Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla



When shown the need to hire a private detective in Seville, the first question that the subject is done is How much ?. The detectives in Seville are quite a few, and they propose different prices, however, on many occasions, the detectives lower their prices so much that later they are not able to provide a minimum quality service and

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

therefore the investigation is a failure, in the long run being very expensive ; It is essential to bear in mind that not only should you look at the “good price” for the selection of a private detective, you must bear in mind                       Other features.


Grupo Arga Detectives And The Price Of Private Detectives In Seville

It is really difficult to guess when you will need to hire a private detective. Most of the occasions when these services are needed are presented unexpectedly, disturbing the peace or calm of the person, and sometimes of companies and institutions.

Prices and rates for private detectives in Seville

Once this need is presented, it is when you may have the possibility of needing a private investigator.

When delving into the subject of private detectives in Seville , the primary property to assess is not just the price. It is necessary to mention that in this town you can find a range of different promotions, in different media: virtual detective guides, newspapers, news portals , communities, etc.

It is inescapable to indicate that, before choosing a private detective in Seville, a brief examination should be made of the points that identify the situation, as well as the characteristics required to perform the service.

Choosing a cheap private detective in Seville can be a mistake on many occasions. That is why it must weigh as we said before other characteristics such as the quality of the services that will be received. By choosing the services of Grupo Arga Detectives you guarantee two points:

  • A correct price.
  • Quality service.

Frequent situations to follow the hiring of a private detective include suspicion of infidelity, hidden information about a company or a subject, forensic computer investigations, electronic sweeps, fraudulent job losses, searching for and locating people, etc.

Seville counts among its vastness of private detectives with a private investigation agency that stands out above the rest, Grupo Arga Detectives, whose private detectives have as their strength: cunning, effectiveness and enormous skills, without abandoning professionalism at the time of carrying out their work. .

Prices and rates for private detectives in Seville

Mentioned above, our agency is also characterized by suggesting services always at a fair price and quality, having a great reputation among the different sources of information and testimonials from people online.

Grupo Arga Detectives has private investigators who are accessible 24 hours a year, in addition to an efficient service . The detectives of our well-known agency are identified by the surprising treatment towards their users, and by the full satisfaction of the case that is presented to them. The execution of this task is regulated by Spanish laws and our organization literally complies with them .

Prices and rates for private detectives in Seville

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

As it has already been mentioned in other sections of our website, the costs vary for each agency, however they have the possibility of pointing out that currently in this town they have the possibility of finding services from detective agencies, which charge from 60 euros per hour onwards, and up to 450 euros per day; while others have the possibility of charging up to € 1,150 euros per day, however it is considerable to indicate that the value will also depend on the case.

The diversity of costs that are in the locality of Spain in relation to private detectives is uncountable, and our detectives in Seville belong to this group of private investigators capable of guaranteeing the best results without wasting money


The Private Detectives In Seville of Grupo Arga are established as a safe bet for all your needs.

Prices and rates for private detectives in Seville

The concept “fees” refers to the payment an individual receives for the provision of one or more services. It should be emphasized that, nowadays , the labor stipulation of private detectives is becoming more habitual and more achievable. But you have to be very careful and not hire the first detectives we find.

A private detective in Spain has enough benefit , managing to obtain those tests that you need, however each individual of this profession must have a succession of skills that allow him to forge an acceptable valuation in the market.

Private detectives in Seville must set their rates without escaping the legal norms established by the rule of law.

It is essential to indicate that a private detective in Spain cannot set random prices that go beyond what is generally established.

When carrying out a short search for a detective agency in Seville, there is no doubt that you can see the considerable number of private detectives that are scattered throughout the national territory, which can be an arduous task to find the appropriate agency.

Grupo Arga Detectives symbolizes a group of private detectives with experience in all situations that warrant follow-up activity; We are spread throughout the Spanish territory, so you can have access to our private investigation services from anywhere in the country, being of course in the town of Seville. Our detective agency has a resounding success in private investigation , always bringing in experts who handle investigations optimally.


Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

Infidelity detectives in Seville

It is more and more recurring than couples before taking a considerable step , they hire detectives in Seville to investigate the other party with the sole purpose of obtaining a premarital report , although they are not always going to get married, but also go to living together or communicating assets.

This idea may appear from friends, family or from yourself as a couple, who, by having some assumptions about that other person, want to understand firsthand what the reality and situation is.



Our private investigation agency in Seville tests those rare occasions that have the possibility of surrounding the life of an individual.

