In general terms Private investigation in Vigo, we are aware that Vigo is a city in Spain, in the province of Pontevedra, in the community of Galicia, it is known as the Olivica city , it is the first most populated municipality in Galicia. It is a perfect mix of a traditional historical enclave and an active city, beach, mountain, innovative and industrial, this unique personality is reflected in its streets and neighborhoods.

In this sense, in Private Detectives in Vigo, this city is divided into parishes, something unique is Spain, it is the commercial and cultural city, it is the nucleus that develops around the port, but in the neighborhoods of Vigo, you will find places with charm and natural. It has been an industrial, tourist and service city, its economy is based on the industrial sector, thanks to the automotive industry, shipyards, and the various activities of the port, there is also the fishing sector, commerce and tourism, for its beaches , and the passage through the Camino de Santiago.

         It is important to note that at Private Investigators in Vigo, when we talk about private detectives we mean that we know very little about them, and this is because they work with the utmost



discretion, our detectives are capable of finding out practically anything, they are usually specialized in cases in which the police do not devote much attention and time, or private investigations that cannot be carried out in any other way.

In addition, at Surveillance and Monitoring in Vigo , we are aware that when selecting a good detective agency it is important that we focus solely on the budget, the most important thing is to ask for credentials, and our work staff has them. That identifies them as private detectives and shows whether they are enabled or not, we have no problem showing this identification code so that you can check that everything is indeed in order.

From here at Private Detective in Vigo , we always take care of your assignment with the utmost discretion, no one in any of the cases we have attended has found out about our intentions, much less that we have been hired to investigate it, we establish a special code between the client and the detective that can never be violated, in addition, the information is presented in a very orderly and clear manner.

Finally, at Private Detective in Vigo , we are aware that hiring a private detective may not be the best option, the reason is that a professional can take care of certain issues, but there are others that are not so easy for him, that’s why we are an agency is the best option, we have professionals specialized in different areas, as soon as you expose your case, we will put the detective who knows more about that subject and will take care of it personally.



Our Vigo detectives are elements that are willing to provide the best answers in the most demanding investigative environments, this means that they focus on deploying the best investigative techniques that are capable of promoting the development of an operation around to the generation and determination of hypotheses and evidence that are capable of finding the development and whereabouts of each case.

A detective is a resource that is not limited by the complexity of each case, for this he finds sufficient support in his work colleagues as well as in all those people who can support his operations from the organization, the ultimate goal of a detective who can to deploy in the field is to provide the right answers to your clients, this leads us to the possibility of being highly innovative in the formulation of methods and processes that can guarantee the construction of cases with high precision.

The best resource to which a detective can turn in this regard primarily is the client, since he is the one who provides all the initial inputs that enable him to obtain a highly differentiated work around the execution of investigative activities. high level. That is why a detective establishes compliance with the entire process related to customer management as a high priority phase.

The management of the client for the detective is a critical phase since he considers it provides him with all the primary location that he as an agent must consecrate for the execution of each case, this



manifests the possibility of continuing with the collection of initial investigations guided under a vision of success, and high research.

The generation of various competitive advantages around the strategies for structuring the research service guarantees the possibility of guaranteeing the success of operations, around the achievement of the objectives set, this is the launch guarantee that Grupo Arga proposes to the take into account a sophisticated training process for our agents, with the aim that they can deploy the best skills at the right time.

A detective is a high value resource to manage any issue of varying complexity, it is the guarantee for Grupo Arga to be proactive enough to execute a solid value proposition around the services it offers.

The Vigo Detectives are agents focused on solving the case of each client as if it were the last. This allows us to operate under high performance criteria that are capable of proposing a differentiated research proposal towards the client, capable of providing the value that others are not capable of. of structuring, this is made possible when considering an expert opinion case not as one more task to be done, but rather as a whole high-level element that must be fulfilled to guarantee optimal deployment.

The generation of various investigation mechanisms allows an agent of Grupo Arga to always seek to reinvent himself in order to remain at the forefront of the most sophisticated investigation techniques and strategies to deploy, this is a sign of his dedication and dedication towards achieving the objectives set for the client.

In the Community of Vigo, our detectives are resources that operate under a high strategic sense, which is a sign of the approval of our services, as they have a percentage relative to 95% approval in the database of their clients. Question that tells us that we are a leading research agency in the market.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

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Satisfied Customers
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Prices Private Detectives Vigo ®


This is a concern of every client who considers the hiring of a private detective at the time , the prices and if he will really be able to cover all the expenses that merit the investigation as such that he requires, the answer to this question is to consider the type of service offered by our agency , which can be in the form of professional fees, rates, or prices, these are variable according to the contracted service, type of case, degree of difficulty, transfers, number of hours invested, required personnel, equipment or any other type of requirement that the case warrants.


Our investigations , in addition to having a high degree of resolution, are extremely economical according to the market, so do not hesitate to hire our services. Ask for a free estimate of the expenses that an investigation of your case would merit, and we will send it to you shortly.

For example, the investigation of an infidelity will require the mobilization of personnel, equipment and transfers, unlike the investigation that can be carried out within a company that will visibly require less personnel and equipment or transfers, which indicates that the costs may vary according to the complexity of the cases, resources that merit, or transfers that are caused in the coverage of the case, our agency based on the quality of the service and the type of case optimizes the quality of the service so that your

cases can be resolved as soon as possible and with the best market price.

As an agency that has the client first, we are motivated to keep the budget as close to the one that is initially given to the client, this as a sign of consideration and respect for our clients, so as far as possible we try to make a calculation as close to what our daily fees would be with the necessary adjustments so as not to exceed the initial budget provided to our clients.

In our Vigo private detective agency , as the client comes first, we can agree on an initial price per day of service, according to the case raised by the client, so that he has an estimated price of what the economic charges will be during the process. of the investigation of your case.

Each of our researchers in Spain has attended the University to obtain the necessary degree required for official recognition by the Spanish Police and the Ministry of the Interior. Such recognition allows our investigators to carry out investigations on behalf of private individuals and companies and present any evidence obtained to Spanish courts and official tribunals. Our researchers speak Spanish, English, French and German.

Use of Tables and Scales : Many offices like ours, have our price tables supported by the Associations of private investigators . In this way, we respect what has been agreed upon by our representatives and are adjusted to the reality of a changing community like ours. Private investigator fees are moderated by these associations. It is a way to measure ourselves and at the same time, to offer necessary products. for the whole community



The value of a private detective in Vigo will always be linked to the ethics and professionalism with which he does his work every day, thus allowing the work he offers to always be of quality and with the speed that each person deserves in a situation. difficult as many spend it.

