The best service of La Coruña detective agency our clients can get from the hand of Grupo Arga detectives with the aim of establishing different elements that promote the search for specialized information, which allow establishing the successful conclusion of a case.

From the point of view of the management of different essential elements for the economic, emotional and personal management of our lives, we must know that the hiring of a detective is the possibility to strategically promote an investigation process that will make us remove a great load of our day to day. The importance of preliminary information

La Coruña is a city that can establish different elements prone to research, this allows the generation of various aspects that are typical of a thorough research process towards the generation, analysis and observation of the investigative work.A detective in La Coruña is an element that can establish different aspects of the generation of an investigation process, with the aim of providing the most appropriate answers to the questions of each case. Issue that can simply influence the generation of a highly specialized research process.



The opportunity to establish a sense of progress hand in hand with an investigation comes at first provided by the client, since the same until the moment of contact with one of our agents has all the necessary information to be able to locate the case in the investigative context, an issue that will make us advance with great ease since without the knowledge of these it is very difficult to try to carry out a successful research work.

That is why, the main task that at first revolves around the reception of all the information from the client, in this sense it is necessary to emphasize that this process is of the utmost importance, to carry out an excellent work it is necessary to know all the elements that come as a result of the provision of information by the affected party, since this is the primary source that can ensure the dimension of the case that can be managed. That is why at Grupo Arga detectives we pay the necessary attention to this issue.

Achieving what a client requires, as we have already mentioned, is only possible if the client manages to supply all the important elements when requesting research services. This can be useful when wanting to promote a series of elements that may be promising to guarantee the success of each investigation.

In this way, an aspect of vital importance is that the client provides the presumable data to continue with the establishment of the initial investigations, in this sense, data such as places, people, the description of events or situations and circumstances prior to the reason for contracting are Of great importance to bring any case to a successful conclusion, the detection of these elements can provide agents such as La Coruña Detective Agency with the necessary answers for each case and can provide them with a great saving of time and resources required.


The mystique of the investigator

Although the disclosure of elements that the client considers key plays an important role in the development of the investigation, our La Coruña Detective Agency also appeal to elements of their detective training, in this sense we talk about the instinct of the investigation , which is known as the only tool that can sometimes play around checking a primary network for fact validation.

The objective of every investigator is to submit all the elements described by the client to a verification process, these being collected in a preliminary report that will allow him to conduct himself efficiently based on what is reported in said report.

However, from Grupo Arga detectives, we have trained our agents based on a criterion of excellence and gallantry in the theater of operations in which they are conducted, which is why they, as an investigative resource, are trained to find the mess to any hypothesis or poorly formulated assumption, which instead of generating a contribution and a maximization of the deployment of resources, is generating various obstacles to it.

That is why, using his experience, what he learned through his mentors and all the criteria explained in the organization regarding previous cases, the investigation agent has the complete authority to make decisions that are relevant and to follow the course of the investigation that he wishes as long as he is completely sure that the rudder he established in the course of the same guarantees a more efficient way to obtain the objectives outlined jointly with the client.

Sometimes, when clients request this type of service, they feel overwhelmed and many testimonies or clues that they provide tend to generate a certain opacity, since from time to time they come loaded

with a strong subjective and emotional component, an issue that if the detective not identified in time has the power to divert the development of quality research work by 180 degrees.

However, there have been many cases where the researcher has stated the change of certain elements of the work plan previously outlined and where these reasons have been supported by the achievement of good results towards each of the investigations, throughout these 10 years, 93% of the clients who have gone through this experience of change of approach in the case, have expressed an approval towards these processes, they argue that the La Coruña Detective Agency has managed to identify more efficient ways to solve the problem raised.

That is why at Grupo Arga Detectives, we always guide our agents to maintain a process of constant communication with our clients, since they provide the possibility of continuing to do the work based on high-quality criteria of expertise.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




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The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

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The investigation by Detectives La Coruña is a process that comes hand in hand with the deployment of optimal resources for its operation, where the collection of all aspects that may be an element of suspicion towards the determination of an investigation process is of the utmost importance . for adultery.

Our detectives in the city of La Coruña have the best resources to strategically support everything related to the execution of agile operations in order to support people who may be plagued by this doubt.



The diverse concurrence of events due to infidelities in the region leads us to the need to generate an investigation process of Detectives La Coruña , with the commitment to establish various elements that are typical of the collection of elements that can contribute to a first-class expertise. level.

In the development of an investigation for infidelities, our agents are those resources that are able to provide the best sense of investigation and information gathering to confirm the assumptions that our clients initially raise.

Executing an investigation for infidelities generates the need to be highly proactive elements in favor of providing all our clients with highly efficient results, to reach this point our detectives lead a process of investigation into various elements that are part of the life of the investigated , these elements are expressed in the possibility of discovering a suspicious attitude of the same, for this the private investigator undertakes a search for elements that are little assimilable to his daily rhythm of life.

This implies the precise search for signs and suspicious behaviors over time, for which a detailed investigation is determined in the personal agenda of the person under investigation, as well as everything related to the execution of schemes that involve a high probability of creating attitudes of infidelity, this generates the possibility of being highly proactive in detecting their meetings and in observing with whom they carry out various itineraries.

In general, the follow-up of all these elements should lead us to the root of the facts with the aim of knowing if there is indeed an adultery relationship, with the aim of marking a before and after the status of request of the requirements of the customer. The investigative agents of Grupo Arga detectives have always made the difference when executing an investigation by Detectives La Coruña.

This difference is represented in the possibility of executing, under a criterion of high expertise, a process of determining hypotheses to find out if the person under investigation is actually committing an act of adultery, an issue that Grupo Arga detectives does through an investigation with a high sense of precision and useful for the next phases of the investigation.

The approval that we have throughout Spain at the level of the execution of this type of services has given us a relative acceptance of 98% of all the services we have done, then it shows that we are experts at the level of infidelity investigation.

