Private Investigators in Castellón

Private Investigators in Castellón


Private investigations can only be carried out successfully by professionals in the field, which is why you must turn to a private detective in Castellón, belonging to the Arga Detective Group.

Private Investigators in Castellón

Private Investigators in Castellón

These are a group of experts in the field who are also endowed with the most advanced technical instruments on the international market, thus guaranteeing quality and totally effective work.

This company has the most accessible costs in the world, thus ensuring that all people can access its services.

The best Castellón detectives are those resources that allow investigative work to be carried out under highly professional standards in order to provide the most appropriate responses to our clients and stakeholders at the right time, this is done with the need to establish various aspects that result from high value towards all the resources that you want to structure around quality research.

Our Grupo Arga detectives are highly trained resources that in turn guarantee the best of follow-ups to a task that can become highly complex, and still be the only ones able to get to the bottom of events within these levels of complexity. .


Private investigation in our country has gone through various significant events that have made it today as it occurs in the research market, it has been the consequence of various modifications that have been established at the level of the legal exercise of our profession This leads to the generation of multiple aspects that are essential to understand what elements are relevant at the level of the private investigative exercise and what expectations to have regarding the contracting of services of this type.

At least, it is necessary to highlight that private investigation professionals such as Castellón detectives, thanks to all this updated legal framework, have an area of ​​operation especially dedicated to private matters, this means that they are not in charge of operating in investigations. of a public nature, since that is a predominantly exclusive field for police detectives.

Can a private detective assist a public detective? In this case, it is convenient to say that he will make this scheme possible as long as he can establish various support operations towards tasks that public entities and investigative institutions request, his main activity It will not be to exceed or provide elements beyond those that have been required, in this sense a detective of this type will substantiate in his technical report everything related to the investigation hypotheses that these agents request, in the direction of seeking a high-level quality in this type of reports, which is extremely essential when it comes to providing your detective input to the part of the fact-finding process where required.

The most important thing to take into account is that a private detective focuses on elements that have a recurrence 10 times greater than any public case of significance, this guarantees a level of complexity to be unfolded and inescapably also involves the generation of various Schemes that must be managed under a sufficiently expert research element.

The best guarantee that has in the execution of these processes is possible through the generation of various elements that are capable of providing the best response to a client. This in private investigation is possible to achieve through a scheme of joint participation between the client and the contractor of these services, an issue that is not present in the public investigation, since the investigating agent or police officer must sometimes reserve for himself multiple elements that he may find in the case, since A public investigation case also requires the execution of certain levels of confidentiality even with those involved.

The generation of a joint investigation scheme is of utmost importance for the development of the investigation of various cases, since without a doubt it represents the best sufficient guarantee to establish a criterion of satisfaction towards the client from the field of private investigation, that is why the private investigator will always have in this field the possibility of establishing a high criterion of transparency of all the processes that are carried out and are intended to be executed with the client.

From Grupo Arga detectives, faithful to our conviction of service, we have decided to establish this step as a critical element, around the fulfillment of tasks that mean being transparent and proactive enough to provide the necessary responses to all those who request our services.

Our clients are seen as those who need quick and timely action since they can establish a criterion of decisions regarding the information and the elements of conviction collected, this is the sufficient guarantee of transparency in the execution of various operations, in the same way it should be noted that today the operational framework that has been drawn from the law and the exercise of the detective profession will allow the private investigator dishing excellence and act in the areas where their participation is required.



Private Investigators in Castellón

Private Investigators in Castellón

Grupo Arga detectives, is an organization that has undoubtedly carried through its more than 10 years of experience a cluster of elements that are capable of benefiting our clients around the generation of investigative aspects that are capable of providing management insurance of various elements regarding a situation that they have under a regime of suspicion.

Therefore, it is also necessary to establish that our organization is highly proactive towards the generation of new mechanisms, tools and also strategies that facilitate in the field the best application of operations in the short, medium and long term towards our clients.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an organization that is in charge of establishing with great synchrony various organizational aspects that are capable of guaranteeing the healthy exercise of detective work, with the aim of serving a basis of excellence and discipline to all our clients, she is the best guarantee that we can offer to the market. Our dedication, as well as all the effort that we have managed to print over the years, are proof of our results. Our Castellón detectives are the best!




At least once in our lives we are intrusive at times when it is necessary to hire the services of a private investigation professional, bodyguard or high-ranking computer scientist, for different reasons. The Arga Detectives Group makes them available to you quickly, always offering the best service, fully insured.

At our headquarters in Castellón, we have the most developed instruments in the technological field to satisfy all the requests that are requested by our distinguished clientele, always respecting the legal statutes, norms imposed by law and the moralistic limits that govern our work.

