Private Detectives Tenerife

Private Detectives Tenerife



Hiring a detective is sometimes the best decision we can make since the limited time we have today as well as all the emotional effort that even goes into establishing an investigation on our own or wanting to know something when we directly consult a source, it does not produce the desired results.

Private Detectives Tenerife

Private Detectives Tenerife

In this sense, by establishing the hiring of a detective, we can act with utmost discretion and at the same time we can also establish different elements of analysis as a result of the information that various professionals specialized in the field have obtained for us.


A detective knows that the fundamental aspect around the generation of good customer service is about the possibilities of a good service, for this, from Grupo Arga detectives we have deployed tasks inherent to the CRM function, he must then determine with a sufficiently efficient criterion that is what is necessary for the client to be known for being attended in the middle of the request for an investigation service. 

From Grupo Arga detectives we have considered that all case management process is related to the possibility that a detective may be able to channel the entire client requirement.

The identification and contextualization of the problem to be covered depends on this phase , this implies the need for the detective to be able to identify all the elements that are conducive to the development of a technique that is capable of articulating based on a solid criterion the Obtaining accurate information that allows you to act in the first moments of the investigation, this would be something like the initial indications necessary to get started. 


At this stage, the main task lies in the importance of displaying a criterion of good care, since the client in the first of changes when requesting this type of services is sometimes consumed by anxiety, and the desire to act.

This desire to act can sometimes be translated as a fairly strong desire to get to the root of the facts, an issue that ends up being a lot of noise for the investigation, since the optimal development of this is obtained through intelligent action, and in acting with intelligence, the fact of unleashing a role of this type does not generate a sum of factors, rather the opposite generates a detriment to them.

When hiring a detective, it must be known that it is a resource that acts in relation to the client’s demands to establish the greatest possible clarity of all these elements are related to the investigation and the success of all the efforts that are going to be deployed, Likewise, these deal with the optimal delivery of services that are capable of marking a before and after in obtaining specialized valuable information, being this useful for decision-making. This undoubtedly generates a state of calm and coverage of that need that our consumer segment manifests so much when at one point they approach our facilities to demand our services.    


Hire Detectives in Tenerife



When hiring a detective in Tenerife, it is an element that can be differentiated in the preparation of its operations by means of various tools that are useful for the exercise of detective work, all this implies a greater relationship of efficiency around the management of new mechanisms that make our work possible.  

Private Detectives Tenerife

Private Detectives Tenerife

The importance of generating an act of investigation, around the use of technological devices lies in the possibility of being efficient in the handling of techniques that allow supporting all the documentation, this generates the possibility of being efficient in the handling of recording cameras , in the instrumentation of electronic sweeps, as well as in the possibility of having a specialized team that can also support the actions of the field agent in the field 2.0, making the investigation agile, dynamic and innovative.

The possibility of establishing a quality investigation deals with the need to appeal to the implementation of cutting-edge technological tools, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives, we maintain a policy of constant updating for all our agents in the management of all available technological assets .

The possibility of deploying operations in Tenerife at the time of Hiring a detective , provides the client with a great advantage around obtaining various mechanisms that can be useful to achieve rapid and adequate responses to the client’s demands, an investigation that uses the greater amount of technological resources, achieves the optimal development of its operations and manages to raise the standards of response to its customers. 


Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that does not stop being innovative in the provision of its services to the city of Tenerife, this is done with the objective of establishing compliance with certain goals and corporate elements that allow us to be leaders in the market through management of various elements that are typical of a first level performance.

Anyone who is interested in hiring other agencies and even wants to look for a freelance detective should think about it, since sometimes the tasks they perform do not reflect an effectiveness in all their operations. Issue that ends up generating a deficient practice of detective work.

In Grupo Arga Detectives our clients will not only have the best detectives, but will also be supported by all the work of an organization that has its weight as it has several years of experience in the market, this generates the need to be excellent in the exercise of our functions. There are many people who request these services without having the slightest idea of ​​their usefulness, for this we always provide the desired support in order to provide the best guidance and the most efficient responses to their concern.  


When the problems of insecurities, suspicions and lack of trust, start in a couple, usually, this generates a crisis in the relationship. On many occasions, the best way to get out of doubt is to hire a detective who is expert in infidelity.

This will avoid continuing in the uncertainty, in addition to being the most expeditious way, in order to clarify doubts and be able to make the appropriate decisions. Remember that the advice and objectivity of a professional, in these cases of doubts, is your best ally, to put an end to the inconveniences.  



