What are these situations in our lives that suddenly lead us to think about the need to request the service of a private detective ? Let’s try to frame what would be these situations that lead us to such doubt, infidelity, harassment, self-security, disappearance of relatives, some debt and as they say out there “among others”. Really, when we have the need to look for a private detective agency, it is because it becomes the only instance to turn to, after a problem for which we want to find a quick and exclusive solution or because we have already asked other security entities for help. and his answer to us is almost the usual “NO”, it is at that moment where asking for the help of these special agents is necessary.

But this decision is not made overnight or all of a sudden, to take the concrete step, call, make the request, pay and start living this experience, we must take into account a series of steps that will lead us to the correct selection of the service that best adheres to our needs and said selection consists of: evaluating our options, also considering where we live, managing the issue of costs and knowing what type of staff we hire or if there is such a process that helps us choose the correct detective.



Spain is one of the countries that has the best preparation and education to impart learning to those who want to train as private detectives, in fact it has an internationally recognized Agency, with clients all over the world, the agency of the What we are talking about is The Arga Group of Private Detectives , pioneers in this area, in the training of people of both sexes, who are accredited with university degrees, physical and mental preparation to make them an elite in the labor issue of private detectives in charge surveillance and monitoring .

Knowing then that in this country we can count on the best services, with people really trained to carry out this work, then the next thing to take into account is where we come from, as the title “Detectives in Elche ” says, to our readers who are the ones who lead us to provide them with all the information they require in a complete and extensive way, we will make a study about which private detective agencies are in Elche , how they are prepared, what equipment they have, what they offer us to those who we can request your services, what your budget is, but before all this we want to show you in full what a private detective really is and when we may need it.



Being consistent with what was written above, we know that we have a situation that can lead us to require exclusive help from a private detective , when we fall into this conclusion and we are willing to call an agency of special agents in charge of private investigation, surveillance and follow up , we need to know who is really a private detective .

A private detective is a professional authorized by Spanish law to carry out processes of private, personal, financial and judicial entities that in turn their work is based on conducting investigations of facts or private behaviors, the results of such investigations are the samples that you will have to take in an orderly and detailed way to the client who offers your services, in order to demonstrate your training and the good work of your work.

We must take into account that in Spain being a Private Detective is a position attributed by law, that is, it can only be called that way to someone who has a license that is authorized by the entity in charge of such judicial processes, since to obtain this position they require of many preparations that we will mention later.

Having clear what a private detective is, it is also in our interest to know how it is formed or what is needed to be this type of special agent, what is their preparation, what requirements do they need to be a detective and how should they be met. All this without losing sight of what we want to evaluate, which is the training of the agents to whom we are going to go to request the help we need, so in this way we will have much more peace of mind and less ignorance.



Hiring 24-hour Elche detectives is feasible through the communication channels that Grupo Arga detectives has arranged for said community, with the aim of promoting a highly specialized assistance service aimed at making personalized attention possible.

From Grupo Arga, our 24-hour Elche detectives can manage a process that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of response to all those needs that our clients have, it is for this reason that we make the management of specialized investigation processes possible around to the search for tests and data of interest that can solve the immediate need of each client.





The deployment of detective services throughout Spain has been a challenge for Grupo Arga detectives, and the fact is that the constitution of the Elche Detectives 24 hours has been a source of pride for the entire organization, since the contributions are well known that have been achieved towards the organization, as well as the construction of solutions with respect to our clients.

The generation of an efficient research process has led to the possibility of establishing a host of elements that are characteristic towards the promotion of a logical framework of operation capable of generating the indicated answers to all our clients, this has been the synonym for the which our detectives are so well referenced in Spain and throughout the town of Elche.

Our detectives in said city have been carrying out this work for more than 9 years and have managed to solve throughout their history a large number of famous cases that have even had some relevance at the public level of said town.

The Grupo Arga detective in Elche is characteristic for directing with honor and dedication everything related to the daily exercise of his work, this has allowed him to be a high-value resource towards the generation of solutions that allow customers to make the best decision.

In short, the sustenance of the detective work is focused on this, on providing a logical framework for decisions to all our clients, since sometimes many are disoriented and come to us, it is there where the work that Grupo Arga directs detectives, is responsible for offering a master guide to all the processes that can be deployed with the aim of establishing the greatest elements of certainty in the short, medium and long term.

Innovation is an element that we have always highlighted in the execution of the work of Grupo Arga detectives with the aim that it is the modernization of our techniques and processes that really set the standard. Being an agent of Grupo Arga detectives is being a highly efficient resource capable of providing the best answers to all the concerns that our clients have in the shortest possible time.

Anyone who is interested in hiring agents who are capable of carrying out an investigation should undoubtedly go to Detectives elche 24 hours , additionally, they should know that above all the successful performance of an operation depends on the provision of various indications with the greatest clarity as possible, this means that it is very important that it not only be as serious and sincere as possible, but also that it has the ability not to convey any element or fact that may be loaded with emotionality or subjectivity.

This means that a detective is guided by all the testimonies provided by a client to establish the initial indications, which will contribute to the construction of a hypothesis, which, if validated, will lead to the generation of clues and that when these are detected in a chain of events can certainly consolidate the resolution of a case.

That is why the initial work within this process is of the utmost importance and it is a joint task carried out by both the client and the researcher, this entails the need to be better at what is being investigated, and to try to collect with the greater precision and possible objective load all the necessary elements to carry out an investigation.

By understanding the complexity of this phase, it is possible to understand why a person alone cannot generate their own research scheme, since it requires an expert who has an experience curve gained and who is also someone who has the support of an organization to get to the truth of the facts.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries



From Grupo Arga detectives our mission is directed towards our clients, since it is focused on providing the most efficient responses, as a result, they will make decisions of different levels of importance, which is why the participation of Detectives elche 24 hours is very important , towards the achievement of the objectives and the recognition of the organization.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have been focused on providing the best training process to our agents, with the aim that they can guarantee their growth through a host of elements that are capable of guaranteeing the best responses.


In Grupo Arga detectives we have the best resources that are capable of satisfying all the needs of our clients, this leads us to the decision to always improve, having as that epicenter of innovation all the elements that can form part of an optimal attention to our customer segment.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we have made it possible for the city of Elche to carry out an investigation process that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution regarding the management of aspects that have the capacity to promote the best sense of response to all those who they want to establish specialized data collection around elements of great discretion and synchrony with a consistent decision-making process. For Elche we do the best!





In this sense , hiring a detective is the best tool we have when it comes to establishing an investigation process around various elements that are part of our day to day. Hiring quality detective resources leads us to the point of establishing a research service with a trait of excellence, this allows us the possibility of being better in what we do every day, with the aim of providing the answers that our clients seek.


Many people, having doubts about whether hiring a detective is the best decision they can make, sometimes reach the extreme of knowing superficially everything related to the exercise of an investigation case, sometimes some are daring and try to do an investigation by their own means, this leads to the person being exposed unnecessarily and additionally being prone to making mistakes and being accused before third parties of violating spaces of intimacy or privacy.

It is there where the person really knows the consequences of carrying out such an act on their own, since the non-professional operation of these elements can lead to civil and legal sanctions. Through these elements, it is necessary to highlight that the researchers are highly professional resources capable of generating a sense of dynamics and mobility with each case at such a level that it ends up being highly timely.

That is why the best decision that the client can make before trying to be a pseudo – investigator is to hire an expert detective , capable of generating the greatest investigative criteria towards the generation of various investigation hypotheses, as well as the successful resolution of a case. , this leads to the same being able to assure the client all the necessary tools for the


execution of a successful operation.

When you decide to hire an expert detective, you are not only delegating the exercise of this work to an experienced person, but you are also providing the opportunity for the latter to establish, based on various criteria, a strategic action, an issue that will also be beneficial for the client, since he will benefit from establishing a concentration on more important activities, as well as being informed step by step about the new outputs of each process that is related to the progress of the investigation.

At Grupo Arga Detective we provide our clients with the best guide so that they can count on high-level services, and know the scope of our investigations, in order to jointly determine with the agent all the milestones that can be concretize with the start-up of the research operations, this leads to the concretion of various elements that allow the execution of a strategic framework of operations capable of supporting a whole host of demands towards the client.

That is why the client is never advised to undertake a kind of investigation on their own, since it is clearly not time efficient, nor does it generate the desired results, additionally this autonomous operating framework can also play in a greater risk and exposure of the person, since he or she is executing highly complex tasks and sometimes does not know the consequences of what derives from it.


For this reason, it is necessary to know the service that Grupo Arga detectives has in mind for its clients, since it is the guarantee of generating the best possible investigation service under a framework of certainty, this also goes hand in hand with the experience that our organization has been deployed around the offer of our services, an issue that has been synonymous with progress related to more than 10 years of work throughout Spain.


Detective matters are related to the hiring of professional personnel, who are capable of giving the necessary guidance and responses to the client, which means being highly proactive and insightful in an effort to identify each critical element of the investigated situation. Reason why it should be known that an investigator through his years of experience not only has the ability to resolve the management of various cases more quickly and efficiently, but also that he can generate the greatest comfort in the client.

At Grupo Arga, our philosophy focuses on generating a culture of excellence and dedication in each and every one of our agents, which allows us to be a resource with a high sense of belonging in the deployment of detective operations.

The tasks carried out by Grupo Arga detectives are related to the application of various criteria that are typical of a high-level performance in order to manage the needs of our clients, this allows us to ensure our operation through the implementation of technological tools, as well as everything related to the use of our laboratory equipment and electronic analysis equipment to generate the greatest deployment of resources that are capable of guaranteeing the obtaining of inputs to be incorporated into an investigation with the objective that they can facilitate the determination of sufficient hypotheses and also the construction of various


cases .

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that intends to constantly update everything related to an optimal execution of its investigation services, this allows us to act with a sense of opportunity according to the demands of each situation, for this our services are deployed to do Possible investigations in the sentimental, personal field, as well as at the business level through the investigation of sick leaves and the establishment of investigation techniques in companies such as Mystery Shopping.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization with vast experience that is willing to never stop learning to provide our clients with a chance of success in cases where they need to deploy their different resources.




The best service for carrying out investigative work is found in the Elche Detective Guide , since it is a great opportunity to secretly carry out everything related to the search for immediate information.

The generation of an intelligent decision is not only rewarded by knowing that it has actually been taken, but also by recognizing what positive elements it can throw at us, in the short, medium and long term.


The existence of detective services in the city of Elche makes us be meticulous when establishing a major investigative task, since it is made possible around the structuring of highly specialized services and directed towards the achievement of a process of successful investigation, this entails the satisfaction of the client, since he is the one capable of giving the guarantee of approval that the case under investigation has come to an end.


This is an important indicator that others do not take into account, since it is sometimes believed that a detective is that know-it-all who may be able to tell how far an investigation goes, no! Since it is necessary to highlight that it is successful if it receives the approval of its contractors, for this reason, from Grupo Arga Detectives, we have deployed, based on a rigorous practice and experience of detective work in our country, a whole host of evaluation elements so that customers can evaluate the service, since if they are not satisfied with the results, then there is a need on our part to establish a detailed explanation of all the elements detected.

This puts us in the need to establish that our agents are a highly qualified staff trained in detective work to guide the client to achieve results, this indicates the possibility that he will work tirelessly until he achieves the objectives proposed in The same, beyond these facts, the investigator has the imperative task of not altering the elements detected in the context of the investigation, given the need to be as frank as possible towards the client regarding the elements that have been achieved. detect.

For this, our detectives, through the services contemplated in the Elche Detective Guide , can generate the different mechanisms that can be conducive to the creation of a constant communicative environment with the client, this leads us to the need to establish various elements that are capable of provide a framework of detailed explanation to our clients about the tasks that can be carried out and how far the scope of each of the elements put into practice for the purposes of an investigation process has managed to reach, this means that in the case where If a client is not satisfied with the result obtained, it is the duty of the agent to explain in detail the entire procedure deployed and the elements that were detected.



