That client who wants to know the professional investigation services that are carried out in the City of Cuenca, can see our Cuenca Detectives Guide , with the aim of establishing various criteria that may be advantageous to their investigation processes and knowledge of information.

The best possibility that our clients can count on is the need to know various elements that are favorable towards hiring a private detective, this leads to the need to be very clear about the reason why we request this type of service, since that sometimes we can have a wrong idea.





Our Cuenca Detective Guide is a factor that differentiates the provision of our services based on unparalleled specialization parameters, with the aim of putting a high-level investigation service on the table, this leads us to the point of wanting to be better.

Our Detective Agency (Grupo Arga) is in charge of carrying out the best training and education processes with the aim that our agents are at the maximum point of exploiting all their potential at the service of our clientele, this is also the necessary guarantee for grow progressively in your professional career.

The best weapon that an agent of our organization can count on lies in his drive to update and in all the people who are behind him and who are capable of supporting all the operations that it deploys in the field, with the aim of making an optimal deployment of an operation.

The management and innovation that Grupo Arga Detectives applies to each case in the hands of the Cuenca Detectives Guide is an unparalleled opportunity for our clients and potential interested parties in acquiring our services in the area, since we make available the use of techniques most modern at the level of expertise and research capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements of our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives, satisfying our clients is our highest priority with the aim of meeting their expectations and obtaining the information they need to know, in this sense the performance of our agents is fully guaranteed towards the optimal deployment of resources.

The best thing about each case in which our investigators manage to deploy is that they leave our organization high, this is possible by learning techniques and tactics that allow them to obtain great discipline towards the achievement of their objectives and the goals of the organization. . With Grupo Arga, our clients make the best decision.



Our private detectives will have as their first objective to obtain evidence of irrefutable value both in the private and business spheres. So, if you are looking for detectives in Cuenca, contact us so that we can tell you what our way of working is, how we do it, and what results we can offer.
With a report prepared in the most professional way, 90% of the cases that a priori were lost are resolved positively.
Therefore, contact us as we will carry out a detailed study of the problem you raise, being advised by the best specialists in the private investigation sector.



If you need to hire detectives in Cuenca, in our agency we have one of the largest work teams in all of Spain in the field of private detectives, at the service of our clients.



Throughout our long and extensive experience, we have carried out research for all types of clients, both private and business, professional, business, multinational and small and medium-sized companies.
All these works are carried out with the utmost discretion and discretion, providing the client with tests, reports and detailed information on the entire contracted service.
In our reports, our agency includes the necessary elements to guarantee the success of the judicial process, since, as an addition, we include in these legal reports, all the photographs, videos and additional material recorded in the course of the investigation.



At Grupo Arga we establish the best sense of execution for all cases where our detectives can operate with extreme precision any investigation where a private investigation is entrusted, thus doing everything related to the structuring of a response framework and all the solutions available to our clients.

Anyone wondering, Cuenca Detective Agency , must surely know that there is a level of complexity involved in carrying out all of these processes and that level of complexity cannot be solved with the same precision on our own. It is there where you need someone who knows how to carry out an investigative process and this is only possible with a professional familiar with the subject.

At Grupo Arga, we take each case as a high priority, we let all our clients know the main indications of each investigation in a matter of hours, we even seek to keep them updated in periods of 4 to 6 hours, with the aim of that they not only receive high-level personalized attention, but also that they know that they have the best resources that are capable of keeping them up to date on the progress of events.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are prepared to make possible the execution of a personalized attention process, for this reason, through our communication channels, we make possible the management of processes that promote the feeling of immediate Reception with the needs they have. our clients and each particular case.

In the Grupo Arga detectives, the execution of all these processes is guaranteed, thus safeguarding everything that is related to the determination of a first-class investigative environment. For Cuenca, we do our best!



From Grupo Arga detectives we do everything possible to try to generate the best possible execution of the investigation procedure with the implementation of aspects that can provide the best sense of resolution to a specific problem that a client can. so that, at the beginning, they always arrive with a great sense of urgency, an issue that for us is essential to support a research system capable of responding with great precision to all the concerns of our clients.



At Grupo Arga detectives we manage our processes according to aspects in which we can provide a sense of adequate response to all the needs of our corporate clients and our private clients, a problem that is undoubtedly synonymous with the wide request. Research processes.

When we respond from Grupo Arga, our Cuenca Detective Agency , it can provide a clear framework for anyone who wants to know what it means to carry out an investigation process, in this case we must be as specific as possible when determining the various elements that provide a framework for the development of each research context in the shortest possible time.

The structuring of the elements that can allow the rapid development of a file implies that our agents can be trained with the best training elements and the best resources, this is how from our pool of agents we manage a cutting-edge process to provide the best professional development of everyone. those who wish to start a research career with us.



The elements of each investigative process are very important because they allow us to do precisely everything related to the execution of the investigative aspects that can promote the best sense of resolution, which is ideal for all our clients in different investigative files, a problem that allows us to do a precise job in the face of any complexity.

In the Grupo Arga detectives, the execution of these aspects is not enough because it is also necessary to deploy all the necessary resources to determine, as far as possible, the elements that are linked to the delimitation of various hypotheses in relation to a particular case.

This last element implies the implementation of various technological tools that facilitate logistics at the level of a research process, an issue that undoubtedly allows to determine with greater precision all the activities that have the capacity to collect data. data . the evidence and the elements of conviction that have a direct and indirect weight in the handling of each problem.

At Grupo Arga detectives, managing these processes offers the best sense of response for anyone who may be interested in hiring an investigative service at any level, an issue that helps promote the best



sense. short, medium and long term assistance .

Taking into account all these elements, we say that the Cuenca Detective Agency is something that we can undoubtedly establish under a standardized price, in this sense we must emphasize that each operation we carry out is unique and that the requirement of each client. It involves our part in designing a strategy and logistical linkage that accomplishes whatever it takes.

Grupo Arga detectives implement the management of all our investigation processes to promote the best development of the activities of individuals and companies, infidelity investigations, even security operations such as surveillance techniques, counter -surveillance and digital investigations, including management of economic intelligence processes through the application of the mystery shopper technique and the investigation of sick leaves.

Without a doubt, the application of these aspects allows us to provide the best sense of response for an extremely broad performance of search services. Having already analyzed everything that our detectives do, we can say that, as an investigation group, we are not willing to sacrifice price for quality in the development of these services.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries





Time is a non-renewable resource, every minute counts and for Grupo Arga Detectives , every minute is vital. The dedication of the personnel in their assignments is determined by the time, in the investigative work it is an extremely important element, the postponement does not fit, because it is unacceptable.

How valuable is a minute?

         The specialists of which the Detectives in Cuenca work group is made up , are not moved by individual interests, the passion for the work and knowing the importance that this has does not allow things to be taken lightly. For each of the members, time represents their greatest adversary.

The Private Detective in Cuenca, is effective and determined, focuses on the objectives and achieves them, this has a cost, in the agency said cost is proportional to the efficiency and speed with which the cases are resolved, the fees for a service so valuable it has to be contrasted with the neatness of the work that is under the responsibility of these people.

