Murcia has many requests for  private detectives  and many agencies have settled in that town to benefit from and deal with this demand, but not all of them meet the requirements and licenses to operate independently in their operations and contracts. What does the Grupo Arga Detectives office in Murcia bring you?

Grupo Arga Detectives has those strengths where other  detective agencies in Murcia fail, as we have previously said if they have the license (number 2464) and the necessary requirements granted by the Ministry of the Interior to work in all their independence and without violating any constitutional right. Visit their website ( Twitter (@ArgaDetectives) Instagram (@GrupoArga) and their Facebook. There you will find many more details about the company, the services it provides, rates, address of its work areas, etc., data of consideration for you.

We do not have the possibility of assuring precisely what quality of  Grupo Arga Detectives makes it one of the best agencies in the country (and probably in the world), or perhaps it is the synergy of all the characteristics such as its passion and distribution for private investigations, to have the best quality detectives who continue to progress every day and adapt quickly to new ways of investigation and spy utilities, as well as continuing to expand throughout Spain and currently carrying out contracts outside of Spain.




Among the most common services provided by the Arga detectives group in Murcia, the following stand out:

  • Tracking and supervision services to any subject or suspicious activity that requires it, business or company.
  • Electronic sweeps, whether it is carried out in a special transport, in your home, in your office or you need these services on a huge scale in your company.
  • Verification of fraudulent sick leave and orders that do not allow the suspected employee to work.
  • Investigation of any kind of infidelity, business, marital, work, family, etc.
  • Services of electronic forensic detectives or computer experts, assuming that confidential information has been suspiciously lost from an electronic gadget and requires tracking, WhatsApp message verifications, text messages and communities.
  • Obtaining evidence of an event that occurred, the  private detectives in Murcia  from the Arga group are really well trained to obtain evidence of any kind in the time requested and of very excellent quality.

We offer any other type of services that you request, especially in any matter of private investigations that a client may need, the  private experts in Murcia  from  Grupo Arga Detectives  have the possibility of solving it quickly. Visit their work areas and your first consultation will be totally free.

Value is an important requirement when seeking to acquire, sell or hire a service, whether through the newspaper, the internet, communities, etc. People tend to ask the value even before they mention the service! Because we live in a stage where all services and products are truly within reach of a click, we are all informed of the rates and costs of each thing and users much more than helping them, it makes it difficult for them to face so much offer without knowing the considerable .



Our team of detectives in Murcia can help you resolve both infidelity and family matters, and also offers you the utmost confidentiality, professionalism and guarantee when carrying out an investigation by private security professionals such as our private detectives.
We are professional private detectives, with our official licenses granted by the Ministry of the Interior.

The most successful private investigations are carried out by  Grupo Arga Detectives in Murcia, given its track record of well over ten years satisfying the demands of users in this beautiful province of Spain located on the shores of the Mediterranean. Their work is supported by a select group of detectives with extensive knowledge and strict technical elaboration, as well as the accredited legal support to practice this important profession with the highest probable quality standards.

Hire qualified professionals, since only a professional private detective can guarantee truthful and legal investigations in Murcia. The most recurring investigation is that of infidelity, infidelity in the couple, creates extreme distrust in the person who suspects they may be the object of it. Only a private detective can help you clarify the truth.

In Murcia we have 24 hour service / TLF. 608767979. Your call will be attended with the utmost confidentiality and trying to resolve any doubts that may arise in this regard. At  Grupo Arga Detectives  , they have always been known for innovating in the field of investigation. Adding youth and highly qualified personnel as the axis of its human elements.

The agency also has a network of branches throughout the country that is growing every day, positioning itself and establishing itself as the preferable alternative when it comes to requesting the services of a professional detective. This headquarters in Murcia makes its already accustomed efficiency and effectiveness available to its users.





Private detective agencies are entities that work under strict police and legal guidelines, which grant them permission to carry out low-profile investigations in minor cases for the purpose of collecting data and evidence. Acquiring this type of services is an opportunity to deny or prove accusations against facts of which there was or is suspected, but in the absence of tangible evidence, these are displaced in the police records.

To choose the best agency, certain very important aspects must be taken into account. First, know that it has a team of highly qualified people in research. That the same agency has all the permits and documentation that endorse the service provided. But the most important thing is the interest and empathy towards the client. Showing support and trust is paramount. For this reason, we,  Grupo Arga , are the 24-hour detective agency  in Murcia , which will bring you the solution to your problems related to issues such as domestic violence, infidelity, location of people, fraud, “hacking”, and more.

We,  Grupo Arga , are a private investigation agency  with a long professional career in data collection, information and tangible evidence. With thousands of cases solved thanks to the immense effort of each one of our detectives. The same who will not rest until they find what they are looking for. We work under the belief that justice must be done at all times. Therefore, we feel total empathy for each and every one of our clients when they come with our services. We do not seek profit under the pain of others. We are one of the best detective agencies  in Murcia 24 hours, not only because of our prodigious reputation. If not also, because of our sense of solidity, offering a very considerable offer in the quality-price comparison. We will always support you.

TELEPHONE SERVICE: +34.608767979 






If you are looking for detectives in Murcia, ask us for a price and information about the work we do. You will be amazed at the professional team we have and all that we can do for you. Contact a detective agency in Murcia that has all its detectives on staff, it is the only way to really know how a person works.

Our detectives in Murcia have more than a decade of experience and can carry out investigations from marital, to personal, through professional, industrial, computer or technological. We offer the maximum legal guarantees by having a team made up of professionals authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and members of the Official College of Private Detectives of Spain, Valencia, Andalusia and Catalonia. For this reason, the evidence that we obtain and that we collect in a comprehensive report will have full judicial validity.

