All our investigations are accompanied by a report supported by video graphic evidence that has absolute legal and legal validity that allows it to be presented to any legal institution, in addition all our detectives subsequently ratify all their reports in court. If you are looking for a Private Detective Agency in Gran Canaria, contact us and we will advise you in detail to be able to put an end to your problem. Arga Detectives & Asociados, headquartered in Madrid, is an agency of detectives and private investigators that has legal authorization from the Ministry of the Interior and the Police      



 and Civil Guard with license 2464 in addition to being a member number 782 of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain (APDPE) and other International Associations such as the International Association of Private Detectives (IKD).    

 Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid, Grupo Arga, has been operating in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for many years, since we have a private investigation agency in the Center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.  

We cover any corner of the national territory and of course, also in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and any other place in Spain. 

Our private detectives in Gran Canaria have many years of experience operating on the island. Each private detective in the Canary Islands is specialized in different areas of private investigation.   

Our private detectives in Gran Canaria have been working with us for many years and have the legal backing of one of the largest private investigation agencies in Spain such as Arga, 

Detectives & Associates .

If you have a problem to solve in Gran Canaria, contact our private detective agency in Gran Canaria and we will help you solve all your problems through the best professionals.   

All our investigations are accompanied by a report supported by videographic evidence that has absolute legal and legal validity that allows it to be presented to any legal institution, in addition all our detectives subsequently ratify all their reports before the courts.      

If you are looking for a private detective agency in Gran Canaria, please contact us and we will advise you in detail to put an end to your problem.  

Arga Detectives & Asociados, headquartered in Madrid, is an Agency of detectives and private investigators that has legal authorization from the Ministry of the Interior and the Police and Civil Guard with license 2464 in addition to being a member number 782 of the Professional Association of Detectives Privados de España (APDPE) and other International Associations such as the International Association of Private Detectives (IKD).       

Contact us either through the email or through the phone 913866294 and we will solve your problems whatever they may be.  

Tourism is the main marital problem in the Canary Islands. If you think that your partner may be cheating on you, contact us at our private detective agency, experts in infidelity and we will help you.   



Establishing various investigation tasks on behalf of our clients is the best decision that Grupo Arga Detectives has made in order to be a highly strategic and profitable resource for the various investigation tasks carried out in our work team.

For the optimal management of our work, the Detective in the Canary Islands is a highly considered resource in the exercise of investigative work since in itself it contains the possibility of establishing a level investigation, capable of providing the answers that the client needs in every moment.  




Having doubts as to whether a Detective in the Canary Islands is the best decision you can make, sometimes it goes to the extreme of knowing in a superficial way everything related to the exercise of an investigation case, sometimes in this sense some try to do An investigation by their own means, this generates as a consequence that people expose themselves unnecessarily and additionally be prone to make mistakes and violate privacy spaces.  

It is there where the client prospect really determines the implications about what it means to carry out an act of these on their own, since the non-professional operation of these elements can carry civil and legal sanctions. Through these elements, it is necessary to emphasize that researchers are highly professional resources capable of generating a sense of dynamics and mobility with each case to such a level that it ends up being highly timely.

The best decision that the client can make before trying to be an investigator on their own is to turn to an experienced Detective in the Canary Islands , capable of generating the highest investigative criteria towards the generation of various investigative hypotheses, as well as the Successful resolution of a case, this means that it can assure the client all the necessary tools for the execution of a successful operation.   

When trying to hire an expert detective, not only is the exercise of this work delegated to a person capable of managing different aspects of said work in the city of the Canary Islands, but the possibility is also being provided so that it can establish based on various criteria a strategic action, as a result, the client will benefit from establishing a concentration on more important activities, as well as being informed step by step about the new outputs of each process that is related to the progress of the research. 

From Grupo Arga we provide the best guide to our clients in the city of the Canary Islands so that they can have specialized services and know the scope of our investigations.

Determining together with the agent all the milestones related to the investigation that can be specified with the start-up of the operations of an investigation, leads to the specification of various elements that facilitate the operation of a strategic framework capable of responding efficiently in the face of the different complexities that may arise in certain cases. 

The client should never worry about undertaking a kind of investigation by his own hands, since clearly it would not be productive in time, and it can also generate various frustrations on the way by not obtaining the desired result, additionally this autonomous operating framework also You can play at greater risk and exposure of the interested party, since he is executing tasks that he is completely unaware of.

For this reason, it is necessary to know in depth the service that Grupo Arga detectives deploys, since it is the guarantee of generating under a framework of certainty in the City of the Canary Islands the best investigation service, this also goes hand in hand with the experience that From our organization, the structuring of our services has been deployed, an issue that is a reference in the Spanish market. 



