Dealing with problems is much more effective when resolution methods are sought, especially professional help, such as the interaction of the detectives in Santa Pola , since they are experts in the search for forceful solutions, through evidence that manages to show what is happening



To have the help of our professionals who are previously trained to deal with situations such as infidelities, location of people, evidence of espionage and even the discovery of a hidden microphone, leave your concerns in our hands and we will take care of them.



For those who want to know more about private detectives in Santa Pola , we have the best answer in formulating an investigative process that offers the best possible coverage criteria for all companies and private clients who want to hire a private investigation service.

Rental of activities for those who wonder about private detectives in Santa Pola . Without a doubt, let us analyze that these services can be provided with a good sense of response. That is why our agency does everything possible to offer the best consulting service at the best price.



When we talk about a very precise investigation process in the city of Santa Pola, we undoubtedly lead, under a very professional impulse, to determine everything related to the structuring of an investigation apparatus that helps to articulate a scenario. of answers to serve our clients.

Among the Grupo Arga detectives there is no doubt that everyone has to do with the private detectives in Santa Pola, which cannot be answered simply by carrying out an investigative process, everything that has to do with the management of an activity of quality that all customers, who are interested in an environment can give clues.

Reaching an indication or evidence at the private investigation level certainly allows us to promote the best of the best for all of our clients through special handling of all investigations. We do, but getting to this point requires the logistics of each operation.

To arrive at a point with logistic precision, it is necessary to use all the tools for managing a research process, which can undoubtedly give the best response to anyone who tries to formulate a research effort to solve a certain problem, that is, , therefore, the management of our activities. means from our group of companies the development of activities that can make the operation of our system profitable in the short, medium and long term.

All of these elements cannot be combined for optimal results management unless there is a private investigation process that can be customized to meet the needs of all of our clients. For this cohesion to occur, they have to intervene. in the process of other experts, such as B. Laboratory specialists who specialize in various digital activities that provide the best sense of responsiveness for the formulation of all research operations capable of providing services in minutes. The Grupo Arga detective encourages a high level of reaction.

With Grupo Arga detectives, the process that we can go through in carrying out activities in the city of Santa Pola means that anyone who wonders how much a detective is worth in our city can consider carrying out all these aspects. implementation requires a strategy. allows for the best possible conduct of the investigation and the collection of extremely accurate evidence.

IT Private Detectives in Santa Pola is undoubtedly a question that the client can raise and that will be answered when the detailed execution of all the elements that can ensure the best collection of evidence related to an investigation case is carried out. it is done privately. Concrete.



In Grupo Arga’s digital research services we cover all the needs of our clients. We know that each investigative file deals with an entirely different issue and that each of these requirements must be addressed differently at each requirement and level of an investigation process.

At Grupo Arga, the structuring of the activities that we enable in our city of Santa Pola is undoubtedly synonymous with relief for those who have to carry out a research process that can offer our clients the best element of solution in the short and medium term. . long term



In Grupo Arga detectives we can say that there is a history of more than ten years of investigation involved, that is why we from our agency do the same and generate an investigation element that has the capacity to provide the best sense of response both to our private and corporate clients.

At Grupo Arga, through our private detectives, we promote through our digital detectives the best sense of response to all our clients, so through our investigations we make it possible to formulate an innovative survey that can deliver the best evidence and elements of conviction

For our clients through our private detectives in Santa Pola , Grupo Arga detectives enable the handling of cases that implicitly detect infidelity, as well as everything related to private investigations that may serve to carry out the execution of a personal investigation agent who can validate the search for documents, as well as everything that refers to the loss of valuables.

Without a doubt, the management of these processes is possible through structuring activities that allow our clients to get the best of the best, that is why we also make it possible to carry out personal security processes through activities. related to electronic monitoring and counter -surveillance , as well as all kinds of digital investigation aimed at protecting the client’s personal data.



At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents also enable the start-up of an activity node, which is a solution for all companies. That is why we have always made the decision to enable the execution of technical studies and the implementation of the silent client. fraudulent sick leave Organizations also have an investigation policy that provides the best protection against a particular transaction being carried out through digital investigations.

At Grupo Arga, anyone who asks about the Santa Pola computer detectives can be reminded that this is not in the client’s interest and requires an optimal digital management process for their short-term needs.



The best private detectives in Santa Pola are available to the public to obtain better results for the client when it comes to quality information and specialized data.

The search for specialized investigation services is a great need for all our clients because an investigation service can be carried out that really provides all the elements that our client needs at the right time


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries



Our private detective agency in Santa Pola are valuable resources that give a sense of high diligence in everything related to the well-being of our clients, this allows us to be innovative and put everything that has to do with first priority in our list of services. specialized research.

Our investigation agents are important resources that, above all, try to determine the first indications for each case based on the first testimony of the client, since in any case they provide all the information that has high priority for the successful implementation of the entire operation. .

In addition, a self-respecting investigative detective is an element that will seek, above all, different alternatives that may mean optimal development during the investigations, this means that you do not stay on the road and that you are as proactive as possible to validate the original assumptions in In each case, the best you can do in this regard is to act with great competence to ensure a good implementation of the original data verification. We take this element into account with Grupo Arga detectives, since they are important aspects of the original configuration of a case.

Private detectives, in addition to being a resource that works on an investigation that goes to this point, must establish various elements that allow them to generate a series of elements that can differ greatly in terms of an effective construction of an investigation case. . . This is also represented by the commitment they invest in generating responses based on the shortest possible time, many of the clients see this aspect as something significant, since they have managed to decide that time is against them on different occasions.

The design of patterns by the investigator is an essential part since it ensures that through the practice of the detective instinct, all the most probable elements can be executed against the implementation of a case that can deliver elements with high performance. Objective of the tasks performed. because, mainly based on research at the level, an attempt is made to establish facts and hypotheses that allow us to know where different aspects are seen as critical within a research chain.

An investigative detective from Grupo Arga is a resource that can solve the problem in high resolution. It also allows them to be distributed at the level of different services in order to consider generating different elements that can satisfy the needs of the investigation regardless of their complexity.

A private investigator is an agent who, unlike other public detectives and investigators, does not specialize in just one area. A private investigator is one who, by displaying his abilities and skills, can provide various elements that provide an effective logical framework for the investigation.

This allows it to be a highly valued resource for activities such as infidelity investigations, personal investigations, as well as everything related to performing electronic scan analysis, among which data protection services and data protection services stand out. Data Protection. Social networks that allow various high-level analyzes to be carried out precisely to protect customer privacy.


In addition to what has been raised, an investigative detective can also be an agent who can provide the established answers in a business environment, leading to an understanding of various aspects that are typical of application-level investigative data investigation. of mystery shopping.


Grupo Arga detectives are a leading organization in detective investigations. They have more than 10 years of experience with them and who can prove it to give an adequate response to all our clients. This is also a guarantee that a service will be carried out first. Detective.

At Grupo Arga we promote the best sense of development for each investigation case, which can undoubtedly promote a sense of high-precision clarification of all the investigative concerns of our clients by doing exactly what our resources and skills have to carry out an operation. in the optimal way that has the great capacity to serve private and corporate clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have made sure to always take into account the best investigative criteria. To ensure this aspect, we always look for an educational technology that can promote a series of positive elements in our clients, since there are those that sometimes require a high level of detective technology and a certain urgency.

From Grupo Arga detectives, our discipline and implementation of the best investigation techniques is guaranteed, since we are a group that does not stop innovating. This means a great opportunity for our clients to use various elements that can provide them with a unique benefit by employing high-level research services.

Our clients have a very disciplined resource that is focused on managing their needs. This is proof that we will always put all our dedication into serving customers who today are looking for answers, answers that can undoubtedly be obtained through specialized research.

Our clients find the best guarantee to carry out high-level detective work with Grupo Arga detectives, because at Grupo Arga we are excellent!


The City of Santa Pola has a dedicated service of Private detectives in Santa Pola who carry out tasks to promote the efficient operation of businesses, factories and various businesses, among other things. In their surveys, they review, investigate and verify the real absenteeism of workers who take health-related breaks, forcing them to medically certify the motivations that reflect the causes of their health status during a certain period of time.

As a result, these services, which stem from Santa Pola’s detective work, help the workforce and productivity of the city and its labor organizations, benefiting its goals and objectives.


Any work organization that employs all employees on a day-to-day basis guarantees a better level of productivity to develop and consolidate as such. Given the efficiency demonstrated by the work detectives, an investigative spokesperson with great responsibility before the consortium has been set up for the organizations that request their services in Santa Pola.

This responsibility demands a very extensive and detailed work from them, since they contact each employee at home to check their peace of mind and real health, as previously justified in the medical certificate that I present to the company.

If the reasons are reliable, then the employee follows his absence from work and the company guarantees his position; Otherwise, the worker runs the risk of losing his job for the wrong reasons, lying about his health to receive benefits. What constitutes a labor fraud that the detectives support and argue with evidence and evidence that the employee does not comply with the agreements in the signed employment contract and for this reason? The company or organization has the absolute right to take reasonable measures to sanction and terminate the employee’s work, since this affects the productive interests, the working day and the resulting financial costs for the organization.

