Thinking of our clients, Grupo Arga detectives has deployed an investigation service for the Asturias region, which can count on the best Asturias detectives , who are capable of bringing the success of each requested operation to our client segment.

The generation of various elements that may be useful towards investigation and quality investigation processes are related to the trajectory of the group of detectives and their achievements at the level of the detective services market.





Investigative processes that track a large collection of investigative-level findings can be applied to various spectrums of detective life. In this way, the best response criteria can be provided from the execution of investigation processes that have a great resolution capacity. All our clients, Grupo Arga detectives, who remain faithful to our tradition of service, have promoted a service of the highest quality. Provide the best service to both individuals and companies.

Conducting investigative operations on behalf of individuals primarily involves the operation of activities such as conducting operations related to the investigation of infidelity, as well as anything related to the structuring of personal investigative tasks related to the investigation and a selection process. custom private.

On the other hand, in the context of private investigations, everything that has to do with the implementation of investigative tasks that have a special area of activity at the level of digital investigative activities and expert opinions can also be carried out with a great sense of insight . with the objective that people are highly protected and can strengthen an electronic security policy in different areas of their lives.

The execution of expert processes at an expert level is promoted not only for individuals, but also for companies and corporations. This is certainly an issue that conveys a high level of response through investigative activities related to expert level investigative activities, fraudulent sick leave investigations, IT and digital level investigations to create a more secure business environment, which can be structured at all levels of customer service in order to ensure a high level of resolution and expertise.

The execution of activities closely related to the business is mainly driven by a sense of investigation, which can lead to the execution of processes with a high specialized knowledge that enables a strategic operating scheme and an extremely agile understanding of market developments.

As a core element of any investigative process, it is primarily focused on gathering evidence with a high level of expertise. At Grupo Arga detectives, we train our agents to focus centrally on the construction of elements that may mean carrying out a case under a Highly Professional Vision, an issue that undoubtedly provides great application opportunity in the construction of a high level. Solution for all our clients.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation agency that has highly experienced roles in detective work to define all the investigation processes when a client hires private detectives in Asturias. So we implemented this from our organization’s processes related to fingerprint matching, as well as everything related to it.





The construction of all these research processes has a positive impact on us by making a research process feasible for anyone who wants to know specific information and data in Asturias in relation to a certain research technique. At this point, a detective is more than just a resource, he’s a great tool for solving these schemes.

The investigation processes for which we are committed as soon as the client can hire private detectives in Asturias from Grupo Arga detectives have as central elements the generation of an investigation process that depends mainly on the agent. That is why our investigators are oriented and trained to carry out processes of excellence, as well as the solution of investigation cases with different edges and complexities, which enable customer satisfaction at all times.

All those people who wish to incorporate the articulation of actions and the work of a private detective into their personal investigation process know that at Grupo Arga detectives they have the best tool at their disposal, an issue that undoubtedly makes it possible to structure more activities and various elements that can promote the best sense of response for all those who require the best research device.

At Grupo Arga, all those who require the management of our research processes in the short, medium and long term are welcome. Question that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of investigative development in any case.



At Grupo Arga detectives we can name several examples of satisfied customers who have investigated for more than 10 years.

This is the case of Mr. Etxeberria , who had left an antique in his house. “In my house there were some Chinese sculptures and suddenly they disappeared, thanks to the investigative activities that were followed by Grupo Arga, it was possible to determine the responsibility of those who carried out the abduction of such precious pieces of decoration in my home, the price of this investigation was well worth it since we are talking about specimens with a price relative to 700 thousand euros of value each one”, is how many people imagine what effective that is the execution of our services in the short, medium and long term.

Our services are exemplary in Asturias!





Asturian detectives undoubtedly promote a high level of resolution for those who try to formulate an investigative case with expert criteria. For this reason, we have managed to promote the best possible service within our agency, which is expandable both for individuals and for companies where we have managed to bring the best of the best to all our clients.

Specialized process management has undoubtedly promoted a high level of response to those who need a highly specialized investigation process. For this reason, we have carried out investigative work by Grupo Arga detectives that is capable of promoting the best resolution of cases in the short, medium and long term. Our private detectives in Asturias encourage a high level of reaction to what we do in our day to day.



At Grupo Arga we have always used the best for the city of Asturias. For this reason, we have always thought of the strategic execution of services that can represent a solution tailored to the needs of companies and individuals that we investigate with Grupo Arga detectives with a high level of commitment to ensure that each case has its own process and each process is capable of giving our clients the best result.

The execution of the services provided by our organization undoubtedly encourages a high level of response for any type of client. At Grupo Arga, however, we know that the cornerstone of each case is the implementation of various tests and elements of conviction capable of promoting the best feeling of reaction.

The execution of these processes will undoubtedly favor the best results for our clients, as long as we can consider the management of each individual case and the use of investigative techniques, skills and abilities to collect evidence with a keen sense of clarity and high professionalism, a question. which sums up the high level of effectiveness with which our investigators enable the development of each investigation case

In carrying out our processes, Grupo Arga detectives encourage a high level of specialization in the tasks we want to perform. That is why we apply the management of each individual case with great commitment, capable of developing the best sense of the elements, each of which intervenes directly or indirectly in the shortest possible time, an issue that undoubtedly gives the best sense of solution to companies and promotes people in our daily lives.

Building processes that can be specialized within our agency can not only collect the best evidence, but also foster a sense of practice that makes these elements more precise and more focused on developing hypotheses and clues than you can get. an idea. Promote the response in the realization of each case of investigation.

For this reason, the research processes, whose main objective is to promote the best possible response to meet the needs of each type of client, foresee that both the laboratory and the IT experts can be deployed wherever necessary. Establish evidence collection based on a set of skills capable of satisfying

all investigative criteria.

The creation of these processes is mainly related to the execution of elements that allow a more precise and indirect precision of all the elements that surround an investigation case. We always take this problem into account with Grupo Arga detectives, not to do so, we only encourage a better case, but also allow our agents to be supported at any time.

The execution of investigative processes against individuals and companies by Grupo Arga detectives ranges from investigation through infidelity processes to any type of investigation and electronic expertise for each type of client, to the execution of the mysterious client technique with The objective of making companies from an efficient perspective is to solve all the problems that arise in relation to the management of processes with the client. Our private detectives in Asturias are the best solution


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries



     a detective agency private sector is a team made up of two or more professionals who have a series of resources dedicated to carrying out investigations in the private sector. These professionals are known as detectives in Spain, and to exercise this profession it is necessary to be approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Detective agencies contribute to the collection of evidence in all aspects of daily life. They are gaining more and more recognition in society because in many cases they provide information that is essential for customers. It not only allows the resolution of legal cases, but also allows cooperation in decision making.



    When you need the services of a private investigator, you should look for an agency that can provide professionalism, legitimacy, and quality. At Grupo Arga, you can count on a team of experienced and well-trained professionals to carry out detective work in Asturias and at a national level in an unparalleled way.

We have a variety of services for you to use, as well as highly qualified employees who can conduct any private investigation with legitimate interests. Our experience and knowledge make us one of the most efficient and qualified agencies in the country.

At Grupo Arga Detective, we provide clients with a variety of services in order to provide the most diverse and complete private investigative profession. Here in our group, we have a group of expert professionals who can perform quality research on the most requested services, these include:


    This type of research remains the most necessary. Basically, because the affected people need tests that allow them to clarify if their partners have been unfaithful. Sometimes these investigations are also necessary for something even more important; check if the prenuptial agreement has been violated.



     Those who handle these cases are professionals specialized in the family environment. The focus of the investigation is divorce, suspicious behavior, harassment, distribution and modification of pensions, complaints of undeclared income, etc.



     This type of research is based on all aspects corresponding to the field of the company. For example: sick leave and absence, mystery shopping, unfair competition, information leakage, loss of property and money, espionage, etc.



    These professionals specialize in the processing of digital devices and tools, for example, the identification and location of electronic devices used for espionage, hidden recordings, electronic blackmail, email, WhatsApp, etc.



     It is aimed at insurance companies that are committed to investigating everything related to accidents, injuries, theft and other related policies and reports.


Remember that all our services are backed by a group of legally certified professionals. Therefore, all tests and reports are completely legal. Therefore, they can be used as evidence in court, and if the information needs to be approved, they will have our support.



    If you have a problem and need help finding the truth, the best way is to seek the help of an expert private investigator. Our detectives in Asturias have a high level in the field of investigation. According to the requirements and standards of Grupo Arga, the quality of the research is very important.


Grupo Arga Detectives aims to be a valuable resource when it comes to solving complex cases that require the intervention of an expert. Our employees have been trained to provide you with the necessary advice and testing in the shortest amount of time to ensure there is a better solution.

All the strategies and actions proposed by the Grupo Arga research team are focused on the needs of the client. We use all the experience, tools and techniques to obtain the best strategy based on customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

Detective Agency is to be able to obtain and generate the necessary responses according to the client’s requirements. Therefore, it can provide clearer and more precise images for decision making, because the information provided by our detectives will be objective and truthful.



    In many cases, we do not seek the help of private investigators because we believe the cost is too high. However, we can point out that in Spain there are several agents that provide multiple services at different prices and costs.

When considering the options, it is important to keep in mind that the relationship between quality of service and price is very close. This means that it is not necessary to find the most expensive agency to ensure the success of the investigation. But you shouldn’t necessarily look for the cheapest investigators either, as these can be a scam.

detective agency , the most important thing is to consider the background, the experience and the type of service they provide to inquire about the different options. Don’t forget the advice you may have received from people with experience in these services.

As said, Grupo Arga Detectives is an institution made up of a multidisciplinary team that provides one of the most comprehensive institutions in the country. Consider it as the best option between quality and price of research for this task.

We have a human team and the most avant-garde research tools on the market. Our highest priority is to provide reliable, objective and transparent comprehensive services at the most favorable price. For this reason, we adapt to the needs of each situation and satisfy the client at the most favorable price.



    At Grupo Arga we have a team of researchers with many years of experience and who have won multiple awards for their work as professionals. This guarantees the seriousness, objectivity, legitimacy and security of the investigation and the evidence provided.

Grupo Arga and its entire professional team are committed to private investigations, and we have all the certificates and licenses issued by the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, we are also an active member of the Spanish Professional Association of Detectives Private and International Detective Association .

Therefore, all our investigations, including reports and evidence to be submitted to the Spanish authorities, are provided. When necessary, they have all the legitimacy as proof. In addition, our detectives have the right to approve the authenticity of the authorities when necessary.

For all the above content, please feel free to contact us so that we can give you suggestions, remember that professional suggestions can save you a lot of time and trouble. Just contact us, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide you with the best service.



The investigative process that tracks the results of a large number of investigative-level discoveries can be applied to various spectrums of a detective’s life. In this way, the best response standard can be provided by conducting a survey process with high resolution capacity.

All our agents are faithful to our tradition of service, advocating to provide a service of the highest quality, to provide the best service to people and companies.

Carrying out investigative activities on behalf of individuals primarily involves the development of activities related to infidelity investigations, as well as any activity related to the structure of individual investigation tasks and the personalized private selection process.

On the other hand, in the context of private investigations, at the level of digital investigation activities and expert opinions, all work related to the execution of investigative tasks with special fields of activity can also be carried out well. The goal is to protect people and strengthen electronic security policies in different areas of life.

There is no doubt that this is an issue that conveys a high level of response through investigative activities related to fraudulent sick leave investigations or the creation of a more secure IT and digital business environment.



    The execution of activities closely related to the business is mainly driven by the awareness of research, which can lead to the execution of processes with a high degree of experience, allowing you to formulate strategic operational plans and have an extremely agile understanding of development. From the market.

As a central element of any investigative process, it is based primarily on the collection of evidence with a high level of expertise.

At Grupo Arga, we train our agents to focus on the construction of elements, which can mean handling cases from a highly professional perspective, a topic that undoubtedly provides a great opportunity for applications in high-rise cases and solutions for all customers.


When clients hire detectives in Asturias , they can be sure that they have extensive experience in detective work and can define all the investigation processes.



    The construction of all these research processes can make the research process feasible and have a positive impact on us for anyone who wants to know information and specific data related to specific research techniques in Asturias .

At this point, the detective is not only a resource, but also a good tool to solve these plans.

Our investigators are trained and oriented to execute excellent processes and solutions for investigation cases with different strengths and complexity, in order to always satisfy clients.

All those who wish to incorporate the expression of action and the work of a private detective in their personal investigation process know that Grupo Arga has the best tools.

Certainly, more activities and diverse elements can be organized to provide the best sense of response to anyone who needs the best investigative equipment.



    For those who intend to practice case investigation through expert judgment, Asturian detectives will undoubtedly improve their resolution. Therefore, we try to promote the best possible service within our agency, which can be extended to both individuals and companies where we try to provide the best service to all customers.

The professional management of the process has undoubtedly improved the response to those who need a highly specialized investigation process. Therefore, in our group we do everything possible so that our investigative work can promote the best resolution for cases in the short, medium and long term.


    In our team we always use the best things from the city of Asturias . For this reason, we have always thought that executing the service strategically can represent a solution tailored to the needs of the companies and people we are investigating, committed to ensuring that each case has its own process and resolution.

The execution of the services provided by our organization will undoubtedly bring a high level of response to any type of client. However, at Grupo Arga, we know that the cornerstone of each situation is the implementation of various tests and elements of faith that can promote the best sense of reaction.

As long as we can consider the management of each case and the use of investigative techniques, skills and abilities for the collection of evidence, everything will be with great clarity and high professionalism. The execution of these processes will undoubtedly bring the best to our clients.