The Arga Detectives Group is a highly influential detective research company that has a set of human resources specialized in the area of ​​private investigation, who have the most advanced devices in the entire scientific market, whose mission is to its users are totally satisfied with the commitment made.

Detectives in Castellón are a generally multidisciplinary investigative team that are capable of overcoming any task assigned to them in the most effective and rapid way, whose investigations are focused from the intimate perspective on conjugal issues (exploration of people , adultery, loss of money, addictions, etc.) up to purely domestic issues (Investigation of companies where a certain family member works, investigation of a blood relationship lost or whose location is unknown, academic performance of descendants, friends or colleagues, etc.) .

The detective agency in Castellón, as in the other offices in Spain, offers a large number of services to suit the consumer, which are tailored according to the needs of each client in order to fully satisfy each request or job that is demanded, obtaining the best results. . The types of services offered by this great company could be classified as follows:

Investigations in the computer field, in this case high-level professionals with years of experience related to technology and its advances work here, in order to obtain the best answers from the investigations carried out

Investigations in the professional and industrial fields, a group of qualified people work here to carry out inquiries about trademarks, copies or plagiarism, espionage, surveillance, sabotage at an industrial level, attacks on property, recognition and authentication of signatures and fingerprints, expert reports of different types, expertise, among others.

Investigations in the field of insurers and agencies, in this case work another group of people specialized in the subject, fully qualified to investigate accidents, sequelae, false or faked casualties, reconstruction of claims, exaggeration of facts, simulated accidents or fraud.

Investigations in the family and individual sphere, for these investigations another group of professionals are prepared to proceed with the investigation of facts such as threats, injustices, discrimination, slander, infidelity, pensions, mistreatment, asocial, mistreatment, gambling, addictions, etc.


Private Investigators in Castellón

Private Investigators in Castellón

igations in the workplace, as in the previous cases, a group of professionals is in charge of this type of investigation, investigating events such as CV checks, duplication of employment, dismissals, unfair or unfair competition, faults or false pretenses, etc.

Investigations in the real estate field, finally in this case there is another group of professionals who are responsible for the investigations of this area focusing on undue subleases, absences, past due rent, evictions, concealment of internal reform, etc.

The services offered by the Arga Detectives Group may be immediately available to you by contacting us. It should be noted that each service has a cost which is based on the level of work required to carry out the work, the material used, the group of human material that must be mobilized, the equipment that it requires and the level of research that is required to complete the work.




In order to determine the best private detectives in Castellón, it is important to see the number of cases that have been carried out, the amount of information obtained, the speed of delivery of the orders placed, the discretion with which you work, the agency to which you are a part and lastly, the satisfaction of their clients with their work.

As you can see, it is not so easy to determine which investigator is better, therefore, it is easier to find the most prestigious investigative agency and to hire the best detective from that agency, thus obtaining one of the best investigators on the market.

When hiring a private detective, we always want him to be the best in every possible way, but we always ask ourselves, how do we get it? Well, we must investigate which, with the most renowned and prestigious private agencies, one of them for example is the Arga Detectives Group, which is recognized as one of the best investigative organizations in all of Spain, because they have the best technological equipment. of the market so far, the most apt and trained professionals and with a set of establishments throughout the Spanish territory.

Focusing on Castellón, the best organization for detective investigation is the Arga Detectives Group, since they have carried out a large number of satisfactory jobs without any inconvenience, quickly and totally effectively, in addition to having the best prices in the entire market, thus obtaining an acceptance by the public and clientele totally favorable and recommended.

Once we have our chosen prestigious investigative investigation company, the next step is within the organization to find the detective who has made the largest number of requests without setbacks or complaints, the fastest and most effective, the most discreet and above all the one with the most time within the organization.

It is important to note that the higher the prestige of the private investigative detective, the cost of hiring their services may be slightly higher than that of the rest.

If we focus only on Castellón, there must be an outstanding detective who is the best of all in a certain investigation company, but he does not tell us that he is the best in the whole territory since there are other investigation companies with detectives of the same or even best level. In this case we must observe which company has the best working instruments and delivers the best results. In this case, as is known, the company best endowed with the best working instruments in the entire market is the Arga Detectives Group, therefore, when hiring, never hesitate to hire the services of that company.



If you have uncertainties about your partner, mistrust, feel that you are hiding information and you are desperate, do not hesitate to hire private detectives in Castellón, belonging to the Arga Detectives Group.

This joint group of veteran experts with years of experience in the detective investigation environment, thus achieving all the necessary information to be able to show whether your partner is being unfaithful or not. All this will be carried out in the most intimate and discreet way possible, at an affordable cost for anyone.

