Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao


Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao

Detectives in Bilbao, who are we?

Grupo Arga Detectives, is an agency of private detectives dedicated to the sector of investigation services and private detectives, located in Madrid, which also has its own staff of private detectives in Madrid, and collaborators spread throughout the national territory. We have been working in the Community of Madrid for more than 40 years, and we have expanded our agency to the rest of the national territory, providing private detective services in Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Murcia …

Our main qualities are discretion and confidentiality, we offer as additional guarantee the experience we have in the world of private investigation.

The quality of our services, as well as the maximum discretion are fully guaranteed

The possibility of hiring an efficient investigation service is focused on giving us the opportunity to ensure the success of our operations, and this is possible through Contact Detective in Bilbao.

The city of Bilbao has to its credit various nuances that facilitate the fact of investigative action, this is possible by generating various aspects that are highly reliable towards achieving a first-rate research service, with the aim of being the most accurate as possible in your efforts to get the best information.



An experienced detective knows that the fundamental aspect around the generation of a good service for those interested is about the possibilities of a good service, this indicates that it is necessary to determine with a sufficiently efficient criterion what is necessary so that the client can express a degree of approval for the work we are doing.

A client who is served in the middle of the request for an investigation service, is considered by us an ambassador of our brand and our services. At Grupo Arga detectives, we consider that every case management process is linked to the possibility that a detective may be able to channel the entire customer requirement.

From this point depends the identification and contextualization of the problem to be covered, this implies the urgent need for the detective to be able to list all the elements that are conducive to the development of a technique that is capable of articulating based on solid criteria Obtaining all the precise information that allows you to act in the first moments of the investigation, this would come to be seen in some way as the initial indications of a case study prior to its execution.

In this phase lies the importance of displaying a criterion of good care, since the client when he comes to our help when requesting this type of services is sometimes consumed by anxiety, it is there where the desire to act on his own is an essential part of your desire. This desire to act can sometimes be translated as a feeling characterized by the impulse to get to the root of the events, an issue that generates a great disturbance for the investigation, a successful investigation is carried out with intelligence, and in the act with intelligence the fact triggering an action of this type does not generate a sum of factors, rather it worsens the client’s state of need.

The main reasons why our detective in Bilbao acts in relation to customer demands is to establish the greatest possible clarity of all these elements are related and linked to the investigation and the success of all the efforts that will be deployed.

  These aspects deal with the optimal delivery of services that are capable of marking a before and after in obtaining specialized information of value, being this useful for decision-making. A correct investigation without any generates a state of needs that both our consumer segment previously manifests, these being reflected at the moment that it approaches our facilities to demand our services.



If a client is looking for detectives, Bilbao is in the right place since they are found through the operations that Grupo Arga detectives have managed to extend, with the aim of providing the best answers at the right time to all our clients.

The generation of various elements that are capable of executing a sense of application of the detective technique based on high-level work, is possible through the execution of various elements that allow maintaining a high-quality detective service.

Detectives Bilbao are a resource that is capable of developing in any area of ​​investigation where a first-rate investigation service is warranted, which is why it provides the elements that the client needs through investigation, a Group detective Arga is a resource that can carry out the deployment of an operation that has been entrusted to it.

Our private investigation detectives are resources that allow us to establish various elements of a highly precise investigation, this is done with the aim of promoting the elements that are conducive to generating the appropriate response in each of our clients.

Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao

Grupo Arga detectives can serve in the execution of investigations for infidelities, as well as in structuring cases that are more related to personal investigations, which tend to resolve any inquiry and investigation concerns that the client has regarding the loss of objects and resolution of family matters, among other things.

Many people go to private detective services for various reasons, sometimes they may be interested in recovering a pet, an antique or a document of great value, this also implies the need to have all the elements that can be accurate towards the generation of an appropriate response framework in the execution of a research scheme that may be in accordance with these requirements.

The generation of parameters that are capable of providing the necessary responses to an uncertainty scheme is possible by executing the detective technique in detail, which is the only one capable of solving some cases that can be considered of an everyday nature, which is why that mainly a client who can come up with a question of this type can be perfectly received and attended to.