Being a private detective above all implies having a strong sense of commitment and dedication towards the work that is done on a day-to-day basis, this leads to the need to be the best resource around the deployment of the different operations for which the detective must carry out a logic very typical of the intelligence process.

Being a field detective and offering the services of a detective guide in elche is a task that is carried out with a highly rigorous criterion, since it is in the possibility of guaranteeing or not the success of an operation, this implies deploying certain abilities and skills in favor of achieving the achievement of the indicated information.

To this end, the Grupo Arga detective relies on the management of sophisticated tools, capable of generating the most appropriate responses at the most critical moments of the investigation with the aim of being able to circumvent criticality through scientifically based facts, for which uses the fingerprint contrast technique, as well as the execution of a DNA analysis process in order to determine responsibilities in situations where the investigations need to be supported by high-level conviction elements.


This also implies the need as a detective investigation group to offer the best Elche Detective Guide , capable of quickly managing all the concerns and needs that our clients are going through, with the aim of providing them with the greatest possible peace of mind, regarding the achievement of these aspects.

The generation of various stimuli towards the structuring of a logical framework and a first-rate investigation is made possible not only by taking for granted the support of detectives who have great capacity in their theater of operations, but also everything is summed up in the logistical and organizational support that is provided to them, for this reason at Grupo Arga Detectives we want to be cutting-edge investigators, this is how we provide our investigators with support in our operations room with the aim that they be strategically and satellite supported in the exercise of its operations.

This generates the possibility of being highly relevant elements when carrying out an investigation with a high level of complexity, since it means that our investigators will not be alone in the performance of their duties, the conception of an operating room is a element that provides us with the necessary advantage to carry out a successful operation.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the discipline and gallantry of our agents make the difference with respect to our investigative impetus, since getting to the heart of the facts and determining all the elements of the cause, as well as the different hypotheses, is what characterizes us, with the goal of being excellent in what we do, since more than a profession it is our passion.




Just as Spain is the country with the most and best training institutions for private detectives, such as the Arga group of detectives , precisely to offer highly qualified personnel, they must be extremely strict with the requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for one of these

stalls ; These requirements may vary depending on the institution where we request the service we need, but an extensive study leads us to the general requirements with which all schools require natural persons to be part of them, the most requested requirements are:

  • They must be at least 18 years old, they cannot be underage to study this exciting career.
  • It is something a bit obvious, but you must have the nationality of the country where you want to carry out this study, taking into account that everyone deserves opportunities if you are not born in Spain you can be born in one of the countries belonging to the European continent, otherwise Thus, they also offer an opportunity to those who were not born in Spain and who are not from the European continent either. How? Well, if you are from one of the countries that has a social, political or economic agreement with the European Union, you can also opt for a place in one of the training schools for special agents.
  • Although we had already mentioned the age that is established to be able to apply for this quota and that it is so taking into account the physical capacities that exist at that time of established ages, this requirement emphasizes this, they must be in full excellent use of all their faculties, capacities, aptitudes and attitudes, be they physical, psychic and mental, although we are repeating it, it is better to make this matter clear, you cannot have any illness that could limit you from carrying out any exercise that is necessary for the preparation of private detectives.
  • Lack of a criminal record .
  • In these requirements we are going to talk about laws and that is never having been arrested or penalized for having committed an infraction, for illegal interference, for disrespecting privacy, because this would go against one of the codes or articles that the schools of private detectives, which is the protection of the right to honor, the protection of personal or family privacy, although it sounds contradictory because it is responsible for breaking into the privacy of the person under investigation without being noticed, since it is also true that discretion and prudence is one of their best behaviors, the information collected is never disclosed, having this clear, in the 5 years prior to their request they may not have had any of these inconveniences.
  • The issues of sanctions are taken very seriously to be able to opt for this request, absolutely no infraction, no matter how small, medium or serious, with the security entities will be forgiven or allowed to pass.
  • It is strictly mandatory not to have belonged to any entity of special forces, police or government, before wanting to be part of the private detectives, they handle an issue of exclusivity that has a lot to do with what they do, loyalty and prudence, discretion , Darkness.
  • After having completed the requirements to be able to enter these special preparation schools, the key requirement to graduate is to pass and pass with excellence all the physical, mental and psychic tests that are put by the trainers, obviously of approval. It is from these tests that the results that will show your high capacity to be a private detective will be obtained.
  • To obtain a university degree, you must first have completed the compulsory secondary or high school process, whatever this study is called in our locality, and possess a diploma or certificate that guarantees preparation and approval in secondary school, said diploma must be approved by student organizations, with the corresponding signatures and seals that prove their legality and endorsement.
  • Finally and it is the most important requirement of all that will take those who have already completed the requirements and also approved all the tests that host as a result the excellent and complete training of the staff, is obtaining the diploma of the institution where he was trained as a detective . private , also said diploma must be endorsed, signed and stamped by the corresponding agencies in charge of approving these documents, after all this is in perfect order, this will be the last step to obtain the private detective license , enabled and admitted by the organization in charge of carrying out these judicial and penal processes, having possession of this license the achievement for the effort is already done.


Since we know what are the strict requirements by which the people to whom we will request our services must pass and approve, this is a step already completed to continue carrying out our selection of who and what is the private detective agency that we want for them . help us meet our needs, then we have with this completed the fact that we know that we are from Elche , a town that has special privacy agencies , we also know what a private detective is and we also add that we are clear about what requirements they must meet to being authorized agents, we know that this process is then legal and completely reliable.

Now, do we know exactly what a private detective is for ? Its duties? And how does it benefit us to have one?


Before making the decision to require the services of a private investigator , we must know exactly what the detective agency offers us , what their functions are and even the specializations in which they stand out.

We have to take into account what services they offer and which ones adapt to our needs.

  • Services provided in the business sector:

-Defense of property, this depends on whether there are attacks against the company in question.

-Duplication and Plagiarism of work by the competition.

Security of the computer system, protect the company’s database.

  • Services provided in the labor area:

-Unjustified casualties of random people.

-Prevention of robberies.

-Staff pick.

  • Private and exclusive services:



Follow -up of court orders, so that they are complied with, such as restraining orders, restrictions, among others…

-Paternal authority of the children.


-Suspicion about personnel who work for the applicant in question, such as house staff, or their businesses, nannies, maids, drivers, as long as there is a suspicion of these.

  • Other services

-In this segment the special teams enter, these other services are even more exclusive and more discreet, mostly requested, by government institutions that need to have the highly qualified team that these institutions have to carry out exhaustive investigations, within this we find (analysis of coz, fingerprint analysis, DNA test analysis, GPS devices, wiretapping detection, and telephone and environmental sweeps ).

We are then clear about what their services are, we have already studied them quite thoroughly, we are getting closer to carrying out an exact selection process, now we need to know what their functions are as detectives.



  • research and information; Whatever our requirement has been, this is the main operation that a private detective offers us , that of investigating the given objective and the information that it collects from us to see the results of the process.
  • Adaptability ; Each case is unique, which is why each detective must plan and mesh very well the ideas given by whoever hires him, always having an idea and a scheme of how to do things.
  • Surveillance ; Extremely, sometimes they not only make requests for monitoring but also for surveillance and protection, they can be hired by hotels, commercial establishments, or a private home.
  • Result ; Always at the end of each job, this organization or the contracted detective will issue a report based on the results of your search presented in written, digital form, almost always accompanied by digital formats, whether photos, videos or audios, and will show us the conclusion From his job.


Increasingly further away from ignorance, it is definitive that there has been a change since we began to write and take into account the possibility of requiring professional help from a detective without knowing what they are and what they are made of, we now have extensive information that undoubtedly helps us with an excellent and complete selection of the service we want, we only need to know the cost of the requested service.



In Elche there is a variety of detective agencies due to the demand they have had in the town. These detectives in Elche provide a variety of services to those who need to start an investigation to find out the truth.

The detectives in Elche have been characterized by being of quality and carrying out their work with the greatest possible professionalism, carrying out investigations that range from infidelity to locating people in different parts of the world.

The detectives in Elche are found throughout the town, thus counting on the services provided by multiple agencies that are in charge of carrying out the different investigations of the inhabitants of the same.

Given the variety of detectives in Elche , many of these people have had to carry out different methods for a good choice of agencies, one that provides the required attention, affordable costs, verifiable experience, among others.

Among these agencies that stand out in the criteria of the clients is the Arga detective group. For years, we have been the favorite agency of the inhabitants of the area to carry out their different investigations.

This is because we have worked responsibly and ethically in all cases, using the best tools and techniques to reach the truth. In Arga detective group we have the best professionals in the area.

Similarly, we have characterized ourselves by having affordable prices, so that our service is available to anyone who requires it, thus providing research and advisory services.

For this reason, we are the best option for detectives in Elche , where you can find the different testimonies of those who have had our services and have been able to get to the truth of all their problems, thus recovering peace of mind.




As we mentioned, detectives in Elche are a service that abounds thanks to the demand for them in the area, so it is important to take into account the following when choosing a detective:

  1. Consult services, costs and experiences

One of the most important parts when choosing the help of a detective in Elche is that of information. With this, information must be collected about said detective agency, or the detectives themselves.

In this way we will know what are the services provided by them and if they meet our needs. It is also important to check the costs of the different agencies that we can find.

With this, it must be taken into account that the best detective service is not usually the expensive one, so it is important to check prices and choose the one that, in addition to satisfying our needs with its services, adapts to our budget.

Finally, to properly choose a detective in Elche it is important to consult with past clients about their experience with them; In this way, the way in which the detective works and the quality that he provides with his work will be known.

Taking all of the above into account, we will verify that the best detective option in Elche is the Arga detective group. With a number of clients satisfied with our work, we have the best prices in the area and professional detectives.

  1. Check online

Closely related to the previous point, one of the ways to consult the experience of other people with respect to a detective agency is by locating their experiences on the internet, whether they are good or bad, they always share them.

  1. Interact with the detective

On many occasions, information is not enough for some people and they choose that the best option to rule out a service is to deal with the person who offers it, so the recommendation is to go directly to the detective.

This way you will know your treatment, the way you plan to carry out the investigation and, more importantly, if you inspire confidence. This trust is extremely important for the work to be carried out smoothly.

  1. take reports into account

When an investigation is carried out, detectives must be in charge of keeping a log and report on the progress of the investigation, in order to narrate in detail the progress and events.

This report will be very helpful to clients if they want to take the results to legal instances. For this reason, it is important that by having a detective service in Elche makes sure to receive said report.

Taking into account the mentioned aspects, it will be easier for you to carry out the choice of a detective to help you carry out an investigation. We emphasize again that in Grupo Arga detectives we are your best option.

Our detectives are in charge of preparing the necessary reports that will allow the investigation to be valid before a jury, while they are professional detectives that will keep you informed of everything, providing confidence in this process.



As we have mentioned, the detectives in Elche are professionals who, once hired, offer their clients different advantages, especially our professional detectives from the Arga detectives group.

In addition to having years of experience in these jobs, our detectives are responsible for keeping clients up to date with the minimum progress of the investigation, since the objective is to reach the truth and restore our client’s peace of mind.

Likewise, our detective groups in Elche offer the advantage of having an affordable price, so the investment of the work to be carried out will not be as large, compared to other agencies in the area.

Finally, we must emphasize that our detectives are in charge of providing multiple investigation services, so our clients will be able to carry out various investigations with our detectives, all with the greatest possible professionalism.

For all this, do not hesitate to count on our services, because we carry out the work with the greatest responsibility to obtain answers in the shortest possible time, being the main option of many people who require these services.