The expert or field agent of Grupo Arga in this sense will determine, in the necessary time, all the elements that are essential towards the generation of a solid investigation process for infidelities, for this it is based on the generation of all the indications Initial hypotheses made by the client in the first phase in order to determine if these initial hypotheses have a foothold within a logical framework of research development.

For this, it is based on its experience and the generation of its detective instinct capable of ensuring the achievement of its objectives in the short, medium and long term, this allows the objectives and milestones outlined jointly with the client to be achieved, as well as well as being supported by the best tools and organizational resources capable of guaranteeing efficient performance in the context of the investigation and clearing up the client’s doubts regarding an infidelity scenario.

It is here where, using all these elements, the detective manages to be an element that connects each indication with a real fact, after having followed up on the investigated under high parameters of caution, he allows himself to establish various mechanisms for contrasting hypotheses with the facts that it has observed and informs the client of the results found by means of a report.

Once these elements have been detected and discussed with the client, they are provided with the necessary guidance on what to do within this entire process, since they may be involved in an emotionally charged episode, with the aim of directing our customers to highly efficient decision making. These are tasks that our infidelity detectives do tirelessly, since they are resources that have a comprehensive conception of each investigation context.


Our agents are highly effective resources that seek above all things to provide a logical framework for decisions to all their clients, through the investigation of Detectives La Coruña they guarantee the possibility of establishing a master expert service.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that is capable of optimally handling all the requirements of our clients, for this we have invested a lot of effort and time in generating investigation services under a constant improvement perspective, that represents the guarantee of providing a service good for our community.

Grupo Arga’s detectives are highly trained resources focused on resolving a case of infidelity regardless of its complexity. This ensures the possibility of being elements of a strategic sum towards the execution of various investigative milestones that provide us with the opportunity to to be a high value resource towards the demands and requirements of our clients.

The generation of results of all the agents of Grupo Arga is the guarantee of a detective exercise carried out with dedication and discipline towards an execution of tasks that is sufficiently solid, in order to serve society with a great sense of excellence, in Grupo Arga detectives are the best.





The execution of computer forensic services in La Coruña on behalf of our clients undoubtedly provides the opportunity to start up a service

investigative research for our clients, with the aim of benefiting from various processes that can be carried out with precision to obtain high-precision data and intelligence.

Those who resort to contracting the services that exist in the provision of detective work at the level of the 2.0 spectrum must undoubtedly know that sometimes they seek answers to aspects that seem to have no explanation for no reason.


Carrying out investigative processes at the service of computer forensics in La Coruña is a limit of cooperation that has been developed with great force in Spain since the first decade of the 2000s, where private investigations were the sector that managed to implement it. high precision of all the elements included in an optimal process of handling these cases and also in the use of technological tools to determine responsibilities and facts.

The investigation that is used by computer to identify the elements to study and provide the practitioner of this technique with a strategic sum on the performance of their operations offers a great opportunity for the construction of true investigation facts and cases to clarify in the past. The years were unthinkable.

The construction of investigations in the computer field not only allows people to be protected from risk activities, in this sense many associate the image that the detective specialized in this sector is a person who cannot generate an investigation of parameters and festive aspects for other types of situations. Investigations that will only randomly monitor strange IP addresses and profiles on social networks, i.e. those who think this is wrong! Taking this into account, an investigator can not only protect people in digital concurrency environments such as RRSS, but can also afford to set up various personal and business operations.

With this in mind, it should be emphasized that the field of information discovery and deconstruction of research patterns is entirely oriented towards generating specialized research through social network profiles and digital environments with a large number of publications and visitors, since in these spaces we understand the personality. of an individual in a really complete way, a topic that will undoubtedly allow us to assess an overview of the attitudes and behavior patterns that a person can have in the digital spectrum. This is very important to make a general review of the personality of an individual.

Creating digital research also makes strategic sense for various companies that want to closely monitor the delivery status of their value proposition. In doing so, we must also emphasize that research in this area is not reserved solely for bad deeds and bad deeds in bad times when a worthwhile resource in this type of research wholeheartedly puts its knowledge at the service of all. . This type of client will undoubtedly test the scope of the forensic computer specialists in La Coruña , since their objective is to analyze in detail all the elements that are worth investigating.

In an investigation in the field of computer forensic science, it can be emphasized that there are various elements that, with a high specialization impulse, can favor the construction of patterns that are capable of providing the best answers at different levels of investigation. To achieve this, this type implies not only discovering IP addresses and finding those responsible, but also working hand in hand with competent organizations in the matter, as well as deciphering complexities and encrypting Ks that may be covering illegal activities. represent .

The generation of a research process also allows taking into account the very useful aspect of data analysis to generate a strategic growth process in a business unit, which can be established through various activities and the provision of service patterns for the machine learning, an optimal response criterion.


From the point of view of operational preparation of an investigation at the IT level, it is important to emphasize the need for an agent who can be trained on how to make highly efficient response parameters to find processes that can provide the response. necessary for anyone requesting this type of service.

Carrying out exactly everything related to the processes carried out by our computer forensic specialists in La Coruña is related to structuring a first-level investigation criteria capable of meeting all the criteria with a high level of specialization problems, which can occur in the digital environment.

Building a solid investigative process requires establishing the best use of tools and equipment to get to the truth of the facts. This is how it exists and is present in the field of private investigation cases, in which the involvement of information technologies plays a complementary and fundamental role for the investigator with the aim that the solution of each case can be defined in based on expert criteria.

At Grupo Arga, we know that the management of each investigative case comes hand in hand with a highly detailed structuring of our operations, which is why, before the articulation of our services, what we can do best is resolve with a high degree of precision everything related to the management of the needs of our clients in the face of the research processes that they require.

Grupo Arga detectives have been investigating for more than 10 years. That is why we focus primarily on providing the best of the best to our clients and ensuring the right answers immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




The best computer detectives in La Coruña are a valued resource when it comes to conducting private investigations for the benefit of individuals and companies. Therefore, from our agency we have done everything possible to implement the best investigation process.

The digital investigation services provided by our computer detectives in La Coruña promote the best of craftsmanship in the construction of an investigation device that makes the best sense of responding to all the needs of our clients.


