Currently, the figure of a private investigator has become closer to the needs daily, since the truth can be discovered through its prestigious services, as we have demonstrated at Grupo Arga, fighting all kinds of adversities that seek to overshadow your quality of life.

For this reason you need to have the work of the detectives in Castellon de la plana , who retain a host of professional qualities acquired through well-dedicated training, that is, this process develops our skills to provide you with evidence in the shortest possible time and finish with your problems.

         Without a doubt, the responses of the detectives in Castellon de la plana are effective, they reduce concerns to a great extent since they are completely dedicated to each investigation undertaken, for this reason we want to take this offer to new levels that contemplates an outstanding attention to your problems.



We offer a prestigious service on the investigation of infidelities, search for people, fraudulent sick leave, and even a first-class computer area to give you a very timely response to this type of problem, which is the most demanded current trend, for which we have answers. .

Change the course of the problems with the realization of a search for the truth, uniting each fact with ratified information, in this way we make strong evidence to take your case towards a prompt resolution, even in judicial instances if necessary.

Clarifying the panorama and knowing the truth is the first step to face problems, this is the only one that gives you the power to know for sure that they are acting maliciously against you, as well as the satisfaction of claiming your rights thanks to the advantage provided by the evidence obtained.



         The action of the detectives in Castellon de la plana is responsible for studying each case with the greatest objectivity, in this way we do not raise false hopes, much less, but we communicate each finding with transparency, in this way you can have the peace of mind of having with very useful evidence.

We are a special service because it is an alternative way to get to solve your problems, we focus on looking for evidence to dissolve what is happening, you will be able to find out in a short time if your partner is cheating on you, as well as if the employee takes advantage of that feigned low, we reveal the situation effectively.

We classify each contract to place the most appropriate expert in charge, that is, the areas are attended by specialists who represent the subject of your problems, in this way they will know how to act and how to collect the information that the user needs.

We offer you convincing evidence in the shortest possible time, the value of the investigation is a fight against time, and the other intruders who wish to get rid of the evidence, in addition to maintaining traditional skills such as surveillance and monitoring, even verification of information.

The most valuable treasure today is undoubtedly privacy, the protection of your personal information, for this reason the demand within private investigation has increased notably, especially when there is any suspicion of an intruder or of some malicious intent. surrounds.

When security or verification of some information is required, it is necessary to go to a detective in Castellón de la Castellón de la Plana on time , who will be in charge of covering the situation with the greatest possible secrecy so that each action is affective, in this way you can get to the truth in a much more professional way.





The detectives in Castellón de la Plana are an excellent option if you are looking for a reliable service. They are professionals who are working every day and at all hours, so you can contact them when you need their services.

  There are many services that these detectives in Castellón de la Plana are responsible for providing to all the inhabitants of the area, so do not hesitate to find out the one that suits you. Particularly, in Grupo Arga detectives, we have the best professionals.


Detectives in Castellón de la Plana are extremely easy to contact. In the case of Grupo Arga detectives, you can contact us through different telephone numbers, or through our website.

On this website you will find all the information necessary to have our services; You will be able to know what our professionals are dedicated to and their way of working, giving you more confidence through it.

For its part, on this website you will find all the relevant information so that you can contact us easily. Suffice it to say that they are professionals who are available when you want them.

No matter what time of the day or night you contact us, we will be available for any questions, queries or to start an investigation without extra fees for the contact hour. This has allowed us to be the main option of many people.

For this, and for our affordable rates for any research service you want, do not hesitate to contact us. We assure you a responsible, professional and quality service for everything you need to know.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries




The services of a detective in Castellón de la Plana can be of great help for many reasons and in different situations, so we recommend having a trusted detective on hand who can help you.

  1. Legality

In the event of any problem where the help of a detective is required to obtain information, it is important to keep in mind that this information collected can be of great help for any legal process.

Both the evidence collected by the detective and his testimony can be of great help before any court, so it is important to have the help of a professional in the area who has as much experience as possible in this process.

  1. Experience

As we mentioned, the experience of a detective in Castellón de la Plana can be a helpful factor. Not only for the help provided before a legal process, but this experience will be what will allow you to know the best way to start an investigation.

With this experience, it will also be easier for a detective to solve any situation that arises during the work. This is why many people choose their detective based on the experience they have had on the job.

  1. couple problems

As for the situations for which these detectives are in high demand in Castellón de la Plana , we can highlight infidelity. That is why if you go through situations of suspicion, uncertainty or fear, you can turn to one.


These will be helpful if what you are looking to discover is infidelity. For these cases, they will follow up and obtain evidence that can then be used to proceed with a divorce, if desired.

  1. Location of people

This is also a highly requested service by many people. Generally, it is hired by those who have not heard from a family member or friend for some time, where by providing the necessary data, they can obtain the answer they are looking for.

  1. affordable rates

The detectives in Castellón de la Plana are characterized by having good rates, so that anyone who needs this help can request it. This Arga detectives group service will have a free estimate according to what you need.

For these and many more reasons, the help of a private detective is usually important on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, the recommendation is not to wait until the last minute to find a trustworthy one, because in Grupo Arga detectives we have them.


Many people carry the belief that a detective has higher rates if he provides services 24 hours a day. However, in Grupo Arga detectives we make sure to provide an accessible service throughout the day.

As we mentioned, no matter when you contact us, our rates will remain the same regardless of the service you wish to contract; among these services we highlight those of infidelities, computer investigations, family and others.

It is also important to keep in mind that many of these rates will vary according to the time invested in an investigation; per hour, the rate of a detective is usually between 40 and 70 euros.

In more specific cases, you may find services that reach 800 euros, as is the case with industrial reports, so we recommend you look no further and trust our detectives at Castellon de la Plana .


The detectives in Castellón de la Plana that belong to the Arga detectives group, for years have been in charge of providing different services throughout the area, the most popular being IT, business and infidelity.

Expert detectives in the computer area will be in charge of cleaning reputations on social networks, cyber bullying investigations, recovery of deleted messages and information, and even mobile phone analysis.

In the case of services provided to companies, there are many who request mystery shopping services. This service will be of great help in diagnosing a company and finding solutions that boost its image and sales.

Finally, investigations of infidelities are often highly requested, especially by women who begin to notice strange behavior from their husbands and want to find an answer. However, if you are looking for another service, we will also help you.




         In the case of requiring a detective in Castellón de la Plana , the right way to obtain answers is through Grupo Arga Detective, where the alternatives reside to reveal suspicions and information from different fields, whether it is a personal or business matter,

We have the necessary means to adapt to your situation.

The training that complements a detective is the key to everything, since they have significant experience in private investigation, which allows us to attend to each request in the best way, since these situations deserve exclusive attention, especially with an immense degree. of discretion.

Obtaining evidence depends on knowing how to act in time, manipulating it, applying the appropriate means or techniques to do so, establishing the paths. This line of action is what defines a professional within private investigation, given that seeking to detect within of the situation or scenario the appropriate actions.

For this reason, when a request arises from a client, as a professional detective, you must establish an outright vigilance, that is, shield the situation through a subtle follow-up that does not raise suspicions, since data can be captured with greater precision in some carelessness

We undertake tasks from investigation, as well as finding people, in those searches that are in most cases so important because it is about a direct relative of whom contact has been lost, that is, we know the importance of each service, therefore they are carried out with as ethical as possible.

Within the personal, business and family sector, our performance as a detective is vital, especially because we can unmask all kinds of deception, they are environments where lies and bad intentions abound, which is why the demand for detectives has increased for the resolution of some situation.

Clients have begun to believe in the effectiveness of private investigation, because it has been used as a proven instrument, which is responsible for defending itself and at the same time being applied as a countermeasure, this has been the irrefutable sample of the results that it has thrown off.

The versatility of the investigator’s role increasingly involves him much more with situations of all kinds, where a high guarantee of lawfully obtained results is maintained, as well as the security of acting under the greatest and absolute discretion, his problems are in safe hands.




         The field of private investigation requires a nose, a detection, an experience that only Grupo Arga Detectives offers you, because each detective that is part of our team is constituted under specific skills such as professionalism, ethics, discretion, and the best use of knowledge.

The scope of a detective corresponds to the forensic techniques that must be manipulated to have not only information, but also an element that has probative value, for this reason we have been carrying out this work for more than 10 years, not only in

Castellón de la Plana , but at a national level and with associations at an international level.

All our private detectives have a high training profile, because they are qualified to exercise these responsibilities, even this allows them to give a statement in court and maintain the protection of each procedure on the law.

Due to the fact that it is worthless to hire a detective service that gives you evidence that you will not be able to use, the weight of the documents or evidence collected is vital, because it depends on the way it is obtained, this is established through actions that must be based on the strictness of the law unconditionally.

We have a central office in Castellón de la Plana so that you can easily locate a totally professional service, since our agency has various experts who can provide comprehensive advice on your situation, this is because it has the support of the Ministry of Interior.

The fundamental bases that accompany each action of a detective is legality above all, as well as honesty, this becomes an obligation in every way, both with the agency and with the client, since a private investigation must be highly endowed. of integrity.

However, a value that cannot be negotiated is discretion, this is part of every step that is taken before, during and after the private investigation, that is why we use the best strategy, in the planning of the situation also lies the best defense in the face of any inconvenience.

These elements are characteristics that define us as a group of solid detectives, because they are like unbreakable principles within the profession, it is precisely what allows us to lead a client towards the truth, under a completely safe plan for all those involved.

Each of our professionals is responsible for monitoring the situation, using data collection techniques that are supported as lawful, for this reason one of the common specialties is based on the discovery of infidelities, being viable to dispel all kinds of suspicions in some area.

On the other hand, there are also the tasks of searching for and locating a person, under careful investigation with total discretion you will be able to reach the truth, in the same way we have the skills to cover needs in the computer environment, either to detect crimes of this nature that so much affects the financial sector.




         Regardless of the level or the demand of the situation, a detective in Castellón de la Plana can take charge, even under non-uniformed surveillance, this defines the commitment and how far their performance extends, this allows the functionality of our work can be fully extended.

The value within the private investigation came to include even the labor sector in an increasing way, since it allows maintaining a broad control against absenteeism and temporary disabilities, since in these leaves false facts can be presented to obtain a

remuneration without working, for this reason it must be fought.

This shows that regardless of the sector in which you work, the intervention of a detective is necessary, given that currently the information is highly sensitive, since the means to assemble false data, eliminate evidence, are increasing more and more, for this reason You must have great expertise in this regard.

To enliven the trust of any client, we maintain a free consultation modality, it is a way of introducing people to each of the functions that we can carry out, especially in Castellón de la Plana, which has an important commercial sector at a national level. even, which is due to applying a greater protection.

We carry out different private investigation services, within any field that is in need of the intervention of a professional, this happens because there is resounding support from an excellent group of private detectives, since it has qualified professionals to every situation.

This is the best definition of a detective, precisely the great variety of situations in which he intervenes, where he becomes the main actor in the private investigation, acting legally, respecting each phase of the process in which he intervenes, therefore it is distinguished from ordinary options.

A detective exercises one of the professions that has increased the most today, this has to do with the statistics of fraud and infidelity that are emerging, they are unfortunate events but that have been occurring more frequently, based on the same growth of the espionage tools.

In these situations, it is necessary to have a multifunctional team, that is, different professionals that allow a greater number or diversity of requests to be met, such as the intervention of a lawyer, who is established in the field of work as an advisor for all those involved. in private investigation.

Regardless of the incidents that occur, our professionals issue bulletins and reports to report the monitoring that is being carried out, which also contains the ways in which the legal north prevails completely, to demonstrate with greater precision and efficiency the applied methods.

When offering our services, we seek that each action be feasible, forming comprehensive professionals who are capable of adapting to different situations, following the Spanish legal system at all times, which demonstrates the extensive preparation they possess.




         The dedication that is required on the investigation of a case can only be provided by a detective , because each situation has its own difficulty in dealing with it, for this reason each decision must be supported by the greatest possible professionalism, as well as at reasonable prices. accessible to your budget.

The claims of each client are covered by our professionals, in the same way they are carried out under a time with high guarantees, because regardless of the situation, it must be attended to with the greatest possible support on time, because the preservation of evidence depends on this fact.

The best place to forget about worries and insecurities is through a detective agency like ours, since at Grupo Arga Detectives you will be able to find reliable answers, with outstanding probative value, regardless of the complexity and inconvenience.

If your requirements revolve around any commercial or business purpose, we place the functions of our detectives in being able to provide a high level of security, to cover any objective imposed by the client, but at the same time

same time to safeguard your information against any future incident.

The demand for investigations is widely covered with an outstanding proportion of professionalism, because a detective knows their powers as well as their limits, since they are capable of complying with each legal parameter imposed in the midst of private investigation.

The occupations of an expert as a detective allow information to be extracted accurately, for this reason it must be imperative to maintain full quality within private investigation, which can be achieved in Castellón de la Plana and in any part of the Spanish territory without any problem.

The work of tracking and investigation is widely covered by the Ministry of the Interior, under this regulation only a detective who is authorized can intervene with total freedom, this is the perception that must be taken by not being able to take situations on their own , but leave it to experts.

The problems of lack of security, of being vulnerable to any situation is undoubtedly exhausting, this is the main reason for going to professional media, it has even been positioned as a preventive method and at the same time essential to exercise some action with the evidence obtained. in the process.

Efficiency within a sector as delicate as this one that is intended to exercise a resounding care of privacy is vital, for this reason the development of private investigation increasingly has new techniques, it is armed with much more effective alternatives to discover the truth. at all costs.

The results that a detective manages to present are really satisfactory, because they comply with all kinds of requirements in the legal field, to constitute an adequate distribution of the evidence, that is, to implement a legal strategy in the face of this fact to assert their rights, this is also provided and advised.





         The causes or reasons that are imposed around the need for a detective are varied, which clearly increases the importance of the services we provide daily, because our services have expanded at the same time as the growth in needs has arisen. based on private research.

In the first place, this is due to the establishment of a totally legal detective agency, which has a corresponding certification, based on what is established by the Ministry of the Interior, in this way a high reliability has been built in each of the the processes in which we intervene.

Based on the client’s request, a whole legal path is imposed to obtain the information, for which people have increased their confidence in private investigation, where the greatest achievement is imposed on the results we provide, which have sufficient validity. to be brought before a court.

An also important reason why a detective is sought is the fact of obtaining proposals as a method of resolution, these have great discretion and guarantee at the time of being presented, these proposals are approved and managed by the client above all, Retains the power of every decision.

In the same way, an important motivation to have the peace of mind to trust is based on the experience we have within the private investigation sector, which allows us to visualize how it is more feasible to operate until we cover and determine a particular situation.

Before each request we seek to impose a contract, being the main instrument that serves as proof of the commitment that we set with its objectives, in which each of the strategies and guidelines that are imposed within the execution of the investigation are reflected, counting on an important value of legality.

Regardless of where you are, you can turn to a query, because we keep our services at your entire disposal throughout Castellón de la Plana , but at the same time expanding national and international coverage, which fully reflects the action that identifies us wherever you want. let us work

Each of these reasons postulate us as experts in the area of private investigation, since over time we have perfected each technique, through permanent training, because it is a medium that evolves, along with deception, which for no reason should be superior to our actions.

In everything related to business security, tracking and searching for people, infidelities, and others, you will be able to find a personalized solution, because we treat your concerns as if they were our own, that is why we subtly treat each initiative that is formulated to require our services. services.

The indicated way to detect any commission of a crime is to be able to go to the experience, where the highest specialization in this area is found, because we cause security on each of the clients who come for our services, seeking to exercise a criterion

responsibility and effectiveness. 



         A detective competes among the other private investigation services, under efficiency, that is the best sign of commitment, in seeking at all times a complete guarantee of results, for this the first step is the concern to improve, to strive every day be better and be at the forefront of their needs.

For this reason we have first-rate utilities, that is, we supply ourselves with the most innovative techniques, updating each method over time, this implies being up-to-date in order to respond to each emerging need on the part of the client, to provide the best assistance possible.

These facts of permanent formation, are the ones that are in charge of instilling a deep confidence in the clients, in addition to positioning ourselves as a complete professional service, providing a quality service is that a service in this area can be represented, where each requirement is a customer concern.

At the first approach of any concern, a detective will seek to fully analyze the areas that are involved, because each professional has a deep specialization in different situations, that is, if it is about personal situations such as infidelities, he will obtain said attention.

In the same way, incidents related to the financial sector imply resounding care, as also happens in the computer field, where there is a laboratory to be able to exercise forensic techniques to dissuade any problem, given that digital information deserves different attention.

We use intelligence as one of the allied factors that allows us to cover a situation in a better way, that is, this element is sacred so as not to raise suspicions in those involved, for this reason it is necessary to act with precision so that a detective is in charge of the situation as it is should, with the greatest possible knowledge.