The Detectives in Cuenca are selected professionals for their investigative capacity, suitability for work and training in various aspects of the investigation work, said training is a guarantee of the delivery of the work with transparency and

proven reliability .

The time invested in an investigation is of significant importance, physically, mentally and even emotionally for each investigator, although for our group it is a passion that is still exhausting. This must be taken into account when thinking about the cost of hiring our services.

The Private Investigations in Cuenca are marked by the irrevocable and forceful conviction that they are carried out in an impartial manner and totally adjusted to the rules, the client has the guarantee that his money will be well used in correspondence with the trust placed in the staff.

Each client will have the right to request that they be accounted for their investment, this group of Detectives in Cuenca will have their accounts clear and a comparison of expenses will be made as required by the contracting party of the investigation service. the transparency of research costs added to the need on some occasions for extra payments for specialized services in some area will be visible.

The Arga Detectives Group guarantees competitive and very attractive prices, taking into account everything that it is capable of offering to clients compared to the closest competition. This group of investigators are the best in the market, these detectives provide quality service in everything they do from the simplest to the most complex investigation.



As we have mentioned before, the Grupo Arga rates establish a great comparative advantage, with respect to other agencies, given the quality of the investigation. Therefore, we will talk below about the most requested services by our clients, among which we highlight the following:

  1. Services computer scientists ; It is basically requested by companies, which consists of carrying out a series of analyzes using technological equipment in order to perform tasks, such as: recovery of deleted or lost information, electronic sweeps, determination of espionage programs, among many others.
  2. Establish Infidelities : it is among the services most requested by clients. It generally consists of monitoring people, in order to establish whether or not there is infidelity on the part of the couple. Our detectives are in charge of obtaining evidence that proves or denies infidelity
  3. Locating people : Currently, this type of service is highly requested by people who want to find relatives and loved ones, with whom they have lost contact. Among the most common cases are the search for children or parents, where there was adoption, missing relatives, among many others.

Additionally, we have made our information channels available to you through social networks, which can be found on the website. With the intention of being in contact with you, whenever you need it, 24 hours a day.



The detectives that make up the Arga Cuenca Group represent the best investigators, who represent excellence, in the resolution of each case. We are able to provide immediate and effective responses according to each case. We base our services, in order to solve the problems raised, objectively.

We have a group of professionals specialized in different areas of research. Our researchers are not only university graduates, but also have constant updating studies, such as postgraduate degrees, diplomas, among others. That have allowed to achieve the excellent development and experience in the field of research.

At Grupo Arga, we offer a quote and advice on the first appointment free of charge and without obligation. In order for your clients to have a clear, precise and real vision of what the cost of their case could be. All you have to do is go to our agency in Cuenca and present your case to us.

We have at your disposal a group of professionals who will help you find the best way to solve your case. Even though there are many factors to consider to establish prices, we will always establish a budget, adjusted to the needs of the client and without neglecting the quality and professionalism that represents us.

Keep in mind that we are an Agency that has all the licenses and permits established by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police. Therefore, all the documents and evidence that our investigators obtain, have all the legality, before a Court and we are able to ratify them, if required.

At Grupo Arga, we have established ourselves as one of the most recognized Agencies in Spain. For having one of the best rates in all our specialties. We have demonstrated transparency, quality and efficiency. Maintaining consistent prices and considering the greatest number of variables that may arise at the time of budgeting the fees.



The private investigation services of our detective agency are aimed at solving all kinds of situations, both at a personal, work, business, industrial, technological or computer level. We range from marital investigations to electronic sweeps.
In our agency, we always act taking into account the legitimate interest of our client, resolving their queries and obtaining the necessary information for their business or private decision-making and in their defense during litigation, if it occurs.
We offer all kinds of services, among which we highlight the following:

  • fake sick leave
  • industrial counter espionage
  • Financial reports and location of assets at national and international level
  • Location of people
  • National and international recovery of minors
  • Loyalty of the couple
  • children’s behavior
  • Detection and monitoring of addictions
  • Private security
  • eavesdropping detection
  • Investigation of fraudulent insolvencies and asset seizure
  • Obtaining evidence for the preparation of legal proceedings
  • unfair competition
  • Forensic analysis of computer equipment

Contact us if you need any specific work. We offer free and non-binding estimates.


If you have come this far, it is because you really need private detectives to solve some aspect that worries you. If this is the case, contact our Cuenca Detectives agency, we will offer you private investigation services of all kinds.
All our reports can be ratified by our Cuenca detectives if necessary, since all the investigations we carry out have full legal validity.
If you need to contact Detectives Cuenca, call us at 913866294 or send us an email to
Our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation.



The best detectives who do Mystery Shpping Cuenca are available to anyone who wants to promote a high sense of response to a given case, which is why this type of research mainly seeks to generate material that can promote the best sense of resolution. in the short, medium and long term.

The operating criteria in Mystery Shpping Cuenca , carry out their operations thinking about the articulation of investigative activities in a perspective that allows structuring the best results in the shortest possible time, an issue that translates into the construction of a framework. logic of responses at the service of the best. decision making possible.



The structuring of operations that make our Mystery possible Shpping Cuenca, prides itself on executing a search landscape that makes it possible through the execution of the research aspects and the implementation of techniques that allow finding the best results. possible in the short term. to all our corporate clients

A business entity that wants to know Mystery Shpping Basin probably only takes your point of view into account, however, the execution of a transaction involves many elements that we usually ignore when we want to carry out such an activity.

The execution of operations at the research level requires, on the one hand, the applicability of a logistics scheme to be able to offer the best of the best to all those who wish to promote an investigation that makes them take the best possible action in a situation. particularly .

The fact that each particular operation has a logistical requirement undoubtedly means that the best response environments can be promoted with a certain investigation process and the deployment of certain tools that guarantee a greater delimitation and refinement of each test and element of investigation. conviction.

That is why, from our operational point of view, we must be so frank with our clients when saying that in order to safeguard the quality status of each investigation operation, we cannot promote a standardized price for the execution of each type of activity, since they undoubtedly tend to vary depending on the demand and investigation requirements of each case.

That is why at Grupo Arga we are always committed to executing all operations at the budget level based on three scenarios, the first being conservative and the second having the possibility of providing an intermediate operating margin, as well as another scenario in which we consider the possibility of executing operations from an optimal point of view with an ideal degree of investigative and logistical resources.

Each of these scenarios will tend to vary in their customer response times, so please be aware that if you engage us for a specific transaction and opt for a conservative budget scenario, we may not be able to respond within 6 hours.

The Mysteries Shpping Cuenca , are highly specialized resources and oriented to obtain the best results for each of those who need to execute an investigative operation, at the best possible price, but it is necessary to emphasize this during a process. investigation . we are talking about the “best price”, we are trying to run an article of sufficient survey quality.

The Mysteries Shpping Cuenca , are those that can offer the best of the best to all our clients in the shortest possible time, that is why the response times of our survey always increase according to the client’s budgetary restriction, since these elements will respond to a given research context.

