In Spain we can currently find a variety of agencies that provide the service of a private detective in Álava who is in charge of investigating different situations, these may be infidelity, mystery shopping, lost family members, among others.

However, we can highlight that the best private detective in Álava is provided by our group, the Arga detectives group, as it is a professional capable of carrying out all kinds of investigations with the best and most current tools to obtain better results.




Nowadays in Álava it is possible to find different detectives available to everyone to carry out the investigation services that they require. They are characterized by carrying out their work with professionalism, ethics and transparency.

In fact, we must emphasize that detectives in Álava are one of the most demanded professionals, so you will find this variety in terms of options. Therefore, do not hesitate to hire their services if you require it so that you get the answers you need.



The detectives that you can find in the Álava area guarantee different benefits to those who decide to hire their services, so if you are in the area and require the help of these professionals, we recommend that you take into account the following:

  • verified information

Once you hire the services of a detective , you will not have to worry about the information collected, because before sharing it, this professional will be in charge of verifying and verifying the information so that you can have all the truth of a matter.

  • low investment

The prices of detectives in the Álava area are quite affordable, so the investment you must make to obtain the answers you need is quite low. This is a benefit that will also vary according to where you hire said professional.



  • Variety of services

Detectives in the Álava area are in charge of carrying out different types of investigation according to their area of specialization, so no matter what you are looking for, these professionals will be in charge of providing you with the help you need.

  • Experience

In research work, experience is important to develop the ability to resolve any problem that may arise as the research is carried out, so in the Álava area you can count on professionals with years of experience.

  • statutory value

Detectives in the area are characterized by being professionals who can help you with any legal process, from giving your testimony in court to working together with a lawyer to collect information and evidence.

Likewise, these professionals guarantee other types of benefits that you can discover as you count on their help and guidance, so if you are considering hiring them, we recommend doing so now.



We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

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In the Álava area today you can have the services of different detective and investigation agencies to carry out the work you want, with different costs and with a service characteristic of each agency.

However, despite the variety of professionals that you can find in this area, we must point out that in Grupo Arga detectives we have characterized ourselves as one of the main agencies in the area.


For years we have provided a professional, responsible and transparent service, finding in the shortest possible time the answers that our clients have requested, as well as providing advice and guidance to all our clients.

We are an agency that is located in Álava and that you can contact any day and at any time, as our service is continuous for any emergency that may arise for our clients.

For these and many more reasons, we have earned the title of the leading agency in the area, in addition to the fact that our detectives , with their experience with their services, have earned the trust of the residents of the area.

You can contact us through our website where, in addition to having information about us, you will have different options to consult the services offered. We guarantee a response in the shortest time possible to start the investigation.



The prices of the services offered by the detectives of Álava can vary not only by the agency to which this professional belongs, but also by the service to be carried out, by the fees of these professionals and the tools that they use.

In fact, in some investigation agencies, the prices of a service may vary due to the distance that the detective must travel to start the investigation or due to its complexity, where if it takes a long time, the final price will be high.

Generally, a basic investigation service can have a final price between 200 and 400 euros, while if it is a slightly more complex investigation, the final price can be between 600 and 900 euros.

On the other hand, we can point out that many detectives , instead of having a fixed rate for each investigation, charge their work for the hours invested. In this way, a detective in Álava can earn between 50 and 80 euros per hour.

Finally, we can highlight that in agencies such as the Arga group, the detectives are in charge of making a budget for any investigative work, making it easier for the client to determine whether they can pay for said service or not.



If you wish to choose to hire the Arga group detectives for your investigation work, we must emphasize that they have various services that can be of help to you according to what you need.

Among the most requested services, we highlight the following:

  • infidelities


Infidelity investigations are carried out in a simple process, which can sometimes take longer than expected. In this case, the detective will be in charge of collecting evidence in images or videos to prove the veracity of the infidelity.

  • electronic sweep

The electronic scanning service is carried out mainly to detect spy elements located in some space or in some electronic device, hired mainly by companies to protect their information from the competition.

  • mystery shopping

The detectives who carry out this mystery shopping service are in charge of evaluating and collecting information to improve certain aspects of a company, such as the way it is perceived by customers, the quality of the work carried out by its employees and the quality of the service offered.


A private detective in Álava is a research professional who is in charge of carrying out particular cases of people, these may be cases of infidelity, cases of scams, lost family members, among other situations.

This detective is a professional trained to collect all kinds of evidence that can later be used in a trial, at the same time that he is in charge of writing a report with detailed information about the course of his investigation.

Currently, it is possible to find a variety of private detectives in Álava , each providing their own service and sticking to their own rates; Given this, we must highlight those of our group of detectives.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best detectives in the entire country, those professionals who are trained to provide the fastest and most responsible service of all, with affordable prices.

As for what this private detective does in Álava , we can highlight that he is dedicated to carrying out private investigations on specific topics such as sexual abuse towards a person, infidelity, scams in a company, among others.

For this reason, do not hesitate to contact our group of private detectives in Álava who are available for any investigation you may need, providing one of the cheapest services in the entire country.



Contacting any of our private detectives in Álava is extremely simple, as all you have to do is enter our website, where you will find all the necessary contact information.


Once you send an email or call, you will be able to contact one of our best detectives so that they can explain the situation to you and you can start the investigation as soon as possible.

As we have mentioned, it is important to note that in all of Spain we have the best group of detectives, since we take care of carrying out the work in record time and with the best prices in all of Spain.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution and answer to what may be worrying you. It is important that you always use the best for quality results.



A private detective in Álava is a professional who provides multiple services that can help us discover the truth of a fact. However, here is a list of why these detectives are very helpful:

  1. They discover infidelities

One of the most requested tasks of these private detectives in Álava is the investigation of infidelities, so when hiring their services, you will have someone who manages the appropriate strategies for an investigation of this type.

  1. Discretion

By having to carry out this work in different locations, it is a job that is carried out as discreetly as possible, so that the person being investigated will never know what is going on.

  1. theft or escape

In addition to investigating personal situations, these private detectives in Aláva are also ideal for investigating company situations, such as the case of information theft, infiltration of the company or theft of its materials.

  1. Location

These private detectives in Aláva are of great help for those numerous families that have separated due to various problems, or to locate friends who are incommunicado, providing quick answers to this situation.

  1. Investigate behaviors


The detectives of our company also provide behavior investigation services to children, so that parents know the reason for their strange behavior or simply to be aware of their activities.

  1. direct participation

Thanks to the fact that the private detectives in Álava of our company have the ability to testify before a judge and take their evidence to the legal field, many people choose their services so as not to be involved in an investigation.

With this, the private detective in Álava will keep you abreast of the progress of the investigation, preparing a detailed report and obtaining as much evidence as possible, but keeping the client disconnected from it.

  1. Wealth Confirmations

This is a little requested service to these private detectives and which is carried out in order to determine what are the assets that each part of the couple has to carry out a distribution of assets before a separation.

  1. Verify company operation

Finally, having the services of a private detective in Álava is very useful for companies to verify the operation of their establishments by employees, being a service called mystery shopping.

This is a frequently requested service where the detective must adopt the role of another client who comes to the company to request its services or products and evaluate specific criteria imposed by the person who has contracted their services.

For all this, do not hesitate to contact our private detective agency in Álava in case you need help to resolve any doubts regarding any situation such as those mentioned above, as we have professional detectives at your disposal.


Private detectives today are one of the most sought-after professionals in the Álava area, so in terms of prices, it is possible to find variety, thus being able to choose the one that best suits your current budget.

A private detective is a professional who carries out investigative work, very similar to what would be done in a detective agency, but in this case, independently. These detectives usually provide a service for a good cost in Álava.



Álava is an area where it is possible to find detective agencies and private detectives , both providing their investigation services for different prices, so all you have to do is compare and choose the one that best suits your budget.

Although for many sometimes choosing a service based on its price can be complicated, this is what will allow you to save money that you can invest in something else, obtaining a good result as well as with expensive services.

Therefore, the best option may turn out to be a private detective . The price of their services will vary depending on the time dedicated to the investigation, so the rate will be calculated by the hours of work.

The cost for one hour of work for a private detective in Álava is usually between 40 and 80 euros. However, you may be able to reach an agreement with this professional regarding the final price of the service that he will provide you.

In this way, a basic research project can cost 300 euros, while a more complicated one that requires more hours of work can be between 700 and 900 euros.

In any case, thanks to the demand for private detectives that this area has had, we guarantee that you will be able to find a detective with low prices who can give you a good quote to start your investigation.



In Álava, a private detective is highly sought after for various reasons that you must take into account in case you need their services at any time. Among these reasons we can highlight the following:

  • Availability

By not working with an agency, these professionals do not have to comply with a strict work schedule, so they are responsible for providing a service available every day and at any time of the day, especially in the event of any emergency that may arise.

  • Investment

As we mentioned before, the costs for the services of private detectives can be low, so the investment to be made to obtain an accessible service will be low and with results in the shortest possible time.

  • Variety of services

Although they are working independently, these are professionals who provide different investigative services that will be useful to you even if you are going through a legal process and need information.

  • Confidentiality

Any investigation you wish to carry out will be carried out by these professionals with the greatest discretion and professionalism possible, and they will ensure that the information collected reaches only the hands of the person who has hired them.

  • Distance

Finally, if you are in Álava or in any other area and require the help of a private detective , he will not only contact you, but will also take care of going to where you are to start the investigation.

For these and many more reasons, the services of private detectives in Álava are quite helpful, regardless of whether they are linked to an investigation agency or work independently.



private detectives at your disposal to carry out any investigation you need to carry out in the Álvara area and all with the best value for money in the area.

These detectives provide a continuous service every day for the moment you need it and have different services at your disposal; These detectives have been recognized throughout the area, which is why they are the main choice of many people.

Just as they are professionals in great demand in the area, they also have services that have been the most requested in Álava, such as investigations into infidelities.

In this case, the private detective will be in charge of carrying out a follow-up job that allows him to collect video evidence and images to show if his client suspects any infidelity against his partner.

On the other hand, these detectives also carry out counter-surveillance work, especially for those clients who have experienced some type of violence and fear that this will happen again; in this case, they perform a follow-up job similar to the previous one.

These professionals also perform other types of work that will depend on what the client requires, as well as professionals trained to provide testimony before a court or to work together with a detective to collect evidence and information.



The scope of private investigation occurs based on the diversity of problems that make up society, because currently you have to face suspicions of infidelity, hacking , fraudulent sick leave, and even a quick obtainment of your digital data is required .

Faced with any of the above scenarios and others, our private detectives at Detectives Privadas Álava are trained under a path of incorporating more skills that allow us to provide you with the answers you are looking for in situations where deception lurks like a latent shadow that you cannot get used to.



Living under questions has never been considered a healthy scenario, therefore, thanks to our private detectives in Álava, there is the latent possibility of finding real answers, with convincing evidence of the first level that are conducive to a detective agency that advances on the offering of services.

Periodically we extend the type of service we provide to be more useful every day, you cannot miss the opportunity to analyze each circumstance in the hands of the best in this field, especially since private investigation gains greater prestige with the results that occur after proper exercise.

The compliance carried out by our private detectives is not only limited to the subject of the search for information, but also to the way in which it is carried out, since this must be under legal terms that do not compromise the type of progress they generate, otherwise On the contrary, any effort emerges as a vain attempt.

The ratification of the evidence that we provide you is clear, you can use these evidentiary elements in any field, all thanks to the fact that we verify what happened, always respecting the privacy of those involved, the ideal way to unmask a deception is through the professional alternative.

Our detectives are able to seek the truth until the last instance, because we recognize that ability to provide evidence or answers in time, when this type of ability is recognized, a clear distinction can be made in your life, both personally, work, business and technological.

Once you request our professional services, you can have on your side all that set of faculties that identify us as the ones indicated to put aside your concerns, so through the structure of our services we seek to guarantee you a clear breath of tranquility.

Each data handled by our private detectives is processed by a professional team that is capable of not altering their properties for any reason, whenever there is a negative consequence due to deception, you can trust the level of commitment that prevails over our services.

Before each claim you have, we take care of collecting the evidence you need, where our experts are responsible for justifying and designing an action plan attached to the facts of the case, to seek at all times the demonstration of what happens in a period of minor time.



The work carried out by our private detectives in Álava includes the personal, business, industrial and other fields with clear expertise, because all areas are addressed with the necessary technical complement, to guarantee timely responses we use the necessary equipment.

Beyond the technical composition, we use as the main human resource that high empathy when listening to your problems, since from those details it is possible to understand everything that is involved or depending on the case, to find the most appropriate way or point of investigation. effective in finding answers.

As long as you have the confidence to communicate your problems to us, we will take care of promoting the best work, but above all of continuing with that level of security and discretion that should not be left aside after the details that are revealed of some event.

There is no need to undertake any risky action on your own, you can leave everything in the hands of our detective agency, especially so that you can obtain valid results and do not have to submit to more problems, in a personalized way we take care of studying each case as corresponds.

The characteristics that remain on the cases, arise clearly when dominated by the criteria of our professionals, we leave behind all those doubts that you have, when carrying out our investigation processes we take care of clarifying the path appropriately.

The conduction of this type of services causes that you can count on a high guarantee, since before each level of complexity we dedicate ourselves in a special way to your cause, for that reason when receiving this type of support endowed with experience you can calm all those regrets based on to the financial and emotional losses you suffer.

The processing of evidence is effective in leading to an optimal outcome for your case, this type of occupation is the one that removes problems in advance, but always with the argument of reliable evidence, we have a great team that always seeks to issue the best in every performance.

The specialties that we place at your disposal have a high level of detail on each piece of information, the intention at Grupo Arga is to comply with advanced processes together with the commitment of an entire team that only wants to broadcast the truth within all kinds of events that may occur. be presenting.

The recognition that we receive after the exercise of our services is due to that effort to fulfill in each occasion that arises, in each line of investigation we use sophisticated resources so as not to deny ourselves in the face of any challenge, the more areas of investigation we have, the better we take care of your worries.

The ease of providing answers at each opportunity is a fact, because we focus on the needs of each client, for this reason you can trust our services with total freedom, we always bet on greater preparation to comply with any type of case that we present.



The meticulous level of our investigation processes are distinguished, because in the face of the increase in deception through which microphones, cameras and other devices are implanted that only seek to filter your information, this type of skill is essential so that you can count on Much safer areas.

At Grupo Arga we have specialists who manage to detect these spy attempts in time, especially today with the level of technology that inhabits society, it is necessary that you can count on this kind of alternative, all traces of those who seek to harm you or your own digital data we can find it for you.

We advance with superior techniques to provide greater comfort for you, through private investigation you can get rid of many problems, as time goes by we seek to ensure results by following an ethical and serious way of acting, that kind of fervor for the truth is only found about our services.

On the other hand, in the midst of improving our services we take care to maintain accessible prices, because any figure is established in proportion to the complications that arise, but in general terms, compared to the quality margin and the economic value, it is worth the sorrow.

The use of private investigation has more aspects today, it can help you defend yourself from any kind of deception, as it can also be prevented by establishing a better security system for your personal information or to better manage investigations at work. for example.

Whenever you need to search for information, we take care of providing you with the highest guarantees so that you take that firm step towards discovering the truth, this corresponds to the duty of our detectives to give the best of their abilities, as well as to keep their knowledge up to date. .

In each case that we assume, we seek to provide a clear solution, we measure the needs of the situation to launch a whole set of forensic processes that analyze each type of data, because that is the level of coverage with which you must find on every occasion.

