networks, the internet, etc.

Basically we enter the world of cyber crimes, which, like other crimes, have an author behind who seeks to benefit illegally from another person, or who is committing a crime and needs to be found, only in this case he is not physically and the way to find it is through electronic devices.

This technology and its constant advances have been very beneficial for all because they allow us to reach places where before we did not imagine that we would arrive, but its advances have also allowed the advances of the crimes that are committed through it, of course, more than a cause for concern should be an alarm to treat this as soon as possible.

The people who commit these cyber crimes when they are found will also get their respective reprimands according to the seriousness of the matter, as is done with most crimes, of course it takes a different investigation which we have already developed and to find the criminal should not worry because we already have the entire procedure covered.

Seeing our successful results when facing any situation, many still wonder why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? Well, we have everything covered, our action plans are excellent and are not closed to possibilities, we do not leave any gap open to crimes and we keep all the required protocols so that you feel safe.



This is a science that is based on the extraction of evidence, manipulation of the same and all the procedures that lead to being exposed, computer forensics are the ones in charge of carrying out this entire process and finding said evidence in any electronic device that are hosted, this may or may not be due to cybercrime .

By this we mean that since most electronic devices such as the mobile leave evidence of everything that is done through it , it is often a good source of evidence in different crimes that are not necessarily carried out through him, only that he gives us clues to be able to better develop the case, in addition to providing extractable evidence.

This represents a great advantage for us since these electronic tests are usually more exact than any other, many of them, if they are treated by our forensic computer professionals, allow us to know specific data such as the time, date, IP address and even when it was modified for the last time and for this reason they are necessary in many investigations.

An example of this is WhatsApp conversations because if the suspect contacted our client through the conversation, we can know when the last one was. You see that it was connected, personal data, where to locate it, the time and day it started, and it could even be tracked thanks to this telephone number , and this is a possibility that technology offers us.

So seeing all the possibilities that this technological world opens up to us as security professionals, we have a branch dedicated to this, specialized in dealing with cases that require this type of evidence or that want to eradicate the crimes carried out through it, turning it into another of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Palencia?.



This collection of evidence takes a series of steps that must be carried out with extreme care since for what is collected to be valid it must have gone through a successful process in which the facts found are not modified in any way because otherwise this will not serve us. You’re welcome during the investigation.

The first thing that is done is the identification of the background of the current situation, an acknowledgment of the facts is made and it goes deeper into the network to determine its integrity, it seeks to analyze the results to determine if they will pass to the next stage of investigation, since they must come from legal sources otherwise they cannot be used.

By having the tests already analyzed, those that were selected are passed to the preservation stage, this is where a technology is used to be able to apply the tests and in this way work on the copies without affecting or manipulating the originals in any way. This process is called bit by bit and it is applied to the entire disk to be analyzed, this is where the backup chain is given.

Having this, these duplicates are passed to analysis, passing everything obtained by scientific techniques that help identify certain behaviors, patterns or characteristics in what has been collected so far, this is basically a forensic process stage, because here you can Learn more about the person behind the crime by following everything he has done online.

After completing these three steps, we can now manage the activities carried out in the system that we managed to investigate, so a profile of the suspect can be determined or something that brings us closer to finding him, basically we already have various conclusions, which will now be the final stage, that is, the presentation before the law, or before the lawyers, by means of a report.



Thanks to the expansion of social networks, a breach of crimes has been opened through them, often due to the ease of use, because very private information is published, or because of misconduct hidden behind usernames. false, here we can find thousands of crimes that could come from anywhere and we will take care of finding out.

We have a team that has specialized in searching through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In them you can trace the origin of criminals who may have used these networks as a means to carry out their crimes, our detailed investigations will allow us to identify the evidence to discover any crime.

Social networks, when used for different purposes such as making themselves known, advertising a company, giving information about a celebrity or those for personal use, can handle different types of information which could be hacked either to falsify it, defame to someone or a company that offers their products, to spread false information, among others.

For this reason, we have different action plans depending on the situation, since there are various reasons why someone would want to commit a crime through this tool, and even more so now that so much important information is handled through them and since they are easily accessible, many times we think that they are completely safe when the reality is different.

But so that you can continue to develop in social networks, either for your business or for your personal use, we know how to provide you with measures that will keep you and all the information you have on these social networks protected, so that you do not have to leave them. aside, but you will learn to use them correctly and safely.

This service is another one that responds to Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia? Since we think about your security through any area in your professional or personal life, unlike other agencies we adapt to modern life and understand that advances are good, but they must be treated with care and cannot be trusted. everything.



There are various security measures that can be taken into account for protection in social networks, as there are different situations where we as computer experts can offer you our services, some of them are:

  • Harassment, this can be through false accounts, anonymous accounts or the account of someone who seeks to harm you through this social network, either by insisting on some topic through chat dialogues, looking for private information to blackmail you, contacting your friends to find out more about you, among other situations where it harasses you.
  • Plagiarism frequently happens when information about you is taken without any permission to create alternate accounts that seek either to steal your virtual identity or to defame your reputation, in these situations it is usual that your photos are also used to impersonate you by different reasons, for whatever reason it should be reported.
  • Fraud, this is usually inclined towards the promotion of some service or article on social networks and many times customers pay for it without knowing that they have been victims of a robbery, but for this we are here, who will help you find the scammer and we will not let this situation affect you or anyone else.
  • Policy violations usually occur due to what is published by companies that does not match their policies or protocols, this can cause a lot of trouble and can be due to an error in the marketing team or other internal problems, it can also be due to a third party that do not respect the confidentiality that I accept at some point.
  • Location of missing persons, networks are a tool that can allow us to obtain the location of a missing person, since they record the places where the person who has the cell phone or someone close to them who publishes their location and thus allows us to obtain track to find that person’s baker.



The computer detective, when requested for the investigation in social networks, proceeds to collect all the information that is useful to solve this case, first it is based on the collection of data from said networks, but since it also has the necessary knowledge to be able to navigate and find relevant information on the net.

This information will help you to complement everything found so that in this way you can join pieces and find the answer you want to find, through this investigation, the extraction and duplication of the data found, first, you can have evidence or indications of what is being sought and second, this may be presented in court.

Of course, in order for this to be presented legally, it must follow a series of requirements demanded by law, which is why duplicates are required, that they be from solid sources and that the originals were not manipulated in any way, since if they do not comply with any of these requirements, nothing found will serve to give justice to said case.

Finally, being sure of everything found, the detective can proceed to make a report detailing the facts and giving conclusions that may be useful to the client, with this the investigation is concluded, so if you want a This guy has no doubt that at Arga detectives he will have the best attention not only in this type of case, because we are comprehensive.

The excellent results that we obtain through these investigations demonstrate why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? and beyond the words they demonstrate it with facts.



  • Cleaning of online reputation, is the service in which a cleaning of all the public information is carried out that due to bad intentions of some person has affected our client, who wishes to preserve his integrity as it was before and for this reason he has contacted us.

This service, thanks to the growing disinformation that exists on social networks, is increasingly common than is thought, since when false information is leaked or that leaves someone in a bad position, it is shared to such an extent that it affects life. privacy of the person who contacts us in order to get rid of this.

  • Workshops or talks on the safe use of social networks, we offer these audits in order to present all the consequences that can be caused by using social networks lightly, because as we already know all the dangers they represent, we feel responsible for teaching their proper use and prevent more crimes from occurring in them.
  • False information, the detection of this information from unreliable sources is the service we provide to be able to confirm or remove information that has been raised in order to affect someone by making assumptions without any basis to support it to affect our client or for the fact that this being so shocking has gone viral.
  • Detection of Authors, here we take care of tracking everyone who is being the author, whether it is false information, plagiarism, slander, identity theft or any other crime and hides behind the screen, for us it is possible to find that person to pay properly for his crimes and be brought before the law.
  • Detection of IPs , through this service we can know the location from which the suspect has been operating, which can be of great help to locate him and thus prevent him from continuing to commit more crimes, we have the tools to be able to get these IP despite the fact that some are private we are not left without options.
  • Tracking and analysis of vulnerabilities, we also take care of preventing this type of crime from happening or from happening again, so we look for any vulnerability that your devices have to reinforce their security, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to any danger in networks or on the web.



