Private Investigators Spain

Private Investigators Spain


In the detective world, there is no magic formula, which is why the good performance of a detective in the field is always privileged above all, since this effort is the total guarantee to generate the success of each operation. A Spanish detective must first of all take into account that the exercise of detective work in our country is linked to a very competitive environment, this implies the need to stand out not only from other agencies but also from some renowned autonomous investigators, before For this reason, our Arga Detectives Group has always made available not only the best detectives but also the best organization behind them.

The fact of not leaving a detective alone in the field, while he deploys his operations is a point of great complexity since this aspect allows him to obtain greater success in the development of his functions, that is why, The field investigator not only focuses on the handling and management of different situations related to his case, but also seeks to inform his team and rely on the organization to manage with the greatest precision each milestone that can be found at the level of the investigation.

It is also necessary to highlight that the application of different strategies for the  Spanish detective  is of vital importance, since his technique will always have to be variable to face not only the complexity of each case, but also to structure the best way out. of different elements and various hypotheses that can give the handle for the construction of different patterns that have the ability to detect a pattern of behavior and that of course can lead to the accurate determination of responsibilities.

Another element of importance is found in the development of an investigation with the establishment of different aspects that are capable of executing a precise operation, this leads to take into account that so many resources must be used at the time of starting the investigation, in this sense Knowing what type of case is being faced, what elements need to be found, and what level of precision is required to extract said data and information is an extremely key factor when budgeting for a field project of this type.



A  self-respecting detective Spain is a highly trained resource and not only seeks to generate an optimal aspect at the level of his training, he himself also guides his behavior based on the generation of different aspects, which are in accordance with his instinct. Additionally, when a detective consults his sense of instinct, he appeals to the need to manage different elements that can be used to develop an investigation model that is not only focused on the accumulation of theoretical strength and practical training, but also the same It is the basis for the operation of a quality detective tactical scheme.

The elements that guide the theme of the development of detective work around the generation and updating of the detective’s instinct must be established that it does not come for free, it comes as a product of years of experience that can be useful and that it represents a sum of added value in the field or theater of operations. For this, the detective when he follows his instinct in the first place does not pay attention to coincidences, since he himself knows that some factors of an investigation are disguised as a misleading sense of obviousness, therefore for him as a resource it is more than necessary.

On the other hand, the detective must monitor everything that happens around his environment, since sometimes all the key elements in the resolution of a case can sometimes be found in some aspects that are gravitating laterally to the resolution of the case in question. quality of clues and/or facets that can accurately constitute the constitution of a successful case.

A successful detective must not only pay attention to clues and not disregard coincidences, in this sense he must be a resource that lends itself to facilitating the development of different hypotheses under a parallel scheme, an issue that is possible if and only if they are taken take into account all the variables that are part of the investigation. This means that the investigator in question must be a resource that must pay attention to all witnesses and members who provide testimony, since they can be considered a key factor in the resolution of different facts that can undoubtedly generate the solution of different elements that may be conducive to the correct causal analysis of a case.

On the other hand, an investigator who is a correct field agent must establish different parameters to preserve the integrity of each testimony, since each testimony has the capacity to direct the investigation to the root of the facts. Should an investigator tie up loose ends? In theory yes!, a researcher is a resource that is available at any time to generate the union of different aspects that seem to be seen as separate, the analysis of a case even depends on formulating a scenario where hypotheses come together that seem to be totally opposite .

A private investigator knows that he should not be someone who ignores all evidence, all indication, since he himself is a receiver of information, and the information in the transit of a case is gold dust, in the same way he must establish that no element that I sought the generation of quality research, above all, it must always establish the task of continuing to investigate until the evidence is convincing enough to say that the root of a fact has already been reached.

This means that sometimes some detectives are satisfied with finding evidence that is “sufficient” to resolve a case, knowing that different elements of the investigation remain up in the air, which is why, from Grupo Arga Detectives, We are not satisfied with the initial indications, for this we are resources that put ourselves to the test and that we always seek to determine all the hypotheses to get to the root of the facts.

This means that, on occasions when different milestones are found in an investigation that have initially been identified as central in the development of a case, it is also necessary to continue reviewing with an in-depth criterion all the aspects that are still unresolved, since they may be able to provide us with additional clues about other elements that the detective conducting the investigation may not have been aware of.

This also means that the facts of the detective work must not be biased, what the investigator “considers” as a sufficient element to develop the course of action must not be reached, since above all the search for hypotheses it is totally impartial, this means that the facts must not only be interpreted under a spectrum of objectivity, but that they must also be sought starting from objective reality. In this sense, it is not possible to be effective in the search for solutions if the necessary elements that can guarantee the determination of all the factors of a case are not being generated, in addition to all this it is necessary to emphasize that the same as detectives are resources that must guarantee the search for the truth.

The objective reality of a modern investigation case requires the coverage of different elements that is only guaranteed by reaching the ultimate consequences, with the aim that the transit of various elements that are important to carry out an investigation can be carried out, this supposes above all the need to get to the truth of the facts, but without competing with time. Since the root of the analysis is precisely based on having enough time to do said activity.

Detective Spain

Detective Spain



To begin with,  private detectives in Spain are the only experts who have the possibility of guiding you when finding the respective evidence so that you can file a timely complaint with a judicial entity. The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for granting licenses to all  private experts in Spain  so that they can operate with total independence in their investigations, since they know to what extent they have the possibility of knowing without violating the privacy of an individual.

Among the most common operations that can guide you are: The search and supervision of people, premises, elements and animals. Document verifications, labor or conjugal inquiries, and also family, among several other requests that its users often request. In addition to being able to guide you in your day-to-day life while you dedicate yourself to your life, your work or your family, this is a key quality in these days when people are very busy with everything and require technical assistance. that has the experience to solve this kind of requests.

Quite a few people make the mistake of hiring someone who offers to carry out this kind of supervision, search or investigation of people. Having a huge number of  private detectives in Spain , you can surely find an acceptable quality offer to help you. We suggest you look for the best  private detective agencies  throughout the country, they are dedicated to making themselves seen through many publications in communities, internet pages, newspapers or magazines.

In the  Arga Detectives Group  you can find the best  private detectives in Spain that you need to solve all the investigation problems that you need, as well as advice or guidance issues that have the possibility of being useful when we do not have the experience in the inconveniences that overwhelm us. . In addition, they have the best costs in the entire country in all the queries you could make. Whether it is in search and location of people, personal, work or family verifications, infidelity investigations, recovery of messages in computer interfaces, etc.

They have an offer that may interest you if you are looking for the best costs in contracts with  private detectives in Spain , we are talking about that if you go to our office the consultation is free. The  private investigation services in Spain have an agency with a well-known experience that highlights it as one of the best for paying careful attention for well over 10 years in all the investigations entrusted. Each detective service carried out in Spain is legally authorized to exercise its functions with a guarantee on all final reports in a short time as evidence of the evidence found to offer the start of a trial.



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This means that people on their own can try to extract information and obtain certain relevant data, what they are unaware of in this sense is that sometimes to reach this point of determination they must go through a tortuous path, which implies falling in the risk of transgressing different laws, so it is always more advisable to leave these efforts in the hands of professionals, for this a detective Spain is the most indicated resource.This is a question that many people often ask themselves, because first of all it is necessary to clarify that in this sense it is worth canceling a service of this type, since in the first place the person interested in obtaining said information stays away from everything. action that may carry a probable sanction from the civil and criminal point of view.

For this, the action strategy that is always deployed through our group is always in accordance with the use of first-rate technological tools capable of providing different elements that are advantageous to people who are willing to obtain a report of timely investigation. The services for which aclient are generally related to establishing a search for lost information via the internet, the protection of their data and social networks, as well as the protection of their financial data. In the digital spectrum, Grupo Arga detectives always leads the way when establishing the main action priorities and delegating all these tasks to a highly qualified team, with the aim of protecting our clients from unnecessary exposure events.

Another of the reasons why detectives are hired fits more in the resolution of daily investigative tasks, among them, it is possible to highlight the expert work to undertake a search related to a lost objective and/or family antiquity, the search for lost pets from their family environments, the detection and investigation of infidelities, as well as the investigation that can be undertaken to reach the determination of criminal acts.

With respect to the last one mentioned above, it is necessary to highlight that the private investigator is a resource of great opportunity to resolve in synchrony with the authorities all the aspects related to a case of this type, since they can establish different aspects of importance and sufficient relevance to a jury.

That is why a Spanish detective must understand the complexity that sometimes involves conducting a criminal investigation, since it is subject to the need to appeal to the investigator as an expert figure. This figure is sufficient guarantee that before the case there will be an element that is capable of interpreting different facts under an expert approach, an issue that will be considered within the case as a weighty element.

Additionally, a detective, who prides himself on doing a correct exercise of his work, is not only limited to the exercise of his functions in the facets and fields of action already mentioned, but he is also a resource that is in charge of operating at the service of different business requirements, a field detective in this sense always has the handle to detect, find and interpret, through a rigorous contrast, all the information that may be appropriate for the optimal resolution of a case.

The decision-making that the researcher has to undertake in this type of service generates a factor of great experience with respect to the structuring of different elements that can be highly useful to become a reference in the provision of these services to the different Business.

The different types of reasons why a  detective Spain  intervenes in the course of an investigation are diverse, as explained above, however a private investigator can be useful for any task that is required, within an exercise enshrined in the law .



Currently you can find various  private detective agencies in Spain , however, none has the track record that  GrupoArgaDetectives has , who are the best in terms of investigations. However, given the enormous offer of private detectives, unfortunately there will also be servers that work in search of your benefit, for this reason it is suggested to be very careful when deciding on an investigator.

The reasons for attending a  private detective agency in Spain  are multiple and differ for each client; By having the special private detectives as interesting, it is guaranteed that they are perfected to investigate or solve each case that arises, and since these are very considerable, they know precisely the sites of the region and adjacent sites in the country.

One of the most important advantages when hiring  private detectives in Spain  is that of an absolute guarantee of personalized attention and complete confidentiality, the main pillar of a private investigator; It should be noted that there are not only services for individuals, but you will be able to find services for companies and organizations in the same way.

Currently, many people have the erroneous idea that a private detective only “spy”, and this is not correct, since their purpose is to be investigative detectives; and through appropriate forms of inquiry, obtain information and evidence for the situation that is correct, with the intention of solidly showing the facts or ways of proceeding that were found. In the end, it is a requirement to indicate that in Spain, detective agencies also offer services on the subject throughout the world, always knowing that the costs and rates will come in relation to what is predetermined by the Professional Organization of Private Detectives in Spain.

When the need to hire a private detective is shown, the first question the subject asks is how much does it cost? There are quite a few  detectives in Spain , and they propose different costs, however, on many occasions this capital value does not in all cases go together with the quality of the service provided; It is essential to keep in mind that a “good price” is not enough for the selection of a private detective, other characteristics must be taken into account. Grupo Arga detectives and the price of private detectives in Spain.



It is really difficult to guess when you will need to hire a private detective, most of the inconveniences that require these services appear unexpectedly, disturbing the peace or calm of the person, and sometimes of companies and institutions. Once the fact of accepting that this system is required is precise, the indecision of how much it has the possibility of being the value of requesting a private investigator appears instantly.

When delving into the subject of  private detectives in Spain , the primary property to assess is value, for that it is necessary to name that in this territory you can find a range of different promotions, in different media: virtual detective guides, newspapers, news portals, communities, etc. It is unavoidable to indicate that, before choosing a private detective in Spain, a brief examination of the points that identify the situation must be made, as well as the characteristics with which the service is needed.

The frequent situations to follow the approval of a private detective consist of the suspicion of infidelities, assumptions of illicit acts, hidden information of a company or a subject, etc. Spain counts among its immensity of private detectives with an agency called  Grupo Arga Detectives,  whose members have as a strength: cunning, effectiveness and enormous skills, without abandoning professionalism at the time of carrying out their work.

Mentioning the above, the agency is also characterized by always suggesting its services at practical costs for everyone, with many sources of information and testimonials from people on the network. The  Arga Detectives Group  has detectives that are accessible 24 hours a day, all year round, in addition to an efficient service, the detectives of this well-known agency

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

They are identified by the surprising treatment towards their users, and by the light satisfaction of the case that is presented to them. The execution of this task is regulated by Spanish laws and this organization literally complies with them.


As has already been mentioned in previous written contents, the costs vary for each agency, however they have the possibility of pointing out that currently in this town there is the possibility of finding detective agency services, which charge from 40 euros per hour onwards, and up to 300 euros per day; while others have the possibility of charging up to 550 and 700 euros per day, however, it is important to indicate that the value will also depend on the case. Contact our Grupo Arga detective agency that offers full coverage nationwide.



Currently in Spain, Spain there are many private detective agencies  . But is there any Private Detective Agency In Spain that stands out? The answer to your question is yes, Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency capable of carrying out the requirements that are wanted. This agency or private entity has offices in many parts of Spain and the planet.



The truth is that there can be tremendous price differences between hiring a specific detective office or another. The amount does not have to be a fundamental element, but it is common sense to charge a minimum for the viability of the investigation. Thus, for example, the hours of private investigation in Spain are around 50 to 60 Euros the base price. If an office charges you much less, let’s take the example of €20, be suspicious. We strongly advise against hiring cheap detectives in Spain. This is because the decrease in money probably leads to a decrease in different aspects such as:

  • Inexperience of the professionals in charge of investigating.
  • Not having qualified personnel to develop a specific investigation.
  • Lack of necessary technical means, etc.

Given this, we recommend spending a little more and ensuring success in private investigation with true professionals such as Grupo Arga Detectives who give you a fair price according to the market.



The best way to get in touch with   private detectives in Spain is through an agency that provides security and commitment to any investigation to assist you in satisfying what you require, we are legally authorized to contemplate all situations that require our attention. Our group of detectives in Spain has an extensive and proven experience that makes it easier to make any investigation that is done simpler, and thus make reports of the evidence obtained before the competent authorities and in this way process a trial of the events that occurred.

Consult us and without having to make your budget, we take into account the disappointment that the investigation may have and we make a fair price compared to the quality of service and attention to our users, with the best detective agency found in Spain with areas of work in all the country. The  Arga Detectives Group  is an agency that provides legally authorized private investigation services in Spain, it is known for having been in the market for ten years, the costs are proportional and its quality of service is of a prominent level with state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the collection of evidence in a short time.

Our detectives are relevant experts due to their enormous development and in the distribution of the report with the evidence found, they demonstrate their dedication in all requests, their costs are more adjusted compared to other agencies found in Spain. If you are looking for private detectives, we suggest you visit our website and find out about our services with the best free advice for sick leave situations, computer experts, family issues, etc.

Consult us completely free of charge and we will answer you as soon as possible about the feasibility of all the inquiries that you request. We are legally empowered to present all our evidence to the competent authorities. We hope that this article has allowed you to be informed and to select an agency that is legally authorized, visit our website or contact us by phone throughout the year.

The  Grupo Arga Detectives company has one of the best private detective agencies with the most renowned detectives in Spain, of different specialties, since they come from different parts of Spain and are well regarded throughout the world. Our private detectives have a lot to offer. Why expose yourself by employing unprofessional or unprofessional people for these inquiries when you have at your disposal a company with as much prestige as this one? Contact the special detectives of the country!



Grupo Arga Detectives undoubtedly has the best detectives in any kind of investigation sector that is required. By asking for assistance at our  Detective Agency in Spain, you will be able to get private investigation, you will be able to get the best private investigators. Our  detective company in Spain  has all the legal bases. This means that they have to have a certification registered by the competent and relevant entities in Spain, so that the client can have the precise and concrete support of the law over something else.

Then, detailing a  written contract between both parties constitutes a substantial section when going to request the services of a company of this class. For this reason, it is strongly suggested to contact our agency  Grupo Arga Detectives , since they have a proportion of years in the market, always granting the greatest experience to users and have one of the best reputations worldwide and the planet of private investigation.

Our company is based on legality, in relation we speak of private inquiries, since it works together with lawyers and the law. The data obtained in the investigations will be exposed in writing in the report and verified in a judicial development if required. Our   private detectives in Spain   adapt to each client. This company provides services of all kinds, from personal to business. By attending our agency or office, you will be given the first consultation completely free and without any obligation, and they will provide you with a budget according to your needs.

At the end of the investigation, the detectives will provide all the data collected from the investigation, evidence and clarifications which allow them to act efficiently and capable, both in the most intimate and personal framework and in judicial development. Our   Detectives in Spain   seek the interests of their users and have a huge human group committed to private investigations and extensively trained, also having enormous experience in resolving problems. Legality is a fundamental pillar for any private detective office to offer responsibility and efficiency.

The company  Grupo Arga Detectives  provides you with the costs offered by the “Association of private detectives in Spain” but since each case is exclusive, with its own difficulty and its need for particular dedication, that is, each case requires a price in relation to to their difficulty and their dedication

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

particular. The costs that are now going to be given are the costs in general detailed by the “Association of private detectives in Spain”



Our private detectives in Spain are fully trained and have all the assets needed to carry out a private investigation. There are quite a few business people, natural and legal persons who request their services for different occupations. These range from finding out who was responsible for removing the security files from the director’s computer to rehabilitating them.

How is that feasible?  This organization, as in the rest of the world, has the ability to carry out things that are not even thought of . Will they always provide their services for some task that is assigned to them? Effectively: yes. When you request a  Private Investigation in Spain , they will be willing to provide their services.

It is worth mentioning that these investigators have the essential training to do these jobs and these private investigators have an amazing and specialized set of first-class computer technology, which makes it easy for them to do their tasks without the need to omit any of it. When you believe it is necessary to resort to these detective services, it is advisable to request the assistance of our  Private detectives in Spain . These people will be able to solve the request and will provide them with the security for a future approval.






Contacting our services is very simple, in addition to the fact that, thanks to an appointment, you can find the means to solve your problem, the price and the functions of private investigators, which has the search, above all, because before you some difficulties are the only way to have peace of mind. We have a group of great private detectives, including computer scientists, to obtain solutions to technological problems that are currently in demand today, reduced the probability of information theft, espionage actions and even limited the threat of hacking.

Without neglecting the skills in the field of private investigation, where we define authentic surveillance, to follow all the emerging details, because our experts have training that accredits them as experts and a license that supports the exercise of this profession.

Expert agents in infidelity are our private detectives in Spain to do their job are human beings who find a personal professional profile of a great challenge for the submerged circumstances in each case affected by the investigation; Their work consists of various actions, such as the in-depth knowledge requested by customer service, ensuring that the information and evidence provided do not affect third parties in any way in their physical, mental and emotional integrity. Whatever point of view, this is where your professionalism in research rests.

The detectives of Spain maintain an exclusive dedication that allows extremely confidential tasks. Thinking seriously about the institutional organization of the Grupo Arga detectives, it is easy to structure the hierarchies you need and guide the functions that will be fulfilled in each investigative task; It is such that it is possible to simplify it so that the work team works correctly.

Regarding the investigation of infidelity, we can use our private detectives in Spain, as experts in infidelity, these agents are an SUV in the physical, mental and emotional aspect, because there are different cases in which the people involved take part, they take them as a scapegoat for the situation, a problem that deserves more dedication and detail with each scenario presented. A real relationship that lives and irresponsible forgot that sometimes prevents third parties who are, from all points of view, innocent, such as: children, friends, relatives and neighbors.

With great precision, the Grupo Arga detective company in these years of presence of investigative detectives in Spanish territory and today with its presence in Spain, provides clear signs to have a team that reads institutionally with management parameters that adapt to precise developments in detective training systems, the use of methods, equipment and new technological tools that facilitate the performance of their work ideally.

It is precisely in the knowledge acquired, which guarantees clarity, specificity and the appropriate experience for each case studied. When this practical knowledge supports the demanding demand for investigative work, the improvement and execution of the quality detective, where values, ethics, professionalism , technique and operation are combined, from a physical and mental point of view.

From the point of view of vocational, technological training that any specialized detective must have; this requires the integration of different factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the work, giving all the possibilities of being recognized in his work in a meritorious manner by the Arga group of detectives, to demonstrate his ability to provide ideal solutions to cases. In the detectives of the Arga group, we have the best agents, so our private detectives in the sentimental investigation of Spain, because they were queries that many of our agents require, so we dedicate everything we have in all our reach.





The best private investigators in Spain are within the reach of our clients, with the aim that they can have precise and accurate information at the best possible time and with the best efficiency ratio around the price paid and the quality of the service obtained. When sometimes many people want to hire these types of services, they do not really take into account the fundamental work that can be carried out in order to satisfy their requirements and have as a final product in the equation all the information and data previously requested.

As a committed detective agency, we have advanced tools to verify each fact presented in the middle of the information investigation, also applying their knowledge acquired during all the training, so that the detectives of Spain agree in each case. We have a particular research through the quality that is one of our professionals, according to this, we put ourselves as one of the most prestigious companies in this sector, using a sense of seriousness and responsibility for each problem, we leave them.

Better, we have created an empathetic link with the problems that users express, to provide a specialist who understands the context of the situation, especially when it has to do with personal problems, because between the two there are different concerns that experts can cover. . The role of a private investigator has never been more aware of user problems, because we take a position to be available for any need to occur and can be resolved through private investigation.



Arga detectives develops a wide variety of services for individuals. It should be remembered that private detectives are fully trained university professionals whose mission is to legally obtain evidence and information on private events. The fundamental role of the private detective is thus that of expert witnesses before the pertinent authorities if he should come to the case as well as before our clients about the entrusted facts.

Among the most demanded private investigations are: –

  • Relationship infidelity.
  •  Search and location of people.
  • Urban rentals and subleases.
  • Gambling, addictions and alcoholism.
  • Personal reports.
  • Forensic computer services.
  • Electronic scans and electronic countermeasures.
  • Installation of hidden cameras.
  • Counter-espionage.
  • Matching fingerprints.



Arga Detectives puts at your service all the years of experience that we have in the world of private investigation. The research service for large, medium and small companies is highly demanded among our private research services. Arga Detectives is highly specialized in business investigations, counting for this purpose with a highly qualified team for the purpose whose mission is to provide evidence to companies.



The basis of our contracting by companies is based in demonstrating a series of legitimate interests before third parties in the courts of justice and being victorious without a doubt. It should be remembered that the private detective is the only one authorized to carry out private investigation tasks. Among the most popular business investigations, the following should be highlighted:

  • Fraud investigation and prevention.
  • Search and location of people, defaulters and assets.
  • Investigation of fraudulent sick leave.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Thefts and internal thefts.
  • Mystery Shopping or mystery customer.
  • Verification of sequel and accidents.
  • Solvency reports.



Arga Detectives carries out a very close private investigation with lawyers. For this, our basic pillar of action is twofold.

  • On the one hand, maximum coordination with the legal department.
  • On the other hand, the interest of our client. All the evidence obtained by Arga Detectives is carried out legitimately, keeping all legal formalities in such a way that all the information contained in the report is given maximum power by the Courts of Justice.

Among the most popular investigations in this area, it is worth mentioning:

  • Fraud investigation.
  • Search and location of people.
  • Contentious divorces.
  • Obtaining paternity tests.
  • Regulatory agreement.
  • Child custody.
  • Subleases and rentals.
  • Forensic computer expertise.
  • Diverse achievement of tests.



The maximum legality is a fundamental pillar for any private detective office that claims to be serious and effective. Arga Detectives acts under the strictest legality in every private investigation carried out. We work nationally and internationally with different insurers with magnificent results. Arga Detectives owns a team of private detectives specialized in solving problems for Mutual and Insurance Companies. Among the most demanded investigations by mutual and insurers, the following should be highlighted:

  • Verification of Injuries
  • Accuracy of accidents
  • Simulation of fraud.
  • Search and location of people.
  • Fraudulent sick leave
  • Simulation of theft and theft.

We have a specialized department for mutual and insurance companies that has created value over the years due to the increasing demand for our private investigation services by this type of client.





A  detective Spain  knows what a private agent is, but the most important thing is that he himself knows that although at some point it is very likely that he has been a police detective, his work today has changed by about 180 degrees. This implies above all the generation of different elements that are worthy of analysis. Many people, sometimes due to their ignorance, tend to interpret that a detective or private investigator has the same powers as a police officer, and this is not the case, since the police officer has the institutional backing of the law, this makes him look as the executing arm of the coercive actions of the State.

While on the other hand, the detective is a highly trained resource that can accompany the realization of different aspects related to the execution of different cases, this means that a private investigator detects, analyzes and interprets all the necessary elements for the transit of his investigations, however the exercise of criminal action, as well as the determination of responsibilities depends largely on the police agent and the authorities of the institutions designated for that purpose.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we always focus on making it very clear to all our agents that our main function is to provide assistance and, therefore, to reinforce the administration of justice that is carried out in our country. A  Spanish detective  knows that his main function is to extract data, information and analyze them according to the levels of complexity of each case, in this sense he himself is the guarantor of safeguarding the ethical and moral codes related to the daily work of his profession, with the aim of not generating the slightest possibility of committing serious errors.

The work we do towards research and investigation always plays a role of synchrony with the authorities, in this sense it is always necessary to emphasize that no private detective tries to be more than a police authority or a tax authority. From what is known that at this point we are only guarantors of providing expert judgment and specialized information.

Something that you must take into account when hiring a private investigation agency  in Spain is that it is legal and authorized, it is a guarantee that you must have at the time of deciding on one agency or another. Our detective agency in Spain provides all kinds of investigation services at the best costs and with the best, qualified and legal experts, you just have to consult us.

Grupo Arga detectives  has a huge multidisciplinary team formed with the ability to competently cover all areas of private investigation, providing outstanding technology, and the greatest work experience on the part of all our detectives, and of course, the best training that you have the possibility of having.

It will always be a success to hire detectives in Spain like the ones that belong to our detective agency, because it is the only way to save money, and without losing quality. We offer a lower adjusted budget than the rest of the experts in the area of ​​private investigation, therefore, you can contact us for whatever you require. In this way, how to ask us for an approximate budget for your case, and then compare it with the rest of the detective agencies in Spain.

To all of the above, add that we are a legally constituted and well-trained agency with extensive experience, for which, if it also requires that the evidence we have obtained be considered expert evidence in a court, whether it be photographs or video, and we go to ratify them , you just have to ask us. Our detectives in Spain will go to the court or to the courts of justice that are necessary so that the report that we have delivered to you takes on even more force and more weight, and the objective purposes of our users are fulfilled.



Our agency has an eno

Private Investigators Spain

rme group of Private Detectives, willing and solve your problems presented. You may be wondering: assuming I have to go on business abroad or decide to send a colleague with low security,  can you help me? Of course! You have the possibility to proceed to carry out your works or send to your colleague. Once you contact the  Detective Agency in  and they give you all the necessary information, they will take the situation and evaluate how they can provide you with the security you want to do your business peacefully.

You can request their services so that these investigators carry out  Private Investigations in Spain,  even if you are not present. His training is so efficient that you yourself will not notice who is the investigator who requested that he carry out a trace on an employee.



Where Can I Get A Trustworthy Detective Agency In Spain? You can search for us on the web, since our organization has all the utilities accessible to locate them, such as telephone numbers, through web chat. etc. Its services are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many companies and people have requested the assistance of our private detectives in Spain once they observe that something is not really going well. These researchers have extensive experience in the field of private investigation.

When we are unsure about something or, failing that, sure about it, but we want to do an investigation, the best way is to go to Detectives in Spain to solve whatever comes our way.  Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain has a rigorous group of Detectives. Investigators fundamentally prepared for conflict resolution have the possibility of carrying out any task assigned beyond the intensity of the matter that is presented to them, their services are effective and safe.




Grupo Arga Detectives  offers its services to companies, individuals and/or specialists in certain professional fields (such is the case of law firms). Our investigations and subsequent reports are carried out under the legal parameters established by law for private investigation. And how could it be otherwise, we maintain the discretion that all our clients demand. Effectiveness is a hallmark of our  Private Detective agency .

We have a team of professionals who will keep you up to date on the investigation they are carrying out, informing you at all times of any new circumstance that is important. Subsequently, you will be given a dossier with all the information compiled following a timeline and the conclusions reached. At Grupo Arga Detectives we want to offer all the possibilities that private investigation offers us in order to be able to respond to the entire diversity of the catalog of existing situations that can be investigated. Among them we have the possibility to highlight:

  • Company : Financial insolvencies, business fraud, embargoes, search for debtors, patents and trademarks, plagiarism, forgery, espionage, sabotage, attacks on industrial property, network and distributor controls, etc.
  • Labora l: pre-employment reports, false leaves, work absenteeism, unfair work, duplication of employment, diversion of orders, materials and money, theft, professional intrusion, mystery shopper, etc.
  • Leases : duplication of address or business premises, subleases, improper transfers, etc.
  • Personal : infidelities, suspicious reactions from children, relatives or friends, inheritance, DNA tests, gambling disorders, vices, locating people, electronic scanning, wiretapping inquiries, etc.



For any type of anomalous circumstance that may arise in your life and is likely to be investigated, at Arga Private Detectives in Spain we will be able to get answers. To achieve this, we offer the client a team of private investigation professionals who cover all fields (criminology, law, IT, etc.).

But not only is the professional team important when it comes to carrying out an investigation, it is also necessary to have the right tools that provide us with security when it comes to obtaining the evidence. At this point, the value of new technologies and information sciences comes into play. The forensic computer scientist is a crucial figure for carrying out certain investigations related to this matter.

All the evidence that we present is covered by the legal framework of collection, search, location and custody of the same. At the end of our assignment they may be corroborated by the investigator in charge. The ratification of a private detective in a court of law has the quality of “testimony” and therefore total validity.  At our Grupo Arga Detectives  agency  in Spain, we estimate your case by offering you the various options you have to reach a quick, efficient resolution with the least possible “complications”.

Visit us, call us and an investigator in charge of the first reception to our clients will help you find the most favorable paths for your case. Our primary pillar is that we never see situations as the same, on the contrary, our experience has taught us that from the similarity that two cases may present, it will always be necessary to work on the differences and distinctive aspects. The first visit to tell us about your case and request a quote is free. We will cordially assist you, clearing up doubts, answering any question you ask us and verbalizing a budget based on the stated aims and objectives.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our commitment to the client is to meet their demands from the beginning, that they trust  Grupo Arga Private Detectives  to leave their problem in our hands and that they have the certainty that we will work to achieve it. You will have contact from the beginning of our professional relationship to the end with the same private investigator, entrusting all your doubts or questions to said professional.

Detective Spain

Detective Spain



The prudence or wisdom to make a value judgment can be considered a means of discretion, but the most valued quality of this word can be the one referring to the action of storing a mystery or information in a loyal and simple way. Discretion is an essential quality for a private investigator. By law it is already required, as is the case with other groups of professionals, that what a private investigator investigates as well as the information that arises between client-agency must remain exclusively within the confined files that the Private Detective agency has. No one, absolutely no one, can have access to evidence found, files or conversations with the client.

So that all the elements that concur in a private investigation service are clear, a contract is drawn up specifying all the points that need to be clarified and that the client must understand a priori. The confidentiality clause is one of these points that is contractually specified for the client’s peace of mind. Any private investigation professional who breaks the confidentiality required by the relationship with his client risks having his detective license withdrawn.

Discretion is one of the most powerful weapons a private investigator has. On the one hand, interactions with the client must remain completely secret. On the other hand, during the research work itself, the researcher must know the most resolute ways to get out of any situation that implies being “caught”.

Without acting like in a spy movie (it is clear that we are not going to put on a trench coat and hat), the detective must know how to move with mastery and have an arsenal of alibis so that, in the face of an unexpected circumstance, he knows how to get out. unscathed. Having current technological devices is also crucial to successfully not being “caught”. Thus, for example, it is not the same to work with a video device with a short range compared to another that allows you to record from several meters and with good quality or, for example, record in low light. In short, the experience that a private investigator has and the materials that he has are crucial elements that will favor the conclusion of a job in a satisfactory manner.



The private investigations carried out by the respected  Grupo Arga Detectives from Spain, are highly recommended, thanks to a succession of things in their favor. Among these, emphasis can be placed on the record time with which we manage to complete the investigations that our clients request, providing a response that is up to 69% more efficient in terms of results-time spent than another  detective agency in Spain .

There are many cases that directly involve a private investigator (infidelity, custody, paternity, sick leave, information theft, insurance fraud…). But it must be clear that the assumptions considered specifically by law (so that we understand each other, murder, robbery, kidnapping, etc.) cannot be investigated by a private detective since they are reserved ex officio to the competent authorities.

The latter, we can say that they are currently the most requested in  Grupo Arga Detectives , achieving up to 45% of the total investigations that detectives carry out. Grupo Arga Detectives , is an agency that deals with  private investigations in Spain , having more than 10 years of experience in the field of private investigations. The investigations that a private investigator can do are numerous, among which we can mention: labor investigations, investigations by relatives of whom there is no news in a while, investigations for harassment, cyberbullying, cyberbullying or investigations for infidelities, among others. .

When undertaking an investigation of this kind, it must be remembered that it is a very serious matter, which is why it must be carried out by a professional. For someone outside the world of private investigation, it could be easy for them to commit a crime against the privacy of the person being investigated. This is one of the main reasons why you need to be certain that you are hiring a true private investigation professional. Because hiring someone who claims to be able to do this type of work but who is completely unaware of current legislation regarding privacy, security and data protection, could be committing a crime stipulated in our Spanish penal code.

Spending time as a couple should be the foundation of happiness and not of indecision, since doubt transforms excitement into tension and tranquility into stress. There are many occasions in which reality and fiction are mixed without knowing the person affected by a possible infidelity where the imagination ends and where the harsh reality begins. It is at this point where a private detective must enter the scene to determine and assure the client that part of her instinct is true. Therefore, only a professional private detective, such as those who work at  Grupo Arga Detectivesknowledgeable about the law, they can investigate any type of case to achieve the expected results without modifying or breaking any law. Sometimes the worst enemy is indecision and the indecision that a circumstance like this creates (infidelity) is very great, it creates concerns towards the couple and over the years this situation worsens significantly.

About 60% of the investigations carried out by detectives of probable infidelities end up showing that the client is in possession of the truth. If you want to understand and obtain truthful information, it is suggested to hire a detective from Grupo Arga, since we offer seriousness, professionalism, efficiency and total discretion. At the time of requesting the services of a private investigation from our   Private Detective Agency in Spain,  the doubt is always present as to whether it is expensive or not, whether it is going to be a necessary investment or, on the contrary, a waste of money and time. .

Keep in mind that it cannot be considered a bad investment, since an investigation clarifies facts and concerns, leaving the client relaxed and with all their concerns resolved, giving them the security to proceed in the next step they decide to take.  Grupo Arga Detectives  grants everything mentioned and more, since it has the best specialists in this area of ​​private investigation.


Detective Spain

Detective Spain


The main objective when hiring a private investigator is to know a truth that escapes us and whose ability to manage is impossible for us. At Grupo Arga we echo the different needs presented by our clients and we attend to and budget each case based on the needs and aspirations of each client. At the time of hiring a private detective, it must be taken into account that it is very possible that he will require the assistance of a third person to solve the situation, this circumstance is more common when surveillance or monitoring is carried out, which he will do that the value varies indisputably.

The private investigator will always contribute not only to achieving the result that the client needs but also, to the extent possible, to improve and expand the information that can be provided to the client. A person without competence in the professional field of private investigation can never consider carrying out an investigation. Economic, administrative and/or criminal sanctions can be of considerable relevance. Without a doubt , hiring the services of a private detective will solve the situation you want to find out about , and even more so when we talk about a professional from  Grupo Arga Detectives , who have the essential knowledge and skills to clarify the most difficult situations . complex.

Precisely the costs are going to change in relation to the service that the client wants, taking as a reference that not all situations are the same beyond the fact that they are the same, the client’s claims themselves are not the same in all these circumstances, That is why the preferable way to understand if you have the money to hire a detective or not is by carrying out a consultation with the agency you want to hire, so that it provides you with a budget, which reflects how much it would cost to hire. to a detective who gives answers to all your questions.

It must be understood that on average hiring the services of a private detective in Spain ranges between €350 and frequently, depending on the circumstance and the difficulty of the case, this price can exceed €2,000. That is why it is truly advisable to go to our agency without any prejudice and request a quote for the investigation you want to carry out. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you need the service of a professional detective? Don’t know where to turn? If you currently live in Spain, then   Grupo Arga Detectives has just what you need. The agency guarantees not only the best work of a professional detective in the private investigation sector, but also a personalized and attentive treatment that you will see reflected with facts. The maximum efficiency in all our work is our cover letter in the private investigations sector.



Whatever the inconvenience, our agency is fully committed to all its clients to offer the greatest efficiency in any circumstance. We are pioneers in new techniques within criminal investigation, forensics and other varieties. This is the case of the capture of fingerprints or the use of technologies at the service of research.

The agency’s policy has been since our beginnings to support the use of innovative technologies under the most rigorous inspection standards. Since in the reality that we have had to live, we well know that we are not completely sure,  Arga detectives in Spain  offers you an unbeatable service so that you are sure of the answers you are looking for. The purpose of the group has always been to offer the client not only the investigation of their case or the resolution of their problem, but also to achieve professional excellence in the correct and precise judicial resolution of the same. For that, it only puts at your service the most prepared personnel, offering you a budget adjusted to your needs, the maximum discretion and confidentiality on the part of our investigators and, most importantly, if possible, the best treatment towards you, both from the point of view of human as professional.

As a Detective Agency we are always looking for new clients within the Spanish territory. Our fees are proportional to the effectiveness of the work carried out. Our main asset is to offer maximum transparency between our client and the agency. The agency seeks to provide an unbeatable service to all our clients, to achieve this goal we work tirelessly, globalizing the network of work areas, to make available to the client the most select professional team, made up of expert detectives from different branches of investigation, collegiate and certified, with special advances in technological matters, being a vanguard company in the sector and progressing every year.

Do not waste time with detectives who offer their “services” with cheap fees and who, in the end, only want to take money from you and take advantage of you, the  private investigation agency in Spain offers a balance between quality-service within the fees common offered by the guild of private investigators. You can go to our private investigation agency to resolve all your concerns. Ask about our fees and check our work methods. Also, get to know and review the testimony of people who, like you, trusted the professionalism of our agency when looking for a private investigator.

Without a doubt we are the best in the entire market, do not hesitate to hire our private investigation services. Research has greatly increased its field of action, incorporating current procedures. We exemplify this great change by naming techniques that have been strongly introduced in recent years in the investigation sector, electronic sweeps or Our private detectives in Spain  offer their investigation services in all areas that private investigation includes in our country.

Detectives have been framed within a cliché thanks to the dozens of films that have dealt with the field of investigations. However, these conventions have been changing as the figure of the detective is becoming more and more common in our lives. Computer tracking, in addition to the usual surveillance and monitoring, has forced the detective to enter other professional horizons.



Despite the fact that there are several private investigators in Spain that continue to offer the same surveillance and monitoring services as several years ago, at Arga Detectives we have always wanted to innovate, introducing and turning all our knowledge of the latest technologies to the expansion of services. At  Grupo Arga detectives  we carry out tracking services in all Spanish provinces, we also work in the area of ​​supervision and technological expertise, investigation of fraudulent sick leave, in addition to countless services that you could not imagine that a detective could do.

The essential thing in a  private investigator in Spain  that provides professional quality is to carry out the execution within a strategic plan in a descriptive manner. This must be clearly described in the contract signed by the client. To achieve effective work, a careful study of the locations where the subject under investigation or requested location will be investigated must be carried out.

A  private detective  must choose how to act, whether through personal tracking or through the use of computer tools, it is also essential that the detective take notes of everything that happened in a very descriptive way, either on a tape recorder or in pencil and paper, it is not easy to remember as an established norm. Location and tracking operations are sometimes established between a thin red line that can lead to intrusion and violation of the person’s privacy. Our investigators know the last legal loophole to take any action within the established legal framework.

Judicial inconveniences can arise from having crossed the line and cause serious damage to both the client and the investigator. Knowing the legal framework is essential for any good detective, at Arga Detectives we know it well and we work every day to be aware of the laws that frame our actions.

At  Grupo Arga Detectives we have more than 10 years of experience in the area of ​​search, investigation, supervision and tracking, carrying out the assigned work in a clean, professional manner and always within the legal parameters established by the Ministry of the Interior. Visit our agency without any commitment, the first consultation will not cost you money. You can fully trust our agency and trust that a professional and efficient job will be carried out within the parameters in which we can act. yes it

When we are unsure about something or, failing that, sure, but we want to do an investigation, the most direct and accurate way is to turn to private detectives to solve the circumstance that we are presented with, whatever it may be. You prefer, you can call our work lines that are operational 24 hours a day and you can find them on our website. The  Arga Detectives Group  in Spain has a rigorous group of detectives and criminologists prepared to resolve any conflict. They have the possibility of performing within a wide spectrum of services, tasks that cover different areas within the private research sector. Fast, safe, efficient and competent in delivering results, complying with what was agreed with the client.



Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Imagine that you are at your workplace and suddenly a man and a woman enter the management office of the company. They are well dressed and in a very peculiar way, in addition to carrying a briefcase: the first impression they give is that they are business people. After a while they call the entire office staff to the conference room. Everyone is expectant before the uncertainty of the situation.

The company manager explains that these people are from an elite group of private detectives and that they have been conducting an investigation concerning some people who were trying to swindle the company and in the briefcase they have all kinds of evidence that reveals it. This story may seem in part a fragment of a movie, however beyond reality, these types of stories are part of our daily routine. We see more and more cases where businessmen hire our experts to meet employees who are carrying out their work with little morals and ethics. In Private Detective Agency  in Spain, you will find a group of experts capable of getting involved in a company with the utmost secrecy and discretion in order to discover inappropriate and unethical behavior on the part of employees and senior executives.

There are quite a few businessmen, individuals and legal entities that request their services to investigate various situations that may occur within a company. These services range from finding out who is responsible for stealing security files from a computer to investigating personnel who sell company information to possible theft of company material by an employee.

How do we carry out this type of research work? We have a large group of detectives specialized in labor investigations. They filter into companies without raising the slightest suspicion and with technological support and the help of various previous experiences, they manage to find out the most hidden of secrets that an employee can keep. If as an entrepreneur you have to carry out a  Private Investigation in Spain , rest assured that at  Grupo Arga Detectives  you will find the best human and professional group that, using the latest technological advances, manage to resolve any type of investigation that is requested in the shortest time. .

Not only do we provide security, discretion and efficiency are guaranteed in this type of investigation. You will not need to be worried while we are immersed in our work as investigators. You will be informed at all times and you will obtain the results you are looking for with the utmost excellence that the best group of professionals can provide.



Arga detective agency in Spain always willing and able to solve cases within the wide range that the world of private investigation can provide. From infidelities, fraud, disappearances, extortion, network problems, custody to the proof of paternity. The right to privacy is a fundamental right that is included in our laws and constitutes a crime in the event of making an illegitimate use by another. Any private investigator knows this and must be consistent with his actions. Aware of the thin red line that separates public and private, all our detectives at  Grupo Arga They constantly review and update all the information that has to do with this subject to know how far they can go with any type of investigation.

It is of great consideration to point out that  the  detectives of the Arga Group are trained to work on judicial action projects if necessary, that is, our investigators are prepared and accustomed to speaking in front of the judicial authority to ratify what is described in the dossier delivered to the client. Carrying out this type of action with conviction, from an objective point of view and proving professional, is essential for the judge to take seriously the evidence presented by our client as true and truthful.

The  detective agency in Spain  integrated into the Arga Detectives Group provides its services to all citizens regardless of their place of residence or the place where the company, person or situation under investigation is located. We move to any corner of the country, covering the extensive map of regions that make up our country.



At Grupo Arga Detectives we make sure that our rates are transparent and reflect the reality of what private investigations are. In Spain there are many researchers who offer their services at a very low price. However, the client must recognize that he is not selling “smoke”. That is, a poorly finished job and no options for valid evidence to present in a trial, for example.

Beyond a fad, private investigations have become essential for society in Spain. Grupo Arga Detectives has at its disposal a specialized group of professionals capable of solving concerns or offering essential material that can trigger the resolution of problems that torment and anguish the client who comes to us for the first time.

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

private  investigations in Spain  managed by the private detectives of  the Arga Detectives Group   offer total discretion, always protecting the privacy of those who hire us and maintaining anonymity under summary secrecy, as dictated by law and professional ethics. In Grupo Arga you will find those who empathize and understand the fear of those who come to us because they need to know a truth that they cannot find out on their own. We offer you a place to let off steam and relax knowing that what you tell us will always remain secret.Likewise, we offer solutions and budgets without any type of commitment. Our job is to get clients with the honesty that we show off. We do not have half measures, we want everyone who comes to us to trust one hundred percent in the professionals that make up the Arga Detectives Group.



The prestige of our private investigation company lies in the positive results that our clients receive. Whether they are business, financial, personal or computer investigations, our drive to reach a resolved end in line with what our client asks of us is the engine that moves us to successfully carry out all our work.

For us, technology plays a very relevant role in successfully completing almost all investigations. Although there are jobs such as monitoring that require the professional skills of our investigator, it can always be improved with the use of devices that can help, for example, to obtain a clearer image from a farther distance. The compatibility between the investigator and the tools on which it is based fosters a tandem that undoubtedly generates the best results and at Arga Detectives we know this and that is why we encourage our investigators to know, use and rely on all possible material.

The Arga Detectives group represents a group of private investigators, deployed throughout the extensive Spanish territory. We are specialized in different types of investigations that range from the “basic” ones, such as monitoring and surveillance of people, to more sophisticated ones where technological elements and highly specialized knowledge come into play. We are in all regions of Spain. Through our website you can get to know us and learn a little more about us. Feel free to ask budget. We provide you with the best advice and the budget that best suits your personal needs.



There are many characteristics that a private detective must possess, some of the most notable being discretion, updating knowledge and, mainly, the ability to search and find answers to the client’s claims as closely as possible without losing in the process. , functionality, quality and efficiency. The efficiency and speed with which a private detective searches for answers is paramount for the client, mainly because in this kind of service people require agile and quick tests before the possibility of being victims of fraud, infidelity, theft of information, wiretapping , etc.

Private  detectives in Spain  have gained enormous popularity in recent years, more and more citizens realize that a private investigator can help solve a problem in their daily lives. Despite this circumstance, there are many cases of labor intrusion. Forgive that without a license they enter a world that should be reserved for true professionals.

At  Grupo Arga Detectives  we have a group of experts specialized in the different fields of private investigation. You will have the guarantee that you hire the best researchers. We offer proven efficiency by our results of years in the professional world of research, objective results, discretion and of course, we work based on the individual needs of each client. We offer particular answers to specific problems.

Regardless of the issue that comes our way, we provide quick responses through quality service. Backed by the help of the latest technological tools, we use them and our team of researchers who are always up-to-date in computer knowledge, to obtain agile and proven results so that our client can solve his situation as diligently as possible. possible.

Spain is a reference country for the training of private investigators. In the last decade there has been a significant increase in students from other countries to train in crucial subjects to become an excellent detective. Universities are committed to careers, masters and specific training to train the best. From this trend it follows that in Spain we have the best and Grupo Arga Detectives is a clear example of this.

When the need to hire a private detective is shown, the first question that the client asks is how much does it cost? We already know that there  are quite a few  detectives in Spain  , and there are many who offer fees that are not in keeping with the service provided. Leaving the client with little information or with the problem half resolved. When hiring a private investigator, you should take into account the results other factors besides the price. In our agency of Private Investigators, we study and analyze each case individually to offer a service that adapts to the needs presented by each client. Based on this, we prepare a budget adjusted to these needs without depreciating the quality of our work.




Looking for a private detective agency in Spain? Grupo Arga Detectives puts at your disposal a large multidisciplinary team made up of all kinds of professionals such as:

Security directors.
Private detectives.