Our group has raised the level of professionalism with which we have to carry out the tasks. Therefore, we must do our best to manage each case.

A specialized construction process within our organization can not only collect the best evidence, but also cultivate a sense of practice, make these elements more precise, and focus more on developing hypotheses and clues than can facilitate the answer in the realization. of each research case.



   Asturian detectives are the best resources to ensure the deployment of various actions to achieve the objectives of each case, these are previously outlined by the client. The detective must not only practice with his growth process, but also with the continuous updating of theory and knowledge.

The enormous opportunities and professional search that a person has during the career research process is a guarantee for the use of various elements, and these elements are the key to correctly orienting each investigation.

It is easy to say the possibility of an event worth investigating, but in reality this is a task that no one can complete because they are at a great disadvantage compared to professionals. This is itself the art of research.

This can also be a bit contradictory, because many people sometimes wonder if the detective is done by experience and practice. In determining the various advancements of any investigative process, this question will ultimately prevail.

Well, although there are indeed many people defending this vision, it is also necessary to emphasize that, by forming a strategic framework, it is possible to carry out the described research process and the development of various hypotheses considered successful.



    The generation of different elements that can provide a logical framework for quality research is enough to provide a guarantee for the development and implementation of high-level processes.

This is possible for detectives who not only have field experience, but also seek to deploy new strategies by constantly updating their knowledge, which is very positive for the resolution of each situation.

The general strategies used to build an effective investigation process go hand in hand with expert standards, which can provide the necessary answers for a specific investigation environment. It will eventually lead to the problem of urgent demand for high-quality resources.

The opportunity to adopt a timely strategy in resolving each situation in itself includes the opportunity to collect highly filtered data and information and obtain it through strict scrutiny, which makes it necessary for our brokers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

When clients request advanced investigation services, they will have the opportunity to efficiently revolve around the generation and analysis of diverse resources that can provide the right answers at the best time. That is why the researcher always bases himself on the requirements that he can detect.



    Surely the detectives private in Asturias raise specialized services among personnel management, which can be of great value to solve advanced investigation processes.

The use of technology, for example, must be determined according to the highest standards that can determine the whereabouts of people who need such services.

In our team, we have determined the possibility that we can execute the procedures to search for protection and status of people with high precision because someone is lost, voluntarily leaves the family environment and/or is kidnapped.

Finding the needs of different people through research services certainly emphasizes the structure of the process, which will certainly allow anyone in this situation to obtain the best results.



    The search and placement of personnel from the perspective of private investigations rarely means the location of criminals or personnel required by the Spanish Judiciary, since these processes are carried out by detectives who perform public functions.

Taking this into account, from the activities of our private investigators, when our testing services are needed, we can clarify the complementary services.

Together with Grupo Arga, we act as detectives in Asturias the best research tool for the community, because our ability to manage the organization’s processes will undoubtedly allow us to solve these problems in a high-quality business environment.

By dealing with these situations among young people, we have been able to pinpoint that these concerns are nothing more than not knowing that our children and siblings are living some of the experiences of their generation in the company of their friends.

At Grupo Arga we have made every effort so that anyone who needs to carry out this type of operation can always awaken the best sense and spirit of professional research, which undoubtedly makes them satisfied with us from the beginning.



   As we discussed earlier, from a public welfare perspective, the expansion of private detective services in Asturias is also expanding to track the whereabouts of people who have committed crimes and/or broken the law.

When Grupo Arga detectives carry out such procedures, guarantees of support and cooperation plans with all kinds of authorities will undoubtedly be promoted. However, we can also operate from our agency to provide evidence of kidnapped persons.

Accurately provided investigative services can only pass on data to authorities and those closest to the missing individual. This is something that undoubtedly helps to understand the widespread use of our services.

We provide these outsourced localization services with a lot of energy and dedication in order to provide investigative services to the Asturian community, and we carry out these activities with high competence and prudence.



    Mystery shopping is a method used for market research and business research. Companies use this technology to obtain specific information about products and services, and to evaluate the quality of customer service.

In this way, the company can obtain complete and detailed feedback on the customer experience in its point of sale or customer service department.

The concept of mystery shopping is very old, originating in 1940. The original purpose was to measure the integrity of employees. Technologies such as audio and video recording and answering questionnaires have been used to develop this service.

Today, with the widespread use of the Internet, the concept has become popular because mystery shoppers can sign up to work on the service provider’s website.

The industries that use “mystery shopping” the most are automobiles, hotels, retail stores, chain stores and restaurants, movie theaters, etc.



   The activity of Detective Grupo Arga in this city includes everything related to the execution of detectives private in Asturias . Without a doubt, this provides the best answer for anyone who needs to run a program that can provide the best answer for all of our corporate clients.

Through Grupo Arga we can carry out activities related to the surveillance of private detective activity in Asturias in order to create the best feeling for the establishment of a solution for investigative procedures that may be useful for US companies.

The main objective of the research plan of the agency that can make the operation of Mystery Shopping a reality in Asturias is to carry out a detailed review of all the aspects that may directly or indirectly affect the development of services for vulnerable customers.

Starting from the structural design of all aspects that will certainly bring the best solution awareness to all customers, our agents can certainly incentivize the development process through the most agile detectives , to review the shopping experience.

The basis of this technology is an excellent opportunity to learn the details that can be used to determine the level of customer service in a particular store or company. If a company wants to analyze where the problem is, it is to hire a detective so that he can impersonate a client and do the entire purchasing function invisibly.



    If the detective pretends to be a mystery customer, he can sneak into the business customer community.

In this way, you can get all the information related to the customers that you can visit in the store, since you can start different conversations with all the customers, so you can have a more complete understanding in terms of content quality, immediacy and customer demand management.

The ability to live a complete shopping experience provides the detective with many aspects of knowledge, which will help him visualize the effectiveness of the company in terms of attention and the execution of several elements that are essential to improve customer loyalty and build behavior. repeat purchase.

Constantly study all the elements related to the company’s customer management, and sometimes it is necessary to apply a special technique to analyze and identify the processes that are sometimes executed in the business environment, regardless of the possible consequences of said implementation.

In many cases, when companies see the decline in repeatability of customers, they do not consider that everything comes mainly from the analysis of the purchase experience, if this problem undoubtedly leads to a continuous loss of results, it will not work.



   For a company whose sales continue to drop and large clients lose loyalty, the most important thing is to focus on hiring private investigators who can install private investigators in Asturias to find out the current state of care policies.

For this purpose. Identify aspects that are in a weak state and aspects that are in a state of strength that can achieve greater empowerment. What detectives are looking for when applying “mystery shopping” technology is always related to the greater precision of the investigative technology.

This is to understand the current state of the company and the industry related to the implementation of customer service, which represents a strategic summation of an issue. a real solution to all aspects of the complexity that companies sometimes need.

The strategic importance of the application of this technology can largely represent the generation of various elements that can be synchronized more efficiently in terms of strategy and acceptance of customer service, so that a management system of advantages and disadvantages is created. business level.

When we consider the execution of private investigators in Asturias , we do not stop making improvements and innovations for all clients and thus promote high-level investigation services. Our investigators are the best at their craft!



  At Grupo Arga, cases of perceptual deception are the preference of our agents because they have the necessary level to establish the most important elements of proof and conviction, for which each client who contracts the service will ultimately express gratitude.

The professional management of investigation cases will undoubtedly promote the best development awareness for all those who need to carry out investigation activities in the short, medium and long term.

The structure of this activity, without a doubt, allows us to establish the best state of development through the development of awareness of each case, regardless of its complexity.

This is why the generation of survey response standards affects the construction of the plan, there is no doubt that the plan can promote the best sense of operation to establish a solution framework that can generate the necessary certainty and sense of peace. in all situations for our client.

‘s team of detectives will seriously consider the needs of clients within the framework of the solution to provide strategic solutions. That is why we will always be at the forefront with the best methods and tools that can do it, and allow our private detectives in Asturias to attend to all the needs of our clients.



    Establishing the infidelity investigation process is not everyone’s job. For this reason, in the clues and tests of the Grupo Arga detective, we have visualized everything related to infidelity, this situation can eliminate the client’s suspicion or suspicion. Therefore, if you live in Asturia , it is best to hire one of our Asturian detectives .

In short, the decision to use our service is the best answer for those who want to establish a very detailed investigation process to discover the elements of the facts. The purpose of this question is to understand first hand all the possible tests that directly or indirectly influence.

Bearing this in mind, they will monitor each case and will evaluate and review the entire itinerary and agenda that the inspected person can carry out in their daily work. It is mainly about creating a program that allows a high degree of activation of all the knowledge related to adultery investigations.

That is why our private detectives in Asturias are a resource that can be verified under the guidance of the “operating room”, elements that can undoubtedly improve the best conditions to respond to all the investigation processes that initially trained us.

Currently, the reality of investigating adultery is changing, so there are still different ways to achieve these aspects through social networks and other long-distance communication spectrums. This will undoubtedly give the detective the necessary understanding of the activities in which he may be involved.



     To ensure satisfactory results of the investigation, it is necessary to have the necessary evidence to handle the case. Therefore, the best and best equipment is needed to capture any situation that can be captured in order to turn it into evidence in various formats, such as photography, video, audio, etc.

At Grupo Arga we have the best answer to anyone who is puzzled by the digital services of private detectives in Asturias . This question certainly has a positive impact on those who need the best digital research. It is possible that these types of factors provide indicated answers.

We must emphasize that anyone who needs to understand the value of computer detectives must clearly understand that, through our possible agency work, we are not willing to sacrifice price for quality, as in this way we will mislead our clients and limit the response speed of each operation.

All those who need to be investigated by our detectives Private companies in Asturias know that they have the best allies in this matter, because there is no doubt that they in our institution allow us to establish practical and timely solutions for all our clients.



     At Grupo Arga we know that this type of investigation requires the deployment of certain elements in logistics, which must provide the best response to all those who are looking for response teams that can raise awareness of the best solution to the problem.

Being at the forefront of the development of these processes is undoubtedly knowing which are the most important elements that surround this type of research, this is how our organization makes it possible to build digital businesses not only in advanced training.

In this process of private detectives in Asturias , it is necessary to emphasize that making the best contribution at the level of electronic investigation means having the best technical tools that allow us to accurately carry out this type of investigation.

The implementation of the technology research process first needs to update several processes that can perform follow-up activities.

And everything related to the operational structure that can perform IP address detection, and everything related to the structure of the item, so that the investigation process can be better determined.



    Therefore, anyone who wants to get to know the Asturian detectives must understand that, as an institution with all these aspects, it is above all about setting guidelines for its continuous maintenance and updating.

Through the research process with these tools, we can guarantee the best results for all clients within a few hours.

We not only conduct digital research but also make sure that it is extremely accurate and useful for any type of client, problem that will certainly provide the best solution.

At Grupo Arga, anyone interested in participating in our survey knows that it has a market-leading digital research process, which is even an illusion for many people.

At Grupo Arga we make possible the expression of the expression of digital surveys to companies and individuals, in this sense we put things in context so that whoever reads us for the first time knows to what extent the resolution of these elements affects. Suitable for all types of short, medium and long-term clients.



The main objective of our process management is to provide the best solution to all people (for personal reasons) who want to use our services, for two reasons, the first focus is to find someone who commits criminal proceedings against our clients in the digital field. .

The second needs more explanation, the main reason is that building these types of transactions on what we call digital competition sites can protect our customers from risky behavior. It is a social network, because the preparation of misleading budgets and fraud has become a daily routine.

In this case, a person can be financially scammed, or even be at risk when there is no known situation to provide their data, which can lead them to become a victim of phishing .

The management of these investigation processes will not stop, this is where we do everything possible so that this type of investigation is transferred to the business environment, an issue that is also reflected in the digital investigation aimed at improving the security of our client’s company. .

Many companies have greatly benefited from the implementation of these elements, which undoubtedly brings greater protection barriers for all our corporate clients who need it.



First of all, it should be understood that the origin of this activity is to provide the best solution for those projects that need to eliminate doubts about the answer project that can provide the best feeling. The execution of the operation requires expert judgment for the solution before the event.

In this sense, our private detectives in Asturias , specialized in the investigation of fingerprints, are resources that fulfill their mission with extreme rigor, because they seek, first of all, to establish extremely precise limits for the facts of the investigation. This is undoubtedly the best element to determine facts and responsibilities.

When action is required, you will be directed to these types of resources as part of the test scenario, upon receipt of these instructions and evidence, our detectives Asturian private specialists in fingerprint research will be in charge of these projects.

To do this, they will have a digital detection mechanism and carbonate to find fingerprints on instruments or files. This is important because conducting this research allows us to know if someone’s performance or participation can really be determined by a particular event.

That is why the participation of said detective is extremely necessary, because it is possible to know exactly how someone influences the connection between facts in different cases that can be executed. All of these tests and exams are completed within a few hours to find out what really happened.



    Therefore, by managing our investigation process, we will certainly provide the best sense of response for anyone who needs investigation equipment and can provide the best professional evidence and data.

Our agents certainly provide the best opportunity to specify various facts to provide the best solutions for specific incidents that require detailed analysis. That is why our private investigators specialized in fingerprint investigation in Asturias are the right solution.

These processes mainly convey management information, so that those who need to resolve the issues related to the individual in a specific situation can have the best feeling to solve the case.

Since these types of situations are very different and it is possible to specify the elements that can provide the best responsiveness, we can build on the management of all these aspects to carry out the extremely difficult process of fingerprint recognition.

