Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella



Understanding if your partner is unfaithful to you, is among the frequent fears nowadays and Grupo Arga Detectives, helps you to solve it by offering its services of highly qualified Infidelity Detectives, who have the essential skills and utilities to offer an answer to your concerns. through an efficient and safe method.


Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

Requiring a professional infidelity investigator is more common and beneficial than it is customary to reflect, if it has arisen in you, it is doubtful that it does not stop prowling in your head and has taken away part of your calm, then it is time to change that and Grupo Arga Detectives is the solution.




New analyzes showed that every day more people commit acts of infidelity. Upon awakening their assumptions, they often do not have the primary security or evidence to confront their partner, causing pain and discomfort both in the relationship and in themselves.


In general, this is due to fear, shame or lack of information, this type of assistance is not requested and consequently couples end up with insecurities for their sentimental partner, which in parallel implies that they end up committing serious illegal actions that in the worst situations generate a prison sentence for years.


To end your indecision and avoid emotional problems Grupo Arga Detectives, is a well-known investigation agency located in the center of the Marbella region and has multiple services, among which are; private detectives and perfected in infidelities.


No matter what city you are in, our detectives will go where they are required through the organization of experts abroad to ensure responses in the shortest period of time possible under the framework of legality and discretion. that characterize them.


Our private investigation agency transports a trajectory of more than ten years, offering its multiple services, having as its primary purpose from the beginning to understand all its users to achieve the results they are looking for in a successful and safe way.


By entering the Grupo Arga Detectives website, from some geographical point, you will be able to get more information about the fees and procedures that must be carried out to hire our professional private experts in infidelities and thus be able to assist you. to find answers.


It should be noted that regardless of the information and inquiries carried out and what is achieved in the end, detectives are governed by the premises of commitment, justice, morality, compliance and honesty, so that their requirements and actions will not go further. beyond this.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


We have well over nine thousand cases resolved and well over fifteen thousand satisfied users, in addition to having private investigation services, we also have legal advice since for our company your comfort is essential without forgetting that you are the one who has the last word.


People have the right to understand reality and Grupo Arga Detectives helps them to obtain the essential evidence by putting their professional detective services on infidelities, which will help clarify or corroborate the assumptions that have been bothering them for some time.


Our agency has highly qualified staff in the infidelity sector that guarantees you obtaining all the essential tests, both photographs and videographs, as well as a detailed report that endorses the occupations of your sentimental partner.



Evidence that a professional private detective in infidelities can offer you


Today it is no mystery to anyone that infidelities are becoming more frequent and recurring, new analyzes in Spain statistically demonstrate that at least precisely 80% of men and 50% of women admit that they were unfaithful to their partner at least once.



Understanding if your partner is cheating on you is among the most recurring concerns and in most situations when these assumptions emerge from multiple foundations, they end up being true, but you do not have the evidence to face the person and confront the sequels that this generates.


There are several sentimental pains that this causes and our private investigation agency offers assistance to end your speculations, putting at your disposal a huge specialized set that has the necessary skills and gadgets to ensure answers in an efficient and discreet way.


Primarily once the users have been contacted with the infidelity detectives and the required data has been provided, the guidelines and projects to be traced are drawn up, in most cases a trace is made to the person in need and evidence of type of photographs such as videographic is obtained. In addition, a detailed report is executed that contains all the information collected.



Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

It is exact to clarify that following a subject is within the legal framework that protects advanced detectives, beyond the information that is carried out and the evidence found, our set of investigation is made up of justice and commitment, for which his performances are not going to be beyond this.


Once the investigation is completed, if your uneasiness continues and the person denies the facts of which there is tangible evidence, the agency has the service of the polygraph test in which both you and your partner have the possibility of being subjected without any Type of problem.