Lawyers exercise an obligation to their clients where they must find the fundamental keys that support their cases in order to provide an effective and satisfactory solution for them.


Given this; Police or legal cases where the support of evidence is required to help their processing, they can be attended by professional agents in various investigative fields. We are talking about private detectives .

Private detectives can act in a wide variety of situations. Not only do we provide private investigation services to individuals and companies, but also, Grupo Arga Detectives , we hire legal professionals. Today the help we can provide to law firms in any matter that they are carrying out is unquestionable.

detectives investigate the most on behalf of law firms are “infringements in the workplace, insurance, economic or property reports, ‘phoresis’ and marital conflicts”.

Specifically, at Grupo Arga Detectives , we collaborate intensely with various law firms, handling matters related to family conflicts (those related to child support and neglect), patent and trademark issues, and labor issues.

We are the best detective agency in Elche for Lawyers . You will find a complete and ideal service for the resolution of problems to obtain physical evidence that works in a particular case as a lawyer. The best service at the best price.



There are people who question the validity of private detective reports . Given this, comment that our profession is legally recognized and regulated by Law 5/2014 of April 4, on Private Security. In the Expansión news, María Jesús Herrera, a partner at the Sagardoy law firm , says:

“The validity of the detective evidence in court is that of a testimonial evidence and it is a completely effective means as long as it is well articulated and without violating fundamental rights, for which it serves for evidentiary and supporting purposes in court”.

For many, the procedures that these experts carry out within the investigative field seem like fiction. Thinking about the possibility of obtaining evidence that corroborates sensitive cases in which those victims cannot receive real help, results in something unthinkable. But, this does not stop the palpable case.

Private detectives have gained such a famous reputation due to breaking schemes and taboos regarding their work performance. Being in turn, recognized by various police and legal entities. This gives rise to the possibility of offering an ideal service for those people who want to find a quick and efficient solution.

This is made possible by the various and creative tactics that these specialists wield during each investigation. The mechanisms vary, as well as the implementation of the electronic equipment used during the investigative process.

Its mission is to infiltrate the environment of the person under investigation, also carrying out follow-ups through other means for cases in which it does not refer to a physical entity, but a digital one. Cases that must be dealt with through digital and electronic means are part of the work carried out by private detectives .

In the case of detectives for lawyers , a solid union arises here where two fundamental functions are fulfilled in a judicial case: the person in charge of processing the case under their knowledge and pertinent licenses, and the person in charge of collecting physical evidence in various formats that support the lawyer.

Therefore, the implementation of a private investigation service with the aim of promoting those cases that have been involved in obstacles or brakes, where the evidence presented does not point to a specific result. They have become a powerful alliance between detectives and lawyers . Undoubtedly,


represents a brilliant strategy.



The collection of data and information that comply as support for legal proceedings in a case is of utmost importance. Any palpable evidence that justifies a case where the relationship of the culprit with the facts or the innocence of the same within the act is established; that it has been collected by special entities such as detectives; they have an enormous weight within the procedures.

Ideally, get the best private detective agency in your area. In Elche , we, Grupo Arga , offer multiple services for the hiring of detectives for lawyers in Elche . We have one of the best teams of private detectives in Elche , each one with a long professional career endorsed by police and legal entities.

Hiring the services of a detective agency will not only be a great option. Counting on us will guarantee very profitable results in the search for justice and truth. Our mission is to be a support for the entire community.

The union between lawyers and detectives is of vital importance and relevance. The Lawyer is in charge of implementing any information or evidence to process a case either for or against the accused. The detectives obtain data and evidence of the acts committed that will be delivered to the lawyers to proceed.

Without a doubt, more than an idea, it is a brilliant strategy. The work of both for the same cause will mean a very considerable extra at the time of the investigation, interrogation and judicial process to be consigned.



The disposition of highly qualified detectives who will assist you 24 hours a day, always with optimism, empathy and total seriousness . Hiring our services would mean a great benefit to process your cases as a lawyer . Some of them are:

  • We have a computer forensics team in order to attack any situation of digital origin (web pages, blogs, social networks, etc.).
  • We have the best electronic and mobilization equipment to ensure a completely low-profile and safe investigation procedure, always maintaining a natural environment.
  • We have the best search team for locating people , whether they are missing due to suspicious natures that point to a guilty third party, or whether they are people wanted by law for presentation in court or other offices.
  • We have for you the best quality-price comparison when purchasing our services. We will always be guided by solidarity.




In Spain, a general balance of what these services can cost is handled, which as well as the functions and services, their prices are also divided into sections according to the requirements of the application.

Consultations can cost between 70 and 80 euros. The most common services, such as surveillance and monitoring , are measured per hour and per person. If this is unique, there is a basic prototype, which is the service that consists of 1 to 5 hours of service and has a value of 350 to 370 euros, when the request for the service requires special equipment where technology enters the arena, since these costs are usually higher, and can reach a value of 1,500 Euros.

The world of knowledge is the best place to exist, if today we are presented with harassment, we are living in anxiety because of the anxiety of believing that there is infidelity in our marriages, if our companies that are the fruit of our effort are being threatened with some danger , with this extensive information, so rich in power and knowledge, we can be sure that when choosing to hire a private detective agency, such as the Arga group of detectives , we will do so in a confident, select and successful manner.

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For all those who need to know how much detective is worth in Elche , we have the best solution in terms of investigation services, which undoubtedly have the possibility of providing the best sense of resolution towards the management of a process that without a doubt can promote the best sense of resolution of a given event.

From Grupo Arga, those who need to know how much detective is worth in Elche , without a doubt, can establish the best investigative criteria to elucidate precisely everything that has to do with the management of a specialized process that can make the investigative work viable. under an aspect of high discretion.



At Grupo Arga detectives, we know that, in order to direct a quality investigation process in Elche, without a doubt we cannot drastically reduce the price, it is for this reason that the management of investigation procedures undoubtedly makes it possible to provide the best answers in the shortest possible time. How much is a detective worth in Elche is a question that is often answered under the following logic.

At Grupo Arga Detective, we are committed to providing the best response criteria for all those who wish to hire an investigation process and who undoubtedly seek the generation of an appropriate response framework, an issue that undoubtedly makes it possible for us to articulate the best value proposition at the level of private research with a balance between quality and price.

Grupo Arga detectives can perform investigations for infidelities, as well as in the structuring of cases that are more related to personal investigations, which tend to resolve any investigative and investigative concerns that the client may have regarding the loss of objects and resolution of family matters, among other things.

How much is a detective worth in Elche is something that is related to various private detective services for various reasons, on some occasions they may be interested in recovering a pet, an antique or a document of great value, this also implies the need to keep all elements that may be accurate towards

the generation of an appropriate response framework in the execution of a research scheme that may be in accordance with these demands.

The generation of parameters that are capable of providing the necessary answers to an uncertainty scheme is possible through the execution of the detective technique in detail, which is the only one capable of solving some cases that can be considered of a daily nature, that is why that mainly a client who can come with a question of this type can be perfectly received and attended.

Many people think that many questions and needs that they have at the level of private investigation is impossible to solve, but they are wrong, since the investigation of this type is precisely responsible for providing the best sense of response to the concerns that the client has, this is the only guarantee to direct through excellence a whole series of responses and elements that the client demands at this time.

Public investigation, in this sense, does not have much to say, since it is in charge of administering and imparting justice, this is made possible through all the legislative and judicial procedures that are contemplated, a private detective in this sense does not play even a complementary role in the instruction of its procedure towards the investigation of predominance in public issues, therefore, although private investigation allows its agents to develop a new professional air (since many have worked in the past in public investigation) , it is necessary to highlight that it seeks to resolve elements closer to everyday life.

Although it may not seem so from Grupo Arga detectives, when we always want to answer how much a detective is worth in Elche , we have observed how highly complex cases can be developed at the level of an investigation, an issue that sometimes does not correspond to the executed budget, even so, our resource always decides to get ahead. It is for this reason that the day-to-day of our detectives is linked to the development of a host of elements that allow them to detect with a sense of great precision, all the aspects that are capable of generating sufficient certainty in the client.

The elements of certainty, which a client is always looking for by hiring a private detective, are linked to the generation of a host of elements that come in the form of information and data, which will be the ones indicated for adequate decision-making. .



How much is a detective worth in Elche, for Grupo Arga it is something that ends up being extremely pleasant in responding when comparing the processes that we can establish to contribute to the best solution for individuals and companies, when these facts are contrasted we can leave all these elements in a second flat.

The generation of an important investigation is achieved through a chain of events that can guarantee optimal results, the construction of positive elements towards the development of an investigation leads us to the point of generating a great sense of comparison towards what it can be achieved in favor of the client, since he must feel that in effect with us he can progress around his need

At Grupo Arga detectives, this is a central aspect in the development of our value proposition, since, if the client does not feel that he is making progress in the development of his work, our services have no reason to exist, in this sense, we always provide the best possible result to all applicants for these types of services.

Grupo Arga detectives has been doing research in Elche for more than 10 years, which is why our commitment to this community is unalterable around the execution of elements that can provide the best sense of response for all types of clients, In Grupo Arga! for Elche we do the best!


The Arga Detectives group represents a group of private detectives, deployed to all the rigor of the Spanish territory, perfected in various types of inquiries, which initially recommends that the organization has at its disposal the possibility of fixing any circumstance that arises. East.

It should be noted that this agency is located in the city of Elche, being one of the most prominent in terms of quality, discretion and effectiveness.




There are many properties that a private detective must possess, some of the most essential being discretion, renewal and, above all, the time in which a response is provided, in this way how he must carry out his work always in the interest of the goals of the detective. customer, and find the maximum for this.

It should be noted that you must have skills in the various types of inquiries, to select the most viable path and the efficient way to find answers for the client.

The effectiveness with which a private detective creates a response is essential for the client, often in this type of service the crowd needs sudden proof, since they have the opportunity to be victims of fraud, infidelity, etc.

Our private detectives in Elche are very popular, and the city exhibits a wide variety of configurations when selecting a private detective, however, in most situations you can find truly well-prepared professionals in the field of investigation, given The higher the proportion of detectives who are already in this city, there is the possibility of finding someone who meets all the characteristics that someone is looking for.

One of the very popular agencies is that of the Arga Detectives Group , which has always guaranteed in its professionals the professional activity of all the necessary points that correspond to a prominent level detective.

The aforementioned agency has an unattainable trajectory, always standing out among the most indispensable and effective private detective organizations.

It does not matter what the reason is for which a subject comes to this type of service, Arga Detectives will have the ability to solve it, offering not only a quality service but also fast responses, since it has the latest in technological equipment and Always update on this matter.

There are too many points that influence the evaluation of our detectives in Elche, and our private detectives also have surprising training.

Private investigations in Elche are a widely used instrument in this city, they have the opportunity to find different costs and promotions,




The labor stipulation of private professionals became very recurrent, so day after day there are more professionals who are filled with this work, with a high demand for rivalry in private investigation

This competitiveness creates in the research market a great diversity of rates, costs and some proportion of promotions, however, it is essential to point out that great care must be taken in the selection of the service.

The city of Elche stands out for having truly well-prepared private detectives on its streets, you can find investigative detectives who work independently, and also agencies with a group of detectives perfected in all areas that correspond to the subject of private investigation. , which were selected under strict procedures and forms.

Given the diversity of advertisements that you have the opportunity to find on the subject of detective agencies in Elche, some costs can be indicated, promotions that range from 60 euros and upwards per hour, and 400 euros and upwards per day, however , it is imperative to emphasize that the fee will depend on the client’s case, since each subject has different problems, the highlighted ones are similar, but always different.




A very common agency in this city is the Grupo Arga Detectives, which grants transparent costs. It should be noted that the costs of the same are always fixed without violating the regulations established by the state, beyond providing spectacular costs, a quality and efficient service is also guaranteed, where the circumstance is resolved as soon as possible.

