The best way for a client to get to the heart of the facts and thus determine under an expert pulse what may be part of the truth about their suspicions and that may turn out to be a mere assumption, is in the possibility of consulting a detective in Catalonia, this leads us to the possibility of being great elements that promote quality research.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we have been in agreement with the generation of various strategies that are capable of serving our clients guided by



parameters of excellence and high dedication.



Hiring a detective is sometimes not something so simple, in many cases there is the possibility that there are people who are dedicated to the generation of cases and investigative elements necessary for the construction of hypotheses, these people believe that already with the simple mastery of these aspects they are considered detectives.

freelancer scheme , it is there where we see that there are different offers in the field of publications in some social networks, portals and even in the local press of Catalonia, we are going to analyze each one of these elements with the aim of getting to the heart of the facts.

The best thing that a person can implement at the time of requiring an investigation service is to know in detail what reinforcement elements accompany the agent who performs said service, since those who provide a more reliable job are those who are capable of establishing various aspects in around an organizational support, this means that the organization will always be present supporting the agent and accompanying the client in the management of each case, these elements in a detective who works under this autonomous scheme is not present.



Additionally, it is necessary to point out that, due to the fact that the autonomous detective is generated, he is someone who does not establish sufficient elements of conviction to correctly address a situation. As we said a few moments ago, he himself has certain aptitudes that allow him to conduct himself logically towards the detection of a situation. some behavior patterns, but he needs the generation of various mechanisms that come as a result of teamwork and organizational synchrony, with the aim of improving the precision of his technique and finding, in the best of circumstances, elements that are possible towards the detection of teamwork.In this sense, the autonomous agents are resources that will determine all the facts with great precision, but on some occasions they do not find all the necessary evidence in a detailed and consistent manner, additionally, experience has led us to determine that on occasions the same more that wanting to achieve the success of each case seek more than anything to guarantee the collection of their services, something that is laudable, but that sometimes does not correspond to good detective action, since they should be directed mainly towards the satisfaction of customer needs .

The construction of various elements related to each case are found in the possibility of putting under a panorama of synchrony all the elements that are detected in the scene together with the potentialities and the great capacity of deployment of resources that the organization uses, this with the objective of being more precise regarding the data to be detected, the possibility that this represents is that it allows a Grupo Arga detectives field agent to be more efficient than any autonomous agent.

It is for this reason that at Grupo Arga detectives, through our detectives in Catalonia , we have always sought excellence and we have thought of deploying our services to determine a range of options that are viable for the client, with the aim that he does not sees the need to sacrifice the quality of a service for the price, since if he makes a similar decision he may be affected in the long term by not obtaining the results he desires , this always leads us to reflect on offering more and better conditions that are conducive to accompanying the client throughout the process.





When we talk about the Arga group, we are mentioning a research group with more than 10 years of experience, this undoubtedly allows us to have great experience in the field of research and to be synonymous with excellence in all the work we do, with the objective of getting to the heart and determining the facts, detecting each case for us is not only a sum of many efforts, but also represents the possibility of being better with what we do every day, that is why at all times we always seek to update our methods and processes with the aim of improving towards the client.

The best decision that one of our clients can make is the possibility of contracting first-class investigation services such as those of the Arga group, this creates a great opportunity to get to the heart of the facts and to the bottom of each case when necessary through of not only an agent but also of a team committed to the execution of successful operations, safeguarding in one way or another the generation of various possibilities for the client around an optimal decision-making product of observing and analyzing all the elements found in the detective analysis carried out by one of our agents.

Our detectives in La Coruña are in charge of deploying high quality services to the community around infidelity investigation, as well as everything related to any type of personal investigation, on the other hand, our agents also perform tasks that they have to do with business research, an issue that results in a different sum of value to anyone who requests corporate research services.



A detective in Catalonia is a highly qualified investigation staff capable of providing the necessary answers to the questions formulated in an investigation case. They allow us as a group of detectives to deploy all possible resources to satisfy each client’s need.

The management of an investigation case is a key opportunity for the development of various elements that can mean the key to the detection of an investigative case guided under parameters of excellence and opportunity, this allows us to be consistent in our development policies around the formulation of solutions, these solutions are going to be concretized as clues and elements that are capable of being supplied by the detective towards the management of the case.

That is why it is necessary to highlight that through our Detective Guide , our agents have the opportunity to establish various elements that may be useful to



The possibility of establishing an optimal strategy based on all the client’s requirements, is carried out by our detective from its first phase with the aim of keeping in mind different aspects that may be of importance towards the realization of various solutions, for which the agent At first, it must be someone intuitive enough, this is represented by the guarantee of capturing all the possible elements of the investigation with the aim of not leaving any element out of the previous report. all our clients, this means the possibility of being highly cohesive with the requirements of each client.

The preliminary report is a document that will be useful for the researcher, since he/she wants to have all the direct and indirect aspects that are related to the initial construction of each case, this implies the possibility that they can be established in the same all the initial indications provided by the client.

Subsequently, the execution of the tasks is followed to the phase of validation and determination of hypotheses, it is here where the detective, using that previous report, is allowed to establish the initial inquiries typical of the optimal management of the case with the aim of reaching an approximation of the facts, an issue that is observed around its effectiveness in the field and the precision of the elements initially described by the client.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we consecrate this phase as a critical element within the investigation, since at this moment it is where the facts are validated and the initial hypotheses of the case are built according to what is observed on the ground, this means the possibility of being highly proactive towards the management of various aspects that end up being a key element around the detection of needs.

The expectations that the client has, sometimes do not correlate with what he discovers for each case, this comes from the fact that a good process of determining hypotheses and initial indications has not been carried out, and it is also a sign that the client in effect it has provided some information on

the basis of subjectivity or emotional charge.

This means that through the services provided by Grupo Arga, all our detectives extract the information accurately and safeguard it under exceptionally rigorous criteria with the aim of not generating an alteration in the hypotheses or the elements that can be used as a burden of proof in the case.

In this sense, the ethical duty of our agents of Grupo Arga detectives has always been unscathed with respect to their discipline and commitment to detective work, this allows them to be highly effective in not altering as much as possible everything related to what they can be detected in the context of the investigation, since this is where all the key elements towards what can be observed in the case are supplied.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




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All kinds of services are specially requested by our users. Our group has more than ten years of experience in the area of private investigations and through this they have recognized their company both nationally and internationally for their distribution, dedication and search for excellence in their services, to suggest the best viable assistance to citizens. from the country.

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The tools of crime, the more connected society is, the greater depth it achieves them and thus, like a hare or a rabbit, it makes the same state entities hesitate, which in an almost heroic implausibility on the part of private detectives from all over the geographical area come together to reorganize, especially in our Arga Group, effectively tackle and contribute to the deviating elements of a caste that, within its own rust, undermines the foundations of order and can, if left to its own devices, put in check the same society.

The guidelines for the legal processes are the connecting method of the altruistic foundations of the connectivity of a civilized world, or rather of a civilization in constant expansion that seeks to respond reactively to the processes named by the connecting groups themselves, which, collectively involved in the symbolic representation of the various elements that give meaning to life and the general functioning of society as it is established, acts in collusion with the exemplars or subjects of protection, coercive or passive, fighting those nested in crime.

There are many possibilities of choice for private and public detectives, lawyers and other individuals in the world of activity against crime and fixation to legality, as many are the ways of reneging on legality and good customs that over the years have been been entrenched in the constitutional and legislative endorsements of each state. Not in vain have they been conditioned by both tribal residuals and ancestral traditions about unorthodox affections that today border on barbarism, such as the new and new computer crimes. Each of these is duly contemplated in the climax of illegal and objectionable attitudes by law, and we watch over each one at Grupo Arga.



Whether one or the other, they respond to the legitimate right of individuals to gather their libertine needs and pile them up as they wish, however the correlating perceptual constants between individuals enable disintegration and dispersion, a phenomenon that has certainly not stopped put many professionals of the matter to sleep who have submitted to the task of testifying with purity of act, and as third parties in such cases, to archive and exemplify the beneficial attitudes of an individual or group of individuals in a socially dependent state of organization ethics, which broadly supports the creation of the corresponding legal alloy.

But not everything is in sight or well articulated in the judicial and executive systems for the indisposition of a haughty range of punishable acts, of course not. The reality is that for thousands of years the crimes that have been brewing in the constant growth of society and have had a correlativity attached to the unknown spectrum of the same conflagration of positive and suspicious symbols as negative and malicious ones by which to link us to reach goals that are clearly additive to an optimal and comprehensive social life.

This reality has always been present, since it is understood that punishable acts have become punishable not because they are considered unseemly , but because they have started from a strictly free point in which the true social reactions with respect to the acts have been adapting. to the matter, to the acts, and they have made them part of a negligible amalgamation to which, with a method that has been polished over the years, we have arrived at what we conceive today as a complementary legal body in unison with the layers of society.

Thus, the conflagration has meant that the new perspectives of endearing situations for a good and effective performance of the rights of a protective body have been reinvented and continue to do so day after day, becoming increasingly applicable and affordable in costs for a

potential improvement in the quality of life of citizens, which broadly speaking, on the part of the competent authority seeks to do so and manage the regency of cases with dedication and ethical support, another point that magnifies interdependence on the adjunct morality of the citizens with that of the organisms and their respective agents. It is not surprising that for essentially volatile cases, identification with an organic or dynamic model is mostly measured in terms of social and administrative costs of resources, thus seeking methods to promote the independence of reactive chains that do not greatly harm to the accuser and that they seek his protection precisely in the afflictions of the law.


As we are right now with respect to the development of the detective activity involved in the Arga Group in comparison to years ago, we could say that we have established a harsh punitive predilection regarding the needs of taxpayers, in search of an optimal benefit for them, without However, as a structure of order, it has not ceased to congratulate itself continuously and is also willing to disassociate itself from the lands of state appropriation, because like the precepts that we mentioned before regarding the relationship with state agencies, which within than usual historically they have been the lucky ones to function as administrative entities of the order par excellence, the regulations and dissuasive effects have become an advantage for the disintegration itself, this time positive, of the organizational elements of the appropriation of the collective dissuasive order of crimes.

