Servicios Detectives Madrid

Servicios Detectives Madrid


Obtaining quality detectives is possible through the proportion of experts offered by Grupo Arga Detectives, where you can find the best care, thanks to faithful behavior towards the needs of each person, in our services the firm intention of providing quality service prevails before everything.  

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

Regardless of the time of year, we receive your concerns 24 hours a day, because emergencies cannot wait, once they manifest they must be resolved immediately, the services of a private investigator focus on a wide dedication because This work is carried out with high vocation.

The detectives are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly in order to provide assistance to you as a customer, to any case in which the collection of supporting evidence required. 

The way they operate is low profile, guaranteeing a natural environment in which obtaining information, data or any tangible evidence is a fact. Taking advantage of new technology in order to collect the same evidence in various formats that at the end of the day, the client can implement in a case that merits reporting or change

of conditions, as occurs in pensions.

If you wish to purchase a 24-hour detective service available , at Grupo Arga , you will find everything you need to attend to your case. We cover various branches of research to carry out a complete and high-quality work.  



Grupo Arga , was born from the need of our clients, who suffer from problems ranging from minor situations such as infidelity, divorce or family problems, reaching cases with a little more weight, such as the disappearance of people, fraud, scams , harassment, violence and more.

We are a private detective agency 24 hours a day , with a long professional career, which has been founded thanks to the support and effort of our brilliant detectives. Highly qualified agents, experts in various areas of investigation and criminalistics. 

With more than 9,000 cases closed, thanks to our contribution with tests for those situations in which the evidence is too scarce, reaching the point of freezing or saving the case between files.

Also, we must emphasize the excellent service provided within our agency, where it is not only about the level of professionalism at the time of the investigation. The treatment towards our clients is essential. We seek to instill in you an environment of trust and security.

Such attributes can only be well felt if an optimal service that meets expectations is guaranteed. Thanks to the great charisma and empathy that we always feel for our clients. You can count on our full support in any case that you present.

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

We also have all the special equipment of the moment, going to the inclination of technology. Thus attacking physical and digital cases. If you present a case where you are being attacked through a mobile device, computer, areas such as social networks, web pages or applications. We will help you.



Investigative processes increasingly lose the possibility of finding sufficient evidence that complies in order to provide a solution to a case. By leaving them in a waiting state, where without new information to back them up, they can risk remaining frozen or archived.

For this, the support of an entity capable of providing a solution is required. In this case, private detectives act . Highly qualified professionals, capable of carrying out any type of investigation of cases with a lesser degree of crime. 

The services they offer are totally direct with your client. Focusing only on your case, providing all the necessary tools and strategies, in order to collect the information or evidence, that will help you, as a client, the possibility of processing your case.

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

But hiring the right agency is a very complex task. At Grupo Arga , we assure you of a quality service, totally recommended by previous clients. We are the best detective agency in Spain 24 hours .  




The private detective is a professional expert in various investigative techniques. Thanks to his skills, he is able to carry out an analysis process, in which he develops an effective strategy in order to obtain guaranteed results. 

These entities cannot investigate high-grade criminal cases. So their services are reduced to cases with less weight; where the need for physical evidence is crucial to confirm suspicions, capture a culprit, or process a complaint.

Some of those cases are issues of sensitivity. Covering from domestic violence, irregular behaviors in the family nucleus; where you live with people who abuse alcohol, drugs or other types of addictions; divorces, infidelity, harassment, fraud, location of people and much more.

To obtain any evidence, that is capable of supporting these and other cases; It is a little complicated. Private detectives guarantee a completely legal procedure, where through good planning, they will collect the necessary evidence in various formats. 

These professionals work low profile. Staying mixed with the environment, so that the investigated individual does not suspect, leaving him free to act and thus, find the right moment to capture any movement that serves as evidence for his case.




24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

In Spain, there are multiple private detective and investigation agencies . Most of them offer the same services; each with their own particular way of working and handling cases. Knowing which agency is the right one can be a big problem.  

For us at Grupo Arga , your safety is our priority. As a private detective agency in Spain 24 hours ; We are 100% dedicated to community aid, where we provide our services in order to demonstrate the truth. Counting on diverse investigative resources, very helpful to carry out an optimal process.  

If you present a case where some situation is affecting you physically or emotionally and that requires the support of supporting evidence, in order to get support. At Grupo Arga , we have a solution for you. 