The implementation of these operations makes us understand that the companies and corporate clients that use our services urgently need to resolve all the obstacles that may currently be negatively affecting the optimal development of their sales policy, influencing negatively everything that is related to the income statement in case of not wanting to resolve these issues in the short and medium term.

Companies in Spain, and therefore in Cuenca, know that they have a great ally when it comes to resolving this type of investigation, since they are capable of providing the best strategic sense to a problem of this type once our detectives , have determined the weighty elements that affect the development of this type of situation.



At Grupo Arga our investigators do everything possible for Cuenca, since they are oriented to execute an investigative framework that can provide the best possible results to all our clients, the execution of our operations has been executed with great precision. expert , that is why in the management of our processes we have maintained the best sense of updating possible.

Executing this type of activity undoubtedly makes us think about how we can provide the best response criteria for all our clients, both corporate and private, and that is why at Mystery Shpping Cuenca we do the most precise so that our clients can unlock their sales. which has to do with carrying out tasks to detect events that do not fit into the plan of the private entity, we also support this type of investigation with digital investigations.

In the case of business inquiries, we do everything possible to manage the elements that promote the best sense of response at the level of activities and

operations related to the quality of the work environment and the motivation of employees around the execution of the sales policy, the technique. The client’s. mysterious , seeks to know all the elements that affect the development of the scenario and courses of action of the company.

For our city, the Mystery Shpping Cuenca , are the ones that can respond with a great sense of precision to all the cases in which their work can be entrusted to them, they demonstrate the great commitment and responsibility they have in the short, medium and long term. For Cuenca, we do the best corporate research!






Facing moments in which we know that our partner is certainly cheating on us is probably not pleasant at all, so in all circumstances it is recommended to entrust this type of work to professionals sufficiently trained in matter, when we talk about it Without a doubt, we are referring to one

search and location of people Cuenca , for all those who need to locate an infidelity process.

Our search and location activities for people in Cuenca are those resources that are trained to respond to any situation that a client needs to know what is happening in relation to the stability of their relationship, which is why we closely monitor the location of the person under investigation. and the probable lover.


In the detectives of Grupo Arga, the processes carried out by our Search and location of people Cuenca undoubtedly promote the best sense of specialization for all those who wish to promote a specialized investigative activity around providing the greatest possible certainty to all our clients. in the detection processes of acts of sentimental deception.

But getting to this point has not been easy, and it is not a consequence of the inertia of our market, performing acts of tracking and location at a sentimental level sometimes means entering a very subjective field of investigation, because people initially suspect this type of activity on the part of your spouse or partner is carried out with bitter surprise because while this fact may be true, it can also accommodate many elements that fall within the realm of hypotheses.

Grupo Arga detectives always consider the best range of resolution for those seeking the generation of a high-level investigative device capable of providing answers even in the most complex cases, this is possible in infidelity investigations, since they end up generating a heavy emotional burden on the person who could be a victim of this type of event, leaving a doubt implies for the affected person to face something that can be very unpleasant with great courage and determination.

In the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these investigation processes is channeled towards the management of activities that allow the best resolution of an investigation process by our search and location of the inhabitants of Cuenca, who are in charge of collecting all tests. in a specific case of investigation of monitoring, location and verification of an act of this type.

The construction of activities that allow a correct resolution between all our agents, undoubtedly favors the best sense of development of a theater of operations that has the capacity to favor a discreet and specialized follow-up of a person surveyed.

That is why our Search and location of people in the basin are resources that will deploy their investigative technique in the field to get to the root of the facts, this implies establishing a follow-up of various elements of their own to know the itinerary of the interviewee, and know what is your routine.

In light of all these facts, the person requesting these investigative services must be subject to a very detailed criterion of discretion and must, at the same time, provide us with information about the next decision that the investigated party makes of which he or she becomes aware. without the need for his presence as part of the relationship, this will allow him to be located more quickly.

This also implies for the investigator to be able to follow the routine of the interviewee, in order to observe if there is presence of suspicious behavior and if there is also someone who may be in an additional agenda with him from a point of view. sentimental view .

In this sense, our agents are agile enough to accurately determine all the elements that can come into force in a probable situation of deception towards our client, for this we also have as resources with elements that can provide the capture of images and elements of videographic evidence that facilitates the best support of a hypothesis.

This is sometimes essential to ask, because the testing processes that can be developed in our group are a weapon at the disposal of the applicant for these services, making effective a great sense of the premises in the short, medium and long term for all. our clients



Among the Grupo Arga detectives, we are aware that the current reality has changed considerably, this leads us to analyze that our investigations must have new areas of cooperation that allow them to make possible the best of the best in terms of ‘investigation, construction of these processes through the search and location of Cuenca people result in the detection of infidelities in the electronic sphere and in the spectrum of Web 2.0, which our agency can do with a high level of precision.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our people search and location activities in Cuenca have a good number of years of experience in high-level private investigation work, doing precisely everything related to the management of specialized cases. It leads to the management of each need on the part of our clients, specifying everything that is related to the structuring of optimal processes of investigation of the location of people committing acts of infidelity.

Our Search and location of basin people are research devices that pride themselves on the exercise of high-level research work, this implies the construction of processes that involve the realization of a logical diagram of answers for everyone. those who wish to leave the unpleasant suspicion of being the victim of an act of infidelity and who wish to place the infidel in a red-handed state in the midst of a situation of this type.

All these clients and people interested in hiring us can learn more about all the investigation modalities and everything we can do to complete an infidelity investigation case complemented with a process of searching for and locating infidels, by accessing our web portal and knowing them all. . our proposals on our blog and social networks.

At Grupo Arga we have the best search and location of people in Cuenca in order to provide the best response criteria to all our clients in this matter. We complement processes thinking about your needs!





Detectives in Cuenca Experts in Infidelities



Private detectives in the town of Cuenca have well over 10 years of experience in investigating cases of infidelity, Grupo Arga Detectives gives you the essential utilities to solve your problems.

Having a minimum of suspicion that our partner is unfaithful, we enter a state of anguish, because our feelings do not allow us to reflect sensibly. At that moment we wonder what to do. Since the most accurate and correct thing would be to hire the services of a private detective agency .



How does this group of detectives carry out this investigation?

Arga Detectives agency , with the experience it has achieved over the years, carries out the process of data collection by the client to start with the relevant information.

It is not easy for the client to comment on infidelity if there is suspicion. But we will give you the information in an objective and clear way about what your partner is doing when he is not with you.

Living with the doubt of whether he is unfaithful or not; is somewhat disappointing and if this doubt is spinning in our

head a long time, the more oppressive it is.

We must seek instant and healthy satisfaction for our standard of living and emotional health; The Arga Detectives Group will provide you with free audits on what you have to carry out, and if you decide to carry out an investigation, they will outline the procedures that must be carried out to develop it.



How long will it take for the Arga group to solve their cases?

Everything will depend on the client and the tracking that is carried out on the person involved, given that these people are attached to day-to-day practices.