The avenues of investigation that we make available to each client end up being determining factors, which is why the understanding of our professionals extends to more areas that have become in demand as time goes by, so that we can attend to all kinds of incidents that arise. Present.

In private investigation, that clear satisfaction of your needs can be granted, because at each turn of the course of the search for the truth, that sense of smell that is part of a good detective is felt, which does not renounce the objectives established after the initial plan of action.

As a private investigation agency we seek to ensure that information is obtained efficiently, this is basically due to the level of dedication that we apply as a rule to follow, and the functions of our experts are developed on the appropriate scenario, thus leading to a valid path.



The methods that we develop when searching for information are changing, because they pursue that single goal of finding the best way to demonstrate the truth, this type of approach is crucial so that a path to the success of the investigation with authority can be guaranteed. and property.

Each one of our detectives in Álava is in charge of being impartial with each case, respecting and adhering to their motives in any instance, to point out that clear commitment that serves as a clear route towards obtaining evidence, we do not renounce the objective of prove the truth in any circumstance.

The imposition of guarantees in any situation is your complete peace of mind so that you can only concentrate on presenting optimal results, we have qualified experts who fully understand all those scenarios where a clear situation of deception is manifesting itself.

The attachment to the service we offer is due in the first place to the trajectory we carry out, but above all that level of security that we can denote about the results we provide, this type of development and professional coverage is what provides you with vital results that serve of evidentiary argument.

Over time we continue to expand the type of capacity we perform, and in any scenario we seek to undertake clear improvements, in this way we can offer the best to each client, for this reason we analyze the facts that are part of a society plagued by circumstances that worth investigating.

Nothing is hidden from our private detectives, since we take care of devaluing all those malicious intentions, and with arguments that are part of any type of format, in view of the amount of professionalism that we have, so as not to miss the opportunity to combat these deceptions. that are presented.

You do not need to live as just another victim, especially when we have a service that puts you in your place from the first moment, this is the type of advice that we offer you, because the integrity of a person is protected from the beginning until the revelation of the truth, you feel a relief on that load of stress of a deception.

We seek that each client can be served under priority treatment, because we have the design of the best private investigation service together with experts who love what they do, at the level of the needs that arise in society, in the same way we respond, It is an opportunity to know the truth in less time.

The value of our areas of attention increases every day, since we are recognized for collecting the type of information you need to be calmer, especially when we seek to obtain more training, to use the tools that fit the facts of your case, so that all incidents are analyzed as they deserve.



Previously, the trust that is invested in private detectives was issued with serious doubts about their training, but through our detectives in Álava you get a clear accreditation through their license that places them as professionals trained to meet your needs.

We impose through the trajectory of our services, we can provide a high level of quality, you just have to believe at all times in the type of capacity we perform, since we can clarify all those concerns that take hold of you, the scope of the investigation privacy makes it a valuable resource.

When you want to find out what your partner is doing, if your employee really has a legal leave, all this deserves a special follow-up, but it must be professional so as not to create problems where there are none, that type of commitment really marks a path clear toward getting the answers you need.

We raise the level of professionalism in each call, because in each case you can learn and improve to continue as a reference in future requests, each piece of information that is presented is subjected to a deep investigation, but above all it is studied confidentially to that you are safe.

While you can trust in the virtues of our private detectives, we directly take care of raising the capacity to provide results that are much more conclusive, so that in this way you can use our services as an escape route from your problems.

Access to information is a virtue that our private detectives in Álava impart to you, especially with a budget that adjusts to the measurements of reality, this guarantees that you can access an investigation process with the peace of mind of results and cost.

The dedication to cover your problems, in the end translates into a clear understanding to inform others, all requirements are met under a high margin of commitment, since within our actions we seek to use that degree of experience that we have for your benefit. identifies.

The advantages of contracting our services are clear, you can have contact with a whole range of specialties in the same place, we always comply with that contribution of success so that you can have the firmness to know the truth but above all to demonstrate it in any kind of field. .

We attend cases under a vision on which we can provide a better quality of life for the client, especially by supplying the tests they need, so the training of our experts is a factor that you can use in your favor at any time, we have with a clear direction in proving the truth.

Our final reports are issued with a wide margin of honesty, the intention is to convey to each client a high level of transparency, so in each action our private detectives can change your life in a positive way through the important findings that stop everything. cheated.



All that large number of deceptions that occur on a personal, business, technological and other level, can be stopped directly through the services of our private detectives in Álava, since we practice this profession with a resounding passion to continue sharing the utility level.

All environments of interest receive the attention of our private detectives to be able to provide answers, that distinction of our services in the end is an added value so that each area is well represented, we design a clear budget so that our services are used as a response source.

The losses that are developing can become irreparable, from the emotional to the financial level, but when you discover the truth you can file a lawsuit or legal claim through these tests, we cover a precise clarification for your problems, dedicating all professional attention .

Instead of getting used to a vulnerable level in the face of deception, you can count on evidence as the main defense, we take care of verifying each piece of information and each piece of information, we provide you with the truth you need at the right time, especially when there is a clear commission of crimes.

The reasoning issued by our private detectives is based on the number of facts that we can verify, an exact truth is always presented without controversy, because the objective of investigating is not to leave any latent doubt in the midst of those who suffer this type of havoc.

The forensic character that accompanies each information search process, provides that confidence in the results we provide, since we use more and more distinguished techniques so that you do not have to doubt or continue under an adverse event, and above all that you may have in a short period of time the evidence you seek.

The search for information that we carry out is limited to the real events that occur on the problem, this allows us to raise the level of efficiency, especially in circumstances where there is a lot of anxiety involved, being something notorious when it comes to the service of people location.

Our experts are ideal for you to know if they are really being unfaithful to you, if there is any type of espionage on your devices, the expertise of our team exceeds any kind of harmful intention, we seek that the validity of our services does not lose that legal trait for any reason.

At all times we manage attention to each cause that is special, for this reason throughout our services we seek to come up with convincing results, as a detective agency the investigation sector is unconditionally dominated, we always take charge in each situation.

We design a wide service network to locate the answers that your case needs, and the best of all is that they can be presented in the shortest possible time, in Álava we take care of deepening the improvement of our services, whenever we undertake a case arise our inalienable values that cause quality.



Over time we have become a versatile organization, because throughout the trajectory we have increasingly incorporated more resources, especially that virtue of having a license due to the training we acquired, which shows that we are capable of manifesting Precise techniques every time.

There is no doubt about the type of result that we provide, we aim for a true outcome, so when you come for our services you can come across a well-covered scenario, above all we seek to broaden all the horizons or perspectives that are part of the resolution of the case.

The well-being that we can provide extends to any area, because the specialization that defines us means that a cause is not left unattended, but that the professional touch comes to the fore as a firm option to obtain the answers you are looking for, in each field. We perform an effective action.

In the face of any kind of problem that may arise, we have the duty to seek the truth at all costs, so in cases we seek to be diligent in an effective way, the information search route is presented as a guarantee outlined with the action plan , so you can be confident about the results we provide.

The seal of quality that we seek to invest in each case is defined under the actions that we develop, where in specific situations we seek to give the best, in the different cases that arise we implement state-of-the-art equipment to collect a large amount of possible data, that is what makes a difference.

The course of constant improvement is a care that we impose to continue being a clear service at your disposal, we have a group of professionals who are willing to offer the best of themselves, looking for data with a resounding level of persistence, and above all where reveal that degree of expertise and experience.

The response we give when hiring is effective, so regardless of all the setbacks that are part of the case, we seek the ability to oppose all those deceptions that overshadow your life, especially with the extension of precise data that is available. height of the deception that you live so that you can overcome it.

Our private detectives in Álava are suitable for all kinds of circumstances, over time we seek that our professionals remain in the first place within this profession, for this reason it is essential that we understand the deceptions that occur today in order to seek to correct them weather.

The vocation for the study prior to the situations reaffirms that desire to want to help more people every day, our skills can be used as an ideal means so that you do not have to live under the shadow of doubts, that is why our staff is dedicated to that search for the truth in any instance.



The persistence that is part of the character of our detectives in Álava generates a permanent struggle to prove the truth, there are no middle terms but to put an end to the concerns that the client is going through, therefore the connection with the details of the case helps us to work and concentrate on a speedy resolution.

The action plan that we establish serves as a guarantee so that you can trust in what we can do for you, the exercise of our private detectives follows a clear legal gap, for this reason the results that we present are effective in the face of any kind of expectation that possess.

The parameters that are taken care of in each case are valid, because they are specific to the profession, leaving this type of activity at the top causes that a much more efficient instance can be reached, and above all that society can recognize that virtue of knowing the truth, especially under professional representation.

At the level of criminalistics we also use this type of distinction to escalate to obtaining valid information, we comply with the contribution of the administration of justice, in any instance you can present it, because we connect with the aspirations and with everything that the client goes through .

We collect all kinds of information, from physical to digital, this type of effort is a great advance for many people who previously only had to be left with doubts about some event, but today you should not go to that extreme, today you can implement our skills for your peace of mind.

When you are looking for a competent detective agency, you can freely think of Grupo Arga, we seek to acquire a higher level of training, our agents are the key to answering all your questions effectively, everything starts from a thorough attention to your problems to search for more tests.

We established ourselves as a solution to deception, thanks to the advancement of our services as the years go by, we adhere to a constant improvement of that vision to be better detectives at every opportunity that arises, we get involved with your case in the best possible way.

We constitute a detective agency that can take charge of more situations, therefore as our trajectory increases we classify ourselves as a versatile attention to the different scenarios that appear, we take your case seriously without judging for any reason.

The optimism that you can present about your case is resounding based on our capabilities, where we can carry out a clear surveillance and follow-up on causes of all kinds, at Grupo Arga we want to attend with a high level of guarantee to impart quality and solidarity.

In Grupo Arga you can find a clear fair offer between quality and price, for this reason any of our services will be of great help to you in the face of the problems that arise, the objective is to remain open in the face of each situation, our job is to provide the answers that your case needs



In the midst of various situations, the commission of a criminal act can be hidden, for this reason it is important that you do not remain with this type of doubt but that you seek to do justice for your circumstances, for this reason the generation of evidence is guaranteed by the hand of Specialist private detectives.

We establish procedures that guarantee the process of collecting information, so that conflicts can be clarified with that type of support that leaves no room for assumptions, when enough elements of conviction can be provided, it ends up being enough to get out of that stress they generate the deceptions.

At the moment of having contact with a case, we try that each client does not have to wait too long, but we use advanced means to ratify each data that can be decisive to face infidelities, labor fraud, virtual deception, and other scenarios where they must be present the necessary evidence.

The way in which we take care of each case is presented as a customization adjusted to each detail, that is, the circumstances are previously analyzed to act congruently, until presenting convincing evidence with your case, so that

you can claim what is happening without any obstacles.

Situations are processed based on the characteristics it contains, since these are the key points that continue to provide information, this type of source deserves to be explored with expertise so that the data is valid in any class of instance that may arise, that is the value of private investigation.

Our private detectives focus on acting stealthily so as not to be discovered, as well as collecting all that amount of fair evidence, everything is implemented to know the truth, since it is the ultimate goal of this profession, that is why our services are guaranteed. under a wide margin of effectiveness.

The large number of areas of specialization means that you can be attended at all times by specialists within that field, so you can make any kind of call with the freedom and security of having a response that matches the type of needs that you have. you present

The tone or margin of empathy that is presented at the moment of observing your case is fundamental, so that you continue with that margin of hope that should not persist because we have that margin of success that allows you to know the truth in every scenario, where we have forensic specialists for each case.

In the midst of the computer world we also deploy a whole group of experts who understand what these problems imply, for this reason in each social network we can develop an information search process as it is a great modern source that can be used in your favor.

There is no doubt that in emotional situations is when there is greater urgency for the presentation of evidence, for this reason we take care of presenting in a unique way elements of conviction that are the ones you need to reconcile with the calm of not being behind a whole set of lies. .



Any suspicion that arises about the relationship you have with your partner, since some indication of infidelity may arise, it is time not to create more headaches but to assume the conviction to investigate, because behind a simple suspicion there may be an act that completely violated your trust.

On the other hand, when it comes to presenting evidence for processes such as divorces, it is clear that you need to provide yourself with enough evidence, so that after the course of the process you can benefit from it, conflicts are easier to face when you have the evidence on your side.

In the same way, when irregular behavior occurs within the family nucleus, it is also a reason to discover if behind everything there is a history of drug or alcohol abuse, the monitoring that is exercised is to take care of the steps of those you love most, and above all to make forecasts.

At Grupo Arga, our Álava private detectives are entirely professional so that you can use this type of evidence in your favor, but above all with an action where those involved do not know that they are being investigated, this is vital when it comes to locating people being a delicate subject of rapid action.

There is no relaxation when we have in our hands the investigation of some situation, but rather we understand how to undertake that path of investigation, following the questions that are issued from the initial interview that postulate all the details of the case, to get to the bottom of the questions.

In the field of computer forensics, many doubts arise, but with our specialists we can handle all the digital data that makes you curious, especially because the degree of ignorance within this environment is high, but with the appropriate professional intervention, a clear distinction.

We have a team that on each occasion seeks to display the best of its qualities, our intentions are limited at all times to closely follow each trace to come across more details that expose the deception that is being presented within your case.

The utilities that our private detectives in Álava dominate include carrying out electronic sweeps, so that no one can break into your spaces through devices that are designed with greater effort, but our specialists are one step ahead of these events.

The best equipment you need is available at Grupo Arga, we can carry out a complete inspection within any space, as well as get rid of all those threats that are detrimental to your case, in addition to presenting data that can be key in pension adjustments for example.

We extend the protection you need based on the truth with a clear commitment, you can receive that support from our specialists, who work rigorously to obtain more information, but above all to closely monitor everything that goes away presenting after each situation.



Once you resort to our services, you can receive all quality management, from the attention to the tools that we exercise on your case, this type of advanced support helps you get the answers you are looking for in less time, we always move forward as the deceptions advance.

The functions of our private detectives in Álava are extended for your greater comfort, the constitution of our services is a faithful way of contributing to the demonstration of the truth in any plane, those are the results that you deserve and we take care of managing in your favor .

When you are looking for results that clarify all those events that are taking place, the performance of our private detectives in Álava is vital, the task of handling each scenario is presented as an endowment of knowledge that allows you to cause or establish a first level reasoning about the steps or paths to follow.

In the face of any problem, no matter how ambitious it may seem, we take care of limiting all those complexities to change everything in your favor, everything is about undertaking the best investigation process hand in hand with detectives who enjoy each stage of the process because they are due to the demonstration of the truth.

A whole series of adverse causes can arise, but our team manages to distinguish what happened, because in the face of each fraud the specialist is in charge of acting on that subject so as not to lose sight of those details that reveal everything behind a case, everything thanks to the meticulous performance that we guarantee.

The important findings that we are able to provide in each case are a clear example of the capacity that is part of each area of research, in decision-making we seek to act under a role of excellence that allows us to recover the certainty about each fact. thanks to the study by our private detectives.

The preparation that resides on our private detectives is the key to being able to take on most of the causes that are presented to us every day, to improve that technical contribution when analyzing in depth the approach that a case receives, that is the domain that we can present on a case.

Each field of private investigation is updated as we work on a different cause, since this type of reflection leaves us much more prepared to cover another similar case, the actions of our detectives seek to resolve in any circumstance any deception that is being presented .

