Private Investigators in Mallorca ® | Contact private detective in Mallorca.


Private Investigators in Mallorca | Contact private detective in Mallorca.

Private Investigators in Mallorca | Contact private detective in Mallorca.

You must have seen private detective at work while watching movies and TV shows.

They are sitting in dark offices while smoking cigarettes.

However, the private detectives that you can find in the real world are much different from the ones that you can see on TV.

This is applicable for private detectives in Mallorca as well.




Private Investigators in Mallorca | Contact private detective in Mallorca.

Private Investigators in Mallorca | Contact private detective in Mallorca.

Before taking a look at private detectives in Mallorca, you must have a clear understanding about who they are and how they are capable of delivering a great service to you. The stories that you can find behind private investigators are quite fascinating. They are offering a specialized service to the people who are in need of them.

Private investigators are the qualified, licensed and professional individuals, who will be able to deliver support and assistance to you with going forward with investigating activities. They know how to cater to all the specific requirements that you have and make sure that you are provided with positive results at the end of the day.

When you take a look back in history, you will notice that private detectives have been offering their services to people who were not able to get their work done with law enforcements. Back in the 19th Century, private investigators were able to develop a technique to proceed with record keeping. In addition to that, they were also able to use indelible ink and plaster casts to capture footprints and solve crimes.

The services offered by private investigators have evolved significantly along with time. If you are a look at the private investigators in Mallorca who offer their services as of now, you will notice that they are capable of delivering a great support and assistance to you with getting your problems or mysteries solved. People are provided with the freedom to hire these private investigators for both personal and business purposes.


Private Investigators in Mallorca | Contact private detective in Mallorca.

Private Investigators in Mallorca | Contact private detective in Mallorca.

In order to provide a great assistance to the people who are looking for services, private detective agencies have popped up as well. If you have a problem and if you believe that only an experienced private investigator will be able to provide support to you with that, you should get in touch with an agency such as Arga Detectives Group. Then you will be able to present your problem and get the services offered in return.

When you take a look at the private detective industry that exist out there as of now, you will notice that there is a high demand for the services offered. That’s because people prefer to get the support of private detectives and overcome the problems, instead of dealing with problems on their own. Due to the same reason, the private detectives are getting numerous types of requests from the clients.

In order to cater to the requests of the clients and provide them with an outstanding service at the end of the day, private detectives have come up with many specialties as well. For example, some of the private detectives are specializing in child custody cases whereas others excel in infidelity cases. Likewise, you can find a great variation among the private detectives who offer their services to corporate clients as well.

Due to the broad role, the private detectives are provided with numerous tasks and activities to complete. If you are planning to become a private detective, you need to have a strong understanding about them. Some of the most common tasks that a private detective who is helping people have to work on include finding a phone number of an address, discovering an identity of a person, researching on family history, discovering unemployment history and uncovering numerous financial assets. On the other hand, the private detective will also have access to numerous assets and tools, which are providing all the support needed for delivering a quality service at the end of the day. No matter what, you will notice that your private detective is offering an invaluable service to you at all times.

If you are impressed with the services offered by private detectives in Mallorca and if you want to get the assistance of a private detective to move forward with your own goal, you are encouraged to contact our team at Arga Detectives Group. You will be able to find numerous private detectives, who work their best to deliver the most outstanding services to the clients. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything when you are getting the services that our private detectives can offer. You will fall in love with everything that we offer to deliver an impressive experience.

Go ahead and get in touch with us. You will understand the different as soon as you start working with us.



Currently there is in Mallorca a wide variety of private detectives. This beautiful town belongs to the most renowned sites in this country, more than anything in terms of labor stipulation by private experts.


Standing out in an extraordinary way is the renowned Arga Detectives Group, whose track record in this market is unmatched. The pillar of the triumph of this agency is based on the efficiency of response to its servers and the total discretion of these at the time of doing their jobs.


One of the most important benefits when hiring detectives in Mallorca is that of an absolute guarantee of personified attention and complete confidentiality, the mainstay of a private investigator;


It should be emphasized that not only are services for individuals, but that you will be able to find services for companies and organizations in the same way.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Nowadays, quite a few people have the mistaken initiative that a private detective only “spies”, and this is not precise, since their purpose is to be private investigators; and through appropriate forms of inquiry, obtaining information and evidence for the situation that is correct, with the intention of solidly showing the facts or ways of proceeding that were found.


Finally, it is a requirement to indicate that in Mallorca detective agencies also offer services in the forensic computing field, always knowing that the prices and fees will have to be in relation to what is predetermined by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain.


Our private detectives in Mallorca are in high demand since that town was rated as one of the best places for the employment of detectives, where not only do you have qualified experts, but they also give incredible prices and rates that have the possibility of being within reach of some citizen.