At some point in the evolution of the case, if he is being unfaithful, we will find out. That is why all the information that the client provides us is essential to know how we are going to continue.



What are the frequent questions that the private investigator will ask you?

Once you have arranged to hire the services of Grupo Arga Detectives ; You are going to be asked a sequence of questions that are too simple, which matter instantly after investigating, these questions tend to be in most cases the following:

  • Full name
  • Where he works.
  • What do you do when you run away from work?
  • The color of your car.
  • The registration number
  • Phone number
  • If they have occupations together
  • How has their behavior been in the time they were together?

At first it is annoying, but if you want to have results and get rid of concerns you will have to be willing to collaborate; with the experts.

Faced with this level of doubt, Arga Detectives affirms that the habits adopted and the surveillance that is carried out are necessary so that reality is discovered and the client manages to get rid of concerns, after all.

Discretion and responsibility are primary characteristics that characterize this organization.

If you are looking for irrefutable evidence about the infidelity of the partner you have, the best way to carry it out is by using Infidelity Detectives.

Can a private investigator compile the evidence you seek of your partner’s infidelity? Here we are going to explain some of the methods of this class of experts and which is the preferable of the accessible configurations of the market to do this work in a discreet and efficient way.



Is it possible for a private detective to take video evidence of his partner’s infidelity? Yes, precisely. Like any research development, it entails a sequence of steps determined to find real and solid information on the precise object of study.

If we take it to the subject of family inquiries (a branch of private investigation where infidelity comes in), we would have the possibility of ensuring that private detectives who specialize in this kind of case use all available means to find reliable evidence of infidelity. and that has inside, without a doubt, video evidence.

Our Detectives perfected in monitoring and supervision use efficient and modern data collection procedures, which places them at the forefront of the market.

Technology has taken over all the livelihoods of modern man and that includes the compilation of information, which is why this renowned company is at the forefront of new technologies and originality.

Arga Detectives is a company focused on this and other types of investigations with well over ten years of experience and experience in the market, which gives it an exclusive track record that characterizes it for the responsibility and solidity that it executes in all its investigations.

Our researchers and experts trained in different branches of research (labour, financial, IT, legal, business, among others). They are opportunely titled according to the predetermined in the laws of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, for which you will find the best labor detectives and accessible computer experts.

As an example of its professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness, it has received recognition as the best professional private detective agency in business investigations in 2017, which gives validity to all the statements we make in this text.

Arga Detectives is the best alternative for you when it comes to investigating infidelities. Our experts are linked to the case to spectacular scenarios, thus guaranteeing discretion, efficiency and fidelity in the evidence you seek. It is the best Spanish detective agency!



Our detectives are the best prepared in the entire Iberian Peninsula. As we have mentioned, we handle all the new technologies and utilities to discover infidelities and all kinds of evidence in other types of investigation.

The costs we provide are the most transparent in the entire market, which is why with Arga Detectives you will find professionalism and low costs in one place. Check our rates, you will not find better costs than ours!



For all those who wish to make inquiries about Cuenca electronic sweeping services , from Grupo Arga detectives we have the best response based on the elements that we can provide through the deployment of all our activities whose objective is to promote the best sense of response to our customers.

Thus, at Grupo Arga, we have the best private investigation devices capable of generating the best sense of the results obtained for all our clients thanks to a very detailed investigation, an issue that is undoubtedly possible thanks to the best agents in the field. ground .


The concept of development of the investigative services that Grupo Arga detectives managed to lead is mainly related to the execution of elements capable of providing the best sense of response to all the concerns of our clients and those who are interested. Hire us for activities. which is linked to electronic basin sweeps , an issue that stands out compared to similar services on the market.

Within Grupo Arga, all those who need to resolve a doubt, a suspicion or a specific problematic element undoubtedly have an agency that allows the best investigation service to be deployed for all those who, from a particular point of view or also from the business-corporate field, they need specialized research, with the aim of being the one that can generate the greatest response link to all those who need a very precise operation for their service.

With Grupo Arga detectives what we have always considered is the opportunity to deploy the best possible service thanks to our electronic basin scans, this is how within our agency we have always thought of doing the best of the best for all our clients who need a particular survey, a question that is definitely something that promotes the best sense of response in infidelity surveys, as well as in any type of survey. staff , by designing the best survey devices to serve our customers.

At Grupo Arga detectives, for those who have doubts about the execution of our electronic basin sweeps , we are determined to provide all those who contact us with the best possible investigation service, which is why the management of our processes and Of all the investigations that we have carried out, we deploy the best possible service in terms of protection, that is how, from the management of our activities, we allow people to access surveillance, counter -surveillance and digital investigations, taking into account that the deployment All these activities intend to be as complete as possible.

But the investigation and electronic investigation work does not stop at this stage, so at Grupo Arga detectives, we are doing what we consider a new cooperation frontier to promote an optimal Survey service to all our commercial clients, so that the structuring of our activities and services consists mainly of ensuring that companies can make the best possible decision on a given topic and thus obtain a tangible and profitable competitive advantage in the duration in relation to their sector.

At Grupo Arga detectives, for all our clients who know how the electronic scans of the pool are carried out, we must emphasize that the management of the portfolio of services that we have organized for all our commercial clients is linked to the promotion of an improvement. the provision of said

documentation and material detection activities, this is how this activity is also complemented with other operations that we deploy such as the mystery shopper technique, with the aim that our detectives carry out a detailed assessment of all the company’s commercial operations and the shopping experience they carry out and are supported by state-of-the-art electronic devices.

In the detectives of Grupo Arga we not only stay in this stage of the execution of these services, in this sense we must emphasize that the specialized construction of all these activities undoubtedly makes the feeling of helping the people who lead a company and protected, thus making possible everything related to a preventive vision of different scenarios that for these entities can be extremely unsuccessful, that is why we make possible the digital search service and corporate electronic sweep, as well as everything that is linked to the service of investigation of casualties by illness.

The latter two ensure that companies and all of our corporate clients can protect themselves from activities that may take place inadvertently, an issue that can compromise the protection of confidential company information, such as patent development. and also everything related to the execution of activities that generate an overload in the cost structure of the company, in case of unjustified dismissal.



At Detectives Grupo Arga we do everything possible to generate the best sense of investigation for all those who need electronic basin sweeps and wish to hire the best team capable of generating the best response from a point of view. highly professional and highly expert in the activity.

At Grupo Arga detectives we do our best to train all our agents in the best way, this means that we always keep a constant update in the execution of all these processes with the aim of making them the best tool that all our clients achieve, for what we enable the best structuring of electronic research services.

At Detectives Grupo Arga we undoubtedly promote the best investigative service for all those who undoubtedly come to us with great urgency to resolve a certain situation, this is when we will always do so with the best response in the shortest possible time with respect to equipment detection. spy and others, if you suspect that you are being observed, without your authorization, call us and we will gladly assist you.

