GRUPO ARGA PRIVATE DETECTIVES , is a private investigation agency with high distinction in cases and high professionalism, located in the City of LOGROÑO in Spain, who combine the experience of great professional investigators who for many years have worked in the area of private investigation .

Our agencies are considered one of the most significant in the Community of Logroño, due to our high satisfactory references from our clients. The PRIVATE DETECTIVES OF GRUPO ARGA , are one of the best private detective agencies in Spain, we have been in the market for many years and we guarantee that we offer an optimal service for our clients, which characterizes us for the confidentiality and responsibility that each one of our clients needs.



In our offices of PRIVATE DETECTIVES OF GRUPO ARGA , we have a highly qualified staff, who have extensive experience in the area of investigations, making each client feel satisfied and confident in terms of private and personal aspects. We rely on the personalized attention of all our clients. We have the best team supported by the best means of current technology, as stipulated by the Law and we enjoy a professional success of 100% of satisfied clients with all the private investigations carried out to date. So attend GRUPO ARGA PRIVATE DETECTIVES and tell us about your case and we will help you clarify your doubts immediately.



If you are a resident of this beautiful city of Logroño, look no further than GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , we offer you the best services for your case, as we are one of the private agencies that has a professional team who will be able to provide you with the best solutions to all your doubts.

Our team is made up of qualified professionals, well experienced in the areas of investigations: business, family, personal, legal, technological and computer science, among others. This high experience allows us to provide you with a better service and personal advice, offering you our best tools for solving cases. GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES, is much more than just a private investigation office, when you visit us, you will find that we have a qualified staff that will be ready to attend to your case and will take it as their own, so we can find the best resource and the best viable way.

In addition, in the ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP , we also have a technological team which will be at your disposal and follow-ups and investigations can be carried out with total reserve. This is a point that defines us and differentiates us. We have sophisticated technology that helps us resolve each of the cases with the best results, managing to create reports that are highly valid when presented as evidence in front of the judges or courts of Logroño.

When the information is completed, we not only rely on delivering the evidence, but we also provide a certified and legal report, which makes us an agency with credibility in the result of the facts, always respecting each of the laws of Spain. Whenever you go to GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES in Logroño, you will meet a professional who will help you clarify what concerns us. That is why at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , we open our doors to you and want to offer you the best investigative services.



The construction of investigation cases in the city of Logroño depends mainly on the performance of our Logroño detective agency , since it is a highly experienced resource that is responsible for



addressing all the concerns and doubts of our clients regarding the transit of an investigation. determined.

An investigation carried out by our agents is an investigation that meets the requirements that can be established in order to provide the answers indicated in the development of an investigation operation towards whoever requests it by contract.



The structuring of the operations carried out in the detective field allows us to establish a highly specialized action criterion focused mainly on two action parameters, 1) responding to the questions and the proposed objectives of the case and 2) being punctual. when you provide this evidence in the shortest possible time, even if it is before the deadline to achieve these objectives, the better.

For these reasons, our Logroño detective agency are resources oriented to the excellence of their activities, since they belong to an extremely exclusive operational criterion in the construction of a scenario that manages to channel everything with great professional mystique . which can be carried out at the survey level and research tasks aimed at carrying out all the elements requested by our client.

Carrying out a research operation is not something that comes by magic, it is something that is achieved through the concretization of organizational resources capable of representing greater agility and the implementation of innovation criteria. at the service of research activity, a topic that ends up being a solid advantage for all clients who had to obtain the most current data for each task.

The construction of a research panorama that may have the capacity to provide the necessary answers to all our clients is possible to determine through strategic action in the field of research, this is possible by materializing through execution. significant organizational skills and resources to obtain evidence that can generate sufficient weight for the investigative work requested by a client.

From the point of view of our investigations, we are not only satisfied with collecting all the direct evidence at the service of our clients, but we also strive to provide an action criterion oriented to the collection of the elements related to an act. indirect of the case, an issue of great utility when it comes to providing the evidence that allows the investigative problem to work with greater agility.

The generation of a point is represented that can favor the field of research towards a greater refinement of these tests so that they have the capacity to obtain better details in the structuring of a solid decision criterion. mainly in the construction of a comprehensive support framework for our agents, this means that from our organization we need to support with the best resources and tools.

This is expressed in providing our researchers with organizational support that translates into the realization of aspects that can represent a strategic sum in the field of research, as well as a sufficient element for the construction of a research case with better evidence.

That is why our Logroño detective agencies rely on the use of various techniques and different investigation processes, but also find the necessary answers in the execution of various investigation cases through the implementation of technological means and survey tools. research that represents a strategic sum for the construction of various hypotheses and the determination of indices that serve to close a particular case.

The performance of our detectives in the city of Logroño not only concerns the execution of various investigative standards, but also that which seeks to generate the best sense of response to all the questions of our clients, effectively responding to all the principles that support the duty of our work.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries



Grupo Arga detectives, is a private investigation organization that has more than 10 years of experience nationwide, this has made it a benchmark in handling infidelity investigations, as well as in all investigative operations. related to the execution of procedures at the level of personal investigations. Have a broad conception of the private investigative work of our operations group.

In the same way, the experts of Grupo Arga, deploy their activities at the level of investigations through our Logroño detective agency in this city to not only carry out investigations between individuals but also to carry out effective investigative work at the service of companies and entities. private. which may require a high-quality research service.

The construction of high-level investigative processes is mainly represented by the management of various aspects that allow establishing a series of situations that end up being favorable to the construction of investigative criteria that can represent the response that our clients need.


At Grupo Arga, all those who need our investigative operations know that they can count on the action of our detectives, 24 hours a day, which is why they can always use our services through the web and contact channels through our already known social networks to obtain the best sense of specialized management, these processes being extremely important when establishing a specific operation.

At Grupo Arga we are detectives with a capital ‘D’, which means that our commitment is focused on providing the best of the best to our clients, with the aim of not getting stuck in outdated operational dynamics. Thanks to our training processes, we maintain a high standard of updating towards the activities we carry out on a daily basis. Research work is something that can be a real solution for those who demand a top quality research service.





If you want to obtain a highly specialized investigation service then you should think about contacting a detective in Logroño with the aim of promoting an investigation that has the capacity to respond to any request that may be issued at a given time, that is why through the services of research your doubts and concerns can be clarified under the gaze of highly defined professional expertise

The specification of research aspects towards the requests that we can take into account to obtain specialized data and elements that are capable of making us make the best decision, are mainly linked to the hiring of a resource that in fact may have the capacity to respond. to all those concerns and questions that we have at a given moment.





A private investigation detective is not the ghost of Christmases past in terms of making us see how we make mistakes, nor is it a resource that we can be calling at all times to find out what this spirit of investigation and resolution is about, mainly a Agent worth its salt towards the movement of these elements is a resource that will precisely attack the elements where we direct our need in terms of obtaining information and data that allow us to function with a degree of advantage.

