Currently there is a unit of highly competent experts in private investigation and security, which belongs to the Arga Detectives Group. With this group of people at your disposal, they can give you a definitive solution to whatever research or security problem you need, always with the greatest discretion and privacy. It is important to underline that we have a career of many years of experience (more than a decade) and we are highly trained to carry out all kinds of investigative and security tasks, ensuring effective work.

There is no type of investigation that a private detective in Pamplona cannot carry out. Throughout our lives there are times when it is completely necessary to hire the services of a private investigation professional, bodyguard or high-ranking computer scientist, for different reasons. The Arga Detectives Group makes them available to you quickly, always offering the best service, fully insured.

The Arga Detectives Group is an influential and high-class detective investigation company that has a group of human resources specialized in the private investigation contour, which have the most advanced devices in the entire technological market, whose mission is that its users are totally satisfied with the work done.

The detectives in Pamplona , ​​belonging to the Arga group, are a multidisciplinary investigation team that are up to the task of being able to overcome any task assigned to them in the most efficient and rapid way, whose investigations are focused from the intimate contour on marital issues ( exploration of people, adultery, loss of money, addictions, etc.) to purely domestic issues (Investigation of companies where a certain family member works, investigation of a blood relative lost or whose location is unknown, academic performance of descendants, friends or colleagues, etc.). The Argas Detectives Group provides a set of multi-service investigations throughout Spain and the entire world, which are divided into:

  • Joint Investigation
  • Investigations of Associations, Industries and employment services
  • Investigations of Guarantor
  • Investigations of Real Estate Branches and Real Estate
  • Computational Research
  • Professional Investigations
  • Family Investigations
  • Individual Investigations



It is not necessary to invest a large amount of money to hire a private detective in Pamplona, ​​it is more accessible than you think. If you are already totally determined to hire the services provided by a Detective Agency in Pamplona, ​​it is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting with our work team so that they can give you a totally free estimate related to the type of work you are requesting. and thus the fees and payment modalities can be discussed.

It should also be noted that when carrying out investigative work, it is absolutely necessary to provide our detectives with all the information pertinent to the person, property or property or company, in order to expedite working time, that the cost thereof be the same. as little as possible (we think of you and your pocket) and that the work done has successful results.

On the other hand, it is imperative to emphasize that all the information provided will remain solely between the client and the investigation group, since being discreet is the motto of our investigative agencies and our group of professionals in the Arga Detectives Group. When hiring the services offered by detective investigation professionals, you should always select the best in every way. The virtues and defects of each agent or organization must be taken into account, the shortcomings that they have, the work experience of each professional or, failing that, the degree of prestige of the organization, the qualifications they have, etc.

Always remember to take into account all the characteristics mentioned above because, if the professional you decide to hire does not have these virtues, it is quite likely that, apart from losing money, you will lose valuable time. The private investigation detective profession is the one with the greatest professional intrusion. You should always make sure to hire investigative professionals such as those offered by our organization Grupo Arga Detectives, who are duly trained and regulated, do not hesitate to reject cheap professionals who are not qualified for this work.

The Arga Detectives Group , started from the bottom with only one headquarters in Madrid, but over the years they have reinvented and renewed themselves, always keeping up with technological advances. They currently have different establishments throughout Spain (Pamplona, ​​Zaragoza, Albacete, etc.) that are at your complete disposal with the best teams and professionals. The cost of the official payments of the professional society of private detectives throughout the Spanish territory is given by a set of general contracting rates according to the work that is carried out, which could be broken down into:

  • In a period of 1 to 5 hours, per individual and per day, they are the equivalent of 350 euros.
  • Per hour and additional human personnel, an additional 70 euros will be charged to the cost.



  • On holidays and night plans the price will increase by 50% of the total agreed cost.
  • In searches and locations of people the cost will be previously agreed. In case the investigation is very specific, the basic cost is applied, which is 350 Euros.
  • In matters of technical investigations or insurance investigations, the minimum rate will also be used or, depending on the expenditure of resources, the investment of time and the difficulty of the investigation, a budget will be made by both parties, and this will be accepted bilaterally according to the resources used. .