The Arga Detectives Group was part of the professional social network of experts for nearly 10 years, thus obtaining an award of excellence in 2017 for its rich business career. He works primarily in Murcia, but you can find different agencies in the rest of Spain. Our detective agency is very easy to find since we have different work areas in Murcia making it easy for our users to be able to contact them and request any of our insured services.

Grupo Arga Detectives will offer you the best prices and rates you will get. If you require an economic detective, we are your best alternative, which you can easily verify by simply asking us for a budget where you will have the value of everything you require to obtain evidence of  your partner’s infidelity. In addition, our detectives are completely up to date with the new technologies that exist, which makes it easier for us to work much faster and in turn provide our client with much more complete satisfaction and without any type of adversity.

For this, it is a requirement that if you have any suspicion of your partner’s infidelity, tell us, since this will help us solve the situation more effectively, in the same way that if you have any information you must give it to us since everything that help is relevant to the effectiveness of the case. Our detectives will offer you, after having obtained the evidence of infidelity, a report indicating everything they obtained in their argued set, which can be used for any kind of legal event, as well as to continue with a divorce claim and how proof against a judgment of being primordial.

Remember that we are your best alternative since in addition to giving you our cheapest services, you can hire us by following a few simple steps, this issue is very special both for us and for you, that is why we will give you our total assurance that the information obtained will be be sheltered Therefore, if what you are trying to find is an incredible result, together with the best quality in your work, do not hesitate to hire the  infidelity detectives  that we have to give you in Grupo Arga Detectives at the best price.



Feel safe and leave the resolution of this inconvenience that afflicts you in the hands of experts. The agency is based on offering resolutions, effectiveness in responses, accuracy and transparency of the reports obtained. Your best alternative if you require a  Detective in Murcia . Understanding how much it will cost to hire a  private detective in Murcia  can be something that intrigues several people, since it is common for good investigators to charge high rates for their work, making their fees somewhat excessive for people, but not all good detectives they are so expensive.

If you go to the right company, you will be able to find affordable and quoted costs, for which we suggest not only not looking for private detectives, which are expensive and difficult to guarantee their effectiveness, if not, look for the best company out there. In this order of ideas, a consultation with a  private detective in Murcia   is free if it is done in the office and 100 Euros if it is done in a different place. A specific personal or financial report is positioned at around 800 Euros.

The appearance in court to ratify the expert reports and testify in judicial processes, is in the order of 220 Euros per hour for each detective, adding to this the transfer costs.  On occasions, the difficulty of the case requires the work of numerous detectives, for which the costs are calculated per hour invested by all of them.

This can precisely be established by means of a previous calculation before beginning any research work. Grupo Arga detectives are in the best position to provide this collaboration to users to make their choice easier. The fee for  private investigation services in Murcia is finally the best utility to predict the costs of this activity with a minimum margin of error. Any client, regardless of their understanding of this, will be able to successfully use this utility with no more limitation than entering a website and starting a virtual search of the different configurations that agencies offer in this hard-fought market.





It is usual to want to get home and have all the accounts on the order of the day, to be crowded one on top of the other without juridical shocks without worrying about what will happen later in the distant dates in which some irremediable legal factor arises, of Remain inhibited in terms of legal disasters that can cause you due to poor observation and perhaps the crazy advice of a relative or acquaintance who, due to having in mind memories of legal proceedings that have taken place in their lives or, worse, as the case may be of an acquaintance of yours, who wants to serve you on a felt or cardboard tray, the plains of a true catastrophe of sacred proportions that leave in your mind an unprecedented grievance in your mind, a legal spandrel that by appropriate means, such as those that we offer you here at this moment,you can bring to fruition.

only with the helping hand of the experts, of the true advisers smeared with experience and that, rest assured, that when it comes to choosing our private detectives , you will be able to see yourself at home calm and serene, and of course even get to sleep with greater ease. These advantages, and in times that overwhelm us, just a few clicks away, don’t miss out on the opportunity, what am I talking about? Well let’s get to it because the forum in which we move is broad and effervescent.

Undoubtedly, the vicissitudes that these times of rigorous independence have served us as responsible civil citizens, after long years of continuous disparities within the legal precepts, today without a doubt we can say that, despite not being perfect, the set of laws and rights provided for the proper management of said independence of the subject is increasingly stable and with greater opportunities to serve as a circle of change and aggregate of the best starters of customs faithfully correlated to a broad and inclusive contained ethics.

However, this, like all shaken pollen of the bureaucrat gene, and of course out of its jaws, gives faithful synchrony to the ways in which the stipulated procedures of the segments that abound in our constitution make a lot of effort to exemplify a life, within of what is possible, in which they do not abound, but rather that there is an excess of paperwork, processes, administrative uniformities both benign and malignant that, for our real function of recreation to which we are responsible as citizens of a society that progresses more that it stagnates, that if the identification processes, those of authorship, those of goods, those of services, in general, each and every one of them are grouped as senile servants in which the function and regency of the law registers on them the hard and, for you perhaps intricate,trail of processes that attest to some legal verification.

These are usually meticulously veiled by state executives with indirect involvement with their person, and that, as a result of their usual finery, some, few in general thanks to the competent bodies, give particular affliction for the legal patch, but like the majority of We, to a greater or lesser extent, do not meet the requirements of linking to that deep and intricate branch that is that of legislative regulations, those that perhaps more than one will get some gray hair just listening to it or even argue their image in the mind, because we are aware that these processes are of a legal nature, such as those that are their percussion, as can be to a greater or lesser extent those that we contribute.

Grupo Arga Detectives, emerge in the mind of each one of those involved because it is in fact part of a wide and unmentionable chain of events that without a doubt many shy away from, we are aware of this, as well as, due to the specific affliction of you, regular citizens, We are aware of what we are capable of achieving for your possibilities within those unknown formulas of trial and error that for a long time have pondered more on error than on anything else, for which reason only expert hands in those proffered by our private detectives of Murcia give to the public could serve as a synonym of a good attitude, good use of events and a mediation of possibilities, undoubtedly audacious but framed in the best minds that the great world of the private detective of Murciacan get to cook.