To understand the activities of our private detectives in Santa Pola , you must get fully involved with your private investigation agency, which forces you to carry out actions of high ethical and moral value and presents serious criteria for your daily work. Developed in organizational circles that request and trust its research services.

These investigation services speak of the quality, seriousness, responsibility and security that detectives constantly show in their investigations. as your detective reports show by creating a group of positive factors that facilitate all business, industry and business; Avoid and minimize absences fraudulent of the work that could have occurred during the different periods of production of the same.

Since Santa Pola is a modern city with industrial and commercial development, the worker detectives cooperate through their private investigation measures with reliable parameters that depend on the work of the good dog in their area of responsibility, since they provide many reasons and arguments that defend themselves on their professional training. speak . for their effectiveness as they are benchmarks in their experience in research studies.

When we talk about private detective investigation studies in Santa Pola , it is detective work that can be easily coordinated by the work group. This is reflected in the statistics by showing a small active population in which its residents are harmoniously related to each other, and these circumstances support all the investigation to be carried out by work detectives; However, as you will find instantly verifiable information, it is important to highlight that this reason does not undermine the serious and responsible work in comprehensive research reports and reflects the reality of the truth of the work presented in each scenario. tourist and commercial work in the city of Santa Pola.


There are many reasons for the business of Grupo Arga Detective throughout the Spanish territory and its presence in the city of Santa Pola. He is highly respected and recognized for his investigative work, which has earned him respect and a good name in organizational circles in the city.

Knowing the team and its professional composition and development in the detective activity, it is useful to point out that each member actively assumes his role in the work group. effectively add by revealing your skills, abilities and competencies to receive and process all the information required for each case study; And for many reasons, it also creates observational links by verifying the facts that it studies in all the social contexts that inhabit Santa Pola.

Without a doubt, the private detectives in Santa Pola are evaluating the performance of the detective. It is always worth recognizing their correct decision-making, since they respect and take into account the cultural convergence of Santa Pola by observing their investigative creativity in the leadership of all the human, material, technical and financial tools that Arga Detectives Group puts in their hands . . so that their work is carried out with the maximum investigative severity in the effective detective search

With Grupo Arga detectives we enable an investigative style that undoubtedly encourages the construction of a response framework for anyone who wishes to carry out a first-class investigation. This topic undoubtedly means that from within our organization we can perform a first-rate research service for people and people. Corporate banking.

As mentioned above, our agents have the best training process, a problem that undoubtedly makes them useful in any case or operation that requires a specific investigation. That is why we always offer you a high value from our agency. the stage of development of our human talent, since it is there where almost all the guarantees of success are found.

Grupo Arga detectives are an investigative agency that has served the Spanish community for more than 10 years. The discipline and responsibility with which our agents move on the ground undoubtedly allow us to create an investigative scenario that allows us to help those in need.


When we sometimes hear everything related to private detectives in Santa Pola , we do not know what the measure means during these investigations, many times they think that this type of operation is carried out with young people when in practice so many criminal acts can be carried out in the social media. against the people. who regularly visit this type of space and towards adults.

Research in the digital spectrum 2.0 leads us to solutions to cases that contain different levels of complexity, since sometimes they do not have a specific face that guides a consistent research work.


Social networks and Web 2.0 spaces are possibilities that effectively promote communication between actors and undoubtedly allow us to interact with third parties. Many have benefited from using these rooms as they are able to constantly meet new people in a short term element that is even recommended from a clinical point of view.

When we meet a new person, chemical processes kick in in our brains with great reward and satisfaction as our bodies begin to secrete serotonin. This means creating a short-term activation scheme where the person is undoubtedly trying to meet the largest number of people in a short period of time.

The opportunity to meet people who look interesting because of their profile picture can sometimes mean that they are victims of a scam because we really do not know what is behind those rooms. This means that a lot of people will fall into the hands of one player. which , with your experience, can lead to a very risky manipulation element.

The generation of these interaction schemes has sometimes exposed many of Santa Pola’s private investigators, young and old, to episodes in which they are involuntarily forced to deposit funds or transfer other non-monetary resources, allowing the captain and the cybercriminal take advantage of them. The reason our Santa Pola computer forensics has to work.

Financial or personal data are not the only risk in social networks, as there are people who disclose data of intimate relevance. This has resulted in the debtor being able to use this data to commit stalking or stalking. Identity theft.

From the first we can highlight that it is the most common action in the Spanish digital spectrum. The appearance of electronic chats and a symbolic reward system in special rooms has also increased the dangers of this type of interaction, since many people without any real knowledge of the dangers in front of their screens exchange valuable information with this type of person.

This is where one person begins to harass another to give in to that attitude. We visited many cases of Grupo Arga detective clients who felt harassed by digital capture. This means that they have to protect themselves.

The feature of any social media space is almost the same as that of any web space as it allows a player to hide in whatever suit he wants, i.e. someone who is an organized criminal can be whoever he is. to wish This will give you the ability to carry out any criminal operation you can.

Santa Pola computer forensics provides the ability to find out who may be receiving data from third parties through an anonymous identity. It does this by tracking IP addresses and accounts that leave traces of the web spectrum.

From Grupo Arga detectives we have to make it clear that these are computer tasks that can achieve the best results for our clients in the shortest possible time.



Detectives Grupo Arga is an organization that has been operating throughout Spain for more than 10 years. It is also the result of a program that allows us, with great agility, to deliver the answers that our clients need through our computer forensics in Santa Pola, the best in history. What we do is ensure the happiness of our customers.

For Grupo Arga detectives, the happiness of our clients revolves around the execution of activities that can guarantee their safety at all times, with the aim of establishing an operations group that generates the greatest possible security.

At Grupo Arga, the management of each digital exam receives a free initial diagnosis by our agents, a problem that undoubtedly has the capacity to encourage the best sense of operations.

By developing our activities in the digital spectrum, we ensure the completion of the operations and the logistical articulation of each individual case and we carry out the development of an exam precisely in a few hours.

At Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop with the intention of innovating and providing the best professional investigation services to our clients in order to have the opportunity to get the most out of these private intelligence and personal protection services.

Santa Pola Forensic Computing is one of the new elements that Grupo Arga detectives are making available to our clients to provide a response framework adapted to an environment with great changes and demands.

Grupo Arga detectives are an agency that has generated the best training processes for all its investigators, with the aim not only of being able to carry out a first-class investigation efficiently, but also of having investigations on social networks that allow it. . receive this information in order to offer our customers the greatest possible security.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we strive to generate all the processes that are capable of producing solid results for all our clients. The best guarantee of our services is the ability to create an operational framework to respond to the community.


The best investigation services for private detectives in Santa Pola are available throughout Spain to obtain higher value items that can guarantee adequate protection to our clients. allows the opportunity to be better and perform in sync with the current demands of detective work

Clients of a protection service have currently made transferable certain complaints and inconveniences that can translate into very expensive services and in some cases do not comply with the originally established guidelines.


It should be noted that the best thing that different people can do to carry out a high-level investigation on these investigation services is the ability to hire a private investigation agency, even if there are security companies and others. The private companies that provide electronic sweeping services in Santa Pola are not operating efficiently.

This means the possibility of being very well prepared to create a concrete solution for our clients, since they can generate enough answers at the right time and even evaluate the performance of a very precise service based on the satisfaction of several elements. that can be there to discover different elements that can provide a comprehensive solution.

The groups and companies that offer this type of service have the opportunity to be actors that sometimes have to successfully satisfy this type of need, but they do not always manage to develop this type of activity based on a criterion of detective competence. This is also a problem that does not ensure the effective falconry of these operations. It also means the possibility of not satisfying the client with all the initial requirements or even running the risk that the work is not carried out completely and the risk remains latent.

For this reason, the Grupo Arga detectives have taken their work with the Santa Pola electronic sweepers very seriously. In addition to all the aspects that can often arise in the study of this style, we have made the decision to improve our methods and methods, taking into account different mechanisms. and processes used to detect audio and video recording devices that have not been authorized by our customers.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we always carry out investigative work with our private detectives in Santa Pola with a touch of innovation, which can generate the greatest confidence of our clients in all the processes that we carry out in our day to day. This undoubtedly provides an opportunity for improvement to establish a criterion of strong differentiation with other agencies and other companies.

Our clients and the services they have requested are leading us to a complex reality at the moment, since the investigation environment is extremely demanding and it is necessary to give the right answers at the right time to improve various operational elements. distinguish our research group from others.

Among the Grupo Arga detectives, our detectives are the pillars that undoubtedly seek the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the application and management of their procedures, which makes the investigation of private detectives in Santa Pola require a highly dynamic element. We are capable, from a professional perspective, of doing everything necessary for the optimal execution of processes that our clients can benefit from.

The best thing a Grupo Arga detective can do right now is the ability to provide all of our clients with the answers they need, in order to create a framework that fully addresses their investigative needs and concerns.

This means that agents who are experts in providing investigative and related electronic scanning services are excellent resources that can be used to resolve any issue at any time.


Grupo Arga Detectives is an organization that works throughout Spain to eliminate various elements typical of the development of high-level detective work. It also means that it is a group whose work is never done and for which innovation is always required every day to serve. the client with the best research service.