The cost of a private investigator’s service is always very variable, but the value of detectives is always one and is linked to the ethics that every professional must have to carry out their work, apart from the passion with which they must do it goes from the professionalism of the hand.



The Arga detective group is an agency that has the most experience and the best prestige in the market at a national level, being pioneers in doing the first interviews and giving a free estimate, thus estimating all the expenses that can be made within an investigation of a simple way and without so many modifications in the process.

As an agency, we always try to keep the initial budget as similar as possible, so that the client always knows that we are going to be totally transparent with the information provided, thus showing respect for them and consideration for the expenses that may occur during investigation of their cases.

All this justly merits having ethics and values above the average, thus being pioneers in initiating the professional values that we must have as detectives and maintaining, in turn, the cheapest costs that can be found at the national in the research market.

Despite the costs and the work that is done, we can reaffirm that our work is recognized before the courts of justice, thus ensuring that all evidence collected by us is of vital importance for a trial, that doubts are clearer and in turn giving greater value to the work we do every day.

With all this we have personnel who are security experts and directors, we have private detectives, criminologists, lawyers, experts, graphologists, computer forensics experts in labor and economic investigations, as well as experts in documentation and archiving.

The private detective agency in Vigo with this highly qualified staff makes it the center and cradle of the values and ethics that can be promoted , for each case that arises, having the staff and the experience that each one of them already has, giving thus the best results.



When we talk about the ethics of a detective, we talk about the value that a private investigator in question has to his work, this often cannot be measured, however there are guidelines and characteristics that can indicate that he is a good or bad detective such as:

  • One of the first rules for a private detective in Vigo will always be to look for evidence and facts that can support any hypothesis and suspicion that a client may have or believe.
  • A detective must always be impartial throughout the case in this way he can collect better evidence and fit a possible answer.
  • Another point that an investigator must always take care of is not being discovered during his collection of evidence, that is, if he is doing a pursuit or surveillance, he must always make sure that the investigator never discovers or knows what a detective is. Following.
  • On the other hand, it should always be taken into consideration that when a detective needs help, they can look for it with other personnel, to provide logistical support and dedication to this particular case, so that they can have faster responses.
  • As an ethical rule and duty, the detective must always report any incident that occurs in the investigation, so that both parties can determine whether to complete it or take a different strategy that helps them achieve their objectives.
  • A private detective should never leave the legal framework established in the judicial laws.
  • Every detective has a supervisor, to whom he must ask permission when a particular event must be witnessed, which could drastically affect the case and between the two of them they can inform the client of what is happening to take the necessary measures.

In the Arga detective group , all its personnel can work autonomously on their own steps, however, the different hierarchies within the organization are always respected, what are the possible people who can help to have a more precise and effective response within the problem that poses a client.



Private detectives in Vigo , are a highly valued resource and that the different forms, actions, facts and responsibilities that can be had within a case or situation that is merited can be established, they are also the guarantors of the information under a balanced criterion ,

Private detectives have experience that is highly qualified and recognized in the agencies, so the client can see these organizations as a second home before situations that unbalance the being and keep them worried for a long time, since with the investigators they can find the much needed support.

The work that a detective does not only benefits the client who hired him, but also the companies, since a single investigation made by a detective can raise not only his experience but also the reputation of the agency, where possibly the people who hire him later have a better quality of service.

That is why the best results can be expected from the detectives before the uncertainties that may occur, knowing in turn that the support of a detective can help clarify unfounded suspicions and provide proof of circumstances, where nobody seemed to support or believe him, with our It helps to be able to define and prove the opposite.



         Mainly in Private detectives in Vigo , being professionals our investigators know the legal system of Spain, and we accompany our clients throughout the process, up to the court if necessary, where we will present the evidence that we collect during the investigation of the case, account With us at your detective agency in Vigo, when you need to carry out an investigation, we are focused on discovering the truth, we are reliable and professional. Undoubtedly, we have all thought about the possibility of hiring the services of a private detective, however, sometimes we do not do it because of the mysticism that surrounds this topic. That is why, if you are thinking of hiring us, do it right now.


Grupo Arga Detectives , If you want truthful information from us, our detective team is serious, efficient and will assist you before and during the investigation, in a particular way. It was difficult for us to consolidate our company, as the number one in Seville in the area of private investigation, but we were able to achieve international recognition due to our excellent services and human quality, always highlighting our corporate values in order to maintain leadership in the market. Call us there we will assist you, with the data you offer us and offering you a budget that is as active as possible and accessible. So enter now and request your service to acquire with your budget.


On the other hand, all the agreements that are had with the client and the expected results can sometimes be modified depending on the evolution of the same, however, the prices that are had are always informed in advance, so that the client has the certainty and transparency of how your investment expenses are going.




The prices of a private detective in Vigo can be obtained through an appointment and said estimate is free, where the first thing to happen is to listen to the case and the detective will give you the best advice he can, while also informing you of the planning and structure of the actions to be carried out,

The fees of the private detective are adapted to the investigation and the economy, thus making it easier for the payments of said budget or fee of the first interview to be maintained. Remembering that said interview is not charged, since it is totally free, thus being an advice before accepting a contract.

Once you accept the work and its planning, this will go through a process, where what is the case is studied even more in depth, where the means and resources that can be used in the most appropriate way will be considered, so that research takes less time than expected and you can save a little more money.

The investigation always has a legal adviser if it becomes necessary, in addition to having the best technicians in the areas of information technology and technology that always guarantee the best results with an unmatched commitment.

During the investigation process, the client and the private detective will always be in constant communication, to be up to date with the updates and the assessment of the results that it may give, if necessary, the detective will send a preliminary report of form that describes the whole theme of the investigation.

These reports also contain the meetings that have been necessary to carry out during this period, once the investigation is finished, a detailed report is issued with all the results and conclusions that were obtained in the case,

The service with the private detective will always conclude with the delivery of this final report, which is totally confidential and in it all the evidence that was documented, recorded as: photos, videos, audios, documents , among other.

If it becomes necessary that all this work has been rectified before a judicial process, you can enjoy the advantage that the detective can act as a key witness, taking with him all the information and process compiled, since as the Arga group we have the best reputation and credibility that exist at the national level.