This has been progressively revealed with small opinions that little by little have come closer to what can largely be called a competition that is not pyramidal in nature but market-based, which responds wonderfully in terms of specificity we can combine, and is that of course, in an executive mood, the specialization of new laws, that within those that are becoming ambiguous and are leaving the dust of criticism behind by being subjugated to logical ostracism, the new trends have also made a dent in the organizations and shrillness or rather in its formal incidences, still providing strong pressures that testify to the irruption of new legislative trends that once again initial the mercantile provisions of the professionals themselves in the area that they have gladly been able to polish and synthesize the needs they produce, unanimously stimulating the same citizens who, together with an expansive society, take for granted new needs Provided that they attest to a legal protection and predilection that bases their actions and watches over them adequately, so that as soon as a slight disruption arises within the normalized scheme of behavioral elements, the legal force of private or public order is present with all its weight. that the law precedes.

And it is that over time the patches that the state body had served as a habitual practical theory to collude the objective spaces within which to exercise the detective process were more or less dissonant. These began having an exemplary paradigmatic grouping for the moment, as a moment and conjunctural analysis that promised remedy to a phenomenon or a group of phenomena that alluded to the great breadth of citizens of all layers on the historical objectives of the generational breadth of the frequent dilemmas; this was clearly linked at the time with social symptoms that concerned legal processes of another kind, or of another rubric, depending of course on who the interlocutor was, but broadly speaking it responded to promising elements of contexts that today are not denied but infrequent , but if they have dressed and wrapped all this development in a changing gene that has catapulted the legal reintegration of professionals suitable for the needs of detecting grievances in a legitimate legal jurisdiction binding itself to the same state order but foreign in its organizational structure, Providing it with the private fixation to which the new generations would tend to opt in terms of specificity, they have given disposition and space for recreation to crime scenes or, in that case, to proceed less cautiously outside the legal guidelines required within society.

This is how, progressively, the characteristics that today’s execution and orders in favor of the civic good of the population have in its organization were developed. In the same way that the infrequency of public links from the various realities have been

increased by making the use or assistance of law enforcers by a political regime less and less usual. This undoubtedly responds to the plasticity that is accountable to the executor of the quantum and how to produce the methods of dealing with a punishable act, and in any case figure it out to a large extent so that the assisted or patronage model knows how to conduct itself smoothly on the legislative field. approached his affinity with the case; providing a better elaboration and malleability of cases to the private alternatives of choice of detectives, which in such or which cases can vary depending on what use or whatever the diversification in which the particular manager is nurtured. In this we refer to related elements of substitute palliatives that have been taking integers, as long as society requires them and makes them corresponding to a specific spectrum to serve and be especially partitive in terms of faculties we refer to. It is possible that enchanted by the shadows of an infrequent relationship with crime that for the average citizen becomes alien, the search for specialists who not only know how to categorize it in terms of incidence but also address it in all its expressions and reactions is the function they perform those dedicated to the service of truth, virtues and speakers who make visible the truths that deserve to be told, and of course, with the slightest precaution.


Thus the times have been branching out and the tendencies towards freedom with respect to criminal incidents have been diminishing in Spanish territory, the more the better, not only because of its desire to become an iconic symbol on which to merge as a nation free of deviant and malicious incidents, which were so much in its genesis in terms of what we refer to as the formation of a republic, or whatever, incidents that formulaically have been transformed into events of indulgence or passive recrimination, but rather we have opted, as nation, in catapulting the active elements of a private nature throughout our territory, thus bringing together not only large chains of researchers in the area that suppose a particular attempt both paid for by the state and by the taxpayer, to the effectiveness and predisposition of individuals, making it clear that the virtues of both can weigh in the final result of the investigation when choosing our detectives private Grupo Arga.

The formation and recurrence of private detectives in the field has been widely becoming more and more assiduous the greater the income of fellow citizens as the greater the possibilities of participation, by locals and strangers, in the frequency of contempt for the legal authority or to the incidence in notable rigged processes that, using allegations of minimal correspondence to reality, have been promoting in an indispensable way a gap in the adequate prospectus for these citizen security organs that in strength have been protected by the same Unethical actions of some of those who, regardless of their relationship with respect to the need to arrive at the effective gathering of the facts, manifest negative examples of improper use of the rights that fulfill them in protection within their own legal basis, widely binding to assets, biases and even love deviations that, to be honest ros, they have gone in increased synergy even more as the laws have become more lax in terms of usually protectionist rights over individuals instead of duly registered facts in the figurative attitudes within the positive behavioral organization of those who are annexed to it.

With this we do not mean that the punishable acts or the disagreements regarding the allegations of diversity of citizens have become greater in the entire significant spectrum of open cases, in which the certainties of the Manichaeism of rights have been repatriated or figured , of course not, what’s more, for anyone it doesn’t hurt to know that the word serves and unleashes a special function in terms of the work of the detective and in general of the legal process, but as soon as the organizations become stronger of legislative appeal, even better investigative processes must be pointed out and trained so that they come to fruition. For this reason, it must be understood that the residues of a particular affinity to biases within the same word used by the individuals framed in these processes are used both for and against, so that it is finely non-permissive at the time of identify point by point the signs, words, allegations, and in general the whole series of elements that identify any type of case of the section and the characteristics to which they respond, the coincidence being plausible as the causality of elements that do not collude with the facts and that, due to the dissatisfaction of individuals, disruptive actions in a global framework become more difficult to appeal and, therefore, more insidious when carrying them out on a legal basis.

For these reasons and in relevance to the realities that underlie the containment of real pitfalls within said legal processes, we present ourselves as detectives fine-tuning the lunge, to safeguard the linearity of which a legal process uses, carefully managing each detail to the minimum and massifying in essence the possibilities of inferring the greater veracity that this type of process must carry; that, as strange as it may seem, since we are, by the way, an agency that runs along its own line of singularities

clearly private and detached from the potential examples of the public resource of the legislative bodies, they are not in themselves alienated from legality, from the optimal procedures or from the weakening of the signifiers with the highest degree of potentiality in terms of their use, but rather Quite the contrary, since they express, or can do so, a fine exposition maintained over time of the most binding truths and the most pressing needs within the genre in which the objectification of facts is framed and, of course, validate with prudence but in great tessitura the assertive relations of the facts in terms of truths verified by means of other facts already polished and entirely followed by these individuals or agencies, in which we are framed, of the considered taste of the choice of private detectives, inciting In this way, positions with little truth base and reaching spaces that, if it were not for us, would still remain unknown and without confirmation. more than the simplicity maintained by the parties.


As we have reported, the sinuous paths in which the processes of the law have gone have always bordered on being personal enough to intrude sentimentality and emotional procedures that muddy and distort the facts in an unimaginable way, and that in turn come to generate real grievances to the one who is truthfully being used or targeted in his acts by a proceeding as a result of the lack of plausible diagnoses; this has its latitude both in history, when not, and in the ascendancies within the various situations that can be generated and that in broad strokes, saving the immediacy of the first opinions, show strong ductile in which to reduce the risks of bad praxis by the senses stored and faithfully integrated within the procedural synchronicities of some state bodies, which, as exemplified by the facts, have hesitated over time to proceed with cunning but without mercy for the benefit of the freedom of others, thus denying the principle of freedom itself to exercise as a legal and registered subject in a state nation that starts from the rights to redeem oneself as well as, in search of disabling the disintegrations frequented by ravings the sea of dissonance with the initial persecution.

It is in this opacity that the benefits of detective agents are exposed, which, as foreseen by its etymological antecedent, serves and functions as a detector in general, already well within appropriate exemplars at the time that they may be visible to the executor who seeks the services. , like some that in certain cases, give by total omission due to ignorance of elements that serve as a trigger and that are adapted to the vicissitudes of the information records necessary for the eventualities of the case. In this, the authorities on the matter are very thorough and act on the basis of possessive and related signifiers that expand the ability to win cases that otherwise make practicality vilify in a shoal of opacity that is used quite often, well, as we said, and as it has been used for logical religious references, sinning by omission also betrays certain ignorances that distort the good functionality of legal employers, this already limited to a spectrum that differs from the objective of a lawyer, but that systematically assumes exceptionally the private detective at the time of detection and collection of data, and it is that the more data is argued and blurred with reality, the more truthful they usually turn out to be, although they are negligible as a precise desire for the accessions to which they are they define when the elements fail and are used to win cases of little investigative measure. The clear and concise reason of the good private detective at the time of being selected is that, and nothing more than that.

And it is essential if you want to correspond and knock on the door of the private detective you choose, since the reaffirmation of the legal principle of the freedman expresses it in almost any constitutional body, since within the functionalities the specialty that is handled in These, your head detectives, to call them in some way, are developed and simplified into models, said models that are monitored in various areas of investigation and that manage their functions with a certain formality when using their tools and imparting justice on behalf of the beneficiary. This unfolds in comparison with public detectives in a polarizing difference , and it is that for a public detective, the function not only responds to an assignment of a case through a defender to segregate and stick to its defining measures adjacent to the case , but also they do this equally seeking the categorical nationalization of a case itself , what do we mean by this? Well, it is as simple as interpreting that the state function, no matter how much it is recreated with the cases and is divided sectarianly in the pursuit of legality, its foundation is very alienating when it is planned in this way, since a public detective mainly complies with the opinions that, nationally , plan and dualize with a specific objective, which is to combat on the ground the damage to public welfare, as the first elementary function, and later it is rooted and extends into more secondary tasks that haughtily tend to segregate themselves and lament outside the signifying strata of the outgoing function.