And a whole range of experts, such as graphologists, experts in document copying, computer forensics, experts in economic investigations, etc. Our private detective agency Spain has been based in the center of the city of Spain for more than a decade, continuing to establish itself more and better in the world of private security ; making us see more and more in all kinds of trials and providing all kinds of evidence for private conduct and/or private crimes. We offer top quality services to:

  • Companies.
  • Individuals.
  • Mutual and insurers
  • And non-uniformed control in all types of public surfaces at events such as fairs, exhibitions, auctions, hotels, etc.

We have 2 offices in the capital of Spain in the heart of the city, we are proud to have more and more clients every year who, after passing through our office, return happy and without a doubt hire us again. The use of the most avant-garde technology characterizes us and distinguishes us as great professionals. If you have any problem, either in Spain or in any other city, contact us and we will solve your problem.

Detective Spain

Detective Spain



The best  private detectives are available to our groups with the aim of providing a high level private investigation service, this allows the great possibility of establishing the best strategic guidelines towards carrying out a first level investigation with the aim of providing the best of the answers to everything that our clients need at a certain moment. The best detective service is possible through the generation of various elements that guarantee results through intelligent investigation. Procuring an investigation of this type is possible through the structuring of high-quality detective services, an issue that can only be guaranteed by an organization.

At Grupo Arga detectives we seek to establish the best of the differentiating elements at the service of our clients through our research and investigation work, since these are the only guarantee of providing the best results to our clients through services that are capable of generating a framework of stability and certainty towards the person requesting this type of activity.

The generation of advantages towards our clients is mainly based on the execution of a scheme that goes towards the consolidation of various positive aspects towards all the obtaining of information chains, this is based on the fact that obtaining the data collected by our  Private Detectives,  allows the achievement of efficient results in the short, medium and long term for our clients.

The efficiency of a detective’s operations depends not only on the resources and strategies that he has on the ground, in this sense the agent is the most valuable resource, since they are the only ones capable of supplying everything the client needs with respect to the guidelines outlined in the investigation.  Detective work is also supported by the use of technology-specific tools and devices, with the aim of increasing efficiency in data collection. These devices and tools are used in an operations room that logistically support any operation that can be deployed. the agent, in order to guarantee a successful case. 

The strategic execution of operations makes a high-level detective service available to our clients, and this is also possible through the incorporation of roles of operational scientific significance, which are capable of guaranteeing the most refined determination of results. This is where our laboratory experts work directly on the issues of DNA detection and fingerprint contrast.

The investigation services that are put into practice end up being of high strategic relevance by guaranteeing the best evidence determination process, which focuses on the provision of specialized information based on secrecy parameters and operational efficiency, this also represents the opportunity that our client waits for the process of gathering all the necessary information to then make the best possible decision.

At Grupo Arga detectives our passion in the daily work of investigation has translated into the possibility of directing an efficient investigation process towards our clients, with the need to generate the greatest of stimuli so that people manage to direct an investigation process successful decision making. Resolving the questions and uncertainty schemes of our clients represent the greatest task that we can carry out, since without a doubt we seek the opportunity to establish operations based on a framework that allows us to efficiently solve everything that the client needs.

In this sense, our clients are the most valuable part of our organization and they are the ones who make it possible for us to improve our services to the community day by day. At Grupo Arga detectives, the passion of our activities is focused on our excellence in trying to be better through the provision of our services and in comprehensively establishing a host of solutions to all those interested in hiring us.



Spain has a significant number of private detectives. Among all of them, our agency,  Grupo Arga Detectives, stands out. The members of our staff are hardened researchers after years of experience without abandoning, on the other hand, the learning of new knowledge, essential to achieve positive and guaranteed results in each of the services we provide in our day to day.

Our agency is also characterized by budgeting its services always adjusted to the needs of each client, using reliable sources of information and the use of the network as an essential tool in the reality we currently live in. The  Arga Detectives Group  has investigators who are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to an efficient service, the detectives of our agency are identified by the surprising treatment towards their clients and by the satisfactory results they obtain. Special mention deserves the fact that our work as private investigators is regulated by Spanish law and from our agency we comply without hesitation with all the legal requirements to which we are subject.

Going back to the issue of fees, we can say that the costs vary for each agency. We can point out that in the diversity of agencies, there are those that charge from 40 euros per hour, those that charge up to 300 euros per day; while others have the possibility of charging up to 550 and 700 euros per day, however, it is essential to indicate that the value will also depend on the case. But always keep in mind that if you want a professional job, done at the hands of qualified experts who will guarantee you a first-class job, without a doubt, Grupo Arga Detectives is your best option for both national and international services.



Grupo Arga Detectives is a firm specialized in private investigation that covers all areas of investigation. We carry out all kinds of private investigations in accordance with the legal system. Partner infidelities, divorces and separations, Search and location of people, electronic sweeps, labor investigations, computer investigations, placement of hidden cameras, personal and economic reports, fingerprint matching, etc. Our mission at all times is to discover the truth, to ensure the interests of our clients and to obtain information on the matters entrusted to us, translating it into a report that may or may not be ratified later in court.

Our information provided by our office is very important, since it will reflect the reality as it occurs abroad. Our intervention in a case can mean a significant change in the way our client has dealt with the problem until now. With our intervention you can know and the truth and therefore you can make the right decisions in this regard.

One of the basic characteristics of our private detective agency in Spain is the experience in all areas of private investigation. As a necessary element, the concept of confidentiality arises. The detective must act with maximum professional secrecy and go unnoticed in all kinds of contexts. At Grupo Arga Detectives, the client will be well advised from the beginning and communication with the client will be a key element in client-office relations.


Detective Spain

Detective Spain


Given the suspicion on your part that a behavior is taking place in your life that is causing an impairment, the most sensible thing is to go to qualified private investigators so that they can assess your problem and propose solutions.
Grupo Arga detectives carries on its back the positive realization of hundreds of private investigations carried out successfully. We have done all kinds of private investigations in all sectors.

The prestige of a private detective firm is extremely important and Grupo Arga Detectives has it in spades, it has been developed over the years by the hundreds of satisfied clients after hiring private investigation services in our detective agency. in Spain. Grupo Arga Detectives carries out its private investigation work throughout Spain with total success and even in other countries of both the European Union and the rest of the world. We have extensive experience in all the cities of Spain, from Spain to its coastal areas spread throughout the national territory.

With official license 2464 we are approved by the Ministry of the Interior to investigate in Spain, keeping us within the legal framework in all our investigations. We are members of the main associations and detective colleges in Spain, which frames us within a very professional code of ethics and gives us a condition of rectitude and legality at all times.



The best private investigators in Spain are available to our clients, with the aim that they can have precise and accurate information at the best possible time and with the best Efficiency ratio around the price paid and the quality of the service obtained. When many people sometimes want to contract this type of service, they do not really take into account the fundamental work that can be carried out in order to satisfy their requirements and have all the information and data previously requested as the final product in the equation.

The private investigation agency that includes operations throughout Spain is the Arga Detective Agency, within our work we not only take care of reinforcing different activities from the aspect of professional investigation, but we also collaborate with third parties in obtaining information , and as well as with other organizations that require our work throughout the Spanish nation. In addition, through our website, we can manage all the doubts and requests of our clients.

Our Arga Detectives Group has more than 10 years of experience in the sector, carrying out all kinds of work as private investigators in Spain with the aim of promoting the realization of different factors that may be favorable to the execution of solid investigative operations, which are capable of recognizing the complexity of each case and who are also proactive in unfolding it, to get to the source of the facts.

Also, we have experience in approaching an investigation from the psychological perspective, since it is about understanding the psychology of other people and other types of people who meet the profile of a potential offender within the figure of the investigated in a case and who are in the probability of triggering such critical events. At Grupo Arga detectives we take care of training our agents under a comprehensive and solid perspective capable of providing them with a host of advantages in the deployment of their theater of operations.

Different authorities throughout the city have indicated that they find the private investigators Spain of our Arga Group as “very interesting” resources because “in theory they know what they are doing and how they do it, in short, our men have an idea of ​​where certain priority areas for a successful investigation can be found and where these give them a sense of competence and experience, to highlight the successful completion of each task and each operation.

The private investigator experience gives you a different perspective on the world of duty than most other professionals, as they tend to have a more commercial and business-oriented perspective. Private investigators, on the other hand, are those resources that value a focus on service activity and customer satisfaction. Spain is one of the countries where in recent years there has been a boom in carrying out detective operations, however, it is necessary to highlight that few manage to differentiate themselves with a sense of quality and with a highly professional disposition of action, having the loyalty to our customers as the central axis of our work.



Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Undoubtedly, all the work carried out by a private detective can be presented in court with full value as long as it is done in accordance with the legal system. According to the Private Security Law, all actions of the private detective in his private investigation work will be governed by 3 principles:

  • Proportionality.
  • Suitability.
  • Need.

Under these three premises all actions of the private detective will move and all their actions must be adhered to. If the judge or court sees the slightest indication that any right has been violated when investigating, he will immediately throw away all the work of the private detective and it will not be taken into consideration under any circumstances. In addition, the detective could be incurring in some criminal offense with the corresponding civil liability and the security measure of separation of his functions.

That is why, when paying for a private detective in Spain, it is extremely important to hire a professional who knows the legal system completely and knows how to act within the law at all times. This is due to the fact that the private detective is always in his private investigation work in the limit with the right to privacy of the investigated.

There is sometimes a bad vision of the private detective, since he is sometimes cataloged as a kind of spy. The furthest thing from reality, since the concept of spying has nothing to do with investigating. Private detectives have an apparent and clear social function, developing a function of social interest such as discovering the truth.




Our investigation agents are essential resources that allow the execution of all the tasks that are related to the activity of the professional investigation, this is the guarantee to generate in a timely manner all the answers that our clients need, since without a doubt they are the most valuable resource we have available to the market.

Our investigation agents are those who through their discipline and all the strategies that were instilled in them in their education and training process can generate the greatest sense of response to all our clients, this also means that they are that piece key that connects the management of customer requirements with the achievement of high-level results.

The generation of elements that can be positive towards the resolution of complex aspects is made possible through a strategy, establishing a loop that allows them to be developed with a high development criterion has allowed Grupo Arga, over the years, to advance with solid steps in the construction of each research context, making this possible has taken us time and learning around our passage through each and every one of the communities where our services are deployed.

Our  private detectives  at Grupo Arga are considered valuable resources around obtaining all the necessary elements to carry out an investigation, since they represent the guarantee for the execution of successful investigation schemes, providing all our clients with the information they require. in record time.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization with more than 10 years of experience, the innovation and improvement criteria that we always apply are in line with the growth objectives of the organization and with our intentions of being highly valuable resources for all our community, at Grupo Arga detectives we are the best at private investigation.



Why is it so important to hire a legalized Private Detective? In the first place and indisputably because a professional with a license granted by the Ministry of the Interior is going to give you guarantees that another person who claims to dedicate himself to investigating outside the law is not going to give him. Secondly, when it comes to couple investigations, for example, there are many cases that end up in a Spanish court. The private investigator emerges as a key figure in these situations as he collects evidence against the other party. But this is not only in the achievement of evidence since the private detective must ratify the conclusions found in front of the judge.

Finally, only a professional knows how to do a good job. At  Grupo Arga Detectives  we firmly believe in this. If it is already totally difficult to find a  quality private detective  in Spain, imagine how difficult it can be to find one who is an expert exclusively on infidelity issues. There are those that offer such low prices for a monitoring and surveillance service that the client thinks that it will be very cheap to find out if his partner cheats on him. In the end, said detective will end up charging an exorbitant number of hours. Where can I hire a professional private detective for infidelities in Spain?

But the truth is that at the moment of truth, a true professional is never going to take advantage of working unnecessary hours. A good private detective will calmly sit down with his client and carry out a detailed interrogation to find the most likely time to catch. In Grupo Arga Detectives  we will work hand in hand with you, who are the main piece of information. Our initial objective is to have all the information to carry out a good analysis and reduce material and human costs. Thus, our client will also be the main beneficiary. “Red-handed” to his partner for example or to search for the most appropriate sites to start the investigation.

The safest way to hire a private detective in Spain is by evaluating the positive reviews of other clients. The competence of a good Private Investigation agency is recognized through the satisfaction with its clients. At Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain   you will be sure that all our clients end up with a high degree of satisfaction.

In matters as delicate and emotional as infidelities, clients seek quick action responses because it is clear that the degree of anxiety about knowing they have been cheated on is so high that it does not allow them to live day-to-day in a normal way. Who knows cheated, wants to know. This is the essential premise for all our clients. To add insult to injury, hoaxes have evolved just as the pillars of civilization have. Human relationships are no longer only established physically, now there is the Internet and everything has changed drastically.

It is not necessary to go to a club to meet a lover or you do not need to flirt in the gym. It is enough to turn on a screen and press a key to have a whole universe of possibilities to be unfaithful. Little is needed, simply by having the intention you can look for someone with the same thought. We refer to this type of circumstance so that it is understood how it is necessary to hire private investigators who have the appropriate technological means to carry out this type of current investigation.



How can I know if my husband is “cheating” me with a co-worker? The expression may be direct and even vulgar, but unfortunately it is the phrase that best defines how someone who may be suffering from this situation feels. The degree of anger and concern is very high when someone suspects that her partner may be being unfaithful. These people come to our agency with such a degree of anger that the aforementioned expression is common to many of them.

At Grupo Arga Detective in Spain we are aware of the feeling that surrounds the client in a situation of infidelity. You want speed and total discretion and we provide it. We guarantee maximum discretion, total confidentiality and the assurance that we will do everything as professionals to give a satisfactory response to your request. To ensure that this is fulfilled, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of the case with the client and ask for very specific details to reduce the hours of investigation as much as possible and limit the possibilities of capturing evidence of infidelity. This methodology benefits the client because it represents a considerable reduction when paying our fees.Because in the end what we want as good professionals is for the client to be satisfied with an effective job.


Detective Spain

Detective Spain


At  Grupo Arga Detectives  we have the best and most specialized  private detectives in Spain. With several decades of experience  you can be sure that in our agency you will find a team of professionals to count on to investigate cases of any category. We do not reduce our field of action to “simple” monitoring and surveillance. The evolution that we have undergone in the last decade as a society has also affected us as professionals. What do we refer to? For example, if a few years ago the most common infidelities were the product of relationships at work or common places, today social networks or chats allow people to meet and look for friendships that can end in something else.

So, you have to be prepared. Updating knowledge and having good technological tools that allow us to move through these new nooks and crannies of the Internet are essential characteristics for every good detective. The success of any company is always dependent on the dedication of its employees, which is why cautious and cautious processes must be followed when choosing workers, and the usefulness of the labor stipulation of detectives in this town plays a considerable role.

Spain is a very important country in Europe as a whole, it has advanced in all points in previous years and represents a remarkable contribution in the commercial and tourism area for this country, owning a huge number of companies. It should be noted that private detectives represent a huge utility tool when choosing corresponding personnel for a company.

In  private investigations in Spain,  not only do they deal with labor inquiries, but you can find a wide variety of processions that provide investigation services in different areas. In Spain there are private detectives who provide services according to the typology for which the situation is correct. The most relevant thing at the time of hiring a private detective or an agency is not the value that they offer, since this will not indicate at what level of quality the service will be provided; for which it is pointed out that what is truly important in an agency in this industry lies in the type of personnel they have and When choosing a private investigator service, the person must take into account that their inconvenience will be exposed and for this reason, they must ensure that they are going to hire qualified investigators. The experience in the field that all of them have.

The  Arga Detectives Group is a recognized group of private experts, whose agency is highly recognized. Noteworthy; that private investigation in this country is a known and regulated activity, which can only be carried out by investigators qualified and authorized by the state. Currently,  detectives in Spain  have increased exponentially in the investigation market, due to their outstanding development and professional training, there are quite a few experts.

However, different agencies can be found in this town, such as Grupo Arga detectives, which has an unparalleled track record, characterized by the high definition of service and the efficiency of its workers. Private  investigations in Spain  are a widely used instrument in Spain, whose market has grown exponentially in recent times, which is why, at present, they have the possibility of finding different costs and promotions, which always go together with the established norms. For the state; It should be noted that on Internet pages and newspapers there is the possibility of finding promotions, some of which are very attractive.




The labor stipulation of private experts has become very common in the day-to-day life of Spaniards, which is why every day there are more experts who deal with this task, with a high demand for rivalry in private investigation. This competitiveness creates in The research market has a great diversity of rates, costs and some proportion of promotions, however, it is essential to indicate that it is necessary to be very careful when selecting the service.

Spain stands out for having really well-prepared private detectives on its streets, qualified investigators can be found, and also agencies with a group of detectives perfected in all areas that correspond to the subject of private investigation, who were selected under strict methods and forms.

Given the diversity of notices that can be found on the subject  of detective agencies in Spain,  some costs can be indicated, promotions that range from 40 euros and upwards per hour, and 300 euros and upwards per day, however, It is imperative to emphasize that the fee will depend on the client’s case, since each individual has different drawbacks, maybe they are similar, but always different.

A very popular agency in Spain is the  Grupo Arga Detectives,  which gives special costs. It should be noted that a quality and efficient service is also guaranteed, where the situation is resolved as soon as possible. Our agency was recognized around the world, winning awards for resounding successes.

As the costs are different, commonly people in their efficiency of solving their problem will look for the cheapest value, and this does not turn out to be the best alternative in all cases,  private detectives in Spain , are recognized for their trajectory and valuation, not However, if you don’t make a careful selection, you can actually fall for scams, which is why it is suggested to look at the detectives for points that go beyond price.

You may not need it at this time, but at any time in our life you may have a problem that you need the assistance of a professional to get out of those problems. Our  private detectives in Spain are some of those experts that it is preferable to have nearby when solving any research problem. But since it is a recent specialty, many people do not have the understanding at the time of hiring  private detectives in Spain , or suppose that why pay an individual who can carry out what you could carry out yourself.


Detective in Spain


At Grupo Arga , it will have various research services; each with a specific strategic application, ideal to ensure satisfactory results. You will be given a complete guide to the procedure, after specifying what is your case. To learn more about all our services, visit our website.All information collected will serve as evidence in any case merits a complaint. Here, we will show you some of the most requested by our clients.

At Grupo Arga , we offer you multiple services, in which confidentiality is absolute. Thanks to the fact that we always operate under a low profile, our movements will be captured, thus guaranteeing a totally natural, strategic and above all effective procedure. Some of those services are:

Arga Detectives develops all kinds of investigations throughout the national territory according to the current regulations applicable to detectives. It should be noted that the figure of the private detective is configured as the only person competent to carry out private investigation tasks. The purpose of our work will be to provide our clients with all the evidence and information they need about a fact that concerns them and, later, to ratify in the Courts if necessary.

Arga Detectives can be proud to carry out all kinds of private investigations with great success, which has been amply demonstrated over the years. One of the pillars Basic of Arga Detectives is full empathy with our client. From the beginning we strive to understand the concerns of all those who visit us and explain their problems to us.

Aware of how hard it is for many and many to come to a private Detective Agency in Spain for never having done so, we try to transmit at all costs a high sensitivity and discretion in order to reassure the person who always visits us with the highest respect possible. The best possible treatment is achieved with a large team committed to private investigation and extensively trained, also having extensive experience in solving problems.

Arga Detectives has a team of detectives in Madrid that offer the following services:

  • Personal and family area.
  • Labor area. – Industrial area.
  • Financial area.
  • Registration area.
  • Area of ​​urban leases law.
  • Insurance companies area.
  • Area of ​​mutual insurance companies for occupational accidents and diseases of the S.S.
  • Technology and security systems area.
  • Electronic Investigation.
  • Calligraphic expertise.




If there is a professional capable of collecting information on public services in situations of infidelity, doubts about how to prove certain flights to your private data, among other types of situations that require evidence to guarantee unique compatible results. Go to the Arga group has direct contact with a wide variety of areas that we provide, each of these elements is followed or covered by specialists in this particular sector, so that each private detective can be provided.

In the Arga group, we have different offices in the Spanish territory; Therefore, our detectives in Spain have unique qualities to help. You are in different types of cases, so we cover different service options according to the skills of each of our professionals. If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you, but do not have the necessary tools to prove it, do not worry. At Grupo Arga , we will attend you with the greatest cordiality possible, understanding and supporting you throughout the investigation process.

We will do everything possible to bring to you, the evidences that confirm or rule out the existence of an infidelity . If you suspect hat your partner is unfaithful to you, but you have no way to prove it. You need to purchase our infidelity service . We will take the necessary measures, in order to acquire any evidence that confirms or rules out possible infidelity.



As detective professionals our mission When we investigate an issue of infidelity, it is to try a second collateral relationship or just a few occasional dabbling. Infidelities can occur in any social environment, anywhere, any day, any time. They do not distinguish between sex or age and we can clearly say that it is the order of the day, more and more widespread by the consumer society we are facing, sometimes becoming very frequent in family nuclei.

To carry out the investigation of an infidelity we have expert detective professionals in this matter as well as the most avant-garde technology that sets us apart from the rest. All the evidence obtained during the course of an investigation is captured in a report that details all the details that occurred with great accuracy.



During the divorce process , the demonstration of evidence is required, reflecting the conditions under which acquisitions can be divided during the marriage. This is not the most important thing. Topics such as custody of minor children is very delicate. If your partner is violent, or shows irregular behaviors not appropriate for raising a child. You can claim custody. The problem begins when tests are needed to confirm your partner’s description.

In Grupo Arga , you will have the best team of detectives, capable of collecting any evidence that proves the existence of conditions not suitable for raising a child, by one of the parents. The divorce investigation processes work to corroborate, alibis between the couple, that confirm the behavior or intentions of the other person; mainly at the time of demanding issues such as custodians or the acquisition of corresponding assets.



The disappearance of those people we love envelops us in a cloud of doubt and uncertainty in which we have no hope. Desperately seeking the help of someone capable of fulfilling the mission of finding him. At Grupo Arga , we will support you throughout the search process, having all the research team available, who will give their all in order to find the person in question. Always receiving cordial and empathetic treatment in order to provide hope.

The location of people , is a tense situation where we must proceed quickly. Every second counts , but with our support at Grupo Arga , we guarantee you a totally satisfactory investigative work. We will do our best to find the missing individual. Understanding your case; you will always receive our support.





Within companies, there are many cases of information manipulation, or validation of false or fraudulent documentation. Within this, we find fraudulent sick leave . The worker, who alleges having a disease or disability, which would lead to the approval of sick leave; You may be submitting false documentation where a deception regarding the person’s health condition is being committed. Giving you the opportunity to be able to work in another company, receiving more fraudulent earnings.

At Grupo Arga , it offers you an optimal expertise service among all types of documentation existing within your company. Same verification, which is carried out through technological devices such as computers, thanks to our computer experts.



If you receive a pension for special conditions. And you have gone through situations in which you have been under threat, harassment, or have been physically attacked by the person who benefits the pension. You can demand a change. To demonstrate these acts. At Grupo Arga , you will have all the necessary equipment in order to capture any evidentiary evidence that puts the truth on the table. Giving you the opportunity to submit a proposal to change your pension , where the deposit is increased, or a restraining order is required.



Our team of computer expert , or forensic informatics . They will help you in the attention to the digital and technology areas. If you have lost valuable information, through the network or in mobile applications. You can count on us for information retrieval. In turn, if it is that you have been “hacked”, putting your privacy at risk. In Grupo Arga , we will find the author responsible for the attack, exposing it. Recovering any data that has been stolen.

The computer forensics is a specialized service in the analysis of information within the digital environment. They work in the recovery of lost valuable information, through web portals such as social networks, blogs, among others. As well as, track it and verify the existence of a possible “hacker”. In turn, they carry out investigations through mobile applications, where personal information is recorded about you, that could fall into the hands of malicious people, or that was lost by accident.



The family problems touch on issues such as domestic violence, irregular behavior in adults, adolescents and children, abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other addiction, among others that may pose damage to those who make up that family. We, at Grupo Arga , will take cards on the table. Addressing your situation with the best investigative strategy, in order to support you with the necessary evidence to request help.

If you want a family detective with extensive experience in family investigations, contact our private investigation company specialized in family investigations, made up of family detectives with extensive experience who will assure you of success in achieving your objective. Arga Detectives is fully aware of the serious emotional implications of most family investigations due to the feelings involved.

To carry out family investigations we have the most modern technological means as well as the best trained professionals in this regard. We collect all the information in a report that is subsequently delivered to our client, which consists of all the evidence obtained. On many occasions when investigating a person in the family nucleus for a specific reason such as infidelity, etc., we have verified the existence of other collateral behaviors that were the ones that actually produced a suspicion, example discover a gambling or alcoholism.



The electronic sweeps are procedures in which it is investigated to the client, performing a search and their environment, in order to find any kind of spy device that threatens the privacy and security of the customer. Equipment such as cameras, microphones, sensors and more can be detected by us.





The descriptive function generated by knowing what to do and what to do in certain situations, added to the aspect of the instruments used to discover the relevant information at the time of the case, is one of those fundamental gaps in which the administrative capital to establish costs to the user . In addition to many other agencies, the group detectives were one of those troops at the time trying to market, assuming we can argue about cost without victory.

The reality of our users was intentionally based on the security perspectives that we, the best in terms of structure, to solve cases, can get us, because we know each of the points in which a particular accent of the problem does not care. That predisposes us to exercise the same cunning as the renowned Sherlock Holmes, but this time it is more legally and physically consolidated, and even better results, because they are by no means cheap detectives Spain

Information that you get mediated by the private detective and its relation to cost, although with a very long description, you can not, but it is quite informative if you know an interpretation of the texts and at the same time we enter the race according with the search for certainties that abound in the possibility of meditating on the situation. and reacting correctly also assumes. The effectiveness of knowing the extent to which the value of these services is given by the collection of information found at the time of collection and the case is opened, which can usually be quickly clarified. But yes, there are certain aspects that we should highlight and talk about, one eye, the collection of information, but not its use.

That is to say, the cost of a private detective will always be linked to the relationship that they can have according to the investigation that must be done, this does not mean that they have to come to things that are not or proposals to introduce the type of hypothesis as true in the moment of the last conclusions. How much does a private detective in Spain or any other sector have their costs for their activity and as an activity will it tend to be effective according to how it is done clearly but while it is completely real and concise?



If you need to have a  private detective Spain Official license , the best place to find one is through Grupo Arga, since we are a fully functional detective agency, because we have transformed private investigation into a tool capable of solving everyday problems, even more complex. By relying on our services, you can count on the peace of mind that a true expert will take care of your problems, that is, they have extensive training, which ratifies them in the performance of their duties, in addition to having a license to meet the requirements tax by law.

Detective in Spain

There is no doubt that the most appropriate place to have a  private detective Spain Official license  is through Grupo Arga, where we have a range of services that meets most modern needs, we seek to maintain an active response to each complexity.

In Spain, the market for private investigation services is increasing, but you must take into account who meets the requirements of the law, as well as the track record they have practicing, in this regard, we remain pioneers by having an area of Improved service over time.

 We set ourselves the goal of continuing to improve, not being satisfied with the testimonials of success, but continuing to advance to help more people with our actions, because private investigation has challenged all skeptics, we respond with facts and convincing evidence in any situation. reasons we are your best option, in addition to the fact that we have computer experts for those needs that are related to technology, since in this environment new problems arise every time, since it greatly exposes your privacy, but this can be reduced thanks to our advice.



         Then, in Surveillance and Monitoring Spain , we offer these services available to natural or legal persons, and the functions that our company can develop are: obtaining information on private conduct or events; that is to say, we clarify that they are those that affect the labor, commercial, economic, financial sphere and, in general, social, personal and family life. Also investigation of crimes, and business surveillance in fairs, hotels, etc., in similar areas.

It is therefore that in Private Investigation in Spain, we know that it is a practice that must be carried out by accredited professionals in this field, we can offer services in multiple fields: in the workplace: work absenteeism, dismissals, pre-contract reports, verification curriculum vitae, duplication of employment, unfair competition, employee reports, job performance, order deviations, theft, among others. In the industrial field; We investigate patents and trademarks, plagiarism and counterfeiting, espionage, sabotage, accident investigations, evaluation of the degree of incapacity, skills and brand reports, among others.

Also at the Spain Detective Agency, we focus on the personal sphere: we carry out personal and family records, libel, slander, damages to individuals, reports on people, paternity tests, fidelity of the couple, pensions used for counterespionage, telephony, computer forensics, polygraph service, tracking and GPS. In short, our detectives collaborate with the security forces of the Spanish state, if you are looking for a private detective agency, contact us now, tell us about your case and we will contact you to offer you a better service and budget, do not hesitate, discover the TRUE. At Arga detectives, professionals not only provide  fingerprinting services, but it is also possible to find services towards specialized areas for anything you need. Among them, we highlight the following:

  • infidelities

Infidelity investigations are very common in the area. They are generally requested by women and for them, the client must provide certain information that allows the detective to begin the investigation. Throughout this process, the objective will be to collect enough evidence to be able to confirm or dispel the doubts of the clients. All these tests can be used even in any legal process if the client decides to divorce.

  • Computing

Expert computer detectives are also highly sought after, thanks to the fact that they provide information and help in terms of IP tracking of equipment, investigation of mobile devices, cleaning of reputation on social networks, recovery of deleted information, among others.

  • relatives

In this case, services oriented to divorces, investigations of inheritances, alimony and even gender violence are provided. The detectives will also be in charge of determining a visitation and control regime for minors. As we mentioned, in addition to taking fingerprints , the Arga group detectives are in charge of carrying out all kinds of investigations, so whatever you need, you will find it here, with the help of professionals in each area. Don’t hesitate to get in touch right now.



The evidence or elements of conviction necessary for your case arise under the efforts of private detectives who are within our staff, it is a contract guaranteed by the ingenuity as well as by the professional point of view that they display when assuming the responsibility of clarify and demonstrate a situation. The service as a private investigation agency seeks to offer support with the best, that is, a wide offer is designed with high resolution capacity, in Spain we approach this profession with the commitment that your cause deserves, thanks to the organization by our experts to Generate an appropriate action plan.

The answers you need as a client are at your disposal, it is enough to close a contract to establish the forms of resolution adjusted to the facts involved with the doubts and questions that go through your mind, this level of coverage is one of the most outstanding to obtain evidences. Before continuing to think about what may or may not be happening, it is best to receive the assessment of expert private detectives, since they consider all the details involved in the situation, because we establish a course of action that really works, that high sense of attention allows you to obtain tests without so many waits.



The resources available when facing a private investigation are another point in favor of deciding on Grupo Arga, where excellence is demonstrated in each phase of the private investigation, it is a global process where intelligent and covert operations are carried out to achieve information. The way of assuming a case is the main guarantee of obtaining solutions for your case, all the activities within the profession of private investigation are developed to reveal the established hypotheses, because the starting point is on the details until finding the responses associated with the situation.

The elements that private investigation takes into account allow the feasibility of a case to be analyzed from the beginning, because it is not about establishing a blind investigation, but rather a verification of the details immersed in the case is required to know the possibilities of success. The conditions before starting a private investigation are granted with the observation of our private detectives, since they cover even the smallest incident so that the development in the field area is promising and generates results on a situation, it is a task that implements an evaluation of all the characteristics of the fact.

The work of investigating is based on all the details, on not letting any circumstance pass that could be key to reaching conclusions about a case, this kind of planning is the most demanded support to fulfill the duty to demonstrate the reality, which has been covered for more than 10 years through our professional path. The experience at the time of providing a service is quoted as a reassuring aspect, it is a wise decision for you to test reality with tangible elements, without having to base yourself on suspicions and uncertainties, for this reason the services are focused on a service that offers wide coverage by dominating different areas of the field.

If you are concerned that your needs will not be met when deciding to carry out a private investigation, the solution lies in considering the professional training that exists for the private detectives who represent you when investigating a situation, as well as the level of operations that we carry out. to extend solutions to you by sharing your cause. Having expert support to have evidence is extremely important, especially for the security of using evidence in any medium, in view of the respect for due process that is implemented by each private detective who deals with a case, that encourages you not to you let yourself be affected by a problem but that you act under our services.

Acting professionally saves you trouble, in general you save yourself a lot of trouble when you manage to collect convincing evidence, that way you don’t have to face that emotional aspect that causes doubt, the best thing is a professional action that maintains objectivity with everything occurs. The presentation of a case entails the creation of a solid action plan, that arises with the synchronization with the present details of the case, this preparation is key to promote an effective result, without the need to violate any legal provision, it is about obtaining evidence legally.

The way to expose the truth without exaggerations or omissions lies on private investigation, as it is the most effective contract to have proof of a fact, that stops any negative incidence, since it is a generation of the truth through various formats. All the episodes and occurrences in the middle of a case are reflected in the evidence, it is the completion of a series of private investigation processes that follow your needs as main parameters, that is, everything revolves around the objectives of the case being analyzed careful way to formulate the best answers.

The field of private investigation is made up of a group of trained agents, as well as specialists from other areas to form a range of possibilities when investigating all the details related to the case, without leaving aside that the action plan is exhausted. with confidentiality so that you are not exposed at any time.  In the midst of a situation, the behaviors, documents, schedules and any other element are estimated until the foundations are gathered on some affirmation or denial, it is about clarifying reality for being an effective representation, hiring is a method enabled to achieve key results .




For more than 10 years, our private investigation agency has extended a high-level representation, where the purpose lies in the study of the conditions and characteristics of the case to develop, through a private nature, the obtaining of evidence, to take advantage of the academic preparation what this job requires. The professionalism to discover the truth is a fact behind this hiring, because a problem is approached with the empathy that you need to not have nerves when undertaking the private investigation, but all the discipline and seriousness are destined to achieve the necessary tests.

The search for information is a radical step to avoid falling into a worse deception, a plan arises so that you have the opportunity to investigate all those facts or events that arouse doubts in you, the prices are added as a motivation to consider the representation of Grupo arga. High-quality services remain acceptable within your reach, because it is more important to help more causes and improve to be available to the problems you experience daily in different areas, the most valuable thing about thinking about Grupo Arga lies in the guarantee of achieve solid results.

It is extremely positive to hire the services of our private detectives, because it is a great way to have excellent results, the transmission of evidence is punctual and dedicated to the revelation of the events, any area is addressed by experts who are available in the most sectors of Spain. In the midst of the diversity of problems that arise today, it is not possible to rule out the assistance of private investigation due to the scope it has obtained over time, it covers different kinds of tasks with a notable success rate, for all area, specialized coverage is designed.

The private investigations that we develop go back to exhausting each clue, those initial elements are used as a starting point that are exhausted with technology, because we have expert representatives in the field of computer forensics, that is the solvency to get out of problems. The performance of tasks by private investigation is attended by specialist detectives who consider and put into action a sum of knowledge and preparation to perform professional tasks and perceive what is happening, that way you no longer have to accept excuses and think so much what could be happening.

All kinds of clients, whether as natural or legal persons, receive a forceful service proposal, with the freedom to place investigations of different kinds, which indicates that beyond the demands that may exist, we have a team passionate about getting to the bottom of the truth, by a remarkable effort that is awakened as soon as the



case is designated. The maximum performance that is dedicated to the disclosure of a case, arises when you communicate all the reasons that lead you to bet on private investigation, the increase in deception and suspicion has a lot to do with the diversity of means to carry out some fact. illicit, that can be reduced with private investigation services.

The causes receive a high-range professional help, so that you do not continue to be forced by the development of a deception against you, the request for our services is a clear synonym of the custody of the truth, all the events that are taking place out are tested so that you regain confidence quickly. The adaptation that our private detectives invest allows all difficulties to be treated, because the final intention is to solve any type of question present in the case, the training behind the experts who take on your case makes sense to collect information without violating any regulations.

The specialized representation of Grupo Arga is competent, considering all the means that are implemented to meet the objectives defined in the action plan, the training of private detectives is of great help, these expert qualities are what lead to the generation of valid tests. Different personal, commercial or other interests are served by carrying out a robust private investigation, through which highly relevant areas such as computer forensics come into action, which demonstrates the capacity we have at the time of assuming the development of different types private investigation.

The best private investigators are found on the staff of our private investigation agency, where services dedicated to the pursuit of reality are provided with evidence guaranteed from a legal point of view, because it is obtained under correct methodologies for the situation to be faced. . You have the opportunity to feel confident about everything a private detective can do for you, because this kind of representation excludes the fear of being discovered, in exchange for the expert work that our private detectives can carry out, it is a way to close any question that crosses your mind.

Experience with fraud, infidelity, location of people, fraudulent sick leave, identity theft and other situations, allows the development of a fully functional service scheme, this ends up being favorable so that you are not left at a disadvantage in the effort to find answers and evidence around your requirements. The guarantee to undertake the action plan designed for your case is authentic, that makes it easier for the investigations to be compatible with the situation, you must have the necessary discretion and expertise to ensure that the evidence is obtained in a timely period of opportunity, thank you to the procedures carried out. Beyond the complexity of the case, you have the alternative of having convincing results about the truth, for this reason expert private detectives exert a clear influence to achieve peace of mind, it is a way to solve your problems by bringing to light any commission of a hoax.



The peace of mind of defending yourself against deception is based on the value of the evidence, for this the role of expert private detectives becomes a crucial factor, because they dominate the difficulties of a case to evaluate in the first instance what type of procedures are compatible with the situation to get information. There is no need to waste time when it comes to exposing the truth, you must act to achieve efficient results through the attention of Grupo Arga, to consider the facts and designate the situation to experts with strong knowledge of a specific area, consequently your problems receive professional guidance immediately.

The risk you run by being subjected to a deception can be combated through the expert responses that are designed at Grupo Arga to deal with cases of different topics, which means that the investment ends up being productive due to the level of evidence provided by the follow-up of a case. The effectiveness of private investigation rises to the same extent that we cover a case, specialized care is implemented for each situation so that you do not have to live under the stress of doubts, much less with obtaining evidence in different formats such as images, videos or others.

The information regarding your home is shared with transparency, because the objectives of each contract is to exercise to share evidence that works as an optimal alternative, that is, from the truth the solution is found for any problem that is addressed by our services. . The cases follow a margin of success thanks to the trajectory that our private investigation agency has, you can trust that the key objective is to improve to represent a solution in every way for each client, this type of offer is avant-garde and instills a contact with reality.

The work of the private investigation on certain sensitive topics is totally empathetic for the type of needs that are present in the resolution of the case, all of this is estimated to find the most optimal and satisfactory culmination for the circumstances, that is why the findings of the private investigation are valuable. Having private investigation as a tool to clear up doubts is the best option, to reach a good conclusion, lifestyle, locations, and the entire routine are estimated when investigating or following a subject as well as an environment, Understanding all these details makes it easier to claim your rights.

The choice of these services has a lot to do with the quality of the benefits that persist as a connection with all that series of events that are affecting you, we are willing to seek the truth in each situation, facing problems from an expert analysis to help without false expectations in between. In Spain, access to our private detectives is simple, because from digital channels as well as through a simple call you can know everything we offer to analyze a case, if you want to know what happens about a problem, you must count on the ease that generates private investigation.

Consider going to the personal interview so that you receive a detailed action plan, this is a tactical instrument to go in search of ratified information, at the same time it is a means to estimate the cost of the operations that your case needs, there is no commitment any, you can request this information preventively and then decide. Your case will receive the guidance of specialists in the field who love what they do, that causes a personalized attention line to emerge for your case, that is why it is about professional actions that follow your needs to solve your problems through solid evidence that come from the consultation of our services. The best way to address a doubt or suspicion is through expert private detectives from different sectors, with the clear vision of representing more causes every day and promoting solid results, we have an expert intervention accredited by the license that allows us to cover you before uncertain circumstances.

Confidence in Grupo Arga’s services is based on the effectiveness at the moment of assuming a commitment, knowledge about this profession allows us to ratify what happens, much more with the use of resources and related techniques for this field, for this reason we have become the main choice to defend yourself from suspicion. We have a body of experts that saves resolution time, in addition, the different service areas validate the offer of a multifunctional response, which indicates that there is no abstention when confronting a problem, the number of resolved cases is a clear motivation to make this contract.

The response to the different cases undergoes constant improvement so that it is a favorable service for you, the offer of private investigation that remains in Grupo Arga is authentic, because we keep your needs within reach at all times to understand what ask for the case and cover it effectively. Having solid evidence completely changes the landscape, these elements of conviction facilitate decision-making due to the level of clarity in the face of difficulties, the case presented has transparency on each process with the greatest guarantee of issuing 100% proven results.

It is not necessary to assume what happens, the best ally to discover the truth are private detectives, especially because they offer you a key path before exposing the facts in court with the strength of the evidence obtained by exhausting all the phases of investigation. private investigation. To have legal answers, it is essential to trust Grupo Arga, because a lawyer with good evidence has more possibilities, the search for the truth must be exhausted with the fulfillment of certain protocols of the expertise, because it becomes a firm help before the negative incidences with the private detectives as faithful witnesses of the facts.



Do you want to hire an expert Private Detective? Then you must take a look at the services that are provided to you by Arga Group. Arga Group is the most reputed Private Detective agency in the country. You can handover any task to Private Detective Arga Group and you can make sure that you are receiving quality results at the end of the day.

Before you hire a Private Detective from Arga Group, you will get the need to understand what kind of a service that you will be able to get. Here are the steps that you will have to go through while you are obtaining the services offered by Private Detective Arga Group. Once you go through the steps, you can also see how transparent the service offered to you by Arga Group is. Based on that, you can keep the peace of mind until the service you are expecting to receive is delivered.





Initial consultation will be the very first step of obtaining the services that are made available to you by the Private Detective Arga Group. In here, you explain your requirement and you will be asked to come for a consultation session. During this consultation session, you should clearly tell what you wish to get done from the Private Detective agency at the end of the day.

During the initial consultation, Private Detective Arga Group will be able to get a clear picture on what kind of a service that you are planning to receive. Based on that, an expert Private Detective will be assigned to take care of the job as well. In addition to that, you will be asked with many different questions. You should provide clear and accurate answers to those questions. That’s because the answers you provide will eventually determine the nature of service that you will be able to receive at the end of the day.



After the initial consultation, Private Detective Arga Group will assign an investigator to carry forward the task. If the task is a complex one, you can expect more than one investigator to be assigned on the task. Then the investigator will take a look at the requirement in detail and provide you with a plan of action.

You will also be able to get an explanation about the plan of action. It will help you to understand how you will be provided with an appropriate service by the Private Detectives. It will clarify most of the questions and doubts that you had in your mind as well. Hence, you will be able to go ahead and make the decision to obtain the services without keeping any doubts in mind.



Once you are clear about the plan of action, you can make the decision to move forward or not. If you make the decision to move forward, the next thing that you have to do is to sign the contract with Private Detective Arga group. This will be one of the most prominent steps of obtaining the service. At the time of signing the contract, you should carefully go through it and make sure that you understand every single clause. On the other hand, you will also be able to see how Private Detective Arga Group is charging from you for the service that you offer as well.

If you are not clear about anything on the contract, you can simply ask. Then you can get an explanation. We want you to make sure that you are fully clear about the service that you get before signing the contract.



Once the contract is signed, our Private Detective assigned for your job will not waste any more time. Instead, you will be provided with the service that you are looking forward to get. The investigation will be started based on the information that you provided. Hence, you need to make sure that you are providing precise information to the Private Detective at all times.

You will also be able to get regular updates from Private Detective Arga Group. This will help you to notice the transparency of service that is made available to you. You can also maintain communications along with Private Detective in any preferred communication channel, such as email, chat or text message.

Based on the expertise, Private Detective can provide an assurance to you that your project will be completed within the shortest possible time. Hence, you can receive an enhanced experience form us. You will never be kept blank about the service that you getting. Instead, you can remain up to date about what the assigned Private Detective will be doing to help you with reaching your goal.



Detective Spain

Detective Spain



Grupo Arga Detectives are investigators who have the necessary experience to solve all kinds of cases. For example, if we go to Paris (the capital of love), we will see couples in love taking pleasant walks along the banks of the Seine, declaring their mutual love. But is this really a couple in love? Each case is different, sometimes it is a businessman who goes on a trip for “work” issues with his secretary. On other occasions, a husband who says that he is going to visit a relative and in reality goes with his mistress. All these lies can be discovered thanks to the Arga detective agency.

Our specialists will provide you with the answers you need to clarify all your doubts. In Spain, as in other countries, infidelity is the order of the day. We have all heard or even known firsthand the infidelity of someone we know. Since the beginning of time, the interference of a third person has been key to ending a relationship. We are not going to discover it now, this type of situation has been happening forever. Currently, if possible, with an increase due mainly to the use and abuse of new technologies.

At Arga Detectives we have specialists in the investigation of infidelities and lies between couples. We use high resolution equipment to get the best photos and videos. To give an example, for different work reasons you have left the city, but you think that his partner is seeing someone else who replaces you, but you refuse to believe that this subconscious thought is so real. You can put an end to this rumination and find a solution to your problem: you can request the services of   Private Detectives in Spain. These investigators can be your eyes and ears when you are away.

If you want to contact the  Detective agency in Spain  but that this is not an agency that gives you poor results, you can make sure first by searching for information, and then proceed to call our offices. Our experts in the area of ​​love will be able to resolve your doubts by providing answers and evidence to your suspicions.



Sixty percent of the time (60%) people resort to requesting the  Private Investigations service in Spain to be able to ensure that their relationship is not being affected by someone else. Our specialized investigators guarantee results with the utmost discretion, which, helped by the best technological material, will be able to answer all your questions. The evidence will be put on the table so that you can see first-hand and without any doubt what is happening with your partner.

At Arga Detectives we expressly have investigators who are dedicated exclusively to this type of case, contrary to what happens in other agencies where the same investigator works on all cases. In this way we guarantee that the investigator takes on the case in a specialized manner and knows the best way to resolve it quickly and efficiently. It is best to trust experts who can masterfully and efficiently conduct your case. Proposing the best solution for its resolution. The people who already know us place their trust in us, having the full assurance that they are hiring true private investigation professionals.

If we want to request the services of a  detective agency in Spain , can we get one that really assigns experienced detectives to solve cases of infidelity? The private investigator rises as a primary figure to bring order when a couple falls apart due to a high percentage of a third person. According to all the experts, second chances work in very few cases and where there was already a dalliance, you will probably see it again.

At  Detectives in Spain we are trained to provide our services to resolve these cases. Phrases like “I’m tired from work”, “I’m going to spend the afternoon with my friend” or “I have to travel for a few days for work” are already a bit out of date. At the first suspicion do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure that we will answer your suspicions.



When the service of a company in Spain that is in charge of solving cases of infidelity is required, many people think and look for  Grupo Arga detectives. Our private investigators have all the experience that is needed to solve your concerns, at the same time that they have and manage first class technology to show you the evidence found. The trust that you can place in us will be assured when you attend the delivery of the evidence you need to prove your partner’s infidelity.

“My partner is going on a trip with his co-workers for business reasons and I want to know if there is a  private investigation agency in Spain that has branches in other places and what would it cost me to hire their services” Is this your case? Our private detective agency   in Spain  has offices not only in various provinces but also in various countries around the world. We move wherever necessary until we find the evidence we seek regardless of the country where we have to search.

We only need the information you have to start operating strategies for your case. The cost of these services will depend on what you need and how long the investigation takes. All budgeted in advance and adjusted to what you ask us. Under a contract drawn up by our agency and accepted by both (agency and client) and with all the points clarified so that our client knows in advance what it will cost and how it will be carried out.

Our agency has the necessary qualities to satisfy those clients who are looking for responsible, reliable investigative professionals with years of experience in the field of monitoring, surveillance and detection of infidelities. If you want a group of experts who can solve your problem quickly, safely, efficiently and above all discreetly, without a doubt your best option is to hire   Grupo Arga detectives.

Do you fear that you are being cheated on by your partner? Don’t you have evidence to face the situation? From our experience we know well that some people feel self-conscious when looking for a private investigator because they are ashamed to tell their intimacies or personal problems . However, the client must understand that we are investigation professionals and that we are used to dealing with these situations. personal. In addition, we will assist you in an environment of empathy where, kindly and without prejudice or judgement, we will answer all the questions that you raise with your partner.



Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Among the services that detectives are responsible for providing, we can highlight the  taking of fingerprints for investigations, being strong evidence in any case. Therefore, if you are looking for these detectives, you can contact us. In the Ara detectives group we offer various services that range from  taking fingerprints  to counter-surveillance, all of these being services with good rates throughout the area. We are available 24 hours a day and every day.



Fingerprinting services  provided by detectives are widely used when accurate and specific information is desired that places a certain person in a certain place. This research process is very important for those who are looking for quick and accurate information, so it must be handled by professionals in the area who also have experience.

When fingerprints are taken from a surface, they require the help of certain digital elements for better obtaining, as well as the help of extra equipment such as gloves, in this way, damage to the evidence will be avoided. All of this is handled smoothly by the detectives, so if you need this service, don’t hesitate to locate a professional. It is important to note that these prints are delicate material to work with.



Fingerprinting services  can be easily hired, since you can find agencies throughout the area that are dedicated to putting the best detectives at your disposal for any type of investigation you need. For this reason, we highlight that for years in Grupo Arga detectives we have positioned ourselves as the best investigation agency. We have all kinds of services oriented to different areas such as infidelity, family, business and more.

We are your best option for an investigation, because our service, in addition to having the best rates in the area, can be contacted at any time; our detectives are available 24 hours a day. To obtain all the advantages, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide you with a timely response so that you can begin your investigation and solve any doubt or concern that a problem is giving you.



Lawyers  exercise an obligation to their clients where they must find the fundamental keys that support their cases in order to provide an effective and satisfactory solution for them. Given this; Police or legal cases where the support of evidence is required to help their processing, they can be attended by professional agents in various investigative fields. We are talking about  private detectives .

Private  detectives  can act in a wide variety of situations. Not only do  we provide private investigation services  to individuals and companies, but also,  Grupo Arga Detectives , we hire legal professionals. Today the help we can provide to law  firms  in any matter that they are carrying out is unquestionable.

The matters that we detectives investigate the most  on behalf of law firms are “infringements in the workplace, insurance, economic or property reports, ‘phoresis’ and marital conflicts”. Specifically, at  Grupo Arga Detectives , we collaborate intensely with various law firms, handling above all matters related to family conflicts (those related to child support and neglect), patent and trademark issues, and labor issues. We are the best detective agency  in Spain for Lawyers. You will find a complete and ideal service for the resolution of problems to obtain physical evidence that works in a particular case as a lawyer. The best service at the best price.



There are people who question the validity of  private detective reports . Given this, comment that our profession is legally recognized and regulated by Law 5/2014 of April 4, on Private Security. In the Expansión news, María Jesús Herrera, a partner at the Sagardoy law firm, says: “the validity of the detective evidence in court is that of a testimonial evidence and it is a completely effective means as long as it is well articulated and without violating fundamental rights, Therefore, it serves for evidentiary and supporting purposes in court.”

For many, the procedures that these experts carry out within the investigative field seem like fiction. Thinking about the possibility of obtaining evidence that corroborates sensitive cases in which those victims cannot receive real help, results in something unthinkable. But, this does not stop the palpable case. Private  detectives  have gained such a famous reputation due to breaking schemes and taboos regarding their work performance. Being in turn, recognized by various police and legal entities. This gives rise to the possibility of offering an ideal service for those people who want to find a quick and efficient solution.

This is made possible by the various and creative tactics that these specialists wield during each investigation. The mechanisms vary, as well as the implementation of the electronic equipment used during the investigative process. Its mission is to infiltrate the environment of the person under investigation, also carrying out follow-ups through other means for cases in which it does not refer to a physical entity, but rather a digital one. Cases that must be dealt with through digital and electronic means are part of the work  carried out by private detectives .

In the case of  detectives for lawyers , a solid union arises here where two fundamental functions are fulfilled in a judicial case: the person in charge of processing the case under his or her knowledge and pertinent licenses, and the person in charge of collecting physical evidence in various formats that support the lawyer. Therefore, the implementation of a  private investigation service  with the aim of promoting those cases that have been involved in obstacles or brakes, where the evidence presented does not point to a specific result. They have become a powerful alliance between  detectives and lawyers . Without a doubt, it represents a brilliant strategy.


Detective Spain

Detective Spain


The collection of data and information that comply as support for legal proceedings in a case is of utmost importance. Any palpable evidence that justifies a case where the relationship of the culprit with the facts or the innocence of the same within the act is established; that it has been collected by special entities such as detectives; they have an enormous weight within the procedures.

Ideally, get the best  private detective agency  in your area. In  Spain , we,  Grupo Arga , offer multiple services for the hiring of  detectives for lawyers in Spain . We have one of the best teams of  private detectives in Spain , each with a long professional career endorsed by police and legal entities. Hiring the services of a  detective agency  will not only be a great option. Counting on us will guarantee very profitable results in the search for justice and truth. Our mission is to be a support for the entire community.

The union between  lawyers and detectives is of vital importance and relevance. The Lawyer is in charge of implementing any information or evidence to process a case either for or against the accused. The detectives obtain data and evidence of the acts committed that will be delivered to the lawyers to proceed. Without a doubt, more than an idea, it is a brilliant strategy. The work of both for the same cause will mean a very considerable extra at the time of the investigation, interrogation and judicial process to be consigned.



Hiring our services would mean a great benefit to process your cases as  a lawyer . Some of them are:

  • The disposition of  highly qualified detectives  who will assist you 24 hours a day, always with optimism, empathy and total seriousness.
  • We have a  computer forensics team in  order to attack any situation of digital origin (web pages, blogs, social networks, etc.).
  • We have the best  electronic  and mobilization equipment to ensure a completely low-profile and safe investigation procedure, always maintaining a natural environment.
  • We have the best  search team for locating people , whether they are missing due to suspicious natures that point to a guilty third party, or whether they are people wanted by law for presentation in court or other offices.
  • We have for you the best  quality-price comparison  when purchasing our services. We will always be guided by solidarity.


Espionage is one of the  most complex and dangerous actions when it comes to collecting information from others. For both individuals and companies,  espionage  is an attack against their privacy. Where your personal information, as a particular, or dealing with data within a company; they are in danger before the agents that cause this situation.

The reasons why these individuals act maliciously abound. In the case of individuals, we touch on issues such as harassment. Intentions to extract information about what you do on a daily basis at home, work, car, etc. Also, actions by competing companies that seek to take advantage through espionage within their company are covered.

Either of these cases, for the most part, are almost impossible to detect on your own. Suspicion is the only thing that can motivate us to analyze the situation, reaching the conclusion that we are possibly being watched. Know what plugins coexist in our surroundings; equipment implemented with the purpose of spying on us, it is very complicated. Therefore, there is a very effective alternative to attack these cases. These are the  electronic sweeps .

Deep investigation procedures, based on the use of electronic equipment, capable of capturing any espionage device in its environment. Whether in your home, car, work, clothes; With this method, you will get to know the truth. But, this requires a group of experts who have the necessary mechanisms to carry it out. We at  Grupo Arga Detectives are the best in carrying out  electronic sweeps in Spain . Offering a complete and quality service for your safety or that of your company.



The  Electronic Sweep is the most important security countermeasure. It consists of the systematic search for active espionage devices, intrusive information gathering systems, wiretapping systems and telephone punctures. The  Electronic Sweeps that are carried out are based on procedures that follow a scientific methodology and must be developed by qualified personnel and with technical equipment adapted for such purposes. At the end of the ” Sweeping ” a detailed technical report must be delivered with the procedure carried out, as well as comments, conclusions and recommendations.


The  Electronic Sweep is applied as a preventive measure in meeting rooms and offices in which important and confidential meetings and interviews are going to be held, in environments where people carry out activities who, due to work or personal conditions, are susceptible to robbery procedures. of information. As a secondary measure in the event of suspicion or indication of information leakage, the recommendation to expand the environments to be analyzed is applied in these cases, whether they are secretarial rooms, vehicles, telephone exchanges, mobile phones and homes.

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Based on the constant study of espionage devices, our own investigations and our experience, we have developed an Electronic Sweeping procedure that guarantees the security of the environments that are analyzed.

sweep procedure

  1. Radiofrequency spectrum analysis : Search for wide and narrow band audio and video signals (emitters and receivers of listening equipment and video cameras). Search for mobile telephony emissions.
  2. Telephone line analysis : Checking voltage drop and oscillations. Search for interventions by electronic detection of components on the line (own research). Analysis of switchboards with specific software.
  3. Analysis of the electrical network : Verification of use as an information transmission line. Detection of infiltrated emissions.
  4. Specialized physical inspection : Systematic review of the environment carried out by specialized personnel with professional equipment in the search and physical detection of hidden espionage equipment.

Through this procedure, transmissions of audio, video, cameras, hidden microphones, cables and power supplies, vulnerability in computer and network security, intrusive systems in telephone switchboards and registration systems in the telephone wire must be detected.


General recommendations

(Factors to take into account when arranging said sweeping or electronic control services).

  • Call a company with experience in electronic control and cleaning.
  • Contact the client outside the suspected controlled environment.
  • Do not contact either by fax or by email from the company or address.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality, advising the client that the least possible number of people know about it, even if we are told that they are of the utmost trust.
  • Always carry out the cleaning at times when there is no one and when we are least controlled.
  • If the service is carried out with people, we will try to make them think that we are a technical, maintenance or repair service.
  • If the environment to be controlled is done periodically, we will take into account shielding some areas and technical equipment that, for security reasons, no one should ever know how they have been done.



Grupo Arga , was born from the need to bring you, as a client, direct support for the attention of your case. Counting on a long professional career, in which we have been recognized both nationally and internationally. We have at your disposal a whole team of expert detectives in the application of  electronic sweeps in Spain . Themselves, who will attend you with great cordiality; providing an aura of full confidence; paramount to ensure a quality service.

Counting in turn, with the best technological equipment, for the collection of evidence during the investigation. Offering various formats such as photography, video, audio and more. We operate totally low profile, causing an aura of total naturalness where our presence is not detected by possible  espionage teams.  around them.

This type of procedure is completely legal. The services we offer are fully endorsed by both police and legal entities. All documentation captured is broadly valid, without being subject to lawsuits. At  Grupo Arga , we understand your anguish and concern. You will have the full support of our team throughout the procedure. Giving you a complete guide, where we will explain the mechanisms and strategies to be carried out. We do not seek profit from your situation. For this reason, we offer you the best rates on the market; always adjusting to the type of research to be carried out, hours of work and the implementation of the equipment.


Detective Spain

Detective Spain


In Spain , more than 75% of cases due to  sick leave are misleading. Within a company, 36% of such dismissals usually occur due to the employee’s need to generate extra money by taking this option and choosing to join a new company. Within companies , there are various situations in which the information handled is usually accompanied by many irregularities, which at first glance go unnoticed, thus causing considerable damage to assets. Such is the case of  fraudulent sick leave .This is possible, unfortunately, due to the lack of investigation about the documentation presented to request the cancellation. Sometimes, this information is “balancing” by a medical specialist, who becomes an accomplice of the crime, at the time of granting these misleading documents.

These actions represent an attack against the assets of your  company  and its reputation. Addressing these cases requires a thorough investigative process. This is where  private detectives come in . Agents, who carry out their work based on various investigative fields. One of them,  business research . Choosing to acquire a  detective service , experts in  fraudulent sick leave  in  Spain , can take time. Choosing the ideal agency is not an easy task. But don’t worry about this. We,  Grupo Arga Detectives , are the agency you need.


Fraudulent cancellations are  very common situations that occur within companies. 75% of the cases for casualties are usually misleading. This occurs for various reasons that those who decide to incur in the falsification of information in their health chart have. Addressing these cases is hard work that requires a thorough investigation. Private  detectives take  action in these situations. The cases usually appear and go unnoticed because they provide information that is difficult to deny.

On many occasions, they are presented with the objective of the employee being able to have a double working life, generating losses for the company that agreed to leave causing the collapse of the same. The companies that hire this staff are also affected due to the false documentation they provide to opt for a job. At  Grupo Arga , you will have the best  detectives  to investigate  fraudulent sick leave . Obtaining relevant information almost immediately thanks to all our staff and electronic equipment. If you want to hire the best  expert detectives in sick leave  and, in turn, know the benefits that this decision will bring to your company, continue reading.



Fraudulent sick leave is the  falsification of information in relation to the employee’s health chart, favoring the requirement of the same for a sick leave. This is a reality that happens all the time within companies. In Spain, more than 36% of companies file cases for  fraudulent sick leaves , putting the economy and structure of the companies in question at risk.

The reasons why a person incurs in the falsification on documentation that explains a non-existent condition abound. Many cases explain that in times of crisis, a person can act maliciously to obtain  fraudulent sick leave . With it, she will be able to continue receiving a salary within the company while, on the other hand, she works in another. She sees them exercising that double working life. In their reports they claim to present conditions due to mobility problems. To then demonstrate the truth; being able to carry heavy objects, walk around the city quietly or taking their pets to the park.



Both for the person who committed the fraud and the company itself, they suffer consequences as a result of this type of situation. The employee in question is committing a crime. Submitting false information to request  sick leave is considered fraud. These types of crimes can carry up to 2 years in prison. Not to mention that this will be recorded. These types of acts incur abuse. If people understand that within a company, there is the possibility of staying low and continuing to receive income due to the contribution of falsified information; this would lead to bankruptcy and the imminent destruction of a company.

If you do not have a team of professionals to attend to these situations, they will be more common than you think. For us, Grupo Arga , we understand the consequences of these acts and for this reason we offer our services for the detection and collection of data in order to ensure you, as a client, peace of mind within your company. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a series of strict guidelines where the collection of information or evidence is constant. Letting these cases pass only attributes to the physical breakdown of a company in all its aspects.



Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Grupo Arga , was born from the need for justice in the law. The lack of information, data or relevant evidence to deal with a case is difficult to achieve. For our work team, obtaining evidence is what characterizes us as an investigation agency. We have more than 9,000 cases investigated and closed, having an excellent reputation thanks to our  fraudulent casualty detectives . We understand you as the owner of your company, who can be seen under the case of having the suspicion that employees present  fraudulent dismissals . It is a complex issue that requires in-depth study and research on the employee in question.

The investigation starts from the employee’s records within the company and previous ones in which he has worked. If there are records of acts that include the falsification of data during your work within the company or that this has occurred in a previous company. They will be able to prosecute the case before the judicial channels. We stand out for always operating low profile. Ensuring a totally natural environment in which the collection of evidence can be totally clear. Also with

Our goal is to bring you a quality service that has all the necessary aspects for a professional investigation process, according to customer expectations. Thanks to our highly qualified detectives, we ensure that you obtain relevant information that will help your case before legal entities. We have a computer forensic network to ensure that there is no possible loss of information within the company’s computers, or their adulteration.

Thanks to the excellence of our services,  private detectives  have obtained a great demand in this type of case thanks to the ease of having experts in the field of investigation. We at  Grupo Arga will be happy to assist you kindly throughout the process. The important thing is to find the evidence that ensures the existence or absence of a possible falsification that alleges a fraudulent sick leave. The investigation will provide palpable evidence in various formats to avoid any rejection in them (photography, videos, audios, etc.).

Hiring our services, more than an idea, is a brilliant strategy in which you will find very satisfactory results. Detecting these cases will help restore normality within your company and provide the opportunity for the emergence of new dedicated and sincere employees. At  Grupo Arga , more than a detective agency, we are a family. You will be attended with total professionalism and seriousness that characterizes us so much.



The irregularities within the  companies , specifically, in the flow of information or documentation, can be moderately noticed in the face of the inconsistencies that individuals express during an elapsed period of time. The data that is delivered to the  company , where the employee demonstrates with “evidence” that he suffers from a situation that makes him unable to continue working, may be false.

Suspicions should always prevail. The intention is to keep as much information as possible at bay; itself, which must be up to date under constant analysis by experts within the  company . A very arduous task that sometimes does not give 100% results; generating considerable losses due to lack of attention. For these cases, it is necessary to have professionals in the area and that they have state-of-the-art technological equipment. We are talking about  private detectives . Highly qualified experts, capable of analyzing and collecting any relevant data that confirms or rules out the existence of a  fraudulent sick leave .

These will take action on the matter. Analyzing all kinds of documents of those employees who have requested  sick leave . An exhaustive search is made, in order to verify if the information is legitimate and has not been adulterated. The individual is continuously monitored. Thus, it will be possible to verify if he is capable of carrying out actions, contradictory to those reflected in his health chart delivered to the  company .

These situations will be captured in various formats; same, which will serve for you as an entrepreneur, the possibility of generating any legal action against you. Reminding you that all evidence compiled by these experts is fully endorsed by legal entities. Without a doubt, a brilliant strategy that ensures the protection of your  company  in various ways. That is what we seek for you at  Grupo Arga Detectives .



We,  Grupo Arga Detectives , are the agency you need. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of investigation and private and more than 9,000 cases handled satisfactorily. You will have a complete service, in which we ensure the protection of your  company ‘s data . We work hard to analyze and collect any information regarding  fraudulent sick leave in Spain . Having excellent comments from previous clients, who have been pleased with our services.

We have  the best detectives , experts in business issues of this nature. Where we exercise various highly effective strategies, in which we will be able to reconcile for you, the security of the documentation that travels daily within your assets. Having the support of our  computer experts . Professionals in charge of digital areas. Thus, we cover both physical and electronic areas. Very fundamental part in which the information usually falls into illegal interventions, in order to generate misleading data.

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Our procedures and mechanisms are well analyzed according to the situation. Thus, generating a strategic research plan both in documents and in the day-to-day of those employees who have requested  sick leave , under suspicious situations. We offer the best rates on the market, where the quality-price comparison comes to the fore. Our priority is to help you with these types of problems, which are very common within  companies . Same situations, which must be dealt with quickly in order to generate full security in you. In  Grupo Arga DetectivesWe want to make you feel heard and cared for. We will work with you directly, giving your case top priority. Offering you an optimal and quality service, where you will no longer have to worry about this type of inconvenience within your assets.



You will have an optimal and quality service. Attacking your case directly, giving total priority to the security of your  company .

  • You will get a complete advice, where you will be informed about the plans, movements and strategies to carry out the investigation. As well as, you will have all the guidance to generate security barriers in order to keep safe the true information that passes daily within your assets.
  • It will have the best  company detectives , experts in  fraudulent sick leave . Highly qualified professionals with a long career path.
  • You will have the support of our computer  expert team . Experts in the digital field, who will attend to your case through digital and technological means.
  • You will be attended with the greatest cordiality and empathy that characterizes us so much. Supporting you throughout the investigation process.
  • Thanks to our electronic equipment. You will obtain any palpable evidence that confirms the existence of a  fraudulent sick leave , in various formats such as photography, video, audio and more.
  • You will have the best rates in the market, where the quality-price comparison will make the difference between other agencies. At  Grupo Arga Detectives , we always ensure your safety and that of your assets.



Computer forensic experts in computer engineering and/or telematics in Spain are the only way to verify the computer evidence that you want to use in court proceedings. The IT experts at Grupo Arga Detectives are clearly responsible for executing reports from IT experts. Among our computer experts, we provide all our technical and legal knowledge, which will be transferred to clients and lawyers. Once the computer experts are finished, they will be approved in court and will obtain all the necessary guarantees to maximize their existence.


Forensic computer detectives in Spain are ideal candidates to track down and collect lost data and investigate different spy devices that may be installed in certain basic components of mobile devices or other devices. If you have any kind of problem with your computer, we recommend that you first perform the following steps:


These are the points that you must remember when reflecting that your mobile device has been intervened. When you track down a computer detective, we provide you with certainty and guidance.


In this way, forensic private investigators have created an appropriate environment to conduct proper investigations without worrying about being discovered.



Detective Spain

Detective Spain

Failure to follow the steps listed above can have many consequences. The person who intervenes with the device and its camera is a person who knows what he is doing, if he realizes what he wants to do due to a mistake, he can act accordingly and even make the phone worse. Find and delete all data until the device is unusable. For this reason, the situation must be kept under full supervision, and there are no signs of dialogue or knowledge about mobile participation. As Grupo Arga’s research team, we make it clear that we are fully capable of resolving any inconvenience.

In addition, we may cooperate in the reports you want against cybercriminals. In this way, we provide you with the security and consideration you need when you approach us. There are many reasons why you may have lost the keys to all of your accounts and are unable to access them. But the most destructive is that it has been hacked. This type of problem is more common than you think, and many people in the world will ask for it, even for people in computer science. The reality is that only a qualified computer detective can guide you in making such requests for many reasons that you will see in this article.



Computer detectives have received training in such computer operations and are specialized in such computer operations, that is, they have undergone the required years of apprenticeship among trained teachers to locate personnel, perform supervised operations, track and maximize website security. Understanding who hacked into your computer. Nowadays, people have accounts in many communities, subscribe to Internet pages and basically live virtual lives. It is very dangerous for them to enter your account somewhere, because it puts your safety, friends or family at risk, in case it is private. matters are exposed.

Among other things, on Facebook there is an alternative way to know where you are visiting and the devices you are visiting, as well as many other personal things that trackers or people who want to make us uncomfortable can “benefit”. Also, you may find hidden content that we don’t want to expose. These can be private images, videos or some important data. Celebrities or public figures are the most frequent targets of these attacks, but apart from that, you can become the target of a clown who wants to be too smart and bring you trouble.

The good news is that we have detectives who know how to solve problems. Although this is subjectively the most recent issue, they started this website attack about ten years ago. There are several IT private investigators around the world, but only certified people can provide you with clear evidence of their abuse.



Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency known for its success in many businesses. In addition, we stand out in terms of computer operations because we have a well-prepared and trained staff to solve any type of computer problem that may arise. In our hands we can guide you to solve computer scans, discover microphones, hidden cameras and many other tasks to steal any type of information, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Line, WhatsApp, etc. We hope that this article will serve as a tool and inspire you to learn more about Grupo Arga Detectives. We are a professional private detective agency that is dedicated to computer operations like us. You will not regret.



For this, the sender, the recipient, the subject, the content, its identification, its traceability, metadata, etc. will be analysed, among others.


     In this type of computer expert report, the WhatsApps will be verified so that they can be authenticated to verify that they have not been manipulated by any third party.


Detective Spain

Detective Spain

    In this type of IT expert report, our IT expert is typically asked to:




    In this type of IT expert report, our IT expert is typically asked to:


In addition, sometimes they usually request temporary computer experts because of our computer experts, telecommunications experts, etc. They find a solution and show it in a report by computer experts.


Given your suspicion that a behavior is taking place in your life that is causing you an impairment, the most sensible thing is to go to qualified private investigators to assess your problem and propose solutions.
Grupo Arga detectives carries on its back the positive conduct of hundreds of successful private investigations. We have done all kinds of private investigations in all sectors.

The prestige of a private detective office is extremely important and Grupo Arga Detectives has it by far, it has been created over the years by hundreds of satisfied clients after hiring private investigation services in our detective agency in Spain. Grupo Arga Detectives carries out its private investigation tasks throughout Spain with complete success and even in other countries of the European Union and the rest of the world. We have a long experience in all the cities of Spain, from Spain to its coastal areas spread throughout the national territory.

With an official 2464 license, we are approved by the Ministry of the Interior to investigate in Spain, keeping ourselves within the legal framework in all our research. We are members of the main associations and colleges of detectives in Spain, which frames us within a very professional code of ethics and grants us a condition of rectitude and legality at all times.



If we go to the facts, the expectation of getting a cheap detective in Spain is quite high if you know how to investigate, interpret and obtain it can generally be quite obvious, but this is not lost on what we have mentioned above, what corresponds to what can do and do the private detective at the time of the investigation? Several times, we ask ourselves more or less questions or others, and the clarification between the clouds, we need to know that the structure that occurs in private investigation is widely published by descriptions and, in turn, the restrictions that take a private investigation.

Therefore, the exercise of a private detective manifests itself so that a series of legal regulations are stipulated in which a very difficult restriction is maintained and this can be expensive to do. Obviously, this must be measured in a structure of actions that, supervised on the legal surface, deeply delves into the insertion of the practices of each private agent to conceive with sufficient discipline their profession and their effective perspective in relation to the resolution of or more cases. open contact with the client.

Which leads us to the conclusion, in part to the formula, that information management leaves an index that configures the relationship between quality and cost and, therefore, is somewhat disturbing when establishing consequences in the phenomenon. to investigate and therefore stop each of the most productive aspects of cost problems. Therefore, looking for good cheap detectives in Spain is not a matter of luck.





Are you looking for private investigators in Spain? Then you will come across numerous service providers. However, all these service providers cannot guarantee positive results to you.  This is where you need to make sure that you have found the best private investigator and you are working along with him to get your requirements catered. Our team at Arga Detectives Group thought of sharing some useful and effective information related to the process that you have to go through while you are trying to locate the best private investigators.

In fact, you need to ask these questions from the private investigator that you hire. Responses that you get to these questions will provide a great assistance with understanding whether you are dealing with an expert private detective or not. The very first question that you need to ask from private detectives in Spain is whether they are licensed or not. A license is required to offer private detective services in Spain. Obtaining this license is never an easy thing to do as well.  A person has to go through a series of challenges to obtain the license. Hence, being equipped with a license ensures that you are in a position to receive a quality service from the private detective at all times.

This is why you should initially inquire about the license. If the private detective has a license, you can keep the peace of mind and move forward with obtaining the services offered.


Private detectives specialize in many different areas. Due to the same reason, you are encouraged to ask about the background of private detective that you are planning to hire as well. For example, if you are dealing with an infidelity case, you need to get the help of a private detective who is capable of offering assistance to such infidelity cases.  The private detective should have a proven track of offering such services to the clients. Likewise, you need to inquire about the background of the private detective and make sure that he has related experience in providing the support that you need with your case.

If you are planning to handover the task to a private detective agency, you need to check and see who will be handling the case.  That’s because you need to make sure that the private detective who is assigned with the task is capable of delivering a quality service to you. Your chances of securing success will vary based on the skills and expertise of the detective who is assigned for the case. Hence, you are encouraged to double check the qualifications of the private detective assigned to the case and verify that he is capable of delivering a quality service to you at the end of the day.


You must also ask the private detective agency to share the portfolio as well. Then you can figure out the work that the private detective agency has completed in the past. You can deep dive into the facts and see how the private detective agency have dealt with numerous situations.  Then you can understand how the private detective agency can apply the same methodologies and deliver positive results to you.

You can make a decision whether to go ahead with the private detective agency or not by taking a look at the portfolio. Therefore, you should never ignore asking this question from the agency that you are planning to hire. Some of the private detective agencies tend to follow illegal methods to get hold of information they want. You shoul be mindful about this as well. It is better if you can inquire and double check if your agency is following any illegal methods to collect information. You should never support the agencies who stick to illegal methods. If you handover your task to such an agency, you might also have to deal with negative effects in future.

You need to ensure your safety and protection while working with a private detective agency at all times. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you are establishing contact with a private detective agency who sticks to legal methods to obtain your information. Then you can receive the best results at the end of the day, without having to deal with any legal issues. Keep these facts in mind and go ahead with obtaining the services delivered by Arga Detectives Group. You can ask these questions from us and we will provide you with clear information. Hence, you will find it as an easy task to obtain our services.



Looking for a private detective agency in Spain? Grupo Arga Detectives puts at your disposal a great multidisciplinary team made up of all kinds of professionals such as:

  • Security Directors.
  • Private detectives.
  • Criminologists.
  • Lawyers

And a whole range of experts, such as graphologists, experts in documentscopy, computer forensics, experts in economic investigations, etc. Our private detective agency Spain , has been based in the center of the city of Spain for more than a decade, continuing to establish itself more and better in the world of private security ; making us see more and more in all kinds of trials and providing all kinds of evidence for private conduct and / or private crimes.

We offer top quality services to:

  •               Business.
  •               Individuals.
  •               Mutual and insurance companies
  •               And non-uniform control on all types of public surfaces at events such as fairs, exhibitions, auctions, hotels, etc.


We have 2 offices in the capital of Spain in the center, we are proud to have more and more clients every year who, after visiting our office, return happy and without a doubt hire us again. The use of the most avant-garde technology characterizes us and distinguishes us as great professionals. If you have any problem, either in Spain or in any other city, contact us and we will solve your problem.


A private investigation service in Spain is something very important, it is not to be taken lightly. For this reason, our private detective agency in Spain will put at your disposal all the necessary means to make your investigation a success. Do not think that going to our detective agency in Spain is wasting money, we have budgets adjusted to all budgets.

Private investigation is a tremendously old professional service that has passed in a certain way as in silence throughout the years due to the interests that private detectives handle due to their great sensitivity. Private investigation is increasingly becoming a service more demanded by society for its social interest in discovering the truth. The work of our private detective agency in Spain has been amply demonstrated over the years in the interventions carried out in all kinds of legal disputes proving facts and changing the course of the history of thousands of clients.

A private investigation service in Spain is something very important, it is not to be taken lightly. For this reason, our private detective agency in Spain will put at your disposal all the necessary means to make your investigation a success. Do not think that going to our detective agency in Spain is wasting money, we have budgets adjusted to all budgets.

Private investigation is a tremendously old professional service that has passed in a certain way as in silence throughout the years due to the interests that private detectives handle due to their great sensitivity. Private investigation is increasingly becoming a service more demanded by society for its social interest in discovering the truth. The work of our private detective agency in Spain has been amply demonstrated over the years in the interventions carried out in all kinds of legal disputes proving facts and changing the course of the history of thousands of clients.



Grupo Arga Detectives is a firm specialized in private investigation that covers all areas of investigation. We carry out all kinds of private investigations according to the legal system. Infidelity of couples, divorces and separations, Search and location of people, electronic sweeps, labor investigations, computer investigations, placement of hidden cameras, personal and economic reports, collation of fingerprints, etc.

Our mission at all times is to discover the truth, to look after the interests of our clients and to obtain information on the matters entrusted to us, translating it into a report that may or may not later be ratified in Trial. Our information provided by our office is very important, since it will reflect reality as it happens abroad. Our intervention in a case can mean an important change in the way that our client faced up to now. With our intervention you can know and the truth and therefore you can make the right decisions about it.

One of the basic characteristics of our private detective agency in Spain is the experience in all areas of private investigation. As a necessary element, the concept of confidentiality arises. The detective must act with the utmost professional secrecy and go unnoticed in all kinds of contexts. At Grupo Arga Detectives, the client will be well advised from the beginning and communication with him will be a key element between client-office relationships.





Each investigation deserves detectives who are available 24 hours a day, in fact they are in charge of covering long shifts for a much more effective follow-up, that is why Grupo Arga Detectives is determined to provide a complete option, because we have service areas that comply with with any need. Hardly request our services we put at your entire disposal professionals who commit to your cause from start to finish, especially because through our services there is an important solution that will change the course of your life, even within the business sector they have become totally defendants.

When the attempts are over, the burden of getting answers arises, it is best to leave everything in the hands of our experts, since when you go to our detective agency the alternatives are diverse and direct towards obtaining a timely benefit for your particular situation , we try that each client gets a pleasant experience. We put at your disposal ways that lead to obtaining efficient results, so that customers feel motivated to go again, so from the first moment we connect with their problems to identify them in a service area to be covered by a specialist of that field.

Based on practice, we improve our offer, especially because we have the precise observation to identify the actions to be carried out, setting an accessible budget for your needs, we distinguish ourselves by the commitment to bring the best service to your request, so that in the end have an evidentiary report.





The virtues of a  private detective Spain Official license are reinforced with each resolved case, because each user’s problem becomes a goal or an objective for the private investigator who attends to it, since by empathizing with your case, we understand your position and We work as efficiently as possible to provide you with evidence. An evidence today not only helps you to close a case, but also to know the truth, this helps you reduce the impact of problems, since it is tedious to have to live with a doubt in your mind, the simplest thing is deal with hiring a true private detective who guarantees answers.

 These become a solution against lies, because it blurs any intention to deceive you, for this reason the role that private investigation has within society is important, because it becomes your best ally by having a report of immense probative value . To operate freely we have a license and an important dedication, having the power to intervene in personal, business and labor causes without any abstention. The best  private investigation servicesare available to our clients, with the aim of promoting an expert sense towards the structuring of a model that may be able to respond efficiently to the requirements of our clients with the aim of promoting various research schemes that provide the best result. in the shortest possible time.

The generation of an investigation that is capable of quickly responding to the concerns of all our clients is possible through the realization of a solid investigation model. The realization of a high-level private investigation depends on the generation of various elements that are capable of

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

guaranteed throughout the development of a case by means of expert professionals, for this, at Grupo Arga detectives we have the indicated answers since, without a doubt, we have been a resource that is capable of providing the best answers at all times.

Our Group of detectives, without a doubt, takes advantage of each case as a key opportunity in the deployment of its strategies and skills, as well as the best resources that can be guaranteed to get to the root of the facts, this with the aim of guaranteeing the greater satisfaction of our clients at the end of the supply of evidence for each case. The generation of positive aspects in the development of an investigation is done through the generation of a construct of elements that are possible towards the identification of which are the most critical and highest priority elements to resolve in the transit of an investigation, this with the aim of taking advantage of the elements identified in an investigation and making good use of detective praxis by reaching transcendental milestones.

The generation of important aspects towards the construction of an investigation also depends on the criteria of innovation and updating of our managers, this has meant trying to be better on a day-to-day basis, with the aim of promoting a sense of immediate response in Grupo Arga we do not get tired of innovating. Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that thinks first of all about the welfare of its clients, with the aim of promoting a highly modern scheme of investigation, being the best in the deployment of its tools and resources.




A private detective is that resource that is able to provide the best answers to its clients in a jointly established period of time, since the client itself is the one that allows establishing a work scheme where they can draw dates and milestones to be achieved within the development of an investigation, so it can ultimately be a great opportunity for them to have a resource with extensive experience towards the generation of various aspects that are positive in determining facts and responsibilities.

The construction of a case occurs in the hands of an expert, since he or she is the one who is sufficiently capable of responding with great certainty to all the elements that, even once the investigation begins, have a high propensity to be scattered. That is why the investigator, above all, is a resource that will seek to resolve, with a criterion of high experience and precision, everything related to the structuring of an investigative criterion that allows him to obtain facts and hypotheses of a given case at a given time.

This with the purpose of solving immediately, everything necessary to the requirements that are drawn up jointly with the client, that is why in a definitive way all the challenges that the detective faces in the development of his work can trigger a great collection. of evidence and hypotheses that can lead to the generation of the definitive conclusions of a research case.

From Grupo Arga, we invite people to do the following mental exercise, suppose we are interested in undertaking an investigation on our own, well, it faces various challenges and many questions, the correct question in this regard would be, ¿ where do you start? This being an element of the utmost importance, since in practice we do not have the necessary experience to mature one of these cases in accordance with what is established in the techniques and strategies that are deployed in international expertise and in investigation techniques. private.

First of all, the above, it is necessary to reflect with a question, can someone do an investigation on their own? To this end, from Grupo Arga detectives we will make the following analogy: Suppose you are in an airplane and from one moment to another the pilots suffer an event of poisoning due to a food they ate previously, do you think you can fly on your own and under the guidance of from a manual the aircraft? No! Responding to the analogy would be technically impossible, even if you had training and hours of experience, so it is important to note that these are challenges that someone with knowledge of the complexity they are facing can take on.

For someone to pretend to be a private investigator, it is as if he were trying to enter an airplane cabin without knowing its instruments, as well as without establishing the complexity that this implies, someone who tries to establish an investigation dynamic on his own, ignores elements such as the complexity of each case, as well as aspects of the detective work that comes to generate the realization and progress of obtainable milestones towards the investigation.

An investigation that may be within reach and that in parallel can establish the best response to customer concerns is only possible in the hands of experts, in this sense it is necessary to emphasize that undertaking this work alone, in addition to not promising the Obtaining consistent results subjects the person to an intermediate probability of risk, having to resort to these in matters of  private investigation.




There  are plenty of detective agencies  in Spain, but we can guarantee that none of them provide the same specialized service as Grupo Arga detectives, where we quickly attend to any need our client may have. Unlike the different  detective agencies  throughout the country, we are an agency that provides a safe, quality and accessible service for all budgets, being the number 1 option of many throughout the national territory. Detective agencies in Spain have existed   for a long time, specifically since 1907 when the first of these agencies was founded and which received a lot of demand from clients regarding infidelities and locations.

Private Detectives in Spain

Private Detectives in Spain


 Over the years and the demand that this area had, it was officially recognized, so that today it is possible to train for this career at university to practice. In this way, anyone who today wants to study to exercise this profession can do so, counting on matters related to law and the legal field of the country, since they are professionals who are protected by law.

In this way, today we can count on a variety of agencies that provide detective services, where we highlight the Arga group, which, as we mentioned, is one of the agencies with the highest demand in the country. Our agency is in charge of all kinds of investigations, mainly investigations of infidelities and location of people, in order to carry out quality work for the peace of mind of our clients.

As  a detective agency regarding investigations related to infidelities, we guarantee our clients the greatest possible discretion while said investigation is carried out. Our detectives are trained to track whoever our clients want, providing information about their movements, the time they are made, and all kinds of information regarding the person. Similarly, one of our most requested services are location services, where the procedure we follow is the same, with all possible discretion to collect the information required by our clients.

This information will be delivered in photos and videos with the highest possible quality so that customers can obtain the information they want and determine if it is a confirmation of their suspicions or not. All this information is collected through the best and most modern private investigation techniques where we also have the necessary technology to inquire about what our client needs. Having our investigation services is extremely simple, since you only have to access our website where you will find all the necessary information to get in touch.

 It will only take one call to have our best researchers at your disposal to obtain the information you need and say goodbye to the doubts that attack you every minute. We are a reliable and efficient service that obtains the desired results in a short time, because as we mentioned, we have the best detectives in the country, so we are the first option for all people in all of Spain. Similarly, we must emphasize that we are a detective agency  with the most affordable prices in the entire area, compared to the rest of the agencies throughout the country, being ideal and the cheapest.

Once you contact us, you will have a professional detective at your disposal who, depending on what you need, can provide you with a quote and an explanation of how we work as  a detective agency . To give you even more security to opt for our services, do not hesitate to consult the experiences and opinions of our past clients, guaranteeing the aforementioned about the services provided by our agency. Being one of the most demanded  detective agencies , we have the testimony of multiple clients that confirm the veracity and speed of the service we provide as one of the best  detective agencies .

On the other hand, Roxana affirms that of all the agencies with which she contacted, we provided them with the fastest. She reports that she contacted various companies in the country, but only received a response from our agency. Among these testimonies we can highlight the following: in the case of Luis Pérez, he states that our services are immediate and the information collected was provided quickly. He literally states: “I received the information he expected in the shortest time possible, thus proving that my doubts were true. In any case, they are a serious agency and quite accessible in terms of money. I would use his services again.”

She also recounted: “I thought it would be difficult to get to the truth of what was happening, but the Arga group detective carried out the investigation in such a way that in a few days he had discovered the truth about my husband and his infidelity.” Finally, we highlight Álvaro’s comment, who initially had a suspicion of infidelity on the part of his wife, but had very little confidence in hiring a detective to avoid having a bad experience with him.

Álvaro indicates: “Although at first I had my doubts about what was correct, I decided to enlist the help of a detective from the Arga group, since I had heard that they were good. My surprise was that the investigation was quick.” Álvaro concludes by pointing out the following: “Thanks to what the detectives collected, I was able to confirm all my suspicions regarding what was happening, so I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to discover the truth.” These opinions are what positions us as one of the main  detective agencies in all of Spain where clients can be sure that they will be given accurate and fast information about what they want to know.Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist you and we will make available to you what you want to know. We are a  detective agency with years of producing quality work


We will provide you with a detective with a lot of experience in the private investigation sector, specialized in the area you wish to investigate and with  the full guarantee that Grupo Arga Detectives provides it;  all the detectives that make up our detectives We have detectives distributed in all the cities of Spain that offer us maximum coverage in any point of the Spanish territory.

Although our main offices are in Madrid and Barcelona,  ​​we are progressively expanding more and more by opening new offices in the different cities that encompass the national territory. so that we can offer our services with the maximum guarantees of success. template have been working as part of our professional team for countless years and with a percentage of practically 100% in their investigations. If you need a private detective in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our detective agency. Thanks to the fact that we are members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, being member number 782, it allows us to have contact with other colleagues in the national territory. We have been carrying out research throughout the entire national territory for many years with magnificent results.

If you have a problem that you want to solve anywhere in Spain, come to any of our offices in Madrid or Barcelona and we will gladly assist you. If what you are looking for is a cheap and qualified professional, contact our detectives in Madrid.  We are a professional agency with optimal results for the client.  We work throughout Spain, our Madrid private detectives move throughout the Spanish territory. Do not hesitate and ask us about your case.




Detective in Spain


A researcher in Spain, above all, must know that the best guarantee for the optimal development of an operation is found in the strengthening of its training process, which entails the need to analyze the important role played by the training and training role. of detective facing the development of an investigation.

The resolution of each case depends on the innovation and creativity that each detective puts to use in the field, which is why a resource trained in investigative work must be aware of learning in great detail all the techniques related to data extraction. information management, the use of technological devices and tools, among others.

The fact that a detective in Spain  must keep his physical condition in tune requires that he not only be in the shape of having physical stamina, but also learn a little about personal development techniques, as well as some dissuasive techniques that will help him. to get out of trouble in different situations where your safety may be in danger, in this sense, at Grupo Arga detectives we are once again repetitive in stating that each one contains a different level of complexity and can lead to various surprises.Additionally, a self-respecting detective will not only seek to learn different techniques and instrumental tools that guarantee the success of his work, he must also know that sometimes in the development of a case many events can arise, which is why in his training he will also make sure you keep your physical condition fit.

On the other hand, there is the mental well-being of a detective, this implies that he must learn a little about different meditation techniques and must also develop the handling and management of soft skills such as emotional intelligence. This mainly leads to the investigator being aware of his acts and knowing how to measure between a good deed and different facts that may have civil and criminal repercussions.

At Grupo Arga, we have this element of training deeply rooted in the growth and training of our agents, since they are sometimes the guarantee that they know how to deal with different situations of pressure, as well as being able to manage various modes some moments in which the use of force must be rethought and directed to a diplomatic and intelligent management of each situation.

In this sense, it is worth noting that a private detective is not a police officer, and this leads to certain limitations, although a detective who belongs to a company can carry a firearm with him, he knows that the use of it should be contemplated under extreme need situations. Therefore, it is not advised to act deliberately in the use of this type of artifact or weapon.

On the other hand, the use of force and personal defense as resources are different elements that are highly dangerous if they are not managed efficiently. Sometimes our more than 10 years of experience tell us that many of our agents have had defense episodes. physical, however, the display of such abilities.

In general, this leads to the need for the agent to explain step by step what happened in said report, knowing that later he can be consulted by authorities to find out what the reasons for his behavior were, an issue that ends a headache towards our investigator.



Many times we know when an investigation begins but we do not know when it will be completed. Thus, it can be the case that we follow someone who is driving or is going by train and leaves their city and goes to the least expected place. The work of the private detective is sometimes unpredictable and we cannot always know all the details in advance in each investigation. However, in the event of this type of event, the private detective agency will call the client and ask him what his decision is in this regard.

At no time can the client be surprised about the hours that are intended to be billed by our office. Before continuing, we will contact them and we will inform them of the reality that is taking place so that they can give us the approval of whether we continue or if we terminate the service.

In this sense, at Grupo Arga, the first thing we do when a new client arrives at our doors is to congratulate him on the decision he has made, since on some occasions many people who take the path of trying to achieve “quick results” they delay in the fulfillment of their tasks and also do not manage to carry out said activity successfully. Transparency is a crucial factor between Office – Client, and being informed at all times of the course of the investigation is part of it.

Our  Spain detectives are the best resources to take into account when consolidating the management of different eventualities that require expert management, this arises in the midst of the different cases that are observed in public opinion where many people to undertake this style of initiatives even end up immersed in a problem of legal origin.

For them, our motto has always been to leave these matters in the hands of experts, since the  detective Spain is the only resource qualified to be able to submit all the necessary elements of investigation and is also the one empowered to carry out the tasks of investigation at a level of experience and precision beyond that of a person outside of detective work.

All the time, our detective Spain is a resource that manages to successfully differentiate itself from those who claim to be “professionals” in the investigation and who sometimes are not even accredited to carry out said work, an issue that makes the person who falls for innocent in this type of services is exposed to unnecessary risk and is also prone to events similar to a scam or deception by its “investigator”, in this sense from Grupo Arga Detectives, we always take care of ensuring the best of the successes of each operation using the strategy of professional research as the main tool.Private Investigators Spain

This means that Grupo Arga’s detective is a resource that is trained not only to successfully carry out each operation, but also to provide a bond of trust with the client, an issue that will enable him to function successfully in all its functions and activities. A detective Spain, is a resource that, unlike others and the initiatives on their own that the client can undertake, guarantees a clean sweep of the scene and the investigative context, an issue that will generate different elements of the success of an investigation in a theater of operations.

The versatility that the Grupo Arga agent makes available to our clients, through the practical operation of different strategies, in itself guarantees a solution for the optimum resolution of a case, in this sense it is not recommended under any circumstances to any interested party to go to “self-employed” who end up disappointing you and tarnishing our noble work and neither to undertake the solution by your hands, since it can generate unwanted consequences, why complicate your life if you can leave your case in the hands of experts? Find a detective from Grupo Arga, now!


However, the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain establishes guidelines or ostentatious prices and if we can see them we have them published in the rates section of the Arga website, you can go to it and look at it. Grupo Arga Detectives  we are going to deal with the subject of prices and rates of private detectives in Spain since it is a highly demanded subject by many.

When asked by many what do private detectives in Spain charge, the answer is that there is no fixed rate for a private detective to carry out their private investigation work in Spain, this is because each professional freely sets their rates according to the type of work carried out, the place, the hours, the complexity, the technical and human resources necessary to carry it out, the type of private detective, etc.

There are different Associations and Colleges of private detectives in Spain, so prices may vary slightly depending on one or the other. Grupo Arga Detectives takes as scales the indicative prices set out by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain to which we belong, however, each particular case will have to be assessed to see the specific problem we are facing as well as the number of detectives needed, the type of technology necessary to carry it out correctly, the specific point where the private investigation is carried out.

It also varies according to the type of private investigation, such as whether it is business, work, family, IT, technology, etc. Having said this, we can affirm that we need to assess endless elements to provide an adequate budget. A fundamental element to take into account when giving the prices of a private detective in Spain is to assess the necessary preparation of private detectives to carry it out successfully.



The truth is that sometimes it is better to pay a little more for something and make sure that its production is correct and not take unnecessary risks. An operational deployment, for example, entails minimum expenses that must be met to carry out a correct execution. Grupo Arga Detectives gives an individualized budget to each client according to their interests as well as the effort on their part to carry out the matter quickly. It is important to ensure that legally authorized private detectives are hired, since otherwise the client would not be able to present the report issued by them before the Courts of Justice.

It is necessary to have a great deal of experience on the part of the designated professional in this regard who knows how to carry out a correct investigation and collect evidence legitimately, since later it could be presented before the Courts of Justice. Our work will have a great impact on the future of the matter that concerns our client and will be a key element when making a decision about the judges.

The excellence that is guaranteed in the coverage of Grupo Arga’s operations is synonymous with the commitment that we all have to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients. Our Spanish detectives have the best technical expertise to carry out the development of any work related to professional investigation, hence the opportunity to establish an investigation criterion that is of great benefit to each client and person who requires our service.

Excellence from Grupo Arga detectives is more than a cliché, since we always seek to obtain different criteria to meet the needs of each case, which is why our detectives are considered high-impact resources that can generate accurate solutions in the resolution of an investigation regardless of its complexity. Additionally, Grupo Arga takes into account each element that is associated with the structuring of an efficient research policy in order to keep our agents updated, who make up our human talent and the best resource that our organization has.

At Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop in our quest to always achieve the best solutions for our clients, which is why we always consider being at the forefront of procedures and techniques that are successful for the development of our operations, which guarantees as the ultimate goal the realization of many happy stories.

