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Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

People come across the need to hire Private Investigators in Torrevieja due to many different reasons. No matter what the exact reason is, you will need to ensure that you are hiring the services offer of a top notch Private Investigators.

Locating such Private Investigators in Torrevieja is something that you can do with ease. All you have to do is to focus on the following factors and move forward.

Then you will not come across any struggles when you are finding the perfect Private Investigator as well.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

Before hiring Private Investigators, you need to make sure that you are having a contract. The contract will clearly explain all the terms and conditions associated with the service. In addition to that, you can clearly understand what you are getting as well. You can go through the contract and make sure that your guarantee of obtaining a perfect service is clearly mentioned in it. Hence, you will be able to make a payment and keep the peace of mind until you are getting a top notch service from the team at the end of the day.

If you notice that the things are not going according to the way you planned, all you have to do is to refer to the contract. Then you can make sure that you will not run into any kind of a struggle while working with the Private Investigators in Torrevieja.

The payment terms should be explained within the contract as well. It is better if you don’t rush through the process where you sign the contract. Instead, you can go through the contract few times and ensure that you clearly understand what is mentioned in the contract before you sign. This can provide you with the chance to overcome numerous struggles that you may have to ace in the future.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

While hiring Private Investigators in Torrevieja, you should also check whether they belong to any professional association. There are numerous associations available for Private Investigators who offer their services within Spain. The membership in these associations will ensure that the Private Investigators are provided with the chance to receive the best quality service at all times.

However, you should also understand that any Private Investigator say that he belong to a professional association. You should not believe this fact until you do a cross verification. During the cross verification process, you can double check the facts and see whether the information provided to you by the Private Investigator is true or not. If you notice that information provided to you are not accurate, you should go ahead with the service provider. That’s because you cannot trust on the service that you receive. Hence, you can think about hiring another service provider.



Before hiring a Private Investigator, you need to meet him in person. All the people who are looking to meet Private Investigators in Torrevieja should do this. You are handing over one of your biggest tasks to the Private Investigator. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow the Private Investigator to move forward with it, unless you meet him in person.

It is a good idea to meet the Private Investigator in person before you award the task. Then you can make a decision whether you should really be hiring the services offered by the Private Investigator or not. Based on that, you can make a decision to move forward with obtaining the services that are available to you as well.

You can check whether the Private Investigators agency has a public office. Then you can schedule a meeting at the public office, so that you can meet them. The entire experience you get when meeting the Private Investigator can be used to make a decision on whether you are going to hire the service provider to award your task or not.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja | Private Detectives Torrevieja

You must do some background research about the Private Investigators agency on the internet as well. Then you can get a clear understanding about the service that is available to you. The very first thing is to check if the agency has a website. Then you should go through the content in the website. All the professional Private Investigators in Torrevieja are equipped with websites. Therefore, you shouldn’t settle down with Private Investigators, who don’t even have a website.

Once you focus on these factors, you will be able to overcome most of the red flags. Hence, you can obtain the services that Private Investigators are offering to you.



If you want to have professional help to demonstrate any event, without a doubt what you need is to hire detectives in Torrevieja, obtaining evidence, since they are true specialists for this purpose, we take care of searching for the truth, but on all come to demonstrate it.


At Grupo Arga we have specialists who collect useful information to limit the

problems, for example providing you with photographs or any other piece of evidence about any infidelity, attempted espionage, location of people, fraudulent work losses, and even coverage through surveillance and monitoring.


The importance of the actions or services provided by detectives in Torrevieja, obtaining evidence is based on being able to expose the commission of a criminal act, as well as some dishonest situation, the problems are reduced with the findings that detectives provide private.


In the middle of the private investigation, a timely response arises for each situation, we strive to get to the bottom of the situation and obtain enough elements of conviction that can demonstrate the events, so that your employee, partner, or acquaintance does not have the opportunity to continue lying.


In addition to having a computer area as one of the novelties within this type of service, to expose any attempt at espionage, information theft, hacking, and others of this nature, without a doubt


Some of our attention is highly professional.


We have specialists in each area to provide you with timely answers, when it comes to obtaining evidence in a lawful way, the best alternative is to trust the functions of our private detectives, because they know the area completely to extract the information and that it has legal validity before some procedure.







Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

The intervention of detectives in Torrevieja, obtaining evidence is essential to have certainty within a problem, because it is not the same to have to live under the shadow of doubts, to have forceful elements in your hands that indicate reality.


We use technological means to obtain digital evidence, but we also exercise field skills such as monitoring, studying and establishing profiles that bring us closer to the truth, the methods of operating have been updated to have results as soon as possible and provide peace of mind to the users.


We even have the mysterious customer service, as part of the undercover work we do, the figure of a private detective has diversified in every way, because it becomes a great solution to eliminate this deception, in exchange for clear answers

about different situations.


Through our services you will find the best answers, regardless of the type of situation in question, we analyze the ways or methods to reach a prompt resolution, granting important benefits by having the opportunity to have a final report that dispels deception. , for the value of the evidence obtained.


The support of the results of a private investigation is focused on the actions of the detectives in Torrevieja Official license, which means that they are fully prepared to deal with a large number of current situations, exchanging them for a proportion of tests that allow you to discover the true.


At the time that different situations arise such as infidelity, the presentation of a fraudulent leave of absence, among others that thanks to the progress of private investigation, its incidence has decreased or at least is reduced by a large proportion, for this reason it is the best decision for you.





The virtues that are part of the day to day of detectives in Torrevieja Official license, are based on extensive training as well as the experience gained each year, because at Grupo Arga we have an important track record to highlight, this motivates us to extend the proportion of our services.


In addition to having a license in private investigation, it is essential to know how to act appropriately, that is, in any situation that arises, we have sufficient expertise to reach timely resolutions on all kinds of cases presented by users.


On the other hand, regardless of the theme of your situation, we have a dedicated work that is replaced by tests that have legal validity, due to compliance with the legal requirements to exercise, for this reason you can have the peace of mind of being able to use these

evidence at the legal level.


By trusting the services of a private investigator, your life is completely changed, because the evidence they provide is invaluable in setting lies aside, looking at the reality picture, and from there.

make the decisions you must make so that you get complete peace of mind.





Quality is part of the investigation when it is undertaken by experts, who are known as the detectives in Torrevieja Official license, who have a wide variety of qualities, in this way we can provide you with evidence at the right time, since concerns they urge and we solve it in time.