The chain of custody is the procedure by which the integrity of the evidence is guaranteed in every sense, this is carried out first before the analysis of each of the collected evidence, so that a point of comparison can be had after the analysis and so on. determine that the evidence has not been tampered with or affected in any way.

Well, these must have the same state in which they were found during all the procedures until the moment of their destruction, if they deserve it, but basically they must be kept from beginning to end in the same state, since it is what will guarantee that they are solid and that accurate results are found without affecting the result.

Well, if the tests suffer any modification, these could affect firstly so that they are taken, but this is because you cannot trust tests that do not have the state in which they were found, since there could be a manipulation that leads to erroneous results. and when it comes to a crime you want to find the suspect and not some innocent person.

In the worst case, what could happen is that they are affected in such a way that they can no longer show the results that are needed and the opportunity to find the suspect is lost, thus losing an important clue. This integrity from the beginning must be taken care of by the notary, who must publicly demonstrate through a document that he is.

This notary should only advocate for the integrity of this evidence when it reaches his hands, otherwise he should not proceed with this, but to guarantee that the evidence has not been altered in any way, no matter how minimal, at the time of its extraction, the notary must be present, as in its duplication in which the investigation will be applied.



Mobile phones are currently an important part of our daily lives, so they store a lot of important information that we must protect because it affects our personal lives, but, just as social networks are affected, manipulated and hacked , this could also happen to our cell phones, which would be even more dangerous and intrusive.

But to solve this type of eventuality, he has us, since this is attributed to Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia? We adapt to modern problems and crimes, since everything that represents a

danger to your safety worries us and that is why in a situation like this you will not be alone in no time.

In the event that your phone is the victim of a hack , it is a sensitive issue for which you should contact us immediately, although many times you can be a victim of this crime without being aware that this situation is happening, for which is necessary that you be very attentive to any irregularity that your mobile is presenting.

But not everyone can take charge of this type of crime, not even a private detective, because computer experts are the professionals in charge of solving this type of crime in the correct way, they are also the ones who know what protocols and methodology they must use in order to provide solutions and prevent this type of situation from occurring.

The forensic computer scientist, in addition to being in charge of solving this, is the one who preserves and is in charge of ensuring your safety, which despite being going through this crime should not be affected by what this will allow you to recover what was contained in your cell phone and could also clean your reputation if it has been affected , so everything will be well covered with us.



Many times identifying at first glance that our phone has been hacked may not be an easy task, since the criminals behind this feat are mostly looking to go unnoticed so they can get what they are looking for without being bothered and without the person knowing. alarm and take the necessary actions to solve this situation.

We could begin to notice that this is happening if there is activity in the networks that you have not carried out, in the downloads, in the history, or if there is any change, no matter how small, that you do not remember having made, since in this situation the person behind this crime has remote control of the cell phone as if it were his own and can access everything it contains.

Another way to know or get an idea that this situation is occurring is to see personal information to which only you had access, as well as to observe the misuse of it and realize what is going on . a hack in which they want to get your information and leave you in a bad way by altering it, damaging your image and violating your privacy.

If unknown messages are received or sent, apps that you never searched for are found or the phone is downloaded without using it, it could be another sign that your phone has been hacked , because someone is manipulating all those things without your consent, if they are perceived these things from unknown sources, it is best to delete them as soon as possible and go to our computer experts.

Seeing that unknown pop-up windows are generated or a strange noise is heard in the background at the time you are on a call, it could be a sign that the hacker is recording it and in this or another movement that you notice strange, it is best not to wait that the situation continues to worsen, because you have us who will assist you at the time and hour you require.


We know that after facing this situation and giving progress to the case, making the criminal receive the reprimands granted by the law, there are consequences of this crime which our computer forensics seek to repair and provide again the comfort that was taken from you without you. realized.

So for this, the IT person, having the necessary knowledge to exercise, can perform a restoration of the data that was taken from him, everything that was exposed can return to its original owner and can also be protected so that he does not feel exposed to facing a situation like this again.

Well, in response to Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia? we are committed to obtaining all those unprotected points that this crime has generated in order to once again provide security to your mobile and all the information it contains, also after this you can perform analyzes again.

In this way, we can ensure that there is no residue, whether from malicious applications, viruses, remote recorders that are still monitoring you, or anything else that is found when doing this new analysis, because our service is complete and that is why, in addition to solving the situation we want to guarantee that none of this will affect your mobile again.

But already knowing the dangers that your mobile can face with respect to hackers, we recommend that you be careful with everything you download from unreliable sources on your phone, as well as be aware of those suspicious reactions that it generates because the mobile has so many tools to make things easier that it can even make a crime easier.



First of all, we want to clarify that any type of threat or harassment that you receive and even witness must be reported to private detectives immediately, since we will ensure your safety and put you out of danger immediately when alerted to a situation of this type. because they are cases that must be treated as quickly as possible.

Our computer experts are also trained to deal with this type of crime when they are produced through some means of communication such as emails, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other, since a crime such as harassment, threats or insults must be treated with the same seriousness than when this is produced in physical.

That is why we have the ideal tools to be able to delve into cases of this type and find those people who are behind this crime, because, like any other, it involves an investigation, analysis, results, reports,

until reaching a trial where the law is responsible for putting that person in his place.

Well, technological advances allow us to be in communication, but they have also opened the way to this type of crime and that is why we go one step ahead, always thinking that your comfort is not affected in any way, not even by an anonymous person on the internet, Well, despite the fact that this seems insignificant, the harassment may not remain only in text.

Well, just as they start out as comments or messages, this can grow into a physical encounter in which your safety will be put in danger for not having given it the importance it deserves on time, but you should not worry because solving this type of crime is another of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Palencia?



Social networks give us the possibility to connect with many people regardless of their location, share photos, publicize our talents, promote brands, connect with an audience, sell, undertake and many other possibilities that this modern era opens up to us, but this it becomes dangerous when the improper use of users threatens the identity of the other.

Well, many times what identity theft happens, either by posing as another user, by some brand or a virtual store, this with the purpose of compromising the moral integrity of that person, making them look bad, copying their data illegally. , scamming others through the stolen profile or simply using another’s identity in an illegal way.

Well, despite the fact that this happens virtually, affecting the reputation of another person or stealing their identity makes it a crime and threatens the safety of that person, in these cases our forensic computer scientists apply their knowledge on virtual platforms along with their capabilities of detective to be able to give justice to a crime of this type.

Not for nothing many wonder why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? since we do these services with the quality they deserve, cleaning up our client’s reputation and giving him back the virtual identity that was stolen, in order to repair the damage that the criminal caused, making sure that his security is not affected again.

In addition, for this type of situation, laws have been developed that allow the regulation of the actions carried out on social networks and other platforms, in order to prevent this type of crime since the frequency with which it currently occurs is alarming and previously not These dangers were taken into account on digital roads, but now they are dealt with by law.



If at any time you feel that your privacy is being invaded in any way, you should contact us immediately as you may be submitting a monitoring case through your computer, mobile phone, etc. Well, within the tools that these technological devices provide us, there are also ways in which they could spy on us.

This can happen through spyware, gadgets or applications that are intruders on our mobile devices, computers and even smartwatches , since any technological device can be the bridge for someone to spy on us through them, as this could be developed through the cameras and microphones that almost everyone has today.

Therefore, just as these technologies are a great tool in our lives, they must also be carefully analyzed and be aware of any attack that may come from them, we should not trust anything, so if unknown applications are noticed that we do not know about where they came out or were installed by us, let’s start worrying.

As well as if the battery wears out in a strange way, if the phone starts to work strangely, the applications close, there is a noticeable overheating despite the fact that the mobile has not been used as often or if it If you feel observed by any of your devices, you should notify us immediately.

Since the least you want is to put your privacy at risk, because we will act until we find the person or persons responsible for this crime. We currently have laws that range from a fine to years in prison for people who commit these crimes through the tools that technology provides us.



There are many malicious programs for our electronic devices that seek to erase the data that we have stored in them, this can be a serious tragedy since in the present we usually store more important information digitally than in traditional ways, thanks to the ease that this offers us and the storage capacity they have.

So when we lose all the information that we had, whether on the mobile, tablet, on the computer or another device, it is a situation that seems to have no solution and for whatever reason, they will want to recover this data, because they are of the utmost importance or they do not belong to us and deserve to return to our hands, for this we have developed this recovery service.