We represent complete discretion to ensure the efficiency of each method used, that is to say, without professional values there will be no valid technique, for this reason the role of the detective is essential at each step of the private investigation, because there are many characteristics that it must possess. within this environment.

In an essential way we do not give up your cause for any reason, even if difficulties arise with the appropriate means, the truth can be detected, to have a functional response regardless of the environment, each job is supported by techniques used by the traditional security forces.

Our capacities as private investigation professionals allow us to have extensive knowledge and skills to manipulate data collection techniques, since they imply a high command, especially when it comes to technology such as electronic scanning, for example.

Within the different private investigations that are carried out, there must be a path immersed in legality, because in this way not only can answers be obtained, but these will serve, they will fulfill a purpose that allows the client to restore some situation, present legal actions and even negotiate.



         The prevailing thing when going to a detective is to focus on their needs, that is to say that it is a highly functional agency such as Grupo Arga Detectives, because we formulate suitable responses for all kinds of situations, we frame their claims within our services.

In fact, we come as an instant aid when an emergency situation arises, such as carrying out a sudden test in time to detect any fraud that may be brewing, as well as some infidelity, because they are scenarios that while they are attended to more quickly, greater will be the results.

We are prepared to cover each of your requests, in the field of private investigation the choices must be based on efficiency, for this reason each detective is qualified to deal with adversities of this nature, we comply with the principles that are required to meet your expectations.

Over the years, we have guaranteed to carry out really committed activities, with a remarkable level of efficiency, because our detectives are up to the problems that may arise, this describes how we maintain an extensive track record

on Castellón de la Plana with great finds.

It is essential to require or have an efficient detective, it is not necessary to expose or believe each document that is presented in front of you, but simply carry out a complete inspection to guarantee its validity, in this way you will not fall into any problem of this nature that can generate significant losses.

We provide the client with the possibility of resolving all kinds of situations, this is due to the high dose of quality, as well as paying the necessary attention to their requirements, to determine the paths in which they can be addressed until the resolution of the problem raised. .

Quick responses are part of the advantages of opting for a first-class service, especially because we have the technological means to attend to each current issue as it deserves, we thoroughly study the different areas in which we can apply our services.

Through these descriptions, the performance of each detective can be assessed or measured, in such a way that we have constituted an alternative to these abuses, to that broad lie that should not be part of your personal life, much less work or industry for no reason.

Training is dazzled by the deep intention of having a competent detective, belonging to a group of professionals who are distinguished by ethical actions, under the magnifying glass of professionalism at all times, where the precision of these functions takes over the scene to elaborate the report of what happens.

A professional is based entirely on that dose of skill that a medium as busy as this deserves, a detective is of great help in the face of unfair competition, in the face of the lack of commitment of your partner, in the face of different factors that can occur habitually to any person and only the method with which it is dealt with is valid.




         The analysis carried out by a private detective is what allows them to classify their needs, that is, according to the field, an expert is located who is especially in charge of said area to have greater professionalism, for this reason it is not just another profession of the bunch, but You must have an accurate reading.

The monitoring activity implemented by a private investigation professional is decisive, because it has the essential tools to take charge of such a demanding business and personal environment, where tact and professionalism must be totally severe.

Our agency has significant success in most of the investigations it performs, this is due to the incorporation of experts within each particular situation, this also implies having testimonials from various satisfied clients, which is the main objective of our work. .

Everything you need can be found within our offer, because they are expanding more and more frequently, since you must act in record time, as well as ensure the customer’s expectations, in this way you can move towards the mutual triumph of a case or a need.

Each user who needs a detective agency that provides an important level of security, should count on Grupo Arga Detectives at all times, where we base ourselves on our work experience, to continue working to reveal each of the claims of the clients that can be presented.

From the beginning, we have specialized and known for the resounding success obtained within the business sector, where precisely detecting an information leak or some fraud can be vital for all kinds of companies, which is why our services have become so highly valued today. .

These services seek to meet particular needs, as well as legal entities, in case of any doubt the first step is to get in touch to start looking after your interests, in the same way we maintain 24/7 attention via email or by call to be widely available. .

What your personal life needs is to have the care of a professional, who is in charge of totally looking after your assets and interests, our field of work includes having participations or associations with lawyers and even psychologists, being essential to face any legal process with greater advantage.

For this reason, before the use of evidence, extensive confidentiality must be maintained, because they are the values that intrinsically make up private investigation, the surprise factor achieves greater guarantees of each data obtained, this is due to the qualification credential that accompanies to each detective.

The real character of a detective is to provide the truth, it is to be able to apply the investigation as a method of defense, based on verified sources, bringing to light evidence such as photos or videos that add greater value to the results.

investigated , these begin to have the due probative value that they require to use them.




         The services provided by a private detective in Castellón de la Plana are based on a notable legitimate guarantee, which defines the true capacity that we possess, because what defines the true function of an investigator is his scope, the way in which he projects light the truth under completely professional strategies.

The reports presented by professionals are framed in documents, analyzes in this regard, as well as computerized means, which can be in vain when they do not have the best accompaniment or treatment to obtain the validity that is required, since only a true detective knows how to handle them.

Our detectives position themselves as experts, under a pleasant training that gives them extensive knowledge on how to collect data, at the same time they are empowered to testify before a court, because the result of a private investigation can trigger the start of a process. legal.

The legal weight that a test requires can only be provided by a true professional, for this reason as an agency we are attached to each law that regulates our professional practice, where in each need or request we invest a high level of discretion to act with greater caution and address as it should.

The supervisions and private investigations that we have carried out for 10 years maintain our main objective of efficiency, to bring to each client what they long for, to know the truth above all, not to be a target or a victim of any particular media, for this reason we maintain a significant number of cases resolved.

Our services have been a guide and a company within dramas or family situations, as well as in a wide variety of judicial processes, in which a feasible resolution can be reached by presenting irrefutable evidence, with the legal value they deserve.

We are guided by inalienable principles within this medium, where each time it is demonstrated that the task of a detective is frequent and necessary today, for this reason we increasingly have greater selections or diversities of services of all kinds to cover the needs emerging.

The services that we have performed most frequently is that of monitoring, obtaining evidence, before the methods of obtaining data that are framed in the law, we even intervene in time in personal situations such as suspicions or manifestations of infidelity.

The same happens with the location of people, because we have the best tools to carry out these purposes, especially first-class technology, to intervene in the computer, financial sector, or in the commission of crimes related to this nature.

Our results can be pursued even in the criminal field, for this reason the services are essential, with the resounding possibility of revealing all kinds of inconvenience within these areas, to deal with all kinds of problems of a computer nature, with forensic techniques that they are perfect for it.




         The actions of a detective are responsible for carrying or transferring the possibility of obtaining answers about a problem, to bring each suspicion to the end point, as an efficient method to bring the truth to light, with the progress of criminal actions only It remains to counter them.

The services or tools that are invested in each private investigation allow us to exercise full distinction, because we have privileged information, with the best preparation to function in such a demanding environment as the search for the truth, where any false step compromises everything. .

Regardless of the incidence or requirement of any case, the most appropriate thing is to leave it in the hands of experts, because we have the experience to study the situation completely, we have visits to institutions, as well as obtaining records from the internet, that is, the appropriate actions to make a difference.

The light way in which scams or deceptions occur under the implantation of microphones, are giant steps that espionage has taken towards the capture of privileged information of some organization of the business sector, for this reason we increase the security support to invest in a medium like this.

We suggest a structured strategy in your budget, but also in the demands that are part of the situation, because in this way you can compose actions that result in functions that produce the expected results, since you should not act deliberately because it is put into alert the suspect.

We do not underestimate any topic presented or submitted to a private investigation, for this reason we take into account your problems in the most professional way possible, covering your problems with a high dose of empathy, but under objective and ethical actions that will allow us to take subsequent actions. the results.

You need to go to the best private detective agency such as Grupo Arga Detectives to come across legal guarantees, this is the starting point to get close to true efficiency, otherwise you will be exposed in the same way, it is not only about knowing the truth but about Assert your rights.

The defensive action promoted by private investigation can only be provided by a true professional, because we provide a rigorous service both in the legal field, as well as in the full fulfillment of your claims, each of our experts will be in charge of looking after your interests .

In the development of a private investigation, we invest forensic techniques that you will not get anywhere else, especially when trying to unmask a well-armed hoax, because we have the design and planning of various sciences to expose the truth in your hands.

In the midst of our trajectory we find and carry out avant-garde tasks, these allow us to have an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients, as well as cases in which we have discovered various commissions or criminal conspiracies that instill a better quality.

of life, no matter what it is, you will get our support.



         The fact of hiring a private detective Castellón de la Plana requires a complete study of the existing possibilities, because some offers can be a deception or use methods that expose your legality, because this work must be carried out by trained professionals.

To undertake a private investigation, you must have a license, because this serves as a credential to evaluate that you have the skills within this area, where your needs are at stake, as well as the privacy of the matter to be dealt with, for this reason it represents a decision of great weight to have a licensed private detective.



         When a licensed Castellón de la Plana private detective is required , it is a clear sign to turn to Grupo Arga Detective, because we are a highly valued detective agency today, backed by authentic training that enables us to exercise and offer our services not only in Castellón de la Plana , but in Spain.

We are made up of a group of detectives who are qualified for carrying out an impeccable job, to provide a large number of resolutions as soon as possible, because in the midst of private investigation, regardless of the scope, they must be attended to quickly and immediately to keep each test alive.

Each trace must be kept under guard, that is, obtaining evidence is a very delicate process where only a professional can offer guarantees, because in most situations to cause an important reach of clients, because only under the success of each case is that we can establish a quality service.

The trajectory of our services covers more than 10 years building an important prestige, because our help has been essential to solve many personal, work, business and industrial situations to constitute a way out in the face of all kinds of adversities, much more functional and responsible.

We are one of the best detective agencies, because we understand each user’s need as if it were our own, we employ empathy as a primary value, because each time the causes or reasons why people come to us increase significantly, because we serve different domains at the same time.

For this reason, the assistance of our private detectives obtains a higher value, for which we maintain a first level offer, to deal with all kinds of incidents that may occur, but under a distinctive expertise because we have acquired different skills through knowledge .

The capacities that are invested in private investigation are outstanding, because they become a true art, where the minimum action of our detectives draws the truth in a situation like a canvas, demonstrating the facts under irrefutable evidence.

We take care of building the demonstration of the truth, because the search is key to satisfying the needs, where each action must be protected under the law so that they do not lose their probative value, because the information must be obtained through legal channels above all for presentation in legal proceedings.





         The skills that accompany a licensed Castellón de la Plana detective are based solely on finding useful information under ethical means, as well as grouping facts that are characterized as accurate and precise, because it is the only way to formulate a really convincing test with the which you can claim your rights.

The satisfaction of our clients is our primary objective, because any inconvenience or reason that leads a person to request our services may be harming their personal well-being, therefore it deserves to be attended to immediately to ensure comfort and tranquility through of results.

A common situation such as infidelity can be a highly demanded case, as well as this cause, there is also the fact of solving some leak of information, scams, identity theft, among a large number of reasons, they are for us strong reasons to activate each of the search tools.

In various areas such as the above, the powers of a private investigator are constantly put to the test, if they do not have the necessary preparation it will only be a dead end, or on the other hand they can obtain evidence but without any value, because being contaminated because they are illicit, they are of little use.

The support of our professionals is invested in a specialized way, that is to say, each case is analyzed by its own qualities to classify it, because also within the license they obtain a unique experience within a specific sector, so that they can be used based on their actual knowledge.

Each detective dedicates his time to a training that allows him later to use this knowledge to help in different areas, because within these tasks dedication is an essential requirement, it is not only about going out to investigate, but also having the accreditation to master every demand of the environment.

Private detectives in Castellón de la Plana are widely trained and qualified, since through this license they can be placed in front of each situation, complying with each security parameter, as well as respecting the legal field, being one of the main guarantees that must be imposed within a private investigation.

In this environment, the key values that are part of each of our professionals are discretion, reliability, and also the skill that allows us to exercise forensic techniques, since as a legally constituted detective agency we have advanced methods to obtain all data class.

The procedures involved in a private investigation deserve great caution, because it is the source through which information will be obtained, for which it must be endowed with legality and neatness at every step, because the way to establish evidence plays a vital role.

For these reasons, the characteristics or qualities of a private detective must be covered above all else, all our professionals comply with these projections, it is what mainly defines us as a serious and reliable service, we exercise this profession in every corner of Spain with the greatest dedication possible.




         Within Spain the exercise of private investigation is highly regulated, to the point of being a common service, requiring a private detective in Castellón de la Plana is not an isolated situation, but rather it was becoming more and more frequent as they were observed. efficient results.

Private detectives are increasingly expanding their work and intervention, because as needs increase, along the same line, training is established to attend under appropriate methods, for this reason our functions have been formalized and structured within the legal plane.

For the success of a private investigation, it is necessary to fully reverse a follow-up of the parameters imposed by law, to infuse each report with broad validity, that is, the conclusion of any claim is established under the maintenance of that value or legal line. which is essential in this environment.

The private investigation industry has been strengthened through these guidelines, where our experience allows us to discern and identify each factor that intervenes or that leads to the disclosure of the investigated fact, for this reason the work of a detective becomes the protagonist of the mechanisms towards the truth.

Through Grupo Arga Detectives you can count on the certainty that only trained detectives will meet your needs, from the initial approach you have a wide range of experts from different areas, who will dedicate themselves completely to your cause, that is, the main value of this medium.

Since we have begun to travel within this industry, we have specialists with unique properties to carry out these actions, to stand out through a service that really establishes guarantees, that is, when hiring us, our private detectives will take your problems personally to obtain answers. .

As a detective agency we have quality technology, to apply to each cause, for this purpose we have trained ourselves to deal with digital data, being an extremely delicate medium, we can provide this use without limitations so that each sector is covered.

The constant use of technology forces us to be up-to-date with respect to each area, that is, the demands imposed on a private detective increase, which leads to the need for daily preparation, to capture learning from each case, from each success, this is the only way to improve to support a genuine quality service.

The actions that our detectives undertake within each field, is possible thanks to their extensive capabilities, because their training allows them to extend a precise response to what happens under the verification of each fact, the opportunity to find first class attention is to go before our experts.

Our detectives are prepared to take care of your needs through their extensive knowledge, in addition to offering as evidence our 10-year history as a value that reflects the commitment we maintain with the entire Spanish community that has led us to expand each of our our scopes.




         A private detective in Castellón de la Plana with a License shines with experience that allows appropriate decisions to be made, these fused with his training establish a direct path towards the effective discovery of the truth, in this way private investigation became a highly valued service for Spanish citizens.

For these reasons, the utilities of these professionals must be covered with a high level of objectivity, that is, the rigor of the law must be part of each step carried out by the private detective, because it can cause an advantage in terms of expanding the quality of a client’s life when presented with a comprehensive report.

The best thing about finding a private detective is the fact that each rate is personalized according to your situation, each element involved is evaluated, the means to use to set a flexible budget, in addition to the fact that the services are published by different means so that each person has this exit within reach.

The value of an investigator is not only located in the economic sphere, but also because it is characterized as an investment to ensure your peace of mind, because each response they present is highly professional, each client can count on a proposal that leads them directly to the solution of their problems.

This alternative is completely viable, because the essential requirement on which all attention must be focused is that they have a license that accredits them as experts with high capacities, where quality is the main guarantee, when hiring a prepared professional with freedom to exercise without limitations.

The possibility of finding a private detective who has every requirement imposed by law is covered when contacting the Grupo Arga Detectives detective agency, all offers in the Spanish market must have this requirement, to stand out it must fit with the demands of the scope entirely.

We provide our services under a resounding commitment, to assume each difficulty with the most outstanding tactics and strategies, this exceptional way constitutes collecting each information, this substantially becomes a key test, this does not allow doubt to prevail, it diminishes before the solidity of every act.

Problems can be set aside by providing each minimum requirement, this step covers all kinds of demands, to ensure that we formulate a first-rate option in this area, this favors us as a safe choice, because we have the legal requirements so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our special services not only position us as the best choice, but we also take the field of private investigation to another level, because we enjoy remarkable transparency after the usual professional practice of this profession, this hard and constant preparation has made us winners of various awards for excellence.




         It is imperative that a private detective has a license, because this means that he meets all the skills that are needed in a private investigation, where each quality must be understood, to identify the area to which he belongs, for this reason caution must be taken. before hiring.

This is our main motivation to seek complete training, in this way in Grupo Arga Detectives you will find the best representation of your cause, by having private detectives Castellón de la Plana with License , to take care of the needs of each client as well as their quality of service. life, is a fully insured investment.

Select the highest quality and commitment to obtain answers, we do not underestimate your reasons but on the contrary, this motivates us to create new areas of action to demonstrate all our capacity, because the private investigation industry must act responsibly based on the skills that are required.