The structuring of detective services are related to the hiring of professional personnel, this must be able to give the necessary orientations and responses to the client, that means being highly proactive and dynamic around the objective of identifying each critical element of   

the investigated situation.

In this sense, it should be known that an investigator through his years of experience has a great advantage, since, not only does he have the possibility of solving the management of various cases more quickly and efficiently, but that he can also generate the greatest comfort in the client.  

At Grupo Arga, our philosophy is focused on serving different clients through a culture of excellence and dedication in each and every one of our agents, which makes it easier for us to be a resource with a high sense of belonging in the deployment of detective operations.



The tasks carried out by Grupo Arga detectives are related to the application of various criteria that are typical of a high-level performance in order to manage the needs of our clients, this allows us to ensure our operation through the implementation of Technological tools.

Our members of laboratory teams and electronic analysis teams are a key in solving various cases, to generate the greatest deployment of resources that are capable of guaranteeing the generation of inputs to be coupled in an investigation with the objective that they can promote the determination of solid hypotheses and that the construction of various cases is also sought successfully by means of the contrast and use of these techniques.   

The Arga detectives Group is an organization with vast experience that is willing to never stop improving towards the client in order to provide the market with a probability of success in cases where it is required to deploy its different resources. Our agents are the most dedicated and specialized, capable of obtaining the best results in the shortest possible time . Hiring a detective in the Canary Islands is the best decision our clients can make.    



The generation of various detective tasks in the Canary Islands makes us see the need to hire an efficient Canary Detectives , who is capable of establishing different styles of investigation and investigation with the aim of establishing various competitive criteria around the management of elements that may be useful towards generating a successful case. 

The best Canary Islands detectives are in the possibility of being high-value resources capable of deploying different activities of an operational and tactical nature that may be able to provide the right solution to each client in accordance with the specifications and demand that this establish in their services. 



The Canary Islands have a wide range of private detective agencies , since it is an area of ​​Spain, which is in great demand, in the field of investigation. A detective in the Canary Islands, is a professional, who works in the area of ​​private investigation, in order to obtain evidence and evidence    

according to the case.

Private investigation in the Canary Islands is considered a resource, which allows obtaining the necessary information, at the right time. In addition to supporting the resolution of a case, according to the client’s requirements. Using different research techniques, depending on the work to be done.



 A private detective is a professional trained to use the necessary resources, in order to obtain information, through different techniques. The management and mastery , in the field of research, has allowed them to develop different working methods, to satisfy the requirements of each case.  

 It should be noted that detectives carry out this work in the field of private investigation. Where they are hired, to carry out investigations, which allow them to obtain evidence, which can be physical and statistical, as well as client reports. The work that these detectives do has all the necessary legality.  

Therefore, a good private detective must have great mental agility, possess a well-developed common sense. Due to the fact that they are essential characteristics to be able to solve or help to achieve what the client needs. In addition, he must maintain constant training in advances, both technological and research techniques. 

The main function of a private detective is to collect evidence, evidence and information to help resolve the case for which he was hired. Where in most cases surveillance, follow-up and detailed investigation by different means are included, to obtain the necessary evidence that the case requires.

     At Grupo Arga , we have a top quality research service, we know the needs of customers throughout the Canary Islands area. Where we make available to users, a range of services. In which, any type of research that is required is included, since we have experts in each area. 

Private detectives both in the Canary Islands and throughout Spain are regulated by the Ministry of the Interior. Where a license is issued , in addition to having to be registered with the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain (APDPE)



 Our range of research is so wide that we are sure that we are the most qualified professionals to help you in your case. We have specialized areas, such as investigation and unfair competition, search for people, commercial and insurance investigation, as well as infidelities, among many more. 

Your detectives are trained to provide the client with both legal and technological support. Based on a relationship of trust and respect, in order to achieve the best results. Depending on giving answers, that they manage to satisfy the client’s requirements.

We are certified by the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of the Police, to deal with different problems of private investigation. Our mission is the total possible confidentiality, commitment, together with absolute discretion. The main thing for you is to be able to help him solve his case.

We have the trust and recommendation of clients satisfied with your work. Which is characterized by being objective, discreet, professional and of quality, where accurate and real information is delivered. In addition to having complete advice on the possible repercussions and solutions on the case.