The deleted information recovery service uses the tools that we use as spies to be able to track what caused the loss of information without the person’s authorization, in order to recover each file, image, audio, program or whatever was lost from moment to moment and want to recover.

most common reasons why these sudden losses of information occur are due to viruses, Trojans, malware or illicit programs that have been developed by criminals in order to access your information, personal, corporate and even data as private as bank accounts. and your passwords, thereby stealing your private information.

But if you are going through a situation of this type, you have us and our experts so that you do not go through the consequences of having fallen into some of these infected programs, we will return everything you have lost at the hands of this crime, thus demonstrating the ¿ Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia ?



Computer hackers who steal information from their devices are increasing every day, for this reason we should not trust any program of dubious origin since it could cost us dearly not to be careful in this, since they are crimes that every person who manages technological devices is exposed.

These hackers are capable of designing programs or inserting codes that infect our devices either to see, listen or steal our private information, that is, everything that the device on which this program was installed contains, even this situation can reach the point of that your computer is controlled not only by you.

Well, there are many tools that allow you to manage either the computer or the mobile phone of another remotely, as if you were accessing your information yourself, only someone else does it as if the device handled itself . This can be extremely dangerous as they can even impersonate you.

Since by accessing your information or controlling your device you have access to a world of possibilities from calling your loved ones for extortion by accessing your contacts, to stealing money from your bank accounts by acquiring your password and all the data that only you should know, therefore it is a serious crime that must be treated with the utmost delicacy and caution.

We will help you resolve situations like this and we have the necessary tools to be able to return what was taken from you without your consent, but in addition to this we provide you with preventive measures so that you do not have to be in a situation like this again, because we are all prone to for something like this to happen to us.



That your information was stolen through the aforementioned malicious programs developed to steal cybernetics is a serious crime that if not treated in time could not stop affecting you at that point, because regularly those who seek to obtain your information not only They remain there since they take this to benefit more and more from you.

Firstly, it could be to earn money since with all your bank details it could empty your accounts and not allow you access, not even to be able to block them and prevent them from being usurped , but on the other hand it could also serve to extort money and get even more profit from you.

Well, not content with making you go through these bad times, the criminal could use this information to extort money from you, let’s remember that he has access to all your personal information to the bad guy and stealing your identity or impersonating you will not be enough, so he can ask for money from exchange for not revealing your information or not harming your loved ones.

At the time this person obtains our information, he does not have many limits that prevent him from making his life a disaster in order to get all the benefit he can from you as a victim, but all these crimes can be reported and to guide him to this we are, we We will take care of finding everything that brings us closer to the criminal.

In addition, by treating you in time we will not let a situation like this transcend or continue to take advantage of your vulnerability because having private information in the hands of a stranger is normal for you to feel unprotected and disoriented, but we will be your best ally in these cases and You will understand why we are the best private detectives in Palencia?



Detectives Palencia

These security audits are aimed at both business technology and natural persons, therefore, anyone who needs to obtain tools that protect their virtual security and that of their technological devices, can use this excellent service that we offer you in Arga detectives.

Some cases for which people resort to these security audits are for hacking their bank or other accounts, password hacking , identity theft, information theft, illegal leaking of private information, harassment through a network of communication or any other crime for which he has passed.

Although they are also used to prevent a crime such as those mentioned above from happening to you or your corporate network, since these digital crimes affect more than is believed, for example, in companies the loss of confidential information regarding some product or some strategy and this information falls into the wrong hands in a problem.

Since it may be that with this information the company is discredited, as well as they could also be extorted by the person who acquired this information since in exchange for returning it they want a sum of money, shares or even part of the company, so Safeguarding information and providing the security that all processes deserve is important.

This is not only important to avoid the loss of information, but also because files, platforms, customer lists or other things that affect the administrative processes in the company could be manipulated, as well as the fact that the criminal is observing and listening to everything. through devices, this in the case of companies.

But there could be several cases that occur thanks to poor prevention in our technological devices, since many times they are treated lightly and this ends up affecting everything that we contain in them, just like a computer security audit carried out by our experienced experts. forensics could fix and prevent it from ever happening.



The electronic sweeps are carried out in order to find an entity outside the knowledge of the client that contacted us that is monitoring the place either through audio or video, since there are many devices that are so small that they can pass unnoticed and expiate any installation without realizing it.

This can occur in a work area which would be extremely dangerous because it would expose the issues that are treated confidentially or that are only handled by work personnel, so protecting information of this type has become a necessity and the sweeps electronics are an excellent option in cases like this.

Another example in which a service of this type is needed could be in a car that transports some famous or powerful figure that you want to investigate or have enemies that want to know more information about this person, in cases like this we can also perform sweeps since the devices fit in these means of transport and it would not be difficult to place one on them.

The successful outcome of procedures such as electronic sweeps are other characteristics that it contributes to the concept of Why are we the best private detectives in Palencia? because we have been very useful for many people who want to keep the procedures they want to perform low-key and who can’t find a way to make sure that nothing will atone for them.

For these scans we use tools that help us detect either by the transmission of the content, by the material they are made of or by the clues that guide us to find these smaller devices that can be well hidden and thus not be seen by our clients, but no matter how unnoticed they go, we will find them.



These electronic sweeping procedures are usually used in meetings of great importance, parties, facilities or meeting places where sensitive issues are discussed that cannot be handled by anyone who is not invited to this meeting, then the need has arisen to have greater security.

Well, technological advances have allowed these important calls to be expiated by devices that sneak into the facilities very easily, due to this we are included as anti-espionage tools to be able to investigate if they are among the guests to listen to the topics that e those important meetings to deal with.

Mostly it is the meetings of governments, secret associations, big businessmen, people with a lot of power and occasions where a high level of discretion is required that we are sought to perform this type of services, in addition to being one of the best agencies that provides services of this type, which has shown reliable and quality results.

In order to perform these services, we use tools that reveal why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? Some of them are radio frequency detectors that help us in the event that the device transmits live, electromagnetic detectors that detect the device even though it does not transmit anything, among others.

Another of the tools that we usually use is the technical camera which is responsible for making a survey in the environment to detect through some irregularity if a device wants to sneak into our client’s meeting, because despite the fact that we have other tools to detect the devices some are usually very well hidden.



In our agency we handle very high and strict standards that have helped us filter all our detectives and specialists so we are certain that we work with the best and most prepared, in addition to this we handle ethics as detectives that raises our services to a higher level.

But if after knowing all the advantages and services that we offer for your well-being, you are still wondering why we are the best private detectives in Palencia? We invite you to witness our way of acting before the crimes and requests of our clients, because our incredible actions and results will solve all your doubts.

In no case do we run out of resources because we have the best detectives solving all kinds of irregularities, and we have the best tools that we constantly update so that modernity does not win us over in any situation.






The best detectives in Palencia prices , are available to anyone who wants to execute a top quality service towards the management of an element that without a doubt can provide the best sense of resolution towards a specific problem, from Grupo Arga detectives, we make viable the construction of elements that without a doubt can generate the best solution for companies.

Our detectives in Palencia prices , without a doubt, are the product of a highly tangible sense of specialization when establishing the best resolution criteria for each situation, which is why from our agency we operate with the best sense of investigation towards companies and individuals.


Our detectives in Palencia prices compared to those of any agency make the promotion of an investigative agenda in charge of a case, the smartest option that we can take at this time, mainly motivated by the fact that it is leaving this matter in hands. of experts.

The achievement of accurate elements of investigation through our investigation in Palencia, without a doubt, promotes various benefits and advantages for all those who are in need of a quality investigative process, which is why our agents always intend to operate from excellence, thus promoting the best possible service.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we make it possible for the prices of the investigations compared to the collection of evidence and the investigative quality of each case to be highly representative for all those who wish to hire a private investigation service, which is why we establish the best sense of resolution to a problem that needs to be elucidated with a high sense of expertise.

This technique is known as the application of the mysterious client where, through a highly expert process, our agents can use the investigation technique that is related to incorporating one of our agents incognito in the purchase processes with the objective of capturing concrete way in which said company is deploying its shopping experience process.