We have characterized ourselves by providing a first-class service, as well as maintaining an accessible offer for each situation that arises as a service request, your case will receive great supervision and follow-up until we provide you with results.

Security controls must be maintained at each step, because it is the only measure to constitute lawful evidence, since carrying out an investigation must be a guarantee instrument that does not violate the privacy of any person, because it would be going in against your rights.

We study the particularities of each case to classify it as meritorious, because when you state your problems you will be able to find a detective capable of understanding your specific situation, in the town of Castellón de la Plana we have brought our services to each space, because we establish a firm intention to intervene and solve more cases.

We have facilitated the search for our services, in addition to always working under a complete description of each step, that is, we keep the client up to date, he is the one who authorizes and guides each step to be undertaken, as well as the research techniques that are going to be applied on his cause.

We cover the needs of this industry based on daily preparation, in fact Spain is conceived as one of the specialized territories in the training of detectives, for this reason such a meticulous profession cannot be discredited, but rather seek to be up to the task demand and the requirements imposed by law.

We measure the purpose and exponential difficulty of each case received to provide personalized attention, because no situation is simple, we invest all our resources to reach the truth, with an extremely important ethical margin within this means of action.

Look no further for a detective service, Grupo Arga Detectives is available 24/7 to receive your requests, we provide online service, as well as information on each of our services to exemplify the tools we have to address your problems, betting for your peace of mind.





         The possibility of obtaining information is a reality when you have professionals at your fingertips, that is, with a licensed private detective you have the certainty of having real results, in fact you can even access the resumes of the experts who work within our detective agency.

Everything you need to know about the service and the methods of obtaining information you will obtain, we have references of the satisfaction that we have imposed in each case, especially in an exceptional time, because we value efficiency as a fundamental ingredient within this work.

We offer a quality service at all times, as an organization we have established ourselves as an entity with extreme guarantees, which explains the reason why awards are received over the years, because we distort all misleading propaganda, but rather we make way for it to the real evidence of our results.

The main utility or function of our results is due both to knowledge, as well as to the caution to exercise a detailed action, because no detail or data can be overlooked, we make sure to undertake the appropriate means for your situation.

We form an agency, a group of detectives, which encompasses an organization attentive to your needs, to fit within a classification of first level services, to design a complete offer, so that each action rests on the legal framework in a responsible way to satisfy demands as it should.

Each of our services performed by private experts, even cover a national call, through different associations and alliances, which extend to the international level, being a latent opportunity to demonstrate the value of the actions of our professionals and raise the value of the profession.

The guarantees provided by private detectives are strictly attached to a correct procedure, it is one of the most suggested forms within the private investigation industry, where each service must preserve this integral value so that the search is easier and efficient at the same time.

The diversity of professionals within this environment of needs is important, but the most crucial thing is that each detective is prepared to face all kinds of inconveniences that may arise, to respond, preparation is decisive, maintaining that experience that serves as a guide to get out Go ahead and get results.

We provide work covered as it should be, we accept your problems to analyze the best solutions to each requirement, while complying with each rule established by the union entities that also govern the application of private investigation, so that each task is fully competent.

The license is a concept of training, of being able to undertake actions in the field of private investigation, in addition to being accredited to effectively comply with the provision of services of this nature, because it is about being ratified by the regulations for Act like a true professional.



         When there is a situation of searching for information, as well as people, it can be resolved with a private detective in Castellón de la Plana , because it has become a much-needed profession but one that must be exercised responsibly,

complying with the least possible requirement to ensure the interests of the client.

You cannot escape compliance with the rules, this should be known by both the client and the detective, because it is useless to have evidence obtained illegally in your hands, since adverse consequences can be experienced when violating someone’s privacy. or simply commit some illicit act.

It is essential to pay attention to the rules and statutes that must be complied with, which is why through Grupo Arga Detectives we provide specialists prepared to facilitate obtaining results, taking care of the performance of our professionals at each step or process because it is the only measure to obtain valid results. .

The credibility of our professionals extends to the validation of a report in court, that is, our experts are part of the ratification of their testimony and work done, to carry out a cause with excellence, our investigators are equipped with the best technical tools and knowledge.

The confidence that our private experts give off is remarkable, because they have dedicated themselves with great enthusiasm to this permanent study, to fully comply with each contract, in this way we position ourselves as a real alternative, when choosing our services you get answers immediately.

Practicing within the private investigation industry requires total commitment, although the extraordinary action is focused on representing your needs, under the auspices of an accreditation that reflects the training we have received, both to carry out any action, as well as to master the forensic tools.

Our numerous detectives are in charge of constituting a vital help within each cause, in addition to analyzing and evaluating your case under the greatest possible care until classifying your needs within a special area, to assign an expert who meets the requirements imposed by your problems. .

With this alternative, your search is shortened, because in a single detective agency you can find a variety of legal services, supported at every minimum step, building an instrument of attention that was needed within this sector, since within our 10 years of experience we have imparted solutions.

Undoubtedly, the number of clients or cases that we have resolved is the best example of our capacity, which is why Grupo Arga Detectives is responsible for being a figure of commitment, because each private detective has the proper license to attend to your needs and cover each situation that arises. warrant your intervention.

The activity of monitoring, investigation, and analysis is a really praiseworthy task, it even became a common service within the Spanish territory, being in the town of Castellón de la Plana you will be able to receive our services without any concern, our agency has a success important that distinguishes us.





         There is no doubt that cataloging yourself as a detective is not a simple task, but rather that each time the abilities within this profession are put to the test, where training as a private detective in Castellón de la Plana is essential to invest solutions to each problem.

At the first requirement of capacities, it must have experts in this area, where the constant exercise of using effective observation and supervision of each fact stands out, so cunning ends up focusing the investigation towards the resolution of the situation through the collection of data. tests.

To clarify any inconvenience, a follow-up is applied, no matter the scope of the situation, because we have designed complete areas to be up to the problems, that is, to attend with the greatest possible specialty, where Grupo Arga Detectives will be able to use total coverage to eliminate the problems.

We offer you the resounding opportunity to find answers by undertaking an investigation under parameters that protect the guarantee, to define each need towards a prompt resolution of the events, especially since in these instances time is a valuable element to retain and obtain much more evidence. .

The solution on different areas is possible thanks to private investigation, therefore finding an ethical service is the first step to enhance the work of a private detective, because regardless of which services he goes to, what must prevail in common is to have the requirements that allow the exercise of this profession.

The improvement of each action undertaken by a detective must be immersed in the correct follow-up and also under constant surveillance to carry out the investigations with an extraordinary skill that allows applying the special techniques that are necessary within the claim.

By complying with the regulations within this industry, you can count on truthful results, because by obtaining the evidence legally, a professional service is exercised, this is the only way to execute a quality service, in this legal process lies the guarantee of have valid evidence.

The expectations of a case are met by our professionals from the first moment, since the client comes into contact with an absolute experience of professionalism, by receiving their problems as they deserve, to maintain from the beginning to the end an ideal trail that causes track your purposes.

To find a specialist in this area, you should go to Grupo Arga Detectives, because we have a multifunctional group prepared to attend to circumstances through our varied services, since over time we have expanded to form a group of attractive options. for each area.

Through our detective agency you have a service with high prestige, to ensure the probability of finding results at every step, only accredited experts may participate in your case, our commitment is firm to the needs to offer a

legal and capable service .



         The dedication of a Castellón de la Plana private detective is measured in the time dedicated to each need, that is, in transforming a problem into irrefutable evidence, which is why our private investigation services are a perfect alternative to leave doubts behind, but to count with a true report that supports the situation.

The basic components that we add to each step of the investigation is a first level supervision so that when tracking nothing can be omitted, this vision of delivery is what has made the detective exercise contribute to forming a really serious profession and at the forefront of every situation.

The growth of the incidences that arise within private investigation is an obligation to also improve each service, by Grupo Arga Detectives it has been postulated as an entity of great prestige or recognition of its services because the users have ratified it because we have found solutions to your case.

Of course, behind each case lies the latent intention of providing a service covered by the regulations, with a level of professionalism that defines us as a top detective agency, which is why our services have spread throughout the country, so that every day we can sow the image of the effectiveness of a detective.

When looking for a private detective, each client must make sure or look at the quality, for this the best sign is that they are trained through the license that allows them to practice freely, as well as dominate the usual tools that are used within this acting camp.

You can not hesitate to contact our services, the requirements or requests are growing, but the solutions also go hand in hand, private detectives are a necessity by virtue of the scope we have had, being a key piece of prevention or defense of the commission of a criminal act.

If you want to track, investigate some information, obtain research services with technology, this is a clear sign of going to our services, there is no doubt about our performance or efficiency, for each area an expert who can cover those specific needs, from a legal trace to your boyfriend until you find a person.

The legality of each investigation is backed by our private detectives, that is, we place your suggestions or wishes within the legal limitations, we explain this to you before each action to be able to function comfortably and at the same time instill peace of mind in each client. .

We are ready to take care of your problems of any nature, with the evidence material you can take the most convenient action for your needs, in addition to being covered by the observation and advice of a legal department that can accompany your problems.

Obtaining evidence has never been so simple when it is left in the hands of those who have the training, in this way you can avoid being ripped off, wasting your time, or getting involved in some illegal action, that is, the best protection lies with allying and support yourself with technical tools and experts that ensure legitimacy.





         The evidence obtained from a private investigation has the value that accompanies the accreditation of the private detective , therefore the license is essential, especially because in most cases the final result leads to using this information to venture into some legal field. .

The judicial development of evidence is due first of all to the source from which it comes, in fact more than 85% of clients seek a legal purpose when undertaking a private investigation, because this service has been characterized as an alternative method of searching justice, to obtain evidence mostly for it.

For this reason, the information must have a very important degree of support, otherwise it will not have weight within any legal scope, regardless of the cause or reason, much less the nature of the case, the normal analysis and processing of evidence is rigorous, so it requires a significant level of care.

The activity of hiring a licensed private detective is regulated in article 19 of the private security law, on which rests the freedom to exercise to provide and obtain information, especially when it comes to carrying out the respective supervision. of what these tests express about a fact.

The main thing is not to worry about problems, you will not be the first client who comes due to some situation, no matter how painful it may be, as in the case of infidelity, we maintain attentive and responsible attention, in addition to the fact that even a scam has become common for purposes unfortunate, but they are situations that must be dealt with.

Especially when technology advances by leaps and bounds, therefore hiring a private detective is the best legal protection measure you can take, especially since we have a license to delve into this type of problem without any limitation, protecting each fact or evidence on the law.

When you have a suspicion your senses must be alert, there is no time for regrets, but to place your concerns on experts, because these actions are capable of promoting guarantees, by hiring Grupo Arga Detectives you have a group attentive to your priorities to accompany you at every step responsibly.

We use all our experience on your situation, at the same time the discretion of the events of the case are firmly marked by our services, putting an end to that insecurity of not having evidence or the certainty of what really happens.

We provide evidence such as images and videos that are obtained throughout the private investigation, everything that happens will be reflected in the report, which enjoys full legal validity, having a license to practice, as well as mechanisms infused in the chain of custody to prevent contamination of evidence.



         The uneasiness that comes from living without certainty is a real torture, because a simple fact is enough to cast doubt on all reality, everything that surrounds you, for this reason it becomes more powerful to have convincing evidence in one’s hand that will dispel any suspicion of any kind. .

In the personal, industrial, labor and commercial spheres, the immense need to hire private detectives has become a constant, which is why we have formed a trained and qualified private detective agency in Castellón de la Plana , with wide coverage to be able to investigate and intervene. in all kinds of situations.



         Opting for private detectives in Castellón de la Plana and throughout Spain in general is possible under our offer, given that at Grupo Arga Detectives we have made an effort to put together an extensive proposal to cover any type of concern, even at an international level based on our allies and collaborations that we carry out.

We offer a select group of experts at your disposal that encompass even a broad management with sciences such as computer forensics, that is, a range of complete services to have the necessary resources and tools to resolve all kinds of concerns regarding your situation.

Having the greatest dedication and success within a case is our main mission, at the head of our detective agency is the general director who has ratified his commitment to private investigation on more than one occasion, has an extensive experience of 10 years in the sector, with notorious results.

For these reasons we have focused on forming positive testimonials about each of the clients who place their concerns in our hands, which are treated as ours from the first moment, which is why year after year we resolve a significant number of cases that we receive. .

We carry out our work under the greatest commitment of professionalism, because in each situation we respond ethically, understanding the complexity of your requirement, in addition, caution is the main element that must be maintained to achieve results more quickly, without alerting others. .

The cunning that is part of the job of our private detectives, because it is the best way to find the truth, these virtues are acquired as the professional training process goes through, in order to offer guarantees to each of our clients, as corresponds

in a private investigation.

In the same way, we provide complete advice within each phase of the private investigation, in this way the client is connected with each of the findings, due to the fact that our detectives use a resounding transparency, this is our goal throughout the professional practice. .

Each of the actions of our private detectives is based on the code of ethics, being the most suitable method to guarantee that the results obtained are fully valid and transparent at all times, because our duty to the justice and at the same time with the needs of the client.




         In Castellón de la Plana there is a resounding opportunity to reduce exposure to intruders to your information, as our private detectives are also useful in endless situations that even cover the personal sphere, so no matter where the request comes from, we We take care of providing answers.

Our detective office resides in the center of Castellón de la Plana , however, under various associations and collaborations, we reach different countries around the world, through the guarantee provided by our private detectives who are prepared and specialized in the most demanded areas in the last years.

One of the sectors most affected in terms of privacy or the intentions of intruders is technology, which is why it is necessary to have detectives like ours who are capable of attending to and processing digital data, this is what defines a true professional , have the expertise to respond to these demands.

The development of a private investigation must be in the hands only of qualified private detectives, because it is the only way to guarantee the success of all kinds of situations, since the establishment of Grupo Arga Detectives, we have sought to form a solution, a resounding approach with the TRUE.

We have a decade carrying out the most complete work within private investigation, where we have placed understanding the needs of each client as an unwavering priority, I understand the problems and how they affect them in order to take the necessary measures under the magnifying glass of legality.

The results obtained by our private detectives are 100% verified, for this reason clients will be able to count on evidence that they can file before any process, this is the difference between when acting by lawful means and pretending to act on behalf of property.

It is essential to have absolute transparency, as well as a resounding transparency in the midst of the private investigation, for this reason we carry out a complete analysis of the situation to face it as it deserves, to set short and long-term objectives that are real to provide answers timely.

The evidence is presented through reports that contain a conclusion based on mine, complying with the legitimate interest of the investigation, that is, rigorously following processes that are fully protected by law, having a verification and very broad validity.

We have set up a national detective agency, duly registered, forming experts who respond to each situation based on their preparation, which is why each one of them is qualified, to the point of being endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior, being a resounding invitation to effective work.

The overcoming of a case is achieved thanks to our efforts which are focused on the resolution of your claims, at the first moment in which we enter an investigation we seek to obtain integrated results based on ethics that only our private detectives can guarantee you. roundly.




         The best way to resolve a private investigation is based on having a variety of services, of course for this we have experts in areas such as psychologists, graphologists, experts, auditors, scientific police technicians, laboratories, and even computer forensics as previously mentioned. previously mentioned.

The areas that our private detectives are able to cover allow us to receive all kinds of requests, reaching a complete analysis by technology, since it must be included both in the investigation techniques, as well as to control manipulation. of digital data.

Regardless of the scope of the investigation, the highest guarantees are imposed within the results, because these represent convincing evidence within some situation, understanding that it is the only way to refute, defend oneself or discover the truth, based entirely on facts.

The results obtained by private detectives are constituted by means of photographs, videos, among other multimedia elements, including the analysis of devices or USB memories, being a reliable method of not altering this type of information to use it within a legal process.

This field of investigation is a completely professional area, where a fully efficient private detective is required, to deal with situations with total discretion, in time to be able to reveal the situation under investigation, this has become a constant need at the business level. by the rude dispute with the competition.

Constructing an evidentiary element is really essential, since a confrontation without evidence has no weight, nothing is gained by trying to take the situation on your own, since this can make everything worse, warn intruders, withdraw evidence, for Therefore, our function as a private detective is essential.

When the client places their needs in our hands, they will be able to count on the advice and support of the best techniques in this field of private investigation, which is carried out under resounding support, discretion and professionalism, as a serious image that reveals our efficiency intentions.

We position ourselves as a first level private agency, because our goal has always been to be a reliable means to which you can turn when you need to carry out a private investigation, which is established as a science based on fully proven facts, attached to science totally.

The variation and incorporation of science into everyday situations such as unfair competition from companies, issues of couples such as infidelity, divorce, among others, can be won by means of forensic techniques that are responsible for exposing any action on the part of the intruders.