Each of the private investigators in the Arga group Located in Vigo, they are professionals who have had to attend university in order to obtain the professional degree they currently practice, basing their training and experience on being recognized in this area through the agency.

This means that all private detectives will always carry a degree of study and university training to obtain official recognition from the Spanish police and the Ministry of the Interior and therefore they are recognized as investigators or detectives.

This type of recognition has allowed each professional to carry out individual investigations or in large companies, whether private or public, giving evidence of the capacity they have for the resolution of possible cases, which may be working in the official courts. .

Additionally, each private investigator in Vigo can speak different languages where the most common are English, French and German; allowing the variety of being able to enter into contracts with foreign people, at a price fully accessible to the public.

For these reasons, the Arga detective group has been able to establish a price table that has been supported by the different associations and private detectives, thus giving clients an agreement with the agency so that they can maintain what are the standard fees and only be varied


ble the time it is used.

The prices that may be given on the rates of the investigations, are generally an approximate without variations and taking into account the resources used and an average time depending on the experience in similar cases, however according to the details that can be counted on the situation is that it can be further detailed.

If you have any questions, suspicions or certainties about a situation that may be worrying you or not letting you sleep, do not hesitate to contact the Arga detective group, we have the best trained staff to help you in your investigations, so that you are always satisfied with our service.

If you have any questions about our agency, do not hesitate to visit our website, this will help validate the testimonials of the different clients that we have helped throughout the 10-year career that the agency has worked at a national level.

You can communicate 24 hours a day at +34 913 866 294 or on the mobile +34 608767979, we are available 365 days a year, if you want to send an email explaining your case you can do so at , otherwise visit our website for more information.

Any of these means can have interaction with our agency for free advice, but if you want something more formal, you can go to our agency in Vigo in person, thus making one of our detectives can do the preliminary interview and talk with details of case fees.



Putting cheap detectives in Vigo is one thing, getting them is quite another, which until recently was one of those odysseys that the Greeks put in legendary epics, but if we have to bet, we do not hesitate to bet on the offer that we give now with

Because we threw the house out the window and implemented cascades of services in Vigo that will turn the market upside down, and in turn, will leave the investigations that we carry out well covered for a long time. Grupo Arga at the head and hopefully, with its best detectives private.


Changes in Vigo for good detective investigations

The equation changes drastically as soon as the detectives begin to enter the scene, right? It is almost a change that experiences many facets when they intervene in the life of a city, a region, a town or an autonomous community, all of them are legal to get a good taste as soon as they know about who our detectives are and what they do.

Detection artists, the cheap detectives have arrived in Vigo because the new opportunities added to the style of security that, as a rule in almost the entire country, is becoming increasingly common and, at the same time, increasingly competitive, require it. only against public organizations, but at the same time with their homonymous agencies.

For this reason we have been cured of any margin of error, hoping to fill with an appropriate function the great role that becomes the guarantor of the law and the physical and virtual ensemble of an important part of society, security. Whether financial or, by mere chance of Vigo, port, the incidence of a private detective is noted as soon as it arrives.

That is why we take the bull by the antlers, not to say outrageous, and we take courage to be able to ingratiate the needs of Vigo with quality services, mutual growth services, to not only encourage you in your objectives, but also in your strengths and adapt to them until they become a symbiotic part of the entire area.


Vigo, industrial area for cheap detectives

It is not insignificant the regularity with which our proscribed numbers are contacted to find private detective services in Vigo, because consequently it is a case of one or another investigation alternative, we already have clear which are the true branches where the deepest stumbling blocks grow From the market.

Our preliminary investigations of Vigo have found the context of the industrial situation of constant apogee in the community of Galicia, which on the part of this region, registers between 30% and 50% in various fields of labor, industrial and technological development of the entire region, being an important region for all of this.

Thus understanding this, the needs are not a future but a need that urges being elucidated calmly and serenely, at least in this seat, because although it is true that the trends are linked to taking a large amount of economic benefit from the area in question, expenses are expenses, and we always want something better and cheaper.


It is a drawer, and an area with so much heritage at stake knows this better than you or I surely do, just as it is almost certain that they know how important it is to intensify their strategy-building maneuvers by integrating them into the work of an advisor who has profession being a private detective, and much more if it is from the Grupo Arga agency.

We have plenty of examples to demonstrate the obvious, which is how firm is it that makes a company grow, whatever its mood, when it joins forces with investigations by a detective or a group of them, and what better than that, or even better , the epitome of perfection in the sector, cheap detectives in Vigo .


What are we used to in Vigo?

We are aware of what is going on in Vigo, because our experts in the field generate sufficiently versatile and eloquent data that broadens our perspectives to arrive at situations in the best way, whether by order of industries such as fishing or automotive, customs or anyone who has that stamp from Vigo in his image.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for them to look for us and those cheap detectives from Vigo to carry out investigative maneuvers of very diverse types that collude with the sector in which they work daily, such as the national and international market, in the fishmonger or in production and construction of cargo ships.

As well as finding scams or swindlers moving on ferry lines or providing investigation services to employees who take the car or cargo bus to other places without authorization, we integrate all of this into our source of management and records of services so as not to spend in meaningless things, and if in what really matters.

For this reason, the integration and addition that is experienced from the effect of information and, how could it be otherwise, the legal management of it and its manifest ramifications, make the private detective Arga a virtual tool made person and agency a


the same time, while remaining your best friend for any type of questioning.


Vigo grows with our cheap detectives

There is no doubt that the effects of a good detective are not long in coming, nor do they make themselves felt if they are not given the opportunity to define those hazards of the job, which we call as such that come out of our capacity for action and that therefore therefore, we let them run free and at ease because in a latent or manifest way it is impossible to change the situation.

But this is precisely what a good cheap detective in Vigo does . He takes notes, keeps up to date, serves as an intermediary between lawyers and clients, even knows how to design a good moment to quell nervousness, and that is, when he is from Grupo Arga, the professionals do it three times better.



Over time, Vigo has always been a stronghold in Spain, and our labor detectives in Vigo know this perfectly thanks to their bastion of quality and strident need for research and study of the field and of the services themselves. Back in the years 1947 that this


been this way in Vigo and today it is more than ever.

Vigo in the race to be one of the most important merchant ports in the world is too big for us, but assuming the responsibility of mediating with its employees is a responsibility that we know how to assume.