In many aspects of daily life, whether personal or professional, private detectives have an impact in some way. Because the services offered by these professionals are developed confidentially and discreetly. Among the variety of services provided by this, we can highlight the following:

  • In the field of companies, it has a field of investigation and action, in areas such as labor, commercial and financial. Where they can perform according to customer requirements. The most common being unfair competition, absenteeism, everything related to intellectual and industrial properties
  • In the family sphere, the investigations are based especially on possible infidelities between couples, location and location of people, separations and divorces. We can also find requests to determine questionable behaviors, as well as, for additions.
  • The detectives also provide services to different lawyers, in order to help in the investigations and obtaining evidence. Taking into account that they only carry out it for orders that demonstrate the legitimacy in the process.
  • They provide services to guarantee the proper development of events, where there is massive attendance of people. Such as, exhibitions, fairs, conventions, in short places where constant attendance.

It is important to note that a private detective cannot investigate the intimate life of people, especially that affects their moral and social integrity. It must be borne in mind that the information that a private detective obtains at any given time cannot be used for any reason, to violate their right to privacy, both personal and family.

For all the aforementioned, the importance of hiring a private detective agency that complies with the ethical procedures that the exercise of the profession deserves can be highlighted. For this reason, the Arga Detectives Group Agency represents professionalism, experience and ideal trust at the service of the client. 

We base your service on offering quality, efficiency with principles of ethical proportionality according to the good name of the profession. Therefore. We are the best detective agency in the Canary Islands, your trajectory in the private investigation market, as confirmed.

We understand the need for commitment, loyalty, confidentiality and efficiency that the role of a private detective represents. For this reason, we are at the forefront of services, morals, technology, that are required to achieve customer preference. Being our greatest value, the one contributed by the human resource that accompanies us every day



How do we know? The Canary Islands is a province full of various challenges at a cultural, citizen and social level, it can be considered as a highly demanding element for carrying out investigation operations, an issue that represents a challenge for those who carry out detective work. . 

The vision of the Canary Islands as a province and autonomous community provides the possibility of establishing various services to the community, among important services, the application of detective work could be highlighted with the aim of providing high-level search criteria that are capable of complying with the investigations that a client wishes to contract. 

The work of the Canarian detectives to be carried out by Grupo Arga, is manifested with the commitment and discipline that as an organization we have been able to establish for more than 9 years, generating the possibility of deploying our activities throughout the community being highly efficient in achieving our goals. objectives previously defined with the client.  



When we are innovators in the Arga detectives Group it is because it is always in need of updating our techniques, skills and procedures in order to favor the provision of a high quality service, capable of establishing a research work without equal within our community. 

The possibility of establishing different criteria in which we can be useful towards the client’s requirements in the Canary Islands motivates us day by day to get ahead, an issue that ends up strengthening the entire value proposition of our Group, the best of our services is that we do not We think about our reputation, we do not think about the money we can receive for each case, and we do not think about what we need to be avant-garde, the best of our services are focused on the fact that we think mainly about the client and they are the maximum element that it should benefit from all that value chain that we propose towards it.

There are different aspects towards improving the agent’s work, then its main foundation is to establish different aspects that improve not only the operation of each case, but also promote strategies that are reflected in a better treatment of the client. This allows the possibility of being better day by day in our care policies, in structuring a more frequent and more pleasant communication with it to inform you of the news of each case, and also to generate enough guidance so that it can generate the best decision making with the highest criteria of tranquility and certainty.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, all our clients are the reason why we get up every day, which is why throughout our 10 years of experience we have sought to be the best around the establishment of criteria that seek not only to satisfy them but also to they also generate enough confidence for you to take us into account in case you need high-level investigation services again.


From Grupo Arga detectives, all our Canarian detectives have generated the most innovative strategies that allow reaching the solution of each case to solve with a great criterion of mysticism and technical expertise everything that is related to the objectives that each investigation proposes to execute. question that in the case of the city of the Canary Islands these elements end up differentiating us from the competition, this is possible according to the standards and ethical codes of our organization, as well as thanks to the function of being able to establish a successful investigation around the resolution of results that are capable of providing peace of mind for our clients.  

This last aspect for our Canary Islands detectives is of utmost importance since it allows us to detect as a fundamental aspect in conducting an investigation to get to the root of the events in our city, to establish a joint work and thus be able to be in the possibility of generating a scenario where our clients can see themselves under a certainty scheme.    

The tranquility of our clients in the Canary Islands is the main thing that moves us every day since dealing with the uncertainty of an event usually tends to paralyze and stagnate events, situations and realities, an issue that ends up disrupting all our client’s operating scenarios in some aspect of his life.

The importance of carrying out detective work thought about the different facets of life that may be impacted by our client in the city of the Canary Islands, provides Grupo Arga detectives with a strategic evaluation framework that allows us to spearhead the generation efficient services, in this sense from our company we join the challenge of wanting to offer the public services of investigation of infidelities, sick leave, personal investigations, electronic sweeps and data protection.