Investigations and digital investigation processes are primarily related to the management of an investigation process that can foster the collection of evidence and evidence necessary to determine the resolution of a particular case.

That is why at Grupo Arga we detectives are determined to offer all those who want to ensure an investigation in this way the best possible solution. Digital research is so complete that it can be used to provide a client with the ability to capture key information and prevent unexpected events, it is so important these days that it is possible to create an expert profile that allows the best result and the highest level. customer security.

The electronic creation of an investigation case by our computer detectives in La Coruña results in the detective carrying out a highly specialized activity related to the identification of users (who are usually anonymous), as well as the detection of IP addresses and other aspects that allow to Cover up the actions of anyone who wastes the use of web resources in case of injury or harassment, as well as those who undertake to investigate their criminal activities in this way.

In the electronic spectrum, it can be emphasized that there are various activities that represent a criminal act or that can lead to the intrusion into the privacy of the interested parties, as well as to overcome aspects that can harm their emotional stability.

For this reason, our computer detectives in La Coruña play a key role, since it is known in Spanish public life that there are crimes of a passionate or personal nature that begin with a reference to suspicious activity and inadequate surveillance on social networks.

In addition, the action of these experts focuses on knowing what type of activity the user can carry out in the web environment, since sometimes there are people who, without knowing it, can generate an attitude of revealing their image and identity, by exposing their assets and personal information and cell phone numbers in easily accessible settings, a problem that results in unauthorized third parties contacting them and doing something typical of harassment or extortion (in some extremes).

The activities worth investigating at the digital space level are related not only to the execution of operations that promote the protection of said environment and the frequency space of a person, but also to the prevention of fraud. by identifying which places you visited and which ones caused this mishap.

In this way, through the action of our computer detectives in La Coruña , we can structure a highly qualified action criterion capable of promoting the required response in an environment full of questions about what happened in relation to management. elements of an economic fraud .

Many people rate a web environment as “trustworthy” in the first place and this has undoubtedly created the possibility of them being affected by economic fraud on various occasions, where their data has been stolen and used for other purposes, or where their information has been. money with stolen by force of a click that they themselves pressed.

For this reason, the work of our computer detectives in La Coruña aims to create a logical framework of responses and the specialized monitoring of clues and aspects that seem reliable, but extremely vulnerable on the different websites that are visited throughout Spain.

In addition, if one of our experts conducts an investigation of this caliber, he will suggest unlocking the k cipher, which is necessary to know the truth, and inform the competent authorities through information technology which locations are those that may be involved in crimes and attack third parties in order to provide the necessary responses and promote the healthy use of these spaces.


At Grupo Arga, better research is always possible. That is why in our agency we do not tire of innovating to provide the best in terms of research for all our clients, with the aim of being the answer they were waiting for. covering your needs.

Hiring detectives in Spain who are computer detectives in La Coruña is not only a wise decision but also the best one, taking into account that a

service of such precision and quality does not imply high costs for our personal budget. In summary, it can be said that the acquisition of these services through their activities can have an incalculable impact on our security and our peace of mind when visiting different social networks or shared web spaces.

The management of each investigative case on behalf of our detectives in the digital area is directly linked to the optimal management of the needs that they may have at that time, which is why a Grupo Arga detective should direct himself around Obtaining goals and objectives of each investigation takes into account a total sense in the coverage of the needs of each client, establishing accurately, everything that is linked to the optimal construction of each case.

For more than 10 years he has been investigating detectives at Grupo Arga. A problem that has undoubtedly been achieved by generating elements that may be the best solution for those who need a highly expert operation at the level of private investigation. We have the best for La Coruña!




Computer experts in A Coruña


In a constant process of expansion and effort to provide a comprehensive service to our client, Detective Grupo Arga, has experts approved by (Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering of Galicia). Our staff is 100% professional and studied in the field.


Sometimes when a trial is in progress, scientific or technical knowledge is needed that the judge may not have. In this case, specialists are called to perform the procedure. These are people who have expert knowledge of the field in which the topic is being discussed.

Functions of the IT expert in A Coruña


  1. Use as evidence to prove or improve the claims of the parties, both in private or extrajudicial life and in court, through their opinion.


  1. The Complementary Element of the Judge, which clarifies the points and concepts necessary to make subsequent judicial decisions.


  1. Professional performance of the expert: extrajudicial route and legal process.

The best computer experts in A Coruña

Computer Expertise is based on the technical analysis of computer components to clarify concepts, locate evidence and then present it before a judge in a legal process. The IT professional is the person responsible for this task, who has a clear technical background and experience in the field of IT.

The fields of activity of computer scientists are very diverse and the most common cases are:


  • Use of email
  • Estimates Economics and computer estimates
  • Economic estimates and estimation software
  • Analysis of the use of the company’s computer systems
  • Disclosure of confidential company data
  • Misuse of the company’s computer equipment
  • Internet usage analysis
  • Software Development Assessment
  • computer arbitration

Area of activity of computer experts

The areas of activity of specialized computer services are in Vigo, La Coruña, Santiago, Pontícra , Ourense, Lugo and Ferrol, that is, Galicia in general. Depending on each case, customers will discover the possibility of exercising their computer skills anywhere in Spain.


At Detective Grupo Arga we have professional specialists in various fields of activity. Our professionals are distinguished by their deep knowledge of the fields in which they practice, as well as their extensive experience in advising individuals and lawyers and their involvement in all types of legal proceedings.


Computer forensic professionals In A Coruña, Grupo Arga Detectives is a national leader in technical reports carried out by computer and technology professionals, with the best specialists and the greatest experience.


We work with the main law firms of A Coruña and the country

Our computer experts provide advice without obligation. Our firm is made up of registered legal professionals with training and experience in all areas of specialization.


Our experience is focused on the image of an expert in the field of computer forensics and therefore we have the best experts in computer forensics, computer security and experience in technological crimes.


We work in all the provinces of Spain, especially in A Coruña and within the province, with professional specialists in expertise and a computer forensic laboratory in A Coruña Capital.