Financial and labor fraud, as well as doubts about the emotional context, can obtain a better disclosure when we have experts who closely follow what happens, detail by detail, this type of specialization is what refers us to work on this kind of inconvenience. that arise in your life.

The permanent availability of our services means that you can schedule your concerns through the offer that we have, so that you consider this alternative when clearing up your doubts of any kind and at all times, we offer you that clear access to the truth with forceful facts.



The private investigation processes that we design go in the same harmony or tune of making known what is happening behind your back, the intention is that in any area of your life you can develop with the fair transparency of what is happening, for this reason the mission it is permanent, investing the best effort to find evidence.

At Grupo Arga we seek to be recognized for this monitoring and demonstration of the facts, through the hierarchy of our services we manage to dismantle all kinds of deception that are occurring in your life, our experts are responsible for intervening exceptionally to provide you with the answers what do you need.

We seek in any scenario that our clients can retain the best attention from our private detectives, for this reason we ratify in each case that quality act that represents us, for this reason we seek the evidence that you require so that you face the legal processes with that advantage.

Given your needs, our private detectives in Álava are in charge of improving the figure of private investigation, so that it can be shaped in the circumstances that your particular case presents, we take care of determining all those sources of information that are useful to follow closely each event.

We are always committed to the emission of effective results, so when you access the help of our agents, you come across an exclusive treatment from the first moment, so that in the shortest possible time you can receive the certainties you need for your life, everything thanks to the planning that is exercised with your case.

The value of the work carried out by our private detectives in Álava increases as we intervene in more cases, which is why we undertake any activity with a high dose of professional commitment to leave this profession at the top, which is a clear advance in responding to all the irregular events that occur.

We built all of the areas of attention attached to your needs, to confirm all those events that are manifesting, because there is no limitation, but rather all that is exposed, we let our specialists continue expanding their capacities to eagerly await the opportunity to deploy our capacities.

You will find the reliable answer that you hope to get behind our detective agency, because every day we aim for an improvement that can be adapted to your needs, this type of attitude is essential so that that shadow of deception does not continue to appear in any area of your personal life.

We do not judge your concerns for any reason, but we focus on the details that are part of your case, to seek the best possible resolution, the work we do strives to obtain short-term results, and when it is more complex we clarify all terms in advance, you get a fair deal.



When looking for a solution to put an end to your doubts, there is no doubt that our private detectives in Álava are postulated as the means to obtain all those valuable elements of evidence that you need, especially taking advantage of handling a wide variety of types of investigations that confirm the training.

Faced with each aspect that you may be going through, our agents are in charge of postulating a professional development that is very useful, especially when it comes to seeking all those certainties that give you peace of mind, following that line between reality and the facts that shapes a irrefutable truth.

All your rights are captured through the actions of our specialists, since throughout the process we comply not only with your expectations, but with each context of the legal framework, this increases the type of private investigation that we develop in order to impart those good effects of knowing the truth completely.

The tool of each expert process, with the professionalism of our agents, ends up framing a solid path towards the clarification of any circumstance, within this field we are constantly updated to have those evidentiary elements that you need at the right time.

You can respond to each problem with the mechanisms of private investigation, since we endow the areas not only with a high degree of passion on the part of our agents, but also with that willingness to learn in order to remain at the forefront of the situations that are developing. currently.

Our experts undergo an action based on effectiveness, because their skills are changed and adjusted to adapt to the different cases we receive, in this way we can decree that we are open to receiving any type of problem that may arise.

Whenever you are looking for a source of truthful information, you can trust the firmness of our final report, where we develop the main guarantee of having that validity on any kind of medium or environment, that is, the value of the tests is resounding because each process.

At Grupo Arga we are constantly improving the offer by thinking about the client, we want to be able to assume all kinds of deception but in the best way, we are attentive to cover every limitation that the case has, through the adoption of more forensic teams, but above all from a bold team that can work with them.

Undertaking a private investigation is totally feasible with the encouragement of our private detectives, since we expose all those frauds that are presented, and we even take care of recovering all the data that you considered lost in the digital field.

The processes and techniques that we use give you a higher level of peace of mind, always seeking to obtain more precise information, where there is no room for doubt or that evasion of responsibility, the intention is that justice can be issued on your case in any circumstance. .



A versatile performance is the best adjective for the enthusiasm that our private detectives invest, so that each cause can receive this sponsorship of support, but at the same time having that valuable professional trait, since it is not only about knowing the truth, but really try it.

Faced with a great difficulty such as the unveiling of a hoax, there is no doubt that private investigation clears those paths of doubt, as all the evidence related to the case is presented, you can get that clear respite from going revealing everything that develops against you.

It is not possible to distinguish between one case or another, we take care of improving as a general rule to prepare ourselves for the next case, in the world of private investigation there is no rest, but a constant study to meet the demands that are presented, that is the work of our detective agency.

We assume the challenges that arise with the duty that every client longs to receive, for this reason we prepare ourselves at every moment so that we have the capacity to assume more and more commitments, for this reason we can classify ourselves as an effective means to know the truth in any flat.

Faced with your problems, you can go with the certainty that we take care of personalizing and granting the best expert that is indicated for your cause, this type of treatment causes that private investigation processes can be streamlined, since they are attended by professionals who know exactly the Way of acting.

Whenever a problem arises, it is necessary to check if it really is a hoax, because many times you can create many ideas that you can limit at the root with the understanding of our professionals who do not judge you, but on the contrary, they search at all costs. serve you with empathy that feels comfortable.

All the preparation that resides on our private detectives, is due to seeking to have more capabilities so that clients do not have to go through so many adversities, much less when they can get to know the truth without much effort, it is only worth the effort or commitment of our specialists.

We meet your expectations in any type of instance that arises, all thanks to the fact that deceptions are not compatible with the offer that we design where the latest developments in the field of private investigation are merged, so that the information can be reached more quickly. answers you seek.

Our detective agency is suitable for all the answers that it is willing to extend, the delivery and the constancy that is issued on each case, is one more example of loving what is done, so that clients can receive that type security that we can guarantee in each case.

Compliance is an effort that is guaranteed above any circumstance, when you think about reporting your problems you need someone who understands you first, who can feel the importance that this case has for you, that is why our private detectives in Álava they are indicated.



The field of private investigation that we have covered is important, since over time we are not satisfied but rather we scale with more alliances, we unite specialties in the same place, since if we bring together a greater number of professionals, we can carry out the best planned effort to investigate.

A private investigation from a feasible planning obtains more results, in the same way it follows the same line of your expectations, because it is not necessary that you have to bet your illusions on a case that presents too many complexities, the intention is that you can know the truth, not disappoint you with this profession.

The progress of the research that we can develop is exclusive, for this reason we have successful testimonials that beyond endorsing us, inspire us to continue evolving towards a better development, as long as that good virtue or disposition can be developed on our performance we can offer you the best of private investigation.

You can fully trust that our private detectives in Álava will do everything in their power for you, we rely on a strict way of working where each protocol is followed so as not to harm the evidence, but great persistence is also invested in looking for all those pieces of evidence you need.

The collection of data and evidence is always carried out within that legal margin, you can be assured that we provide you with irrefutable evidence, with our services you can confirm or deny any fact without limiting yourself, so when you choose a detective agency you should think of Grupo Arga .

The solvency with which we respond places us as one of the pioneers within this sector, our team of private detectives seek at all times to expose or express their qualities, for this reason you can transmit your case so that you can confirm the success of our private investigation processes.

We have the permits to operate so that you can be sure that you are opting for a legal and valid route, the same happens with our agents, this type of accreditation indicates that we comply with any kind of requirement so that the tests are fully accepted. .

It is essential that you can receive the support of our private detectives, since they demonstrate through their actions all their knowledge within an area, the level of empathy does not drop for any reason, but rather we have the best skills to provide you with the information you need. you need in a timely manner.

In the face of any complexity, we present you with some clear alternatives so that you can rest from all that damage that deception is causing you, both in privacy violations on your devices and meeting spaces, we can intervene to free you from any kind of danger that is causing you filtration of information.



Each of our private detectives in Álava maintains a 24-hour attention posture, we take care of receiving your case to give you the best response quickly, that type of attention is what you deserve to receive in the face of all those problems that may be overwhelming you, and above all hand in hand with the best resources.

When you think of an effective private investigation, but with a flexible budget, at Grupo Arga you get both, because we carry out any kind of investigation with the clear determination to get to the bottom of each matter, we always have the right experts to locate the evidence what do you need.

We provide you with first-rate help at any time, you can opt for this type of intervention that supports you in the face of problems that do not let you sleep well, to relieve all that stress you have, you need to have real private detectives, that type of job it is essential for you to discover the truth.

We carry out distinguished research in any circumstance, because in situations of individuals, such as companies, we seek to extend effective performance, always taking into account all the details or conditions of the environment, this type of intervention design causes our efforts to be well directed.

The reason why we seek to be pioneers in these actions is to give Álava the freedom to know the truth. find the most appropriate path.

The resolution that we can offer you causes that the contracting of our services is not in vain, but that it is presented as the fair help that you require to uncover all those deceptions that are being presented, we promote first level professional activities for your peace of mind.

We develop an investigation process that is always like a lighthouse to get out of your problems, at Grupo Arga we seek to do everything possible for you, because we think of the client at all times, in this way we can specialize and modernize our services towards a better level .

You can resort to our services with the aspiration of finding evidence, since we are just dedicated to helping you reconcile with the truth, without suffering too much or having to make so much effort on your own, we dedicate the greatest possible attention so that you can have that certainty about some event.

We offer you the opportunity to discover the truth, we always meet the objectives of the case, because from the beginning we look at each of the details of the case, so that we can work and respond transparently, we are proud of the way in which that we get involved with each case.

If you need effective help, in the shortest possible time that can be adapted to the environment where your problems develop, our private detectives in Álava are the right ones, since they are in charge of mastering and covering every aspect of the case with specialists who have the ability to resolve any similar situation.



To think about hiring the services of our detectives in Álava is to take that firm will to act, and let the professional level that represents us come into action, generating a search for first-class information, carried out in a detailed manner by the group. specialists we have.

When the answers and alternatives to doubts are exhausted, it is best to think of Grupo Arga as the most effective way to collect data with all the appropriate resources to perform this function according to the conditions or circumstances that inhabit the case, everything is studied and clarified as the process progresses.

In response to each request, the action plan is always designed in relation to the environment, so that the private investigation follows the lines of the individual, the company and anyone who has to do with the matter in dispute, it is about exploring the way in which that must be acted upon, which is why we dedicate unique attention to each case.

The great variety of resources is one more reason to share your causes with our experts, since you will be able to keep in mind the fact of their high level of preparation, and the management they have of each of the teams that lead us to that search for information. guaranteed and with the corresponding processing.

Since the hiring begins, we seek to respond based on the complexities that arise in the case, there is no doubt that your concerns deserve a full service, available most of the time to schedule your problems, and above all that a planning is designed based on the details that do not leave you unprotected.

The resolution of deception occurs effectively when we obtain evidence that ends up being decisive, they are not suspicions or random elements, everything is compiled in great detail and observation so that the evidence is also analyzed objectively and really reveals the involved in the event.

Each problem, regardless of its nature, can be investigated through these private investigation techniques. Confidence in our services is above all about the commitment that we come to fulfill based on preparation, and the response resources that we forge to be suitable for time to treat or work a case.

Knowing the truth gives you a higher level of reasoning, because you take a step ahead of everything that may be happening, you start to act much smarter instead of just falling into controversies, being vital when it comes to an employment relationship , or before espionage by your competition.

In each sector there are many frauds that are not necessary to tolerate, much less when you have the professional support of our detectives in Álava, who take ownership of the situation by treating it as if it were a personal matter, until trying to resolve it using the appropriate means.



At Grupo Arga we design the best professional response, which is why we have a high level of effort behind each investigation. At the end of everything, we want to be able to count on those elements of conviction that will give you peace of mind, but above all, that you can be sure about its validity.

The presentation of evidence in a short time is a reality under the actions of our private detectives in Álava, any case can be viable when we have a high level of training and above all we gather the means to study the causes always based on the nature of the circumstances.

The operation that is deployed on each case, obeys a surveillance and follow-up of the first level, since we impose the most effective means of resolution so that you can shorten all your doubts regarding all those events that are occurring and that you should not leave happen because the consequences increase.

Postponing knowing the truth does not generate any kind of benefit, you just ignore all the suspicions you have, but all those adverse consequences do not disappear, but the emotional damage grows, and the financial figures of some loss continue to spread, so you need an answer effective.

The type of answers that our investigation processes give you are true, in the process of obtaining all this information a great discreet work is not violated, since it is part of the guarantees that professionals in this sector must maintain, especially when there is much at stake.

We seek at every opportunity to generate an advantage over your situation, so when reliable data is presented, it is used to conclude what is happening, and these conclusions are imparted as a firm sign of everything that is presented behind your back, it is a professional performance designed for you.

The results we issue are satisfactory because we use the best techniques in this area, and in the midst of the structure of our services, which are renewed to expand their capabilities, the intention is to be open to constant improvement, that is the step that We exercise for the benefit of each client.

The development of private investigation operates under the guidance and experience of our agents, who make the best decisions for your case, this type of discernment is created through training, so you should look for the most prepared, just one of our qualities.

Our investigation services are always promoted with the intention of helping, of bringing the answer closer, for this reason we do not impose that barrier of costly work, but we work under fair budgets, for this reason you should not worry but bet at all times on the security of our offer.

The provision of services is a guarantee that we impose, so once you trust Grupo Arga you will find a wide variety of options for ways and techniques that arise to help you have the tests you need in a shorter period of time. , that is why we improve to serve at the height.



The capacity of our private detectives in Álava does not stop, that is why we move forward to take control of all kinds of investigations, where the digital issue has become highly demanded, due to the frequent use of devices, there is no doubt that we adhere to the actual needs.

In view of the commitment that we establish with the resolution of different problems, we take care that you can enjoy that freedom to go for any requirement, always with the certainty that we will be attentive, taking into account every detail so that the best specialists come to take care

The contribution that we establish with the profession, is about demonstrating in any instance all that preparation that supports us, that is why our agents seek to execute each investigation process with dedication so that the ravages of some kind of fraud do not continue to spread and you can defend yourself. .

The best defense for man is the truth, but above all having the ability to prove it in any instance, that is why from our investigations we dedicate ourselves to dedicating the best search for information, always starting from the real possibility that the case presents, to exercise the procedures that the situation

demand .

The development of private investigation is always carried out seeking a higher level of satisfaction for the client, and for this reason we make a distinguished effort, the perseverance to find information is a trait that causes you to receive a greater degree of peace of mind, above all we are dedicated to collect all the data that arises.

At Grupo Arga we take care of continuing to be a first-class private investigation agency, after each year of experience we improve, because we always use that level of knowledge in favor of each client, we always seek to provide the best hand in hand with good agents and of modern equipment, everything merges to serve you.

We are available at all times to carry out top-level research, we take care of improving the type of response, until it fits in a better way with your problems and needs, this type of complete offer in Álava gives you the freedom to meet a service at the height of all deception.

The level of specialization makes us an integral team, seeking to carry out the best activities on your case so that you obtain a precise answer for everything that causes you a great question, towards companies as in particular cases, we manage a significant amount of resources that support your needs.

To deal with your problems you need professional representation, which is why at Grupo Arga we seek to provide the best advice in each specific situation, we focus on those details that everyone lets go, but our experience guides them not to be lost sight of, but to serve as a clear trail to follow.