Fingerprint investigations can provide the best evidence descriptions for anyone interested in searching, thus providing the best solutions for all interested parties.



    We know that in our more than 10 years of research, we managed to run a survey device, which is currently possible to help customers in various types of situations.

That is why our process management for our clients is mainly associated with the high response capacity that we provide through Asturian private detectives (specialists in fingerprint investigation), these types of functions are very useful for private investigations.


For this reason, we always seek the best method that suits our clients from our agency for everything related to the correct execution of the investigation process. At Grupo Arga we will always modernize and improve for the benefit of our clients.



    On occasions, many people will consider that the execution of this type of operation is undoubtedly extremely subtle, so this situation will continue to be accompanied by a series of civil and legal conflicts for some, since they try to clarify that this fact implies that there must be a consensus between the parties or in the most extreme case with a legal mandate.

Many people who want to know about this type of situation should know that they allow us to determine with great precision all the aspects related to the management of this type of evidence, first of all, this is the target person. In principle, the test is a bit revealing and thus shows that this matter should be handled by professionals.

For Grupo Arga, being able to manage this type of incident makes us feel very useful and negative in the face of a society that demands and needs to know all the answers to the various questions related to its daily life.

It is definitely not advisable to talk or try to make him understand the reason, because through these processes, almost 40% of the time, the acquisition of economic capital is also in danger, which can affect the inheritance process, asset allocation or any other something that is linked to the person’s financial assets.



     Discussions about a person’s parent-child relationship can involve many factors, the most important of which is our experience as a research institution, involving the structure of typical elements of economic wealth and the emotional health of the people involved.

This is the main reason why we are interested in providing the best method so that the greatest possible number of Asturian detectives can carry out paternity tests according to the best standards, an issue that undoubtedly leads to reliability in the test.



     For those interested in private detectives in Asturias , as well as in the preparation of anti-surveillance operations, this service is widely available throughout Spain, so that our agents can help implement the Personal Security Policy. Because, believe it or not, there are many people who feel persecuted and threatened.

That is why the investigation and surveillance services of these people represent excellent solutions. For example, private detectives in Asturias . Actually, hiring an anti-surveillance service when we think that our security may be affected is the best option.

When they use this type of service it is mainly because they may be going through a delicate situation and they may also feel that their lives are in danger. danger , and for this reason, they must rely on the services of professional investigators on site to ensure that they are always protected.

A person adopts the persecutory delusion when a certain type of car is starting to haunt their house, or when someone starts overlapping them in different environments. Although sometimes this is just coincidence, on many occasions his suspicions turn out to be true.

Detectives who managed to specialize in this technology also pointed out that there is another level of persecuted people, which has to do with capturing more direct signs of harassment or with activities that may involve the execution of teams with the ability to capture video material.



    We have noticed that any client who wishes to hire such services is bound to encounter extremely unpleasant situations, since being monitored and persecuted by a third party puts us on alert, sometimes this not only prevents us from enjoying our work and daily life, but also has the ability to complete the work we plan to do.

Through the operation of Grupo Arga, it is mainly that our detectives have received the highest standards in technology and test equipment, this problem has a positive impact on clients who need high-level investigative services. All to protect the life and physical integrity of those who request these services.

Among the Grupo Arga detectives , anyone who needs the best investigative operations undoubtedly knows that among our private detectives in Asturias , there are the best answers, and hiring them is making the best decision.

At Grupo Arga we always focus on establishing different standards to provide effective investigation and surveillance services, an issue that undoubtedly poses the challenge of ensuring the best results. This is possible when private detectives in Asturias direct the coordination of counter -surveillance operations .

This makes many of our clients feel more confident and able to personally play a role in their daily tasks.



   The cases that detectives must deal with today range from investigations of so-called infidelity to a growing number of business and employment fraud, basically absenteeism and false dismissals. Between them, the detectives must face a variety of situations in order to solve the case in a professional manner, complying with the current laws.

Therefore, they must carry out various monitoring, including infiltration or eavesdropping. Since smaller and more manageable cameras, audio equipment or communication devices can provide high-quality results, the use of new technologies is greatly facilitated (in the case of using such evidence in court).

However, it must always be taken into account that the work of private investigators , especially in certain situations, is especially sensitive due to the issues they are studying or the methods they must use to solve problems, and may conflict with basic rights, such as such as laws to protect privacy.

Therefore, in addition to its moral code (completely collected on the website of the Spanish Association of Private Detection Professionals (APDPE)), its work is also regulated by Law No. 23/1992 (Privacy and Security) and Royal Decree 2364/1994.

These records not only establish the work of the detective, but also establish the mode of action that the detective must follow and the obligations and responsibilities that correspond directly to him.




An example to consider is the prohibition to investigate crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio. Any behavior of this nature must be reported to the competent authority immediately, or the use of personal or technical means that violate the right to honor, personal rights, family privacy, the confidentiality of one’s image or communication.

Similarly, people remember that they are obliged to protect the privacy of their investigations and can only provide data to the person who commissioned the investigation and to the competent judicial and police bodies.

However, the shadow of the crimes of suspected illegal wiretapping or violation of privacy means that, in various situations, as established in article 90.1 of the Labor Procedure Law, it is ultimately up to the judge to determine to what extent may or may not be taken as illicit.



    In Asturias , we have the best private investigators in the area, who are qualified and provide all the documentation in order. Also, as we have partners throughout Spain, if you need a private detective in other parts of the country abroad, please let us know that Grupo Arga does business both nationally and internationally.

Our private detectives provide investigative services in Asturias , and the information we provide will reflect the facts and let you know what is happening in our ongoing investigation.

If your investigation is a marital problem, do not let them keep telling you that you are very jealous or jealous, please check. The results of the survey can provide decisive data for your future, the future of your partner and children, who are the most affected by these problems.

Private detectives have always achieved the objective of professional consolidation of serving detective work at a professional level through the organization, this is how we can distinguish the main milestones and trajectories of the Asturian Detective Agency , because it has always been a fundamental part of the development team.

In general, when conducting research in a specific area, many people tend to think that they are not linked to the expert research services provided by the capital of the country, which is incorrect.



For the whole of Spain, the deployment of detective services has always been a challenge for Grupo Arga detectives . The fact is that the organization of the Asturian Detective Agency is the pride of the entire organization, because it is well known that said Organization, and the construction of specific solutions for the client.

The generation of an efficient investigation process leads to the possibility of establishing a series of elements, which are characterized by promoting the development of a logical framework of operation that can generate answers to all clients, which is synonymous with our detectives , the which are highly requested in Spain and throughout Asturias .

Our detectives in this city have been doing this work for more than 9 years and managed to solve many famous cases throughout history, which are even closely related to public places in the area.

In short, the focus of detective work is to provide a reasonable decision-making framework for all clients, because sometimes many people get lost and come to us.

Grupo Arga leads the detective work there and is responsible for providing information on the entire deployment The main guide of the process in order to establish the greatest elements of conviction in the short, medium and long term.



    Innovation is an element that we have always emphasized in the execution of Grupo Arga’s detective work, and its objective is to truly modernize technology and standard processes.

Becoming a Grupo Arga detective agent means becoming an efficient resource that will be able to provide our clients with the best answers to all their questions in the shortest possible time.

Anyone interested in hiring an agent capable of carrying out investigations should go to the Asturian Detective Agency . Also, you should know that the most important thing is the successful execution of a trade depends on providing various instructions as clearly as possible.

This means that it is very important that you not only have the utmost seriousness and sincerity, but also have the ability to not convey any element or fact that may involve emotion or subjectivity.

This means that the detective will establish initial instructions based on all the testimony provided by the client. These initial instructions will help build the hypothesis. If this hypothesis is verified, it will lead to the generation of clues and when the occurrence of the incident is detected in the chain, the case can definitely be consolidated.



    In Grupo Arga’s team of detectives , our mission is to reach customers because it focuses on giving the most effective response, so they will make decisions of varying degrees of importance, which is why the Asturian Detective Agency is very involved with the to achieve the goals and recognition of the organization.

We are committed to providing agents with the best training process in order to ensure their growth through a series of elements that can ensure the best response. At Grupo Arga Detectives , we have the best resources to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

What makes us decide to always improve, because as a center of innovation, all possible elements constitute the best service for customers. Spain is one of the richest countries in culture and various economic and social elements, which is a guarantee for the provision of research services to meet the needs of customers.

This is why the initial work in this process is crucial and it is a joint work carried out by clients and researchers, which leads to the need to carry out better investigations and try to collect from a wider range precision and objective load can all be items needed to conduct an investigation.

By understanding the complexity of this stage, you can understand why you can’t create your own research plan alone, because you need to get experts with an experience curve, and you also need to get the truth about the facts from people who are properly backed by the organization.



    The lawyers and detectives of Grupo Arga are unmatched resources, they can use the best search elements and clues to help speed up the judicial investigation process of the facts, that is why for professionals, having private investigation resources is not a wise decision.

By maintaining a resource, it is possible to explore all aspects worth investigating at the level of each case with a very high level of detail, so that elements of the joint assistance of private investigators can be inferred .

Lawyers who are considered legal professionals are lawyers who can find expressions of legal issues, in this case, the investigative standards used are highly predictable for the handling of facts and evidence in the legal system.

At the national level, the investigative capacity of lawyers refers more to the legal means and the best expertise in the facts that must be carried out to comply with the law.


In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize that the role of a detective in a judicial investigation is not the main role, but when carrying out an investigation process and investigative expertise that can support the law.



Law firms do not always have clear evidence and facts when filing a claim (whether judicial or extrajudicial). In many cases, it is necessary to clarify the complexity of the case to formulate the necessary strategies to follow.

At that time, the skills, techniques and abilities of a private investigator are needed. Considering that the work and the mystery they have is necessary to provide clues, evidence and evidence so that the ongoing investigation can be carried out. That is why detectives are an incomparable ally among legal professionals.

Even if the role of detectives in the development of judicial and legal investigations is not the main one. The facts have shown that their work is very important for the construction of facts and the acquisition of evidence, which helps the correct development of the program.

In addition to their contribution to professional knowledge, there are also detectives private . At Grupo Arga, we have an expert team made up of experts who have extensive experience in obtaining evidence and support the work of the lawyers and their accompanying legal team.

The work carried out by the detective has a high deductive capacity and knowledge of legal procedures. At our agency, we have worked with many cases and with other legal professionals.



    At our agency, we have cooperated with many cases and with other legal professionals. This is due to the experience and quality of the surveys and test contributions that we provide to each client. The best cover letter is the birthplace of our efficiency, ethics and professionalism.

The professional team that formed Grupo Arga has established synchronization with legal professionals. To be clear, research and analysis in accordance with all laws and regulations. In this way, the evidence collection process can be carried out, in which efficiency and quality dominate, for example:


private investigators do in providing evidence for these cases can prove justice and provide evidence that can add new elements to restart possible solutions to the facts.



Even in Spain, this situation is not common. Sometimes, due to the lack or lack of evidence in the supporting documents, judicial and legal procedures require some time to pass judgment, so the role of private investigators is imperative.


Due to unfavorable circumstances, individuals are involved in some kind of situation and must be subject to legal or judicial sanctions without being responsible. It has caused great problems and doubts about the management of the law and its system. So, the work of a private detective becomes necessary here.

The functions that our detectives must perform are based mainly on the formulation of case resolution strategies in order to resolve cases of judicial failure for various reasons. Lawyers and their clients must receive the best possible support.

Based on the above, we can say that the work of the detectives that make up Grupo Arga is of the utmost importance.

Our pawns are highly trained, dynamic people with vast experience in the field of investigation and law. In order to have the power to identify, explicitly and fairly, each piece of evidence that helps shape the case.



    The cost or price of a private investigator depends on the type of work that needs to be done. In a survey carried out in the center of Asturias, the cost is not the same as in the surrounding towns.

Tell us your situation and we will provide you with an approximate budget to eliminate your headaches and problems that bother you. We offer free estimates and free first consultation.

If your case is a marital problem, please contact us so we can tell you how and how best to investigate. We will provide you with the services of the entire agency and the entire professional team so that the results are the best and most appropriate.

Our organization’s experience in investigating infidelities and related legal proceedings has greatly facilitated communication with clients, because most of them are visiting private investigation agencies for the first time and expect to be treated with sympathy and confidentiality while I tell you about their situation.

They usually feel nervous, distrustful, beaten… In this sense, it is vital that the client receives adequate treatment so that they feel comfortable.



    Certainly, we have successfully trained all our agents so that they can fully perform their functions.

The Grupo Arga Detectives Group is a detective investigation agency with a history of more than 10 years throughout Spain and there is no doubt that our agency intends to show various elements to satisfy the needs of our clients.

In all the cases in which we work, determine the value of an Asturian detective, which makes us satisfied and excellent in the work carried out.




There is currently a wide variety of private detectives in Spain in Asturias. BUDGET FREE OF DETECTIVES IN ASTURIAS.

Arga Detectives Group stands out in an extraordinary way , whose trajectory in this market is unmatched. The pillar of success for this organization is based on the efficiency of the response to its servers and their total discretion when doing their jobs.




Asturias is a geographical area in Spain, which is not far behind in relation to private detectives, since a huge number of experts can be found in their field of work.

However, given the enormous offer of private detectives, unfortunately there will also be servers that work in search of your benefit, for this reason it is suggested to be very careful when deciding on an investigator.

The reasons to attend a detective agency in Asturias are multiple and differ for each client;

Arga Detectives, has experience that also increases its work methodology, in the same way it is ratified that these experts work always and at all times within the legal framework.