As we said, the deep dysphonia that can occur in many parts of the structure of a case make a detective’s vision of immense help, we are not saying this simply, but wherever we go, referring to the geographical limits of our Spanish country, there has been a deep incorporation of new regiments of private detectives, from Malaga to León, the population that has taken on the trappings of a private detective has been potentially increasing; an increase that has been armed by good and new tools, we say the first thing because like these, speaking of the new agents, the same that have been linked to our coffers, they have assumed with the new creativity and suspicion that already in itself makes minds busy in terms of solving and encouraging categorical research,

being clear the good function that for our processes and those of others we have been undermining errors piecemeal, adapting to the new and insurmountable needs that already inhabit our homes and that of our neighbors for which our function does nothing more than shine, and thus finishing polishing those kindnesses delivered to the exercise of duty that have come from these new formations, and also stored as if it were a database with those that for years we have had experience of leading to repeat, there, in that sequence of examples which denote trial and error, but in its best results is where we bet all our cards, for you, and for a better version of ourselves as a society.

They already cheered with astonishment some of our aspects in which we become participants in duty, the one in which by our very recidivism in methodical and disciplined investigation it made us see or assimilate, for somewhat uninhabited eyes, the implication with the sectors of expository authority. , that full of cloudy conscience resort to solidify crowds on which, and given the circumstances we have been saving ourselves, as we said, being deductive organs of cases, which through where our lacerating investigations passed have potentially come to good terms, in the that, for pleasure and tendency to gratification between all parties,Not only have we been made frequent focal points to turn to as soon as civil personalities or large companies find themselves involved in the intricate channels of the most ideal and precise legality where they exist, where the small elements that come out and constrain the face of those immersed in bad steps, and those who decide to give the final blow so that the true logical reason specified by the law is enforced, that’s what we talk about when we see ourselves in the position of serving them ascategory and class private detectives in Murcia .



Our great mass of clients already mention it to us, they let us know from time to time, due to the recidivism of a new case, they come to frequent our agencies again, our places coupled for multidisciplinary interest with the name of the homonymous Grupo Arca Detectives, in where, due to the certainties to which we adhere and make ourselves valid, we do not let succumb to any handsome or stranger who knocks on our door and asks for our advice or help, in which we feel truly comfortable because the better the contact and the Conversation before and after investigation, as well as cordial already during the course of it, gives many letters in favor to specify in effective and accurate ways those that have you involved in this crux.

It is not surprising that cordiality is present to us even through the pores, because as we said, the remoteness and stridency with which some other agencies are handled can greatly degenerate the possibilities of resolving or at least taking a diametrical line of satisfactory investigation for both points, which later come to become a greater intrigue for the civil subject in question at the moment of a situation that, due to the contained irresolvability and exhausting dissatisfaction that generates a combative climate in which the questions more are present than the responses themselves, these, the civil subjects involved, end up dealing with irrepressible anxieties and high-scoring stress, which, to sum up, further aggravates the traffic jam into which these pitfalls can venture,all because of an upstart disassociation of agents who do not glimpse the deep ability that resides in this hard bone that gnaws inside the processes and makes them more or less unsatisfactory.

This process of escalation in the cases in which private detectives are present can make some already take it for granted that their indication or their function leaves something to be desired, or in case they move away from any habit of using it when they most need it, crass mistake. The dizzying abilities of choosing a detective



private , and more of ours why not make hype, offers a simple but incomprehensible tendency to reduce cases in a substantial way, because as our function is intertwined with that of lawyers and researchers in the field, and also represents a figurative of a competent legal character as soon as it is presented to the court, it resolves to be a clear and concise tool in a raised manner, which, due to the enjoyment of the skills of the same detective from whom its service has been taken, and of the possibilities with which has come across in terms of the field studied, the relationship maintained, the sectors that it reached and included in the resolution reports, and even the aspects that apparently could contain less value in their words or their presence vectors in the case .

They can be evaluated with special interest as little winks given to the cases for an objective approximation to the legal basis and support and that, in order not to vilify the agencies, appreciate all kinds of information contained, something that a detective should and should What to do wonderfully if you want to swell the satisfaction you want to leave your content audience that bets on your work, and even bathe yourself in the appropriate perfume to attract those who still do not believe their services are necessary. All are welcome and give way to new possibilities to embark on to leave new senses in increased taste and comfort, as we said before, we settle your worries until we leave you glued to the pillow.

After this grumbling it is clear why the provision of information, or rather of relative and objective treatment that can be had with the benefactor subject in question is substantial, and we place special emphasis on this since our attempts to which we we arm ourselves with strategies to dispel elementality and perhaps the grievances that may arise from an elegance or an implication that comes attached to our enigmatic image or that veil bathed in perfume, with whiskey and a raincoat from here to there, that must be left aside as soon as we enter into the implications of key information, which is what the benefactor subject gives us, and of the mechanisms with which we are resolved in our agency

To be able to synthesize in a much better way the possibilities between both agents in search of an order, one with legal competence and the other with an objection, to which we are governed by account and service. This is undoubtedly a key point, and as such we see it in our agency Arga Detectives, and it is something in which we use methods and ways to be able to do a good cleaning in terms of our possibilities of making the functionality arrive in a better way. that we are looking for, which is why we never stay on our face and even give specific advice, an immense amount of attested information that we are storing and making clear as soon as it is generated through our tools,

Also full of encouragement, as if that were not enough, we leave at your disposal a free appointment to be the first instance in which you plan to join our services that, as we have made very clear and faithfully followed cordiality, we put our eyes on the word conceive the possibilities when objecting to any type of doubt or affliction that you may have as a client, for which we serve jointly as counselors of entrenched objective veracity and a long career in the vestige of these projects, a voice of experience such which we see exemplified as soon as with just a few rare words and circumstances are delivered to our vision, make an exemplary and meager dissolution of various elements in which to get to work, in which to cope with whatever has to be done,in which to derive when the possibilities are not adequate, in which it is not necessary to see if not how much is properly and applicatively necessary, and so on ad nauseam.