To get information about the services offered by Grupo Arga Detectives Privados, simply by entering the website you will have access to capital, fees and the procedures that must be carried out to contact professional private detectives on infidelities. Our agency has more than ten years of recognition and prestige, giving users reliability and discretion in doing our work, which is demonstrated by the considerable amount of satisfied users as well as investigative services, and also gives legal advice in case division of goods or other requirements.




How to contact an acceptable private detective agency in Marbella? A question that Grupo Arga Detectives, an incredible private detective agency in Spain with an unparalleled track record, can answer immediately through the technological interface that makes its website possible.


Every client, regardless of their research claims or budget, can clarify their concerns and find answers to all their questions to choose to start a quality private investigation that is correct to their expectations.


But there are some considerations that a client must carry out to appreciate the profile of the required private detective agency.




Firstly, an acceptable detective agency in Marbella must have trained technical personnel, with a vocation for service and advancement of competencies that experience and duty with work affirm.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


In this way, with the government’s accreditation for the legal exercise of the profession and updated understandings of the regulations and jurisprudence that regulate such exercise in the subject where it is carried out and with clear objectives of doing the task entrusted within the permitted parameters. .


No less substantial is the knowledge of the localities where the investigation is carried out, since an optimal detective must be well placed in time and space.


On the other hand, private detective agencies have to provide themselves with the material elements and advanced technologies to support the task of private detectives who carry out the investigations.


It is a requirement to be prepared for all areas, both to make simple specific inquiries; as to make ambitious searches that involve the use of sophisticated procedures to obtain information and evidence in complex cases such as the investigation of computer fraud, among other things, the acts of which are perpetrated by experts in omitting controls and merit the actions of specialized and diligent personnel, in this way as the latest generation technological means.




In the same way, Grupo Arga Detectives combines these two essential elements with excellence that an incredible private detective agency must determine, by having for one section, in its group of detectives, the most prepared experts with extensive technical / legal knowledge , verifiable experience and full control of the towns where they have to carry out their actions in Marbella.


And on the other, the availability of advanced material and technological means and elements to guarantee the obtaining of indications, elements of conviction and means of proof that lead to unequivocal reality.


It is evident that the detective agencies in Marbella have a transcendental mission in the fulfillment of the public service of private investigations, since their results directly influence the promotion of a more just, permanent and harmonious society, based on the transparency of personal, business and social relationships.


Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

This mission is precisely planned by Grupo Arga Detectives and for this reason it channels its efforts to provide an increasingly effective service to this city, with the firm conviction of being the preferred alternative.


The private detective fees in Marbella, corresponding to the Arga Detectives Group, will depend on the task performed by the investigator in attention to the client’s claims.


In this way, among other things, it should be appreciated if we are talking about a consultation, a report, an idealization and execution of an action plan, an attendance or appearance to ratify, an expert report or testify before a court or a complicated investigation that merits numerous work sheets.




In any case, the private investigations in Marbella, carried out by the private detectives of this select group, comply with the established parameters and legal guidelines, for which under no circumstances will it be possible to carry out a high collection of fees in the execution of a referred investigation plan by this group of experts.


It should be borne in mind that any private investigation deserves a careful and acute observation in the supervision and tracking by the investigator, in his effort to find the evidentiary elements or the information required by the client, with the support of the private detectives, mainly in the provision of material and technical elements to collect evidence correctly.


In this regard, Grupo Arga Detectives belongs to the most gifted detective agencies in this city, as it has state-of-the-art technology in cameras with long-range photography and image resolution, recording equipment for environmental sounds, micro video cameras arranged in personal items like glasses or ties, plus a whole range of electronic equipment for computer expertise.


The foregoing is only the statement of a section of the equipment and materials that this private detective company has, since, in relation to the difficulty of the case, the private detective will establish the goods that are needed, according to the objectives set. In this way you will set a fair fee for the client.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


It is important that the client is clear about his goals in order for the detective in Marbella to be able to accurately establish the scope of the investigation, without wasting budget and without exceeding the task entrusted, since all of the aforementioned may affect their fee.