Grupo Arga Detectives represent a group of investigators who have achieved a professional career in the investigation sector, and who are prepared to prioritize the total satisfaction of their client and offer a response in the shortest period of time possible.




Our group of experts not only has a well-known caution when doing their work, but they also have the latest in digital technology in what corresponds to this topic.

One of the most important benefits when hiring our detectives in Asturias, is that of an absolute guarantee of personalized attention and complete confidentiality, the main pillar of a private investigator; It should be emphasized that they are not only services for a particular subject, but that you will be able to find services for companies and organizations in the same way.

Currently, many people have the erroneous idea that a private detective only “spy”, and this is not accurate, since their purpose is to be investigators; and through appropriate forms of inquiry, obtain information and evidence for the situation that is correct, with the intention of solidly showing the facts or ways of proceeding that were found.

Our detective agency proposes services, always knowing that the costs and rates will be related to what is predetermined by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain.


In Spain today, there is an incredible diversity of detectives; information is generally sought for certain Surfaces;



At the time of choosing a private detective service, one of the most essential causes for the client is the value, the lower this is, the more interesting the offer will be, however, a lot of caution must be taken, since costs can also reflect probable scams.

For this reason, it is necessary to indicate that value is not synonymous with quality, for the job stipulation of a private detective it is essential that first of all the valuation of the person or organization be evaluated in detail.

Private detectives in Asturias are a fundamental part of the entire national market of this country, beyond the different promoters and enormous propaganda of detectives in this town, in general, it is full of enormous experts, people really well trained in investigation techniques, It should be emphasized that in this way, as there are different entities and private detectives, there are also different costs.

Grupo Arga Detectives , is a large company where not only can you find affordable costs, but also has a group of experts perfected in different areas, pointing out that the organization is very well trained to solve any situation.

This considerable and obvious entity has stood out in the market since its inception, with an impeccable track record.




When an individual chooses to carry out a quick search on the internet about detectives in Asturias they will be able to find very seductive promotions, many of them have a cheap and very cheap price. It could be a scam or offer poor service. It is advisable to look for a price quality ratio that is acceptable.

The diversity of costs in the Spanish market is given by the surprising increase in more and more organizations that deal with this market every day.

Lastly, it is unavoidable to mention that the value set by a detective agency will also be given by the particular properties of each case, since these are not the same for all, and some are more complex than others, and they also come to be completely different.



Contrary to what many people think, in Asturias it is possible to hire the services of a detective at a cheap price, this being a professional and quality service. These detectives in Asturias can be contacted 24 hours a day. CHEAP DETECTIVES ASTURIAS


Detectives in Asturias Cheap

These cheap detective services in Asturias include a report and the collection of evidence, so that the client can use these resources to their advantage during any legal process.



Today the variety of detectives in Asturias abounds, so it will be possible to find a variety of rates according to the service you want to request, quickly and easily.

These detectives are a great option to carry out these jobs since they have an official and updated license that allows them to carry out their work throughout the territory, offering their help to anyone.

Regarding their prices, we can say that specifically in Asturias the rate is between 50 and 80 euros, when the research work to be carried out is extremely fast and simple for the researchers.

When the case is the opposite, their cost can be above 100 euros; All this will depend on the complexity of the investigation to be carried out and on elements such as the transfer and the time invested in it.

For this reason, it is important to bear in mind that before choosing any research agency option, it is important to know all the ones that are in the area, in order to be able to rule out prices and find the service with the best value for money.



As we mentioned before, there are certain criteria to take into account when choosing to hire the services of a detective in Asturias , in order to make a choice that benefits you. For this, it is important to take into account:

  • collect information

Realizing that you require the help of an investigation agency, it is important to start a search for places in Asturias where you can find detectives providing their services.

In this way, you will be able to make a list with the places to go to request information such as prices, services, budgets, among others. With this, you will be able to discard in the list those options that do not favor you.

  • Build a budget

Based on all the information collected, you will be able to put together a budget that you will have available at the time you hire these detective services. You should keep in mind that many of the agencies are responsible for providing estimates for free.

Learn about experiences Likewise, knowing about the prices of these detectives throughout Alicante, you will be able to know the amount of money that you will invest in knowing the answers you need. This is an investment whose results are obtained in the shortest possible time.

It is important, in addition to what is mentioned above, to bear in mind that the experience of other people with the investigation service that you are going to hire is a factor that greatly influences said choice.

This is because these past clients will be able to provide you with information about how the service was, the speed of the service, the professionalism of the detectives, and other aspects that will allow you to make a choice in favor of what you need.

  • meet the detectives

When hiring the services of a detective in Asturias , and in the rest of the provinces, it is important to be able to get to know the detective before hiring his services. In this way, you will be able to verify if it is a person who gives you confidence.

Although the experiences of other clients are an element that helps in choosing an investigation service, the last word will be when you have met the detective in charge, because your experience with their services may be the opposite.

Therefore, the recommendation is that you go to the agencies you consider and be able to meet and interview these detectives. This way you will know how they would approach the investigation and what modality they will follow.

Taking these aspects into account, choosing a cheap detective in Alicante will be much easier. Especially since in this town it is possible to find a variety of agencies for this type of work.



Although there is a wide variety of agencies dedicated to providing investigative services, at Grupo Arga detectives we have characterized ourselves for years as being the main option of many people throughout Alicante.

We have professionals with cheap rates and proven experience in their investigations, as well as specialized detectives in areas, so you can find someone who can help you.

In our agency we have characterized ourselves by providing a professional investigation service, where clients can obtain a report with the progress of the investigation and evidence that can be used in any labor process.

In addition, we have gained the trust of many people as we are a 24-hour service agency, so you can contact our detectives at any time.

For these and many other reasons, do not hesitate to avail of our services to carry out an investigation by our detectives in Asturias . We have cheap rates and multiple services that will adapt to what you need.




Detectives in Asturias Cheap

As we mentioned, we are one of the main agencies throughout the country that is responsible for providing various types of services. We have detectives who specialize in different areas according to what our clients require.

For this reason, in our agency you can count on the services of infidelity, labor, family detectives and the best computer experts in all of Asturias, obtaining in all cases an investigation report and evidence with legal value.

Among the services that our detectives are responsible for providing, we can highlight counterespionage, mystery shopping, financial reports, sick leave investigations, inheritance or divorce investigations, online reputation cleaning, among others.




Companies today, given the legal requirements, and for the proper development of the organization’s activities, it is increasingly common to hire labor detectives . Where, the information that these professionals provide, to the different areas of the companies, are of great importance, for decision making.

It must be borne in mind that the work carried out by private detectives represents an important aspect in companies. It directly affects the functions performed by the staff that integrates the different organizations that have labor detectives as part of their company.



Private detectives experts in labor, have the purpose of determining if the activities carried out by employees comply with internal policies and protocols. In other words, the role of labor detectives is to establish that the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources is consistent with the established objectives and mission.

The work of a labor detective is based on providing proof or evidence that allows, objectively, to establish the functions performed by the personnel who work in the company. For this, a work plan must be carried out, where priorities are established, based on the hierarchy and performance.

Within the verification and verification of the functions of the employees and review of the activities of the companies. The labor detectives, which belong to Grupo Arga, focus their services on the review and identification of internal and external processes that affect the functions of the organization, highlighting the following:

  • False or Fraudulent Leaves : it is assumed that sick leaves are due to limitations presented by workers, for a limited time. That is normally due to health problems, which limit the proper performance of their job duties. In recent times, this type of casualties, it has been shown that sometimes they are not real.

This type of conduct, where workers lie or feign illness, has become a very common practice. Generating some type of economic damage to the companies that must cancel, the social rights of their employees. Being, at this moment where the work of our labor detectives begins

Our labor detectives focus the investigation of possible false casualties, on investigating, through surveillance and monitoring, all the activities carried out by the employee. This technique makes it possible to establish whether the worker has another job that coincides with the schedule of work activities, the object of the investigation.

It is worth noting that this type of investigation is carried out between 3 and 5 days, in order to objectively establish the evidence and the reality of the worker. In addition, we must emphasize that our team of researchers has as its goal, to advise and recommend strict compliance with the legal regulations existing in Spain.

  • Background Investigation, Before Personnel Selection : this service is one of the most requested by companies. Because, it refers to investigating, before a possible selection of personnel, the veracity of the information provided by the applicants for the position.


It should be noted that the detectives of Grupo Arga, understanding the importance of this process for the life of the company. It focuses all its attention on checking and verifying all the information provided by the applicants or candidates to belong to the company’s staff.

  • Investigation for labor fraud: The same based on verification and obtaining evidence. Through our labor detectives, where with responsibility and objectivity, the investigation is focused on establishing facts and evidence, which establish possible behaviors of unfair employees.

The Arga group has the most qualified personnel, to establish responsibilities, in the event of theft, damages, against the companies. Our main objective is to prevent actions from going against the image and economy of clients (companies)

  • Preparation of Reports on Risk Prevention : the preparation of this type of reports is intended to identify the strengths and possible weaknesses of a company. The objective of our labor detectives is to be able, through this report, to inform the company of any type of situation that affects its operation.

The idea of this research is, as experts in the area, to be able to detect, prevent and minimize the possible risks that they have in the work area. Being of great support to the Human Resources and Finance departments. Since, it helps reduce costs, in addition to helping improve competitiveness.



The specialist detectives in the labor area, from Grupo Arga, have the experience and ability to provide companies with all the advice regarding the multiple issues in the labor area. For us as an agency, we take each of the cases very seriously, all of them being important to us.

Based on this criterion, our prices and rates are based on the requirements of each particular case. Reason why, at the time of issuing any budget, we first conduct an interview with the client, which allows our professionals to establish the strategies and needs of the case.

For this reason, we invite you to contact us and present your case to us. Our detective team is at your disposal to advise you on everything you need. The issuance of the budget is completely free and without obligation. In addition to having the most competitive prices in the market.


The labor detectives of the Arga Group are legally covered by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out any type of investigation, especially labor. Therefore, all the tests, evidence and reports issued by our investigators are completely legal and can be used for any process that the client decides.


When it is necessary to make decisions in the workplace, the most sensible and recommended is to have the support of a specialist. This is why, at Grupo Arga, we offer our knowledge and experience in all labor matters. This will allow taking the best actions, depending on the legal requirements and the client.


Detectives for Lawyers in Asturias

Grupo Arga Detectives was born with the desire to provide an honest, fast and quality information service, both for individuals and for legal professionals. Since then, we have adapted to the present moment, and to do so, we have gradually equipped ourselves with human resources and pioneering technology.

The great human team that we have, the embryo of the company, was established in Asturias made up of a series of private detectives oriented to work with judicial experts. We have been pioneers in providing customers with “online” business information, which is the current market trend. We have invested in the most modern technology, equipping ourselves with state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment, high-resolution hidden cameras, etc.


What are the means available to detectives for Arga group lawyers?

We have the most modern investigative facilities available to law firms. We provide our investigative services to attorneys for two main reasons:

  1. Coordinate with the legal team: Focus on achieving the objectives set by the legal team and try, when necessary, to propose possible alternatives based on our experience.
  1. Client’s interest: Our work always revolves around the best interests of our clients, making their needs our own and striving to provide them with the service they require.
  2. Human team: The true backbone of our company is made up of a series of detectives, men and women, with extensive experience and pioneering training, accustomed to using the most modern investigative facilities, allowing us to calmly face long-term investigations. or long duration. complexes, alternating people, vehicles, etc. to avoid burning the service, do it very discreetly, not attracting attention.

Whenever a client hires us, or simply asks us something, we try to serve them with the same enthusiasm as a novice, but with years of experience in the world of private investigation. «

For us, each client is a trusted friend, so we cannot disappoint you. We want to be your ” Detective for trusted lawyer in Asturias”. At Grupo Arga Detectives, we provide attorney detective services, where we help you provide evidence and write legal reports and conclusions for your case.


Detectives for lawyers Asturias provides the evidence for trials

We provide legal assistance as technical collaborators of lawyers, in the collection and provision of information and evidence for decision-making, preparation, monitoring and execution of physical judicial processes.

The private security law and jurisprudence place the detective for lawyer as the only professional authorized to obtain and provide information, documentaries, audios, video graphics or previous credit reports, which allows lawyers to ensure maximum viability for their clients.

We plan investigations with the legal team maintaining constant coordination, striving to provide solutions based on our experience and knowledge. The Detective Services for Lawyers provided by our private detective agency increase the chances of success for our clients, providing evidence that strengthens the legal team in court.

We provide personalized and transparent customer service, always with your best interests in mind.


Detectives for lawyers and legal and conclusive reports for trials

The evidence we provide respects the law, both during the investigation and during the preparation of the report, prepared and signed by a private investigator duly authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

Our main objective is to hire detectives for lawyers to provide legal evidence with a legal team to reach a favorable verdict in court. These are all the lawyer search services that we offer. If you do not find what you need, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Detectives, to advise you better and thus offer you the best solution to your problem.

If you have doubts about whether you need a test, we are the solution, we give you all the information you need, quickly, seriously and with absolute reserve. Our reports always include abundant photographic and documentary evidence. To guarantee absolute confidentiality, we ourselves edit videos and photos, preventing them from falling into the hands of third parties.

The best guarantee that Grupo Arga Detectives can give you is our constant presence at your side in the Courts and Tribunals, as a qualified witness. In addition, Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation agency in Asturias, made up of a large group of qualified professionals.