Wisdom of an empowered Vigo

Vigo has been that outpost that anyone would like to have if the Middle Ages are gone and naval wars are had as lightly as before, although it is true that these were not lightly, but certainly they occurred much earlier. But the case is unequivocal, the position towards the Atlantic has hit the nail on the head for the development of Vigo as a power in several areas.

Whether in the fish market or in the ship industry, if we have to be sure of one thing, it is that when we try to talk about and analyze Vigo these things come to mind: ships, fishing, cars and docks, many docks, between merchant docks, naval docks, boat docks, tourist docks, docks, docks and more docks.

As the detectives, on the other hand, are always told the same stigmatized description of the pipe and the trench coat, and the huge and emblematic subject created from the mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the characteristics stay very well on track, but sometimes give less of what we actually know about what they are going to give in the end.

Although it is true that the description of both is plausible and in many cases correct, the fact that both now complement each other is the border that must be attacked and specified to assimilate the bait and thus make the fish fall and make it fish.


Vigo and his private detectives

There are private detectives in all sizes and colors, if they were collectibles we would surely not finish since they exist, but we are talking about those who are in Vigo, which are few and apart from that they must have a series of very precise interpretations of the environment to to be able to fully comply with the assignments of those who hire them.

Because going to the depths of those docks, we can find that the diversity and progression of cases escalate as much or faster than the area has been doing since it became an immediacy for international mercantilism there almost a decade ago. In those proportionally distant values we have to visualize ourselves.

So we have to soak up the salty waters of the great Atlantic Ocean that passes and makes an appearance on the Iberian coasts of one of those most important import and export transport centers in Europe both for the Euro zone and for the whole world.

It is for no other reason that thousands of products, both native Spanish production and conservation and imports, pass by and take their European tour to move to areas as far away as China for nothing. That’s how interconnected we are and this, translated into other items,


experiences serious information linked to the labor sector.


Labor detectives in a radiant Vigo

If what we are good at is combining our research with the most advanced technology, we are in the right place, because in addition to all of the above, Vigo is also one of those technological development centers that leave us speechless, but that does not leave us exempt. to understand them because at Grupo Arga we know what to expect when taking action.

And so it is that labor detectives in Vigo bring out their caste of professionals destined to disseminate with solidity and cunning the potentialities of a whole prospect of docks and industrial and customs zones that cry out for having undercover law enforcement officers who provide greater transparency to all actions. and reactions of the destiny of everything that comes and goes to Vigo.

Source of thousands of jobs throughout Galicia, and being the most important by far, Vigo is presented to our labor detectives in Vigo as a providential zone approach that constitutes the effectiveness of almost a complete investigative strategy, a fine-tuning in detail of all and each of the certainties and unknowns that make life on the coast.

Because as the Atlantic coast, each one attracts a good opportunity, but also an alternative through which to pass manufactured products of dubious origin, to which an employee, whether unwary or knowledgeable about the process, has to respond to the questions that we will give you. arrived at the time after our regular report was delivered.

In this way the service of our private detectives for Vigo in the labor courtship it is one of the ones that has the most research and analytics behind it, one of the ones with the lowest percentage of inefficiency, and the one that also takes the cake from our administrators because they add one of those bars difficult to reach for other detectives who do not have Arga behind their team.


Detectives Arga sanitizing the waters of Vigo

It goes without saying that we make thousands of people happy, thousands of them also with the firm function of serving their needs and those of their company, in containing that inconvenience that arises from people or events that come upon us and from those of us who really feel our hands tied until we don’t know what to do.

Paving the way, or cleaning up the waters that cover the coasts of Galicia, our labor detectives in Vigo shine in the sunlight and in the reflection of the salt that soaks them, like people who know how to get into the sphere of information where it is is generated, and also make the work go better than ever.




If there are cases in which Arga private detectives feel more comfortable with investigations of fraudulent sick leave in Vigo . One thing carried hand in hand by the other, a host of concatenated activities that always take turns aimed at what we want to be done and in the background is of sure benefit to customers.


Investigations of such caliber and such changing work locations rebuke even the fittest, making everyone have to make the maximum effort, and as we decided, make that investigation the best on a daily basis.


Work Environment Research

The autonomy that a private detective can have makes him effective when undertaking investigative companies to which, concerning the characteristics given by the work environment, he adapts and forms a series of offensive and defensive systems with which to shovel and disseminate everything. red-hot investigative process.

Fertilizing within these environments is crucial because the development of an investigation for sick leave will be linked to a labor detective, to a series of sequential data that could be linked to mechanisms of daily use of the worker, some of alternate uses, and from those uses reckless, we can trace differential data.

Thus, the meaning of an internal investigation, for those employees who remain in external instances already dismissed to obtain the social benefit entente, dictates some of the bases of the principle of the investigation that are extremely important and that leave traces that the long run ends up being extremely illuminating.

This is why when initiating an investigation of fraudulent sick leave , the tool to contextualize both a common environment, verify if there is relocated work, if it maintains contacts with one or another employee, and many other variables of the style, are discussed and discussed when we begin to take the case, and they occur from the arrival to the act but also through the client’s story.


Cases of relocation in sick leave

One of those variables capable of adding a piece of mediation information between one type of investigation for sick leave and another, is the one that has recently been taking place as a result of the arrival of the pandemic and its uses for the labor classes, which in


Therefore , they could not operate in their conventional places.

The firm tension between the location of work areas and their relocation has generated an autonomy little seen until today in the work activities of many sectors dedicated to private and public companies. However, these have been developing in very well thought out ways with respect to the marginal situation at hand.

But this has given the necessary kick so that said relocation, and said autonomy, materialized in being a vestige of what would soon become the development of the regulation of the work of many of the employees in the capacity to work in their homes or, in their personal work areas. A big change that felt its spring effect and blew away many intransigence.

Highlighting the fact that the different personalities who prioritized a good livelihood of their assets, and thus their family, their home and their leisure, certainly also generated a proportional increase in terms of fraudulent sick leave in Vigo, in Tenerife, in Madrid and practically throughout the Iberian geographical area.


The trump card of detectives against fraudulent sick leave

As is well understood by many who have suffered it, the descriptive mediation to get someone to blame for sick leave of fraudulent origin is one of the most difficult things that a company can have in its hands on its own, without the means of investigative development and for more, with the responsibility to respond by law to the benefit that the employee is required to present.