At Grupo Arga Detectives we ensure the authenticity of our chain of custody and the subsequent analysis of each of our processes. We have a specialized laboratory, specific tools for forensic analysis, both hardware and software, updated with the new computer techniques. We have a team of specialized IT professionals and universities in A Coruña.


Grupo Arga Detectives is a national leader, with the most complete laboratory in Spain and one of the first in Europe. We have the most innovative tools curated by qualified professionals, experts in computer forensics, all of them graduates from the Official College of Computer Engineers of the Community of Madrid.

Our firm assigned the necessary computer forensic expert lawyer for this procedure. All our collegiate professionals act in civil, social, commercial, family, labor, criminal or administrative proceedings.


Benefits of hiring IT experts from Grupo Arga

Previous budget: Analysis and feasibility of cases, with the corresponding detailed budgets in less than 24 hours in the hands of the client and lawyer.

Adjustment of evidence: Maximum Security in Chain of Custody. We have the most advanced technical means to clone any device on the market.


Dialectical analysis: We have the most experienced computer forensic experts in the country, as well as the most advanced tools.


Professional report: The tested processes consistently follow key norms and standards (ISO/UNE) in the issuance of technical expert reports.


Card Support: Complete process of preparation, support and approval on the day of the hearing, in close collaboration with the client’s legal area


When a computer expertise is needed

A computer expertise is an examination conducted by an accredited body and a qualified expert in a certain field to collect and validate forensic evidence. In the particular case of IT professionals, this exam is an evaluation of an observation in the field of digital tools.


IT experts may be needed at different times depending on the situation. It can be requested by the victim of a crime or a computer breach, as soon as they have exact knowledge of the crime, or it can be assumed that they are the victim of a lawful situation in computer media.


You can become a computer expert when you are suspected or accused in a criminal case. This must be done as soon as the results of the investigation are available and there is enough computer evidence to prove your innocence. Text messages, emails, or screenshots can be an important part of resolving a court case.


Regardless of the digital tool that you feel is the victim of crimes such as cyberbullying or blackmail (email, WhatsApp, Telegram , MSM or any other social network), you may find it worth the challenge of going to court if you have the right professional. help .


In the business sector, you can also consult the intervention of a computer professional. If the company needs a certificate in the computer sector, as is the case of the declaration of honor for excess amortization, it should contact an IT professional who is capable of advising it and providing all the help it needs.



IT specialist in A Coruña expert in recovering deleted WhatsApp


Computer experts in recovering deleted WhatsApp emphasize that it is essential to present your deleted WhatsApp chats certified by your IT specialist in A Coruña using tools used by state security forces to authenticate data and attachments from WhatsApp chats.


Messages will be void if they are presented on paper, on screenshots or use a process that does not respect the chain of custody and is certified by a legally authorized IT company.


WhatsApp conversations as evidence in court can be extremely valuable if certified in the right way. Messages can be certified from Android or iPhone by a computer expert, but the recovery rate of deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone is much lower.


In these cases, the client is informed of the difficulty and low probability, even from backup copies. The contribution of these WhatsApp chats attests to the non-manipulation of a qualified IT professional, which is the only way not to question them.


Can deleted WhatsApp be faked on paper?

WhatsApp messages are presented on a paper with completely different chat content than mobile phone WhatsApp. Grupo Arga Detectives, has personnel trained to detect the slightest difference between the WhatsApp conversation model and the model presented on paper.


It’s easy to explain. First, a legal extraction of WhatsApp from the client’s device is carried out, where it can be verified that the database has not been manipulated, in order to certify that the WhatsApp conversation is valid. The information obtained in Autos is then investigated, and even the motives of the opponent are requested, usually “lost” or “stolen”.


These defects suggest alternatives to WhatsApp, but not at a functional level, but rather in recreating a conversation to our liking, giving what one says or the other says. In the special conditions of these programs, it is indicated that it is a joke or for demonstrative purposes; the truth is that they are scams and they are actually fake WhatsApp chats.


WhatsApp messages deleted before a judicial process

The widespread use of the WhatsApp application is surprising. This application is not only used in the personal field, but it is also a very popular tool in companies. Even so, WhatsApp messages are not designed to verify chats. It is essential that you bear in mind beforehand the need to use them as evidence in legal proceedings.


WhatsApp messages appear more and more frequently in court proceedings. This can be social, civil, criminal, commercial. same administrative litigation. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to enlist the services of a computer forensics professional.


This must be duly and legally authorized. Carry out a good investigation demonstrating the authenticity and integrity of the messages intended for the adjudication process. It is important to remember that they are easy to handle. The Court is cautious in examining the evidence of a WhatsApp conversation. The ability to deal with manipulated messages is very common.


The anonymity provided by these systems and the ability to modify and manipulate evidence to simulate conversations. They are great for allowing communication to take place only with a user communicating with himself.


It is absolutely necessary to implement the experience of WhatsApp computer expertise. In this way, the true origin of the messages can be determined. We will also be able to know the identity of the interlocutors, the authenticity and authenticity of the content.


Questions about the expertise of deleted WhatsApp

Is the signature of a notary or employee valid? I had a WhatsApp chat, but I deleted it. Can it be restored? Depending on the terminal, the time elapsed and the free space of the mobile will depend on whether the previous conversation has been overwritten. Our computer specialists in A Coruña will use all the machinery and techniques available, as long as it is recoverable.


Is the WhatsApp database valid to check if I copy it? Possessing the database itself violates the chain of custody, so the computer scientist in A Coruña can only attest to what is explicitly said. The validity will depend on whether it is a primary or additional test.


If I reinstall the WhatsApp application, can I recover data? In this case, it is up to any computer expert to decide how difficult the task will be. The simple installation of the application involves overwriting the previous database. It is recommended only in cases of need and knowing that it is very difficult.


You can recover deleted WhatsApp chats with downloaded programs

In this case, our computer specialist in A Coruña will tell you that the simple installation of the programs An external program may have overwritten the deleted data. Only by using the appropriate machinery is it possible to know what can be recovered. The more you test the phone with inappropriate programs, the less realistic it becomes.