Palma de Mallorca, a tourist destination par excellence, receives millions of tourists every year on its shores. What would happen if your partner was one of those people who go on tourism, without you, and meets someone and …


If you have doubts about what your partner can do in meetings, business trips, dinners or conferences, contact us.

In recent years, in which the detective profession has become “fashionable”, private investigation has been gaining prominence in the business field, as a fundamental pillar for its management and decision-making.

This means that today, the work of the private detective, his advice, and the provision of evidence by our detective agency, constitutes a comprehensive and comprehensive professional service, that our company is an important point when it comes to having Consider a problem with a worker, a spousal, business, personal or family investigation.



Thanks to the huge demand for private investigations in Mallorca, it results in people who think they are very smart and want to skip the certification step of a state judicial body and illegally show their services to others at very low prices and fees.


This results in a reduction in professional quality and in the process of obtaining evidence because only a certified detective knows within the legal parameters that must be protected when controlling and persecuting an individual.


As previously mentioned, there are many detective agencies in Mallorca, but the quality differentiation between one and the other can be very visible. Grupo Arga Detectives has experts in the investigation sector, with well over ten years of experience serving citizens on difficult occasions throughout the country.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Through the effort and dedication Grupo Arga Detectives carries out the most remarkable work possible, we have obtained a series of recognitions for our distribution in the area of ​​investigation and the contribution of our tests and final reports of investigation.



There are many detective agencies in Mallorca, some excellent, others perhaps considered mediocre and that could make them lose their money and worse still their time.


Now we present a series of causes (although we would have the possibility of offering many more to help you decide to go to Arga) for which we recommend hiring an investigator in Mallorca or in one of the Grupo Arga Detectives work areas:


They are an agency certified by the Ministry of the Interior, they work within the legal parameters and according to the claims of their client.

They have work areas throughout the country and have national and worldwide accompaniment.

Its users, upon completion of the investigation, are satisfied with the results that were achieved and this one shows their greatest achievement.

They offer the best proposals and guarantees that the results will be the most truthful.

They offer a contract where all the data of the operation is manifested as guarantee and purpose of tests in case of having to justify them in a legal jurisdiction of the state.

They have well over ten years in the area of ​​private investigations, it is a long time on the job and they know how to operate in the best way on different occasions.

Most people assume that hiring a private investigator in Mallorca is a luxury, that they are very expensive to carry out their work, that perhaps you could carry out yourself if you are smart.

A logical opinion suggests that an individual who has dedicated his entire history in a job or profession can offer you better quality results when a problem arises, in this way as when you have a serious problem with the pipeline of your place of life and you hire the services of a plumber who solves the circumstance that according to the main logic you could have solved yourself.



The concurrence of the services of the private investigation, are carried out with great specialty by Private investigator Mallorca, detectives in Mallorca, who are part of Grupo Arga and its initiative to bring solutions to every corner in Spain, being the pioneers within this ambit.


There is no doubt, the virtues of a private detective reside on the answers they get within all kinds of complexities, from personal, business, work and others, thanks to the fact that we have highly advanced techniques where we operate with a great margin of success that we distinguishes before users.


It is not enough to live with a suspicion, we offer you a direct way out with the help of the truth, since as a private investigator Mallorca, detectives in Mallorca take care of gathering more information, to resolve situations such as infidelity, search for people, fraud and scams, theft of information, among others.


All these kinds of situations are common within the demand for our services, which are answered by professional intervention, since each of our private detectives has timely training to provide a solution and act accurately within each area. there are doubts about the assessment


They grant the services of private investigation, since through it hundreds of deceptions have been overthrown, without any discrimination of their complexity, we start working from the interview to plan a solution and form a fair budget.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca


You will not have to worry about anything, we take care of each contract as a resounding commitment, where we look with great enthusiasm for each evidence, these in the end constitute a powerful report that can be used even in court, in addition to our private investigators being expert witnesses .




The evidence provided by private investigators, detectives in Mallorca, are invaluable, because for each user it means the solution to their problems, because people can know the truth immediately, that is, times are shortened by virtue of the experience that it houses us.


In each case we offer you the best strategy to get to the bottom of the situation, because it will be the only way to look after your interests, we restore order within your life, by offering you the possibility of having strong evidence, which can help you within a divorce, pension, and others.


The advantage that you get within this type of scenario is that you will have the power to demonstrate some event, in this way you will have the clarity that the tests give you, no element of conviction escapes us, we check it and we ensure its integrity so that don’t lose value.


In Mallorca you will find the best offer of private investigation, being a great evolution when incorporating technological methods, and also a constant training to improve and be able to face each demand, in this way we can intervene with high guarantees.