Offering steps as considerable as getting married or living together is not just a romantic concept , since, according to our private investigation agency in Seville , it involves the execution of a contract between the two parties, which later if not executed with the person ideal, it brings serious inconveniences in case of its extinction.

On many occasions the part that is affected has many doubts about what is behind their partner, why not better assist them to understand the whole reality ? Grupo Arga detectives investigates probable infidelities, addictions to alcohol, substances, double lives, pathological gambling, etc.

What economic circumstance will you have? , ¿ What is the real past of that person? , How many marriages he had? All those questions and more are answered by Grupo Arga Detectives .

Giving assurance to the choice to marry or live together is a momentous choice in life.


Infidelity detectives in Seville

Do you know who your partner is? Grupo Arga Detectives can uncover these questions.

Marriage is an institution that has not distanced itself from social progress, at present it does not happen as before when it was essential to have several years of marriage to marry , families also had to meet and approve of marriage.

On those occasions there were no surprises, but currently it is common for couples who have been dating for a short time to end up in a formal duty . According to our private detectives in Seville , cutting- edge technologies have influenced how we engage.

Another change is that relative relationships have affected marriage, is that at this time relationships with people arriving in other territories, immigrants who come to Seville in search of better conditions and life opportunities are recurring .

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

But this of course does not happen in all situations, but before it becomes a question that distresses you, the highlight is that you call our detectives in Seville and get advice so that you know your spouse much more closely.


Infidelity detectives in Seville

Call us and contact Grupo Arga Detectives .

The first contact you should make with our private investigation agency in Seville is by phone, of course, being confidential at all times. But if you think that a spy is listening to you from your cell phone, then call from a mobile that belongs to someone else or from outside your home, for example, an internet café.

Is tracking on a motorcycle the same as in the movies? This question is asked a lot of people to our detectives in Seville , but the supervision we do with this transport has nothing to do with the persecutions of the films.

On the contrary, they are simpler, because individuals do not suspect that they are being investigated. The detectives motorcycle move like a person who is on the street, not hidden in the gardens or landfills, just trying not to be seen.


Infidelity detectives in Seville

What services do our detectives do in Seville by motorcycle?

Services that our private detectives in Sevilla do with the bike, are mainly for tracking and surveillance. Because if an individual goes to the supermarket to carry out purchases, we do not go into the store with him, because if he sees us in all the places he frequents, he would easily realize that they follow him.

The same thing happens when making recordings, they do not start walking with the cameras through the streets, because they have no idea who manages to be by their side. Because by coincidence there may be a family member, neighbor or friend, which would alert the person.

In relation to the pursuits by car, it would not be advisable to carry it out, because the traffic of the region must be taken into account . And as Grupo Arga Detectives works in the center of the region of Seville, by the truly wise it is always to carry out the investigations con moto.

Because it is easy to lose our investigated by traffic and blocked roads, the detective must have utmost caution in how lead the .


Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

Our private investigation agency in Seville is committed to offering you the best prices in relation to the investigation of infidelities. We have the most technologically advanced services, for that reason we always modernize the equipment and we are constantly looking for expert detectives.

You as a client will have access to the best infidelity detectives in Seville. We will also provide you with a detailed report of the entire course of the investigation.


In conclusion mode!

In order for you to know the conditions and terms of our motorcycle detectives, you must call and contact us by phone 24 hours 608 76 7979. We will offer you the best infidelity investigation service in Seville.



Quite a few people of Sevilla , very requested commonly service the Group Arga Detectives to lend their services and assign a detective to do some research

How much does it cost to hire a detective?

Hire detectives in Seville

This is the question that we frequently ask ourselves before coming into contact with a Private Detective in Seville . How much does a private detective in Seville cost ?

Our detectives dedicate their time to providing their investigative work to obtain a resolution on the entrusted matter.

Currently there is a great rivalry between the different private detectives and some of the Detective Agencies In Seville . Without a doubt, if you contract with Grupo Arga Detectives, you will be successful in hiring the best professionals. Our office tries to show in a very transparent way the basic price ranges that we manage, so that the client manages to detail for himself a budget from the beginning.

Our Detectives in Seville have a prominent value for offering their services but also wanting to search for the truly essential in each investigation to offer the greatest comfort to our client.

If you as a concerned businessman, natural or legal person have a suspicion that something is wrong and require an efficient, legal detective , who provides you with less uneasiness and allows you to stop all the problems you have, your choice will undoubtedly be Grupo Arga Detectives ..