Certification of deleted WhatsApp chats is required to be valid as evidence in legal proceedings. Our IT specialist in Seville as a social media reviewer can help.


Authentication of deleted WhatsApp chats

Until recently, we have seen copies of mobile screens made by court officials themselves admitted into evidence in many courts. Fortunately, this is changing and uncertified WhatsApp chats are being rejected more and more.


As we all know, WhatsApp is subject to change. From deleting a conversation line to modifying the conversation database. And by the way, adding falsified texts can be considered valid.


As computer experts, we have come across cases of complaints made from deleted WhatsApp chats . After the mobile phone was examined, there were clear indications that this conversation had been manipulated and irrelevant data had been removed. In this particular case, the threats occurred in a context where the other person was also abusing and threatening.


For these cases, the experience of the mobile terminal is fundamental. Because it will provide the necessary evidence and make sure not to tamper with it. It should also be clarified that a screenshot can be valid if it is duly certified. Always consult a computer professional.





The best electronic sweeps are available to anyone interested in hiring quality research services through the use and implementation of new tools capable of solving the requirements related to obtaining information and specialized data.

The best expert detectives in this type of service are available to satisfy the greatest possible requirements with the aim of being able to assist our clients regarding the requirement of all these elements necessary for the development of a criterion of objective decision making.



An expert in electronic sweeps is a professional of high value in the field of detective investigations, since he provides the advantage of being highly perceptive about the acquisition of various elements that may be important when determining the search. information and first level data.

The best thing about this type of service is that it puts clients in the possibility of being benefited by obtaining a chain of data and information that in many cases can be highly timely to keep them away from situations related to data exposure. that lead him decisively to a potential risk.

This potential risk for experts in this area translates into actions that are generally related to data exposure, as well as portal passwords and other important aspects that end up exposing the person.

This is how a person on some occasions exposes everything that has to do with economic and personal data information on social networks, on some occasions he has unconsciously left a session open on a device and has generated that a third party can take advantage of In these cases, this places everything in the possibility of having different aspects in mind that sometimes represent a potential risk for an individual in the network.

In general, many people when they link to social networks, payment portals and the like sometimes leave traces of their data, as well as their actions and this leads to having compromising information available to others.

The work of an expert detective in electronic sweeps places him in the position of being someone opportune around the generation of a criterion for the solution of all these elements where he himself puts, through rigorous care of aspects, a methodology that is capable of review and establish, based on a compliance status, everything related to a strategy that allows the coverage of all the aspects that are necessary to efficiently cover all the potential risk events in an affected party.

The possibility of being highly efficient in risk management, makes it possible for a Grupo Arga field agent not only to rely on the use of these studies to generate a possibility of getting ahead with the different client requirements, since to understand how all these types of services work, it is more necessary to understand that sweeps of this nature do not only belong to the digital field, since originally it is a technique that is done to know which devices exist in an environment that can capture information not authorized about the client.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have always highlighted the possibility of being better in what we do in our day to day, which is why we have always identified the possibility of not only being better but also revealing everything necessary to modernize our strategies. and our methods with the aim of innovating in favor of serving the client.

This also puts us in the need to highlight that an expert in electronic scanning is one who also reveals a deployment of various strategies in the field that are capable of carrying out an efficient investigation around the detection aspect of capture devices. audio and video or any resource of an auditory filmic nature and that is not in the hands of the client and that does not have their authorization.

This element is extremely important to know since there are various strategies that can be put into practice to protect our clients and generate a greater and better displacement of our resources towards the detection of field work that is capable of adapting the investigation and the investigation of all these elements to an expert point of view and with enough experience.



At Grupo Arga detectives we have been carrying out detective work for more than 10 years, with the aim of being useful to our community and our clients, this is also a guarantee of the commitment and discipline that we carry out in the provision of our service with the purpose of strengthening our work and being the answer that our clients need.

At Grupo Arga detectives we train the best agents with the aim of providing the best response to all the research concerns that our clients may have regarding the resolution of a specific case, the best guarantee of service provision is possible through through the elements that from Group

Arga we have deployed, with such dedication and dedication, In this sense, our detective Human Talent represents the best strategy that we can put on the ground to serve.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that will never stop innovating in order to improve and update itself towards electronic sweeping services , what we have done best during these years is to conceptualize a host of services that are capable of giving the indicated answers to everyone. our clients, this implies the possibility of being better at what we do, and having in the smile and satisfaction of our clients the promise of a better tomorrow.





The best detectives can guarantee the successful execution of any activity that involves the search for specialized information, this can also be done as long as the client is willing to provide the necessary testimony to carry out an activity.


For this reason, it must be determined that the detective from La Coruña is the only resource capable of professionally tracking various elements of the investigation that are so precise, which opens up highly strategic possibilities and may be the best opportunity. to hit the target of any given case in the shortest possible time.


What makes the various aspects favor the development of this investigation lies mainly in the fact that our Grupo Arga detectives are resources that can create various advantages when undertaking a daily activity, insight and detective instinct are only some of the elements that are best suited to attack any complex feeling.




The best thing that clients can use to get information is specialized detective services that can help them get the information that they want, this can be done through the creation of different schemes that can provide strategic advantages.


Among these mechanisms, we can highlight the external factors for detective skills because they are based on the management of precise technology tools and positioning tools used to use sophisticated investigative techniques. This is the reason why a Coruña detective is a resource that can configure different factors that facilitate the construction of a positive case using intensity technology tools and equipment.


The best strategy that our detectives can implement in an area of Coruña, based on the creation of an optimization criteria based on the implementation and the results of the resources, this creates that these effects are effective in creating different elements.


That they can coincide with the creation of a rapid response to the case of each client of the Grupo Arga detectives, we have expressed their very precise wish with all the efforts made in a theater of activities because they mean a clean and capable operation, it does not show overload of resources and use different elements that can be useful to build a successful operation.


Therefore, Grupo Arga detectives, different mechanisms and strategic strategies that can be used to use grouping devices can have a highly utility to identify the clues and the different factors can determine the responsibilities of the investigation problems.