Our agency was recognized worldwide, winning awards for resounding successes and providing experiences to its workers, so when looking for an investigation service, this city is ideal.

As the costs are different, frequently the multitude in its effectiveness of fixing your problem will look for the cheapest value, and this does not turn out to be the convenient option in all situations, Private detectives in Elche , are recognized for their trajectory and valuation, without However, if you do not make a careful selection, you can actually fall into scams, which is why it is recommended to look at detectives for points that go beyond price, such as professional experience, as is the case with Arga Detectives.






For all those interested in hiring cheap Elche detectives , without a doubt, the best sense of resolution can be promoted in order to promote the execution of an investigation process that without a doubt can generate the greatest solution towards the execution of an operation that can generate the best sense of evidence gathering to all our customers.


The construction of this process, through cheap Elche detectives , undoubtedly makes it possible for private investigation to be seen as an extremely useful tool around the management of processes that can be directed towards the resolution of various problems, which is why our service in these communities is so highly valued.



The great opportunity of being a detective’s client focuses on the possibility of requesting the best of the best, this translates into the need for cheap elche detectives, a client who may require these services should always bear in mind that the agents are seen as high-value resources that allow the achievement of the objectives that are previously outlined in an investigation, reaching this point for researchers has not been easy, since it is something that has been gained through experience and the willingness to be top.

The detective work has changed and has been modernized over time, this has been as a result of having in its possibility the great update of elements that mean a greater modernization of its operations and the tools that it always deploys.

The best that organizations such as Grupo Arga detectives have been able to do is not stay in time, since it allows itself to be better in a highly proactive way, as well as innovate in the provision of its services, this allows us to establish various elements that can be highly positive towards the generation of shorter response times in favor of building the framework of solutions that our clients require.

The modernization of the activities and the methods applied by the detective are not only reflected in a greater obtaining of results, but also allows the generation of diverse action strategies that provide an agile performance of the agent, with the purpose of establishing a improvement in all the services since, when provided through a greater sense of efficiency, they can facilitate the most efficient responses to our clients.

Private investigation services provide a clear framework towards the resolution of various problems of our clients, this represents the possibility of meeting the various needs under a response framework that is conducive to clarifying any doubts that may arise to our clients in the various aspects of their lives.

The generation of modernization processes in the exercise of detective work is not only possible with cheap elche detectives , since although they can establish investigative work that attends to a greater modernization of processes, it is necessary to emphasize that all innovation is not going Only in favor of obtaining an updated research technique, there is also the implementation of strategies that involve the improvement of tools and devices that may be inclined towards maximizing results in field work.

The use of new strategies is in line with the generation of new research techniques that undoubtedly shorten response times to all questions and elements of uncertainty that are part of the client, this generates the possibility of being highly proactive at the moment to establish a first level investigation.

This is how our teams also seek to support their field work with resources that allow them to do their work in the shortest possible time, which generates a reduction in customer response times.


The agents that develop in the private detective field allow our clients to be beneficiaries of a high-quality investigation, since the results obtained provide them with the best information and data collection capable of making possible the generation of conditions for an efficient decision-making process.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that above all things seeks to generate the right answers for our clients at the right time, this is the guarantee for the optimal management of results for all our clients.


Grupo Arga is a detective organization that has more than 10 years of experience, with the aim of providing high-quality investigation services to the whole of Spain, this is the guarantee of our success since the client is our main reason for existence. At Grupo Arga detectives we have always told people that by choosing cheap elche detective services they are opting for an intelligent solution.

The best of the research services offered by Grupo Arga are focused on generating solutions for our clients guided by a great sense of precision, capable of generating the best possible results.

This undoubtedly generates obtaining an efficient scheme towards the construction of a panorama that facilitates the resolution of all the needs of our clients, for any case where detective action is required.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that does not stop improving in order to serve the client with the aim of giving him the best of the best, this implies the generation of various elements that can go in favor of the creation of a highly strategic investigation scheme. , capable of assisting those interested in contracting these


services at all times and at all times.

By consulting our social networks, those interested can contact us in Elche to have access to the best service, as well as they can approach our operations headquarters in order to talk directly with our agents.

Another element that can be in favor of our clients is that before hiring us, they can get to know us in depth by obtaining all the information about our organization in detail. This means visiting our website, with the aim of being able to be assisted at any time and at any time. . Grupo Arga detectives is a leading organization in the generation of investigation services.






Security in companies can be penetrated through deceptive mechanisms internally. Sometimes, it is the employees who commit acts that go against the well-being and growth of their work. Carrying out illegal acts, seeking only their own benefit. We also include acts


made by the competition.

In addition to the fact that many present false documentation, in which they claim to present a condition or disability, which would lead to the approval of a fraudulent sick leave . Thus obtaining the opportunity to work for another entity. Others steal company information in order to blackmail, or sell the data to the company’s competitor.

These and other circumstances must be addressed in time. Detecting them is a complex process, where the support of expert entities in the case is needed. This is where labor detectives come in . Highly qualified professionals, who will analyze your situation and apply research strategies, in order to address your problem.

For this reason, at Grupo Arga , we offer you the best labor detective service in Elche , in order to discover any deception or illegal action that is occurring within your assets, as well as offer you complete advice in order to generate methods protection to safeguard your information.



Detectives are investigative entities in charge of collecting evidence, which means support to prosecute a case, or generate a complaint, among other legal actions according to the situation that you present.

It is a direct investigation service, in which you can count on a team of specialists, who have the necessary tools and tactical knowledge, to carry out various analyzes of the situation; generating an information gathering plan, mobilizing totally low profile.

To attack a particular point, such as company investigations . The detectives work under the investigation through physical and digital documentation. Tracking possible inconsistencies in the data established within the records in your company.

This, with the intention of detecting problems that put your assets and the profits it generates at risk. The manipulation or theft of valuable information by the competition; it can be used against you, in order to misrepresent your position in the market. Generating considerable losses and declining the reputation of the company itself.

The intervention of these agents, to deal with cases that include theft of information, in the hands of “hackers”, or the detection of false documentation such as resumes, or presentation of medical reports that require fraudulent sick leave . It represents a considerable support, where you will be able to re-establish normality within your company .

Not to mention, the ability to opt in to defense mechanisms to protect all of your information. Thus avoiding the interference of spies or “hackers”, through procedures that include the famous electronic sweep . An extensive procedure, where the possible existence of espionage teams such as


microphones , cameras, sensors and more.



  • It will have the best investigative team; made up of the best labor detectives . Professionals specialized in the business area.
  • You will have our computer expert team . Expert agents in the digital field. Capable of detecting any anomaly within the network, where valuable information about your company circulates.
  • We have the best electronic equipment to generate a complete and high-quality investigation. Where any information will be collected that reveals the existence of illegal actions by its employees, or by the interference of the competition.
  • You will get full advice during the investigation. We will explain step by step, the strategies to apply, as well as a complete security guide in which we will offer you various security options for your company in order to keep all your information safe and above all, correctly attend to the cases involving falsified documents.
  • This service will give you the possibility of eradicating any inconvenience that is presenting within your company , of a fraudulent nature. Espionage cases , seeking information theft , will be stopped in the bud with the help of our thorough investigation.
  • You will have the best rates on the market, where the quality-price comparison comes to the fore. Always adhering to your situation and ensuring the security and integrity of your company .
  • We offer a direct service, where we take full priority to your case in order to provide you with real solutions in a very short time. Always maintaining total empathy and cordiality.



We at Grupo Arga have been working for more than 10 years in the field of private investigation . Offering an optimal and very high quality service, being recognized by various police and legal entities.

Having in our registry, more than 9,000 cases closed with satisfaction, where labor investigations are one of the most requested services by our clients. This is possible, thanks to the daily effort of our labor detectives , to seek justice and protection for the entire community.

Being pioneers in research advances, we cover both physical and digital cases; having the support of the best computer experts in the region. The same, which provide real solutions to extensive cases such as the loss of valuable information in the hands of spies or “hackers”, through web channels such as social networks, emails, blogs, among others.


Our mission is to bring you the palpable evidence that reveals all these situations, very common within any company . In order to give you the opportunity to take legal action. In turn, keep you alert to other possible attacks on your business assets, offering full advice on security methods and tools.

Attending a company is a laborious job that requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail. On occasion, it can occur fleetingly; themselves, which represent a danger to you and the image of your company . Therefore, acquiring our labor detective service is a brilliant strategy that ensures a real solution to these situations.



Gaining insight into the immense opportunity that work offers is an important point that anyone wants to participate in, so an investigation of fraudulent sick leave in Elche is something that occurs as a result of the fact that practically the entire population experiences jobs, but not all of them they give you room to do good in them.

What do we know about the ethical relationship of the worker? A lot, but what we really know is finding those who for their own benefit move away from the moral values of a company, and that’s what we dedicate ourselves to.



Sick leave and its fraudulent aspect

As is well known and mentioned in almost any media, unless we go back to the year 2008, the development indices around the employment of the population continue to rise progressively, thanks to the possibility of work that has been developed around the offshore labor service , a real work that triggered jobs.

Because although it is true that lots of jobs were submerged in an almost normative spasm to which it was difficult to adapt, people, both through corporate administrative means and their own, managed to glimpse approximate ways to respond with relative strength to the needs of the market.

A labor market that more than ever was making its way towards relocation, a utopian proposal that became part of our habit since we could not even leave the house hit hard and dazzled her with a sense that was categorically opposed to how things had been done with so much proximity and mobility.

But the population could not meet their needs from demobilization and jobless in complete restructuring. For this reason, the examples of administration and creation circuits were transferred to the home office , serving as a path to complement in condensed ways the incipient work that had been developing.

And with the new conformation of these periods of interdependence transferred to the home, a lot of cases arose that weighed on the portfolios of many businessmen, because as if that were not enough, the tenure of employees that ran to the detriment of the restructuring of the market, and here they appear cases of investigation of fraudulent leave of absence .


Relationship of sick leave with the situation


If we have to stick to the particularities of the context that befalls us, we must establish a direct relationship with the process experienced since the pandemic. An unprecedented regression that obstructed the possibility of establishing control relationships or control measures in the workplace, which are sometimes very necessary.

And an opportunity can also become a disadvantage, and much more so when it comes to managing the profits that come in by the hour.

Not only because this fits into a difficult situation that is detrimental to economic benefit, but sick leave is added to previously prescribed amounts, since with the sensitivity of a new disease such as Covid-19, the management of casualties skyrocketed in favor of the social benefit of days off work that the employee deferred.

With this breeding ground, a tremendous panorama opened up for anyone who had so many responsibilities and money that did not come back. The sick leaves were present, and with them the fraudulent sick leaves, which concerned the entire Spanish territory, but which in part affected the economic activities of Elche.

Elche and its industrial and agrarian economy against fraudulent casualties

With regard to the investigations carried out to avoid or obtain fraud of this type, I must admit that Elche came out well, at least in this surplus of fraudulent sick leave in Elche and its industrial and agrarian community, all due to both exhaustive manifestations of the own market where it developed as part of services like ours.

On the one hand, it is necessary to reconstruct the fact that the industry, whether metallurgical or, the quasi-native of Elche, footwear, makes up a very complex industrialized register of large-scale factories, which better discipline their employees regarding an environment that makes it impossible for them to agree with sick leave so easily.

Meanwhile, the registration of the agricultural trade is more of the same, its labor procedure is developed in large warehouses and large fields that meet with good capacities to stay open and in operation out of difficulties. But of course sick leave is for many already an almost provisional escape to later resign from the company.


Leave and resignation, a post-leave alternative

The fraudulent labor investigations in Elche , to tell a concerning ending and that faded as one that little by little gave more account than expected, for which he had the capacity to appreciate patterns of action that were taking place en masse, such as the type sick leave that was constituted by adding more and more days to the date of return until an imminent resignation.