Hiring a private detective can be of great advantage to us, since mainly we would be doing in a tangible way everything that could be related to the integration of tools that can represent and the deployment of skills typical of their professional work, an issue that without a doubt ends up generating the best of the research schemes at the service of all the information we want to obtain, it is there where the agents of Grupo Arga are viewed as key resources in the research processes that are offered to us in the city of Logroño.

The fact that someone has the best training to carry out investigation processes in Logroño is a great opportunity that we have when structuring a high-level investigation process, since in the first place, it will save us all that drama of not know how and where to start, additionally we can also obtain the data we require without the need to resort to supra efforts that do not end up leading us to the results we have foreseen and that also end up exposing ourselves as people.

For Logroño, Grupo Arga detectives has mainly set out to offer the best of the best to us as clients, since without a doubt it offers us the structuring of an investigation service for infidelities, as well as everything related to the investigation intelligent on a personal level. In the event that we have lost some valuable object, or also in which we require an expert opinion to determine the authenticity of a document, it is necessary to have the activity of a research professional.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we are also offered an extremely agile investigation service at the service of our companies, this means that an investigator can also be useful in solving cases designed to investigate fraudulent sick leave, as well as activities that focus on the investigation of spaces designed for the articulation of the Mystery Shopping technique, an issue that favors the tenor of the operational progress of a business, the execution of a review status around customer service.


The construction of these research processes can undoubtedly favor us from a strategic perspective since it allows us to obtain data that can make us make the best decision regarding the aspects that we need to resolve at a given moment with respect to our personal lives or a matter of importance in our business life.

Grupo Arga detectives has always provided its clients with the best business detective service, which is why through these services we can benefit from the realization of various elements that represent a strategic sum with a high quality service and discretion, contact detective in Logroño is the smartest decision we can make.

That is why, through the specialized services that Grupo Arga has managed to deploy in said locality, we, as well as our companies, benefit from all these


elements that represent a strategic sum of services at our disposal.



If we want to contact a detective in Logroño , we must know that a Grupo Arga agent is a resource oriented towards the resolution and clarification of a particular investigation case, an issue that undoubtedly ends up representing a host of solutions for all of us who wish to structure a extremely precise research process at the service of resolving our concerns, doing research in the city of Logroño for such a qualified resource is undoubtedly the best option available to us.

The structuring of strategically thought-out investigation processes is undoubtedly viable through the hiring of Grupo Arga detectives agents, since they focus on a precise deployment of skills that are related to the structuring of an investigation service. first level.

In addition to this, it is necessary to highlight that from Grupo Arga detectives, a whole series of resources that are designed to obtain and refine evidence are also deployed to resolve our investigation case, which is why we also have experts in the field IT and laboratory experts, who are capable of making a highly professional evidence collection process viable, capable of making us make the best possible decision .

Grupo Arga detectives is an investigation agency that has been operating throughout Spain for more than 10 years, its mission has mainly been to provide the best service from private investigations, with great commitment and discipline, an issue that many clients can affirm at the time of vouch for the quality of their services.




Through our Logroño Detectives Guide , we have managed to promote an investigation service highly oriented towards satisfying the needs of our clients, with the aim of providing the best investigation service to those interested in hiring a high-quality service.

The consolidation of investigation cases allows us to positively establish a whole host of requirements towards the structuring of investigation cases that allow us to obtain the best evidence for our clients.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we can be an agency that thinks broadly about its clients, which is why through our detective services we have always sought to offer the best to our clients, with the aim of proposing the insertion of an investigation scheme that can respond to all the needs of people who are interested in a highly efficient investigation process capable of responding to any operation.

We have also achieved the inclusion of strategic elements in the research processes for the city of Logroño, where we have mainly decided to establish a whole host of elements that can go in favor of the consolidation of a highly dynamic research process and accompanied by the best technological elements, with the aim that our agents deploy the best technology equipment that allows them to achieve the best results in the investigative process.

The construction of an efficient investigation process comes from the hand of an element that can establish various aspects that focus on the collection of evidence, an issue that undoubtedly generates as a result the optimal management of the case in question, since the node or chain The main execution of any case focuses on the collection of these elements to establish a sufficient policy around the verification of facts and activities.

The construction of investigation processes, without a doubt, allows clients to benefit not only from the execution of an investigation process and obtaining evidence from individuals, but also from business investigation processes, an issue that directly affects the environment in which we develop, since mainly a research process would be running attached to high patterns of loyalty in terms of people and companies that request these services.

The research carried out by Grupo Arga in Logroño is mainly directed towards the execution of activities that may represent a sum of factors aimed at the strategic collection of information and specialized data, it is here that Grupo Arga considers that the research process has a added value of great value by being able to consistently establish an entire research apparatus that can be at the service of third parties.

The construction of these processes allows us to efficiently establish a strategy that has the capacity to respond to our clients with various cases of any type of complexity, making the investigation a tool that can solve any type of investigation that may be manifested in said process. field of operations.

The investigation processes, when they advance consistently, can ensure not only the best probative burden of the facts, but can also efficiently obtain a general vision of a specific case, which is why, mainly, the investigators of Grupo Arga not only settle for the achievement of the milestones initially established in the investigative process, since if they find in the course of an operation various elements of weight towards the client’s decision making, they will incorporate them to enforce a process of high investigative efficiency.

At Grupo Arga, when we ensure the completion of our investigative operations, we are always thinking about how to offer our clients the best, which is why in our Logroño Detective Guide we aim to implement a high-quality investigative process when establishing answers. that our clients require.

This is how, at Grupo Arga, we are resolved to handle each case with a great sense of priority and importance. For this, we deploy operations of our computer experts, as well as various roles of expertise at the laboratory level and of criminal evidence, an issue that Without a doubt, it supports the effectiveness of any operation towards any type of client in the short, medium and long term.

That is why, from our research group, we offer our clients the best research service, capable of supporting, under a strategic environment, everything that may be related to the execution of a high-level service, thus promoting the satisfaction of our clients and interested parties. at all times.

Through our Logroño Detectives Guide we offer the best of the best to anyone interested in obtaining a specialized investigation service capable of responding to the needs that are arising around an important aspect of their day to day.



The quality and investigative expertise with which our detectives work means that Grupo Arga is always able to articulate the best and newest services that it plans to implement for the city of Logroño, with the aim of promoting a scheme of action highly oriented towards the satisfaction of all the requirements of our clients.

The structuring of operations that Grupo Arga detectives deploys in the city of Logroño is related to a process of great mysticism and professional rigor, which is why our agents are people who undoubtedly offer what is best in that city, with the objective of maintaining a perfect synchrony of satisfaction around the investigation of infidelities, personal investigations, as well as all operations related to the business investigation and the cases in which the investigation in the digital environment is required.

The structuring of activities by our detectives, possible through the request for services from our clients through the Logroño Detectives Guide , an issue that undoubtedly places us in the possibility of offering elements of great value at the investigation level. strategic for that locality. At Grupo Arga we have the most sophisticated research service for the town of Logroño!  



The ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP is established as one of the leading companies in private investigation services in Logroño . For years it has remained one of the leading companies in terms of responding to the concerns with which its clients approach its offices. The attention, seriousness, trust and guarantee towards its clients have made it a recognized and respected company when it comes to private investigations.