The best thing a client can do is trust detective Grupo Arga, since he is capable of carrying out with great effort and precision all the elements that the client requires to complete a case with a high level of expertise. This means that our agents are the elements that can ensure the success of an operation that is capable of promoting different factors, capable of transmitting all the client’s needs, obtaining precise information when needed.


The researchers also ensured that the recognition of different aspects could lead to different plans of operations that could lead to the implementation of different very specific operations that could demonstrate the agility of detective activities in the most efficient way possible in obtaining results. in the least possible time and cost.




Arga is an agency with more than 10 years of experience throughout Spain, so its services are widely recognized by all its clients. They have announced that there is an incomparable physical service, capable of ensuring the optimal development of the activities that are monitored with them. Therefore, Arga Grupo uses the implementation of detective activities in La Coruña , with the aim of becoming extremely effective resources to achieve the objectives. It can be configured in each activity.


For Grupo Arga detectives, a continuous update of their activities and methods is always proposed, which facilitates the creation of many different aspects that can facilitate the creation of greater precision and greater experience.




Therefore, the Arga detective group in the La Coruña area has a high acceptance of their services as the same as they have been reported with their clients showing 98% approval, based on the numbers of 98 people who approve of the services of our company, 91% expressed a willingness to reuse our research services, a question that proposes suggestions for deploying tasks and translations. The case varies from the province with customers at any time and at any time.


Grupo Arga Detective is a private investigation organization that has never stopped or thought about how we can use clients, it does not improve and improve what we do, the reason that we are peaceful clients, because they trust investigation services in professionals.




La Coruña is a city that can establish different factors that an investigation must have, that can create different aspects of the aspect of an investigation process. Accused of creating, analyzing and observing works.


A detective in La Coruña is a factor that can establish different aspects of the creation of an investigation process, with the aim of providing the most appropriate answers to the questions of each case. Questions can only affect the creation of a highly specialized investigation process.


The ability to make a sense of progress in the hand of the survey is provided first by customers, because the moment you contact one of our agents you have all the information necessary to determine if you survey , it will make you progress as easy because there is no knowledge of these things, it is difficult to try to assign a successful research paper.


This is the reason that the main work causes the receipt of all information from the customer, it is necessary to emphasize that this process has the utmost importance, to do a great job to know all the factors coming from the supply of related information products, this is the main source that can ensure that the size of the case can be managed. For this reason, Grupo Arga always pays the necessary attention to this problem.


What the client is asking for can only be achieved, as we have already mentioned, if the client manages to provide all the important elements when requesting investigation services, this can be useful when we want to take advantage of a range of factors that can promise to ensure the success of each investigation.


In this way, an aspect of vital importance is that the client provides the alleged data to be able to establish the first investigations, in this sense, data such as location, person, description of facts or about situations and circumstances prior to their reasons for which it’s about hiring.


Of great importance for the elaboration of any case, the detection of these factors can provide agents such as the detectives of the La Coruña Agency with the answers they need for each case and can lead to great savings in terms of time and necessary resources.




Although the tasks revealed that the clients consider an important role in the development of our investigation, our detective agency La Coruña also uses elements of detective training, in the sense that we talk about the instinct between the studies, called the only one. The tool can sometimes play around verifying the main funding network.


Objectives of any investigator To verify all the elements described by the clients, which have been collected in a preliminary report will allow him to perform effectively on what basis has been reported in the previous report.


However, Grupo Arga detectives, we formed our agents based on excellent judgment and courage in the operating room that happened, so they were like an investigative resource formed to create a fast for any hypothesis or a hypothesis of formulas. deficient, instead of creating contributions and optimizing the deployment of meals different obstacles.


This is the reason why, using their experience, it has been learned through advisors and all the essential criteria in the organization related to the above cases, the investigators have full rights to make relevant decisions and obey the investigation process they want. provided that it is absolutely safe, since the rudder race, is established during this time to guarantee more effectively to obtain the follow-up objectives with the client.


Sometimes, when clients request this type of service, they feel overwhelmed and the multiple testimonies or clues they provide tend to generate some confusion, since sometimes they are loaded with a strong subjective and emotional component, an issue that if the detective does not Identifying at the right time has the potential to usurp 180 degrees in the development of quality research work.


However, there are many cases in which researchers claim to change some element of a previously established work plan, and these reasons are based on obtaining good results per visit. Research, during these 10 years, 93% of clients who experienced a change in management, in this case, expressed their approval of these processes, alleging that the La Coruña Detective Agency tried to identify more effective ways to solve the problem. issue.


That is why at Grupo Arga Detectives we always instruct our agents to maintain a regular process of communication with their clients, since they offer them the possibility of continuing to carry out work based on high-quality professional standards.




It commits to setting all of our tasks determining that we create a task capable of providing high reactions to concerns that may be displayed in relation to a possible case or motivation. The investigation is to say that this is why private investigators are still considered a key that can create a great sense of cooperation for the interests and requirements of clients for more information.


A client interested in obtaining these services without a doubt through our private detectives La Coruña , can establish innumerable answers to their research needs to know intensely about the list of services that the team discovers a proposal from this area, with the aim of creating the highest possible importance of the response at a given time. There is no question, doing detective work puts us in a position to provide our clients with our very best.


The services provided in our detective guidelines provide a sense of response almost immediately for everyone who wants to know in many different aspects that can represent a real solution for those who establish the requirements of this type, for that, thanks to this type.


Among the processes, we have put in place, useful capabilities in cases related to adultery, electronic investigation, as well as investigative registrars related to companies, without a doubt generated the greatest coverage for all the needs of our clients, Short, medium and long term.


Structure of each case, by our private detectives, La Coruña shows the commitment of Grupo Arga detectives with this community, without a doubt, revealing the investigative spirit of the distributors, we provide the implementation of the services of the services. Diplomatic investigation to investigate advertisements on sick leave.