Grupo Arga always seeks to improve the results, establishing the preferable way of doing the investigation to get out of any doubt, without prejudice to the interests of the client in relation to the expected results and their ability to pay, being the fees of the private detective one of the primordial points to take into account in the

personal, business or judicial context in question.


In merit of all the foregoing, it is advisable that the client make a prior consultation of the different rates of expert fees in Marbella through the web and then consult without duty with the most credible private detective agency in this city on the shore of the Mediterranean, in order to achieve a precise understanding of its configurations and start a path that will undoubtedly add calm to their affairs.



How much does a private detective cost in Marbella

Sometimes, there are cases in life that lead to problems that develop anxiety, stress and worry. For that there is Grupo Arga Detectives, which will support you when you need it most, any occasion and anywhere.


Especially in Marbella, Spain, there are our private Detectives in Marbella, who will do everything possible to offer you all the information you need to have.



Where to look for the Superior Private Detectives of Marbella?

How much does a private detective cost in Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

In our company’s guide, you will find a diversity of the best detectives in Spain, each one with years of experience and relevant in different areas of private investigation.


Undoubtedly, it is an incredible alternative to consider when you need a group of detectives who provide their service to solve a critical circumstance.


Whatever your case may be, whether due to the presumption of infidelity, family or labor issues, Detectives in Marbella are prepared for each investigation, since each stands out in a different branch of the investigation, a reason that diversifies the company and broadens your work field


Inclusively, each detective who belongs to our company is approved by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, which provides reliability to users when they hesitate to choose the private investigation service.


In addition, the costs of the company are highly confronted and adjusted to people since, being affordable, it is one less aspect to consider when choosing for the service.


The value for money that is given is considerable to consider since the company has the best detectives trained for their work and all the comforts.


How much does a private detective cost in Marbella

The detectives of our company are deployed throughout Spain and abroad, so you can not only benefit from the service in Marbella, but also in several other places. You should only contact the company to understand the most descriptive information about the services.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


Contacting our company is very simple, you simply need a computer with the possibility of entering the Internet to enter the website, or failing that, a phone to call the number suggested on the website and thus clarify any doubts about the performance of the private investigation.


The purpose of our company is for the client to feel completely sure that they will obtain an unattainable service and that they will also obtain the information they need to obtain in order to satisfy the situation they are facing.


Offering in this way, a quality service and high reliability through the best professionals in Spain.


How much does a private detective cost in Marbella

So, do not hesitate to ask about how our detectives work, what are the costs to be made, the payments for the service and any other questions you have about your case. Our company will be pleased to answer all those questions.


Remember that our company offers quality work and is recognized worldwide for the experience and discretion of the different detectives who work there.


A considerable and definitive aspect when contracting a service is value. That is why our Detective Agency in Marbella gives very confronted costs compared to other agencies.


So, in contrast to what many people have the possibility to suppose, this is not a definitive aspect for the labor provision of private investigation services in Marbella, Spain. Our agency is part of Grupo Arga Detectives, which is the largest recognized group in the world.



Are the hours of a private detective in Marbella accessible?

Our Marbella private detectives are always on the lookout to always provide superior service and grow on the subject of investigation; Our company has recruited expert detectives accredited to practice, to perform the task of helping people in difficult circumstances find satisfaction.


Not enough people know that being a detective not only requires experience and cunning, but also a professional identity card (TIP) that verifies that the detective is legal and can carry out his work without concern of any kind.


Due to the elegance that this work supposes, it is a requirement that detectives comply with a succession of properties such as discretion, reliability, cunning, expertise, etc. And in our company it is guaranteed that all detectives comply with this specification, since it is a job that is 100% dependent on the security that the client has in the investigation that is carried out.


Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

Throughout the progress of private inquiries, there are some costs involved. Costs such as transportation when it is a requirement for the detective (s) to move from one space to another, costs for the provision of evidence arising from Public Registries, etc., take up considerable space when considering a budget for the client.