Grupo Arga detectives is always looking for innovation, which is why we also strive to manage different aspects of the optimal resolution of cases, so that they can be managed successfully, it is necessary to be vigilant in improving investigation processes, as well as as well as new strategies that seek the development of all research activities.

This generates the need to appeal to various mechanisms that are beneficial in the use of different alternatives that are useful towards the resolution of cases with different levels of complexity in the shortest possible time with the lowest possible cost for the affected party. Which means without a doubt the generation of different challenges in favor of excellence.

In this sense, Grupo Arga Detectives never stagnates its work due to the need for resources, since at certain times we have had to resort to old techniques of detective work to successfully solve a specific problem, however, it always seeks the generation of optimal results. The success of the operations carried out in Grupo Arga detectives falls largely on the seriousness of its agents, since they are the most visible face of our organization, this has undoubtedly generated the urgent need not to hire those who

wish to enter but those who are more prepared from a theoretical, tactical and ethical point of view, an issue that is necessary to carry out said work. At Grupo Arga Detectives we always ensure that we carry out our work under a precision gaze, an issue that makes the solidity of our investigations indisputable in the management of different aspects.



After the phone call to our private detective office in Madrid, the first thing we usually do is make an appointment for the client to appear at any of our offices spread throughout the Spanish territory. We must know what their concerns and interests are and what problem we are dealing with. We have to get an idea of ​​different points to be able to issue consistent prices. We have to assess issues of complexity and specialization such as:

  • Duration of the investigation.  A private investigation of 3 hours is not the same as one of 35 hours. The hour in the longest investigation will be charged more economically.

    Private Investigators Spain

  • Time zone of the same and day.  We have to distinguish whether the investigation takes place during the day or at night and if it takes place during the week or weekend or on a holiday.
  • Place of realization.  You have to assess the kilometers necessary to carry it out.
  • Type of research according to complexity.  There are investigations that are more complex than others, such as a follow-up at a large airport like Madrid, where there are many people.
  • Necessary preparation of the private detective to carry it out.  There are investigations that require a great preparation on the part of the professional. Example the preparation of an economic report of a network of companies whose owners hide them in the name of relatives.
  • Use of necessary technical means.  There are for example traces that a large displacement motorcycle is necessary.



Detective costs  in Spain  according to the type of strategy:

Follow-ups and surveillance :  Labor tracking, time control at work, cheating rivalry, lack of work and follow-up of ways to proceed.

  • Price per hour 70 euros
  • Price from one (1) to five (5) hours per detective 350 euros
  • For each hour plus 70 euros
  • It should be emphasized that on HOLIDAYS and NIGHT hours all agreed costs increase by 50%. To these costs are added the costs for mobilization of the detective, meals, evidence collection materials and costs of public records.

Technological investigations :  Patents and trademarks, counter espionage, and other similar operations.

  • When region controls, transport, assistance of more people are required, the rates set out in point one will apply. In the event that other non-contracted services are required, a price is established taking into account the difficulty of the work and the added time required.

Bilateral investigations and insurance companies:   Accident follow-

  • In these situations, the costs of observation and supervision will be applied, the  detective agency in Spain  will create a particular fee for the situation, taking into account its difficulty and the time calculated for the execution of the service.

Information services:

  • Pre-labor reports with an initial price from 800 euros.

  • Financial reports with an initial price from 800 euros (reports of solvency, report of locations of seized assets, and similar services).
  • Personal reports with initial from 1,000 euros.
  • Leases with late payments with an initial price from 800 euros (subleases, transfers, real estate assignment, and other similar services).

Electronic security works:  Audio discovery services (phone and environmental), camera discovery and control. The price varies according to the sector where the discovery of electronic gadgets is going to be made.

Consultations : In the researcher’s office, per consultation and hour, 70 euros if it is not finally contracted, if the consultation is in an agreed place, it is 100 euros and the researcher’s mobilization fee is also charged.

The costs paid will be placed on the invoice and VAT will have to be added to the rates set.




Given the facts that a detective can establish under an investigation scheme, it is necessary that he or she can also be a bridge for the execution of the resolution of different cases, this means that the  detective Spain   is a resource that can be established in its majority different elements that may be accessible to the construction of each case under a criterion of expertise and great responsibility. A detective who wants to establish the optimal resolution of each case, must first of all recognize that it depends on the optimal achievement of clues and elements that can be useful for determining solutions, this generates the need to be extremely thorough with the procedures that he will establish.


In this sense, it is suggested to be a resource that is capable of establishing different elements of quality research, since in some cases the guarantee of good results is conceived based on the criteria that are used around the different mechanisms and processes that the Spanish detective decides to direct in favor of an optimal resolution of the investigation. This means that it is in the possibility of establishing different elements that can be useful to carry out an operation successfully.

In general, the class of procedures to be used tends to vary in the development of an investigation, since the complexity that can be faced in each case determines aspects such as the agents or investigators that are going to be needed, as well as all the tools that are needed. will be used in each case. For this reason, it is also necessary to establish that first of all the resolution of each case depends on the successful determination of different previous elements, the diagnostic phase of the situation indicates the probability that an investigator has in identifying which are the critical elements for which you have to go through and additionally, what are the resources that are needed to solve said components in the investigation.

This entails the resolution of different elements that may be of benefit to the client, since the ultimate result is that the client expects to obtain timely information that will make him or her make the best possible decision, which means that the resolution of a case sometimes with lead to the establishment of a strategic act of detective Spain. Since at Grupo Arga we have always considered the execution of this phrase as an element of utmost importance to follow within the progress of a research process.

The art of investigating poses a challenge for a detective in which he must above all ensure the detection of information that may be key to the optimal development of all the hypotheses and all the elements involved in solving an investigation in b

Detective Spain

Detective Spain

ase to parameters of success. An investigator cannot be a person who acts under a passive criterion, who hopes that the clues will reach his feet, on the contrary, an investigator is a creative and highly dynamic resource, with the aim of establishing the march as a whole. of different processes towards the achievement of elements that are key and competitive to successfully resolve any case and any complexity that may arise. 

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight that within the investigative work there is the possibility of being innovative, this means that a detective above all things must appeal to a combination of three factors already mentioned, the first of them is his training, the second the handling of tools that guarantee the obtaining of appropriate mechanisms to obtain its results and the third of them is the instinct with which it is handled to establish an impeccable and clean investigation in every sense.

This means in a few words that the innovation of the detective’s work comes hand in hand with the management with a sense of synergy of these three elements, since they represent the guarantee to direct different elements that can result as activators at the time of establish the success of investigative operations, so it is necessary to emphasize that at some point the investigator must appeal to the combination of these three to successfully resolve the resolution of each case.

In addition to this, it is necessary to comment that the investigator as a resource also has the opportunity not to be left behind in the sense that his years of experience provide him with a unique advantage over his colleagues, at Grupo Arga Detectives we value the experience of each agent. on the

construction of each case, since they precisely establish all the processes to be followed under a great criterion of expertise and investigation.

The construction of each case then depends on the feasibility of execution of a detective who is capable of specifying different elements at the same time, in this sense it can also be argued with a solid argument that detective work is not a boring task, in In this sense, it contains many personal and organizational challenges that must be discovered as soon as possible, challenges that we at Grupo Arga detectives agree to solve with the aim of guaranteeing relief and the appropriate solution for each of our clients. makes us infallible within the course of our operations.

The execution of the tasks that Grupo Arga detectives always carries out with its detectives Spain, is a task that has already had more than 10 years of experience, 10 years in which the solidity of our group has managed to represent the motives and concerns of our client in favor of obtaining information successfully.



When you decide to contact our  private investigation agency in Spain , do so from the different sources that we now recommend. You can call us by phone at the following phone numbers: 913.866.294 or 912.536.045. You can send us a WhatsApp to 608 767 979, if you require more information about our agency and you can also send us an email to You can use any of the sources mentioned above, in the event that, in the end, you decide that you want us to your investigation is resolved in a convenient way, with an optimal budget and according to what you require in relation to results and economic costs.

Think , why spend so much on agencies that do not meet your requirements, or are not professional?  Why waste time with unqualified agencies with little experience on their surfaces, when you can contact our agency for a low budget, where we will provide you with the most outstanding of our services. Have an agency like ours, why ? because you will not find other  private detectives  in Spain like us, with what is truly advanced in technology, experienced personnel with extensive experience, who apart from being cheap, we are legally qualified and prepared for any circumstance.

You are our client, therefore, you should always receive the best from our agency, when you require a  private detective  in Spain, to carry out an investigation in several of our surfaces, do not think about it so much, look for our notes, and contact us. Our private detective agency is consolidated as the number one agency in Spain, and all our users do not regret investing their time with us. We do not cut back on quality or experience, we do so because it attracts us that all users have the opportunity to enter a research service.

The demands of our users become our highest priority, let us understand what you want to solve or fulfill, we are always at your service. GrupoArgaDetectives , is a private detective agency in  Spain, which is present throughout the Spanish territory, being recognized for its excellent private investigators. They offer a wide variety of services, including search for people, infidelities, electronic sweeps, labor investigations, among others. Outstanding in an extraordinary way the renowned  Arga Detectives Group, whose track record in this market is unmatched. The pillar of success for this organization is based on the efficiency of the response to its servers and their total discretion when doing their jobs.





Support and collaborate with each other, not to mention that human beings have been forced to work with other people, always believing that teamwork is more profitable than working alone or alone, for various reasons that sometimes limit technical activities in the work environment; However, it is important to note that in most cases, cooperation in the workforce is more productive and therefore cheaper.

They say that, with a team of experts in the field, we are advancing the task and its operation with ideal and effective personnel who supported, working with more interest and responsibility. Consider each of your roles to develop; Connect your action with the role of other teammates, always acting to learn the truth about the facts related to each case they work.

Therefore, the importance of the organizational structure that performs various tasks is determined, but is determined, and what directs the responsibility of the teams and the results to be determined; Therefore, the difficulties that are sometimes caused in the process are eliminated due to the lack of specific opinions that lead to bad decisions that can be easily channeled when detected over time.

If we are responsible for the search for our private detectives in Spain, we can see that, on the subject of personal infidelities, they correspond to those who investigate actions with ethics, prudence and exchange of data, evidence, communications and information. documents with the entire team, for additional analysis and decision making, in search of a case solution. These detectives are people who stand out for their seriousness, their commitment; Your time is well allocated to make the most of the day-to-day running of the research process and amass critical information for the study.

They are very clear on the issue of infidelity, therefore their role as experts is aware of human shortcomings and weaknesses of disloyalty, betrayal, deception, lies, fraud. Evil and ingratitude were generated after highly toxic relationships, where each protagonist expresses his own point of view to justify, as a rule, he never recognizes and morality. They are stubborn because they do not have the ability to see the reality of the situation that caused them to be affected by the behavior of the other, who always ends up being a spouse, a partner.



Private detectives represent support. They are highly qualified professionals, who attend situations of various kinds, where an in-depth investigation is needed, with the aim of collecting information that supports the client.

Acquiring our services, at Grupo Arga , will be a strategic move in terms of streamlining testing. If you present cases such as domestic violence, family environment in which there is an abuse of alcohol, drugs or another type of addiction, divorces, infidelity, location of people, or other cases of lesser criminal degree. We will help you as much as possible, assuring you of a quality service.



At Grupo Arga , we are a detective agency in Madrid 24 hours a day . Being experts in various areas of private investigation, where we touch sensitivity issues in which specific help is required, in order not to leave it to you is a wait that seems endless. We have a long professional career, where each case attended has been resolved. With a total of 9,000 closed cases; our clients have received a complete service with very satisfactory results.

Receiving in turn, recognition from both police and legal entities. At national and international level. All this thanks to all the team that makes us up. Also, allowing the corresponding certifications, to be the proofs that our service is of total legal scope. We have the best high-end equipment, ideal to ensure a state-of-the-art investigation and with the support of our computer experts, or forensic informatics. They collaborate in research in the digital field. Everything related to expert opinions through social networks, blogs or other web pages; Also, mobile devices and the apps they contain are analyzed , such as WhatsApp .

What distinguishes us the most, as one of the best detective agencies in Madrid , is the bond we forge with each client. Empathy is one of our main characteristics. At Grupo Arga , we will assist you in the most cordial way possible. Always understanding your case, in which we will work hard in order to support you.




The private investigation agency that includes operations throughout Spain is the Arga Detective Agency, within our work we not only take care of reinforcing different activities from the aspect of professional research, but also collaborate with third parties in obtaining information , and also with other organizations that require our work throughout the Spanish nation. Also through our website, we can manage all the doubts and requests of our clients.

Our Arga Detectives Group, has more than 10 years of experience in the sector, carrying out all kinds of tasks for private investigators in Spain with the aim of promoting the realization of different factors that may be favorable to the execution of solid investigation operations, which are able to recognize the complexity of each case and also be proactive in unfolding it, to get to the source of the facts.

Also, we have experience in approaching an investigation from a psychological perspective, since it is about understanding the psychology of other people and other types of people who meet the profile of a potential offender within the figure of investigated in a case and who are in the probability of triggering said critical events. At Grupo Arga detectives we are in charge of training our agents under a comprehensive and solid perspective capable of providing them with a host of advantages in the deployment of their theater of operations.

Different authorities throughout the city have indicated that they find the private investigators Spain of our Arga Group as “very interesting” resources because “in theory they know what they are

doing and how they do it, in a nutshell, our men have an idea of ​​where certain priority areas for successful research can be found and where they give them a sense of competence and experience, to highlight the successful completion of each task and each operation.

Private investigator experience gives you a different perspective on the world of duty than most other professionals, since they tend to have a more commercial and business-oriented perspective. Private investigators, on the other hand, are those resources that value a focus on service activity and customer satisfaction.

Spain is one of the countries where in recent years there has been a boom in the conduct of detective operations, however, it is necessary to highlight that few manage to differentiate themselves with a sense of quality and a highly professional disposition, taking the loyalty to our clients as the central axis of our work.




In recent years, some field agents have flocked to Spain as private investigators in Spain to help solve various cases. Last year, for example, our demand for services has also grown, reaching even three times higher than in previous years.

Although it may not seem like it, our research career has indicated that Spain is also a more frequent destination for carrying out tasks related to investigations of all kinds, and to reach the determination of a successful case, there are private international agencies willing to Paying for that information, and for elements that provide the whereabouts of it, is where Grupo Arga Detectives, has a central task in generating to different people and interested entities the achievement of data that is useful to third parties.

Yes, Spain is a very good country to invest money, nowadays you can offer a good market around the execution of research services and professional private investigation. Private investigators Spain are agents who are in charge of building clues based on the elements collected that lead them to the determination of each case, within Grupo Arga detectives this is an aspect of great importance when determining different elements of a high-level professional research.



First of all, it is necessary to highlight that the action of private investigators in Spain is possible thanks to the different demands of different types of clients who seek to have different types of strategies at their services that allow them to obtain the information they need, or sometimes lead to good terms various elements that may be useful for the detection of a case.

Private investigators who always seek to execute their tasks regardless of the obstacles that may arise along the way, since they are resources that generally seek to establish a host of strategies that can obtain information quickly and efficiently, this compared to services Similar provides a great advantage, since it brings with it the success of the operations of our Detective Group, around the requirements initially raised by the client.

The execution of activities that private investigators maintain in Spain around all the strategies that Grupo Arga Detectives deploys revolve according to the development of hypotheses as well as various elements that can lead to the resolution of each case, for the process of determining Testing our agents are based on the search and identification of patterns that are capable of ensuring excellent results. This allows the researcher to obtain various useful tools in the work of the expert opinion under an expert vision.

The importance of investigative work in our country is about the need to delegate independent bodies to carry out various activities that may create less burden on

Public servants, most of our cases always approach a private perspective of investigation and sometimes only manage to carry out their activity on a personal level. Issue that ends up generating the guarantee of making decentralized investigation processes and outside any criteria of public investigation, since there is no such need to resort to any type of authority, since they are cases of less involvement in national public life.

However, our detectives maintain an act consistent with compliance with the laws and the Spanish legal system regarding the exercise of investigative work, since it is an activity that allows them to establish their operations with a certain independence and autonomy from the authorities. At Grupo Arga detectives, we have always been focused on solving the largest number of cases

possible, since that means the possibility of being in a state of fulfillment and personal satisfaction of each client who requests our services.

In general, our clients need guidance and the necessary advice to know what to do at critical moments, it is there where our researchers, through their technical expertise and the deployment of their strategies, play an important role in satisfying all the initial requirements of someone who demands this type of service, since it represents the guarantee of serving and being useful to others in our day to day.





A private detective relies on the use of technology, as he is in the field by using his skills and the detective instinct is sometimes not enough to guarantee the success of an investigation. Reason why different tools from the world and technological innovation are needed.

A detective has to work on the case, and to do so, he must understand the facts of the case in question more than almost any investigator of past times. However, supported by the use of technological tools, a detective must try to solve the mystery and have an overview of it. You should not rush because you have solved a particular question, which in some cases is the most difficult. The detective has to sit with the case for several weeks, days, hours, and minutes and be effective enough in this investigative role.

In this sense, private investigators Spain must also maintain a database with relevant evidence. For example, an eyewitness statement may be taken before or after an event occurs . The investigator can be sure of the facts of the case if he uses the information in this way.

On the other hand, some evidence may not be available even after a couple of months. If the investigator does not know anything about the case and does not bother to consult with experts on the subject, it is possible that he will gradually build up an idea on how to proceed. The investigator must also consult with various departments of our organization on different aspects that encompass each case and must rely on the use of digital research tools to try to solve those elements that may be dispersed through the collection of evidence.

For them, from Grupo Arga detectives, we ensure that our agents do not walk alone in the development of these events, we seek instead that they have an organization that supports them in all the requirements and demands they have to satisfy their research criteria. .

If you do not know the names and social ties of an investigated person, an investigator is left in the dark, and that does not lead to the investigation of a fact. The detective must make the effort to obtain all the possible data from those involved, although, of course, this is difficult to do because they sometimes have a high level of cunning to cover up their different actions.


If there is evidence of a fact prone to investigation, or in this case there are motivations to resort to private investigators Spain to establish an investigation only on any case, each agent knows that they have to collect a lot of circumstantial evidence that supports it, a person who If you can put this together and solve it, it

should have a high probability that different levels of responsibility can really be determined and get to the heart of the facts. In this sense, the circumstantial evidence must be clear and specific to manage each case.

Some of the most useful circumstantial evidence includes: That the act that is committed is not provoked. It didn’t have to be planned beforehand. The person had knowledge of the person who committed the act that is the reason for the investigation. And also in very extreme cases the person who is immersed as a researcher also has an accomplice.

Determining all these facts is possible if and only if the detective has a timely technological tool, which allows him to detect different evidence, collect testimonies and get to the heart of each element of the case, this is possible through a high-level investigation followed by the use of sophisticated technological tools.

Therefore, a detective must be ready to trust the results of computer-based research and scientific analysis, such as research based on a scientific foundation that supports their field operations, making it viable to articulate their research hypotheses. The private investigators Spain of our group, know in detail the realization of all these elements.

The use of these programs will help you a lot to determine the responsibilities in the investigated ones, and to build through the evidences the evidence in a particular case. The investigator who wishes to use the programs to find clues, collect information on suspects, and then use this information to create a list of suspects, and then eliminate or minimize those possible suspects, proceeds to work in detail, although that may involve some schema. trial and error.


This process is sometimes extremely slow but necessary, as it sometimes requires an intensive series of investigations, as well as innumerable new interviews, which can only be carried out using first-line technological elements.

But if those investigations lead you to an investigative suspect, you can use the computer and a computerized database to compile a list of suspects, the details of their civil history and everything that is known at the public level of this person. Then you must decide which suspects to remove or minimize; then you need to determine what you have to lose by doing this, using various calculations like:

All the acts that are linked to the investigation of the fact, including on some occasions the economic capacity of the investigated is analyzed, with the aim of knowing their margin of

maneuvering, this also implies making a careful review of financial records electronically and also of their consumption pattern.

This information is used to accurately obtain all the elements that can surround the execution of each case. Reason why private investigators Spain are highly trained around these research objectives and the intelligent use of these tools.

Of course, as research of any kind in the private research industry increases, and the cost to keep research going increases, it becomes more difficult to justify the intensive nature of these methods, however these research techniques They seek to strengthen the research aspect of an agency. From Grupo Arga detectives, when requested, we have intensively deployed these resources. Our private investigators, Spain, through the use of these resources, have reached the heart of each case, making use of these resources. highly sophisticated tools.

Since computers are now commonly used for everything from medical diagnosis to the maintenance of computer systems, and their use is now a common practice, we have become very receptive to computerized research in general since From Grupo Arga Detectives our The motto is innovation and the improvement of our processes, strategies and activities, with the aim of not being left behind with the demands that are imposed on the market, the computer research processes are based on the premise that the computer Data and electronic research can be used in the identification of relevant conviction elements to solve each case.

Our desire to modernize drives us to be better every day through the execution of our tasks, however, the use of electronic devices in the investigation must always be viewed under a focus of assistance to the field work of the detective, without a doubt this focuses us in keeping a balance. Private investigators Spain must sometimes appeal to their sense of creativity and the generation of different tools that can lead them to determine the truth.



A private detective in Spain acts in accordance with the ethical and moral standards of our organization. Thus favoring those most in need of having evidence and facts that help them support their hypotheses and their connection of facts.

This fact is particularly important when we talk about the relationship between private and public investigators. We can speak of the “private” to refer to the researcher who is in charge of different topics. There are two important ethical aspects with private investigators: it is that we can say that they behave with a sense of humanity. To be at the service of others in the resolution of cases, and two also find themselves at the service of themselves, a matter that guarantees commitment and discipline in the execution of all their operations.

In the past, the role The objective of private investigators was to obtain evidence from law enforcement agencies and obtain useful information to the client. This function continued until the rise of the figure of the detective or private investigator over this function, which means total modernity in the generation of new investigation strategies for cases with a lower level of severity and a higher recurrence.

Private investigators Spain from the perspective of Grupo Arga we could agree that they can have their place in society. As we mentioned before, to reach the success of the operations, from our agency we need to know the facts, we are interested in finding them and this guarantees the possibility of being useful to third parties.

The private investigator’s job is to find information and then use that information to solve a problem. In this way, it seems reasonable to ask them to work on the moral issues that we all face from time to time. We take these aspects into account in Grupo Arga Detectives in the training process of our agents.

On the other hand, we must remember that the work of the private detective, in addition to being a moral problem, is also a practical problem because we not only need to give an answer that can answer an important question, but we also need to give an answer that can solve an important puzzle.

Therefore, the private detective should not be considered as a body with a political agenda, or as someone who wants to do everything possible for the social good, but rather a body with a different mandate and a different mission. The private detective’s goal is practical, in line with the ethical values ​​and moral standards of our country. As such, it is an interest of our research and an interest of our culture. This must be recognized and respected as such.

From Grupo Arga detectives we manage and conceive the function of the detective as an agenda capable of coordinating different elements that can generate the articulation of various aspects that can be constructed as evidence, and that can serve for the private function, the fact that our Investigators private Spain, have in their power the possibility of reaching the truth of the facts, puts them at the level of the expertise function as a highly valuable resource for society and also in favor of preserving the rule of law. Respecting above all a climate of impartiality

Obtaining evidence from the investigator is sometimes a somewhat difficult task, since it contains various elements that are typical of a non-sequential collection of the fact under investigation, an issue that generates the need for a member of the group Arga, in being a staff that is proactive enough regarding the raising of a case, since obtaining a series of tests requires logistical support and a first-rate dedication, a fact that contrasts with other cases where the sole primary review of various elements can lead to the determination of responsibilities.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we always keep our agents attentive to different aspects of preserving a climate of impartiality and not paying attention to the development and deployment of various elements that can be disturbing in the act of collecting evidence, since on some occasions they are present in different investigations. The ethical and moral quality of our agents makes them respect and bridge distances from these elements, which sometimes tend to put many obstacles in the development of the investigation at different levels.



Sometimes when an investigation is not carried out rigorously and without the expert action of private investigators in Spain , there is the phenomenon that there is a group that issues opinions and value judgments that run the risk of being admitted as true, based on facts , and those facts are often false, the group in that situation faces the dilemma of accepting their narrative or not fully accepting it. The alternative is to admit that the group’s claims have been wrong and start from scratch, without giving any reason why they were.

To do otherwise is to admit that the group has a preconceived narrative and is not responsible for correcting its faulty narrative. By admitting the truth, the group can change their narrative, making the blame for the group’s misguided and erroneous claims and the responsibility for their false claims foreign.

In this sense, it should be noted that from Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that the action of a private detective can be very useful in reaching the determination of individual responsibilities in each case, the agility and creativity of the investigator depends on their years of experience and its ability to solve problems that arise almost instantly when starting an investigation.



Different studies of a statistical nature, on the evaluation and quality of employment in Spain, admit that it has not carried out exhaustive national data on the number of private detectives. However, its annual report on the employment and wages of private investigators says that there has been a trend in the last decade for private investigators working more than 60 hours per week.

The study found that national figures have remained low due to the shared work scheme for private investigators Spain . However, there have been significant changes in the private industry over the past two decades, with the emergence of private investigators who have the ability to work longer with fewer hours.

This may have contributed to the reduction in the number of cases handled by private investigators in the last decade, says a survey for an annual survey, carried out in 2019 in Spain. The survey was conducted among 13,000 private investigators, and more than 10,000 employees participated. It is part of a survey carried out by the interest of collecting the different activities and jobs related to companies and commerce.

As a result, the performance of a private detective must be high in both level and quantity. If the performance of private investigators is low, it is the responsibility of the investigator’s colleagues to maintain the competence of the private investigator.

A personal or financial in a private research investment should always include the knowledge and confidence that the researcher is a specialized agent to capture information that is able to solve obtaining strategic data, since its formation is considered a resource weight positive, therefore private investigators Spain , are those who carry out a work without equal, in order to generate the obtaining of evidence through an adequate investigation.



Private detectives must always report the incidents the elements they find, that is, they must always investigate each detected fact. But private investigators are not obliged to work for a private company, so sometimes the hiring of independent detectives or that operate under an autonomous scheme, sometimes does not guarantee the success of the development of certain operations.

Therefore, even though the profession of private detectives is booming, it is much more advisable to hire a detective who focuses on private investigation backed by a track record organization, as it is the most recommended to ensure the success of a job.


If the private investigator is a member who participates in a case and has certain elements of complexity to carry out his work, he must request support from his organization to manage the objectives outlined above, this makes a substantial difference compared to autonomous private work. which is carried out at the level of these services where detectives are alone on their own.


In the development of his report, the private investigator must inform his supervisor of his organization before witnessing any activity made relevant in the context of the case, to act under a criterion of synchrony and being able to jointly solve each case.

That is why at Grupo Arga, we grant the necessary autonomy to our agents so that they can work efficiently in each task and research they intend to carry out, and additionally we maintain joint execution work with the different hierarchical scales of the organization to establish the possibility of acting with greater precision and effectiveness on the different issues raised.



The personal safety of private investigators Spain is an absolute priority. While it is not an absolute requirement that a detective’s private business is completely closed to everyone, to avoid any risk of physical exposure, injury or blackmail or compromise the security of your business, our detective must always keep in touch with us, Since some cases, various tasks can expose the physical integrity of our agents.

From this point is where Grupo Arga detectives strengthens all the training mechanisms and critical case management protocol to contemplate different aspects that are advantageous in providing comprehensive security in all the elements that we deploy in different theaters of operations. .

Therefore, the work of a private detective must be devoted exclusively to investigating or prosecuting cases. The private business of private detectives should be as secure as the rest of your business. Private detectives in this sense are reinforcement resources, they are not in charge of making a criminal investigation and in this sense, their main task is to collect all kinds of leads through a strategy and also receive the necessary or required information, but it is the responsibility of private detective supervisors keep private detectives safe from the dangers they encounter when they go out to investigate or to obtain and receive information, therefore the performance of a team is of special importance.



Private investigators Spain are highly opportune resources when establishing the course of different actions, facts and responsibilities, since they are in themselves elements that guarantee the obtaining of information under a criterion of highly qualified experience and expertise. From Grupo Arga detectives we always ensure that they feel like in a second home, where through the support of our organization you can achieve a dignified professional career, capable of making them grow in the labor and personal fields.

Grupo Arga detectives throughout its 10 years of experience, has always been committed to solving cases and achieving successful results for our clients, these elements together with the great work and discipline that is deployed in the field can generate different elements that are conducive to the development of a comprehensive research proposal that serves society.

From the work of the private investigators Spain, not only the clients benefit, but also multiple companies are assisted in the investigation work and the expertise activities that are enclosed on obtaining specialized data .

The daily work of a detective is not associated with that image of the film industry where you could see in this resource a person who had underwater vehicles with great technology or who also deployed super technological equipment for data collection , NO ! In this sense, the detective work takes into account the innovations of the technological field and always using their use as a tool, seeks the generation of different aspects that can be of advantage to develop a host of strategies that can lead to the success of the deployment of the resource in an operating theater.

The private detective is a technical specialist who at the time of being consulted by different entities can issue an expert judgment that comes to be supported by the application of a report, which without a doubt this can result in the collection of specialized data from weight and can be a tool to establish the clarification of a case.

From there, a starting point is generated with creating awareness of the new detective work, which is seen as a specialized support and assistance service to the community and society in general.

From Grupo Arga Detectives, we have known the importance of detective work and the positive implications that its correct practice has for society, which is why we always look at our work from the perspective of demand, discipline and excellence. The private detective must be an element that must serve as a great

opportunity for the different people who request these services.

The excellence of the work in a detective is related to his momentum and his determination of facts in the search for the truth, the private detective in this sense must know that there is no

A limitation that can make it reflect a non-dedication in the fact of not complying with the dissemination of information as they are on the scene, ignoring this, implies the violation of its ethical code and without a doubt the generation of multiple elements that are not related to their good actions.

The private detective is a resource capable of satisfying the different demands of its clients as long as they are framed in the rule of law, additionally, from Grupo Arga detectives, we maintain our commitment to guarantee the progress of investigation, expert and investigation processes. sufficiently updated and consistent with the generation of different responses that can be presented to the various complexities of today’s world.

The reality of today, adds us in a globalized environment, and this itself does not stop modernizing with the passage of time, it also implies being on a par with cultural patterns and different modes of behavior of society, since in itself These elements themselves can be useful for detecting various profiles of suspicious activity, since as many know, at Grupo Arga, for our detectives nothing is a coincidence.



However, Private Detective Spain , we know without a doubt that the profession of private detective is fully vocational, there are many people who are attracted to this job, but it is when you know this path from within, that is, when you start working, traveling , to have to give up something because of having to work overtime, among other things, that’s when the person values ​​this career above all else, and is never able to give it up.

In addition, in Private Investigations Spain , right now the private detective sector in Spain is constantly evolving, this sector is finding new ways to carry out its work through technology, as it is in constant training and the constant entry of new investigators It has become a job, it gives you a good perspective of the future. Being a detective is a profession like any other, it requires a vocation as in all and above all training.

From here in Private Detectives Spain , we provide our services throughout the Spanish territory, with professionalism, rigor and absolute confidentiality, and we work with all kinds of investigations, but we must highlight the following: infidelity investigation, locations of people, business knowledge, If you want truthful information, contact us Grupo Arga Detectives, our team is serious and effective, we will attend you personally.



On the other hand, Private Investigation Spain , we find that the private detective is the only professional who is legally authorized to investigate facts, so our team is backed by the 10 years of experience that confirm our investigations, we are experts in private investigation, in Probatic, our discipline allows our efforts to be highly effective and accredit the facts investigated.

. Grupo Arga Detectives , has been awarded in 2017 as the best detective company, for its business career, with the resounding success in private investigations carried out in Spain, the satisfaction of our clients is our greatest achievement, transparency with our clients It has been the pillar of our company, and our impeccable code of ethics also led us to be the best company in Spain.

Our surveillance and monitoring company in Spain , and the team of private investigators represent the best guarantee of success, since we have knowledge, experience, and commitment to our consumers, ask for your budget, we guarantee discretion and confidentiality, this service is for individuals and companies.



Although at Detectives in Spain , our investigators accredit their official license to clients, who identify them by means of a license number that has been granted by the Ministry of the Interior, and which is reflected in the reports. As for the client, he must also demonstrate legitimate interest before the detective, which obliges the client to demonstrate that the fact that he requests affects his interests, financial or personal, once these two points have been verified, the contracting is carried out under the law and full legal effects.

Consequently Detective Agency Spain , we are a registered national company, which mixes youth and enthusiasm, all the personnel that make up our work team, have degrees, have a 3-year university diploma, as well as the corresponding license. Our staff provides us with success in all investigations because they have:

private investigation graduates, graduates in criminology, security directors, security chiefs and judicial experts.



As a result in Private Detective Spain , our agency provides investigative services, both for private clients and companies, for this reason,

We have accumulated experience, therefore we can guarantee that our investigations have the rigor and meticulousness necessary to offer a quality service, at the same time it facilitates the search for information on data, facts, tests, among others, so that so you make the right decision.

We advise impartially, we, surveillance and monitoring Spain , we suggest the best options for the development of the investigation, and always with the aim of obtaining the information that our clients want, this data and evidence can be legally provided in a trial, deposit Your trust in us, you will have at your side a team of private detectives enabled with official license, who will advise you, from the first day, until finding a solution, all properly planned.

We offer our clients in Private Investigation in Spain , the most appropriate tools to answer their questions, or concerns unequivocally, that is, with truthful information. But this information is obtained by our detectives whose experience is beyond doubt, who have years in the market, and stand out above the rest, but those who carry out this work without means, without professionalism, without experience, will be an incomplete investigation.



Firstly, in Private Investigations in Spain , according to a high percentage, private detectives are hired in this country to demonstrate that something is happening, or has already happened, and that this must be proven, when speaking of family investigations, or of couples, where there are suspicions of infidelity, it is evident that the evidence is private, a detective what he does is provide his clients with evidence that he needs to present to justice, either in the course of a trial, so that the judge can verify them and pass the sentence.

Consequently Grupo Arga Detectives , here our detectives serve as qualified witnesses, as well as read it, as they ratify the evidence obtained in court, and elevating this testimony, even more so as irrefutable, since they explain with what circumstances such data was obtained or Evidence, if you need qualified detectives, accustomed to ratifications in court, you have nothing more to call us, we are the best in all of Spain.



If you have any doubts, we invite you to meet with us and present your case, your interests at stake and your claims after our intervention. You can write to us at our email or call our 24-hour service telephone number 913 866 294 and a professional will assist you.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we know how to understand our clients and treat them with the greatest tact they deserve at all times. We have a staff made up of the best professionals in the sector who work with enthusiasm and are committed to searching for the truth, adhering to a scrupulous code of ethics in all our actions.

In principle, at Detectives in Spain , we know that hiring a detective is not common, we believe that we will never need their services, but when the day unexpectedly comes, a precipice of insecurities opens up before us, the first thing we do is search the Internet. And there we find numerous announcements, of detectives that offer their most varied services of

research, examples; surveillance, monitoring, information, and others.

Therefore, at Detective Agency Spain , some of the most important points that you should know when resorting to our service, and that we cover all of them are: First; entrust your investigation to a licensed private detective, that is, an officially licensed one. Second; have training to carry out their profession, hold university degrees, in the field of private investigation. Third; We formalize the contract in writing, it collects the necessary data to identify the contractors, nothing of a personal nature.

Also in Private Detective Spain , we provide you that we inform the client about everything that is happening with your case, we write a report, with the assigned service, data of the person, the means used and the results, our detectives are obliged to save reserves the research they carry out and must never provide data to

third parties. At Detectives Spain, we have extensive experience so we can help you solve your doubts about how to hire a detective, get in touch with us, we will help you.


Immediately at Surveillance and Monitoring Spain , we offer these services available to natural or legal persons, and the functions that our company can perform are: obtaining

information on private conduct or events; that is to say, we clarify that they are those that affect the labor, mercantile, economic, financial and in general, social, personal and family life. Also crime investigation and business surveillance at fairs, hotels, etc., in areas



It is therefore that in Private Investigation in Spain, we know that it is a practice that must be carried out by accredited professionals in this matter, we can offer services in multiple fields: in the workplace: absenteeism, dismissals, pre-contract reports, verification curriculum vitae, duplication of employment, unfair competition, employee reports, job performance, diversions of orders, thefts, among others. In the industrial field; We investigate patents and trademarks, plagiarism and counterfeiting, espionage, sabotage, claims investigations, assessment of the degree of disability, expertise and brand reports, among others.

Also at Detective Agency Spain, we focus on the personal sphere: we carry out personal and family history, libel, slander, damage to individuals, reports on people, paternity tests, couple’s fidelity, pensions used are counter-espionage, telephony, computer forensics, polygraphic service, monitoring and GPS. In short, our detectives collaborate with the security forces of the Spanish state, if you are looking for a private detective agency, contact us now, tell us about your case and we will contact you to offer you a better service and budget, do not hesitate, discover the true.



Here are 22 different reasons that will undoubtedly make you consider our detective office in Spain as the best and wisest possible option to solve your problems.


  1. Detectives Spain distributed by the main cities

Grupo Arga detectives is a law firm specialized in private investigations located in Spain. We know perfectly all the geography of Spain , surroundings and its center.

We have all kinds of large cylinder vehicles such as motorcycles to carry out surveillance and monitoring in the proper way.

  1. Detectives in Spain legally approved

Grupo Arga Detectives has License number 2464 and 3224, all private investigations carried out under the strictest legality being framed.
We are part of the main Associations and colleges of Detectives of National and International character.
It should be remembered that to exercise as a private detective you need a 3-year university diploma and an authorization from the Ministry of the Interior.

  1. Private detectives in Spain with guarantees

Grupo Arga Detectives, through its long business history in the world of private investigation, has recorded a series of principles of action.


The principle of legality prevails in each and every one of the private investigations carried out.
All the evidence and information that we present are fully valid between the Courts of Justice

  1. Hire detective agency in Spain for all kinds of services

Grupo Arga detectives is without a doubt your best choice if you want to hire the private investigation services of a private detective agency in Spain.
We are able to offer all kinds of private investigation services thanks to the great human team that makes up our organization.
The best results in all fields of action can only be achieved through the specialization of the professionals themselves.


  1. Hire a legal detective in Spain

Grupo Arga detectives can legally obtain all the evidence you need to prove the conduct that concerns you.
Hiring a private detective is a very delicate task due to the nature of the affairs.
It is not a good option to hire private detectives or, where appropriate, a detective office in Spain that does not offer minimum guarantees that have been verified over the years during your professional career or very cheap detectives that do not offer guarantees.

  1. Cheap detectives in Spain . Prices, rates and free quote for detectives Spain .

Grupo Arga Detectives offers all its clients affordable prices for the proposed objectives as well as the economy of each pocket. We offer a personalized quote to each person, valuing endless details. It is worth mentioning remembering the advice of very cheap detectives on our part. The reason is clear, the reduction in the price can undermine the quality of the investigation, and a drastic reduction in material and human means can be produced to carry it out, not to mention the lack of suitable professionals without experience or training or even the lack of their corresponding TIP.

  1. Opinions of private detectives in Spain

Having the private investigation services of Grupo Arga detectives can make the difference between achieving the objectives you want or continuing to look for them in other detective offices in Spain without much success.
Over the years, our best guarantee has become the hundreds of clients who are satisfied with our services and repeat hiring our services.

  1. Detectives in Spain for surveillance and monitoring:

The surveillance and monitoring are configured as basic service of all private detective agency. Grupo Arga detectives to carry out these services has a professional team expert in carrying out all kinds of surveillance and monitoring. One of the key factors to correctly carry out all surveillance and monitoring is the

discretionary element. For this, Grupo Arga has highly discreet professionals.

  1. Detectives in Spain for individuals

Grupo Arga detectives develops all kinds of private investigations for Individuals.
Individuals develop the vast majority of our clients in Spain as well as the rest of Spain. Particular investigations include those that take place within the family, and more specifically the so-called marital infidelities of couples. These types of investigations can become very diverse, from searching for and locating people, electronic scans, computer investigations, etc.

  1. Private detectives in Spain for companies, lawyers and mutuals

Business research is configured as a highly specialized service that requires the services of some great professionals capable of achieving what is necessary to test without

Doubt a conduct and prove it in court if necessary.
The companies that normally contract the services of Grupo Arga detectives are small and medium-sized companies.
On the other hand, we carry out joint work with lawyers as well as close collaboration with mutuals and insurance companies.

  1. Detectives in Spain with results

The professionalism of any detective office is measured in the ability to achieve the results proposed by the client when carrying out the professional order.
The best results can only be achieved through experience with a well-trained team of private investigators and the use of the latest technology.

  1. Constant Communication with your detective in Spain

Constant client-detective communication is an important factor to consider when hiring a private detective.
Grupo Arga detectives will keep you informed of all the progress of your private investigation.

Throughout the course of the investigation, we will dispel any type of doubt that may arise.
Trust only a team of professionals who know how to do your job well and keep you informed at all times.

  1. Detectives in Spain 24 hours available

The infrastructure shown by our organization allows us to act 24 hours under any scenario.


The work of a private detective cannot be classified within a specific labor jury, that is why we provide a comprehensive 24-hour investigation service.
Our private investigators agency in Spain is used to constant hard work throughout the year that culminates in the satisfaction of hundreds of clients.

  1. Detectives in Spain with immediate action

The immediate implementation of a private investigation device is a necessary element to offer sufficient guarantees of satisfaction to many of our clients.
Grupo Arga Detectives acts immediately with magnificent results when required. We are able to carry out immediate work thanks to a large team of private investigators who are prepared at all times.

  1. Detectives in Spain experts in technology investigations

In the society in which we live today, it is extremely essential to know the latest technologies.
Grupo Arga detectives have the most modern technology applied to private investigation.
We are experts in electronic sweeps and electronic countermeasures, detection of hidden spy microphones as well as in the placement of hidden cameras.
The use of cutting-edge technology sets us apart from our competition.

  1. Private detectives in Spain experts in infidelities

Investigation of infidelities is undoubtedly presented as the star element of our private investigation services for families.
The marital infidelities of couples are presented as a service highly demanded by individuals and a service of social interest that requires professionals with great tact and skills of private investigation.
We have a staff specialized in investigating partner infidelities whose mission is to obtain the necessary evidence to clear our clients of doubts.

  1. Detectives investigating throughout Spain

The performance of our Detective office is not limited only to the city of Spain, we carry out a private investigation task throughout Spain. Grupo Arga detectives has private detectives spread throughout Spain. We have been investigating in all the cities of Spain for more than a decade with magnificent results. All the private investigations that we carry out keep the strictest legality.

  1. Detectives in Spain with an international presence

International investigations are presented as a modality of private investigation highly developed by our Detective Agency in Spain.
Grupo Arga has a large internal infrastructure that allows it to carry out international research with great success in any country in the world.
Success in all kinds of internal investigations is possible thanks to the collaboration agreements that we maintain with other international detective agencies as well as private detective organizations and associations.

  1. Detectives in Spain for the search and location of people

One of the most demanded and contracted private investigation services is undoubtedly the service consisting of searching for and locating a lost or missing person. Grupo Arga detectives has a department specialized in investigation services for the search and location of people. The work of searching and locating people requires great specialization from private detectives.

  1. Discreet and confidential detective in Spain

Maintaining maximum discretion and confidentiality on the part of the private detective is a key and fundamental factor.
Grupo Arga Detectives develops great secrecy in each private investigation it carries out, maintaining maximum confidentiality being one of the basic pillars of our detective agency in Spain . Due to the susceptibility of the issues we deal with, it is extremely essential to have well-trained professionals who maintain great discretion and confidentiality.

  1. Spain private investigators in court – judicial ratification.

The vast majority of services carried out by our private detective agency in Spain require subsequent judicial ratification by the private detective in the courts of law.
For this reason, it is essential to contract the services of a duly certified detective agency in Spain . All the private investigations carried out by Grupo Arga are reflected in a report that will later be delivered to the judicial authorities if the case arises.


  1. Obtaining evidence by our detectives in Spain

The primary function of any private investigation firm is to obtain evidence and information. Grupo Arga detectives knows perfectly how to obtain the information and evidence that our clients request from us. All the evidence and information collected by our detectives in Spain will be shown in a detailed report. It should be remembered that the private detective according to the regulations is the only professional authorized to obtain evidence in Spain. All of these reasons for hiring Grupo Arga detectives are just a few of the many that exist. Having exposed some of the features that describe our Detective Agency in Spain, what we intend is to offer you security.



In our company of private detectives in Spain , we are very clear and above all transparent when it comes to budgeting our services, the advice and the initial cost of the case is done for free and is confidential, once the information and details have been obtained, always Taking into account the needs of each client, which are different for each person, we make a budget tailored to suit your needs, and you can pay in comfortable installments.

At Detective Agency Spain , we want to facilitate the whole process, always giving you the best care, guaranteeing you impeccable investigation, and at the most economical price, for this we have at your disposal, our private detective rates throughout Spain, in this way you can always have a budget adapted to what you are really looking for. We recommend that you never forget this, the person who charges cheaply for his services is because he does not always perform well. In short, we advise you as a company to answer your questions now and rest, we will take care of your problem, contact us right now through our website, we will help you.

In our company Private Investigation in Spain , we do not speak of price but of profitability and this is a scale on whose sides is the price and on another the result, when these elements are the same, not all professionals have the same title. Although we advise you to move to our offices and do everything personally. Today how much does a private detective cost, we have services throughout Spain, to confirm your suspicions, there is nothing more valuable than your


tranquility and truth is the best answer ever.


On the other hand, Private Investigation Spain , many will wonder who are the cheapest private detectives? Well, probably the last or the

that fewer clients have, although this is not always the case, there are worthy people who prefer to change professions to lower their prices and the reason is not always because they are bad professionals, another would be to reduce costs, but we cannot deceive ourselves to reduce costs, in a world of free trades is like hiring the cheap and spending less time, it is quite the opposite, the idea is to have a personal and professional relationship with the client based on trust.

At Grupo Arga Detectives , we fully know that despite the aforementioned and that the prices of private detectives in Spain are governed by the Official College of Professional Private Detectives, there are many agencies that offer cheaper prices than the rest of the others. companies, we Detectives Spain is an example, we have efficiency, speed, discretion and honesty, and above all we have the cheapest prices.

Private detectives Spain


In principle, at Detectives in Spain, we offer you two alternatives to contact our agency, the first through a form and the second by phone, which is more direct. The simplest is to call us, we attend 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, look at how quickly with a call you can explain your problem and ready we will guide and advise you in a fast and effective way.

And the second and not least, in Grupo Arga Detectives , you contact us via email, send us your name, email, contact telephone number, the subject, and your message specifying your doubts, take note emails are not answered if they are not full all these fields, For all these delicate issues and problems that overwhelm you, we put in your hands our years of experience in situations that are probably completely new to you or your company. So log in immediately and request our service, our advisors will attend you immediately. Do not hesitate, find out by calling our 24-hour permanent telephone number 913 866 294.



Contact with Private Investigators  in Spain




Spain Private investigators

If you are looking for private detectives in Spain, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at the detectives in Spain Arga Detectives Group.

We can provide you with expert services offered by private detectives at all times. You can rely on the services that we deliver and make sure that you are getting your specific requirements catered at all times.

Here are some of the traits that you can find among detectives in Spain Arga Detectives Group.

You will be able to get a superior service from these private detectives at all times. Hence, you will appreciate what you receive from us at all times.





Trustworthiness is one of the qualities that differentiate the private detective services that we offer from other service providers. You can provide us with all information related to the case and we will treat them with respect. In fact, we make sure that your information is not leaked outside under any given circumstance. This can help you to receive a quality service from us at the end of the day as well.

The detectives in Spain Arga Detectives Group are also aware of the fact that they should never distorted evidences that are available to support theories. Hence, you can get the evidences that you want and enjoy the positive returns that come along with them.