The option of hiring our private detectives in Álava is ideal, it is reasoned based on the criteria of specialization that they possess, because the best way to abandon uncertainty is with the technical and professional contribution that inhabits the entire range of experts that represent us and can become your best allies.

The void left by doubts is not a good ally for you, but at Grupo Arga we eliminate that proportion of questions in exchange for a set of evidentiary elements that change your perspective on something, because you have elements that leave behind

by focusing on certainties.

The resolution is based on that criterion that we have based on the level of expertise that is exercised on each phase of investigation, because the improvement of each processing or execution, causes the evidence to be much more decisive, but above all that they are ready in a shorter time span than is always the intention.

When we provide a service, we seek at all times to keep up with your problems, through our detective agency we can deploy a set of processes compatible with the type of problem you have, for each client we generate the best way of attention that be related to your cause.

We constitute ourselves as a means to access all those answers you need, for this reason you can see our services as a clear solution to fraud, in a preventive or defensive way we act for you and for you, the vision of our experts causes that we can demonstrate and assert a quality performance.

The ways of solving a case become extended when they are exercised by our private detectives in Álava, where they are in charge of executing each type of investigation following that route of truth, without the need to impose high prices but quite the opposite, We are under your availability.

The satisfaction of each client is the ultimate goal of our private investigation processes, which is why we focus so much on improving, on going the extra mile on each case, that is why the level of passion for what we do makes us the best in what we do. what we do, above all.

It is not only about effective training, but also applying the knowledge with the best possible intention, seeking that they can give the results you expect in your case, that is appropriate and a general rule in Grupo Arga, to provide a clear orientation deploying the best that inhabits each agent.

The precision that we impose within each case, helps us to be able to respond to each circumstance or situation that our clients apply to us, the management of a case should not generate concern, but peace of mind, just as it happens after the execution of Grupo Arga services.

Whenever you decide to trust us with your problems, we take care of representing you in the best possible way, with a high dose of discretion and a good investment of knowledge, to provide you with all the evidence you require about your case, that is the difference we seek to make.





If you wish to contract the services of the private detectives that are at your disposal in Grupo Arga, you only have to contact them by the means you prefer, be it through a message on WhatsApp or through an email.

Our professionals will be in charge of giving you an answer in the shortest possible time so that you can start the investigation. Likewise, you can choose to enter our website to obtain more information about this investigation agency and its private detectives .

Do not hesitate to get in touch at the time you prefer so that you can have an interview with a detective and start the process; It is also important to note that we will provide you with a free estimate for the service you need to determine if it fits your current capital.




In our incredible journey in which we ramble throughout the entire Spanish territory, there is one that for an agency like ours is of intimate and profound affliction, because we are certainly the best private detectives in Álava , so yes, surely you are already rightly so, we have moved from one place to another until we fell back into the marsh that our beloved autonomous community of the Basque Country supposes to be, because being good detectives goes beyond us, constantly tests us, and in sync leaves us with a primary mission, almost unusually imperative for these times, well yes , because the investigation is what it is, and we, investigating privately, are the best private detectives in Álava .

To take on this enormous task, it is necessary to make our virtues clear, which are those that are presented in our catalog of proposals to which we can derive our research work. We take this as the main scheme to introduce ourselves by a pattern that is sufficiently understandable for the semantic explanation, and it is that we offer something simple but that moves through an infinite number of alternatives that may well be expanded more and more, who knows , but if we went to meet the specific people we could say that we have a niche, but not a specialized one understood as it is done today, but rather that we cover that large number of specialties that derive towards the methodical incursion by a detective private, something that makes us extremely happy, because the discipline has been arduous and much more the discretion with which we have undertaken our strengths in each area, knowing that the demonstration and example in each of the interludes in which we should develop would be intriguing and extremely difficult, but over the years we’ve carved out all these branches, one branch after another, to corroborate what in general fixation and basing ourselves on the praxis of the letters, we are graced by experience and by being able to carry the adjective versatile in our various types of research, actively induced to feedback and measure by our best researchers.

Something like this almost always happens as soon as we have to deal with each of the circumstances that the clients provide us with definition: An arrival process, in which they elucidate all the approaches that are of interest within the case, that are of the immediate concern of the detectives to manage to consolidate some methodical bases in terms of the type of research to be carried out; and thus duly face each adversity within the investigation setting the precedents that award our laborious clamor for the fulfillment of objectives that are of the defining use of the client and that are only to the detriment of those that cloud the civic coffers of the citizens, or the citizen in any case. In any case, this is a schematic principle in which we induct the elements that set a precedent in the first fixation that covers the pre-investigative period, because of course, there are periods that we evoke in great quantity and with great quality, a kind of mutual convalescence that has sufficient resources to support its own needs and tools that attack directly or indirectly against what we are trying to find, because we use everything that is within our reach, of course, without entering into malpractice or uses of the force that within the legal apparatus has no connection and is extremely dangerous to do taking into account the attitudes of those involved, but in fact we make explicit use of what touches us, what brings us together the warmth or the hottest parts of the eye of the hurricane at the time of investigation, because yes, both cameras for public use and the use of some indecipherable recording tools ble to the human eye are of extremely common use if it is about gathering information in a cautious, stealthy and at the same time legal way, which submits at our complete disposal the elements of discretion and at the same time the satisfactory formulas for obtaining knowledge of the truth .

We then proceed to resolve the questions that the critical public dictates to us, because there is one and we applaud that this is the case, why are we the best detectives in Álava ?, since it is too soon to give certainty, that if you follow these grammatical lines you will know what do we mean when we cite our own faculty of expertise as the best and incomparable, but not without first calling you to define your options, because of course there are dozens of detective agencies throughout the territory, one more renowned than others, but by reduction qualitatively we are immersed here and now in making them reason with great caution, with which we make ourselves a reference based on our work, to superimpose our faculties above those of the rest, given an immense and immersive number of objectives that we have been considering for the throughout our regency as a company culminate and that, for various reasons, the provision has given rise to today talking about us, Grupo Arga detective es, and of our specialists in the field, in each one of them, for the elaboration of research genres that cover all those points in which the possible investigations unfold and in which, with our full expectation, we move so as not to rest on our laurels, because if you have to assume something, it is that we have been the favorite competition of our competition, only because we make use of what the competition will copy from us sooner rather than later.



The main case of the appearance of our faculties is worth strengthening if we say that our actions make a breaking point in which the various agencies will make use of them in an inordinate way after investigating them as we do in our sense, or even in a less ominous way, carried out even at the instruction of our own servers of the research destinations, which needless to say cause a precedent not because it is manifested in an open way, but because it corroborates patterns, and my friends the patterns for the investigative genre make domination of some aspects within the skill in which we can later go back and make the circumstances work in our favor is undoubtedly an instrumental agreement of the first order, and you are sure that they have their eye on us, as a company with experience already advanced in years , making use of a delivery and a distinction to the investigation of the investigation, we ennoble ourselves, we make of the theory another bigger theory, in which lots of our best private detectives in Álava give way to the manifest work of years of experimentation and practical training for the interpretation and elucidation of the facts in the shortest time possible, and with the ease that of the patterns we subtract, for this reason we are surely the largest in our market, for being a few steps ahead of the other agencies, and therefore, for responding to these trends with more aggregate knowledge of all those who contribute, whether they are clients or graduate detectives who know new applications of the theory, and the time has come to implement it. We at Grupo Arga do that and more.

So much so that the grace we want to reach is never unfinished for us, and we say this with sincerity, because of course, we serve the population, of course, if we owe it to them, but we also owe it to ourselves our comprehensive development in accordance with the ways that are witnessed in the convoluted trend of the cases that are present in our day to day. This, of course, is not a mere implicit objective that we define as pressing and assertive for our link to the newest and most distinctive that we can find being investigated and taught in the academies, but rather it has a symbiotic relationship with reality, namely , that the fortification of the details is the usual within what happens in the lives other than those we investigate, and after proceeding the time we have to know how to establish a relationship of didactic immersion that supports all our research, the way issued by a long and extensive ideology in which little by little, going through real and imaginary scenarios to which the practice in both circumstances has become valid, has borne its fruits, already concatenated to us being more than the ones who carry the common thread of the certainties and the specific forms with which to add with professionalism and analytical habit within the market, of our market, to which without a doubt It will already sound like songs of angels from heaven to know how much and how we can solve your needs between certain cases.

In any case, the reaction within our intuitions is undoubtedly elementary, because we must not leave out that the assisted relationship to which our senses, and especially those of our private detectives in Álava, must be attentive are crucial, almost of maximum authority with with respect to those of the majority, for the same reason that we said before, because the experience serves and works not only to choose the best alternatives within the case, but also entails a very precise use of cognitive resources that can only be present by having people like us to the order of their demands, whatever they may be, since from this transitive relationship between the introduction of cognitive effects in a research environment, and in turn the experience concretized based on trial and error in the study, gives As a result, there is a very fine line between what we know as inefficient detectives and efficient detectives, one that does not contract on whether the necessary proportions s of stimuli that are forwarded to a

result that enables the creation of an idea, graduated and designed in context and form, and another that does , which adds an extra plus towards the determination of elements that may not be subtracted from previously detailed processes, but that in substance serve for the concretion of objectives, who know what to look for, and also perceive what is necessary to look for when there are elements that do not explicitly attribute a review based on the investigative extension that has precedent in our reports. This is what defines our best private detectives in Álava , this like so many other well-resolved characteristics for the happiness of the client.

In any case, we agree in many areas to assimilate that both the experience in one or another concept as well as the cognitive and the empirical suppose a strong advance in the definition of the results in any space of time from the conceived to the moment of assigning, initiating, develop and conclude a case, strengthening this our entire catalog of applications towards research work as disparate as those that move in terms of infidelities or those that rescue the most corporate space and take hold of that input for our helpful investigative work declared to the proportionality of the facts in strategic character. This is not undone in any of our possibilities in each case, because as we say, the intrusion that our private detectives present at the time of becoming part of our repellent action team is one that testifies to great skills, which do not differ each other and that even usually meet without arguing with each other , but largely as a constructive resource that recreates the semblance with which they, the best of Álava , keep intact the experience that we try to achieve and make ourselves worthy of it, that is that is, assuming the feat that this means as a general rule based on the time dedicated to it.



If we are sure of anything at Grupo Arga , it is that our team in its entirety is undoubtedly one of the bastions that expose our value as a company wherever they step. Something like that cannot be said of many out there, but without a doubt what makes us feel special satisfaction is the fact that they, our private detectives, have kept the roof high in all kinds of investigations that they have undertaken, so that we do not need a profusion on the part of one or the other, or the programmatic affirmation of one or the other to testify that each one gives form and validity to what we propose within our agency. In this sense, it is clear that we are the ones you are looking for and need to get out of that mess that has you stunned looking for help, because without a doubt great things are achieved with the experience of the best, and with a group that never sleeps, and also , knowing what can get out of hand for not being fast enough, serving in record time is our proposal, which we do with great energy for those who lost it between different problems.

In itself , what we propose is to make us your faithful servants that record the information that you most need, because we add not the fact of getting it but also the option of having it ready, Yes, as you read it yourself!, the reason of this falls on the judgment that we dignify more and more when highlighting the effects of one or another agent of our classification, that not within normality, we can clarify that the level of expert borders on the unimaginable, and that he will surely find what What do you need then to know that there are millions of events happening right now, to know that we, together with our best detectives, drag with it an immense amount of information that possibly constrains the solution of obtaining the necessary evidence and sustenance with which to infuse nearby alternatives your closest recipients that would be you, your company, your family or whoever enters this equation, so as not to conjecture any more with a mind full of ideas that do not solve anything and that are just a ballast inside your mind, of course not! The idea is that we be allowed to redefine that, that which you need or redirect, or give a direction that may not exist, and stop assuming things that are not true, because here we are looking for the influence of what gives results, what is beneficial for everyone and what is appropriate for each occasion as if it were a ring to the finger, because without a doubt the The objective is none other than to pave the foundations of a hypothesis until it is found to be real or fictitious, to record all this and more, and to give you a real specialty in the service of what really enters into it. relationship with reality on a large scale so that the backgrounds are understood, which are many, and in general it is a bed of roses for you.

This has a certain advantage for our private detectives, who, in the end, design solid effects that are limited not only to what we at Grupo Arga like to be linked to, but also, due to the profusion of general facts, are directed to what they represent. certain types of livelihoods that are framed in which the market needs and longs for immediate help, so much so that we see ourselves in the objective recreation of the facts to satisfy with greater causality in terms of instant distinction. At Grupo Arga we have been recreating this from our best detectives in Álava so as not to succumb to adversity, which if they realized within this world there are many and with very varied characteristics, and also that they are not reduced to the minimum for to continue stumbling around there and knowing what to do for the next one, taking the cases of some clients as guinea pigs, of course not, because if you define us in those parts, rest assured that you cannot make a market, or image, or much least a harmonious work, but understanding this we have sought to split the contexts into parts, but understood in a versatile solution that resembles what we really need to find out and what by general amendment we want to find out, because in effect we want to do it because we passionate about doing it and we know how to make it even more passionate, and this is with the measured difficulty itself, which we save in principle and do in a certain way so that That already in the achievement we manage to propose what is necessary to arrive for when we focus on a single balloon of information concluded from the detailed analysis of that split.

The identity then for us, as Grupo Ara, is established in the effective and definitive instruction of the circumstances that are ascribed to those of the market itself, so it is not proper that any type of event gets out of hand or, at the expense of what we do or do not do, any type of case in which we are involved in the investigation, since in turn we try to work in exact times and with an efficiency of at least 98% of resolved cases, that in their majority alleviate the dissertations of the clientelist mass because in one way or another the knowledge of an investigation by people outside the understanding of the situation places us at the beginning and for uninformed eyes as people who can end up bordering on the peripheries other than those necessary within the concepts of the most ineffective error that may exist, but of course this is not the case with us, because in any case We sign a whole prospect of levels that enable the interpretation and integration of actively stipulated information so that the strengths for the benefit of the development of the investigation are optimal and most appropriate to the events that have occurred. In this case, it is definitive to establish the paradigms that oppose our true legitimacy towards you, dear and expectant reader, because without a doubt there is a lot of talk that can be put in tune in terms of effect and consolidate functions, but how do you Does this reach a possible reality and where do you keep examples of it? And, well, my dear friend, it is something that we will make known with somewhat insidious details but that, if you are looking for depth using our services, it is possible that you will even get your own prospectus of the case that is happening to you right now, so make yourself comfortable that these are the details that we have been able to visualize and structure regarding our beloved Álava.



We may want many things, but our intention at the time of getting used to this part of the country is undoubtedly to consolidate the security that has already been taken into account and continues to be established in our country, to serve as a general aspect to the connecting situations of the service of the security but on a scale contained within the territory of the Basque Autonomous Community. Case such that impels us to get to intervene in this community within the market, it is worth saying that the investigative process was arduous and laborious, like all those we do, but that undoubtedly bring back extremely interesting meanings for the interpretation and assimilation with which we let our private detectives know so that they know from a more authoritative voice like ours what they will come across and how they are already coming across today in their kind of labor market built by the promising words of an exhaustive investigation.