We have been investigating Grupo Arga detectives for more than ten years. Therefore, we need to improve our daily activities and establish various specialized services that can bring enough satisfaction to all our consumer segments.

At Grupo Arga, our Santa Pola electronic sweepers are always innovative and are the best option for those seeking to commission an investigation service that promotes the best test resolution and device recognition in the electronic-digital environment with the aim of a sense of response. . which is extremely favorable for those who need an investigative action to face any type of situation and make the best possible decision.

The creation of our electronic scrap service around electronic scanning in Santa Pola has resulted in a high level of approval for all clients who have used our service from our research group, as an opinion survey carried out in 2019 showed a 92% approval rate for this type of service.

Grupo Arga detectives are an organization that does not stop improving and implementing the best processes, which can be an important step in improving the services of our clients. This also means that our services lead us to excellence.

At Grupo Arga, our clients come first. For this reason, all the research carried out by our group is carried out with a common work plan in order to fully understand your needs and prepare all tasks based on a work plan. Expectations that may exist in the investigation.

From the Grupo Arga detective our clients have the best ally to satisfy all their needs in the shortest possible time, which is why through our private detectives in Santa Pola , we provide the best assistance to anyone who needs it.



         When you tell us about your problems after a consultation at Grupo Arga Detectives, we evaluate the situation to respond with experts in your case, which is why the detectives in Santa Pola are part of an extension of services throughout the Spanish territory, to increase the level of help that We toast with serious and loyal jobs.

We take care of your needs, because we have extensive experience to dissolve any deception that is being generated about your relationship, being one of the most common complications, but at the same time, they are lethal because they break with the tranquility of any person.

That is why we treat each situation as it deserves it, we visualize their problems in an empathetic way to strengthen a firm bond with their objectives, because we seek to fulfill their

expectations , we have experts in each specialty area who help us not to discriminate against any request for services, on the contrary, we will be at your disposal.

The search for information should be left in the hands of specialists such as our private detectives, being the only ones trained to deal with all kinds of problems with the greatest possible skill, we work impartially so as not to affect the results and that they can be applied within a process. legal.



         You do not have to worry about the budget, much less about training, first of all we set an action plan accompanied by fair rates that are shaped according to your abilities, then we proceed to close the contract to ensure your needs above all.

Secondly, our detectives in Santa Pola have the respective license to practice in all kinds of situations, as a result of this preparation we can respond with professional actions, which ensure a resounding success in most of the investigations that we undertake. .

We ensure the safety of each client, for this reason we look for evidence that confirms reality, in this way we generate peace of mind so that you can face a legal process or avoid any denial, since with evidence in hand there will be no possible doubt that it can stop it. in claiming their rights.

This possibility of obtaining justice, can be achieved with the final report generated by the private investigation, this is configured as an element of great probative value, this will allow you to live better knowing the truth, this gives you power not to be under the shadow of the deceptions.




In the execution of our services we make possible the operations of our private detectives in Santa Pola , because when we talk about establishing investigative operations, duty calls without distinction of the circumstance that our agents are going through, that is, That is why the detectives of argas group,



we do our best for our clients no matter when our services are requested.

From Grupo Arga, our private detectives in Santa Pola are prepared to carry out the best investigative action, which can undoubtedly lead to the creation of a service that can have the best capacity to respond to all the concerns of our clients.


Carrying out research within the framework of the operations that we carry out in Santa Pola at Grupo Arga is something that fills us with great satisfaction for the duty fulfilled, a problem that undoubtedly allows our agents to be able to do what, like most, investigate and find solutions that our clients even consider complex, this undoubtedly promotes a high sense of resolution and makes our research service undoubtedly useful for companies and individuals.

At Grupo Arga with private detectives Santa Pola we make possible a high-quality investigative program, focusing mainly on the resolution of various elements that undoubtedly have the capacity to promote the best sense of response to all those who undoubtedly have the possibility of hiring a service like this.

Grupo Arga detectives, valuing a systemic approach in the implementation of the investigative technique, are mainly proud of the search for evidence with direct and indirect weight in all the operations carried out by our clients.

That is why from our investigative agency we enable the participation of other roles that have the power of determination with a high level of expertise in the fact and the context of the ongoing investigation, thus ensuring the greatest respect for our investigative elements that we They allow to be successful in an operation in the short, medium and long term.

Thus, within our operations, the agents of Our Group can intervene in the best way in order to find the best resolution techniques for customer service, on the other hand, the construction of all these aspects is undoubtedly possible in performing our services


, we can also deploy the activities related to the matching of fingerprints, as well as everything that may be related to the detection of DNA patterns, an issue that undoubtedly makes the maximum determination of the evidence possible towards the client.

From the detectives of Grupo Arga, we have resolved that the investigation strategy that we deploy with the community has a great sense of utility towards any type of client, making efficient the best possible operation of our services towards people and companies.

From our agency we can also say that we have IT experts, who have the ability to provide the best sense of resolution to all the digital investigations that must be carried out, with the aim of promoting a very broad sense of operation.

The construction of this type of activity is mainly possible thanks to the generation of various elements that, without a doubt, it is possible to promote in the detectives of the Arga Group, making possible an investigation mechanism that, without a doubt, can have the best capacity to solve any problem. type of operation in the short, medium and long term for anyone interested in hiring us.

Detectives Grupo Arga, is an investigation agency that undoubtedly makes possible the articulation of operations that can promote the best sense of response to all the needs of our clients, from our agency we carry out a private investigation to be the best tool in difficult times.

Grupo Arga detectives, faithful to their tradition of service, seek above all to promote a sense of high specialization and response to anyone who is capable of hiring a professional investigative service, carrying out the best investigation in Santa Pola 24 hours a day. and whenever our work is necessary.



At Grupo Arga detectives, we carry out the specialized management of each investigation case with the best resolution of our clients in mind, which is why with the attention to each case we make possible a free consultation before starting the contracting work with the objective that our clients feel received as in each.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we make the management of this type of operation feasible throughout Spain with the aim that our clients feel well received and can detail each scenario and context of investigation in depth.

At Grupo Arga, the management of our investigation cases is underpinned by a highly detailed structuring of our services, our private detectives in Santa Pola they are those who have an enormous ability to get to the root of all events.

To solve this problem centered on a specialized vision, Grupo Arga’s detectives managed to manage all these aspects based on a response vision capable of promoting the best sense of development towards a specific investigative problem, so that we not only focus on determining what evidence plays a direct role in applying this investigative technique, we also focus on collecting indirect evidence to provide ample decision-making leeway for all of our officers.


At Grupo Arga, the management of our processes implies precisely managing all the needs of our clients, but this type of work does not come alone, in this sense it is necessary to highlight that it is accompanied by personalized attention 24 hours a day. day.

The Grupo Arga detectives, throughout their 10 years of service throughout Spain, undoubtedly make possible the articulation of various elements that have the power to concentrate the best functionalities at the level of investigation to the community as a whole, thus making a meaningful viable. research that has the ability to promote the best sense of response. Our Santa Pola private detectives will always be available to our clients!



Many detectives call themselves good detectives or the most acclaimed in the market, but in order to answer why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? We cling to demonstrate it with actions because when looking for a detective who acts effectively, words are useless.

Well, any word or argument is unnecessary when you want good, real detectives with practical knowledge of what they are doing, that is why at Arga detectives we want you to be a witness to the quality of each of our services, in addition to the fact that at your disposal you will always have to the best private ones at the time and place you want.

Our detectives are the best not only because of the university degrees they possess since it is well known that despite having this it does not depend on how good that detective is doing his job, but nevertheless this is something basic that every detective must have in order to be reliable and manage the terms that will be required of you.

Of course, these titles and authorizations are also the basic tools that you need to be able to exercise your protection and offer your services, but a good detective must be trained both in practice and in theory, learning to deal with the inconveniences that arise and that Despite this, do not give up on any of your cases.

Well, the main thing, in addition to the discretion that you must have, is that regardless of the seriousness of the case, you can have an adequate handling of everything that may arise, both good and bad, even if you are involved in a personal issue, because the professionalism that you are capable of developing it is what will do his excellent work, with this type of detectives we work in Arga.


Each and every one of the services that we will present to you have behind them excellent detectives and specialists who have extensive experience as they have endured due to their hard and successful work hand in hand with our agency, as we are very selective when it comes to defining the staff. We will work with him, since his attention deserves high standards.

That is why we make sure that everyone who works with us, in addition to having the minimum required as a professional and also in the eyes of the law, has values, discretion, passion, vocation and, most importantly, discretion in their work and in each of the things. to develop, which is why we have been called the best private detectives in Santa Pola.

Well, everything we offer you must have professionals of this type working hard so that the processes can take place and that they are not only carried out halfway, but that each case that passes through our hands and those of our allies guarantees effective and diligent results. where you can feel safe even in the future.

We want to give you solutions that also last over time, leaving you with a feeling of security at all times, as it is one of the benefits you seek when hiring a detective, we assure you that if this is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place . , your search is over because Arga has everything you need and even more.