This is without counting the implication that resides in the particulars themselves that permeate in terms of the correlative generality of the uniform facts mentioned in regulations and manuals, which, by the way, are almost never experienced in a generic way in practice. Which leaves us with the sequence of predefined facts to which a private detective must respond, being exemplary to satisfy in a general way any of the cases that are assigned to him almost in a rebound form for the diminishing benefits of an individual, and above all of a case that, no matter how discrepant it sounds, moves away from its precise function, thus taking more time for an investigation that couples highly insignificant elements along the way that, in variable circumstances, do not exemplify the meaning to which the case wants or should lead. This, of course, does not essentially undermine the work of a civil defender, but it does make it clear that he greatly postpones the time required for some such necessary events to be fully responded to, and that, it never goes without saying, the longer they take to be done , the lower the effectiveness with which the systematic investigative skills of a detective are recreated, whatever the regimen.


It is not to demerit, we return to the same thing, the needs that are expressed through various cases with which, in abundance and close to the facts, result in the need for detectives of character or public strength, however, and this is resolutely very importantly, the capacity that is exemplified in the addition of a segment that proposes frontal and organic addition in the detection processes of strong regiment on which this type of results are handled to the act of police bodies and/or detectives who denounce with live legitimacy the elements that proceed to be required at the moment, at the clear and concise moment of the objective to be beaten when a dissimilar to the underlying duality with the individual and the public entente, which public or against the public patrimony, is highlighted in those manors detectives with a long instant career who fit like a glove and in linear harmony with the needs put to the case, as we said, of practical exercise immediate frontal

In this situation, the pollution sought by the public gene of the organs of the state is where they are understood in a proactive sequence, but in detail, it is necessary to understand that punitive position that these organisms, who, trained and subjugated, use to control a body vehemently enlisted to the needs of an entity, a state, an assiduous creator of its own rules, and condensedly exemplary to be for and for public needs, which, as we know, do not always correspond to the reality of individuals, who may need of fixed agents who are fully settled in a fluctuating point of the legislation and who know how to wrap themselves above the linear incidences of the fortunate public segment, for this reason, and in accordance with this asymmetry frequented in the predilection of the systematic law of civility detailed by a minority the state entities, the lines break up and reach the coffers of the, our private detectives Arga and her almost innate ability to execute adjusted to sequential dystopian events as topics of daily life.

Since in public life there have been scores of persevering pockets of capital that have experienced first-hand the disagreements they encounter when they affect only the entente public bodies that make visible only what is necessary for their linear profusion, the amendments and the conspiracies that have been taking place throughout the Spanish territory have only increased significantly, and outlining the novel and articulated essences of the new branch that until not long ago requested to remain stationed in its own puddle, equipping itself with the principles that society, anxious to defend its rights, was not willing to sanctify with the obviousness of ignorance of the facts, which became their own as soon as they touched their complexions by assuming the despicable illegitimacy that visited day after day one after another, house to house, the personal lives of citizens, desirous of a specialized, safe and well-managed order. Rated in terms of records, needs that howled loudly, and other compromises that were involved in all this stumbling block in which the secularization of the legislative system had gotten par excellence and that, due to toughness, had galloped lame until their legs gave out completely, and taxpayers required that more than one of those legs be exercised by specimens of their concern.

Thus, it was born and flourished in a cloudy and somewhat commodified way, it was appropriating the section, of that law firm and public police agencies, in its almost medievalist tarbea, the first glimpses of this new foal of the combative digression towards the need of the indeed, major harmed by such secularization of the moral and legal context of the return of the old sectarians of the truth. There where the shadow wrapped in unanswered questions that were nothing more than conjectured hypotheses pounces with force and takes root with its legal possibilities that have been audited in large proportion by the small or large law firms and constitutionalists of the truth. From this small open fence came the functions of the specialized group of our private detectives from the entire geographical area of

Spain, thus giving importance to the papers that can serve for an eloquent and pressing massification for clients, and in which they have been continuously disseminated, having in their possession lots of tools, both physical and systemic, to successfully break into the most unseemly senses to which these studies are evoked in the field of detailed research. Some studies that prevail, as an insubstantial and invariable foundation, the truth and the desire for research with a basis and support, a new and decorated area of data registration to be used extremely important today.


Although, as we synthesized in previous specificities, the relativity regarding what type of areas, how and when they are nationalized for the proper functioning of a private detective agency is very strict, sacred for being a focalized nexus of the organizational regime of civility, which If we go to the facts, it does not cause any kind of damage, as was previously believed, of the virtues of freedom, but can even save lives that would otherwise be burdened by the misfortune of some punishable act that was in sequential execution, time before or time after, so it is undoubtedly beneficial for the one who does it, the one who executes the services of a detective in the area as a trigger, to conspire with a diversity of elements that in such cases for unconcerned eyes and fixed in another phalanx would be easy to ignore, but with voluptuous reins they sometimes serve to unravel the knots that become visible the more strands are brought to light ; what scores as an offense to the freedom of another citizen, as was thought at first, does not undermine its assertion within the legal body, but simply, as the same executor of actions of the legal system, accompanies both, one citizen and the other. another as a flagellant organ of some non-sympathetic action, that the action of all the functional organs of the legal pending be meritorious for whatever conclusive evidence, or in that case that prevents it from doing so due to lack of evidence in conclusion. A simple and effective way that, stumbling, was and was implemented by that citizen willing to collaborate, only now, with a larger budget and a function dictated and veiled by law, they have a suspicious administrative organization willing to exercise its functions to get to see even the most difficult circumstances that arise or are necessary authorized.

What we say is not a mockery. It is undeniable that the facts within which the detectives settle are usually not very illuminating, that is, we all know how what we want or do not know works, all of us to a greater or lesser extent have had our presumptions that some type of situation or circumstance has begun or was pondering towards spaces that it is not impossible for us to see without an expert eye, and that expert eye is undoubtedly ours, together with a private detective chosen by profile towards a specific objective, that is, that know how to frequent the investigation within that chain of alienated events and give them the meaning that you have lost, a wonder if we think about it, don’t you think? Not only that, it is that for the fixation of these our organizations, that due to the predominance of a legal body we owe ourselves to the same joint focal function between agencies despite competing on our functions, the ideal and the most recommended, and that clarifies the convulsive assignment and generation of a prescriptive image of a detective or agent of the truth, is the most convergent within the medium that has to be involved, and even expressed in it , of course, in very specific and not very dissonant ways, in general, it must ingratiate himself in image and attitude with a normal, common, functional citizen of society, charged with tasks that replace his own as an agent and as a born observer, only this resolves only in being a mere iconic image of the new detective, of the one who he is not in the shade, he is not glimpsing through glasses every step his opponent takes, the receiver of his research and his object of study, he shines when he resolves with dynamism and expressiveness l full of logic and ceremony its fulfilled hypotheses. This does not correspond to the plausible reality that today is carried out in our agencies, nor do I think that it has ever been carried out, whether it was only in increased perception to its maximum commons with the irruption of characters in public life such as the great Holmes and his pipe or agent 007, nothing to see, or well, something maybe and similarities attract.

There is a great difference in these mental images on which the truth rests, which paradoxically is where the purpose of the investigation of one of ours is focused, and this is undoubtedly transparency, and no, we have not gone crazy insinuating that They are not due or if they can be made invisible by some irruption of mechanized tools or some concoction intolerant of cognitive reality, but rather, as the notions of espionage from the golden age of espionage showed us, there is no better hiding place for one than with the naked eye , loaded with maneuvers to assimilate information to which it responds, in search of it, but with an immersive capacity to quickly enter and exit the diaphanous papers that each citizen seems to establish about himself ; and this is undoubtedly more attractive insofar as, obviously, less is noted, less does it give the real truth about what it is doing there, how it alienates itself in a practical bubble with thousands of eyes, in which it cannot really be seen or really watched his maneuvers unless he is one of yours, an unparalleled skill that, as insoluble in its prospectus on which it is inscribed, also carries very fixed limits, heated to satiety with which to sensitize its defining rules, and of which in turn, no matter how minority, ensure the safety of everyone who is concentrated in said investigation.


Although we say that the real paradigmatic function of a detective is to search for the truth wherever finality can be found, the fact is that the forms become increasingly indeterminate as time goes on transcending, and it is that the reality supposes making recurring changes in terms of needs that are either maintained over time or those that are taken for granted that will not change, and even the novelties that are generated to the point of identifying research areas that are approaching little little by little until becoming of special and unique importance to answer defining questions within the investigation. In this case we understand each other in the rubric of the internet and the virtual world, which has done not a little for the transmission of objectives to investigate and even formulas by which in principle to be able to collect remarkable and definitive information to the point of supposed true revolutions for The entire detective genre, which first shows its magnifying glasses, is already discontinued, in the form of a zoom in terms of elements such as those left over by the cloud at the disposal of the private detective , something that sows great ease on connoisseurs, since even in times of pandemic in which mobility is sometimes manifested in a remarkable and almost ridiculous way, they somehow store the segregations of certain agents of the citizenry in aspects or events of minute fratricidal deviation towards their civil counterpart, which is is inciting algorithmic monitoring tools, clearly making use of searches and connecting networks that are becoming larger and larger. they are doing the greater the presence in social networks, mainly, or in general in any cyber-tactical objective available to record and store data that is available for public and private investigation that helps to resolve objectives in testifiable facts .

For this reason, it corresponds in the first instance to the direct disposition on the cybernetic field as the first auspice of information in which an investigation starts and from there it branches accurately in some simple links possible to identify and that, at distances expressed by kilometers with the researcher, the difference in which they move is insidious, but due to affable synchronies at the historical moment, they do not hesitate when it comes to virtual connectivity, something that a good accessory conjecturer knows how to take advantage of, since whether in the form of an investigation that watches over the patrimony of a family, by the stake that an individual wants to avoid or glimpse in the air as soon as it supposes an adultery in process or about to be committed, some deviation with groups of outstanding social segregation that frequent their children or friends of theirs that can lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction with respect to their changing habits, or in general to any type of phenomenon in full existence from which to know how to move in order to face it and not let it get out of the hands of both the detective and the individual who has assigned the services.