Our services focus at all times on clarifying any kind of doubts in this regard, that is, since we know your needs we seek to apply the maximum empathy, especially when it harms your peace of mind, your quality of life, and even the operation of your business, for We strive to find the problem.




         By hiring our private detectives in Castellón de la Plana , you will be able to achieve complete results, this is also due to the immense experience with which they exercise, because our intervention within the phases of private investigation is

determinant , where we have the preparation to guarantee findings.

For the conformation of each report, avant-garde technology is used, since the main source of information is found in the devices that are used daily, it is where most of the secrets reside, that is why they become the main target of so many hackers or cyber criminals.

On the other hand, there is no better way than to leave your concerns in the hands of our extensive capacity, because we deal with the problem with the discretion it deserves, which is highly essential, which is why we are an authentic option above the others, because we have the methods and the preparation to investigate how it should be.

This is clearly evidenced by the presence of our detectives in court, since they have the expertise to ratify the findings presented, their opinion is consulted as an expert, being a clear reflection of the legal compliance that is instilled through each action. .

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of our private detectives, that is why our services are so demanded, each investigation that we carry out obtains the most precise effort until we can carry out an irrefutable report, which can also be used to reach mediation or negotiation with the other party involved.

These facts are located within the statistics that show each of the resolved cases, where we have obtained around 90% that end up manifesting themselves through mediations or agreements between the parties, being a significant saving of time and money by not having to go to court. judicial.

Through the private investigations that we carry out, answers are obtained, as well as facts to reach the Courts of Justice, which confirms the weight of the opinion of our experts within the legal validity of each test, this is because we have the intervention of our legal department.

By involving various professionals, we can fully exercise each area of the investigation, including ensuring the treatment of the client, you can count on the support of a psychologist, from the emotional to the legal, there are different approaches that can be covered in a simple way. when hiring us.

Each fact that we investigate will have the best possible approach, which is why we stand out within the private detective sector, because we seek to go beyond the ordinary, we are not satisfied, but rather maintain constant preparation with the new areas within the which people develop.

The completion of an investigation is the best representation of an appropriate response, of having collected most of the information related to your situation, for a better life, there is no way to know the truth, totally exposed, without fear of being defrauded by an intruder or by your own staff and family.




         The diversity of experts that we have in Grupo Arga Detectives, allows us to be open to the entire community of Castellón de la Plana , even throughout Spain, in the same way it happens with the expansions within the international sector by having participations in various countries. .

From this point of view, we can maintain high efficiency based on compatibility with their needs, which is why we frequently maintain a range of varied clients, such as personal and business requests of all kinds, serving even financial entities that urgently require security. on every step.

As private detectives in Castellón de la Plana we maintain a wide disposition no matter what it is, for each situation the highest proportion of discretion and professionalism will be invested at the same time, especially because it is the least that clients deserve, understanding the needs by which it crosses.

We extend an authentic experience for each of our clients, to the point of offering the new electronic scanning, which allows us to create a space free of intruders, being one of the most demanded services today to confront espionage.

The congruence of fraud is increasingly latent, it is found at every step and cannot be ignored, but acted upon, for this reason we seek to bring our services closer to each person, in this way a wide coverage of the situations that can be solved is obtained. in the hands of our private detectives and their knowledge.

The scope of our services extends worldwide, in fact we strive to grow, to be able to cover every requirement that may arise in the Spanish territory, in turn we accompany this with an effective service, because where each client is satisfied, Test our effectiveness and improve your life.

Empathy and the resolution of each of the clients’ concerns is assured when it comes to experts, we set each of their needs as a goal, these will be treated as best they deserve, that is, with tact and with the extensive expertise that we have achieved throughout each specialization.

We handle the responsibility of resolving any concern, as well as revealing each of your interests, which confirms the responsibility we have invested to take the answers to the presentation of the report, because we are more concerned with the individual image that we leave after attending each case. .

We use a complete research radar, by the inclusion of various specialists, as well as with the efficient use of experience, to gain clarity in the face of any need, but at the same time each request is handled differently, that is, the attention that can be receive is totally personalized.

The margin of guarantee that we provide to each of our clients is outstanding, regardless of the difficulty of the facts that they present to us, they will be attended to under an action plan that can make a difference, that is, where the paths to the answers that dilute the problem completely.





         Without a doubt, we have changed the vision of private investigations, because as private detectives we participate in everyday situations, as well as in judicial processes, which brings us closer to the citizen security methodology that you should have and can obtain when hiring us.

Above all, because previously each of our experts performed the sole action of providing evidence to each of the agencies, but today we do more than that, we get in touch with the needs of the client, we focus on their case, we use our smell and deduction to find the truth.

Sometimes we are the main responsible for resolving legal cases, under this fact there is the support of measuring our performance, since in a direct way we can reach the resolution of a situation, by means of obtaining evidence we take care of distinguishing ourselves and participate in modern needs.

We have brought about an important evolution within the judicial sector, imparting respect and attention to our profession worldwide, that is to say, we are now more valued by the number of testimonies that have ratified our abilities, to the point of becoming an obvious solution to the fraud, espionage, among others.

Faced with a large number of current needs, the main suggestion is to opt for private detectives, since we have reduced the incidence of scams with our actions, because our work works as a preventive measure, where each piece of information is ratified.

We cover each of the concerns regarding the verification of information, as well as the detection of devices that are intended for espionage, since we manage a complex situation, to reverse it towards a response that covers all kinds of current needs.

To combat the assumption of some deception, espionage, infidelity, all kinds of work situations, we totally fit in due to our specialization in each of these areas, for each field an expert who has extensive knowledge in the field is exercised.

In other words, within work situations, it focuses on the study of the profile of the employer, employee, along with all the variants that arise within said branch, understanding that it is an environment that can be used to sell secrets, formulas, present false casualties , between all kinds of events of this nature are completely counteracted.

While for the personal issue, family specialists are used, because a psychological approach and touch is required, where photos, videos and all kinds of recordings are usually used to have a resounding assimilation by those involved, understanding that it is about a sensitive topic.

One of the frequent demands of our services is located in personal issues such as marital deception, even each of our collected evidence is useful to negotiate and present them before a legal process related to divorce situations as well as custody.




         The exclusivity that we offer as private detectives includes situations or criminal acts of a technological nature, because we have specialists who can handle digital data without altering it, maintaining extensive safeguards, especially

especially when it comes to highly volatile information.

The extraction and analysis of a Smartphone or any other device is possible due to the complete protection that we provide within this technological sector that is so widely used today, we must adapt to this source of vulnerability and attend to it with experts that we can provide you without problems.

Within any inconvenience that may arise, both in Castellón de la Plana , and throughout the Spanish territory, you can count on our attention immediately, from the first moment we can provide you with extensive help as well as advice on the techniques that we will use. when obtaining the data you need under the law.

The investigation services that we can perform make us the first alternative when doubts arise, because they are not about small concerns but about suspicions that may be behind considerable losses of money, circumventing the employer, the field of marriage, the exercise of the industry, and so on.

The quality of our investigation services is maximum, due to the fact that we incorporate more and more specialists, covering areas that other detective agencies cannot, due to the fact that we have designed a functional detective system, given the versatility that intruders have gained .

Checking every piece of information, every document, or even the excuses that your partner can tell you is totally necessary, because living off deceit is not healthy, especially when there comes a time when suspicions arise, once these appear they are not they stop, but on the contrary, they harm your well-being.

In the same way we classify ourselves as a source of services that adapts to any type of client, pretensions, as well as a great diversity of prices, because we adjust to the capital that they have to frame the process and method to arrive at the truth, we are a new approach to private investigation.

We offer each client a reach towards the truth that interests them so much, because customization is broad, for this reason we qualify as a feasible path to reveal the truth, we constitute a select group that defines Grupo Arga Detectives as an effective solution to their problems.

We value each investigation as a direct channel to find select services of various specialties, exercising a broad function in Spain, and above all the country, we face their problems as ours, for this reason our 10 years of work place us as a completely safe outlet as private detectives.

For these reasons it has become constant that they hire our services more frequently, which was rare before, which means that the role as a private detective, because they have come to be viewed as a real way out instead of investigating on your own. , since the tests lose validity mostly.





         The usefulness of our figure as private detectives is increasing, or at least it has been valued every day, because our actions have managed to reveal great situations, regardless of the circumstances, so our services are made up of a great diversity of experts to each sector required.

Fears disappear completely when you have detectives, although even if you are not clear about the precision of their services, some doubt could arise in this regard, each testimony has ended up ratifying our daily work, because we base ourselves on the results, on facts specifically after each request.

Above all, because you will be able to find a detective agency like ours, widely committed, establishing as the main concept the guarantees of convincing evidence but above all valid, under legal processes, so that you can use them as is most convenient for your situation.

By hiring Grupo Arga Detective you get a safe service, where we strictly adhere to professionalism as well as to the experience that keeps us at the forefront of this field, we have the transformation of common evidence to evidentiary facts, which are characterized as irrefutable.

Our services clarify all kinds of situations, even those that produce an important change in your daily life, because deception produces consequences that cannot be dealt with, for this reason our utility can lead to clear results of efficiency that prevent fraud, espionage, and others.

The assistance we provide is exercised until the conclusion of each case, that is, from start to finish, using technical tools of a forensic nature to obtain accurate results, as detectives we have the firm mission of collecting legitimate data as a commitment to the authorities and other organizations. .

Each one of the investigations that we carry out has a broad credence of professionalism, since this is the main synonym of verifying and ensuring the realization of the same, until completing each one of them, for this reason when hiring us you will be able to have an extensive guarantee of legality above all.

We maintain a faithful accompaniment in the face of all the needs that arise from clients, especially because we offer a concrete path on the use of the evidence that we have collected, being an unconditional support at every step of the way that represents a private investigation trusting in the quality of the evidence presented.

Our private detectives have the proper registration for this, to offer a proper representation of their needs, counting on the regulations imposed by the ministries, security forces, among others, to differentiate us from any other that intends to defraud them or that does not have the capacity for it.

Because your needs deserve a broad understanding by professionals, to fully cover the field of private investigation, for this purpose we have settled with the best experts in this field, as soon as you contact us

You will receive a complete planning to meet your objectives.




         Training is an essential part of each of our private detectives , in order to delve into private investigation we seek to have answers immediately, to contribute to the growth in demand for this type of service in a professional manner.

Every moment the desire to obtain answers increases, that is to say, resolutions to problems that are capable of putting concerns aside, especially those of the business sector, where each difficulty must be faced with the evidence in hand, the rest the risk of loss does not decrease.

Any suspicion that is harmful in any field will be attended by our top-level team, where each detective has a great hierarchy, through our actions we ensure these results, we identify the area in which you need us, to immediately put competent detectives at your disposal.

We respond to the entire Spanish territory, in the same way each time we collaborate indirectly abroad, for this reason we maintain a close fixation with the legal framework for carrying out any work, exercising an important virtue based on constant training that reaffirms the gifts as a researcher.

As private detectives we specialize in investigating infidelities, fraud investigations, among other kinds of areas that include even computer experts who can exercise and work in different areas, for this reason each request is evaluated so that it is attended by the expert who best suits you. adapts to needs.

In Spain we characterize ourselves as a detective agency, which is covered by successes, these are part of an extensive trajectory in which instruments and tools have been included that allow any fact to be discovered, to exercise forensic techniques that guarantee the integrity of each information.

The optimal work of our private detectives allows us to reach the truth, we have first-class technology to find results faster, since in this environment while you can act on time it is better, because in this way you cannot get rid of the evidence, which which certainly complicates everything, but there is always a trace.

We use strict methods within the investigation, where the analysis of each information must be carried out with great precision and subtlety at the same time, because it is what merits the process of searching for the truth, it is the way to find the truth, being great help for the customer.

When an unexpected event arises that is capable of altering the peace, this tranquility can be returned by coming into contact with the truth, because it is a very delicate service, because the privacy or calm of a person is in your hands. that is, they depend on our actions.

As private detectives we take care of diluting any suspicion of infidelity, as well as the commission of a criminal act, in the same way we seek to reveal hidden information of a company, of a person, of assets in case of divorce, our usefulness is very varied.





         We have a significant number of private detectives in Castellón de la Plana , at Grupo Arga Detectives we care about responding to your needs, which is why our professionals have the efficiency and aptitude that each job requires, in addition to providing you with all the additional services that are missing.

We have experts who are attentive 24 hours a day to receive your requests and take action, our services are efficient in reducing the impact of deception, fraud or any situation of this nature, exercising a subtle and appropriate treatment for each client.

We connect with each case that is presented to us quickly, of course our work is based on Spanish law, because our agency has an authentic value of resounding professionalism, according to your case we manage the best way to approach it by the way that is more convenient to get the truth.

Instead of being in constant doubt every day, these can disappear completely thanks to the hiring of our experts, we are open to all your needs, because it is the true image of a committed detective, of creating a faithful definition with your concerns as the biggest support.

The skills of our private detectives are synonymous with how we have turned private investigation into something more than a service, but a mixture of understanding to exercise forensic techniques that lead to finding the truth that is so important to anyone in some way. situation.

We accompany you at all times in the search for the truth, under the presentation of findings in a very specific report, where each of the tests is reflected, being an instrument that has legal validity, this defines that each of the methods that we apply , are endorsed.

The help that we can provide in different areas is due to a wide range of professionals, we seek to change the way of seeing a problem as an opportunity to find the truth, that is, this is the right way to do it, under the support and support of professionals without a doubt.

The conception of a private detective must be equated as a method to obtain justice, that is, it places this power within the reach of anyone who needs it, because when some fraud or improper use of another person arises, you become a vulnerable focus, but instead of regrets you can act and hire us.

When revealing a criminal act, without a doubt we have the obligation to present these facts to justice, for this we have a legal department, to provide you with advice for your particular situation, to know what to do, before , during and after.

The advice and services that we seek to offer you will be widely available in all kinds of areas, for this reason we have experts who intervene to provide their support, their knowledge, leading to the most appropriate path through which you can count on the truth and both preventive and defensive actions.



         The specialty of a private investigator makes him an authentic professional who has gradually provided solutions to everyday life, because his intervention has nullified the production and commission of deception, as well as obtaining fully verified information.

In Castellón de la Plana there is a real alternative to obtain this professional help, from the services of Grupo Arga Detective, although it is necessary to highlight the actions that are used within this work, especially because they have managed to change the image of the field of private investigation by becoming a reliable medium.




         Each private investigator that is part of our detective agency is ratified under extensive training, so we have a group of qualified experts to completely reduce concerns, to have contact

full with the truth and live better because of it.

To meet the needs of each client, a significant level of capacity is required by virtue of a practical exercise, within this environment it is required to have a license to provide services of this type, because an expert private investigator requires an arduous preparation to exert with great capacity.

By being professionally prepared as a private investigator, you can count on a wide probative value, that is, to obtain information a substantial investment is required, for this reason the qualification to practice is important before hiring any service of this nature.

Within our detective agency you will be able to find expert detectives, so that you can place your problems in our hands without any risk, because we use an important level of intimacy to treat each situation as it deserves so that your concerns will be supported under our services. .

We have prior knowledge of each area to be able to offer alternatives, within each specialty the follow-up of the law is regulated so as not to compromise the integrity of your investigation, causing the results to consist of high reliability in all senses.

When you hire a quality service like ours you will not have problems with the security forces, at the same time you can count on extensive experience in different investigations, because to be a private investigator a close commitment to the vocation that must be invested is required. every day.

To get a quality job, you should only choose experts, our precious experiences allow us to carry out an extensive analysis within each area, in addition to applying methods in accordance with the law so that the information obtained is certified and fully valid at the time of Use it as protection.

Conflicts and doubts can be resolved under the approach that an investigator has on each trace, because he seeks to get to the bottom of any need, without judging his needs, he will be able to count on professional support that is reflected throughout the 10 years of experience that accompany us

For better performance, it is mandatory to have prior training, as well as a license, which is why the career of private investigations in Spain has become so demanded in recent years, because through this training, technical knowledge is gained about forensic areas and criminology as well.




         Having a certificate as a private investigator allows us to classify ourselves as experts, this becomes an incentive for each client to place their trust in our services, because being backed by a high level of understanding we can exceed each of the expectations imposed on each case.

Our profession requires experience, as well as a high level of vocation, by placing your needs in our hands you can count on complete and detailed advice, where communication and accompaniment stand out at every step, as soon as we come into contact with your problems, we visualize solutions.

The actions of an expert is defined in being able to present evidence before a court, but above all to ratify the validity of the same, this is a clear sign that we are able to work within this area, our private detective agency maintains collaborations and associations internationally to investigate some fact.

Grupo Arga Detectives provides Castellón de la Plana with a group that is truly passionate about the search for the truth, especially since each year we have acquired special knowledge about different areas, such as criminalistics, since they are essential when reacting and revealing any situation within the investigation.