We respect your confidentiality when offering the private detective services. We will never disclose names, telephone numbers or any other pieces of important information under any given situation. Therefore, you can trust us at all times and get the services that we offer.



Persistence is another great quality that you can experience from the private detectives who work for Arga Detectives Group. We will study the subject carefully and deliver the support you need. Therefore, you will never be misguided by false alarms. We make sure that correct pieces of information are delivered to you at all times

You will never come across any issues when you need to trust the services that we offer.




All the private detectives who work for Arga Detectives Group know how to deliver their services with passion. In other words, the private detectives love the services that they offer. Passion is motivating the private detectives to go the extra mile and deliver the service you want. Therefore, you can expect to see the private detective coming up with a new approach to provide the support and assistance that you want at all times.

The love and motivation that the private detective has towards his profession will provide him with the opportunity to come up with ingenious strategies. These strategies can deliver all the assistance needed with solving complex problems that you have to deal with.

You can simply ask your private detective for information on how long he has been in the industry. Then you can get a better understanding about how passionate he is. We have carefully recruited such passionate individuals to Arga Detectives Group, so that we can make sure that you are receiving the best support with your case.




In some of the tough situations, it becomes important for the private detective to remain creative and deliver the service that you want. You will be able to find how the private detective is delivering the service you want with creativity at all times.

Creativity will help the private detective to think out of the box. As a result, it will be possible for you to end up with better results within a short period of time. The detective will work on his own and formulate the creative questions, which will eventually lead him towards truth. You can get the private detective to offer positive results, without exposing his role to the external world.


All the private detectors who work along with Arga Detectives Group are friendly and you will love to work along with them. They know how to deliver the support and assistance that you need at all times. You will be provided with a comfortable environment by the private detective, so that you can go ahead and discuss anything you want. You will also be able to trust the private detective and share your secrets as well. The private detective will then keep your secrets and make sure that they are not exposed to anyone else. Moreover, the private detectives are also capable of gathering information they need without any suspicion. Hence, you will fall in love with what you receive.

Keep these facts in your mind and get the help of private detectives who work for Arga Detectives Group. You will be able to secure an outstanding experience from these private detectives at all times.



Obtaining quality detectives is possible through the proportion of experts offered by Grupo Arga Detectives, where you can find the best care, thanks to faithful behavior towards the needs of each person, in our services the firm intention of providing quality service prevails before everything.

Regardless of the time of year, we receive your concerns 24 hours a day, because emergencies cannot wait, once they manifest they must be resolved immediately, the services of a private investigator focus on a wide dedication because This work is carried out with high vocation.

The detectives are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly in order to provide assistance to you as a customer, to any case in which the collection of supporting evidence required.

The way they operate is low profile, guaranteeing a natural environment in which obtaining information, data or any tangible evidence is a fact. Taking advantage of new technology in order to collect the same evidence in various formats that at the end of the day, the client can implement in a case that merits reporting or change

of conditions, as occurs in pensions.

If you wish to purchase a 24-hour detective service available , at Grupo Arga , you will find everything you need to attend to your case. We cover various branches of research to carry out a complete and high-quality work.



Grupo Arga , was born from the need of our clients, who suffer from problems ranging from minor situations such as infidelity, divorce or family problems, reaching cases with a little more weight, such as the disappearance of people, fraud, scams , harassment, violence and more.

We are a private detective agency 24 hours a day , with a long professional career, which has been founded thanks to the support and effort of our brilliant detectives. Highly qualified agents, experts in various areas of investigation and criminalistics.

With more than 9,000 cases closed, thanks to our contribution with tests for those situations in which the evidence is too scarce, reaching the point of freezing or saving the case between files.

Also, we must emphasize the excellent service provided within our agency, where it is not only about the level of professionalism at the time of the investigation. The treatment towards our clients is essential. We seek to instill in you an environment of trust and security.

Such attributes can only be well felt if an optimal service that meets expectations is guaranteed. Thanks to the great charisma and empathy that we always feel for our clients. You can count on our full support in any case that you present.

We also have all the special equipment of the moment, going to the inclination of technology. Thus attacking physical and digital cases. If you present a case where you are being attacked through a mobile device, computer, areas such as social networks, web pages or applications. We will help you.



Investigative processes increasingly lose the possibility of finding sufficient evidence that complies in order to provide a solution to a case. By leaving them in a waiting state, where without new information to back them up, they can risk remaining frozen or archived.

For this, the support of an entity capable of providing a solution is required. In this case, private detectives act . Highly qualified professionals, capable of carrying out any type of investigation of cases with a lesser degree of crime.

The services they offer are totally direct with your client. Focusing only on your case, providing all the necessary tools and strategies, in order to collect the information or evidence, that will help you, as a client, the possibility of processing your case.

But hiring the right agency is a very complex task. At Grupo Arga , we assure you of a quality service, totally recommended by previous clients. We are the best detective agency in Spain 24 hours .




The private detective is a professional expert in various investigative techniques. Thanks to his skills, he is able to carry out an analysis process, in which he develops an effective strategy in order to obtain guaranteed results.

These entities cannot investigate high-grade criminal cases. So their services are reduced to cases with less weight; where the need for physical evidence is crucial to confirm suspicions, capture a culprit, or process a complaint.

Some of those cases are issues of sensitivity. Covering from domestic violence, irregular behaviors in the family nucleus; where you live with people who abuse alcohol, drugs or other types of addictions; divorces, infidelity, harassment, fraud, location of people and much more.

To obtain any evidence, that is capable of supporting these and other cases; It is a little complicated. Private detectives guarantee a completely legal procedure, where through good planning, they will collect the necessary evidence in various formats.

These professionals work low profile. Staying mixed with the environment, so that the investigated individual does not suspect, leaving him free to act and thus, find the right moment to capture any movement that serves as evidence for his case.




In Spain, there are multiple private detective and investigation agencies . Most of them offer the same services; each with their own particular way of working and handling cases. Knowing which agency is the right one can be a big problem.

For us at Grupo Arga , your safety is our priority. As a private detective agency in Spain 24 hours ; We are 100% dedicated to community aid, where we provide our services in order to demonstrate the truth. Counting on diverse investigative resources, very helpful to carry out an optimal process.

If you present a case where some situation is affecting you physically or emotionally and that requires the support of supporting evidence, in order to get support. At Grupo Arga , we have a solution for you.

You should only contact our agency, which is located throughout Spain. Our professionals will assist you in your case (as long as it is a specified case within our services), assisting you directly to show higher priority. Our mission is to support you at all times.

You will be guided throughout the process; explaining how the movements, strategies and information gathering of the investigated individual will be carried out (if this is not the case, a search network would be opened depending on what needs to be analyzed).




Grupo Arga is born out of the need to support every person who requires help in the face of an unsolved case. Same cases, which remain in that state for lack of supporting evidence.

We are a private detective agency in Spain 24 hours ; With a long professional career, we guarantee a quality and optimal service, with the support of our entire team of detective experts . With more than 9,000 cases resolved; Our efforts have made a difference in the lives of each of our clients.

Our priority is to offer you, as a client, the opportunity to be heard and cared for. We focus on each case, with total seriousness; attending directly with the purpose of generating hope. We work hard, with the aim of collecting any valuable information that serves as support for your case.

Our team of detectives are the best in all of Spain. Each one with an impeccable work history; able to solve any problem that you are presenting. In addition, we have our forensic computing team .

Not all inconveniences happen physically; cases involving the digital world such as social networks, blogs or other web portals; until the intervention of mobile applications such as whatsapp . These can be taken care of thanks to the computer experts; the search for lost or stolen information has a way of being solved.

We also have the best electronic equipment of the moment. They, who fulfill various tasks with a common purpose, collect information. Devices such as cameras, microphones, sensors, computers, etc. We have all the arsenal necessary to help you. With them, we can also perform procedures such as electronic scanning.

At Grupo Arga , we understand your situation. We do not seek profit because of your problems. We want to represent support for the Spanish community . For this, we have the best rates, where the quality-price comparison comes to light, regardless of the type of case you present. We want to help you in any way we can.

If there is something that characterizes us, it is a good service. All our team will receive you with total empathy and cordiality. Always showing a good face in the face of adversity. The sense of justice is what motivates us when carrying out each investigation process.

You can fully count on us to be taken care of. All documentation captured and delivered to you, may be helpful when you want to generate a complaint or other legal procedure, since all information given by us is fully supported by both police and legal entities. Without a doubt, your best research option.






The detectives experts will provide an assertive support depending on your situation, the best thing is that each application serves as expeditiously as possible, especially to receive any call for 24 hours to obtain data under a shelter resounding law, our Professionals are licensed to practice.

We conduct private inquiries with full capacity, we provide a first-rate service, where each of our professionals handles each case as if it were something personal, because empathy ties are established, this set of services are put available to each client who requires it.

Our professionals will act as if they were your ears and eyes, capturing every data and information that is important to you, we attend to all kinds of problems, both personal, business and industrial, we have no limitation to exercise our capabilities every day.

The use or knowledge of the range of services that we have created so that each client is satisfied with what we can provide, thanks to the fact that we have detectives who are backed by an extensive history performing their functions after each case.

We cover the field of private investigation completely, we try to be an efficient option regardless of the matter, we are confident of your problems and then find an appropriate solution, because we have the measure that is necessary within this area to carry out each job in the safest and most effective way.

On various occasions we advise you on each step along the path of private investigation, you will have no reason to regret it, but plenty of reasons to place your trust in each action carried out by detectives, this allows us to build strong evidence with which you can mark the difference.

Every time we reform our services so that they are oriented to a notable improvement, where each modern feature helps us get to the bottom of each issue, the service that you need the most will have it at the right time without any doubt, we have consecrated ourselves in time based on successful results that identifies us.

We execute tasks of all kinds, we do not abstain because we have experts for each area, we follow every trace and evidence with great fervor, our staff ensures the integrity of each evidence, we ensure that the practice of each case is carried out with extreme precision to meet the customer’s goals.




We transform a problem into a report that will contain the evidence you need to calm your concerns, detectives are fully involved in your cause, we use every evidence to your advantage, to eliminate any kind of concern, we take care not to miss any detail .

However insignificant they may seem, we do not overlook anything until we verify their origin and verify that they are true, because with this result the client will be able to continue to some legal step or method, for this reason we characterize ourselves as an efficient detective agency, which have an enormous experience in this field.

We provide our services not only to the Spanish sector, but also internationally, growing every day through constant training to be able to solve all kinds of issues that may overshadow your days, these actions are the main preference in the market of the private investigation.

When explanations are required, the best place to go is to Grupo Arga Detectives, where the size of the problems does not matter, since compared to the tools we have, where we take advantage of the advancement of technology to take advantage of their scope and use them in defense of the security of each client.

We have perfected a perfect and efficient system capable of being available for every problem, we have professionals who love what they do, at every step they dedicate their time to customer problems, we have been distinguished with different awards that place us as an agency first-rate detectives.



When tense situations occur, where possibly responsible individuals are involved; Evidence that points to them is required in order to do justice.

Sometimes, the lack of evidence complicates the investigative process, leaving the case frozen or filed. This not only occurs in high-grade crimes; It happens in everyday life, where other situations of great emotional weight occur , such as domestic violence, irregular behavior in the family, infidelity, harassment, fraud, leading to the disappearance of people, among other circumstances.

Some of the minor cases cannot be dealt with more consistently. Leaving the affected person in a tortuous wait, risking his health and emotional state. It is here where professional help is required from research entities capable of coping with them.

We at Grupo Arga offer you a full 24-hour detective service in Madrid . Being able to collect any evidence, that serves in order to support it in any procedure. Quality and results, is what we guarantee.



The private detective is a trained professional in the field of investigation. With strong knowledge, which he implements with the aim of providing a service to the community, where any case of a lesser degree, that needs the support of tangible evidence; I can count on them.

These experts use stealth tactics and great caution. The way they collect information is totally low-key. Its intention is to maintain a totally natural environment, where the person under investigation can act with tranquility. Waiting for the right moment to capture any movement that serves as evidence.

Many detective agencies offer multiple services, with different investigative categories, tailored to your needs. Their quality varies, all depending on the years of experience they have, or the type of researchers that compose them.

Therefore, deciding which is the best option to attend to your case, can be a problem. We, Grupo Arga , are your best option



 Best Private Investigators in Spain 2022 ®


Private detectives will be able to provide a great overall assistance to you in many different instances. It is better if you can have a basic understanding about the benefits that they can offer. Then you will be able to obtain the services offered by private detectives and enjoy peace of mind in the long run.

Many different types of individuals can think about seeking the assistance of private detectors. They include lawyers, business owners and even individuals who want support and assistance with their personal matters. All you have to do is to get in touch with the expert private detectives and receive the support and assistance offered by them.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits that you can experience with the help and support offered by private detectives. If you can contact us at Arga detectives Group, you can experience the same benefits.



Private detectives that you can hire from Arga detectives Group are working along with a sense of direction at all times. They always remain in the moment and they know how to deliver a perfect service to you at the end of the day. The private detectives have usually gone through professional development courses in order to understand how to work along with a sense of direction. It also provides a great overall assistance for them to work easily and get work done.



You can handover your task to expert private detectives without keeping any doubts in mind.

That’s because they are in a position to deliver an excellent service to you with credibility and confidence.

You can keep the peace of mind because the private detectives at Arga detectives Group will be able to cater to the requirements that you have.

You can also end up with securing positive returns from the private detective at the end of the day. You can get an impressive experience out of private detectives as well.



The private detectives are aware about the work that they do. In other words, they work along with self-awareness. Hence, you will be able to remain within your career and end up with securing best possible results in the long run.

They get into the role of providing much-needed support and assistance to you in the long run. Therefore, you will be able to handover the task and keep the peace of mind.

The private detective will get into the requirement and make sure that a great service is offered to you.



You will come across numerous mysteries to solve. You will not have knowledge, contacts or expertise to resolve the mysteries. This is where you need to make sure that you are getting the assistance of private detectives. They know how to understand your mystery and how to resolve it accordingly. Therefore, you will be provided with an excellent assistance to resolve the mystery within a short period of time. They will also be able to end up with the most accurate conclusions. Hence, you will be able to rely on the information provided to you by the private detective as well.

Private investigators have gone through appropriate training. Along with this training, they are aware of how to provide the support and assistance that you need with connecting the dots and providing you with a true understanding about the reason behind mysteries. Make sure that you locate the right private detective and go ahead with it at all times. Then you can enjoy the outstanding services that private detectives can offer and enjoy your life.



If you are dealing with a problem, you need to think about getting the assistance of private detectives. They know what they are supposed to do. Therefore, you will be provided with the support needed accordingly. They follow a vigil approach when offering professional investigators. You will also be able to overcome the problems from the root cause with the support delivered by the private investigator.

These are the most prominent benefits that private detectives can offer to you. However, you should make sure that you are picking the best and the most experienced private detectives to get the job done. In case if you are from Spain and if you are searching for such an effective private detector, you may get in touch with us at Arga detectives Group. Then we can help you to get much-needed support and assistance that you need with overcoming the issues that you face. You can provide all the details you have and we will make sure that we are taking the task from there. Hence, you will be able to end up with better results with overcoming the problems you face.




Private investigators in Spain  ® with discretion | Get the best Private detectives in Spain right now.



Do you want to locate the best private investigators in Spain? Then you need to understand how to locate the right service provider in town.

Based on that, you can make the decision to move forward and receive outstanding services.

Here are some of the useful tips that you can follow in order to locate private investigators in Spain.



The very first thing that you have to do when you are trying to hire private investigators in Spain is to seek recommendations.

If your friends, family members or colleagues have used the services delivered by a private investigator in the past, you will be provided with valuable recommendations. You can trust on those recommendations and move forward with obtaining the services that you want.

If you don’t have a personal friend or a family member, you can think about contacting sheriffs, local police or attorneys as well. They can also provide you with best recommendations to you. In case if you don’t have a clear understanding about approaching anyone.



You can also do your own research and locate the private investigators in Spain. Internet is the best source available for you to use in here.

You will be able to initiate the research online and then go through the profiles of top private detectives.

Then you can understand the private detectives who are capable of delivering a quality service to you at the end of the day.

Once you locate the right private detectives, you may contact them and get the support you need. This will help you to proceed with a successful investigation and ensure that you get quality results at all times.



Once you locate a reliable private investigator, you should meet him. It is not recommended to handover the task to private investigators in Spain without meeting them. You need to make sure that you are having an excellent rapport along with the investigator. That’s because you will come across the need to provide them with personal and confidential information. Without providing such information, you cannot get the investigator to complete the work that you have.

You should visit the office of the private investigator and provide all information. Then you can develop an excellent connection with the private investigator as well. You don’t need to worry too much about this because the private investigators will usually create comfortable environments where the clients can provide information without hiding any. This will eventually contribute towards the overall success of your case.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the private investigator, it is better if you can look for an alternative service provider. That’s because there is a high possibility for you not to like the service that you are getting at the end of the day as well.



Before you handover the project to a private investigator, you must go ahead and define the terms of investigation as well. This will contribute heavily towards the positive results that you will be able to secure at the end of the day.

You should be providing information on what exactly you wish to receive at the end of the day. For example, if you are dealing with an infidelity case, you will come across the need to get your private investigator to justify your claims at the court. Or else, people who want to catch their cheating spouses will come across the need to get evidences, such as video footage. You must be clear with what you want to receive from the private investigator at the end of the day. Then you should handover the task and ask the private investigator to work on it accordingly.

You must also sign an agreement with the private investigator before handing over the job. The agreement that you sign with private investigators in Spain can help you to make sure that you will not run into any major issues. You can keep the peace of mind and trust on the agreement that is being signed with the private investigator. If anything goes wrong, you can get the agreement and work accordingly. Moreover, the agreement that you have along with your private investigator will deliver peace of mind to you in the long run as well.

Keep these tips in your mind and start locating the best private investigator in Spain. If you don’t want to go through the lengthy route, you can simply contact our team at Arga Detectives Group. We will be able to deliver expert private investigation services to you while adhering to all the above-mentioned aspects. Therefore, you can trust on the service that we deliver and move forward with it, without keeping any doubts in mind.




Pointing out all the details immersed in the case is the first step to carry out the private investigation, that awakens an enormous capacity to design resolution methods compatible with all the details of the situation, the commitment arises at the moment of sharing your needs.

The advantage against any deception emerges with the issuance of irrefutable evidence, throughout the process the necessary link with the law is maintained to point out reality with the transparency required by any judicial instance, it is about following the north of legality in each instance.

The investigations provide a clear approach to reality, especially when conducted by experts who have sufficient precision in the application of information evaluation processes, it is a concrete way to clarify the truth, this is an outstanding aspect of the commitment assumed on every cause.

The agreements that are established on each private investigation have to do with the information you share, based on your needs you can set objectives to cover thanks to the effective actions of private detectives, to accurately seek knowledge about what is happening .

The verification of the truth complies with all the principles of private investigation, because that is the fundamental pillar for the case to reach an optimal conclusion, each action carried out on the case does not cross the limitations and concentrates on knowing the needs present in the case to fully attend to them.

Obtaining information is the final interest pursued by each private detective, who maintain a high performance on the nature of the case, everything depends precisely on the knowledge behind the observation of our experts, since they do not miss any kind of present indication if.

The confusions need clarity as soon as possible, that means that you should consider undertaking a private investigation process to have the

capacity of qualified private detectives, which means that they have the power to take each case seriously, transparency is also presented when determining the feasibility of investigations.

The transmission of the truth must be loaded with evidence, for this private detectives become a guide to reality, exposing evidence to establish a connection between the facts and the evidence, this kind of contribution ends up affirming or denying a situation.

The fact to be investigated is surrounded by hypotheses that can later be validated or denied, thanks to the culmination of all the ways of obtaining information, because the tests require following all the doubts of the case, it is a chain of indications, one after another that ends up being decisive to reach the conclusion of your case.

The work on private investigation composes a staggered process, where other areas join together to expertly handle all the data involved in the case, as a client you can trust that this service provides advances, it is a communication of reality guaranteed.

The distinction of opting for this service instead of on your own, has to do with the collection of evidence under precision, in turn objective decisions are made to guarantee that the evidence will be authentic, regardless of the complexity private detectives They are committed to getting the truth as long as possible.

The understanding of the situation is a position in your favor that is offered by our private detectives, that clearly marks a great difference on the support of an expert compared to an individual effort to know the truth, all requirements within the case are met with distinction.

The setbacks or obstacles present in a case are mastered under the experience that resides on the options of Grupo Arga, this type of support is worthwhile, it is also a planning to demonstrate the truth about some fact, in the same way the mission within of our services is formulating appropriate responses.

The right moment to know the truth is now, this happens thanks to the extensive availability of our services, it is simple to have this type of coverage in your favor, through contracting a clear commitment is signed for the proportion of effective responses that all case needs.

The levels of complication that may be present in a case are assumed by the ambitious and supportive vision presented by the private detectives in charge of the situation, this relevance that is inverted on the case ends up generating the obtaining of key data that can cause legal consequences by betting on that resolution path.

All the elements of conviction within the private investigation are important, a piece of information can lead to a clear conclusion, that is why from our services you have the option of a proven process and ratified by years of good results, as well as by the constant training of the private detectives at your disposal.

The accumulation of alternatives to obtain information from private investigation has to do with displacement and quality follow-ups, because the answers must be sought as soon as possible, but this skill is not easy to master when having interests committed to the situation, instead a expert exercises an objective assessment above all.

The responses from Grupo Arga are valid for any case, since the actions are carried out discreetly, after having analyzed all the details of the case to ensure that you have the best conditions when looking for proof or evidence.

The plans that are designed to deal with a case are really functional, since they are highly organized tactics, in order to transmit professional help that is compatible with the demands of the situation, all fields involved with the service are optimally attended to the experience and training of our experts.




The best private detectives make up a coverage for each case, it is a personalized provision to adapt to the demands of each specific situation, the final objective of Grupo Arga is to issue the best private investigation service in Spain, for this your requirements are prioritized and In each case, an improvement is designed on the way to proceed.

The success of our work is demonstrated in different awards that we have obtained for the performance exercised, to which is added the disciplined and careful attention to all the details of the case, that is the mark we leave when assuming the leadership of a process of private investigation.

The ability of each one of our private detectives is based on transmitting peace of mind, because concerns due to doubts are intolerable, all of this is estimated and valued by the services established in Grupo Arga, this kind of attention ends up being critical for Get to the bottom of the matter that worries you so much.

Establishing the procedures of a private investigation demands a high level of performance, that is why our private detectives have sufficient skills and knowledge about the detective field to cover, as well as establishing a policy of reinvention on each process to be at the forefront.

To have an efficient representation you need optimal tools and resources, this is precisely what we offer you through detailed strategies which drive to offer the best results, that is the direction that Grupo Arga’s trajectory follows over time to establish itself as the main reference.

The service to new clients is an opportunity to demonstrate the value of Grupo Arga, due to the fact that the focus persists on maintaining a performance of excellence, you just have to make a query to find out how the search for the truth that we exercise is produced, where All quality standards and legal indications are taken care of.

The acceptance of the tests is a fact once you contract our services, this is the distinction you need to not live under constant deception or with suspicions that deteriorate your quality of life, this type of coverage focuses on creating a plan based on your needs.

Specialized information is a fact thanks to the performance of proven processes, where the accuracy of the information is complete so that you make the most coherent decisions with the situation from your perspective, for this reason it is good that you have experts to determine the truth.

Regardless of the type of situation in Grupo Arga you are heading towards obtaining evidence, this type of guarantee has to do with the quality private investigation service we offer, where clients are the center of all investigation processes, that kind of indications are taken into account at 100%.

The main factors involved in the case are compared and analyzed from the beginning of the case, this type of consideration is what allows the process to be maintained as a personalized scale, where a clear guideline is kept with your needs until leading the demonstration of the reality with a quality representation.

The proportion of data for your case ends up being essential to have enough clarity about a situation, this is undertaken in a range of opportunity time by considering everything that is at stake behind a situation, without leaving aside the care that is taken they keep when processing the information and obtaining it with the necessary legal preservation.

Any present concern about a situation can be combated with the means of services available in Grupo Arga, it is a point in which you must propose to act as soon as possible, it is vital to have a communicative attitude to have sufficient means to form the action plan, where the information is estimated to check what happens.

The initial scheme ensures the operability on the resolution of your cause, this type of professional strategies look for the indicated answer for the case, in Grupo Arga the gaze is on the exhaustion of the alternatives of the expertise, to which secrecy is added by our experts so as not to omit any element.

At the beginning it is common for multiple hypotheses to be established, but the evidence is what ends up speaking for itself, that is the closure that every case receives based on the effort that each private detective dedicates, this option allows you to take advantage of the organization of the best innovative services to collect evidence.

Creativity and seriousness in complex situations is essential, these two elements are added as part of the control before the analysis of a situation to guarantee that the demonstration of the truth is a fact, the sense of private investigation is of a high level to comply with all expectations raised.

As soon as all the details of the case are known, the hiring asserts the availability of multidisciplinary areas to guarantee a greater probability of resolution, to which is added the trajectory of our work to prioritize the issuance of solid evidence, which is required to leave aside the problems and they come from expert operations.

The investigations are linked to your needs, because it is a means to obtain information, through a controlled and specialized process based on the nature of the facts, this resolution is much more professional thanks to the fact that our private detectives They work with autonomy and commitment.

Resolving all kinds of concerns is part of Grupo Arga’s offer, where the determination of the facts is the key to everything, it is useful to invest in this type of representation where the ability of the private investigation agents comes to the fore, the expertise is one of the benefits provided on all kinds of cases.

Carrying out a private investigation through our services is efficient to deal with a deception, the beginning is to express what concerns you to get a budget related to the activities to be carried out, all this allows you to achieve convincing results.





The way of investigating used by our private detectives is totally objective, that is why it is an option with a great reputation to obtain true evidence, where the ways to approach a situation vary based on the details of the case, that also influences the elaboration of the case. budget.

The analysis of the facts influences to achieve the personalized resolution of your case, to ensure certainty about a situation, as a detective agency we look for productive alternatives to escalate to the presentation of evidence that ensures everything that is hidden in a particular scenario. .

The execution of a case receives professional attention based on the level of tools and techniques available, all this is kept within your reach through an economic offer, without forgetting the empathy that each expert dedicates to consider the facts and that you receive that that much-needed feeling of coverage.

The request for private investigation services remains in the same direction as the facts, any type of restriction when applying data processing operations is communicated from the beginning when creating an action plan according to your needs, the level of coverage we offer is kept under constant improvement.

Any conventional path on your own ends up generating a clear damage, since you can carry out an illegal action violating the privacy of the other people involved, instead the provision of services prevents you from getting involved in problems and the investigations are specialized.

The possibility of receiving help and innovative attention lies in the hiring of our services, the meaning of the processes to discover the truth is an inspiration for each of our private detectives, who have enough experience to take on a case with all the parameters necessary.

The present situation is indistinct, each case is treated differently to guarantee convincing results, that responsibility is established when all the data related to the case is analyzed, that is why the professional determination offered by each private detective is important.

New approaches and resources are the best way out in the face of difficulties, in Grupo Arga state-of-the-art techniques are implemented, so that technology can support the development of solid strategies at the time of obtaining evidence, in addition, that vision is oriented to the field on which events happen.

The service is extensive and constantly updated, that is why the training by our private detectives is effective, the objective is that you receive the best of a performance dedicated to verifying the truth, the important thing is that you receive support where each piece of information is parsed and evaluated as you expect.

The use of technological tools is added as an advantage in your favor when finding pertinent information, these additional measures make it

easier for operations to arise in the field at the level of your needs, innovation in research techniques allows you to have coverage in your favor extensive.

From Grupo Arga you have the clear option of betting on DNA identification, matches of various kinds, fingerprint processing and other techniques that are carried out with the outstanding experience of our private detectives, which is why it ends up being the possibility to have the best of private investigation.

The support of private investigation demonstrates a clear capacity within the fields related to this service, you can highlight your doubts so that the services are oriented towards the most optimal resolution with the necessary responsibility and discipline when making an affirmation about a fact .

Discretion is guaranteed on the aspects of the services offered at Grupo Arga, each of our private detectives focus on understanding the different types of clients who request coverage of this level, to carry out personalized operations to provide convincing information. .

The structure of an action plan is always crucial to process all the information and form solid evidence, this kind of work allows the direction of the investigations to be adequately reflected, for this reason there is nothing better than trusting our professional virtues to respond to your needs.

Decision-making based on evidence is a clear way of accepting and seeing reality, when you have a special requirement in mind, you should not refrain from sharing it with our private detectives, since they are the only ones to carry out recognized work to prove whatever is happening.

The opportunity to obtain information arises with private investigation, because they retain an outstanding dynamism that takes care of the quality of the work to be carried out in order to have contact with the evidence that demonstrates the functions that our private detectives can carry out.

When some complication arrives in your life, the most natural thing is to form hypotheses to try to achieve the peace of mind you need, but that only covers what is really happening, so the parameters of private investigation are more crucial to know in detail what what actually happens.

The events that arise in a field can be analyzed thanks to the detective’s nose to protect you against any type of deception, you must not expose your identity, but you can grant the initiative to professionals who work without being noticed, for this reason resort to our services It is a high dose of safety and effectiveness.

The secrecy that a private investigation requires has to do with a red-handed capture of the facts, therefore all the investigation processes are fully complied with to demonstrate what happens with a personalized plan that is designed from the first moment in which you share your needs.

The cases are different and for this you can request expert coverage, each of the services generates a unique benefit for any type of context, there is no need to expose yourself and be discovered, but rather all the incidents of the case are developed in a specialized to look for forceful results.




Initiating a private investigation consists of setting goals according to your needs, the more data you provide, the better the concentration of private investigation areas, because this analysis is highly functional to adjust the environment on which the facts unfold, every indication is estimated to confirm reality.

The data obtained is the product of a truly professional treatment, the success of the private investigation is proportional to the rigorous operations that are carried out as the main advantage to ratify each test, the inalienable objective in each case is the demonstration of the truth.

The representation of reality is found on all the elements of conviction compiled on a case, in the midst of this development confidentiality stands out so that the operations generate the expected effect, exhausting this service is a guarantee of valid results in all senses.

Tangible evidence is a connection with reality, at each level of private investigation all legal aspects are taken care of, so that the chain of custody allows you to receive numerous evidence from the development of personalized strategies with solid results in each case.

The best of the results to know the truth, has to do with the follow-up of all the legal requirements as well as with the course of a dynamic action plan, that is the skill that distinguishes the use of professional measures where deceptions are faced with the key objective of presenting solid evidence.

The execution of research processes is an efficient way of obtaining information, that is the direction to highlight the reality in any context and under a time span of opportunity that cannot be ignored, in fact it is a measure that runs to your please so you don’t have to live under more damages for some fraud.

The professional discernment that is maintained in our private investigation agency is related to a trajectory full of conclusive results, we form an organization guaranteed to propose sufficient methods to discover the truth, especially with the training of our private detectives who do what is necessary to every cause.

In each investigation there is a clear effort to reveal the truth, above all through a task that is not easy, but that is complemented by training and experience to transmit a guaranteed representation and promote the success of the case that we take on, as private investigation agency we are a resource to expose the truth.

The positive change that you must obtain for your life, lies on the scope of conclusive evidence, this type of response arises as a result of an authentic criterion where innovation and reinvention prevail when overcoming the complications of a case, these aspects allow the investigation be successful and valid before judicial instances.

The course of private investigation must maintain a successful leadership, complying with all the parameters from beginning to end, especially in the investigative work that leads to obtaining information and data that are crucial to clarify a situation that generates doubts, which The ideal is to share facts that transmit security to you.

The criteria implemented on the development of a case is truly professional, that is why it is a representation that implements the best of private investigation to cover all those aspects that generate concerns, even the factors indirectly involved are estimated by our private detectives.

The permanent availability to your doubts is the certainty that it is a service that supports you above all else, no matter how personal, work, business, family, IT or other, we maintain a sense of commitment throughout everything. the process, that demonstrates the commitment of Grupo Arga with the demonstration of the truth.

The performance of each of our private detectives is effective, in view of the specialized functions for the different situations to be faced, this professional channel is a path of excellence to prove reality, all of this is backed by experience in dealing with different cases.

If you are in Spain and need to hire an expert private detective, you should automatically think of Grupo Arga, due to the level of services offered on different situations, the first contact is the most important for collecting information to assume the responsibility of demonstrating a fact or event.

The investigation in the private sphere is developed considering all the conditions of the fact, in addition, it is about professionals qualified to determine the crucial evidence on a particular situation, this type of training allows you to have a high degree of effectiveness in your favor to have evidence satisfactorily and without falling into major problems.

The methodology that closely follows the private investigation is meticulous so as not to violate any kind of legal regulation, this is part of the definition of a strategic service that understands all the details involved in the case to establish from the beginning the type of private investigation that it must be developed with custom tools.

The security within the outcome of our services has to do with the implementation of police processes on particular cases, that means that the incidence within the cases is handled in the same way that government agencies combat deception, with means and expertise that ensures the veracity of the data.

The official license to lead a private investigation is an accreditation to trust Grupo Arga, to carry out an investigation you must have the necessary professional skills, all of this becomes a reality through a contract that supports you in all aspects, use this alternative to verify the acts.

All legal and emotional demands are considered from the first moment, it is a way to overcome any deception that is arising against you, especially to take the step of presenting your problems before a court, so you must have valid evidence that is the product of scientific and technical analysis that resides in Grupo Arga.



The work carried out in the field of private investigation is endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior, which means that private detectives have the necessary training to take responsibility for clarifying a case, the appreciation of this contract is noted above the quality of the evidence found and expertly processed.

The premises of a case are treated as a possibility of what may or may not be, that is, all the doubts you feel must be expressed to make the decision about the best alternative to clarify the situation, finally when you accept the action plan you have the opportunity to proceed with the private investigation.

There is no doubt that the true connection with reality arises from the evidence, this argument is convenient to deal with deception as well as to follow the legal duties to be behind an indication, all this is the product of an academic preparation that generates a better decision decisions regarding the case.

Specialists in private investigations are at your disposal, with the ambition of revealing the quality of their actions to expose evidence that follows compliance with the legal system of each area, that strict vision to preserve the legal margin ends up being profitable to make Justice.

The best choice to develop a private investigation resides on the performance of Grupo Arga, in fact that same professional career has been compensated with awards that ratify the level of effectiveness that we issue when covering a case, where every response must be impeccable.

It is vital to justify the reasons for the doubts and concerns that you present about a situation, this happens thanks to the comparison with the events that are happening or take place within some area, the effectiveness of the tests consists in knowing exactly what happens and above all from the tangible elements found.

When conducting a private investi

gation, the preference should be over professionalism, that level of seriousness is indicated so that from technology and the use of specialized tools all the data that arises about a particular circumstance can be verified.

The knowledge of our specialized private detectives merges with techniques to solve any riddle or crossroads, for this, daring and capacity are required, in addition, in the process no regulations are breached, without leaving aside experience as an opportunity value for reach the end of each query.

In economic circumstances, IT, monitoring and surveillance, location of people, computer investigation measures, business matters and others, it is key to have a range of services at your disposal, in this way no complex fact will overcome the responses shared by the process. private investigation.

The main values that are invested on the cases to be investigated are discretion, critical analysis, empathy and commitment, all these elements are the true description of professionals who guarantee you to obtain evidence to get out of any deception or fraud, we delegate experts to exhaust each determining investigation for the case.

The best solution to avoid being deceived is found on the best private investigation services, it is also an effective alternative for the price in which expert actions are quoted to seek the truth, the effectiveness is tested when offering coverage fully proportional to the facts of the case.

Obtaining evidence is part of the commitment that makes sense behind the contracting of Grupo Arga’s services, at a good cost you have the option of discovering the truth with the assistance of private detectives who are qualified to practice throughout the country. Spain without any inconvenience.

Inquiries of any kind correspond to the performance and commitments issued by our private detectives, for each field or situation professionals are designated who can understand the size of the problem to be confronted, that level of specialization and preparation in an area facilitates obtaining strong results.

Before issuing a judgment or a position on a fact, you must have evidence that can support your position, that is why the veracity of a situation is guaranteed under the methodology of the services available at Grupo Arga, then you will assess having evidence and results that clarify what is happening.

In the midst of private investigation, the specialty has a crucial estimate, because it is the best alternative to understand reality, the dedication of each of our private detectives has to do with conducting investigations that follow totally effective standards and methods.

Using professional management causes hypotheses to be conducted to reach the scope of more evidence, therefore conducting a private investigation is a key alternative for incidents of a labor, business, commercial nature and other types of events of these characteristics.

The custody of the truth is the mission that every private investigator belonging to Grupo Arga develops, professional understanding ends up issuing a professional practice similar to that carried out by official bodies, that makes a difference by having a private response at your fingertips to pursue any illicit event.

Any private crime that may be affecting you can be prosecuted through the service channels that our private investigation agency has, instead of falling into great confusion due to doubts, there is a great opportunity to appeal to professionals backed by the accreditation to carry out a job in accordance with the law.

Clarifying your doubts should be a priority, which is fulfilled thanks to the assistance of our services, as part of a high-quality coverage issued by excellent professionals who support you through a low cost to obtain convincing evidence, it is an action that promote warranty.








The true private investigation experts that Grupo Arga has for your case are a measure of peace of mind, because that establishes that the collection of information remains legal, so that you have evidence at the time of exhausting the judicial process if the situation warrants it. and it is your decision.

The elements of conviction generate an extensive opportunity to do justice, especially in cases such as the request for divorce, pension, fraudulent sick leave, among other similar incidents, it is about finding the truth through the strength of the evidence, due to which are elements that emit a solid response.

The completion of each private investigation brings with it the offer of a detailed report, in this way all the occurrences of the case are exposed, because it is an exhaustive analysis of all the evidence that is coming to light under the professional effort of our private detectives

The presentation of a case before the courts takes on greater strength with the evidence, that is why the training and the license allow them to be probative elements with a lot of projection to do justice, having this expert support at your disposal is a great advantage, in addition your identity is not revealed in no time.

Being one step ahead of deception occurs when you receive proven evidence, that support of the truth follows the phases of an investigation process with care of the chain of custody, that shows that the evidence is obtained by experts in the area on the which the facts unfold.

The effectiveness that lies in the performance of our private detectives is part of the remarkable commitment that is close to the demonstration of the truth, especially through solid evidence that is obtained from day to day, through a follow-up where the details but promote the continuity of private investigation.

In different cases, attention is essential, especially if it comes from a specialist in the field of private investigation committed to your case, which is why our professionals have enough capacity to take on your problems until they provide you with peace of mind and protection with

the issuance of evidence.

The integrity of the evidence is preserved from the first phases of the private investigation, until the issuance of the final report, later that evidence works to develop judicial processes in courts, so our services are crucial to intervene in the existing justice measures.

Legal problems or any type of fraud can be confronted with the veracity of the evidence, since they are part of the talent of our private detectives who carry out a complete analysis by obtaining the information as well as by pursuing all the related clues, that persecution It is totally legal and valid.

The expert work that is developed through private investigation is complete in every way, it becomes a representation where the authenticity of the facts prevails, that is a reflection that the evidence is irrefutable regardless of the purpose you have in mind to get out of any deception.

The search for the truth is enabled on the services of Grupo Arga, it is a feasible decision on the hiring of an expert management on obtaining solid evidence, through procedures that are part of a broad structure with areas that complement the functions of the private detectives.

The sense of orientation and vocation present on your needs, allows the offering of evidence to be a reality, with respect to a situation a special follow-up is set, on this fact lies a notable advantage, it is about obtaining information with the expert action of private detectives.

The execution of the expert work in Grupo Arga, allows us to build or direct a case towards the most effective resolution, your requirements are taken care of by our private detectives, before those occasions of uncertainty it is essential that you avoid obstacles with specialized strategies.

From the first moment all the aspects of the case are analyzed, to form a scheme that really represents what you need to know or verify, everything that works against you is exposed with convincing evidence, through the instinct of the private detectives who prevail as a goal the most forceful resolution.

All the details involved in the case are considered and studied by our private detectives, to have a guarantee of what happens, the generation of evidence arises effectively through this route, the ideal is to link the factual situations with the evidentiary elements that are collected.

The accompaniment of our expert services is a great measure, especially so that you do not continue to be affected by the problems of uncertainty, instead the expertise and nose of experience of private detectives clarifies everything, you cannot think about the failure of your case , when it receives the primary analysis of Grupo Arga.

Go immediately for the assistance and representation of the private investigation, it is the only means for your problems to be analyzed from beginning to end, until the evidence that reduces the problems is originated, the determination of a case happens with the execution of fully certified procedures .

The fields of private investigation are approached with total responsibility, that causes the operations to maintain a calm execution, it is a way of making a difference over all the doubts that dwell in you, the private investigation agents consider all the actors and findings involved in the situation.

Through research, clear objectives are established with the truth, the ideal is to detect a greater number of indications, this accumulation of clues can be the final conclusion of a fact, that is why the application of techniques ends up being the way to certify the validity of the information until it is related to the case.

Thanks to the training of our experts, there is the opportunity to implement useful tools, which clarify the course of a case by leading towards the resolution of a problem, this type of response generates an impact on the deception, so that you do not have to continue affected Due to these circumstances, each process also validates the research plan.



Through the organization of Grupo Arga, there is the will to improve the service areas, as well as the creativity to design a solid action plan linked to the facts to be clarified, as well as the support of technological resources to strengthen the processing of computer data.

The adjustment on your case allows the course of private investigation to be viable, this care is useful for you at all times, we are constantly learning and undercover work to avoid raising any type of suspicion, the ideal is that you have your side a guarantee of this level to collect information.

The precision of the private investigation meets your needs, given that all the questions are dealt with conclusive evidence, this is a smart bet where each phase of the action plan is followed because it is the most appropriate outcome for the situation that our experts are dealing with. private detectives.

The guarantee of valid conclusions is related to the deployment of operations that generate solid evidence, this is an extremely exciting task for everything that exposes the truth implies, the best is offered for each request received, this becomes a reality through experience that we perform to deal with a problem.

The commitment is that support you need to deal with all the aspects involved in the private investigation, the mission of the case is taken into account in each decision-making process because it is the most appropriate for the case, we do not stop until we get the truth with the greatest possible effort on each procedure.

All the key elements within the equation of the questions present in the private investigation are estimated, as part of a concretion of the facts, in addition, key tools are used to offer you a solution given the interest you have in knowing the truth, it is an access to the most sophisticated resources of information gathering.

The deployment of expert actions is adapted to circumstances of infidelity, commercial, business or any other field, in which the procedures for obtaining appropriate information are implemented, which is why an initial customization is carried out until each need is covered.

Grupo Arga’s offer is extensive thanks to the effort and dedication of our private detectives, for many years we have dedicated time and a clear willingness to deliver the best of our professional skills, at the same time these skills are subject to improvement as part of constructing an optimal response.

All the operations of Grupo Arga are a sum of unconditionality, above all because at any day or moment you have the option of consulting the representation that we can issue in a case, it is a management that is personalized from the first moment in which You present the details of the situation.

We have the best private detectives to obtain all the evidence you need, it is a definitive way to leave deception behind, since we collect evidence with the sole objective of transmitting solidity about a circumstance or situation, through precise actions that lead us towards a set of fundamental tests.

The request for our services is a decision that you will later thank, especially since it involves the development of highly functional investigations with the details of the case, at the same time the execution of the procedures are kept private with absolute discretion that provide convincing results. .

The field of private investigation allows you to achieve proven results, you can go and leave everything in the hands of experts who take care of the necessary guarantees from the initial interview, you will not be judged, quite the opposite, all your concerns are heard to reach determination of essential information.

The high expertise on the actions of our private detectives, gains value when obtaining certified evidence, especially when it comes from a specialized criterion, which defends a work where evidence is found under professional support that functions as a personalized attention mechanism.

Expert techniques lead directly to obtaining evidence, exhausting that tactic from the field of private investigation, this is the best application of techniques and methods in a professional way so that you are guided towards verifying the facts, there is no doubt that they are answers What are you waiting for to face a deception?

The private investigation process that we implement in Spain benefits you by estimating the hypotheses, this initial reading allows the private investigation to follow a specialized route, where it is possible to answer the questions you have, in the shortest possible time you will have a final report valid.

The private investigation agents that cover your case allow you to have evidence that is key to a fact, each piece of evidence is obtained in an efficient manner in which information analysis procedures are executed, as well as all the circumstances present in a situation. .

Strategic private investigation operations remain related to the facts to be explored, that is why the high level is maintained from a totally personalized approach, the context that private investigation covers is based on all the areas of professional attention that we have.

The propitious answers that the private detectives throw, guarantee that you trust in the professional handling that is issued on the raised facts, in the field the skills of our experts make more sense, it ends up being a useful display so that in a short time you receive evidence of the caliber of DNA tests, electronic sweeps and much more.

The cost is a real opportunity, at the same time the experts are added as an efficient way to reduce the negative consequences of a deception, every case is delimited from the initial details to collect more key information for the case, we proceed from a high degree of excellence that can be at your disposal.




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Private detectives in Spain are delivering numerous services to individual and corporate clients.

It is better if you can have a basic understanding about the services offered by them.

When you come across a situation where you have to obtain the services offered by private detectives, you will be able to move forward with it without facing any issues.

That’s because you know that a private detective agency such as Arga Detectives Group can deliver all the support and assistance that you need.



Similar to individuals, businesses have their own past. On the other hand, businesses interact with numerous people on a daily basis as well. What you can see outside might not be the exact picture of a specific business. If you want to deep dive and uncover more information about it, you need to get the services offered by private detectives.

The private investigators are capable of conducting extensive researches and investigation about the different businesses that exist out there. Information about those businesses will be provided to you.

Then you can base those information when making decisions to move forward with different businesses and getting the services offered by them.


If you are a parent who is struggling hard to win a child custody case, you need to get the help of private detectives in Spain. However, winning a child custody case is never an easy thing to do. That’s because you will need to uncover admissible and compelling facts and present them to the court.

If you don’t have a clue on how to collect such facts and present them to the court, you may get the support offered by private detectives.

They will not just provide you with information. Instead, they will even present the information to court on their own. Hence, you can increase your chances of winning child custody battles with ease.




When you are planning to invest your money in another country outside Spain, you will have to deal with the risk associated with fraud. This is applicable for the investors who are from countries outside Spain, but wish to invest in a business venture based in Spain. You can get the support of private detectives and verify that the individual or company that you are planning to invest with is not a scam. You can double check and verify business registration, operations, court records, criminal records, legal status, profitability, reputation and many more. Since all the information are provided to you, you have the freedom to trust on the information and make the decision to move forward with them.



Identity theft will take place when personal information of an individual is stolen by a criminal and commits fraudulent activities.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you will have to deal with numerous negative consequences. If you believe that you have become a victim of identity theft or if you are already facing the negative consequences that are linked with identity theft, you may get in touch with the expert private detectives in Spain.

They will be able to figure out how you became a victim of identity theft and deliver the support you need accordingly.

The private detective you hire will be able to provide you with a complete report. You can take this report to the courts and get the assistance you need with overcoming the negative consequences that you may have to deal with.



When you meet your dating partner offline or online, you must do a background check on that person. That’s because we hear lots of stories on how people become victims of scams by their dating partners. You need to make sure that you are not becoming a victim of a scam like that. This is where you should do dating background checks.

The expert private detectives an offer all the support that you need with conducting dating background checks. They will help you to verify the credibility of a dating partner that you meet online. Then you will be provided with the details, which can be used to determine whether you should go ahead with dating that person or not. The private detectives will do an extensive research about the person and provide you with all information needed, such as address, employment, educational qualifications and even court and criminal records. Moreover, the private investigators gather facts and screen the case to figure out risks that you may have to face.

If you are interested in experiencing these benefits, you may go ahead and hire private detectives in Spain. You will never regret about the excellent service that they can offer to you at all times. Contact us at Arga Detectives Group to get more information.





