professional private detective agency in private investigations , we are an agency mainly made up of detectives in Spain . Our professionals in investigation are dedicated to the re-election of evidence for legal cases or of any other magnitude, we offer different services for our clients and in the same way we help our clients with their investigative problems, our private detectives ratify in court with the evidence obtained in the cases that they have worked helping the client to solve their problem and not only that, but to win jurisdiction or any type of benefit in the trial by helping the client.

Our agency works with the greatest possible caution since one of our main objectives is to have our client covered, that is to say that the suspect does not have any intuition that he is being investigated or followed by one of our private professionals since that would cause a type of risk for our client, which is unnecessary, which is why our agency has the greatest experience and professionalism in the investigation. We have the best detectives who know how to work cautiously without being seen as suspicious and who obtain the necessary information for the client.



Our detectives have a completely transparent relationship with the client, that is, we create a connection with the client to help him psychologically and prepare him for any occasion, preventing anything that may happen, our professionals are trained to give these guidelines and with the connection that is established with the client there is a greater speed in obtaining the investigation that is required, since surveillance and monitoring points are established that our investigators will do, there are always many variables in the field where they are interacting, that is why our private detectives are highly trained for all types of situation.



As we have said, we are an agency mainly for professionals in private investigation apart from other organizers or partners as well as Arga detectives , it is worth confirming that our detectives are all university graduates and professionals taking courses and gaining experience to increase their knowledge and skills, We offer different types of services as well as business, labor and others since our private detective agency not only offers investigative services but also legal services since we have lawyers who make it easy for the client to find one.

Also our investigators can ratify in court exposing the case and all the investigations that have been done during the course of the entire investigation as well as the images, videos, recordings, documentation and many other things on which a private detective can base in a court, implying to the court that the case presented by the client is completely true and that the evidence is totally legal without the interruption of any variable that says otherwise, in this way the evidence and everything obtained will always be exposed before the legal.

Our agency is located in Algeciras and with more than a decade of experience in private investigations giving help to our clients and giving all these years of attention to the public, our agency is based on the years we have been working since each case that comes to our Manos is an extremely important and totally different case, but thanks to this, these cases that arrive regularly are faster to solve, since these experiences make our professionals give one hundred percent and provide total speed in carrying out their private investigation work.

We are completely legal, we are approved by the Interior Ministry of Security, that is, our private detectives have a security certificate to be able to practice this profession, this means that all the actions carried out by a private detective under the legal field are totally legal, as well as the tests that are obtained through these investigations. Each of our researchers Private companies make our agency a quality agency since nothing makes it grow more and more in quality every day since each client that comes we can safely say that they thank the agency for the services we have provided, giving us incentives to continue and grow much more.





To request the service in private investigation, contact us, if you have any inconvenience or any type of problem regarding private investigations, do not hesitate to look for a detective from our agency, when hiring one you are looking for the correct help, just enter our page and ask us for a consultation, the first visit will be free since we will not charge for listening and advising in any case. Our services are of the highest quality, which is why we recommend looking for a private detective from our agency if you need any type of investigation.

You can count on any type of investigation since we cover all the investigative fields in our agency, as well as the less sought after investigations that are based on technology and files in expedition that are very difficult to search since there are even people who ask for the investigation. of archives of decades but as it has been said previously we are qualified for any type of search that is why the experiences make us grow more every day , and this to any other type of investigation can be carried out by our professionals.



In Algeciras one of the agencies with the highest demand is ours and that is why we have the best professional private investigators , most of our investigators take or have taken intensive courses regarding the professional to be able to give much more than they can give by putting their expectations much further than they can imagine by expanding their knowledge in criminology and many other branches that are related to private investigation, this not only helps clients but all those who are involved in a case since these skills that they perfect or improve are for this, to give security and total confidence to the client that their case will be resolved.

Our investigators are totally legal since they have a permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior, that is, they comply with everything that is established by the legal security framework, as well as being recognized by the authorities and security forces. Not only do they provide us with help when we need it, but also our private investigators support these organizations that require this type of security in a very cautious situation in investigations, since not all organizations are experts in this type of private investigation.