Well, to satisfy the legal amendments, we are already attired with a specific and instinctive academic experience if you will, and that is what we want to make clear so that you, as a faithful element of this case and as a legal entity that expels rights and duties wherever If you have and extend your property, you can corroborate what are the uses and needs that you are looking for and what you are trying to find in us, and with some luck for both of us, as well as getting the path of what we had anticipated so much, choosing a private detective It results in the crucial stage so that all these compromises do not remain or come out of that passive state in which they have them, and in the case of being active cases, then to elucidate all the dynamism that corresponds to said cases where the termination of time is elemental and prodigious,And it is worth saying that we are a prodigy in asserting our badge as agents of our Arca Detectives Group.



Make use of forms and processes to attack the variables that come out of our hands as citizens and influence the solid and verifiable formation of healthy and harmonious environments for which their needs are served to a greater and better extent, galloping in synergy with meticulous help. and intuitive of a detective in order is an unequivocal proposal for those who frequent this world of legal protection but who do not fully understand it or use it by reasonable means.

Here in our learned area of ​​expert detectives with Grupo Arga we are happy to be able to offer these services in a hospitable and insurmountable manner for those who do wrong, as well as for those who apply the simple but usual possibility, which has rarely been Seen more usual than today, to extend your hand and request our private services for detection and palliative contrition of sets of elements that could lead you to exhaustion if it were not for our friendly and reliable hand. In such a case, the disposition that has been taking place in the market for paid detectives has also made our group, come above, manage to reach each of these convulsed sites as the most practical and unpolluted in legal matters within of our country. So I summarize the frequently asked questionWhy choose our private detectives in Murcia?

clearly organic that surprisingly express and mold to the diverse realities experienced by fields and mountains as well as cities and cliffs, and of course without neglecting the beaches and river currents, everything is a synchronized effect of the fruition of the field to which our agents placed at the order of the service resume without any vertigo and with the most haughty chances of winning in that investigation to which you momentarily think and dedicate your time to elucidate it without an apparent answer. We are here for you. Everything is a synchronized effect of the enjoyment of the field to which our agents placed at the order of the service resume without any vertigo and with the most haughty possibilities of coming out winning in that investigation that you momentarily think about and dedicate your time to elucidate it without apparent answer. We are here for you. Everything is a synchronized effect of the enjoyment of the field to which our agents placed at the order of the service resume without any vertigo and with the most haughty possibilities of coming out winning in that investigation that you momentarily think about and dedicate your time to elucidate it without apparent answer. We are here for you.



Either by traces of the ability to interfere in our processes to be able to conjecture our investigations in the best way, or to verify the sensitive proportions of our high standards at the moment of conceptualizing in spitting image. and qualifying resolution the folds of this, our contained field of exposure, the vectors to which we owe a lot since they have been versed in great identity and cunning to conjecture the promises that are made to reach our population of Murcia so that with luck they complete that affliction that has them somewhat cloudy in terms of that reluctance with which their partner has been treating them lately, we sift there and look for reasons and certainties;the legal allegations made by workers seeking social assistance but that do not correspond to the normative characteristics with which to assume those benefits and of which the company in question by the same omission may be carrying on its back.

There we will know how to intercede, remain calm and corroborate the data supported by our verifiability and our competence in order to have our own elements to reduce and lighten those administrative burdens in one fell swoop; the implications that may be being carried out by the individuals of the state that serve or should serve so that with their example of attitude and concord we can elucidate the extensive bulwarks of our nation but that by calm processes and by individuals in constant impudence towards loyalties of the citizenry, there we will be diminishing the possibilities that these opprobriums towards the resources of the citizen and of the autonomous community are poorly instituted and poorly segregated.

It is then that we can admit that we are indebted to you, as our private detectives in Murcia are indebted to the effects that the informative version of the events that may come to pass, and the ways in which the situational provisions are presented. of one or several cases for our agents of the Arga Group, there we mount our discipline and our refusal to rebuke vision and virtue in terms of performance in our field, in our almost biological fixation for which we undoubtedly have great affection and respect, and of the which of course we always want to convey to you, so that, as we started this segment and as a prelude to the end, we can end it.

Put aside the unopened legal doors that stupefy you and make you feel alien to the processes of your life, which are undoubtedly yours and that out of naivety you are letting them subdue them, do not let these virtues offered to you today be turn into profound vicissitudes tomorrow, expand your possibilities, be part of our thousands of clients who are grateful for our hard work, and trust that our private detectives will give your problems a thoughtful solution, so that you can sleep peacefully again.



But are they subtle and safe? Is the price achievable? Do you take care of cases in which the couple is unfaithful? The previous paragraph can offer faith in their assessment as a detective company, so it is stated that these  professional detectives  are subtle and safe, putting all the resources, whether technical or human, at their disposal with experience.

And as a good company of private detectives, its function is cases where the  couple is unfaithful , having professional detectives in infidelities in its ranks  . These professionals are dedicated to finding all the essential information and evidence to ensure a reliable response to the client. The Grupo Arga detectives  are guided by a sequence of definitions for each case maintained by the company, and in the situation of a couple’s infidelity it is essential to understand what these guides are. When a relationship suffers a violation of vows of fidelity, in Grupo Arga they mention the violation of monogamy, or failing that, adultery or anything related to sexuality; thus leaving predetermined what is considered a crime of fidelity or  infidelity of the couple .