It is necessary to emphasize that, in our detective agency in Pamplona , ​​we adjust the cost of the investigations to each client, because since each investigation is different, each client is different as well. Our work is totally guaranteed, you will get everything you request (as long as it is within our legal ordinances, those of the state and the morals of each human being) so that you are satisfied with the information you are requiring.

Focusing on family issues, our private investigation professionals in Pamplona can help you with any problem in this area that you may need. There are times in every family when it is necessary to hire an expert in the investigation. The Argas Detectives Group makes them available quickly and safely, always offering the best service, fully guaranteed.

Throughout Spain, in our different research centers we have the most advanced material in the technological environment to be able to satisfy all the requests that are required by our distinguished clientele, always respecting the legal statutes, norms imposed by law and ethical limits. that govern our work. The Argas Detectives Group is a prestigious and high-class investigation company that has a group of human resources specialized in the detective investigation environment, which have the most modern devices in the entire scientific market, whose task is that its users are absolutely satisfied with the work done.

The Detectives in Pamplona as throughout Spain are a generally multidisciplinary investigation unit that is up to the task of being able to overcome any task assigned to them in the most efficient and hasty way, whose investigations are focused from the intimate contour on personal issues (exploration of people, adulteries, loss of money, addictions, etc.) to merely family issues (Investigation of companies where a certain family member works, investigation of a blood relative who is lost or whose location is unknown, academic performance of descendants, friends or colleagues, etc.). The Argas Detectives Groupprovides a set of multi-service research focused on the family which can be broken down as follows:

  • Investigations of sects and fanaticism
  • Paternity Testing Investigations
  • Custodial Investigations
  • abuse investigations
  • theft investigations
  • Divorce Investigations
  • Domestic Service Investigations
  • Control investigations of minors
  • addiction research
  • inheritance research
  • Surveillance and monitoring investigations
  • Investigation for infidelity
  • disappearance investigations










In the business field, Grupo Arga Detectives has the most qualified professionals to provide a solution to the irregularity that your company is going through . In the event that your company is going through some type of problem or irregularity, Grupo Arga Detectives is an expert in the labor investigation environment. This organization has many years of experience dedicated to the private investigation sector offering a large number of services at your disposal.

The researchers in Pamplona are a group of experts in these labor issues, focused on the recurring theme of deceptive sick leave. Private detectives are in charge of finding the worker who fakes a fake illness or sequel. With this action, what the worker who enjoys sick leave is trying to extend it so as not to work and continue enjoying the benefits of the company in question.

In general, for all companies, this type of fraudulent sick leave represents a great loss, being in most cases, an intensely dangerous event for the assets of small, medium and large industry  Experts who have worked for years on this topic established a model to identify this type of case, which is expressed as:

  • A pattern of conduct is produced during the non-worked period that consists of receiving a second salary for a second job that he does clandestinely. Throughout this time, the worker continues to enjoy all the advantages of the employment situation, causing serious monetary losses to the company to which he belongs.
  • unfair competition
  • Breach of professional secrecy.
  • Pre-employment reports for personnel selection.
  • Verification of resumes.
  • Personal and family history.
  • Control of employees and the like in the development of their work activity.
  • Work performance and productivity.
  • Discovery of information leaks and, where appropriate, prevent them.
  • Observation of executives in order to verify commercial fidelity.
  • Work absenteeism.
  • Control of sick leave: these may be feigned, prolonged or successive sick leave.
  • professional intrusion.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Customer diversion.
  • Goods control.
  • Dedication and use of union hours.
  • Ratification in the Social Courts.
  • Fraud attempted derived from information leaks, theft, diversion of clients or control of branches and franchises.
  • Counterintelligence.
  • Mystery shopping or mysterious customer
  • Infiltration of workers to monitor other workers.
  • unfair administration.
  • Duplication of employment.
  • Leaving the job.
  • Duplication of work activity.
  • Labor harassment, mobbing.
  • Lack of security measures and other internal regulations.