Hire detectives in Seville

Grupo Arga Detectives is based in Seville to provide its services in this city. Our panel of perfected detectives has solved different objectives presented by its users, leaving them pleased for a next time.

Different detective agencies are currently fighting to occupy the top 1 of our private investigation agency in Seville, but this is an impossible task since we are unreachable in terms of quality.

How perfected are we? It enough to solve you any work that is assigned to us. It should appoint any detective who wishes to work for our agency as recognized detective these have to at least have presented honors for his services to along the career path

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

Currently the demand for wanting to hire one of our private Detectives in Seville is in high demand. Our services are always accessible to all users.


Hire detectives in Seville

In many opportunities, requesting the service of a detective agency is somewhat uncertain, since these companies are currently competing for being hired and many of them lower the prices so much that they no longer give a minimum quality of satisfaction.

But is there any detective agency in Seville that evades this rivalry?

Of course there is, its name is Grupo Arga Detective, a recognized company and with the most important professionals trained and trained to become part of this company of private detectives who are located throughout Spain and different countries that surround them .

This group of detectives were selected to join this company after undergoing various tests which should pass with a surprising average .


Hire detectives in Seville

As already mentioned, there are many companies or agencies of Detectives in Seville competing for them to request their services, and with it their detectives advertise excessively cheap prices and this endangers a quality private investigation.

But there are other agencies like Grupo Arga that offer a fair budget and that offer private detectives with experience and effectiveness .

Clandestine advertising is frequently found offering false detective services, offering a private service to make private investigations in Seville illegally and cheaply.

Hire detectives in Seville

These situations are very commonly seen on the street, even in pamphlets left in cars, advertisement portals, etc.

To use the service of a private detective agency in Seville, you must be especially cautious and look closely at the detectives you intend to hire. For this reason, many people in Seville use the private investigation agency of Grupo Arga Detectives. Our detectives have the experience and security that is needed and required to conduct a successful private investigation.



Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla


Our private infidelity experts in Seville have the possibility of being the preferable alternative to expose any infidelity on the part of several of the spouses. We have the possibility to provide you with the evidence you require.

We are working with photo and video as a way to test, so we suggest you do not spend money on spies systems will find online because apart from being illegal have the ability to rip you off. The more so optimum out of concerns is through a private detective infidelity, of Grupo Arga.


Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities


Years ago, infidelity could be considered a crime of adultery, in the situation where the spouse proves infidelity would produce the opening of a whole series of legal elements to protect the betrayed person. Today it is no longer considered a crime of adultery.

There is currently no need to justify infidelity as new media such as Divorce Express have emerged.

In this same way, it is not required to have a justification of that infidelity, to carry out the division or the Divorce. A right that is achieved is well above to the legal, it is that everyone has to understand the reality . Giving one calm psychological that has no price, Arga guarantees that.

Grupo Arga Detectives gives you one of our best services of private infidelity experts in Seville . The superior infidelity service can only be achieved with experts who have experience on this subject, in the same way that they are aware of what it represents for our users.



One of the first steps we always take is to have an interview with the person where he shows us all the data on this. We will analyze your case and respond to all the concerns of our users. In accordance with the level of the circumstance, taking into account the claims of our users.

Once we are known all data will draw up a budget and would expose our client to give us the nod. In future interviews with our users, if fundamentals of discretion chooses the interview is carried elsewhere for grounds of discretion, we will gladly there where we indicated .

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

We will make our users understand our action plan so that they give us their criteria and whether to be according to the plan they want to carry out and then we will sign the professional commission paper where the legality, legitimacy and confidentiality of the investigation will be reflected .

Investigating an infidelity requires basic information that will be reflected in the order paper . We require the identification data of the client, in this way as of the person to investigate. Some photo of the person to be investigated, their registration, visited sites , etc.

You must understand that you should not be afraid to tell us everything, we are protected by professional secrecy and the highest secrecy in our actions. We will launch the action plan and our private infidelity experts will ensure that you are alert to everything that happens. That’s for sure.

We are a group of detectives experts in infidelities in Seville that think of you and your pocket, for this reason the first consultation that you carry out in our work areas will be totally free, this in the same way as the budget, these for that you feel surely we offer you here.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

It is feasible that I am afraid of detectives because it is a subjectively new job in relation to our generation, but in any situation of infidelity or business problems they will be on hand to help us solve any problem.

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

person who is our discomfort.




The investigation activity , carried out in cases of marital infidelity , provides, in the highest respect for privacy legislation , the continuous stalking of the possible infidel.