Our services are highly specialized, in this sense we must emphasize that, although our agents can be dedicated to any situation, we are always focused on creating a specific solution to a particular problem for a client, whose purpose is the process of obtaining evidence. It is the best and most refined question possible, a question that serves the client at the output level effective decisions by having all the factors that we have done for them at hand.


A satisfied client is someone who will always be represented to achieve the results indicated in each investigation, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives we are committed to providing tests with rigor and a highly specialized sense, an issue that will inevitably benefit the interested person in the long run. get these services


This is a big difference from what some people do when it comes to detective work, because a successful investigation is based on what is delivered in the context of an investigation based on objectivity. A question is undoubtedly a criterion that Grupo Arga detectives always maintain when determining the evidence and responsibilities in an operation.

A successful operation launched by the Grupo Arga detectives undoubtedly involved the strategic and technical support of the agent, an issue that will always represent the main difference when configuring the implementation criteria in an activity group.


Since the inception of our team, we have always sought to provide support through our operations room, as well as computerized investigations conducted through DNA matching and identification.




At Grupo Arga Detectives, we are committed to providing the best to our clients, which leads to the ability to always be on the lookout for betting directions. services that we have launched in the city of La Coruña , with the aim of promoting a first-class search service.


For 10 years, Detective Grupo Arga has been an organization that has always sought to carry out client-oriented investigations, which means that our main process has been to become experts in collecting evidence to respond to information and intelligence requirements. data more specialized than the application itself.


Our detectives can always promote a first-class investigation service capable of answering all the questions that our clients ask us, so it is enough to consult a private detective in La Coruña to know that our services are not the same.


Detective Grupo Arga is an organization that has always sought to be at the forefront of customer service processes, which is why through our social networks we have launched translation processes for a specialized service 365 days a day. year with the aim of promoting a highly personalized reference and management service that makes our clients feel like a second home.


At Grupo Arga, through our agents we promote criteria for the best response in the short, medium and long term, which is why, through our activities, we can manage investigation files and resolve the best evidence in a matter of hours.


As Grupo Arga detectives, we have always believed that the strength of our operations lies in our agents, which is why we always seek to train them in the best way. patterns . and gathering evidence with great daring, in the city of La Coruña, the detectives of Grupo Arga are at the forefront of the investigations!




For the presentation of a highly conciliatory and agile investigation file regarding the handling of the evidence and all the convicted persons involved in the case, the investigation is, without a doubt, the best thing that can be done at this level. is to hire private detectives in La Coruña because they have the best tools to solve a case with much more precision than we would actively investigate on our own.


At Detective Grupo Arga we manage all the investigative files that we have in our agency to positively impact all queries and needs of clients, and thus, through the clear investigation process. We provide the data and information that any stakeholder needs to ensure a successful operation.


At Grupo Arga, the management of all our research processes aims to create unparalleled added value for our clients, clearly demonstrating the advantages that clients obtain by believing in the subject Producing our research and obtaining the guidance of our management experts and dealing with such situations.


The construction of a case study, mainly because an agent of Grupo Arga will be oriented according to the evidence collection process and specialized structure of this implementation criterion at the survey level. Leveling a complete reaction model for anyone can agree with the need for this activity, with the collection of evidence is a useful process for customers to make the best decision.


This is the reason why the structure of this type of activity implies the ability to do everything that can be associated with the client’s decision criteria, for our agents, an aspect of status is important to collect evidence with excellent objectivity and great strict, a certain problem. to preserve the quality and standards of the research process provided in the market.


A strong investigation process to make tools to provide information according to much larger events and factors, with the aim of providing the best music and evidence in each case in the investigation process.


That our arm group runs in the city of Coruña, we can carefully implement the implementation of the research related to the research of experts in laboratories in the field research to establish a high professional support for each service agent in this area.


The implementation of this type of activity is also enhanced by the support of the situation through an operations room, where we can now support our investigators in all the tasks that can grow in a theater of specific activities.


These factors recruit a free detective, nor are their own investigative methods and advice on how to try to become an agent not very helpful, so we specialize in having data that can be very helpful.


Highly effective investigative processes implemented by an organization capable of supporting any activity dedicated to carrying out any type of investigation and consultation activity identified by an interested party when subcontracting these Grupo Arga services to individuals. The private detectives of La Coruña are a resource that can determine the best management criteria to structure these processes.




For all the residents of the city of La Coruña of Grupo Arga, we plan to carry out research processes related to the procedural structures most likely to generate research awareness, therefore, through our activities, we intend to provide services based on highly specialized research to our clients we provide the best service.


Any client who wants to use our service guide is a dedicated researcher. In this sense, we must emphasize that our investigation team provides services in relation to investigations of infidelity, as well as investigations in the personal and business sphere.


At Detective Grupo Arga, the management of all these processes will surely have a positive impact on all those who are interested in linking the request of each client to the development of the investigative process, so that our agency can better structure the assumptions and facts of the client. .


At Grupo Arga, all action is based on the creation of investigative devices that facilitate the collection of evidence and its own investigative process as much as possible, which means the development and initiation of investigation files.


Grupo Arga’s investigation cases are structured to promote the best sense of development for all those interested in developing a sense of better resolution of cases, with high standards of fairness and opportunity for all those who request business from us. time .


Our private investigator La Coruña is a resource dedicated to providing services that may be the investigative service solutions our clients are looking for. Therefore, we do not always recommend updating your processes from an innovation perspective to continue advancing further in our actions. At Grupo Arga we have the best detectives in A Coruña!




When many people go through important moments, sometimes they do not know what to do, they are motivated by this, they call their initiatives in many activities considered coordination to come together, leading a high level of personal conflict with others, as well as creating the unwanted truths created by the unnecessary effect of their own images, in the sense that the private detective agency mixes, deforming as much as possible to create a framework to protect its clients and the percentage of the group.


Many people seeking our services have had aspects of their lives affected by something that creates conflict and actually prevents them from effectively controlling the daily flow of their activities. Building different aspects for customer satisfaction from the private investigation perspective, which can be thanks to the investigation activities that allow us to provide encouraged answers according to the generation of the study scene, also provides strategic action in this environment.