If you need to hire detective services in Murcia to resolve issues about possible infidelity, our private detective agency in Murcia is the best option to clear up your doubts and find out the whole reality regarding your personal case. We carry out our work as private detectives with the maximum legal guarantees in Murcia, Lorca, Cartagena, Yecla… do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and help you solve your case. We are a private detective firm made up of highly qualified professionals where we care about offering an individualized and quality service that guarantees the success of investigations, whether personal or work-related.

Our team is made up of graduates and graduates in various areas such as criminologists, private detectives, law, security directors, forensic computer experts, handwriting experts… Our activity is carried out with the utmost legality and discretion, and our private detectives in Murcia have the necessary documentation to practice as detectives in Murcia, and in the rest of the national territory. Our maxim is to provide the client with the latest technology, so that their research is a success and proves the quality of our service.



Are professional private detectives in family investigations going to be able to follow a relative? Our  private detectives in Murcia, experts in family investigations,  will follow any member of your family that you need to get all the evidence and information that you need depending on your case.

We understand that we frequently worry too much about what a member of our family may be doing, or we suspect that they may be getting into issues that have the possibility of bringing serious consequences over time and we want to try it to be able to confront them and seek improvement in their actuate.

Many  private detective agencies in Murcia   will be able to provide you with family investigation services, but one of the best is Grupo Arga Detectives . An agency synonymous with excellence in private investigation for well over ten years. Grupo Arga Detectives has a relationship of prices and adjusted rates with high excellence, which translates into a high definition service for a practical and affordable price for everyone. They never put the budget as an impediment to buy their  services.

We all understand that at the time of forming a family we hope to carry it out with the right person, where you can trust to launch the adventure of raising young people. As private detectives it has also touched us, and sometimes the selection is not simple at all. From the moment our children are born our life changes in the background, it is clear that everything we do and what we want to achieve is done in their name and for their comfort. Leaving us in the background.



One of the most requested services from private detectives, more than anything in Murcia, is the situation of infidelities, with infidelity  professionals you can get a lot of assistance and information to clarify concerns. It is known that security in the couple is essential. Unfortunately, that security is damaged or lost in several cases due to signs of infidelity. In Murcia you can find among many configurations and agencies the best  professional detectives in infidelity.

The most recurring situations of  private investigations in Murcia are aimed at finding evidence of marital infidelity, custody of inferiors, alimony, inheritances, bad treatment, monitoring and supervision of people, fraudulent sick leave, commercial and financial reports,  criminal evidence, discovery listening, frequency sweeps, location of people and goods. All these tests are likely to sustain and ratify in court by the private detectives who obtain them.

In the same way, the object of any private investigation is to obtain certainty of a suspicion in order to settle and resolve it. This deserves to achieve reliable results on which a choice, generally transcendental, can be unequivocally founded for the customer who needs the service. That is why the  private detectives in Murcia  corresponding to this select group, are determined to carry out neat and insured work.

All  private investigations in Murcia must be characterized by this timely and effective result, since it would not make sense to carry out an excessive work of irrelevant evidence that in the long run would only increase the costs of the investigation and would generate a loss of time over time. throughout which the client would feel extremely indecisive. In addition, they would make judicial processes more complex if this instance were reached in the precise situation.






Before police cases that present a lack of information or evidence in order to close it. On several occasions, the evidence is difficult to acquire, leaving the client in distress without the possibility of advancing through the judicial channels. This is where  private investigation comes in . Private  detectives offer their services directly. It will be attended to in its entirety to give more focus to the situation and thus find the tests or evidence. His work is completely low profile, with the intention of obtaining said evidence in various formats such as photography, video, audio, etc.

Something that makes  private investigation  so recommended is that its actions are totally legal, endorsed by both police and legal entities. In Catalonia,  private detectives cannot investigate high-grade cases, but they can investigate minor ones. Topics such as fraud, hacking, loss of information in companies, divorces, infidelities, irregular intra-family behavior, etc. At Grupo Arga Detectives, more than worrying about value, they focus on the quality of service they provide because they have reached a point where they are recognized even internationally and have to sustain the assessment of “best detective agency in Murcia”.

This does not mean that they are a low-quality investigation company, on the contrary, they know that  private detective work in Murcia is a highly demanded job both in Spain and abroad and they want to continue focusing on that market so that all people manage to get a contract of the quality you deserve. What would be truly advisable would be to know one of the group’s work areas and realize only when hiring one of them the excellence of their  private experts in Murcia , investigate through magazines, newspapers, use the internet, communities and see for yourself. Even the “feedback” or criticisms of satisfied users after using the agency’s services. In addition, it is important that you give your opinion about your opinion in different services that you use, to suggest to potential users that they use it to make their story easier.



The best detective service in Murcia is available throughout Spain with the aim of guaranteeing good results in all the operations that are requested by our clients. This implies the need for organizations such as Grupo Arga to be better at what they do daily. A detective who gets involved in resolving cases that can provide the best response through expert resolution is a resource with high opportunity and relevance towards building a solid case.

Our detectives in Murcia are elements that can provide the necessary response to the needs of our clients, this is a point that Grupo Arga has known since the first day we decided to start operations in the region, since providing a solution in research matter that requires great dedication, commitment and delivery.

The best thing that a client in Murcia who may need a specialized research service can do is to establish a number of elements that are capable of guaranteeing the obtaining of information under high standards and quality parameters, this is achieved through contracting of a private agent who provides the desired response oriented under elements of his detective training.

These elements present in the training of a Grupo Arga detectives agent allow him to conduct himself in the generation of hypotheses, determination of clues and the construction of a case with a high sense of investigation and opportunity, thus facilitating the best scenario for the investigation. completion of the research work. A self-respecting private investigator is not limited to the type of investigation that is presented to him at the time, he must be highly qualified to resolve any situation at a given time since, resolving investigations for infidelity, personal investigations of any nature and cases of investigation that can be detected in companies.