The virtue of our researchers found several of these causalities in the processes of fraudulent sick leave, in which the meaning of the people was framed much more to their personal benefit, in search of being granted more benefits in as long as possible until the resignation or dismissal without the owner being able to add something against it.

But now that we have gone through the investigative process, Grupo Arga has managed, and continues to manage, to file good reports and sufficient truthful and legal evidence with the possibility of appealing and even using the use of this evidence against those employees who take advantage of the company to open cases and report them openly.

This and many other alternatives are offered by an investigation of sick leave in Elche , which by virtue of truth and financial security in favor of development and work ethics, we start out as the best formula against dishonest employees.






The execution of an investigation process that may be related to the execution of the Mystery Shopping Elche operation is a procedure that can be

of great advantage to those who wish to hire this service, since its application represents a great opportunity to learn in detail everything that is related to a thorough review of the customer management policies that are taught in the company.

The construction of processes that are related to research, at a business level, result in generating various responses that are very useful for the managers of an organization in making decisions that must be executed in the short, medium and long term.



At Grupo Arga detectives we have valued the execution of various investigative elements that are related to detective action in order to serve the community, one of the strategies that we have used with great precision and dedication to service towards our clients is related to the structuring of research services for the entire business community in Spain with the aim of establishing services that can be efficient towards the growth policies that corporate entities can propose.

Linking these aspects of research with decision-making lies in quickly supplying everything that is related to information and key data, towards what can mean the identification of critical aspects that, if not managed in the short term, or with a great sense of priority, they can end up generating various distortions towards the desire to meet the objectives set by any corporate initiative.

This is how it can be highlighted that there are companies that start with a good corporate approach, however, they are not involved over time with their mission and business vision. How do they get to this point? Well, it’s simple, many deficiencies and distortions begin to develop from an inefficient customer service, then improvisations come and as an unequivocal result a total decline.

To avoid these situations, companies today have appealed to more precise and more professional information criteria. Gone are the market studies that, through “wide-ranging” processes, got to the bottom of the facts about what was happening in the market. a business environment, although our interest is not to make a detriment with this type of business technique if we must show that the magnitude of the details is expressed in simplicity, an issue for which an investigation technique can be the most propitious and the most efficient from the economic point of view to determine the phenomena that are present in a business environment.

That is why, through our research processes, we provide the answers that companies need through the application of Mystery Shopping Elche, an issue that will undoubtedly generate the advantage for the founders of the company in knowing in depth what is what may be happening in various commercial nodes of your business and how the current situation may be with respect to the level of care.

The construction of a research criterion that can provide the management of an organization with sufficient evidence and indications of the real state in terms of the deployment of its services and purchase experience allows each corporate client to obtain a great advantage over its competition. since based on an inexpensive service, data and key elements can be obtained that allow obtaining great profitability in the medium and long term.

The construction of the Mystery Shopping Elche technique also makes it possible to know which of the commercial nodes may be executing the best service policy, it also makes it possible to identify weaknesses and all the elements that may represent an opportunity and a threat at the of building a business model that is sustainable over time, which is why our detectives are considered resources that can establish the best response at any given time.


The construction of an investigation case applied to the company allows, above all, to be useful towards tasks that allow a strategic positioning by a private entity, those who do not know that the company can benefit from intelligence and investigation tasks, well, we must say that the time has come where all this aspect can be known, with the aim of providing the best answers, research activities provide corporate environments with a host of competitive advantages so that they tend to function efficiently in the market. market.

A Mystery Shopping Elche trained in the detective quarry of Grupo Arga detectives is a resource that is mainly directed towards the detection of elements that are scattered in the deployment of a customer service policy, this is how our detectives manage to identify all the elements that are executed in a scenario of this type, as well as dare to talk with the public and other clients to determine precisely what is the state of perception they have about the business.

We have been doing research at Grupo Arga detectives at the service of our community for more than 10 years, both individuals and companies benefit from the discipline and commitment with which we assume our work, which is why when establishing a criterion research of excellence we allow ourselves to operate with our agents and the best resources that we make available to clients.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that through these services intends to direct various response schemes to the service of those interested in coming to our contract and requesting precise and discreet information, an issue that ends up being highly useful when deploying a service. first research.







The investigations being carried out by the Grupo Arga detectives in our town make our resources known as experts in Locating people in Elche , because they are the ones who can carry out the work of private investigation in the shortest possible time. for any time and at the most appropriate time.

Our Location of people in Elche , are the ones that give a greater sense of resolution to various elements that can undoubtedly provide the best element of resolution regarding a certain situation of private investigation, this investigation has different connotations, an issue that we are going to clarify in detail. in Arga Group.


Talking about our location of people in Elche throughout the day, without a doubt, is to address a problem that has a great decisive significance towards the construction of an extremely precise investigative aspect that has the capacity to promote the best sense of location of people. In our agency, we respond to all those who without a doubt can contract this type of activity.

The construction of a search process in a time horizon towards any type of client of Grupo Arga we make it possible thanks to the generation of a highly specialized investigative service and aimed at providing the best sense of resolution to the different types of clients who look at our business the right solution.

For Grupo Arga, personalized attention, more than an aspect of interest, undoubtedly ends up offering a great opportunity to serve a client effectively and achieve the objectives set in the shortest possible time, which is why location services of people we apply them resolutely, collecting the main evidence in a matter of hours.

Building these aspects undoubtedly ends up promoting the best sense of resolution among all those who are interested in hiring a detective to solve a particular problem with the search and location of people, this being one of the best possible aspects compared to what it generates. this investigation. since Grupo Arga’s agent is a highly qualified resource.

From the Grupo Arga detectives, we allow different types of clients to have the best possible service at their disposal, a problem that is undoubtedly reflected in the wide range of activities that we carry out from our agency and where we transversally connect the search and location of people, an issue that you can undoubtedly promote. in the best sense of the word, the best results to all those who wish to hire Elche detectives specialized in location research, this type of work, is valued towards an extremely precise and efficient resolution of any investigation result.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we provide the best in terms of investigative services, since our activities may be available to people who might be interested in knowing if their partner is cheating on them through an infidelity investigation, which is why it is necessary to locate the person who has the role of lover in the relationship, this is important to know who is the person who is participating under this figure in the treatment of the sentimental relationship with the partner of our clients in case this occurs.

At Detectives Grupo Arga, we make possible the best sense of operation for all those who seek to establish the best solution and the best personal security option through our services, which is why, from our organization, we make the best sense of operation possible. in the structuring of a surveillance and counter -surveillance operation that allows giving the best sense of resolution to each element, complementing these with the search and location of people in this type of operation, knowing in detail who is trying to intercept our clients.

But this is not all the work that we do with Grupo Arga detectives, since we also provide a first level service at the level of private investigation to all companies that may be interested in locating people in Elche, this translates into searching labor and business profiles that they have requested, an issue that in case of requiring a valuable resource, the opportunity is generated so that it can be the object of a search to evaluate for hiring and recruitment purposes in their ranks.






At Grupo Arga, our detectives specialized in locating people in Elche are the ones who promote the best sense of solving a problem regardless of its complexity, because in this way we have only been able to represent the best in investigative services to all our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we have the best trained agents to carry out any activity related to professional investigation and private investigation regarding the location of people, which is why, at our investigative operations agency, we are committed to executing each case as much as possible. on short notice at the lowest possible cost.

From Grupo Arga detectives, our Elche detectives provide the best encouragement towards the resolution of an investigative element that can generate the best

development for each case, the maximum result being the satisfaction of our client through testing.

At Grupo Arga, we make it possible for the location of people in our city of Elche to become a reality, which is why through all the services that we develop as an agency we do what is necessary to carry out work with the utmost precision and specialization.

Grupo Arga Detectives, is an investigation agency that has more than 10 years in the practice of private investigation, a problem that undoubtedly brings the best results to all our clients, in the short, medium and long term. This undoubtedly promotes the best research exercise for both individuals and companies. For Elche, we are at your service at all times!




Detectives in Elche for infidelities



We do not have the possibility of being one hundred percent with our partner at all times, on many occasions we want to leave all our responsibilities and always be with him for fear that he will be unfaithful to you, but when the assumptions are very enormous and we cannot find satisfaction, It is best to hire a professional private detective in infidelity .

But there is a drawback and that is that many people still have no idea how to hire them or if it is really worth it and they prefer to go on their own, risking damaging the entire operation. That is why in this text we are going to teach you how to act in these situations.


There are people who work on the subject of research or search for information, whether scientific, technological or in addition to fraud, for all of the above, there are private detectives, who will help you find the evidence you need.

Grupo Arga Detectives , is a company where you can find the best detectives in Elche. Its professionals are dedicated to making inquiries with the intention of obtaining evidence or information to clarify concerns and settle legal problems.

One of his specialties is infidelity, carrying out a recurrent tracking of a subject to see his actions.





Many people begin to doubt the actions of their partner and continue with this doubt over the course of a long time, which causes them to lose security in the relationship, turning what was a moment of happiness being with their partner into a moment of anguish and disgust.

These kinds of occasions tend to cause stress, causing disgusting moments and gradually wearing down the relationship with your partner.

It is necessary to hire an infidelity detective to clarify these concerns and be sure if your partner is unfaithful or not, since if you are not sure of the fact or do not have evidence, this can cause problems in your relationship.

For this topic, the experts of the Arga Detectives Group are the best alternative, the investigators that make up the company are aware of the elegance that must be taken for this type of case, given that many people who are investigated usually report alleged violations. to your personal space.

With the support of these professionals you will obtain irrefutable evidence such as images and videos of your partner’s actions when he is not with you, it is not good to confront your partner without evidence, because he will be more careful.

It should be noted that the technological equipment used by Grupo Arga’s infidelity detectives is the most innovative on the market. You will have the best resolution in the photos and videos provided, remembering that these serve as evidence at the time of corroborating adultery ..

Infidelity is a normal issue recently even, although it may not seem like it, our partner may be having encounters with another type of person being with us, which translates into infidelity and it happens that we inhabit a world that has become smaller thanks to the social media. Anything can happen.

This is why it is a good initiative to have a professional private detective in infidelity who can help us in this kind of case that, as we are going to be able to see now, we do not have the possibility.

ility of or shouldn’t we carry out.




Harassment is another of the most controversial issues recently, situations where one of the parties of the couple was imprisoned for a justifiable time for having violated their privacy for fear that they were being unfaithful to another person are very popular.

It was expected, given that, if you are dating a type of person who requires you to be by your side at all times, check your phone messages, continue your movements, among several other acts, the least you can ask for is some space.

professional private detective in infidelity enters the scene , they are experts in this kind of case and undoubtedly have the experience required to investigate whether your partner is dating another or not without you having the need to follow her at all times. places or check your messages.

In addition, they have the full acceptance of the judicial entities and the Ministry of the Interior to continue in the best way that they see as essential without worrying about violating the privacy of the person under investigation, in the same way they know what their parameters are in all operations.

Quality that you cannot carry out yourself or employing “a person who is going to do the cheapest work for me”, since you can go very wrong in legal matters if the other person reveals to you.




How can a private infidelity detective in Elche help me in these situations?

The best thing is to hire a private detective for infidelities in Elche to help you with that problem as complicated as finding the essential evidence to unmask your husband or someone you have as a partner. At present they are highly required due to their enormous effectiveness in this class of cases.

And you will also have the possibility of continuing to carry out your work or attend to your responsibilities while

the private investigator of infidelities in Elche , finds the evidence you require and keeps you informed of the results of the operation.

In addition, it is quite worth it since it has a serious reliability service since these kinds of inconveniences have the possibility of embarrassing many people and prevent them from going to experts.