The best detectives in Mallorca guarantee the obtaining of good results around the generation of the correct elements towards an investigation process, capable of constructing tangible solutions to the questioning process that our clients possess. The modern world of research today is complex, since it contains various elements that are related to the development of diverse cultural patterns.


A self-respecting researcher is a highly expert resource capable of generating the responses indicated in the appropriate context for their clients, which is why they have designed through the organizations a series of strategies that are capable of establishing the response that the customers need.



Given these scenarios, it is necessary to highlight that our detectives in Mallorca are a resource that can provide the best response to a highly demanding environment, which is why in the first place it should be noted that private detectives have been gaining a certain prominence in society as time progresses and certain methods and processes that allow the private praxis of research are refined.


An efficient research agent is a highly valuable resource towards the generation of various elements that can be highly timely for those who require these services, which is how private investigators excel in generating logical solutions to a research framework that is suitable for the resolution and execution of investigations for infidelities, personal investigations and investigations in the digital field.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Additionally, with these services a private detective is currently also allowed to be useful towards the generation of solutions in the business field, which leads to the possibility of responding to needs related to the investigation technique of Mystery Shopping, as well as everything necessary with the determination of sick leave.


In order to illustrate an example, it is necessary to highlight the different ways in which a client can benefit from an investigator in a specific area, from Grupo Arga detectives we are going to illustrate how a client can have advantages from an infidelity investigation case, suppose that there are a person who suspects that their partner is indeed cheating on them, therefore, this generates certain events of anguish and anxiety related to the cheating scenario of their spouse.


It is at this moment where it goes to the hiring of the investigation services for infidelities, leaving the subject in the hands of experts and facilitating in a certain way the generation of high quality investigation services.


The expert or field agent of Grupo Arga in this sense will determine in the time that is necessary all the elements that are essential towards the construction of a solid investigation process, for this it relies on the generation that of all the initial indications that it made the client in the first phase, with the objective of determining whether these initial hypotheses have a foothold within a logical framework of case development.


For this, it is based on its experience and the generation of its detective instinct capable of assuring the achievement of its objectives in the short, medium and long term to the client, this allows the objectives and milestones drawn together with the client to be achieved , as well as it is supported by the best tools and organizational resources that are capable of guaranteeing efficient performance in the context of the investigation.


It is here where, using all these elements, the detective manages to be a resource that connects each indication with a real event, after having followed up the investigator under high parameters of caution, he allows himself to establish various hypothesis testing mechanisms with the facts that he has observed and informs the client of the results found by means of a technical report, where all the evidence obtained will be supplied.


Once these elements have been detected and discussed with the client, they are provided with the necessary guidance on the next steps to take, with the aim of directing our clients to highly efficient decision-making. These are tasks that are done tirelessly by our detectives in Mallorca,



In addition to the type of services that are deployed on a daily basis in our organization, it is necessary to highlight that our detectives in Mallorca are a resource that is highly linked to the generation of solutions in a highly complex environment, which is why private investigators seek in innovation, its greatest ally towards solving various needs of the business environment that require a timely response.


That is why, through the structuring of first-rate research services, the private investigator allows the necessary answers to be provided to that board of directors that does not find an adequate answer to various problems, such as the drop in sales in the last trimester.


From this point, the need to know what happens to our clients is generated without going to the extreme of resorting to expensive market research techniques, research of this type fits perfectly with an agent who is willing to apply the technique of Mystery Shopping in a specific business environment.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca


The agent will pose as a client and will provide a report of all the failures that he observes through the purchase experience, since the objective is to provide the board of directors of a business with all the elements that are necessary for the formulation of a feedback process. This feedback will be made possible to the client in a technical report, which will provide the opportunity for companies to make the best possible decision.


Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that has more than 10 years of experience in the field of research, with the aim of providing our clients with the best answers in a complex environment.






Are you trying to find a group of private detectives in Mallorca? Professionals duly accredited and with the ethics and morals that are required to give you the security of undertaking your problem, leaving them in qualified hands and appropriately trained to achieve the results you want?


Grupo Arga is the answer to that question, counting on experienced and knowledgeable experts on any topic you request.


With a huge percentage of efficiency, making it worthwhile to invest in this highly rated detective agency in the town of Mallorca.


Our Mallorca detective agency, made up of detectives who belong to the Madrid Arga Group, is made up of a team of professionals specialized in their sector:

Diplomas in private investigation, graduates in criminology, forensic computer experts, security directors, investigative journalists … In addition, our detective agency in Mallorca, and in Madrid, maintains collaboration agreements with professional experts in areas related to the investigation, such as psychologists, graphologists, experts, auditors, scientific police technicians, laboratories, etc.

Our detective agency offers the latest technology, and we apply it in the field of video editing, as well as layout final reports and movies, and all this, with the addition that all our reports have full legal validity in court. of Justice.