In the same way, our Detective Group in the city of the Canary Islands does not stop and always seeks to generate the best response in the shortest possible time with the use of the best tools, this implies the possibility of establishing different criteria that allow making use of the most refined scientific evaluation techniques that allow determining the responsibility of individual actors in the succession of an event, a question that is possible when establishing a contrast study of fingerprints as well as DNA tests on the issue of paternity.

From the Arga Detectives Group, our work is always directed towards being better towards the achievement of our objectives, our Canary Detectives , have the right answers for the generation of all the cases that may be presented to them regardless of their complexity.  



Our detectives are resources that have undoubtedly found the best strategy around response processes that allow finding the whereabouts of all the elements prone to investigation.

That is why our detectives in Gran Canaria are those who can achieve the best at an investigation level, this is also done with the aim of promoting the best possible investigation service in the short, medium and long term. 

The best detectives in Gran Canaria have a positive impact on the execution tasks at the level of the exercise and practice of the investigation, with the aim that they can build a high-level case based on the requirements expressed by the client. 

Our detectives are agents who have the greatest disposition and skill, as well as the best technical elements that are possible towards the development and determination of various question investigation hypotheses that serve as support for anyone interested in hiring these services.



Our agents in Gran Canaria are those who allow themselves to fulfill the performance of their functions based on a criterion of high expertise and investigative strength, in order to precisely determine the execution of various elements that represent a set of solutions for each case being tested in an investigation.

The structuring of a solid research hypothesis comes from the hand of an endless number of elements that when cohesive provide the best answers to the client, this with the possibility of being better in the application of a service that requires great dedication, mystique and delivery to guarantee the completion of a case.

The generation of various investigative hypotheses by the agent is a characteristic element of its operation with respect to each case, this then represents the opportunity to establish under better research criteria everything that can be related to optimal customer satisfaction, in around obtaining specialized data that facilitate the specification of all your information.

An investigation detective who can provide a framework of response to the client’s demands, supports all its operations based on an organization, this means that it is allowed to operate jointly to define the best results, from Grupo Arga this element is possible, product of our scope of operation in our operating room

This private investigation process is feasible by obtaining the official license that our agents have, since, from Grupo Arga, obtaining the investigation license is a fundamental milestone for the optimal deployment of their skills.

This delimitation of growth processes and internal promotion at the level of our agents is accompanied by a high- level training phase that is capable of establishing the development of a career in the world of research under a level of consistency, being full of elements of great demand.

Our detectives in Gran Canaria are resources whose ultimate goal is the generation of various aspects that are capable of promoting sustained growth in their professional career, this implies not only the duration of the years of service, but also the achievement of a track record. success of cases, as well as the resolution of investigation events with a high level of complexity.  

Reaching this point of resolution is said to be easy, but in summary it implies the management of aspects that can provide an optimal solution to all the processes that our clients require, the trajectory and learning of all our agents and simultaneously of the entire organization that It has been proposed to provide the appropriate answers to anyone interested in these services, it has generated as a final result a sum of added value from which the community of Gran Canaria benefits.

The investigation and investigation services in Gran Canaria are highly requested, thus in 2019, our agency received more than 9 thousand investigation cases, 42% of them were related to the investigation management for infidelities, 30% were in the execution of business investigations and the remaining 28% referred to the practice of personal investigations, which include the investigation into the loss of objects and electronic sweeps.



In Grupo Arga detectives, we are pillars in the execution of detective tasks that are carried out with a great sense of action, that is why we always direct our objectives towards establishing the best possible service for all our clients, with the guarantee of being the best in the work of detective action.



Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that undoubtedly seeks the best alternative to exercise the detective profession, 10 years of experience have precisely defined us towards the achievement of our objectives as an organization, capable of making our agents grow in the day to day of the task of this work.

Providing answers to all the concerns that our clients have represents the best guarantee of an intelligent research service based on quality parameters, which ends up providing a sum of added value of relevance towards what is sought in this kind of offers. , our detectives in Gran Canaria do not stop in their desire to innovate and improve the process in order to establish a first class service.  

Our reason for being lies in a first-class service to our clients, this means that from Grupo Arga detectives, we are the best in the execution of a high-level investigation and investigation, the smile of those who benefit from these services At the end of each case it is the reason for our daily motivation, this leads us to the possibility of


Discretion and professionalism form the most important pillar that a private investigator must have, and the Arga Detectives Group , has validated since its inception with having private detectives who possess all these characteristics, making this branch stand out more and more. 

This recognized organization still guarantees the implementation of the latest technology depending on each area and is updated as technology advances , one of our offices of this organization being located in the Canary Islands. 

The performance of the detectives in the field is given by the skills with which they are able to manage the different events, and fortunately the great totality of the detectives in the Canary Islands , are enormously well-groomed professionals. 