The s ecurity in a relationship is elemental for the continuation of a life normal and peaceful. Continued suspicion of the couple’s infidelity, if not proven and documented by the test, can put the security of the marital relationship in a compromising situation .

The investigations are performed by our expert professionals in research infidelities in Seville , who, through teams of latest generation are able to find (where they exist) all evidence and information essential, applying forms and tactics that work with greater discretion.



Grupo Arga Detectives works all kinds of infidelities in Seville through the use of a dense network of experts located throughout Spain.

In our group of private detectives carefully we follow the progress of all occupations so day after day, making having relationships with our users every day.

In cases of suspected marital infidelity, the purpose of our private detectives is to dissolve any doubts about the merit, giving the client permission to take the right and weigh configurations in relation to their relationship as a couple and family, paying close attention to their children, who commonly suffer consequences negative as a result of the division of their parents.

The occupations of investigation and collection of information carried out by our detectives at Grupo Arga Detectives are valid before any legal entity.

The inquiries of our detectives provide proof video / photo and reports of research irrefutable explained. Relying on the inquiries of our detectives means carrying out a selection aimed at excellence in quality,

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

Detectives in Seville experts in infidelities

the update of the time and costs to the desired results.

The Arga Detectives Group detective agency works throughout Spain and Seville 7 days a week.

You can contact Grupo Arga Detectives to get advice or a free phone appointment or in our work areas.

Consultations also in the home. The experts of the Arga Group are professionals in occupations of research for the custody of family law, we are at your disposal.

Do not hesitate when looking for a service against infidelity, we will advise and help, no one better than us to understand how difficult they are able to be these types of case, so we extend the hand.

Do you need to get any information? You ¿ feel that without it can not do their jobs everyday freely? so you need to understand more about the Arga Detectives Group .

Is an agency of private detectives that deals with the research discreet and confidential are located in Sevilla and and other cities of the Spanish territory. This company has the best experts in the market at the most confronted costs , its service is guaranteed.


How much does a Private Detective cost in Seville

How much does a Private Detective cost in Seville


The private detective from Seville of Grupo Arga can solve any circumstance that is imposed on him.

Our Detectives in Seville offer services of all kinds, this means that, regardless of the circumstance you are going through, your case can be solved with this company. In addition, hiring them is very simple to carry out.

Our detectives are experts capable of carrying out the investigations relevant form legal, as are qualified and licensed to practice.

Remember that if you want to get some personal information, you should not give custody to anyone, hire experts who are accredited to practice as detectives, as is the situation in our company.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

With well over ten years providing private investigation services in Spain and other territories, our company has a professional career that positions it as one of the top usable detective companies in the market.

Many people assume that the companies detective only work for the investigation of cases of infidelity, but the truth is that this assertion is accurate. Our company will offer its users one wide range of inquiries, surveillance and supervision.

Even if you are in Seville and at some moment it requires finding or go to one individual , can have the services of our detective agency in Seville for finding the person who is missing, because it not only works with cases of infidelity.

Emergencies usually happen when we least expect it, that’s why they are known as this way, emergencies!




How much does a Private Detective cost in Seville

So, if the assistance of a professional is needed to provide the necessary information, it is substantial to understand that there is a group of trained detectives in Seville willing to provide their services to solve the circumstance.

You have the ability to be safe with this company on the confidentiality, since it is guaranteed, if that’s what keeps hiring their services.

Often, people usually discard the detectives as an alternative for fear of risking your case is uncovered and exposed against the society that surrounds it .

Also, hiring our detectives in Seville is very simple. The first consultation is completely free and without any obligation with the budget that is calculated.

Perhaps at this point you are wondering about the rates charged for private investigation services, since well, the value will depend on numerous components starting with the type of investigation that your case warrants.

However, you can get more descriptive on this subject in particular accessing to the website of the company on the part of “fees” or directly by calling the number that is on the page to discuss with detectives.

Grupo Arga Detectives not only prevails over other detective agencies for its incredible business background, and its extensive knowledge of the different techniques of private investigation , but also for the competitiveness of its costs, since they are aware that this is an essential aspect for a client to decide, if you will give the possibility to the company that will become easier the information required or not.




Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

If there is one thing we are talking about, it is that users are not going to want to invest their money in private research without first being totally sure .

For this reason, the company gives the first consultation completely free of charge and the budget they offer to the client will clear up all the unknowns.

To calculate the research budget, some components are taken into account, such as;

  • The proportion of time to be spent in the situation
  • The proportion of detectives to be involved
  • The date of the investigation (since on holidays and night hours the value increases by 50%), etc.