In these modern times getting the job and assistance of a private detective is not illegal and tends to be more common than you might think, they are going to be able to solve some cases that we are concerned about.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

All the evidence gathered in this investigation is legal and can be used instantly to carry out some kind of trial if the situation warrants it. Private detectives are trained to do this kind of task following the legal framework for the information can be used in a good way.





For this reason, private detectives are an instant winning option to combat any judicial development. When contacting a detective company like Arga Detectives. It is worth mentioning that it is a requirement to check the corresponding documentation, that is, to check the veracity of the professional detective certificate.


This company continues in recurrent renewal of documents of its entire set, because these are in permanent theoretical and practical training of the different branches of private investigations, with the intention of possessing the most current knowledge of the detective subject.


In conclusion, the evidence presented by a private detective is legally valid and useful to defend against any circumstance where the judicial part is submerged; unless the law has not been respected, and all the work that was ordered to be done is annulled.







Family investigation detectives: mostly directed at follow-ups, discovery of consumption of illicit substances, actions of children, measures of separations, etc.

Infidelity Detectives: These are the most contracted situations, primarily to have solid evidence that marriage agreements are being disregarded, in addition to restraining orders.

Business Investigation Detectives: Used to investigate simulated losses of money, merchandise, to also investigate absences at work, false reports and espionage within the company.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Detectives for the investigation of insurers: they are used most of all by this class of companies to investigate or carry out follow-ups of accidents, injuries, thefts.

Detectives applied to the investigation of alimony: they deal, as the name defines it, with evaluating the actions of the children, reports on their economy and the modification of the agreement between the parties.

Detectives in computer science: it includes everything related to the rehabilitation of dialogues on WhatsApp, communities, identification of microphones and hidden recordings, exposing hidden evidence in digital utilities.

So there are no excuses when it comes to assuming to hire a detective, since he currently understands all the points, confirming that he deserves the investment because you are going to have a very high percentage of effectiveness in the results.


That is why Grupo Arga Detectives is waiting for your visit, to fix your problems, do not have concerns that it will be in good hands.


When you ask for a professional detective in family inquiries, you automatically think about the value that this will have, however, by going to the Arga Detectives Group you will be able to contact people who are going to be able to offer the information in relation to the fees of this detective.


This well-known private investigation agency has qualified personnel to serve the public and offer the information they require depending on the investigation they request.





Mallorca is a locality in Spain, which is not far behind other localities in relation to private detectives, since an enormous amount of can be found in their field of work.


However, given the enormous offer of private detectives, there will sadly also be intruders working for your benefit, so it is suggested to be quite cautious when deciding on an investigator.


The reasons for hiring a detective agency in Mallorca are multiple and differ for each client; having this locality the best private detectives guarantee that they are perfected to investigate or solve each case that arises.


Tied to it, experience also increases these understandings, in the same way it is confirmed that these experts work always and at all times within the legal framework.


The popular and already mentioned Grupo Arga Detectives represent a group of investigators who have achieved a professional career in the investigation sector, and who are prepared to prioritize the total satisfaction of their client and offer a response in the most period of time.


short as possible.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

According to the case; This group of experts not only has a well-known caution when doing their job, but they also have the latest in digital technology when it comes to this topic.





Detective reports are completed by a professional who has a range of understandings, including legal ones, because they work under private security law. The inquiries carried out by these professionals have the possibility of helping to resolve conflicts of all kinds.


To hire the service of one of these professionals, it is necessary to make sure that they are titled, verified and have the corresponding privileges to exercise their occupations. For that you have to carry out a thorough search and contact companies like Arga Detectives.

Family always comes first, and at Grupo Arga Detectives we are very clear about this. There is nothing worse than being unaware of some aspect, no matter how minor, of our family, doubting that they are swindled, swindled by their partners, or that they are in terrible steps and that we want to push them out of them, but we do not understand how to verify it.


If you want to investigate a family member, you have to understand that a private detective is your best alternative, nobody likes to be snooped in their history, but undoubtedly some occasions are required. And it is not only a requirement for them, because in any of the situations it is important that your assumptions are clarified and it will be a huge relief for you to truly understand that there was nothing to worry about.


If you request the services of a private detective in Mallorca and do not propose or have no idea where to start, do not despair or lose your mind, this event is very common.


Spain is the most relevant country as private investigations per year, because it has the Ministry of the Interior that regulates the number of detectives and the titles that private detectives have so that they are competent for the work of tracking, searching, persecuting, supervising and etc. services provided by the agency in the research area.



The first thing you should do is tell the private detective about all the uneasiness you have, the assumptions and everything related to your family that you are able to assist in the investigation.