You should only contact our agency, which is located throughout Spain. Our professionals will assist you in your case (as long as it is a specified case within our services), assisting you directly to show higher priority. Our mission is to support you at all times.

You will be guided throughout the process; explaining how the movements, strategies and information gathering of the investigated individual will be carried out (if this is not the case, a search network would be opened depending on what needs to be analyzed).




Grupo Arga is born out of the need to support every person who requires help in the face of an unsolved case. Same cases, which remain in that state for lack of supporting evidence.

We are a private detective agency in Spain 24 hours ; With a long professional career, we guarantee a quality and optimal service, with the support of our entire team of detective experts . With more than 9,000 cases resolved; Our efforts have made a difference in the lives of each of our clients.   

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

Our priority is to offer you, as a client, the opportunity to be heard and cared for. We focus on each case, with total seriousness; attending directly with the purpose of generating hope. We work hard, with the aim of collecting any valuable information that serves as support for your case.

Our team of detectives are the best in all of Spain. Each one with an impeccable work history; able to solve any problem that you are presenting. In addition, we have our forensic computing team .  

Not all inconveniences happen physically; cases involving the digital world such as social networks, blogs or other web portals; until the intervention of mobile applications such as whatsapp . These can be taken care of thanks to the computer experts; the search for lost or stolen information has a way of being solved.

We also have the best electronic equipment of the moment. They, who fulfill various tasks with a common purpose, collect information. Devices such as cameras, microphones, sensors, computers, etc. We have all the arsenal necessary to help you. With them, we can also perform procedures such as electronic scanning.

At Grupo Arga , we understand your situation. We do not seek profit because of your problems. We want to represent support for the Spanish community . For this, we have the best rates, where the quality-price comparison comes to light, regardless of the type of case you present. We want to help you in any way we can. 

If there is something that characterizes us, it is a good service. All our team will receive you with total empathy and cordiality. Always showing a good face in the face of adversity. The sense of justice is what motivates us when carrying out each investigation process.

You can fully count on us to be taken care of. All documentation captured and delivered to you, may be helpful when you want to generate a complaint or other legal procedure, since all information given by us is fully supported by both police and legal entities. Without a doubt, your best research option.




At Grupo Arga , it will have various research services; each with a specific strategic application, ideal to ensure satisfactory results. You will be given a complete guide to the procedure, after specifying what is your case. To learn more about all our services, visit our website. 

All information collected will serve as evidence in any case merits a complaint. Here, we will show you some of the most requested by our clients.

At Grupo Arga , we offer you multiple services, in which confidentiality is absolute. Thanks to the fact that we always operate under a low profile, our movements will be captured, thus guaranteeing a totally natural, strategic and above all effective procedure. Some of those services are: 

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain



If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you, but do not have the necessary tools to prove it, do not worry. At Grupo Arga , we will attend you with the greatest cordiality possible, understanding and supporting you throughout the investigation process. 

We will do everything possible to bring to you, the evidences that confirm or rule out the existence of an infidelity . 

If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you, but you have no way to prove it. You need to purchase our infidelity service . We will take the necessary measures, in order to acquire any evidence that confirms or rules out possible infidelity. 



During the divorce process , the demonstration of evidence is required, reflecting the conditions under which acquisitions can be divided during the marriage. This is not the most important thing. Topics such as custody of minor children is very delicate.


If your partner is violent, or shows irregular behaviors not appropriate for raising a child. You can claim custody. The problem begins when tests are needed to confirm your partner’s description.

In Grupo Arga , you will have the best team of detectives, capable of collecting any evidence that proves the existence of conditions not suitable for raising a child, by one of the parents. 

The divorce investigation processes work to corroborate, alibis between the couple, that confirm the behavior or intentions of the other person; mainly at the time of demanding issues such as custodians or the acquisition of corresponding assets. 

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain


The disappearance of those people we love envelops us in a cloud of doubt and uncertainty in which we have no hope. Desperately seeking the help of someone capable of fulfilling the mission of finding him.  

At Grupo Arga , we will support you throughout the search process, having all the research team available, who will give their all in order to find the person in question. Always receiving cordial and empathetic treatment in order to provide hope. 

The location of people , is a tense situation where we must proceed quickly. Every second counts , but with our support at Grupo Arga , we guarantee you a totally satisfactory investigative work. We will do our best to find the missing individual. Understanding your case; you will always receive our support.  