This provides several advantages since the detectives are not only left with gathering important data but also with talking to other buyers in order to have an overview, through these elements they can satisfy the companies that are currently looking for such as generate customer loyalty, an issue that is undoubtedly possible to achieve as long as there is a solvent process and that it is capable of transforming and improving over time.

But the activities of our Arga research group here do not cease, it is for this reason that the Arga group mainly offers a wide range of research services also to individuals, an issue that undoubtedly promotes a high sense of response to anyone who cares. to solve some

n aspect related to his life.

At Grupo Arga detectives we promote a high sense of specialization and response for all those who wish to hire a detective, making possible through a great sense of operability everything that has to do with the structuring of activities that lead us to an investigation process by infidelities, or personal investigations, as well as any other operation that may involve a tailored investigation.

Through the operation of our detectives, Grupo Arga tailors its operations through the articulation of various investigative operations that can efficiently resolve everything that has to do with the execution of processes that can allow the search for antiques, or also that can find the whereabouts of documents.

Through our Detectives in Palencia prices , our agents also offer a digital investigation and electronic security service at the best cost, for anyone who may need a highly reliable investigation process, around the management of investigative elements found linked to the specialized management of an investigation set under the electronic and digital modality, this being a highly relevant trend.

The digital investigations that are carried out through our services in Palencia, promote as a great advantage the fact that our different types of clients can take advantage of a process that is linked to the structuring of a research context in 2.0 spaces of high attendance, since they are currently also prone to fraud schemes, identity theft, violation of security protocols and organized crime.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we make it possible for those who may be interested in hiring a first-rate investigation service, without a doubt, to establish the possibility of leaving this matter in the hands of those who know, such as an investigation agency, question that undoubtedly serves to manage the coverage of the needs of all our clients.

The execution of specialized processes through our detectives in Palencia prices , are guaranteed through a training process that without a doubt can provide the best sense of training in our agents with the aim of providing a high quality investigation with the best price, an issue that we have in mind from Grupo Arga detectives.

Our processes are related to the execution of practices that manage to satisfy all our clients, they come from the hand of our detectives in Palencia prices, In Grupo Arga for Palencia we have the best!

The investigative quality displayed by our detectives in the field is synonymous with their dedication, as well as with everything that may be related to providing a top quality service to the community of Palencia.

It is for this reason that from our agency we make viable the operation of a research scheme that is sufficiently solvent around the management of the needs of all our clients. In Grupo Arga you will find the best!







One thing is to become the detectives of Palencia and quite another is to become the best and cheapest detectives in Palencia . That is what Grupo Arga tries to visualize when entering the Castellón market, which, as if that were not enough, is one of the most

traffic of people from all communities attracts, a bargain for our services.

What doesn’t harm one side won’t harm the other either, us arriving, and your problems leaving and never coming back, that’s what we aspire to.


Cheap detectives for a community in trouble

It could be said that the genre by which the adventures of several of the private detectives of all kinds are given is to conceive with special dedication the circumstances of a certain class of people in a certain area and thus confront all the cases on that basis. that they are agglomerating in the headquarters of the agency.

A simple but lasting strategy that has given nothing but good results wherever it has been developed and that, for our part, is not the error in the test, the needs being clear both for which we are granted as well as a prolix investigation and analysis structure. of the elements of Palencia, like ours.

For our part, we know of the ills that afflict the community named Palencia, and we know that like any other, it retains problems that, perhaps differing from one another, give time for each of these to see themselves well challenged by the eyes, ears and touches of the best private detectives in Palencia, who of course have the Arga behind.

Governing all those market possibilities as an agency of national proportions, Grupo Arga has given a much greater scope than imagined, serving as an asset to be able to establish a direct relationship with each of the risk areas that Palencia faces and thus , therefore, to be able to obtain the formulas with which to reduce expenses.


Low expenses in Grupo Arga detectives

The maxim with which the average citizen disseminates his thoughts regarding private detectives is undoubtedly the price, although this is not going to detract from the rest of course. Because of course, one thing has to do with the other and it will not exempt anyone as much as the

payment if this is not reflected in the results that are expected to be mitigated.

The definition therefore corresponds to a set of data that is enumerated to the millimeter on which the location and the conjunctural context of a certain social area is implemented on the needs, the objectives and of course, the economy that each one of its citizens has and the regiments that the prices have with respect to establishments by law.

What we want to imply is that, for one part or another, the cost structure is always something that is very much in mind, both for the client and for the agency, as is the case of Grupo Arga, which show clear examples of cost structuring that experience clear examples of adaptation according to the needs of the region.

But this is not only the case, of course not, because what makes a cheap detective in Palencia is not to be or be assigned to a region, but to be based on a series of characteristics of the cases that are given according to the client or the series of them that keep the tap open for the highest quality executions of our possibilities.

Because although it is true that the needs change from one case to another, even the changes that are experienced once the case is entered can be tangent to the need to execute other tools that, to the surprise of many, at Grupo Arga we make the effort to apply at the lowest price but with the highest quality on the market.


A tariff balance process in Grupo Arga

The description of an investigation in terms of needs is usually literal, an investigation represents a large amount of resources spent on which not only the time of immediacy with which the case is established, but also with the countless number of tools used for it.

That of course means that the rates at Grupo Arga Detectives experience both rises and declines in terms of the cost of the service, but without a doubt it ponders the most exact ones to whom to leave your money in order to consolidate yourselves as the true experts in finance, well, as it is normal, cheaper and better in quality is equal to greater production.

And it is that the assumption is clear, the objectives that have been given based on the needs of both companies and citizen personalities have come upon us, but not in a negative way but quite the opposite, because they have even turned the in detective fees, causing prices to tend to fall in general.

So if there is an appropriate time to opt for a cheap detective in Palencia , it is the one we are going through right now, because no matter how much we conceptualize finances, the result of yours can be disastrous if you do not go with the who really know about them.


Grupo Arga in constant stimulation in Palencia

Prices are a window to the opportunities that private detectives represent, an ornament of informants who govern that information at the service of our client patrons.

For these reasons, it is clear that Grupo Arga does not skimp when making downward balances, knowing that as the market rises, the possibilities are increasing and, therefore, they are equipping themselves with greater possibilities of winning.

For this reason, Grupo Arga arrives with its best cheap detectives in Palencia , to give and receive what the community needs at the best possible price and quality.




Persuasion and being involved in a network of structural operations are some of the most evident skills of the labor detectives in Palencia , who in turn show off being able to conceive of themselves and their investigative work as a

composition of the derived concepts towards a perennial legality.

This is clear when they are made to interpret an area as well designed legally as the labor area, which for ethical and moral principles has given profusion of characteristics that only a detective with these characteristics can carry out.


Who are the detectives on duty?

Always, in each of our objections regarding the fact that happens to us, it does not break out in an overwhelming way if we know that we do not have it under control, that it has exceeded us, that it has gotten out of hand, or that simply We don’t know how to react to it.

For the tenor of many, this supposes great clashes with reality, with a lively feeling of helplessness and opprobrium towards other people for whom, in one way or another, you fear that they will stab you in the back, all clear in a sense hypothetical because you tell me if that is literal call 911 immediately.

But in any case, the description given to us to argue over situations is simple, if we can get something out of them or if they are getting something out of us, because as many say today as a promising mantra “We live in a society…” followed by some other conclusion to the sentence.

We clearly have a redirection of these, because there really is no way to deprive people of their freedom towards privacy, but there are possibilities of violating it in a lawful and progressively healthy way if necessary, which on the other hand, this interpretation it can only be designed and carried out by private detectives by trade.

Now, what strikes us is that the values tend to be explicitly similar in general, that is, the use of a private investigator falls both on the growing individual intentionality and on those that list a series of conspiracies against which to hold on. ways to control and investigate from key points in the highly interdependent world of work.


Detection work at the service of companies

However, the increase in investigation cases has not only gone to the investigation needs of individuals, either because they have problems with the law or with a beneficiary who has some legitimacy towards the individual who is expected to be analyzed, but so have qualitative labor aspects.

This is visible not only in the needs that have arisen over time by private detectives linked to the understanding and introduction of information towards some individual in personal civil rights property, which are always those of origin closest to

the agencies, but the great introduction in the investigation agencies to the existing companies and cooperatives.