All of the aforementioned with the aim of offering an extensive knowledge to the researcher on the matter or task that is going to be tracked, with all this information we have the possibility of ensuring a greater success, due to the fact that the investigation began with their information.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Avoid hiding any kind of data you manage to have, if you suspect someone or many, why you think they are managing to do something that harms you or contains you worried. At the end of mentioning everything mentioned, it will be discussed how much time you have for this investigation to be completed and the deal will be closed.


With everything planned and agreed, the private investigator will get down to work to do the proper tracing to look for all kinds of information that shows that your family is committing improper actions towards you.


The private detective will observe and take notes of everything that the people you assure that they could be suspicious carry out, in the end you will be given a well-written report and with all the results of the investigation so that you can carry out the truly relevant with that information.





As it has already been said, all the investigation carried out is completely legal, since throughout the collection of information no law will be broken and everything can be used for a trial regarding the result.


All this research development will be carried out with the greatest possible caution, so as not to raise assumptions with the committed relatives who are investigated, it is also suggested that you act in this way, because if you change your way of being towards them It could attract attention and in this way ruin the work.


In conclusion, we should assist a private investigator when we have many concerns about family members or if we feel that they are looking for a problem for us and we want to get all kinds of evidence to understand what projects they have planned for us.

With this information we would have the possibility of bringing to trial if we speak of any evidence that is against the legal framework. All the research that was carried out will serve in the face of some trial as evidence and will

be a completely possible test for justice to be carried out if the situation so requires.


Since the beginning of time private detectives have existed, of that there is no doubt. Only in those very early times they were not truly named under this name, or abducted under some judicial power that would assure that they have the privileges to do their actions.


But on this day you have to understand that each private detective, regardless of the specialty in which they work, must be legally empowered to successfully fulfill their functions. So there is something to be alarmed about, because an impostor couldn’t really assist you.




Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca


What can happen if I hire a private detective in Mallorca who is not authorized?


The reality can happen that you get all the answers you were trying to find and you have run with the luck of finding a false private detective who has helped you, but not everything is rosy.


Have you planned on what you need to hire a private detective in Mallorca for a case that will go to court and you want to find all the viable evidence to win it ?, since, if you hire an unauthorized private detective, all this evidence will not serve for nothing but your knowledge.


This is the case because authorized private detectives are those who have the privileges to make private inquiries and know how to act to avoid breaking any crime of violation of privacy of the people who are investigated, whether they know it or not.




Only authorized private detectives have the possibility of exhibiting their work before the law?

Yes, alone and only a private detective is going to be able to teach admissible evidence before the eyes of the law, this for all the previously said. Your reports written at the end of each private investigation will be taken as pure and credible evidence by a judicial entity in Mallorca already world level.


And not only that, if the situation deserves that your authorized private detective testifies in your favor in court, he will be able to carry it out with complete clarity of actions, without fear that they will be questioned for their certainty.


There are people who are in legal proceedings and decide to hire a private detective to investigate some circumstance of infidelity, which is what is truly habitual, and in this way get sufficient evidence of adultery and be able to display it in their court case at the time of the divorce. .


Private detectives in Mallorca make reports where the chronology of the events that happened throughout their investigation is captured. This is accompanied by physical evidence such as photos, videos, audios, documents, or any other evidence that the professional has collected.


All the information obtained involves the preparation of detective reports, where the conclusions reached by the professional when he analyzes all the tests he has done are detailed.


The evidence collected must be verified by the judicial part, because, if an individual is being investigated, the rights part must be taken into account, if there is information that violates the privacy of the other person, that evidence may be canceled.


Detective reports are documented testimonies, the detective is the primary witness to the events that have occurred, and he transcribes it in a file that will be evaluated in court or in the trial in which he will appear.


As it has been cited in previous paragraphs, the detective will be able to be a witness, proving his professional investigator certificate, this will guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the trial, remembering that these private detectives manage a final report, backed by with multiple evidences.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca



How do I know if I need a private investigator who is an expert in family inquiries?


There are quite a few situations that have been announced in our offices, but that as experts in the Arga Detectives Group we have managed to solve. Private family inquiries are undoubtedly one of our preferences, since we offer a very prominent value to healthy family life.


Several of the cases, among other things, are when a father, a mother, or both suspect that their son has left, which is why we have the possibility of calling it “the wrong way”.


Our private detectives who are experts in family inquiries quickly begin to get information and evidence about what is really going on.


Another of the situations that usually show up is when we do not know the whereabouts of a relative.


As family research, we should not let infidelity pass between a couple, thus assisting in reaching the conclusion of whether their partner is unfaithful or not. With us, without a doubt, you will have an answer and evidence so that when the confrontation comes, you will not be able to deny it.