All the results that we offer in GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES, are taken into account for legal cases, obtaining favorable and positive responses from those who have requested our services, which causes more and more clients to come to our offices requesting the services of a Private Detective . , and do not hesitate to recommend us.

We aim to provide the best options to our clients, always with the intention that they obtain the necessary answers they are looking for and thus have many more satisfied clients with our work. Each situation that comes to us at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES in Logroño , we take it as our own case, we become familiar with each one in order to get involved in order to give the best response to our clients.

At GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES, we believe in two things: The confidence to have a close relationship with our clients and the individual attention offered to all who come to our agencies in search of solutions. We make each case unique and this has led us to have a closer and trusting bond with our clients, making it easier for us to resolve the concerns and needs of each client. We attend each case from other perspectives, being able to establish empathy and provide a more accurate response. Once we are hired at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES, we try to solve all cases immediately, we do not like that clients have to wait a long time for nothing, the time of our clients is a very important factor for us. We respect the times and our clients, therefore, we try to offer a fast service, but with solid results.



At GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES, we not only operate in the family or business area, we also work in the area of Computer Forensics where we take care of the recovery of information uploaded to the internet or stored on a computer, which intentionally or unintentionally was deleted or erased, thinking that the information would be completely deleted. But at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , we know that every file leaves a mark, which our team of professionals is responsible for tracking until it can be recovered and delivered as evidence in a case. Likewise, we carry out technological research, from which we can extract information from cameras, cell phones, microphones, among others, managing to carry out a valid and legal report on the information obtained and thus, provide convincing answers.

We have advanced technology which, together with our professionals, means that we can achieve any type of evidence and positive results for our clients, leaving no loose pieces in the investigations, generating cases with satisfactory closures for us and our clients, who do not hesitate to trust us for these answers. So do not hesitate and attend the GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño where we will attend you responsibly and seriously at any time.



We have a team of professionals at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño , who work in numerous areas of investigation: computer, personal, labor, criminal, family, among others. If you hire a PRIVATE DETECTIVE in Logroño , because you have doubts about a particular case regarding companies, here we will help you clarify if you are facing a delicate situation. If you suspect any of the cases that we will name, come to us in Logroño:


  • There are “ghost” employees or the data of former employees is not canceled and the salaries are being diverted to other funds.
  • Fake orders are created to spoof bank account data and divert funds.
  • Nonexistent providers, and your payments are misplaced to other accounts.
  • Requests for refunds are extreme.
  • Within the staff there is someone who has a fraudulent or doubtful leave of absence.
  • It is suspected that there are funds that are disappearing without justification.
  • There is false information or information that does not match the dates.


A labor scam affects a company in a colossal way, but carrying out an investigation with a PROFESSIONAL DETECTIVE generates a minimum cost, but will provide great pleasure by clarifying doubts and remedying criminal problems that could be created by not clarifying certain cases . That is why we resolve to name only one of the cases that could be suspected of a

investigation to take the necessary measures.

We also provide services in the personal or family area, helping you clarify whatever your situation may be:

  • If you suspect infidelity, we help you find the answers.
  • You have a family member who believes they may have an addiction, we take care of obtaining the evidence of the facts and providing you with the results.
  • If you have doubts about a paternity case, our detectives will be in charge of collecting evidence in order to carry out DNA tests if necessary in order to clarify the cases.
  • If you are going through a difficult separation or divorce, we also take care of helping you obtain the necessary evidence so that this process can be accelerated and an agreement between the parties can be reached.
  • If you want to investigate a relative, or get someone who has time without contact and wants to know about him

In our GRUPO ARGA PRIVATE DETECTIVES offices , we will gladly assist you and explain in more detail each of the services we can offer you.



At GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño , your budget is not a reason to limit our services to our clients, since in our agency we can adapt to your economic needs. We will always offer you an excellent service regardless of your economic limitations. When approaching GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño , you will have the full satisfaction that our professional detectives will provide you with a good service. We know that investigations vary from client to client and cannot be handled in the same way, as each client is unique and special. When you tell us about your case, we will indicate the best option so that you can be completely satisfied with the service.


Every time you approach to request the service of a Professional Detective in Logroño , it is important that you are very clear about the rates and the service that this will offer you, lest it be that at the end of the service, you find yourself with new expenses that you did not expect and that you will have to pay. For this reason, at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño , we want to offer you all the information you need so that you are clear about our rates and services offered. In Logroño there are many private detective services , some with very high prices and others with such low prices, that they are tentative to hire, although it does not always turn out as we think, since the level of experience and professionalism should be a great factor taken into account. when deciding.

The good thing is that you go to any of our offices in the GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño , is that our professionals will give you an estimate of the costs that our services will generate, always offering you the best at the lowest cost. Each budget varies from client to client depending on your case.

In Spain there are fees stipulated by law according to the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain , these being some of them:


  • The observations, the vigilances: that vary between 1-5 hours 350 euros. Holidays have a surcharge of 50% of the cost. Each additional person to investigate will cost 70 euros.
  • To search and locate people: The price will be 50 euros per hour as a basic rate. But, if the investigation becomes much more complex and requires the use of technological tools or other tools, the parties must make a budget that includes the cost of these resources and the other means that are necessary to carry out the investigation.
  • Listening investigations: The minimum rates will be 1500 euros, remembering that everything varies according to the difficulty of the work. Here it is worth mentioning that we are talking about hidden camera investigations, listening to phones or any other security means that have been installed.
  • For Financial , lease and pre- employment reports : from 800 euros.
  • The Personal Reports : from 1000 euros. These are just basic trifas, but at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño , we offer you the budget at no cost and without any type of commitment, adapting to the circumstances that each client presents to us. We will always provide you with the best tool for each case that our clients present to us. We also offer you the first interview for free so that you can approach us and thus discuss your situation. Count on us at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , to provide you with the best answers, without any type of commitment.

Do not hesitate to contact the PRIVATE DETECTIVES OF MURCIA , where we will assist you and help you solve your problem by providing the best service, always thinking about your current situation, adjusting to what you offer. Our great experience gained over the years has given us great success and great recognition by all our private investigators in whatever space they work. Our premise has been to base ourselves on the individualized attention that is served to each of our clients, treating them with professionalism and with total dedication and support in each of our private investigations. We work by providing them with the best professional and modern technological instruments, in order to be able to offer a better service to our clients and guarantee that they will obtain in their hands, the information they need to solve any problem, always achieving the results, according to what the laws establish.



The number of people who want to know an exact amount is very large, however, many factors must be taken into account before talking about a fee to pay for the services of a private detective in Logroño , whose city has more than 150,000 inhabitants, one of the factors to take into account and that the surface of this city belonging to the autonomous community of La Rioja is more than 70 square kilometers, therefore, the private investigator can move 50 kilometers away from his office and still be within the city, this is important to keep in mind since it is one of the factors to take into account to bill a payment when closing the case.