The management of an investigation process that is related to infidelity, without a doubt, provides the best sense of resolution in the face of doubts or suspicions that we usually have regarding the stability of our relationship, an issue that will undoubtedly provide us with the best sense. of clarification with respect to a specific doubt, making the activity of our Pamplona detectives infidelities widely requested resources in that town.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our Pamplona infidelity detectives are those resources that provide the best sense of resolution to a specific problem with respect to the structuring of a response criterion on the suspicions that we legitimately have about our partner in the course of a relationship . At Grupo Arga detectives, the processes carried out by our Pamplona infidelity detectives undoubtedly promote the best sense of specialization for all those who wish to promote specialized investigative activity around providing the greatest possible certainty to all our clients.

But getting to this point has not been easy, nor is it a consequence of passing inertly through our market. Carrying out investigations at a sentimental level sometimes means entering a highly subjective field of research, since when people initially suspect This type of activity on the part of your spouse or partner is achieved with the bitter surprise that although this fact may be somewhat true, it can also accommodate many elements that are in the field of assumption.

Grupo Arga detectives, always considers the best scope of resolution for all those who seek the generation of a high-level investigation apparatus that can provide answers even in the most complex cases, this is possible to do in investigations for infidelity, since the Ultimately, they end up generating a great emotional burden on the person who may be the victim of this type of event. Resolving a doubt implies for the affected person to face something that can be very unpleasant with great courage and determination.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the management of these investigation processes are channeled towards the management of activities that allow the best resolution of an investigation process by our Pamplona infidelity detectives , who are directed to collect all the evidence in a case . of private research.

The construction of activities that allow a correct resolution in all our agents, without a doubt, promote the best sense of development of a theater of operations that has the capacity to promote a discreet and specialized follow-up of an investigated person. That is why our detectives Pamplona infidelities, are resources that will deploy their investigative technique in the field to get to the root of the events, this implies establishing a follow-up on various elements that are proper to know the itinerary of the investigated, and to know what it is your routine.

In view of all these events, the person requesting these investigative services must remain under highly detailed criteria of discretion and at the same time must provide us with information on what the next move made by the person under investigation may be, of which they are aware , without the need for need your presence as part of the relationship. This also implies, on the part of the investigator, being able to follow up on the routine of the person being investigated, with the aim of observing if there is any suspicious behavior and if there is also someone who may be on an extra agenda sharing with him from a point of view. sentimental view.

In this sense, our agents are agile enough to accurately determine all the elements that may be taking effect in a probable situation of deception towards our client, for this, resources are also counted with elements that can provide the capture of images and elements. videographic evidence that facilitates the best support of a hypothesis.

This is sometimes transcendental to request, since the evidentiary processes that can be developed in our group are a weapon that the applicant for these services has, making a great sense of premise effective in the short, medium and long term for everyone. our clients.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we are aware that reality today has changed substantially, which leads us to analyze that our investigations must have new areas of cooperation that allow them to make the best of the best in investigative matters viable, the construction of These processes through detectives Pamplona infidelities translates into detecting infidelities in the electronic field and in the web 2.0 spectrum, something that from our agency we can do with a high degree of precision.





At Grupo Arga detectives, our Pamplona infidelity detectives have a good number of years of experience carrying out high-level private investigation work, precisely doing everything related to specialized case management, this without a doubt helps us leads to the management of each need on the part of our clients, making precise everything that has to do with the structuring of optimal research processes towards the client.

Our Pamplona infidelity detectives are investigative resources that pride themselves on carrying out high-level investigative work, which implies the construction of processes that involve the realization of a logical response scheme for all those who want to get out of the unpleasant suspicion which implies being the victim of an act of infidelity. All those clients and people interested in hiring us, can learn more about all the investigation modalities and everything we do possible to carry out an infidelity investigation case, accessing our web portal and knowing all our proposals at the level of our blog and social networks. At Grupo Arga, we have the bestdetectives Pamplona infidelities with the aim of providing the best response criteria to all our clients in this matter. For Pamplona we do the best!