It is then that, for the election of private detectives in Catalonia, the powers have been constantly expanding, ensuring the improvement of each one as if it were expanding in effectiveness to avoid threats of any kind that were present in the ash at the time of the election. , faithfully believing in our Grupo Arga brand administrative solutions as well as in our tools with which to look out for any type of question that, given the needs of the beneficiary, can be interpreted and try to collude with the prescriptions that we additionally, in our background on the theoretical resources for As far as our research is concerned, we can suspiciously open and expand, fortunately without leaving aside something undeniable, which is the incredible ability to keep us out of the scale of the civil perceptive eye, passing over us like a dust that does not raise our reasons more diagnostic, but only vilify and turn to the light as soon as they enter definitively in line with reality, as the plausible synchrony of the world around you.

It is then that in these strata converge the different tractions or speeds in which the marauders of biases move, fed with nectar of truthfulness, and who by their own pen discern about the significance of cases that are very different in circumstances from each other, such as we already defined, and that, as a loyal affront, it is convenient for us to verify and assimilate as a ductile beneficiary within the elements, both correlative to the legal term of the facts as well as to the assignment of social stupors that are enormously influencing the research works that are arriving to our ample coffers to be diagnosed as symbols of something of greater implication, and if it is of greater interest to persuade the legality, try to reassign the topics that are somewhat entangled in sectors of the terminology that make lawyers understood in the areas, so yes , in effect the interdependence that is managed as private security that lives With the addition of private detectives in the world of public security, it resolves to confer with greater tendencies the intentionality of elements that resonate strongly as soon as they do not achieve a fully trained result to the legal letters of some organizational charts that are skillfully used both to overshadow and to bring to light variables that add improvements to the outstanding segment of variables turned on but reviewed cold.


Here, to cite the most important, it is not possible to avoid the addition to the punishable acts of some criminal recidivism that has spent the night alone to the degradation of public or private spaces in which, due to certain degenerative groups that correspond

deviously to the denomination of mobs they started as an agile postulate for which to notify with special intention assertive diagnoses that swarm mainly as network movements that later become overcrowded in real geographical areas, something that has undoubtedly become more and more normal in terms of irreducible feelings of arrogance that have been experienced in this period of the surrounding areas to the suspicion of the limits of Catalonia, thus assuming a certain willingness to deal with cases of special difficulty where the physiognomy in which the real stumbling blocks of a country that complies with preparatory functions for which the performance of deviations have been laid out on the reality of the autonomous zone and which in turn have requested the help and support for whom, in more or less specific ways, have meant being in constant challenge with moments of important degenerative arrogance in terms of its environment, in terms of its properties and in terms of the need to know c With certainty who to write down for who is overexposed to the weight of the law. This undoubtedly corresponds very well to this specific area but as you know, it is not by far the only precept with which it is up to handsome and strange to frankly elucidate each space in which this geographical space moves, because as you will know more understood, it is not the only symptomatic deviation that has been registered for this element in recent years.

Not so much is expressed only in the area of Catalonia on the choice of private detectives , as an irreducible point of amplified work. The reality is that the needs have been magnified in terms of cases that are based on viciousness and aggressive reaction for women, something that has been growing more and more, its irruption being clear encouraged by a growing wave of arduous feminism; that like a gag taken from the teeth, has encouraged lots of complaints and endearing amounts of private investigation processes that give accurate fixation to some use of the driving or psychological force towards women, and of course, for men, who do not escape either in broad terms of an inadequate sentimental relationship from which they are seduced by the needs of a third party that specifies in criminal forms the afflictions that sometimes blend with everyday life but that, in emphasis with legal organizations, give protection to certain acts that can help to get out of quite significant situational pitfalls that, on the part of those involved in the case, are involved in attested sacrileges to do or redo something that , due to the symbolic contractual dynamism of the couple, is legal or stipulated in a way casual, arrive at evidence ill-treatment.

The links become bigger and bigger as soon as we come across this type of process and we take it to the limit, because within the convulsive helpful intuition of the specimens that seek our services, difficult cases run aground on our island of possibilities, which we do not We express no fear or cowardice to those who proceed and act. Such is the case, making the mimetic link to the aforementioned, to a relish in vogue with the resurrection of the criminal incidence against the image of women, in the first instance, which, accentuated to its maximum phenomenon of style, is reduced to spaces in which reprehensible harassment is carried out and prescribed as negligible in terms of sensitivities, they come to address, and psychologically affect the sectors of the expert section segmented in young and adult women, which is broken down to some that can be done even before a assault on the older person, such as rape or an assault of the type that ends in a kidnapping; For this reason, the projections from which the detective’s organization chart is nourished also closely follow the eventualities that are becoming present in regions and in partially specific areas, where the incidence of some of these punishable crimes is seen more habitually, although Of course, not to a large extent, because as dissuasive agencies it is necessary to show that our work over this type of crimes against the person, in this case of the female gender, or eventually of any other, have been keeping this type above the line of lascivious attitudes at bay given the existing possibilities, such as this one, of exerting restrictive pressures and fuss that leave without possible movements and relationships to trigger possible executors of said acts, for which in general, we correspond in a symbiotic way both to these as well as so many other sections of research that are as difficult or more difficult to assimilate as these.

Well, to give contrary examples, also, within the regulations in execution, we must not demerit some of the trends that have also been present for our private detectives in Catalonia , who have been helpful so that, without restrictions of any kind , watch with total frankness towards the new slopes of cases or processes that infer totally opposite alternatives or that represent a counter function to those that we previously evidenced as a harangue. With this we refer to the cases, typical where they exist, where false allegations are made to contradict him, denounce innocent people and that, as a substitute alternative, resort to us with prudence, knowing that in us resides the firmness to go, as far as our dawns allow us, to the truth of the facts. As we inferred, the predisposition has become increasingly greater in terms of discrediting and slandering in coarse ways some male individuals who, acting in correspondence with the truth and good customs, have obviously been misplaced due to discrimination within the legal section. nascent, something that, opening the questions, seeks tools so that the proper functioning is correct and reveals the verbose values of our society, thus accustoming the profusion to avoid this type of unfounded slander, which if investigated by our hands and insured as implicated In falsehood, they can lead to greater evils and legal processes of greater scope that suppose for those involved greater indication for the use of sums of money in these processes, something that we as a detective agency have to make clear as soon as our work is specified. in this type of functions, taking into account the similarities with those involved, whether they are guilty or innocent, since the search for innocence deals precisely with that implication on the facts in which the light of our investigations come to visualize the subject particularities.


Since we are now in convulsive times in terms of confinement processes, reprisals in terms of not carrying out due confinement processes, contempt on the part of citizens in terms of failing authority have not been lacking, because we take into consideration that in the absence of being able to mobilize, they have frequented not only slopes to which the economy and psychological coffers have been undone in investigations on which to internalize formulaically elements that tried to be patents of phenomena to be treated and, in such cases, combat; For that, we have as an ideal challenge the same relationship that we all now have with public health processes that, for times like these, have been related both to the needs of each segment and space of society, both productive and passive. This has not avoided the companies corresponding to the use of investigations to collect information surrounding legal proceedings, such as our private detective records in Catalonia, which have had to be in sync with the entire group of detectives, in turn with the proportions in which they let us move along these paths of habituality or the new normality that is given so much importance for these moments, validated by the state organization, and at the same time, of course, attending to the needs that are included within this cocktail of urgent and voluptuous actions that have been validated and that have mutated as soon as they have been found, they also with one foot in front and the other behind, with a pandemic that has succumbed both to us and to the mockery towards the legality that has become this type of citizen, of course we are the ones who jointly seek versatile adjustments that give functionality and attention to detail We believe that by assigning new rules of the game, so to speak, we will come out strengthened and exemplifying sufficiently effective work so that immobility would make us succumb to the nets of ostracism. Not at all!

With this context we have been able to witness true ramifications in terms of tremulous possibilities such as those that should have happened a long time ago to regulate obstacles that had long been or made habitat in the deep implication of fraud or challenges to the authority by evading taxes or payments within of those who are immersed; to start from some point for these sequential premises that he has left for the private detective of Catalonia , who can, in circumstances of evaders of the style, be able to make records of locations at home, of course, making an effective grouping of this type of personalities for whom , through the proper virtual formulas and assignment of civil data, these small generators of embezzlement have been adequately linked and reduced in investigations, positioning them in a place as easy to investigate and verify that they are there as the own home, one of the perhaps few good news or good premises that this virus has consequently left to which, no matter how bad its complexion and appearance, it does not stop grouping also, on top of its many unpleasant repercussions, some characteristics that more than one they will bring a smile to their faces, as much as they will leave them wanting to escape again, or as much as it will leave us They have made us mobilize to join this new type of syncretism towards this branch of investigations outside the proper habit of legality.

But not everything is a path of roses with this new procedure of the fact, of course not, and it does not make less to say it if we talk about something as tremendous as this global pandemic was, but that it has had its difficulties dressed up for the decisive areas of the private detective in choice , it has had them and in large quantities, but as the institutional organizations themselves were able to point out at the time, our work was able to satisfy the needs of our taxpayers being able to attend to the needs of the field walking freely as a private organization of ordering that worked effectively for the sequential reprimands that a forty could reproduce in the trends of the entire population. This not only left a personal and assiduous persecution of generic civilians who were facing disagreement with the authorities by going out into the streets with such restrictions, but also within the same resolutions to which, little by little, we were adapting between one and others to serve as a counter pulse in favor of health needs, the needs on the ground for the detective were becoming more and more uphill, and we will let you understand the reason for all this stumbling block for our simple activation within our main reaction strata at the moment.