A private investigator is an integral resource, who can provide high-level answers and with a widely accepted degree of expertise. This is how, through a survey carried out in mid-2019, our Arga Detectives Group came to determine that for the region de Murcia our researchers have a 94% acceptance regarding the execution of their services, this is a sign of a quality service that is executed throughout the community.

Our detectives in Murcia are highly valued resources, among various opinions of our clients, the discipline, dedication and commitment that they show when establishing a thorough investigation process stand out. Our agents are high-impact resources that can provide a logical framework of solutions to clients, they undoubtedly provide a sense of opportunity and agility towards the organization and do not end an investigation until they get to the root of the facts. .

Our private agents are resources that always ensure the generation of various scenarios for the resolution of a case, precisely formulating all possible courses of action towards the linking of various hypotheses and key factors for the resolution of an investigation case. The Grupo Arga agent is not alone, since it should be noted that he makes his investigation possible through organizational resources that can support him in the execution of his field work, with the possibility of establishing a high-level investigation able to solve under a sense of experience all the elements that are related to customer management.

It is in the actions of our detectives, excellent results can be obtained under an expert gaze, for this we require the participation of various specialized roles towards the generation of a process of determining evidence, findings and all the clues that are related to the generation of a high-level investigative process.

That is why, from Grupo Arga, we have made the decision to integrate various roles into the investigation processes, thus counting on computer experts and also with the performance of experts in the field of fingerprint testing and experts in the study of DNA, this it shortens response times to our clients, and also allows us to be precise in the information we provide in each case.





At Grupo Arga detectives we have taken the challenge of innovation as an element of great seriousness and excellence when it comes to guaranteeing the best results for our clients, through our updating and management of specialized processes, this leads us to the need to be better and to always be conceptualizing the best of the best for our clients.

A person interested in hiring an investigation service is our reason for being, which is why we have always conceptualized a first class service capable of providing the best answers at a precise and precise moment with the aim of generating the best assistance to the concerns that they may have in the short, medium and long term.

The generation of positive aspects towards the management of our clients, is a task that from Grupo Arga detectives we are going to pursue in the execution of our services, since it represents the guarantee of deploying an unbeatable proposal capable of supporting the new demands of the market, being the best possibility to make customers and those interested in learning about our services feel at home.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization whose objective is to be useful towards the generation of services that are capable of generating the greatest elements of certainty for those who wish to acquire these services. The capacity, intelligence, talent and commitment of our agents is something that we have made possible by generating aspects that distinguish us as an organization, since we always seek excellence in all our operations.



There are professionals who are in charge of doing private investigations for people who need this kind of service. Our  private detectives in Murcia are among the most relevant experts in this task, having a prominent percentage of acceptance by users. One of the companies that has benefited the most from the boom they achieved once they entered the market is  Grupo Arga Detectives , who stand out above the rest, thanks to their incredible work at the time of conducting private investigations of all kinds. This company is currently throughout the Spanish territory, in the main locations, making them highly recognized by the country’s residents.



When we talk about private investigations in Murcia,  Grupo Arga Detectives has the best investigation experts in that town. This agency has its own work areas, as well as all kinds of equipment necessary to carry out these investigations. In its internal statistics, this  Detective Agency in Murcia  has a very high demand in the next detective services: investigations for infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, labor investigations such as investigation of fraudulent sick leave, business investigations, computer forensic investigations, electronic sweeps, evidence for divorces and separations.

Another of the most demanded services is the investigation of the profile of people, also called personal reports. Finally, there are business investigations, people search, fraud, which are shown by means of a properly written report. The demands of the users can change in relation to what they want to understand, it depends on the discomfort that is found on the path. It is true that people are often afraid of hiring a private detective, but it is also true that when there is a very big need or question, they will do what they can to clarify everything that has to do with it. .



Grupo Arga Detectives is widely requested. This is due to the incredible results that their investigations have obtained, earning the security and empathy of their users, for which they give good references to them. Hiring a private detective should not be seen as an expense, but as an  investment , the period of this investment is set by the client.

Grupo Arga Detectives , guarantees the confidentiality between the client and the agency, certifying that once five years have elapsed after the investigation, they have to eliminate all material from the investigation, whether written or audiovisual, that could put them in a compromising situation. to the client in the years after the investigation was carried out. This company earned its respected place in the market on its own merits and that is why it is in such high demand from users.

Are you trying to find a group of  private detectives in Murcia ? Are you looking for duly accredited professionals with the ethics and morals that are required to give you the security of undertaking your problem, leaving them in qualified hands and duly trained to achieve the results you want? Grupo Arga is the answer to that question, with experts with experience and knowledge on any topic you request. With a huge percentage of efficiency. It is worth investing in this highly rated detective agency in the town of Murcia.





The application of an investigation process is the one indicated when the Murcia Detectives Agency participates with the objective of proposing a logical operation scheme towards the various concerns that may exist around an efficient investigation work, satisfying in a meets all the requirements of our customers. In the city of Murcia we have managed to establish a first-class investigation service that can be on par with the demands that anyone interested in contracting these services shows, which is why from Grupo Arga detectives we consider carrying out an investigation work first level.

Murcia is a city that has always been on a par with the generation of high quality standards towards the generation of detective services, this means that it is one of the most demanding urban environments from the point of view of investigation, which best A client can procure is the construction of an investigation process under an expert gaze and this comes hand in hand with the acquisition of the services of a Murcia Detective Agency.

The application of high-calibre detective standards is only possible through the execution of activities that manage to be structured from a detective agency, since it represents the only possibility to execute, from the logistical point of view, a high-level investigation service, with For this reason, our agents can establish the execution of a process that can provide the answers that clients are needing at a given moment, an issue that will generate the greatest number of positive elements towards correct decision-making.