Committing the act of infidelity is something intensely frequent in couples today, we say that an infidelity is fulfilled when the relationship ceases to be monogamous by one of the two parties and love affairs and sexual relations are maintained without any type of approval. Therefore, the Arga Detectives Group provides the best services for investigations oriented to this topic, with the most competent personnel on the market and the best work materials to achieve perfect results.

It is never comfortable to accept or go through a situation of infidelity, since there are cases in which you are not totally sure whether this act is being carried out or not, it is because of them that our detective agency in Castellón, belonging to the Arga Detectives Group, provides a totally secret, discreet and confidential service.

Always remembering that the motto of every private investigator of high prestige is to always maintain discretion and caution when executing detective work, thus protecting all our distinguished clientele and in turn being able to grant them everything necessary to verify the act of infidelity.

All work demands a monetary remuneration, it is common to think that hiring a private detective can be extremely expensive and almost impossible for an ordinary person who does not have excess resources. But not everything is as it seems because the agencies of the Arga Detectives Group have the most competitive and accessible prices in the entire market, thus being able to hire their services any natural personnel without the need to make a representative expense in their pocket.

Speaking of prices we can say that, from 1 to 5 hours, per person and per day are 350 euros, per hour and additional person an additional 70 euros will be collected and on holidays and night shifts the cost will increase 50% of the agreed price.

Private Investigators in Castellón

PrivaPrivate Investigators in Castellónte Detectives Murcia

Once all this information has been gathered, do not remain in doubt that, if your partner is being unfaithful to you, already find and hire a private detective in any of our branches, and thus assess yourself what is happening with the help of all the evidence that our set of experts will provide you.




Technology is currently a fundamental pillar in our lives, which is why experts in the field are needed when carrying out an investigation of this type, such as the Arga Detectives Group. These have the most qualified personnel in this area, being able to carry out any type of investigation that is required quickly, efficiently and totally discreetly.

The Arga Detectives Group also has the most advanced technological equipment on the market, thus guaranteeing an accurate and satisfactory result.

Secret investigation or espionage is an action that has spread today with large dimensions due to how easy and accessible it is to buy espionage devices today. Thus, it is much more frequent than we think and each of us is susceptible to being victims of a secret investigation at the hands of a private detective.

The Arga Detectives Group has been carrying out counter-espionage work for many years with great results. With all these technological investigations we can avoid all these acts of espionage against us or one of our own.

You can find small and even almost invisible hidden cameras in the technology market, as well as microphones that can be placed in the most hidden corners that we can even imagine.

Thanks to the application of the latest technologies to a number of private detectives in Castellón, we can search for these signs and this kind of espionage devices, thus being able to correct the infringement of personal rights that is occurring and thus be able to put them on trial. authorities appropriate to the subject.

The services offered by the Arga Detectives Group focused on this topic are varied and can be broken down into:

Informatic security.

International investigations.

Placement of hidden cameras.

Development and design of security and control countermeasures.

Private Investigators in Castellón

Private Investigators in Castellón

Technology and security

Debugging of audio and video material

Fingerprint analysis.

Electronic Sweep

Hidden camera detection.

Microphone detection.

With this large number of services, it is capable of detecting audio, video, camera, microphones, cables and power supply communications, vulnerability in computer and network security, intruder systems in switchboards and registration systems in the telephone line.

There is a system widely used by private detectives and which is also highly renowned, which is the global location system (GLS) that allows obtaining the exact and precise location of the issuer and the trajectory it takes in real time. This system is widely used for the control and tracking of commercial vehicles and for the control of materials or merchandise that is planned to be moved from one place to another.

That is why you should always have a technology professional at your disposal and the Arga Detectives Group has them for you at the best price in the international market.





The fees of a private detective change according to the work that must be carried out, therefore, a fixed price cannot be given to the public, since as each job is different, each client is also.

We must emphasize that the Arga Detectives Group, like some other organizations, always agree a cost with the client according to the pocket of each one.

A set of base prices can be broken down according to the type of work to be performed, saying then:

For a shift of 1 to 5 hours, per staff and per day is 350 euros.

Per hour and additional human personnel an extra 70 euros will be collected at cost.

In festive seasons and night program the cost will increase 50% of the final cost.

In searches and locations of people the cost will be the previously agreed. In case it is very specific, the elemental cost is used.

In matters of technical investigations or insurance inquiries, the minimum rate will also be used or, depending on the consumption of resources, the investment of time and the difficulty of the investigation, a budget will be made, and this will be accepted bilaterally.

Private Investigators in Castellón

Private Investigators in Castellón

  Contact us, you will not regret it.



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