The main objective of our company is to provide accurate and relevant information to our clients and thus resolve personal and/or commercial disputes for those who need our services. We provide extensive investigative services to law firms.

The reports that our agency delivers to the client, in addition to the text, detailed images of the investigation to be carried out, are absolutely valid at the judicial level, as is our testimony.

We serve you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you can book an appointment or call to let us guide you and advise you in the most efficient way possible. Our motto is professionalism and prudence, as well as confidentiality, of the entire team that makes up Grupo Arga Detective


Detectives for lawyers in Asturias, professional graduates

To become a private detective, university studies must be completed in authorized centers of the Central Private Security Unit, an institution authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, which includes a bachelor’s degree, higher technicians, as well as other equivalent studies in the profession.

The function of the private detective is undoubtedly very important for society, since it is dedicated to protecting the interests and rights of people, as well as companies against attempts to violate them.

The security forces and organizations are not always in a position to intervene in the face of these breaches, either due to a lack of evidence that allows them to direct the investigations or, therefore, due to a lack of personnel, because what is assigned as a priority actions or considered of greater importance. Risks and implications.

This is how the image of the private detective emerges as guarantor of the interests of the citizen: The detective will act at the request of a person or company to investigate any act of aggression that may cause harm to the client.

Therefore, these inspections will facilitate the subsequent action of the State security forces (if necessary) or the achievement of a favorable resolution for the client in the competent courts.




The Mystery Shopping technique in Asturias, also known as ghost customer, is a tool used by companies in order to verify how customer service is. Both in Asturias and in Spain, this practice must be carried out by private detectives, who are duly approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

It is worth noting that Mystery Shopping is the one that best analyzes and interprets the experience lived by consumers or final buyers. The fundamental idea is to evaluate how customer service is, not only physically (in stores or businesses), but also online.



As we have already indicated, the Mysterious Customer basically consists of having a detective go to the company, store or business. In order to interact with the people in charge of serving customers. Which, you must act like a real customer, that is, buy, make complaints and more, this allows you to evaluate the reactions of the employees.

Based on the experience you have had in Mystery Shopping, you must make a detailed report of everything evaluated and observed. Given, the relevance of this technique and the impact it can generate, in favor of the company. The need arises to have specialists in this technique, so do not hesitate to count on the services of Grupo Arga.

At Grupo Arga, we understand the needs of companies and that they have to improve customer service, since it is a critical point of any organization. For this reason, we make available to clients the most recognized specialists with the greatest experience in the execution of said technique, from all over Spain.

The focus that Grupo Arga gives to this valuable technique allows us to better understand the situation of each company. Our experience in the area helps us to prioritize and establish the most effective standards for each case. Our Mystery Shopping, have the ability to improve situations that affect customers.



The mystery shopper technique offers a series of data and information that is not possible to measure with another technique. Its main objective is to make employees see where their faults are. Achieving in this way, to improve customer services, which will result in consumer satisfaction and therefore improvements in sales.

All the information provided by the Mystery Shopping technique helps to establish if the prices, products and display are appealing to customers. In other words, the experience lived by the ghost buyer allows us to establish a series of aspects, which we will develop below:

  • The development of this technique allows companies or businesses to have a clear idea of how the company is doing. That on many occasions goes unnoticed, because it is not measured by another type of market research. That with the necessary corrections, translate into benefits in the sale of the business.
  • It allows identifying and establishing opportunities and strengths that were unknown, which allow improving not only sales, but the work environment in general.
  • When using the ghost shopper, you can get a clearer idea of how the customer feels when being served.
  • It offers a clearer perspective of how the general appearance of the company affects the customer’s purchasing decisions. In other words, it allows us to know if the merchandise, appearance of the premises, exhibitions, offers and prices in general are of interest to the client.
  • It also allows measuring the performance and empathy that employees have both with the company and with customers. This is possible thanks to the fact that this technique focuses on verifying whether the employees comply with the internal standards and procedures established by the company.
  • It is important to note that offers and promotions are not always the only tools that help improve the company’s sales. Creativity is an important factor that allows new ways of making customer service more pleasant and accessible to everyone, that is, customers and employees.



The service provided by the Arga Detectives Group, such as Mystery Shopping, is an aid, which makes it possible to establish, if there are difficulties, what is causing problems in the company’s image. That is brought as a consequence, problems in sales and income, therefore, the application of this technique, by our specialists, provides the company with the following:

  1. Detailed information, with documented and video evidence, of all the data obtained while the technique was applied. What. It allows and facilitates companies to make decisions, since the information provided by our experts comes first-hand.
  2. Once the existing gaps or failures have been established, the job of our Mystery Shopping specialists is to recommend that they continue to be committed. That is to say, it is time that we recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Giving way to evaluations and corrections that allow generating positive changes in the company.
  3. The reports produced by mystery shoppers go beyond customer service. Also, an analysis of the competition is carried out, where it allows us to establish parameters, to make necessary adjustments, which help to be more competitive. Being able to even go above the competition.
  4. Reviewing internal processes and evaluating employee performance are two points of great importance for the success of this tool. Know exactly the sales techniques, the procedures applied in practice. In addition to knowing how they develop is a fundamental part when wanting to establish strategies to improve sales.
  5. When we imply to the company that a buyer not only looks at the product, but also considers the brand, the credibility and the attention paid. We are making a breakthrough, to establish better forms of customer service. treating it as a whole and not only for the aspect of the point of sale.

For all the above, it is important that as a company, you evaluate all your internal processes that affect the business and for that you can count on the service of Grupo Arga. Where, we have professionals, highly qualified to help you in everything you require. So do not hesitate and contact us.



It always happens that personal relationships are broken for some reason and contacts are lost, the expert detectives in searching and locating people in Asturias can find this individual, restoring the relationship between the parties.

The Arga Detective group , being a leading agency with more than 10 years of experience, offers its extensive experience so that any indication of information about the person being sought can be traced and, as a plus, give the option of being able to reestablish all broken ties with said loved one.



When it comes to locating people in Asturias , it is because there was a rupture of ties between people, either accidentally or by their own decision. The private detectives of the arga group offer their person locator services to recover a loved one about whom they no longer have any information.

The private detectives of the arga group guarantee you to recover contact with that loved one, all this is done under certain types of parameters which are established as support in a legal contract, which is carried out as support by the private security law.

Although today the advancement of technology has made personal relationships closer, to the point that you can always get people with whom you no longer had contact. But the detail will always lie in the best way to get people and how to use the tools that the human hand gives.

The encounter with this lost person will always depend on all the accurate information that can be offered about it, since without reliable data the search will be much more complex than previously believed.

With state-of-the-art tools and technology, it is always possible to follow the trail of a person who lost contact with a loved one, in this way if there was any new information, the investigator can detect it in what place or what numbers they may have, either directly or with someone close.



For the search and location of a person by a private detective , the first thing to know is if the person has disappeared legitimately, since if there is any type of crime in this matter, the detectives must escalate the case with the government entities that can help. In the cases.

The arga detective group is one of the best agencies in Spain, where the experience of the investigators gives a plus to be able to have indications and location of a possible site or a telephone number so that the client can contact that longed-for person again.

As the world advances and technology is more and more innovative, our computer experts specialize more and more in new tools in order to offer a quality and efficient service, our professionals are trained in various areas to be able to deal with the various circumstances that arise.

The importance of why hire a professional to search for a person is due to:

  • A specialist in the area can quickly contact that person.
  • Detectives can build a bridge so that broken ties can be more solid and talk about any circumstances that caused them to drift apart.
  • As investigators, they can reach a point of communication with the person sought, so that telecommunications obstacles that may be imposed between the two can be overcome and result in the meeting at a neutral point for both parties.
  • The experts in the area can offer the recovery of the ties that could have been broken by some disagreement between the parties or some negligence by third parties, where that affective bond was affected.
  • The budgets established for the search and location of people are usually low, since it is a service that can be solved in just a few hours if you have all the accurate information of the individuals to be searched.



When it comes to locating people in Asturias , the arga detective group is the agency that can offer the best budget with a guaranteed and effective service, also having the best team to achieve it and extensive experience in the field.

On the other hand, we take into account as detectives that most people do not give them time to look for that family member or friend who has time to want to contact them and therefore this service can be requested through our telephone numbers, emails or in person and in a very short period of time they will have answers.

The arga de detective group , we try to keep costs low so that people do not have a strong impact on their portfolio, so that they can access more basic and necessary services.

As a detective agency with extensive experience at the national level, our services seek to strengthen the quality of a service with a guarantee that is more than recommended by other clients and not like many competitions that settle on low prices without giving the property that said service deserves.

On the other hand, compliance with legal frameworks is always a point to be addressed, since without them private investigators would not be able to carry out their roles in the field. That is why when making the service budgets, once accepted by the agency and the client, the contract is signed where all the clauses are.

For any questions or concerns, you can contact us through our telephone numbers or email, where you can be given details of the service budget, which is completely free, since the charge for it begins once you sign the service activation contract.



The detectives in Asturias who are experts in infidelity undoubtedly promote the best sense of development for all those who require a specialized investigation process, it is for this reason that from our agency we promote a sense of comprehensive resolution through our investigative apparatus. .

Making an investigation of this type possible requires experts in infidelity , who without a doubt can solve everything related to the construction of an investigation from a point of technical expertise , which without a doubt is a guarantee in the good execution of an operation that can provide the desired responses to customers.



Doing an investigation from the sentimental point of view is sometimes an aspect that does not end up being so resolved to elucidate since through our services we allow ourselves to carry out a private investigation process with a high degree of precision.

to experts in infi

delities , it is the smartest decision that a client tends to make around the management of these elements that undoubtedly make the processes manageable efficiently and avoiding the exposure of their personal image, an issue that avoids moments of discussion and pointing towards his person.

On many occasions, carrying out a private investigation at the level of infidelity is the best thing that could be done, since these processes undoubtedly promote the fact that all the evidence and elements of conviction that can lead to the veracity of a made with a great criterion of objectivity.

An investigator for infidelities is a resource that will be able to accurately resolve all the concerns of an investigation case, based on a criterion of high professionalism and expertise, this also represents the possibility of being highly proactive towards the construction of solutions that allow it to address each case indistinctly, whatever its level of complexity.

The investigation of suspected infidelity assures the client that they can act with high professionalism and above all things that an element of secrecy can be established that does not involve their personal exposure, since on some occasions when they try to execute On their own, some type of investigation ends up being surprised, and this undoubtedly generates certain elements of legal and/or personal implication.

The construction of this type of cases so that it can be carried out successfully requires from the investigator a great precision regarding the approach of each detail that may be presented as an initial indication, this also facilitates that it can be an effective resource towards the determination of evidence and responsibilities.

The investigator who develops in this type of case, must not only attend to the initial clues provided by his clients, instead he must promote various elements that are highly productive towards the determination and validation of clues, this leads to the follow-up and continuous surveillance that is related to the itinerary of the investigated and also with everything related to the daily schedule of activities that he carries out.

In this sense, our infidelity experts monitor all work schedules, as well as all meeting agendas that the person under investigation has executed. Do you meet with friends? Is there someone of the opposite sex at these meetings? These are high-priority questions that must be answered by

who assume the responsibility of transmitting the facts of the research context as they are presented.

The generation of a successful case also deals with the possibility of finding in the client the primary root of all the information, which is why a sense of broad collection must be generated towards everything that can be detected in the context of investigation, when it is said This, mention is made of data and information that it manages to provide, this with the aim of being highly useful in the construction of various elements that allow reaching the bottom of each case.

An infidelity detective is an element that must not only follow the flow of each of the elements that are found in the investigation, instead he must be faster than her and must ensure as much anticipation as possible to solve each case with a great detail and precision.


From Grupo Arga detectives, our experts in infidelity , without a doubt, promote the best sense of resolution for all those who wish to carry out an investigation process of this type, it is necessary to highlight that our investigation has been effective for around 98% of the clients who have come to our services, this being an exemplary theme in the execution of our proposal.

Our investigation group has managed to deploy with great precision all the possible elements towards the generation of stimuli that are capable of directing all our investigation agents towards the success of the operations, which is why at Grupo Arga detectives we are not satisfied with being successful, but also that we have also searched with the best of pulses for the best tactical tools that are capable of structuring a sense of sufficient modernization, since this constitutes the best guarantee regarding the execution of our tasks.

Our clients in the city of Asturias have the peace of mind and the pleasure of having a leading research group, which allows them to establish the best sense of execution of their operations at their service, this is also a sign of the high discipline and commitment that we have towards our clients, since they are the reason for our existence.

For Grupo Arga detectives, the exercise of our functions at the level of experts in infidelity is an issue that undoubtedly ends up promoting the best sense of resolution for all those who wish to establish an investigation service that can clear up any doubts and suspicions all those who are interested in contracting these services in the shortest time possible. We have the best infidelity service!







When it comes to computer forensics , we talk about professionals who establish a general audit of the place they are going to check, in the situation that the world is experiencing, it has been possible to maintain this service online, in this way the failure is verified more quickly that he owns

The security of a person and a company is the priority of every corporation, when that security is invaded the feeling of vigilance is now very strong for many people, but today it is about children sharing a little like this through of the internet.



When it comes to the security of a company, the measures are never few, so the guides of a private detective expert in computer forensics is always a valid option to determine what are the vulnerabilities that the company and the operating systems may have.

Currently, the issue of security can be dealt with in the form of telecommuting, since it is an issue that has come to the world to stay. With this, companies will always need advice to maintain this modality, without running the risk that part of the intellectual information may be leaked.