Our detectives are trained and are experts in security policies. Criminology, illegal problems in the legal and commercial field of purchase and sale abroad or in the same country, our detectives also did post-graduate degrees in these different areas as well as in Forensic Medicine and criminal law since our professionals are asked for this type of knowledge. for this same reason the private investigators that we select come from the university of criminology since they provide all these necessary branches to work in private investigations, private intelligence and ways of searching are essential in the study that is to say to be a private investigator in Algeciras you need all these branches and knowledge that our private detectives provide.





It can be ensured that the contract of an investigator will be the best investment that you can make in the course of the situation that you are presenting, that is, if you are facing any problem of infidelity when hiring a private detective, you will be certain that they will provide you with the correct and transparent information is being formed, confirming or not the doubts that are had, the same happens in any other area when hiring a private investigator, the doubts and problems are resolved by obtaining the true information.

The contract of a private detective is you who decides it since they can be hired for hours, days or even months, everything depends on the case, our agency is in charge of putting the best private detectives according to the cases that are to obtain a greater speed finding the evidence, it required that is why when hiring a private detective there must be complete transparency between the detective and the client since in this way everything possible is done within the legal field to solve the tests and evidence that the client needs to carry everything to A judgment.

 A private detective cannot violate the parameters of privacy, that is, when you hire a private detective, you have to be patient in obtaining evidence since privacy cannot be violated, that is , ex officio monitoring is not possible or introducing a private place (the only way to enter a private place is that the owner agrees to the entry or have legal permission to enter) that said, it goes without saying that our private detectives will obtain the evidence that you legally need.



  • Familiar scope. Our detectives have the greatest experience in these cases since they are a great variety of situations that arise in families that are necessary for private investigations as well as monitoring and searching for people, information or documents as well as suspicions of the consumption of illicit substances as well as behaviors that are out of the ordinary and therefore require private investigation and daily monitoring, as in some cases it is required.
  • Business field. In our agency private investigation we have the system of pretending to be an employee of your company, that is, we filter into your company to collect information and observe unusual behavior as well as the preparation of illegal documentation or against corporate espionage, all of these cases we treat them with this method since it is one of the fastest ways of collecting information since by infiltrating the company we have total visibility in the field, and as is commonly done, a report will be made of what happens every day .
  • Labor sphere. In this area we take care of observations and in-depth investigations as well as fake casualties, many people who want to make easy money without doing anything present fake casualties, it is one of the ways that in some way people benefit and others are affected . As well as the pre-preparation of false documents in many other cases that are seen in the labor field, as well as smuggling problems that are highly investigated in this part, our detectives will solve your labor problems. We rely on the professionalism of our private investigators to solve your problems. labor
  • Private area. In this area, we work a lot with psychology, which is why our private detectives handle this part moderately, since some people are mentally affected and need advice, such as unusual attitudes on the part of the couple, such as aggression or discussions that are particularly strange. People commonly want to know what this comes from, that is why they contact us for advice and contract our services to very carefully investigate, take tests and evidence to see where and why these attitudes come from.





Sometimes you have wondered: How much does it cost to hire a private detective in Algeciras ? Well, below you can find the answer to this and many other questions related to the price or fees that must be paid by these professionals. Currently, the demand for detective services has been increasing, for many reasons, and thus, people have seen a growing need for them.

If you want to make a realistic budget, it is best to consider the points that will be presented.

The first consideration you should have is, without a doubt, the type of service you want to request. In other words, stop for a moment to think about why you need to hire Grupo Arga Detectives ? Does it need to be done by a professional or is it a minor problem? Depending on your answer, you will then be able to get a start on what you have and what you need to proceed with the investigation.

Depending on what you have defined (be it the location of a person, the surveillance of your spouse, a problem with a pending inheritance, an electronic sweep, etc.) you can proceed to find out the corresponding rate for that type of service. This can be found directly on the company’s official website, but some of the rates will also be mentioned here, which are those stipulated for the most required services.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries


First of all, consider that a consultation with a private detective in Algeciras is easily found for seventy euros, considering this amount only for one hour and for a single detective. Thus, if it takes, for example, about three hours explaining the matter that concerns you, giving details and establishing some conditions, you can easily reach an amount of two hundred and twenty-one euros.

On the other hand, when entering the surveillance operation, for example, you should consider all the time (hours) that the detectives will be watching the person you are following. In this way, if it is the whole day, or at least eight hours a week, you must bear in mind that it is seventy euros per hour (if it is only a detective), if there are two specialists… You must multiply the initial amount by two .