Within companies, there are many cases of information manipulation, or validation of false or fraudulent documentation. Within this, we find fraudulent sick leave . 

The worker, who alleges having a disease or disability, which would lead to the approval of sick leave; You may be submitting false documentation where a deception regarding the person’s health condition is being committed. Giving you the opportunity to be able to work in another company, receiving more fraudulent earnings.

At Grupo Arga , it offers you an optimal expertise service among all types of documentation existing within your company. Same verification, which is carried out through technological devices such as computers, thanks to our computer experts. 



If you receive a pension for special conditions. And you have gone through situations in which you have been under threat, harassment, or have been physically attacked by the person who benefits the pension. You can demand a change.  

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

To demonstrate these acts. At Grupo Arga , you will have all the necessary equipment in order to capture any evidentiary evidence that puts the truth on the table. Giving you the opportunity to submit a proposal to change your pension , where the deposit is increased, or a restraining order is required.  



Our team of computer expert , or forensic informatics . They will help you in the attention to the digital and technology areas.  

If you have lost valuable information, through the network or in mobile applications. You can count on us for information retrieval. In turn, if it is that you have been “hacked”, putting your privacy at risk. In Grupo Arga , we will find the author responsible for the attack, exposing it. Recovering any data that has been stolen. 

The computer forensics is a specialized service in the analysis of information within the digital environment. They work in the recovery of lost valuable information, through web portals such as social networks, blogs, among others. As well as, track it and verify the existence of a possible “hacker”. 

In turn, they carry out investigations through mobile applications, where personal information is recorded about you, that could fall into the hands of malicious people, or that was lost by accident.



The family problems touch on issues such as domestic violence, irregular behavior in adults, adolescents and children, abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other addiction, among others that may pose damage to those who make up that family.  

We, at Grupo Arga , will take cards on the table. Addressing your situation with the best investigative strategy, in order to support you with the necessary evidence to request help. 



24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

The electronic sweeps are procedures in which it is investigated to the client, performing a search and their environment, in order to find any kind of spy device that threatens the privacy and security of the customer. Equipment such as cameras, microphones, sensors and more can be detected by us. 



Each investigation deserves detectives who are available 24 hours a day, in fact they are in charge of covering long shifts for a much more effective follow-up, that is why Grupo Arga Detectives is determined to provide a complete option, because we have service areas that comply with with any need.  

Hardly request our services we put at your entire disposal professionals who commit to your cause from start to finish, especially because through our services there is an important solution that will change the course of your life, even within the business sector they have become totally defendants.

When the attempts are over, the burden of getting answers arises, it is best to leave everything in the hands of our experts, since when you go to our detective agency the alternatives are diverse and direct towards obtaining a timely benefit for your particular situation , we try that each client gets a pleasant experience.

We put at your disposal ways that lead to obtaining efficient results, so that customers feel motivated to go again, so from the first moment we connect with their problems to identify them in a service area to be covered by a specialist of that field.

Based on practice, we improve our offer, especially because we have the precise observation to identify the actions to be carried out, setting an accessible budget for your needs, we distinguish ourselves by the commitment to bring the best service to your request, so that in the end have an evidentiary report.



The detectives experts will provide an assertive support depending on your situation, the best thing is that each application serves as expeditiously as possible, especially to receive any call for 24 hours to obtain data under a shelter resounding law, our Professionals are licensed to practice.  

We conduct private inquiries with full capacity, we provide a first-rate service, where each of our professionals handles each case as if it were something personal, because empathy ties are established, this set of services are put available to each client who requires it.

Our professionals will act as if they were your ears and eyes, capturing every data and information that is important to you, we attend to all kinds of problems, both personal, business and industrial, we have no limitation to exercise our capabilities every day.

The use or knowledge of the range of services that we have created so that each client is satisfied with what we can provide, thanks to the fact that we have detectives who are backed by an extensive history performing their functions after each case.

We cover the field of private investigation completely, we try to be an efficient option regardless of the matter, we are confident of your problems and then find an appropriate solution, because we have the measure that is necessary within this area to carry out each job in the safest and most effective way.

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

On various occasions we advise you on each step along the path of private investigation, you will have no reason to regret it, but plenty of reasons to place your trust in each action carried out by detectives, this allows us to build strong evidence with which you can mark the difference.