There are no reasons to question the capabilities of a private investigator, since we have been able to demonstrate his dedication through the tests that are part of the report as a final result, this is made up of enough evidence to claim your rights. .


If you need help dealing with information leakage, personal deception, and even determining where you come from, the best way is to go to a private detective who will look for every trace, we focus on providing you with a special answer for your particular situation.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


We have established ourselves as a detective agency over time, especially due to the proportion of evidence to reduce the size of problems, in this way you obtain peace of mind and improve your quality of life.




To take care of the consequences of a deception, such as daily stress, economic losses, damage to your reputation, among others that are triggered by the impotence of being the victim of a lie, the detective agency in Torrevieja emerges as a group amplitude Arga to take our services to all of Spain.


The scope of a private investigation is really highlighted by the benefits it produces, because it was hard to believe, but with these avant-garde methods you can discover what your partner does, measure the loyalty of your employees, and even clean the areas of meetings of any attempted espionage from the competition.


At each step of the investigation of a problem, the dedication that is part of the offer of the Detective Agency in Torrevieja, as a pioneering service provider to take private investigation to another scale, being a source of effective answers within various problems, is noted. that stress anyone.


With a single consultation you can have a group of licensed experts available, which makes them qualified specialists, thus, there are ample guarantees before starting the investigation, but also if it does not have viability, we will immediately discuss it so that do not waste time.


We are a company dedicated to demonstrating all kinds of facts that are meaningful to you, since hiring us becomes meaningful to us, through empathy we provide a much more humane service, this keeps us attached to your goals until we reach cover themselves.


Given the difficulty, it only remains to occupy yourself, because if they do not take over your personal life, for these reasons private investigation is the niche of the answers, to bring to light different situations that are manifesting and that you did not know, because knowledge it gives power, it gives you another optic to decide.




In the field of private investigation different factors come together, we take care of outlining your situation, to immediately place an expert on your house, since in the detective agency in Torrevieja you will find the best proposal to make your life easier, without you having than worry about trickery.


The power of a private investigation is on the diversity of uses that it has been taking over time, where the common demand is fixed on infidelities, until it reaches the forefront of including the application of electronic sweeps as an important technique to free you of the problems.


Little by little we include more services, which implies greater preparation, do not have doubts that when going through our areas, you will have loyal support in the face of what is presented, this reinforces the fact that the importance increases, to the same extent in which new problems arise.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

We are a timely response to the frequent problems of today, do not expect the difficulty to increase or the clues to evaporate, it is best to act in time to gather enough evidence and use it even in a legal process.





We act professionally especially in causes that require greater emotionality, because there are issues that must be treated with different attention, our services provide advice on a wide variety of topics, because we have expanded the scope of exercising a research to quality work.

The Grupo Arga detectives are faithfully involved with your cause, we explain the panorama and the guidelines to follow, as well as the resources necessary to undertake this route of action, the decision to go to an expert is the surest way to avoid problems and make way for the answers first.

The reasons for hiring a detective are driven by the effectiveness of their actions, to configure a series of steps that make us a reliable alternative, by establishing a rune based in Torrevieja we have the opportunity to reach every corner of Spanish territory, since over the years we have achieved a global impact.


At the same time, the preparation and monitoring of the law allows us to intervene in judicial processes without abstention, our report serves as an evidentiary element at all levels, this is the security point to present concrete results and end doubts.


Actions as detectives have led us to expand training, in view of the needs and at the same time to meet the demands of deception or any obstacle that may arise, the reaction is essential to follow the course of a investigation, without losing the north of the truth at any time.

The findings that our professionals can access are fascinating, without breaking or violating the law for any reason, there is no need because we have the means to do it, we use effective methods that as detectives we know how to manipulate and with the necessary experience.


Living under a complex situation is a matter of the past when you can have the intervention of an expert, this is a reason to trust the scope we have within any requirement, the testimonies of each client confirm this, the time spent only has pushed to improve.


A sample of the truth is the determining indication for the life of any person, because knowing or unmasking an infidelity changes the course of your relationship, as well as having the evidentiary elements of a false absence at work allows you to correct and act.

The above situations only give rise to instilling a preventive or defensive action of your interests, that is about looking after your well-being, regardless of the scope that you understand, evidence is the starting point to take a position and put aside problems.


There is no doubt about our resounding capacity within private investigation, we seek that each client knows and understands our work, since this allows us to enjoy each result to a greater extent, which is the reason of being as a professional, demonstrating with facts what it really happens.



Our private detective agency in Torrevieja, is the epicenter of the professional commitment to efficiently exercise private investigation, this has been demonstrated through the remuneration of our performance through the award for business career, achieved in 2017 .


After each year our experience is strengthened, by achieving a majority success on each of the requests received, regardless of the matter, we carry out all kinds of private investigations, in the Torrevieja sector, as well as throughout Spain, supporting personal, work, and even industrial needs.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja






The responsibility that rests on this body of detectives in Torrevieja, has been established since its formation by the general director, who has received recognition for his impeccable work, through the gold star, based on his 10-year professional career in which It has been able to reap the leadership of a quality service.


We put together and invest the greatest possible effort in obtaining a response to any situation, placing the truth at your fingertips, this is the main objective, to be able to connect with the needs of each client, therefore after each phase of the investigation, after each In action we maintain an ethical safeguard.

Our work is focused at all times on maintaining a legal margin, that is, a quality service that will allow you to obtain the answers you need, through the appropriate means, therefore if you require a detective agency in Torrevieja or in the rest from Spain to eliminate any doubt, we are the best alternative.


The demonstration of our results are focused on the broad trajectory over the years, because Grupo Arga Detectives we conform as a private detective office, we can be located in Torrevieja mainly, we are specialists in private investigations in any field, under legal measures primarily.


Within our clients personal issues stand out, that is, private services, as well as at the business level, this being a sector that over time has become a necessity, because

It becomes an ideal method to protect yourself, on these means we have maintained a really wide success throughout time.


Since we started practicing in this area, we have focused on training each of our detectives, maintaining an avant-garde training, to meet all kinds of needs, but above all to have empathy when we receive any request.

Understanding the client’s needs is a key point, because a goal can be set around their demands, the results must point in that direction, as well as the proportion of technical advice that allows them to be aware of each part or step of private investigation.