Otherwise, if what you want is for them to carry out an electronic sweep in some space of your home, your office, and others, then you will have to have around fifteen hundred euros per hour and detective. Since this procedure is considered one of the most complex and tedious, they will have to consider all the limitations that the place presents to make a price increase.

For this reason, it is necessary that you always be present for any immediate consultation when searching for devices, and that you can previously agree on the real amount with the detectives in Algeciras ; since they will always be at your disposal to clarify any doubts, or when any inconvenience arises during the investigation process that you may have.



Our first consultation is completely free. We do not require any payment for the first visit to expose a case that you present, that is, you can come without fear of being charged for asking for some advice or advice according to the case that you present. Already the contract of a private detective is 45 to 65 euros per hour, we also have offers for days and weeks where we greatly lower the price of our hours, services and tools used, that is, these offers include the payment of the tools used and the needs that the detective needs through the investigation.

In the same way, you do not have to fear our prices since we always get used to the needs that you have at that moment and it will take a count of hours in the administration since the case is resolved, things that were not needed or were not required will be discounted. for the elaboration and a fair price will be given at which you can be comfortable.



For all those who are interested in knowing how much a detective costs in Algeciras, we have the best sense of response by being able to establish a top quality investigation service that undoubtedly provides very precisely everything that is linked to the investigative exercise. .

From Grupo Arga detectives, the answer of how much does a detective cost in Algeciras is for us an opportunity that provides the best sense of resolution to all those who are in search of a private or corporate investigation, precisely carrying out an investigative process. high level at the service of the community.



At Grupo Arga detectives, we do our best to promote the best possible service for all those who work for the establishment of an investigation process that can promote the best of the best for all those who wonder how much a detective is worth in Algeciras .

Answering how much a detective is worth in Algeciras , without a doubt, puts us in the position of providing the client with an initial idea of how much our services cost, with the aim that he or she is able to appreciate all the elements that are implicit in the generation of a process that makes it possible to get to the heart of the facts with an adequate deployment of resources and tools.

When we talk about these elements, without a doubt we are mentioning everything that we deploy behind the scenes in our agency, thus highlighting the synchronized operation of our IT agents, as well as everything that is related to the precise operation of experts in the laboratory area.

This is done from Grupo Arga, with the aim of structuring a sense of more expert around the collection of evidence and elements of conviction of each case through the execution of the comparison of fingerprints, as well as everything that is found related to the implementation of DNA and paternity tests in an investigative case.

With this our work becomes more accurate and precise, by being able to amalgamate everything that is related to the exercise of the investigative technique, its skills, knowledge and factual elements by which it should be guided, and everything that is related with the implementation of master tools that allow, through technological innovation, to make use of the greatest benefits to carry out any investigation case.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we make possible the investigation of individuals through the execution of operations that are related to the execution of investigations for infidelities, as well as everything that is related to the execution of processes that are linked to the operations. of personal investigation, this without a doubt is also complemented by all the services that we have arranged to establish in a sense of acceptable protection in all those who hire us, precisely attending to everything they have with surveillance and counter -surveillance operations .

At Grupo Arga detectives, the investigative work that we carry out in Algecira does not stop at this point, which is why we are mainly focusing on the construction of services that can provide the best sense of resolution and decision-making possible through the which implies operating each case with precision, thus promoting highly resolute sense towards the structuring of a stable decision-making criterion.

All those interested in learning about the research services that Grupo Arga applies to the Algecira region must undoubtedly take a look through all the processes that the organization directs towards the execution of aspects that promote the implementation of the research technique for sick leave as well as the mystery customer research technique, precisely executing all the elements that can be useful to make the best economic decisions of the company and customer relationship management.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we do not stop at deploying new services and elements that can serve as a bridge so that all our clients can have the best elements of certainty

question that without a doubt is reflected in a sense of operation that can shorten the response times of all our clients, making this style of research something extremely dynamic.


All those who ask how much a detective in Algeciras is worth , without a doubt, can be answered with the great quality and detail with which we carry out our operations, an investigation operation, as such, does not have a fixed budget, it is for this reason that for each case we have a specific budget, since all operations have something unique.



Grupo Arga is a private investigation agency with more than 10 years of investigative work throughout Spain, precisely carrying out various elements that reveal everything that is related to optimal client management and of all our research processes that we promote at a private and corporate level.