Given the peculiar geographical disposition of the Canary Islands, it has private investigators who have a lot of practice. Private investigation represents an influential tool for the Spanish inhabitants that allows them to give an alternative to aspects or commitments that may affect the calm of each one of them.

Arga Detectives has the best Detectives in the Canary Islands. It is a private detective agency in the Canary Islands with extensive experience.

The growing demand for private investigators in the Canary Islands has led to the addition of more companies to the investigation market, although Grupo Arga Detective s maintains an impressive work and continues to stand out at the top of old and new companies, the key to this structure has It has always been that of a delicate choice of their private detectives who always put total customer satisfaction as their goal by offering forceful answers in a short period of time.     


It is difficult to predict when the consulting and help of a private investigator will be needed , normally the events that merit this type of service in general put at risk the social, personal, family and professional environment of those affected, therefore, the use of a service as those of private observation have long played an important role in the search for truthfulness for the comfort of one or more people. 

Regardless of whether the burden arises at home or at work, if the person is in the urge to request help, it is because said inconvenience is out of their hands, so they must be extremely careful when choosing the agent of investigation that will help him to solve the event, it is to a great extent imperative to produce a preliminary analysis of the uneasiness and the tasks that the private detective must follow.

Private investigations in the Canary Islands have been an enormously effective means and tool when it comes to finding alternatives to the members of this capital, and to the entire national municipality, highlighting this territory in the continuous preparation of private detectives of a surprising level, However; This is not surprising since Spain has always been categorized for offering its residents quality training, creating excellent professionals, and its researchers are appreciably no different.   

Our private detective agency in Madrid, Grupo Arga, has been operating in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for many years, as we have a private investigation agency in the center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We cover any corner of the national territory and of course, also in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and any other place in Spain. Our private detectives in Gran Canaria have many years of experience operating on the island. Each private detective in the Canary Islands is specialized in different areas of private investigation. Our private detectives in Gran Canaria have been working with us for many years and have the legal backing of one of the largest private investigation agencies in Spain such as Arga, Detectives & Asociados. 
   The Arga Detectives Group , represents one of the best companies that can be hired in Spain and in some geographical areas such as the Canary Islands, this branch is aligned by researchers who are defined by an outstanding work always offering vertiginous and competent alternatives, achieving total tranquility of its clients, every day the demand for this private detective agency increases, and more people have helped  


The reasons for which an inhabitant makes the hiring of a private detective are due to different causes, being the generality of these, exposed quickly. You never know when the help of a private investigator will be needed .



These offer fast and reliable alternatives, the detectives who are dedicated to this area are university experts, where they acquire various skills in the ingenuity of investigation, developing methodologies that facilitate their search for information. 

The main diligence of a private detective should always be to obtain accurate and concise information, as well as convincing certifications to give way to the alternative of the inconvenience that disturbs the client’s peace; Since the events that occur in the daily lives of the inhabitants that warrant hiring a private detective are different for each one, the detectives choose to work in specific areas.

Private detectives in the Canary Islands are aligned under a set of aspects and parameters that determine the fortifications of a private investigator, these being discretion, reliability, expertise in the field and the different procedures for access to information and acquisition of evidence, these are the peculiarities that a private investigator has in the Canary Islands .   

In this state, the unofficial investigation is regulated and renowned, the detectives have proceeded to carry out extraordinary tasks of private investigation, emerging many delegations with private detectives in the Canary Islands who today are highly recommended and praised in this skill.   


If you are looking for private detectives in Gran Canaria, read on, we are going to explain how to hire detectives in Gran Canaria and what functions we can perform for you.

Tourism is the main marital problem in the Canary Islands. If you think that your partner may be cheating on you, contact us at our private detective agency, experts in infidelity and we will help you. If you have a problem to solve in Gran Canaria, contact our private detective agency in Gran Canaria and we will help you solve all your problems through the best professionals. Therefore, if you are looking for detectives in Gran Canaria, contact us. Our agency carries out a preliminary, detailed and meticulous study of the problem raised and we guarantee that you will be advised by the best specialists in the legal and technological sector. We believe that our job is to offer a comprehensive information service in which various disciplines and media are used.    


At our detective agency in Gran Canaria, we offer a safe and honest service as private investigators with services at a national and international level. If at present our firm has established itself as a leader in private investigation in Spain, it is not by chance. It is the result of more than a decade of experience and dedication in the private investigation sector and of our effort to practice our profession honestly and effectively.

We are university graduates in Criminology and Private Investigation and we offer a national and international service in this area, under the direction of Grupo Arga Detectives, a leading private investigation agency. Only with an address like ours, we can offer private detective services in Gran Canaria, at unbeatable prices and without being affected in quality or in effective resolution. 