If we talk about factors, it is relevant to take into account the hours that must be worked, since in five hours of work for a private detective he must earn 350 euros, if the time that he must work is extended, it can reach the amount of 600 euros, and if extended at night hours these will be taken as eight hours worked and likewise they will be credited to the total sum, another factor is travel expenses, because if the private investigator had to leave the city, it leads to a higher transportation cost, if You have to eat lunch during the investigation, you must charge the food consumption expenses and even if you had to pay for your stay to get the relevant information, you must attach it to the payment, since it counts as part of the per diem.


Hiring costs can vary greatly, it also depends on the detective agency in Logroño that you hire, since it gives you the value it creates adjusted to the quality of its private detectives when it comes to solving a crime, and these in turn, they must conform to the MPDE, to be within what the laws say. Therefore, the price and quality may vary, but always within a range established by the standards. Another factor to take into account for the prices of hiring a private investigator are the reports, since they also vary according to the client’s demands.

A report is one that has the exact description of all the data obtained by the private detective , detailing the time, place and date, describing every detail of the scene in question, and supporting images, audio and video, which must be attached to the report. same. A preliminary report can have a value of 800 euros, however, the cost can increase depending on the demands of it, that is, if it requires a higher level of


preparation of the private investigator, technology other than the one usually used to acquire the information, or the time required to obtain it, that is why if the report is financial, which needs much more dedication due to its difficulty, the cost can reach even from 1200 euros to 1500 euros.



For all those who want to know how much a detective is worth in Logroño , without a doubt it is a very reasonable question that all our clients and people interested in hiring us have, an issue that allows them to know everything that is implicit in the management of investigative processes .

How much is a detective worth in Logroño , is a question that always provides the opportunity to make known from the work of our agents everything that is linked in detail in the progress of each process and investigation case that is opened to provide the answers . indicated to the client.


Many of the people who are in a process of doubt regarding whether or not to hire a private detective at times, must understand that the processes that are linked to the management of investigative activities, an issue that provides a sense of resolution to an inconvenience that we do not have the capacity to solve on our own.

In this sense, before knowing how much a detective is worth in Logroño and trying to make a hasty decision, without a doubt, we must understand what is the price of not solving this inconvenience that we are going through? Question that without a doubt will be answered only in our inner criteria.

Having a research resource that is in a position to provide the best sense of response for all types of activity that may be required by the client and that is framed in the field of research is possible if a professional is hired. which will undoubtedly yield the best results.

The construction of an investigation process allows the people who entrust this type of activity to obtain, under a broad spectrum of discretion, everything that is found.

related to the management of research processes, with the aim that they are the ones that can obtain the best possible decision within their reach and therefore a strategic advantage in each situation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the members of our investigative body provide the best sense of response to all our clients through a sufficient collection of evidence and elements of conviction that in each investigation have the capacity to promote the resolution of a case in the shortest possible time with the lowest possible cost.

The management of investigation processes that our agency makes viable have the ability to promote the best possible response to both individuals and businessmen, an issue that will be reflected in the generation of various elements that allow timely and appropriate investigation to be conducted. each research context.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents have the best training to undertake any type of operation, being widely outstanding in the management of elements that without a doubt can provide the unfolding of different layers of complexity, an issue that one person alone can not make.

That is why, by entrusting research work to our Grupo Arga Agents, both individuals and companies have a first-class research service capable of promoting the best sense of response to all the concerns and questions that they may have. with respect to each investigative process.

In Grupo Arga detectives, the generation of a scheme that allows us to obtain the best of the best for our clients, undoubtedly prides itself on the construction of various elements that pose the possibility of knowing everything that is linked to process management. that can promote a quick response regarding an investigation-prone situation.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents can direct everything that is related to the management of processes that can promote the best sense of resolution at the level of what can be particular cases such as the investigation of infidelities, as well as everything that is is related to any type of personal investigation, this without a doubt sometimes the best sense of resolution for someone who requires the application of a specific private investigation process.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our corporate clients is also made feasible at the level of the structuring of processes that allow us to obtain the best of the best towards the structuring of an element that makes it possible to carry out investigations of sick leave, as well as the application of the mysterious client technique.

These two types of research are the ones that promote the best sense of response at the level of a company, since at this time it needs to accurately approach an effective decision-making process, an issue that undoubtedly comes hand in hand. specialized management of an investigation case.

Analyzing all these aspects, we can reach the conclusion that asking how much a detective is worth in Logroño is a question that cannot be answered with a standardized price, since trying to pigeonhole an operation into a price would harm the client around the quality of provision of research services that we make feasible for clients.


At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes, without a doubt, leads us to provide the best possible investigation service to all our clients, making the specialized management of our operations a reality.

Anyone who wonders how much a detective is worth in Logroño , has as a great answer the execution of a joint work of various experts in the investigative field who have the ability to respond with a great sense of authority everything that is related to the application. of a specialized research process.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of all the needs of our clients is guaranteed with the aim that they have the possibility of making the best possible decision regarding a particular problem.



Do not hesitate to contact us, at GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño we will assist you in the best way and we will always accompany you throughout the investigation. Go through our agencies of the GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES , in Logroño and you will see that it is the best office in the area.



Arga detectives is a unique agency in its style, capable of reaching every corner of every city in Spain and Logroño is no exception, today we will show you why we are the best private detectives in Logroño and what makes us the best choice when you arrive. at some point you will need to choose a detective agency.

You have to know first of all that detectives are people whose job is to carry out investigations of all kinds in order to give clients everything they need to know, be it the information of a person or people or even something they needed to recover that was directly something they owned but lost.

The private detective can become the solution you have been looking for to completely eliminate any doubt because that is what a detective does, he gives you the evidence you need to know in order to complete the information and that you do not end up assuming things that are not, then You avoid having problems both during the investigation and afterwards.

Explaining a little how you can avoid problems is something simple and we can say that our job is to prevent people from discovering us while we are looking for their information or while we follow them, which if you do it personally and they discover you can become a serious problem. for you, also later since you have the situation clear.



Our agency has a unique feature of its kind and that is that we are the only ones capable of handling many types of jobs and services, what we want to achieve with this is that we can guarantee that the research work that you need we have and if you do not think we you can get you can call us so that we can advise you with the case you need.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño we want to offer our clients everything they need, you may think that there are too many jobs but it turns out that our services are aimed at something specific, to make it clear we can say that we have exactly the job you need and that you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Many times the agencies offer a type of service or only give the hours of detectives and it turns out that this type of work is much more expensive because they put things in the service that are not necessary to charge more, we care about our clients, we want them to have what is fair for them and that at the same time they can be satisfied with this work.

Not just any agency offers what you need when you need it, that is why our detectives are among the best, because they are of quality and can give their best performing all kinds of services, you will not find a better team than ours because we have no only variety of services but also the quality you expect in each of the jobs.



One of the advantages of hiring our detectives is having a team capable of doing different jobs, that is, our detectives have specialized in being versatile and being able to handle any situation no matter what it is, because being versatile they can manage everything whatever you need, regardless of whether it is computer or personal.