Arga Detectives’ clients are very diverse, coming from different parts of the national territory and the international scene. It should be noted who can be a client of our private detective office in Madrid.Our The best guarantee has become, without a doubt, the hundreds of clients that year after year pass through our offices in the center of the City of Madrid, as well as all those who hire us directly by phone or email due to the impossibility of visiting us. We carry out private investigation services for: Individuals, Mutual Lawyers and Insurance Companies.


The Arga detective agency is a specialist in investigations in the personal and family area. We have all the resources and means, as well as a great experience in investigations on surveillance, search and location of people and any other topic related to the personal and family area.

Arga will do everything in its power to dispel any type of doubt in all kinds of family investigations. We carry out all kinds of family investigations, from infidelities, alimony modification, DNA tests, fingerprint matching, searching for and locating people, checking minors, or any type of abnormal behavior of any member of their family, etc. For this, what we will do is collect all the necessary evidence to prove the intended conduct. Through our Acting, you can regain the emotional stability you had lost through so many insecurities.



When we talk about family investigations We refer to all those intimate relationships that occur within the family nucleus. We can consider the family as all those people who present some degree of consanguinity. That said, it is essential that the private detective has knowledge of family law to be able to act correctly.

Family investigations throughout history have been presented as a basic service of every detective office, hence, family investigations represent a specific section of action within our functions.



We can define family investigation as that private investigation contracted by one of the members of a family nucleus to investigate another family member. Thus, the research par excellence within this field would undoubtedly be research on infidelities.

It should be noted that adultery – previously punished – is not a crime today, so the unmasking of an infidelity can no longer be considered a crime. Infidelity can be conceptualized as the breach by one of the parties to the established fidelity agreement after the union of the same, without necessarily being a requirement to be married, since unmarried couples or even couples who do not yet live together are governed by the same concept.



  • Surveillance and monitoring at the request of a legitimate party.
  • Search and location of people, objects, goods and documents in public records.
  • Infidelities, separations and divorces.
  • Reports of paid activity or marital coexistence for the suppression of compensatory pension.
  • Claim for pensions.
  • Control of children for dubious behaviors, companies, drug use, alcohol.
  • Leaks of minors from the family home.
  • Inheritances and location of heirs.
  • Genealogy.
  • Gambling.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Sects.
  • Concealment of assets.
  • Counter surveillance service.
  • Provision of evidence in Family Courts.
  • Premarital reports.
  • Control of domestic service
  • Control of restraining orders and other judicial breaches – Fraudulent school enrollments.
  • Fictitious marriages or de facto convenience.
  • Offenses to pursue them at the request of the party.
  • Paternity or DNA tests.


Do you want to carry out an investigation into an infidelity, divorce, separation, modification of alimony or something similar to the family? Well, do not hesitate and contact us. You will find the best infidelity detectives in Madrid. Infidelity detectives with extensive experience.

We put at your fingertips the best infidelity detectives and family detectives and partner detectives in the entire Community of Madrid. Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid can help you with your problem.

Come and meet us, our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation. We work throughout Madrid, if you are looking for private detectives both in the capital and abroad, we are your agency. Contact us on our 24-hour service telephone number 913 866 294.





Arga develops all kinds of private investigations in the workplace. When speaking of labor investigations, we refer to all those behaviors that may produce some type of fraud or impairment in your company.

These actions can come given by a diversity of subjects, from suppliers, clients or even the workers themselves. Therefore, when you have the hunch that some type of behavior may be occurring in your company, it is best to contact professionals.

Among the services most demanded by our private investigation office are fraudulent work sick leave.

That is why they have adopted a higher category, our agency creating a department specialized in research. fraudulent work casualties.

we have the best professionals and the best means to respond to any need you may have in any investigation of the labor area. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions and we will gladly inform you of our research services in the workplace.


When we talk about fraud in the workplace, we commonly refer to the most widespread fraud, which is fraudulent work leave. In this context, the private detective finds a worker who simulates a fictional disease or sequel. With this, what the worker who enjoys sick leave is seeking is to prolong it.

This type of casualties Fraudulent represents a great loss for all types of companies, being in many cases an extremely dangerous fact for the economy of small and medium-sized companies.

A pattern of behavior usually occurs during the enjoyment of the period not worked, which consists of receiving a second remuneration for a second job that is carried out surreptitiously.

During this unfair situation, the worker continues to enjoy all the advantages of the work situation, causing serious losses to the company.



A detailed action plan aimed at discovering the reality behind it. Said action plan will be based on surveillance and follow-up by us of the worker, where all reality will be reflected surrounding about it. To do this, we will record everything that the alleged fraudster does at all times. In this way, we can record if you carry out a second job, if you go out partying with movements you shouldn’t, if you do sports, ride a motorcycle that you shouldn’t, or simply walk properly or throw the trash doing movements incompatible with the medical prescription.

After the completion of the private investigation we will issue a report that will collect all the evidence obtained in this regard. If it were necessary to go to trial, the private detectives involved would appear at the trial to attest to everything that had happened.



We refer to testing, on the part of of the private detective, the behavior of the investigated that spreads in the time and not be something punctual. To do this, we carry out an investigation that lasts several days, in order to prove that the person under investigation performs the behaviors repeatedly. This is a concept that jurisprudence, courts of law and judges have long required in this regard.

When investigating for several days we make sure that when going to trial there is no doubt about the real situation of the worker.



In this area, the services offered by our Agency are:

  • Pre-employment reports for personnel selection.
  • Verification of resumes.
  • Personal and family history.
  • Control of employees and related in the development of their work activity.
  • Labor performance and productivity.
  • Detection of information leaks and, where appropriate, prevent them. Observation of executives in order to verify commercial fidelity. Work absenteeism.
  • Control of sick leave: being able be feigned, prolonged or successive casualties. Professional intrusion
  • Duplication of employment.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Breach of professional secrecy.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Customer diversion.
  • Control of goods.
  • Dedication and use of union hours.
  • Ratification in the Social Courts.
  • Abandonment of the job.
  • Duplication of work activity.
  • Workplace harassment, mobbing.
  • Breach of security measures and other internal regulations
  • Fraud attempted derived from information leaks, thefts, customer diversion or control of branches and franchises.
  • Counterintelligence.
  • Mystery shopping or mystery shopper Infiltration of workers to monitor other workers.
  • Unfair administration.

Our Detective Agency in Madrid is an expert in labor investigations. We have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for more than a decade and we offer a wide range of possibilities. We work throughout Madrid. Both in capital and populations.

If you are looking for detectives private anywhere in the national territory do not hesitate and request information. The budget is free and without obligation. Contact us.



Mystery Shopping is a modern term whose synonym could be “QUALITY CONTROL IN BUSINESSES”. In the modern world where competitiveness means that there is a great rivalry between shops and is voracious, the degree of demand on the quality of the treatment received by the client must be magnificent for said establishment to function properly.

Arga, Detectives in Madrid through this quality service in Merchants, can check the degree of professionalism of its employees with respect to customers according to the way they behave.

With this information, the businessman, once the reality is known, will be able to improve his trade by taking the measures he deems appropriate. Through the control that we establish through the service Mystery Shopping, we can objectively check the service received by customers.

Arga Detectives, has specialized personnel who make false purchases anonymously and objectively collects the relationships between the seller such as their attitude to sell, their attitude to relate to customers, etc., this will allow you to measure the quality of the service offered by its employees.

Sometimes when the opening of a business or premises occurs everything is going well and from one day to the next sales start to fall without knowing very well what happens when everything should go well.

The businessman falls into demoralization and does not know very well what to do. It is in this context when the entrepreneur begins to ask questions such as: If everything was going well, why has he stopped going now? Why the stores next door have customers and I don’t? If I’m spending a lot on advertising, why don’t I make a profit? I

In this context, Mystery Shopping services offered by  Arga Detectives arise to provide answers to these types of questions. It is intended to provide answers to questions such as:

  • The punctuality of opening and closing of workers.
  • The quality of the sales service.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • The greeting by the worker. I
  • f they answer the phones.
  • If the working of the contact forms is correct.
  • If advertising is suitable.
  • Business location.
  • Those things that go wrong like dirt, bad presentation, etc.

Through this service everything can improve in your business. You can take charge and channel sales.

The Control service Mysterious or Mystery Shopping was born in the United States to a demand from businessmen who wanted to know what was happening in their businesses when they were not around. To do this, the private detective observes and evaluates the behavior of workers with

clients incognito. It is a detailed study of the behavior of the workers themselves, where their ability to treat customers is evaluated. Over time, this service fitted in very well in the different sectors and was consolidated. For this, the private detective records what happens, exports it to a report and delivers it to the businessman so that he can make decisions.

By implementing this service, the aim is to analyze and evaluate the operation of a business open to the public.



We adapt or focus the investigation to the needs of the client, which may be some behaviors such as:

  • Image offered by the trade Operation of the customer service.
  • Control collection
  • The attitude the employee has to sell Relations with suppliers Compliance with regulations.
  • The correct execution of special, promotional and punctual campaigns .

We inform merchants the information collected that has been obtained, which will serve the merchant to: Know the evolution of your company Know what customers feel when dealing with their employees.

Once this is known and corrected, claims and complaints will decrease. From the above, it follows that your company will have a better image. Observe if the regulations and internal regulations of the company are complied with.

Check the competence of your employees, which could be reduced in efficiency, professionalism, their behavior and friendliness.



Arga Detectives in Madrid posing as anonymous and visiting one more client with the aim of verifying those guidelines that the client has prescribed, as well as the data that has been obtained, the client will be able to define the quality of the service and correct all possible deviations.

If what you are looking for is really a professional detective and to infiltrate in your business and tell you how it really works inside, our Mystery Shopping company is the solution to your problem.

Contact us through our form. If your business is going bad, hire: Mystery Shopping detectives.

Arga Detectives through this exclusive service will be able to check what is behind your business or if it is going well and everything is well-founded or on the contrary if errors have to be corrected. Through our intervention you can take all the necessary measures to correct the negative of it.



The private detective uses the hidden recording system as an investigative work method to test the intended behavior by recording it in a report with all the details from the private investigation of Mystery Shopping.

It should be remembered that in Spain, according to legislation, only the private detective is authorized to carry out private investigation tasks. No other professional can make a hidden recording. Thus, the private detective is the only person who can carry a hidden camera, and Arga Detectives performs this function with absolute discretion.

There is a proliferation of companies that advertise as Mystery shopping and perform these tasks without being private detectives and that is completely illegal.

If they had to go to court to ratify, the evidence presented by them would not be valid in court.

In addition, a crime against privacy and self-image would be taking place. Therefore, it is clear that a private person or a professional who is not a private detective cannot record another person in their workplace. A violation of rights is taking place. On the contrary when All the evidence comes from a private detective, it is fully accepted by the Courts of Justice in all types of litigation.

Arga has the most modern technological elements to make hidden recordings in companies, we are also experts in preparing future reports that will go to trial.



The main function of this service is undoubtedly the identification of behaviors of business employees facing the public. In other words, check if there is suitability between the behavior of the employees and the sale to the public.

Arga detectives values ​​the behavior of these workers, their responses, their attitude, etc.

The Human Resources department is not always able to filter the perfect employees, and these many times, manage to transmit an attitude that is not the real one and later when they are working, they behave as they really are when nobody sees them. Our role is to detect atypical behaviors that should not correspond.



Arga Detectives, through their detectives in the mysterious client investigation service, may have a behavior close to workers or dependents. We can assess how they behave, when addressing clients, their responses, their interest in the interests of clients, their involvement, the help provided, etc.

This way you can know what type of workers you have and if they are behaving properly and making you earn or lose money. It happens on many occasions that we think that a person behaves properly and it turns out that he does not know how to behave well or behave properly.

This private investigation service is applied to all types of businesses without discriminating any and being useful in sales in a clear way. It can also be applied to Online sales and sales that are not directly facing the public.




Arga Detectives we are a private investigation agency expert in private investigation services of Mystery shopping or mystery client. Our staff is highly qualified in this type of service and has ample on-the-job training for Mystery Shopper.

Contact our professional team through our telephone number 24 hours +34 913 866 294. Do you have questions about this service? Call us and we will clarify all the details about this service and we will provide you with a free estimate. Looking for answers? We will give them to you. What are you waiting for? Call now.



Arga detectives arises from the social and personal need to clarify all kinds of doubts in all private investigation plots. With a clear purpose in providing solutions, our professionals specialize in all areas of private investigation. This specialization is achieved through recycling in new technologies and permanent updating in technological matters. The best private investigation services can only be obtained with the most committed and best-prepared professionals on the market.

With Arga you will have the confidence that your case is being handled by the best in the sector, committed professionals with the truth and with your interests.

The reports issued by Arga Detectives have all the legal formalities to be fully considered in all types of jurisdictional litigation. We know perfectly all the legislation regarding the private detective’s work and we take care to comply at all times with all the legal precepts of whatever order.

With our presence you can end a problem that has been dragging on for a long time. To know the prices of private detectives in Spain call us and tell us about your problem, after knowing all the details of your problem we will provide you with an adequate action plan together with a budget.



Arga does everything type of private investigation services that are authorized by the Private Security Law and the rest of the legal system. So we can mention some of them among the most common.

  • Surveillance at fairs, hotels, exhibitions or similar areas
  • Investigation of private crimes at the request of a legitimate party.
  • Calligraphic expertise.
  • Identification of authorship of signatures, anonymous, etc.
  • Authenticity or falsity of all types of documents.
  • Analysis of typed writings.
  • Verification of the falsity or authenticity of currency, titles, checks, etc.
  • Paper studies, ink analysis. Psycho-graphological reports.
  • Market studies.
  • Biological paternity tests.
  • All kinds of computer analysis.
  • Electronic Scan
  • Fingerprint analysis.
  • Search and location of people.


Arga Detectives puts at your disposal private detectives capable of carrying out all kinds of private investigations in accordance with the legal system. It should be remembered that the legal system includes as the only person authorized to conduct private investigations the private detective.

Our office is only made up of legally qualified private detectives who are highly trained. The purpose of our intervention is to put at your disposal all the evidence you need in relation to the fact that concerns you, whether it is work, personal, financial, economic, computer or technological.

Call our 24-hour permanent service telephone number+34 913 866 294 and we will present your case. A professional will help you. Learn about other investigation services of our Detective Agency in Madrid by visiting our website.





Budget private detectives in Spain ®



Dealing with a tight budget doesn’t mean that you need to go ahead with investigating a case on your own.

You need to get the service offered by one of the budget private detectives in Spain and make sure that you are receiving assistance needed at all times.



If you are looking for budget private detective in Spain, you will need to be mindful about numerous red flags. That’s because most of the budget private detectives in Spain are offering a sub-par service. They are only concerned about delivering a low cost service to the clients like you. In order to do that, they have hired inexperienced private investigators. These private investigators are not in a position to take care of your job in a professional manner. Hence, they will lead you towards numerous frustrating situations as well.

For example, assume that you get the help of an inexperienced private detective through one of the service providers offering budget private detectives in Spain. Due to lack of experience, the private detective will not be able to provide you with solutions to your issues in a timely manner. As a result, you will miss out the opportunities that you have to present evidences to the court in a timely manner. This will make you lose your case at the end of the day. You shouldn’t allow that to happen. This is the main reason on why you need to be careful when you are hiring budget private detectives in Spain.

You shouldn’t be just concerned about the price tag of services offered to you by the private detective. You will also need to pay your attention towards numerous other factors, such as returns that you will be getting for the amount that you spend as well. This will help you to make sure that you go for the most cost-effective service provider out there. It can deliver an outstanding service to you at all times and you will never have to regret about anything.


You will need to pay attention to the price of the private detective and the services that you are getting for the amount of money that you spend. Then you can compare the two parameters and understand the most cost-effective service provider available. Upon locating such a cost-effective private detective, you can go ahead and obtain the services that are available with ease. That’s because you are provided with an assurance, which states that you will be getting all the services that you want in a timely manner. You can trust on the agreement that you establish with the private detective and move forward with it as well.

The cost-effective private detectives who work at Arga Detectives Group will not just have the skill. They are skilled professionals as well. Hence, you will be able to rely on the service and make sure that you are receiving positive results within the shortest possible time.

The licensed private detectives who are working for Arga Detectives Group have a clear understanding about the laws. Therefore, they make sure that they focus only on the legally accepted methods to deliver the positive results you want to get. If there are any practices that make them go against the law, you will have to experience numerous negative consequences in the long run.

In the meantime, you need to understand the risks that you may have to face when you are trying to deal with the case on your own as well. Most of the people who try to deal with these kinds of cases on their own get hurt, assaulted or arrested. On the other hand, they never find answers to the questions that they are looking at as well. That’s because there is a high possibility for you to make an emotional decision instead of a logical decision. This is why it is extremely important for you to hire an external party and handover the task. Then you will be able to experience the benefits that come on your way. You will also be able to uncover all the facts with ease and make sure that you can receive all the results that you deserve to get.


Having understood about the benefits of hiring an expert private investigator agency, you need to go ahead and contact Arga Detectives Group. Then we will provide you with information on how to receive the benefits associated with the services that we offer. While keeping that in mind, you can get what we deliver to you and you will end up with securing best possible returns at the end of the day. You will fall in love with the expert services offered by Arga Detectives Group at all times.





Contact Private Investigators in Spain ®



You can contact detectives in Spain for both your personal requirements as well as professional requirements.

No matter what, they will come up with the best solution to help you overcome the struggles that you facing. You can get professional and safe investigations from the detectives in Spain at all times.

They are experts in catering to the needs of people. If you can tell the requirement, a detective will attend to the job and make sure that your requirements are catered at all times.




When you contact detectives in Spain, you will need to pay special attention to few important factors. Then you can ensure receiving the best service offered by them. As the very first thing, you need to make sure that your detective agency has a valid license to carry out the investigations. Without having a license, no detective will be able to function in Spain and deliver the services needed by people. You can inquire about the license and the service provider will share requested details accordingly.

At Arga detectives Group, we make sure that all the private detectives are licensed to deliver the best services to you accordingly. Hence, you can keep the peace of mind and obtain the services offered by them.

The detectives in Spain who work along with our company know how to deliver professional and safe investigation services to the clients. When you handover a task, the detectives will deep dive and get to know about your requirement. Then they will go ahead and provide the support that you need accordingly.

The way how private detectives should offer their services to corporate clients differ from the way how they should offer their services to individual clients. Our team of investigators who work for Arga detectives Group are aware of it. Therefore, you can expect to receive an appropriate service from us accordingly at any given time.

The expert knowledge of private detectives will be used accordingly to locate the evidences. Moreover, they will use the knowledge to analyze evidences properly as well. Therefore, you can expect to receive a great service from them at the end of the day.

It is also better if you can take a look at the portfolio of the private detective who agrees to deliver support and assistance to you in moving forward with your case. When you take a look at the portfolio, you need to check and see whether the service provider has gone through similar cases in the past. If similar cases have been handled successfully, you don’t need to worry too much. That’s because you are guaranteed to receive a similar service. Knowledge and experience gained from previous similar cases will benefit you when moving forward with your case as well. Therefore, you can cut down the time that is spent to receive positive results.


You can contact detectives in Spain for all types of cases. Whether you are dealing with an infidelity case or you need to catch your cheating spouse, you can get the support of private detectives. On the other hand, corporate clients who want to spy on the employees will be able to contact the private detectives in the country.

If you have a case and if you feel that only an expert private detective can help you with that, you can get in touch with Arga detectives Group. One of our representatives will explain you about the services that we offer and how they can provide support and assistance that you need. Based on that, you can make the decision to obtain the services that we offer.

You will get numerous doubts when you are about to contact a private detective in Spain. In all such instances, you just need to contact us. We will provide details on how to deliver support and assistance to you accordingly. You can get a superior service from us. We will also provide you with a quick understanding on how we get into the task and what steps we follow when we are trying to deliver the services you want. This can help you to make an informed decision when contacting a private detective.

The private detectives in Arga detectives Group stick to their promises. Therefore, you can expect to receive a service, which is similar to what we promised. We will provide regular updates to you on how we are proceeding with the case. These updates will keep you informed and you will not have to deal with any stress. That’s because you see how the case is moving forward in a smooth track, while delivering positive results you are expecting to get.





Infidelity Private Investigators  Spain ®



When dealing with an infidelity case, most of the people wonder whether they should be hiring a private detective or not. If you try to deal with an infidelity case, you will never be able to end up with positive results. Instead, you will end up in a mess.

This is why you should make sure that you are hiring an expert private detective.

The infidelity detectives in Spain are well versed in offering the services that people need when they are dealing with infidelity cases.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can simply move forward and keep the peace of mind.



Before you hire a private detective in Spain to go forward with infidelity case, you need to have a clear understanding about how they will be able to deliver support and assistance to you. Then you can make an informed decision and get the help of a private detective without facing any issues.

Private detectives are not really when you can see in western movies. They are professionals, who have a license and appropriate skills to deliver detective services to clients. When you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you will come across the need to know his/her whereabouts. In addition to that, you will also come across the need to figure out whom he/she is contacting as well. The private detective knows how to extract these information. Once you handover the task, the private detective will offer the information that you need in a timely manner.

You should also keep in mind that favorite tool of private detectives in Spain is not guns as you can see in Western movies. However, they are using appropriate tools, such as cameras to get hold of valuable information. These details will be provided to you as proof. You can even use these information in courts in order to get assistance needed with your infidelity case.



There are few important factors that you need to consider before you hire infidelity detectives that are based in Spain. You should focus on these factors to make sure that you are receiving the most outstanding service from private detectives at the end of the day. This can deliver you the chance to obtain the services while keeping the peace of mind as well.

As the very first thing, you need to check and see if your private detectives are licensed. Only licensed infidelity detectives in Spain will be able to deliver a quality service to you while adhering to the specific requirements that you have. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are hiring a licensed and an experienced detective to get the services you need.

You can request for a copy of license from the private detective agency that you are dealing with. Then you will be provided with the copy without any hesitation. The license can be obtained only after going through a strict procedure. Therefore, you can trust on the license and it will guarantee that you are receiving a quality service at the end of the day.

We are a licensed agency that can help you to obtain infidelity detectives in Spain. Therefore, you can contact us and move forward with the services that we deliver. We ensure that your requirements are catered at all times and there is no need to worry about anything.


Before you handover the infidelity case to a private detective, you must go ahead and sign a contract. Make sure that you read and understand every single clause in the contract before you sign the contract. Then you can have a clear understanding about what you are receiving from the private detective agency at the end of the day.



Experience is something that must be there in the services offered by private detective agency. Therefore, you need to double check the experience of the agency that you are dealing with. If the agency has experience in offering services that are related to your ones and if the agency has been able to complete those tasks successfully, you can handover your task without keeping any doubts in mind. That’s because you are guaranteed to receive such an outstanding service from the private detective agency that you are dealing with.

Keep all these facts in your mind and go ahead with the best private detective agency like our team at Arga detectives Group. Then you can get the best services from us and make sure that you get the assistance needed to move forward.







Many people when they suspect an act of infidelity do not know that the best option is to look for detectives of infidelity , since they are the real guarantee to establish the act of an investigation that is of quality, and that in turn has the possibility to promote obtaining all the information needed to build a specific case.

The detection of an act of infidelity, sometimes leads us to determine different aspects of suspicious acting in our soul mate, since from one moment to another things change unexpectedly, our partner begins to act differently and they also begin to generate other behaviors typical of an attitude that raises many questions.

Infidelities are conceptualized according to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy with three key elements: Lack of fidelity, lack of Catholic faith and as the set of faithful who do not accept the Catholic faith. However, when we refer to the concept of infidelity from a detective perspective, we make mention of the plot related to sexuality or adultery, that is, when the relationship ceases to be monogamous and sexual relations with third parties are maintained. In the society in which we currently live, unfortunately, infidelity is something that is the order of the day.   

Arga, the Detective Agency in Madrid is aware of this social problem and therefore treats it with a team of highly qualified professionals who are specialized in investigating the behavior of spouses. Do you think that your partner is not totally honest with you? If so, we can help you solve your problem. Having the question of whether your spouse is not faithful to you can cause such a high degree of anxiety that it can affect your health. If this continues over time it can cause a disorder in your personality.          

As a person, you have the right to know the truth and all the circumstances surrounding your marriage or your relationship if you are not married.   

Sometimes it can happen that your partner is with you for some type of financial interest or for some unknown reason. Finding out that truth is something you should know, because you should find a solution to this type of interest-motivated relationship. Grupo Arga Detectives will treat your problem with total discretion and only you and the private detective who handles your case will know about such investigation. A professional will attend you with total delicacy and understanding of your pain and will guide you at all times how to approach your case.    

Our detectives in Madrid will provide you with all the necessary photographic and videographic evidence to keep records of reality and thus prevent your partner from continuing to deny infidelity.   


Only you and we will know about the research carried out, so anonymity will be one of the basic pillars that will support all the research. If you want more information about infidelity investigation services, call us and arrange an interview.

If you think your partner is being unfaithful to you, go to professionals like those in our detective agency who are experts in marital problems. We will help you solve them. If what you are looking for is to solve your problem, with our private detectives in Madrid, you can do it. Our first consultation is free and without obligation.  

It is important to know all the circumstances surrounding a marital infidelity, for this, Grupo Arga Detectives will explain the possible reasons for an infidelity that we have established thanks to statistics as well as our own experience during the last 10 years of our professional career. Another important aspect to know in this process are those samples that indicate that an infidelity may be taking place.

When we speak of a great country such as Spain, we are referring to a dynamism within it, along with a considerable level of mobilization . From the economic, popular and also cultural criteria , this also means a complicated network of different eventualities in which one can see, at least in one section, the inconveniences caused by the coexistence of a huge number of people in a large city.

This amalgam of eventualities has the possibility of actually causing infidelities, whose victims need to be certain of what happens to act in some way, which is why private detectives on infidelities are so necessary.   



Obtaining evidence of infidelity can be an easy task if the couple in question knows where and how to look, because when it comes to infidelity, there are certain signs and attitudes that can be a key indication to confirm this situation.

These infidelity tests are important before choosing to hire a private detective who can obtain stronger evidence of the situation that will allow a person to make a severe choice about what is happening.

Before initiating an investigation for infidelity with the help of a private detective, it is extremely important that the person in question has evidence of such suspicion, thus facilitating the initiation of such investigation for the detective.

For this reason, it is important to know and take into account the most common signs and signals that a person who is being unfaithful presents, in order to obtain the necessary infidelity tests to end this situation:

  1. Obsession with the phone and social networks

People who cheat on their partner generally begin to do so through messages and calls, and may be the first through different social networks, so they begin to have more use and dependence on this device.

This obsession with it begins suddenly and gradually increases, until it is at the point that the unfaithful person cannot live without being texting on the device, this being an easy sign to identify.

Similarly, this situation is usually more noticeable when the person who owns the phone does not allow others to see what he or she does with it, does not abandon it, deletes call and message logs, among others.

  1. Mysterious activities

One of the easiest infidelity tests to collect is a new fondness for new activities where you have no room. This starts suddenly and is about items that previously weren’t curious.

These activities are usually carried out in any free time that the unfaithful person has, being suspicious to give information about where he is going, the company he will have and what this hobby is about.

For this reason, it is important to stay alert to a situation like this and collect as much information as possible about said activity and its location, in this way it can be provided to the private detective who will be in charge of investigating the events.

  1. New commitments

Very similar to the previous one, this occurs when the couple in question begins to have new responsibilities outside of their normal working hours, generally taking up more time at the end of their day.

This behavior usually occurs frequently and, when questions are asked about it, the unfaithful person simply changes the subject or tries not to share information about what happened, usually through guilt or fear of being discovered.

  1. Find unknown marks and objects

This is one of the easiest infidelity tests to collect and it is notorious marks on the clothing of the person who is being unfaithful, it could be a lipstick mark or even the smell of an unknown perfume.

These are tests that may be the most obvious sign of infidelity, and may also be unknown objects that belong to the person with whom you are being unfaithful. In this case, the recommendation is to save them and use them as evidence.

  1. Take care of your image

Finally, among the most obvious signs of infidelity we can highlight a sudden interest in personal image, wearing new clothes, more care in grooming each day, all with the intention of looking increasingly attractive.

It is important to take into account all the aspects mentioned above, as well as any other that comes out of nowhere, as it could mean an indication of infidelity on the part of our partner.

In all cases, it is recommended to keep a written record of the events, specifying the date, reactions, time and any relevant information of said events to provide this to the detective who will carry out the investigation.



Once you have sufficient evidence of infidelity , you will have to resort to a private detective who will be in charge of starting an investigation that will allow you to know the truth about your partner’s situation.

Today it is possible to find a variety of agencies in charge of providing all kinds of investigative services, with infidelities being the most demanded of all, so you have many options to choose from.

However, we highlight our Arga group of detectives where for years we have been in charge of providing the best investigation service throughout the country, professionally handling all cases of infidelity.

Our detectives are recognized for having experience and all the knowledge necessary to carry out different investigation strategies that allow them to complement the infidelity tests provided by clients.

Likewise, we must emphasize that we are an agency that is not only characterized by having the best detectives in the territory, but also by having prices accessible to all, being the main option of many throughout the country.

For this and many other things, don’t hesitate to contact our detectives, who are available 24 hours a day to provide a fast and reliable investigation service for all our potential clients.

Collecting the evidence of infidelity can mean a difficult time, as well as discovering the truth behind each of these tests, but it is a moment to go through before avoiding constant suffering for the hidden truth.

The importance of these investigations lies in being able to restore tranquility to people who are not treated as they should and valued by their partner, since it is a situation that is slowly robbing them of tranquility and happiness.

For this reason, many people decide to carry out infidelity investigations, in order to get rid of a doubt that does not even leave them to sleep, which is why our detectives are in a position to help whoever needs it.

Currently it is possible to find a variety of detectives experts in infidelities thanks to the demand that this service has had. In the country we have a variety of agencies that provide these services and other research.

For its part, in Arga detectives group we have the best detectives experts in infidelities, who have proven experience in the area and will be of great help to collect all possible information regarding this situation.

In the face of infidelity, there are different actions to take, one of which is having expert detective services on the subject to help us resolve any doubts or suspicions regarding the subject.

Hiring an expert detective today is extremely simple, as we can find a variety of agencies that make available to all different expert detectives to carry out any type of investigation.

This is why we must highlight our Arga detectives group, because for years we have made available to those who need it, the best detectives who are experts in infidelity, computer science, and any type of investigation.

These detectives are in charge of carrying out different functions that allow them to get to the truth of any situation, thus collecting evidence that can later be used before a judge.

In addition to having these investigative investigative detectives , we also have the best prices compared to other detective agencies, thus providing an accessible service for anyone who needs to know the truth.

For this reason, do not hesitate to contact our agency to have the service of the best detectives in the entire region, ensuring a confidential investigation and evidence to restore your peace of mind.



Investigating an infidelity is one of the most requested tasks from our expert detectives , so we can guarantee that these detectives will conduct a prompt investigation and collect all the necessary evidence.

However, we must emphasize that, before our expert detectives initiate an investigation for infidelity, it is important that the person requesting the services be sure of what is happening and have some signs as evidence.

When carrying out an infidelity, many of the people present obvious signs, among which we can highlight the change of attitude, the interest towards certain things that before were not interesting at all.

Another important indication of infidelity is the obsession with the mobile phone, since on almost all occasions lovers exchange text messages and through different social platforms, many times at night.

Finally, one of the most notorious signs that an infidelity is taking place is overtime work, even work on days where it is not applicable, since many of these infidelities take place in the workplace.

When collecting these small data, they must be provided to the expert detective so that he can verify it and follow up on the person doing the infidelity so that he can obtain evidence of what he is doing.

While this happens, the detective will keep a log with the progress of the investigation and then share it with the client and keep him informed of the progress until he can present the physical evidence.

All this is a simple process that will take a few days and the client will obtain everything they need to act legally in the event of infidelity, if that is what they want, also with the presence of our expert detective in court.

For all this, do not hesitate to contact our expert detectives who will be in charge of facilitating this entire process of obtaining information so that you discover the truth, while maintaining professionalism at all times.



Given the follow-up process carried out by expert detectives to discover an infidelity, different doubts arise from customers, so we will highlight the most common ones below:

  1. How do detectives act when a client arrives with an infidelity?

According to the experience of our expert detectives , many of the people who come seeking help do so with doubts as to whether an investigation would be appropriate or not, even with the signs of infidelity.

Given this, the position of the detectives is to motivate people to solve their doubts, because on many occasions they can become serious, ending up taking away sleep and tranquility.

  1. How do they start the investigation?

As mentioned above, before the detective begins the investigation that will lead to the truth of the facts, it is important that the client provide essential information such as the hours of work of the person being investigated, work area, among others.

Once these data are available, the monitoring that will reveal the truth will begin; It is also important to highlight whether it is a person who travels for their work or not, since in this way a follow-up route can be proposed.


Detecting infidelity is a stage that many women (and men too) have gone through in their marriage, which is why we offer you an effective and quick solution to dispel all your doubts with our group of detectives.

We take care of detecting an infidelity , as well as obtaining evidence of what your partner does through photos and videos. Detecting this can be extremely simple if you take into account different signals that the couple can demonstrate.

Currently there are different ways to detect an infidelity , from consulting with your partner to get a simple response from you, hiring the services of a private detective, or conducting an investigation on your own.

Among all these options, many people choose to select the help of a private detective, our group being the most popular in all of Spain thanks to the fact that we carry out discreet and effective work.

For our part, we are a group of detectives who take care of providing the information that our clients require, whether it is to locate a person, to know what activities they carry out, among others.

This information is provided to our clients through photos and videos, so that they can have a clear view of what is happening with the person who wants to investigate discreetly.

For all this we can say that our group of detectives is an excellent option to detect infidelity , as well as to carry out an investigation of any kind, since we have the best detectives in the area.



Sometimes the signs of infidelity are in front of us, so the job of the private detective is simply to confirm this situation and doubts, so we recommend that you consider the following:


Infidelity in a marriage can arise from different factors, the most common being communication problems between the couple, monotony in the activities and conversations they share, difference regarding intimacy, among others.

  • Attitude changes

Detecting infidelity is easy when it comes to changes in attitudes in a person, because these changes occur for a time and with it are accompanied by new habits that were rarely done before.

For this, many people choose to check their partner’s phone and locate the person they talk to the most. Once done, you can confront and the signs will be visible when the person becomes tense and avoids giving answers.

  • Obvious signs

These signs are those that betray an infidelity first hand and are lipstick marks on clothes, someone else’s perfume, disheveled hair, among others; But be careful, these signs are telling when they are presented in a continuous way.

  • Vague explanations

This happens when the couple wants to know about how their husband’s day has gone and what he has done and he is left without an answer, or they provide unconvincing answers, saying them nervously and tense.

At this point many people recommend the intervention of a private detective, since it is a situation that has been going on for a long time. In this case we can say that our detectives will obtain the information quickly.

  • Hostile attitudes

Generally this is an attitude that is accompanied by changes in attitude, being notorious when evading questions, or adopting a nervous and hostile attitude when faced with any type of question about acquaintances or activities.

  • Many hours of work

Detecting an infidelity can arise from rare attitudes in the workplace, which are usually accompanied by overtime work, being something that rarely happened at first.

The latter is because many people (especially men) use the work area as a strong excuse for things they do, including business trips and extra days of the week.

  • Demand more space than normal

This will become noticeable when the person wants to go out alone everywhere, regardless of the time of day, claiming that they need to spend time alone. Although we all need our space, this attitude often gives away an unfaithful person.

All these signs are some of those that a person who is being unfaithful can present, so the recommendation is to pay as much attention as possible to them to act on time.

As we mentioned, our group of detectives is available and a phone call away to help you detect an infidelity and put an end to the doubts that torment you, being the main option of many people in the area.



Despite all the actions that can be taken to detect an infidelity , we can highlight that the best is that of our detective services for various reasons.

First, we are a group of detectives who have spent years doing these jobs, having a variety of clients who support our services and can testify to the work being done.

It should also be noted that we are a group of detectives who work with the greatest discretion and effectiveness possible, obtaining clear and truthful answers about what the client wants to know.

Finally, our group of detectives are characterized by providing a quick response to all our clients, having the best prices in the area and providing an immediate budget when clients get in touch.

Detecting an infidelity can be a difficult and hard time for each person, however, it should be borne in mind that it is important to maintain a good attitude at all times, without exposing the mixture of emotions that this generated.

The latter due to the way in which you can react, taking any action that you will later regret. For this reason, it is important to envision the possibility of all kinds of results once our private detective services are hired.


The best private detectives hired to determine an act of infidelity are available to our agents, all with the aim of establishing a detective resource that is capable of providing the answers that our clients need.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our commitment to clients remains unchanged around the generation of responses that can develop the best of the areas of investigation that are conducive to solving each case. Our infidelity detectives are trained to find the answers to each case where they are required.

A case for infidelity investigation is built progressively, it is worth noting that in the first place there are various emotional elements that directly affect the client who requests an investigation of this type, therefore, it is something very normal that in the first exchange it does not provide information that is in accordance with some aspects of the research case, since everything derives from a subjective reason.

The opportunity to establish an investigation of this type supposes for the client to answer various aspects that are linked to the generation of an investigation process that is key around the resolution of a high caliber investigative process. The generation of various aspects that facilitate the construction of a research case allows to precisely get to the bottom of the events surrounding the construction of a case that can provide the appropriate answers in a desired period of time.

The possibility of successfully conducting an investigation process at the level of infidelity focuses on the possibility of determining, under expert judgment, all the elements that are related to the structuring of an investigation of this type, taking into account first of all that the proposal of an investigation of this type requires scrutinizing various elements that are characteristic of an intimate agenda, when conducting an investigation of this type, the generation of various elements that guarantee the extraction of relevant data and information for the client is taken into account, This has to do with knowledge of personal agendas, as well as a precise review of all the itineraries that are present in the life of the probable adulterer, for this it is essential to know if he maintains an optimal treatment with his friends, if there is a friend of the opposite sex, and if this friend also generates a process of trust beyond a friend d, or if on the contrary said friendship represents a channel to have access to an extramarital relationship. That is why through an expert review our detectives

Private companies are allowed to achieve the execution of various research milestones that may favor obtaining immediate results.

Doing an investigation for infidelity is something that is not so easy to execute towards a given context, since they must sometimes do everything possible to discover under a highly expert eye everything related to a case where the person under investigation has a double life, this leads to the generation of aspects that are necessary to know in detail what is happening.

The determination of findings and responsibilities at the level of an investigation for infidelity is something that is not achieved in a resolute way; it implies the generation and construction of various aspects that allow the collection of all the necessary information to be incorporated into a technical report that will later be It will be supplied to the client, that is why our private detectives for infidelities, employ the use of technological tools that achieve the efficient documentation of every fact of investigation.

The results of an investigation of this type, sometimes not the client’s peace of mind, since on their own sometimes they tend to generate more questions than answers, which is why Grupo Arga agents who perform these tasks provide guidance post-investigation to each of its clients in order to establish an optimal criterion in terms of decision making.



When executing an investigation of this type, it is necessary to highlight that agents are that essential resource that is capable of maintaining a state of certainty in our clients, in the same way it is necessary to highlight that the cases that we have solved from our agency by the Because of infidelities, they have found the expert resolution of various elements that help the client to satisfactorily solve the problem at hand.

That is why Grupo Arga detectives invite all our potential clients to reflect on the implications of hiring a detective service, since they generate the opportunity to highlight mechanisms that allow efficient collection in an expert sense. of information.

That is why, from the point of view of the implementation of an efficient investigation, the client can avoid unpleasant events such as discussions, and being exposed before his better half in trying to know what is happening, a question that will be decisive at the time avoid tasks that can be carried out on their own initiative and that involve the exposure of their personal figure.

The construction of a solid investigation process by our private detectives , comes from the hand of interweaving various elements that can ensure the fact that they can operate under a halo of understanding of emotions, with the aim of making us solidarity with our clients through timely and specialized action.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an organization that has over 10 years working throughout Spain on all matters related to private investigation, which is why its main objective is to sow essential guarantees through infidelity investigation to reassure and generate the elements of certainty that the client needs.

Loving relationships implies happiness, but also bitter drinks, it is inevitable, one day everything is fine, but the next you can find strange messages, changes in schedules, frequent excuses, among other types of signs that translate into a negative change that It is known as infidelity.

But at the moment they are simple suspicions, which can be reduced with the help of the demonstration of events, this is simple for detectives and evidence of infidelity , because they are specialists in this type of personal problem, at Grupo Arga we have these experts who are licensed.



Hiring detectives and evidence of infidelity ends up being transcendental to really know what happens in your relationship, both to fight for it, and to cut the lines of deception, in the face of any decision you want to make, we support you through elements forceful.

First of all, our specialists have first-hand information, about the profile of an unfaithful person, their habits, environments, and other characteristics that give life to deception, this allows us to get to collect information more quickly, to calm that concern for know the truth.

It is true that there are currently online services that provide false alibis, appointments and others to support this type of love deceit, but through our professional services we take care of nullifying any attempt to hide the truth, we provide you with reliable evidence about. Being in the midst of infidelity is complex, especially because you live constantly with that doubt, you lose confidence completely, this gives rise to various discussions that are deteriorating the environment of the relationship, for this reason it becomes essential to have All the information about it.

Through the hiring of detectives and infidelity tests, you can obtain privileged information, knowing what your partner is doing, exact data, until you have conclusive material such as photographs and videos, thanks to the application of forensic techniques.

The evidence on this type of action is very useful for situations that have to do with divorces, pensions, and any other type of legal action that can be taken as a result of this deception, since you not only get rid of the lie, You also get the opportunity to change the situation in your favor.

The value of this type of professionals resides, on the mental peace that provides an evidence, since it ratifies immediately what is happening, a love deception becomes very painful and must be clarified in time, for this reason it is one of the most demanded services.

Each time a private detective can participate in different causes with great professionalism, that is, not everything has to do with deceit, but also with the resolution of personal problems that can cause terrible consequences.

The construction of an infidelity case is done through infidelity detectives who can offer the best sense of response to the requirements that clients have established, which is why at Grupo Arga detectives we offer a service that is capable for all of Spain to accompany our in these moments that can be extremely difficult.

Throughout Spain, our detectives who intend to carry out a highly specialized investigation process are directed towards offering the best investigation service at the service of clarifying cases related to the investigation of infidelity, an issue that ends up representing a great advantage for our customers.


An investigation for infidelities mainly deals with the articulation of elements that can respond accurately if a person is in fact being the victim of an act of emotional fraud in the relationship carried out with the person under investigation, this mainly translates into a situation of deception and Adultery, an issue that undoubtedly calls into question the mutual commitment regarding their plans and elements of future importance.

The detectives infidelities are high value resources to organizations research as Grupo Arga, which are able to manage any various time requirements by a person who may require joint research activities towards determining process research that has the ability to see if it is assuming a fact with reason and a sense of cause and / or on the contrary assumption is speculating or maximizing some fact of emotional significance with respect to the verification of whether it is really suffering a infidelity situation.

The construction of a process that can execute an investigation for infidelities at first passes through understanding the context in which the problem develops, it is there where you must know what type of relationship we are talking about, in this sense for a detective it is It is important to know if we are talking about a courtship, a fleeting romantic relationship, or if on the contrary we are trying a long-term relationship with a view to consolidating a commitment or a marriage, these are important elements to know since they provide clues that are inherent in the behavior of each of the two members in the relationship.

In general, young and fleeting couples tend to be unstable, but couples who have been committed for years have tended to generate the establishment of a plan and certain goals that result in the consolidation of a common life plan, This for the agent is an extremely important input since it also allows him to detail how strong the researcher’s commitment can be with what the client has expressed.

Once the investigation has begun for all the indications that the client provided, the contrasts of fact and hypotheses are established with the aim of promoting a sense of validation and determination of facts that can represent a fast, agile and dynamic way of obtaining evidence is concerned .

The construction of this process will mainly lead to the fact that the investigating agent is going to focus on the elements that have had the most weight during their deployment work in their theater of operations, an issue that will undoubtedly generate the determination of hypotheses, facts and responsibilities of the investigation case and as a last result the best of the results obtained will be provided to our clients by means of a technical report in done under a highly expert vision our client will be informed of everything that has happened in the execution of the case.

Through an investigation with a high precision criterion, our infidelity detectives have been able to successfully answer all the questions of the investigation raised by the client, which has involved the execution of a highly practical investigation scheme towards the construction of a case. that is capable of generating the informative elements and data that the client needs to know. Grupo Arga detectives, proposes a strategic operation through these actions, although they are not a recipe, it can be said that they largely represent all the elements that are part of an infidelity investigation process carried out by our agents.  



There is an element of utmost importance in the management of an infidelity investigation process, it deals with the possibility of responding to our clients in the shortest possible time, this is made feasible through a strategic action of our agents and also by through the deployment of various organizational resources that enable the objectives of the

research accurately .

The construction of an efficient investigation process, focuses on the generation of responses that can represent a logical framework of solutions that customers may be requiring at a given time, which is why mainly all these acts carry with them the premise of offering what best of the best to the customer.

The construction of an investigation process that focuses on building solutions for our clients is something that we have managed to consolidate by leaps and bounds from Grupo Arga detectives, since our agents receive a high-level training process capable of providing the best answers even in the most complex cases,

which undoubtedly shows our willingness to improve our research processes with the aim of executing a first-rate business research service.

From Grupo Arga detectives we can say that they have been executing private investigation for more than 10 years, this undoubtedly constitutes the possibility of executing a high quality service for our clients and those interested in obtaining a highly efficient infidelity investigation service. In Spain we have the best infidelity detectives !


Obtaining evidence of infidelity is something that only experts in the field can achieve through expert advice and the conduct of an investigation under high levels of specialization, in this sense it is necessary to emphasize that if someone wants not only to be based on Signs and assumptions must accurately contact a detective whose specialty is infidelity.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we are aimed at managing a process that is capable of providing the necessary responses to all our clients regarding their investigative concerns, in order to favor their information needs and obtain specialized data.

Infidelity cases in Spain are usually very recurring in couples from 24 to 43 years of age, this occurs for various situations, when a couple already has a strong suspicion that they are cheating on them, this is where they should resort to a Detective who is able to provide you with the necessary infidelity tests in order to avoid delaying an issue that may end up damaging your daily performance in other aspects of your life.

Many people take it as something light that in fact their partner is cheating, however there are others that this issue comes to cause a very strong emotional shock, which is why they need to check it before continuing to generate more trust in the relationship or to think Address higher commitments within the framework of the same, since when checking a state of deception it is necessary to highlight that in the first place the entire plan that was held with that person is being overturned, which is why it is necessary to advance to a verification stage.

Sometimes these people go to friends and other acquaintances that allow them to verify the facts, but there will always be a component of doubt, since suspicion and the possibility that the one who is committing a deception in their relationship can defend themselves is something that without a doubt it is still present, in this sense there is nothing better than to support an accusation with evidence that can demonstrate in fact that the other party is exercising the act of infidelity.

That is why what is most recommended is always to hire a detective who has the experience of supporting a sufficient burden of proof with everything related to the investigation of infidelities, since it can go through a review status for all indications and clues that the client provides, it is there where we mainly have the great opportunity to entrust this matter in the best hands with the aim of establishing greater productivity in the management of our personal affairs based on the time it takes us to resolve as well as Also, the energy and / or concentration that we dedicate to get out of doubts about matters that may even be emotionally damaging to us.

For this reason, Grupo Arga detectives offer the best detective service that can obtain the best evidence of infidelity with the aim that clients and those interested in contracting this type of service do not leave this matter to chance and may leave doubts in the least time possible with the greatest tranquility and certainty.

That is why at Grupo Arga detectives we always reinvent ourselves and offer an investigation for infidelity that is capable of obtaining various data from the investigated, based on the indications provided by the client, we dive into the agenda, habits and customs of the possible adulterer and it is there where through a careful observation we get to the root of the events with the aim of establishing the identification of possible infidelity actors that may be affecting the normal transit of a relationship.