At Grupo Arga, the management of all our processes is aimed at structuring activities that can undoubtedly support the best sense of response to both private customers and companies, which is why we always respond accurately to the means of our electronic scans. of basins, since we

ensure that this locality has the best sense of research instrumentation at the best cost. For Cuenca, we provide the best resources at the level of electronic sweeps!









The best IT surveys in Cuenca by our computer scientists are a valuable resource for private surveys of private and corporate clients, which is why our agency has gone to great lengths to implement the best survey procedures.

The IT investigation service deployed by our investigation agents in Cuenca, aims to promote the best professionalization of the construction of investigation teams and give the best response to all the needs of the clients at the level of computer matters .



Computerized investigation processes are mainly related to the management of the investigation process, which has the ability to facilitate the collection of evidence and find the evidence required for specific operational solutions.

For this reason, at Detective Grupo Arga we are determined to provide the best solution for anyone who wishes to carry out investigations in this way. The scope of digital investigations is so wide that it is possible to obtain critical information and prevent the occurrence of accidents is so critical that it is possible to express the personal data of experts to achieve the best results and the highest degree of customer certainty.

computer detectives in Spain build investigation files electronically, which gives rise to highly specialized activities that involve the identification of users (usually anonymous users) and the detection of IP addresses and other aspects that can hide those who harm or harass. .

The behavior of those who waste Internet resources in the country and of those who undertake to establish criminal activities by these methods will not go unpunished, since through the management of our computer processes and investigations, we can do a capable job. to generate an effect of assistance to anyone who needs a private investigation.

In the electronic spectrum, it can be pointed out that there are various activities that represent criminal conduct, or may violate the privacy of the affected person, and may violate their emotional stability.

That is why our computer detective in Spain plays a key role, as it is well known in public life that some personal sexual passions or crimes begin with instructions of suspicious activity and in social networks and / or other media. This is prevented by proper monitoring of communication channels.

In addition, the actions of these experts are focused on understanding the types of activities that users can carry out in the network environment, since sometimes some people are unaware that the activity can expose their images and identities, exposing their assets. , your personal data and easily accessible mobile phone numbers. Typical characteristics (in some extreme cases) that ultimately lead to unauthorized contacts and harassing or blackmailing activities by third parties.

The activities that deserve to be studied at the level of the digital space are not only related to the execution of operations leading to the protection of the digital environment and the space of human frequencies, but also to prevention. fraud or fraud. Instead of identifying the places he frequented and the place that caused him this misfortune.

It is the action of computer investigations in Spain, we can build a highly expert standard of action that can enhance the typical elements of the response to economic fraud in an environment full of management problems.

A priori, many people think that the network environment is “trustworthy”, which undoubtedly creates the possibility that, in various circumstances, they will be robbed by financial fraud, and that their data will be stolen and used. for other purposes. Or your money was stolen by the force they used.


That is why the work of our computer science researchers in Spain aims to build a logical framework to respond to and monitor clues and particular aspects, clues that seem reliable but very fragile on the different websites visited. Throughout Spain.

Furthermore, when one of our experts investigated this capability, he suggested that the necessary encryption be unlocked so that the truth of the matter could be inferred and the relevant authority informed of what information resources the sites may be. to be With the aim of identifying people likely to participate in criminal acts and injure third parties to provide the necessary countermeasures and promote healthy use of these spaces.


Among Grupo Arga’s detectives, in the event of cyberbullying , we recommend that one of our investigators intervene, since private investigation professionals have the technical means and knowledge necessary to reach places where parents or relatives of minors who are victims from cyberbully they can’t.

computer investigators office (under mandatory parental authorization, if the harassed person is a minor), we will monitor all the telematic communications of the latter, and we will track the offensive communications received by the victim to try to determine if it is necessary. , we may use fictitious information to contact the attacker and determine their identity.

At Detectives Grupo Arga we do everything possible to provide the best sense of response to all our clients, that is why from our agency the fulfillment of the service is more than a cliché, for all those who in this sense. All the actions carried out by our agency in just a matter of

hours , provides a sense of protection to our private clients and also to corporate clients that require the execution of specialized services on our part.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of an investigation case is directed mainly towards the determination of logical response scenarios that are capable of providing the best sense of response for all those who require high-level investigative activity, which is why This is why we always prepare our agents for each situation.







Computer Detectives investigate a variety of crimes, from recovering file systems on hacked or damaged computers to investigating crimes against children. Additionally, computer crime investigators also collect data from computers that can be used to prosecute crimes. Once the necessary electronic evidence is gathered, cybercrime investigators write reports that will later be used in court. Cybercrime investigators must also testify in court.

Cuenca computer detectives also work for large corporations to test the security systems that currently exist. Investigators do this by trying in various ways to hack into the company’s computer networks. In business, cybercrime investigators also maximize optimal levels of computer system performance.


Computers and new technologies have become an essential part of our lives. We communicate by email, we interact on social networks, we buy online, we work with technology… It could be said that a large part of our personal and professional life is linked in some way to technology. And while it has become a breakthrough in many ways, it has also paved the way for businesses to be vulnerable.

Confidentiality problems, theft of confidential information, unfair competition or industrial espionage, among many others, are practices that unfortunately are on the agenda. This has led professional private investigators to adapt to technological advances in order to investigate computer crimes using the most innovative technological tools.

At Grupo Arga we have a department of Cuenca computer detectives specialized in computer security patterns and the management of access control to computer networks. Our research team has the best technological tools capable of satisfying the needs of the client.

As a private detective agency in the city of Cuenca, we have a long history in the field of investigating computer crimes at a private level. Over time, our team of detectives has improved and consolidated its computer investigation techniques, which are developed mainly around three areas: computer security, computer forensics and computer auditing.

Computer security refers to actions that are carried out mainly with a preventive nature to avoid possible crimes, violations or unwanted interference. To this end, Grupo Arga’s cybercrime department works to create barriers that prevent the leakage of sensitive company information by employees and external parties, as well as the incorporation of techniques to guarantee security. company information .

On the other hand, computer forensics is an area of investigation that has developed a lot in recent years due to the increase in computer crimes. Digital forensics focuses on tracking technological devices to look for evidence of possible attacks against companies or individuals.

To do this, scans of hard drives, mobile devices and all kinds of computer media are carried out. Our team uses the latest technologies to recover deleted data, detect unauthorized intrusions, etc.

On the other hand, Grupo Arga also carries out computer security audit work in which an analysis of the security of the computer system is carried out to detect weak points and make an X-ray of the real state of the business in this regard.

In this way, our team of private investigators in Cuenca acts in different ways to solve the privacy problems of companies and individuals both preventively and after possible attacks.

In addition, it is important to note that our investigations are carried out with the best quality guarantees and always in accordance with the law. That is why the evidence we obtain as a result of our investigations may later be used in legal proceedings as evidence.

The digital investigations of Grupo Arga detectives in the city of Cuenca, without a doubt, provide the best sense of response to all those who wish to structure an investigation process that can provide the best sense of solution to a problem. The management of each case with a spirit of immediacy undoubtedly provides the right path for all those who feel helpless.