You have to know one of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Logroño and that is that our detectives are capable of dealing with the problems that arise thanks to their knowledge in different areas, so if you want to get out of trouble and that everything solve quickly and be able to get your information choose us.

Versatility is the ability to make everything easy with the extra capabilities that are available, this means that detectives can be active and solve any problem such as lack of clues, lack of information or any other, whatever it is. of the qualities that you have to take into account in detectives if you want something practical.

What you want as a client is to be able to obtain a detective capable of doing everything as quickly as possible so that in this way you do not have to waste time, much less wait an eternity for news, thanks to the qualities of our detectives we can say that we have the best delivery time for evidence and information.



It is likely that you think that we are not efficient, that what we give you is nothing more than a receipt or just a debt to pay, but it turns out that our services are something very useful to firstly not get involved in an investigation and secondly not to be discovered looking for what you need to know, then the best option is to hire professional legal detectives.

The first thing you want to know about a detective is what he has been able to obtain in a case, this is essential for us, which is why we emphasize doing our best so that the information is not misunderstood or that any data can be confused, there are photographs that do not explain the behavior of a person and we get to the background.

What you see many times is just a wrong picture of what really happens, that is why you have to learn to see everything from a broader picture and we give you this view so that you are sure of what your instincts or deductions can arrive to tell you, make sure that the information is real obtained the evidence from our hands.

One of the reasons why you should choose us as detectives is not only because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, but because we have been serving this and other cities for years as detectives, having people trained for all situations and best of all, they deliver legitimate information. and credible as well as being legal in what we do.



As we have been telling you, our detectives have an incredible ability that sets them apart from others, which helps them handle situations, but it is not the only thing that makes them who they are and one of the very important factors would be the experience they have at the moment. solve the problems that appear and not make the same mistakes.

A new person in the detective business can be as prepared as possible, he will not be the best yet because he has no experience and does not know how a person can react, what mistakes not to make or he has not gone through them to avoid making them. again this makes the experience always worth everywhere.

In order to be one of the best you have to have years of experience, which is something that our detectives have in abundance, one of the best reasons why we are the best private detectives in Logroño is because our detectives have the wisdom that years of experience doing different jobs and that can flow in each service.

We can say that the expert in investigations takes time to be forged because it requires living the necessary experiences to not make so many mistakes when conducting an investigation , for our part our agency has been working for several years with qualified people who have the same experience as us as an agency.



There are different circumstances for which a private detective is required and it depends on certain moments or certain doubts that may arise, that is the side that all clients have in common: they doubt a person, whether it is the person’s intention of how expressed or of some kind of background that it may have and they want to find out.

Now, a private detective is useful in many cases because he is the one who investigates, acquires and solves the problem of doubts with evidence, that is why you may need him for almost any situation, it does not matter if what you want to know is if your partner is unfaithful to you or if you want to find out about the life of an employee to see their performance.

Be that as it may, what you should keep in mind is that our service can be useful to you whenever you need it because we are the best private detectives in Logroño and we will give you the certainty that your doubts can be resolved with something feasible, something that if you know what is or is not happening and get into action with what you need to do to solve it.

The private detective is necessary when you want to resolve doubts, this has already become clear, however, we have not told you why it may become necessary and the reason is simple and it is because you require someone to do this work so as not to be discovered or so that it is done as it has to be done in an intelligent way without the target noticing.


This is one of the most common types of investigation because day by day the number of infidelities rises in all countries and Spain is no exception, if you want to carry out a job of this type it is because you doubt or because you know that your partner has been behaving in a different way with you and that this is why suspicions usually arise, then it is better to act.

Currently, the important thing is not to remain with your hands crossed, that is why you can get to hire a private detective to find out if your doubts are true by following the person, the detective will follow stealthily and without realizing the objective that you are being watched until you get what you want from the person.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we want you to have what you need at your fingertips, which is why our detectives put all their effort into taking clear and concise evidence so that you do not continue to have doubts so that you can move on to the next step. what action is and know what to do with your partner.

We are the first step to act at least in this type of context of infidelity, in any case they are cases that it is necessary to carry out the work to be able to leave doubts without worrying that they see you chasing your partner or that it is seen as a case of harassment, it is better to be safe than sorry and for this reason you hire the best detectives in Spain.



Believe it or not, another of the most requested services is the search and location of people, this can be necessary for anyone because it often happens that we lose a relative, friend or acquaintance, perhaps someone who owes you money that disappeared, in the case of

being a trader you need to know where the debtors are at all times.

This work consists of carrying out the search for someone who may be missing for different reasons, the important thing is to know that with our detectives it is possible to locate them, it is not an easy job when they do not want to be found but we can do it because we are the best private detectives in Logroño and we do not give up.

You have to keep in mind that this process can be somewhat difficult and that it can take time because a person without a cell phone and who keeps a low profile will be very difficult to recognize or if he does not leave a house then it is even more difficult, of In the same way, with the data that the clients give us, we look for the clues until we find the objective.

One of the things that makes us the best is that we are persevering in our work, it should be noted that a detective only has his intuition and his instincts to know which clue to follow and it is something that is acquired with experience and time on the job, since We have this, which is why we can carry out this work in the shortest time possible.



You may think that currently a computer detective is not something necessary but we can tell you that you would not be more wrong, it is a person who does a job that is booming and therefore it is something necessary to recover what you want to have from a computer. or internet data, they are the only ones capable of doing this job legally.

A computer detective is in charge of recovering information from computers or databases, which means that he extracts the data that the person requires so that they are not lost, many times it is required due to loss of files or because someone else wants to erase said data. files to harm the person.

In any case, we are the best option in the case of needing to search for information on the web or in physical electronic media such as storage media, one of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Logroño in this field is that we know perform our work without damaging any file otherwise we fix it.

One of the intrinsic jobs of computer detectives is to retrieve information, they do it by searching for data on the hard drive or directly using all kinds of strategies and tools that make their work easier and make it excellent, if what you want is to recover something important in an electronic medium we are your best option.



We have already mentioned how computer detectives work, however, we have not mentioned the techniques they use or the plan they use so that nothing is deleted, the truth is that each person has their methods and one of the things they can do manually is to search with DiskDigger all the information on the hard drive.

Normally everything that they have tried to delete, damage or erase will be found on the hard drive, unless you are a cleaning maniac and want to thoroughly delete all the files continuously, if this is the case you not only complicate the job but it is It’s probably next to impossible to retrieve what you need, but the detective always finds it.

Something you should keep in mind is that if you do not know how to recover deleted data from your computer or storage medium, then it is better that you do not start to invent, there are cases in which people try to search for information on their own and they end up erasing everything and complicating the work of the experts.

Then you should know why we are the best private detectives in Logroño and what we can tell you is that it is because our team has been working with storage media for years to recover all kinds of data, that it is not something overnight and that it always takes time to recover something damaged, but it is achievable with our team.