With immediate effect, we carried out a series of investigations that carefully identify the intensity of the cases that are potentially seen in the territory of the Basque Country in order to make it binding with the measures of irruption associated with field work, which, moreover, demonstrate a slight similarity linked to the population density that distinguishes between the populations of Vitoria and the other not so densely populated areas, which are related to a certain type of surroundings with respect to the trends to which each of the cases are framed according to the area. Taking this into context we can define that for what concerns Vitoria, by far the most populated area in the region, with at least 73% of the population contained in this city, we can expect that the proportions of investigation and security cases with mobility and follow-up mitigating factors are quite common, linking this to the investigation services that accredit the service for companies of a certain nature and that are also concerning various numbers of people depending on the case in question. Thus, the use of our services for investigation that equates to cases outside the country is also distinctive of the region that concerns Álava, being also one of our virtues protected in turn by our possibility of mobility within the territory of the European zone, and that in turn is tied to the relationship with this region because it is definitively bordering and has a dense number of affluent communities from abroad throughout the year, along with the ease that can be carried out through the borders towards France, something that for an investigation of an individual person can become very recurrent if he had

awareness of some kind of illegitimate act that he was perpetrating.

Making use of this type of geographical research, we have also been able to reach the conclusion that for the contractual services that concern this community, series of research that are clearly habitual for it can and have reached our office, such as those that are defined by looking for the whereabouts of a person, either due to infidelity or because the person is missing for the person seeking our services. This is related to the almost definitive use, very bad by the way, of sparsely inhabited areas of the community that they use to escape from the eyes of those relatives whom they do not want to see again or because they use these areas to alienate themselves indefinitely for one or other type of concomitant situation. Be that as it may, the fact is that for this type of investigation we also have ample guarantees of solving them, since these are not by far the most difficult to visualize, cope with, or even finish in all its parts, since the distinctive reintegration of a well-known investigation designed by virtual and real means, they serve in very wide ways to intuit movements and influence the search and obtain results to the good fortune that our best private detectives in Álava are already beginning to know how to move throughout the territory without distinction of any kind and thus disassociate each of the objectives to reach the ultimate goal and mend these fine lines along which every good private detective has to move.

In another case, the fact that the pandemic has been an important study proportion, almost on a par with all the forces that register a connective relationship with the intention of people even for this type of evasive maneuvers or of a perfidious nature in terms of the generation of cases, it has become true that we have had the duty to elaborate new forms and new reasons with which we know how to forge within the context, thus knowing what our possibilities were in the area and how from this dystopian situation to which we were ventured in 2020, the increasingly rising rebuke for the new ways of executing one or another unethical action were served, and just as people outside the investigation were noticing their ways and their backgrounds, we have also generated forms and alerts that define a joint action to do without fields that were already expired by the time in which we lived and to be able to engage with all the s signs and all the forms that from then on had to be done, because the current situation was extremely aggravated for anyone, and there is no doubt about that, for which we entered with all involvement and thus we were extremely involved in the new opportunities, that beyond the circumstances, it still continued to show us the shaken autonomous community of the Basque Country and above all of our beloved Álava, which along with so many gave us material to cut for these intricate moments, and at the same time, made us participate of a moment in which not any of the agencies could come out unscathed.



Yes , there is something false in this assumption, because to be clear, the relationship between our agents and the pandemic situation was frontal, the implication that we took was not so great at the same time as dissuading the roots that the event was using. viral that devastated here. In other words, we at Grupo Arga knew from the outset that the situation was formulated in such a way that we could not perform a naturally specialized service as we had been doing, this was radically impossible, but nevertheless there were certain certainties at the time of covering the private investigation vacancies that had been stagnating throughout the quarantine period experienced from the first days of March, to which, without a doubt, one had to be very aware as well as covered because it was undoubtedly a situation that was not we did not understand in any way until now, but that we made clear the clear task of trying to understand it in the shortest time possible in order to adapt to the characteristics and power, at the time the call to action was made, to be in the faculty of aptitudes to devastate the entire market that had been paralyzed, and this was completely in this way.

The practicality that came to us as a barrage at the time of the departure alert for our services was undoubtedly splendid but intricate in many aspects, because without a doubt there was something that could have gotten out of hand, but we tried to make sure that this was almost never this is the case, because if we take a good look at the statistics in which health work was a profound ascending curve of users to treat, the relationship that arose from the signs that were coming and gave rise to our clientelistic agenda was more or less the same as that curve; a huge number of cases that had to be paused and that had a very important relationship to serve because that was how the clients themselves defined it, and so with all the noise they also did their own procedures to lead to the first contractual understanding with us as It has been seen very rarely, of course, surely thanks to the preparation time they had to amass the necessary documents to do so, and in that case those with whom we already had open services only waiting for the starting point would be given to us and we could satisfy the vast majority of the cases that were piling up in the Grupo Arga office.

Fortunately for many, this gave rise to a significant increase in budgets, since in general the events that had taken place within the market, as we had said, and as was surely evidenced, were largely an almost total seclusion in homes that did not It gave approval to any type of citizen, even to us who have a certain type of practicality related to the legal apparatus that instructs the actions that the entente security organs can carry out. In any case, this was managed to be weighed at the beginning of the first de-escalation, which were also part of our almost total benefit, because we took that legal security initiative by which we are protected and thus it was possible to begin to encourage actions again. field throughout the territory, based on the appeal given by the Ministry of the Interior concerning our possibilities of managing our positions based on the moment in which we lived in favor of civil security and the events that had to be carried out to the elaboration of strategies that largely subjugated not only the economic incidences from the strident agglomerations of cases that had been taking place from that pause and restart process recorded between March and May 2020, something that consequently hit our I work in fairly regular ways after the movement became more and more normalized.

With these events happening one after the other, we at Grupo Arga created a defined structure for two fundamental research platforms that were given and that had resources for it, a very important thing since the adjustments made to keep the doors of the agency open Grupo Arga was severely hit, as surely any other within these months, and therefore gave almost the kick for us to finish our work, but without a doubt the readjustments had an effect, and from the moment of restarting our work true feats were generated on the part of our veterans and our practitioners of private investigation, since in the face of a reintegration of cases that was becoming greater and greater, and that turned their eyes to specific points of the discipline and the new social orders that had a function from During these times, there was a great reception by both sectors, an interesting leveling in search of the or that it was and should be the new skills to take into account and above all in achieving something extremely important and that it was an almost heroic deed that took place for us, private detection agents in general, which was the fortune of being able to help , colluding our skills and those of our best agents with the growing health needs, or rather to say on full alert, which it was clear to the fore that it would be of the utmost importance and that, for some reasons, culminated in a good correlation between both parties, the public and the private, how could it be otherwise, in order to reinstitute the stimuli of a new reality in a more placid and accurate way. It is then that we can say that we established an almost intuitive and important relationship for the development of the new relaxation of the measures, but how did we do that?



If there is something that the community of detectives throughout the country can make up for, it is undoubtedly the fact that we had it in our hands to do, and to do it the way we know how to do it, because in perspective the relationship of our agencies had a high percentage of participation after the interpretation of what was happening in the health field. This took place after the repercussion of what had been taking place in terms of the type of ways in which the central government decided to confront the hard task of dissuading the chain of infections that was still taking place in an excessive way and with chaotic consequences. for our health organizations, how much better they managed to do many of the feats that today and since those days it became completely evident that they had a fundamental importance in the so-called first line of work against this disease. But although the first line had its open development by doctors and nurses who gave everything of themselves to manage to quench the overwhelming influx of patients with this new disease gracefully and with a lot of momentum involved, theirs was a representative task of a single face of the multiple that manifested the new regulation of intentions that the population should have in order to lead a relatively calm life until enough was contributed to stop those indeterminate chains of contagion that were intensifying left and right . In this sense, where we name the so-called contagion chain is where we enter the reciprocal game of optimal functions for the general service of the population as one more branch for prevention and prudent use of human resources.

Thus, based on a call made by groups of private detectives from all over the country, permission and active potential were given to those who, within their powers, which are almost the majority, in the detection of individuals who carry the virus in order to settle the due cases of screening more quickly and manage to make proper use of the information so that those who had or had had a relationship with a patient that contains the virus be contacted and identified in order to use what, in broad strokes It becomes the process of breaking into the chain of infections, understanding that by this time the chain was getting bigger and bigger and that many of the individuals were not even aware that they were carrying part of that viral load that could become lethal to other people around you.

It was in this sense that our work in which Grupo Arga was also a participant was directed, because of course the work of maintaining security is a fundamental asset in our work ethic, and based on what we did we had the opportunity to recompose the situations that we longed to have on us again that gave us a much more active freedom in various areas and that everyone, including ourselves, was missing. Thus, we gave our abilities to conjecture the typification of chains of cases that corresponded to situations of significant relationship close to other individuals who managed to have closeness and thus use all these hypotheses to settle on the conclusion of intervening in each one of them to revitalize the hopes that we had of putting ourselves above the circumstances and recomposing, at least in a determined and active sense in this case, in the reconstruction of links that would give certainty of data to the State organisms and the competent organisms in the health area so that once again After reaching such conclusions, we could proceed in those ways that were more valid for us to reintegrate everything into a mortar of related events to follow up on, which, as you will see, is something that we have been doing for a long time. .

In any case, what we wanted to make understood and it was given in an appropriate way for that moment of uncertainty, was that we, at the expense of what was really thought to be the almost unequivocal creation of own elements for linear combat only of sanitary aspects against the viral set itself , we had things to offer, many more than one could believe from a superficial view, since without a doubt the health aspects and their immediate strengthening were elementary , yes , but for that blushing appearance had multidisciplinary help, it was necessary to make the other branches of social groups present, not passively as it became clear that it was evident that for many it was deeply necessary, and still is, to stay at home and have a cordiality towards your family and friends, your community and your country, even with the world why not, but in our opinion, at our level of transition to action, it was ten or twenty times more pressing to have in the first frontal plane that would give reins and head so that the achievement of objectives would have greater profusion in a short period of time, and that from our proportional immediacy of detection for

Some of our best private detectives, an example of mastery and experts in this process, found the whereabouts of those cases that, like scissors, were cut off at the root and gave way to a new, less cloudy dawn.



Although it is true that we did this in principle to repay our staunchest value as professionals based on an ethical amendment that overlaps us and well creates us as laborious servants for the intrinsic function of part of the exemplary sense of the profession and also as a sense almost decisive as good citizens, the mediation of this type of contacts also gave filament act to take advantage of it, a profitable solution with which to graduate ourselves as a case induction company from private investigation, is this then a cold dissection of the misfortune of others? Absolutely not, of course, but it does have something of importance for us that we have been progressively given this level of involvement in this type of research corresponding to reciprocal work within the immediate health effect, because it satisfied many of our dilemmas to those that specifically could and should have arrived, both we as a company and surely our best private detectives in Álava , due to an expectation that did not finish validating any imperatively accurate conjunction of what would be our in vitro approach of the resulting to our profession to from what became differentiated within the pandemic effect.

In what composed all this treatment, it resulted then in a strength that gave us not only two-stage work, first in the ambivalence of the conjunctural effects in cases that were of normalized and usual registry for our private detectives, and that by certainty of the human events is almost a fact that they would continue to be a usual work of immediacy for our investigative product, and on the other hand there was the situation that we also couldn’t cope with, which was the unstoppable investigation of chains of contagions that we had been following up on and that it made the work even more pleasant because it gave us a certain air of complacency almost imparted by the kindness of acts to which we would perhaps pay homage when all this mess was finished. Well, in effect, these two ambivalences were a fact, and they gave rise to a series of concepts that were explained to us based on both circumstances, some because they were part of the usual concept that a private detective is prosecuted to engage in and achieve results. satisfactory, and the other that gave more results only because of the fact of the investigation than because of the basic interpretation that had to be done to continue with a chain of consequent events; The important thing about all this is that both gave something, a file, a significant interpretation of the media that we should make ourselves worthy of interpreting, since it did not seem that this was going to be controlled more than what we did, and that therefore it disseminated our senses towards a single function, which was normally passive but which already provided places for analysis for which we would tend to return to confront, to a large extent, the intermingled situations that would tend to be made at the moment of consolidating ourselves in the workplace again regularly and simply with what is already more intuitive to us, which is the work defined by and for the client and their dichotomous needs.

From here we made a deep dissection, this time yes , of what we could really touch and what we could not within our research processes, writing down everything that was put in front of us and that gave us better or worse results from these types of moments of the pandemic, and of course, depending on what kind of investigations, of course, when they were the order of the day after a consistent immediacy on our part with the security agencies. This is how we found what we were interested in knowing, how we would have to position ourselves now that the pandemic was becoming more or less flexible, when the rules of immediate reaction with people had changed, and how these only defined a new type of behavior that, luckily, it was still in its infancy and that we could conjecture as we went along, a whole series of factors that made us see what it represented and what it would represent to be based on new concepts of social conduct, the work of private investigation under cover , and that in turn knew how to reestablish itself as a definitive example that, using what we were given the opportunity to be a part of, draw conclusions from which we can make the most of and try, as Grupo Arga and its best private detectives from Álava have done on countless occasions, which is to be a vast and nutritious pile of information that feeds the market and in turn, like any good business, the other agencies of private detectives in search of results and at the same time in search of the right direction from which to start with a new normality, a new situation, new habits to follow without being appreciated by the objects of study, and above all other ways of achieving what you want to investigate, but of course, what never changes is our complete and absolute function within which the immediate investigation of the subtexts is limited, that is , with this always in mind, it has not lacked us for a second and has helped us in exceedingly.

These principles gave us the necessary filament to influence what we are today, what we were and of course what we will be in the future, of course, there is no other way of seeing things but in a way that dictates to us properly from a specific situation, which together with this level of events gave way to a complete restructuring of the ways of interceding and serving the game of private investigation, and such meaning to the new certainties that were making their way undermining the barriers that inadvertently, due to the property of other times somewhat lighter in the consensual but passive sense, gave few vicissitudes to be changed. But the times that were are no longer, and we know that, as much as we were able to extract it from what we were given the opportunity to venture into the investigative incidence as in the exact fact of postponing our most usual jobs. Going back to them with a new finality of views gave us strength, serenity and cunning to continue doing our work as well as it is necessary to do, and as well we continue analyzing to do in ways that correspond to the circumstances that, by unavoidable fact, we already they give and will continue to give precepts that day after day become more valid and that have enough to gnaw from now on, because without a doubt the fluctuation will continue in one way or another, but the experience gained will always be successful for our company and for course our private detectives.



Now that the fold that had arisen in terms of our first-rate investigative work in favor of the search for information that would corroborate the proper chains of contagion has been settled, there is at the same time a deep involvement on our part with the services, which otherwise would be the most important if it weren’t for the situation, for those who, as we said, were put on pause, and at the time of returning with them, to a large extent they had to stand in line and know that they were intentionally relevant at the time of what could link these to starting from the destination that should be given within the current context; This of course was discussed and continues to be discussed today regarding the appointments that can be made with our team for the immediacy of our services in your case, because the fortune is that we give a free appointment to meet the needs that attend immediately to the facts in full development. These appointments did nothing but remain recorded as something more than what we should already take care of, and in them we detail in general the tasks that already make a place in the habituality of our investigations by cunning in substitution of elements, to which little little by little at Grupo Arga we are getting used to it and in turn becoming specific specialists.