Our trajectory confirms that we have what it takes for you to want to go to any of our services, in addition that everything we do is one hundred percent verifiable and reliable and everything we have done over the years has allowed us to prove and to take into account the methodology of our strategies to act in your case.


In addition to our excellent work within the entire Spanish territory, we have allies that manage a level of quality as high as ours throughout the world, so you should not stop if you are not within Spain, because you will be able to obtain more of our services from wherever you are, no matter where you are .

This represents a great advantage for anyone who wants to hire us because our work crosses borders and is within their reach, this at any time and on any date regardless of whether it is a holiday or a weekend because our work never stops and no case can wait we must always act immediately and that is why we are always working for you.

In Arga nothing stops us as you have seen because our availability does not depend on the day, date, time and location, it depends on how quickly you contact us and we can start the investigation process, because here the conditions are decided by you, we will always be attentive to your requests and we will be your support at all times.

We will provide you with excellent support with which you will obtain the peace of mind that you deserve, not for nothing many wonder why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Well, beyond affirming it, we are willing to prove it, all you have to do is not let the situation you are going through go by and contact us as soon as possible.

We are always looking for a way to offer you all the attention and to give you all the advantages that you undoubtedly deserve, because we understand that going through a difficult time clouds our minds and what you are looking for is to feel security, which you will find in each one of us. our services and with each of those who are part of our great agency.


Before taking your case, we make you feel sure of the decision you are making by hiring us, because first we will make a free estimate for you in which, depending on your case and everything you require, we will make a special price that covers

all these expenses without being an exaggerated price that is out of your needs and your situation.

In order to offer you the most accessible price possible, we carry out a study prior to each of our services and compare them with the prices when we realize that we can reduce costs by removing tools or procedures that, in addition to being expensive, only take time away, we can afford to give you the best price you will find in the market.

Well, our quality is not based on the exaggerated or sudden price increases, we want you to have all our services at your fingertips and that the first thing you think when going through a situation or suspecting some type of crime, that is around you or affecting you directly, either in contacting us and not in the investment of money that you will have to make.

In any situation we want to help you because we know the difficult times you may have or what may be happening to you, that is why we do all these studies and we have prepared ourselves as comprehensive detectives, because our work is based on serving you and being your unconditional support, so we will not let any circumstance affect you or your pocket.

This is another answer to why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? In addition to this, our prices are guaranteed by the Ministry of the Interior, which is why they are legally approved and you can confirm it at the time you want, because at any Any deal we do and anything we offer you will be transparent and completely legal.


Another great tool that you will get when you hire Arga detectives is that since all our procedures are governed by law, when we obtain the complete panorama of the case with all the evidence and data from it, we will be able to offer you reports that you can use to present before a court.

This is another advantage and reason why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Well, we are governed by the law and we follow all the protocols that are required by it, without this we would not be able to fully comply with our work and we would not provide you with the complete tools to be able to put an end to your situation as it deserves.

This report must contain the data of the contractor, the purpose or reason for the contract, the number of records, the means that were used during the contract, the number of intervening detectives, the methods used to proceed, the justification of everything used and the results, without this the report will not have any validity or at least not legal.

Let us also remember that we as detectives are in charge of providing evidence that is well justified according to the case, since we should not make accusations or draw any conclusions on our own, but you should hire detectives like us who know how to present them correctly. before the authorities so that they can be taken into account.

Well, if the detective you turn to in order to find the truth in your case does not have a good handle in public, an impeccable presence and does not have the experience that is required to be taken into account, no matter how good the evidence is They will not be taken into account in court and in a certain way they will not serve unless the lawyer intercedes correctly.


With the constant changes that we have thanks to technology, a good detective must know how to adapt to it and get the most out of it, because currently if you do not have at least one mobile phone, work becomes more difficult and even communication with the client and other tools that we could find in it, we take full advantage of this.

So we at Arga are constantly updating our technology so that we can have all the comforts and practicality that modern life offers us and in this way offer you all the possibilities of finding answers to your case, because without this you would always be a step behind our intention is to be as diligent as possible.

Well, we know that when you turn to us it is because you need quick answers to your situation, but if you have been letting it go and turned to us now that the situation is more serious, then we have these technological tools that make our work easier and lead us to give you results. more and more precise and comfortable for you.

In addition, we are knowledgeable and we have been dealing with the crimes that are carried out through these technological tools for some time, because in addition to being an advantage for us, many criminals have also seen it as an easy way, so having the latest technology and all the knowledge We can also deal with these types of cases.

The fact that we are so versatile demonstrates why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? And because many come to us to trust us with their security, because all our services are of the highest quality and we are so reliable and comprehensive private detectives that in any circumstance we have an answer that will be useful to you.


Thanks to the great current demand that this type of investigation has had, we are already experts in dealing with it, since apparently distrust between couples has grown and in order to find reasons that lead you to find the answer you are looking for, we lend you this type of infidelity investigation services.

Firstly, when you contact us due to a feeling that your partner is being unfaithful to you, we proceed to collect data on the facts that have led you to speculate about this and we also make a profile of your partner that will allow us to know the sites that he uses, where he works, what his circle of friends is, what activities he develops, among other things.

All the information of this type that we can collect will help us to know how we can intercept your partner, at what times and where we can do it, in order to be able to observe what actions he develops on a normal day while not suspecting that someone is following him , so we can know if he frequents another person or if he does not.

With this we will be able to collect evidence such as photographs, videos and even audio of your partner and of the person with whom you have been cheating and in the event that this is not the case, you will be able to realize through the same evidence that if you have been faithful and You will no longer have to worry because we will clear up any doubts you may have, in addition to the fact that these tests may be of help to you later on.

Well, if there is a case in which you want to get a divorce, you can use these tests and the report that we will give you to do it by all legal means, this in the event that your partner does not want to accept the separation and denies you the right to your freedom, you can easily demand that it be forced to give it to you, so this investigation process is beneficial in any case.


This type of research is intended for all those couples who, before marriage, want to confirm if their partner’s fidelity is totally integral or if they are the people with whom they really fell in love, this is because many seek in another person to obtain comforts that getting married could facilitate them and therefore they pretend a fictitious love.

When what they really seek is to seize what that person has or live a comfortable video through lies, many times they also create false identities so that the person they marry accepts them and thinks that they are everything they dreamed of, when they really could be making a big mistake by linking their life with that lying person.

So many resort to this service in order to make sure that a situation like this will not happen to them and that they are really going to marry the person they believe in, since it is better to discover this before giving their trust to that person completely, because later to reverse the marriage, more processes are needed that turn out to be annoying, slow and above all expensive.

To avoid these processes and that emotional wear and tear, they prefer to turn to us, who will attend to their request as quickly as possible so that this doubt can be cleared up before having to go through all this, since also after being in a divorce process, thanks This deception results in losing more for the goods that were accepted to be shared.

Before you go through all this or live with the doubt, we recommend you go to our excellent detectives who, by solving all your doubts, will show you why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Well, you will find an answer to all your doubts and you will be able to take the actions that make you feel more comfortable already knowing the truth in all this matter.


On the subject of divorces, there are many tangents in which we can help you since we have advice for the case of agreements, custody of minors, arrangement of alimony, agreed pensions for minors, tests to finalize the divorce, we take care that custodies are fulfilled correctly, property separation arrangements, among others.

Thanks to all the services that we offer regarding this issue, when you hire us we will be able to provide you with complete advice from the separation to the consequences that this should have, then in the event that you do not know how to carry out the divorce by legal means, we are your best option because in this you will realize why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola ?

We seek that all the agreements made at the time of separation are fulfilled as they were established, since we will accompany you in this process, we will seek to ensure that both parties comply with their obligations, whether or not they have children in common, since all legality must be complied with as the law dictates regardless of the circumstances .

We take care of asserting your rights and supporting you in processes like this, because we know that during this difficult time you can have confusion and talking directly with your partner is sometimes not an option to consider, so you should not do it if you do not you want because both parties can reach agreements through their lawyers and we will ensure that this can happen.

In relation to this investigation process, we also provide services to the family, since we want to guarantee that it is not affected during this process other than by the separation of the couple and, in the case of children, the separation from their parents, since we carry out investigations to be able to verify everything that you suspect is affecting your home and eradicate it.


As we mentioned before, we also provide support to the family, whether they recently went through that hard process of separation or not, since the consequences that it can leave within the home are great and must be treated as soon as possible, since they can to have irremediable results and with severe consequences.

There are many factors within a home that may be causing discord, mainly due to not knowing what are the reasons why it occurs, for this we dedicate ourselves to the investigation of infidelities as we have already named it before, alcoholism, unknown addictions, detection of reasons why which have strange behaviors, etc.

Just as we also investigate if a family member belongs to a sect and therefore acts strangely or if someone influences the bad attitudes that they have shown and are affecting the balance within the house, since there can be many factors that affect directly or indirectly to a family, although in the face of this it is difficult to know who to turn to.

But if you have a question that keeps going around in your head, you have already come to the right place to be able to clear it up, because we know that if you come to us it is because you want to take charge of your family and restore the trust that has been lost, for what we will be your support and we will provide you with the investigation service you need for it, regardless of whether the situation is serious.