Until we get to the bottom of any claim, we do not rest, that is, the results speak for themselves, we take care of gathering all the necessary evidence to formulate a certainty that generates tranquility in your life, that is, regardless of what you are looking for, we will seek the way to get answers.



Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


The search for results is our specialty, when you need detectives in Torrevieja, Grupo Arga Detectives is the best solution, given that at the first moment in which you manifest your needs, we devised a whole way to reveal the truth, we apply strategies that we allow to meet the imposed objectives.


In the same way we measure the feasibility of dispelling your questions, that is, we do not waste your time, when analyzing the situation we inform you of any real possibility, to compile a report based on the findings obtained, each test that complies has been corroborated and verified accordingly.


Your interests are protected by our services, because we invest ethical values ​​to protect your privacy at all costs, the process is managed with the methodology that is imposed on the client, the expression of acceptance becomes a commitment for us.


This is due to the reason that each of our detectives is titled, for this reason we emphasize that we are a strictly professional service, in fact this defines us as a fully registered national agency, therefore we have the capacity and preparation necessary to carry out all private investigation.


Our professionals consider themselves as young and enthusiastic, with very high professional traits, for this reason we have the qualities to solve all kinds of needs, this abounds within the entire staff that makes up Grupo Arga Detectives, establishing a guaranteed seal of quality and commitment to everything.

We are even endorsed by the Interior Ministry, to generate the tranquility you need, because our methods have a strong protection under the margin of legality, as well as in the use and application of technical methods of

forensic nature, to adapt to all kinds of demands.

These standards allow us to carry out actions and activities throughout Spain, that is, our scope is classified under a high level of responsibility, because these are the requirements that every private detective must provide in Spain, for this reason we take care of providing you with these comforts for your safety. .


Each of the private detectives is trained through a 3-year study and preparation for a university diploma, which is endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior, as well as under the support of the National Police Force, for this reason we have the capacity to exercise professional investigation techniques.

All our personnel maintain a resounding success within the majority of the cases received, this is due to the level of qualification they possess, based on the successful completion of the Diplomas in Private Investigation, this consequently opens the door to be able to cover a greater quantity of functions.


We also have the support of graduates in criminology, security directors, heads of security, economists, and even lawyers, on the other hand we have extensive knowledge in judicial experts, such as computer experts, fingerprint, graphology, accident reconstruction , among others.




Having detectives in Torrevieja who exercise techniques attached to the forensic character guarantees reliable results, because you can reveal all kinds of situations by investing in these types of tools that are implemented within the search for justice by traditional methods.


The effectiveness of methods such as graphology, accident reconstruction, among others mentioned above, allows us to create a clear image of the magnitude of professionalism that is invested after each need or requirement, which is why we classify ourselves as a highly versatile agency to tackle and work in any ambit.


Another of our strengths is being able to stay ahead of the game by constantly preparing our private detectives, given that constant updating is needed to face the daily incidents that may arise, being fit for all emerging needs is our main objective.

In all kinds of situations we have the support of professional experts, therefore no request surpasses us, because with each requirement, acting with efficiency is the distinctive feature that allows us to find the truth in a better way, under speed and quality. there is a privileged attention to their need.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


We cover areas with the help of professionals such as psychologists, graphologists, experts, auditors, scientific police technicians, laboratories, forensic computer scientists, fingerprint experts, accident reconstruction experts, among others, as a series of highly trained services for a greater diversity of solutions.

For these reasons, the distinction of having a resounding response is generated, because having many more tools and options, it is easier to establish a route to the achievement of the objectives based on customer requirements, which is why our organization

It is armored with the contribution of these experts as an additional reinforcement.


While we can exercise and apply more research techniques, each of the results or the tests obtained can be guaranteed to a greater extent, as well as the integration of state-of-the-art technology to use it in favor, instead of viewing it as a focus of vulnerability to an attack or leak.


In this way we can take care of a large number of situations regardless of the scope, each result will be supported under maximum verification, maintaining validity to be implemented within some legal process, for this reason they must be obtained and safeguarded by experts under lawful care.

Responses to a case are obtained in less time, since work can be optimized with so many methods, since the resolution of any requirement is our main goal, in addition to giving greater weight to the preparation of our reports, even to be backed by the aforementioned experts.


When a criminal situation occurs, any doubt of deception arises, the appropriate way lies in going to our detective services, to have that broad quality support, especially since you can use techniques of the same size and quality certification. the police or some similar entity.





The promotion of a private investigation is based on the constancy of being aware of the new techniques that comprise it, for this reason, Torrevieja detectives form a select group of experts capable of guiding you in any field, because we can focus on and clarify facts that others cannot. .


This translates into an extensive capacity of services, functions and qualities above all, what is needed precisely to get the much-needed evidence, since they are the key piece to support some fact, is the main objective of private investigation. to base their conclusions.

For this reason the results or the findings that are imposed within the report are crucial, because they leave no room for doubt, in this way they can be extended to clients with high guarantees as a resounding response to their needs, with the peace of mind that each fact is clearly detailed.


The information contained in this report contains images, as well as some graphic elements, which are obtained by detectives, these are classified as evidentiary means that are responsible for dispelling any type of doubt, about any event or fact.


In this way it becomes a special material that can be presented without problems before a judge, since they come from totally legal methods of obtaining it, so it is important to maintain a


faultless ethics, as well as under absolute discretion that does not unleash consequences that could worsen the situation.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

By having Grupo Arga Detectives, you are fully at your disposal, the best technical resources of this medium, as well as the human skills that allow developing all kinds of procedures that make up private investigation, understanding that this is the best way to guarantee results.

We maintain the highest investment in professionalism, seriousness and discretion after each request, because it is our goal to cover a quality service, through which you can cover any emerging need, so that you obtain the certainty of having where to go when performing any action. of this nature.


We solve any demand either for your business, where it is better to have an assertion of each data before taking a step and suffer any inconvenience, as well as within the personal sphere, solving all kinds of concerns even when it comes to relationship issues, You can achieve optimal results.


The management of a private investigation has never been so modern and concerned about its clients, where it has an important proportion of technology, because the main priority is to be able to provide more alternatives to each of the requests we receive, for this reason we distinguish ourselves from the rest.

Such extensive functions has made us the favorite choice in all of Spain, because there are plenty of reasons to trust us, since we demonstrate our efficiency with facts, through our extensive growth and strengthening of functions we can act as the situation warrants, without any abstention.