The first assumption that we had to take into account is that the facts have led to an increasingly complicated way of collecting information at the field level, why did it become like this? As simple as saying that for a particular follow-up, an astute measurement of characteristics that could be measuredly seen by our best detectives was necessary in order to maintain the predefined image of the object of investigation, in this case the person, and thus compose an optimal follow-up. and precise with all the distinctions that it processes. Of course, this is not entirely normal if, in order to establish a certain type of kinship, from the use of the mask, it has touched the indivisible for which the eyes determine a definition rough enough to establish with the pertinent follow-up objectives, thus understanding that the optimized way of regulating these characteristics was defined by almost exact points in the visible part of the face, or in general jargon, some features in the eyes, or in the eyes mostly, the way of walking, that is, something distinctive that did not run in proportion to what was usually carried out as a basic characteristic that could be a mustache, a type of beard, hair, things that today have been seen more restrained from the conjunctural process that has been experienced by the pandemic.

Likewise, not only have the particular monitoring of people at the level of bodily characteristics been reduced by this situation, of course not, but the list is larger than you might expect, since the grace of field research lies in having with great haste of the exact times to do it, to ruminate on these possibilities of holding your breath when looking at what should be looked at, drawing conclusions and leaving the place with great measure just as you came. This has undoubtedly changed the tables a bit since people’s lives have changed, not simply in habits but also in simplicity of time, concerning which autonomous community and what type of restriction or relaxation in the processes of dissuasion of the pandemic is being experienced in it, the restructuring of events around the purely temporary sphere has been brutally changing, and this not only because of the restrictions that are placed by state agencies and legal prospects, but also due to the fact that the attitudes of social mobility, becoming very well managed by our citizens, could vary in many ways, there being cases in which the individual in question could not come out in any way and suddenly have to fight with total expectation without results outside the meager streets of Álava, or that there were some citizens who went out at times that were not very appropriate for the measures that were being taken in said community. community. In any case, the fact is that we

we also adapted to this task, mounting in these aspects not only the principle of insight from other types of research that would be able to discern certain types of information that would give ownership to an added value to field research, but also to assume certain types of issues that would yield better results than having a routine follow-up habit that undermines one or another piece of information.

Witnesses of these changes, we also realized that the circumstances gave priority to other types of investigations that were clearly linked to other types of cases, to which of course we are faithfully available. Cases have always varied a lot over the years and circumstances, and this would not be the exception, since with a large number of hints of what could and should be the new forms of cases throughout the entire territory Spanish, the possibilities registered a lot of fluctuation, many elements to pay attention to, but as we said, based on the practice that we were able to face within the pandemic context, the relationship that we were able to match was that the research cases particular employee and disappearance of persons was and has been a fairly naturalized prospect throughout this new career of cases contained in this context. Thus, the formula that we have urged each of our private investigation agents to follow has been that of an impression that ranges from typification through virtual aspects, which, far from these times, had already been envisioning that it would have special attention to our work, or by the most objective part of the investigation through the data provided by the client, taken to much more extreme cases of detail that would provide a solid basis for having true hypotheses that would run aground on the intimate objective that we in Grupo Arga defines ourselves as disposing in an almost blinded way until we reach the complete truth and thus leave faithful service to our clientele population.



Already given the staging of the types of courses to which the new and innovative ways of taking action were being taken specifically for the auspices of the significant servile amendment within the pandemic context, the relationship of these new attitudes that conjugated to the The very skills of an expert agent from Grupo Arga made them weigh the measures in which the threads had to be moved in order to understand the whole situation, but once the case had been reached, there was a more concrete way, which was not simply the obstacles or the ways properly carried out. of our private investigation agents, but rather by the almost reconstructive use of these facts, the cases were generated, those cases that, by hastening the interlude of symptoms by which the readers that we gave previously should have known, were defined in two areas of their own of the iridescent decadence of normalized mobility, this as a foreground to summarize in due intention those new forms as to imprecate the investigation because the prospects of cases that became much more frequent were linked to these effects, either by the interpretation and investigation of disappeared persons, partially or totally, for their due protection, as in turn the types of cases that had an almost defining course towards the investigation of various employees who had to be very sure of what they were or were not doing based on the contexts in which their conduct moved in the jurisdiction of their homes, of their habits and their ways of concatenating the services that as employees it was due for them to fulfill. All this and more was given in full proportion to the services of our private detectives, who in conclusion took a very definite step to the interpretation of cases of the style in order to superimpose on them the disseminations that are partly new within what is expressed to the service of an employee by a company within the context of the home office .

Poured into these new molds as we were, it was commendable to undermine the best information of the types of administration that should be done of the information concerning said types of cases, which ran in part to lasting positions of scenarios in which the employee, in the case of the business ones, they were far from their normal tasks within the labor context, this obviously linked to the profusion of the self-referential sense that is broken down from the precept of the work and the responsibility blurred throughout the constitutional framework of the person, scanning from in such a way that he fully forms all kinds of suggestions that make him undermine the appropriate use of his time and without further composing actions of the type of casualties certified by the fact itself and without assimilation of any competent authority that was manifestly aware of following up on the situation. That is, in any case, something that has been happening and that has long been becoming very common in the almost inappropriate reactions of the employees when they know that, as a general rule, the administrative bodies by law should postpone the labor relations of the employees for reasons of health, which were largely influenced by a series of excuses that were very difficult to resolve unless you were a private detective. In general, these types of dissuasive strategies were linked to a reason as little thought through as saying that the health agencies were not issuing consultations or paperwork due to the hectic health situation, or else they reached the point of assigning the disease to themselves . of Covid-19 to indiscriminately complain about them on the corresponding days that make it impossible for the staff to duly fulfill their work duties, as well as the incidence in which, if this is the situation, they have the duty to pay for those days of physical incapacitation.

This type of objections that gave and added to the prospect of dissuasion of managers by workers became very common, so much so that we had to record at our expense information a long history of situations of the kind that were only feigned and that by Therefore, they did not require a disqualification or payment for the hours of work in which the worker’s service could not be present in the virtual modality. Thus, this was done disproportionately and generated a large influx of cases that moved by these same rubrics to which our best private detectives in Álava easily gave value and basis, knew how to regulate them and make a source for the immediate cessation of this type of attitudes that they could end up not correcting and having to make a regular record of the employees so that they do not see themselves in the immediate surgical operation of having to be exposing the payroll to periodic cleaning due to poor work within the virtual concepts of teleworking. To this must be added that people have also had a certain appetite to have their chances of disappearing without notice and returning with this type of questioning, something that, however curious it may be, does not fall within the difficulties of the employer to cover them. in the economic sphere, unless there are documents proving this type of situation, which, on the other hand, as we have already mentioned, was not the case to a great extent.

Already signing a new spell we find what is expanding in the investigation of missing persons, something that has undoubtedly had a great mess in the principles that we previously could control regarding the subject, either due to the intricacy of the mobility situation or by the interference in aspects accentuated by the minimum possibility that was registered in the same mobility. The fact is that there were several fractions of non-indexed data in many of the previous precedents with which our award-winning Grupo Arga and each of its research agents have experience, these cases that otherwise had a certain harbinger of novelty because within the affirmation of some customer data, there were others that did not respond except in a very small part to what we had to stick to, and being in the case of the Basque autonomous community well much more, because of what we said earlier that with the existence of a lot of population in a single area and little in the others was enough breeding ground to add more difficulty to the equation. However, for these situations we are impelled by the best of the adaptations that are also related to mobility, and that in part certainly made us have a calmer and more versatile job, since to move around in said community, it was necessary reasons of urgency, or in that case it was impossible for you to go through those checkpoints, even if you did it clandestinely, which could even land you in jail. At the expense of this we are able to carry out a chain of sampling of the areas to investigate who enters and who leaves Álava or any other upstart city in order to promptly respond to the whereabouts of the disappeared person.



The general rule is that after a chat, whether virtual or face-to-face, which is already possible thanks to the distinguished health work that has been kept in progress throughout the territory, the contact becomes direct, precise and indicative that someone has Trustworthy to tell your meritorious dissertations to which we will gladly put our hearts into listening to be able to give you all the shelter, both cordial and institutional and legal, that is due to add greater efficiency to the effect that we seek to store in you, our citizen to whom we want to give complete security in every appreciable area.

This allegation of total security is made present to us and we do so for you taking into account that the main reason why you seek us is because you feel insecure, dissatisfied by some situation that damages your nerves, that makes you nervous and you don’t lets you think about something else, when in general we are the ones who have to think for you in these cases, because we are the experts in thinking about what bothers you in your dreams, we are what you are looking for in many ways but not achieves, we are a light at the end of the tunnel for which the objectives that you surely do not even know how to store or give a face to is impossible.

This is how we are the best private detectives in Álava among all those accredited to serve both in this territory and in the country, something that, without a doubt, we will only do ingratiate the benefits of which we know we have control, an effective and truthful control. . Well, we want to distribute this control to his lack of it, so that control is never lacking, with a special fixation on the elements that are proposed to connect the situation that distresses him and thus achieve a true climate of passivity of the facts. , a harmony that makes you feel safe, with your eyes set on a consultative investigation of the facts, graduated according to the importance that is remade of these, and leaving in full detail what really deserves to be remembered by the client for his personal execution. or in court, because if there is one thing we are sure of, it is that he will come out of here boasting total security, radiated by his trusted detectives from Grupo Arga.



Given the demand for the services provided by these professionals in the Álava area, today it is possible to have them at the hands of cheap detectives , ideal for those people who have a low budget, but need this help.

Cheap detectives are characterized not only by their affordable price, but also by being professionals who carry out their work with total professionalism and responsibility, helping those who need it to obtain transparent and timely answers.

One of the anniversaries that should be celebrated is the cheap detectives in Álava , one of the areas that can usually be lacking, and that due to various occurrences of the investigative detachments of detective cooperatives, give the go-ahead and they assume what is generally the good news of this province of the Basque Country.

The function will not always be the same, but there will always be those who deserve the use of these private information agents that, as if that were not enough, come from the master hand of Grupo Arga Detectives.


Grupo Arga and its cheap detectives in Álava

The prestige that increasing the skills of a province through the use of outstanding cheap detectives in Álava by one of the most renowned chains such as Grupo Arga Detectives, is so great that even the most interesting personalities of the entire province They jump when they hear these investigative trifles.

Well now, now that we know what we’re up to, the egregious outburst that Grupo Arga Detectives is trying to give to that whole bunch of agents who aren’t prepared for the immediate investigations that Álava deserves, supposes not only a bit of ego, but rather a rise in the quality of the very commodification of private detective services.

Because when these great comrades of the investigation appear, perhaps the most prudent thing is to get out of their way, because they do make private investigations something worthy of an Oscar, an Academy Award and how many awards of honor and merit they receive. can give for services rendered.

And it is that as the magnificent demand of the market says, the values have always been something that for the basic client of labor detectives falls and a lot in its benefits, and more when this service gives more than positive values while the monetary demand with which seeks to repay is rather little compared to the majority.

So there are sudden blows for everyone, but not for customers, because Grupo Arga has always given them the service they deserve, and more so in Álava, an area that, in the opinion of the Arga researchers, is undergoing one of the processes of structural recomposition sufficiently important after the pandemic so that they have their cheap detectives out there in Álava .


A firm worth more than the services of detectives

To tell the truth, a private detective cost is something like a random account for many of those who wish to use outstanding private detectives to whom they assign investigative cases, who without much mediation, do not know or do not know how to determine the prices in those who know

should be involved in the case.

Either because the clients themselves are somewhat greedy, or because the agencies go a little out of their comfort zone, some of the rates that have been expressed and differed throughout the Alava area have been somewhat scary, not only because are very expensive, but because sometimes they even turned out to be inefficient.

Something not so typical, of course, of the best private detectives in Europe, but that does not stop making the entire community of private detectives questioned due to situations that do not represent us, but that make us represent something in the eyes of others that it is totally diverted to us.

But to which, using the opportunities that the market deserves, Grupo Arga has taken sides and given in to the opportunity to expand its range of services to the Alava public, not only bringing its most experienced detectives onto the scene, but also understanding the situation, they have given the green light for quality to follow in the footsteps of saving their patrons’ pockets.

Cheap detectives at the forefront of Álava

Álava, being one of the places with the best well-being index to live in all of Europe, has many that would be openings for anyone to want to move, give the go-ahead and go without so much itching to their places and get carried away by what beautiful that is its citizenship and its warm and helpful environment.

But make no mistake, these capabilities could not be as polished were it not for the security offered by both public and private security services, which consequently are always weighing up the complications arising from many parts of society, and giving them a On the contrary, to prevent them from their malice and only bring them closer to something better.

This is how it is with everything when a cheap detective in Álava enters the fray, because there will be no more problems when he enters the scene, given that his proposals of sensitivity but rudeness in circumstances that merit having it, vindicates what for any manager would be the most appreciated in its space, civility and competitiveness between sectors.


Grupo Arga open at the cheapest prices

The consolidation of private investigations in the provinces of the Basque Country should no longer be so foreign to us. Of course, for a renowned agency that even tries to make this the rule, it will never be an alien case, much less extrapolated from some sustained basis.

The kind of investigations that are carried out by so many private detectives to ensure that things in terms of civil security are well distributed are something that does not make the day any less bad, but rather is the responsibility of each citizen as a server of an order that concerns us all.

Grupo Arga, feeling with fervor that legitimacy to which it is offered to serve, gives and expresses with special passion for its work as well as for its citizenship, all based on its identity.

Therefore, the distinction that we try to make grow, both with our quality and with our cheap detectives in Álava are the perfect resource to move forward.





Today in Álava there are many options for agencies that provide investigation services by professionals with reputation and experience, but their costs are usually quite high.

For this reason, in Grupo Arga detectives we have positioned ourselves as the best option for all those people who are looking for cheap detectives . These professionals will be in charge of providing their research service with the best value for money.

On the other hand, we also highlight that all the research services that they usually carry out, in the Arga group, are available when needed, since these professionals have regular office hours.

With this, you can call any day and at any time of the day to get the service you need, or to request a free estimate. You can contact us through our email or phone numbers.

If you are in the Álava area, do not hesitate to hire our cheap detectives and verify that the service deserves the trust that we have earned in this area for years.



The cheap detectives that you can contact in Arga group have various services that in turn are classified (and are carried out) by areas of investigation such as infidelity, family, computer or work.

For this reason, regarding the services that are requested most frequently in the Álava area by clients, we can highlight the following:

  • Infidelity investigation

The investigation for infidelity is one of the most requested, especially by women in the area. In case of any suspicion, the expert detective in this area will be in charge of carrying out an investigative work in order to obtain all the evidence that confirms it.

  • electronic sweeps

This is a service contracted by the companies of Álava, since its objective is to detect and stop spy devices or spy programs that are in any space or device, installed without their consent.

  • mystery shopping

The mystery shopping carried out by these cheap detectives is a service whose main objective is to detect any fault or weakness that a company may have. This research is also carried out to know how to improve these aspects.

  • Fraudulent sick leave

Today in the Álava area there are many people who choose to falsify a medical document to obtain sick leave from their jobs, so the company is obliged to investigate this.

The detective will be in charge of carrying out a follow-up quite similar to that carried out in infidelity investigations to determine the reliability of said medical report. From there the company can choose to take legal action against said employee.

  • divorces

Finally, these cheap detectives can also provide divorce counseling services, or they can work with an attorney to gather enough evidence to go through with a divorce.

However, we also point out that these professionals offer many other services that are useful for those who need to obtain information. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and ask about the rest of the services.



All the services offered by these cheap detectives are characterized exactly by this, for having an accessible price for those who cannot afford another investigation service in one of the available agencies in Álava.

Generally, a detective usually charges his work by the hour, and this price can be between 70 or 80 euros, and this professional can earn around 320 euros for a simple investigation.