Our work is focused on carrying out reports on commercial activity, such as control of the commercial sales network and market studies, as well as specialized research, in addition to the location and destruction of hidden microphones and / or detection of wiretaps through services electronic sweeps. In addition, we provide documentary and graphic evidence before the courts and we ratify our reports when necessary. We promise that each case will be treated with total prudence and confidentiality: from matrimonial and private cases, to labor or commercial and / or economic issues.


A detectives and investigator is a professional who allows himself to go beyond his work through creativity, innovation and great dynamism that allow him to move forward in the fulfillment of his duties, a detective is not a resource that stagnates because he cannot find the solution to a problem posed, in this sense it always seeks to be a high-level resource that can reach all the answers previously formulated by those who are under the possibility of contracting its activities.

A detective is a resource that is not limited to the complexity of each case, for this, he finds sufficient support in his work colleagues as well as in all those people who can support his operations from the organization, the final objective of a detective who can To deploy in the field is to provide the indicated answers to its clients, this leads us to the possibility of being highly innovative in the formulation of methods and processes that can guarantee the construction of cases with high precision.



The best resource that a detective can turn to in this regard is primarily the client, since he or she provides all the initial inputs that enable him to obtain a highly differentiated work around the execution of investigation activities high level. For this reason, a detective establishes compliance with the entire process related to client management as a high priority phase.

The management of the client for the detective is a critical phase since it considers it provides all the primary location that the same as an agent must consecrate for the execution of each case, this shows the possibility of continuing with the collection of initial investigations guided under a vision of success, and high inquiry.

The generation of various competitive advantages around the structuring strategies of the research service guarantees the possibility of guaranteeing the success of operations, around the achievement of the proposed objectives, this is the guarantee of launch that Grupo Arga propose to take into account a sophisticated training process for our agents, with the objective that they can display the best skills at the right time.

A detective is a high-value resource to manage any subject of varying complexity, it is the guarantee for Grupo Arga to be sufficiently proactive in executing a solid value proposition around the services it offers.

The detectives in the Canary Islands are agents focused on solving the case of each client as if it were the last it allows us to operate under high performance criteria that are able to propose a research proposal differentiated into client, capable of providing the value that others are not capable of structuring, this becomes possible when considering an expert case not as one more task to be done, but rather as a high-level element that must be met to ensure optimal deployment.   

The generation of various investigation mechanisms allows a Grupo Arga agent to always seek to reinvent itself with the aim of staying at the forefront of the most sophisticated investigation techniques and strategies to be deployed, that is

a sample of their dedication and dedication to achieve the objectives set for the client.

In the City of the Canary Islands, our detectives are resources that operate under a high strategic sense, this is a sign of the approval of our services as this has a percentage relative to 91% approval in the database of their clients. Question that tells us that we are a leading research agency in the market.


Grupo Arga detectives is an investigation agency that is not going to stop innovating through its customer-oriented services, this is the key to continuously structuring within our investigation various cycles that guarantee the execution of optimal strategies in for an internal improvement of our processes.

Grupo Arga’s agent is a highly trained detective, capable of responding to the new demands of clients, a question that puts him on a par with fulfilling his commitments as an exemplary official. The possibility of improvement through the different innovation mechanisms proposed by the organization allow detectives in the Canary Islands to be highly valued resources for research and investigation.  

It is for this reason that our services nevstoper  unfolding and that we are also the best exercising our work with great discipline and determination, since we are mainly driven by the function of being useful to a client who is in need of finding answers.

That is why at Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop to compete against misinformation and the lack of details, since we live to extract and analyze data from even the most complex situations, this leads us to the need to always be at the forefront in around the execution of each case. Since it allows us to be exemplary around the fulfillment of our mission and corporate vision.

The Arga Detectives Group has exercised the noble work of private investigation for more than 10 years, this has represented over time a commitment to all our clients, a commitment that is renewed with our daily work.

The Group Arga Detectives, represents one of the best agencies that are able to find in Spain and in several locations such as Canary Islands. Our agency is made up of detectives who are characterized by relevant work, always offering fast and effective resolutions , achieving the total satisfaction of its users. Every day will increase the trajectory of this agency, and are the people who have helped.                        



Grupo Arga: One of the Best Detective Agencies

Our detectives in the Canary Islands propose fast and reliable resolutions . Private investigators who deal with this sector are highly prepared, they achieve different capacities in the art of investigation, building forms that make their search for information easier .              