It is substantial to emphasize that, in relation to the type of research that must be done for the situation that you put on the table, there will be a range of associated costs . These fees are based on a sequence of principles, but the fees for the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain (APDPE) are taken as a reference .

Surely, you are wondering about the value for money. Of insurance before hiring the services, you must understand that you are entrusting their history staff experts on the subject of research, with years of experience qualified to practice the commitment it requires.

How much does a Private Detective cost in Seville


By choosing for the services of our private investigators in Seville , you are assured that you will get exceptional and quality work done by the best private detectives in Seville.

If you have any added questions about how the company works , where the stipulated costs come from , or any other questions, don’t hesitate to find out through the website.

In the same way, you can contact the private investigation service by sending them an email or directly by calling them at the telephone number reflected in the web portal.

Surely, researchers will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns and clarify any questions you have regarding the service they provide.

Call at this time or check the website to get more descriptive about the performance of the company in Sevilla and in the rest of Spain, the system that work and tariffs or fees approximate and conditions handlers for various types of research private.

Do not think twice and enjoy an experience that you will not forget with the service of our Detectives in Seville.

The Mystery Shopping or also called client enigmatic, is a procedure used in the investigation of markets, companies use this ability to get specific information products and services, so

Mystery Shopping Seville

that determine the quality of customer support service.

Thus, companies or businesses are able to get that feed completely finished -back and mostly detailed the experience of users in their shops or assistance to the customer.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla



According to the private investigator who works as a Mystery Shopper , this criterion is very obsolete and has its origins in 1940, where at the beginning the purpose was to measure the integrity of employees. For the advancement of this skill, he used techniques such as video recordings, audio and quizzes.

Currently, the sectors that use the enigmatic or phantom client the most are the hospitality industry, the automobile industry, chain stores, food outlets, film distributors, for example, more companies . And the information that they usually give is, for example, the following:

  1. The private detective corroborates How many employees are in the store?


Mystery Shopping Seville

  1. How long do I wait to be attended?
  2. Name of the employee who attended you and if this was kind?
  3. What questions did you get about the product and if they offered other products?
  4. Did the employee complete the sale and with what technique?
  5. Was the store clean?
  6. Were you invited to visit the store again?




Every business has the mission to increase its profitability to increase not only enough to provide one excellent service or product, but also suggest an acceptable assistance to the customer, especially when we negotiate products that are able to be in some other place.

To consider this effectiveness, it is customary to use the Mystery Shopper procedure .

This system provided by our private detective agency is applicable for commercial businesses, perfect for food places, clothing stores, supermarkets, franchises, banks, fast food , hotels, clubs, call centers, for example, more occupations involving the revision of its users, employees or competitors.



If your company is medium to high, it is most likely that at some point I already apply this methodology through consulting companies. But if your company is small, I will never apply it, on the other hand, it is never too late to improve, especially if we have the possibility of using forms as they are, which are ingenious.

  • First you have to find a professional individual to perform as a Mystery Shopper and you can find him Grupo Arga Detectives.
  • Second, identify who or who? And that? We want to consider.
  • Third, we make and make a questionnaire which will contain all the points that the enigmatic client must investigate.
  • Fourth, the phantom client is sent to visit the place or company.
  • Lastly, the report sent is analyzed and that’s it!

Grupo Arga Detectives is an exclusive office of private experts that provides the Mystery Shopper service , all our staff are accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, so they are experts in these cases and we also always provide personalized assistance to users.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

We place at your disposal all the knowledge of our group with extensive experience and the most advanced technology on the market, we offer you a guarantee in the distribution of results within the established deadlines. And always, with capital adapted to all budgets, to each case and to every need.


The Mystery Shopping service is a technique to make the acquisition experience better , that’s why we adapt capital to your pockets

The experience of acquisition is a useful differentiation, therefore, in the technique of Mystery Shopping we apply comes into account three changing important: which are the elements humans, the operation and profitability of the company to consider.

Because, after all, what is sought is that brands manage to make a difference from their competitors. In the same way, according to numerous completed studies, they reveal that the staff ratio increases by 30% when they receive training and they know what objectives are expected of them.

In this way, it was identified that when choosing the enigmatic client service provided by our private investigator , an optimization of working time occurs because three factors coexist: communication between workers and managers, knowing the company’s objectives and a plan of evaluation of development with correct methodology .