There are many specialists with whom we have as allies, for which we have a wide range of services and all the tools that will help us guide you to bring peace of mind back to your home and you will even obtain the evidence to be able to denounce those who have wanted to attack against its security, in Arga he has the best detectives waiting for him.


This service is mostly used after a divorce when the former couple has children together who are still minors, since here some terms of agreement must be handled in which the parent who obtains custody must obtain a pension for food expenses. and other expenses that I have this minor.

We can intervene on different occasions, either at the time of verifying that the agreement is fulfilled by both parties, that is to say that the money sent is the one established and that it is sent on the corresponding dates without being late, since when this happens it would be in contempt of the agreement and we as detectives through experience can verify this.

We will also be present if you wish to make a modification of this agreement, we will also monitor it to ensure that it is being fulfilled in the agreed manner and through different procedures we will be able to know if this change in the pension is truly being made effective, since it must primarily benefit the minor.

But in this fulfillment of agreements there are also visits or the correct fulfillment of sanctions and restraining orders , since many times the agreement for certain reasons clarifies that one of the two parents will not be able to have contact with the child unless it is approved by a trial and we must because this is also fulfilled correctly.

The fact that we are vigilant that these commitments are fulfilled also contributes to the concept of why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Since as good detectives we handle the case of our clients until the end from the root of the matter until conditions like these are fulfilled as dictated by law, we will also demonstrate this.


After the divorce process, the couples are in an agreement regarding all the things shared and that were designated as mutual during the marriage, that is, the shared goods, the properties, the things acquired during the marriage and everything that unites them. somehow, because all these things must be distributed fairly.

In addition to this, there are also the emotional consequences, because after the breakup of the marriage many tragedies occur and leave many consequences in the lives of both people, starting with the house in which they both live until the wear and tear

emotional that now generated mental health problems which should be treated by a psychologist.

So, before all these things, a regular agreement must be reached that allows both parties to enjoy the things they acquired when they were together, to be able to distribute them equitably according to their needs, during this process we will work hand in hand with the lawyer so that there can be a deal that both are willing to comply as established in said agreement.

The obligations that each one will now acquire separately will also be specified and that is why this agreement is so important because it will dictate the future of everything that the couple was, that is why it must be treated by professionals and we will ensure that said document is fulfilled exactly as it was agreed, without letting either party take advantage of the other.

Not only material things will be agreed upon, but everything that unites them must be established, their right and duty, including children and any sentimental union they may have, as well as custody, visits, what they must sell to distribute it in parts. equal, because here it is sought that there is a harmonic agreement where the two parties remain on good terms.


We have many tools that allow us to follow up until we find the person you need to locate, whether it is a family member, friend, acquaintance, someone with whom you lost contact or even if it is a criminal who needs to be located, this service is very complete and when you hire him you will understand why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola ?

 In order to find the person you are looking for, we rely on technological tools and one of the greatest advantages we have, which are the allies we have worldwide, in the best detective agencies around the world we have colleagues who help us expand to be able to offer you a service without location limits.

So we can locate anyone you want even if you are outside of Spain, this is very helpful to most of our clients, because mostly if you have lost contact with that person for a long time, it usually turns out that this He is no longer in his native country and has migrated without being able to give him an explanation.

By collecting all the information of the person and finding his whereabouts, we show him the evidence of it so that he can contact him again and take the actions that he believes prudent or to be able to denounce in the event that it is a criminal, during all this process we will be extremely discreet and we will demonstrate the excellence that characterizes us.

We know that locating someone on your own is an easy task and even more so when you want to do it legally, so we will help you since we have certified tools and effective methodologies to do it, so if you are looking for someone Do not miss the opportunity to use this useful and efficient service that only Arga can offer you.


With regard to inheritances and wills, we are experts attending to everything that these entail, since we have a lot of experience resolving the situations that surround these matters, let us remember that dealing with matters in which the author is no longer alive is a very delicate issue and should be in the hands of qualified professionals as we are in Arga.

When irregularities occur, such as if it is suspected that someone has altered the requirements of the deceased, then if so, this is a serious crime that we can investigate to get to the bottom of the matter and check if this is happening and who was the cause of this alteration to the inheritance document.

Another case that could happen is that the last wishes of the deceased are not fulfilled and the agreements that he wanted to be carried out in peace are broken , because this could be that a member takes more than what was assigned to him or that he does not notify the other beneficiaries to keep the entire inheritance, in any of these cases we can investigate them and find the truth.

We have other services that complement this, such as calligraphic expert reports that would help us to know if the document is an original author, or investigations and follow-ups with which we would know if the inheritance is being distributed according to the wishes of the person who designated it as such, so we have all the ideal tools to act in these situations.

We are a great complement for the lawyers who carry this type of documents since we have the skills that they will need to be able to ensure that everything is done as established by the author of the inheritance, because by working together we can ensure that everything is done correctly. without any modification or use of it.


We have a great team that is in charge of carrying out the technological part since they have the experience and all the knowledge required to be able to carry out procedures where crimes are generated through technological devices, these specialists are called computer experts and they are the responsible for working on everything that corresponds to technological advances.

These have the highest quality tools and the most updated to be able to navigate, investigate, detect, track, collect and duplicate all evidence found in this, since crimes through technology carry special and more rigorous procedures for be able to be handled, because not everyone can carry this type of information.

Since for the evidence of the experts to be approved before the law, the originals must be extracted from the device where they are located and must be protected with great care and confidentiality, then they must be duplicated to be able to work and carry out the entire investigation. on these, the originals cannot be manipulated in any way.

Well, otherwise these will not be approved to be used in a trial as evidence, then due to the delicate care that investigations of this type take, not any detective can carry out an investigation like this, in addition, a lot of extra knowledge and specializations are required to be able to do this job properly.

Apart from this, they must be legally obtained evidence, because on the internet it is very easy to obtain information of all kinds, even that which is authorized to us, and in order for it to be used, it must comply with certain protocols that a computer expert must always keep in mind, in Arga we have the best professionals who will help you in this type of case.


The fast communication application WhatsApp is one of the most used thanks to its simple and practical way of using it, as well as allowing us to stay in touch wherever we are in the world and it is a very useful tool also at a corporate level, so the information handled there is very important and must be protected.

So in the event that you lose the information you had When stored in this application we have the solution so that you can recover it, since we have the most trained and experienced forensic computer scientists at your disposal, when you want to recover information and not only from this application but also on other platforms.

They have the knowledge and training required to be able to carry out these procedures correctly and legally, so when you lose important information you should not worry or resort to another site, much less leave your information in the hands of people who do not You can see that they are real professionals.

Any attached file that you had saved there such as photos, videos, audios and everything that you lost we can recover without complications because our forensic computer scientists have developed strategies that will allow you to recover everything as if the loss had never occurred, and you can be sure of that your information will be protected and treated confidentially.

Well, not for nothing many say why are we the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Everything we offer you is of quality and this is evident in the satisfaction of our clients after entrusting us with this type of service, which must be treated with great discretion, so when something like this happens to you, do not lose your calm because we will always be there for you. .


Any information that you had on your phone, on your computer or Tablet and lost for any reason we can recover it, just as our computer experts can recover the information that was lost from communication applications such as WhatsApp, they can also recover it from any another device.

Well, we know that you can lose important information that you had stored in any technological device, since currently the information is handled mostly on an online platform, or in the internal storage of these devices, so in the event that you want to recover what you have lost in a safe and guaranteed way our service is indicated.

In addition to recovering information for you, we also have a service dedicated to investigating hacks , this in the event that you lose this information in an unexplained way, since there may be people who want to obtain information from you illegally and do not know. realized, if you want to make sure of this you can also turn to us.

After recovering the information you lost, we can offer you to prevent a situation like this from happening again, since computer forensics have preventive methodologies so that your information can not only return to you, but also be safe and free. from any intruder who wants to steal it.

Demonstrating once again why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Well, we think of everything and we do not leave any case alone with the basic procedures, we want our clients to obtain quality services and that they are designed to protect them in every way, for this reason we complement them with experience and the other knowledge that we have.


There are programmers who have become so expert in their field that they are capable of creating malicious files that when you open them you can lose all your information and it will reach the hands of the programmer who created said file, program or even virus, because the possibilities that this happens are many since some find it easy to cheat through technology.

This means that everyone who has the ability and knowledge to create this type of program is going to do it, because only opportunists who decide to commit crimes through the tools that technology has given us do so, not everyone wants to do it because everyone We are different and many hackers don’t even have bad intentions.

But when you come across an unknown download, a dubious program, or a file that gives you a bad feeling, it is better to turn to us before falling into a trap like this, because this can cause all your information to be deleted, and when we say it’s all really exposing you even in the searches you do on Google.

Since your computer or the device you use has the capacity to store all kinds of information, which could be a serious problem if it falls into the wrong hands or if it is lost at the hands of a virus or malicious program, but all this information it can be recovered just like we do with deleted conversations.

In addition to this, you can follow the trail of the criminal who caused this crime so that he is exposed and does not continue committing this type of scam that seriously affects the privacy of people, because like any crime, that person must receive their respective reprimands for the crimes. and the loss of information that has been causing.