Many people think that many questions and needs that they have at the level of private investigation is impossible to solve, but they are wrong, since research of this type is precisely in charge of providing the best sense of response to the concerns that the client has, this is the only guarantee to route through of excellence, a whole series of responses and elements that the client demands at the moment.

Public investigation, in this sense does not have much to say, since it is responsible for administering and administering justice, this is made possible through all the legislative and judicial procedures that are contemplated, a private detective in this sense does not play not even a complementary role in the instruction of its procedures towards the investigation of predominance in public subjects, therefore although private investigation allows it to develop a new professional air to its agents (since many have been involved in the past in public investigation) , it is necessary to emphasize that, it seeks to solve elements closer to everyday life.

Although it does not seem like it from Grupo Arga detectives, we have observed how highly complex cases can be developed at the level of an investigation that seems to be “a matter of normality”, which is why the day to day of our detectives is linked to development of an accumulation of elements that allow it to detect with a sense of great precision, all the aspects that are capable of generating sufficient certainty in the client.

The elements of certainty that a client is always looking for by hiring a private detective are linked to the generation of a series of elements that come in the form of information and data, which will be the ones indicated for adequate decision-making. .



At Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to seeking the best results for our clients, which means that we are highly valued resources capable of generating the best response at the right time with the shortest possible time.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our sense of customer orientation is the most valuable pillar that we have deployed in the organization, this with the aim of structuring a solid investigation policy in the generation of various elements that are capable of generating a sum of value added to anyone interested who may be interested in acting from intelligence and with a sense of millimeter precision.

The generation of important research is achieved through a chain of events that can guarantee optimal results, the construction of positive elements towards the development of an investigation leads us to the point of generating a great sense of comparison towards what It can be achieved on behalf of the client, since he must feel that in fact with us he can progress around his need

From Grupo Arga detectives, this is a central aspect in the development of our value proposition, since, if the client does not feel that they are progressing in the development of their work, our services have no reason to exist, in this sense, we always provide the best possible result to all applicants for this type of service.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an investigation agency with more than 10 years of experience throughout Spain, she intends to give the best of the best to all its clients, this is achieved through an investigation that is capable of guaranteeing the best results for the different clients, with the aim of not stopping in favor of supplying the greatest modernity of services to the entire community and therefore becoming the leaders in our field.

Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao


A detective in Bilbao, is an element that can be distinguished from his colleagues in the readiness of his operations, since he puts into practice various tools that are useful for the exercise of detective work, all this implies a greater relationship of efficiency around to the deployment of its operations.

The success of an agent is not 100% linked to the use of technological devices, since it lies in the possibility of being efficient in the management of techniques that support all documentation, this creates the possibility of being innovative in the management of recording cameras, in the instrumentation of electronic sweeps, as well as in the possibility of having a high-level team that can also support the actions of the field agent in field 2.0, making the investigation an agile, dynamic work and highly timely.

The possibility of structuring, a quality research becomes viable on the need to appeal to the implementation of cutting-edge technological tools, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives, we maintain a policy of constant updating for all our agents in handling all technological assets.

The possibility of deploying operations of our detective in the City of Bilbao, provides all our clients a great possibility around obtaining various mechanisms that can be useful for achieving rapid and adequate responses to customer requirements, an investigation that It employs the greatest amount of technological resources, achieves the optimal development of its operations and manages to raise response standards to its clients.

Arga detectives Group is an organization of investgiaciones that is responsible for establishing the work of the research and research through various strategies represent a guarantee of efficient implementation of services to the general public.

Those who want to hire other agencies and even want to look for a freelance should think twice before making these kinds of decisions, since sometimes the tasks they perform do not reflect an effectiveness in all their operations. Issue that ends up generating a deficient praxis of detective work.