But for greater understanding, also subject to the needs that we had linked to our Catalan territory, the needs to which mobility challenged us were difficulties that at first, clearly compounded by the shock that was evident in the first month of the pandemic in the territory Spanish, which in an almost apocalyptic way reduced the entrances and exits of millions of people not only from their normal and current habitat fields, but in turn left them totally at the mercy of the surrounding walls that they defined as home, and that by secularization and out of fear they were around the first moments of the altercation towards our health fortress, they ended up reassigning new passions against mobility both in the population and in the needs that urgently symbolized for us a mortuary jurisdiction to adhere to if we wanted to continue existing adequately, and that on both sides, the civil and the state, we converged in a laziness s about how and when we could satisfy these needs and in turn assume them as corresponded to catetical helpful generalities of the diversity of individuals and companies that expressly assented to the possibilities in which our private detectives from Catalonia offered fateful offers in the most difficult hours of the bloody mud that dozed off in this virus. This became less and less convulsive for the organizations that served here since, after a stage of permanent confusion in which a long time, almost two months in which we fully realized this new dawn of impossibilities, the Ministry The Interior Ministry brought to light on April 30 a document in which it made it explicit and clear that our expenses in terms of work were possible in the processing outside, within the field as we say in our jargon, leaving content on our arks the new specificity on which our new actions would be determined and on which, after tentatively articulating for several months the number of additions of what the situation informed us, composed as a theory as soon as they were resolved, in one way or another the objectives that competed with the standardization of the health field, to achieve agreement on our skills in practice and make it effective over time.


From now on, it is clearly necessary to make use of the possibilities that the health and static order organisms give us within our central objectives to supplant the functions that were perceived as almost impossible to execute and gradually make them more and more possible in the to the extent that in practice the concomitant elements were given with which to acertain the rules in which our private detective came to move, so that of the immense effervescences in which new probabilities had to be invented in which to opt for paths and implications pointed out as necessary for these outrageous moments, which, to determine some of them, the main reaffirmation of which we spoke about the implications of a detective was to camouflage himself naturally on the ground as soon as the need became urgent and the sequences of actions provided a framework to appear as natural as possible, while still performing the function that they profess. she was usually being cared for. This is of a higher magnitude because the reality of the circumstances did not exert a naturalness

determined neither for the executor of the investigation nor for those involved in it, because no matter how much they wanted to argue in satisfactory latitudes in the field that should keep our detectives in a low profile, it became intimately irregular at the moment as soon as it was offered to practice, something that has consequently been devised so that, with the development and the constant resolutions that gave perspectives for a greater attenuation of the exercises in functions that could be generating greater habituality in the citizenship, we, as effectives of the law that protected in the field and its advents, we were gradually attracted to corroborate the overnight stays that within the new habits and the outdated ones for the extremely distant moment in which we lived, the reactive investigative sensations and attitudes of some and of others.

Something that also cannot go unnoticed in terms of the work of the main investigator of the detective in the field is, not only the impossibility of alienating himself and becoming something similar to the echo of the crowds, but rather something of greater implication for their understandings. neurolinguistics that were visibly disfigured, of course by artificial article, it was precisely at this point where the possibilities of monitoring by means of the face or by itself , more within the symbolic reaction that allowed us to perceive the body features, especially and with category the face, is and has been without a doubt a notable stumbling block because something as unusual in its arrival as the mask was, and that so much proportion in order to win against this repulsion towards the virus and its possible contagion, was also part of fast-paced escape against private detection security agencies, which as a legitimate layer of the legal process or entirely organizational emerges as a mere halftime in which the performance of the detectives have been cauterized in their entire possibilities to consolidate even with something that is so contrary as the segregating difficulties in terms of measured specification of the subject to be investigated, something that would seem objectifiable crazy years ago, but today we are already making real progress in terms of being able to execute these functionalities in the field in arrogant ways.

For the rest, as a diagnosis of the enormous possibilities in which our detective investigation agents, we ponder in the reinterpretation of these new elements both here, in Catalan territory, and in the great parity of territory in the advents of the wide and rich geography Spanish, which has satisfied us both, due to the notorious seats reached on the tentative fixation of feedback in the field as well as in virtual elements, increasingly broader and that ensure true executions of research with versatile characteristics, as well as our clients. , which come out of those cases as difficult to follow as if it were a field of roses, amplifying even more the continuations with which we have dressed ourselves and we have made the assumption of these restrictions of a social nature that were convenient to serve as a first scale in extensis over the range of processes of insinuating sanitary parts, and so, with this great contu bernio of deluges of elements against, make them part of a synchrony in favor of the perspectives sacralized until now by our vision of the criminal and legal germ to which we see ourselves adhered so hard, taking into account these and other great obstacles to be able to function with great sedimentation of our tasks, and execute in elementary and functional ways our possibilities of doing those cases that concern you, something possible both for your pocket and for your ease in getting out of that entrenched case.


After so much, the question seems obvious to answer, not only because of the attention and minimalism that we widely preserve in our examples and specificities contained in our work paradigm, as well as our mission, as well as our neutral position and possibility of adaptation sustained over time, As much as the impossibilities of both societal reprimands and less usual characters such as health or some execrable historical moment out of nature shake, we arrive firm and on fire within the moment to offer dynamic services that feed in general vision each case, be it of whatever characteristic it may be, to provide semblances to a vertiginous reality that attacks us and that by large crowds that pounce on our original function in the search for truth and complexion at the moment of forging good customs, we become pregnant with relativizations in terms of means, making them simpler, activating nu estra creative vein to give output to each of them and thus utter in the best way the informative records of information of lengthy use before the legal apparatus.

Both in Catalonia and in Navarrese or Euskadi sectors , the palette for the strength in which we operate as an agency is unalterable, and with possibilities in each of these sectors with a functional diagram of specificities in the area and in autonomous governments, even depending on reprimands that are made present on which we work for health entities, our work seeing us in such situations is simple and does not fluctuate, and yours, to choose private detectives from Catalonia settled at the same time and that amplifies the resources in This, our work at Grupo Arga, makes this whole process one of versatile disciplinary feedback, anticipating effects and only turning this into a stage to welcome with good eyes and without a doubt on the right foot the vicissitudes that, however unstoppable they seem at first, manage to glimpse a good port when, in the plain of our research territory, and of course in total confidence to serve us If our hands are open to receive these tasks, we can jointly archive at last and with defining certainty the remains that the truth has left at the culmination of some unsatisfactory and biased legal processes.

Now to finish, we want to invite you confidently, since we are here, so that you can use our immense possibilities in which we give fine support to the infinite possibilities that being able to have at your disposal a Catalan private detective of your liking and permissively adapted by our group of experts so that, by any of the paths that the agent goes and assiduous confirm or record activities that result in illegitimate proportions in some prospect of tentative or flagrant illegality, they can be adapted with constitutive credibility and in turn left to the words of true experts of the civil and citizen expertise, taking care of course of the spaces to which, if it were the case, they will enter the case with incapable of the area in which they significantly witness allegations, data and picaresque resolutions without the appropriate method or procedure , it goes without saying that with our help the amplitude that is mimicked in terms of the case and the sensitivities tive repairs that they will have to make in contained time spaces will be or will be less truthful, more costly and less satisfactory in total contextualization or in general trend.

Therefore, do not blow your brains out looking for personalities who profess confidence without knowing what the decisive perspectives are and with a character widely versed in legal conspiracies, because as we left spinning, we at Grupo Arga give that segment in generous proportions, with purposes that They exemplify a pleasant resolution for any retrospective image that appears to us in our or your vision, and that by making it possible, we make a fold in time so that, if amazing new passages occur in which the testimony of a private detective from Catalonia necessary, be at your disposal with all the sense and the feedback that corresponds to us to give to the taxpayer.




In terms of investigation, those professionals who carry out private investigation are highly qualified and educated people, who are fully capable of carrying out work that involves vigilance and the collection of data in real time in order to deny

The important thing, when you consider accessing a service offered by an agency or by an individual entity, is to verify that they have the necessary requirements, with which you can feel comfortable or check situations naturally from day to day, which cannot be demonstrated.

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Thanks to the various fields of research that we deal with at Grupo Arga , we have multiple services with the best qualified professionals in all of Catalonia . They can carry out a special process of discretion where you wait patiently while a follow-up is carried out in order to collect data or evidence.

At Grupo Arga we do not deal with severe crimes; We carry out simple tasks where it is allowed by police officers in order to obtain evidence, which is endorsed by judicial entities to avoid any type of lawsuit.



Personal relationships can sometimes be affected by various areas, monotony, conflicts, debts or lack of love. Infidelity is not a crime, but this act can lead the affected person to see himself under a web of lies where he cannot get a chance to prove the deception, living in anxiety without the opportunity to know the truth.

At Grupo Arga , we have a team of experts who , with a lot of patience and strategy , will be able to find palpable evidence where they will verify the existence of infidelity . Always perceiving the emotional support on the part of the investigators who will continue to maintain direct contact with you in order to accompany you in the hard process if the case is true.



Divorce is a very painful process not only because of the simple act of separation . Behind there is a story that led to their relationship in a very difficult stage where they were able to act out different situations. The procedure for its validation is to verify either evidence of violence or other natures that have weight to proceed.

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Companies will always be a focus of fraud; referring to the internal way of it. Situations, in which people who perform as workers of the company are involved. In this sense, we refer to fraud when dealing with issues such as fraudulent sick leave , theft or embezzlement of company information, falsified or altered resumes; among many others.


This type of circumstance, very frequent within companies, must be attended to as quickly as possible. These acts deserve losses for them, not only in the monetary sense; this implies an attack against the patrimony that you have forged. Therefore, you must have a team of experts, capable of dealing with these cases.

This is where private detectives come in . These professionals carry out their work in the field of research; same that vary according to the type of investigative case to treat. In this case, labor detectives are those experts in charge of business investigation issues.

Attending to the particular case that you are presenting, from the analysis of information that circulates within your company, from physical to digital documents. As well as, make a profile of those involved in the case.

This, in order to obtain relevant tests or evidence, which can be implemented by you, in order to verify the events that occurred and process any legal action, as the situation arises.

The problem is that in Catalonia , there are several agencies that offer the same service. Which complicates your decision.

It’s about your company, your information; You need an agency that inspires confidence and that meets the necessary requirements to serve you in an optimal and efficient manner. Therefore, you can count on us, Grupo Arga Detectives . The best labor detective agency in Catalonia .