The prestige of Grupo Arga Detectives is positioned as a detective group in Torrevieja, which maintains a scope even in the courts, which brings out an extensive meaning of its functions, because they maintain qualities of professionalism and efficiency in every way, within of each work carried out in the investigation.


Through the results presented in our reports, it is conceived as an evidentiary instrument, which in approximately 90% of cases ends through an agreement between the parties, being an alternative negotiation solution for the resolution of conflicts of legal nature.


For this reason, each of the investigations carried out by private detectives, which are validated by the actions of the courts of justice, at the time they are summoned for a supply of information that have legal backing to All coast.

This is also due to the support and intervention of the legal department that focuses on keeping our actions attached to a legal reading, that is, on how to treat and turn each fact into an evidentiary means, maintaining a close relationship with the legal system.


That is why we offer as guarantees the use of the same within some legal process, at the conclusion of an investigation each evidence collected is collected in a really explicit report, which is ratified and valid

later through the courts, as a seal of absolute authenticity.


We remain open to all kinds of clients, in this way a much more effective performance can be achieved, we have the corresponding means to carry out each investigation, without imposing any limitations, for this reason we have a wide variety of clients with different Needs covered.


We have been able to serve multinational companies, professional mutuals, financial entities, insurance agencies, among others of this nature, on the personal side are individuals, as well as medium and small companies, which confirms the level of trust we provide to any cause in general.

We exercise a complete distinction based on the discretion and confidentiality that characterizes us, which allows us to work without exclusion, open to all kinds of situations, we have even provided our services to lawyers, hotels, companies, among others, as well as a wide variety of clients around the world.


Every day we gain a significant number of clients, forming an important portfolio of them, so each year the results are increased and we try to offer better services in each action, because by knowing their needs we take care of everything, focusing on each one of your concerns, as your own.


The treatment that is applied to each situation is what precisely allows us to be at the forefront of detective services, we set within our objectives the most appropriate alternatives for the needs that arise, and then materialize in valid responses constituted as evidence irrefutable and irrefutable.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja




Through Grupo Arga Detectives, you will be able to find specialized techniques, because we are professionals after carrying out different actions, if you are looking for detectives in Torrevieja that will give you total relief, with great tact after the situation you live in, without a doubt you require our services.


We understand how delicate it is to take charge of these situations, where the results or the needs covered depend on the alternatives that we can offer you, that is why we exercise a planning that contains the best strategy that is capable of obtaining conclusive evidence to expose any problem .


We carry out work in Spain as well as in the whole world, that is to say under a wide connection with abroad, through national and international associations that are formulated with detectives as a method of collaboration, covering an important range of allies to bring solutions to everywhere.


Among these associations, the association of private detectives in Spain, in Catalonia, Valencia, with security directors also stands out, even Andalusia, among others that allow us to ratify agreements to be in constant mutual collaboration, and to cover investigations even abroad, shortening the limits.


For this reason we can get to solve or be part of different investigations, regardless of the location, at the same time this produces a growth of our capabilities, therefore when facing


Some research emerges a new approach to attack the situation through effective and certified methods.


These attributes have national and even international coverage, which implies a new concept of private investigation, as new techniques are increasingly integrated using the means of justification and traditional research, with absolute validity to be used in legal processes.


The values ​​that we instill in any situation are efficiency, discretion and speed, since this type of eventuality cannot be delayed, to follow each trace it is essential to be under constant monitoring, to have all possible support, in this way the report will be composed with a greater amount of evidence.


Our services are completely extensive, where we have a strong specialization in infidelities, divorces and separations, as well as searches and location of people, by technological means we carry out electronic sweeps, WhatsApp content repair, and even computer expertise.


For these reasons we postulate ourselves as the best private detective agency in Torrevieja, where we dedicate ourselves to each request as our own problem, working from Torrevieja to the entire national territory, we maintain an ideal accompaniment according to the situation, as well as the intelligence to implement in the business sector.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

We have 10 years of experience in our research efforts, this has been a project that has been conceived with the absolute dedication of the CEO, who has always sought to improve every day, cover more solutions, diversifying each function within of this sector, without being satisfied.



The action of the detectives in Torrevieja has been considered as a need covered by the response of Grupo Arga Detectives, since it has established itself over time as one of the most important agencies in the country, especially regarding the exercise of private investigations without limitation of areas.


Through our agency, you will have at your disposal the best experts in this sector, for all kinds of situations, for this reason having an extensive staff of professionals, made up of researchers who have a specialization in criminology.


In the same way we have experts in law, security directors and also escorts, therefore each client will be able to have a timely response to their demands, regarding the budget of a private detective there is a wide variety of possibilities for the cost that represents a wide relation quality and price.


We are in charge of offering a solution at the lowest cost, that is, efficiency is in charge of speaking for ourselves, this makes it possible to reach more corners of Spain, especially in times of crisis, since solutions cannot be perceived as a made unattainable.


Our services have a complete adaptation, since with concerns you should not play when imposing a price, but rather bring solutions closer to the majority of clients, in fact you can consult each amount without any commitment, but as a basic consultation .


The needs to solve any doubt, to reveal some appearance of deception, the appropriate way is to consult our services to get answers in the shortest possible time, especially because we consider ourselves as a multifunctional agency, because we cover the entire sector that involves the investigation.


This is because in one place you will be able to find timely answers for your situation, we have an important set of tools and techniques that even cover the resolution of infidelities and the location of people, which previously represented a complex problem with little hope, but already no more.


Through our team of experts you can solve a large number of concerns, which is why it has become much more common to exercise each of the services we provide, that is, the greater the expansion of functions, the greater the number of cases that we are capable of. to attend, with the certainty of having the means to do so.


It has become a special treatment to deal with different problems, because we are prepared for it, that is why when we empathize and connect with your needs, we immediately get to the situation, under an action plan that allows us to find an answer according to your needs.


The results maintain an extensive level of quality, because we use our experience to ensure that each of our services is more effective, eliminating any feeling of insecurity, since you cannot live with this kind of sensations that can really harm your quality. of life completely.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja





The main thought of Grupo Arga Detectives lies in serving each person under personalized attention, given that we distinguish ourselves as detectives in Torrevieja, because when understanding any requirement we do not judge their motivations or claims for any reason, but rather we take full charge.