The latter due to the fact that there are many research agencies that set the rate for the services of these professionals according to the time and effort it takes them to obtain the answers that the client has requested.

On the other hand, there are agencies where said cost is influenced by the tools that the detective needs to carry out his work, the additional help that he can request and even by the fees to his profession.

However, as we mentioned before, in the Arga detectives group we take care of providing a cheap detective service suitable for everyone. We will offer you a free quote and a service according to what you are looking for and your possibilities.



Knowing the services provided by a cheap detective , their price and where to find them, below we highlight why the help of these professionals is so necessary at certain times in life.

Today these professionals, especially those from the Arga group, are among the most sought after, not only because of a service that is available at all times and economically accessible, but also because of the professionalism and ethics with which an investigation is carried out.

Cheap detectives focus, at all times, on finding real and transparent information, which they verify before sharing with their clients, as well as taking the time to study a case and provide advice on the best way to carry it out. .

These detectives also do objective work, so you don’t have to worry if they will benefit one party (as can happen in infidelity investigations). Similarly, cheap detectives are a great alternative to dispel doubts.

If you are going through a legal process, these detectives can help you from providing information to giving your testimony in court, because the word of these professionals has weight; in any case, there are many reasons why you should consider hiring them when needed.





Álava labor detectives can tell you , who, aware that there are problems, are also aware that there is a solution, and the solution is

framed in his image and likeness, paraphrasing bases of Christianity.

There is nothing more preferred for private investigation work than a private detective, so the rebound effect of benefits comes whenever their services are counted.


Labor detections of bad encounters

One of the most difficult plots that human life can face is the mediation between aspects of work life and other aspects of it, because sometimes it remains very strict, capable of repelling many people of what they really want to do, and that is something that frustrates many people, and yes, working frustrated is very bad.

So much so that the demand for a job can come over you, because putting ourselves in the shoes of one of those employees who maintain a high level of frustration, the reasons to explode in the workplace or outside of it are several, and if the incentive is little, this can lead to real misfortunes.

We are not talking here about some misfortune such as a homicide, because that is no longer our responsibility, let it be known, but we are referring to the instance in which the employees or even the bosses themselves, knowing of some not very positive situations, express your disgust in a somewhat negative way for the other’s vision.

Or as has also happened in the case that employees of a company, being at home, exercising the home office that people already talk about so much, end up expressing their discontent based on labor austerity, inflicting transverse damage to a company or business that is not properly the one that should be considered an enemy.

What remains for labor detectives is knowing how to provide both bands with effective emotional resilience for these points, which often turns out to be our greatest asset, because beyond the investigation and formation of a stable and polished work structure, the corrective judgment that we let manifest by the people found in these spaces is to be admired.


Who are the Álava labor detectives?

The Álava labor detectives that we have been offering for a long time, both here and in other parts of Spain, are those that interpret the set of variables that support the structure of a fairly broad labor spectrum, from which not only note is taken, but which is expected can be shaped with some of our support.

Because we have to be clear, that our function deserves that we be the best advising movements validated both by the understanding that we have in social, psychological and legal terms does not make us properly full-fledged advisors, although these are the ones that we usually settle for that people see themselves on better paths.

And it is that if let’s see we are a kind of labor consultants without being one, that we lend a large part of our research to the service of questioning how things go wrong and why we have to change course, either by practices that are not justified , some that have to be made slight changes, or others that if followed could end up in jail.

To which we are consistent, because as you may well know, independent private detectives are one of those professions that do not like extensive problems, that we do not interrupt them if they deal with punishable crimes, but that They move very close to them to prevent them from arising, that’s what labor detectives in Álava are and do .


Where to find the best labor detectives?

Detectives who specialize in the investigation and interpretation of orders and job fundamentals come in packages, yes, as you hear it, or at least that is what we usually do in our detective agency, that the name will be familiar to you , Grupo Arga Detectives, the best of the agencies that you can find in Álava.

And it is that despite the difficult work situation that may be had, there is nothing that cannot be done against a good group of labor investigation agents who hold that cycle of studies and master’s degrees that make them the best private detectives in Álava and which, in turn, remain grouped in the group of agents of Grupo Arga.

But what we said that we are the best is not because of populist cheesiness, of course not, and it is that as we said before, the tool we use to find the best and most effective processes for disrupting labor problems is in our master strategy, parcel labor investigation for all your case needs.

Grupo Arga, the best labor investigation agency in Álava

Álava has never been too small for us, and now, with a simple but well-discussed strategy by a whole meeting of research and marketing executives, they have found the icing on the cake, and they have put it without question for our services, and These are to catalog with detailed segmentation the needs of each labor case.

Because the lack of similarities is great between one work and another, and this Grupo Arga knows it.

Therefore, the direction of their investigation is always fixed towards the meaning of the specialty, whether due to lower prices, or due to consideration of context, or another aspect, the essence of Grupo Arga Detectives’ labor detectives in Álava never ceases to amaze. , and as it is sensible to say, it does not stop giving good results.







Who are we to say that something is wrong or not? Well, not you, but we are part of law and order, and the investigation of fraudulent sick leave in Álava is, in principle, one of those approaches that can be interpreted, and is interpreted by

the rest, as a punishable action.

Which reduces the question to a simple step: Who looks for the fraudsters? Well, you don’t either, because you would get into an abysmal mess, but we, detectives with extensive experience, let our prestige speak for itself .


Investigations of sick leave inside and outside Álava

One of the most intriguing trends in the investigation market that is taking place at the moment for private detectives throughout Spain is the eminent rise in cases that come to our offices from clients who are looking for someone who of his services as an investigator of fraudulent sick leaves in Álava , which consequently has been placed as a red alert for our specialists in the area.

These investigations are being carried out both inside and outside the provincial area of Álava, both because they remain a vitally important fact in the entire labor sector, and also because it serves as an initiative for some of those who understand the matter to resolve these cases. in the shortest possible time.

This is how many of the private investigators have not deprived themselves of the opportunity to take on the difficult task of investigating this type of sick leave cases, because not only do they turn out to be attractive to a large chain of detectives eager to get jobs on the rise, but also already in them they seek to know what are the circumstances that form it.

And this has so far given the result that perhaps few would expect, in the string of new cases of casualties of this type. Why? The answer is only mediated by contextual reasons, which are nothing but more and more pressing each time we go into them, and that make it clear that their incidence is maintained over time.


What are the circumstances in which fraudulent sick leave rises?

Although it must be clarified that the circumstances are turning more and more to be inevitably a cunning reaction of employees capable of forging great destruction to the economy of companies and businesses, right now the idea that we have of the sense given by our researchers to respond to these questions are accurate and up-to-date.

Because one of those many facets that have led to the design of a new excuse for false sick leave has been the pandemic pretext and everything that this has brought with it, without further ado, because to tell the truth, the structure that has been created from this situation It is the one that, on one hand and on the other, has caused labor structures to gradually dissolve into a multiform part of its genre.

As is, for example, the kind of crack created by the positive cases in the worst stage of the pandemic, which turned out to be little more than a rather bland way of restricting casualties into unaffordable crowds for companies and businesses that, if it were little, they were not going through the best moment of their lives.

Those who undoubtedly had morale had to accept informal judgments from employees who warned of having had contact with positives, relatives, departures, even symptoms that gave rise to what we understand as the incidence of the Covid-19 disease. 19 to corroborate your situation and be able to stay off for a while.

Of course, it was not always a spontaneous lie, but it was instituted as a versatile way of compromising the time and money of benefit that the company gave to a person who was only faking an illness, so if it is necessary to define what has given these labor contempt a low chance, we should call them fraudulent sick leave investigations .


How is Álava included in the increase in cases of fraudulent sick leave?

There’s a pretty general relationship between fake kills and situations where you get people doing their strategies, all pretty basic by the way, to persuade themselves of the job they’re assigned. But also, the case of the investigations both inside and outside Álava give attractive generalist resolutions.

And it is that from both prospects, those from within and those from outside Álava, we have managed to tackle what for us have been the most typical reactions under which we can see fake casualties in the labor market.

First, the tourist space, to which through a resurgence of open spaces in Álava for the entry of tourists, the situation has been defined by having at least three cases of casualties of this type.

Just as there have also been cases in the illustrious labor sector within museums, which, considered as one of the most important for visitors to this region, have agglomerated a growing number of visitors, but also fraudulent sick leave in Álava , something as always and usual for these times, where recreation is expensive.

A light at the end of the tunnel, Grupo Arga Detectives

Grupo Arga Detectives has always been that agency that, with the idea of mediating the different work spaces as a single idea of instruction and functionality, has managed to position itself quite far from its own competition.

Sounding like one of those agencies that makes you breathe easy because its staff are nearby, Grupo Arga has always shown its clear example in giving the entire composition of work in Álava a promise of calm before employees who no longer want to be.

That is why they apply all their capacities to the service of the investigation of fraudulent sick leave in Álava , because if this were not the case, the town would be closed to good workers like us.






Mystery shopping is a service that you can hire in the Álava area with the aim of improving various aspects of your business; in fact, it is one of the most contracted services in the area due to the advantages it offers its clients.

Mystery shopping is usually carried out by professional and experienced detectives, who make a report with the information collected and where they propose solutions for the weaknesses of the company that has hired them for improvement.



Mystery shopping is a research service that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years for companies as it is a service that allows you to analyze and evaluate specific aspects of a company.

For this reason, if you decide to contract the mystery shopping services available in the Álava area, you should bear in mind that the following will only be some of the benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Meet the clients

Mystery shopping is an effective tool not only to get to know and improve aspects of the company, but also to get to know customers and be able to adapt and move forward with their tastes in order to attract their attention effectively.

  • Sales increase

By managing to understand customers and provide them with something that is useful to them, they will purchase the product more than once and recommend it to their acquaintances, which translates to the company as an effective increase in sales.

  • effective advertising

Today there are many advertising campaigns that fail to have the expected impact on customers, so by hiring this service, effective tools can be used in this process of product dissemination.

  • Improve employee productivity

Just as it can be used to understand customers, mystery shopping is a tool that is also of great help to promote teamwork, learn about the skills of workers and be able to take advantage of them for the benefit of the same.

  • Know the information disseminated

Finally, the mystery shopping will allow knowing what information the employees provide to the clients, in order to detect if it reaches the clients, if it is not altered and if the work is carried out as it should be.

For these and many more benefits, this is an effective service for all those companies in the area, which complements the detection of these weaknesses with tests so that the result is more effective.



In the Álava area today it is possible to find a variety of detectives who carry out mystery shopping services . However, we must emphasize that the Arga detectives group has earned the trust of residents for the responsibility and quality of our services.

In this agency you can have the help of professional detectives in the area, who have years of experience and service available every day and at any time of the day, especially in times of emergency.

Likewise, we have gained popularity and the recommendation of many clients in Álava for having other investigative services carried out by expert detectives in other areas such as infidelity, family, IT and even work.

We take care of providing all possible help not only in investigations, but also in any legal process, so you can count on the testimony of our detectives or a report for your benefit.

Do not hesitate to contact our professionals if you need to carry out this mystery shopping service , or if you need advice on how to improve your company or what strategies are suitable for improving it.

All the information you need can be found available on our website, where the services provided, contact numbers and other information that may be of interest to you will also be reflected in detail.



Mystery shopping is a service that is carried out through a simple process once the client has chosen to hire the service. It begins with the information that the client shares with the detective for the investigation.

This information is the location of the company where the investigation will be carried out, the aspects that you want to evaluate with the service and when it can be carried out; all of this information must be uniquely known to these two people.

When the time of the meeting has been coordinated, the detective in charge will go to the company and act completely naturally, like just another client; will have the service offered by the company and collect all the information requested by the client.

He can interact with the workers and sometimes even with other clients of the company and, after a while, he will leave the establishment to write a report where he will present everything observed, evaluated and his personal recommendations.

Finally, when said report is ready, the detective will deliver it to the client who requested the mystery shopping service so that he can make use of the information for the improvement and growth of his company.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a service that must be carried out with total professionalism and discretion, otherwise the result may be modified if the workers discover who this mysterious client is.



Mystery shopping is an Álava service that can vary in price according to the agency that provides the service; They take into account the time it will take for the detective to obtain the information and the distance to travel to reach the company.

Based on this, a simple investigation of this nature can cost from 200 to 400 euros. On the other hand, if it is a complex investigation that requires more time invested, the final price can be between 500 and 800 euros.





The search and location of people is an investigation service that you can find in Álava by the different detectives in the area. This is a service that, as its name suggests, aims to find people anywhere in the world.

Since it is a complex investigation, the search and location of people must be carried out by professionals with experience in the area, otherwise, results that are not expected by the client could be obtained.



The search and location service for people in the Álava area has been highly requested in recent years, being of great help to people who want to find a family member or friend with whom they have lost contact.

Faced with such a desire to find these people, you should turn to a detective agency in your area, where you can find all kinds of investigative services so that you can have the answers you need.

For this reason, it is important to highlight that in Grupo Arga Detectives we have been the main option of many people who wish to carry out this investigation, not only because of the professionalism of the detectives who carry out the work, but also because of its quality.

Any investigation service you wish to hire is available at the time you require it, so you can contact us whenever you like, as well as we have a free estimate based on the service you want.

The contact of our detectives for the search and location of people can be found on our website, as well as information about the rest of the services. When you contact us, we guarantee to give you an answer in the shortest possible time.



In Álava, the process of searching and locating people can be carried out in a simple way when the client has recent information about the person they want to find, while if it is very obsolete information, the process can take longer.

However, it is not usually the same for many people, so for each one it is an experience to carry out the same. Before knowing how it is carried out, it is important to bear in mind that it requires patience on the part of the client.

Once you have decided to start this investigation and have coordinated an interview with an Arga group detective, you should try to provide him with all the information you have about the person to find.

Among these data that could facilitate the search, we highlight the full names, a photograph, the last time you saw her, her home address or even the name of her parents. All this will allow the detective to narrow down the search field.

When the professional has all the necessary data, he will start with the investigation and will contact the client once he has obtained what he is looking for. This is an investigation that can take days and require the help of another detective.

The same will contact you when you have verified the information to share and the next thing to do will depend solely on the client, as there are those who choose to proceed with legal help if it is a broken marriage with children involved.

In any case, this detective in the search and location of people also plays the role of a professional who guides any questions or concerns about what to do next, since he has all the experience necessary for his work.



Any person who is in the Álava area can contract the search and location services of people that are offered by the Arga detectives group, as long as they are of legal age.

In fact, we must emphasize that this is a service that is not only used by those who want to find a family member or friend with whom they have not had contact for many years, but also by merchants and even law enforcement personnel.

In the case of merchants, it is usually a requested service to find debtors or investors who may have disappeared and have left unfinished business with the owner of the aforementioned business.

On the other hand, this service is usually used by the law in the case of fugitives from justice or people suspected of a crime who have disappeared from the city without leaving a trace.

As we mentioned, it is a very useful service that has benefited many people due to its effectiveness and transparency when gathering information about a person, so do not hesitate to contact us if you require this help.



Searching for and locating people in Álava is a service whose final price can vary for various reasons, mainly because of the time it takes for the detective to find the answers that the client needs, when they need them.

This is due to the fact that the longer the time the detective dedicates to said search, the higher the final price will be, just as there are agencies in which the price may be slightly higher if the detective must move somewhere or have the help from other professionals.

On the other hand, we emphasize that the detective can provide a general budget to carry out this search and location of people, or the service can be charged by the hour, as detectives normally charge for their work for each investigation.

