Private Investigators Oviedo

Private Investigators Oviedo


Private Investigators Oviedo

Private Investigators Oviedo

We are children, we play the policeman and the thief, the illusion of being able to be a hero, a private detective grows in us, to be able to help whoever asks for our help, to become invisible ninjas, who can be everywhere without anyone seeing them , carry out secret investigations and experiments, talk with the president, and belong to the Justice League, dreams, dreams and more dreams, that is what life is full of and also the infinite possibilities of making them come true.   

Maybe we will not become Mutants with super powers, we will not fly through the skies, or we will have super strength, but the dream of becoming invisible heroes, who carry out private investigations and that we may be part of an almost Justice League, that dream , that goal, that immense and deep kindness to help, which can also be accompanied by the adrenaline that you want to put into your life, this can and we can help you make it the most real.   

You are a boy or girl who lives in Oviedo, you do not fit in with the other conventional jobs, office, maybe you do not have a vocation as a doctor, and yours is fiction, adrenaline, imagination and the highest intelligence, have you ever thought in being a private detective ? In channeling all that energy and desire for anger in a real university career, which will make you fulfill your dreams and then you will get the feeling of feeling fulfilled a large part of your life. 

Beyond dreams and goals, When we are big and we begin to acquire responsibilities and obligations, the need arises to generate money that can supply our expenses and duties, that is why we will begin this instructive and motivational article, for all those with the desire and clear goals in terms of being a surveillance and monitoring detective, we will first reveal the amount of money that a security agent can earn , and we begin in this way, because we have very clear dreams but also the desire to overcoming.   



The data that we show here are statistical data that generalize what is the real profit of a private detective , based on the salary and the hires they may have as a team or individual agent as required by the client and their needs. 

A private detective agency charges for services in individuals, that is, they divide the types of services they provide, they are grouped and assigned by amount of time and type of request, it is to these armed services that the price and the client are placed you will decide which one meets your needs. Let’s get started.  



The price that is more or less stipulated for this type of service is based on the number of hours the work takes per day, in an average surveillance with 5 hours a day, its price would be about 360 Euros, the additional costs are They also evaluate by amount of time, an additional hour, would have a minimum value between 60 and 70 Euros.


As it is said in the previous type of charge, the charge figures will be stipulated by amount of time and load of people, the number of hours worked per day will have an estimated price of about 60 or 70 Euros and multiplied by the Total Hours that the private detective carries out his work, which is equal to; If a detective works in a private investigation for 6 hours a day, the total bill is 6Hours x 70Euros0 = 420 Euros.    


Private Investigators Oviedo

Private Investigators Oviedo

For all the services they offer, the amount of money per unit of time is the same, in this case if special equipment or jobs are requested, the charge will be agreed with the entity that requests the services of the detective agency . 


  • Informative research on rented real estate, this has a cost of about 900 euros
  • Financial informative investigation, from 900 Euros onwards, same as the previous service
  • Research of a personal and private nature, this service has a higher cost of about 100 Euros in advance.

We must take into account that this is the minimum cost for each service, if the services increase in hours and require more personnel or specialized equipment, the price will increase per unit of time and additional services.

The same as if the work of the private detective requires the detection of illegal wiretapping, the installation of security cameras in establishments or open spaces, will have an additional cost of 1500 Euros, and the price of this varies depending on how complex or practical it is. The mission.  

Taking into account the average salary of each agent, or at the collective level, we cannot ignore that reading this is one of the best motivations, in addition to the dream, of meeting the goals, of operating in public work, of satisfying the call of justice, also full of calm knowing that you can have a really solid and stable future at an economic level, to make decisions about what our life will be, it is always important to consider the items obtained, In Oviedo a Private Detective can make his life comfortably and in peace, with this income.  

After evaluating the economic income of a private investigator , now if we go to the vocation, to know what this possesses within itself, which is what really makes us freak out with the dream of being a special security agent .  



After making the decision, we must bear in mind then that this is not just a child’s dream, that being a private detective is not having super powers, being invisible, having super strength or super elasticity, being a private detective is the fruit of a lot of effort, of studies, that will generate many capacities superior to the rest, we like that, but also before possessing all this, before preparing ourselves, we have to be clear about what a researcher is , know how to conceptualize our dreams, and then thus materialize them.     

A private detective is nothing more than a simple and normal subject like you and me, who one day dared to materialize his dreams and this led him to a very extensive preparation, full of physical, mental and even psychic exercises, it is for this reason that they go from being ordinary to becoming the heroes of those who need it, in addition, he is a professional in charge of security, investigation and protection of him who requests it, works in situations of private, business, private or public organizations, which performs As I have said before, investigation and security work in a private way, the result of their work, is presented in the form of a document adding audiovisual content to this, and within if it will carry the information collected, which is this purpose the reason why you are hired.    