For all those who wish to know in detail the processes of Search and localization of people in Pamplona , ​​​​we can point out with great precision that Grupo Arga has the most qualified agents to fulfill this task, because they are resources that are valued towards the exercise example of a task. At Grupo Arga, we carry out the search and location of people in Pamplona with a great sense of resolution, being the most sought-after tool at the investigative level by all those interested, this is where, thanks to our specialized management, we undoubtedly provide the better sense. clarification of a case to locate a person.

The processes that we carry out towards our community through the activities that we deploy in Grupo Arga, undoubtedly contain as an element of great advantage everything that is related to the generation of processes that end up providing the best element of resolution in a case. and that in a concrete way ends up offering the possibility of getting a person as soon as possible.

The search and location of people in Pamplona through the activities that we carry out from our agency undoubtedly ends up providing a highly strategic approach by making the resolution of each case viable through the construction of elements that are represented in a more logistical way. and in the development of skills and tactics that can give the best control over the investigation. Our Find and locate people in Pamplona is undoubtedly a service that is done to find a person, the motivations that may underlie this need are many, but among the main ones we can highlight that there is a service to locate a family member who has been lost , as well as all those who, without reason, have abandoned their home.

This last episode is observed in young people who, when they begin to exhibit typical behaviors of adolescent rebellion, undoubtedly seek to carry out certain activities with their other friends and family, which involve the duration of days away from home. At Grupo Arga we have also carried out this type of investigation to be able to detect the location of a person who may be requested by judicial bodies, this is how the search and location of people in Pamplona makes something necessary.Given that, on occasions, there may be an urgent need for a person to be able to approach one of these instances, either because they need to resolve matters with justice, or also because there ‘can be informed of a particular problem such as the distribution of an inheritance, as well as a lost document of his property, without her realizing it.

From this point of view, the execution of the activities promoted by our Grupo Arga detectives undoubtedly means that anyone who requires a professional investigation can benefit from the execution of this type of activity, a problem that undoubtedly makes all those who are willing to hire this type of service through the main collection of evidence can adequately resolve an investigative case. Building processes that can be established in favor of maintaining a resolution in accordance with the needs of all our clients is something that we undoubtedly make possible from an experienced research group and a great sense of commitment to the client.

From the detectives of Grupo Arga, the management of these processes is established mainly in the construction of an investigation apparatus that has the possibility of promoting the best sense of response to all those who need a private investigative action, making the search and location of people in Pamplona, ​​something highly opportune for those who wish to acquire this type of service.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the search and location of people in Pamplona we have the best method that not only involves the deployment of the skills of our agents in the field, but also implies the articulation of highly expert roles in determining the evidence and situation monitoring, so we have our experts in computer tasks, as well as all those who are experts in the field of evidence such as fingerprint comparison.

The construction of an investigation process does not depend only on an agent, but also on an agency that can be at the forefront of the requirements of a theater of operations, which is why our detectives always remain in cohesion with our room. experts in order to maintain a complete synchronization and update of the work carried out in the field and also to maintain correct communication with the client.



At Grupo Arga we want to generate the best service in terms of searching for and locating people, with the aim of providing a response model that is very conducive to carrying out this type of operation regardless of the circumstances that accompany said case. issue that is represented with great operational precision.

The construction of these elements, without a doubt, can provide all clients with the shortest possible response time through the intervention of the best detectives and investigation officers who have been trained with the highest standards of development and growth. of his career. investigator. At Grupo Arga detectives, our clients are the highest priority we have at this time, which is why the execution of elements that promote the development of a case with extreme precision in the shortest possible time, to achieve a client at the end of each transaction, you can be as satisfied as possible.

The construction of these elements by our agency, undoubtedly provides the best sense of resolution in relation to all the activities that we carry out from the Grupo Arga detectives, to carry out the best investigation you should go to in the search and location of people in Pamplona , ​​​​an issue that undoubtedly offers the best of the best at a strategic level to all those who wish to lead a process of collecting information and specialized data, as well as locating people and objects with great discretion.