The issue of infidelity in the couple is still very sensitive in society, since it affects the intimate life of those who suffer from it. Despite the fact that, in your country, it is no longer necessary to prove infidelity to exercise any legal action for separation. It is still a topic that is in great demand by the different detective agencies.

Private Detectives Tenerife

Private Detectives Tenerife

For this reason, when relationship problems begin to arise, continuously, the first thing that is thought or believed is infidelity. Although, on many occasions it turns out that there is no infidelity, the truth is that it is better to know the reality, which allows clarifying doubts. Therefore, below you will talk about the most common signs, to know if he is unfaithful. 

  • The couple begins to be more careful with the mobile, avoiding leaving it out of their sight.
  • Sudden variations in the amount (more or less) of sexual intimacy.
  • Beginning of increases in commitments outside the home, where work meetings and last minute meetings with friends are commonly used. In order not to attend these commitments with the couple.
  • Constant change of mood, where they are included, in many cases unjustified claims.
  • Increase in expenses, without justification.
  • Changes in appearance and new friendships.

When some or all of these signs begin to appear, then it is time to seek help from a professional. If the decision is already made, before visiting or hiring a private detective, you need to gather information to facilitate the investigator’s work.

Start by taking note of all the activities you carry out, whether they are routine or not, keep in mind that any detail can be a good clue for the detective. Since they have the experience and the knowledge, to be used as evidence. Their work allows them to obtain evidence, within the law, for having the license to do so. 

 It is important that when as a client, you gather some evidence that helps the detective to carry out the investigation. It is necessary that you do it with prudence, that will avoid putting the couple on alert and complicating the investigation. Remember that all the data and signals that you give to the detective serve as the beginning of the investigation.

Given the long and proven experience that Grupo Arga has in this type of research, you dare to recommend that when they are, in this type of dilemma. Go to an expert in the area of ​​infidelities, of which we have the best in the market.

We offer a rigorous investigation, based on the objectivity and experience that we guarantee. Allowing them to clear any doubt, of possible infidelity, with the necessary evidence. Additionally, we have the best professional and legal advice, according to each case.



According to the experience we have developed in Grupo Arga, in the investigation of infidelities. There are several types of infidelities, among which are the following:

  • Sporadic or occasional infidelities: they are relationships based on sex, also known as slip or gray hair. Normally, couples who have had this type of relationship do not contact each other. This type of infidelity is unlikely to be discovered, since it is not repeated.
  • Infidelity with commitment: It is about infidelities that have long-lasting relationships, where the periods are long. In many cases, it is about stable relationships, where you can establish another family. The feelings are involved and the so-called lover appears in the figure of the infidel.
  • Frequent infidels: these types of people are the ones who generate infidelities, but with different people.

Given the characteristics of infidelity, private detectives use different techniques, hence the need to know, on the part of the investigator, how is the behavior and habits of the person to investigate. This will allow taking the necessary actions to follow, as well as the technology and prices to be agreed with the client.



Before hiring a private detective , the first thing you should do is verify if you have the Professional Identity Card. Which is a license issued by the Ministry of the Interior. This license or identification qualifies you to work as a Private Detective in Spain in a legal manner.

Private Detectives Tenerife

Private Detectives Tenerife

Based on this, Grupo Arga has all the legal and required documentation to provide the private investigation service in Tenerife and throughout Spain. We are a group of professionals specialized in research. We have extensive experience in solving cases, especially infidelities.  

Your staff is highly trained in personalized treatment, based on confidentiality and discretion, which has characterized us throughout our career. We value and advise each case, using the necessary technological resources and means. 

In our extensive trajectory, we have forged solidity and trust in our client, that is why, at the time of hiring, we offer advice without obligation. In order for your professionals to indicate the best options. This will allow you to better understand the steps to follow.

The research carried out by your professionals is characterized by being objective, quality, efficient and rigorous. All in order, to be able to give the client all the necessary tests, so that they clarify their suspicions. To be able to clear up doubts and be able to make the best decision based on your needs.

According to our experience, we can indicate that approximately 60% of the suspicions of infidelity are true. That does not mean that couples end up separating or divorcing . In many cases, when facing truths in couples, it allows relationships to improve and give each other a second chance. 

For this reason, and much more, they are sufficient reasons for you to come to our offices and carry out an interview with us. We have the experience, validity, trust, discretion and, above all, the best prices on the market. If you need a detective, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The work of a private investigation professional is generally performed for private cases. Therefore, the value of a detective in Tenerife , depends mainly on the type of investigation that he enhances. In Spain, this investigative work has its legal regulations, which we will discuss in this article.  