The characteristics of the mysterious activity that the La Coruña highlights the private detectives provide a great opportunity to effectively develop an investigation file that contributes to the needs of clients around the download of data and specialized information to achieve a specific way to solve many people looking for a rejection.


Creating research cases allows you to individually deal with different projects that are extremely constrained for effective decision making. This is a guarantee of the items contained in our customer references. Dealers and technicians can make the best decision based on these aspects.

Our detectives are the best source of information for anyone who needs to hire these services with a professional appearance and experience. So you should also highlight its useful services for the entire organization.


Our Arga personal investigations team has made an effort to develop a wide range of services related to the generation and structuring of adultery cases, as well as those that facilitate the development of personal investigations. With that in mind, it should be noted that if you have lost documents and valuables and someone has lost them, you should do a detailed search by listing our resources.


Similarly, creating the best survey facets also means providing facets that represent the best security thresholds for the customer. This led us to implement proactive tests that make it easy to investigate social media and everything related to electronic scanning, and uncover the devices used to collect personal data and hold conversations in the privacy of individuals.


The Grupo Arga detective agency offers the best variety of private detective services to all interested parties to help them identify the activities that fit their requirements and correctly execute everything related to short, intermediate and advanced investigations. Working on a private investigation team has never been more enjoyable.


At Grupo Arga, our activities create the best sense of development at the business research level. The investigations of private detectives in the business fabric of A Coruña aim to provide efficient and intelligent solutions to various problems to guarantee the best possible result. It is also aimed at achieving the best possible decisions in the business management environment.


That is why at Detectives Grupo Arga we can prepare disease investigations to help companies deal with critical issues that can lead to serious breakdowns in the cost structure in the short, medium and medium term. Research conducted in a business environment does not stop there.

Thus, in the Grupo Arga Detective Company, we managed to integrate everything related to the investigation to determine the quality of the services provided to the company’s clients. For this reason, we decided to implement mystery shopping techniques to provide business teams with a strategic research tool that costs ten times less than an average-sized investigation.


On the other hand, at Detective Grupo Arga we are committed to modernizing our services, which is why we always work on different factors that benefit our clients through continuous improvement.


Any corporate client who wants to access our services knows that they have a management team in the investigative field and, without a doubt, those who choose Grupo Arga’s operational services know above all that our agents know how to handle each area of corporate investigation, whatever their complexity.



When an investigation begins, you should know that initially the detective will not lead to the authenticity of the facts by coldly following the suspicions of each case, since it must be emphasized that the walking tour is the product of research hypotheses provided by the client.


Against this, it should be noted that the client is precisely the one who will be initially approached through their testimony and the provision of key clues and context relevant to the subject of the investigation. With this in mind, it must be emphasized that the client has the ability to accurately generate the outline of the case, with the goal of having the detective move quickly to identify clues and clues for each investigation.


It should be noted that a client with only clues, contact sheets or even video instructions to determine the context of an investigation, describe an event or build a hypothesis can be of great help to a professional, as this will not only locate the relevant elements for that matter in less time, but it will also search the remaining items more accurately.


Reducing response time per case is a critical aspect of initiating an investigation, as clients need to request information and receive important data to help them make decisions. Any person contracted for this service does not expect an investigation for a period of more than two weeks. To do this, an investigator must be able to manage each investigative process with agility, which we consider to be the case with Grupo Arga detectives.


For an investigation at the private detective level in La Coruña to qualify for success, it must be stressed that something more than strong technical support is required from the agent, who once again gives due reasons in his report with technically sufficient evidence. which is questionable. Also, as a tool for testing hypotheses, it must be able to externalize any auditory or visual sources that can provide a verification criterion appropriate to the subject of the study.


Full approval is only possible at the agency level and therefore at the client level, a case that best describes all factors and circumstances. Taking this into account, it is important to highlight the type of material that can be developed to meet each case.


In the first place, the report, seen as a tool that the detective or investigator must master, is an excellent source of documentation that includes all the facts and factors extracted from the investigative context to guarantee objective criteria for the collection of evidence and it is necessary to structure the quality item.


At the level of private detectives in La Coruña, it should be noted that the enumerator must also rely on the creation of different aspects to create an investigation apparatus capable of collecting all kinds of information that must be indicated as being supported on the site. for the installation of video installations and all possible sound detection equipment.




Grupo Arga is a private detective agency in A Coruña that has been operating throughout Spain for more than 10 years with the aim of giving all investigators the best words when they need them, thanks to their dedication and devotion in each case you have. . managed to obtain an excellent position in the various parishes and metropolitan areas of our country.


For the detectives of Grupo Arga, creating a connection between the client and the agent is achieved by structuring a solid investigation record that allows identifying all the elements of the detectives of La Coruña to meet all the specific conditions of the client. At Grupo Arga we demonstrate the maximum commitment to our clients and stakeholders to provide our research services with excellence.


Our detectives at Grupo Arga are highly trained resources designed to assist in the resolution of investigative cases under the eyes of an expert. This question certainly gives a great boost to produce the quality results and materials required. Let’s find out that the last part of the answers continues with the implementation of a case study.


Carrying out this type of activity allows all our Grupo Arga clients to become familiar with the best structure of activities that can promote the best sense of research on any topic. Arga, the management of our search processes undoubtedly promotes a feeling of better development for all those who want structure to feel better in terms of performance in the short, medium and long term.


At Grupo Arga Detectives we are available to serve our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, those interested in our services can follow the value proposition of our agency throughout Spain through our website. These are the best!




When a company begins to present certain problems and inconveniences at the level of customer acquisition strategy and even more importantly at the level of customer retention, it is necessary to deploy private detectives from La Coruña to detail all the elements that are involved in the structure of a policy . to measure the implementation of a company’s customer relationship management policy in a given market.


The basis of this technique is a great opportunity to dig into the details, and x-rays can be taken to determine the state of customer service in a particular store or business. So if a company wants to analyze what is wrong, they should hire a detective who can impersonate the customer and play the role of anonymous purchaser.






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