The strategy that is followed through a detective agency can be highlighted as it is directed towards the generation of various aspects that are highly positive towards the client, since he is trying to ensure the best information and data available in the shortest possible time. to make the best decision.

In this sense, a detective agency thinks mainly of its client and of being able to satisfy their needs through the deployment of strategies and policies typical of a high-level investigative process, which is why, in the course of these processes, an investigation that is Precie is allowed to advance as a priority towards the determination of evidence and responsibilities at the level of an investigative object, an issue that ends up being preponderant when clarifying a case under a high level of professional investigation.

The construction of a solid and directed investigation process by an investigation agency not only seeks that the agent can specify the use of solid investigation techniques and tools, but also that it can be optimally directed towards the management of all the results of the investigation under an optimal delimitation of the facts that can be found in the investigative context and additionally under an objective criterion, the latter being important so as not to alter the scene from which the facts come and the hypotheses of each element to be investigated .

The construction of a first level investigation seeks to support the field agent through the deployment of tools that are typical of a greater maximization of the available resources and the time to be used in conducting an investigative process, this is how through our operating room, we allow ourselves to support our agent in the construction of processes that lead to the generation of necessary responses at the level of an investigation.

Mainly when a researcher wishes to establish a resolution process for a test or an element that he has managed to detect through a research process, he turns to other experts who can make him generate a greater delimitation of the investigative fact by means of a clarification of evidence and elements. that are at an investigative scene, this is how in a process of this type the agent effectively requests the intervention of a fingerprint expert.

Additionally, an expert laboratory specialist in DNA testing can be used, this will greatly facilitate the process of determining hypotheses and the delegation of responsibility to third parties when executing a research process and a respective report. From Grupo Arga, through our Murcia Detective Agency, we have proposed to execute processes that are aimed at the management of highly specialized investigation cases, this is a sample of the different services that we deploy at the level of investigations for infidelities, personal investigations and all kinds of work related to research and economic-business expertise.



At Grupo Arga Detectives, we consider ourselves a leading investigation agency for the work we do for both individuals and companies. It is there mainly where the strength of our operations as a group resides, since in itself we execute various corporate guidelines that are aimed at the management of elements that serve in the structuring of a first level strategic investigation work.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation company that, through its Murcia Detectives Agency , has allowed itself to establish an optimal investigation service for anyone who needs it. The good motto of every investigator is focused on offering answers and assisting those who need it regardless of their condition, moment and/or circumstance, which is why through our structuring of corporate services we have allowed ourselves to offer the best of the best to our clients.

From Grupo Arga detectives we say that we have been offering first-class investigative services throughout Spain for more than 10 years, an issue that is possible thanks to the mysticism and dedication that all our agents have managed to deploy in the short, medium and long term. with the objective of satisfying a conglomerate that is in need of obtaining answers under a high level and discretion service.





Professional experience shows us that once infidelity is suspected, the only way to resolve the existing uncertainty is to hire a private detective who is an expert in infidelity. This professional will write his report objectively and detailing the events that occurred during the course of the investigation carried out, to this the corresponding annexes such as videos, photographs, etc. will be added, guaranteeing the right to privacy of the subject investigated.

Our agency has a multidisciplinary team of professionals, capable of solving any type of case according to your needs. Our first consultation is free, contact us and explain your case to us. We know the personal and legal implications of hiring a private detective in Murcia, which is why we offer all the necessary guarantees so that investigations can be carried out efficiently. We are personally committed to each case, acting with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

An incredible private investigation is one where there are the elements that give conviction to the reality of the facts that are examined. In the same way, it is important to clearly establish which elements of conviction are rigorously necessary, and beyond that, compelling, to achieve that purpose efficiently. In this way, there is no talk of saturating the situation with unnecessary evidence, but of obtaining the exact ones that are useful, pertinent, lawful and essential. This is very clear to the experts from the private detective agency, mainly those who are part of the select group of  Grupo Arga detectives  in Murcia.

That is why his philosophy of work is based on focusing on finding and collecting the particular evidence that each investigation needs so that it is truly efficient and viable in the administration of reality, managing to solve each case quickly and economically, resulting in security. . The most famous  private detectives in Murcia owe their prestige to this way of working, since they do not waste time or resources in carrying out unsuccessful or overloaded investigations, their primary purpose being to meet the demands of users with the greatest effectiveness. This strategy, in addition to favoring users and the agency, speaks really well of the trajectory of the detectives of this substantial detective agency, for a lifetime to clear up doubts .



In this work it is difficult to understand the answer to the following question:  What is the direction that the person who is being tracked will take? Therefore, it will take some time to achieve the purpose predetermined by the client, taking into account that the  detective agency in Murcia  guarantees that it will follow the person investigated to any unexpected place that the person visits. Most situations require several detectives to explore on purpose to see more field and thus save on final time.

Detectives have different ways of acting, according to the way in which the  private detective in Murcia is decided to operate,  its exclusive price will be calculated, that is why the company’s detectives are trained in the most complete and versatile way so that it fits to any field of work, regardless of the different locations to which the researchers have to proceed while following the purpose.


Private  Detectives in Murcia have many functions, but they can always have the same purpose, which is to help the person fix problems that are within the investigator’s reach. When talking about legal functionalities established for an inspector, exposed by the current standard in Spain, they will be in charge of:

  • Of being able to get or give important information about strange ways of proceeding or private facts. Private events are considered those that have the possibility of harming employment, financial and economic arrival, personal, family or popular life.
  • Also of those surveillances in fairs, hotels or similar sites, sites such as commercials and public places that have a large number of people can be considered special since it is easier to control the suspect.
  • And finally the investigation of crimes that have the possibility of being prosecuted upon request that are commissioned by the criminal establishment. To carry out an understanding would be the following, T crimes of libel and slander.