One of the advantages of hiring a computer detective at least in our agency is that they are totally legal and when searching the internet for an email or password through their means, this would not be violating any law but is endorsed by the ministry to carry out this search without legal problems. Something that helps make the job easier.

Did you know that there are pages that are more encrypted than others and that it is more difficult to access them? If you didn’t know it, now you know it, that’s why a computer detective has his means to find what he needs, that’s why it’s important to leave it in his hands if you want to find personal emails or passwords to avoid doing paperwork or having to waste time.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño , we offer you the best in tools and computer equipment to access this information, because it is somewhat tedious to have to change the password in Hotmail emails and you may need it for other procedures, it is better not to worry and leave it in the hands of experts.

Each computer detective has his method to recover things from the internet without having problems or having to break a firewall, that is why he is worth every coin with which he is paid because it makes your life easier and recovers what you need both in the base of physical data like hard drives like on the web, you don’t have to let it get erased if you can get it back.



Our agency has not only been operating for years but is completely legalized and legitimate in all its actions, just like its detectives, many times you may want a job to be legitimate and not become something illegal, for this reason our detectives must have an approval by the Ministry of the Interior to be able to exercise and work with us.

Unlike other agencies that not only hire detectives who do not have any type of legality, we have all the legal means up to date, that is why you can trust us on this side, to minimize costs there are agencies that hire people who do not have the official validity of the Ministry and these can harm you in many ways.

If you want a legal service then you must go for the best and because we are the best private detectives in Logroño we give you that guarantee that our detectives, whoever they are, have their professional identification card or TIP that identifies and endorses them as a detective. It works because it helps you not have problems in any way.

If you decide to hire a detective who does not have a professional identification, you not only run the risk of going to jail for hiring an illegal service, but it can harm you because these people commonly only do this type of work to swindle you and take away not only the information but the money extorting you with it.



There are errors that are visible in a professional identification card, however, this can become somewhat confusing because at first glance you see a false identification and you may think it is true, but there are some data with which you can easily identify if it is. true or not, starting with the logo they place on it.

Normally, to make a false one, people believe that it is necessary for it to have the logo of the Interior Ministry, which is why they use one that is as large as possible in said identification, this is the biggest mistake they make and for which it is the most simple to identify that a TIP is false, the second way is a bit more complicated.

The most complicated way is to see if at the end of the date the card was issued it has the number that identifies the detective, each detective has a number and said number is registered in the police databases through which you can call your agency nearest and ask for said detective record and see if he is really a detective or not.

You have to keep in mind that despite the fact that you have identified an illegal detective, the first thing we do before entering a case is to show our legitimate card as proof that we are detectives, because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we have the quality , professionalism, and legality that you deserve at all times.



Believe it or not, one of the factors that makes detectives crucial to a court case is not the fact of finding legal evidence, which in itself is something important, but the events that a detective sees, he can observe and arrive at. to detail them then you can explain it in a court or trial court as a key witness.

To explain it in another way, the word of a private detective has more validity than any other observer of an event, this is because he is always attentive to the facts and observes any suspicious activity, so he has a greater retention of what happens and can clearly describe what happened at trial.

The fact of having on your side the argument of a detective can put the whole balance in your favor, that is why it is something crucial when being in a trial this changes the paradigm of the facts and can in any case if you are a plaintiff or accused get to put things in your favor, for which our service is valuable in these cases.

If what you want is to hire a private detective to be able to have a key witness then there is no better option than to hire us, our detectives are unique and capable of observing the facts almost perfectly with their great retention, because we are the best detectives private in Logroño we have the ability to bring justice to the facts.



When you hire someone to do a job, what you expect is that this person is a professional in said job and that he has no problems, you trust what he does, that is why in this type of work the facts do not change, you trust the experience of the detective and his ability to act, that is why you look for the best in each job.

Because only the best are the ones who are recognized and with whom we can trust that they will do a good job, this is what we offer you as an agency and as detectives, the opportunity that you can trust our work and our results as detectives that do not anyone gets, we will give you what you need and require in the best time.

Trust is accompanied by confidentiality, something that in itself is in our ethics as detectives, it is something moral and that we do out of conscience, we do not keep any information or data and you can fully trust that everything granted cannot be disclosed and in the case of doing so, you can file charges against the detectives.

Why are we the best private detectives in Logroño? it is because whatever we do we put the care that the client requires, we care about him so that he has what he needs, that he can trust us is our duty as detectives and our confidentiality is the morals and ethics of our investigation agents.



Our experience both in different cases and at the level of knowing each other the streets, the knowledge of years of studies that we have and require in almost each of our jobs, the unique intuition with which we decide which are the clues that lead us to our objectives and other qualities make our detectives what they are.

Because they may not be perfect either as detectives or as people, but they put their best into each job, which makes them strive for the passion of investigation, not everyone does these jobs at the prices we do and the quality we do because it is something very complicated and requires a love of art or a passion for research .

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño and in all of Spain, it boils down to the fact that we work hard, we have experiences that define us and that prevent us from making so many mistakes and above all because we care about our clients and because we care about their needs. to be able to satisfy them at least in information.

What makes people prefer us over other agencies is not the fact of experience or knowledge but that we are dedicated to ensuring that our work, whatever it is, has the excellence it deserves at all times, because both detectives and clients they deserve something fair, we make sure that both of them are satisfied with what they get.



One of the factors that makes people choose us is the fact that we are of excellence, a virtue that not all agencies have and when you want something to be done with quality, you always call those who carefully do their best because be excellent, it is when we come in to give you what you need to investigate and we give everything for the work.

It is said that excellence is achieved through practice and the truth is that our detectives have had plenty of time with their experiences to practice what they need to do to improve in each of the aspects, we just want to emphasize that in order to be the better we must continue working every day to also be better as people.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we want you to have what you deserve, which is incredible quality, something that can only be achieved through the tools, knowledge, experiences and dedication of our detectives, capable of solving the problems that lie ahead. doing their job and giving 100% at every step.

Research is a job that depends on the steps that are taken, if they are correct they open new doors if they are incorrect they make you rectify and look for the path that is needed, that is why we consider that we are of excellence because we seek without giving up the best path to find our goal, which is to guarantee your information safely.



The prices in estimates can vary depending on some things, it is normal to put the price first with the detective’s fees, which in itself are usually the most expensive part of a budget, in addition to this, they then put the price of the equipment, both usual and extra in the investigation among other things that must be paid for.

To be able to put it in some way, agencies often charge double, triple or even much more to be able to see a greater benefit than expected, it is possible that they do not get many jobs but if they do get one they are almost at the same goal as an agency humble like ours, something that you can say is unfair but it happens often.

What we want to get at with this is that among the price quotas that you can find on other sites you can see exorbitant prices because it is something normal within the prices of private detectives, in any case you should know that there will be no better price than ours because we are the best private detectives in Logroño that you will get.

Our detectives normally charge sixty to seventy euros for an hour, it still depends a lot on the service, the hours they work and the tools they use, anyway we want to do it as fair as possible, that is why you will not find a better price for quality that we offer, is unmatched because it is fair for both parties.