The primary functionality of a private detective must always be to find accurate and concise information , as well as hard evidence to offer way to the satisfaction of the inconvenience that disturbs the client’s comfort . The situations that are shown in life every day of people who deserve the assistance of a private investigator are different for each, detectives choose for dealing with surfaces individuals.                                

Private detectives in the Canary Islands are trained under a group of points and parameters that determine the strengths of a private investigator, these being discretion, reliability, skill in the field and the different procedures for entering information and obtaining information. evidence, these are the characteristics of a private detective in the Canary Islands.               

In this country, private investigation is regulated and known, which is why, to succeed, detectives have been carrying out unusual jobs since this activity was formalized, appearing an agency with private detectives that is currently highly recommended and praised in this industry.              

Discretion and experience form the most relevant pillar that a private investigator should have, and the Arga Detectives Group , has counted from its beginnings on having investigators who have all these properties, making this agency stand out more and more.          



Our organization also ensures use in the latest technology regarding each industry and is updated in line technology advances. Our agency is located in the Canary Islands.             

The development of detectives in the field is given by the ability to solve the different cases, and timely the vast majority of detectives in Canary Islands, are people really well prepared.             

The research private accounts for Spanish citizens with a strong utility that enables them to offer satisfaction points or disadvantages achieve calm hurt all of them.         

In the carry out a search short of the rates of private detectives in Canary Islands through different media: social networks, ads in newspapers, web portals, he stumbles upon some proportion of costs different, however, beyond that the value of A private investigator is essential for the client, commonly when there are incredibly low and interesting promotions , you can be facing a viable scam.                          

In addition to this, it is a requirement to indicate that in this town there are several very expert private investigators who give affordable costs such as Grupo Arga Canarias.           

Grupo Arga Detectives: Price And Quality.

When shown the need to hire a private detective the first question referred is: What is the value ?, and passing that this question is quite common, beyond it is essential to note that a price or fee economic not guarantee the level of quality with which the service is going to be provided.                      

Our private detectives in Canary Islands are able to offer cost very accessible, as it is required to remember that the Spanish market is recurring development as the formation of private detectives is related and the town of Canary Islands these experts fail stand out every day more.                     

All and all agencies must suggest fees that are in accordance with the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, however, each case has its difficulty and different tactics to find the necessary information that allows the client to satisfy their problem.                   

On the other hand, it is a requirement to express that, given the high demand for competitiveness among detective agencies, it is essential to ensure that the chosen service has all the parameters that as a client they have to set.        



With the purpose of this point, it refers to the Arga Detectives Group , which is not only among the best costs of private investigation , but also has an undeniable track record, which allowed it to win awards; all derived from the excellence of its workers.          

It is imperative to indicate that no agency can suggest one share without understanding the properties of the case, since these vary for each individual, so it should be quite careful when Hallen notices that indicate “deals”                  



It is unavoidable remember is money and comfort of the client what is put in danger to the performing selections impulsive.          

A header illustrative, it is required to note and carry out one small reference number of the costs that have the potential to be currently in industry research.                 

The Arga Detectives Group is also categorized among the most used options due to its economic costs , among other things, when supervision and controls are related, there are fees of 70 euros per hour and 350 euros per day of 5 hours, while other cases they depend directly on the particular properties of the case under study.                  

In the end, it is favorable to point out that it is simple to find an economic private detective in the Canary Islands town , so you always have to go beyond a quota.             



Our detective agency is a private detective office that offers national and international coverage, and whose fundamental mission is to investigate in all fields (for private, professional and business purposes); security, intelligence analysis, communication and training.
Our main characteristic is based on the conception of a commitment to the client and to society. Our private detectives always act with a fixed focus on the resolution of the case at hand, and we offer all kinds of guarantees so that the achievement of the objective is what is expected of a private detective agency like ours, which offers investigators private in Gran Canaria. The tools that our private detective agency draws on throughout the national territory, and that our Gran Canaria detectives use for the correct implementation of the case, are the 4 fundamental principles that every agency should have, and on which we have been insisting for years: Legality. Discretion. Guarantee. Professionalism 



Private detectives are considered a very profitable alternative to the possible resolution of cases in which it is necessary to obtain relevant evidence, so that it can find a complete prosecution. 

The versatility they represent by being an investigative entity with high capacities to collect data or information that function as evidence, as well as that they provide their services directly with their clients; your case is prioritized, opening a wide variety of strategic possibilities for the research you need.

Certainly, the benefits obtained when hiring a detective are extensive , but how to choose the correct agency? The rates of various private investigative entities vary constantly. Some are derived from the quality of the service, others from the attention, but the truth is that it ends up being a problem for you.    

Knowing how much a private detective costs in the Canary Islands is complex, but that does not prevent the possibility of finding an agency that meets several very positive characteristics and that in turn has considerable fees that are perfectly suited to your pocket.  