To ensure quality in the way a labor detective operates , it is necessary that they meet very relevant requirements, which represent a success when choosing this service in any agency. Some of them are:

  • You must have positive records related to your performance as a detective (attention and resolution of cases related to the labor part).
  • You must possess all the necessary permits and credentials to perform your role as a private detective .
  • Must be a person focused on what you need. Showing support for his situation and totally willing to attend to him.
  • It must provide various ideas or strategies to process the investigation (provides adequate guidance).

At Grupo Arga Detectives , we are proud to be identified with these characteristics. Thanks to the satisfaction of previous clients about our performance as labor detectives in Catalonia . Therefore, we offer you a quality and optimal service, where you can find a very effective procedure.

Said performance is reflected in well-analyzed strategies that are capable of yielding positive results. In cases like:



Attention to cases related to fraudulent sick leave is in charge of carrying out a complete analysis of the reports delivered by the employee who requested a sick leave . From there, an attempt will be made to verify whether said report, where the individual’s health picture is reflected, is legitimate or false.

In addition, to follow up 24 hours a day, towards the person under investigation; always keeping a low profile, avoiding being detected so that the individual can act completely normally, thus giving the opportunity to capture the evidence that corroborates it.




On a daily basis, information travels throughout your company; so much data that it is very easy to lose it. Sometimes, there are cases involving employees, who cunningly cause information to be lost for malicious purposes.

Here, each of the employees, who are most likely to be involved in the case, should be analyzed. Ensuring a complete investigation, all with various means, where confirmations are produced that demonstrate the veracity of the facts, through the evidence collected.



Information theft is one of the most frequent cases. Here, the employees or those close to the company, who have access to valuable or relevant information of the entity; they take possession of them, for profit. Coming to blackmail with them.

Like the loss of information. Those involved, seeking to use various means to extract information; keeping it in his possession for malicious purposes. Themselves, which can be implemented for reasons of blackmail; risking the reputation and safety of your company.

At Grupo Arga Detectives , we ensure that you obtain the necessary evidence to find those involved in the case, in order to take the respective actions.



Espionage is a tactic implemented by competing companies . Those, who desperately use dirty strategies, in order to obtain information about your company. Taking advantage of it to position himself above you.

These spies are usually accompanied by electronic equipment implemented in their movements, such as cameras, microphones, sensors and more.


One of our main strategies for these cases is the implementation of an electronic sweep . This procedure is about using special equipment for the detection of electronic accessories, distributed around your company.

Besides. The profile of those individuals who have been in physical contact within your company will be analyzed. Reviewing income histories, employee profiles, control of people outside the company who had contact with the entity, etc.



The falsification of documents is the processing of fraudulent information , which transits freely within the information that runs through your company. Same, which means an attack on the integrity of your company. Putting him at risk in various ways.

These forgeries can be related to false resumes, false credentials, altered reports, records of altered monetary amounts, among others.

At Grupo Arga Detectives , we assure you of an exhaustive and optimal investigation, with the aim of finding that fraudulent documentation ; in turn, that we find the authors of such acts. Thus, you will be able to carry out any legal action that goes to the case.




Given the existence of various detective agencies around the country, the rates and prices that they charge according to the type of service they offer vary significantly. Some define them as “the most expensive are the best”; this is a valid opinion, but the reality is that many of these expensive agencies do not offer an optimal and quality service.

Not to mention that in some cases, the clients of these entities allege a lack of empathy or consideration towards them. This situation is complex for many, because it is your own problems, personal circumstances in which you are trying to find a solution.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the various parameters that make up a good private detective agency in Catalonia and how much the services they offer are worth. Also, you can consult with previous clients of said entities, in order to provide a more complete survey.

The problem is that this procedure requires a lot of time and effort. Perhaps you are experiencing a situation that needs to be addressed immediately.

Whatever the conditions, we at Grupo Arga Detectives , guarantee a high-quality investigative process, where you can be treated with the greatest possible cordiality and at the same time obtaining a complete service where you will find the results you are looking for with the best market rates. .



Private detectives are entities that work in the field of investigation. These, unlike police entities, deal with legal cases or cases of those clients who present situations in which said entity cannot intervene directly. These topics range from domestic violence, through infidelity, to locating people.

There are various services that these professionals offer, the same as when thinking of hiring a private detective , they do it with the intention of finding help to obtain clear evidence in order to process their cases or circumstances.

The way these operate is totally low profile. The collection of information or evidence that can be implemented in a corresponding legal process must be presented directly. For this reason, their work is so requested today, since their main strategy is constant surveillance of the individual, combined with various mechanisms to ensure secrecy within the environment of the person under investigation.


One of the great advantages of hiring a private detective is the ease with which they collect evidence in various formats. The same ranging from photography, video, audio and more. This causes a great impact in the case that you or other people present, since obtaining them is somewhat complex. For this reason, there are these highly qualified professionals to carry out an optimal investigation.



We, Grupo Arga Detectives , are a highly renowned private investigation agency with a long professional career. Around all of Catalonia , we have managed to attend to and satisfactorily resolve more than 9,000 cases of various kinds, thus obtaining various merits at a national and international level.

We have the best team of detectives in Catalonia , highly qualified experts who will attend you with the greatest possible cordiality. Offering you a complete orientation in which you will be able to soak up the entire investigation procedure, analysis processes, strategies and mechanisms, etc.

For some of these cases, the option of requesting the support of a computer expert is included . These are specialists in the field of digital analysis in electronic equipment. Understand as computers and mobile equipment. His branch is digital research, addressing areas such as social networks, blogs or other web pages, even research on mobile applications such as whatsapp .

At Grupo Arga Detectives , we offer you a complete and quality service. We guarantee that you will obtain various tests or evidence to process your case, which will achieve the truth in order to reach a very satisfactory resolution. All evidence provided by us is fully endorsed by legal entities.

In addition, we offer the best rates on the market where the quality-price comparison is one of our great characteristics as a private detective agency in Catalonia . Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to find a solution to your problems, which is why we offer you the best care and satisfactory results in our agency.




At Grupo Arga Detectives , we offer you various services where you will find the opportunity to reconcile a solution to the case that you present in particular. Thanks to our long professional career, we have dealt with cases of various kinds; some of them are more requested than others and therefore, we will name some of these for more information.



Infidelities are very recurrent cases within our investigation services. This service is for those people who are suspicious of their partner, believing in the possibility of infidelity . The problem is that they do not have the tools to know the truth of the circumstances.

For this reason, at Grupo Arga Detectives , we assure you of a complete and very satisfactory procedure, where we will confirm or rule out the existence of infidelity .



within companies that warrant a private investigation . The leak or embezzlement of information, presented in various strategies, including cases of fraud or espionage by employees from lower to higher hierarchical scale; among other circumstances, they have represented a serious problem for companies of various kinds.

For this, a complete analysis of all the information that travels within the companies is required, thus it will be possible to detect problems such as fraudulent sick leave , theft or loss of valuable information for malicious purposes, espionage by competing companies, among others. At Grupo Arga , you will find a high-caliber service in this area.




Locating people is a procedure that requires direct and rapid attention. The reasons why a person disappears can be diverse. The truth is that the anguish and anxiety resulting from this situation, together with the lack of attention by police entities, will not be able to provide a solution.

At Grupo Arga , you will find the support you need, providing you with direct, optimal and fast attention in order to locate the missing person .



         Knowing the performance of your company or business requires a daily effort for any manager or owner, but

Through a Mystery Shopping this claim has become much simpler, this alternative is present for any requirement in Catalonia.

This mysterious client over time has gained more power due to the benefits it can cause within any field, therefore it deserves to be described so that each company keeps it in mind as a preventive or defensive way to completely change the course of the business sector. involved.



         At Grupo Arga we offer the Mystery Shopping service in Catalonia and also throughout the Spanish territory, as a tool capable of measuring and testing the quality of any service, as it is undertaken by a private detective who poses as a client to measure the care received on one’s own skin.

This has become an exceptional method to know and determine the faults that exist within the service or product that you provide, since the search for sales requires a resounding commitment to critically analyze from the internal operation, to reflect a management of quality.

It is compatible with commercial businesses, restaurants, franchises, banks, clubs, hotels, fast food, among others where the interaction between employees and customers intervenes, being a connection that must be safeguarded above all to make a difference over market competition.

Through a mysterious client, it is possible to consult precisely what is happening, especially to find out the reason why sales have decreased or to inquire about the attention it provides, since it is always possible to improve and try excel at correcting whatever is wrong.

To access this opportunity, you must require a professional service that can only be provided by our private detectives, who fulfill the role of acting as mysterious clients, under an impartial perspective since they inquire about the sector of their services or products to measure the demands. usual of each client to verify them.



         In the first place, the Mystery Shopping service carried out in Catalonia covers each imposed need, because when we receive your requirements we establish an action plan as a standard of what you want to evaluate, as well as if you have a specific employee in mind, for this reason the questionnaire or interview is crucial.

The mysterious client is in charge of evaluating each incidence that you want, so that our private detective visits the installation or the premises with the aim of capturing the quality of the service received, these impressions are included in an accurate report prepared by professionals, in addition to a accurate advice for your situation.

Through the findings collected by the mysterious customer, you will be able to take measures on the way in which you manage your company or business, in addition to measuring the purchase experience that is received, because it can be the determining factor to point towards greater growth and progress. .

Another important result that reflects this service is the fact of knowing how an employee acts in front of a client when the manager is not there, to check if there is any variation, since this can be significant or be the cause of some drop in the sales, not blaming others, but the attention itself.

For this reason it is considered an effective technique, most companies implement it as a viable alternative, to expose everything that happens behind their backs, so that in the long term they can be corrected, until they maintain and obtain more clients, this is the central purpose of this type of service.

When an important dedication is instilled in the customer’s experience, they notice it until they want to return where they are well received, in Grupo Arga you can count on trained professionals for this kind of needs, because we provide you with important information to improve or change some part of the service. .

From a more professional and technical point of view, it is much easier to retain everything that is manifesting within the company or business, to test the skills within it, evaluating the employees, the safety and hygiene of the place, the time or delay, among any other sector-specific measures.