Because we have to be clear about one thing, and that is that the existing interrelation between people deals very closely with objectives that provide a focal point and their own objectives to a certain number of people, that with an interpretation set towards effectiveness, those who do not processed in this way are often potentially the ones that do not fit into this structure.

And it is in this case that, by default, detective services have become increasingly versatile in the strict sense of the word, because we have not only managed to consolidate the services derived from the concept of individual work, but at the same time we have done it with the collective labor ones, and we have transferred this to the experience and base of the private detectives of Palencia .


Labor detectives in Palencia. A new beginning?

Although the paradigm that we talked about earlier dates back a long time, in general it is that many of the people in our country, even grouping our distinguished clientele in its beginnings, did not know what the intentions were and the tools with which they could tell how much a private detective by trade was used.

This was denoted in the simple fact that, for example, in the case of labor detectives in Palencia , we were mentioned in case it was proper to make a move in question or not about situations such as labor fraud or about classified information spilled over to other companies in the immediate competition against yours.

All this, never attenuated with respect to the facts, has given one of those more and more open slopes, like unsaturated wounds, in which people or groups of people have come out in favor of letting the coffers of a company or a business bleed. , of making them suffer, perhaps without even wanting to, or worse, doing it halfway on purpose.

Therefore, the labor situation has improved overwhelmingly, since, with the arrival of the prospect of detective Arga, they have determined a definite turn towards the most optimal effectiveness, knowing that the labor detectives in Palencia are available to the public and in intimate patronage of the best, Grupo Arga Detectives.


Grupo Arga detectives looking from afar at the competition

Although it is true that the labor core is an issue to take into account, there had not been in the entire community area of Castilla y León an agency as ignominious as it is and it has been Grupo Arga.

That thanks to his good harmony with the reality of work, his confidentiality with employees and investors, and even managers, and his clear objective towards the truth, the coffers of the work had not been seen as safe.

This is why we strongly ask you to bet on our work, that starting with labor detectives in Palencia , tranquility is distributed as a vaccine in your company.






In the opinion of the country’s largest employers and certified insurers, the relationship between investigations of fraudulent sick leave in Palencia, as in much of the country, is and has been for quite some time a strict

definition of the highest profits and the lowest risk of embezzlement there is.

This assumption is not free, of course not, thousands of those who today crowd as affirmers of this assumption had difficult times, and all for not having properly what a private detective is.


Fraud risks in the area

The fraud relationship that has existed for a long time in a matter of large places such as businessmen, those ruling tycoons of a production chain, investors, who operate inside and outside of it, and on the other hand insurers, as prospects riskiest of the occasion, they have had to deal with it ugly for a long time.

Not only because fraud was a tangent reality for a long time, but either it was merely a stationary matter of the conflict of social powers of a police agency that found out what was happening or, on the other hand, that it was given without even complaining to Knowing that, for obvious reasons, the financing was invalidated but without options to cut it.

This had been like this for a long time, and the country of course, with such a burdensome framework for action, was barely managing to remain at the service of the good and honest because if, in effect and at the instance of what many seem to ignore, we are the majority, At the same time, we managed to maintain the administrative capacities of a large number of companies and cooperatives.

Now, times have changed and Palencia is not the Palencia of before, and the detectives have come a long way since then, even an agency like Grupo Arga. The thing is that for fraud of any kind there is an alternative, be it from Arga or from another cash called the investigators of fraudulent sick leave in Palencia .


Sick leave and its fraud in the panorama

Not all frauds tend to be due to the same circumstances, of course, but if there is something to be sure of, it is that what is clear and concise is that the fraud itself The same makes its way into the reins of financing, from there to more since they open and do not stop opening if they are not given an optimal break that makes them stick to reality.

Because of course, the people who specialize in these unfortunate actions, which, yes , are specialized in these, are given to continually meditate on the measurement and analysis of the situations concerning pure financing under the orders of some legal properties that protect but serve as a double-edged sword.

It must be said that they know that, for the benefit of social welfare, it can be a double-edged sword for the company, but with private detectives in the same equation, it can be a double-edged sword for those who try to carry out an action. fraudulent against their coffers.

The most usual case, and of which perhaps any more or less contemporary company may have some antecedent, is sick leave itself, which administratively tries to be as ethical as possible in accordance with the principles aimed at the well-being and good integration of employees. employees at the service of the entire conglomerate of workers in some sector.

Well, the redirection that this can give until it becomes a fraud can be fast and even dissuasive for a large part of those who understand administrative issues, since the vast majority do not know the tricks with which this type of person comes out. For this reason, a group of specialists in investigations of fraudulent sick leaves in Palencia work countless days and nights to serve you.


Appointment of Grupo Arga in favor of legal sick leave

What is required today is not a preconceived idea of how to execute and give someone’s entrails, some rogue employee, to an angry mob so they know what to do with it, of course not, because research designs and hard work at Grupo Arga we do them thinking about a whole series of elements that should not be overlooked.

This is how we decided to put an end to them from an investigative function, like good detectives, offering quasi-civilian services with which not to distort the work spaces, or to do so as little as possible, and thus let the integration and the effect of the facts together of the company and detectives serve as a means to do so.

Chaining one thing with the other great things are achieved, on the one hand they give benefit towards their expenses so as not to have to bear the needs of employees who interfere in fraudulent sick leaves while we, that is, Grupo Arga and its head detectives , we make the irruption like a lesser evil settled right off the bat.

In accordance with this, we can not only be the space of choice for a company, but also act as organizers of the work environment, as regents and as private service specialists with whom to count to create meritorious situations with which to get to work calm and without the slightest risk of fraud.


Grupo Arga putting an end to the discharge due to labor fraud

It is no surprise to anyone that Grupo Arga has arrived in Palencia and has served, as it well knows, to weigh up the bad tangles of some employees and make them evident in their operations.

This is when the task of interpreting becomes greater and more pressing. How necessary is Grupo Arga for your business?

Well, the answer is simple and straightforward, it is so necessary that your company be sanitized from within by investigators of fraudulent sick leave in Palencia .



In order to offer the best to the clients of our businesses, we must carry out some research, one of them is the Mystery Shopping in Palencia , a way of finding what a client wants and does not want in a sincere and completely anonymous way, in addition to serve to improve our profits and

reputation .

Mystery Shopping consists of hiring one or several people in order to obtain information or an assessment of it, however, those of the company will never know who carried out the Mystery Shopping, they will only know that it was done when they receive the questionnaire with the questions asked.



It is a fairly simple job but it can have its points of difficulty because it requires observant people who know how to keep all the information possible without forgetting anything in their minds, in addition to this, these people are not going to go to the store to ask for what that they want but will explicitly ask for the product that is required in the questionnaire.

Mystery Shopping in Palencia is an activity that is carried out in companies that sell services or products in several places, that is, that have more than one franchise, it is a way for information to arrive that perhaps would not arrive or that is not usually given by normal clients, it is done by doing a series of key steps.



In order to carry out this type of market research successfully, the person who will do it must be observant from the moment he enters the premises until the moment he leaves, however, that is not all, Mystery Shopping has a prior to being done that It is carried out by the different previous market investigations.

We can say that a Mystery Shopping is divided into three parts, before it is carried out, during and after, as I mentioned before being able to carry out the Mystery Shopping in Palencia you need a series of previous investigations, these will be explained later, in this moment we will say what the mystery shopper does during the purchase.



The mystery shopper, as we said before, will be in charge of being able to observe all the details that he can in a store, this is what differentiates him from a buyer or a normal client, any client can enter to buy but not everyone can notice the details of a store. , in this case the Mystery Shopping has that

work .

It begins by looking for any welcome from the person, that is, it will evaluate the staff from the entrance to the exit, how they take care of the clients, how long it takes to attend to someone, their cordiality, among other things, in addition to this, they will take care of of observing the premises, it will determine or make a test of how good a product can be.

Basically the Mystery Shopping of Palencia and of any other part is in charge of informing through a survey as we said previously specific points, however, these specific points will be based on the observation of the person who must be from the whole place and from previous information given by other investigations.



The person who performs the Mystery Shopping, in other words the mystery shopper has the duty to answer the questions that are in a questionnaire, this questionnaire is made by experts based on the precise information they need and without confusing questions or having something that can be taken as ambiguous.