When a company requires our services for a labor issue, the most common is the  investigation of  sick leave in Pamplona, ​​since employees resort to this to take a break from their responsibilities in the company. The absences from work are usually excuses, false rest, extending the rest time due to complaints about illnesses that they presented in the past but that really no longer affect or that the employee simply pretends to be sick to not attend.

In these cases, you must be very thorough to verify if these actions taken by the personnel are true or false, the lack of personnel could represent a significant financial loss for our company, that is why it is very important to hire a detective to ensure that each case is investigated. one of the tests and find reality. Article 52 of the constitution dictates that every professional organization must be governed by a democratic structure where not only economic interests are the priority, for this reason the worker is protected from dismissal in case of sick leave.

Although the council of ministers approved in 2020 to eliminate said article so that someone is not allowed to be fired when they are on sick leave. Despite this, the court as such does not consider any disease to be valid, which is why it presents justifiable scenarios with more than 20 consecutive days such as:

  • Occupational illness or accident of any type and severity, with 20 days off as long as it is recognized by the relevant health services.
  • In maternity, diseases presented during lactation, childbirth or pregnancy and also on the paternity side.
  • Treatments related to cancerous or serious diseases.



If the employee sees his doctor and it turns out that his leave is for more than 5 days, after those 5 days the employee must have a second check-up for the doctor to give him a confirmation, therefore, if after that time has passed in The company does not receive the part to verify said confirmation, it must be on the lookout since the same employee may be extending the leave time.

When the employee is about to be discharged, his doctor must evaluate him and discharge him if applicable, if the employee does not join the next day, it is a matter of concern. By having a proper monitoring of all the personnel, suspicious attitudes can be found when the employee is on leave, this refers to the fact that he is not resting, going out to parties, on beaches and doing other recreational activities that come out completely according to medical recommendations.

But not only can a false loss be detected when it is known that he is carrying out the aforementioned activities, but also knowing the condition dictated by the doctor and seeing that he performs daily activities with total ease, the reality of the matter can also be deduced. Being aware of these and other suspicious behaviors will lead us to identify and attack the problem.

As it is common for these real behaviors to surface outside the company’s facilities, the  investigation of sick leave in Pamplona becomes complicated for those in charge of the company, but we at Arga Detectives are ready to help you in this case. First, all the data provided by the person who is on leave must be delivered to the detective, then the first step would be to collect information from all the parties involved, also from the doctor who has been observing said person, their medical history is sought and all the background that he may have.

Everything that is found will help the detective to have an idea of ​​the state of the person investigated, since it will serve to compare if everything said is true or not. After this, the employee is monitored in the places he goes, the activities he carries out and even in his own home, since the actions he takes while he does not feel watched are the ones that will give us a clearer perspective of the situation.

During the surveillance and follow-up, the detective will take evidence by means of photos or video recording, which are then presented to the client who requested them. If after finding all the evidence it is necessary to act legally against the employee, the detective in charge will present a report that collects all the data obtained as a whole from the evidence before a judge, if the case applies to reach this level. If the company decides not to reach that point, it will be sanctioned or they will reach an internal agreement.

By confirming a case like this later, the detective can be in charge of conducting interviews with employees in the environment and investigating them to rule out any doubts. The first thing is establishing clear rules with all the internal administration of the company where the conditions that will be applied are made clear. It is also important to obtain the medical history of the employees and thus be clear about the possible situations that may arise.

Demanding that every minimum absence from work be justified is also an important step if you want to control absences. Also be on the lookout if doubtful offenses are made repeatedly in the environment and examine the situation always aiming to get to the root of the problem. These steps together with assertive communication with the staff will help us to prevent a false sick leave, but also carrying out an  investigation of sick leave in Pamplona  will get us out of any situation in which the company may already be involved.At Arga Detectives we have the most qualified experts with extensive experience in the subject because these cases are becoming more common every day, we will take care of it if the case becomes more serious and goes to trial because we have full legal validity. .