Private inquiries and their needs merit a professional intervention, where security incidents can be resolved, as well as an improvement in their personal life when they require a timely and clear response to a situation, as well as the resolution of a conflict.

Our ways of proceeding have extended a range of important services, where the cases of the business sector are increasing, that is, the services or actions of the investigator have been estimated as an effective tool, to completely limit the powers of intruders to take care of and ensure your privacy.

Whether in cases of espionage, personal information, computer security assistance, locating people, are situations covered by an investigator, under these scenarios the performance of that professional is essential above all, especially to make a reading that leads to a true find.

A private investigator today must be in charge of covering the branch of technology, because we have the distinction of experts within each field, to determine if there is any invasion of privacy through microphones, cameras or other objects. implemented that may put your information at risk.

In addition, when an expert acts, a primary guarantee of legal protection is obtained, so as not to intrude on the privacy of another when seeking information, for this reason these tasks cannot be carried out by any ordinary person, since it puts their own well-being at risk. For this reason, an expert who meets the needs must be chosen.




         Special investigations must be carried out by experts, because the abundance of demands increase at every step, because it is a difficult profession to practice, it requires learning every year, as well as the mastery of tools that lead to obtaining data accurately. and detailed.

The figure of a private investigator is decisive, in any circumstance his response is effective, because when we receive your concerns they are cataloged according to their nature, so that they are carried out by a specialist in said area, where each of our professionals is in charge of invest the most talent.

We do not harm any civilian in the middle of carrying out an investigation, therefore each choice we make is unfounded in ethics and the training we have received over the years, by having the work of an expert the guarantees are extreme .

You can not hesitate to contact us because we have a group specialized in these situations, our detective agency is one of the favorites in the Spanish territory, in addition to having special budgets to take care of it properly,

and I don’t have to worry about anything, it will be a guaranteed investment.

Hiring a private investigator has become a necessity due to their capabilities, each one of our team has a distinction for the work they do daily, because each one of those who work at Grupo Arga Detectives stands out for themselves, even from others. agencies.

We have a resounding specialty to solve and reveal the most important secrets that may arise, but above all those incidents that affect your life to proportional levels of stress, for this reason we act in record time, clarifying all kinds of needs regardless of the area that causes concern.

We provide an extensive variety of services that easily cover your concerns, increasing the value of an investigator completely, which can take care of the search for information on a small and large scale without any problem, we cover the field of privacy inquiry based on solid results.

Our investigators are experts based on the highest qualification obtained, so that each fact is demonstrated on evidence that leads to an effective solution, we have 100% effectiveness on the inquiries, which really reaffirms the precision that is invested within each request. on every step.

We use superior knowledge to obtain information without problems, where there is no place for any error to manifest, we are in all the towns of Spain to reach more people, under a wide margin of quality, because the provision of services that we provide is one of the best.

Through our services we have been able to reach every corner of the national territory, which is why we increase our capacities every time under constant preparation, because it is the only way to achieve the results that each client expects at the end of the investigation, under the presentation of a proper report.






         The establishment of private investigation is carried out under a network of expert detectives in different areas, this is important when solving any cause, for this reason within this sector we identify ourselves as specialists in a significant number of services that are becoming more and more requested.

Within the diversity of incidents that a private investigator is in charge of is the location of missing relatives, follow-up of relatives, follow-up of unfaithful couples, search of history to hire or before the approach of some people, addresses, harassment, espionage, among others.

The aforementioned situations cause a reflection of the scope and versatility involved in working in this field, especially because they are experts for each particular situation, to solve each incident that may arise, to eliminate the anxiety that lives within the customers.

Do not live with worries that keep you up at night, the best thing is to count on our services to leave behind even the smallest doubt, by virtue of these benefits, it is that hiring has become frequent, that is, the demand is notorious and has been covered with extreme properties and benefits of knowledge.

For those who have not yet put the capacity of our researchers to the test, with a small approach you will be able to learn about the variety of specialties that we can practice when you need it most, by contacting our organization you will have access to complete and resounding support before all cause class.

At the first moment in which we know your needs, we offer you special advice, to inform you what is the appropriate way to proceed, the price mechanisms that will guide us directly to the resolution of your problems, since we rely solely on precise tests that provide tranquillity.

You should not even worry about the fees, because this is a simple investment, because the advantages obtained will be greater, at the same time every step will be consulted in advance so that you are aware of each action undertaken within the investigation as a guarantee of results.

In Grupo Arga Detectives you will find the best specialists, where abundant quality is imposed within each service, each of the inquiries carried out by us maintains a value attached to ethics and professionalism, as well as maintaining the best fee measures in the market.

Our aim is to continue growing, both in knowledge and in resolved cases, in addition to reaching more sectors worldwide to enhance the faculties as a professional, because this career needs it, the actions that we each exercise must be deeply valued. day and how they can change anyone’s life.

The work is totally guaranteed, our investigations preserve an important level of privacy, at the same time the privacy of those involved is not compromised, under a wide legal margin, because we respect the regulations, because the obtaining of evidence must be protected under the respective procedure. of the law.




         Like all private investigators, we maintain a broad duty to reveal the truth. As a group of professionals, we carry out each action under a commitment that distinguishes us from other similar services, in this way we can count on verified and ratified results.

Each procedure maintains a very strict line of action, to stick to real causes so as not to play with your time or money, then proceeds to provide advice on the paths to take so that you are aware of each stage, and then develop the plan. of action that will allow us to provide solutions.

We seek at all times to cover each requirement with an optimal process that is compatible with the situation, to adapt to each case as it deserves, in the same way each finding is processed under an analysis and conclusion that is presented in the report with the results. Of the investigation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we are focused on providing each client with a quality service, where a large proportion of experience, perseverance, confidentiality and the best investigation tools are used, because with this provision any requirement can be met with a total guarantee.

We work every day to satisfy your needs, in the same way we can manage to dissolve concerns based on the support generated by a service from the hand of an expert, because it will not leave you alone at any time, in addition to using an intervention of technological devices that allow us to reach the resolution.

We adjust our investigators to their objectives, as we also look for special teams, that is, we can solve any requirement that arises without any problem, for this reason we have established a complete organization that knows how to react to each challenge that occurs within the investigation.

The range of services we provide is a quality turnaround for this environment, especially by having advanced techniques where our experts will bring each client the tests and results they need, being effective so that no detail can be overlooked, therefore it is a job that requires preparation.

We do not leave loose ends, much less, we strive to serve each user as they deserve, we guarantee their privacy at every step, every detail you provide us will be safe, in addition to the fact that we understand your concerns because after each story we invest the greatest possible empathy .

With the resolution of a case, we not only bring evidence, but also effective advice on the legal actions that can be carried out, our group of investigators are really effective, we know what to do, under rigorous planning that allows us to attend to each eventuality under a attachment of experience and knowledge.

Your problems are covered under our professional service, since we also provide you with information on each advance so that you can be calmer, by being on the side of the experts you will have the possibility to choose the next step, to study and

understand your case, until you get the results you want.





The effectiveness of a Castellón de la Plana private investigator shines after the unconditional willingness to offer help, because in each of our services and scope the quality shines widely, because we intervene your problems with a very detailed technical response, because we have experts who They dominate a complexity.

An investigation deserves an absolute dedication that only we can provide you, where the experience that we exercise in each field reigns, be it personal, business, industrial, or any other, to respond to your concerns with a broad guarantee when obtaining results.

In Castellón de la Plana you will find the best detective agency, as Grupo Arga Detectives we stand out with an exemplary service by worrying about your problems from the first moment, professional attention allows us to analyze the occurrences to move forward within the line of research until we get closer to the truth.

By choosing our services, you come into contact with fully ratified results, because we have the technical tools to verify their authenticity, we even keep each advance at your disposal as well as final advice when undertaking or initiating any legal action with the results.

The integrity of each piece of evidence is absolute, to provide you with accurate data, since with experts there are no risks of each method of obtaining information, because each test represents an important piece of evidence, since we provide results but with a vital safeguard on the Law of Spain of Private Security.

A private investigator is an exceptional professional to carry out various investigations, especially with the intervention of an exclusive staff with special knowledge about each area, recognizing common behaviors or data extracted in previously proven ways, which implies a great crucial help.

For this reason the power of our reports are accurate and lawful, when contacting a private investigator you get the best care to obtain such decisive valuable data, especially since these types of tasks are not easy, much less follow up on what the main recommendation is imposed on our services.

An accompaniment from the hand of experts is what makes the difference when solving a problem, because we want you to be aware of the smallest detail, you will know the truth without limitations, we even consult the methods applied, you will have control of your problems with a professional help guaranteed.

The exercise of an investigator extends to his faculties that are attached to a strict manifestation of quality, testing our abilities after each private investigation carried out, the client will be able to access an effective service without any problem, we work with any kind of case that be present.

Our experts are governed by the legal framework, in addition to maintaining absolute discretion as a fundamental principle, we have specialists around the world due to the various associations and alliances that we have undertaken with other agencies, to the point of being consulted to provide solutions in different situations. of this area.




private investigator to every corner , allowing you to gain an important level of experience, we work hard to improve in a notorious way, that is why we are capable of assuming each case under a loyal commitment, to bring each customer a timely solution.

The coverage that we employ on each situation is essential to carry out the investigation as it deserves, under a deep respect for the legal parameters, for this reason we have the best professionals who represent a long history and prestige of 10 years that the Group has been exercising Arga Detectives.

The endorsement and verification of quality allows us to ensure accurate results, as well as to guarantee that each result contains individual, and even personal, attention, because the immediacy that must be exercised or reflected after each situation is key so that evidence does not disappear, there is no suspect not at all.

We provide a service that is up to the task, for any requirement we have specific areas of attention, because when working on a case, it is to ensure that various needs are resolved, for this reason we provide an individual investigator after each specialty that is involved, to respond responsibly.

We look for each proof beyond what is superficial or visible, we are meticulous in each job we do for each client, it is a bond of firm commitment that is imposed so that you have a different service, under a special performance, in this way we can expand our offer and resolve more concerns.

The efficiency of our professionals is applied to each job related to our organization, because over time we have not only built our own name, but we have also imposed a clear image of absolute vocation, after a daily delivery for each problem we receive.

The services developed by our private investigators are defined as a complement to find the truth, under outstanding success, building not only a beneficial history for us, but also giving life to positive testimonials from clients who were able to solve their problems through our services, this is the goal.

We do not disappoint any client but rather the opposite, we seek to work on a direct search that guarantees excellence at each step of the private investigation, because our experts aspire to cover the problems under a timely intervention of ample quality, attending to all kinds of inconveniences, we are trained for it.

Undoubtedly, a private investigation is decisive, because you can save significant time and avoid problems on a personal level, because knowledge within this environment is essential to avoid committing an illegal act, which is why it also implies even personal protection.

In all senses, we must respect the parameters that govern private investigation, which may be unknown to people outside this area, because they may run the risk of entailing adverse consequences such as violating the privacy of the investigated matter in question, instead of running risks. the way out is to go to experts.




The need to investigate is a common feeling, it is what leads a client to request or ask about our services, highlighting the importance of a Castellón de la Plana private investigator , as an effective alternative to find an effective response to your situation for that reason. has become so popular our faculties.

Hiring a professional who has all the necessary understanding and knowledge is to undertake an assertive search for results, these occupations must be carried out by our qualified experts, since this enables us to carry out all kinds of inquiries to provide proven information of high validity.

We get involved with the investigation causing excellent advantages on personal matters, locating people, even interfering in affective relationships to determine the infidelity of your partner, follow their steps until you know if they are really betraying your trust, you will know immediately.

Currently the most common task of a private investigator has been the monitoring of unfaithful people, which applies to lead to a divorce, custody or estate disputes, as well as to obtain a better quality of life without doubts that deteriorate the union between two people.

We provide a wide variety of services to efficiently cover any current demand, because we have the preparation to investigate different matters, since we carry out an analysis process to classify your situation in the special area on which to see said concern in general.

We uncover deception at all kinds of levels, thanks to Grupo Arga Detectives you will be able to count on timely answers, based on the experts who deal with each investigation, because they know what to investigate and how to do it, to manage a concise, exact and right at the right time.

The difficulty involved in conducting a private investigation is due to the level of knowledge that must be invested, which is why it is a primary task for an investigator who has been technically and cognitively prepared to deal with incidents that may arise, they form a specialist group from start to finish. end in each area.

Our credentials ratify the training received, for this reason when contracting our services you obtain the assurance that the law will be followed at all times, we impose guidelines of responsibility and commitment after each action, so that each test obtains the legal step that allows an action to be carried out defensive.

We understand the complexity of your claims, because we maintain extreme empathy to work along the same lines as your concerns, until we fully resolve your concerns, these are the paths that convey security in what we do as well as the transparency of acting in accordance with the law and its needs.

Our answer at all times will be clear, we do not provide uncertain promises, but we look for real evidence based on claims that have a solution, to take care of your time and money at the same time, we ensure that we obtain the best evidence that leads to the resolution of your problems in the shorter time.



Obtaining evidence can help to resolve a significant number of concerns, this is precisely the objective of every Castellón de la Plana private investigator , this is essential to measure the veracity of some fact, to know some important information for you, to the point of be able to be used in court.

This possibility is an accessible procedure by having an expert, since it works to establish a path to the truth, framing the causes involved, until working on their verification, this is a key step to be able to classify it as a true finding. because we present refutable or manipulated facts.

The forcefulness of our results speaks for itself, because in Grupo Arga Detectives there are specialists in each situation, who will apply subtle methods of investigation, which is what allows us to arrive and have another approach to eliminate doubts and point towards findings. concrete.

The presentation of the report of a private investigation is accompanied by advice that allows you to process the truth, we understand your position, just as we maintain impartiality in showing what happens without any filter, what

important is to provide solutions for your concerns.

The assistance of an expert who covers the demand of the inquiries is to have a person in charge of your problems, who will be in charge of analyzing and carrying out a complete follow-up thanks to the technical tools that allow us to verify the veracity of any fact, these utilities They allow us to collect evidence.

We design an organization secured with absolute discretion, this is what ends up convincing customers to share their needs, because experience allows us to reflect a reliable image of good service, this is the known way to achieve efficiency and effectiveness when solving the cases presented.

We provide first class care, to reaffirm the security that shields a private investigation, to remove that fear of communicating your concerns, but we have been viewed as a reliable entity that works with special methods, through an accessible cost will be accessed to quality service.

Thanks to our responses to each occasion that arises, we have built and obtained a key role in people’s lives, this work is considerable, to address each problem with caution or determination to carry out the investigation under the relevant steps, with total discretion.

We try to ensure that our services meet your expectations, so that each decision we make is infused with the most convenient success for the direction of the investigation, fulfilling after each phase our duty to report each event and evidence after conducting an analysis. comprehensive.

Each client has the peace of mind that specialists are at the forefront of their concerns, at the slightest suspicion or headache due to an uncertain situation they should go to our services, it is an opportunity to eradicate any sensation that harms your quality of life, since We guarantee tests.






The progress of a private investigation is due to the efforts of professionals who are involved with their claims, seeking and opting for the services of a private investigator Castellón de la Plana reaffirms the desire to have true evidence, according to what each client needs , has forensic tools.

Therefore, the results obtained in this way are fully valid, as is the intervention of an expert who has various experiences and arguments within their personal knowledge, to make appropriate decisions within the demands of each case presented, that is, we adapt to their needs. objectives.

Our investigators are widely recognized, based on the resounding success they have obtained after their services, which implies a resounding commitment to modern needs, since our tasks are specific to each situation, which is why we stand out for that special resolution that we can provide.

At the same time we apply advanced technological equipment to distinguish ourselves from any other detective agency, we have the ability to investigate and bring to light the darkest secret, any daily or special fact that our client intends to discover will be revealed in the shortest possible time to demonstrate cunning exercised.

By means of a call or requesting information, you will be able to obtain a clear image of the extension of our services, each time expanding the radar of services towards the investigation of more complex situations as well as other more specific ones, this speaks of an understanding and study of each one of the services we provide.

The best private investigators are found in Grupo Arga Detectives, especially through the extensive experience that allows us to classify ourselves as a source of solutions, to work on any event or occasion that is required by a client, where we have obtained 100% success on cases handled.

We are a superior investigation service in every way, under the presentation of quality tools, to achieve the expected results, complete dedication to your case is required, maintaining an extensive guarantee that has characterized us throughout these 10 years.

These virtues classify us as experts in each of the specialties that we offer, our numerous services allow us to transmit solutions to those clients who need it most, our action occurs at the most opportune moment, it is what has positioned us at the forefront of this sector and we ratify it every year.

For your safety, leave everything in the hands of our expert private investigators, being an authentic means of reaching the truth, the management of a problem is based on the actions that are invested to get to solve it, for this reason we work every hour to bring you the greatest peace of mind possible thanks to the truth.