Once the person answers the questionnaire that is always used in the Mystery Shopping of Palencia , he must deliver it to the agency that carries out this market research, to finally deliver it to the company that is a client and needs said information, in this way they allow that the buyer remains mysterious and his identity is not discovered.



In order to carry out the Mystery Shopping as we mentioned, it is necessary to carry out previous studies, however, these studies are very different, they depend on the common clientele, that is, they are the basic market studies such as the rating given by a client to a company through of the web, the comments that can be left among other things.

The Mystery Shopping in Palencia and in any other city in the world depends one hundred percent on these previous studies, without them the market researchers are not able to formulate the specific questions of the questionnaire nor can that person be asked to be the mystery shopper looking for a specific product.



Having already commented on the process to be able to carry out Mystery Shopping, now it is necessary to determine why it is necessary to do it, one of the reasons would be that said person will be specially in charge of evaluating what is not normally seen or tried by a common client.

That would be the main reason, on the other hand it is not the only one, this market research system is one of the best in terms of accuracy, it requires accurate and honest information for which it gives the best for a franchise by making said site improve its quality, when carrying out a study of this type several aspects can be improved, being effective for the company.


You are in the right place, in Arga detectives group we offer the best to carry out this type of work if you need those who can carry out this work quickly, efficiently and accurately, then contact us at the number you have on the page, We are not only the best but we have the most affordable prices on the market.

We assure that the results obtained by our Mystery Shopping in Palencia will be of quality, completely sincere, being objective in what is needed and without delay, it will be carried out as soon as possible with the instructions and information that you give us, you will be able to do a job of excellence as no other.






Palencia can be a very beautiful city to visit, however, as every city has its good and bad, in case you have lost a person or want to look for a person who is in this city, there is nothing better than a detective to search and locate people in Palencia .

The detectives who carry out this type of search are specialists in finding the way or a trail that leads directly to said people, they are professionals who have been able to educate themselves for years about the search methods and also have the necessary instincts to be able to find any person.

Years have passed but the location of people in Palencia continues to be, as is common, a constant in terms of the work of private detectives, because it is not only our specialty to serve to investigate this and other types of cases that take place in the shadow of the public eye, but we have the tools to shed light on them.

In any case, what concerns you when you find yourself in such situations, in a region as usual for these cases as Palencia, is to take a deep breath and call a private agent.


What stands out a private detective looking for

For those who do not understand this subject, the relationship between private detectives and the search for any type of information is certainly a relationship that has been made tooth and nail throughout the existence of this great work, but that is not commonly it is activated, or it was not activated for the needs in terms of looking for people.

For one thing or another, private detectives have always had a well-felt derivation on the respects of labor investigative interpretation, which could well be the genesis of all this work, or between the meaning of the closest privacy investigation to family spheres, such as infidelities or bad forms in terms of custody given a divorce involved.

All these have been one of the most candid constants of what we as private detectives have done for a long time, requiring of course the proper instruction to which they make resort to trial and error to all the people who, past the education structures and being competent organisms, become agents of the private law.

But all of a sudden, the dissertation that we have carried out so far does not leave our first assumption questioned, which is what a detective is looking for. And the answer is clear, and dark at the same time. On the one hand, the search for security is something necessarily foundational, being organized as another branch of the country’s security, but these also prevail over the truth.

In any case, the service they provide is often not so much about what they are looking for as a general rule, but what they are looking for as a specific rule of the case. Having then case in which the situation lies in looking for an employee, a data, a virtual description, but almost always, it is expressed in the location, and more when it comes to the location of people .


Locate people by yourself versus with private detectives

Reality is not as far from virtuality as some think. Although it is something that does not seduce the mind at first, because having something in reality and seeing it framed in a web visible only in metadata and in pixels, in one way or another makes a dissection of the values that are held of things.

But now we are talking like boomers . The facts have given us an incredible almost motor capacity to interpret reality according to responses derived from virtual tools, such as those that concern the field investigation section, of course, all with the opportunity to add greater effectiveness to the entire investigative prospectus.

The key fact is found as soon as we come across the characteristics of the case, a location of people in Palencia , a specificity of its own so that a whole structure of disciplined private order agents give way to their best versions of the work and thus consolidate with a better protection the needs that supplies require the client.

In a methodical and precise way, a private detective can locate people either in Palencia or in Madrid, leaving not many possibilities for error, because as we said, not only do detectives control virtual information and record it as a verified legal machinery, but also which in turn result in being the executors of the truth of the cases.


What is Palencia in the search for people?

Integrating ourselves a little more to the example of Palencia, the descriptions serve a lot to correspond with a high level the demands of a destination that scores high in locating people in Palencia , because without a doubt there are characteristics that make it ideal for this type of social dissonances.

The case, of course, has given rise to talk on the part of our agents cataloged as the best, such as Grupo Arga, as well as many others throughout the Spanish and European area. Entering the irrefutable reality of Palencia, one of the availabilities that make it score so high in this index is undoubtedly the centrality with which this territory is maintained.

And we are referring to Palencia, a community that is located in the entire center of two cities that are so essential for the commercial and integral development of the business and both productive and social activity throughout the country, such as Madrid and Valladolid. .

This of course, determines a certain type of social mobility between the city of the community of Castilla and those of Valladolid and Madrid, which, consequently, has been taken into account to find people, locate them and let customers know, of all type them, what

they needed to find one person or another for very different reasons.


Grupo Arga and its stinging in the search for people in Palencia

The search or location of people in Palencia is serious business, which is recorded as one of those perfect prospects in which students seek to score the best possible for their parents.

In this case, the parents would become our clientele and we the students, while Palencia is our most enthralled project. Because yes, it’s true, the prevailing situation in Palencia makes it a perfect context for people who don’t want to be seen to get lost.

But of course, Grupo Arga and all its agents are always available to locate those who are hiding on routes and homes.



In Palencia it could be difficult to find people on our own, this could be for reasons such as you don’t know the city, you don’t have time to be able to walk down the street asking for a person you want to find or simply because you can’t find the person because you don’t wants to be found.

In any of the cases, the best thing to do is hire a private detective, they will provide you not only with the support you need but also with the tools you need to find said person and follow up no matter who they are, they are the the only ones capable of legally speaking locating people.

Not only to locate them, but they are also the only ones that can monitor anyone apart from the police without it being illegal or without it coming to count as harassment, therefore they are the best option when carrying out a search and location of people in Palencia .



Our private detectives offer years of experience that make this job easier for them, being able to find people is what they do after all, despite the fact that detectives do everything possible to find people, as long as they have the clues and enough information.

Experienced detectives know not only where they should be looking but they also already know the streets, making said search a little easier, in case they do not find anything, they can resort to alternative methods to find information such as police databases that They can make your job easier.

At Arga detectives we offer the best results to clients that there may be in the market, giving the guarantee of obtaining in most cases, if not all , a clue, a trace or any type of information that leads to the person who is being searching, for us there are no excuses since our work is of excellence.



The team that we have at Arga detectives, not only specializes in searching and locating people in Palencia , but also carried out all the necessary studies to be able to be detectives and require everything a professional detective needs and much more.

The detectives we have are trained with more than three years of studies in the best universities in Spain, in addition to all of them, regardless of having no exceptions and must comply with the tests of the Ministry of the Interior so that they have the professional identification card that is their work ID.

In case of need, all the detectives can give their maximum effort to find all the information you need, whether to find the trace of a person or simply because you need something more than just locating the person you are looking for, they are the best option. in order to find what you are looking for.



Our experts not only specialize in the search and location of people in Palencia , they have the experience and studies necessary to be able to carry out all kinds of judicial work within detective work, therefore, if needed, a detective can do much more to look for a person in Spain.

They can use other methods such as social networks or any computer database with which they can carry out specific searches and fulfill all kinds of work that is requested, not only do they have the necessary studies in other branches and are multifaceted, but they also have experience in it.



In the event that you need to search for and locate people in Palencia who have fled or decided to leave the country, we at Arga detectives can take care of it since we can carry out international work, this makes us one of the best agencies in Spain and it gives us the guarantee of finding people.

Not only can we find people almost anywhere on the planet, but we also have the best search team, trained and studied to be able to carry out any job without making much effort and fulfilling their duty in the minimum time required.