The construction of a case for infidelities is something that our agents allow themselves to do in record time and with great precision, a matter that ends up influencing the generation of a high-level investigation by means of elements that configure the execution of the tasks. Detectives at the service of detecting actions that can be described as relationship fraud.

Detectives who may be able to resolve an infidelity case efficiently are at Grupo Arga detectives with the aim of providing clients with the necessary infidelity evidence to verify any action and / or fact of infidelity by their spouse . The articulation of an investigation case valuing a vision of high expertise and rigor is only possible when you have the best, an issue that is decisive when hiring an organization more than a detective.

The execution of an investigation process that can represent a true solution to all our clients is something that can be achieved through the efforts that Grupo Arga detectives has set out to carry out with the aim of promoting an investigation that is capable of providing all the answers. possible to companies.

The construction of an investigative case not only depends on the detective, it largely depends on the clues provided by the client and on the organization, which together can generate a synergy between these three factors to bring the best possible sense of response to those who may require this type of service in the market.

Grupo Arga detectives is an investigative agency that, through the training of its agents, can respond with great precision to all the elements that represent a key response to a certain fact, prone to investigation, training and the highly demanding parameters with which we have Training each of our members has been a great opportunity to guide a highly

dynamic and efficient response process towards our community.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have been doing private investigation for more than 10 years, an issue that has been a great opportunity to offer the best we have to all our clients, interested in the processes of obtaining evidence of infidelity for all those who want to know if their partner is really cheating on them.



When we are clear about the usefulness that the infidelity detective operation provides us, it is where we can get the most out of hiring this resource for the purposes of covering and executing an investigation case, which can make us leave doubts, that is why a detective who is in charge of managing the detection of infidelities is a great opportunity.

The detectives of infidelity are resources that undoubtedly provide the best results to those seeking to know what is really happening in their relations on principles of high discretion.

It is necessary to clarify that the only resource that has the capacity to investigate 100% of the situation in question is a detective who is in charge of investigating infidelities, the generation of an investigation of this style can undoubtedly benefit the person who is looking for articulating a process that allows you to get the right answers at the time


The detectives of infidelity, are resources that certainly can get to the root of the facts and on principles and professional expertise can afford to articulate all that the customer is needed, this with the aim of promoting best the investigative facts at the service of those who request an investigation that is capable of bringing them out of the doubts that may be causing them a state of anxiety.  

Leaving doubts for someone who may be facing a suspicious situation regarding a cheating of his spouse, represents the first step he can take, since the existence of such a situation supposes ending the relationship that was coming Developing, plans and goals together are set aside by the lack of trust and by the act of sentimental betrayal committed by one of the parties involved.

What it means to face a situation of these alone and without support is sometimes a fact of quite strong emotional burden for the person affected, which is why everyone who hires this detective service is supported and oriented towards rational decision-making by part of our agents, since from Grupo Arga we accompany our clients in the most difficult moments and we dare to guide them in the midst of these situations that can be a real tribulation.

The construction of an investigation scenario starts from the determination of the indications that the affected person initially provides, it is there where he comments on the facts and describes in detail the reasons why he suspects that he is being cheated, in this sense Our detectives are sufficiently insightful and capture with great capacity all the elements, clues and testimonies that the client provides in this first phase, from this point the utility of establishing the investigative context in detail will be generated.

Subsequently, once the strategy and the results and milestones to be reached in the investigation have been defined, the agent begins in the field in order to initiate all the inquiries, this is done through the deployment of strategies and the implementation of technological tools for videographic nature that allows you to capture all facts and evidence, for this

It drives through the agenda and the itinerary of the person investigated and determines in detail all the elements and key actors detected in the application phase of the operation.

Once all the evidence is determined and found, the investigator begins the drafting of his technical report with the objective of capturing in an objective way all the facts and actions of the investigated person that may or may not be indicated as an act of adultery, once the report technician is prepared, a presentation is made to the client of the main findings that the operation has had and, through a post-investigation orientation conversation, a brief orientation is given on the next steps that can be taken.

This investigation of infidelity tests is a resource that only experts can reach, professionals such as those of Grupo Arga detectives are not only in the capacity but also in the best disposition to manage these questions for our clients, with a high discretion in matters of execution of these investigations.


For our detectives, it is quite a challenge full of great adventures to be able to generate an effective resolution of infidelity cases by obtaining evidence of infidelity, since they allow us to establish, based on expert criteria, everything that is You can hide in a relationship and everything that someone who wants to commit these types of acts hides their soulmate.  

The investigation for infidelity is a resource that is completely valid towards the management of elements that can develop in a relationship and that without a doubt can generate a process of sentimental fraud to a person who is not aware of the fact that their partner in effect It is deceiving, that is why an investigation for infidelity is the best resource that a person can have, with the aim of making them leave doubts and that they can decisively come out of this harmful episode in the sentimental field and thus opening up to new experiences.

The construction of an investigation case for infidelities is something that our agents from Grupo Arga detectives can do, with the aim of providing the best answers to our clients, this is possible through their highly disciplined spirit and the generation of various elements that configure an adequate response pattern adapted to all the needs of our various clients.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we say that they have been doing research for more than 10 years, a question that means that our experience and professional career we make available to all our clients and also our community.

The application of an investigation that comes from the hand of divorce detectives represents the opportunity to try to define, based on expert criteria, everything that may be subject to investigation regarding an act of infidelity towards our homes.

A detective who is in charge of managing the infidelity processes of a party involved in a marriage is a resource that will always structure the investigation tasks that have the greatest refinement and discretion possible, with the aim of determining what is really happening in a family bosom.


Many people when they hire this type of research do it sometimes from the field of denial, an issue that ends up being highly damaging and costs from an emotional point of view, sometimes they do not know how this point has been reached, and that is that a relationship of many years, as well as a relationship that has gone through key moments of trust and mutual relationship have allowed to build a home, the person affected on many occasions considers that when reaching this last milestone within the development of a sentimental relationship is very likely that everything is already said about their relationship, a question that ends up being a wrong assumption.

From the point of view of clinical psychology, it is necessary to emphasize that many people consider that love in a relationship with the passing of the years ends up becoming a feeling of habit, an issue that ends up being definitive towards the construction of various aspects that in the long term, they could have a negative impact on the transit of a generation of adultery or an episode that one of the parties could classify as an “adventure”, because sometimes these “gray hairs” or episodes of extramarital affairs manage to generate a substantial dent in the rules that govern a home.

The main affected of this situation are the children who are in the midst of the sides that can enter into “dispute” at any time, which is why before all our divorce detectives they consider the management of a family infidelity investigation as a case extremely critical, since you are not talking about an act of adultery among free people or young people who are experiencing in the course of their lives, no! It is a home made up of children who have life plans and important economic assets that have been earned during the marriage process.

That is why, the agents that from Grupo Arga work in this matter without a doubt must, above all, promote calm in the person under investigation, and as the police investigations say, they should try to avoid making statements until the facts attest to the initial assumptions made by the client. That is why the research process that is undertaken must be extremely careful and detailed in order not to play with immediacy, but to take the time to analyze all the pieces of the puzzle.

A marriage is like a company, since in the development of a relationship, the people involved set growth goals, as well as everything necessary towards the construction of the family economic heritage with which they can ensure the execution of all the plans that they may exist among the members of said nucleus, when a rupture in this area becomes possible, it is then where our agents act as that executing bond that objectively guarantees the obtaining of all the evidentiary elements towards the determination of responsibilities.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we have been committed to our clients in the appearance of these moments, since they are aspects that are not easy to solve, which implies the possibility of being highly efficient in managing aspects that are highly costly to managing on an emotional level for a person, that is why from our organization we offer a first-rate research service capable of promoting the best of the best towards our interested parties in requesting our services.


In the face of all the factual circumstances that may exist in an infidelity divorce case, it is necessary for our clients to know that our detectives, through their actions, will provide all the necessary evidence for the execution of an efficient process at the level of this type of investigation capable of To raise doubts to the client who demands this type of services, our detectives are aware that managing these types of situations are not easy, which is why they always seek to offer a service with the utmost elements of professionalism and discipline capable of providing the answers are being requested.

From Grupo Arga detectives we must say that they are more than 10 years doing investigative work throughout Spain, this is a sign of our commitment and the dedication that our agents apply to detective work, an issue that is undoubtedly reflected in the best deployment possible of our services.

The construction of a research case that is conducive to the generation of a logical framework of responses to all our clients is within the reach of those who want to have a highly professional criterion of expertise, based on the master deployment of resources and research skills that they can be highly effective in obtaining elements that can find the whereabouts of what is needed to know at the case level.

From Grupo Arga detectives we have trained our staff with the best elements that allow us to establish the best answers at the right time, which is why through the work carried out by our agents we can say that obtaining evidence of infidelity is something that we can carry out around high criteria of investigative excellence. Contacting Divorce Detectives is the best decision you can make!

When you want to hire infidelity detectives, you are taking the first step towards generating various elements that will undoubtedly end up providing the best clarification of all the suspicions that go through our minds, about whether our partner is not cheating.

The hiring of a professional in the art of research constitutes the opportunity to execute efficiently and from the tranquility and patience with which the tests are presented and all the elements of a evidentiary scheme, the best possible decisions at such a time. embarrassing as it is checking a cheating case.



This has happened to many of us, and it is that when the actions of our partners are not sincere and they begin to be a little inconsistent with their actions, as well as with all the elements that are immersed in their behavior within the relationship , we begin to generate various suspicions about what may be happening in the mind of that person, at first our instinct of denial directs us towards not accurately recognizing everything that is happening.

Starting from this situation, we believe that it is very likely that this is a product of our thoughts and that it is very likely that we are thinking in a paranoid way, well, then come the comments of friends and people who are close to the relationship detailing us as our couple had fun with people who are not close to their usual environment and as the same placed special emphasis on sharing and enjoying with a specific person above all that environment.

Already with this we have a first suspicion test about what may be happening, that is why again the doubt, and the fear of losing the relationship begin to invade us and suddenly transforms into a state of mental uneasiness in Where we mainly begin to formulate different assumptions and different hypotheses about what may or may not be happening within the action of our partner, is where we begin to ask ourselves: since when has this been happening? Will this be real? How many times has this situation occurred in the relationship? All these questions are asked and many people do not have the slightest idea of ​​how they can get out of this with the best possible balance.

The hiring of infidelity detectives represents a valid way that can mean the search for solutions to all the aspects that may be immersed in a circle of suspicion on the part of the person who could be being deceived at the level of a relationship, when it uses the services of an expert for infidelity, without a doubt, is leaving the clarification of this matter to an expert.

For this reason, the construction of key elements around the execution of the investigation tasks by a professional are the best guarantee to know what is really happening, the detective in this sense will seek to determine based on a discharge criterion. Expertise that elements can represent a real suspicion and that can configure the structuring of a pattern that is related to the participation of an investigated person in an act of sentimental deception or adultery.

The possibility that a client contracts this type of services generates as an important result the generation of aspects that are highly productive in the construction of an operation criterion that provides the answers that she wishes to know based on a high-level panorama. certainty, and also that allows you to make the most efficient decision in a calm way,

also guided by our experts in infidelities so that you can finish assuming correctly this type of episodes.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we know that these types of situations are highly emotional turbulence for some, not all people assume this type of news in the best way and it is there where faithful to our clients we prefer to accompany them at that moment where to the person reveals the truth of what happened regarding each event.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has in its 10 years of experience accumulated experiences that lead them to define efficiently that their clients are not alone, that is why through our research services we provide the best accompaniment and the best assists at the service of those who want to find the right answers at the right time.

At Grupo Arga detectives the vocation of service of our agents characterizes us towards the concretion of results that can undoubtedly mean the generation of various elements that can represent an advantage for the client regarding the hiring of a specialized service that provides them with the answers that you both need to know with high discretion.

The discretion in the behavior of the infidelity detectives is a characteristic feature of the excellent execution of our operations, since above all things the criterion of protection of our clients is guaranteed, that is how, through the mystique of our work and performance of our activities we establish the best response to all our customers.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that undoubtedly is in charge of generating the best of investigations to all its clients and stakeholders with the aim of generating a highly efficient response criterion capable of providing the tranquility and certainty they so desire.

Those who are interested not only in hiring the investigation services for infidelities of the group but also the other activities that we deploy throughout Spain can visit our website, social networks or blog and learn much more about our work. Having experts at the customer service at Grupo Arga is our mission!

For many people who have doubts about whether the investigation process for infidelities should be carried out to be able to monitor their partner, when faced with this question we have the indicated answer about everything that a research process of this style is about, which is why the structuring An efficient inquiry criterion can be manifested around the construction of a case that allows establishing the best answers through the greatest possible discretion, thus ensuring efficient decision-making at the service of the interested parties.

For those people who ask themselves whether or not to hire a private detective, it is necessary to answer with another question, what can happen if the situation continues to be handled blindly? The answers are definitely not going to be very encouraging.

A case of investigation for infidelities for many people can be quite disturbing, since they face events that are not beyond their control and this then contemplates going through situations of high personal and emotional conflict, when the person has this type of doubt deep down, he knows that there are many elements that he does not know and he believes that, in summary, making this decision can lead to more problems, given these beliefs and prejudices at the level of this type of research, it is necessary to highlight that professionals in the field have decided to do a clarification of what it means to carry out a research process of this type.

First of all, it is very necessary to limit that these investigations are done with a regime of absolute anonymity, a matter that defines in synthesis a criterion of data protection of those who resort to our services, our objective will never be to expose our client, since the It is the same that supports our investigative work and additionally it is the one that requires knowing each element of the case in question under a high sense of discretion.

Secondly, the investigation for infidelity is carried out without the person being investigated knowing that he or she is undergoing a process of investigation, an issue that places our agents in a process of providing strategic information and that gives the person under investigation the advantage of situation by being able to accurately establish all the information that he is requesting in the development of the case.

Thirdly, it is also necessary to highlight that an investigation for infidelities, has the objective of raising doubts to our clients, with the aim of verifying the fact that their suspicions are correct, an issue that undoubtedly provides a criteria of clarification and delimitation of facts or situations to each of those interested in contacting this type of service.

Fourth, we must highlight that infidelity investigations seek not only to provide sufficient evidence and data to those requesting this type of service, but also to accurately generate a framework for action that allows the client to be guided around the decision-making process. decisions that he himself has ahead at the time these tests are reflected in the conclusive report of the case in question.

These four advantages provide a framework of utmost clarity towards the structuring of an investigation that is capable of supporting a margin of action focused 100% on the happiness of our clients, with the aim of promoting a framework of responses typical of an investigation that pursues criteria highly experienced around the construction of situations that can represent the ideal solution for those who request this type of service.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are not satisfied with obtaining sufficient results for the determination of responsibilities, in this sense we are committed to more when establishing a response scenario that is agile enough around the construction of various investigation criteria that can respond with the best technique and disposition of all the elements that the client requests, is why through.

Grupo Arga detectives, through the deployment of strategies and skills typical of a level investigative dynamic, has proposed to be the indicated solution for all those clients who are in the urgent need to silence uncertainty, which is why our detectives are resources of reference when it comes to monitoring partner is concerned.



At Grupo Arga detectives, our detectives have the best tools to monitor couples , which is why through our specialized practice we can provide the best possible investigation criteria to all those who are seeking to make an investigation for infidelities possible, with the aim that it is permeable towards seeking the best responses at the right time.

From Grupo Arga detectives we always bet on the generation of an investigation criterion that is capable of meeting the demands of our clients, which is why through our investigation processes we do not only intend to compete with immediacy but also with the complexity and the challenge of solving a case with new levels of demand.

The development work of a private detective, for a member of our group represents the great possibility of not only developing his professional career but also of structuring based on his daily actions an efficient criterion regarding the performance of a job that is at community service.

Being a Grupo Arga detective is a wonderful opportunity full of new challenges and various milestones that may be in favor of specifying various key elements of each case that can be represented in obtaining evidence under a high criterion of investigative expertise and soundness.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has more than 10 years throughout Spain, thus infallibly fulfilling all the research challenges that come with each request from a new client.

The private investigative tasks that make it possible to investigate unfaithfully enclose in themselves facing the clarification of various complex scenarios that are supported by the generation of evidence that can lead to the resolution of an investigation case required by a client.  

The investigation of infidelities in Spain has undoubtedly generated the construction of elements that can ensure a positive response framework towards the delimitation of scenarios that can make the best decisions for our clients.



On many occasions, people who may be victims of an infidelity situation have sufficient emotional strength and intelligence to nip these situations in the bud and generate the best possible decision where they are not involved at the time when this type of scenario occurs. they present themselves, a question that does not make them act under a scenario of doubt before a type of performance of this style.

The construction of a scenario for infidelities is something that comes from the hand of a successive chain of events in which a member of a relationship can bear with a subtle touch a whole series of unusual actions by his partner, it is here where it will begin to act suspiciously, as well as it will begin to act very differently than it has been developing in the relationship, for this reason the need to go to an investigation professional arises.

An investigator can, through various practical elements of his profession, investigate unfaithful under a criterion of high expertise and based on various elements that precisely cause the construction of various hypotheses that allow the determination of acts that lead to the burden. of responsibility of the investigated towards an act of infidelity.

Managing an investigation process for infidelities is something very necessary for those people who want to have an efficient response element around being able to clarify precisely any doubt they may have, which is why when faced with the doubt of a process of this type, the best we can do is cut it off at the roots, since it does not generate a healthy enough plan of action within the course of a relationship.

On some occasions, many people who have a relationship for years, can generate expectations of taking this situation to another level through marriage, when in a relationship that is at this level the ghost of infidelity appears, we can say that they begin to generate a series of doubts that even lead to a highly toxic relationship scheme.

In this regard, it is necessary to highlight that the appearance of these elements may represent the generation of situations of high conflict between the couple, for this the most advisable thing is to get out of doubts once and for all and hire an expert who, through a highly professional performance can confirm or refute our suspicions on the basis of a sufficiently substantial burden of proof.

It is for this reason that a professional in the field of infidelity research is a resource that always prides itself towards obtaining the best evidence and determining facts that are capable of contributing to the development of a highly professional, capable investigation process. to provide the answers that customers are requesting in the shortest possible time.

The construction of a research case in this sense, provides our clients with the opportunity to establish an accumulation of clues and key elements that provide them with the best criteria for exemplary decision making, which is why a case of this type , allows obtaining a unique response criterion towards the client, capable of offering a solution framework that is sufficiently clear and full of certainty.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we always recommend that the best thing to do in these situations lies in the construction of an intelligent criterion towards decision-making processes, a matter that ends up being a very important element in the face of all things.


Many people when executing the hiring of an agent, tend to wonder if it is necessary to execute an investigation case and if in fact it would not be complicating the resolution of an issue that is clearly part of their personal competence, for this they also begin to Imagine if a more ben detective would not delay obtaining the information that she requires, which is why at the level of execution of a research task the best thing to note in this regard is that a client can get all the information much faster. information that needs to be resolved by means of an investigation.

Failure to hire a private investigator capable of investigating infidelity can lead to various consequences among them, the main one may be that the construction of elements of a high-quality investigation can only be done by a professional investigator, on the other hand, the same It can only respond to the criteria and objectives that are outlined in each investigation case, an issue that strongly limits the aspect of resolution of evidence by an individual per account.  

The construction of an investigation on their own can also lead to the person not protecting their personal performance, thus finding various consequences towards the execution of a role that does not correspond to them and towards facing unpleasant situations where it is precisely going to be signaled of invading the personal space of the other member of the relationship.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are always focused on generating situations and investigative facts that are capable of providing the best response to our clients, with the aim of extending first-class service to them.

The performance of a matrimonial detective provides a sufficiently efficient set of responses to all those who request a high-level investigation service, this with the aim of providing our clients with a first-class investigation service and raising their doubts regarding to a situation of sentimental fraud in our homes.  

The construction of a research case provides the opportunity to deploy a service that is capable of responding with the best elements to all the needs that our clients have. The best we have been able to do is establish a series of responses that are conducive to building a case that is capable of obtaining the best answers at the right time.



A case of this type at the marriage level sometimes contains various complexities since not only is the course of a relationship involved, but also a whole issue of family stability is linked to this aspect, an aspect that is very useful for the most small of the house (in case a married couple has children) that is why through all these elements

care must be taken in using professional criteria through all the elements that are detected in the field of investigation to determine whether or not an act of infidelity occurred, this is a key element to take into account since the Families are not just any relationship, it is the main institutional pillar of our society, where a family breaks, other consequences of a negative nature arise for all those involved.

At Grupo Arga detectives we conceive the performance of the marriage detective as the only resource that is capable of solving an investigation case that contributes to clarifying facts that are likely to be studied and analyzed with sufficient care in order to make our client if he is correct regarding his hypotheses and the elements of suspicion that he has used.

The generation of a participation scheme through a person in charge of doing this type of investigation is directly related to the determination of evidence that has sufficient conviction capacity about whether an act of this type is really being committed, in this sense it should be noted that a member of a marriage may be carrying internal penalties from his work aspect, as well as, may be coinciding with old friendships that he has left behind at some stage of their lives.

That is why an investigator of this type, in case of not correctly handling the instrumentation of the facts that are preceded in the context of the investigation, can confuse the client and make him make a bad decision, from this point the importance of that different decisions of importance for the health, the march and of course the stability of a home can be executed.

It is for this reason that from Grupo Arga detectives we have channeled the training process of our agents with high discipline and precision, with the aim that at the time they act as a married detective they can generate the answers that the client needs to know under a high sense of precision and objectivity, an issue that undoubtedly affects the exercise of impeccable work.  

As we said very well above, it should be noted that a marriage must be considered as an institution, which is why, mainly when a divorce occurs in this type of relationship, there are elements that undoubtedly do not generate optimal resolution of situations.

The well-seen marriage can be something similar to a company, since common objectives are drawn, and mainly during the duration of the relationship goods are acquired in a commonwealth, that is why mainly this fact decisively represents various aspects that represent a breakdown of many variables at the moment that a relationship of these comes to an end since the two people who are at the head of the household are not only affected, in this sense any of their other members (children) are also affected from a emotional and economic point of view.



A self-respecting investigator exercises with great precision all the aspects that are related to the investigation of infidelities, which is why when acting as a marriage detective all this criterion must be increased with greater rigor, since without a doubt it is establishing a possibility of determining a crisis situation in a home, an issue that should be clarified under a highly professional gaze and rigor in the aforementioned research context.  

The construction of an investigation process aimed at determining what is happening in each of the homes allows establishing through a decision-making context everything that can occur regarding the probable management of a case for infidelities, since The victim is advised what is the best thing to do in the event that an act of treason is materialized by her spouse, an issue that undoubtedly tends to generate a before and after in the transit of this relationship.

From Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to providing the appropriate answers to each research problem raised, with the aim of promoting a sense of high response to those who need high-level research criteria, which is why to make possible the detection of These types of elements in a relationship we can provide a clear decision framework that can be at the service of our customers at all times.

At Grupo Arga detectives, they have been doing the work that we like the most for more than 10 years, that is why we always seek to be useful at all times, at Grupo Arga you will find the best!




The family research , form a sub-branch of research by infidelities, or sometimes, even if they arrive not be directly linked, may have some connection elements, it is necessary to know to determine responsibilities and gather evidence that would be considered as evidence in the legal execution of a divorce process.

Investigations for infidelities, when they touch the reality of a family environment, must be conducted with great subtlety since it is not only a couple that is in danger at the level of their relationship, it is a whole family nucleus that is sometimes affected.

The investigation for infidelities has a fundamental reason for being, it is based on knowing if any member of a relationship is committing an act of adultery and emotional fraud on his partner, this is an aspect that is sometimes viewed with a certain halo of superficiality, since it does not provide an element of greater

consequence on an emotional level, but rather affects the consequences of separation from a family environment, resulting in a divorce, and the loss of a home.

In an investigation of this type, many people do not recognize the existence of a fact until in fact it can be confronted with irrefutable evidence, at first many of our clients when they go to this type of service relate their request to a feeling of denial that tends to confuse with the need to know and to know everything that is happening when in reality there are many clues that are evidencing the act of adultery in the other part of the relationship.

Additionally, an investigator for infidelities, can also develop the same criteria for family investigations , from the experience we have had through the investigations that are made possible in cases of infidelity of a family group, we have observed that the elements that seem to be The emotional ones that the affected person deals with are similar, since this involves an effort to not only understand the stability of a couple, but also the stability of the home as a family institution.

Family investigations when they are required from Grupo Arga detectives are, to a large extent, requested by this type of service, since they contain the possibility of an act of adultery and of fraud to the trust of family members, this implies a sufficient condition for the existence of mitigating factors that sometimes manage to trigger a divorce lawsuit, an issue that ends up having a significant impact on the stability of the members of a family environment.

When a detective from Grupo Arga has managed to gather enough elements of conviction to highlight that there has been an act of adultery in his reports, it is because he has documented in detail everything that occurs, and has also delimited with great precision all elements that can be found towards the detection of various hypotheses that can be asserted through a family court, this in order to proceed with a divorce claim.

In the separation of a home, highly emotionally charged events occur, as well as facts that are of a social and economic nature, since starting from the separation of bodies at the level of a relationship, other elements that are They are linked to the separation of property, as well as the custody of minor children in the case that at the time of the separation some of the family members were not of legal age.

The generation of elements that may be linked to the development of a divorce leads us to analyze the fact that a home and a marriage is like a company, since they function as a civil society capable of acquiring assets and growing in the event of to be proposed to direct operations towards a common purpose. This means from Grupo Arga directing that all the operations that can be directed towards our clients must be carried out with the utmost responsibility and rigor since the consequences of a divorce action are diverse.



The investigative work carried out by Grupo Arga detectives, allows our clients to know in detail all the elements that can fully establish the existence of an act of adultery and family fraud by one of its members, in this sense as We know that we are developing in a highly critical research context, we must provide the best to our clients, in order that the best decisions can be made based on elements with a strong objective base.

The possibility of generating the answers that are required in an investigation of this type does not arise overnight, since it addresses the possibility that all the elements that can form a response to who wants to direct this service in their family environment.

That is why from Grupo Arga detectives the responsibility of our agents for their clients comes first, since this allows operating with the utmost efficiency in the field, experience and tradition for efficient service, has been the only guarantee to deploy our operations in research scenarios that by their nature can become extremely complex.

Grupo Arga detectives is an investigation organization that carries out its activities with a high professionalism, additionally it generates the opportunity to be highly efficient around the execution of all the requirements that our clients demand. They have been doing research for more than 10 years and without a doubt we never tire of offering our clients

a highly specialized expertise service!

Family environments that are in search of a high quality research service must in this sense know that Grupo Arga’s services address a solid response to any need they may have at any given time.

Structuring an investigation for adultery is something that is accomplished through the efforts and efforts of an infidelity investigator, it represents the best guarantee to execute processes of obtaining evidence of infidelity efficiently.

An infidel detective is a resource that moves with a high sense of secrecy and can provide the best help to those who may request an investigation that represents a set of solutions in a process of clearing doubts about whether their partner is cheating on them. .



The investigation for infidelities leads us to the need to generate a process of obtaining evidence of infidelity , this with the commitment to establish various elements that are specific to the collection of elements that can contribute to first-class expertise.

In the development of an investigation for infidelities, our agents are those resources that are able to provide the best sense of research and information gathering to confirm the assumptions that our clients initially make.

Executing an investigation for infidelities generates the need to be highly proactive elements in favor of providing all our clients with highly efficient results, to reach this point our detectives are conducting a process of investigation into various elements that are part of the life of the investigated , these elements are expressed in the possibility of discovering a suspicious attitude of the same, for this the private investigator undertakes a search for elements that are little assimilable to his daily rhythm of life.

This implies the precise search for signs and suspicious behaviors over time, for this a detailed investigation is determined in the personal agenda of the person being investigated, as well as everything related to the execution of schemes that involve a high probability of creating attitudes of infidelity, This creates the possibility of being highly proactive in detecting your meetings and observing with whom you carry out various itineraries.

In general, the monitoring of all these elements should lead us to the root of the facts with the objective of knowing without in fact there is an adultery relationship, this with the objective of marking a before and after the request status of the requirements of the client. The investigative agents of Grupo Arga detectives have always made a difference when executing a process of obtaining evidence of infidelity.

This difference is represented in the possibility of executing a hypothesis determination process using highly expert criteria to determine whether the person under investigation is in fact committing an act of adultery, a matter that is done at Grupo Arga detectives through an investigation with a high sense of precision and useful for the next phases of the investigation.

The approval that we have throughout Spain at the level of the execution of this type of services has given us having a relative acceptance of 98% of all the services we have done, thus showing that at the level of investigation for infidelity we are experts.

The expert or field agent of Grupo Arga in this sense will determine, in the time that is necessary, all the elements that are essential towards the generation of a solid infidelity investigation process, for this, it is supported by the generation of all indications. initials made by the client in the first phase

with the aim of determining whether these initial hypotheses have a foothold within a logical framework of research development.

For this, it is based on its experience and the generation of its detective instinct capable of assuring the achievement of its objectives in the short, medium and long term, this allows the objectives and milestones drawn together with the client to be achieved, thus as well as being supported by the best organizational tools and resources capable of guaranteeing efficient performance in the context of the investigation and of raising doubts for the client regarding an infidelity scenario.

It is here where, using all these elements, the detective manages to be an element that connects each indication with a real event, after having followed up the investigator under high parameters of caution, he allows himself to establish various hypothesis testing mechanisms with the facts that he has observed and informs the client of the results found by means of a report.

Once these elements have been detected and discussed with the client, they are provided with the necessary guidance on what to do in this entire process, since they may be seeing themselves involved in an emotionally charged episode, with the aim of directing our customers to highly efficient decision making. These are tasks that our infidelity detectives do without rest, since they are resources that have a comprehensive conception of each investigation context.

Our agents are highly effective resources that seek above all things to provide a logical framework of decisions to all their clients, through investigation of infidelities and obtaining evidence of infidelity guarantee the possibility of establishing a master expertise service.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that is capable of optimally handling all the requirements of our clients, for this we have invested a lot of effort and time in generating investigation services under a constant improvement perspective, that represents the guarantee of service provision optimal towards our community.

The Grupo Arga detectives are highly trained and prosecuted resources towards the resolution of a case for infidelity regardless of its complexity, this ensures the possibility of being elements of strategic sum towards the execution of various investigation milestones that provide us with the opportunity to to be a high value resource towards the demands and requirements of our clients.

The generation of results of all the agents of the Arga group is the guarantee of a detective exercise done with dedication and discipline towards carrying out tasks that are sufficiently solid, in order to serve society with a great sense of excellence, in Group Arga detectives find the best.



Detectives are a latent need in Spain to be able to uncover any unknown that may be behind a couple.

By positioning our infidelity detectives sociologically in Spain, different points are recognized , among which the progress made by different investigators is denoted , however, although it is not exhibited, the inconvenience of infidelity is every day is more and more serious.            

For this current need, the couples saw the urgency to finish with this problem, but might ask, how can eliminate the inconvenience caused by infidelity. It is eradicated when knowing the reality, it is the first thing to do, hire a private detective in Infidelities to find the evidence of the crime.              


Once hired detective infidelity and found evidence, it dictates whether rightly is infidelity or not, the tests do not lie. At this moment that you have already determined your choice, you have to select whether you live with it or cannot tolerate it,

Obviously this choice is entirely customer-based and very personal.

If you decide to cope with that infidelity throughout your life, you have to learn to live that way, however, if you decide to confront that circumstance, you can in fact take him to court and claim a divorce or simply end the relationship, regardless of the way acting, note that is a developing extensive and difficult it ‘s going to take time back as it was.

It is best to focus on your own missions while completing the procedures and learn to lead the division with dignity and, more than anything, independently, because something that is denoted enough in these situations is liberation . Even if it requires more decisive evidence on the situation, remember to choose a private detective infidelity trusted simpler to do the development.




Another of the notable issues that need to be mentioned is that of costs. It can be very expensive to hire the private investigation service , since some fees have the possibility of even reaching 1,100 euros for a day of work and it is much more than what some have the possibility of earning, but this is not strictly what you should spend in any kind of context. You can hire infidelity detectives for specific hours.

As complicated as it may seem, there are private infidelity detectives at admissible costs , such as the situation of Grupo Arga detectives whose fees are adjusted to the client.          

We must emphasize that in Spain there are other detective agencies, this is undoubtedly one of the most highlighted points, but without a doubt , Grupo Arga charges the fees dictated by the Professional Association of Detectives of Spain, which is adapted to the pocket.

Commenting on what the private detectives cheap infidelities, the first thing you can get to your head is the value, a detective can get to collect amounts of unpayable money to an individual average with a minimum wage and requires contemplate other costs in their place of living or generally in your family.                  

It is for this reason that most of the situations, are the companies that hire the services of a private detective, however, many people particular need of these services research, why there are companies that adjust costs to that that the client requires.

Commonly the situations that are shown are truly everyday, in most cases they are cases of infidelity and it is the first thing that comes to mind, although there are more specific situations such as those of medical insurance and labor scam . All this is covered by the private investigator of infidelity and reflected in a file with the primary evidence to make an approach to the truth.

These documents usually contain images, audio recordings, video recordings and can a specification descriptive of everything that happens in research Beyond that the users are able to have their own demands regarding how they want the tests, the agency can suggest packs where numerous services are available .                       

Although infidelities are daily, when we talk about a marriage where come into play several things, mainly the characteristics have evidence of infidelity is very essential, which only the experts private detectives in infidelities made through the study of the purpose and acquisition of visible evidence to aid in trials.            

Since we are in the world of technology, one of the disadvantages most common that frequent finding is that of the hacks. To evade or solve any inconvenience of these, the detective agencies appeal to the computer forensics, the

which they are engaged in this kind of drawbacks such as recovery or for rehabilitation of messages from a PC or mobile phone deleted or lost.



With well over ten years of experience, Grupo Arga detectives achieved different merits for the achievements , beyond that today there are different detective agencies, users recognize the experience and quality that our agency has, with highly trained experts on different surfaces.

Another considerable point to highlight is the aptitude of having experts both in Spain and abroad as well as in the different localities, municipalities and states throughout the territory. In addition to having the service in different parts of the world through huge associations around the world that maintain our company                     

Counting on an enormous number of cases solved during these years, we have obtained recognition awards for the impeccable and subtle work that endorses our detective company as the most recognized in Spain, becoming one of the most outstanding in the world. .

Through all the components named above we are your best option, request a free estimate at very committed costs ensuring the best results.             




  Loving relationships have two sides, a sweet stage, and a dark one marked by lies, it is when suspicions, problems or refute the least action begin to arise, but instead of falling into that dispute the best thing is to collect evidence and information real what your partner is doing and really lies to you.

This is precisely the specialty of infidel detectives , who are increasingly requested to obtain certainty of what is happening, that is, to have accurate knowledge of a lie and if another person is intervening in their relationship, knowing is essential for recover or make decisions about your relationship.   

The figure of the infidel detectives is relevant, since different services have emerged that create false alibis to give rise to the opportunities to be unfaithful, because we are specialists who have the expertise to interact in this kind of delicate and sensitive situations, because when it’s about emotions is complex.

But with the help of our experts from Grupo Arga Detectives you will have unconditional attention, where we will give you encouragement within each phase of the investigation, because we place at your disposal the assistance of specialists who know how to transmit any progress in the midst of this difficult situation. . Living with your partner in the midst of doubts is not encouraging, in fact it makes everything more complicated, it can push your partner to continue taking direction or decisions that are detrimental to the relationship, so it is best to act in a timely manner. stealthy to end the torment of thinking or assuming what happens.

The role of a private detective within this personal or family sphere, can be decisive in gathering evidence before a future process of divorce, pension or some imposition of conjugal assets, that is, we can expose any lie or deception that is taking place in you against. Our professional assistance is perfect so that we do not have to spend more time with that annoying concern, we are dedicated to gathering the fundamental evidence so that you discover if you are being deceived, in addition to not stoking false promises, but from the beginning we set achievable objectives for your particular situation.             



         With the tests obtained by the infidel detectives , a great difference is made within the relationship, because you will not have to think more about what may be happening, but for sure you do not know, this goes to another stage when real evidence of what is happening with photos, recordings or any other.

We have experts who will take care of your specific case, each fear of infidelity is different from the previous one, we focus on customizing each situation to invest advanced techniques that help us to reach concrete tests that not only help you know if your partner is unfaithful, but to take legal action.

First of all, we establish a pattern of behavior for your partner, in this way we can implement a much more special follow-up, we discover what you are doing in your spare time, in the same way we have technological means to corroborate some data, we apply the necessary tools for it.

It is a latent need to expose what is being lived in a relationship, because the truth is the only way to obtain peace, to have harmony with your partner, especially when you decide to fight for love instead of abandoning it, this is another point to highlight we respect your

Investigation of infidelities in Madrid

decision and your preference in the middle of this investigation.

  When resorting to a private investigator, the main thing is to communicate any detail that you remember of your routine, to plan a work route that will help us provide you with solutions in the shortest possible time, we focus on collecting evidence that has a wide value and is null and void. any excuse about it, a fact is worth more than everything.            

Through Grupo Agra you will find a wide offer for each particular cause, that is, we classify the nature of your problem to assign an expert, we seek to provide quality, efficiency and private performance, that is, your information is safe with us, we are dedicated to start a search for it. The importance of detectives infidelities is that they understand the anguish that facing these problems represents, acting on time makes the difference, we take care of concluding with a proven result, so you can know if your partner is really unfaithful or not, in this way you can make the decisions that you consider necessary.             



         When you resort to the infidel detectives you will meet an expert attentive to your needs, adultery situations are increasingly common, especially when it has to do with the work atmosphere, these are transferred to your personal life, causing a deterioration to your relationship that can be appeased with the truth.

The only alternative is to decide to put aside fears, because in this way you will have a clear panorama to respond to such complexity, we have the expertise to receive your problems with great empathy, for this we frequently study common causes, places frequently, to establish a pattern of infidelity and expose it.

These types of alternatives are a great solution to delicate situations such as going through an infidelity, with enough evidence no one can deny that they are damaging the relationship, we trace a path of quality hard work so that you do not have to live in the shadow of a deception, is the main intention of this service.

We intend at Grupo Arga Detectives to expand a service that directly helps limit your problems, especially a situation as delicate as having an unfaithful life partner, since it is like living a constant deception every day, which we will

We end professional actions that will help you with this.



In the detection of an act of infidelity, many people do not easily notice when their partner begins to act differently, this leads us to the fact of knowing different testimonies where all these accounts coincide with the fact that the act of adultery is for the other person a total Surprise, many even when they contact our research experts at the first moment, they show an attitude of denial, an issue that ends up being elucidated with the development of research work. This generates the need for us to know that the investigation in the hands of experts is the only way to get to have certain elements of certainty about whether our partner is really cheating us, since it is sometimes not doing anything suspicious, in this regard it is It is necessary to say that it is better to get out of doubts than to bother with your partner, spouse or spouse and start an unnecessary drama.   

On many occasions the most advisable before all things is to eliminate the drama, it is not productive at all, since it always leads to different consequences, in this sense it is worth noting that there are many people who do not have adequate emotional intelligence, are self-centered and additionally, they have a great narcissistic effect, an issue that ends up negatively impacting a relationship.

Additionally, when someone is sincere with people who tend to have this type of personality, strong discussions can be generated and on some occasions some couples have told us that when a suspicious discussion is generated about this attitude, the other person reacts with a strong sense of aggressiveness, aggressiveness that even ends up generating a series of physical aggressions, for this it is necessary to take into account that the determination of a correct action of the one who may suspect about acts of adultery of his partner is about hiring a private detective.


This generates the possibility of establishing different aspects, which end up resulting in intelligent decision-making, hiring infidelity detectives is the best option to assert our concern through a legitimate means and covered by the detective work around the search for information. that can be useful to us. This means that, upon suspicion of these events, the best decision we can have in our hands is to hire an expert who can perform this type of work, in a professional manner, keeping distance from obtaining information and also being someone who knows perfectly the limits of his profession around the investigation of these events, this supposes, then, the possibility that a person can dedicate his time to more important things and matters. 

An infidelity detective is the appropriate resource for people who want to get out of this type of sentimental doubt, in this sense it is necessary to highlight that many customer profiles regarding the demand for these services sometimes tend to have a confrontational personality and Direct and they seek to speak these topics with total sincerity with their partner, however, as we already detailed above, all the consequences derived from having a conversation of this style are well known.

Sometimes different types of culture prevail for the development of this behavior, so it is also necessary that the couple before deciding to start a type of conversation like these with their spouse, also evaluate how it has been the same during the relationship, since that sometimes during the transit of a sentimental relationship there are people who tend to develop different patterns of behavior, this leads them to act totally impulsive that sometimes tends to be very anxious, apprehensive and somewhat violent, for those situations the best thing to do To make a person is to try to get to the truth with the help of a professional who will allow them to clarify the facts and subsequently provide them with the necessary guidance in case they so warrant.

Thus, it is also necessary to highlight that when people hire Infidelity detectives, they are not only making the best decision but they are also acting in the most mature way possible, by choosing not to be part of an emotional issue and ultimately not Let yourself be governed by the emotions of the moment. Being able to have the confidence necessary for a detective to carry out this work is a great step forward that the person is taking, since in herself she is allowing herself to establish a criterion of action very seriously.  

From Grupo Arga detectives, we are always hand in hand with our clients, with the aim that they see in our agency an entity that they can trust and can feel the necessary support to establish their sentimental investigations. They are more than 10 years of experience where the trajectory of the members of our group is synonymous with effectiveness and responsibility, since we decided to bear for our clients that hard weight of finding evidence of relevance in the act of adultery of a romantic relationship.

This leads us to determine different elements that are conducive to a relationship that is not working under a healthy scheme, an issue that ends up being addressed in the best way by our members and our research group.



This in some way has meant that the private investigator is always seen as an element that always resolves with a high degree of sagacity every aspect necessary to manage a specific case, because well the detective in question, more than a means, is the possibility in itself to develop an investigation that can be according to the appropriate parameters that help to reach the truth of each event that is worthy of investigation.

The detectives infidelities are resources that can manage any related problems with the determination of the act of infidelity, to do them always look for a sense of constantly updated about the work that has to play, since they require within an environment changing always trying to be on the lookout for different aspects that can be covered up. With the passage of time, the infidels in a relationship tend to invent or improvise through the use of devices, itineraries and / or schedules all the elements that make up the development of an adultery event.

This means that a self-respecting detective is a resource that should not only explore the obvious of each probability of occurrence with respect to an act of adultery, instead must always watch because these aspects are well balanced around detection. behavior patterns, a question that is very useful, since their identification adds to the possibility of generating good objective judgment regarding the evidence that can be collected.


When we speak from Grupo Arga Detectives, about the detection of behavioral patterns, we are undoubtedly encompassing the study of different attitudes that the suspect may take during the development of his day to day, for this it is vital for the infidelity detective , Knowing everything related to what the suspect does, in this sense everything necessary is investigated regarding the information on his agenda, his tastes, his places of “relaxation” and also his friends.   

The tasks that are always useful in the development of detective activity are linked to the optimal exercise of the profession around any type of investigation or investigation undertaken, this supposes the possibility of taking into account a structuring of sufficient elements to reach the merits of each case

and to be able to determine with scientific rigor the development of various events.

Knowing the places that frequent, the people with whom you meet in those places, is of vital importance since from there we can determine if there is a certain probability in committing the act of adultery, additionally it is necessary to highlight that a detective who is dedicated this field must respect the intimate environment of the person being investigated, in this sense it must take into account not to generate unauthorized data collection in family environments and / or parts of a home.

For reasons of professional ethics, an infidelity detective always seeks above all things to be respectful of other people’s spaces, this implies that although he has the other part of the relationship as an ally, he should not take advantage of this situation to extract information in environments of extreme personal intimacy, since that would compromise the fact of establishing truthful evidence before a jury, in case the need to report the act of infidelity in a legal instance has to be resorted to.

This also implies the researcher’s need to deal with a strategic and highly dynamic sense, since in most cases there are many people who have no idea that they must respect the space of the researched, thanks to the cinema, the detective and police novels, many people have the clip art on a mental level that the detective will be following in the footsteps of the investigated, and that if he goes to a restaurant he will sit at a table next to him with a long overcoat , hat, sunglasses and a camera or recorder that allows you to record everything that happens. No! This in real life does not happen even closely.  

The detective infidelity are resources when defining their actions through a research work make sure not be detected, because sometimes the fact that the investigated feels pursued can be a force element which even is You can assert a defense in a divorce case to dismiss the evidence collected.  

For this reason, from Grupo Arga detectives, we are committed to creating different aspects of value that allow the detective to conduct himself under a highly strategic scheme, an issue that ends up being highly considered so that said resource performs optimally in an operating theater.

The generation of different aspects around a professional act in the transit of detective work guarantee the execution of various elements that can be highly productive to get to the heart of the facts under a highly professional action scheme, which undoubtedly seeks to favor to the client around obtaining timely information that will help them to get out of doubt and support any case before legal and legal instances if necessary.  

From Grupo Arga, our infidelity detectives are willing to have the best solutions at hand that allow them to get to the truth of the facts for the different clients who need to obtain the appropriate answers at the right time, thus guaranteeing the best possible result with the lowest possible cost. This means that an element formed by the Arga detectives group knows the complexity of the investigation scenario, since sometimes a detective must not only limit himself to his investigative work, as a social servant must be willing to provide the necessary assistance and guidance to the affected person.  



The detective who develops in the activity of detecting infidelities not only relies on the generation of multiple elements that are characteristic of highly disciplined research, instead, he also seeks the concretion of facts, clues and hypotheses through the support electronic resources that allow you to move quickly in the resolution of each case.

Social networks are a main element that today are useful to an investigator who wishes to develop a case, since they allow everything necessary to advance in time so that it can be highly efficient, it is like a detective of Infidelity is a resource that can be developed based on experience criteria around the optimal review and evaluation of a suspect’s profile on a social network. 

In their daily life, it is very likely that a person does not know about the different elements and aspects that their partner manages in the digital spectrum, it is there where for many who request these infidelity detective services they find it surprising to know that their spouses contemplate the development of parallel profiles, sometimes created with their secondary names and surnames so as not to raise suspicions, an issue that ends up having a negative impact on the transit of the relationship.  

Additionally, a profile created in a social network does not necessarily have to be conceived under a parallel figure for it to be suspicious, in this sense it is necessary to know that there are different types of people who can frequent the main personal profile of our spouse and we on the other side of the relationship we are not aware of these facts. Given the doubt that may arise, it is necessary to try to ask yourself if today it is ethical for a person to take the trouble to inspect their spouse’s social media behaviors without their authorization, well, it is well known that sometimes this It is a recurring practice in the person who feels affected. However, beyond these  

elements it is also necessary to highlight that it incurs a violation of privacy.

And this is sometimes a mitigating factor so that the other person can sustain that they feel harassed or under the stalking of whoever uses this technique. It is for this reason that when resorting to the services of an infidelity detective , one may be resorting to an expert who will analyze any social network and the behavior of our spouse based on a criterion of high expertise, with the aim that neither he nor do not even suspect that it is under investigation, this is an important link to consider since they can establish different criteria that are capable of extracting the indicated information without leaving any trace.  

Another element of importance that a client prospect must establish around the acquisition of these services is that our detectives also rely on the use of different technological tools, this means that they seek to generate different forms of documentation for each case, with the aim of providing as much evidentiary support as possible to the different tests that tend to be developed. For this, it is also necessary to know that the detective tasks are supported not only by the impetus and skills of each investigator, instead they are also supported by all the action related to a solid organizational action. For this, Grupo Arga detectives, not only have field agents available who can establish the progress of each case, but also have agents and investigators capable of establishing an immediate search through the digital spectrum, this fosters the possibility of being more precise and more agile around the administration of our resources for the resolution of each case.

Our infidelity detectives are equipped with the best tools that we have been able to obtain so that they can establish the optimal documentation for the entire process, but they are also that resource that has the support of our operating room capable of supporting the work of field in an intelligent and agile way on the way to the construction of various scenarios that lead to the collection of evidence, being this necessary for the transit of the investigation. That is why a detective from Grupo Arga always has the best resources to deploy his operations. 