Carrying out this type of investigation for our agency, without a doubt, represents for anyone who needs to carry out private investigation work the best option regarding variables such as price and quality of the investigative process, anyone who wants to ask themselves how much a detective in Algeciras is worth in our organization the best example of quality around the deployment of this type of process.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we do not aim to provide the best investigation service for all those who are in the possibility of promoting the best possible service, it is for this reason that from the execution of our agency we do the best of the best for our clients. , how much a detective is worth in Algeciras is something that we answer through a high-quality service capable of providing all the important data that our clients need. For Algeciras we do the best!



You can have the total freedom to contact us, it will be the best investment you can make for your life since we will solve any type of problem that you are going through, it is our page you can get the multiple ways in which you can contact us, we are centrally located and we have offices throughout the country, since we have the help of Arga detectives . Our private investigators will gladly assist you and give you legal advice so that you can solve your problems since, as we have said before, our professionals are trained for all types of situations.



The best detectives Algeciras prices , are at the service of all those who promote the best sense of resolution at the level of a private investigation, an issue that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution for all those who wish to resolve everything in the shortest possible time. It is related to the implementation of a device that is at the order of all those who resolve to obtain data and specialized level information.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we must make it clear that our detectives Algeciras Prices are those resources that can provide the best sense of resolution for all those who are interested in promoting the best sense of investigative resolution with a particular case, taking into account that we are not willing to sacrifice price for our investigative quality.


The execution of activities that without a doubt can represent a solution for our clients, can be highlighted as a sum of elements that can be the solution for our clients, this is how at Grupo Arga detectives we are determined to promote a first class solution for any type of client, be it an individual or a company, since they can benefit from the execution of processes with a large load of expertise.

Within the application of this type of process, we can execute an endless number of procedures for companies that can range from computer security to the application of processes that are linked to the execution of the investigation for sick leave, from Grupo Arga detectives always We have thought about the different types of clients that we have, which is why the execution of this type of procedure is mainly structured in favor of always solving those doubt and uncertainty schemes that are linked to our clients, once they detect a possible need.

From our Detectives Algeciras prices , we also carry out certain processes that are important towards the construction of solutions for different types of clients, which is why, in addition to companies, services are also deployed that are related to the structuring of an investigation procedure. that can provide the best feedback to a business environment about the deployment that is being used around its customer service policy.

This technique is known as the application of the mysterious client where, through a highly expert process, our agents can use the investigation technique that is related to incorporating one of our agents incognito in the purchase processes with the objective of capturing concrete way in which said company is deploying its shopping experience process.

This provides several advantages since the detectives are not only left with gathering important data but also with talking to other buyers in order to have an overview, through these elements they can satisfy the companies that are currently looking for such as generate customer loyalty, an issue that is undoubtedly possible to achieve as long as there is a solvent process and that it is capable of transforming and improving over time.

But the activities of our Arga research group here do not cease, it is for this reason that the Arga group mainly offers a wide range of research services also to individuals, an issue that undoubtedly promotes a high sense of response to anyone who cares. to solve some aspect related to your life.

At Grupo Arga detectives we promote a high sense of specialization and response for all those who wish to hire a detective, making possible through a great sense of operability everything that has to do with the structuring of activities that lead us to an investigation process by infidelities, or personal investigations, as well as any other operation that may involve a tailored investigation.

Through the operation of our detectives, Grupo Arga tailors its operations through the articulation of various investigative operations that can efficiently resolve everything that has to do with the execution of processes that can allow the search for antiques, or also that can find the whereabouts of documents.

Through our Detectives Algeciras Prices our agents also offer a digital investigation and electronic security service for anyone who may need a highly reliable investigation process, around the management of investigative elements that are linked to specialized management of an investigation set under the electronic and digital modality, this being a highly relevant trend.

The digital investigations that are carried out through our services in Algeciras, promote as a great advantage the fact that our different types of clients can take advantage of a process that is linked to the structuring of a research context in 2.0 spaces of high turnout, since they are currently also involved in fraud schemes, identity theft, violation of security protocols and organized crime.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we do what we do best, investigate! It is for this reason that we are pioneers in the deployment of various techniques that without a doubt can promote a broad sense of response towards what can be structured in the medium and long term for our different clients, through expert execution and the construction of an

scheme that allows the concretion of activities that allow reaching the heart of the facts based on the implementation of a high-precision technique.