If this is not enough to hire our staff and you need proof, we can take care of putting you in contact directly with a professional in the area, they will not only be in charge of convincing you that they are the best for said job, but they will also give you the advice and needed information.



As we mentioned before, the private detectives of our agency are completely legitimate, in case you need more evidence you can directly search the professional identifications of each of our detectives in the information of police databases, they commonly deliver the information of all that detective who has been able to pass the tests of the Interior Ministry.

At the time of looking for someone, we are not only efficient, but we are also the most qualified both at a legal level and in studies to be able to give confidential information in court, in other words, in the case of finding a person and wanting to take them in judgment our word is valid against said person.

What we mean by this is that no matter what you need to carry out a search and location of people in Palencia , our private detectives are capable of being witnesses, of having the necessary legitimacy before a judge and of granting the information required to a client, being the best to carry out this work.





The management of an investigation process that is related to infidelities, without a doubt, provides the best sense of resolution in the face of doubts or suspicions that we usually have regarding the stability of our relationship, an issue that will undoubtedly provide us with the best sense. of clarification with

regarding a specific doubt, making the activity of our Palencia detectives infidelities widely requested resources in said locality.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our Palencia infidelities detectives are those resources that provide the best sense of resolution to a specific problem with respect to the structuring of a response criterion on the suspicions that we legitimately have about our partner in the course of a relationship. .



At Grupo Arga detectives, the processes carried out by our Palencia infidelity detectives undoubtedly promote the best sense of specialization for all those who wish to promote a specialized investigative activity around providing the greatest possible certainty to all our clients.

But getting to this point has not been easy, nor is it a consequence of passing through our market inertly. Carrying out investigations on a sentimental level sometimes means entering a highly subjective field of investigation, since when people initially suspect This type of activity on the part of your spouse or partner is achieved with the bitter surprise that although this fact may be somewhat true, it can also accommodate many elements that are in the field of assumption.

Grupo Arga detectives always contemplates the best scope of resolution for all those who seek the generation of a high-level investigation apparatus that can provide answers even in the most complex cases, this is possible in investigations of infidelity, since the Ultimately, they end up generating a great emotional burden in the person who may be a victim of this type of act. Resolving a doubt implies for the affected person to face something that can be very unpleasant with great courage and determination.

In Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these investigation processes are channeled towards the management of activities that allow the best resolution of an investigation process by our Palencia infidelities detectives , which are directed to collect all the evidentiary elements in a case . private research.

The construction of activities that allow a correct resolution in all our agents, without a doubt, promote the best sense of development of a theater of operations that has the capacity to promote a discreet and specialized follow-up of an investigated person.

That is why our Palencia infidelity detectives are resources that will deploy their investigative technique on the ground to get to the root of the events, this implies establishing a follow-up to various elements that are specific to knowing the itinerary of the person under investigation, and knowing what it is your routine.

In view of all these events, the person requesting these investigation services must remain under a very detailed criterion of discretion and at the same time must provide us with information on what the next move that the person under investigation may be aware of, without the need for need your presence as part of the relationship.

This also implies for the investigator to be able to follow up on the routine of the person under investigation, with the aim of observing if there is any suspicious behavior and if there is also someone who may be on an extra agenda sharing with him from a point of view. sentimental view.

In this sense, our agents are agile enough to accurately determine all the elements that may be coming into force in a probable situation of deception towards our client, for this purpose they are also counted as resources with elements that can provide the capture of images and elements videographic evidence that facilitates the best support of a hypothesis.

This is sometimes transcendental to request, since the evidentiary processes that can be developed in our group are a weapon that the applicant for these services has, making effective a great sense of premise in the short, medium and long term for all. our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we are aware that today’s reality has changed substantially, this leads us to analyze that our investigations must have new areas of cooperation that allow them to make the best of the best in investigative matters viable, the construction of These processes through detectives Palencia infidelities translates into detecting infidelities in the electronic field and in the web 2.0 spectrum, something that from our agency we can do with a high degree of precision.



At Grupo Arga detectives, our Palencia infidelity detectives have a good number of years of experience carrying out high-level private investigation work, precisely doing everything related to specialized case management, this without a doubt It leads to the management of each need on the part of our clients, specifying everything that has to do with the structuring of optimal research processes for the client.

Our Palencia infidelities detectives are investigative resources that pride themselves on carrying out high-level investigative work, which implies the construction of processes that involve the realization of a logical scheme of responses for all those who wish to get out of the unpleasant suspicion which implies being the victim of an act of infidelity.

All those clients and people interested in hiring us, can learn more about all the investigation modalities and everything that we do possible to execute an investigation case of infidelity, accessing our web portal and knowing all our proposals at the level of our blog and social media.

At Grupo Arga, we have the best Palencia infidelity detectives with the aim of providing the best response criteria to all our clients in this matter. For Palencia we do the best!





One of the registered trademarks of the detective exercise is that of a forensic computer scientist in Palencia , who agglomerates by added composition an insurmountable amount of maneuvers typical of Sherlock Holmes when it comes to investigating the works and information

stored in the instrument chains of the computing structure.

So much so, in their computerized prospectus, as in the forensic proposal to identify the effects and consummation of the facts, these professionals have become a milestone in the market, and have even become known throughout the world.


Forensic computer detectives, information experts

When dealing with a fact detection agency, the first thing that comes to mind, or what should be done to us, is: What is the main tool that is established regarding the work of the detective and its methodical detection?

A question, if you take it well, that is quite optimal for the services that we usually carry out, and that is even closely linked to the real questions that we are asked when it comes to ingratiating the start of the mediation of a case of any type by the various agencies dictated by rule and therefore govern these situations.

The distinction of the method is as much the common judgment of the people, because in deferred, and knowing what we can initiate according to our services, it is a fact that we maintain great preponderance in our own sectors towards the development of the facts together with the indication according to their procedures.

We are referring, then, to the fact that we, the forensic computer scientists in Palencia or in some remote area of the country, know how to maneuver with the plausibility that an event is being attended to, maneuvered, encouraged, or carried out within the limits of legality or outside of them, everything from a taxative base of computer science root but at the same time real.

Using in this way what is being done by the part of the information records that we store together with a series of specialists in the area, as well as attaching to this evidence, if possible, of various types and their respective typifications, on which to delve into if the case is taken to a prosecutor’s office.


Informatics towards a more physical area

The clear intention of a private detective, today, is to grant all his efforts to satisfy the needs of many of his clientele at the orders of the intrinsically proper aspects of documented facts on which to emphasize in terms of an irregular situation gestated against the person with whom you are working.

According to these facts, although not always applied in this way, the discretion that protects the detective’s service is circumstantial, as it is a fragile validation of a fact intrinsically external to the agent who, by order prior to deterrence, is created or It recreates its own structure with which to play the possibilities based on the translucent effect of a detective in the gaze.

These detectives, of course, are not openly willing in many cases to work in the field, when there are some of the virtual tools with which to serve themselves and at the same time serve their fellow citizens without having to be completely linked to a real context on which stay and analyze from an intimately close point.

This expectation can occur in a great way for computer detectives, which encompass a whole reciprocal immediacy between the facts generated by the action of the person as well as those created residually by pages or telephone services, or in general by acquired information software.

What makes this much more enjoyable to analyze are its existing ramifications, in which the example of computer forensics can be given , the laureate informants who reside between the real and the virtual position, congenial in a pleasant way towards the extension of the information capable to be enlarged thanks to machines to which they are given and of those who know how to make conclusive analysis.


Forensic participation in the Palencia market

Now, the relaxation of these mediation and data storage software corresponds to a large extent to a commitment by the large computer security chains to redeem and integrate with all possible legitimacy and ethics the uses with which they are made. own data of companies, individuals or groups en masse.

This of course creates the proper broth for those who know how to integrate into the virtual discipline, little characters who are already quite high up and who manage to ridicule the authorities for the great evasive maneuvers that they may have up their sleeves in favor of preventing them from entering into risks for their actions or, worse, not even being aware of what is happening around us.

The clear predisposition of these risk slopes clearly places the most advanced cities and communities such as Palencia, which, for its part, has consolidated its potential within the territory of Castilla y León and, given its benefits and its capacity for integration information technology, it has not taken long to show an increase in computer criminals.