At Grupo Arga, our clients will not only have the best detectives, we will always seek to update and equip our agents with the best, this creates the need to be excellent in the exercise of our functions. There are many people who request these services without having the

The slightest idea of ​​its usefulness, for concerns of this type we always provide the desired support in order to generate the best guidance and the most efficient responses.






Grupo Arga Detectives, makes available to companies, insurance companies, law firms and individuals, its services within the framework of private investigation. We have professionals in different areas of activity, criminologists, private security experts, security directors, forensic computer experts, escorts, law graduates …

Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao

Our performance is based on the principles of professionalism and discretion, being applied at all times and under all circumstances. We are a detective agency with professional experience of more than a decade.

In this time, we have carried out numerous investigations and a good part of our reports have been presented in different judicial cases, and these have been ratified in the courts of justice.

Our long history allows us to thoroughly understand the issues related to our profession and the demands of our clients, and offer a professional, up-to-date response, with highly qualified human resources and state-of-the-art technical resources.

If you are looking for private detectives, you must come to know us, in this way, you can make faces and know how we are, because, given the nature of our profession, we should not show ourselves in public, since the main virtue of a good private detective is the discretion and go unnoticed.

The fundamental pillar of our agency, is to always tell the truth to our client, whether it is painful or not. Sincerity and trust between client and detective are basic to the achievement of the final objectives and Establishing that relationship is our first and main goal.

If you have any questions about our private investigation services, check our frequently asked questions page, FAQs , surely there you will find the answer to the questions you are missing. You can also contact us. Call us or come see us.




Our private detective agency Grupo Arga Detectives, makes all kinds of private investigation services available to you, as long as they are covered by the current legal framework that legislates us.

The figure of the private detective in Spanish legislation establishes that private detectives, duly authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, are the only professionals legally qualified to provide information and evidence regarding private events.

Our services consist of conducting investigations that add strength to our client’s theory, providing evidence or indications that can be used, if necessary, in future legal proceedings. All our reports can be presented as evidence before the courts of law.

You can use private detective services to:

• Search for people and properties.

• Investigation of individual behavior.

• Tracking, surveillance and counter surveillance.

• Video surveillance.

• Labor and absenteeism investigations.

Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao

• Investigation of feigned casualties.

• Investigation of claims.

• Inquiry about financial solvency.

• Verification of the veracity of sequelae.

• Family, marriage, separation, divorce, child custody, etc. investigations.

• Research on urban leases.



Why do you need to hire private detectives in Bilbao?

Because we are an agency that offers research services throughout the national territory. We have been dedicated to the world of private investigation for more than a decade, and we offer all the necessary guarantees so that the investigation that is requested of us is a complete success. We have the latest technology.

Our private detective staff offers the guarantees of a consolidated agency in the market, and our clients endorse us. If you need to hire private detectives in Bilbao, contact us, we offer you a free initial consultation without obligation.

Our agency complies, exhaustively and rigorously, with all the requirements established by law.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we carry out all kinds of reports and investigations. We take care to deal carefully with the details of the situation in order to propose clear and efficient procedures. In this way, we can give you results according to what is requested.


Our private detective agency is an expert in planning operations either at a private or business level. We are a team of private detectives that operate nationwide, in this way, we offer a comprehensive private investigation service, according to what is in the current market, but with the guarantee that we have the best prices. We offer private investigation services at a personal, business, technological, and computer level …

Our education and training as private detectives, leads us to focus our work applying investigation techniques by open sources and human sources, and techniques typical of private detectives such as observation, techniques and means of private investigation.

Our vocation is to help, with our research, public and private managers in their decisions effectively and truthfully. Patience, discipline and discretion are constitutive principles of our company.

We serve public companies and private companies of any size with the same quality and reserve, and at a particular level for any area that is included in the legal system that legislates us.



A self-respecting detective agency in Bilbao must have a wide range of services to satisfy all types of cases. This is the policy that we follow in our Bilbao detective office.

Private Investigators Bilbao

Private Investigators Bilbao

We have a multidisciplinary team that is in charge of all kinds of research services.

If you need to contact detectives Bilbao, call us at 913866294 or send us an email at




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