Investigations carried out by a Private Detective are considered tests, which at a given moment will allow the client to clarify a situation. That at any given time, can be used for decision making. Which can affect work, financial, professional life, as well as business life. 



Before starting to talk about, the rates and prices that have established the fees of private detectives . It is good that we understand that, as an investigation professional, you do not only carry out work, on infidelities. His work goes far beyond just following and establishing processes of infidelity in couples. 

The role of a detective is so complex and complete that a large number of activities are involved in our social environment. The job of a detective is to obtain evidence, evidence, by different methods. That can cover the family, work, business and financial environment of people.

Given the importance of the work of a private detective, the contribution of his investigation is considered by the judicial courts in civil matters as legal. For this reason, Grupo Arga works hand in hand with the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police, in complying with each aspect established by Law.

Work that has allowed us to be leaders in our field, thanks to the care and dedication of all the human resources that make up Grupo Arga. Based on the experience and teamwork capacity of all your professionals. With particular emphasis on each case and its solution. 

This leadership and customer preference has allowed us to establish rates or fees according to the needs of the case. Regardless of the type of investigation, Grupo Arga Detectives has rates or prices, adjusted standard and flexible, which we will define below:

  1. The working day to be carried out by the detectives, per day, will be budgeted between 1 to 5 hours per working day, which is equivalent to about 350 Euros. This fee corresponds to one investigator for each case.
  2. It is important to clarify that if additional detectives or professionals are required, as well as hours, the rate will have a surcharge on the price.
  3. Private Detectives Tenerife

    Private Detectives Tenerife

    With respect to, I work on holidays and at night, the rate will be adjusted by an additional 50%.

  4. As for searches, location of people, such as inquiries, the price will be agreed in advance. If said investigation warrants transfers outside of Tenerife, everything related to additional expenses will be made with the minimum established rate or prior agreement with the client.

It is imperative to point out that this agency works with closed budgets, in order to keep clear, any financial element that affects the client. If there are expenses not contemplated, they will be made as long as they are authorized by the contractor. Our transparency, as well as people’s satisfaction, is essential for the Group.

Grupo Arga, is an agency that is characterized by providing a unique service to your clients. With the rates or prices, you do the same, that is, we adjust the budget to the client’s needs. We understand that each case has its peculiarities and therefore each budget as well.



As we have already mentioned, the functions of a private detective are varied and complex, their work is varied and important for the decision-making of the person who hires them. However, there is a set of functions where it becomes more common, because it tends to investigate more frequently, among those, we have:

  • Infidelity investigations
  • Surveillance and monitoring of people
  • Divorce counseling
  • Location or location of people
  • Behavior of children and relatives, where in recent years, cases have increased, due to Bullyin or bullying.
  • Espionage and trademark counterfeiting
  • Computer fraud and wiretapping
  • Simulated casualties
  • Pensions and child custody

Grupo Arga offers you the aforementioned services and more, since we have the guarantee of having the best staff, with mystique and professionalism in the area. This is due to the fact that we constantly update ourselves on the latest investigation methods, to comply with the standards established by the Ministry of the Interior and regulations.

Our agency has the best research protocols established in Spain. That allows you to give clients the guarantee of quality, professionalism and efficiency research, which exists in the country’s private investigation. For this reason, we are the agency with the greatest prestige and credibility in Tenerife and Spain. 

When it comes to prices and quality, your Arga Group offers the best relationship you will find in the market. We base our success, thanks to the fact that we can offer competitive prices and within everyone’s reach. Being one of our pillars, being able to adapt to the needs of people.

When requesting the services of a private detective, it is important that you consider a series of aspects, which must be clarified with the agency. At Grupo Arga, we offer prices in accordance with what is established by the Spanish Detective Association, but we consider the different situations that the case merits, such as:

  • The number of investigation personnel necessary for the proper development of the case.
  • The type of research, as well as the use of technological support equipment that it requires.
  • The use of necessary means of transport
    Private Detectives Tenerife

    Private Detectives Tenerife

In case of doubts, just contact us, we are sure we have a solution to your approach. We offer a free estimate and advice on the first visit, without obligation. Our greatest commitment is to help you, in solving your approach, with the greatest professionalism and efficiency that characterizes us.

  Thanks to your support, trust and commitment, today we are one of the most solid detective agencies. So do not hesitate any longer with Grupo Arga you will find the best rates, with the most qualified detectives in the market. Where your work will not be an expense, but an investment.



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