In Oviedo we can have private agents , trained and very well prepared to perform the functions delegated to them, we can also count on people like you who want to carry out their goals, who are willing to commit to themselves and fulfill their dreams. 


The institutions or schools that impart this knowledge and provide us with this preparation have as a condition a number of strict mandatory requirements for those who decide to apply for a vacancy as a student within the body, they are not a problem at all, they are certain compliance that must be met In order, these detective organizations, such as the famous and important Grupo Arga of private detectives , must have a lot of order and a lot of selectivity when choosing who will be their students, they are in charge of accepting people free of sanctions, and that they comply with all the requirements of the law, below we will see what these requirements are:  

  • Private Investigators Oviedo

    Private Investigators Oviedo

    As an organization that preaches and carries safety and security as a watchword, its most important requirement is that its students be people without a criminal record, who do not have past problems with security due to minor, medium or serious that have been, who have not presented convictions for unlawful interference with privacy, lack of honor, relatives, or themselves.

  • Another extremely important requirement for your organization and has to do more with confidentiality than anything else, is that in order to be part of a private detective agency, it is mandatory that you have not been part of absolutely any other security entity, or of special forces, such as the police, an intelligence agency of the state or special armed forces. And if that was the case, you couldn’t have deserted or been expelled from any of these.
  • This other requirement is strictly mandatory to be able to be part of this legally, you must be of legal age, or be between 18 and 30 years old, have independence of the facts and responsibility for your actions, if you are under age, your life is still in the charge of your parents and you are not eligible to apply for this quota.
  • To also opt for a place in the school of academic and physical preparation of private detectives , it is strictly mandatory that you have completed your secondary or high school studies, together with this, you must have a certificate or diploma that confirms that your studies were indeed completed This document must be endorsed by the agencies in charge of state education. 
  • Once inside the institution, to become a qualified detective , your role as a student is to completely pass all the tests and exercises that have been imposed on you, and it is in this way that they will be able to know that you have the attitudes and physical, mental and mental aptitudes for this position.  
  • Last but not least, after passing and complying with all the aforementioned requirements, the last one is the diploma that certifies that you are a private detective , in this way you will be given the license authorized by the state to exercise your career. 


This is the most important step we must take to opt for this position, which is to fulfill all these steps, this is how we will be admitted by the institutions in charge of imparting the knowledge and preparation necessary to become security agents private . It is in this study and learning process that we will understand what our functions are and the services that we will be able to offer in the future to our Oviedo community and to those who request it, within this article we will also offer you the opportunity to know what these are already mentioned functions and services of a private detective .  



    The first thing to clarify is that the functions and services of these agents are not the same, their function has to do with their preparation, that is, what is there for, or how can we request the “service” of this researcher , and the service is exactly that, what they offer to whoever hires them, and in fact this type of service varies depending on the client’s request.


  • The main function of the private investigator is to seek and obtain information about the work assigned to him, in addition to reporting, he must also have evidence of conduct and facts that were revealed by those who follow and monitor.  
  • The second is to investigate crimes as long as they are prosecutable, the order for this to be carried out must be issued by a government entity in charge of these judicial processes.
  • As a third function we have security support , that is, surveillance, outdoors, such as hotels, fairs, or commercial establishments, these being hired by individuals or directly from the state.   
  • And as a last function we have to present the results, these results can be written or be in audiovisual content, such as photos, videos or audios, and the purpose of this is the evidence collected from all their work.
    Private Investigators Oviedo

    Private Investigators Oviedo

These are the functions, now we will see the services they offer as the case may be:

  • In the case of business activities:
  • Copying or theft of ideas by the competition.
  • Spy intrusion protection.
  • General defense of the establishment.
  • In the case of services provided to workers:
  • Fake goodbyes.
  • Theft prevention among workers.
  • Informatic security
  • In the case of private and personal services:
  • Discover infidelities.
  • Bank accounts that suffer a duplication.
  • Parental authority of minors.
  • Abuse and violence ( surveillance and monitoring )
  • Suspicions about domestic workers, babysitters, gardeners.
  • Other special services:
  • Private Investigators Oviedo

    Private Investigators Oviedo

    GPS devices.

  • Voice analysis.
  • Fingerprint analysis.
  • DNA evidence analysis.
  • Detection of illegal eavesdropping on telephones.

Here it is clear the differences between services and functions of a private detective , our information with this is already complete, hoping that your desire and your dreams are now bigger and you have the will to make them come true, being a private detective is a matter of ethics , of morality and courage, they are serious and trained professionals, an example of this is the aforementioned Grupo Arga Detectives, recognized internationally, has awards and prizes for its great performance, this is an example to follow for all of you who pursue this dream, luck.      



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