How much does a private detective cost in Marbella

Everything will depend on the type of research that is going to be done, since all inquiries need different tactics and devices to obtain the necessary information from the client.


If we talk about searches and / or locations of someone who is missing, it will depend on the type of search. In other words, if it is something very direct like finding an address, you can use the minimum fee of 5 hours that is equivalent to 350 euros.


If, on the contrary, we are talking about a search for something deeper, then the fees are the same as those charged for visualizations, control and supervision. They commit 70.00 euros per hour or per detective, and 350.00 euros for one to five hours of investigation, per detective and day.


However, there are some parameters that are established to start doing the private investigation.


Since, among other things, the costs are charged per hour of the detective’s service, in addition, it is predetermined that the minimum fee per day is about 4 hours, that the minimum investigation is going to be 4 hours a day.


In the same way, our company offers its users a free first consultation, which is a considerable aspect to consider when compared to other agencies. But to understand more details about detective fees, please go to our website or call the phone number on our page



Detective guide marbella

Detective work belongs to the least simple jobs around the world, which is why it is always suggested to hire experts on the subject, such as those given by Grupo Arga Detectives, since they are people who have spent their entire professional careers doing this kind of work that has all the primal reactions. We have all the most continuous research materials on the technological subject, which makes it easy for us to carry out agile, efficient and fully guaranteed work.


We also have the most confronted costs in the market.



Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

Detective guide marbella

On the Marbella social network are the private detectives corresponding to the Arga detectives organization, the best prepared agency. Why?


In our popular environment and daily life, there are different occasions through which we go through and those that we find ourselves tempted to hire the detective services offered by a company such as Grupo Arga Detectives, among other things.


If this is your case and you are already totally sure that you need the services of a private detective from Marbella, we will always look for the most outstanding one to carry out the work.


There are millions of detective organizations, with thousands of detectives to choose from and we will always ask ourselves: which one should I choose? We suggest you hire the services offered by Grupo Arga Detectives, as we are a prestigious organization of several years, excellent suggestions worldwide and a huge record of successful work done.


According to the critic forums, the Arga organization belongs to those preferred by the public thanks to a series of causes that are generally divided into:


They do the job lightly and efficiently

They have the special costs of the market

They are completely confidential

They provide the best tests, completely quality and 100% true

They are always accessible to do some research work

Detective guide marbella

The Arga organization has more than ten years of experience, began with a headquarters in the town of Madrid, and currently has a group of facilities spread throughout the Spanish territory. This enormous organization reinvents itself every day more and is always up to date with all the technological advances in order to provide special services.


In the town of Marbella, a research headquarters corresponding to this organization is located. Which is endowed with the special equipment on the market, the special experts from all over the planet and, of course, costs that fit all kinds of pockets.


Our private detectives in Marbella are one of the most sought after by users thanks to their professionalism and ethical level of work. The motto of these experts is total discretion, since this property is the one that best defines it.


Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

To get to know the special private detectives in Marbella, it is substantial to see the number of cases carried out, the volume of information obtained, the distribution efficiency of the completed orders, the discretion with which he works, the agency to which he is part and ending the pleasure of its users with their work.



Detective guide marbella

As it can be seen, it is not so simple to know which investigator is preferable, for this reason, it is simpler to look for the investigation agency with the best prestige and to hire the most outstanding detective of that agency, obtained in this way one of the special experts on the market.


According to the public around the world, our private detectives in Marbella are the best . Why do they say this?


At the time of hiring a private detective we always want him to be the most outstanding in all the probable points, but we always ask ourselves, How to get it?


Since we must know which is the most renowned and prestigious detective agency, one of them among other things is Grupo Argas Detectives, which is known as one of the best investigative organizations in all of Spain, since it has the most remarkable technological set of the market until today, the most apt and trained experts and has a group established throughout the Spanish territory.