Also, if you are not careful enough, the people who are used to working and who find themselves in this irregular situation know who are those with whom they work and who they have recorded out of the corner of their eye in each job, so changing a habit when you know that those people are nearby is child’s play if it is sick leave due to a health complication.

In any case, even people get used to being on constant alert if necessary, and at the slightest suspicion many actions and attitudes that they take from the idea that they are observing change their meaning.

For this reason, the figure of the private detective is clearly malleable to this type of investigation, which makes him manage to expand with vigorous profusion in his field and, in turn, generate precise information and present it to consolidate those precisions of knowing if what is true is true. that is thought, leaving the investigation of fraudulent sick leave in Vigo as one of the most consolidated in the sector.



What is the reason for the solidity of the investigations of fraudulent sick leave in Vigo?

If we are going to see this type of development in terms of sick leave of fraudulent origin, it has occurred, as we said, in various parts of the country, so it has not left anyone exempt. But in the case of Vigo, there has been no greater progression in terms of the level of specification of investigation services for fraudulent sick leave in Vigo .

All these pushed by the immense labor infrastructure registered and congregated in the industrial estates of labor sectors as disparate as the automotive, technology, their development, fishing, tourism, hotel services, canning quarries, and an endless number of chains that supply a high labor density that later translates into fraudulent dismissals.

This is how Grupo Arga sees the turns in terms of the development of labor investigations in Vigo, which is always on our list for when we are needed.




For all those who need to carry out an investigation regarding the elements of Mystery Shopping Vigo , from Grupo Arga we have the answer .

indicated so that our corporate clients do not have major concerns regarding establishing an optimal evaluation of their states of sale at the corporate level.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our clients have the opportunity to evaluate in detail everything that is related to the execution of elements that without a doubt can provide the best sense of development of an action that can allow us to know how they are carrying out the articulation of a sales policy.


At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents pride themselves on building an investigative environment that has the ability to provide the answers that our corporate clients are looking for, this is a sign of the dedication and responsibility of our agents with the aim of providing the best sense of response to all those who seek the articulation of an operation that seeks to determine which elements to correct and reinforce.

In Grupo Arga detectives, all those who require our services, without a doubt, have a great ally, that is why through the resolution of each one we can provide the best sense of response the execution of the Mystery Shopping technique implies establishing At first, a profile of the company that is going to be analyzed, which is why our agents are extremely meticulous when wanting to evaluate a business of this type.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we carry out the most precise expert assessment and business evaluation tasks for all our corporate clients, with the aim of conveying the best sense of investigation possible through our activities, which is why, through the articulation of our operations we make possible an extremely immediate sense of resolution for all businesses that need to explore their sales departments in the shortest time required.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our operations makes it possible for our agents to establish the best sense of response for that business environment where the practice of a high-quality investigative process is required for all those who are in the interest of knowing How is the current state of your reality? At Grupo Arga, business inspection and the evaluation of all the requirements for the execution of an optimal sales policy are made possible through an extremely successful and precise expert opinion.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of all these processes implies that from our operations headquarters we provide the best sense of resolution for those who are seeking the management of elements that are key in the development of a policy that allows an optimal evaluation of the state of care (CRM) and also the management of the company’s sales policy.

This is a matter of great importance, since it allows our clients to benefit from the management of processes that involve a very broad development around the structuring of tasks that allow to accurately establish everything that is related with the execution of research processes and elements that have the ability to review the purchase experience and the articulation of efficient sales processes.

Grupo Arga detectives, through its agents, seeks the establishment of a policy that allows establishing the best sense of resolution for all those who require the structuring of a higher level around the sales decisions and the purchase experience that provides to all its customers.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the management of all investigation processes undoubtedly provides the right response for all those who require a sense of strategic investigation, which is why, through the processes that our clients execute, it is possible to establish the best sense of resolution in the shortest possible time.

The execution of Mystery Shopping Vigo processes implies that our agents go undercover and make a purchase precisely, in this sense they will have the opportunity to ask other clients about the experience they are living, they will also know a little about the capacity of attention that can be promoted for each one of them, as well as it will have in a detailed way the generation of diverse elements that make possible the most precise articulation of investigation processes at the service of any type of client.


Grupo Arga detectives, consistent with its tradition of service, seeks to promote the best sense of resolution for all those who are in search of evaluation processes for their businesses and branches, the application of the Mystery Shopping Vigo technique undoubtedly seeks to provide the better sense of development for all those who require a high-quality investigative resource.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, our agents make an efficient investigation process possible, this is how multiple businesses have the best tools to resolutely generate everything that could be part of various unknowns and questions of business management processes at the level of sales.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes implicitly implies the possibility that various people have various elements within their reach that can provide them with the greatest and best possible advantage in relation to an investigation case, the execution of tasks that our Corporate investigators undoubtedly make it possible for them to meet all the requirements of the entities and companies that contract these services with the greatest precision.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our clients, without a doubt, make it possible for these processes to be covered in the shortest amount of time possible, which is why, through the specialized management of our cases, we provide a true solution in investigative matters.





Facing moments when we know that our partner is definitely cheating on us is probably not pleasant at all, so in all circumstances it is

recommends entrusting this type of work to professionals sufficiently trained in matters, when we talk about it Without a doubt, we are referring to a search and location of Vigo people , for all those who need to locate an infidelity process.

Our Vigo people search and location activities are those resources that are trained to respond to any situation that a client needs to know what is happening in relation to the stability of their relationship, which is why we carefully monitor the location of the person under investigation. and the probable lover.


In the detectives of Grupo Arga, the processes carried out by our Search and location of Vigo people undoubtedly promote the best sense of specialization for all those who wish to promote a specialized investigative activity around providing the greatest possible certainty to all our clients. in the detection processes of acts of sentimental deception.

But getting to this point has not been easy, and it is not a consequence of the inertia of our market, performing acts of tracking and location at a sentimental level sometimes means entering a very subjective field of investigation, because people initially suspect this type of activity on the part of your spouse or partner is carried out with bitter surprise because while this fact may be true, it can also accommodate many elements that fall within the realm of hypotheses.

Grupo Arga detectives always consider the best range of resolution for those seeking the generation of a high-level investigative device capable of providing answers even in the most complex cases, this is possible in infidelity investigations, since they end up generating a heavy emotional burden on the person who could be a victim of this type of event, leaving a doubt implies for the affected person to face something that can be very unpleasant with great courage and determination.