We offer free and uncompromised capital from phantom customer service

Our office is professional in the subject of the enigmatic client, Mystery Shopping or incognito client, that is why we invite you to tell us your case, come to know us and we will help you decide whether to choose this system or not. We prepare each budget for free and personalized, because each client is a different case.

Then the budget also it will be. Nustra private detective agency marks our prices and rates based on what the customer needs at that moment. In any situation, this first case study is free and without duty.

In the same way, one of the essential pillars of our Mystery Shopper service is the quality with which we try to the client who is not using, also hiring this system is not as expensive as you think, any owner or manager of a company can make it happen.



Finally, we adapt the budget to your pockets

The prices and tariffs means of the private detective who works as a client enigmatic, not there, because the budget will be dependent in large part of numerous causes, but we provide capital that are tailored to each pocket, I invite you to call us or visit us .

You will see how simple it is to have professionals in this matter and with prices and rates without rivalry, for that reason, do not fear and come to consult us instantly, I assure you that we will offer you a price in relation to your measurement, also with facilities of payment that have the possibility of being agreed.


It is notorious how technology plays a considerable role in the current life of the human being, even influencing that of private detectives . The mobile device is used anywhere, they are only abandoned when you go to sleep. For that reason, when something happens to them, they enter a state of uneasiness.

Various problems can arise in their technological devices, and many times, a technician cannot solve them, for this reason, it is necessary to seek the assistance of another professional in the sector who, if they are prepared to fix their problem, these experts are the computer detectives .

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla


Computer Detectives in Seville

Computer Detectives in Seville


A computer detective is simply the private detective who conducts higher education to specialize in the technology sector . Maybe you should have heard comments from them conducting electronic sweeps , as this is the base service they were advertised for in previous years.

Perhaps you are wondering why you need to specialize in some things if everyone still has a role in private investigation . The reality is that it is not as simple as just knowing the basic information and that’s it.

What really happens within private investigation is that there is a universe of probable cases in which it is required to have a wide and varied universe of knowledge to face each case, in the way that it truly deserves. For that reason the private detectives now make specializations.

It’s as easy as understand that when there is one pain in the chest, not going to a dentist for examination and help you fix it . Yes, you will also be able to be a doctor, but you are not prepared with the understandings to solve these types of issues.




Group Arga Detectives will find to the best forensic computer, you will have a free consultation

Grupo Arga Detectives , we are an agency with computer detectives in Spain , we have more than ten years within the service of private investigation .

Grupo Arga Detectives offers you, the best in the computer sector , and if that were not enough, your first consultation is completely free. Do not miss the possibility of buying a quality service at low prices. Examine your mobile terminal with the best.

There are many detective agencies that provide a computer detective service in Seville, it all depends on the intensity of the espionage that was carried out on the mobile, the detective will evaluate in depth, and will determine if you are dealing with an experienced hacker or a beginner who just wants to give him a hard time.

Currently cybercrime are more frequent and may involve matters banking through cell, if it had economic losses by means of an application spy on their mobiles, also through microphones, this may jeopardize their employment, economic positions, and his personal affairs.



Computer Detectives in Seville

Computer Detectives in Seville

More common than we would like, mobile devices are operated from your personal phone or PC, to, for example, mobile terminals, these these devices essential to cars that are used to itemize communication with a central office.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

Think of yourself as a policeman and use your mobile terminal to be in contact with the central office, which would have been the police station, and this is intervened. All the information that is transmitted out there will become the knowledge of a third party, being able to use this to commit crimes.

Mobile situations under espionage are a common inconvenience , the considerable thing is that the solution is in your hands when requesting our computer service in Seville, with us, Grupo Arga Detectives, we have a prominent level of duty to solve this kind of situation.

We can provide answers to this circumstance, through the service of computer detectives, who can make an inspection using programs updated, which detect if you are being spied on her cell phone and thus avoid passing higher things, must hire professionals.



If you need a forensic computer service in Seville, you can request numerous capitals where you can evaluate the prices, considering from the most expensive to the cheapest, this will vary depending on the situation in which your mobile or device is suspected of espionage. , this kind of service sometimes has the possibility of being somewhat cumbersome when carrying out the labor stipulation.

Is suggested that, to the do the job stipulation, ask without any embarrassment, since, in most cases the service required by people without taking into account the ability to pay, the best services in computer investigations are in found here at Grupo Arga Detectives in Seville , for our extensive experience and commitment to our users.

To announce updates on this kind of contracts, this text is a guide mentioned and will provide answer to questions that perhaps it is done regularly.