We confront all cases confidentially because at the moment in which a person decides to tell their problem, a part of themselves is exposed, this is deeply valued so we focus on exercising intimate care within each need, to provide the best solution.


We deeply understand your concerns, that is, we seek to make you feel safe both when facing any situation, and also in finding a specific alternative that allows us to find the solution more effectively, because we are a team truly committed to each client until the resolution.


Everyone who comes to our services gets an enormous feeling of tranquility and confidence, because it provides extensive coverage, as well as the incorporation of forensic techniques, along with the broad utility of technology, we live your needs as if they were ours, to guarantee results professionals.


Each case deserves a different approach, therefore they cannot be underestimated or something similar, the same happens with the economic aspect, each case is attended in a timely manner to suit what you really need, we are governed by the characteristics

typical of the situation presented to our detective agency.


A different situation, get different attention, as well as some budget, this allows us to be a real solution to the concerns of being scammed, cheated, even being a victim of fraud, because of this you can change that feeling of being tied hands without actions in these scenarios.


When these feelings arise, instead of regrets, it remains to take action, to look for a specific alternative, especially when services such as ours are found, in which we can take charge of the situation completely, even the most complex cases we have been able to solve.


Even if it is a case of a computer nature, such as a personal situation, they are treated under the same commitment, because we do not impose discrimination in this regard, only an analysis that allows us to take charge of the problem, without negatively affecting the case in question , under a significant ethical investment.


We attend a wide variety of cases, in each of them we reflect a strong concern, since they are all important to us, that is why absolute attention is devoted to them, among the most frequent are the faked casualties by employees, where We have been decisive in demonstrating such situations.


Given the high incidence of fraud or deception, it is best to be fully alert, go to that professional service source that only our detective agency is able to offer you, we seek the best to implement after each case, under the demonstration of facts that allow you to impose your rights.




The increasing growth of society in terms of crime, nefarious sentiments, our private detective agency in Torrevieja looks like the perfect point to find a way to protect, but at the same time to claim your rights in this kind of unprecedented situation that can happen to anyone.


Through our services you can find a completely honest answer, because we highly value your trust, for this reason we do not treat our space as a research office, but as a consulting room in which you can deposit your problems and at the same time time to find alternatives.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

The strategic plan that allows us to find solutions and details that you never thought of before, is precisely what distinguishes a professional private detective, because beyond his image on the big screen, we are in charge of carrying out all kinds of investigations arriving at the bottom of any situation.


We expose fraud, deceit, infidelity, lies, and at the same time we ratify various information, which allow us to make important findings when we want to know the location of someone by


For example, this has become our daily work.


We define ourselves by having an immense vocation, because we do not observe any case as small, for this reason we seek to have control at the international level as well, to be able to take our services throughout the world, until we have a forensic computer scientist who is even in charge of network hacking.


This interaction with professionals of this stature, allows us to obtain a greater amount of knowledge, as well as to expand the fields of action, this is because we are passionate about what we like, which constantly drives us to improve, each day looking for a greater training to better attend each case.


For us more than a job, it becomes a personal mission, this is the main ideal of Grupo Arga, we have men and women who are really in love with their profession, ready to give their best whenever there is a call for attention. , and at the same time we shield ourselves by extensive experience.


Private investigations are our main field of action, no matter how many difficulties may arise in the way of it, in the end the objective is not resisted, because we put a remarkable effort so that the client’s expectations are kept fully covered.


The satisfaction of our clients is what we pursue after each work carried out, being a way of taking care of their trust, in our private detective agency you will be able to obtain answers of all kinds, being an important value that we seek to reinforce and also understand it our team.


This profession has an additional requirement, but which we are pleased to carry out, since we can provide complete help to the client, at the time of obtaining any request, the answers arise completely to dissolve any complication, through the empathy we exercise to treat to each client.





Keep your concerns calm, when hiring detectives in Torrevieja, especially for Grupo Arga Detectives where we place your problems as our priority at all times, that is why we are increasingly satisfied with greater and better techniques for obtaining information regarding a case.


We have the advantage of having an exclusive laboratory to develop forensic informatics, which is why we take care of mobile hacking, network hacking, WhatsApp duplication, as well as tracking any file, so when any technological need arises, any incident will be completely covered.


At the end of each investigation, its results are reflected in a widely supported report, which has a wide guarantee under the features of confidentiality, as well as legal validity when implementing it under some legal process, so we strive to make it admissible.

During the first moment that we know your problems, we draw up a fundamental logistics to get to the bottom of the matter, each of our detectives has the ability to handle all

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


class of private investigations, that is to say computer subjects, until some incidence within the business sector.


The same happens with the personal sphere, which deserves a greater interest, including some extra investment of patience, because they are qualities that we must count on to face and carry out activities within our service area, in which the unbreakable rule prevails. fact of keeping a wide confidentiality.


At the moment when a need arises to resort to a detective in Torrevieja, we are the indicated solution, upon consultation you will be able to get in touch with a wide variety of proposals, increasing the probability of fully fitting in with your needs and expectations. weather.


The research plans incorporate all the actions used, as well as the value of the investment to be made to develop each phase of the process, but each requirement varies according to the starting point, the complexity or what is involved, so it is necessary to study in detail.


We are the best alternative when any incident of this type occurs, knowing that each of our detectives are legally trained and empowered, under the care under the law, to handle all kinds of evidence, until their subsequent validation is established in court.


We not only work in Torrevieja, or in the national territory, but we cover international needs, we exercise our work without any limit, wherever it is necessary, as long as we are allowed to work, we will, because we exercise an integral service without any limitation, beyond any border or location.


This is a really nice profession from any point of view, because in the world of private investigation, answers and solutions can be brought to a large number of people, so it can make a big difference thanks to our effort, giving you back the security that your life needs.



The hiring of private detectives is a service in which people agree to investigate any suspicion that someone has about a person or a group of people, the Arga Detectives Group is one of the best private detective agencies in the city of Torrevieja.

The Arga Detectives Group has been offering one of the best services of private investigators for years, whether you suspect an infidelity of your partner or want to consult on someone the Arga Detectives Group will help you by offering the best price on the market and a service of unsurpassed quality.




Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency located in the city of Torrevieja in Spain and they have been offering this service for many years to innumerable clients who seek to hire the assistance of these detectives to investigate other people and even to inquire about the practices and movements of companies and groups of people.