Another drawback is that they have no idea where to go to find professional private detectives in infidelity and end up doing nothing or confronting their partner without having proof of what they did.



Where can I find a quality infidelity private detective in Elche?

There are many infidelity private detective agencies in Elche for being one of the main towns in Spain, but there is a very big drawback today with scammers who want to suggest a cheaper service according to “for the same quality”.

We remind you that this is really difficult since a private infidelity detective, no matter what he stands out for, is a professional graduated from the best universities in the country and his work cannot be carried out by someone who wants to get money at some value.



Can Grupo Arga Detectives help me find evidence for this kind of case?

Grupo Arga Detectives belongs to the most recognized expert private detective agencies in infidelity both inside and outside of Spain, that is, its recognition became very popular even in other territories and currently they have support throughout the world to solve any infidelity.

Surely the agency will be able to find an expert to help you in these situations and for anyone who needs the assistance of the right infidelity experts. You can get in touch with them through their website, communities, contact telephone numbers and the simplest way, by visiting their main headquarters in Elche where you will have the possibility of obtaining various benefits.

As among other things that your first advice is totally free without any kind of duty in this way as you also receive an exquisite treatment either by phone or through a form. Do not have any more doubts and visit us any time you need it.

Elche belongs to the towns where there is the highest rate of infidelity, although the exact causes are still unknown, they are very recurrent and it is the town where professional private detectives in infidelity are most requested .

These have the potential to be very helpful in these situations, but many people assume that this is a TV-only job.

That is why in this article we show you how and where to find quality infidelity private experts in Elche so that you can solve any of your problems in a light, safe and effective way.



Why do I need a private infidelity detective in Elche for these situations?

In the situation of infidelity, there is an enormous possibility that several inconveniences will occur if you want to carry them out on your own, such as, among other things, that they discover you before obtaining the essential evidence and you cannot proceed to a trial with the chances of winning. , it is also possible that after this error they stop seeing each other for obvious reasons.

And don’t even comment on the inconveniences if your partner’s lawyer advises him to report you for intruding on privacy if you happen to check his mobile device or a profile in his community. As you can see there are many inconveniences and you have to solve it before a long time passes and you lose the possibility.




Why shouldn’t you go yourself or hire an individual without licenses or privileges for this job?

In Elche, if not in all of Spain, there is a huge drawback and that is that there is a huge demand for private detectives of infidelities due to the injustices that are left over in that town and not only due to infidelities but also due to missing persons, verification of documents , for example scan operations, etc.

This is why many scammers also made their evil think of a creativity. They try to supplant a job of a professional such as a private detective

an expert in infidelity, who has studied at a university with the same level of quality. They usually charge you much cheaper for their services, but since you can offer yourself an account there are several dangers.

One of them is that you do not receive a service of the expected quality, another is that you may be the victim of a scam and finally assuming that they do their job, their evidence will not have any validity in a trial because they did not know the format to continue through the Ministry of the Interior.






Does Grupo Arga Detectives have the expert infidelity private detectives for this kind of work?

At Grupo Arga Detectives you can find a huge number of private infidelity detectives to solve this situation and several others, as well as guides and advice if you do not have experience in this kind of problem. If you visit their work areas and it is your first opportunity , the interview will be totally free.

We hope that the article has served you mostly to guide you through this problem and contact us as soon as possible, you will see that we have the possibility of solving your problem with the professional quality you are looking for.




Does the Arga Detectives Group have professional experts in infidelity?

The Arga Detectives Group is a private detective agency that has been serving private investigations of any kind for well over ten years, its investigation, tracking and supervision operations are one of its strongest points, being one of the simple capabilities of every good private detective.

That is why they have the possibility of being your best allies in this kind of operations, in addition to the fact that your partner will never know or suspect that you hired a professional private investigator in infidelity who will show you if your partner is unfaithful to you or not.

We hope that this article has been to your complete liking and motivates you to hire the services of a private detective at Grupo Arga Detectives in Elche or in any other town in Spain. When you visit us for the first time, your first guide or consultation on any subject will be completely free and without any obligation.



Grupo Arga detectives have always thought of the best for the Elche region. Therefore, hiring a detective is a resource of great concern to anyone who has concerns about hiring a detective resource. Elche Electronic Sweeps promote the possibility of subcontracting these activities to solve a specific problem.


The Electronic Sweeps of Elche are the most competitive in the market since they undoubtedly provide our agents with the ability to answer the questions of anyone who needs the best information to make a decision.

When carrying out the research procedures carried out by Grupo Arga, the possibility of identifying the coverage of a service that can offer the best solution for a given research context is undoubtedly considered.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation agency that, without a doubt, can develop the best sense to collect evidence that may directly and indirectly affect the conduct of an investigation process. For this reason, we always work with a sense of breadth to be useful to all our types of clients in Spain.

From Grupo Arga detectives, our services have the ability to configure operations for anyone who wishes to consult our services. In this way, from our agencies, we enable everything that has to do with the investigation of infidelities and what is related to personal consultations.

In the case of the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of this type of process undoubtedly fosters the best sense of development among those who require the execution of verification elements of electronic devices and electronic security elements through electronic sweeps They are useful for the management of extremely important processes. Foster a sense of resolution and complement this style of investigation with infidelity investigation, personal investigation, and corporate investigation.

Carrying out a private investigation work is a matter that leaves us immensely satisfied by enabling all the processes related to the management of investigations related to a personal aspect and enabling investigations that verify the authenticity of the documents, the search for pets and also Operations are evidence of personal protection.

From Grupo Arga detectives, our agents always think about how they can do everything to implement new limits of cooperation. In this way, we do everything that has to do with IT operations in a very agile way. You can create a digital survey system that works to protect our customers’ most important data.

Another way that Grupo Arga detectives throughout Spain have been constantly considering is the corporate investigation service. In this way, we have enabled the creation of elements of our group’s activity that can favor the best sense of care in all those business environments where the observation of the electronic sweeps of Elche will undoubtedly show what type of service is easier to to access. can be tailored to your needs.

Grupo Arga detectives, who think about their clients, always make it possible to generate a service that is capable of promoting the best sense of reaction for all business environments. In this way, there are several services in our organization that our agency can advertise for all our client companies.

From Grupo Arga’s detectives, through our service guide, we make it possible for the processes of our organization to be precisely oriented towards the construction of various elements that have the capacity to promote a feeling that is very conducive to decision-making, that is, we structure the sick leave investigation service where customers can find out through electronic monitoring what has happened to their employee.


Detectives de Grupo Arga is an investigation agency that aims to provide the best investigation service for Granada at the best possible price. Speaking of the best prices for a private study does not necessarily mean offering the lowest in the market, we provide a good service with reasonable resources to meet the objectives on time, taking into account the client’s budget limitations.

At the heart of our research proposal is undoubtedly the definition of a series of elements that can guarantee sufficient conditions to properly train all our agents and provide the best possible research service.

Carrying out the aspects that are capable of fostering the best sense of solution among our clients also consists of being able to count on sufficient organizational support from our detectives so that the best operations are deployed.

The Electronic Sweeps of Elche undoubtedly achieve the best benefit for our clients in terms of the elements that set an operation in motion, not only a detective moves, but an entire agency that does it. , capable of giving the best possible sensation of dissolution to all types of clients

At Grupo Arga, our clients promote the best sense of resolution of the various activities that we carry out with the aim of providing the best investigative inputs to all our clients, making this activity something that can be considered the best solution for all clients who They are in search of the truth of the facts.

Grupo Arga makes it possible for everything within its reach to be managed with a great sense of precision, which is why, in the case of Elche electronic sweeps , our agents can promote a host of solutions for all those who need the best answers.

We have the best for Elche! This means that at Grupo Arga detectives we focus on structuring elements that will undoubtedly promote the best sense of solution for all the needs of our clients. This issue makes all the difference when it comes to getting the best performance out of a process. Investigation that may be the responsibility of persons requiring the practice of a private investigator



For anyone interested in learning about Computer Detectives Elche , it is undoubtedly a very sensible decision on the part of all our clients and interested individuals.

in hiring us. This question allows them to know everything that management implies. Research processes.

The computer detectives in Elche are a service that always offers the opportunity to make known everything from the work of our agents that is found in the course of each process in detail, and to open the investigation case to give the client the specified answers. .


Many people who are hesitant about whether or not to hire a private investigator sometimes need to understand that the processes involved in managing investigative activities present a problem that appears to be a solution. A problem that we cannot solve alone.

With that in mind, before we meet the computer detectives in Elche and try to make a hasty decision, it is imperative that we understand when it is not about solving this problem that we are going through. Question that, without a doubt, can only be answered in our internal judgment.

When a professional is hired, it is possible to have a research resource capable of giving the best possible response to any type of activity that the client requests that falls within the scope of research, and without a doubt, asking a question will give the best results. .

The construction of a digital investigation process allows people who entrust this type of activity to obtain, under a wide margin of discretion, everything related to the management of investigation processes with the aim of matching them. You can make the best possible decision at your fingertips and thus achieve a strategic advantage in every situation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the members of our investigation panel provide all our clients with the best sense of reaction through a sufficient collection of evidence and elements of conviction that, in any investigation, have the capacity to promote the resolution of a case. in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost. .

The management of investigative processes in the digital spectrum that our agency makes feasible has the ability to encourage the best possible response to people and entrepreneurs. This problem will be reflected in the generation of various elements in order to carry out a timely and adequate investigation. any search context.

With Grupo Arga detectives, our agents have the best training to carry out any type of operation at the level of social networks and spaces of

consistency in spectrum 2.0. They differ in the handling of elements, which undoubtedly allows the use of elements of different levels of complexity, a problem that only one person cannot. what to do

Therefore, by hiring our Grupo Arga agents to carry out the investigation work, both individuals and companies have access to a world-class investigation service that is capable of promoting the best possible response to concerns and doubts. that they can have . in connection with any investigative process.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, creating a scheme that allows our clients to get the best of the best is undoubtedly a pride in the construction of various elements that open up the possibility of knowing everything related to the management of a process that can promote a response quickly to a situation conducive to research.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents can direct everything related to the management of processes that can promote the best sense of resolution at the level of special cases such as the investigation of infidelities, as well as everything related to any type. Since the personal investigation, without a doubt, is sometimes the best sense of resolution for someone who requires the application of a certain process of private investigation.

With the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our corporate clients also becomes profitable at the level of the structuring processes that allow us to get the best of the best to structure an article that allows investigations on sick leave as well as the application of the technique by Mystery Shopper .

These two types of surveys promote the best sense of responsiveness at the corporate level because it is necessary to delve into an effective decision-making process today, an issue that undoubtedly goes hand in hand. Specialized management of an investigation case.

If we analyze all these aspects, we can conclude that it is impossible to answer the Elche computer detectives with a standardized price, since trying to classify a transaction at a price would harm the client in the region. Provide quality research services that we monetize for clients.


At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes undoubtedly leads us to offer all our clients the best possible investigation service, so that specialized management of our processes becomes a reality.

Managing digital investigation processes for all our corporate and private clients undoubtedly promotes the best sense of solution at the level of various activities. This problem undoubtedly promotes an extremely important sense of development by instructing precise processes in customer service and their requirements for digital operation.

Anyone who has doubts about the work of the Elche computer detectives has an excellent response to carry out the joint work of several experts in the field of investigations, capable of responding with a great sense of authority to anyone, whatever you do. gets in the way. it is associated with the application of a specialized research process.

Grupo Arga detectives guarantee the management of all the needs of our clients with the aim of giving them the opportunity to make the best possible decision on a specific problem.







Computer detectives in Elche are those who can carry out investigative tasks in the digital environment. This allows them to conduct high-quality research

precision that, based on optimal criteria, allows them to identify all the elements that can be part of the investigation. achieve good and excellent results.