These electronic sweeps are a surveillance countermeasure to be sure that the place where you are is not being watched by any other person unbeknownst to you. these electronic sweeps.

This service is useful for those who need to have privacy in an important meeting, more than anything it is used by government officials, people with a lot of power, those who have important positions, artists, businessmen or anyone who needs to deal with sensitive issues that cannot be handled by the wrong people or those who don’t belong in that conversation.

Well, thanks to technological devices it is possible to listen to or obtain a recording of everything that is said or done in a closed space without the need to be there physically listening since these devices are so small and discreet that someone who does not have the correct tools to detect them you won’t even know they’re there.

In addition, these devices will record everything or broadcast it live to the suspect who implanted it there, and if detectives who have the tools and knowledge to verify this are not hired, the information from the private meeting can fall into the hands of the public. wrong hands without even realizing it.

We at Arga demonstrate why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Making sure that no suspicious device is found at your meeting, at your party, in your office and we even make sure that it is not found in your car since thanks to their size they can be anywhere and that makes them difficult to locate in occasions.



Let’s first take into account that a listening device such as a microphone, a camera or a recorder are currently of tiny sizes that can make them extremely difficult to see with the naked eye so they can be placed anywhere no matter how small it is that’s why we know that can be found even in the seats of a car without being noticed.

So, to be able to give and extract these small devices without them going unnoticed, we use tools and techniques that have already been put into practice and that have given successful results in the search for these devices, because we want to assure you that your information will be protected at all costs and No one will be able to access it without your permission.

We use radiofrequency detectors that allow us to know if there is a device inside the room where we are examining that we are unaware of that is transmitting information without the consent of our client, of course when it is found it can be destroyed, since the client is make decisions about it.

We also use electromagnetic device detectors because these will help us to find all those that do not transmit radiofrequency, but are still listening or recording what is happening within the space in which they are located, in general terms this tool will help us to detect any device regardless of its size.

Another that we also use to be able to rule out at a general level is the technical camera, since it will detect any change that occurs in the environment, so it can scan the entire area detecting if something is affecting the environment without us noticing. account and another that we use in the endoscope to be able to reach very narrow places and discard there as well.


The investigations of social networks are required thanks to the fact that through them there are many tools that some people have used incorrectly and for this reason our computer experts who are dedicated to studying the networks are required to proceed to carry out investigations through them and enforce the security policies that should be complied with.

Well, many times through social networks, the plagiarism of the profile that we have created can occur to make us look bad or to swindle others using our image, so if this happens, we already have everything necessary to be able to unmask this crime. and return the identity to whom it belongs.

In addition, after this we also have a service in which you can clean the image that this criminal stains and in this way continue using your networks, since these are not bad, they are tools that have very useful and practical results in many ways for which We do not want to deprive you of using them, only that we will help you to do so carefully.

Through the networks we can also find information to use as evidence in other types of investigations, as they have certain advantages that can help us find precise evidence that even contains the date and time of the event, evidence that we can extract and assert before a judgment thanks to the firmness and veracity of the same.

We have many tools and services that make us more complete when it comes to offering research through social networks, which is another point in our favor when others ask themselves , why are we the best private detectives in Santa Pola? We do not stop at the basics, we always seek to complete with other branches that are dealt with in the agency to have a greater scope.


Sometimes, for various reasons, it may happen to a person that their private information, which they had kept away from social networks, was exposed to public light. It should be noted that this was without the consent of that person, since through social networks they can make various inquiries which, if care is not taken, can fall into the hands of a bad person.

But at the same time it can put our privacy at risk for this reason and many other dangers that can occur through the internet and the media, you must be very careful in the way you use them, because you never know when someone appears who wants to take advantage us and in this case the identity and reputation is something very delicate and must be protected.

Therefore, if at any time you go through a situation like this where information is exposed that you did not want to share or is used in a way that makes you look bad, we can help you clean up your reputation or that of your company since This could also happen to you, causing you to be discredited by the misuse of your information.

Before this, do not be alarmed, better contact us as quickly as possible because we can erase everything that has left you wrong in the eyes of everyone, and soon no one will remember that this happened, we can also help you prevent this from happening again and our work is so clean that you will have your social networks just as you had them before and you will be able to clear your name.

We can offer the same for your company or for any situation in which it was exposed, as we have extensive knowledge in handling all cyber media, thus demonstrating why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? At Arga detectives we always go further and give a very complete help.


After acquiring so much experience in the use of social networks and the world of the Internet in general, it has made us very noisy that more and more people are victims of the misuse they give to all these technological tools, but like us, having We open audits to computer experts who are in charge of eradicating this to be able to impart our knowledge.

Well, we have extensive experience that has made us see what, if anything, should be done, what should not be done, how to prevent computer crimes and how to take care of ourselves in this digital world that has left us so exposed, so we have opened these audits because We don’t want to keep that knowledge to ourselves, we want to impart it to you.

Then we take talks to any group of people who require them, where we will let them know what crimes they can face surfing the Internet, what they should do to prevent them, how not to give so much personal information and what they should do to continue using their networks. in a safe way.

But through this, more than anything else, we want people to open their eyes and understand that every good thing has its disadvantages and that every extreme is harmful at a certain point, with this we do not want to sow fear and make people think that technological advances are bad, On the contrary, what we want is that they take advantage of it in the best way.

Without having to do so by exposing your security and your entire reputation, we are always looking for ways to help you improve by showing with facts why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola?


Browsing the internet every day it is easier to be a victim of disinformation since currently placing false statements or information about any person or about any topic is something that turns out to be very simple despite the fact that this could cause many problems for those who believe it. unaware that they are being deceived.

The misuse of communication sources and publishing false information could harm the person who is being talked about , the company that is being discredited , the public figure of which false things are affirmed, and it can even affect a government that is spoken of badly without having proof of these alleged actions.

So when sharing something you should be more careful, because thousands of people will be able to see it and draw their own conclusions since many believe in anything they are told or recommended without being truly informed about the subject, and this is it can hurt even the media since many times they put it in your name.

But in order to avoid all this, we are the ones who, being information that a situation like this has been affecting some of our clients, will take care of denying this and erasing all false information, exposing the facts behind this matter, and we will also focus on achieving and give the necessary reprimands to the person who caused this.

So you can be confident that nothing that they allege against you to discredit you will affect you since we unmask this whole situation and avoid as much as possible that it affects you, for this reason you can always trust us because not for nothing many affirm the ¿ Why are we the best private detectives in Santa Pola?


Despite the fact that these cybercriminals hide behind a screen, it is not impossible for us to locate them since our skills as detectives allow us to reach them without physically having them, because wherever they are, we will follow the clues and find them so that face the consequences of their actions.

There are many types of crimes that are committed through the internet such as those mentioned above and behind any of these acts there is a person who from the beginning only thought of taking advantage of you and the information that you now handle or have manipulated. in its favor, but no matter how hidden it is, we will find it.

Well, like any other criminal, this person must be found and accused of his crimes so that he obtains the sentence he deserves, since these cybercrimes are also reported and the mastermind must serve his sentence.

The sentence can range from paying a fine for the damage caused, paying bail and minor reprimands, to being taken to jail for several months or years, of course it will depend on the seriousness of the matter in which we find him involved, but no matter what As difficult as it is, this person should be detected and put before the authorities.

Well, despite the fact that it is not a crime like the ones we are used to, one of this type can also affect a person or anyone who lives on the networks, because despite being cybernetic, many faithfully believe in everything that others share. and it can seriously affect the private life of a person or it can lead to unfair judgments that they do not deserve.


The acronym IP stands for internet protocol and many people do not know how this works or even what it is for, when they are necessary to be able to establish communication as we know it today since it is a unique and unrepeatable address that contains any device that can connect to the internet, from cell phones to Smart TVs.

Every device can be traced through this IP address of course there are some private and others public, but regardless of this, our detectives can use this advantage in their favor to be able to find the trail of a criminal through the cell phone, computer, laptop or the device used to commit the crime.

Although it can also be tracked if at any time I use it to communicate or open any of its online accounts, so regardless of whether the crime was cyber or we could not find the whereabouts of the criminal through this tool, of course It will not be an easy task since you could have used a disposable device or someone else’s.

But nevertheless, obtaining this address gives us more advantage to be able to track it or at least know what pages it consults to obtain indications of that person, just as this could bring us closer to the device that was used to commit the crime and by obtaining it we will have tangible evidence of the crimes committed by that person.

So these addresses for our computer experts are of great advantage, and knowing how to use them in our favor adds points to why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Well, only qualified professionals like ours can handle this type of information correctly and legally.



We carry out tracking that allows us to rule out from your electronic devices that there is any type of threat that may affect both its operation and the information that you contain in it, because without you realizing it there may be someone else trying to use your device. to take advantage of this.

Well, through viruses, spy applications, a platform to use it remotely and other tools, a computer expert could take advantage of the vulnerability of your device, be it your cell phone, your laptop, Tablet, Smart watch or any other in where you can access your personal information or your social networks.

Since from there he could get valuable information to blackmail him, make him look bad, contact his family and put them in danger, tarnish his reputation, discredit his company or his work, access his passwords even from bank accounts and many other things that you you may have backed up on your device.