Although the Arga Detectives Group is an agency which is located in the city of Torrevieja, it offers coverage not only in the capital but also throughout the entire country, in fact the Arga agency


Detectives have coverage even abroad, the effectiveness of this agency is not only known in Torrevieja but also throughout Spain and the world.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

In addition, in the Arga Detectives agency we are not only characterized by offering an efficient and discreet service, we also offer a service completely under the framework of legality and with valid reports in court completely at hand to calm any doubts that any of our clients who want to contract the service.


All the assistance offered by Arga Detectives is not only completely legal but we also make available to the best and most effective professionals in the field of private investigation, we have the best personnel to carry out work both in Spain and abroad.


The Arga Detectives agency is an agency recognized by the entire city of Torrevieja and Spain, even the recognition and trajectory of this agency is reflected in the opinions of clients satisfied with the service and even up to awards given to the agency.


The Arga Detectives agency was awarded the Business Achievement Award from the Institute for Professional Excellence. Without a doubt, the recognition and trajectory of this company is not only remarkable, but it has also been rewarded and recognized by Spain.


The Detective Arga agency is a company that has been developing one of the best services for private investigators in Spain for many years and even in the world, the efficiency, discretion, legality and recognition endorse our company as the best and most prestigious company in private detectives in Spain.



Arga Detectives is an agency of private investigators that carries out its research activities throughout Spain and even in foreign countries thanks to the fact that Arga Detectives has the collaboration of important national and international associations which are:


The Association of Autonomous Detectives of Spain (ADAES). This is a company that aims to unite and represent a huge group of private investigators, most of whom are self-employed. This defends the interests of the sector and is responsible for promoting and protecting the profession of these researchers throughout Spain.

The International Federation of Private Detectives (IKD). International investigations have no borders and the Arga Detectives Group is a member of different international associations where the international federation of private detectives (IKD) stands out, which is an association that conducts private investigations in countless countries around all continents, you can contact directly these investigators through the agency Arga Detectives.

Professional Association of Private Detectives (APDPE). This is a group of detectives which seeks to unite private investigation professionals, the work of this association in representing the profession of private detectives both in Spain and abroad. This puts in the hand of professionals a very wide network of collaborations both in Spain and abroad. It is one of the largest organizations of private investigation professionals.Detectives Torrevieja

Andalusian Detective Association (ADA). The ADA company is an organization of an associative nature and which is not for profit which is established in the city of Malaga, the objective of this organization is for private detectives in Andalusia and Spain to have institutional support to carry out their activities, this association.

The private investigators agency Arga Detectives is a company that has the collaboration of other very prestigious organizations that not only covers Spain but also multiple countries around the world, a company that is capable of offering a quality service must have also collaborators of the highest quality.



The Arga Detectives service has the most apt and trained professionals in the field of investigation, as a company we offer our clients a connection with the best specialists to cover whatever your need within the framework of the investigation, we are at your disposal for whatever you need.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


At Arga Detectives we have the best and most capable specialists to investigate infidelities, detectives for divorces, investigation to locate people, modification of pension, recovery of WhatsApp files, detectives for family investigations, forensic investigation, for electronic sweeps and labor investigations.


At Arga Detectives we offer the best and most complete investigation services from specialists for any investigation job and where you require private investigators so the job may be required in the city of Torrevieja or anywhere in Spain.


The Arga Detectives Group is an agency dedicated to intelligence and investigation, which was born more than 10 years from the hands of our director of the agency, this is a project which was meticulously thought out and not in accordance with what had already been In the market, he is looking for and managed to build what is possibly the best and most important research agency in Spain today. And which has even gone beyond its borders, even having coverage abroad.


The Arga detective agency has investigative experts in practically all areas. The Arga Detectives group has a staff of trained professionals which is made up of criminologists, rights experts, security directors and even escorts. All endorsed under the framework of legality and with papers in hand.


If you are wondering what is the price that a private detective can charge to offer their services because we can tell you that there is no need to worry about money, at Arga Detectives we offer endless possibilities for you to choose the budget that best suits your needs. your needs optimizing time and money.




We know how these times of crisis are, which is why our organization will offer you the best solutions adapted to each of our clients and each circumstance. At Arga Detectives we do not market with the pain and suffering of people, which is why in our Organization we always offer a first consultation which will be free and as for the presentation of the budget it will be completely without obligation.


Request your appointment and come to our offices and we guarantee that we will be the most flexible to adapt to your situation and the needs you may have at that time. Arga Detectives is a company in which we are not only characterized by excellent work but also by having the most competitive and accessible prices on the market.


With the hiring of our service you will be guaranteed a resounding success in absolutely all the objectives which are proposed by our clients, the main objective of our professionals is the absolute satisfaction with our clients after exposing us their inconveniences.


We as a company make available to our specialists the highest range of modern technology. The most advanced equipment added to the most capable and efficient private investigators result in obtaining the best


results within the scope of private investigators.


The Arga Detectives agency is an organization that has been offering the best service to its clients for more than 10 years, having more than a decade of experience within the framework of the investigation and covering all possible fields we are a company that we know perfectly all the streets and corners of the city of Torrevieja and its center, as well as extensive knowledge of the rest of the Torrevieja community and Spain.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

When you need a private detective Arga Detectives is an agency that offers a safe bet when it comes to solving problems, without forgetting that the company Arga also offers the most reasonable prices for a private detective agency.


The prices offered by private detectives within the company are stipulated by the professional association of private detectives in Spain, and we will always try to adapt to your situation so that you pay as little as possible and optimize your time as much as possible.


The agency Arga Detectives is the only company of private investigators that is able to issue our clients personalized estimates that are tailored to the needs of the clientele, after exposing us what their problem is in the first interview, we will assess the circumstances of each private investigation and then we will give a price which is generally well received by customers.


If what you are looking for is a detective that offers a very cheap service, it is highly inadvisable, since in many cases paying less usually leads to a total loss of money, since as they do not have good professionals and they do not have the equipment and resources Adequate they will not be able to offer an optimal and quality service, in addition to the risk of hiring a job which is not legally guaranteed.




When we offer a low price at Arga Detectives, it is through research optimization. Thanks to the viability of our specialists and professionals, we achieve significant savings in time and resources, which results in a drop in price without this resulting in a drop in the quality of the research and even being able to offer the most effective and safe result.