You just have to wait to enjoy the art of private investigation, which at every step generates an amazement to discover how far it goes, to learn more about the work of our professionals, just reveal their offer, which change people’s lives. by beginning to live under the shadow of truth.




         The services of private investigators in Castellón de la Plana have been on the rise in terms of their demand, because satisfaction and results have defined this branch as a necessity when faced with intruders or especially when trying to discover some information, therefore, to opt for appropriate paths, an expert is better.

Through Grupo Arga Detectives you will be able to find a first-class service response, since we offer a group of private investigators fully trained and specialized in different areas, framing this work under the relevance that

really deserves for the capabilities that it encompasses in the same role.



         Until today, the functions of private investigators in Castellón de la Plana is not a remote fact, in fact it has become more common than thought, since they have caused great benefits in various areas, which has led each detective agency to train as we have done at Grupo Arga Detectives.

We are made up of a select but precise group of experts, with broad features and skills, covering requests and needs on the Spanish territory, turning private investigation into a new science covered as it deserves, under the highest professionalism optics that you can find.

At the same time, this has caused the magnitude of the services to be greater or more varied, expanding the areas to open areas of action where the intervention of a detective is required to make a difference, with the purpose of reaching the truth as it should. , under the appropriate mechanisms for it.

To deal with any problem, a professional investigator is needed at all times, which is why each of our detectives has a highly valued profile under the testimonials of success that support us, transferring each resolved case, as an invitation to continue working to help all kinds of Causes.

The researchers’ task has become much larger, since they intervene even in personal situations, which is established as a sign that their results have been to generate a greater frequency of clients, because they decide to change their lives towards the positive, leaving aside the lies or deceit.

Being exposed to all kinds of espionage actions is a risk that should not be taken, that is, it is not necessary to be a victim of these situations to take action, but private investigation can be implemented as a preventive way, carrying out an evaluation and security application to not be vulnerable.

Each more investigation sectors are enabled and perfected, for this reason the capacities of the detectives must be adapted to the latent needs, where one of the most sought after is the protection at the business level, as well as infidelities and searches of people, being one of the usual services.

Undoubtedly, specialization is essential to address a situation with greater efficiency, since some inappropriate method can cause the investigation not to produce any positive effect, but rather the opposite, especially when technological elements are involved in the situation in question to be investigated.



         The trajectory and the needs of the environment have generated that private investigators have to improve and educate themselves with respect to the area in which they will provide services, although the best of all is that in Castellón de la Plana they will be able to find a professional who adapts to their needs. pretensions without any problem.

Over the years, the latent possibility of having a greater impact on a person’s life has arisen, to respond in the best possible way, first of all when a case arrives, it must be classified according to its specialty, for this reason it must be attended to. with the greatest possible investment of attention.

In the face of each requirement, a totally personalized treatment must be provided, because depending on the nature of your problems, it can be classified until an adequate path is established to reach the resolution of the problem, for which you can count on professionals who have significant work experience.

Our detective agency places specialized services at your disposal based on your needs, for this we have the perfect tools, that is, techniques that are responsible for being used with expertise, especially since they require specific knowledge for their manipulation.

Depending on your aspirations, the mechanisms to be exercised will be formulated, it is a way of being able to attend to the situation in the best way, if you need to investigate a fact, what you need is to make a consultation, to frame an action plan that meets your expectations, where each step leads to the absolute triumph of research.

For this reason we are made up of a multidisciplinary team, to provide a professional intervention regardless of the field, for this reason we can carry out inquiries that range from the personal, to a comparison of fingerprints, that is, from the basics to forensic techniques and analysis first level.

Another of the services that we can attend without any problem is the search for relatives, friends, and act within the labor sphere to detect any irregular situation, be it espionage or a simulated casualty, for this reason our services are a secure contract with high reliability guarantees.

The functions of the investigators were previously not known or little understood, but progressively they were gaining space and value within society itself, because it became a solution within common situations, since any person is exposed to deception or fraud. it is unavoidable.

As you can also obtain advice on a particular situation, we explore any area with absolute care, our 10 years of experience allow us to solve different claims, in the same way we have expanded our range of services to fit in with the collective demand.

Over the years our work areas have been stimulated based on constant training, where we have managed to implement the success of a resolved case on some adverse situation, since we understand the urgency of any circumstance that

affects your life, for this we act with the utmost professionalism.





         The services of private investigators use various techniques, because to attend to a greater number of areas, there are tools such as electronic sweeps, WhatsApp rehabilitation, among others, for different purposes, whether marital, family, personal, work and industrial.

We maintain professional support on all the needs related to private investigations, since training is our main pre-existing value, in addition to renewing the tools we use to detect and search for information pertaining to different subjects.

Our Grupo Arga Detectives agency has the legal authorization to take care of your concerns, where we carry out a preliminary study of the situation to identify the special methods on which you should go, within them our qualified experts for said area will participate.

By means of a consultation, you not only get unconditional support, but also provide the necessary legal support to intervene within each area with total discretion, providing cutting-edge technological tools, in a competent way, without a doubt we can represent your interests in a competent way. .

Experience and training also add important value in private investigation, because an evaluation vision of the situation is obtained, forming a starting point and certain steps that are capable of leading to the success of a private investigation under the means. appropriate for it.

The optimal work carried out by researchers is that which instills a deep imprint within the sector, since we come into contact with the techniques that are most convenient for their specific problem, in addition to being enabled and qualified to undertake all kinds of actions within of this medium.

Our guarantee of each method applied within private investigation is fundamental, because we do answer for the results, which are formulated in a truly irrefutable report, because it has features of legal validity so that some legal action can be produced. based on these.

Our detectives have a superior capacity that allows us to deal with different areas at the same time, especially since the investigator is completely dedicated to a case, since their success depends entirely on obtaining each piece of evidence under a legal methodology. at all times.

On the other hand, we also maintain that profile of confidentiality that cannot be lacking in an investigation, because it is its main characteristic, otherwise it loses its essence, because the person would be left more exposed than they were.

Previously, intimacy within the workplace is one of our guarantees.

We carry out the exploration service exhaustively to outline the problem under a category, to treat it as it deserves, that is, it passes into the hands of researchers specialized in said area, this is the main distinction with some other service that is not capable of dealing with these incidences.



         At the time one of the private investigators is hired Castellón de la Plana , you can have the peace of mind of receiving complete assistance, under the broadest qualification of knowledge, for this we have an extensive list of detectives for each particular matter, under the specialization they possess.

Our work is oriented to pay attention to the investigation of people or companies, because we can discover all kinds of deception or fraudulent information as well as signs of espionage, to collect the evidence that is needed under the techniques most appropriate to the situation.

We provide each client with a satisfactory result, this is due to the fact that each area is well covered by a specialized professional, for this reason they are able to carry out a technical understanding of what is happening, under a strategic vision that goes directly to the resolution of the problem. issue.

We have experts in the computer area, this is because they have extensive knowledge about electronic devices, they know how to extract information of this nature without affecting its integrity, this includes even video cameras, photographs, computers or any other medium that contains information. digital.

As techniques are also used that test the natural ability of an investigator, that is to know how to mix with the environment to be investigated, that is to say to be able to monitor without wearing a uniform, maintain an immense follow-up to each situation, in the same way in these environments smell plays a fundamental role in detecting what does not fit.

The determining values within a detective are intelligence and logical thinking, because these skills are put to the test to measure the effectiveness of a detective, where the capabilities must stand out as a solution, in the same way it happens with the subsequent analysis includes the subsequent treatment. of data.

The manipulation and use of a result that becomes a test is the result that is presented to clients, for this reason the report has great value within private investigation, because it constitutes the final instrument to undertake some legal process such as a restoration of your rights.

The skills that are part of the actions of a detective must be optimal and impartial in each circumstance, for this reason these capacities are stimulated within their training to have an appropriate approach to the situation, in fact the detectives come to cover roles and roles in outside to come into contact with the intruder.

The interpretation of the environment is essential to act as it should, given the demands that are part of the situation, for this reason we act with remarkable persistence to achieve each of the objectives imposed, we do not take any case lightly but under the relevance that deserves.

This is the best example of having an absolute specialization in each field, because we exceed the expectations of each client, Grupo Arga Detectives has experts who will persevere in the face of incidents that arise, for this reason we use true methods that get a response to despite everything.




         Most of the services of private investigators contain a special level of knowledge in an area, that is, a concentration of skills in a specific sector, because this is necessary within each task to distinguish the effort to be made within some area in which particular.

According to the experience and the training faculties, a case is granted, that is, it must be totally compatible with the investigator, in order to reach the final consequences of the claims imposed when investigating, under this selection their situation is distributed so that it is attended by the best professional in the field involved.

The best help in any case is the professionalism of the investigator, since he is the main person involved in the situation, where it is vital to have prior knowledge of the environment, as well as the laws that protect this area, in this way it can be avoided. any subsequent problems with the security forces.

The work of a private investigator is based on the experiences acquired throughout their functions, as well as the license that enables them to meet the necessary demands, where this professional lives and feels the mystery of having the truth in his hands. as if it were a need of its own.

The level of understanding that an investigator possesses is the role that the modern detective has acquired, far from being like that of the movies, under this scope he has established himself as a character similar to that of a judicial investigation, even with greater subtlety and specialization in Being a private service, greater exclusivity is obtained.

We invest the greatest incentive of knowledge, adapting to the passage of time, because each new technology or method of privacy violation, obeys to prepare us to know its function, how to adopt it under a countermeasure, for this reason a great concern is required with the environment that performs.

Our service parameters seek to set a very high standard of expectations covered, in the same way these tests need to be manipulated by the expert in that area, because it may become necessary to provide testimony in court, as well as frame a legal panorama. of actions for the client.

In other words, the route of the search for the truth has many stations, in each one of them an expert intervenes, to apply an appropriate treatment on a large scale to act as it should and that it obtains the validity that is needed, giving life to the report. which will contain each piece of evidence collected and the analysis of the experts involved.

For this reason, a detective acts as an investigator, as well as the group of professionals who perform functions within the agency, since each one handles facts to frame it towards an accurate interpretation, this is what defines the degree of professionalism that lives within the professional. involved in the investigation.





         The profession of private investigators includes getting involved in different branches, for this reason studies that contain a dose of criminalistics are needed, because this has an important weight within the world of investigation, it is considered as a fundamental requirement within private investigation.

Providing trust is sometimes placing oneself in a vulnerable position, it is usually exemplified when a manager of a company confers powers and these are used to cause fake casualties, these are situations where there is a resounding breach of trust that warrants the intervention of private experts who inquire.

Just as it happens in the workplace, it is transferred to the personal, because the transfer of trust is a natural fact, as common as deception, since they can seek some economic benefit by entering their family atmosphere, or that their partner pretends break their commitments under an infidelity.

These events must be attended by an expert, without leaving aside the forgery of signatures, which can be exposed under the implementation of technology by our experts, as well as revealing a hidden microphone, these suspicions lead to actions penalties that deserve to be revealed.

The breach of intimacy is a fact that must be dealt with and defended at all costs, therefore even if they try to eliminate the evidence, it will not be possible to slip off the radar of an investigator, where the search focuses on going beyond the superficial. , following even the slightest trace.

We have advanced tools so that our experts can carry out their strategies in the best possible way, this includes having laboratories to attend to all kinds of requests, each of these will be resolved under the greatest possible talent approach.

In other words, a form of action is first located, the one that is most optimal, to then take legal means that cause the obtaining of information, where it is imposed as a general principle that no civilian is affected by any situation that leads to the investigation.

Each decision made by the investigator must be precise and exact, because it depends on them to be able to reveal the thread of the facts, maintaining a firm line that leads to the evidence, where any false step can break with the progress obtained, for this reason it is required great agility to intervene in this environment.

At this level of demand, a true professional is required, for this you only need to contact Grupo Arga Detectives, where you can put aside your problems, learning how to cope with an adverse situation by leaving them in the hands of the experts indicated for that area.

Having specialized experts is the best guarantee within this environment, it becomes the first step to having a job well done, where nothing will be overlooked, especially if it is about some technological means, which is a very sensitive that demands personalized attention.





         Little by little, the findings that are produced within a private investigation take on an important value, which is recognized as an important reflection of the effort to prepare and train that lives within real private investigators ,

those who are committed to the needs of each client.

As a detective agency we take care of providing throughout Castellón de la Plana a resounding signal of attention, of establishing a broad fidelity with your cause, covering more specialties, where a new demand arises, right there all our attention is focused on being able to supply whatever the case needs.

The development of private investigation depends on the virtues of those who exercise it, for this reason they have all the focus, since they are the protagonists behind each piece of evidence collected, of that probative value that they manage to protect above all by following the impositions of the law.

In the cartoons, the investigators are represented with their mythical magnifying glass, establishing a symbol of how substantial the means of searching for evidence is, this is transferred to reality, because regardless of the subject matter, it represents a latent need to be thorough, to look for what other people do not see.

The persistence of an investigator can be transferred or classified as stubbornness, since they do not give up their objectives, because there is always a trail, in addition to being prepared to expose said trail, so each request becomes a new challenge for them, to demonstrate their ability.

More than a personal challenge, as a detective agency we seek to place responsible experts at the forefront of their problems, both with their cause and with the ethics required by the area involved, for this reason a primordial empathy is established to observe from their perspective the purpose of said investigation.

Approaching a problem is the best way to define its resolution, because the most convenient paths to follow are established, where each expert who will participate has the expertise, since if a problem arises due to hacking or hidden cameras, it must be addressed by computer forensics and so on.

The identity of a researcher is versatile because under each professional, a natural talent is postulated to use their actions, the opportunity to help a person based on their abilities is placed before them, developing under demanding environments in which they have the knowledge to act accordingly.

Private investigators profess different areas as their main quality, in fact a distinction from the rest, are the investigations regarding infidelities, because a reading of the behavior of the person involved is exercised to trigger the deception, where the tests can become complex from get but we made it.

In the face of espionage and endless situations that can arise, they are covered by the detective spirit that is exercised, because private investigators are the ones who live the investigation to the fullest, they live for this occupation for the resolution of their case, providing a remarkable peace of mind about people.




         The private investigators who are in Castellón de la Plana, due to the proportion of services that Grupo Arga Detectives has, are worthy representatives of a service that encompasses an extensive tradition, because private investigation is one of the processes that has given the greatest guarantees and satisfactions. in different media.

As the main actors of these actions, we intend to cover your privacy under faithful protection, under ethical work that ratifies our commitment to your objectives, which are involved in the greatest investment of discretion and professionalism, therefore each test is supported under the greatest reliability.

The observations made by the investigators become a precise analysis of the events, although they maintain an expression of caution so as not to raise suspicion, that is to say, they work steadfastly on each fact, for this reason patience becomes a virtue, where it is possible to pass from zero discoveries to unveiling everything.

Prudence is the north of each investigator, where false promises are not made to clients, but they are immersed in a search for facts that actually serve to meet their needs, based on their training it will be a matter of little time to have results for your situation.

As long as each one of our experts intervenes, they will obtain the greatest certainty of qualification, because their actions have an important technical foundation, bringing out that reasonable thought, to have the wisdom that is so essential in the midst of private investigation.

The virtues that are a fundamental piece of a researcher within the field, is the application of memory, especially when it comes to making an observation, since it is intended to directly cover some follow-up, which must be transferred to the story in the narrative document that reliably supports the facts.

Given the needs, you should only go to an extraordinary group of researchers, as you can also count on the intervention of experts who strengthen your cause such as criminologists, lawyers, experienced security forces, along with the actions carried out in laboratories supporting each technique.

Within the means used in private investigation, there are legal tools, supporting the license that is part of the environment, to have computer forensics, as well as economic explorations, and any additional branch or

service that the client may need, we are a functional agency.

For this reason, at Grupo Arga Detective we have a variety of well-served areas of private investigation, providing options for both natural and legal persons, controlling a large series of threats and incidents that threaten their emotional and mental well-being.

Each of our professionals will provide that professionalism that is needed, the areas of greatest need are covered by experts who have dedicated their lives to their preparation, providing extensive advice on all kinds of events that manifest within a private investigation.




         Our detective agency is not only responsible for guaranteeing results, but also for each task or action carried out by our private investigators , turning their abilities into convincing facts, demonstrating the effectiveness that can be exercised in the midst of a problem.

The best display within a private investigation is to be able to boast of a high level of success, of carrying out inquiries to a successful conclusion, one that allows you to obtain such valuable information to negotiate, discover the truth or even reach judicial instances, You have this important freedom.

We are committed not only to a simple satisfaction but to respond to each circumstance, since it is a fact that not every service is capable of offering, because we extend our areas to include areas such as criminal investigation, as well as a series of important forensic techniques.

Our policy focuses on increasingly having more resources and knowledge above all, especially on the subject of technology, which is one of the new variants that must be addressed as required, in addition to maintaining ample protection, that is, providing certified processes to meet any legal standard.