But we take care of detecting these dangers to which you may be exposed, which is why it is so important that you come to us on time because even though we can also help you when the situation is more advanced, it is much better to be safe than sorry. have gone to specialists such as our computer experts on time.

Apart from detecting these vulnerabilities, we also offer preventive measures so that you can continue to use your device normally and without any fear, because we do a tracking and we also make sure to protect all your information, so a service of this type in this era in the one where we store everything on virtual platforms can be very useful.


The use of the telephone is increasingly essential today, so we store a large part of our information, memories, annotations, photos, audios, contacts and many more things that are part of our daily lives there, so protect our cell phone It has become a necessity since nobody wants to lose everything it contains, much less at the hands of a hacker.

That is why our computer experts are given the task of combating all these attacks to which our cell phone could be exposed, because you deserve to feel safe when using it since it is a work tool that you should not be afraid of or discard the idea of using it for important things on the contrary this tool is very beneficial.

The bad thing comes when a hacker decides to attack against our device because knowing the information or spying on us through it, he can obtain a lot of information to be able to manage our privacy as he pleases, from obtaining the passwords of our bank accounts by appropriating them to contacting and blackmailing to our loved ones.

Well, everything we have on the cell phone can be used both for us and against us, so we must be very cautious and be attentive to any minimal attack that may be suspected, because these cases of hacking or manipulation of our mobile It must be treated by professionals who act even legally in this situation.

Our detectives know how to attack until they get these infiltrators out of our cell phones and recover all the information they take, in addition to having preventive actions that will provide you with the prevention you deserve, because we are the reason why many wonder why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? Thanks to our excellent work.


may be many or few signs that our cell phone shows when it is hacked since there are criminal experts in this who make it seem normal and we might not realize that we are being victims of a crime like this, so we must go to experts who know how to do this job.

But the simple ways to know if your cell phone is being hacked is to pay attention to the signs, for example, the hacker in order to access your information must enter the cell phone in a certain way, so this will affect its performance and also reduce the battery, so you should be aware if you notice that the phone is very slow or has no battery despite little use.

Also if you notice that information that was stored on a platform is no longer there, if it overheats spontaneously or if you notice that it handles itself, then any strange attitude it has without you using it or installing an application should be put in doubt and contact us directly to get the matter up and running as quickly as possible.

Another way in which they may be expiating you is through the cell phone camera or the microphone that it contains, so it is best to find out about this issue in our audits, in which you will learn to handle your device correctly and without running any danger like this, moreover we can also deal with this problem.

We can apply counter-espionage measures that help us detect if there is indeed someone expiating you through a cell phone without you noticing, this is a delicate matter that only comprehensive detectives like the ones we have in Arga can proceed to investigate, since it takes many knowledge of both technology, atonement and legal procedures.


Just as this crime of atonement or hacking can occur on cell phones, it can also occur on computers or laptops, since these devices also contain information that another person would also want to appropriate, in addition to being in our homes they can be passive spies without that we realize that this is happening to us.

For this reason, this detection service is also aimed at these devices, since they can also be used to carry out crimes, which is why we need to rule out with our computer experts that a situation like this is not happening to you or to any of your relatives. , because the home is a private place that must be very well protected.

Of course, it is not a reason to worry about having a computer in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedrooms, because you have the freedom to have these devices wherever you want, since they make life easier and are great tools that we even use to carry out our work, so it should not be discarded, it should only be treated with caution.

One of the greatest preventive measures you can take is to hire a computer expert who is in charge of examining in depth if the computer or laptop presents any irregularity that was not caused by any of the members of the family, so a lot of attention should be paid attention as with mobile phones to be able to act in time in the event of a crime.

The signals that these devices emit are usually similar to those of cell phones, but the best way to prevent your security and privacy from being attacked is to be aware of all those doubtful actions that occur, and always back up the information they contain, doing this work we will show you why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola ?.


Apart from being able to combat all the crimes to which technology is exposed and support in situations where it has already been greatly affected by this, our forensic computer scientists also have all the capabilities and tools to prevent this from happening or the problem you have becomes more serious.

Well, our greatest intention is that despite having gone through criminal situations you can continue to make regular use of everything that technology offers you, since we do not want you to deprive yourself of using it for any purpose that can facilitate your daily life, because These technological advances implant more and more in our lives and to put them aside is almost impossible.

In addition, we can return what was taken from you either by hacking your devices, because they used your accounts on social networks, because they were spying on you all this time or because someone with bad intentions got your passwords, before all this we can return what you have lost and bring everything back to normal.

Without you being seriously affected by the loss of all your files or your personal information, so in this process we reverse all the damage caused by any crime on your electronic devices and make them safer so that you can continue using them as if nothing had happened. it would have happened

Well, we demonstrate more and more why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? With each of our care and additional services that we offer you so that you obtain complete results that not only lead you to find the criminal and to be charged, but also to protect yourself from any other situation, because your physical and virtual security is our priority.


The theft of your private information or the confidential information that is handled within your company is a very serious crime that can be penalized up to prison sentences, since this could affect not only the operation but also the perspective they have of you and even endangering their families.

Since by obtaining such personal information they could, for example, give him your wife’s number , they call her and ask for a large sum of money in exchange for not taking your or your children’s life, or ask for another case in exchange for not exposing your personal information publicly, this is just one example of how cybercrime could escalate and how it can affect you.

What could also happen is that the criminal who obtained the information of your company, for example, begins to sell the confidential information of your company to the competition, so that in this way they know the secret of your success and your company declines little by little, as well as they could manipulate this information and make it appear in front of their clients.

All this could lead to bankruptcy and even the loss of a loved one, because we do not know who is plotting these crimes behind the screen, that is why it is so important that qualified detectives control these types of crimes as does with any other, since it is better to prevent a situation like this than to regret it later.

But despite being such a serious situation, our computer experts together with our detectives and specialists in various fields can help you and clear up those doubts I have regarding this and after seeing the pleasant results and the security that we offer you, you will understand why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola?


They say that an image is worth a thousand words and that is why we want this not only to remain in text, but also for you to experience firsthand the reasons why we are recommended worldwide and why many choose us over other agencies. .

If after knowing a large part of everything we make available to you, your family, business, company, personal life and the procedures you want to carry out with us, you still have questions about why we are the best private detectives in Santa Pola? We will show you with facts that we are everything you need to feel safe.




For all those who need to know how much detective is worth in Santa Pola , we must first of all make it clear that these types of activities always have a cost, in that cost everything that is related to the logistical development of our activities is implicit.

The management of our processes, without a doubt, provides the best sense of resolution to all those who wish to ask themselves How much detective is worth in Santa Pola , making this type of activity something extremely important for everyone who requires investigative work. The management of our processes, without a doubt, provides the best element of solution to any fact prone to investigation that may be required by both an individual and a corporate.



What is always linked to the management of an investigation process is something that provides great clarity to all those who wish to hear How much is a detective worth in Santa Pola , since the specialized management of our processes conceives a part of the execution of techniques and of skills and another related to logistics management to ensure the achievement of good results.

It is at this point, where we must understand everything that our Arga group does with the purpose of managing each case towards the desired result, thus providing the best resolution element to all our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives, in order to develop a good investigation technique, we have to train our agents with the best. This implies having the most up-to-date programs, the most precise technique and the investigation devices that are most in line with the management of all the cases that they can. be present in the day-to-day of the investigation.

The management of the processes by our agency does not only stop at this point, which is why the management of all our activities is related to the

application of processes that must ensure a sufficient logistical element to obtain the appropriate result and opted for a highly precise expert process.



The execution of our research apparatus, we direct them mainly towards a sense of evidence collection , with the aim of obtaining all the elements that the client initially requested. From our research group, we always do our best to ensure a process of excellence at the service of our clients.

Just as we understand these elements, we must also emphasize that at the same time as our services are based on providing our clients with the best of the best, we therefore try not to sacrifice the quality of our services in favor of offering a “good price” since Grupo Arga we believe that those who execute a strategy of this type are deceiving their client.

That is why, above all, we are honest with our clients in defining the scope that can be obtained from each investigation based on their budgetary capacity to finance the deployment of all our elements and resources, with the aim of sowing healthy expectations around the investigation. and the results achieved.

The budgetary work that we carry out at Grupo Arga detectives, facilitates the option of choosing a range of services for our clients, since at the moment in which they require our services we can determine with a sense of highly professional expertise all the elements that are needed to achieve these results, it is at this point where our agency elaborates three budget scenarios that guarantee the execution of detective work and that are capable of satisfying all our clients.

The research work is something exciting, which is why, through the delimitation of these three budgetary scenarios, we guarantee an effect of persistence to deploy “yes or yes” our organizational elements in a given theater of operations, leaving everything in the last decision that take the customer.

Grupo Arga detectives has always managed the best for all those who wonder how much detective is worth in Santa Pola under a high-precision scheme with the aim of supplying all the key elements for the development of an investigation and guaranteeing our clients the best obtaining of information. possible results.