A computer researcher is a valuable resource for developing research findings and hypotheses related to generating responses to a digital environment. This allows us to be very proactive and identify the results requested by the client.


The life that we normally lead in the web environment sometimes leads us to take risks in unexpected ways since this space accompanies us wherever we go, be it our work, our home and the places we frequently visit. Social networks Little by little they have become our second home.

Therefore, this element is extremely important to know the probable events that we will commit when a great exposure of our employees is generated. There is the behavior that we maintain by publishing a history every hour and even providing personal information to a “trusted” person without being sure that we have it on the other side of the screen to develop the Research carried out in digital environments.

For this reason, its inclusion in the context of the investigation by elche computer detectives is an urgent need, since the generation of this investigation scheme in some situations has led us to unleash several solutions that allow us to be a highly efficient resource if ours. Research is required.

A private investigator plays a role of strategic importance in determining the priority elements that are transmitted for solutions to a client who, above all, wants adequate protection and security for their performance in online environments and communities.

The risk associated with participating in the digital environment is not only associated with the emergence of a risky practice when sharing passwords and personal information with other people, but is also reflected in the exposure to people who make a harasser Profiling effective.

The existence of an environment of addiction to social networks is what has generated in us, in one way or another, the vision that this is a space where we can rest, meet others and ourselves. recreating , however, many people do. Life in this type of community does not take advantage of what it means to live in social networks.

Many hijackers and people who tend to develop an erratic pattern in different online communities start desperately searching for profiles, and even start building an addictive relationship with constant processing and typing towards one person to another. certain moment.

This is where an individual begins to persistently harass others, in order to make this other succumb to this attitude, Grupo Arga detectives have handled many cases of clients who felt harassed by a kidnapper who did the deed. Life on the digital spectrum means that, in many cases, different people have a need to protect themselves.

The peculiarity of each social network space or digital relationship environment is almost similar to that of each web space, this generates a disadvantage in that whoever carries out criminal actions and computer crimes tends to be whoever they want because it is a world. where a rule is generally not established, so the legal action sometimes becomes a bit ambiguous in its interpretations.

Elche computer detectives facilitate the possibility of detecting who may be the one who can obtain personal data and data from third parties through an anonymous identity, this is done by monitoring IP addresses and also accounts. that leave a trace on the web spectrum.


Grupo Arga detectives are an organization that has managed to carry out its tasks in a framework of extreme seriousness, with the aim of serving as public servants of our community at all times and at all times. This allows a positive impact on everything that is possible called effective requirement of our clients.

The creation of various positive elements towards the client shows the need to be better in our work. This means that each research subject is approached with a high level of scientific precision.

At Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop innovating and providing the best professional investigation services to our clients in order to have the opportunity to deploy the best of the best when it comes to these private intelligence and personal protection services.

Grupo Arga Detectives is an agency that has developed the best training processes for all its investigators with the aim not only of being able to perform

efficient first-class investigation but to have computer detectives to help them obtain the most information. in order to offer our customers the greatest possible security.

At Grupo Arga we focus mainly on becoming the axis of the solutions desired by the client. This allows us to act with a great sense of opportunity to meet your needs in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Arga, the constant improvement of our services will always remain latent, with the aim of not being left behind and being enclaves with high potential to develop a logical pattern of response that helps all our stakeholders to make their best decisions.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we must clarify that these are tasks carried out by IT experts capable of generating the best results for our clients in the shortest possible time, which is why each case for our Elche computer detectives implies a challenge of excellence. around the execution of each case.




The confrontation of a deception, whether of a labor, commercial, family, personal and even computer nature, is available through the advice that we offer from Grupo Arga in Elche, because we verify each fact until we collect enough evidence, when operating through professional procedures. performed by our private detectives.

Hiring our services allows you to have multiple coverage areas, to carry out techniques such as electronic sweeps, DNA tests, high-level monitoring and surveillance, all of this in the end is what causes the scope of specialized evidence and blunt about every situation.

It is risky to live every day in the presence of deceit or fraud, that is why it is useful to take into account the doubts that arise about a situation, these types of details help to develop an action plan that works in the circumstances of the case to be followed, We establish a clear line of understanding with the facts to investigate assertively.

Instead of wasting time trying to find evidence on your own, it is much more effective to have the professional support of our private investigators at Grupo Arga, we have enough experience in dealing with and addressing a wide variety of cases, regardless of the subject matter or the matter to which the cases pertain.

The scope of benefits on private investigation arises through the trust you place in our professional and technical capabilities, from the first moment we establish a clear commitment to analyze the details of the case and work based on those circumstances, respecting the legal margin of the exercise of this profession.

Through qualified licensed private investigators, you have the alternative of receiving valid evidence to prosecute the fact before a judicial instance, regardless of the level or type of circumstances, you have the clear option of exposing it to our services at Grupo Arga in a extensive track record with successful results.

The trust you place in our services is answered with solid guarantees when seeking evidence and information, through personalized and very empathetic coverage so as not to lose sight of the details related to the case, these types of indications are set as the basis of the Private investigation planning.

The qualities that define our private investigation services are focused on confidentiality, transparency and the duty to share a transparent progress in each instance of the case, until the moment of delivering a complete and valid final report in any legal medium in which you wish to establish a action.

Do not hesitate to find specialized attention on your case, according to the classification of the nature of the events, numerous services and coverage areas are launched, through professionals who have a high degree of training through professional training that allows them to practice with ease and results.

The response to these disturbing events comes to light through a detailed investigation, the development of a case obtains specialized tools and techniques for the type of matter to be investigated, because all this in sum allows you to be satisfied with the efforts that are dedicated about your case and about the evidence we provided.

Starting a private investigation is not an easy path, but the decision is compensated with the climate full of understanding and respect for your cause that is implemented when you share your case, for no reason are you going to feel exposed or judged, especially because the details of the case are used to create a plan and the type of procedures to develop.

The application of methods of obtaining information is an expert discernment that is carried out by following the action plan, the north of the case is set according to the type of evidence you need and the conditions of the case, as a private investigation agency you we represent by thinking about the problems you suffer from.

In Elche you have the opportunity to start a private investigation case with the best support and advice, we think about the type of current problems that are frequently developing to formulate an area of attention tailored to this type of incident, we also expand the means of verifying and evaluating case information.

Having quality private investigators happens when hiring our services, we exercise a responsible vocation when revealing the deception present in a specific environment or context, without losing sight of the demands of the case because the purpose is to adapt to the situations to be addressed. if.

The efficiency of our professional services ends up being demonstrated by the diversity of evidence that we offer you, at any time you need it you can trust competent private investigators, because at Grupo Arga we want to issue a trajectory that really gives good feelings.

The profession of private investigation is essential to stop any type of deception, we have the preparation to work and look for evidence under pressure, without exposing the identity of our investigators much less yours, you can investigate a cause from the discretion that we offer you.

The collection of information that we carry out is kept close to the requirements of the case and the profession, to follow the legal provisions imposed for each area, this means that we can respond to personal, family, business, computer or other situations with distinguished results.

The study of the case makes it easier for it to be attended by the expert of that medium, the areas make up the investigation plan designed for your case, to resolve the initial suspicions and at the same time cover the directions that the case may present, the important thing is that the discovery of the truth is the direction that is taken care of from the first moment.

The phases of the private investigation follow protocols based on a chain of custody that protects the integrity and credibility of the information, because the evidence is not manipulated, but rather is transformed into convincing elements of conviction that arrive when it is most needed. you need.



The professional attributions of our private investigators, allow you to be in the hands of specialized experts who in a short time throw convincing evidence, it is valuable that you consider the action that we can exercise for the benefit of your case, you must make sure what happens with the work of our private detectives.

To deal with a difficult case or situation, you need to make decisions based on solid and well ratified evidence, which reduces the impact of any conflict, because you should only trust the evidence that we offer you at the end of a professional process that analyzes even the most minimal situation of the case.

Once you recount the facts or the case, we issue effective advice at the level of the problem to be confronted, all of this works to ensure your peace of mind and manifest a solid legal response to a deception, to put aside the consequences and complications of the case, you need the assistance of competent private investigators.

In order to have excellent and convincing evidence, it is necessary to exhaust professional processes, until finding those essential evidentiary elements to reveal what is happening, as precision is taken care of, it is much more feasible to evaluate the details of the case until having verified final results.

Do not seek information through inappropriate means, at Grupo Arga we offer you specialization in different fields or areas, which confirms that you are under the ideal representation, we offer you several professional alternatives with advanced techniques to collect convincing and clear evidence.

Before going to the means of administration of justice, it is beneficial to investigate and check the facts to have the evidence on your side, this type of advantage is extremely favorable to combat any type of deception, the manifestation of events brings with it a great opportunity to verify what happens.

Every situation or event must be analyzed by our private detectives, the scenarios of a case are covered with expert guidance that leads to treatment and the disclosure of useful information sources, little by little the information generated through the investigation locates everything in place and conveys clarity.

The professional private investigation procedures are effective, they represent the best of each area or field, in any of these media a precise action is destined where our knowledge stands out, to have extreme compatibility with any circumstances that you present to our professionals.

The best investigation process is developed through the services that we enable to favor a case, the vocation to help is a clear motivation to prepare ourselves more and address a case accordingly, so close contact is established with your concerns to create the ultimate approach to private investigation.

Every professional belonging to Grupo Arga devotes his greatest effort to exposing the truth, following all the details and guiding them towards the presentation of evidence that covers all the concerns initially exposed, beyond the nature of the case, we have the experience to respond to each done.

The data that has to do directly and indirectly with the case, are studied by our private investigators until creating a direction towards the revelation of the reality of the facts, that is the sense that we maintain when creating functional service areas, the fields professionals are unified in the task of proving the truth.

In order to have convincing results, we exercise a much more specialized attention, focused at all times on obtaining more evidence about a situation, exercising a detailed follow-up on those indications related to the case, we provide a safeguard from reality with well-accentuated forensic protocols.

All our services respond to a high degree of efficiency that is positioned before the clarification of a deception, the coverage of a case also receives a creative and ingenious direction to overcome any stagnation, on the other hand, the set of tools of private investigation is add up as guarantees of the exposure of the truth.

Having cutting-edge knowledge allows the quality of the evidence to be sustained in each instance of the private investigation process, any problem such as infidelity, information theft, identity theft, hacking of electronic devices, infiltrations or espionage, all these circumstances are addressed by private investigation.

The breadth of the field of private investigation is a guarantee at your disposal, we want to reduce any concern about a fact by revealing the truth, this is a clear opportunity so that your quality of life or the financial aspect are not affected by a deception or specific fraud.

To blur a deception it is key that you have evidence to present, that is why in each environment we can establish private investigation procedures that follow the trail or indication of a specific situation, that willingness to help continues to ratify that we have become an effective contract for clarify a problem or doubt.

The fundamental answers for your case are those that are presented under all legal care, as well as when deploying ethical actions at the right time, the professional vision that we allocate is exact to deal with any type of situation, what is appropriate for each eventuality is exercised by our private investigators.

The cooperation that we dedicate to your case is honest, because the non-negotiable goal of revealing a deception is the main reason for hiring our services, the diversity of our professional services exhibit outstanding performance to speed up the obtaining of convincing evidence.

The agility to collect information remains imposed on our expert services, each piece of evidence prevents any deception from continuing, much less when all the details are estimated by experts in the field, our professionals become a specialized guide towards revealing the truth .

We involve quality methods and tools to impart verified information for each case, by trusting in Grupo Arga you are choosing to obtain forceful solutions in the face of a complication, every situation needs clarification from the evidence that prevents the advancement of some fraud and for this the experience of our experts is effective.



The greatest warning before the occurrence of a deception is obtaining evidence, especially when it is simple when contracting the services of Grupo Arga available in Elche, we have the expert means for each sector that increases the usefulness of contracting our professional services for uncover the truth.