As mentioned, when some kind of prosecutable crime occurs,   Grupo Arga Detective in Murcia will notify the state security forces and bodies. In no case is the execution of those inquiries that have personal means that manage to violate the right to honor, or probable personal or family intimacies, and also that lead to revealing images or the mysteries of communications.

At our private detective agency in Murcia, we offer a personalized study to each client, thus carrying out fast and efficient work, preparing a budget exclusively with the real needs of each case to be investigated and we work with great seriousness and commitment so that you are satisfied. . We carry out our investigative work with the most advanced methods and technology to obtain evidence that demonstrates the fact or action under investigation, for its subsequent defense before the person responsible or ultimately before the courts. For more information you can contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.  Private detectives, at the request of natural or legal persons, will be in charge, among other aspects:

  • To document, obtain and provide information on behaviors or specific events of individuals and/or legal entities.
  • Of investigations of prosecutable crimes, only at the request of a legitimate party.
  • Follow-ups, surveillance, locations, infiltrations, faked, mutual casualties, etc.



With us,  Grupo Arga , we offer you various services in which you will have the support of our entire team. In each and every one of the cases, you will count on our agents being able to collect any information that serves as evidence to attend your case in court.




The suspicion of  infidelity can lead the person to a very serious emotional lack of control. The lies and deceit that cannot be demonstrated as what they are, little by little are damaging us psychologically; More thinking about the lack of consideration for the other person. At  Grupo Arga , we take care of maintaining a state of total low-profile surveillance in order to obtain evidence that confirms or rules out the existence of  infidelity . Always accompanying you throughout the process.


During marriage, instances occur where a couple have disagreements that have led them to act in a worrisome way. Arriving at points of both verbal and physical violence; other times they show problems of territoriality for goods and assets. These issues will surely lead you, as a couple, to consider  divorce , a tortuous procedure where you risk losing property or assets.  If you present a case in which you reflect yourself as a victim because your partner wants to seize your assets or demands custody of minors and you are a violent person or a very bad example. You need to acquire our services,  Grupo Arga .


The process of  tracing people  is very painful. Mainly because of the uncertainty of why that person has disappeared from our lives. At  Grupo Arga we will fully understand this. We offer a service that reflects total dedication, empathy and, above all, hope for any of our clients.


If within your family group, there are situations that include the consumption of drugs or alcohol, indecent behavior, abuse or domestic violence. Don’t worry. At  Grupo Arga , we take care of finding any evidence that points to the person who commits any of these abuses in your home. All fully endorsed by legal entities and police so that the evidence is implemented to process a complaint.



Espionage today is not so much a part of the movies. The possibility that we, as simple people, are monitored without our consent is a reality. The interests can be multiple. But the implementation of equipment that invades your privacy is a problem that can be solved. At  Grupo Arga , we have the  electronic scanning service , a rigorous procedure in which it is inspected with the best electronic equipment capable of detecting cameras, microphones, lenses, sensors and much more.


Within a company, irregular situations will always occur that sometimes will not have an explanation. Issues such as diversion or loss of key information, falsification of documentation, false resumes, and much more, are some of the many problems that can arise. At  Grupo Arga , we have a great team of highly qualified experts who will investigate thoroughly until they find the truth of what is happening. In turn, we have a  forensic computer network to deal with issues of digital origin or on the network.



  1. Family investigation detectives : directed mostly in follow-ups, discovery of consumption of illegal substances, actions of children, separation measures, etc.
  2. Infidelity detectives:  they are the most hired situations, primarily to have solid evidence that marriage agreements are disrespected, in addition to restraining orders.
  3. Business investigation detectives:  merchandise, to also investigate absences at work and reports of false doctors and espionage within the company.
  4. Detectives for insurance investigation:  it is used more than all by this type of company to investigate or carry out follow-ups on accidents, injuries, and thefts.
  5. Detectives applied to the investigation of alimony:  they deal, as their name defines it, with evaluating the actions of the children, reports on their economy and the modification of the agreement between the parties.
  6. Computer detectives:  encompasses everything related to the rehabilitation of dialogues in WhatsApp, communities, identification of microphones and hidden recordings, bringing to light hidden evidence in digital utilities.

That is why there are no excuses when considering hiring a detective, since he currently understands all the points, corroborating that he deserves the investment since you will have a very high percentage of efficiency in the results. That is why  Grupo Arga Detectives  is waiting for your visit, to fix your problems.




At  Grupo Arga , we have various services that will help you resolve your case. He has all our support and professional dedication that characterizes us so much. In addition to ensuring a supportive agreement in the quality-price comparison in our services. Here we will show you some of our services; To know other options visit our website.


At  Grupo Arga , we have all the necessary equipment to start the search for the missing person. The reasons for his disappearance can be endless; the pain and anxiety that he suffers completely blinds the hope of finding him.

We will not rest until we find the whereabouts of the individual, always counting on our full support, showing a lot of empathy and maintaining 100% hope and optimism.


Infidelity is a touchy subject. Obtaining evidence to corroborate a suspicion of infidelity on the part of your partner will not be a problem. Thanks to our professional level, we will always work low profile in order to maintain that natural aura. For us at  Grupo Arga , the truth will always be revealed.


During divorce proceedings there is usually a lot of ambition involved. Between couples where a person is very conflictive, reaching the point of being aggressive, it must be shown not to keep the assets or property involved in the marriage. Issues such as child custody is the most important.

At  Grupo Arga , we assure you of obtaining evidence in any format that demonstrates the truth in your case in order to take action on the matter.


Labor frauds are totally common. The loss or adulteration of the information that companies travel through is a somewhat complex problem to attack. At  Grupo Arga , we not only have detectives who will be in charge of corroborating the situations that are physically occurring.

We have a forensic computer network that will attack problems of a digital nature. This way you can be sure that all the information you provide is true. Issues such as  fraudulent cancellations ,  loss of information ,  false curriculum  and more, are the main focuses to attend to.





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