We are a private detective agency based in Seville but that in parallel we have many areas of work across the country so that all achieve be helped in their problems and have support professional in the field as required.

We have extensive experience, and we have the best computer detectives in Sevilla, we use methods of investigation relating to espionage operations on mobile phones, trying to find one resolution in the short term, so we can ensure pleased all the customer service quality.

Waiting that this article has served as a guide, solving various doubts that have been raised, and has served as complete assistance so that it can have the proper services, and even more so if it requires evidence to start a legal process. Come to any of our locations for advice on any computer problem.

The statements of people, who have hired a private investigation service , have shown that this represented hope in their cases; themselves, which were kept under constant waiting, due to the lack of supporting evidence, in order to find a solution.

For cases, the types of which are of a lesser criminal nature. The implementation of private investigative strategies is an opportunity for you to find a true answer.

Therefore, at Grupo Arga , we offer a full service of private detectives in Seville 24 hours . Guaranteeing an optimal and high quality procedure, fully endorsed by our clients. Here, you will find the support you were looking for.



The private detective is a professional expert in various investigative fields, who works low profile. Its mission is to collect information in various formats, which are implemented in your case, in order to continue with the procedure you want to execute.

The strategies vary depending on the case. At Grupo Arga , we attack sensitivity issues where other agents cannot for their own reasons. Topics such as violence, irregular intra-family behaviors, location of people, infidelity, divorces, among many others.

You make the decision to acquire a private investigation service , it means a brilliant idea, since obtaining evidence in the hands of experts, who maintain a natural environment without being detected, so that the investigated individual can act calmly; You are given the opportunity to capture any evidence that supports you.

This will mean endless benefits as a customer. At Grupo Arga , you will find an effective and fast solution to process your case; thus expressing the following benefits:

  • You will have a highly qualified team, who will attend you with the greatest cordiality possible; always reflecting, a total empathy for you in order that you feel in absolute confidence to count on our services.
    Private Detectives Sevilla

    Private Detectives Sevilla

  • You will get, in record time, any evidence that supports you in various formats such as photography, video, audio and more.
  • You will have the best rates, where the quality-price comparison will give you the feeling of satisfaction to acquire our services.



Grupo Arga , is forged with the intention of supporting the community of Seville , with high quality research services. Our mission is to provide real help, where under the support of our team; I managed to record the necessary evidence to process your case.

With more than 10 years of service and more than 9,000 cases resolved. We are one of the best detective agencies in Seville 24 hours . Taking in turn, the full recommendation from previous clients, who have been satisfied with the procedures and very pleased with obtaining tangible evidence.

All this is possible thanks to our team of experts. We have the best private detectives , who have strived every day to bring justice to the Seville community . Being sensitive people, who will understand you perfectly in your particular case.

Obtaining information in various formats is possible thanks to the variety of research tools that are made available throughout the entire investigative process; ensuring proofs in photography, video, audio and more.

In addition, we have the best computer experts , experts in the field of forensic informatics. Same, that attack digital areas such as social networks and other web variants; in turn, touching mobile applications such as whatsapp .

At Grupo Arga , we do not seek profit based on the cases of our clients. We want to represent an opportunity for you, to solve your problem, through totally legal strategies. Therefore, we offer you the best rates on the market, where the quality-price comparison comes to the fore.

Without a doubt, having our support is a strategic move. You will be totally satisfied with any of the services that we offer you as a client; where we assure you a cautious and very effective procedure.



At Grupo Arga , we offer you a wide variety of services, we all focus on the collection of evidentiary information, which serves in order to speed up any judicial procedure you wish to apply. Their rates vary according to the type of research to be applied and its durability. Next, we will explain some of the most requested services.



Suspicions for infidelity are very common. The problem is that the anxiety generated by lies that are almost impossible to corroborate, commits him to remain in a state of constant deception. Therefore, if you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you, you can count on us to find the truth.



The location of people is a complex process which requires the full support by the research team. At Grupo Arga , we guarantee the location of the missing individual thanks to the support of our entire team of experts.



If you are going through a divorce process and have minors; You must go through the decision to take custody of the children. Either because the other person is not trained in their upbringing, or there are other reasons. You must have the supporting evidence and we at Grupo Arga will obtain it.


Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla


The computer forensics , specializes in research through various digital media, which can occur either altercations with your personal information; The same information that could pose a danger to you if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

The intrusion of hackers or the loss of information are cases in which our computer experts will know how to attack.



If you suspect that you are being watched in your home, car, work area, or simply in any environment. You can count on our electronic scanning service ; where we will be able to analyze any space in the search for surveillance equipment such as cameras, microphones, sensors and more.