At Grupo Arga, the management of our investigation processes by the hand of our Cuenca computer detectives, without a doubt, make it possible to prevent fraud, as well as actions against a person.

The usefulness of this type of action, without a doubt, promotes a detailed search action for all those who need to execute a digital operation that seeks to safeguard the emotional stability, as well as the economic assets of our clients.

At Grupo Arga, we manage each case with a highly personalized sense of structuring and capable of promoting the best sense of clarification and protection towards the needs of our clients, they know that with our Cuenca computer detectives, they have the best ally .

The management of each case without a doubt makes all our clients feel at home, by having the best detectives, since they have the ability to provide a sense of response in a short time and with the deployment of most suitable resources.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we carry out computer investigations in the city of Cuenca to generate an environment of cooperation that makes our clients feel supported in the operation of a specific problem, solving these cases with the help of our agents is the best decision that interested in hiring a research resource you can perform.

For the city of Cuenca, we guarantee in this type of investigation the fulfillment of investigative milestones to 80% of their completion in a matter of hours, making a response operation to all our clients, without a doubt, is something that is only possible through of our research resource. At Grupo Arga, we have the best digital research for all types of clients, outperforming individuals and corporate clients.



Understanding the value of truth is the main virtue that forms part of Grupo Arga’s services in Cuenca, as part of a professional effort to deal with work, personal, family, commercial and computer circumstances, we have the ability to carry out cases of this nature.

Enough of assumptions or doubts, you can support the occurrence of events by obtaining evidence, you can demand the activation of our services with the goal of gathering convincing evidence, you have the option of initially consulting the type of action plan corresponding to your situation with the expert observation of our private detectives.

The professional factor that resides in the representation that we provide, has to do with a dedicated improvement of our service areas, in that way we have answers at the level of modern circumstances in which a deception or fraud is established, so it does not matter whatever kind of problem you’re facing, we have the measures to investigate.

Currently you can expose your case for free, until you know and are certain of the capacity of our private detectives, in Cuenca you have the option of having a variety of services so as not to stop at any problem, but rather to highlight with personalizing professional responses to investing.

The quality point of the response of our services has to do with the combination of knowledge and tools to ensure the veracity of the evidence involved with the case, with the best costs when looking for an action plan that adapts to the situation as also to your finances.

The level of commitment that we draw on each cause is indescribable, so more than a contract is to have the support of different experts to solve a specific problem, we take the forecasts that the case needs by paying attention to the small details present in the situation. .

Stipulating what your case needs is part of the quality of analysis that we have at Grupo Arga, to achieve the demonstration of reality with the appropriate professional means, especially when reflecting a clear respect for the legal measures that prevail over this professional practice. that favors even legal causes.

At that time when you want to confront a problem, there is no doubt that the figure of a private investigator is key, that accentuates the benefit of trusting our private investigation agency, we integrate more and more specialists to increase the areas of services available .

The main thing is that you have the confidence to go for advice, so that our specialists have the option of evaluating the details of the case, until we have the private detective that corresponds to the sector to investigate, having experts from different sectors allows us to fully customize the approach to the case.

This type of private investigation work maintains a high quality standard, so that you receive evidence that completely clarifies what happens, where the competence of our private detectives stands out when searching for the truth quickly, we occupy an expert representation of this sector in an impeccable and verifiable way.

At Grupo Arga, each one of our responses covers the needs of the different sectors of society, which deserve an adjustment assumed by our experts. In addition, we comply with the task of carrying out monitoring and surveillance activities so as not to lose sight of all the details involved.

The main symbol that defines our services is commitment, because before each request in the town of Cuenca, we transmit a representation that can provide solid evidence, as a private investigation agency we have experts from each sector to occupy a position that reaches the last consequences of the inquiry process.

For each surface or theme we have well-trained private detectives, this kind of security allows you to be faced with a contract that really helps you, you can resort with the clear aspiration of knowing the truth, you should not live behind fear or doubt because our procedures are developed based on anonymity.

The prominent response of discretion that we offer you causes it to be a worthwhile representation, both for a personal, family or business purpose, in the same way we empathize with the defense of your cause, hiring our services is a clear aspiration to demonstrate of the truth with convincing and irrefutable elements.

The advice that we offer you ends up being frank and empathic with what you need, for each investigation carried out we design an action plan through which the budget originates, that generates that you have a rate according to your needs, since it is not a purpose commercial but a true vocation.

Understanding is another of the faculties that you get when hiring our services, we have the goal of helping each client to highlight the usefulness of each area of attention and continue learning to improve the level of response that we provide on a specific situation.

You can share what you want naturally, to trace a realistic line of investigation, in this way our professionals know in advance what they are facing and the type of methodologies necessary to find the solution you are looking for, every case has its variants, that is why we develop a critical view of the circumstances.

Seeking help through Grupo Arga is a great success, we have opportunity rates as well as an updated and quality line of services, so that inquiries of any kind can reach the agreed term, with evidence that is really requested to clarify a situation and that allows you to make the most opportune decision.

The value of a quality private investigation ends up being defined by obtaining peace of mind, especially with processes led by expert private detectives, in any part of Cuenca we take responsibility for directing an optimal investigation procedure to provide the evidence you need.



In the midst of the development of a case, whether it is a personal, family, commercial, business, IT or other case, has different incidents that are covered by Grupo Arga services, we have a range of tools that take care of those basic details to the most advanced to go in search of answers.

Depending on the difficulty of the case, an action plan is issued to overcome the difficulties, in the same way the deployment of techniques to verify the veracity of each fact depends on the fact to be confronted, this type of follow-up is valuable because it means an expert and advanced vigilance on the signs.

The elements of private investigation have forensic qualities, that means that the information is certified, thanks to the domain and knowledge to practice this profession, which implies a clear responsibility for revealing useful evidence, within the legal margin compliance with due process arises for you to do justice on your case.

Advanced tools are fundamental when processing data, for this purpose vocation is also a great ingredient in resolving a case, this type of dedication is an extra that is worth having in your favor to have in a short time with strong evidence.

The issue of remuneration for the services of our private detectives is not a problem, because in all kinds of circumstances it is an estimate according to the details of the case, because it is the fairest way to establish a particular cost, so through From a query you can know the exact value and go in search of the tests you require.

It is extremely beneficial to have the professional actions of our private detectives on your side, because they are experts who design a stealthy search to put the disclosure of your identity at risk, for this reason you can feel calm about obtaining verified information, putting aside the lies in between

For each environment such as personal, family, work, commercial or business, a set of strategies is intended to obtain information, it is a prevention to stop in time any type of deception that turns against you, especially with the capabilities of our expert private detectives who understand the situation.

Each situation is handled with absolute privacy and respect, because we work without making judgments but with a fixed gaze towards the resolution of the problem, this level of responsibility ends up covering that desire to know what is happening and obtain real evidence, with the accompaniment of unconditional and empathic advice.

In the hands of our professionals at Grupo Arga there is a clear possibility of determining what happens, once you come into contact with our service areas you will receive great coverage, since all the concentration is derived from your needs to establish the objectives of research and exceed your expectations.