At Grupo Arga, our detectives can provide the best sense of response to all those who require our resources and our activities, this is how the structuring of our activities undoubtedly provides the best sense of response both to our private clients and also to our corporate clients.

Within the performance of our work, Grupo Arga agents always find the possibility of providing the best response to all those who need private investigation at all times.

The best thing that a client wishing to go through expert investigation processes can do is look for an agent of the Arga Group, since this is sufficient guarantee for the

generation of answers that can make you make the best decision in a period of time.

At Grupo Arga detectives, discipline in the execution of our work is something that sets the standard in our day to day life for all those who wonder how much a detective is worth in Santa Pola , this is also proof of the high training and professionalism with which our detectives they manage to perform in the field, providing a strategic sense to those desires that our clients have about obtaining data and specialized information.

At Grupo Arga, the application of our investigation processes mainly seeks to leverage everything necessary to establish the best possible resolution sense and thus provide the necessary answers to any question, that is where our detectives have the advantage in managing the entire process. , since they allow the clarification of a case to be possible.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an investigation agency that without a doubt, after more than 10 years at the service of all of Spain, promotes the best sense of resolution of each case, preserving above all a rhythm of innovation and constant service for all one who requires it. For Sabadell we do the best!



Cheap detectives in Santa Pola

Making your way through the eyes of the people of Santa Pola is not an easy task, but if you are one of those who offers cheap detectives in Santa Pola , perhaps this is worthwhile so that they come to you, even enough, to pay attention.

Scheduling with a cheap detective in Santa Pola is one of those things that leaves you thinking, because the price is very cheap, one doubts from time to time, but this is real, one hundred percent moreover, because attacking the people here will never, but give them a good service? That does look good.


Vision and role of private detectives

Have you not heard about what private detectives do in Spain and in much of Europe? Well, calm down, because if the answer is yes, you can find good news here, but if not, you can be even calmer because not only will you come out with fair and comprehensive information, but you will be almost at the same level of information as those who do know On these.

Let’s say it without mincing words, the busy life that we lead today is tiresome, it has many things that generate a lack of empathy, the search for some things that we would not otherwise want, the certainty of looking for something that we do not get, but Above all, one of the things that lack of time leaves us the most is not colluding with all the things that are around us.

Although we can say that the things around us are stuck in the trumpeting of the usual, it is true that the vast majority of things around us, even in an insubstantial way towards our eyes, are changing, and no, it is not that we get esoteric with vibes or pure scientists with quantum theorems, but because things are changing, slowly, but correctly.

It is a constant question, of which apparently not many people can come to realize, either because they are things that are not poured in general as a singular matter of addition, but rather systematically occur in context with what is expressed and they are generated according to this without any user who is not clearly foreign having their eyes on it.

To be clear, something may be changing in your family, in your friends, in your employees, even in your own dog, which as a rare thing I don’t think we have to investigate, but in a loose way, holes are being made in which senses that seemed immovable are lost, and which, consequently, should be reviewed by private detectives.


Framing of private detectives in society and in Santa Pola

What resides, then, in private detectives is that intention to find things that are changing and that, for one reason or another, or for all of them together, the person cannot stop waiting for some changes, because with great eloquence, diversity of the changes occur but there are no ones who can glimpse them, or yes ?

It is necessary to see that the detectives, or in these instances, the cheap detectives of Santa Pola , converge in this sense of orientation capable of having the price of the context that is mentioned for the needs of the clients, because without a doubt, there are who want to know what happens to them inside and outside their context, and of course, all with the best coverage.

Let us say then that the detective, as a representative of the undistorted truth and outside the unstable discursive of friendships, lies in the position of people whose cause is to integrate the truth, whatever it may be, as practical and methodical as possible in order to put it at the service of the client, that he also integrates what he can do with it, and in case something is missing, take the regular times of action.

Let’s say then that the private detectives of Santa Pola , or of those other regions of the esplanade and curved Spanish have given even more ways with which to accuse the bad plans of people for conceiving such insidious issues that people do not want to be part of. , or, of those causes that were not true and that remained in peace.

Therefore, applying the sense of direction is much more endearing from the hand of private detectives, who consequently see in the situation a certainty of elementary participation that they add to their work relationship, and thus, even more than they can, they segregate it and spread throughout the channel used with the client, for a better conversion of the information into estimated computer material.


An extension of Grupo Arga to Santa Pola

Applying that of the cheap detectives in Santa Pola can be, in a few words, a real blessing if you are daring, because the difference between maintaining a taste for starting to work with accurate information and another that is not at all is something that must be be looked at, because they are clearly estimable things.

Enough of the disinformation of people or null information with which you do not know how to add to the appropriate reactions in your life, because if there is someone who can verify the reliable realities that are around you swarming and being objective, you have to turn the look at the elite agency, Grupo Arga Detectives.

This agency, capable of disseminating with a pen and without getting wet the conceptualization of the characteristics that must be sought, start and find the game within reality, in order to give shape to a complete investigation, carried out by the best hands and spread throughout the field by the best containers of information, our private agents.

Wherever Grupo Arga stops, it gets what it is worth finding, we saw it in a good way coming to Santa Pola to continue with our initiative to establish ourselves in the space of this community, so that we only have calls for help and good offers for inform people.






For all those interested in knowing all the processes related to our Santa Pola infidelity detectives , we have the best news regarding the execution of elements that can provide the best scope of resolution for a type of scenario where our client has a doubt or suspicion. from

that their relationship is not going well at all and also that precisely they are cheating on him.

The execution made possible by our Santa Pola infidelities detectives undoubtedly provides the best opportunity to clarify a given situation, an issue that will materialize in obtaining all the elements that can provide a sense of broad development for all those who wish to execute. a process of this style to clear up doubts regarding the most recent behaviors of your partner.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we say that our Santa Pola infidelity detectives are those resources that are able to deploy different techniques and skills with the aim of validating all the assumptions and hypotheses that the client has initially expressed, from our agency we make it possible the best resolution of all these elements at the service of our clients.

Many people take it as something light that their partner is cheating on them, however there are others that this issue causes them a very strong emotional commotion, which is why they need to check it before continuing to generate more trust in the relationship or thinking address higher commitments within its framework.

When verifying a state of deception, it is necessary to emphasize that in the first place the entire plan that was had with that person is being disrupted, which is why it is necessary to advance to a stage of determining facts and making decisions with the elements that are available. in the table.

Sometimes these people turn to friends and other acquaintances that allow them to verify the facts, but there will always be a component of doubt, since the suspicion and the possibility that the one who is cheating on their relationship can defend themselves is something that without a doubt, it is still present, in this sense there is nothing better than supporting an accusation with evidence that can demonstrate in fact that the other party is exercising the act of infidelity.

That is why it is always more advisable to hire a detective who has the experience of supporting everything related to the investigation of infidelities with a sufficient burden of proof, since it can go through a review status of all the indications and tracks provided by the client.

It is at this point, where you mainly have the great opportunity to entrust this matter in the best hands with the aim of establishing greater productivity in the management of our personal affairs based on the time spent that it takes us to solve as well as, the energy and/or concentration that we dedicate to clear up doubts about matters that can even be emotionally harmful to us.

For this reason, at Grupo Arga Detectives we offer the best Santa Pola infidelity detective service with the aim that clients and those interested in contracting this type of service do not leave this matter to chance and can resolve doubts in the shortest possible time with the greatest tranquility and certainty.

That is why at Grupo Arga detectives we always reinvent ourselves and offer an investigation for infidelity that is capable of obtaining various data from the person under investigation, based on the indications provided by the client, we immerse ourselves in the agenda, habits and customs of the possible adulterer and it is there where through a detailed observation we get to the root of the facts with the aim of establishing the identification of possible actors of infidelity that may be affecting the normal transit of a relationship.

The construction of a case for infidelity is something that our agents allow themselves to do in record time and with great detail of precision, an issue that ends up affecting the generation of a high-level investigation through elements that configure the execution of the tasks detective at the service of detecting actions that can be described as a fraud to the relationship.



Santa Pola infidelity detectives are those resources that provide the client with the necessary answers to verify any action and/or fact of infidelity by their spouse, managing everything related to an investigation case of this type in record time.

The articulation of an investigation case valuing a vision of high expertise and rigor is only possible when you have the best, an issue that is decisive when hiring an entire organization more than a detective.

The execution of the investigation process that can represent a true solution to all our clients is something that can be achieved through the efforts that Grupo Arga detectives has set out to carry out with the aim of promoting an investigation that is capable of providing all the answers. possible to companies.

The construction of an investigation case not only depends on the detective, it depends to a great extent on the clues provided by the client and the organization that together can generate a synergy between these three factors to provide the best possible response to those who may require this type of service in the market.

Grupo Arga Detectives is an investigation agency that, through the training of its agents, can respond with great precision to all the elements that represent a key response to a certain fact prone to investigation, the training and the highly demanding parameters with which we have trained each

of our members has been a great opportunity to guide a highly dynamic and efficient response process towards our community.

At Grupo Arga our agents are the ones who are ready in a theater of operations to supply all the necessary evidence and elements of conviction, all those interested in the processes our Santa Pola infidelity detectives obtaining evidence for all those who want to know if their partner he’s really fooling you






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