Focusing on Marbella, the preferred investigation organization is Grupo Arga Detectives, given that it performs a huge set of satisfactory jobs without any problem, in a light and completely efficient way, in addition to having the special costs of the entire market, thus achieving an acceptance by the public and clientele completely convenient and advisable.


When we have our chosen prestigious investigative detective company, the next step is within the organization to find the detective who has carried out the largest number of requests without setbacks or complaints, the most expedited and efficient, the most subtle and most Nothing that has the largest proportion of time within the organization.


It is substantial to note that the higher prestige of the private investigative detective, the labor stipulation value of his services may be higher than that of the rest.


If we focus on a precise territory like Marbella, there must be a relevant detective who is the most outstanding of all in a certain investigation company.


For this situation we must see which company has the special working instruments and distribution of the special results. In this situation, according to what is known, the company best equipped with the special working instruments of the entire market is Grupo Argas Detectives, therefore, at the time of any labor stipulation, never hesitate to contract the services of our company. So if you want to hire the services of a private detective, never hesitate to hire the services offered by Grupo Arga Detectives. They are fully insured

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


Hire detectives in Marbella

A private investigation agency in Marbella should have some properties that make it the preferred private investigation agency in the region where it is located.


In Marbella, the investigative agencies that provide their services have the possibility of being agencies with prominent prestige or some that do not have that much, but if we are talking about the preferable private investigation agency, we must mention Grupo Arga Detectives, this agency has particular properties that make it the preferable of all Marbella.




Among the properties that must have a private investigation agency in Marbella the most important is the establishment that it works, and it happens that the detectives who provide services in this agency have to be detectives highly qualified and possess certified that this supported by the Home Office.


A private detective from Marbella who has been trained in an institution that offers a detective career and has spent many years learning to become an investigative professional is of utmost consideration to achieve superior results quickly. The moment you hire our services, you will be closer to solving a case through private investigation.


And it happens that sometimes there are people who call themselves “private detectives” but they do not have any type of accreditation that verifies that they are private investigative investigative experts who legally manage to practice the profession in the territory of Marbella.


That is why when hiring the research services, you have to be very careful and you have to investigate which is the preferable alternative before resorting to deciding in a hurry and hiring anyone who claims to be a research professional.



A private detective in the town of Marbella can be contacted by different means, either through a detective guide or through Internet pages, through advertisements in newspapers or magazines or simply by attending the private investigation agency of your priority or to which it has been suggested, thus contacting the detective is something that has different means and every day it is simpler to find an optimal detective in the town of Marbella.


Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

Communities are today the engine of technology and it happens that 90% of people run communities, and private detectives and private investigation agencies also have this enormous means to suggest their services and thus get in contact with them.


Grupo Arga Detectives has a presence in the different communities, which suggests its services to the greatest extent to all kinds of people not only in the territory of Marbella but also worldwide. This opens ways for the private investigation that Arga group gives to continue expanding around the world, allowing people to understand and contract their private investigation services, and in such case, to be able to achieve assured results with the preferred private investigation agency. from all over Marbella.


A private investigation agency in Marbella should have some properties that make it the preferred private investigation agency in the region where it is located. In Marbella, the investigative agencies that provide their services have the possibility of being agencies with prominent prestige or some that do not have that much, but if we are talking about the preferable private investigation agency, we must comment on Grupo Arga Detectives, this agency has particular properties that make of her the preferable of all Marbella.




Among the properties that a private investigation agency in Marbella must have, the most relevant is the establishment that works there, and it happens that the detectives who provide their services in this agency have to be highly qualified detectives and possess certification that is endorsed by the Ministry of the interior of Spain.


A Marbella private detective must have been trained in an institution offering a detective career and have spent many years learning to become an investigative professional. It is of utmost consideration to achieve superior results and in less time. The moment you hire our services to solve a case through private investigation, you are closer to getting what you need.