The main objective as a detective agency is focused on going beyond simple evidence, but supporting the facts under an endorsement, correctly constituting a piece of evidence, in this way it will be possible to reach a judicial resolution of the situation at hand. which he is facing.

At your entire disposal is our qualified staff of experts, who maintain an important level of confidentiality and discretion with everything related to your private investigation, because we want you to have great peace of mind that you will be able to find solutions by hiring us.

Once you have provided us with your situation, we will seek to attend to it in the best possible way, classifying it under a specific area, where you will meet a select professional who will be at your entire disposal to fulfill your claims without any problem, through this guarantee it is that this kind of service should be performed.

Expert researchers make up a different branch of these services, each one of them is collegiate and certified, they are prepared to meet their needs just as indicated by law, in the same way it happens with the controversial technological issue, they have important support .

After each year, we have been advancing within each sector of private investigation, to strengthen the ranks that today constitute a group of professionals, maintaining high transparency within our work carried out both in Castellón de la Plana and in the rest of Spanish territory, which has been ratified internationally.

Do not be fooled by other private investigation services that do not have the necessary certification, when it comes to your peace of mind you should opt for quality above all else, the rest is to give room for doubt and any intruder who intends to act on your behalf against, so you need to go to the best in this field.





         Worries are left aside when you have the private investigators of Grupo Arga Detectives, where you will find a detailed adjustment to your claim, to establish precise guarantees within the investigation carried out, each circumstance that is part of your problem is studied by our experts.

We are one of the pioneering detective agencies in this field of action, just as evidenced by various awards that we have obtained at a national level, which implies a constant involvement not only with clients, but with justice, because we carry to the last consequence their claims asserting their rights.

Jobs well done are what define us, because we do not waste any client’s time, once they tell us their situation, we seek to set an access route to the truth, together with the most detailed information on the techniques to be implemented. so that you are aware and make a budget accordingly.

Our method of acting involves an accompaniment that instills tranquility, because each sample of professionalism allows us to take care of the client’s comfort, so that he can have the confidence to deposit his problems in the indicated experts, we will not play with his problems, but rather we will leave without effect.

Saving yourself a hard time, a situation that leads to greater losses within a company, is a situation with which you can combat very easily, because we place your security and privacy permanently as a priority, to present an in-depth report, no evidence to average or with little probative value.

The writing of the reports comes from experts who widely handle different fields of investigation, that is, they have the necessary support and validity, so by having the best detectives you will take for granted that the final results will give you an important power to say what protect you the most.

The reliability that you can invest in each researcher is extreme, for this reason when a need arises our first action is to adapt, to know in depth what it is about to provide you with the appropriate means, broadly covering your safety and that of your entire family. also.

In the same way, putting the integrity of your assets at risk should be avoided at all costs, this should be protected from different actions such as espionage, when it comes to financial interests, it is when the greatest methods of deception are used, for this reason you need a complete advice to be calm.

Private investigators carry an arduous preparation to have a response to each risk circumstance, for this reason it is essential to know their capacities described above, since it is the best way to frame their actions as

end up preventing the deception from continuing to add victims.

Under the request of Grupo Arga Detectives you can count on an ally that supports you at every step, there is no distinction of any area, we seek to cause complete and specialized attention, no service is provided halfway, you can have our absolute support regardless of the complexity. or theme.



When we hire an investigation staff, we sometimes ignore different aspects that can be useful when hiring them, which is why it is necessary to analyze why we need a detective in Castellón de la Plana.

First of all it is necessary to clarify that a detective in Castellón de la Plana are highly specialized investigation agents, at Grupo Arga Detectives we take into account that they are highly trained field and computer investigation agents willing to carry out their work.



If you hire a detective in Castellón de la Plana, it is necessary to establish that he or she can be useful for multiple reasons, but at the same time, you need to know what function and what benefit you can get from requiring him or her as a support base, since in Sometimes the illusion and stereotypes linked to this activity generate an erroneous perception of what the correct function of a job of this type can be, a detective is not a James Bond, Agent Kingsman or things that resemble him.

We have seen all these illusions in the cinema, our favorite series and all this is part of the imaginary and pop culture, however, it is necessary to emphasize that they are not like that when it comes to observing the work that these research professionals.

These elements are also important when taking into account that it is necessary to understand that when you hire an official of this type, he does not give you a superpower or a letter of marque to operate on, mistake! A detective in Castellón de la Plana is an investigative resource that is willing to generate the connection of different elements that are linked to an event. Hence its importance, since it is a resource of great value and opportunity when executing and deploying different operations.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we always put in a manifest synchrony scheme a host of tools that can be useful for promoting different factors that can be highly useful for the generation of a successful investigation, and above all, in order to guarantee these elements, the base from which our operation starts has as its objective the identification of the primary process, where for us it is necessary above all things to generate a process of contextualization of the case.

On many occasions, this process will help us to undertake different types of analysis and operations that are consistent with each level of complexity observed, thus generating different elements that are of great advantage to identify what actions need to be taken after this initial understanding.

That is why for Grupo Arga Detectives, our daily work is always linked to the improvement of techniques, strategies and tools that make us worthwhile inside and outside a theater of operations, with the aim of being elements that will always respond to a situation proactively and even preventively. Bringing our clients the best of the best in research.



Initially, when it is necessary to carry out an investigative task, sometimes an investigator can be that resource that is capable of responding at the right time and with the right tactics and practice, however, it is necessary to emphasize that they require to be deployed in field something more than your instinct.

A Detective in Castellón de la Plana must first understand cultural variables that allow him to identify some type of behavior pattern, this generates the possibility of identifying and determining sufficient hypotheses for the execution of each case. This main immerses you in the possibility of anticipating response patterns or even checking precisely where different types of attitudes come from.

So, a detective of this level is not a person who should take this task lightly, since, in itself, it also contains the possibility of linking this with the implementation of different protocols and steps that must be followed for the construction of a pattern, what is a pattern? Well, well, in a precise way we can highlight from Grupo Arga Detectives that it is an element that is obtained through the analysis of all the elements that can surround a case, they can be: types of behaviors, consumption patterns, type of clothing, event timing, and cause and effect analysis.

From the Cause-Effect analysis, we can highlight that sometimes this is the element of greatest conviction to build a pattern or a specific situation to which we have to pay attention, since this factor allows us to establish different connections between the elements of a case. This is how, within an investigation, an event cannot be considered as isolated, since it can be a loop within other events that are connected.

That is why the Detective in Castellón de la Plana must be a resource that must turn its gaze to aspects that go beyond duty, an important and useful element within its work is to maintain a policy of self-training and updating from

each of these aspects with the aim of not being behind their peers.

But a detective is not only supported by aspects that are central to his training, he is also involved in an operation action through the use of tools, since they must be at the forefront of technology to be able to provide the necessary answers at the time. of executing a field work, that is why it seeks the use of signal intervention equipment, and telephone tracking. At Grupo Arga Detectives we know that these aspects are essential when establishing a task of this type.

The use of different resources there does not stop, that is why we focus on establishing different aspects that are typical of technological research, for this we also deploy not only a researcher but additionally an alternate support staff that is capable of supporting all our agents.

Therefore, it is necessary to know that at the moment in which a resource of our organization is deployed, it is not alone, since there is a whole team and an organizational structure that supports each step that it takes within the field of operations. Grupo Arga detectives always work as a team and, in turn, provide the indicated answers to all the questions that a case may raise.

Proposing a research case requires understanding different situational aspects and this requires precise management of resources, they can be useful for the optimal resolution of the case, however, our experience of more than 10 years indicates that the failure of different operations are closely linked to the non-optimal allocation of resources, an issue that compromises the effectiveness and sometimes the safety of the team, for this the Detective in Castellón de la Plana of our firm master experts in doing this type of analysis with the objective to determine together what we need to win in the field.





The trajectory that Grupo Arga Detectives has carried with it over the years makes us suppose that sometimes the success of different operations does not only require an optimal combination of factors. Sometimes we have the best agent, we have the best resources and we act with masterly precision, however the mere synergy of these elements is not a guarantee of operational success.

For this, it is necessary to have different extra elements, among them are the expertise and ability that each agent may have with the aim of adding different aspects that are a consolidated sum of value to its entire operation, these are sometimes linked to the mystique of the operation. For this, it is always necessary to put our agents to the limit so that a desired element of inventiveness can emerge from that pressure.

This is essential when executing continuous and intensive training actions from Grupo Arga Detectives, with the aim of establishing different elements that can be useful to all of our pressure schemes and the generation of highly demanding scenarios, with the aim that they can make quick decisions at a fair and perfect time.

A Detective in Castellón de la Plana is a highly competent resource, capable of finding the whereabouts of different aspects that are necessary for the adequate response to a need or case, the generation of a highly demanding training process can mean the difference of the success or failure of their professional career and therefore of the reputation of the group, at Grupo Arga detectives we do not ensure that all our agents and prospective agents can identify what are the vital factors for the execution of different elements that are capable of providing them with the stated advantage.




A Detective in Castellón de la Plana is a resource that, as previously mentioned, allows establishing the achievement of its proposed objectives, through aspects such as the deployment of techniques and tools. However, it is a resource that is timely not only in the field, but also when establishing an element of evidentiary conviction before third parties.

On some occasions, the detective becomes a resource that can facilitate the determination of responsibilities before third parties, by being used as a witness who has an expert vision of all the variables of the case.

For this, Grupo Arga Detectives understands that it is necessary not only to deploy strategies, tools and resources, since a member of these teams also requires certain skills and management of different aspects at the legal level.

The investigator who always seeks not only to be trained in the field, technology or information technology will dominate, like a legal expert, the elements that are located transversally in the resolution of a case, being able to generate with the greatest experience that the field provides an amalgam of unparalleled elements to accurately address the deployment of each operation.

The post-operative phase of each investigation is of great value since the field agent is a person who can focus in detail on the preparation of a high-level report, from which the necessary technical aspects and elements that lead to determination of findings.

A Detective in Castellón de la Plana is an individual who can be deployed based on their professional technique, under different aspects that may be of opportunity to concretely guarantee the achievement of their previously outlined objectives. Her capacity for analysis and her dynamism depend on her to face the complexities and demands that each case merits.


That is why the detective is a resource that must not only think about an optimal performance of its operation but also about being useful for the generation of solutions and wielding a criterion of vast specialization before the corresponding authorities, with this it can be someone of great benefit to your clients and applicants.



A Detective in Castellón de la Plana is considered a primary witness in the development and development of operations. Due to his experience and preparation, he himself becomes a star element that every jury wants to have, since he provides a judgment focused on the solid foundations that he frames, ethics, good customs and, above all, objectivity.

The elements that a witness must put into practice to become a key element must be directed to the execution of scientific parameters within the investigation that they will deploy as a resource.

The deployment of a criterion must be built on the basis of objective facts, they must in turn be connected with various aspects related to the scientifically based description of different elements.

Gone must be aspects loaded with emotionality, subjectivity and the like. At Grupo Arga Detectives, we always ensure that emotional safety and the quality of teaching in the scientific processes that are carried out are of a high level with the aim of being timely in the resolution of each case.

There are different ethical elements that must also be safeguarded to guarantee an optimal resolution of an operation, and it is that the same as a field agent should not be personally linked to different in case of knowing through an element of treatment or relationship to those involved. . For this, from Grupo Arga Detectives, we maintain that it is important to maintain truthfulness and sincerity in the Agent-Group relationship with the aim of being clear enough during the smooth running of all this

process in case elements of this type are detected.

In some cases, when an Agent previously knows a person involved, we immediately decide to assist him to carry out said operation, however, if the agent feels that he will not be able to carry out said operation, he notifies the organization and we do so in the brevity of the change required to guarantee a correct resolution of all the elements that are part of the investigative circumstance.

This is such an important element that all those who establish this type of separation of their responsibility are those who can establish, with a criterion of total certainty, different ethical elements that can be rewarded later on, since by not taking a case of preferentially due to different elements that may alter their objective judgment, the agent in question is being a person who most likely inspires the respect and seriousness that others require for the execution of said operations.

What is sometimes not said in a major operation is that sometimes a Detective in Castellón de la Plana is a trained and competent resource, but in reality, like another human being, he is also affected by variables of any kind that are capable of of affecting him on the way to the fulfillment of his work. For Grupo Arga Detectives we have always accompanied our agents, with the aim of guaranteeing the success of each operation.




The work of a detective in Castellón de la Plana , deals with establishing different elements of a work that does not stop modernizing, since it has to its credit different requirements for modernization and innovation, criminal activities never stop using cutting edge technology.

For this, it is important to bear in mind that the need for modernization is directed towards the realization of different aspects that provide a technological advantage and this in turn provides a tactical aspect of great importance to all those who intend to establish an efficient investigation process.

For this, it is necessary to know that a researcher is not the person who is going to be with a video recorder, next to an office or someone who can use a projection headset in front of many people, no! An investigator is one who can make the extraction of information real through different applications and devices that allow him to act stealthily.

Stealth in operations, in particular, implies being as dynamic as someone who is involved in espionage work. It is necessary to highlight that it is a process that not every investigator performs efficiently, however, at Grupo Arga Detectives, we reward the learning of this in special detail, emphasizing before the agents the need to deploy strategies and tactics that guarantee good secrecy during the execution of their operations. The exercise of detective work is an exciting fact, since it contains in itself the potential to be proactive and to be the key and decisive piece for the determination of different cases, whoever exercises his detective function is a person who is capable of establish different strategic factors to reach the determination of all the aspects that are central or cannot generate the findings and different hypotheses.

Who wants to be a detective and be in the front line of investigation should know that above all things this is a job from which sometimes there is no rest, since although field operations are deployed at a precise time and an

moment , the activity of analysis and investigation always seeks to be executed in an almost infallible way and this allows the generation of different aspects that, although they do not translate into a perennial deployment of forces and resources, they do provide an additional factor capable of providing the desired advantage.

A detective in Castellón de la Plana , knows that his work is more than interesting, it is exciting due to the fact of having to function in a city with such an important historical memory, as well as for the simple fact of being able to consolidate different tools and Strategies that can be useful in cases where it is required to be mobilized as a resource to other large cities, since yes, it is not the same to get by in Castellón de la Plana than to go to Melilla, they are two very different urban environments.

Detective work sometimes becomes determined by the complexity and total understanding of a space and urban area, which is why it is a first priority to understand how important it is to take into account the development of an operation in the field of work. such as Castellón de la Plana , since knowing these aspects allows our resources to move easily in an agile and dynamic environment, which in turn represents a guarantee of success in all the tasks that are carried out.

It should be noted how, through more than 10 years of experience, Grupo Arga Detectives is aware of the importance of knowing the environment, which is why it always seeks to provide a competitive advantage to its clients, through the strategic training of its resources. , our trajectory has led us to share tasks with authorities and other private agencies, and what we can observe is that when the importance of the geographical context is not understood, an extremely important element is being left aside.



The first thing to know is what is the work of a private detective. Well, this is a qualified professional who is in charge of investigating behaviors and acts of people and organizations requested by the client. At the end of an investigative work, the detective usually prepares a report that may be needed by a private entity and/or a justice administration entity.

The one who works as a detective, generally works for mutual insurance companies and companies, as well as financial institutions, law firms or private security companies, although he can also work as an independent professional, this sometimes being something not recommended. , since sometimes some criminal and judicial investigations can lead to assuming different types of risk.

In general, a field detective can be involved in different aspects, such as the resolution of business cases, sick leave cases, insurance investigation, as well as the investigation of different cases of the criminal field, however it is necessary It should be noted that when a detective stops dedicating himself to a branch and begins to operate in all the aspects that are required, it is important to note that he becomes considered a generalist.

Whether you are a generalist or not, every study of the detective field leads to the analysis of different elements, which by mere intuition cannot be resolved, in this case it is necessary to emphasize that in order to become a successful detective you have to study criminal science and have a process of training and solid reinforcement in security sciences. At Grupo Arga Detectives, we have different qualifications related to the execution of field work and computer investigation work, capable of guaranteeing a solid training process for the applicant who wishes to join our private investigation body.

With this training process, an investigator will know the different investigative methods to solve crimes, and also to successfully complete all client assignments. Additionally, they will know how to create profiles of the individuals to be investigated and they will also detect the interactions that are established with their environment.

This aspect, being connected with the previous point, provides the Grupo Arga Detectives investigator with a whole host of tools that can be conducive to optimal development in their field work, since sometimes it is a resource that they cannot indulge in. to fail in the execution of its tasks, therefore it must have a sufficiently important deployment to guarantee the investigation work.

Additionally, a researcher in his training process must not only rely on elements that are typical of the field and the investigative work, he must also be someone with a remarkable management of public relations, as well as be interpreted as a resource that requires a emotional intelligence to get out of moments of high pressure and demand.