Every time we reform our services so that they are oriented to a notable improvement, where each modern feature helps us get to the bottom of each issue, the service that you need the most will have it at the right time without any doubt, we have consecrated ourselves in time based on successful results that identifies us.

We execute tasks of all kinds, we do not abstain because we have experts for each area, we follow every trace and evidence with great fervor, our staff ensures the integrity of each evidence, we ensure that the practice of each case is carried out with extreme precision to meet the customer’s goals.




We transform a problem into a report that will contain the evidence you need to calm your concerns, detectives are fully involved in your cause, we use every evidence to your advantage, to eliminate any kind of concern, we take care not to miss any detail .  

However insignificant they may seem, we do not overlook anything until we verify their origin and verify that they are true, because with this result the client will be able to continue to some legal step or method, for this reason we characterize ourselves as an efficient detective agency, which have an enormous experience in this field.

We provide our services not only to the Spanish sector, but also internationally, growing every day through constant training to be able to solve all kinds of issues that may overshadow your days, these actions are the main preference in the market of the private investigation.

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

When explanations are required, the best place to go is to Grupo Arga Detectives, where the size of the problems does not matter, since compared to the tools we have, where we take advantage of the advancement of technology to take advantage of their scope and use them in defense of the security of each client.

We have perfected a perfect and efficient system capable of being available for every problem, we have professionals who love what they do, at every step they dedicate their time to customer problems, we have been distinguished with different awards that place us as an agency first-rate detectives.



When tense situations occur, where possibly responsible individuals are involved; Evidence that points to them is required in order to do justice.

Sometimes, the lack of evidence complicates the investigative process, leaving the case frozen or filed. This not only occurs in high-grade crimes; It happens in everyday life, where other situations of great emotional weight occur , such as domestic violence, irregular behavior in the family, infidelity, harassment, fraud, leading to the disappearance of people, among other circumstances.

Some of the minor cases cannot be dealt with more consistently. Leaving the affected person in a tortuous wait, risking his health and emotional state. It is here where professional help is required from research entities capable of coping with them.

We at Grupo Arga offer you a full 24-hour detective service in Madrid . Being able to collect any evidence, that serves in order to support it in any procedure. Quality and results, is what we guarantee.  



The private detective is a trained professional in the field of investigation. With strong knowledge, which he implements with the aim of providing a service to the community, where any case of a lesser degree, that needs the support of tangible evidence; I can count on them. 

These experts use stealth tactics and great caution. The way they collect information is totally low-key. Its intention is to maintain a totally natural environment, where the person under investigation can act with tranquility. Waiting for the right moment to capture any movement that serves as evidence.

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

Many detective agencies offer multiple services, with different investigative categories, tailored to your needs. Their quality varies, all depending on the years of experience they have, or the type of researchers that compose them. 

Therefore, deciding which is the best option to attend to your case, can be a problem. We, Grupo Arga , are your best option 



At Grupo Arga , we are a detective agency in Madrid 24 hours a day . Being experts in various areas of private investigation, where we touch sensitivity issues in which specific help is required, in order not to leave it to you is a wait that seems endless.  

We have a long professional career, where each case attended has been resolved. With a total of 9,000 closed cases; our clients have received a complete service with very satisfactory results.

Receiving in turn, recognition from both police and legal entities. At national and international level. All this thanks to all the team that makes us up. Also, allowing the corresponding certifications, to be the proofs that our service is of total legal scope.

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

24-hour private Investigators in Spain

We have the best high-end equipment, ideal to ensure a state-of-the-art investigation and with the support of our computer experts, or forensic informatics. They collaborate in research in the digital field. Everything related to expert opinions through social networks, blogs or other web pages; Also, mobile devices and the apps they contain are analyzed , such as WhatsApp .

What distinguishes us the most, as one of the best detective agencies in Madrid , is the bond we forge with each client. Empathy is one of our main characteristics. At Grupo Arga , we will assist you in the most cordial way possible. Always understanding your case, in which we will work hard in order to support you.  



Private detectives represent support. They are highly qualified professionals, who attend situations of various kinds, where an in-depth investigation is needed, with the aim of collecting information that supports the client. 

Acquiring our services, at Grupo Arga , will be a strategic move in terms of streamlining testing. If you present cases such as domestic violence, family environment in which there is an abuse of alcohol, drugs or another type of addiction, divorces, infidelity, location of people, or other cases of lesser criminal degree. We will help you as much as possible, assuring you of a quality service.



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