This topic is one of the most talked about, since part of the systems with which you can work only within the infrastructure of a company, now you have to do it with shared applications from home, this counting that said information continues to be filtered by internal servers.

This topic is currently quite broad, so much so that many companies have already migrated to it, but the vulnerability is higher, and security must be stricter, giving only the necessary links to access the tools that allow them to do their job.

As computer expert private investigators, they can establish a security zone and a way to be able to work remotely, in addition to validating the weakest points of each system and the devices that are going to be connected to the network.



When it comes to computer forensics , we are dealing with a group of professionals who can be aware of the different specialties within the technology that are handled today, and that due to the world situation, their work is even more necessary for the counterintelligence advice.

As Grupo Arga Detective , we always treat each case with the greatest efficiency and seriousness possible, the techniques used by each private investigator are based precisely on original techniques, specific to the agency and the area to which it is dedicated, which can be:

  • Computer forensics.
  • Computer expertise.
  • Storage of digital evidence.

These areas are one of those that are always in demand every day, in addition to being the areas that can help solve problems in cybersecurity , thus validating that there is no theft of intellectual information and much less personal information of each person.

For the service for which a private detective is hired, there will always be specific elements that all agencies nationwide that will have or perform with their client at some point, such as:

  • Personalized advice on the subject of digital crime and the new tools used for it.
  • Location, analysis and collection of digital evidence on the case that may be established.
  • Technical and computer espionage.
  • Advice on the values of technical teams.
  • Technological audit.
  • Storage of physical evidence and
  • Retrieval of information in the different computer systems that work.
  • Preparation of a technical report, which is where everything that happened in the case is detailed.
  • Monitoring of extracted and stolen information.
  • Validation of whether there is any type of online fraud by any page or provider, so that the client is always aware of any changes that may occur.
  • Cleaning and malware analysis.
  • Surveillance over the people who make up the company, thus keeping the identity of each one protected without being victims of identity theft.



Computer expert private detectives work under technical security protocols to prevent the diversion of information. Some of the systems that are usually stuck in the agency are: OWASP, OWASP Mobile, OSSTMM, OWISAM, Open SAMM and CVSS.

These aforementioned techniques usually allow more effective communications, so that the impact and the point of weakness of the system are identified to restore said security parameters.

Once these vulnerabilities are identified and located, the detective makes a detailed technical report of everything found and a bonus where he gives advice on the actions that can be taken for this particular case. Now some of the most audited areas are:

  • IMP and SIP systems.
  • The exploits and o- days .
  • All network components and perimeter protection.
  • User workplaces.
  • The source code.
  • Mobile devices.

These and more sites are the most used in companies that want to hire. These audits would be carried out physically in a company, but with the current situation in the world, this material has been carried out sporadically and all from home.

On the other hand, before a piece of equipment from a company leaves, the detectives can validate that it does not have anything, preventing espionage artifacts from being internal or external, so that when they reach the end user, they know with certainty that there is no nothing that could compromise the intellectual assets of the company.

That is why, in case of any doubt or inconvenience, never hesitate to contact the private detectives of the arga group , who have more than 10 years of experience in different areas, so that their work is always guaranteed and you can be sure that no one in your company, house or vehicle may be doing some kind of theft




Private computer detectives are professionals who are capable of validating if a person is being harassed in any way, in this way the private investigator can collect reliable evidence so that the client can make any type of legal case against the suspect in question.

As expert computer detectives, their main function is to be the support for the different cases that come to the agency, since many times they must track conversations, photos, videos or clues about some topic found in electronic devices.



Currently, there are various technologies that make the work of computer detectives increasingly difficult, since the more advanced the technology, the more ways in which they can cheat or some type of crime and the more work is that a computer forensic should perform.

These changes in technology, despite the fact that they are a means to have everything at hand so that our day-to-day lives are simpler, but this also causes crimes to have a wider range to be able to steal some type of information or do any other misdeed.

One of the means for disclosure, theft or misdeeds at the computer level can be presented in different mass media such as email, social networks, web pages, videos and other media that are currently used as information media.

On the other hand, cyber -criminals generally rely on having their traces anonymous, so that no one would find their physical whereabouts or their identity, but this type of process usually leaves some type of digital footprint that usually it can be traceable and verifiable.

As computer detectives, we always have the tools that are at the forefront of technology, so that in the event of any eventuality, the means and manner in which the violations of the personal and intellectual privacy of a person or company were committed can be determined.



The detective agencies in Asturias have a team of professionals, these being the most sought after in the area of computing, since it is an area that is being very moved at a social level due to the type of work that it represents today in day.

The cases of computer and technological crimes, are a discipline and a field that to the movement that is currently presented, is one of the most sought after, in addition to the level that technology evolves, experts in these areas will always be needed who can follow any type of tracking and detect if there is a vulnerability of it.

Computer detectives are professionals who can collect, extract and analyze any type of digital evidence, with the utmost care not to exceed the limit of the integrity of each person’s personal privacy, as defined by the private security law.

These types of evidence, when found, must always be protected by the private detective, so that if they are used in court they can be in order and up to date with the government entity. Some of the most common cases that are presented with expert computer private detectives are:


These types of programs are usually used without the consent of the client, where they can be installed on a computer or mobile that the client uses, which can be for personal or business use.

This type of program has the purpose of validating and copying all the information that the client handles, this means that the telephone call conversations, instant messaging, emails and applications or software that they have are totally spied on and even copied.


Another of the most common points that we have as a detective agency in the area of information technology is precisely the request for validation of information about a person close to the client, such as family, partners, friends or co-workers.

In these cases, it is because the client generally feels persecuted, harassed or has certain doubts about this person and his final intentions, so the request for informative assistance would be based on the investigation of their electronic devices that are not persecuting them and recording in some way.

In addition, the private detective can inquire about said person to find evidence that proves the client’s doubts about his intentions and this can be done digitally and by tracking that always remains in every computer system.

That is why family espionage or harassment issues can be validated with a detective, since by investigating the matter and confirming conversations, photos and videos, he can hit the nail on the head in knowing if it is feasible or not. harassment or any other particular issue of violation of personal privacy.


With this topic, the client must first give indications about the concern he raises, in this way the private detective can establish a program that can validate whether the threats received digitally have an origin or are unfounded somewhere or place in particular.

This case often occurs in couples who are in the process of divorce or infidelity, since it usually occurs due to some unstable side or obsession of one of the parties that proposes a spy program to find out what their partner does or does not do, thus making privacy between them a privilege.

This type of case, as established by the private security law, not only demonstrates that it is a vulnerability to a person’s privacy, but also reaches the point of being accused of harassment, since it completely violates their right to the secrecy of communications. and freedom of expression.

That is why, in the event of any type of doubt that may arise, they can be communicated by telephone numbers, email or in person, approach the agency of the arga detective group in Asturias so that they can help you in your case.



Computer experts in Asturias


The constant evolution of data processing provides new and more powerful tools for automated information processing every day. These new technologies are sometimes mired in legal conflicts and have opened new doors for antisocial behavior and the criminals who abuse them, with many criminals finding new ways to commit new crimes, often hidden by anonymity.

In the face of a conflict around these technologies, their great complexity requires specialist technicians who put their knowledge and experience into practice by contributing their opinion.

Computer experts Asturias, Grupo Arga, is the most important specialized firm in the principality, dealing with specialized problems in all fields (medical, engineering, architecture, computing, etc.). At Grupo Arga Detectives we treasure the years of experience of each of our computer experts .

We have specialists in Asturias since our foundation and we know how important it is to have an expert by your side at any time during the process. If you need a computer specialist in Asturias, get in touch with us. We will advise and help you in your case.


What does a computer expert do?

The job of computer forensics specialists is to investigate a technological reality using computers to find out when, how and by whom. Our experts analyze this case from two angles:

  1. Legal perspectives. Experts study the legal scope of the practice and whether it has legal implications.
  2. Computer point of view, to analyze events from the computer point of view. This view allows, among other things:
  • Identify sources of evidence (backups, servers, computers, etc.)
  • Use accepted protocols for collecting and working with evidence.
  • Search or retrieve relevant documents, files, email or profile.
  • Analyze traces of Internet activity.
  • Create activity timers.
  • Access hidden parts of servers and computers.

Our computer experts adapt to changes

Computer science is evolving at a very fast pace, so computer forensics is an ever-evolving science that changes with technology. Our Experts have the necessary training and experience to adapt perfectly to the new fields that arise from time to time (mobile technology, GPS, etc.).

In addition, the growing digitization not only of technology companies and families, as well as the lack of understanding or misuse of adequate security systems, has been a breeding ground for cybercriminals (computer vandalism, computer hacking, data theft of credit cards, identity theft). theft , crimes against minors, against privacy, property, against regulatory authorities, etc.).

However, Justice is not completely updated and the Judges do not have the necessary knowledge on the matter. Therefore, it is important to have the testimony of an expert witness in the matter, during the process.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we choose the best computer specialist, appointed from among the competent, who best suits your case according to its particularities. Depending on the subject of the survey, we will select the most experienced and trained experts in the research area.

The information technology industry is very diverse, so it is very important to have an expert with specific skills for each case.

Computer scientists intervene in various jurisdictions, especially civil, labor, criminal, among others. Very useful for unraveling complex facts from a computer’s point of view.


What is the function of a Computer Expert in Asturias

The main function of a computer expert is to carry out an experience in a practice related to technology and computer specialists. This document studies how, by whom and when a potential criminal act occurs. In summary, the tasks in which the Expert can intervene are:

  1. Preparation of the lawyer: Lawyers are people in general, they do not have knowledge in specific areas. Forensic computer forensic experts are needed to explain these situations to attorneys and guide them in understanding the facts of the case.
  2. Technical consultation: Technical and legal advice is provided, as experts in this field are experts in the application of legislation in the IT sector.
    Our computer justice specialists can help attorneys evaluate a case and analyze open claims, lawsuits, or legal proceedings against or proposed.
  3. Computer exercises: In this case, a fact that decides the case is analyzed from the point of view of the computer. It can be used to open a negotiation between the parties or to develop the legal process itself. In the latter case, approval before a judge or court will be necessary.


Computer experts can be prepared for individuals, companies, associations or other private organizations or for regulatory authorities.


  1. Perform against computer experts: They are opinions prepared to analyze, criticize and demonstrate that the expert report presented by the other party is incorrect or inaccurate. To be conclusive, like the Computer Expert himself, it must be based on objective evidence and verifiable electronic evidence.
  2. Negotiation consultants: A computer forensics expert can be the key to reaching an amicable agreement through objective and fair testimony. Alternatively, it may be the director of Mediation or Arbitration between the parties.
  3. Confirm computer expert report: The expert, once the computer specialist has been presented, may be required by the court to approve his opinion. In this act it is very important to explain in detail all the facts to the judge. In short, they are doing their part to win the case.


Analysis of the scope of a computer expert

When analyzed in the computer field. The technologies being studied are likely to be very complicated, both firmware and software and hardware, and may also involve complex notations.

These various details require not only advanced technical training, but also the ability to clearly interpret complex facts.

As a result, our computer forensics specialists have the skills and experience to make detailed and specific analysis of these complex events understandable to those unfamiliar with the matter. Our experts are tech-savvy professionals who have developed the ability to educate clients, attorneys, advisors, and vendors.

Statement in court. It is necessary to have a formal degree in the respective subject to be able to work as an expert. We see that mobile hardware, software, and technology are embedded in many areas of society, not just businesses. Therefore, there are a large number of cases that can be analyzed with an IT Professional , for example, when a mobile device is stolen: data theft, electronic commerce, identity theft in the association of social networks, etc.



Computer expert in Asturias in recovering deleted WhatsApp

Now the truth is that WhatsApp can become a bit limited in some features, such as when we want to recover messages that we deleted a while ago because the only thing that the tool allows us to do is restore, restore conversations that we had with our contacts in seven days. of said conversation, so we will no longer be able to see previously deleted messages.

If we need to recover the messages sent or received for more than a week, we must contact a computer expert in Asturias who is an expert in recovering deleted WhatsApp messages . It makes sense that given the number of messages we receive each day on WhatsApp, we would like to delete them.

Group with friends, family, colleagues from the city, with people from work and of course, talk with parents at school. The truth is that we understand in advance that you want to delete all messages. Now there comes a point where we need to extract one from the archive and what happened? Yes, you have to retrieve it.


Deleted WhatsApp legal changes recovered by IT experts

Nowadays, communication is the main means of communication that exists and it would be foolish to deny its legitimacy. the ability to delete or edit the post will not have a significant impact on chats contributing as evidence in court. It must be remembered that this type of evidence was admissible in court, but always combined with other types of evidence and never existed on its own.

Lawyers say that even if a conversation is legally changed because the message authorizes it, removing or editing the content still leaves a mark, a trace, and can show that a conversation took place. In this sense, it is understood that to claim a deleted WhatsApp chat and its content as evidence, not only the photos of that chat will be valid, but it must always be based on the confirmation of the skill. A chat conversation by itself doesn’t have much validation value, since the photo can be changed.

In this situation, it is better to have computer skills to demonstrate that the electronic evidence complies with the chain. and have the technical certainty that it has not been tampered with.


Computer experts excel at recovering deleted WhatsApp

Experts in new technologies point out that with this type of report, any judge must accept this type of evidence and if one party provides sufficient evidence to the conversation and the other denies it, then the latter will have to provide evidence to prove the contrary.