For this reason, we Grupo Arga Detectives , we assure you a complete and quality service, where you will be attended by the best team of private detectives in the Canary Islands . You will obtain in record time the proofs or evidences that you need to process your case, which are totally defeated in judicial proceedings.  



He is a specialist in the field of private investigation , where he works under strict parameters with the aim of collecting data that serves as evidence in cases of less criminality, in order that they can be implemented by the client, being these a support essential for the processing of your case. 

These work totally low profile. The main objective is to enter the environment of the investigated person, vigilance is the key in each operation; For cases in which it is required to capture live action, the fact that these remain within the space without being detected gives the opportunity to collect any data that serves as evidence.

They also have espionage equipment fully adapted to avoid being detected with the naked eye; they also have larger cameras that are implemented in safe environments for detectives (cars, hiding places, etc.). Thus offering a collection in various formats that include photography, video, audio and more.

Thanks to these experts, being able to obtain evidence through a private service where all the necessary equipment is available to collect these evidences that can be implemented in their respective cases; having the opportunity to resolve your case is a reality. And with us, Grupo Arga Detectives , you will find the best detectives in the Canary Islands .  




In the Canary Islands there are various private detective agencies . All of them offer services similar to each other, where their rates vary considerably due to factors specific to each agency.   

Some have very high rates , where they are guided by the recognition of the entity before the state, the professional level of its employees, the type of technological equipment they have and above all the guarantee of having an entity that shows full support and consideration for you. .  

The problem is that high prices do not always demonstrate a high quality service, many of these have fallen into errors that have questioned the effectiveness of their procedures, in other circumstances, they do not have a cordiality towards their clients, leaving them with more questions that answers towards the path of a possible solution to your case.

In any case, it is essential to know what are some of those aspects that separate those neutral detective agencies from the best.  



The agency you choose should have a long career , which has received recognition for services rendered to the community of Canarias . You must have within said registry, the records of cases attended and closed satisfactorily, so you can instill greater confidence.  



The detectives belonging to a particular agency should be highly qualified experts, able to cope with cases of various kinds providing always full support to the customer, giving a complete guidance on what might be the possible strategies to be implemented during the investigation, durability and more .  



To guarantee a satisfactory investigation it is necessary to have in hand the necessary evidence to process a case. For this, the best equipment that works perfectly is required to capture any situation that can be captured with the aim of converting it into evidence in various formats such as photography, video, audio and more.  



It is necessary to know what the opinions of previous clients have been within a particular detective agency . Knowing if they were pleased with the services provided, serves to generate greater reliability on the agency that has this type of allegations since this way, it will be known that you can count on said service without any doubt.  

These are some of the main aspects that make up a good detective agency . Therefore, at Grupo Arga Detectives , we are proud to be representatives of these and other positive characteristics that we have forged thanks to the daily efforts of our expert detectives . Counting on us is your best option.   





At Grupo Arga Detectives , we are a private detective agency in the Canary Islands , where we have worked day and night to bring you a real solution to your problem. We have a long professional career, where we have been able to satisfactorily attend more than 9,000 cases of various kinds.  

We have the best detectives in the Canary Islands , as well as the support of special areas such as computer forensics; all this reinforced with our high-end electronic equipment. 

At Grupo Arga , you will find the best rates on the market where the quality-price comparison comes out. You will no longer have to wonder how much a private detective costs in the Canary Islands since with us, with our solidarity prices and high quality care, you will get the results you are looking for.     



The best Canary Islands detective service is available to our clients with the aim of being leaders in the provision of first-class investigation services, this implies commitment and enter for an organization like ours, which does not stop growing and deploying services designed for your customers.  

The generation of research and investigation services are the key to today serving a client that has received responses, with the aim that he can establish various elements resulting from the detection of all the data and information previously collected.

The Arga Detectives Group, has selected for itself the best private investigators in the capital and throughout the Spanish territory, so it is easy for this to be one of the most famous companies in the country, tied to this, it is required to highlight that Not only does it have the best private detectives in the Canary Islands, it also has state-of-the-art technology for investigation procedures, and is constantly updated on this matter.  

The detectives in the Canary Islands have tried in recent times to specialize in different areas of the investigation field, since, as the request for these services increases, different different events have occurred, being able to classify them into sets according to their fundamental characteristics.  

From the foregoing, it follows that no matter what the type of the client’s question is, in the Canary Islands you will be able to find a private detective who can determine said uneasiness, however, it is sufficient to mark that when exposing the uneasiness to an administration such as that of the Group Arga Detectives , a veteran will analyze the event and determine the most appropriate private investigator to carry out the task.  


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