You may be surprised by the fact that our detectives do not get paid the same as any other detective from a more prestigious agency and the truth is that our detectives do not get rich just with a job but they do their work for the pleasure of solving the cases of investigation and not so much for the money, whoever tells you otherwise is not a detective.

You may think that it is a lie but for some reason we only give fair prices for both parties, no more and no less, and it is because we want both parties to be satisfied, that the detective is happy with the profit and with solving the problem and the client with his services and with what I pay, that is why we do not charge expensive or cheap.

The fair price is because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we do not gain anything by being expensive and being cheap discredit us, that is why we give our best in each job to demonstrate our value not because of our prices but because of our dedication, this makes our prices are not so high and we get the best customers.

Because the clients who seek us want a good service and that they are fair, honest and that is what we grant them as long as there is also respect and fairness on their part, because detectives deserve to be treated with professionals in their field, it is because This is that we give the best only for the best people who prefer trust and confidentiality.



The decision will always be up to the client, but they must take into account the fact that they already know that we are one of the most prosperous agencies throughout the country over the years, not only in Logroño, that we give the maximum in each service that we offer. we do and that you can trust

ar in us then the decision to risk something is much more than the gain.

If you decide to go through a more expensive and prestigious agency, what will happen is that you will get a much more expensive invoice than normal where they will want to explain excessive prices with the use of tools, fees from people whose experience is not worth ours and the worst thing is that they will not do even half of what they say or maybe they will but there is no guarantee.

In the event that you decide to go to a cheaper agency, then I must tell you that you might think about your pocket but you are not seeing the repercussions that this can bring, it is possible that said agency hires detectives who are not professionals, inexperienced and worst of all, without validation by the Ministry of the Interior, the loss will be worse than the gain.

In any case, as a client, we know that you will choose the agency that benefits you the most, because excellence and quality are only given by the best and because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we are the only ones who will give you the best value for money that can exist in this city. don’t risk too much and make sure you get what you want to get.



Many times to save money we start looking for cheaper services without knowing that it could turn out worse than we think, there are many cases that show that the quality of a cheap service in most cases is not going to be the same as a product whose price is justified by the service as such, neither more nor less.

In any case, we are human and always or most of the time we try to find the cheapest services to save money and be able to use it in other things, the important thing is to know that it does not always work out better than you think and that the most cheap is perhaps the most expensive and most problematic option and now we are going to explain why.

The normal thing is to first try to look for investigative work that someone like a relative, friend or acquaintance do the work because they charge us cheaper, but it turns out that for professional and confidential investigative work a professional like the one from our agencies is better since he will do the most legitimate and legal also in a confidential way.

You have to keep in mind that by hiring someone cheap you are putting yourself in danger of extortion, theft of information to sell it to someone else or even kidnapping and that is why the cheap service can be more expensive than you think, because we are the best private detectives in Logroño we will give you the guarantee of being legal and legitimate.



Remember that we were talking about relatives or acquaintances who do the investigative work for you to save you some money, it happens that this can get you in trouble, without going very far, as they are not professionals at the time of being discovered, they can have lawsuits for harassment or any other type of accusations that harm you.

Depending on the service or the agency, they may or may not hire private detectives who are illegal to put it in some way, because there are certain people who have the knowledge but who do not pass the test of the Interior Ministry to be able to practice as a detective and it can happen exactly the same as with your acquaintance who can be accused.

Not everything is bad in cheap services because you always have the opportunity to save yourself some money, it really is not like that, that is why we have the previous topic of the problems that illegal private detectives can cause you and make it clear that you can run the danger of something happening to you or your family for not hiring a fair and legal service.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we can tell you that there is no other agency with the quality price that we offer that has our services and that is up to the level of legitimacy and legality, each of our detectives are completely legal and the first thing that does is show you his identity for verification.



In the case of our agency, we seek that any person who requires it can find the service they need from research and apart from this that they can pay for it, that is, our prices and services are based on the fact that anyone with a certain economic stability You can hire our research work without problems.

We go further than anyone and that is why we offer free help to tell you what you need and you do not have to pay extra costs doing certain jobs that in the end is neither what you needed nor a job that can bring you too many benefits, we go to the target directly and get what you require.

One of the reasons why we want to help others to get the investigative work they require is because we are the best private detectives in Logroño and as such we must give the maximum and be able to guarantee quality to our clients at all times, for which we also seek that our work is hired by anyone.

You may think that our detectives will not be as efficient in certain fields but it turns out that they give 100% in everything they do and for those who need it because after all they are here to help, that is why our work is dedicated exclusively to those who need and get what you need without the hassle or hassle.



We could be talking to you for hours and hours about the experiences of our private detectives but it would not do justice to what really makes our detectives or our agency unique, although equally we should not take credit away from our detectives because it is because we are a team that focuses on helping those in need.

One of the qualities of detectives is that they can get to do investigative work just for the satisfaction of being able to help someone else and being able to solve the doubt or problem they had with the lack of information, that is why we are unique because You will not find another agency that cares about doing their job better than us.

What makes us the best is the dedication and quality that we put into each of our jobs, demonstrating at all times what we are, because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we must demonstrate at every step that we can measure up and that we care for giving the best to each of our clients without any preference.

We prioritize solving the work in a way that its quality and excellence can be noted and that the fact that the work was only done for a payment is not counted on, not quite the opposite, there is nothing better for a professional detective than be able to solve a case and see everything you were able to do to help someone get the data they needed.



There is much more than just quality, excellence, experience and knowledge that can become the qualities that are always sought by our detectives’ clients in general, they are respectful people, with ethics and morality that makes you trust them as if were therapists to whom you confess what you did or how you feel.

It may not be the best way to say that detectives are good people, but in the end what matters is that it is seen that they really give their all in their work and that they are dedicated to respecting everything the client does with this information. They are determined people who do not give up until they achieve their goals, qualities that not everyone has.

Detectives can even be seen as a kind of police or government entity, because they are very straight people, guided by the laws and who do not break them but abide by them to be more legitimate in the eyes of others. customers and also because they represent, as mentioned above, a status similar to that of guards.

There are many reasons why we are the best private detectives in Logroño but one of the most important is that our detectives are and will always be of the highest quality that can be found in a hardworking person, with more values than we can describe and Above all, they dedicate their time and care to please the customer.



We have already talked about everything a bit, however, we have not said which are the most common jobs that the agency offers for clients, these are separated into different areas since they are as specific as possible, for example in this area it would be everything that has to do with someone’s personal information, whoever it is, we find out.

Starting from criminal records to all kinds of secrets that you might not know about this person, normally this type of work is hired by people with couples who want to know if before getting married people are who they say they are or is it just a mask of the person, in the same way if you hide something from them at the time of divorce.

Commonly this is done to find out criminal, psychological, or any type of paternity test, which is also something possible for us to do, among other things, we are a multipurpose company that is responsible for knowing what you want to find out about someone without having many difficulties and the best thing is that it be legal.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño , we give the maximum by carrying out all kinds of exhaustive searches, revealing even the deepest secrets of the person so that you can be informed of what you need to know and that no problem arises in the future that could harm you. Better safe than sorry.