In any case, Grupo Arga Detectives and the forensic computer scientists in Palencia have put the brakes on them.


A solid option called Grupo Arga Detectives

Although it is true that the distinction between the common detective and the specialist in computer expertise is adjusted to the needs of the tools used, another thing must be made clear, that Grupo Arga detectives is in Palencia to compete against computer crimes small time.

Of course we know about the needs of many users and that is why we have included the renowned computer forensics in all the needs in Palencia , to handcuff once and for all those computer criminals, whom we instantly deleted from the area.





Bequeathing one of the most shady professions of the entire 20th century, computer detectives in Palencia have not closed their eyes just trying to be the most avid in skills in the entire area of Castilla y León, knowing they are capable not only of what detectives used to do private

they could do, but along with their peers, to be able to do what they never managed.

The characteristic features of a computer agent are derived from those of a normal one for several reasons that are very functional today, which we will gladly be reporting here.


A change from field detectives to computer scientists

Private detectives have been making room for a long time in the social life of the citizens both in Palencia and in many other communities in the world, clearly fulfilling, like any social group, a function and a series of objectives that ultimately determine their function and their record in it.

But of course, the circumstances give more of themselves than anything else, they are above all the network system that is generated according to the compositions of an organization for the work of private investigation. This no doubt makes sense in many ways in favor of appropriate changes for X or Y subsequent outcomes.

What we are trying to achieve when doing a private investigation is, for some time now, to establish a lawful relationship of information capable of not needing validity other than that of a private agent, if necessary, either for an obvious use on the legal system, or less commonly, for private interpretation.

What can be shown to us when contextualizing this concept is that private detectives seek information, whatever it may be, and the information exclaims in a variety of points to be in constant change and expansion, which as a general rule has always been of this nature but now for this, the so-called information age, the prospect is much more pressing.

In any case, the senses to which the private detective service is located is undoubtedly the one that is related to a lawful interpretation of the information, however, whether it is virtual or real, which for contemplative questions, It is a fact that the first, that of virtual and computerized order, has come in an undeniable potential increase.


Computer detectives above the rest

Already building on the effective prospect of a computer detective in Palencia , we can find that the situation greatly satisfies the needs of the market, a relationship that undoubtedly establishes a realization of the opportunities over the other tools to which it remains accustomed an acting detective.

Because although a computer detective in Palencia or Pontevedra is the one who, due to merits and data recording, is appropriately specialized in this virtual area, the relationship that remains active between the computer issue and the analysis of many of the private detectives in today they are clearly getting closer to this variable.

How has this been possible? Well, as simple as defining that the explosion of social networks, the interrelation with other people through these and even referential web pages of the person, and the subsequent relationship that this has with the information that these pages are awarded, have hit the nail on the head for investigative developments of the style.

Of course, these are not very similar to those that a cyber detective can represent, who safeguards cyber security with various tools and in a variety of functions according to their professional quantifications that the agent maintains in his work, but of course, these are not They leave nothing out when they work together.


Arga private detectives together with cyber security

What is expressed from what a private detective does is his formula with which to maintain security, whatever the area, if he is called it is because there is one or a series of risks that arise from something or someone and that, to the best of our abilities, we can make your money’s worth against these risks and return them to zero.

This is undoubtedly what happens both in field security and in cyber security, which has had to show much and take note in order to respond in a great way whenever the services of a detective were needed to meet the needs of a growing recreation of risks derived from ascending virtuality.

There have been not a few who have become experienced computer detectives in Palencia , since for any area and nearby sector of investigation, the relationship that has had to be evidenced over time with respect to the series of cases and the citizenry has highly defined being and being with detectives of this official nature.

This leaves only one option for private detective agencies such as Grupo Arga Detectives and its great support for security, which is to increasingly use the tools of investigation and investigation on which the understanding towards the IT sector and the cyber area of elements.

Grupo Arga together with computer detectives

Fortunately, a large part of our specialists use with great astonishment the manifest capacities that are present in the virtual order apparatus, bringing together a growing understanding of this element to be taken into account.

Thus, for our private detectives, as for our computer detectives in Palencia , the existing correlation between reality and virtuality is greater, and the correlation between our two facets of detectives is perhaps even more so.

Therefore, Grupo Arga has the infinite capacity to propose to its customers the use of the best tools against these terrible virtual risks.




There are places where certain types of work need to be carried out in order to provide security and confidentiality to any company or any person, electronic sweeps in Palencia is the method used to prevent anyone from being spied on, or also from being victims of a robbery. of information for the espionage carried out on a site.

This work or cleaning method is known throughout the world, not only in Palencia, however, in Spain there are the best professionals in the area of electronic sweeping, offering the best service and cleaning of spy devices in the entire area, Arga detectives offers you to be able to clean and ensure complete confidence with

our experts.



If you decided to enter this article it is because you are looking for a way to improve the security of your company or staff, the best thing you can do to make sure that they do not spy on you or that they are stealing information in some way is to carry out the electronic sweep in Palencia , It is the only way for professionals to detect security problems.

Not only does it serve to improve security but it can also be done as a routine job so that at no time is there someone who steals information or spies on what you are doing in a place, thousands of spy cameras and microphones are bought in Spain annually, therefore it is always better to be safe.



Regardless of the city you live in, we are always at risk of being spied on not only by cameras or microphones, but also by our electronic systems. Experts in sweeping not only make sure that there are no spy devices on a site, but also grant the spy review service in the electrical devices that you have.

Stop worrying about any spy or any theft, outrage or extortion of information and hire an electronic sweep in the offices of Palencia to be able to make said place more secure, reliable and confidential when using information that you do not want to be revealed to your opponents in the case of being a company.


Perhaps you are still thinking that it is a bad idea to carry out an electronic sweep, in any case, one can never always be completely sure of something, it is better to clear up doubts, as we already mentioned, it is a service that can be done routinely from time to time, this you can do it with confidence because our team has the required experience.

Even after having carried out a single electronic sweep in Palencia , we assure you that the experience of our experts is so great that it may not be necessary to carry out more work of this type, since spy devices are so expensive, it is possible that after a sweep, those who carried out said espionage give up.

If you have a company like Arga detectives, it not only means security, but also just by hiring us once you are making anyone who carries out espionage question twice if they want to lose said equipment for some reason or if they want let them find out.



In order to carry out an electronic sweep in Palencia or anywhere in the world, a series of detection devices are required, both audio frequencies and professional camera detectors that do the work that is often needed to avoid having to knock down a wall. or having to trash an entire area for a quest.

At Arga detectives we offer the best personnel capable of using all the equipment we have, which is state-of-the-art, we have the latest range of spectrum and radio frequency detectors, in addition to having experts when handling said artifacts, we assure that we are one of the most efficient and fast teams.



The answer is simple, all the Arga detectives workers who specialize in electronic sweeps not only have the ability to use the artifacts that in themselves require a previous study many times to be able to use them and detect what a person normally cannot detect, but They also have experience looking for spy gadgets.

The electronic sweeps in Palencia that we offer are unmatched, the experience of our experts makes it possible for us to know exactly where a spy camera or microphone can be, even in many cases without using the detectors, thanks to the fact that our professionals have been prepared and have a great sense of observation.



Being able to do an electronic sweep requires much more than just pressing the buttons on a detector and knowing where you can detect said devices, it requires a trained and experienced person, who knows what change may have been made in a room and to notice any difference in the buildings in question.

At the time a sweep is made to the client, we will at least ask for the plans of said building, in this way an expert makes sure that there are no false walls that house all kinds of electrical devices or that there may be some unplanned change in said building. structure that could result in a hazard.



Normally, the electronic scanning service in Palencia is hired by all those who feel or have the slightest doubt that their company is being spied on or that they have someone, possibly an employee, who could be selling the information to third parties for profit.

There are other cases where people hire an electronic sweep just to be completely sure that a place such as a house or an office is not intervened by anyone who may have been there before, this in order to have complete confidentiality and confidence in the place, avoiding any inconvenience of information leakage or espionage.

Arga detectives is the best detective agency that offers electronic sweeps not only in Palencia but in any other city in the country, being trained and experts in detecting spy devices, we have trained professionals with the best studies and not only that but also We are the most trusted agency in the country.






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