The execution of specialized processes through our Detectives Algeciras Prices is guaranteed through a training process that without a doubt can provide the best sense of training in our agents, an issue that we have in mind at Grupo Arga detectives.

Our research processes allow us to establish the best investigative service for both individuals and companies that are willing to carry out an activity with investigative quality in the Algeciras region, an issue that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of usefulness for all those who need our research devices.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our clients have a detective body that can, without a doubt, provide all our clients with the best evidence in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost, constantly providing a high-level investigation service, to all those who want to execute the best.

The structuring of processes that are related to the execution of practices that manage to satisfy all our clients, come from the hand of Detectives Algeciras Prices , In Grupo Arga for Algeciras we have the best!



Our Algeciras detectives are those who respond in a precise way towards the construction of response processes that can provide sufficient clarification to all those who resort to investigation services in order to find out if their partner is cheating on them with this, it can be established the best sense of resolution towards obtaining evidence that allows someone affected by this type of situation to make the best possible decision.

Our Algeciras detectives , without a doubt, are those who can provide the best sense of response to all our clients, at the best possible price and in the shortest time, so their hiring is part of intelligent decision-making by a client. , since without so much drama and headache you can have under your control the evidence that is really part of an investigation.


Carrying out an investigation process for infidelities, hand in hand with our Algeciras detectives, is undoubtedly something that we can only promote through the specialized services that all our agents make possible.

In Grupo Arga the Algeciras detectives , I bet on the fact that the resolution of a case of infidelity comes from the hand of investigative elements that generate the best sense of response for all those who wish to establish a sense of rapid response to a matter. that may be playing against them and that it also has the ability to obstruct a particular issue.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents have the best training to get to the bottom of events, with the aim of accurately doing everything related to the execution of an investigative device that is capable of making the best response to all those who wish to hire this type of activity.

Determining cases based on elements of infidelity is a task that is not easy for everyone, which is why our Algeciras detectives must be consulted to provide the necessary response at the right time to all our clients, with the aim of strengthening the best of the elements towards building a highly efficient case.

A detective specialized in the area of adultery is a highly expert resource that above all seeks the greatest generation of answers in an environment that is emotionally complicated for a client, a detective from our group is a resource that can provide based on a rigorous follow-up of the investigated

answers for each case, this comes from the hand of the attention to the patterns of behavior of the same.

In an investigation for infidelities, various elements are monitored that are associated with the generation of aspects that seek above all things to establish an optimal review criterion about what type of life the person under investigation is leading, and that may have originated the behavioral changes with your better half. Deciphering all these elements is a task that is not so complex for a long-term researcher, which is why it is the main reason why our operation is put to the test.



Our detectives at Grupo Arga have spent more than 10 years doing everything that is linked to the extremely precise and strategic exercise at the level of their investigation, thus maintaining an extremely agile resolution criterion at the service of all those who need to leave of doubts regarding a probable cheating situation of their partners.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our Algeciras detectives, without a doubt, provide the best response criteria for all those who require the articulation of an investigation case that can provide with total discretion everything that is related to an investigation device that can provide the best tests and can let them know the status of the stability of their relationship.

When executing a sentimental investigation operation, our agents seek to resolve all the investigation hypotheses as quickly as possible, our Algeciras detectives can guarantee an optimal resolution of a case for this type of activity, taking into account that as field agents they should not be personally involved in an investigation.

The operations of Grupo Arga detectives are structured towards the execution of an investigation value proposal through our Algeciras detectives that is capable of supporting all the elements that the client requires to find himself later in a state of satisfaction, for this Grupo Arga detectives allows you to establish, based on optimal development parameters, everything that has to do with the generation of aspects that can provide the desired sense of investigation.

The testimonies of this type of investigation in the region of Algeciras, lead us to determine that there is a great reputation for our services in said locality, this is how we have the case of Victoria, where she tells us the following “she was enormously happy with the relationship that I was developing with my partner, we even had plans to move to Valencia at the end of the Autumn of last year, until I realized through a friend that my partner was behaving too suspiciously, this without a doubt It generated great doubt and suspicion in me that I maintained for weeks, until I hired the Algeciras detective service for Grupo Arga detectives, precisely resolving this situation in less than 72 hours, an issue that made it possible for me to obtain reliable evidence of that my partner was actually cheating on me, this made me decide to open myself up to new life experiences and also to end this relationship before this became toxic.”