In the end, it’s as if either party refused to see the conversation on their device, even if they didn’t delete the message. Computer experts in recovering forensically deleted WhatsApp messages face the following obstacles:

The program is designed for the Android operating system, where the data may be of interest to penetration testing researchers. Currently, there are no programs that support the forensic study of inspections and data from all of these programs.

Gone are the days when researchers were interested in data from phone books, calls and SMS messages extracted by penetration testers. Now they are also interested in the history of network resources (browser data), the history of short message exchanges, deleted files (graphic files, videos, databases, etc.) and other criminal information.

Criminals often delete files from the memory of their mobile devices, trying to hide information about the crime committed. The computer forensic labs and penetration testing subdivisions they reviewed could not afford specialized software packages due to the high cost.

This professional company specializes in presenting forensic analysis of deleted WhatsApp messages stored on any device such as Android, Apple and Windows Phone as well as recovering deleted WhatsApp messages. Presenting WhatsApp messages to the judicial authorities is a complex task, where it is necessary to demonstrate that the messages that are to be brought to the trial do not show signs of manipulation.

As the IT expert of this office appears, they can manipulate deleted WhatsApp messages without leaving a trace , which is why the certificate of their authenticity is disposable. For this, it is of the utmost importance to carry out a forensic analysis of the device, be it mobile or tablet , in which these messages are stored, which may have been sent from the device to this terminal and/or are received on it. This analysis was done with the forensic station, which this computer scientist has in his computer forensic laboratory.


IT professional in recovering deleted WhatsApp

It is the most powerful tool on the market to carry out this type of analysis and is used by all Security Forces and Organizations worldwide. Once the equipment has been analyzed and it has been certified that there are no signs of manipulation in the messages, a report from the IT professional will be signed by the owner of this professional office as a certified professional IT house.

After that, the expert report said that legal action could be initiated, in which it is convenient to demonstrate that no signs of manipulation were found in the analyzed WhatsApp chats. It is important to point out that it is absolutely necessary, in case you want to contribute WhatsApp chats to legal proceedings, these have been previously analyzed in a report by computer experts.

Therefore, it is not enough to present copies of notarized documents, or copies, even without the original device, since the conversations that take place on social networks, in my opinion, can be manipulated and must be verified by a computer. . scientist .


Computer expert expert in deleted WhatsApp

So when we prepare IT experts for WhatsApp messages, we take into account any fraud or manipulation they may be subject to. Next, we will expand on the key aspects to be taken into account by a computer expert who finds himself in obtaining WhatsApp that have been eliminated.

First of all, it is very important to analyze the WhatsApp chat in depth and assess that it may have been manipulated and modified from the moment of release until the moment of analysis. A real life example could be the following: a user decides to delete part of a WhatsApp chat.

My client showed me this deleted chat, but claimed that there was more complete and useful content to try before. Therefore, a detailed analysis is required to compare the current conversation presented by the client and the original conversation. Second, it is important to highlight the cybersecurity problems that WhatsApp is facing.

Although Facebook and Messenger have improved the security of your messages, it is not without data hacking problems. A clear example is group chats on WhatsApp, which are not fully encrypted and therefore users can violate their privacy and even modify them.

In fact, there are various apps for Android and IOS whose mission is to make it easier for users to edit and modify existing messages. These chat changes can also be made by subject matter experts manipulating the content directly in the device’s database.

Sometimes customers may have changed their phone number and chats and personal data is directly linked to the original owner of the number. This could cause the new owner of the device to access, edit or delete chats. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a complete analysis of the IT experience and rule out any possible system failure.





When it comes to an electronic scanning service in Asturias , we are talking about some type of espionage that they are providing to a person or company, therefore, when seeking help from professionals, counter-espionage can be carried out, thus protecting the privacy and security of the client. .

On the other hand, this service is one of the most used with companies such as congresses, multinationals, fairs, hotels, among others, where there are an abundance of people or meetings that are very important for these organizations.



The security of a person’s life is a priority and when it is affected, the best thing is to be able to communicate with a private detective who can establish or carry out an electronic sweep that allows you to validate whether or not you are being spied on by someone else, a person or the competition.

The private detectives of the arga group offer their electronic scanning service to detect microphones, cameras or devices that may serve as espionage. This service is a tool offered as a detective to protect the privacy of people’s assets, interests and private lives.

Having the insecurity of being a spi

ing in some way is an act that makes everyone nervous, since there is no sense of intimacy, protection and secrecy as a person and as a professional. Having the feeling of surveillance of knowing that conversations and calls are spied on is a distressing situation.

In general, when clients get into this situation, the feeling is suffocation, since they have no way or way to do something without someone finding out. On the other hand, knowing the person in charge usually gives them a surprise effect, because they are usually people close to the clients.

This type of service is usually selected by customers as a second option, since the first is to try by their own means to find out if someone is spying on them, at the moment they find only a hint of their doubts, they go to the experts in the area who can certify and find all the means of espionage to which they have been subjected.



When an electronic sweep is contracted, it is usually through a contract with a company or multinationals, this is because organizations are usually a very vulnerable medium for the theft of information and intellectual data, but there are also cases of personal contracts.

When companies contract this service, it is because they have found vulnerabilities in their systems and do not have the necessary tools to carry out these electronic sweeps themselves. The electronic sweeps , is a tool that will give security that there are no spy technological devices in an area

determined .

The evolution of technology and the world has made it increasingly difficult to detect the equipment used as spies, since most of these devices transmit by radio frequency, an issue that did not happen in previous years and it was easier to detect when there was one nearby and give it the exact spot.

That is why it is always suggested to give this type of service to people who know the subject, since many times people and companies go to buy technological equipment of which they have no knowledge and end up not being helpful, which only served to waste money.

Electronic scanning is always better to have an expert in the area, so you avoid having equipment that in the end is not going to serve you and therefore would give you an optimal service with a guarantee of knowing whether or not there is any type of digital espionage in the home, company or vehicle.

Through the service of a private detective from the arga group , it can be verified if they have any hidden device that spy on them, such as hidden cameras and microphones, which are the most common, on the other hand, it can be detected if there are signs of software that may be doing copies of calls and social networks of the technological devices they have.



Currently, the detection of an electronic espionage device is more complicated, since in most places there are technological tools that electronic sweeps detect with increasing difficulty, since there are equipment such as routers , telephones, stations and others. that work with radiofrequency.

Knowledge of these technologies, experience and cutting-edge tools are the most specific and effective points to be able to make a good technological sweeping service, where all types of signal can be located and counterattacked to establish a digital security limit.

As a detective agency, it has been determined that the use of these teams is generally to monitor the competition when it comes to companies, and even as a spy to monitor any movement of a family member, ex-partners or acquaintance, who usually they do it for some unfinished business or half-trial cases.

Customers who have the habit of first doing a test on their own, are always told that if you do not know what the thousands of models of a microphone or spy camera can look like, how can you detect them if you do not have prior knowledge and It is established as advice to every person.

It is better to have to leave this job to an expert in the area who can establish whether or not an object is one of these tools. As expert detectives in the area, we know that many espionage teams do not always appear on the internet, so it is very easy to fool anyone with common objects.

There are people who make a living selling and working with equipment that can break the laws and rights regarding privacy and security, which is why it is not convenient to do this type of service if you do not have prior knowledge of the matter, since any object end can be a spy device and more if they don’t know what they look like





Tired of being in the middle of doubts, suspicions or questions about certain circumstances? It is necessary that you consider private investigation as a great solution, especially with the coverage proposal that is developed from Grupo Arga, since we form a national private investigation agency with wide availability in Asturias.

These main questions of the case are the point of motivation to design a case in which those indications that end up being the turning points to find convincing evidence are pursued, thanks to the mobility of our professional detectives trained to carry out field work.

Hiring private detectives to clear up doubts is crucial, you should not worry about the cost, because as you discuss the case, those details come to light through which the complication of the matter can be measured to establish the procedures required to find information, as a result of that determination a particular rate can be set.

Initiating a private investigation receives the correspondence of a measured action plan, although changes may occur depending on the circumstances of the case, it is a totally personalized adaptation to deal with the situation in the best possible way, so Grupo Arga’s coverage is full without matter the circumstances.

All potential cases that are received go through a primary analysis to make the appropriate decisions when facing all those suspicious circumstances, we have extraordinary professionals who have been sufficiently prepared to carry out the exploration of a case until reliable results are obtained.

The best option in Asturias is found on Grupo Arga, it is very simple to consult about our functions and services, either through calls, consultations or other types of communication that we maintain permanently to present the diversity of services that can be at your disposal. scope by hiring our professional skills.

Check the capacity of our group of experts who have a license to pursue the search for the truth, are authorized with the necessary documentation to undertake the collection of evidence, the professional exercise that we develop has the vision of gathering sufficient evidence on a fact.

Private detectives can carry out their duties in Asturias, at a national and international level as well, because we have innovative means to provide a better service, we carry out an increasingly extensive work, the energy that is devoted to each case is maximum because the enthusiasm to discover the truth is a serious business.

The profession of searching for the truth is a challenge assumed with great enthusiasm by our experts, as soon as we receive the confidence to develop your case or situation, it is immediately reciprocated by rigorous procedures and methods associated with expertise, the world of private investigation is demanding and at Grupo Arga we adapt.

All kinds of requirements that your case has, is faced by the commitment shown by our private detectives, this is a valid contract to get rid of so many headaches that arise from a doubt, where the evidence is the only resource to confirm the occurrence of a fact or to make sure that nothing is happening.

For all kinds of private investigation that is presented, our experts act from their field of action, asserting the professional training developed, this provision of service is the vocation of a medium destined to clarify any situation, for this reason the price is for the least you need to worry about.

The commitment to help that we propose when receiving your case is unique, because the circumstances are processed with security and intelligence means that are similar to police resources, this coverage helps a lot to trust Grupo Arga when clarifying a fact. , as well as by implementing cutting-edge techniques that generate solid results.

The veracity of the information we offer you is convincing, which makes it a fundamental service to take the case to a judicial instance, because the evidence offers that kind of freedom and power, especially when it passes all the steps of confirming your identity. integrity from valid sources of information.

The environment of private investigation grows to deal with more and more topics, which ensures that we can exercise all kinds of measures associated with criminalistics, to take information for granted after submitting it to strict control parameters, so it is not a matter of simple illusions but of the verification of the truth completely.

The range of services developed in Grupo Arga are intended to offer peace of mind, they are the paths that lead to the truthful evidence necessary to take a position in the face of any deception that is manifested, for this reason there is no doubt that in Asturias this is an indispensable representation for you.

The full tranquility of the truth is indescribable, because you no longer have to live with negatives, but you can confront any

happen with the transparency of the tangible evidence in your possession, in fact they become a great ally when you are taking on a legal case with the benefit that the evidence offers.

Each technique follows an adherence to legality to guarantee the veracity of the information, in addition, new methods are incorporated so that no type of problem can overcome us, but on the contrary, the search for answers expands in less time, by opting for a professional.

The path to resolve your case is through Grupo Arga, so that you can get jobs dedicated 100% to the details you share, until you have the option of following a legal fight for the recognition of the answers obtained, so establish a contract to receive coverage from our research experts.



The proposition of your case is a clear signal of action for our private detectives, thanks to the commitment they dedicate as professionals trained to seek the truth, through a flexible budget around the needs of the case, all the possibilities behind a case are analyzed from the beginning.

The ultimate goal is that our services in Asturias become more optimal over time, we create totally avant-garde service areas or fields, with the aim that our experts take charge of the problems raised, we use techniques that are perfected to that these services fully progress.

You will appreciate trusting our professional services, for the level of the offer that we extend to cover your needs, this is an authentic sample of effectiveness, at the same time the work follows maximum confidentiality which truly emphasizes that it is a correct decision to carry out this hiring so as not to follow behind deceptions.

Transparency is taken care of within the private investigation to provide evidence that does not generate debate but rather certainty, there is no need to waste time with so many doubts of a personal, family, business, commercial and computer nature, but from the dedication that resides on the offer of professional services there is a clear solution.

Get one of the best answers in the search for the truth in Asturias, as long as you can trust the professional attributes that belong to the training of our private detectives, who exercise really advanced techniques to help collect irrefutable evidence.

The utility behind the private investigation services that we offer is extensive, given that we do not distinguish or refuse to take on cases of different natures, on the contrary, we establish a commitment to create more lines of professional attention, that is why beyond of the problem you want to confront, we offer you innovative alternatives.

The relevance of the services, in addition to being versatile, has to do with reasonable prices compared to the professional actions to be carried out on the situation, which implies that we assume the responsibility of getting to the bottom of each situation, through the diversity of experts who are empowered to undertake the search for evidence.

The advice that we establish in Asturias is specialized, based on the situation you are going through we seek the appointment of appropriate experts for that subject, this ensures that you get clear solutions through tests, generated through procedures based on high quality standards to your entire provision.

The integrity of the answers we provide has to do with the evaluation of the information that is carried out under forensic measures, so it is a very productive contract in this sense, because the inconveniences to prove the truth are left aside, through an optimal professional response.

The preparation of our private detectives is a factor in your favor, because it means that authentic trained experts are in charge of the management of your case, at the same time that causes them to have a license and are authorized to search for evidence without running the risk of invading the privacy of involved or break the law.

Exercising the search for evidence is a cause assumed with passion, so it is important that you trust that the goal will always be framed in the consolidation of a plan that allows us to get to the bottom of any matter, we develop specialized tasks to obtain information 100 % verified.

The professional and legal authorization to search for evidence is a clear benefit for you because it allows you to deliver a final report with full guarantees to be accepted in the judicial field, this value is of utmost importance when hiring our private investigation services, so do not You must avoid exhausting the judicial route.