You may think that we only dedicate ourselves to looking for infidelities that would be a personal job, but you are wrong, we carry out many jobs in different areas because, as we have already mentioned, we have the largest variety of services, in the labor side it is not an exception. because we have what you need to know about partners or employees.

You can’t always count on the real information of a person, at this time we offer you what you need to know about your employees and partners, such as the number of lies or if their résumé is really true, because in the end it is something important for a company that needs qualified people for the job.

Perhaps you have ever thought that the accounts do not add up or that something is wrong with the inventory, it may be possible that someone from your staff or business partner may be making a diversion of funds or diversion of inventory for their own benefit. , it happens in different companies and it can happen to you that is why we are here.

Believe it or not, we have the best reasons to be the best in each field and because we are the best private detectives in Logroño we prove it by giving you all the information you need to know so as not to have losses or go bankrupt, such as knowing if a loss is faked or not, it is valuable information that makes the change in the company.



This can be linked to the personal area because many times there are jobs that have something more similar to certain areas or that can be included in the work budget to be able to find out, whatever it is, we also have jobs in the economic field that can come to mean knowing about secrets or goods that you did not know.

Because many times what we want is to protect not only our money but also our profitable investments or where you can invest the money, that is why we often need to know information about our possible partners to trust that they have a guarantee to be able to protect our money in one way or another.

This is why we are here to find out what you need to know about the economic side of a person, because we can investigate even if someone is bankrupt and has only requested a loan or something like that to be able to scam people, we see that goods that person may have, which may be seized and much more.

Stop having problems with business partners or any other type of investor, it’s time for you to find out more about who you want to be part of your business and who you don’t, because we are the best private detectives in Logroño we give you what you need and if not If it is your case, it is still worth finding out about your partner or family member who may be in trouble.



There are certain businesses or leases that may have certain problems or that you may come to be doubting information about them, that is why we make your life a little easier by looking for such information and giving you what you need to know to be able to be one step ahead and have no losses or problems.

With leases, there are times when information is duplicated before the state and this can generate long-term problems for the person, which is why you must have this information up to date, just as many times a leased place can be used for something other than what it’s intended for, those are important things to know.

In the case of businesses we can give you what you need to know about distributors and suppliers in a complete report and not only this but we specialize in carrying out market research work for commercial premises that helps you to improve the negative points of said business to increase your profits.

Because we are the best private detectives in Logroño, we give you everything you want to know about your premises or rental place, if you have any doubts then you can ask us and we will give you free advice on what you need to know, we have not mentioned all the jobs but I guarantee you that we have what you need.



You may think that we are a detective agency that specializes only in investigations, but it turns out that we are not because there are certain jobs that go hand in hand with investigation and that may become necessary, such as security, we are dedicated to carry out private security work in large places.

Private detectives are not always needed to investigate information and that is why, in order to be a little different, we also carry out undercover security work, but that is not the only thing that is different from regular investigation , because we also carry out counterintelligence work to be able to catch any spy.

There is a job that we mentioned earlier that does not fall into the categories of information investigation but would be a kind of security survey to be able to achieve privacy and confidentiality and this is the electronic sweep, with this you are in charge of eliminating spy artifacts while with the against espionage you can look for the spies.

One of the things that makes us the best is to be able to have variety, but it is not the only one, because we are the best private detectives in Logroño for dedication and for doing things different from other agencies, jobs that are not commonly achieved or if they are achieved they will not make them of the same quality as us, that makes us good at our job.



The fact that we want to be different from others is one of the reasons why we want to be able to cover all possible fields of work, but it is not the only reason, one of the ways to gain experience and be able to handle situations is through different jobs, that is why our detectives perform different services.

We want our detectives to be able to function in each area and not get stuck in one type of service because there are certain peak times in certain jobs and others in which there is simply no work, we want them to be able to get a job no matter what and that they manage well with what the client requires to be able to support it.

We could mention that one of the reasons why we want to cover so many services would be because we are the best private detectives in Logroño and in all of Spain, but it is not really true, we are the best for dedication not for the amount of work, that is why we do not we consider it a reason to have variety.

In other words, we can say that we want our detectives to have all kinds of experience, but in addition to this, that clients can be satisfied without having to go to another agency to look for a different job because they did not find it in this place; because everything you need as a client is at Arga detectives, the best in all of Spain.



We commented earlier that detectives are influenced by certain things and not by others, however, we have not given this the emphasis it deserves and we want to explain in depth why we are the best private detectives in Logroño and what makes us the best in quality price despite not being the cheapest and to explain it you need to know this.

While the other detectives are guided in buying or having state-of-the-art equipment in terms of cameras and sound and video recorders that increase the prices of their work by a higher percentage, we are dedicated to providing quality to the client by having the necessary equipment that offer what is necessary to know the truth.

It is not necessary to have the most advanced equipment to be able to obtain evidence, which is why our costs are not exorbitant like those of other agencies, we are not influenced by fees, tools, or the areas where we work or anything like that. , but by other factors that are more important.

The factors that we are interested in putting into the elements that determine our prices would be the time invested in an investigation , the difficulty of an investigation and above all the type of work that the client requires, because it is not the same to work an hour looking for someone who

require one hour of services checking with an electronic sweep.



We already know what the whole world is going through, the issue of the pandemic has us all out of work or we try to stay at home as much as possible, however, we as a detective agency have decided to work to be able to provide you with the information you need because We are the best private detectives in Logroño and throughout Spain.

To show that we are the best we have decided to continue working, on the other hand, this way of working is completely different from how we worked before and that is that we have made a protocol and a method to be able to work as safely as possible, in this way we do not have to infect the client or vice versa and we can do our job.

Clearly, if we have been affected by these moments because we do not want to get infected at any time, that is why we have taken all possible precautionary measures, in addition to always waiting for everything to be resolved or to be able to use the vaccines as soon as possible. except in all of us nationally.

Now, the normal prevention methods such as the chinstrap or mask is something that our detectives always use without taking it off, trying to disinfect everything they touch and wear gloves when they have to work and in addition to this we keep our distance as much as possible avoiding crowds, that is in this way we maintain everyone’s health.



In addition to the aforementioned, we can say that our work has been totally changed in order to be as safe as possible, we try as much as possible to carry out work from the comfort of our homes so that no one is infected, but some jobs require street searches. which we do with all measures.

As we have been commenting, we have changed the working modalities to make them safer for both parties, this means that we have updated the way we work and in addition to using the mask and gloves we try to make all work as online as possible or in a way that face-to-face work needs to be done if it is not necessary.

Maintaining safety and health is essential for us, that is why we decided to work to bring you what you need to know and avoid doubts or being able to verify them, so that you do not leave your home, we take risks for the passion of our work and because we want to be able to protect you and give you the information you require.

We always try to give the maximum because information is necessary at all times and it is known that many uncertainties are not resolved until we have information, because we want you to know why we are the best private detectives in Logroño and in Spain and there is no better reason than because We continue to adapt to work with health.






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