The activities of  Mystery Shopping Pamplona have the capacity to carry out each operation in order to bring the best of the best to our corporate clients, doing precisely everything in our power to carry out the activities planned in a survey at the best price. possible. From the point of view of a survey, talking about the best price through our Mystery Shopping Pamplona does not necessarily mean that we offer the lowest prices, but that we do everything possible to offer the best value in the provision of our services. private investigation.

At Grupo Arga, our Mystery Shopping Pamplona are resources that undoubtedly seek the generation of new tools at the service of all those who wish to structure precisely a problem that they have to face in order to improve the sales status of their company, which is why our agents they are the main tool for obtaining evidence and elements of conviction that can cause the required changes.

The application of high-level investigative standards is only possible through the execution of activities that can be structured from a detective agency, since it represents the only possibility of carrying out a high-level investigative service from the logistical point of view. With this, our agents can establish the execution of a commercial research process that can provide the answers that clients need at all times, an element that will generate the most positive results for correct decision making.

The strategy followed by a detective agency can be shown to be oriented towards the generation of various very positive aspects towards the client, since it tries to ensure the best information and data available in the shortest possible time that is happening in the sales environment. to make the best decision.In this sense, a detective agency thinks mainly of its client and of being able to satisfy their needs through the deployment of strategies and policies that allow capturing data from a high-level investigative process, which is why during these processes an investigation is allowed. advance as a priority in the determination of evidence and responsibility at the level of the object of investigation, an issue that ends up being essential when it comes to clarifying a matter in the context of a high-level professional investigation.

Building a robust agency-led commercial investigative process is intended to not only enable the detective to specify the use of robust investigative techniques and tools, but also to be optimally geared towards detecting findings that are being presented in the purchase event. The management of all the results of the investigation under an optimal delimitation of the facts that can be found in the context of the investigation and also under an objective criterion, the latter being important so as not to alter the scenario from which the facts and assumptions come. of each item investigated.The construction of a first-level investigation aims to support the field agent by deploying tools inherent to a greater maximization of the available resources and the time to dedicate to conducting a survey process.

Thus, through our operations room, we allow ourselves to support our agent in the construction of processes that lead to the generation of the necessary responses at the level of an investigation. Mainly, when a researcher wants to establish a process to solve a test or an element that has been successfully detected through a research process, other experts resort to it to generate greater delimitations of the research fact.

This is possible through the application of situational elements that provide the best sense of response for all those who require the precise execution of tests and elements that allow obtaining the best decision-making to improve the performance of each store or branch in the effort to implement the best customer service strategies.

From Grupo Arga to our agents at   Mystery Shopping Pamplona , ​​we have proposed to execute processes oriented to the management of highly specialized investigation files, it is a sample of the different services that we deploy at the level of infidelity investigations, personal investigations and all types. work related to the survey and economic-commercial specialization.



At Grupo Arga, our Mystery Shopping Pamplona are resources that undoubtedly promote the best sense of development towards the determination of various hypotheses that have the ability to promote a sense of experience towards the resolution of a specific investigation case, that is why we manage our processes as quickly as possible.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation company that, through its Mystery Shopping Pamplona , ​​has established an optimal investigation service for those who need it. The principles of each private investigator aim to offer the answers and help those who need them regardless of their condition, time and / or circumstances, which is why, thanks to the structuring of our corporate services, we have made it possible to offer the best of the best. . to our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives we know that many people are willing to locate the economic factor when making a decision, however, we must point out that sometimes those who offer a low price limit the meaning of the response to our clients, that is why it is It is imperative to manage these processes with the highest sense of quality.

At Grupo Arga, we do not get tired of updating our services at the service of our clients, which is why through our investigations we provide the best sense of response for all those who feel the need to improve and correct weaknesses in their marketing strategies. sale and customer CRM elements. At Grupo Arga we have been carrying out the best research for more than 10 years, which is why, from our agency, our Mystery Shopping Pamplona are undoubtedly the best resource that can exist to manage any concern raised. In Pamplona we assist our corporate clients!






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