In the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these investigation processes is channeled towards the management of activities that allow the best resolution of an investigation process by our search and location of the inhabitants of Vigo, who are in charge of collecting all tests. in a specific case of investigation of monitoring, location and verification of an act of this type.

The construction of activities that allow a correct resolution between all our agents, undoubtedly favors the best sense of development of a theater of operations that has the capacity to favor a discreet and specialized follow-up of a person surveyed.

That is why our Search and location of people in Vigo are resources that will deploy their investigative technique in the field to get to the root of the facts, this implies establishing a follow-up of various elements of their own to know the itinerary of the interviewee, and know what is your routine.

In light of all these facts, the person requesting these investigative services must be subject to a very detailed criterion of discretion and must, at the same time, provide us with information about the next decision that the investigated party makes of which he or she becomes aware. without the need for his presence as part of the relationship, this will allow him to be located more quickly.

This also implies for the investigator to be able to follow the routine of the interviewee, in order to observe if there is presence of suspicious behavior and if there is also someone who may be in an additional agenda with him from a point of view. sentimental view .

In this sense, our agents are agile enough to accurately determine all the elements that can come into force in a probable situation of deception towards our client, for this we also have as resources with elements that can provide the capture of images and elements of videographic evidence that facilitates the best support of a hypothesis.

This is sometimes essential to ask, because the testing processes that can be developed in our group are a weapon at the disposal of the applicant for these services, making effective a great sense of the premises in the short, medium and long term for all. our clients

The construction of activities that allow a correct resolution between all our agents undoubtedly favors the best feeling for the development of an operating room that has the capacity to favor the discreet and specialized surveillance of an interviewee.

For this reason, our search and location of people in Guipúzcoa are resources that use their field investigation techniques to get to the bottom of the facts. This means that it is necessary to keep track of several elements of your own to know the respondent’s itinerary and what their routine is.

In light of all these facts, the person requesting these investigative services must be subject to a very detailed discretionary criterion and at the same time provide us with information about the next decision of the investigated person whom he or she becomes aware of. Without having to be there as part of the relationship, you can find it faster.

This also means that the investigator is able to follow the routine of the interviewee to see if there is any suspicious behavior and if there is also someone who, from the perspective, shares an additional agenda with them. sentimental point of view.

With this in mind, our agents are agile enough to identify all the elements that can come into force against our client in a possible situation of deception. For this, we also have resources with elements that allow the capture of images and videographic evidence elements that provide the best support for a hypothesis.

This is sometimes important to ask since the testing processes that can be developed in our group are a weapon at the disposal of the applicant for these services and give everyone a good feeling about the premises in the short, medium and long term. our clients



Among the Grupo Arga detectives, we are aware that the current reality has changed considerably, this leads us to analyze that our investigations must have new areas of cooperation that allow them to make possible the best of the best in terms of ‘investigation, construction of these processes through the search and location of Vigo people result in the detection of infidelities in the electronic sphere and in the spectrum of Web 2.0, which our agency can do with a high level of precision.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our people search and location activities in Vigo have a good number of years of experience in high-level private investigation work, doing precisely everything related to the management of specialized cases. It leads to the management of each need on the part of our clients, specifying everything that is related to the structuring of optimal processes of investigation of the location of people committing acts of infidelity.

Our search and location of people Vigo are research devices that pride themselves on the exercise of high-level research work, this implies the construction of processes that involve the realization of a logical diagram of answers for everyone. those who wish to leave the unpleasant suspicion of being the victim of an act of infidelity and who wish to place the infidel in a red-handed state in the midst of a situation of this type.

All these clients and people interested in hiring us can learn more about all the investigation modalities and everything we can do to complete an infidelity investigation case complemented with a process of searching for and locating infidels, by accessing our web portal and knowing them all. . our proposals on our blog and social networks.

At Grupo Arga we have the best search and location of people in Vigo in order to provide the best response criteria to all our clients in this matter. We complement processes thinking about your needs!




If a private detective expert in infidelity is required in Vigo, in the Arga group we have it, thus providing a sample of investigators capable of solving any problem, no matter how difficult it may be, they always find the answers behind every doubt or uncertainty that may be had. .

The commitment of the Arga detective group goes beyond just getting some evidence, it is to provide support and tranquility to situations that bring headaches to the life of each person and who do not know what to do with said situation.



As the Arga detective group in Vigo , we have many cases that come to us every day, but infidelity is one of the most acclaimed cases, for this reason we have expert personnel in this area that can help you solve it in a short time, giving the required answers.

Cases of infidelity can be detected by very specific points of changes that can be found between the couple that can affect them emotionally, where when detecting them, the best thing the person can do is seek the advice of an expert in the area that concerns them. can help.

Investigations for adultery are usually carried out consecutively and progressively, this means that the results will always be known at the end of the investigation, which is where all the information is collected, the case is assembled and a sentence is given as a final answer to what what happened.

That is why it is always clarified in cases of infidelity, that probably the answers that they believed to be correct are not, and that everything takes a 180° turn, thus giving answers that were not believed before and this is something very normal for these situations, more than people think.

On the other hand, sometimes the answers are surprising only because the client did not provide all the pertinent information, perhaps due to fear, fear, shame and rarely due to forgetfulness, but these details are what usually indicate if there is really a case of adultery or not.

The construction of an infidelity case is based on personal information of the couple, so it is normal for the detective to ask very personal questions about both parties, in addition to knowing whereabouts, frequented people, family, frequently visited places, jobs, hobby, sports, extra activities and more.

This information allows us to create the first pieces of a puzzle, and then go through knowing where the private detective should start to make his inquiries to obtain more answers, whether or not he has to do a little cyber espionage or something a little simpler. .

All this information collected, whether by photos, videos, audios, messaging, calls, etc. It is incorporated into that antecedent that was made at lunch, with this information collection is analyzed and delivered in a final report that is given to the client.

This final report is that it can be used in any trial or court situation as evidence and it can even be requested that the detective in charge of this collection of information be a key witness of the same to have more basis of what is being done.



In general, for a person to be able to say that their partner is being unfaithful to them, it is because they have shown a series of signs that have put them on alert, as private detectives, here we will show you some of these signs that we have detected in the different cases that we have Dyed.


One of the easiest ways to know if they are being unfaithful to you is to detail if the couple has had a change in attitude and personality, where you can see the difference in how they treat you when they are alone versus when they are accompanied, of the manias new or old retaken.

When this happens, it is normal for people to confront their partners asking for an explanation and in these cases when the attitude tends to make the person tense and evasive and it is where they can confirm exactly what is suspected.