To investigate a case we have numerous experts endowed with techniques, training and tools that guarantee the presentation of evidence in an opportune period of time, to make the investment for our services worthwhile and above all to cover your concerns in a favorable and with the respective competition.

Our services respond to your claims in an exceptional way, the guarantee on professional coverage is authentic, due to the number of functions that our private detectives carry out on your case, there is a concentration to corroborate the indications and delimit the directions that a case throws up.

We work with total quality and efficiency to address a case as the situation deserves, that stops you from continuing to be a victim of deception or fraud in particular, thanks to the transparent information that we bring to light so that the commission of some act does not prosper. illicit, much less with the innovation that we apply to our services.

The same rhythm of the incidents that society suffers is covered with the diversity of the service areas that we enable, to maintain a modern response, so that the figure of our private investigators is at the level of the circumstances and the demands of each sector. , we provide a recognized response to different problems that you go through.

Hiring our services ends up being the solution you need so much, we make ourselves known for the objectivity that is dedicated to your concerns to find the most appropriate professional approach, especially with our qualified private investigators licensed to practice at a professional level.

The only legally authorized way to have evidence is through private investigation, that prevents the evidence from being refuted by some nullity but on the contrary, they maintain full integrity to do justice, therefore attending Grupo Arga is a way of having your favor experts who work for the truth.

In different branches or specialties of private investigation service, we have a high level of response and coverage that draws a clear efficiency, over the years we have formed a service that extends so as not to miss the opportunity to reveal the truth, We work for and for your needs.

Specific evidence about a circumstance is the means of having peace of mind about a fact, it is the way to resolve a conflict from the certification of the truth, especially when rapid professional attention is given to the details of the case, we have experts who work for answering your questions.

The way to verify the truth in a real and achievable way is through the professional attributions of Grupo Arga that are enabled on the service routes that we have, so we support you in obtaining evidence with techniques and tools that mark an unveiling expert.

Beyond the complications of the case, we have sophisticated resources to increase the level of success, no matter how many complications arise, each of our private investigators stands out for finding the most suitable resolution, that makes a difference in the work of demonstrating a fact and defines the exercise capacity that we have.



Professional discernment on a case is a reality within Grupo Arga, so if you go for expert attention we receive you with a range of options based on the areas that we make up of the numerous specialists that we have, the action plan for your case will be well represented and covered.

To provide the evidence you need, you should not hesitate to hire our services, because we adjust to all the details of the case to start getting satisfactory answers about the situation, especially with the generation of a final report that narrates all the incidents of the case verified with legal validity.

Knowing what our private detectives can do for you is simple, you can consult to know the action plan that corresponds to your case, because the search for the truth that we carry out is based on a strategic planning that generates results, it also estimates the procedures to follow to obtain solid evidence.

The offering of our services is fair to your needs, the main thing is to reach the demonstration of the truth by complying with all legal protocols, that is the willingness to help that we maintain in Cuenca unconditionally, from a professional attention in which the dedication stands out until checking what happens.

The increase in areas of attention means that all types of cases are attended to, that is why you should not stop at verifying the truth, much less with the tasks that we carry out in Grupo Arga, we involve a professional effort to cover the needs of more people in different environments or situations.

The wide compatibility of our services is another reason to prefer the professional assistance that we offer you, no matter if your case is part of personal, business, commercial or other situations, in the same way we have experts who can practice within that environment with total distinction and with valid results.

The body of work that is launched by offering solutions, are trained so that in the shortest possible time the necessary evidence to close the case arises, especially with the manifestation of effective methods and techniques, this constitutes a success of private investigation at your disposal.

As a private investigation agency we have reliable private detectives, in Cuenca they maintain their knowledge to reach the resolution of the situation that you raise, so that the lies and deceptions do not increase in size or generate more consequences, that is why we are an ideal medium for check what happens.

The best professionals to obtain evidence are found in Grupo Arga to cover you in that intention of ratifying an incident, much more with experts who maintain due process in each situation, integrating an action plan that follows lawful guidelines attached to what that each situation requires.

Another certification of our capabilities is found through the different awards we have received, because we have achieved a remarkable track record by expressing a clear willingness to help reveal a fact, above all we update ourselves to know the main threats that reside on a medium .

Our best experts are destined to cover those conflicts in which there are hidden circumstances, therefore you should have much more concrete results that we provide you, so you can trust your money in our services to have valid evidence in a short time as an opportunity to do justice.

Each one of our private detectives in Cuenca constitutes a clear defense against deception, because we carry out qualified work with excellent results, through fair fees based on the complications of the matter to be covered, we have become a preferred alternative to shorten the paths of deception.

The private investigation market has different offers, but Grupo Arga highlights the capacity and training that we have developed for more than 10 years, which means that you find greater security about the services that we keep open at your disposal, without putting confidentiality at risk. that your cause needs.

At all times we guarantee a favorable outcome towards the truth, to record the facts that are happening in a particular environment, for this we carry out forensic procedures that do not overlook any extract of information, the best of all is that it is not infringed no rule to preserve the legal value.

The respect that we maintain over each investigation regarding legality is beneficial, because it means that you have the freedom to have conclusive evidence, through which any legal provision is complied with, understanding your case allows us to comply with the duty to issue the necessary evidence for that situation.

Carrying out a private investigation from our representation is prominent, because we dedicate ourselves completely to issuing evidence with specialized advice based on the action plan that arises from the circumstances of the case, this is the way to get results on a fact, we adapt to the complications of the cause.

At the moment in which you detail the doubts that exist about a situation, we immediately respond with empathy and professional effectiveness to design a functional action plan, all this allows you to know the procedures that are going to be applied in favor of revealing the reality.

At the end of the private investigation, we transmit a robust final report, which is admitted in judicial circumstances and ends up exposing the facts that have emerged, so it is a reasonable investment compared to everything you can do to assert your rights in any circumstance. .

Everything that your case deserves will be provided by the prior care that we assume from Grupo Arga, for this reason you can be sure to have a valid response as a result of valid professional efforts for that medium, trust in everything that our private detectives can do for you.



If you are going through a complex situation, there is no doubt that it is essential to keep in mind everything that Grupo Arga can do for you, because in Cuenca we have highly professional private investigators who find out those aspects behind an event that you could not do on your own. by the demand and the lack of knowledge about the necessary techniques when processing data.

The contribution of evidence that we can transmit from Grupo Arga is an enormous facility, in view of the fact that the indications are analyzed until they become confirmations, especially when we are able to take on cases such as paternity certification, hereditary inheritance, doubts regarding workers, infidelities, strange behavior of minors and others.

In the same way, if as companies you face complex situations, do not hesitate to support private investigation, because it is possible to reduce the possibility of espionage within the commercial exercise, duplication of brands, we even confirm commercial and corporate reports to ensure every step you take within this scope.

But not only companies can benefit from private investigation, but we also enable high caliber service areas such as computer forensics, through which electronic means are processed with the right intelligence and competence to exercise specialized expertise. , investigate social networks, form an online report or others.