At Grupo Arga, our Algeciras detectives are those who can respond with a great sense of precision to all the doubts of our clients, executing all our operations in a precise manner and at the lowest possible cost. For Algeciras we propose the best!




Computer forensics in Algeciras are the ones in charge of solving crimes of any kind committed through technology, they currently have a very extensive range of action because every day we make more use of digital platforms and electronic devices, something that has made computer forensics increasingly essential.

They can help anyone whether they have a personal matter, a business problem, with a business, family, couple, work or really in any area, computer forensics are not limited to this since the internet it is a very extensive tool that can reach beyond what any person can physically do.



They are the ones who, through technology, detect, preserve, analyze and capture the necessary information that will serve as evidence before a trial or before the client to unmask anyone who is committing a crime.

Today, even if the crime to which we are exposed is not cybernetic, a forensic computer can be of great help to us since through the internet we can find relevant information about that person or about the acts that he is committing and even the background that this has, then a forensic of this type has many applications before a case.

These collect information and protect cell phone information, serrated circuits, emails, storage devices such as; flash devices, CDs, floppy disks, hard drives or others of this type, web pages, recover deleted information and in general search the digital platforms that are necessary to find evidence of the crime they have.

They preserve all this information with great caution since, unlike physical evidence, these are more exposed to being altered since they are in the largest network that exists, open to anyone who wishes and has knowledge of how to change it.

But of course, so that this does not happen, they use tools that allow them to duplicate all the evidence found and protect it from any danger, since it must be intact as it was found to present it in court and have the validity it requires.



When the forensic computer scientists in Algeciras already have all the evidence collected, they must proceed to carry out a technical examination that will later allow them to make a detailed description of everything they could find, whether physical or digital.

In this recognition phase, the individualization of digital evidence is made, such as; hardware or computing mechanisms if they already have physical access to them, the operating systems that may have been found, and the applications found on these devices. So here is the reconcommendation of the nature of the evidence found.

Of course, this evidence is not used directly, first it goes through a process called bit by bit where everything is duplicated to work on the copies and not on the originals since they cannot have any type of alteration. These copies are also made to the virtual memories found in the operating systems, also recovering the operations carried out.

After this, a classification of the data is made to be able to make comparisons between similar files and here it is important to analyze the data that is hidden on top of other data, also called metadata , this goes hand in hand with individualization. Here the dates of creation, printing of a document and its transformation are also analyzed.

As these forensic experts can sometimes have all the information they like, they must be extremely cautious when carrying out their work because, just as they can help find and solve computer crimes, when they go overboard with the information found during their work, they can be considered doers of these crimes as well.



This is another phase where a count of the activities produced in a computer or in networks of all kinds is made, during all these processes it is important that the forensic make notes of everything he does and the procedures he uses so that later they can be Evidence handling protocols have been tested.

This will also help the results obtained to be confirmed when actions are taken before legal entities, here we will also delve into the damaged digital evidence. The expert must be able to make something similar to a timeline since the facts could begin to get complicated and must have the ability to have a sequence in everything that is presented.

This reconstruction of the computational facts must have the effect of making a relationship with other types of evidence found in the same case and in this way it can make sense.

In all the aforementioned tests , computer forensics in Algeciras must have a lot of ethics and must follow the scientific method to guarantee the objectivity of the procedures applied during the process of investigation and resolution of the case, the computer must also use an understandable language before the Most people.

In the midst of these analyses, audiovisual evidence can also be presented, to which an acknowledgment is made of the sources that came out, which can be, for example, cell phones, tablets, etc. Likewise, all this material is emptied so that it can also be examined and included as evidence, if applicable.



The computer forensics in Algeciras are willing to carry out the analyzes that may be necessary, such as that of social networks that, due to their constant growth, will be very useful for finding information on various people or cleaning up the reputation that could have been damaged through are. As well as the data found in some computer element.

Another is the analysis of cell phones, which consists of the recovery of deleted data or evidence that is contained within them, an analysis that is becoming more frequent. Computer networks, communication lines, network addresses and the modem can also be analyzed, also attacking weak points found in them.

And what is very important for your security, the prevention of computer crimes, since in Arga detectives we take care of guaranteeing your security and now more in the computational aspect that fulfills an important part of our daily life.





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