In the situation of family inquiries, a budget is provided that breaks down the value that the investigation needed could have, indicating the probable costs that the detective would have throughout that time.


Among the expenses that the researcher has the possibility of having is the transportation rent.


Since family inquiries cover many points, it is up to the client the approach that he will provide to the information in order to clarify his problems.


They mostly ask a detective to find out about an alleged infidelity, however, this type of investigation only takes a day or two, because it only takes a trace to the person to catch the scene where he sees the passionate.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

On the other hand, in family inquiries they also request the search and location of people, the detective’s function is to carry out an investigation to find an individual who is missing or hidden, however, the value of the detective will vary in relation to the time he has to invest in this search.


On the other hand, children or close relatives have the possibility of having drug addictions, or other occult occupations, which is why the parents of the family worry about and hire a private detective to do a trace and thus way to understand precisely what the person does.


Beyond that the inquiries are different, they all maintain the same price in relation to the detective’s fees, however, the distinguishing feature is reflected in the duration that each investigation has the possibility of having.


The Arga Detectives Group has experts to carry out all kinds of family inquiries, beyond that it may be a special issue because it is mostly related to family feelings, the detective will have the tact to cautiously undertake the client without harming their emotions .


There are people who think of a private detective as a confidential friend, because, when requesting this system, they have to talk to this person so that they can understand the rationale and the points that the investigation entails.


Beyond that private detectives use the latest technology equipment, they are not seen reflected in the value of this system, because the detective is obliged to deliver evidence to the client that argues what has been seen throughout the information.


Professional detectives in family inquiries tend to have clothing according to the place they are going to be, so that they do not attract the attention of the surroundings, so they will be able to carry out the investigation without raising their attention.




Are private detectives authorized in Mallorca very expensive?


The reality is that when we talk about a service as special as it is a private investigation, we shouldn’t pay enough attention to how much it can cost us, but how good the job stipulation of a private detective can be for us. For this reason the value must always be in proportion to what has been achieved.


Many private economic detectives in Mallorca are not fully qualified, or do not have full knowledge of how to proceed with private investigations. For this reason, several users have bad experiences.


What is the fee for a private detective who is an expert in family inquiries?


The value for money is unmatched in our agency, with us you will find the best private inquiries at affordable costs for all citizens. Denying in this way seen that “if you want quality you have to pay more.”


All private investigation frequents change in costs, this thanks to the fact that not all are equal and the elements to be used are not the same. Truly to say a stipulated price for private investigation would be a lie since they have the possibility of being solved in different methods, thus resulting in variations in relation to costs.


On the other hand, our price level for 5 hours of supervision is 350 euros. Hence, everything that is used as a private resource will be added to the budget. Night hours have an increase in value, all of the above can be consulted by contacting us, the first consultation is always free.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca


The costs of a private detective in Mallorca are related to the situations that are resolved, although through experience these costs are decreasing in some agencies, making them more accessible to the public.


In these situations in particular, the importance of the development of research is denoted, although the budget is provided to the person at the beginning, at the moment of arriving at the agency and interviewing, it can change when the reports are reached, but this in accordance to the development of the case and also to the validation of the private detective in Mallorca itself.


Sometimes you get to wonder if you need the services of private detectives in Mallorca to get secure and truthful information that you cannot get on your own, so that you can learn any kind of lie or hidden circumstance, which is why it appears the question how much does a private detective cost Mallorca?


These services are accessible to quite a few people and it happens that in most situations private investigation became over time a more affordable service to pay for middle / upper class people throughout Spain.


In Mallorca you will have the possibility of encountering various types of private detectives in this way, as different agencies, which will offer their services at different costs, it is considerable to be able to check and contrast the costs of a private detective.


And one of the main suggestions before hiring a private detective in Mallorca is not to get carried away by the cheaper costs, because sometimes they tend to be detectives who are not legally accredited as private detectives.


This causes that they do not have a certificate endorsed by the Ministry of the interior of Spain that supports them, and this could hinder that the service provided is not the most efficient service, and that the results are not what is expected.


The costs of a private detective in Mallorca have the possibility of being established or divided into fixed rates or rates subject to change, and all of the above is thanks to the fact that private investigation is a service that varies enormously thanks to the difficulty of working and the varieties or setbacks that could occur in the same period.


The fixed rates are given by the proportion of daily hours that the detective will work in the investigation, this time does not vary thanks to the fact that it is predetermined between the client and the detective what will be the proportion of hours that the detective will work in the situation per day.


The rates subject to change are given by the set, material, the distances, the rental of transport or spending on gasoline for the private car, etc., which are things that have the possibility of changing in the span of the investigation and need to be added. to the budget.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca



The fees of a private detective are commensurate, in the same way, with his work that he executes in hours for detectives. Several charge for a minimum number of hours and for the use of different types of technologies.