The private investigators agency Arga Detectives is an organization whose main headquarters can be found located in a privileged place right in the heart and center of the city of Torrevieja, providing coverage of our service not only in Torrevieja but also anywhere in the territory national and even international.


Arga Detectives is one of the most important and leading agencies in all of Europe, this section takes advantage of the fact that it maintains collaborations with the best and most prestigious Private Detective agencies both in Spain and in the Rest of the Field.

International. Authority company with the most accredited allies.

When you are looking to hire a private detective for your investigations, make sure that he is duly authorized to carry out his work, in addition to making sure that he has the necessary studies and corresponding training to practice in this profession.


At Arga Detectives we require our professionals to have a University Diploma in addition to the fact that it must be registered by the Central Private Security Unit, the body that is in charge of regulating our functions and which belongs to the National Police force. And finally, you must have your corresponding license number in your position and it must be approved.


As a company we are concerned that all our activities are properly guaranteed under the framework of legality, so before hiring our service if you have any questions about the legality of our service it will be answered instantly to avoid any inconvenience.


Our private detective service is provided under the legal framework which is regulated by the private security law. This is a liberal profession with complete administrative control in our functions and services, this is legislated from the training necessary to obtain the title to the functions that the detective can or cannot perform.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Our service is endorsed and regulated by the private security law which says that a private detective can investigate private crimes (that is, those that can affect the reputation of a person) as well as these can provide information and evidence for the resolution of legal disputes when it refers to the social, labor and family spheres.


At the Arga Detectives agency we ensure legality, you can hire our service as long as you have a legitimate interest and it is not a criminal offense. Any questions you may have about legality can be answered by contacting us directly where we will offer you advice before hiring our service.




Active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with the associate number 782, as well as we are members of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other prestigious International Associations.


At Arga Detectives we have extensive experience of more than 10 years in all possible types of private investigation and achieving unbeatable results of the highest quality for our clients that could be offered in the field of investigation.


Not only we as a company have years of service, but also each of our professionals has the highest training and innumerable years of experience practicing in the field of private investigation, in addition to each having their corresponding licenses and papers which will be at hand to prove their professionalism within the area.


It should be noted that in this agency our professionals employ and work with the best and most modern technology, in addition to providing each client with efficient and totally discreet work in each specific case and of any kind.


At Arga Detectives we fully guarantee a discreet and absolute professional secret, this secrecy on the part of our professionals will be reflected in each one of the contracts we carry out.


Each of the professionals who work with us at Arga Detectives is specialized in specific private investigation areas, being able to offer clients optimal and professional knowledge in each area of ​​the private investigation sector. In addition to the use of the most avant-garde and modern means and technology, in all cases leaving our clients satisfied with the best and most insurmountable results.





At the Arga Detectives agency we have a huge client portfolio throughout Spain as well as abroad. We carry out cutting-edge research of all kinds, be it social, family or work, we carry out quality work in all the areas included in the private investigation environment and in each we offer the best service.


For infidelities. If you think that your partner is cheating on you, you can hire a detective who specializes in infidelities, they will be specialized in monitoring and surveillance, they will offer photographic and video evidence, polygraph tests and more Detectives Torrevieja


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Total anonymity and absolute discretion are important.

For divorces. Hire a private detective to search for evidence for separation and divorce, we make modifications to regulatory agreements, claim alimony, search for evidence of paternity, the provision of evidence in family courts and gender violence.

For locating people. We carry out searches for missing or escaped relatives, search and location of defaulters, location of people not only in Spain but abroad, use of the most advanced technology to be able to get where others cannot and with a margin of success close to 100 % and immediate action.

For pension modification. We provide the necessary evidence to be able to issue a modification in regulatory agreements, financial solvency reports, compliance with restraining order, custody of children and custody of minors, visitation regime, full legal validity and valid reports before the courts.

For WhatsApp recovery. We recover deleted messages from the mobile, both multimedia and SMS from Android and IPhone, recovery of WhatsApp conversations, a team specialized in forensic computing capable of recovering absolutely any material that has passed through your device, computer detectives with the most extensive experience and we also have a 100% success rate when referring to the investigation related to the forensic informatics department.


For family research. Premarital reports, regime of visits and custody of children, control of minors, investigation of doubtful behaviors either of children or any other family member, mistreatment, suspicions about domestic service, drug addictions, obsessions and gambling, doubtful behaviors and dependencies.

For forensic computing. Investigations of social networks, computer expert, the recovery of deleted data, the extraction of evidence in digital media, conducting computer security audits and computer legal advice.

For electronic sweeps. Detection of microphones, cameras, or any electronic device which can be found hidden inside homes, premises, industrial warehouses or any type of private area, specialized detectives using advanced technology 100% reliable, cutting-edge applied technology and latest generation systems used by professionals.

For labor investigations. Reporting for the selection of personnel, detection of information leaks, professional intrusion, investigation of customer diversion, dedication and use of union hours, investigation of scams within the workplace, verification of veracity of resumes and investigation of terminations feigned.




At the Arga Detectives agency we seek to assure our clients that they have the best and highest quality of our services in any area of ​​private investigation.


Sure you wonder how you can hire the services of Arga Detectives is very easy, you just have to go to our main offices in Spain, at C / C / Princesa, 9 1º izda. 28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, but before you will have to schedule an appointment which will have no cost.


Contact us through our email or you can also contact us by phone 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or +34 608 767 979 at any time and any day of the week, also by Fax +34 912 536

If you ask immediately we will give you a quote without any commitment and at no cost. We offer our clients deferred payment facilities and the possibility of paying by Credit or Debit card.


And at the Arga Detectives agency we not only distinguish ourselves by having a wide portfolio of clients in Torrevieja and throughout Spain, but also because we belong to prestigious private investigation associations, it does not allow us to expand our client portfolio internationally.


Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation agency which, thanks to its allies, is able to offer coverage of its service to any part of the world. The service we provide at the Arga Detectives agency is both national and international, and you can hire our assistance even if you are in another country, even on another continent.


We are able to make our service cross our borders thanks to the fact that we have collaboration agreements with allies around the world, we have the collaboration of the main private detective agencies in the world, agencies of great recognition and prestige in the area of private investigation.


Year after year we carry out a huge percentage of international research. And not only doing work in other countries in Europe, but also going even further, carrying out work even outside our continent.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


Today, our international client portfolio is enormous and is growing more and more, and our clients are not only private individuals, but also large multinationals also hire and trust our private detective service.