The best efforts and drive are devoted to your case to obtain evidence within an efficient time frame, this is really optimal so that you do not remain harmed by the advance of deception and fraud, the creation of professional areas allows us to treat you in an expert manner. the causes behind a case.

A consistent response on a topic arises by taking into account the themes of a case, we do not give up exploring a case until we form an investigation plan that really works for your needs, there is no need to keep living under problems, with the unconditional support of our professionals leaves that adversity behind.

The accuracy of the tests marks a before and after on the investigation of a topic or an issue, since these elements allow you to combat excuses so as not to waste time on those types of situations that steal your peace of mind, at all times the focus that follows private investigation takes into account the execution of functional methods.

Grupo Arga is the ally that takes your demands into account and provides evidence. We offer you a very close view of all the incidents in the case, because we establish a faithful commitment to resolving the details of the case, especially with the ability to our industry specialists.

In order to have reliable results on a matter, it is essential to trust private investigation, the resolution that we invoke on each case is a virtue that you must consider, on the other hand, experience and preparation speak for themselves, that is the best letter of introduction that we have at the time of finding evidence.

We find evidence with a comprehensive and specialized action, this added value reinforces the fact of contracting our private investigation services effectively, all the service areas that we have established respond in an urgent and advanced manner in the event of a deception or fraud.

A verified and outstanding vision of reality is presented with the contribution of evidence in a useful period of time, the professional action that we establish finds the way to approach a case, making knowledge predominate in order to live up to the facts and finish with all those questions and doubts of the case.

You can consult the professional preparation that our private investigators assume, since it is an important point of conviction so that you feel that you are in expert hands, we have the capacity to carry out different types of investigations, that is why it is valid to go to the same place to receive a answer set.

The operations carried out by our private detectives are covert, that puts aside the typical fear of not starting a private investigation for putting your identity at risk, however that is a matter of the past, because the ethics of our services impels us to maintain the treatment of the case under absolute discretion.

All evidence arises through professional activities that we dominate, that allows you to receive totally valid digital evidence, it can be images, videos and others that are later reflected in the final report that the case has, all this is made possible through the professional qualities of our private detectives

Over time at Grupo Arga we have acquired experience, represented by experts who are passionate about verifying the facts, all problems are dealt with by professionals in that environment, we offer specialized interventions in the face of infidelity, espionage, fraud, identity theft , fraudulent sick leaves and others.

In the midst of observing the case, all the details do not go unnoticed, that causes the determination to prove the truth to be firm, detail is everything when proving a situation, we unite a group of professionals who conduct their professional actions towards the collection of certified information.

The services that we enable in Grupo Arga are established or defined from the beginning of the case, because the details of the situation are what mark the development of the investigations, at the same time the expectations of the case are taken into account to work through a forceful effort. exceed the requirements of the case.

The direct answer to your case is presented with carefully studied evidence, as well as forensic techniques, which implies that it is truthful information so that you have the decision to present it in a legal dispute, we pursue the truth of the facts by studying everything that is occurring with understanding and experience.

The proportion of evidence is framed in a totally valid final report, which guarantees that the techniques that are implemented are typical of forensic actions, the subject itself is evaluated with appropriate professional methods, that is why we dedicate full attention to the initial interview for being the point of inspiration for a solid plan to follow.

The proper path to the truth arises with the exploration of the facts in a professional manner, we create an ethical path towards the presentation of evidence, especially after representing the interests of numerous clients, that means that each claim is treated with the specialty and the experts in the field to stop the progress of a hoax.

The presence of our professionals before your case ends up being effective, because it stops the financial losses, the headaches and all those thoughts of doubts, any possibility of a fact is exhausted with the development of the private investigation, we make constant efforts to continue maintaining more alternatives to treat the cases that arise.



The professional means to have evidence that arises in Grupo Arga are important in order not to take risks, that is, the evidence can be contaminated or refutable when all the respective care is not followed, these are maintained by our trained experts licensed to carry out investigations of high level.

The difference on one issue or another occurs with the professional analysis issued by our private investigators, the professional training of this medium does not ignore your needs for any reason, because the objective of the case is to reach effective solutions to defend yourself against deception or fraud.

The obligation to prove reality is typical of the functions of our private detectives, who issue advances on those doubts you have about a situation, by checking your questions and putting them in context with the occurrences of the event, that includes exhaustion and the use of computer techniques.

At present, the evidence maintains a physical as well as a digital format, this diversity of formats has to do with the preparation of our private detectives to master the search for information on different media, that is, you will have extensive coverage of any occurrence of events in Elche.

By hiring our professional work you receive the best advice on these services, with modern techniques and resources that follow the latest trends to get to the bottom of each deception or fraud, for this the details of the case are subjected to a thorough study so that you keep in mind the revelation of reality.

As a result of a deception or suspicion, you obtain the motivation to contract the investigation services available at Grupo Arga, where we maintain the necessary objectivity to master the course of the case to be followed or addressed, to which the value of criminology and different processes adheres. forensics to support the integrity of the evidence.

The professionals who seek evidence and measure the scope of each fact, can be found directly in our private investigation agency, this level of training helps us to stick to the details of the case, until communicating any progress that is presented by maintaining a clear delivery. with fact checking.

We understand the demands of the case to provide solid evidence, we follow a highly professional path, through authorized areas and reinforced with professionals willing to give the best of themselves, it is essential to receive data that has been originated with the precision that this profession demands.

The well-being of having the truth in your hands is indescribable, that type of feeling arises when the private investigation exhausts all the phases of a process that defends the legality in each instance, the authorization of service areas makes us an efficient alternative to deal with your problems.

The way to respond to deception is with the provision of evidence, we seek at all times that the action plan can have the expected effects, for this it is carefully prepared and based on the type of problems you want to clarify, in this way the expectations are met with consistent results.

The impartiality shared by our private detectives on a case is a way of dealing with deception without reacting to revelations, because the only duty we fulfill is to have convincing evidence, since it is the best foundation when making decisions. about a particular matter.

The solution on your case deserves a previous observation that our private detectives transmit, that answer is part of the guarantees that we support from Grupo Arga, where the magnitude of the circumstances of the case is measured to develop a meaningful search and with the use of most effective areas of this medium.

The positive side of having our professionals is demonstrated by the evidence that arises through our specialties, you can start to carry out research of computer stature without any limitation, at present we base ourselves on the findings that fit the most crowded context as it happens With technology.

The matter is treated and classified from the beginning to have experts who respond to the details involved or related, private investigations require responsibility and professional training, this is precisely what you get when you hire our specialized services.

The integrity that is maintained when handling the information collected is part of that sample of ethics so that you have more options when doing justice for your case, the work that we dedicate to a cause covers any claim, this is valuable to defend yourself before the occurrence of deception.

Over time our services inspire confidence, given the enormous margin of success that we have reaped over more than 10 years, that is why we provide a viable solution to the occurrence of different doubts and concerns, the persistence that arises within the investigation privacy has to do with the clear intention of exposing reality.

The private investigation services that we offer you have a high level of quality, this is due to the commitment we have with verifying events, the more information we obtain about a fact, the greater capacity and response we exert on future cases, it is a permanent learning process for be at the top of this medium.

It is easy to contact us to have a representation of this level within your reach, through which your situation is evaluated in order to obtain more evidence, for no reason are you going to be judged, but rather we extend a proposal based on the preparation professional of our private investigators.

If you are tired of having so many doubts about a fact, it is vital to exercise a private investigation action that we exercise in your favor, we take care of guaranteeing the resolution for your case by establishing the action plan to follow in the first instance when you expose what you are living.

We take your situation seriously without losing sight of the discretion you expect to receive when dealing with your case, for this reason you should not doubt that a transcendental reaction to deception is found through Grupo Arga, it is important to highlight that we cover different scenarios or contexts with affordable rates.



The expert representation that you can find in Grupo Arga is noted, this same resolution is applied from the point of view of the circumstances that the case has, this is the way to offer totally personalized help, that qualifies the type of response that they dedicate our private detectives

Faced with the causes that arise day by day, the figure of our private detectives grows, because we care about acquiring more professional skills to deal with a case, through fully specialized and professional advice, at the same time we use forensic techniques to take care of the integrity Of the tests.

This type of service follows a truly personalized design, so the training of our private detectives makes more sense, without commercial approaches, much less, the payment is made according to the complications of the case, and the passion to solve more cases is what defines the structure of an information collection service that exhausts all avenues.

The domain that each of our private detectives implements is issued as a reflection of the experience at the time of taking on a case, this is covered on each of our service areas that process the incidents of a situation, best of all is that the data comes to light in the shortest possible time.

To carry out expert surveillance of an area or a person and obtain evidence, you should not take risks but trust our private investigators, they carry out their functions covertly, this type of approach ends up generating invaluable information as it is the way out in the face of any adversity .

The approach to your case maintains a remarkable sensitivity to the factors and consequences of a problem, all this allows you to make timely decisions about the specialty that your case needs to continue collecting decisive information, all the experts that are part of our staff cover each topic with the commitment you need.

Whenever you decide to carry out a private investigation, we respond with the prior analysis of the questions of the case, by carrying out forensic procedures that do not ignore any type of evidence, especially when they affect your emotional state or stop damage of any nature. against you.

To undertake optimal private investigation services such as follow-ups, discovery of infidelities and location of people, you must have experts in the field of private investigation, no matter what type of situation it is, we have professionals trained to deal with the demands of the case .

Do not allow the unfortunate consequences of a deception to continue to affect your life, if you have different tools and techniques when hiring our professional services, there is no reason to refuse to discover the truth, much less when we impose forensic measures so that the chain of custody prevails over every evidence.

The advice we offer covers most of the areas or fields requested, especially with innovative responses that speed up the reach of irrefutable evidence in different formats, that is why we can deal with problems of various natures to establish a fact and reaffirm the expertise that we can exercise before A situation.

Being in the best hands is having Grupo Arga, especially because of the group of experts who are acquiring useful knowledge for the causes they receive, at the same time the improvement of these skills helps to improve the treatment of future cases or eventualities narrated before our specialists.

To collect information without suffering adverse consequences, it is vital to have expert private detectives who understand the complications of the case, all needs are covered by a dedication that is close from the first moment, we keep at your disposal a set of areas to process all kind of information.

The treatment of a problem such as infidelity, financial fraud, mobile hacking , recovery of deleted messages and other situations, follows absolute care due to the knowledge we have about this type of circumstance, every need is met with a specific specialty.

From the first moment, the creation of an action plan that allows us to help you is established as a priority, the next step is to classify the case from its own particularities to respond with procedures and techniques that are in the same proportion of the situation that is manifesting .

Convincing data leaves no room for meaningless discussions, at Grupo Arga we protect you so that you do not have to waste time in constant denials, instead the ratification of the information is a better position in the face of a negative incident, the evidence is the result of thorough advice.

The preference over our services is an exceptional resource in the face of threats, when formulating the respective contract to represent you we intend to provide verified information, especially with tips and advice that allow you to better process the type of situation you are going through or what they reaffirm tests.

The application of professional techniques and tools distinguishes the professional path from some individual action, this is a help that is based on professional training that empowers us to get to the bottom of each situation, for each problem we implement a compressive posture so as not to underestimate the complications of the case.

Establishing a professional strategy is part of our qualities, when any complication arises our private detectives are available for the cases received, the priority in any case is the search for the truth, you will not be judged nor is it an expensive professional representation, instead it’s all about the details of the situation.

The estimation of the case is the first thing that our private investigators carry out, since the type of action plan that is put in place to benefit that long-awaited discovery of the truth depends on the complexities, the professional response that you obtain in Grupo Arga is complete. and that value is what causes more customers to trust our capabilities.






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