Private Investigators Cartagena

Private Investigators Cartagena


Detectives in Cartagena is part of the Arga Detectives Group, professional private investigators with rigor and discretion. We offer private investigation services both to obtain quality evidence that needs to be presented at trial and in judicial proceedings, and to satisfy any legitimate need for information that, in a timely or more continuous manner, such as a case of pension modification, may have any citizen or professional.

Private Investigators Cartagena

Private Investigators Cartagena

Our extensive experience in the private investigation sector is aimed at individuals or companies, and we have qualified and qualified personnel, This allows us to affirm that our reports can be presented as elements of judicial evidence in the necessary legal procedures. In this sense, Cartagena Private Detectives is a leading private detective agency in the sector, since together with the Arga Detectives Group, it offers investigative services of all kinds.




Grupo Arga Detectives and Detectives in Cartagena, belong to the same business group, a private investigation agency that is established with its headquarters in Madrid but which extends to the national level, and even to any point abroad.
With more than a decade of experience and uninterrupted presence in the private investigation sector, we have an excellent professional, legal and qualified team, made up of private detectives and other university professionals with degrees in other disciplines of the union and other complementary ones such as that of forensic computer scientist, which allows us to solve any investigation, personal or business, in which the services of a private detective are needed.


If you are looking for a detective in Cartagena, you have come to the right place. Our agency has a team of professionals capable of solving your problem with the information you provide us.
We offer our multidisciplinary team, which encompasses services such as employment, professionals for fraudulent sick leave, technology such as electronic scans, relatives for issues of compensatory or alimony, spousal for possible infidelities, location and search for people, recovery of deleted files … Any type investigation service you need in Cartagena, is covered by our Cartagena Detectives.
We are qualified and accredited professionals who quickly adapt to different situations and to all kinds of investigations to resolve your case satisfactorily within a reasonable period of time.


Private Investigators Cartagena

Private Investigators Cartagena


Hiring detectives in Cartagena has never been so easy. We offer professionals qualified and authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and controlled by the Private Security Brigade of the National Police. Always remember to hire private detectives who offer guarantees.
A legal private detective agency must give you a contract that specifies the type of assignment to hire, the start and end times, the agreed budget, the details of who hires and the person to investigate, and all this must be signed by both parties, client and agency. Reject verbal or detective contracts that do not offer the guarantees that we offer you at Cartagena Detectives.
When certain situations of a particular or family nature are hampered by a lack of information and evidence, our detectives in Cartagena provide creative solutions to make the best possible decision.


Detectives’ fees and prices in Cartagena vary depending on the type of work they need to do. We offer services of all kinds, from personal to professional, technological and computer. Come to our office, our detectives will offer you a first consultation free of charge and without obligation, and will adapt a price according to your circumstances.
At the end of the investigation, we will provide all the data, evidence and information that will allow you to act in an intelligent and effective way, both in the most intimate or personal sphere, and in a possible judicial process. All our reports are susceptible of being ratified in the corresponding court, becoming a fundamental tool in many judicial processes.
Our work is discretion, professionalism, commitment and efficiency, fundamental pillars to give our clients positive results. We bring effective solutions and results to your company or your personal problem confidentially.

All the evidence obtained from our investigations will be presented in a report and ratified in a judicial process if necessary.



Our private investigation team in Cartagena offers multidisciplinary investigations, since we have our own and varied staff of private detectives, each specialized in a different type of investigation.
Count on professionals who can solve any type of situation that arises. If you need a legalized detective agency that offers quality services with ratification in lawsuits and legal reports, contact us.
Our Cartagena detectives have adapted to the current crisis times, so we will prepare a closed budget, so that you know the exact cost of the investigation at all times, so that your case is not left unsolved.
Our team is made up of certified professionals with extensive experience in the area of ​​private investigation and criminology, covering the entire national territory through collaborators in private detective agencies.
Think that our detective agency Grupo Arga, and its team of detectives Cartagena, was born to respond to the new demands of society, where the work of the private detective is increasingly necessary. Our objective is to provide solutions to individuals, companies, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies and law firms.

Private Investigators Cartagena

Private Investigators Cartagena


Don’t be left with the doubt. If you feel that something is wrong with your environment, whatever it may be, consult with professionals like us.
Our Cartagena Detective agency offers investigative services at good prices and of all kinds. You should know that if your child frequents bad companies, if your ex-partner has an undeclared job, or if you need to locate a relative, you can count on us. We are perfectly qualified detectives in Cartagena.
If you need to contact detectives , call us at 913866294 or email us at Our first consultation is free and the estimate is without obligation.



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