The trust placed in us by our international clients is from many years ago and this is due to the best results that we are able to achieve and that leave all our clients with great satisfaction, a service of 10 for the enjoyment of absolutely all of our customers.


In addition, here at the Arga Detectives Group, as we know that you may be concerned about the legality of our service, in the company we know perfectly all the legal regulations in each country in which we work, this is how we can produce the tests with absolute validity for when It is time to present them in a court and be able to do an effective job.


In order to cover both national and international coverage, at Grupo Arga Detectives we are members of different international associations which are competent to give us a solid character within the investigative landscape



Although we have the collaboration of different international organizations we must highlight the following: World Association of Detectives, The Association of British Investigators, International Federation of Private Detectives (IKD) and APDPE


World Association of Detectives. This is an association that focuses on the global alliance of private investigators and security specialists, this is a prestigious association with origins that date back to 1921, this is the largest established international private investigation association in the world. This was formed as a joint venture between the combined members of the world detective association and the international secret service association.

The Association of British Investigators. This is an international association that was born with the intention of regulating and having better control of the private investigators market, in this way clients who wish to hire the services of a private detective can have complete confidence that they will not be scammed by any dishonest operator. . This association allows private investigators to show their credibility in front of their clients and that they can contract a quality service and absolute legality.

International Federation of Private Detectives (IKD). It is an organization of enormous importance and international prestige because it has carried out countless private investigation works around the world, IKD is one of the most important private investigation organizations in the world and probably the most important in Europe. At the Arga Detectives agency we connect our clients directly with private detectives of this organization.

PDPE Finally, the APDPE is a very important association of private detectives that resides in the country of Spain, it works for the unification of the area of ​​private investigation, this has the goal of guaranteeing, protecting and promoting the profession of private investigators in Spain, in addition this allows any freelance detective to associate and become part of APDPE

Since we are members of these associations, this allows us to be in constant communication with members from all countries. In addition, it allows us to collaborate with the best and largest international private detective agencies.


Thanks to this we can allow ourselves to have a much greater efficiency in the investigations that we carry out, apart from having a lower cost in the realizations of these.


At Grupo Arga Detectives we know very well that private investigation knows no borders, so we as an agency carry out investigative work of all kinds and around the world.


We have years of extensive experience in international private investigations, apart over the years we have been able to develop our own working method in surveillance and monitoring operations.


This has caused our private detective agency in the city of Torrevieja to be considered as one of the leading companies in the field of private investigation of all types.


At Grupo Arga Detectives we work with the best professionals, that is why our private detectives can function in any atmosphere and under all kinds of conditions, as well as being able to carry out and carry out work with any type of client.



Our Experience as a private detective agency is portrayed in more than 10 years performing the most effective work of private investigation.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

The Arga Detectives Group has carried out private investigation work in a large number of countries throughout the world and on all continents.


We can list some of the countries in which we have provided our services. Completed jobs in countries like: United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Romania, Panama, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Gibraltar, Portugal, France, Netherlands, United States and many more countries of all the world.


As you can see at Arga Detectives we not only offer a job of maximum efficiency, but we are also able to complete these jobs even if you are in another country and even on another continent.


The Arga Detectives Group is made up of a high range of private detectives with great qualifications and experience within the area, this makes us differentiate ourselves from the rest of the private investigation agencies in Torrevieja and even throughout Spain.


As an agency we will put at your hands a multi-purpose office that will be able to succeed in all kinds of international private investigation that can be carried out. In addition all our professionals will be able to communicate perfectly having high


compression levels due to the perfect command of languages.


It is necessary to emphasize that our agency has a wide international portfolio with clients of all types, we have not only carried out work for individuals but we have also done our work for international companies of all kinds.


At Grupo Arga Detectives we are known for completing jobs quickly and being able to achieve the best results working under any possible scenario. If you are looking for an optimal answer, you do not need to look further, you just have to contact us.


At Arga Detectives Our priority is to achieve the objective proposed by all our clients, which is why for each of the international investigations they are under a very detailed action plan for each of the investigations carried out.




And to be able to meet both national and international demands, we have the most advanced technological means which allow us to achieve the most outstanding and best results that make us differentiate ourselves from other companies and private investigative agencies.


All our human personnel have extensive and extensive experience backed by more than 10 years of work within the international private investigation area, a team capable of working perfectly under any circumstance. Our agency coordinates with each of the professionals of the place where the investigations will take place, in this way we can guarantee our clients the most optimal results.


Furthermore, thanks to the fact that our agency is ratified by the most prestigious and important associations, we can assure all our clients of investigative work totally under the legal framework according to the rules and regulations of the private detective profession in the country in which they are located. go run the investigation.




If you are not in Spain and you need to hire a private investigation service in the country where you are, just contact us by email at or by calling anytime of the day at


our phone 913 866 294. Our phones are answered 24 hours.

Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


By contacting us we will let you know all the information about our private investigation services. And if you worry that an international investigation can be very expensive, you neglect, thanks to our collaborations and professionals in the area, we guarantee our clients the best prices that adapt to their situation and needs.


It is also worth noting that our professionals and specialists have extensive experience in the field of research and work with the most advanced technological resources in order to guarantee our clients the maximum optimization of time and therefore time. After contacting us, you will be presented with a quote without any commitment.


In these times about 75% of the cases that we receive in our detective offices monthly are cases of fraudulent work leave, it turns out that it is very common to coincide with a worker on sick leave practicing a double work life, or to find workers on leave. for mobility problems jogging in the park or loading and unloading objects.


Fraudulent work leave cases involve our detectives interacting closely with the person to be investigated, in order to demonstrate that the person we are investigating is carrying out fraudulent work activity, we use the use of hidden cameras to record the act in question.


After a detective concludes the investigation of the person, we proceed to prepare a report in which we explain everything we have recorded and then we deliver this report as evidence.


This report, because it comes from a certified private investigator, will have full legal validity and can be used in court if necessary, and you can count on the detective to ratify it. Here we will mention the investigation that was carried out, the days and times that the investigation was carried out, the attitude of the person investigated and the answer to all the questions that may be asked at a trial.


Always stay in touch with us and you can hire a quality service from private labor detectives who are experts in investigating fraudulent work losses.


Private Investigators in Torrevieja

Private Investigators in Torrevieja


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