This internal study does not seek to expose your weaknesses, but to work on your strengths, since this leads directly to a change for the better, the role of an anonymous buyer is so old that it boomed in the 20th century, being an essential service in Spain , which yielded important findings for companies like Microsoft.



         Through the action of a Mystery Shopping Catalonia , you will be able to know exactly the physical conditions of the place, especially from the user’s perspective, in addition to visualizing how other customers are treated, to establish as a reference the mode or method of attention.

In the same way, the employees are the first to question, since their cordiality and reaction to typical incidents with a client are evaluated, all this is part of the shopping experience that lives within each visitor, the report that we provide represents a instrument of introspection to help the business.

Knowing these results you will know what to invest in or address marketing strategies, because this is the best way to grow hand in hand with customers, therefore the information collected has an important level to make changes, in addition this service is exercised under extremely attractive offers to get real answers.

Through a mysterious client, the private investigator will be able to infiltrate, to reflect what his experience was, in addition to reporting the physical state, a kind of survey or parameters is agreed upon that we comply with to the letter, in this way he will be able to evaluate the aspects that you want under a professional performance without suspicion or problems.



The search and location of people in Catalonia , is one of the functions, most carried out by a private detective. Because there are many people who use the services of a private investigator to locate a person, either for family or professional reasons.

This search and location service, at present, is a complex and complicated issue. Given the particular nuances that motivate customers to request the service. However, there are a wide variety of research tools and people willing to do them. Which we will talk about throughout this article.



The people location and search service , offered by the Arga Group, is responsible for assisting and searching for people both in Catalonia and in any part of the world. We make available to clients, a group of detectives who are experts in tracking and locating people.

This service is carried out through different methods and technological tracking equipment, in order to locate the requested person as soon as possible. We must be clear that there are several reasons to require the services of a person locator detective. Among which we can highlight the following:

  • The familiar : represents the central point of the researchers, since it is the most requested and therefore the one that most affects the clients. This type of hiring, generally obeys, in cases where relatives lose communication or their disappearance is not always at will or with intention.


  • When you are adopted : wanting to know the origins of a person who has been adopted is another reason that generates the hiring of researchers. Carrying out this type of research requires a lot of effort, work and hours of research. That we put at your disposal in Grupo Arga.
  • Inheritance or notarial procedures ; It is becoming more and more common for private investigator services to be contracted for inheritance procedures. These are essentially due to the fact that every day the population must carry out activities (work, study, etc.) for long periods outside our home or original country.

This results in the loss of contact with close people and families. That later, if there is a death of some of that family circle, the need to locate the heir is generated. These are usually children, grandchildren and siblings who have lost contact or do not know each other.

  • Delinquent people : due to the current economic problems, requests for searches of delinquent people or people with debts have grown exponentially. It must be borne in mind that these are not only people, but also companies, which on many occasions are repeat offenders or professionals who are experts in
  • Location of addresses : investigating the assets and addresses of people with debts, is another of the services that continues to increase. This allows to establish, in a legal and safer way, if the person can fulfill the contracted commitment (debt), through his patrimony.

For these services and many more, Grupo Arga has the most qualified detectives, and the best technology for locating people. That it makes available to its clients, who, with their trust, have made us the detective agency with the greatest solidity and prestige in the country.

It is important to note that the Arga Group’s location and tracking service is available not only in Spain, but also internationally. This thanks to the location system developed and used by our human resources. Where we work, with commitment, seriousness, responsibility and professionalism.



If it is required, the hiring of a detective to help locate a person, it must be clear that it is important to have certain information. Which will be necessary to serve as a starting point for the search. It’s not enough to just have the name of the person you want to find.

Among the data required by the investigator we have the following: date of birth, photographs, addresses, both of the person to be located, and of close contacts. Keep in mind that any additional data could be an important clue to the case. That is why the contribution that people who know him can give are of great relevance.

The more information that is provided to the case, the easier it will be to locate its resolution. We know how important this search is for our client, which is why Grupo Arga’s goal is to keep clients informed of all the progress we have in this regard.

The techniques used to locate a relative, a missing person, are not the same as those of a defaulter, much less a scammer. So, depending on the case, our detective will use totally different location tools.



We understand that the people location service is a service that affects our clients in a notable way due to its emotional tone. In addition to being very competitive in terms of supply by the competition.

However, from our Agency, we place at the disposal of the client. The Department of Private Investigation, which has the technology and expert staff.

The experience and ability of the research staff is endorsed by our client and the recommendation and prestige that we have had for more than 10 years. We also have a 100% success rate in locating people.

This is because we understand the importance of the service we provide and that is why we invest and use top technology. Regarding the fees, which are established by private detectives, who specialize in locating people.

The rate will depend on many variables, since it will depend on the number of hours that the case requires. In any case, in the Arga detective group , we have the best rates in the market, which adapt to the needs of all clients.




Private detectives experts in infidelity in Catalonia are usually important for the community, since through us many people can learn the truths behind a mask of lies, which only causes unnecessary fights and fights for couples and in this way have the peace that they so badly need.

This work or help allows people to relax a little, making those accelerated thoughts decrease, since everything that happened or happens is certified, thus making it possible to know whether to continue with the deception or end that annoying situation.



Cases of infidelity in Catalonia are usually very controversial, where most people always approach an expert agency to consult their case and know what can be done in their defense.

The first thing that we offer to reach our agencies, Grupo Arga in Catalonia , is an interview where certain parameters of the actions that can be done to collect the necessary evidence of infidelity can be determined and to know if it is true or not.

Obtaining evidence in an investigation can be done through technological devices, where only professionals have the power to use them without being outside the legal margin of each person’s privacy.

Some of these methods used are usually: review of people’s social networks, recording of conversations in person and by telephone, photographs of the movements and people with whom they meet, as well as ultra-range videos so that it is always as clear as possible. .

The detectives in Catalonia of the Arga Group are well qualified to be able to solve the needs of each client, giving them truthful information with the most modern investigation equipment on the market, in addition to having the support of having our reports through the college of detectives of the Valencian community.



The situation of discovering an infidelity can be very difficult, but so is the action to be taken later, the first thing to do for private detectives in Catalonia is the investigation that they were asked about the infidelity, and then deliver the evidence collected, to engage with each client the situation to agree on how to act afterwards.

If, on the other hand, the client confirms the infidelity but has no proof, it is best to talk to an expert investigator in the area so that he can collect said trafficking and thus know the truth of this uncomfortable situation.

In general, in Spain there are many places to choose from where to hire an investigator for infidelity cases, but the difference always lies in the experience that each agency may have and in our case the reputation we have earned and the support we have.

Another point to highlight as Grupo Arga is the accessible prices for each client in their different cases, which are not compared with the competition, thus giving quality, guarantee and low prices to the same service, being us the main option in most of the cases.

For these reasons, and the recommendations of many clients, we indicate that you can contact our detectives 24 hours before any suspicion or certainty about infidelity, where we will provide a fast and totally reliable service.

The important thing for us as a detective agency is to be able to help restore peace of mind to people about the doubts that they may have with their partners, where they are usually doubts that do not let them rest or eat well.

This type of situation, in the end what they cause is that people make the decision either to confront their partners, or to take an alternative such as separation of relationship, property and custody if they have children involved.



The investigations of private detectives in Catalonia , usually guarantee always discovering the truth behind each problem, in this way the investigation can be carried out quickly and concisely, giving certainty of knowing everything that is still hidden behind each infidelity.

For each work that is carried out on infidelity, some proof must be presented that it can be accurate, be it messages, calls, photos, audios, changes in attitude such as being interested in things that did not matter to you before, among others.

Another of the changes that we ask clients as detectives is if their partner has been obsessed with the phone more than before, either by texts or calls, or who turns off the cell phone when they get home or puts a password where they had not been before. , etc.

In addition to these points, if it is confirmed that there is more overtime in their jobs when it did not happen before, or meetings or activities that they previously refused to do, then this is a sufficiently alarming sign, since according to our experience, infidelities tend to show up more in work areas than in another field.

These fields are usually filled out in the first interview with the client, in order to ensure that it is a case of real infidelity, as the conversation progresses, more tips will come out , which are filled out in a survey in order to have a folder with everything the necessary information and then proceed to make an action plan.

When carrying out the action plan, and knowing what methods are to be used. The time that will be invested in the investigation and the resources to be used, a budget is made so that each client has the option to validate it and accept it according to their convenience.

Once an agreement is reached between the parties, the established plan is simply carried out and the physical evidence necessary to find the truth behind the doubts and suspicions is simply carried out.

It is always recommended that if you are in Catalonia, you always hire a private detective who is an expert in infidelity so that they can help you with legal issues and once you have the evidence, consult what can be done in that particular case.



When we deal with electronic sweeps in Catalonia, we always talk about the way in which someone is being spied on or not, the detail of this field is to know if this concern is really unfounded or not, since many times they can give false positives by some kind of stressful situation.

With the arga detectives group it is always about being transparent with all clients on the subject of electronic sweeping, for this reason we will try to describe part of the tools that one of the experts on the subject usually uses, so that it is known a little more. about the topic.



When it comes to the subject of electronic sweeps , we are talking precisely about a way of working with technological equipment, which allows the validation of other devices that can play a role of espionage in a certain area and it is the obligation of a private detective to be able to determine their location and have a solution for that privacy violation.

This role allows private detectives to somehow detect the location of a hidden device, as can happen with hidden microphones, cameras and recorders, these can transmit with a signal at short distances or high frequencies where distances can be longer.

The equipment that detectives usually use for their electronic sweeps are usually portable, since it is a way of being able to carry all these devices without so much weight and that is much easier to handle. However, its size does not determine the stopping power of a frequency in its coverage range.

There are spy devices, which usually make very low transmissions, so that it is not easy to detect them by other equipment. By making this type of signal change, the trades you are making can be more efficient. But, any transmission with the help of a human hand can be detected.

No matter how many updates there are in computer equipment, there will always be tools and systems that can track and detect this type of information with which you are working, which is why there are devices that can locate which is the most vulnerable point of one wall to have good acoustics from the other room.