If we are talking about an hourly paid job, detectives usually earn around 50 or 80 euros per hour, so if they dedicate 4 hours a day to this search service, the cost can be 340 euros per day.

Despite all these aspects to consider, as we mentioned before, in the Arga detective group we take care of making a free estimate, as well as our detectives have affordable prices for anyone in Álava.







The computer forensics that you can find in the Álava area are characterized by being professionals whose objective is to scientifically analyze data that can be used in a judicial process for the benefit of a client.

These forensic computer scientists are also in charge of employing techniques that allow them to identify valuable data stored in some digital infrastructure. For all this, today in the Álava area they are one of the most sought-after professionals.



If you are in the Álava area looking for a forensic computer scientist , you will find various detective agencies that offer you this alternative according to what you need, varying in price and services offered.

However, we must point out that in Grupo Arga detectives we have established ourselves as the best option in terms of investigation services, so you can have the help of these professionals.

In addition to this, we are an agency that has been characterized by having the best value for money in the area, as well as by having a customer service system that works every day and every hour of the day, being ideal for any emergency. .

On the other hand, these research professionals will also be in charge of providing different services and advice on what is required before starting an investigation, being the best alternative.

Do not hesitate to contact these professionals to obtain all the information you need according to the investigation that will provide you with answers, as we have the best detectives and extensive experience in the area.



Computer forensics , as we mentioned, are professionals who carry out their work in different digital structures in search and analysis of data that can be used mainly in a legal process.

Therefore, they are professionals who provide various research services that can be very useful, so below we highlight the most requested in the Álava area:

  • Analysis of data

The scientific analysis of the data found on computers or smartphones is one of the main services carried out by these professionals to use them as evidence before a court for the benefit of the client who wishes to prove something.

  • Informatic security

Especially if it is a company that requires computers to carry out its work. Computer security is what will allow you to protect all your data from an intruder, so it is important to spend time to avoid vulnerabilities in your operating system.

  • network analysis

Computer forensics are responsible for investigating telephone lines, communication networks and modems to find any data that is hidden from the naked eye, with the help of specialized techniques and tools.

  • mobile device analytics

Thanks to the fact that mobile devices are used frequently by everyone today, all kinds of valuable information is usually stored on them, so these forensic computer scientists will be in charge of analyzing it in search of this data.

Of the services offered, the latter is the most used, especially in investigations such as infidelity where a private detective usually resorts to the help of this forensic professional.

However, we must also highlight that these professionals are trained to carry out other types of work, since their area of work is digital, and can even provide help for basic research on digital platforms.



As we mentioned, the Arga detectives group computer forensics are the best option if you are in the Álava area, so below we share the main benefits of this service offered.

  1. immediate response

When you have communicated through the channels indicated on our website, our professional detectives will respond in the shortest possible time so that you can provide them with the information they need to begin the investigation.

  1. Low prices

Being one of the agencies with the best value for money in the area, you will be able to get an investigation service with answers in the shortest possible time for a really low price compared to the other agencies in the area.

  1. Variety of services

At Grupo Arga Detectives we not only have forensic computer scientists with experience in their area of work, but also expert detectives in other areas of investigation such as work, family, infidelity, among others.

  1. Recognition

Thanks to the years of services offered in the Álava area, you will be able to find the testimony of multiple people from the area and from other provinces where they share their experience, thus generating more security regarding our detectives.

  1. constant training

Finally, we can highlight that both computer forensics and the rest of our professionals are in constant training for the new tools and techniques that arise in their field of work, thus allowing them a better development for any investigation.



In Grupo Arga detectives, as we mentioned, you will be able to find not only the help of computer forensics to carry out the investigation you need, but also the help of other professionals who are in charge of providing other services.

Among them, we highlight:

  • infidelities

Just as computer forensics in Álava are highly sought after, so are private detectives to carry out this investigation. The process of the same is very simple, since it is a follow-up to be able to collect evidence that confirms or does not confirm the client’s suspicion.

  • Fraudulent sick leave

Today there are many company workers who falsify their sick leave, which translates into loss for the company, so the company’s lawyers hire detectives to verify the information provided by said worker.

  • inheritances

Inheritance investigations are usually carried out when an abandoned structure is found, or when a person dies; in this way, it will be determined to whom specific assets belong.

  • Financial reports

Investigations of this nature are requested by companies that do not have good management of their finances, which can translate into losses for said company. In this case, the detective will be in charge of putting order and clarifying the situation.



The computer detectives that you can find in Álava are professionals who carry out all kinds of research on digital platforms, with the most up-to-date tools and techniques to obtain this information.

Thanks to this, computer detectives are highly demanded professionals in the Álava area, so you can avail of their services in different investigation agencies, the Arga group standing out for its value for money and responsibility.



Computer detectives are professionals who can be used in different situations, mainly to obtain information that may be trapped in a digital platform.

In fact, it is important to highlight what are the reasons today why these professionals are of maximum benefit in the Álava area. Among them, here are the main ones:

  1. extensive knowledge

Thanks to the field where they must develop their work, these are professionals with a wide field of knowledge, so in addition to helping to obtain information, they are trained to provide advice on any customer problem.

  1. constant training

These computer detectives have the advantage that every day they must be trained on new tools, platforms and techniques that allow them to carry out their work in the best possible way, since the world of technology is always innovating and expanding.

  1. Fast work

Especially for all those detectives who have years of experience in their field of work, they will be able to carry out any investigation in the shortest possible time, thus providing clients with all the answers they need.

  1. Low cost

Contrary to what many people estimate, the fees for the services of computer detectives are usually quite affordable, mainly depending on the agency they hire, so the investment will be really low.

  1. Varied services

Finally, we can highlight that a computer detective must be hired because the services offered are extensive, since the same professional works in any electronic field, providing an answer for each situation that may arise.



If you are in the Álava area and wish to hire the services of a computer detective , we recommend the professionals of Grupo Arga detectives. Despite finding various options in the area, we have characterized ourselves as the best.

For years our professionals have provided the best and fastest investigative services, not only in the field of computing, but also in many others such as work, family and even infidelity.

In this way, you will be able to start an investigation that will lead you to the answers you need when you need it, it is also important to highlight that we are the best agency in terms of the quality-price ratio of the aforementioned services.

In Grupo Arga detectives we also take care of making free estimates for any type of investigation that you need to carry out and loans a service that is available every day and at all hours of the day.

For all this, we are the best option in terms of computer detective services , which have proven experience in their work and in carrying out investigations with successful results.



The computer detectives of Arga detectives group located in the Álava area are not only characterized by everything mentioned above, but also for being professionals who provide various services according to what you need.

As for the most demanded services currently in the area, we can highlight the following:

  • social media research

As its name indicates, these are investigations that can be carried out on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp; In this case, the detectives are based on looking for some type of fraud or information that may be of value regarding a person.

  • IP Address Location

In this case, the detectives will be in charge of locating a computer through the use of specific tools, generally to verify that a certain person was somewhere or to stop some type of fraud that is being carried out.

  • Spyware Detection

This is a search that is carried out on a mobile device or a computer to verify if the information on these devices is being violated, so the computer detectives will be in charge of verifying it and stopping the execution of said programs.

  • Identity fraud

This is an action that is carried out through digital platforms, sometimes a service hired by companies to clean up their image or eliminate any type of negative reputation they may have obtained.

  • Recovery of deleted information

Finally, we highlight that computer detectives are in charge of recovering information from different platforms such as email or WhatsApp, especially at times when it is believed that said data has been lost.

As well as what was mentioned above, the computer detectives that are in Arga group provide other investigation services that can be adapted to what you are looking for to obtain the answers you need when you require it.



Computer detectives provide investigative services that can have different prices not only for the agency that carries out the service, but also for the time they spend to obtain answers or even for their work fees.

Generally, detectives (from any area) are paid for their work based on the hours dedicated; in this way, each hour can cost between 40 and 80 euros, being able to earn approximately 320 euros for four hours of research.

However, in the case of the Arga group computer detectives , they can make a free estimate for any investigation service that you need to perform so that you can have an idea of the final cost of it and be able to afford it.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our professionals so that they can begin to provide you with help in obtaining information, characterized by low cost and speed throughout the process that an investigation requires through the vast digital world.



Infidelity detectives are highly sought-after professionals in the Álava area, mainly by women who suspect infidelity on the part of their partner, so they turn to

this service to get answers about what’s going on.

These infidelity detectives can be found in the different agencies in the area and with affordable prices, so that whoever requires these services can hire them without any problem.



Infidelities are situations that many couples go through today, however, they are usually difficult to verify on their own. It is at this time that many people choose to seek help from a third party.

This help is located with an infidelity detective , who is a professional who is in charge of gathering evidence and information that can confirm or deny suspicions about a person.

This is just one of the reasons why you should hire this service in the Álava area, but it is also important to know others why these professionals are in high demand today:

  1. Objectivity

When a person begins to develop suspicions about infidelity, it will be very difficult for them to remain calm and see things objectively, but a detective can, so they are the ideal professionals to collect evidence to clarify doubts.

  1. information with evidence

In the process of collecting information for an infidelity, the detectives are in charge of obtaining evidence in photographs and videos, so that clients have no doubts about the initial suspicion and can do what is best for themselves.

  1. Privacy

The infidelity detectives will be in charge of carrying out this investigation with the greatest possible discretion, so that all the evidence obtained will only be shared with the client. The only one with the power to divulge this information is himself.

  1. Tranquillity

When doubts attack a situation like infidelity, many people lose peace and even the ability to sleep and rest. By having the help of an expert detective in this area, you can regain that peace of mind by knowing the truth of the facts.

  1. Face reality

In addition to helping obtain information, infidelity detectives are trained to advise clients on what they want to do next with the information they have been given in the legal arena.

However, as mentioned above, there are many more reasons why you should consider hiring the services of this professional, because we guarantee more benefits than you think.



The services of infidelity detectives are available throughout the Álava area by the investigation agencies in the area, so you will have options to choose the one that best suits your budget.

For this reason, we must emphasize that the best option in terms of investigation services is Grupo Arga detectives, because for years we have been in charge of providing a responsible and transparent service to all residents of Álava.

We have professionals who have verifiable experience in the field in which they work, as well as being available to attend to any request every day at any time of the week in the event of an emergency.

On the other hand, in the Arga detectives group we have also earned the trust of those who live in Álava for having the best value for money in the entire area, unlike many other investigative agencies.

Finally, it is important to note that we have other professional detectives dedicated to doing research in other areas such as family or work, as well as providing a free estimate for any service you wish to hire.

For these and many more reasons, do not hesitate to visit our website to find all the information you need to contact our professionals so they can start helping you with your suspicions of infidelity.


Carrying out an investigation for infidelity seems quite simple, but it requires not only hiring a professional detective, but also the collaboration of the person who hires the service so that it flows more easily and quickly.

Once you have contacted our infidelity detective , the next thing is to schedule an interview with him where he will provide you with all the information you have regarding your suspicions, your partner’s activities, the sites you frequent, among others.

From these data, the detective will be able to put together a plan to begin the investigation, which is first composed of a follow-up work; here the detective will be able to check which places the person to be investigated frequents and with whom.

The duration of this phase of the investigation will depend on the information that the detective manages to collect, as well as the evidence that he can provide to the client, so it is important to maintain patience and act natural with the couple.

When the detective has collected the necessary information, he will contact the client to share it and, if necessary, provide advice regarding the next thing to do (in the event that the client wants to proceed with a divorce).

However, it should be noted that not all infidelity investigations are usually the same; some may be faster or later, as well as have an expected or unexpected result.



The prices of the services provided by infidelity detectives can vary mainly due to the time they must dedicate to the investigation to obtain the answers and evidence that the client expects.

On the other hand, it can also vary by the agency that provides the service, since sometimes, they usually charge a percentage for the fees of these professionals. For this reason, do not hesitate to hire us in Arga group to have a great value for money in the service.




Electronic sweeping services are one of the most requested services in the Álava area thanks to the professionalism with which they are carried out by the Arga group’s professional detectives, who guarantee the expected result.

These electronic sweeps are carried out in order to detect any spyware or spyware that may be hidden in an office or electronic device, being important to prevent the spread of confidential information, especially if it is a company.



Electronic sweeps have become highly requested services in Álava not only because of the responsibility with which the service is carried out, but also because of the many benefits it provides to those who carry it out.

Regarding these benefits (and reasons why you should hire this service in your company), we highlight the following:

  • Security

As it is a service that aims to detect spyware or espionage devices, an increase in the security of your space and the information you handle within it is guaranteed, avoiding any vulnerability.

  • Privacy

Just as this is a service that can increase the security around your company, it is also one that allows you to maintain privacy around the information you work with in your space and your electronic devices.

  • instant results

Although it is a service that can take some time to perform, electronic scanning allows the aforementioned spy devices to be detected in a short time, so once hired, all you have to do is wait for the detective to do his job.

  • low investment

Being a highly requested service in Álava, electronic sweeping is one of the most accessible in the area, being ideal for all types of companies and with results in the shortest time. So it turns out to be a good investment for the quick protection of your data.

  • allay suspicions

When you have a company that receives a large number of guests for meetings and conventions, it is very common to begin to have suspicions about the security and privacy of your space, so this is an ideal service to eliminate these suspicions.

On the other hand, we emphasize that electronic scanning is a service that provides more benefits for everyone who has it, so if you have a company, do not forget to consider hiring it to protect your information.



The process with which the electronic sweep is carried out is quite simple, despite the fact that, as we mentioned, it is a service that may require time to be carried out correctly.

Once you have decided to contract this service and the agency that will carry it out, the next thing you should do is schedule a day with the detective in the space to be analyzed so that the process can be carried out. For this, it is recommended that it be a day where there are no people on it.

When the detective goes to the place, the first thing he will do is a physical investigation of the space, even checking every piece of furniture in it. Then, he will have to check the electronic devices and the communication channels.

Each review of these mentioned elements must be carried out meticulously, since on many occasions the microphones and spy cameras are usually well located to be difficult to detect.

Once the review has been completed, the detective can make a report detailing everything done as a guarantee to the client who has contracted the service and for greater security in what has been done.

On the other hand, we can highlight that this is a service that can be contracted periodically to continue maintaining privacy and security in the space that the client has chosen to inspect.

Although it is a fairly simple service, it can be different for each person who hires it for the space to be checked, or for the technique used by the detective in charge, since these professionals always work differently.



As we mentioned, the electronic sweep service is usually different for each client for various reasons and it is these reasons that will also modify the time it takes for the detective to carry out the investigation.

Among these reasons we can highlight the size in square meters of the space to be investigated and the furniture it contains; that is, the larger the room to be inspected, the longer it will take.

The latter is due to the fact that the detective must analyze not only every corner of the room, but also every table, piece of furniture and chair that is in it. So when it comes to a medium-sized room, it can take 4-5 hours to research.

On the other hand, if it is a much larger room, it can take up to 8 hours for the detective to correctly analyze each element of it. Therefore, it is important to take into account the recommendations prior to contracting the electronic sweep .

Among them, the most important recommendation is to ensure that the space is empty at the time of the electronic sweep and, if you have suspicions about the spy elements placed in it, avoid using the room.



Being a highly requested service, the prices of the electronic sweep can vary not only by how long it takes the detective to carry out the investigation, but also by the agency to which the detective in charge belongs.

Generally, a basic investigation service is charged by the detectives according to the time dedicated to it, each hour having a value that ranges between 40 or 80 euros, so that the total of an electronic sweep can be located in the 320 euros.






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