The advantage of knowing the truth is that you no longer have to deal with doubts, that is valuable because it allows you to have a clear vision based on proven facts, this makes a big difference to your willingness to get out of problems, the effectiveness to achieve These results can be seen in the performance of our experts.

The dedication to obtaining evidence is typical of our private investigators, at Grupo Arga in Asturias you are assured of a reliable conclusion with proven facts, you must trust the trajectory of our services because that speaks for itself, efficiency is a value on which we work constantly.

Each one of our private detectives seeks to reflect their ability to demonstrate what is happening, because they maintain anonymity so as not to jeopardize the disclosure of the truth or your identity, so there is no risk in hiring our services. On the contrary, you can get offers and promotions as benefits.

The causes are understood and interpreted initially, until an action plan is designed that fits completely with the professional actions to be followed, so you should not worry, much less about the quality that we maintain on our private investigation services as they are led by qualified experts in their field of action.

In Asturias we maintain a wide offer that grows due to the passion generated by representing you, each case or topic that has been

increased over time, we assume it as a signal to perfect the professional actions to be carried out for the benefit of revealing the truth of future cases to be covered.

The request for our professional services generates an ideal response, we modernize ourselves to keep up with the scams or incidents that are constantly generating headaches, that causes the resolution that we provide for your case to be of high speed.

You have the opportunity to reveal that deception that tortures you so much, through the evidence we find, that highlights the mission of our private detectives due to the positive effect they cause in most of the problems received, the level of our professionals generates the opportunity to know what happens at any time you need it.



Considering the details of the case allows you to designate the service area to which it corresponds, in this way the experts in that field take charge, so specialization in your situation is guaranteed, with the certainty that Grupo Arga will find different types of services enabled through the same contract.

The follow-up of the cases that take place in Asturias happens at the hands of our experts, who follow the legal provisions at every opportunity to seek the truth, exhausting legitimate channels, in this way the evidence is accepted in any judicial institution.

The status of your case is evaluated to focus the strategy towards that direction precisely, with the details of the case you can define the exact direction that the case is going to take, this is a great virtue for you to have a clear initial assistance, so that understand what are the most appropriate procedures to clarify the circumstances.

Our private investigation agency in Asturias maintains a high level of effectiveness, thanks to the numerous experts who analyze all the incidents of the case, this distinguishes us from any other type of private detective, because specialization is essential when processing information relevant to the case.

The guarantee that prevails over the cases that we assume is the commitment to develop a viable investigation, through the initial plan created to obtain verified information, every situation is carefully followed, until objectives and requirements are established that are covered by our expert detectives.

All inquiries are followed by specialists in this field, the diversity of our services helps us to issue a response at the level of your case, you have the clear option of hiring an expert representation in Asturias, from professionals with significant successes in this profession by revealing tricks.

A key aspect that allows us to be at the forefront is the permanent learning that our private detectives develop, to handle more instruments and tools in accordance with the case, in this way we have notable references for communicating what is happening through a final report. solid and legally valid.

It is clear the quality of services that we create to complete a case in the most effective way, obtaining convincing evidence, from a series of confidential procedures, it is essential to consult your situation so that you discover everything that we can do for you at a professional level.

The work methodology of our experts is supported by a set of state-of-the-art goods and tools, because as an organization we form offices and departments capable of taking action with the presentation of a case, without leaving aside the gadgets that are put on up for your case.

It is simple to avoid worries by accepting the professional intervention of our private detectives, where the goal is to rigorously clarify what is happening, with the goal of eradicating any deception, especially with the anonymous analysis that is carried out on the facts until obtaining and clearing up clues.

The functionality of our services is extensive, bearing in mind that it is a means par excellence to check what is happening, being effective in sensitive issues such as the location of a person, this type of search or another is carried out by researchers with experience in this matter. .

The usefulness of private investigation services goes beyond the commercial issue, it is a sector that receives professional guidance capable of throwing data on complicated issues, even personal issues such as infidelity, without judging you in any way. phase of the process, but offering empathy and results.

It is difficult to cover all the possible directions of a case individually, instead with professional advice it is much more sensible to analyze and evaluate the most productive path until evidence is found, it is a contribution of solutions with the professional vision that each one imposes of the experts associated with our staff.

It is not possible to stay in an environment with doubts, but you may require the intervention of private detectives specialized in personal, family, commercial, business or other situations, the essential thing is to discover the truth no matter how painful it may seem, private investigation generates that opportunity .

It is even feasible to investigate further and explore the reasons or factors behind the deception that is being committed, do not underestimate

present doubts, it is best to act with a professional response such as the one offered by Grupo Arga, these concerns are only addressed with evidence that we can offer you.

Those questions that invade you in any field, are clarified with the professional answers available in our private investigation agency, this help comes from a wide range of experts in different matters to form a personalized compatibility with the situation you seek to clarify.

You can contact us whenever you need to obtain professional attention, for each type of case we have the specialized means to undertake that search for information that you need, that is essential because the results are the only ones that generate peace of mind from the unique talent of our private detectives .

The treatment from the beginning of the case is totally empathetic, this response poses a maximum sensitivity with the details of the event to be faced, the classification of the matter is a basic step until connecting with those methods or procedures that are conducive to the situation, always from the place of the client as the epicenter of our professional actions.

The distinction lies in the fact that we maintain an objective level throughout the process, with the goal that nothing interferes with the exposure of the truth, we seek in each instance an optimal result that is of great help to the problem posed, without leaving aside the private security knowledge that protects you when searching for information through us.




Everything that may be happening about a doubt or suspicion, can only come to light with an exhaustive search guided by experience and specialization, these values are decisive to combat those insidious facts that cause so many problems, because the answers to those questions that arise are behind the evidence we get.

In each case different indications arise that fill you with doubts, these elements are the first to follow in obtaining evidence, from these reasons it is possible to design the action plan according to the case, so that the deceptions do not continue to impact your self-esteem, especially everything in cases of infidelities and location of people or of any other nature.

The refuge to unmask a deception is found on the evidence, for this reason the services provided by Grupo Arga Asturias are totally specialized, to follow and monitor minute by minute the subjects of the case as well as the environment, because this is the way to get out of any falsehood.

The reality is confirmed with the collection of solid evidence, in order not to let these frauds continue to affect your life, it is a point where it is necessary to act and trust the professional skills of qualified private detectives, it is the only legal means to obtain really conclusive evidence.

The figure of our private detectives is useful for their tracking capacity, to carry out a detailed follow-up on all the indications, in an orderly manner and with the methodology designated in the action plan, for this reason these professional services put an end to any kind of deception

Family, personal, commercial, business and other investigations, which are carried out in Asturias through the contracting of our services, allow creating a direct link with reality from the evidence that confirms or denies a fact, by evaluating the details of the case to understand what is the most appropriate action.

Taking the measure of resorting to professional methods is an important precaution, because the topic to be investigated may have some illicit issues in which you can be involved, so expert intervention saves you from falling into more problems, but it is an option to obtain verified evidence to bring to light this illicit act and do justice.

When exploring a case you should leave this in the hands of our professionals, especially with the willingness to help you through their knowledge, also because of the passion in verifying the truth, this is a task linked to the exercise of law and in the criminalistics measures to carry out the respective chain of custody on the evidence.

The multidisciplinary areas to which you have access in Grupo Arga, allow answers to arise from personalized measures, at every moment there is a tendency to follow the legal north and the parameters to deal with the format of the evidence that is at stake during the exploration of the case. .

Private detectives today are elementary professionals to investigate, because they take into account all the realities that may be behind a situation, even proposing resolution options that are feasible, in complicated circumstances this is of great help, because they allow aside the obstacles with a professional approach.

If you find yourself at a disadvantage when faced with the clarification of an event, going to private detectives is the best defense that you can opt for, the work that we carry out from the expert help makes a great difference when specifying the search for the truth with legal methods, this has caused private investigation to be highly popular.

The level of results we provide ends up being of great help for the work of lawyers or any legal action to have a future, because it makes it much more effective to prove an event, requiring a private investigator is a true solution to possess evidence. clear and timely enough.

The team willing to deal with your case remains highly qualified, with permanent knowledge updating, therefore we have a variety of services to work until the end of the disclosure of those events that concern you, so hiring our private investigation services exposes cheating guaranteed.

Regardless of the issue, a high sensitivity to the details of the case is maintained to point to evidence that

require , while maintaining the security of your identity, this is difficult to do on your own, instead finding evidence with expert assistance is the right way to avoid taking risks and protect yourself from deception.

The processes of private investigation are really viable to expose any hidden circumstance, we provide evidence that makes a difference, especially when doing justice in matters of infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, scams, espionage, hacking of mobile phones and much more.

The evidence that you need in the middle of the judicial process is addressed by specialists in the field of law who establish the search for the truth, following a legal strategy, thanks to the fact that there is a broad understanding of this type of circumstance, a vision is useful and effective. professional of this level in specific fields such as law.

On the other hand, a private investigation for companies, insurance, determination of claims or labor situations, have a special classification so that they are followed by experts from the labor, business and commercial environment, especially in the face of this type of delicate situation in which there is so much in Game.

The private investigation activity that we carry out follows the regulations of the law, so it is definitely a legal measure as it is endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior, that is why it is the only way out that exists to inspect what happens with a case, especially from the capacity of our private detectives.

The administration of the investigation of a case, arises thanks to the expert observation from the beginning to form an effective action plan, especially with the support of the knowledge of criminology, we have highly prepared professionals for any cause that we receive.




The foundation of private investigation has to do with the elaboration of specialized processes, in which clear objectives are designed for the development of the case, this advance regime is carried out with total discretion, everything that has to do with your identity and sensitive details of the case are handled professionally.

These clarifications on a case are facilitated by our private detectives in Asturias, they are the best at managing to undertake a search for viable information that generates real results, no procedure is omitted but a care protocol is rigorously implemented so as not to skip anything.

The investment you make to find out the truth ends up being beneficial for you, because what happens is completely revealed with hard evidence, this exploration generates results that immediately end your anxiety, there is no doubt that the occupation of each detective private is to follow the designed action plan.

The possibility of solving a case is analyzed from the first moment, until verifying each data and information with the vision of establishing more lines of investigation that are productive until clarifying the facts, we offer you a search at the same level as the identification of the details immersed in the situation.

Adjusting to reality occurs with obtaining evidence, the way our private detectives proceed focuses on the doubts that you share with our private detectives, until completing that necessary information to reconcile peace of mind regarding a particular situation.

The inquiries start from the understanding, since that is the exact way to understand the whereabouts of the information, to manage the verification of the facts effectively, it is essential that you resort to an analysis of this magnitude so that the circumstances compatible with the environment action of our services are discovered.

The situations investigated end up being a clear verification of the facts, granting the importance that each information verification process should have, no matter how complex the situation, we seek the existing compatibility with our areas of attention to propose an effective response.

The evidentiary elements are legitimate by passing studies and analyzes until ascertaining that it is true information, this allows doubts about a specific situation to be reduced, we distribute the efforts of our experts to accelerate the obtaining of evidence and maintain a wide availability for future cases.

The predisposition that we enable in Asturias is to support a will of permanent help, in this way we can assume your request with distinction, to reflect the truth about each of the evidence obtained, any inconvenience is addressed by an expert study that you can resort to to know the possible solutions of your case.

Auditing the circumstances happens through an analysis that is developed by narrating the facts that motivate you to investigate, this is essential so that you receive the necessary attention from experts in the area, ordering the actions to be carried out optimizes resources and allows you to have a budget that you can consider previously.

The private investigation launches high-caliber monitoring, keeping certain private security measures, in addition to

maintaining clarity of legality to verify the facts in full action, this spontaneous disclosure of the facts puts an end to any doubt in order to generate, in exchange, the solidity of the evidence.

The performance of private detectives is calculated, that increases the generation of evidence in full action or commission of an act, every case is conducted with professional parameters that make a big difference to accentuate success, this expert attitude is objective and organized to deal with Even the smallest detail.

In the course of a private investigation, nothing can be left to chance, but all the information is controlled with the detail it deserves, the circumstances are measured to extend a response proportional to the details to be investigated, all this allows for a solid final result. with tests in different formats.

What is combated from private investigation is deception, this is an enemy that you can unmask with the support of evidence, this implies that you can trust the results and the work that we provide in Grupo Arga, we maintain a varied service offer with the intention to help.

The qualification of our services is estimated on the professional preparation of private detectives, who insistently seek the truth about your partner, your employee, your co-worker, associated companies, or about any other context, we have specific services for each situation .

Preferring Grupo Arga Asturias is economical, in view of the quality of the tests that you will receive in a short time, the satisfaction that

you seek before the deceptions you will receive it from the true information that we offer you, in theory we issue a complete help that earns the merit of your trust with effective resolutions.

Do not hesitate to ask and demonstrate what is happening by exhausting the professional means that we offer you, the specific answer that you need arises from the effort of our private detectives, all cases are different and represent a teaching to improve and adopt more qualities for Future moments.

Hiring Grupo Arga Asturias is a reaction to deception, to break with that line of events that only fills you with doubts, without having to expose your privacy, thanks to the fact that it is a professional method in which your data is preserved from start to finish. end in the development of it, so you will not have any more problems when starting the private investigation.

Introducing a case before our private investigation agency is determined to obtain evidence, that is the tranquility and confidence with which you must face this contract, with an optics full of empathy we evaluate the facts of the case, to cover your needs with the most specializing in such matters.







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