If you observe alcohol, drug, or other addictions, violent or indecent behavior within your family. At Grupo Arga , we will work hard to protect you and your loved ones.


The job of a lawyer is to deal with different litigation where the guilt of an individual must be proven or the innocence of the same must be demonstrated in the case. She specializes based on the law under the charges that were possibly committed, guided by the evidence shown before the jury.

The evidence in some cases is very scarce, putting at risk that this is dismissed and a case is not closed or leaving many loose ends. This is where private detectives operate.

Hiring detectives for lawyers in Seville can result in a very strategic move for various purposes. The investigations to be carried out require highly qualified people who are able to obtain relevant data or information that drives the legal procedure in any case.

Thanks to the disposition of private detectives, the possibilities of obtaining a case with satisfactory results are very real. A dedication that includes the union of judicial entities such as lawyers plus a great extension of support such as detectives, will result in total success.



The collection of compliant data and information to support legal procedures in a case is of utmost importance. Any palpable evidence that justifies a case where the culprit’s relationship with the facts or his innocence is established within the act; that it has been collected by special entities such as detectives; they have an enormous weight within the procedures.

Ideally, get the best private detective agency in your area. In Seville , we, Grupo Arga , offer multiple services for the hiring of detectives for lawyers. We have one of the best teams of private detectives in Seville, each with a long professional career supported by police and legal entities.

Hiring the services of a detective agency will not only be a great option. Having us will guarantee you very profitable results in the search for justice and truth. Our mission is to be a support for the entire community.

The union between lawyers and detectives is of vital importance and relevance. The Lawyer is in charge of implementing any information or evidence to process a case either for or against the accused. Detectives obtain data and evidence of the acts committed that will be handed over to the lawyers to proceed.

Without a doubt, more than an idea, it is a brilliant strategy. The work of both for the same cause will mean a very considerable extra at the time of the investigation, interrogation and judicial process to be recorded.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla


At Grupo Arga , we have a long professional career that has spanned more than 9,000 already resolved thanks to the contributions of each and every one of our detectives. Recognized in the community and locality of Seville , being recommended by our clients ensuring an optimal and quality service.

Hiring our services would be a great benefit to process your cases as an attorney. Some of them are:

  • The disposition of highly qualified detectives who will assist you 24 hours a day, always with optimism, empathy and total seriousness.
  • We have a forensic computer team in order to attack any situation of digital origin (web pages, blogs, social networks, etc.).
  • We have the best electronic and mobilization equipment to ensure a totally low-profile and safe investigation procedure, always maintaining a natural environment.
  • We have the best search team for locating people, whether they are missing by suspected individuals targeting a third party culprit , or they are people wanted by law for presentation in court or other offices.
  • We have for you the best price-quality comparison when purchasing our services. We will always be guided by solidarity.






The gravity that feigned casualties represent is very real. It puts the economic structure that governs a company at risk. Forgery of documents alleging the need for a fake discharge is an unlawful act.

For us, Grupo Arga , has our research services where we will always find the truth, collecting any type of relevant information that proves the legitimacy of the cause of the withdrawal.

Also, the attention to other frauds in documentations such as false resumes, or the administration of falsified or adulterated information. We will not rest until we find the satisfactory results you are looking for.



The job of a private detective is not just for law enforcement or law enforcement. Surveillance is part of the strategy by which detectives are governed and that, therefore, that same service works under other guidelines.

Obtaining real information about the true identity of commercial actors is what is also exercised. This service works with the aim of ensuring the veracity of identity of a business partner, employee or colleague. This is because frauds, robberies and other acts that may occur in the hands of a false actor, can be avoided thanks to this type of thorough investigation.

Private Detectives Sevilla

Private Detectives Sevilla

At Grupo Arga , you will be able to count on us to collect important data that will serve to demonstrate the true identity of those commercial actors of your interest.



Both inside and outside a jury, the loss of information or adulteration of it is very common. Issues such as corruption or lack of evidence are agents that put at risk judicial cases that need justice.

At Grupo Arga , we have all the necessary equipment to collect real information about the situation or verify their adulteration. Both physical and digital documentation will be demonstrated without problems thanks to the efforts of our detectives and part of the support in our forensic computer network.


These are some of the utilities of the services that detectives offer for lawyers. At Grupo Arga , you will find the best detectives for lawyers in Seville . With much charisma, cordiality, trust and seriousness; We will give you the positive results you are looking for so much.




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