Another factor that can be evidenced as infidelity is the fact that the couple may have lipstick marks, bites, bruises, a different perfume, messy hair, change of clothes, among many more. In general, these signs or marks can be a trigger when they are usually continuous.


If it happens that the couple, when asking a question, always responds in a bad mood, with annoyance or hostility, and even if they do not respond or give vague answers, it is recommended that you speak with an expert infidelity detective if this situation is very recurrent, adding the other exchange data.

When this happens, an expert in the area can help you get exactly all the answers you need and that are being hidden so hard from you. Nervous, evasive and rude attitudes are symbols of deceit and concealment of information that can affect the partner.


On the other hand, when the changes in attitude are consecutively accompanied by extra hours of work or extra activities that did not exist before, a slightly worrying situation may be happening for the couple, such as adultery, cheating and marital lies.

In general, overtime work is an excuse to be able to do anything with a lover or with the person who may be committing adultery, also giving as reasons having to be absent for trips or last minute meetings.


One of the parameters that couples can usually request is a time of separation, or more time for each one as a person and less as a couple, thus giving them the option of including another person in their lives who can make them feel something different from their own. partner.

This time can be chosen precisely to carry out any activity that can take advantage of being with the other person with whom you are committing adultery, which is why in these cases it is better to contact us and clear up any doubts.



Grupo Arga detectives have always thought of the best for the Vigo region. Therefore, hiring a detective is a resource of great concern to anyone who has concerns about hiring a detective resource. The Vigo Electronic Sweeps promote the possibility of subcontracting these activities to solve a specific problem.


Electronic Sweeps are the most competitive in the market as they undoubtedly provide our agents with the ability to answer the questions of anyone who needs the best information to make a decision.

When carrying out the research procedures carried out by Grupo Arga, the possibility of identifying the coverage of a service that can offer the best solution for a given research context is undoubtedly considered.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation agency that, without a doubt, can develop the best sense to collect evidence that may directly and indirectly affect the conduct of an investigation process. For this reason, we always work with a sense of breadth to be useful to all our types of clients in Spain.

From Grupo Arga detectives, our services have the ability to configure operations for anyone who wishes to consult our services. In this way, from our agencies, we enable everything that has to do with the investigation of infidelities and what is related to personal consultations.

In the case of the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of this type of process undoubtedly fosters the best sense of development among those who require the execution of verification elements of electronic devices and electronic security elements through electronic sweeps They are useful for the management of extremely important processes. Foster a sense of resolution and complement this style of investigation with infidelity investigation, personal investigation, and corporate investigation.

Carrying out a private investigation work is a matter that leaves us immensely satisfied by enabling all the processes related to the management of investigations related to a personal aspect and enabling investigations that verify the authenticity of the documents, the search for pets and also Operations are evidence of personal protection.

From Grupo Arga detectives, our agents always think about how they can do everything to implement new limits of cooperation. In this way, we do everything that has to do with IT operations in a very agile way. You can create a digital survey system that works to protect our customers’ most important data.

Another way that Grupo Arga detectives throughout Spain have been constantly considering is the corporate investigation service. In this way, we have enabled the creation of elements of our group’s activity that can favor the best sense of care in all those business environments where the observation of the electronic sweeps of Vigo will show without a doubt what type of service is easier to to access. can be tailored to your needs.

Grupo Arga detectives, who think about their clients, always make it possible to generate a service that is capable of promoting the best sense of reaction for all business environments. In this way, there are various services and

From Grupo Arga’s detectives, through our service guide, we make it possible for the processes of our organization to be precisely oriented towards the construction of various elements that have the capacity to promote a feeling that is very conducive to decision-making, that is, we structure the sick leave investigation service where customers can find out through electronic monitoring what has happened to their employee.


Detectives de Grupo Arga is an investigation agency that aims to provide the best investigation service for Granada at the best possible price. Speaking of the best prices for a private study does not necessarily mean offering the lowest in the market, we provide a good service with reasonable resources to meet the objectives on time, taking into account the client’s budget limitations.

At the heart of our research proposal is undoubtedly the definition of a series of elements that can guarantee sufficient conditions to properly train all our agents and provide the best possible research service.

Carrying out the aspects that are capable of fostering the best sense of solution among our clients also consists of being able to count on sufficient organizational support from our detectives so that the best operations are deployed.

The Electronic Sweeps of Vigo undoubtedly achieve the best benefit for our clients in terms of the elements that start an operation, not only a detective moves, but an entire agency that does it. , capable of giving the best possible sensation of dissolution to all types of clients

At Grupo Arga, our clients promote the best sense of resolution of the various activities that we carry out with the aim of providing the best investigative inputs to all our clients, making this activity something that can be considered the best solution for all clients who They are in search of the truth of the facts.

Grupo Arga makes it possible for everything within its reach to be managed with a great sense of precision, which is why, in the case of the Vigo electronic sweeps , our agents can promote a host of solutions for all those who need the best answers.

We have the best for Vigo! This means that at Grupo Arga detectives we focus on structuring elements that will undoubtedly promote the best sense of solution for all the needs of our clients. This issue makes all the difference when it comes to getting the best performance out of a process. Investigation that may be the responsibility of persons requiring the practice of a private investigator



For anyone interested in knowing Computer Detectives Vigo , it is undoubtedly a very sensible decision on the part of all our clients and individuals interested in hiring us. This question allows them to know everything that management implies. Research processes.

The computer detectives in Vigo are a service that always offers the opportunity to make known everything from the work of our agents that is found in the course of each process in detail, and to open the investigation case to give the client the specified answers. .


Many people who are hesitant about whether or not to hire a private investigator sometimes need to understand that the processes involved in managing investigative activities present a problem that appears to be a solution. A problem that we cannot solve alone.

With that in mind, before we meet the computer detectives in Vigo and try to make a hasty decision, it is imperative that we understand when it is not about solving this problem that we are going through. Question that, without a doubt, can only be answered in our internal judgment.

When a professional is hired, it is possible to have a research resource capable of giving the best possible response to any type of activity that the client requests that falls within the scope of research, and without a doubt, asking a question will give the best results. .

The construction of a digital investigation process allows people who entrust this type of activity to obtain, under a wide margin of discretion, everything related to the management of investigation processes with the aim of matching them. You can make the best possible decision at your fingertips and thus achieve a strategic advantage in every situation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the members of our investigation panel provide all our clients with the best sense of reaction through a sufficient collection of evidence and elements of conviction that, in any investigation, have the capacity to promote the resolution of a case. in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost. .