The best thing is that your concern is not the costs of a private detective and many investigative agencies take this into consideration, so they indicate an expanded list of costs to their employees to adapt to them.


Therefore, in this situation, the marketing that many of the agencies use to publicize some of their projects with low costs for an efficient investigation comes to light, although other companies propose their free services in the course of a period of hours.


It is also how it is denoted that the costs of a private detective go according to the agency, the detective and the case in particular.


If what is necessary for you is the services of a private detective in Mallorca, whether it generates their occupations throughout the country or around the world, do not be impatient for their costs, they are there to assist and if a cost does not You finish watching, there is always a comparison of capital, so you will have the possibility to go to another agency and check which investment is best for you.


Without a doubt, the best thing you can do is go to a nickname agency such as Grupo Arga Detectives. You will get fair prices according to what you will get. Don’t risk it with cheap detectives and you don’t know anything. They will probably be very expensive.





From the first moment a client contacts us, the contract is closed or not closed, the information is kept in custody and is offered and guarantees maximum confidentiality.

We are committed to complying with the applicable legislation existing and in force today, to safeguard the legal security of all our clients and to ensure that our reports will be valid in the event of having to present them to the court, institutions or any type of body. official.

The basic principle of our detective agency in Mallorca is to guarantee maximum confidentiality, to all our clients, an exquisite treatment, and most importantly, a free first consultation and a free quote. Contact us if what you need is a private detective in Mallorca at the best price.


If you have reached this point, it is because you need to hire private detectives in Mallorca, Madrid or anywhere else. It is time to select the best, you must take into account the strengths and weaknesses, the shortcomings and experience of each professional, their qualifications …

You must take all this into account, because if the professional you hire does not ask you for all this, it is possible that, apart from time, you will lose money. We are the profession with the most professional intrusion that exists, and we count and deal with it every day. Be sure to hire research professionals who are properly licensed and regulated, reject cheap professionals who are not qualified.

Since we started in this world of private investigation, we have renewed ourselves inside and out. We started offering private detective services in Madrid, and today, we offer investigative services throughout the national territory.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Our extensive experience as a detective agency in Madrid and the extensive training of the team that makes up our agency allow us to offer various services in the field of private investigation, and in different places, such as Mallorca. If you are looking for private detectives in Mallorca, contact us.

On the one hand, we work on all kinds of business or professional research. The business field is currently the one that benefits the most from private detective services. At our detective agency in Mallorca, we have clients of all kinds, both small and medium-sized companies, private end customers, self-employed … and we handle both labor and economic cases, as well as claims and intellectual property, among others.

In the branch of private investigations, we deal with personal and family issues such as the bad company of young children, marital infidelity, bad habits such as alcoholism, sects …





In this way, as in the same example of the pipe, a plumber charges in relation to the inconvenience, use of utilities and time required to do the job, this happens with the task of an investigator.


When you hire a private detective in Mallorca, you must understand that you are paying for a service and you should take advantage of this, even more is the profit that you have the possibility of having to solve that inconvenience or really serious problem that occurred and you will never think that it was a bad investment.


The truly advisable thing would be to get to know the best-known detective agencies in Mallorca first, and try to find which one best suits your needs. On the internet there is often a lot of information about the value of each type of service to get a budget or even, they should provide you one themselves.


Grupo Arga Detectives propose an extensive selection of services where they work in a very professional and fast way, these characteristics being what make this company among the best agencies in the country and the best in the world.


Arga Detextives is a company with more than ten years of service provided mainly to people who require a private investigator to solve their problems, in this company many contracts and investigations were successfully carried out over the years and recognition has been received throughout the world as a result of all the above.


Although in the aforementioned agency the greatest achievement and reward will always be and is to contribute to its users, every day, offering them the superior research service that can be created in the field.


In addition, if you talk about prices and rates, there are some very good offers in relation to quality prices and accessible that adhere to the claims and usable budget of the client.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca

In Grupo Arga Detectives work areas, you will be provided with an estimate and initial interview in a free and free, private, secret and personalized way, the first consultation is completely free and without duty.


All the private experts in Mallorca affiliated with this agency have a certification issued by the Ministry of the Interior and evidence of incredible quality is guaranteed and with their respective final report when deducing the situation. Visit the workspaces and internet pages for more details and to get in touch.




The professional fee awarded by the private detective in Mallorca in several cases is less than 2000 euros for an average investigation of three days, it is highly unlikely that this price will increase at the end of the case, sometimes even decreasing, but if it increases it is because possibly the situation took an unexpected turn.