These technological teams are so advanced that they are working with the detection of some signals such as VHF, UHF, microwaves and any other that is transmitted by radio in the general band that is from 1 MHz to 6 GHz.

All equipment that is for detecting signals from technological devices can show on its screen the power of a signal that it detects, which is why to do this service it is always recommended to turn off all types of technology and not say anything to anyone, since This point is decisive to know if the person behind the theft of information is known.



As we have been talking about, electronic sweeps usually have diversity when it comes to the devices that can be used for this purpose, but it is also a fact that it cannot be loaded with all the equipment and therefore here we will mention some of the best known such as:

  • Screens with a modern configuration such as LCDs.
  • Telephone analyzer equipment.
  • Wide frequency revealers like 6000 MHz
  • Another piece of equipment is to have a device with high sensitivity so that it can detect the different signals, however weak they may be, since these are the ones that are most used for espionage.
  • Voice-detecting computer systems, which can allow the detection of a human sound to be activated to know who it is and its location.
  • Auditory signal, where the lowest and most distorted sounds can be detected to know who is in the security parameters.
  • Detector of analog and digital signals, so that it can be validated if there are nearby equipment, whether new or old, that allow large-scale espionage.



For normal use of equipment by private detectives, it is first necessary to know how these devices used for electronic sweeps work , which is why we mention some of them here.


This device is one of the most used by private detectives, since it allows them to validate the most used radio frequencies, where you can validate and locate any signal transmitter that is wireless, that may be in the zone or area in which that you want to analyze.


This equipment analyzes all the electronic transmitters that may exist in the network of telephone cables, in addition to this equipment having the advantage of being able to show and identify the frequencies with the integrated transmitters they have.


This device is one of the most used, since it allows you to enlarge the audio. By being able to connect to telephone cables as well, it can detect if there is any suspicious connection or any espionage equipment close to them.

On the other hand, this device has a component called “VOX activation”, which allows the different devices that were set to start by a particular tone of voice or sound to be activated, as a benefit, this component means that if there is any paused device activates to detect your exact location.

This equipment is always one of the most sought after because it is completely the same, this equipment has a burst detector that is used to know how many signals are momentarily active.

This type of detector is so powerful that it can validate if vehicle trackers and GSM emitters can be active or not, in ways that are inactive, they can activate them to emit the short pulses that are always emanating and be just as it is. detect to know if it is worrisome or not.






Computer detectives are professionals in the area of computer forensics, which is an area in charge of specific analysis of digital equipment and tools, making this profession an art in obtaining information and digital data that may be lost or deleted.

Digital forensics are those who carry out analyzes to identify, preserve and present digital evidence or evidence that may become valid for a trial or any government procedure.



When dealing with the process of a detective private computer expert , we are talking precisely about the analysis and reconstruction that they carry out on digital data, on information that may still exist in some part of the technological equipment that is currently being handled.

In the process of collecting information, it is very similar to what a forensic doctor does, that is, they reconstruct data from material that is often in poor condition. Sometimes computer scientists tend to recover damaged, deleted or hidden data in the different existing systems.

One of the equipment where these data recovery processes are carried out the most is on mobile phones, smartphones , computers and tablets , so that they are tools that we use on a daily basis and the information on them is always intentionally deleted.

Once some of the desired traces are found on these computers, the use of different artifacts is used to detect them and thus be able to obtain junk files or damaged files with important hidden information.

On the other hand, once the data analysis and recovery process is completed, the detective proceeds to make a technical report, where he summarizes the process and the techniques used to obtain said result.



In ancient times when it came to the subject of computing, it was related to desktop computers, but today to speak of a computer detective is to deal not only with computers, but also with laptops, tablets , mobile phones, GPS devices. , USB equipment, among many more.

This type of change is taken by the modernization that has existed in technology, in addition to the fact that every year there are always innovations of which our researchers must always be studying in order to make the correct applications in the field that they request.

Any equipment or device that can be used as data storage can be used as a briefcase to steal information of some kind. One of the most unprecedented cases that has been observed in this field is in medical devices with bluetooth functionality where this data is stored.



The recovery of information that has been deleted from a technological equipment can always be recovered, the computer detectives of Catalonia can precisely recover any data or file that has been deleted either intentionally or by accident.

This information retrieval service is always one of the most sought after within this field, since in this way it is possible to find out the activities that a person or company has been carrying out that does not want to say anything, or is suspected of information theft or espionage.

On the other hand, in the services of other areas such as infidelity, they usually also request this work, since instant messaging systems such as Facebook, WhatsApp, among others, can be legally accessed, and it can be determined if the partner has been lying or cheating on the customer.

Another of the data that can be applied to this service is precisely in GPS devices, since they have location and location systems that are usually recorded in software from a particular company or in the cloud of the computer system, so that someone who knows the subject can access it.

This type of analysis is what can help the computer researcher to determine where the object or device may have been located in the past, and thus be able to draw a map of the route to explore the routes and areas where it could be.

This type of knowledge about equipment and devices not only comes from a study center, it also usually comes from experience acquired in the field, and our detective agency from the arga group has the best private investigators who have a high experience in the field. managing them.

As clients, what you should help is by providing the necessary and most detailed information possible about the circumstance you are experiencing and leave the rest in expert hands, thus allowing investigators to work in a better way to determine the origin of any problem and circumstance.



When validating the technological devices that we have already talked about previously, which are devices analyzed by computer detectives, you can find certain exclusive information such as:

  • WhatsApp conversations and files, text messages, Messenger and other current instant messengers.
  • Deleted contacts in a time range.
  • Call History.
  • Intentionally deleted photos and videos, as well as knowing if it was taken from that device or sent.
  • Emails.
  • History of web pages visited.
  • Location in recurring places through GPS.
  • Apps used and how often you use it.
  • Damaged or deleted documents.
  • Agenda and possible calendars that are saved.
  • Complete routes traced through GPS.

When all this information is obtained, the computer detective usually does not leave a trace of his search, nor does he modify this data in any way, since in this way he maintains anonymity. However, if you make copies and safeguard all information found.

This type of work allows you to leave everything as it is so as not to alter your presence and the possible suspects do not know that there is a person investigating this issue, it also prevents them from manipulating the equipment that cannot be used later.




Electronic sweeps are a method that has been used for years to ensure an area free from cyber threats of theft or theft of information. This method as technology advances, the updating of methods that can be taken as a computer crime is also carried out.

In addition, electronic sweeps and counter espionage is a means that has been carried out for many years, precisely to be able to know the steps of someone or a specific company, giving advantages over it and having information for blackmail and extortion of the company. same.



When we discuss the subject of electronic sweeps that are carried out in Catalonia , we are talking about the point of electronic countermeasures, which is a form of power, a form of security measure in computer devices, in this way the validity that there is privacy in what is used is obtained.

Sometimes the electronic sweep is known as the electronic warfare, since in it you see one side that a person is spying on all the movements of someone else, and on the other side someone is working to counteract this cybernetic espionage that is being presented .

Electronic counterespionage or countermeasure is a technique widely used by large companies, as well as by government departments, since they are always being constantly attacked to know important information or cyber espionage.

Most companies, especially multinationals and governments, are commercial and public entities that must constantly be carrying out some type of electronic scanning from time to time to avoid massive information leaks by any existing technological means.


History of electronic sweeps

When it comes to looking for the origin of electronic sweeps , the first thing that comes to mind is the wars that existed many years ago. In one of these wars, one of the means that was used to send messages to each other was with telegraphy in a way that made it easier to transmit important information.

In a Russo-Japanese combat, there was a person who was able to use this transmission method that is telegraphy to be able to intercept the communication of the enemies and find out important information that allowed them to advance in said combat.

This act was the first recorded event as a security countermeasure electronically, thus making use of the technology of the day for the first time as a means of espionage never before known.

With this, the work of espionage evolved over time, and the electronic devices of the moment were added little by little, the recorders were used to add the audios of private conversations.

This procedure was gradually incorporated by the spies who, with the advancement of technology, gained more reputation until it became a recognized profession today such as the private detective , which is the profession in which the Arga detective group specializes .

Where work is carried out within the legal framework with the appropriate teams for each given situation, in addition to the fact that each service offered is endorsed and recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to the fact that they are investigations that are taken into account in any judicial process.

These judicial processes are often carried out by the evidence that a detective can collect so that the perpetrator can report the cause of everything and in a legal way can pay everything he owes or at least compensation for it.



Nowadays, there are many technological devices with which electronic espionage can be carried out , this also refers to the fact that at present there are electronic devices with which the various electronic sweeps can be carried out in such a way that it is possible to know if there is or not espionage from somewhere.

Likewise, with the technological advance that exists, private detectives have precisely validated that there is equipment that can have a range of up to 20 meters, this means that in that range there can be a microphone, a recorder, a camera or some computer equipment that allow data theft.

If we deal with the topic of the technological vanguard, it can be validated that there are methods used by spies, so that through the SIMCard the different calls and messages can be recorded on a cellular equipment, in this way they would serve not only to call, but also to record said conversations and even instant messages.

In addition to this equipment, there are a variety of technological devices with the same purpose of helping to carry out espionage work efficiently and quickly. The duration that these equipment may have, always depends on the brand and the type of use that said device is used.

On the other hand, you have to know that there is a diversity of electronic devices that are used to carry out espionage, but many of them are also used to carry out counter-espionage, which can even be carried out by a private detective.

Sometimes the job of a private investigator is not only to investigate to discover a crime, but also to find out that there are no espionage teams placed by other professionals who have hired them for that particular service.

Therefore, when it comes to investigating the life or work of someone else, it is best to hire a specialist in the area who can work outside the law, knowing that it will not break the right to privacy and that all evidence harvested is used in a cut to be recognized.

If you have doubts or uncertainty about whether or not someone is watching you, do not hesitate to contact the Arga Detective group, who have the best recommendations at the national level, in addition to being experts in the area for more than 10 years, so that the channels of communication should be through email or phone calls.






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