The management of investigative processes in the digital spectrum that our agency makes feasible has the ability to encourage the best possible response to people and entrepreneurs. This problem will be reflected in the generation of various elements in order to carry out a timely and adequate investigation. any search context.

With Grupo Arga detectives, our agents have the best training to carry out any type of operation at the level of social networks and consistency spaces in the 2.0 spectrum. They differ in the handling of elements, which undoubtedly allows the use of elements of different levels of complexity, a problem that only one person cannot. what to do

Therefore, by hiring our Grupo Arga agents to carry out the investigation work, both individuals and companies have access to a world-class investigation service that is capable of promoting the best possible response to concerns and doubts. that they can have . in connection with any investigative process.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, creating a scheme that allows our clients to get the best of the best is undoubtedly a pride in the construction of various elements that open up the possibility of knowing everything related to the management of a process that can promote a response quickly to a situation conducive to research.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents can direct everything related to the management of processes that can promote the best sense of resolution at the level of special cases such as the investigation of infidelities, as well as everything related to any type. Since the personal investigation, without a doubt, is sometimes the best sense of resolution for someone who requires the application of a certain process of private investigation.

With the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our corporate clients also becomes profitable at the level of the structuring processes that allow us to get the best of the best to structure an article that allows investigations on sick leave as well as the application of the technique by Mystery Shopper .

These two types of surveys promote the best sense of responsiveness at the corporate level because it is necessary to delve into an effective decision-making process today, an issue that undoubtedly goes hand in hand. Specialized management of an investigation case.

If we analyze all these aspects, we can conclude that it is impossible to answer the computer detectives of Vigo with a standardized price, since trying to classify a transaction at a price would harm the client of the region. Provide quality research services that we monetize for clients.


At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes undoubtedly leads us to offer all our clients the best possible investigation service, so that specialized management of our processes becomes a reality.

Managing digital investigation processes for all our corporate and private clients undoubtedly promotes the best sense of solution at the level of various activities. This problem undoubtedly promotes an extremely important sense of development by instructing precise processes in customer service and their requirements for digital operation.

Anyone who has doubts about the work of the Vigo computer detectives has an excellent response to carry out the joint work of several experts in the field of investigations, capable of responding with a great sense of authority to anyone, whatever you do. gets in the way. it is associated with the application of a specialized research process.

Grupo Arga detectives guarantee the management of all the needs of our clients with the aim of giving them the opportunity to make the best possible decision on a specific problem.




At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best answer for anyone who wants to meet Vigo forensic computer scientists thanks to the quality with which we enable everything

everything related to the provision of our investigative services, an issue that undoubtedly makes the best sense to Respond.

When at Grupo Arga we say that for anyone who is wondering about computer forensics Vigo we can find the best solution, we are definitely saying that we can do the best research process at the best possible price.


The structuring of the processes made possible by our representatives is emphatically aimed at giving all types of clients who wish to use our services the best possible feeling for the solution and clarification of each investigation file.

At Grupo Arga we do everything possible to launch an investigation process that offers private and corporate clients the best possible response, thus underlining our integral instinct to solve a particular problem.

Vigo computer forensics are an element that allows us to respond, for all interested parties, to the generation of various services that we can make available to them, doing exactly everything related to the execution of the investigation elements that are reflected in the articulation of infidelity- Investigation as well as any type of personal investigation.

On the other hand, the management of the investigations that we enable against people also leads to the creation of protection elements through tasks related to surveillance and counter -surveillance , as well as all that. It is related to the management of processes that involve the development of digital surveys takes place where, without a doubt, everything that has to do with the execution of a highly expert process is guaranteed.

Our detectives in Vigo for companies have set out to carry out a logical investigation device that offers the possibility of providing the best service at the level of private investigation, so that our client companies can make the best possible decision in the sector in which they operate. digital research activities. They are without a doubt a great opportunity.

In the case of Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes is linked to the implementation of more important mechanisms that allow us to do everything that is capable of managing an investigation process.

Here, our research group allows everything to do with the structuring of a criterion that provides the best sense of solution through operations strongly linked to the application of fraudulent cancellation investigation procedures and the implementation of the Mystery Shopping technique. . They are complemented by a great complementarity of the elements at the computer level.

This gives companies the benefit of hiring an investigation service that can properly handle anything related to the execution of a process that can make the best decisions on related issues. with cost structure management and customer service capabilities.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents have the best tools to improve everything related to the establishment of security barriers. These are extremely important for those who wish to articulate processes intended to protect design and development. Patents and classified corporate communications.

In the case of Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes undoubtedly favors the best sense of reaction for those who wish to carry out an investigation in the short, medium and long term on the execution of the operations that we make possible through our group. aims to make the requirements and information they need known to all types of customers.

The use of this type of operations by our computer forensics means that, mainly as an agency, we have the ability to give the best possible response to anyone who wants to lead an efficient investigation process focused on all the needs of our clients.



All those who request our services from Grupo Arga detectives have a precise guide in the creation of our work in order to create a path of sufficient solution for anyone who needs investigative work aimed at providing a host of answers for all You need research activities.

All the digital activities that we carry out from Grupo Arga seek not only to establish a clear action scenario for all those who want to entrust a personal investigation, but also from our agency we prepare operations for private companies, the sense of application and solution of our investigators without Without a doubt, it promotes the possibility that we always have the best to provide in terms of private detectives.

With Grupo Arga’s detectives, when managing our processes, they can undoubtedly generate elements that foster a sense of investigation that corresponds to the expectations of our clients and the evolution of computer work, from our agency it combines it with everything, that’s why we always we trust them high performance

precision of our operations.

At Grupo Arga, without a doubt, anyone who needs our private investigation services knows that they have the best possible service in terms of developing various elements that can promote the best solution for all their clients.

The Grupo Arga detectives, aware of the current requirements for computer forensic work in Vigo , know that this type of work requires more than just structuring a data protection activity, on the contrary, we always try to adapt to each client’s requirement, where you can use our experts in the digital spectrum. At Grupo Arga we are at the forefront when it comes to constantly improving and advancing in the development of our services.

We have the best research service and the best solution tools for all our clients and prospects. With Grupo Arga, all our clients have a great advantage. We do the best digital research in Vigo!





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