The situational existence of an operating room represents a golden opportunity for the detective, since he has identified an instance with which he can lean at any time, this room has been equipped based on the highest technological standards, as well as It is also operated 24 hours a day, with the aim of providing our agents with the best support for their activities.

In this room, an agent can request from the most specific information to even concrete support from other detectives and authorities to finish managing the course of an investigation, for this it is necessary to know that even the infidelity detectives have requested this type of support, mainly because each case contains a unique complexity of its kind, an issue that ends up sometimes influencing the request for resources and supports from outside the organization to guarantee work under a synchrony scheme and the guarantee of compliance with the law.   

At Grupo Arga, we know how complex it is to manage a detective case related to the appearance of infidelities, which is why we take this work with great rigor to establish with certainty the success of each operation.

The fact that an infidelity detective relies on the use of technological resources is for him an advantage that they can, in the first place, cut investigation periods and, secondly, also offer additional support to all their field work, fulfilling on occasions in less than the required time, everything related to the transit of your investigation.




Many people, when reviewing the work of an infidelity detective, sometimes have various false images associated with the operation of this resource in a specific theater of operations. Question that ends up generating a distorted sense of this work. In this regard, it should be noted that although an infidelity detective must carry out his activity, he must not, as previously stated, violate the private environment of the person under investigation.  

Sometimes many people believe that doing a research process of this caliber leads to intrusion into the personal privacy of the individual, a question that ends up being a mistaken perception of what it implies to investigate in this type of situation.

Additionally, the researcher must make objective use of what he finds during the development of the research, that implies safeguarding with all rigor all the data collected here, since they sometimes manifest something contrary to the initial assumptions that marked the implementation of the entire investigation process. Given this, it is necessary to bear in mind that the researcher is a resource that is formed for the development of a fair and impartial activity, therefore he must not alter the findings that are found during the course of the investigation, since the same they allow you to obtain a solid criterion around the culmination of each case.

If an infidelity detective dares to alter any evidence related to the case he is developing, this would imply a flagrant violation of the ethical code and its personal and professional principles, an issue that would generate a distortion of the results. This translate into certain consequences that even have a legal impact.

A self-respecting researcher should not seek satisfaction per se from the spirit of negative doubt that a client may have, since sometimes many people suspect the worst of their partners and do not realize that if an expert and objective investigation He tells them otherwise so there are no more reasons to continue feeding that doubt.

In this sense, the private investigator is an agent who is capable of providing different answers and without fear of the fact that they entail, must transmit them to his client, since he is the only one interested in knowing the real situation of everything that is happening, In the event that a detective does not find certain indications that an act of adultery is being committed, he must focus his discursive strategy towards the client with a reassuring speech, capable of making him feel good about the result obtained.

On many occasions anxiety, apprehension and paranoia are also found on the part of the affected person, an issue for which it is necessary to have different aspects of emotional intelligence at hand to know how to manage the different attitudes of the client. From Grupo Arga we see this element as a central factor around the management of critical phases that can be developed in an investigation for infidelities.



Our mission is to clarify the facts surrounding the doubts of conjugal conflicts to channel the state of nervousness, anxiety and uncertainty that infidelity conducts. Thanks to our intervention, reality will be made available to you, making you aware of all the facts. You can get out of doubts, you can be sure of yourself and no one will ever say that you make things up. Thanks to our intervention you will be able to make the appropriate decisions about your future regarding the continuity or cessation of your romantic relationship. Grupo Arga Detectives is amply experienced in the investigation of infidelities with magnificent results.

Our legal advice is key in relations with our clients, since from the beginning we guide you on the best way to legally channel this entire process.

All relationships with our clients will be based on maximum confidentiality on our part.

The client will receive impeccable treatment at all times and will be treated with sensitivity and respect. Thanks to the intervention of Grupo Arga Detectives, many infidelities of all kinds have been resolved. We have become a detective agency in Madrid expert in infidelities that operates throughout Spain as well as in other countries. Unmasking deception has become one of our premises. We collaborate with other private investigation firms in the 

clarification of infidelities at the national level. We also carry out these tasks in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as on the peninsular coast, as they often become a destination chosen by lovers.

Grupo Arga Detectives has an Official License 2464 that authorizes it to investigate infidelities throughout Spain within the law. We also ratify all our investigations in the Courts of Justice if necessary. All our work is reflected in a detailed and meticulous report that contains all the evidence and indications obtained.

Grupo Arga Collaborates with external companies for the polygraph test, so if you and your partner want to undergo the polygraph test, you can ask us about the ways and prices for it. Grupo Arga Detectives constantly publishes news about the world of marital infidelities through our blog through interesting articles. Lastly, our office provides outside help to take your case if you need it, giving you the opportunity to contact professionals such as lawyers, psychologists and pedagogues to take your case in the best possible way.




For our clients who always seek our services, the Arga Detectives Group is not only satisfied with providing different elements of guidance during the development of each case, but is also in charge of establishing a form of assistance and once the results are obtained, this is a guarantee. to provide support at all times, in order to guarantee a first class service.

This means that at the moment the results are supplied to the client, our detective provides a courteous but useful orientation about the next steps that he can take in order for the client to know what to do in a certain scenario, this at first For many people, according to their expert opinion, it was not something so useful, however, for some years this practice has been followed in special detail, taking into account that it is always necessary to provide the client with accurate guidance regarding what he should do. . 

That is, from Grupo Arga we visualize the following situation, imagine that a client is provided with the results of an investigation and in fact it has been proven that he is the victim of an act of infidelity, this supposes the confirmation of a negative news for the same, it is here where the affected person begins to recognize the fact in a tangible way and also develops some quite negative feelings, our detective then intervenes with the aim of avoiding the impulsiveness of our client, in the event of a formal marriage he will indicate What steps should you take to begin the separation process jointly with an attorney, and will also detail all the results of your investigation that have more weight in your report, for the purposes of

a legal case.

On the other hand, if there is no infidelity event, our detective will guide you on what are the elements in which the investigation is consolidated to have verified that your partner has not incurred in an event of this type. This involves showing the person in detail all the evidence that has been collected and all elements of conviction that they managed to capture in the result report that the detective made.

Another key element that the detective can guide the client is around the making of formal complaints in the event that the investigation evidences some type of personal or domestic aggression of the investigated towards our client, a curious fact is that in Spain, around 27 % of femicides that occur on a scale of 23 to 37 years of age, is because it has been in discussions where infidelity has been proven as the main reason for dispute, an issue that is necessary in the case of women to avoid generating the probability of occurrence of such an event.



At Grupo Arga Detectives, we always maintain a criterion of commitment to the client, this means that we are always training the best infidelity detectives , the internal growth process that we always manage towards them allows us to generate a sense of displacement from our organization to different reputation scales throughout the city of Madrid.

The structuring of the operations of our group is based on the generation of various elements that can always improve our actions with the evolution of each case, since in itself, each of them hides in the eagerness of their resolution a totally different challenge This is a reason to always try to be the best in the field.

Our detective team have been educated in our organization with an exceptional mystique, that is why throughout our more than 10 years of experience, we have always been committed to continuous development and a level training, capable of providing the best answers to the needs and demands of our clients.

With the passing of the years, and the growth of a globalized urban boom in Madrid, the actions of private organizations in charge of carrying out detective work in our city play a fundamental role in solving the new demands that our clients have. Additionally, as we all know, Madrid today is not the same as Madrid in the 90s, this means that the city has changed in every way, new infrastructure, new trends and consumption patterns.

These elements have undoubtedly marked everything related to the generation of new strategies that our agents pursue with the aim of achieving more accurate data collection, capable of determining all aspects that directly and laterally influence the development of a probable infidelity. . Following up on these issues is a process that we have established with great rigor from Grupo Arga detectives, since we have always tried to establish a whole dynamic that facilitates proactivity and the accurate advantage of our people in the field, an issue that can be seen with the facts, by demonstrating the effectiveness of our agents in the field of operations.

This means that our investigators are essential in the identification of different aspects that are capable of establishing the most suitable investigation tasks when determining the root of each of the facts and the heart of each event related to the management of a case. determined. Through these topics, the Grupo Arga detective is a resource that has been highly valued even by international investigative and investigative agencies, since excellence in the deployment of its operations is distinguished with great precision.

That is why in the development of our operations we always bet on the innovation, creativity and high-level development of our agents, since these elements are the guarantee to establish our continuous improvement processes, this also allows us to deploy a best technique to the market.



There are many reasons why infidelity occurs. In many cases there are deficits in one of the spouses that are not covered by the other spouse. Such as low self – esteem, depression, lack of sexual stimulation, affection, sharing hobbies together, emotional distancing, lack of understanding, etc . The unfaithful spouse makes up for this lack through sexual intercourse with a third person in such a way that their anxiety decreases.

For his part, the betrayed spouse after discovering infidelity awakens a whole range of feelings of pain, a mistrust seizes and a feeling of permanent unease and restlessness. Rarely things return to the way they were before infidelity within the couple. There are many studies in Spain on infidelity in all its aspects such as flirting, cybersex and other types of concepts that have recently emerged facilitated by the emergence of technology.

These statistics reflect a slight position with respect to men with respect to women. Thus the figures indicate that infidelities occur in men around 59% compared to 41% in women. Previous studies seemed to show that lathes were just the opposite, in favor of women infidelity, but the latest statistical data indicate otherwise.

Of course, women seem to show an increase compared to men in the passionate sphere; women when they are unfaithful are more passionate.

Not that it does not seem very clear regarding women and men is that there is an increase regarding the variable of marriage. Not that it does not seem to be very clear is the value that both men and women place on cybersex or flirting. Many think that this behavior, either flirting or cybersex, does not represent infidelity, visualizing it as perfectly valid behavior within the couple. An interesting variable in these studies is the concept of OPPORTUNISM. It seems that there is a clear superiority in men when the opportunity to be unfaithful arises, whereas women seem to resist more, thus 2/3 parts of women resist infidelity while 2/3 parts of men succumb.


Studies on infidelity in Spain reveal a curious fact. A feeling of revenge seems to prevail in men when infidelity is carried out because of the feeling of contempt that he feels of being a victim on the part of the woman, while on the part of the woman a feeling of sadness prevails because they feel undervalued by part of the male. Modern statistics on infidelity show that there is more criticism of infidelity in young couples than in middle-aged couples.

It also seems to point to a clear difference in the feelings of each other regarding an infidelity regarding their feelings. Men seem to be more upset that their spouses have sex with other men, while women seem to be more upset that men fall in love. To conclude we can clearly observe a difference on the part of sex on the vision of infidelity in all its aspects.

When talking about the reasons for infidelity, our experience as well as different studies in published universities , we can say that the reasons for an infidelity are different according to the man or the woman

In man, the most important factors are flirtation, passion, ignorance, flow, the different age crises, boredom, envy, being taken advantage of, his profession, fashion and trauma.

Fashion seems to reflect that it is modern to be unfaithful, it is a symbol of social inclusion. Sometimes trauma with other couples causes an infidelity to be committed for revenge and thus a feeling of well-being is born. Work as we have mentioned can be an important factor. There are many professions that due to the more imperative nature of contact with women there is a high rate of infidelity, for example, medical and pharmaceutical professions, dressmakers, decorators, window dressers, etc. stand out.

The woman is seven more attracted to this group because of the time they stay together and in the end they start with a simple flirtation, trust, etc. until leading to a sexual relationship. Regarding the element of “taken advantage of” that we mentioned earlier, many men take advantage of single women, women who are going through certain crises and make them feel loved by a false affection. On the envy element, many men see friends and colleagues with unofficial relationships, they see how they boast of them in public and how they boast, in this position, the man feels discomfort for not being so supposedly happy for not having those moments of pleasure and decides

make the leap to the dark side.

Tedium is an important element, when there is no more energy in the relationship, lack of motivation that makes the man look for an incentive outside. The different crises that a man is going through, such as the crisis of the 40s or 50s, make them try to get the most out of this period, consolidating their masculinity. Many men believe that passion is a necessary element to be happy, so when they stop experiencing it they go looking for it eagerly.

Men seem to get carried away more than women thinking they are in control and this leads to infidelity. Sometimes the ignorance of man is an element, because many presume after being caught red-handed that they were not aware of it. Finally, flirting is very typical in men, it seems to be a behavior that they love, and whenever they have the opportunity they do it. Now we are going to talk about the reasons that lead a woman to commit an act of infidelity. We can say emphatically that in recent years there has been an increase in infidelity by women compared to 10 or 15 years ago.

Women now seem to love to flirt like men, socially this behavior begins to be well seen. Also, many say they do not realize what has happened, they just happened quickly without looking for it or wanting it and they have not been aware of it. Sometimes the leisure element is important, they get bored on a day-to-day basis and therefore decide to fill your leisure time.

Another interesting factor seems to be revenge, is a way to make them pay their contempt.

The weak character of some seems to point in this direction also because of their lack of personality.

Other women are undecided and this indecision makes them have a sexual relationship.

Emotional instability sometimes plays a big role in these deceptions, even fashion, since it seems that nowadays it is “Cool” to have lovers among women. Compassion seems to be another element. Many women are ambitious and as such this ambition makes them be with different men.

In women there are also age crises, in them it seems to take place somewhat earlier than in men, and to establish themselves and feel desired they have sexual relations with other men. Sometimes compassion takes over many women who, through pain, certain men sleep with them. The loneliness of the couple is usually a triggering element. To end the affinity that many women feel for certain men is also often a trigger for infidelity.

The different reasons for contacting an infidelity detective are known, but above all we must know that these are resources that act precisely and prevent committing any act of recklessness, an issue that is extremely useful when not generating responsibilities with our actions. . 

Hiring an infidelity detective is something necessary when suspecting whether a couple is cheating on us in order to get to the truth of the facts, and have greater certainty about what is happening.



Sometimes the fact that your partner lies can be passed as a merely isolated event, however, it should be noted that such events are sometimes related to the conception of another relationship. 

The best thing at the moment is to get out of doubts and have on hand elements of uncertainty that do not make us think unnecessary things and that also have nothing to do with the most important activities of our day to day.

In this sense, it is necessary to know that we do this if we are convinced that his behavior was not only incorrect, but also that it may be closely linked to adultery.

If that person is not available to us, we must resort to other ways to determine if a couple is truly in love instead of cheating. This is particularly the case in cases where there is a broad financial and / or emotional commitment between the two people in question. For this, our Arga Detectives Group is in the possibility of obtaining for all our clients and interested parties the best infidelity detection service.

The most important thing about finding an infidelity detective, as we all know by now, is that the fidelity commitment of our relationship is not negotiable, It does not matter if a couple is trying to hide something from us. We must have some other way of knowing if they believe their commitment was made according to all the details of the truth or not.  

There can be no good reason for an infidel to think that there is a kind of impenetrable veil that separates the truth from the bad if an infidelity detective comes into play for it, our detective service aims to determine true causes of adultery and to leave the discovered all the elements that come into play so that our partner has no way to deny what


What the best cheating detective can do is, as an old popular adage puts it, make sure “the evidence is strong enough.” That’s what the infidelity detective’s job is about. What the infidelity detective must do is find all the evidence that could indicate a breakdown of the relationship.

The need for a professional investigator to find out if a couple has left their spouse for a period of time. The fact that it should be a professional investigation, not a family dispute, is crucial therefore it must be handled by expert personnel, given that the information is so important, in this sense our agents are in charge of establishing this type of operations based on the following aspects:

Obtain the information of all the people involved: the «family», the children, the spouses and the children.

If a spouse wants to take your spouse’s claim, a good detective will verify who is involved regarding the children and the wife, or their spouses. If there is a divorce, all the children’s siblings and other family members are verified. If there is no divorce, the most reliable way is to verify who the parents of the children are. (And then it is verified if a spouse still lives with the parents).   

A cross check is done on some other information that you are not sure if it is reliable or not, but you are interested in finding out for the investigation. This is a fairly standard job. Sometimes the work related to hiring a detective, leads to the need to have certain elements that we suspect our partners are hiding from us. This helps us prevent this type of information from being subtly extracted. 

From Grupo Arga Detectives, through the work of an infidelity detective, our main objective is not, in fact, to use the information we acquire, but to use it if we can. We know how this information will be used and we use it to our advantage. It is always our goal to keep our information from others.

An infidelity detective will always look for the cleanest way to extract information from his theater of operations, that is why he supports his work through the use of technology.



To provide the best possible results to your client, the technological support of all infidelity detective operations is vital, a computer is the best tool you use to obtain this information.

This enables an optimization of all the work that is carried out in the field. A software that allows the user to create their own infidelity detective? It would be wonderful to have him in the process of investigating a situation of his own. In fact, it would be very effective to help you in your investigation, but this is not possible in reality, for this our team uses the most sophisticated equipment with the aim of reaching the whereabouts of the clues and elements of conviction of each investigation.

However, when you have to go to a forensic computer expert, your main task is to solve the problems that arise during the investigation. The reason is that, for the researcher, to obtain the correct information, he needs to do many hours of research on the computer, use certain programs to facilitate obtaining the information, but the person needs to do much more work that allows him to get to the bottom. of these facts.

Since one of the biggest problems in the investigation is human error, it is essential to have professional technicians like infidelity detectives in the field to ensure that your reports are of the highest quality. They are being prepared under the best investigation and investigation techniques at Grupo Arga Detectives.



Simply put, the infidelity detective follows all the evidence that has been gathered regarding the individual. When the evidence has been gathered, the detective looks at it, compares it to the evidence left by the infidel lover, tries to find the most relevant facts, if any, and then applies the evidence he has received.   

To get the best results, a good detective must know the different ways that he can use and examine evidence. You can also get the best information from the data available in a database. You need the knowledge and help of an expert in this field to ensure that your work is the result of the results obtained. An expert in this field will also assist you with your investigations in order to provide the evidence that will provide evidence that you are right about the money.

You need to know how to apply the data to research to reach the best conclusions, because the information you get from the evidence is not the only thing you get. You also need the detective’s help to identify all the evidence that may lead to the conclusion of

that you have found the correct answer, whether related to the evidence, the data, or the person. To ensure that the investigation continues in a way that ensures the best possible results, the infidelity detective also needs to know how to keep track of the investigation. This could be the same type of knowledge where the evidence has been

A detective of this caliber will handle the truth about the matter with you with great strategy and subtlety, making the client feel part of a team, probably many of our clients change their attitude and behavior.

What is discovered is probably so strong that it does not allow that person to come back to form a relationship. If the other party tries so hard to stay away from their other soulmate, you will see that their way of thinking has really changed and they have also thought about things as important as love. For this, an infidelity detective from Grupo Arga is trained, with the aim of giving him a comparative advantage in the situation and not making him deal with events of high uncertainty. 

Above all, from Grupo Arga Detectives, we always advise our clients that they must be careful not to think that all they have to do to fight infidelity is what we call as a succession of desperate efforts, since in the point of adultery it is not possible to rescue the other half of a relationship. If someone believes that they will fight infidelity by any means necessary, they will be fighting against yourself.

If someone thinks that infidelity is a very bad thing that only makes people feel miserable when people know the situation because they never get enough sleep, because they never have rest and because they don’t feel the best feeling in the world, then that person will be fighting against himself, It is the point where you make certain imbalances, make hasty decisions and are 100% guided by emotion. Question that from Grupo Arga Detectives we avoid that our clients reach this extreme, doing a job with the client and informing them at all times.




Why are some people more successful than others in love? It is impossible not to have thought about the different types of people who can be victims of infidelity, since many people try to get rid of it. People talk about this from different perspectives and that is why it is extremely difficult to distinguish one person who is the victim of infidelity from another.

Now that we have made a list of these five types, it is necessary to take a look at the types of people who have it more difficult than these five types of people, all this is shared from the perspective of an infidelity detective of our group.

The things that these people do not understand. The types of people who want to feel good about themselves and think that all people are really wonderful and only care about them. So when other people are bad, they try to hide it. If it is believed that one person wants to hurt another for some reason, then it is necessary to detect that the type of person who is prone to suffer from an act of   

infidelity or adultery.

  • Naive people
  • Proud people
  • People with a strenuous day
  • People with great economic capital and different occupations.
  • People who tend to be gentle

The purpose of investigating infidelity is to discover the truth. But this is not something that a single detective can do. An infidelity detective should try not to assume the other’s point of view. Since, sometimes, the other party just told you something that they felt was painful or difficult to express, so they tried to hide something from your point of view. If you look at how they acted when they spoke to you, you will find that they did not know what they were saying. 

An infidelity detective must also take up the challenge of trying to listen to what the other person is saying without the help of his or her mind or imagination. You should not judge the other party by their words and phrases and should focus on the words themselves.

If you’re talking about how much you’re enjoying the sex life you’re having, you should just listen and try to understand. Just listen and understand, and try to imagine what you are trying to say, what you are trying to show her.

The investigator should not say what he thinks, he wants you to think it. In this regard, it is necessary that the different clients think about how you want to think about him, what he wants to be contacted, what he wants to be said, you cannot think about what you want while your thoughts are busy thinking about everything. that could happen in a normal relationship. For this, Grupo Arga detectives always look for the precise facts through the testimony of our clients.     



The aspects that a detective must protect from infidelity, deal with the construction of different hypotheses that are then consistent with the generation of various events that determine the responsibilities of each case. Through our service we can break the


relationship without any danger to the women or men involved. We are sure that there are other solutions and that the authorities will use different tools to deal with various investigations for infidelities that do not come to fruition or that have in themselves a case hidden from the mere fact of infidelity, including monitoring our website, to To be able to detect crimes, but our mystique and tactics make us act as elements that can be highly specialized towards obtaining different objectives and, of course, towards avoiding traumatic events throughout this process.

This will allow the detection of all illegal activity and / or behavior out of the norm when studying an infidelity. A former prosecutor, who wished to remain anonymous, says that as the use of mobile phone technology to navigate and communicate on the Internet increases, the need for mobile technology will also increase: The use of mobile phone devices will be a important part of the pieces to collect during an investigation process

We have no doubt that this will increase. The problem here is not so much whether people accused of domestic assault in a relationship will be able to maintain their identities, whenever possible. There is also a question about whether these criminals will keep their computer and mobile phones with them while they are away from it.

An infidelity detective always advises his partners to protect their digital record and their activities on social networks to the maximum, for this, an additional deterrent against the use of electronic devices with sexual images could be the use of device locks. electronics that would prevent people with mobile devices from using them even if they want to, but also take photos. When it comes to cell phones, authorities are supposed to create a way to block them, if necessary



A detective knows the complexity of each case, once he manages to establish which are the elements that can be identified as critical within the structuring of the entire investigation process.

It is not enough that everything we need to know is presented. We need it to be well elaborated and explicit, in a language that we can understand, in this sense to do anything with meaning is to lose it. Everything it takes to tell a story, paint a picture of events, takes time, attention, and a deep understanding of what’s behind the scenes.

As a detective you have to think long before you can do something. That’s one way of saying that things in life can always change because of the choices you make, but never because of everything. The power of now: is that you must be prepared to try different things, learn from failure and adapt.

But I’d be more likely to take another look at it if there was a second witness to explain things. That can keep things consistent without people having to go and see this or that for themselves. It’s not so much about thinking logically or logically about the details; it is about knowing the fundamental truth of the facts, then devising alternative ways of exploring what it means, reaching different roots and contrasting facts that can determine the success of a case. Everything we have done as researchers in the professional field has been a matter of being right by a wide margin, as an element that makes an investigation you cannot write without being good at what you do. In the end, whatever you do, you always have to start somewhere . Whoever commits such an act would think that people who have been believing that they cheat others by committing infidelity from the beginning are doing it right, and it turns out that they always collide with the expertise of our Arga Detective Group Agents.

An infidelity detective is not likely to be wrong if he is really trying to do his best. The detective usually follows up to see if anything is missing. It doesn’t always succeed, but if it does, that means the missing items must have been present at least as part of the actual events where the case is successful before the detective does an actual search.

Therefore, the detective is always looking for the missing items, as there is a need for further investigation of these incidents. Even if he finally doesn’t find what he needs, the detective is satisfied for a certain amount of time that he has managed to solve the case, and the case is closed. Sometimes the missing elements are simple, to say the least. The missing items are things like objects that cannot be found at first glance. Even if the detective can find what he might have had behind, but has simply disappeared, that does not mean he has found what he is looking for. The detective may still discover something more important to the investigation, because the element of interest is not detecting the reason why the investigation begins. Even if all the tests match, the missing item may be something that may indicate a missing other item or that there are other factors affecting the result. Once the detective has successfully created a missing item, the search becomes much more difficult.  

The detective had to worry about finding the missing item, but now I will have to find out what the missing item is before I can continue with the actual search. The detective is looking for the missing element in his investigation.

A detective will have a list of milestones and facts that you are looking for. His list will contain the items he thinks they should find to complete the case, but may still require investigation of other items before

find. He will ensure that the case is not too long, to avoid wasting resources for more than one item, and each item will be tracked in the detective’s mind to quickly remind him of them.


The detective has great flexibility in the selection of the elements that are found, while the infidelity detective chooses the elements that may still be present in the to generate the development of the act of adultery, normally they have no difficulties in locating them. It is important to remember that once a case is completed, it is unlikely that the missing item will be found in the case for that particular incident. The missing item is unlikely to be present in a much larger number of incidents. In most cases for an infidelity detective , their role is to help solve a case when it is within their area of ​​expertise. For example, it might be your job to collect some data, gather evidence, take statements, and then file a report with the police.

There may also be times when a high-level attorney invites you to review and examine the case and can help you decide whether to request funds or other assistance. In one case, the lawyer will make calls to the authorities and use her professional knowledge to help the police initiate an arrest or other action or take into account the interests of the victim, since as we have previously said there are cases of infidelity that have undercover larger actions, among others. At the same time, the lawyer will be ready to advise the police on the best means to obtain or retrieve the relevant evidence for the investigation.

This will take place before the case and often at trial. In this role, he or she can also investigate suspected individuals. The attorney can help people in two ways. The first is to help the police solve crimes and attract criminals. The second is to use your experience to investigate suspected scammers and other possible criminals.




An attorney can also help an infidelity detective in other ways. An attorney can find people who will give your information to the police if requested. This is known in social circles: the lawyer will try to get the relevant files out of the homes or offices of those involved. But there is no doubt that a lawyer can have an effect on an investigation. When a person thinks that he or she has been the victim of a sanctioning act, he or she would normally seek help from the police or prosecutors. In most cases, these would be the detectives who are investigating these types of cases, which are commonly known as infidelity detective .

The lawyer can be of great help in assisting the detective work. An attorney can also influence the investigation itself. And sometimes, the police are reluctant to use their methods to help you find a lawyer. But, this should not be a cause for concern. In fact, a lawyer will generally be very helpful than you can imagine.


Investigation of infidelities in Madrid

For example, an attorney could help a detective with legal problems. But, an attorney could also help the detective as a great resource while the investigation is ongoing. The police will also generally seek a lawyer who will provide their services if they have problems with the law.  

It is the job of a lawyer to find out what legal problems arise and try to find out where those problems are. This means that an attorney will be able to help an infidelity detective understand what he has to say. It is your job to help research in many ways.

The lawyer will also be able to explain the process in which the police operate. As you should, it is your responsibility to know how the police work. Investigative attorney skills and counseling towards a detective makes focusing on an attorney an essential resource for investigating crimes and penalties that have legal implications. And so, just as the police should investigate to find the truth, a lawyer should do the same. That is why the attorney can obtain an impartial explanation of your case and make clear how the police are investigating your case, and can contribute to the joint development of a case when acting in sync with a detective.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we have the best investigators capable of taking advantage of a strategic relationship than those who carry out legal work in the country.

As an investigation is carried out, it means a work of greater synchrony between both means that increasingly important information can be revealed. These are things that a lawyer will not have known before, and a detective also acts in accordance with his ethical principles and this allows him to personally divide himself from each case, with the aim of not having a relationship beyond the intention of achieving the success of their operations. The detective is not like the police who trust the police to deal with criminals and thieves. On the contrary, he is like a policeman: he does his best and most efficient the best he can. In the case of the detective, a moral judgment is made. However, this morale is different from police morale. Question that Grupo Arga takes very much into account when distinguishing the strengths of detective work.

But the infidelity detective is not governed by social conditions but by morals. It is only the sense of morality that determines his action, to be a real part of society, a person must be free from the social ties that unite him, be free from the idea of ​​an external rule and also free from the idea of what is correct.

The police search for criminals and among all these officials they try to create a climate of guarantee around the legal framework of the nation, while a detective has a strong conscience, which is, above all, the reason why he becomes professional. But, being born as a policeman, the detective has a moral duty to act in accordance with his conscience.

To be successful, you must also give way to morale that enables you to be powerful and powerful. You must act as you do not only in your job duties, but also in your personal life, your private life and your work life, you must give way to the moral principles of the police. The detective has to do this. That is why, from Grupo Arga Detectives, our agents are guided in the fulfillment of ethical and moral tasks, with the aim of preserving the good actions and good customs of society as we know it.

The detective or investigator working in the establishment of an infidelity investigation can distinguish between motives to protect and the protection of an individual or a cause. It acts according to what is natural and natural ends are found for a sanction. But he is also capable of acting with the best judgment of the day because of his sense of moral judgment. It is this moral judgment that determines his character and gives him the authority of a conscience, which is his basic strength.

In short, when an infidelity detective works, he has the moral strength and the courage to do this, while at the time of his commission, he can only react according to the current situation. Therefore, to work, it had to be created to be able to judge the situation and this allowed him to distinguish between these moral limits, which, however, must always be maintained.

So a detective is a human being. He acts in accordance with his moral principles and moral limits: the morality of another person can be seen as the norm that governs against the morality of a criminal.

The moral character as an independent component of the personality and character of the detective. It is important to realize that a moral character is not an external element, but is an external part of the individual’s personality and the personality as a whole, a part that may not be easily analyzed in its components, but which is a very important. of human nature.

For the detective, the excellence of his work comes from within. This means that the ethical character, which is always a self-sufficient part of your personality, exists within the individual with whom the detective is dealing. Therefore, it is an element of the individual, it is part of his personality, it is part of his personality and is directly determined by his moral or ethical convictions and his moral or ethical principles. However, the detective can choose which convictions or moral or ethical principles he chooses to work with.

An infidelity detective, is a resource that is always tested and has the ability to get to the root of the facts efficiently, his ethical character with which he conducts himself in the conduct of each investigation, provides him with a presence in the execution of all operations.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we have always been aware of training professionals who are in charge of carrying out their work with professional ethics, discipline and seriousness, since these elements are what guarantee the success of successful cases and go further in the generation of a happy ending for those who not only request infidelity services but also any type of investigation in our group.



In the world of detective investigations it is necessary to mark above all things a possibility of establishing a criterion of expertise and quasi-scientific rigor on all the investigations that are established, this leads to always maintaining a sense of incremental improvement of our services, in this sense from Grupo Arga detectives, we never settle, we always bet on more.

This is undoubtedly the guarantee of providing a quality service for our clients since they are in a position to pay for a service that is capable of providing the most suitable answers when requesting an investigation, this entails to the generation of a highly dynamic investigative scheme and with the ability to provide the answers that our clients demand for each case.

The detective’s work is full of challenges and elements that by themselves mark an exciting performance on a daily basis by the infidelity detective since they are high-value resources that always seek greater personal satisfaction from having practiced his profession and having protected third parties with the exercise of them.

All this leads to the generation of different aspects by which a detective watches to carry out the exercise of investigative work in an optimal way, since as we commented previously, detective work contains in itself the preservation of different moral and ethical values, values that are essential when exercising the activities of the detective with a trait of excellence. The different clients who can go to the infidelity detectives know that they have a resource that Grupo Arga detectives has always sought to improve and innovate through its services with the aim of guaranteeing the best care and the greatest possible probability of success. in the development of each case.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we always strive to be the best in our field, it is a sign of our discipline and commitment, an issue that will always remain a constant to develop our activities with great excellence, in the daily work of a detective not everything is said, that is why we always dare to bet and look at other elements more typical of said work to see how in the day to day it can be complemented with the modernizing advance of technology, as well as everything related to updating various techniques capable of generating further updating and modernization of our processes.

In the acting of a detective from Grupo Arga, the difference is noticeable that is why people before going to any other agency should ask us about our services, since when an agent from Grupo Arga intervenes, any case is in good hands.



There is a different response between them when there is an infidelity of their spouse. Men are usually more forceful in response, cut and it will be seen. The man usually has more difficulty to forgive, however he can forget but not the above. Men, traditionally believed or thought, do not tend to have aggressive responses to women. Another issue is the legal aspect, they will fight to the death to get all the rights in the visitation regime of their children and other rights in this regard.

The man usually hires the services of a private investigation firm regularly after his breakup, they usually control certain aspects such as the income of his former partner and similar aspects in order to act in the modification of the regulatory agreement, the use and enjoyment of the housing, etc.

Women, on the other hand, tend to react very differently to men. Many women forgive infidelity and manage to forget it. What happens is that a feeling of suspicion and mistrust is born, and in the face of this fear, they often hire a private detective to investigate their husband in order to discover if an infidelity is happening again. Women become obsessive about the smallest details, they become controlling before the arrival times and the movements of their husband.

Many people seem to be unclear about the concept of infidelity, and often relate it to carnal behavior, when in fact it has more to do with the breakdown of the acquired commitment. In this context, different types of deception can occur that have nothing to do with the sexual area but can be just as harmful and just as condemnable. Grupo Arga Detectives knows very well how to detect these tricks and collect them video graphically. We list some of these tricks.

  • Emotional deception. It is an internal deception, without manifestations to the outside of a carnal type. An example of them are relationships through social networks, mere flirting, complicity. This deception highlights an emotional desire to know the other person, to see them, to think about them constantly, etc.
  • Sexual Deception. As its name indicates, there is physical deception on a carnal level. It is in this plot that the role of the private detective, the material and tangible cousin, comes into play mainly and we are tasked with the mission of obtaining evidence. It is possible to allude to paradoxical investigations such as the case of investigating the lover of the infidel, contracting this service from the infidel himself. In this second great category we can distinguish two categories according to the type of deception, punctual deception and commitment deception. The first is mere isolated sexual contacts while the second consists of the emergence of a collateral relationship to the main one that involves much more effort in its dissimulation and that has many more implications.




It is a type of infidelity investigation that is fashionable, consisting of investigating one of the spouses because it is assumed that they are hiding assets. It is a type of investigation requested when there are community assets to verify that there is nothing hidden. This type of investigation is usually requested at a time close to a separation

or divorce in order to be well advised by the other party on the real economic situation of the same.


In recent times, companies have emerged whose benefits are infidels. They are alibi and deception companies. These companies serve as a lure so that the couple does not suspect anything about the behavior of the unfaithful. They invent alibis, stories, send false documentation, even answer the phone and help the infidel at all times.

Its proliferation occurs more frequently among the upper strata of the Company due to its high price for contracting its services.



There are many ways that can make us think about the fact that an infidelity is taking place. They arise in questions such as if they are producing internal changes in the family nucleus, if the working hours begin to lengthen, there is more interest in getting well dressed, etc. Before taking any steps, in order not to arouse suspicion, it is necessary to maintain some precautions, otherwise the hare can be lifted. The unfaithful will always reject the accusations. The best thing to do is to contact an agency with private Detectives with experience as Grupo Arga. Here the infidelity detective comes into play as a clarifying element. All private investigation carried out by Grupo Arga maintains the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Unfortunately, clients who come to our office have more than reasonable suspicions,

and around 70% of contracted private infidelity investigations are positive. By contracting with Grupo Arga you will be able to know the whole reality of an infidelity situation, you will be able to make all the appropriate decisions in this regard and act with your head. Only the tests will be able to remove you from doubts in a situation like this so delicate and that requires absolute certainty. Grupo Arga’s working method is based on the contribution of videographic evidence. Our infidelity detectives can shed light on your matter.

Here are some signs that your partner is unfaithful to you. These signs are not enough by themselves to accuse your partner, but they are enough to hire our infidelity investigation services in Madrid.

  • Appearance is a key factor. A care for the physical appearance occurs abruptly without possible explanation. From starting to play sports to start perfuming, buying new clothes, etc.
  • Change of routines over time. The person’s schedules change abruptly, he starts coming later, surprise meetings, etc.
  •  A psychological level distancing occurs between the spouses without apparent explanation.
  •  The phone becomes a prized asset worth keeping constantly in custody, silenced, something mystical happens, and visual access to the spouse’s phone ceases. Messages, calls and WhatsApp at odd hours with vague excuses. The phone begins to remain silent whenever they are together and hidden.
  •  There is constant anger from the unfaithful spouse to the other person as soon as he feels attacked or tries to get some kind of information.
  • Decreased libido. The unfaithful spouse ceases to be sexually interested in his partner, a gradual distancing from sexual relations takes place.
  •  The displacements increase, the expenses in gasoline. Apparently it is the same route but these factors change.
  • Surprise hobbies. The infidel begins to be interested in new tastes in his free time
  • Passwords The infidel begins to shield everything related to emails and other computer applications on social networks.
  • Home departures. The unfaithful begins to make sudden exits from home citing silly and unreasonable reasons.
  • Major Ego. The unfaithful begins to feel strong, energetic, with a high self-evaluation.
  • Receipts Receipts from strange places start to appear on clothes and in the car and others like credit cards disappear
  • Bills . The phone bills disappear.
  •  The infidel begins to feel like when he was a young man or young woman.
  • Medadas with friends. Begins to meet friends who were not there before.
  • Duplication in mobile telephony. It happens to have several mobile devices and even several SIM cards.
  • Appearance of motel advertising. Roadside motels become a frequent gathering place for infidels, this is due to the anonymity it represents and ease of access as well as its prices. Advertising elements of these appear such as matches, almanacs, some pamphlets, etc.
  • Websites visited. Dating sites appear in the browsing history of the unfaithful. These sites are highly frequented by infidels where they use it to get to know each other.




Our private detectives can be the best option to expose any infidelity. We can provide you with the evidence you need. We work with photography and video as a form of proof. Our reports are irrefutable. We recommend that you do not spend money on spy systems that you will find online because, in addition to being illegal, they can scam you.

The best way to get out of doubts is through an infidelity detective from Grupo Arga. You are not losing reality! Perhaps your unfaithful partner has branded you as a crazy person and who invents things. This is normal.

Do not be alarmed. Unbelievers often make impressive alibis and always deny all deceptive conduct. So we begin to question our own sanity. You are correctly. Hire an infidelity detective and answer your questions.

Years ago, infidelity could be considered a crime of adultery and be punished by the penal code as a crime, in addition to its corresponding civil and canonical responsibilities. In the event that the spouse proves infidelity, it would produce the opening of a whole series of legal elements to defend the betrayed person. In modern years the crime of adultery has disappeared and only its vague memory remains. Many people come desperately to us alluding to it, and we have to explain to them that it no longer exists and they cannot appeal to any canon law.

In the separation today the truth is that there is no longer even the need to justify an infidelity, things have evolved tremendously and now even new concepts such as the Divorce Express are emerging. Paradoxically, the aforementioned lines regarding the

disappearance of adultery and even the need not justify an infidelity to carry out a separation or divorce, the services of private investigation into infidelities are more demanded than ever.

You get a right that is far above the legal, it is the RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

This causes a psychological tranquility that is priceless.



There is a clear reason that hiring a private detective entails, and that is knowing the TRUTH. Loss of trust in a partner is a very painful situation, and sometimes only the services of an infidelity detective can clear it up. Many of our clients think they are going crazy over the constant denials of the infidels. Much farther from reality, knowledge of the truth will allow doubts to emerge. With our intervention as detectives of infidelity you will be able to make the infidel see and give them time that they were not founded jealousy, it was a very real situation.

  • What a person can gain by knowing the truth about their partner’s emotional situation is priceless.
  • Anxiety and anguish are echoed in every relationship of infidelity, and through our actions you will be able to neutralize these unpleasant feelings that are so negative for your well-being.
  • Overcome fear. Many people are afraid to tell other people about the answers that they may have, through certainty, reflected in a report, everything will change and the fear will disappear.

Another positive factor of knowing the truth is increasing mental stability. Thoughts are released and take shape, decision making becomes successful.

  • Improve self-esteem. Improving this feeling towards yourself is essential, thanks to discovering this truth, you will be able to improve your self-esteem.
  • Preparation of an action plan for divorce and separation . From the knowledge of the truth you will be able to make decisions in these important aspects.
  • Psychological help. You can ask for help from professionals who will help you throughout the process of discovering infidelity and separation. We can refer you to good professionals.




Grupo Arga Detectives offers an exclusive infidelity detective service in Madrid. The best infidelity service is only achieved with professional detectives with experience in unmasking these behaviors as well as extensive training.

Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid is aware of the delicate issue that the issue of infidelity represents, working for its resolution as much as in Madrid and the rest of Spain. To carry out our investigations we use the most modern technology applied to private investigation. We also ratify all our reports if necessary before the Courts if necessary.



The first step we always take is to have an interview with the person where he explains all the details about it. We will analyze your case and answer all the doubts of our clients. Once all the details are known, we will prepare a budget and show it to our client so that they can give us the go-ahead. In future interviews with our client, if for reasons of discretion you decide to move us, we will gladly go where we are. We will make our action plan known to our client so that they give us the go-ahead, and then we will sign the professional order form where the legality, legitimacy and confidentiality of the investigation will be reflected.


To investigate an infidelity you need some basic information that will be reflected in the order sheet. We need the identification data of the client as well as the person to investigate. Some photograph of the person to investigate, the cars if they had next to their registration, starting point, etc. It is important that you provide us with all the information in this regard, such as the reasons why you suspect it and everything that is transcendent.

Don’t be afraid to tell us everything, we are protected by professional secrecy and maximum secrecy in our actions. On the order sheet we will provide a provision of funds that is normally 70%. We will launch the action plan and keep our client informed throughout the course of the investigation.

After the completion of the investigation we will meet again with the client and we will send him a detailed report containing all the tests and videographic evidence.

Finally, if it were necessary to go to trial we will ratify along with our report. To this end, we highlight the consideration of the Supreme Court to the figure of the Private Detective, considering him as a PRIVILEGED WITNESS. After our intervention you will be able to know the whole truth about the possible infidelity of your partner. Everything will be reflected in a report and you will be in doubt. Some infidelities related to infidelity investigated by our infidelity office in Madrid are pre-marital investigations, the aforementioned economic infidelity and the infidelity investigation by social networks.

The detectives in Madrid know the sense of justice and to achieve the necessary information for a successful operation. In addition to its great knowledge and its willingness to help others, the Arga Detectives Group knows how to communicate with third parties and is able to answer any queries from different parties interested in learning how we

carry out our work, a detective has a good reputation and experience in dealing with the media in all countries. A good research manager is a responsible person, capable at all times of working effectively and managing his role in a friendly way.

A strong voice of private research at the local and central level: you have a real understanding of the policies established by the organization and can make them effective and efficient. The Arga Group, Detectives has good practical skills, this is achieved thanks to working with all the supervisory ties of the organization and its detectives in Madrid. 

The researcher in our group is always looking for a new role and the next big adventure. He enjoys the experience and prestige of the role and his enthusiasm is contagious in a few words, it is a resource that will greatly help any client. And thanks to its expertise and mystique, good results are guaranteed. . The agent of our firm has always been a man who takes the initiative, keeps his operations in the background and always keeps a distance. Additionally, he is characterized by being honest and fair with everyone. The profile of the good detective of the organization has always behaved with the highest ideals, since it deals with all the administrative aspects of the job. When you want to know what is happening. It implements a good practical knowledge of the most advanced research science and uses technology to achieve its proposed objectives.



Professional experience (five years or more) in a highly dynamic and agile department. Additionally, our organization works together with other organizations that help us to apply our tasks with greater agility, to unite the achievement of our objectives, among our tasks, may highlight, the Preparation of any formal or informal interrogation, experience in the collection and storage of evidence, experience in the preparation of evidence. The unique capacity that Detectives in Madrid can supply to work in extremely difficult conditions with high demands.

There is no formal education outside of the work carried out by detectives in an organization, which is why at Grupo Detectives Arga we are aware of this fact, that is why we want to nurture the training process of our agents from different experiences as a member of an investigative group. Since it must have Training at various levels to solve and manage cases of any kind of complexity.

This leads us to the possibility of managing each case successfully, thus guaranteeing the resolution of each case with a pulse of expertise necessary for the resolution of various elements identified as critical in the development of a high-level investigation into infidelity matters.

What anyone interested in joining Detectives in Madrid should know. It is that their actions must be accompanied by professional integrity, reliability and competence, as well as sufficient capacity to obtain, maintain and provide professional services in an ethical and professional manner. This experience must be key to optimally developing the execution of all your operations.

Whoever takes on the task of private research, of course, is immersed in a very interesting field of work. You could work on a case for months, maybe even years. You are often asked to interview people, listen to their stories, and search for information in great detail, an issue that is profitable for someone who is looking for a great sense of adventure in their daily activities. At Grupo Arga Detectives we are committed to finding information from an optimal analysis layer that is capable of guaranteeing the best results.

Our detectives in Madrid know that infidelity investigation is a responsibility where you need an expert investigator and a team of investigators. Over the past few decades, private detective departments have increased their efforts to train and support detectives in this professional field.

The modern field of investigation has brought us to the point where we have reached a point where detectives and investigators are looking for those who can perform at a higher level. However, obtaining collaborators who want to join the detective work for infidelity is not an easy task, since sometimes the criteria with which this type of investigation is carried out tends to vary drastically.

The situation is much worse when we look at the problem from another perspective. One might ask a detective, why is he doing this or that? The most common and clear, given that each detective, based on his experience and the knowledge that he has been instructed, handles various criteria for action, an issue that stands out in the course of an infidelity investigation case when an agent deploys totally different strategies to those of his colleagues. From Grupo Arga, we take care that our human talent visualizes what research criteria and strategy it should deploy, with the aim of reaching the required information in a short period of time.



When our agents allow themselves to apply different strategies to an investigation for infidelities, they recognize in themselves that there is a level of complexity to manage each case, this leads to the need not to manage this type of investigation based on a “recipe” of steps

and procedures, since the private investigator must consider the incidence and development of each case as if it were unique.

The investigation of infidelities supposes by the detectives in Madrid the possibility of breaking different levels of complexity at the level of the execution of an investigative procedure, since sometimes many of the investigated have a great ability to cover up their cases, this more than an obstacle It is seen for the agent as a challenge that must be met around obtaining more experience and therefore greater skill.  

The generation of different cases by an investigator, puts him in the need to contrast facts and continuously review the execution of his strategies, since sometimes these seem to be indicated to solve a case of a certain type of complexity, but What the reality says is that there are no cases that can be solved in the same way, therefore the private investigator in matters of infidelity, is considered a high-value resource when it comes to knowing the different types of complexities and knowing how to manage them.

Our detectives in Madrid are extensive investigators in the matter of infidelities and additionally many enjoy der hierarchical within our organization as they gain experience, this implies a great profit for the organization around the generation and growth of good resource. Their daily function requires above all the generation of various elements that can be supported by an organization capable of supporting them in everything they need to execute to achieve the success of their work.

If you love me, you will find me! Is the motto of Grupo Arga detectives to all our Spanish clients who wish to request our services. Although this focuses on investigative work, the investigation of infidelities is one of the aspects where our detectives seek to carry out the work of investigation with great rigor criteria.

The new reality is complex and does not try to establish different aspects that are developed based on a sense of obviousness, which is why for the agent of infidelities, the important thing is to develop his role with a high sense of expertise, even if he does not have elements of Motivation of the case, So it should be known that our detectives in Madrid leave the message of the importance of being a committed team. The reason why a Grupo Arga researcher is expected to have great skills and experience in any field of investigation science and infidelity investigation. It is the reason why an investigator must be flexible, adaptable and flexible in his own personal life. These are some of the main reasons why our analysts and field researchers are leaders in the field.