Another opportunity for the final budget increase is for your chosen detective to be a scammer, so be careful! To avoid these occasions, keep in mind the place where you are going and how are the costs of a private detective, always worry about being made to see certifications. The really advisable thing is that you go to expert agencies.


On the planet there are enough people who deal with evil and interspersed with experts to try to get their scams. Therefore you should be aware of who you hire. Look for genuine suggestions and that are from internet pages with professional jurisdiction.


People may not spend their time proclaiming their ways or their business to contact a private detective, but by asking about this you will not get bad answers, maybe even hit the key point and find an incredible suggestion.


The fees of a private detective are not always fixed, because it will depend on the contrary of the case, on the elements that the detective will have to resort to for the evolution of the case. So when raising your case, the detective will provide an approximate price that can increase or decrease in relation to the setback of the investigation.


Usually the first consultation or visit is free, establishing a parameter of minimum 4 hours per detective and per day. The costs of a private detective at night are increased by a% of the value, to which must be added the costs that emerge in the span of


the investigation, since they are at the client’s expense.


Nowadays, the labor stipulation for private detectives in Mallorca has increased, thanks to the fact that the judge and the court take the detective as a primary witness and favored with enormous weight in the choice made at the trial.

Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca


The fees for private detectives are stipulated based on the number of hours the investigation lasts, the technical means used, the necessary expenses that arose during the investigation, the number of agents involved in the investigation, the means of transport used, subsistence and travel.

For this reason, it is advisable that you contact our detectives in Mallorca and tell us about your particular case so that we can guide you and confidentially give you an estimate as close as possible, free of charge and without obligation.

When considering hiring a private detective, it is important that you gather, prior to our conversation or our appointment, as much information as possible from the person, company or to investigate, in order to facilitate the procedures and that we can start the Research in the shortest possible time successfully.

You can contact us by phone, email or by going to our physical offices. Ask our detectives in Mallorca for a free first consultation and a free quote.


When choosing a private detective service, one of the most notable causes for the client is the value, the lower this is, the more interesting the offer will be, however, caution should be exercised, since in prices and Rates may also reflect probable scams.


For this reason, it is a requirement to indicate that value is not synonymous with quality on occasions, for the job stipulation of a private detective it is essential that first of all the evaluation of the person or the agency be evaluated in detail.


Our private detectives in Mallorca are a fundamental part of the entire national market in this country, beyond the various promoters and huge propaganda of detectives in this town, it is usually full of huge experts, people who are really well trained in investigative techniques It should be emphasized that in this way, as there are different entities and private detectives, there are also different prices and rates.


Before it was said that value is not similar to quality, which is why the very popular Arga Detectives Group is an institution where not only can you find affordable prices and rates, but also has a group of experts perfected in different areas, pointing this out that the agency has a capacity to solve any situation.

This substantial and evident entity has stood out in the market since its inception, with a trajectory that is unattainable.


When an individual chooses to carry out a quick search on the internet for detectives in Mallorca, they will find very seductive promotions, many of them with a good percentage discount; again it is noted that in this town you can find the most remarkable price and superior service in relation to private experts.


The diversity of prices and rates in the Spanish market is given by the surprising increase in more and more organizations that deal with this market every day, since, as has already been said, it is widely recognized, where many of these organizations have these services abroad, something highly appreciated when hiring, among other things, a transnational company.


Lastly, it is inescapable to name that the value that a detective agency sets will also be given by the particular properties of each case, since these are not the same for everyone, and some are more complex than others, and also arrive to be completely different; Related to this, it is also necessary to carry out the limitation that in Mallorca the prices and rates must go according to the Spanish opinions.


Private Investigators in Mallorca

Private Investigators in Mallorca


Our private investigation agency of prominent recognition in the Spanish territory is an agency that works with flat and flat rates that are evaluated and discussed between the client and the private detective in Mallorca before contracting their investigation services.


Once the interview between the two has been scheduled, if the client is in agreement and satisfied with the conversation with the detective, he will proceed to the labor stipulation of the private investigation services of the agency or detective in particular.


In the social activity prior to the investigation, it is the commitment of the private detective in Mallorca to send the precise information to the client to avoid terrible moments and confusion in the course of it, in this way the client will be satisfied with the results of the investigation.


Grupo Arga Detectives is your best alternative


The private detective agency in Mallorca, Grupo Arga Detectives, has an enormous relationship between quality and price. Offering superior service at truly accessible costs and adjustable to the expectations of each client who trusts to leave his case in the office of one of his private experts

When the heat, tourism and the environment mix with couples who may be having a bad time, infidelities arise. If you think this is your case, you should contact us so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Our detective team in Mallorca will assess the options you have, and will give you a tight budget and according to what you request.

If you need to contact Detectives Mallorca, call us at 913866294 or send us an email at Our first consultation is free and the estimate is without obligation.



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