The coverage of our experts fits completely in the labor sector, because they are in charge of verifying the existence or not of fraudulent sick leave, any unfair action in this field as well as a duplication of employment that is not allowed, all those behaviors that affect the work environment They are exposed with evidence.

There is no doubt that you have the option to investigate any issue, including the technological issue is defended by Grupo Arga, because there is an abundance of spy device sales that are installed in different environments, so that placement of hidden elements can be stopped with electronic sweeps that We remain available for your case.

The enabled services have to do with the advice that we share to personal, business, computer forensic, labor and even technological interests , that adds power to the contracting that you can sustain with our experts, so that from the same representation you obtain quality jobs. .

The type of response that we design in Cuenca is special, because at Grupo Arga we intend to go further, the same happens with the dynamics of services that we apply in the field, such as monitoring and surveillance, these two aspects are covered with services carried out by our expert team with great experience.

The qualification of this contract is remarkable, because your case is in the hands of our resolution areas that follow an effective protocol, taking care of the viability of the case so that you invest for real results, so you can expect a favorable resolution in circumstances that merit professional care.

One of the most common cases that arises has to do with the search for people, where desperation shines and only with experts who give their best effort can you feel that you are doing something to know where the subject is, do not let the feeling of restlessness clouded you and bet on Grupo Arga.

The group of qualified detectives focuses on generating these outstanding results on a case, the subject of the investigation is going to be treated by experts in that area, it has the attention that we offer you through Grupo Arga, to locate the evidence in circumstances of great need.

In the face of a moment of anguish that you are experiencing, the service of our private detectives offers advice in a close and personal way from the first moment in which you share the problem, to address the circumstances as necessary and not put the subjects involved on alert. , nor lose that discreet performance that is essential.

An initial appointment can be carried out without any commitment, it is a request for you to receive the guidelines on our services, until you configure an action plan that meets the criteria of speed, good investment and effectiveness, that accentuates the results of the analysis. prior that we implemented when dealing with the case.

Even when wanting to clarify a matter related to fingerprints, we also have experts at the level of dactyloscopic experts, this is vital to know the identity of a subject that can be decisive for the case, a professional is assigned to this type of special matter capable.

The meticulous work of our professionals helps that specific case to have the solution it needs, it is also a way to test the preparation of our private detectives, so there are plenty of reasons to take the next step until the case is told. and initiate private investigation procedures.

To know for sure what is happening, we have experts who dedicate their ingenuity when covering the mystery shopping process, for example, where intelligence prevails in these actions, as well as knowledge about the commercial requirements that are going to be measured. through this service alternative.

A clear image of reality is presented with the compilation of evidence that we develop, if you have doubts it is time to know the whole truth with specialized methods, if you require a verification of this level you can consult your situation to assess the performance of our experts in each case.

Receiving a case is assuming the responsibility and the duty to provide evidence, through the preparation of a detailed report on all the phases of the private investigation carried out, especially with the information collected that passes through verification standards to ensure that it is Try real data.

The legal validity of the evidence that we obtain is concentrated on the forensic procedures that we apply, so as not to arouse any type of illusion about a situation but rather certainties based on evidence, the level or projection of our private investigations is not limited, in fact they cover an international range even.



Through Grupo Arga we have room for investigations of different natures, that is why it is valid to consult our services and have different weighty solutions on your side, you must indicate the details of your case to have an action plan and a respective budget that we Let the truth be revealed.

The action plan that we carry out is validated by a staff of qualified experts, which allows us to even receive the request to investigate to strengthen judicial cases, as it is an allied service for lawyers, this duo is perfect for debating a fact in legal instances with supporting evidence.

The answer to speed up the results of a judicial process lies on the evidence, we help you to have that type of advantage to regain peace of mind when testing reality, at Grupo Arga we design a collaboration with the most requested and innovative sectors of the moment.

At all times we make sure to have valid and pertinent results with the circumstances, each case is accompanied by the respective techniques to process multiple information formats, in this way the report is composed of various tests that follow the corresponding legal framework.

The order imposed on the follow-up of the case is everything, so that you have the option of imposing the evidence before any type of court, it does not matter if the cause you defend is of a family, personal, business or computer nature, for each branch there is a specialist of the level of complications to assume.

It is complicated to investigate on your own, however the main solution to have evidence is within the services of Grupo Arga, you must consult us immediately to receive evidence in a short time, even in delicate cases in which an action can be pursued court level.

Come to receive an optimal job, we focus on investigating and compiling convincing evidence, always maintaining consistency with the environment in which private investigation is applied, so that no type of indication is lost sight of, if a situation involves illegal circumstances all the more reason you should have a professional response.

As soon as trust is broken about a fact or person, you must form a service contract to be represented by experts who take risks and maintain the development of an effective and detailed investigation, this is a deep and important measure to expose the truth, consultation of how can we help you

Within the private investigation procedures we exercise high-level surveillance, it is not spy methods but professional methods to find evidence, once you share the details of the case we look for a response according to your situation, around the circumstances we form a reaction to measure.

When contracting our private investigation services, you can be sure of getting multidisciplinary options, due to the group of experts who come together to obtain convincing results, we have areas dedicated to learning more about that particular subject until we present coverage by above your expectations.

The advantages that arise through the contracting of our services are within your reach, to confront an uncomfortable situation, where doubt prevents you from enjoying that environment and even generates negative consequences, that is why you must inform yourself about the variety of service options available. in Arga Group.

The best option to collect evidence from the understanding of the factors surrounding the case arises only with specialization when seeking information, therefore the recommendation to prefer Grupo Arga is well justified to rule out all those problems that are installed around an area, privately and well represented.

Collecting data about a problem will always be the best option to defend yourself from a scam, especially when having expert action through the services of our private detectives, who work with the goal of knowing what is happening and informing you through really useful evidence.

The reputation of our services is extensive, due to the number of positive results we offer, the cost is proportional to the type of work involved in the case, which allows us to determine what happened, by exceeding expectations through services that rule out any assumption in exchange for firm arguments.

Learn about the role of the private detective in charge of your case, choose our private investigation agency to recognize what is behind a case, we adapt to your needs by paying full attention to the events involved in the case, it is essential that you take the time to trust the service areas of our organization.

We have at your disposal enough resolution methods that you should consider, we check the investigation routes with the experience of our private detectives, that generates confidence when searching for information expeditiously with clarity in each instance of the private investigation process .

Do not hire unreliable private investigation services, it is best to opt for expert representation, this work gains an important space in the midst of conflicts, since we carry out a meticulous exploration of the facts, you can trust us with your case to undertake a obtaining validated information.

It is valuable that you have the advice that we offer you, because it takes into account the doubts you have to work alongside them and solve the case, this professional response is effective because it contemplates the needs to start any type of private investigation with a wide knowledge to prove a fact.

Think of Grupo Arga for the outstanding image that we have formed over the years, the variety within the methods of private investigation is the best for different directions in the field of private investigation to be covered in the same contract, this is the main characteristic that find through our agency in Cuenca.






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