The work and learning of a private investigator as a detective in Castellón de la Plana , leads us to the point of carefully analyzing what it means to generate a complete immersion in this type of activity, since just learning techniques and tools is not the only thing that guarantees success nor is it the only thing that a resource of this level has.

For this, it is necessary to emphasize that to learn other things and elements, a factor is needed that has the development of skills as an implicit element. Experience and day-to-day conditions condition him to his own element of deployment of different attitudes and aptitudes that are presented on and off the field.

The constant friction and interaction generates learning and the implicit application of security methods and strategies that are associated with social intervention with criminals, an issue that implies this element as the development of a skill. The study of criminology will provide you with diverse knowledge, being broad on different topics, such as handwriting analysis, knowledge of mafias and organized crime and how they can be addressed and placated through legal action, and other important factors. With this experience, a private detective will be able to develop successfully.

Apart from the training and acquisition of skills mentioned above, it is always advisable to look towards the development of some personal attitudes that must be channeled in the individual to become a good detective.

A detective in Castellón de la Plana must become a skilled person in observation processes, as has been said in this article, he must be emotionally stable and must have an alert and curious mind at all times. You must also be in good physical condition, since some processes that require carrying out an investigation can be really demanding. Additionally, it is necessary to highlight that in recent years the knowledge of languages and the incorporation of new technologies is increasingly important to play an optimal role as a researcher.



This is something that is sometimes found as a topic in different discussion forums and it is necessary to emphasize that detective work involves the execution and deployment of different investigative elements, however, beyond this, it is also important to highlight what which is behind the office.

The training is undoubtedly intensive, without equal and provides different tactical advantages not only for professional work but in parallel for the daily work of an individual, knowing in depth the knowledge of detective work raises various advantages that were largely explained previously.

However, it is necessary to point out that at the level of execution when we talk about benefits, we also leave aside what it means to reach them, sometimes reaching a case or a determination of elements that may be sufficient elements of conviction to build a finding, they are not obtained until hours after being parked in a car, it is there where the work becomes a bit slow and where agility and creativity are also required on the part of the agent to obtain the desired information and leave go ahead with the investigation.

That is why, in order to determine all these aspects, it is also necessary to understand that a private detective is someone who may be able to solve problems, help others, and get ahead with the demands that arise along the way. However, it is much more important to note that it also depends on establishing synchrony with other actors in order to generate a public measurement of its work, an issue that sometimes generates the need to reach an understanding with authorities at the public level.

Is a private detective a well-paid position? Well, at Grupo Arga Detectives we have to point out that we always seek to generate the greatest competitiveness for our agents, with the aim that they can exploit their skills to the fullest and can differentiate themselves from their peers, without However, it is necessary to highlight that in the work environment those who work under these functions must sometimes find something more than to differentiate themselves, they must try to be pointed out as a resource of opportunity.

That is why a detective in Castellón de la Plana cannot be someone who is capable of waiting for a customer to knock on his door, he must go out and look for different people affected and explore whether they need his intervention, how it was said in this article, the private investigator is a resource that may be able to establish different elements of the expert investigation to become an exceptional witness, his testimony becomes widely considered and valued by the authorities.


It is at this point where in a succinct way we come to determine that the private investigator who always works on his reputation will be a person who can have a capacity to understand the environment and who can ultimately be a useful resource, so if you want to be paid you must be excellent in the coverage and registration of each case, in order to have a good public image and be hired as many times as possible, competition in the research market is not easy and you have to differentiate yourself from the first day.



The environment of a private investigator is highly demanding and entails the generation of different elements that are typical of the generation of multiple competitive advantages so that a Group and an investigation member obtain the desired success, however, it is necessary to emphasize that with the passage Over time, technological innovations and simplification of some processes where personal information is exposed, reveal the weakness of an individual.

When an individual is fragile within an urban environment as complex as the capital of our country, it becomes necessary to go to a detective in Castellón de la Plana , since he or she can guarantee the investigation and detection of sufficient arguments to generate different findings. that may be useful to complement their work, in this regard it is also necessary to highlight that a private detective is a resource that needs the strategic incorporation of resources.

In this sense, although there are many resources that a private investigator puts to the test and in execution and that despite the fact that his training is adequate when he does not have an organization that supports him, sometimes he tends not to generate a guarantee in the success of your operation. Therefore, it is always necessary to know that rather than going to a particular detective with a good reputation, it is necessary to go to an organization such as the Grupo de Detectives Arga, since they are able to work as a team and deploy resources with greater precision for the execution of tasks.

The line of cooperation in detective work encompasses the possibility of establishing different elements that may be useful for different organizations, which is why a group of detectives must not only establish cooperation and synchrony with other private agencies and government entities, it must also reinforce its chain and investigative processes, for this it is necessary to be one step ahead and know what is being developed in the fields where the Arga Detective Group has a direct impact.

This means that to be successful we must be proactive and this requires being at the forefront in knowing what is the vanguard and research of our group, in order to establish different elements that can be of advantage to the researcher in the field and that can also be of benefit to the organization in favor of obtaining successful cases and satisfied customers.

A detective in Castellón de la Plana must know that not everything has been said, that the performance of detective work implies developing many things in the future related to technological work, for this it is necessary to get in tune with the pace of investigation and with the level of complexity that each case demands, that is why its work will always be aimed at unfolding different problems that arise with the aim of not giving a truce to an infraction or criminal action.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that our investigation today transcends many elements, which undoubtedly generate an implication in different fields, which is why we take care to be leaders not only in criminal investigation, but also in business investigation. and in the determination of responsibilities related to civil matters, so it is necessary to take these factors into account to resolve each case accurately and in the shortest possible time.



Private detective fees in many locations can vary, so it’s important to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment. Once you hire the service, according to what you need, your results can be fast.

These private detectives are generally known for carrying out any type of investigation in less time, so the recommendation is to choose someone you trust. Many even have payment facilities and free consultations.



Private detective fees are generally affordable to anyone. These change according to various factors that are important to take into account when choosing to contract this service in your locality.

Among these factors, we can highlight the type of service you want. Generally, a simple investigation can have a cost of 30 euros per hour worked, the difficulty of the investigation and the place where it must be carried out are also considered.

These last two factors can contribute to a higher final cost, not to mention the fees that many detectives usually include. However, if you are looking for a more specific service, the final cost can reach 400 euros.

On the other hand, we emphasize that other services that these private detectives are responsible for providing can reach a final cost of 800 euros, as is the case of financial reports or leases, the former being very typical of companies.

For all this, we recommend that you find out about all the detective services that you can find in your area, in this way you will be able to compare prices and it will be much easier for you to rule out those that do not fit your budget.



The services of a private detective is usually very helpful at certain times, so we recommend that you always have the contact of a trusted one at hand. If you are thinking of choosing one, it is important to consider the following:

  1. collect information

Before being able to choose a private detective service option , the best recommendation is that you collect as much information as possible from these professionals who are close and accessible to you. This way you can eliminate the options until you find the right one.

  1. recommendations

For any type of service, recommendations are a key element. Here you will know the experience of other people with the service and you will be able to know even more details about it to make a wise choice.

  1. documents

When hiring a private detective , it is important that you make sure that he has all the necessary documents for investigations and monitoring of people. Many of them work independently and are not licensed.

  1. Rates

In order to choose the services of a private detective, it is important that you compare their rates according to the type of investigation you are looking for. It is also important to consider the recommendations when comparing.

The latter is due to the fact that the most economically accessible detective is not necessarily the one that has received the best reviews. Therefore, if the best experiences are found with detectives with high rates, you should consider it well.

  1. Confidence

Keeping in mind the aspects mentioned above, you should also choose a private detective that you trust. This is extremely important, since he is a professional with whom he will have to maintain frequent contact.

  1. Meet all the detectives among your choices

Finally, we can recommend that in order to choose the services of a private detective it is not necessary that you hire the first one who has convinced you. Take the time to get to know the detectives among your options to choose the one that convinces you.

If all this puts you in doubt, we recommend you opt for the private detectives of the Arga detectives group. These have extensive experience in the Castellón de la Plana area and are an excellent option for any research you may need.




Grupo Arga detectives is an excellent option if you are looking for private detective services . We have the best professionals from all over Castellón de la Plana, who have years of experience in various research areas.

Here we offer you advice and different services that adapt to what you are looking for; It will have expert detectives in infidelity, family issues, computer issues and even experts in the business area.

In each of these areas you will find different services, which are carried out with professionalism, speed and transparency, providing you with evidence and answers that you can use in court if you are going through a legal process.

Likewise, these private detectives are known for having the best rates in all of Castellón de la Plana. Unlike other research agencies, here you can get a free quote for any service you want.

Finally, we highlight that our professionals are available every day of the week and at any time, so that you can get in touch whenever you want, without any additional charge.

You will also find everything you need on our website. For all these reasons, do not hesitate to contact us to have a trustworthy investigation service carried out by certified professionals in the area.



Today it is easy to become a private detective in the country. It is possible to opt for different courses for a quick training that will help you to complement information, especially if you want to train in the IT or labor area.

However, to be a private detective you can choose to study this career. There are many universities throughout the country that offer the opportunity to train as a detective to begin providing investigative services in the area you want once you have completed this university cycle.




The detectives in Castellón de la Plana have different prices that will allow you to obtain any investigation service you need. For this rate, you must take into account various elements that can contribute to the increase of it.


Detectives in Castellón de la Plana are characterized by carrying out professional and fast work, helping those who need answers. You can find specialized detectives in different areas and with various services.



The prices of the detectives in Castellón de la Plana can be modified according to different elements. Among them, these may vary according to the investigative agency you turn to.

They may also vary according to the time it takes for the detective to carry out the investigation, placing the costs between 40 to 80 euros per hour.

when it comes to extensive research. Also the price will be affected by the place of investigation.

Generally, the prices for a simple investigation by detectives are usually between 100 and 200 euros. When it comes to more complex jobs, such as industrial reports, the price can reach up to 800 euros.

Therefore, if you are looking for an accessible research service, do not hesitate to contact us at Grupo Arga. Our detectives in Castellón de la Plana have the best rates in the entire area for any of the investigation services provided.



At Grupo Arga Detectives we offer you the best investigation service in the entire area, so when you hire us, you will be able to have various advantages, where we highlight the following:

  1. Care when you need it

Our detectives in Castellón de la Plana are characterized by different elements, one of them being the care provided. These professionals are available 24 hours a day and every day of the week.

You can get in touch through the corresponding numbers to consult any information or concern you may have, all this without any extra charge for your final rate. As we mentioned, this is all part of the care of our detectives.

  1. affordable rates

As we mentioned, in Grupo Arga detectives we have the best investigation service at the best price in the area. Unlike other agencies, our professionals will be in charge of making a free estimate for the service you need.

  1. advisory

In addition to carrying out an investigation, all our detectives are trained to provide all clients with advice regarding their investigation topic, so that they know the best way to carry it out.

  1. Experience

The detectives in Castellón de la Plana are professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in their area, so you can count on a professional service, where the detectives can solve any problem that arises during it.

  1. different areas

In Grupo Arga detectives, we are known for providing different types of investigation services. Here you will find specialized detectives in different areas of investigation, such as infidelities, work, family or computer areas.

  1. Varied services

By having different detectives in the agency, you can have all kinds of services. These will range from mystery shopping to spyware detection and mobile device tracking.

No matter what you need, at Grupo Arga detectives we have various investigation services that will adapt to what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us so we can start helping you get answers.



The services of a detective in Castellón de la Plana are requested by many clients under certain situations. Among the most common, we highlight those of

infidelity . This whole situation begins with a suspicion that gains strength until it becomes untenable.

It is in this case that customers turn for help to get a clear answer to what is happening. Once the clients begin to request the help of the detectives, they must be in charge of evaluating the case to know how to proceed.

As we mentioned in the case of infidelities, once the detective determines how to continue, the client must provide certain information to begin the follow-up that will allow the detective to arrive at a clear answer.

On the other hand, there may be less desperate cases such as alimony. In this case, a mother always resorts to request help for said pension after a separation.

Finally, these detectives in Castellón de la Plana are also often requested by former clients to ask for help in a legal process. The testimonies of these detectives can be of great help in any legal process.

Although all situations do not occur in the same way for two people, keep in mind that in case of any doubt regarding something, you can turn to our detectives, who will be in charge of evaluating it and arriving at an answer.

It is also important to note that in any situation you need to investigate, it is important that all the information you handle regarding it is shared with the detective. This will help speed up the investigation process.



Despite the fact that the detectives in Castellón de la Plana are in charge of providing a varied service, for years they have had some that have become the most requested among all the residents of the area. Among them, we highlight the following:

The services of investigation of infidelities and the computer area are the most requested, in the latter case, especially by companies. Infidelities are among the fastest investigations for detectives and are usually requested by women.

In the second case, it is very common when companies suffer from an attack on their privacy by third parties. Finally, the mystery shopping service is also highly requested by businesses in order to have more influence in the local market.






Contrary to what many people think, today it is possible to find detective services in Castellón de la Plana at affordable rates for everyone. Generally the cost of your work will vary according to your research.

These detectives in Castellón de la Plana are very easy to find and will provide you with various services, so if you are looking to start an investigation of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us at Grupo Arga detectives to help you with whatever you need.



Cheap detectives today are possible to find. To do this, we recommend you consult and learn about all the investigation agencies in your area. In this way, it will be easy to compare the rates and choose the one that suits the budget.

Generally, the rates of the detectives in Castellón de la Plana tend to vary according to different factors. Among them, the difficulty of the investigation is a very important one. The more complicated it is, the more expensive it will be.

On the other hand, the hours invested by the detective at work also influence, whether or not he must travel for the investigation and what he will need to obtain the information that the client requires.

It should also be taken into account that many professionals include the cost of their fees in their final price. For example, in the case of financial or industrial reports, the fee can reach 800 euros.

When it comes to a simple investigation, the rate for this is charged per hour, each one being between 40 or 80 euros. For this reason, do not hesitate to consult the different costs of the agencies that may be close to your location.



At Grupo Arga Detectives we have provided detective services for years, which is why we have been the main option for many people in Castellón de la Plana, so if you are looking for investigative services, you should take into account the following:

  1. Professionalism

The detectives in Castellón de la Plana that belong to this investigation group guarantee a job carried out with professionalism, ethics and values. In this way, we guarantee transparent results for any investigation.

  1. Impartiality

In addition to professionalism, our professionals are responsible for carrying out an investigation impartially, always advocating the truth that the collected evidence reveals.

Although this is an important factor in any investigation, it is difficult to find it in a group of detectives. In this way, you will ensure that the investigation does not benefit any of the parties involved.

  1. affordable rates

At Grupo Arga detectives we take care of providing these investigative services at affordable rates, which can be adapted to any budget. In fact, once you meet with the detective, you can get a free estimate.

No matter what research service you want, the rates will be the same, this being an element that has allowed us to gain the trust of those who live in Castellón de la Plana for any situation.

  1. experienced detectives

The detectives in Castellón de la Plana that you will find with us are characterized by having extensive verifiable experience in any area of investigation. With this, we guarantee professionals capable of resolving any situation that arises during the work.

  1. Varied services

In addition to the above, cheap detectives are not the only thing that characterizes us, but also the variety of services provided. Here you can have detectives specialized in various areas of investigation.

Among them, you can find detectives who are experts in infidelity, in the IT, family, labor, company or even general services areas. All of them taking care of providing unique attention to all our clients.

  1. Availability when you need it

Finally, we emphasize that our detectives in Castellón de la Plana can be contacted at any time you need it. The services provided are 24 hours a day and every day of the week without any extra charge.

For all this and more, do not hesitate to choose us, because in the Arga detectives group we take care of providing a unique investigation service in the entire area. So if you’re looking for help from a detective, don’t hesitate to contact us.



In addition to all the reasons why you should have our services and those of our professionals, it is important to note that the help of a detective in Castellón de la Plana can provide you with advantages such as the following:

  • reliable answers

These professionals are in charge of investigating situations that will provide answers that can be verified in different sources, so you can trust any information provided by this detective that you have hired for this.

  • short term investment


Many people do not seek the help of these professionals because it is believed that the results of this investigation take approximately 3 months to obtain, in any case of investigation that they request.

However, the Arga group detectives are in charge of carrying out an investigation in order to obtain quick and reliable answers for the clients. In this way, it will take a short time from when you start having this service and get your answers.

  • advisory

The detectives in Castellón de la Plana are not only trained to carry out any investigation, but thanks to their experience, they are also professionals who can provide advice on any subject thanks to their knowledge.

  • Support before judicial processes

Detectives who carry out an investigation have the power to be part of a legal process for the benefit of their client. In this way, you can present the evidence that it collects to present it before a court, having total validity.

In all of this, we also highlight that before any investigation, our detectives in Grupo Arga are in charge of making a report with the progress and details of the investigation, which will also be of benefit to our clients in any legal process.






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