It happens that sometimes there are people who call themselves “private detectives” but they do not have any type of accreditation that verifies that they are expert private detectives of the investigation who legally manage to practice the profession in the territory of Marbella.


That is why when hiring the research services, you have to be very careful and you have to investigate which is the preferable alternative before resorting to deciding in a hurry and hiring anyone who claims to be a research professional.


A private detective in the town of Marbella can be contacted by different means, either through a detective guide or through Internet pages, through advertisements in newspapers or magazines or simply by attending the private investigation agency of your priority or to which it has been suggested. So contacting the detective is something that has different means and it is simpler to find an optimal detective in the town of Marbella by hiring the services of Grupo Arga Detectives.


Communities are today the engine of technology and it happens that 90% of people run communities, and private detectives and private investigation agencies also have this enormous means to suggest their services and thus get in contact with them.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


Grupo Arga Detectives has the different communities that accept you to suggest their services with greater scope to all kinds of people not only in the territory of Marbella but also worldwide, which opens the way for the private investigation that Grupo Arga gives keep expanding around the world. Thus, thanks to our intervention, more people are able to understand and hire our private investigation services, and in such a case, to be able to achieve assured results with the preferred private investigation agency in all of Marbella.




Grupo Arga Detectives is a professional company of private investigation . A large number of users day after day requires their services on labor investigations in Marbella. Fraudulent sick leave is becoming more frequent, more than anything in these previous years.


Grupo Arga, is prepared both in terms of human and material resources, to carry out any kind of labor-class research, given that it has a multidisciplinary, qualified, experienced staff, committed and with a mystical work, oriented to achieving the objectives, in this way as cutting-edge technology, which makes it easier for you to carry out work with optimal and quality results.


In the same way, it makes available to you all the years of experience that we have had in private investigation. The research service may be intended for huge, medium and small companies.





An important part of the employees are very compliant in their task, however there are some who pretend to feel annoyance, discomfort or pretend an explanation for not proceeding to fulfill their duties with the company, an act that represents a serious breach of security and contract carried out with the company.


When a worker exaggerates his pain and invents excuses that prevent him from completely doing his work hours, he is breaking his contract with the company and causing a serious inconvenience because it creates an obstacle in the operation and movement of the company.


In the laws that protect workers it establishes that; “The diligent disabled for a time must cooperate with his rehabilitation, and cannot start personally or through other tasks that do not have to do with his work or his area.” In any case, your solicitor or boss can and must ensure that the incapacitated employee complies with this rule.


If the company reveals that the employee is committing some kind of scam (through images, videos or some physical evidence that exposes him), it can have very serious consequences for him.




Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella

The private detective in Marbella is an expert in solving all kinds of fraudulent work losses.


Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency that has the best private experts in Marbella and in all localities of the country, perfected to investigate fraudulent work casualties.


Our detectives will be in charge of investigating the employee, to show evidence if he had another job (duplication of work), fulfills other occupations that are not related to his job or simply exaggerates any illness or pathology to miss his job.


Our detective agency in Marbella, corresponding to the Arga Detectives Group, provides a huge set of services which are tailored to the client’s expectations, in order to please with optimal and effective results each job approval, achieving the best results.





Grupo Arga detectives, gives its private investigation services on labor issues to facts such as, CV checks, duplication of employment, justified or unjustified dismissals, unfair rivalry, illusory absences or absences, professional absenteeism, interruption of rights in wages of processing, reports and views on employees, research on job performance and efficiency, information about high-level executives, diversion of orders, subtractions and loss of material, deterioration of the professional mystery, clandestine work, control of sales: activity dedication to other objectives , enigmatic customer service for chain companies, etc.


In addition to this, our organization also provides the service of inquiries in the industrial area: Inquiry about patents and trademarks, Imitations and Adulterations, Espionage and industrial sabotage, attacks on industrial property, Mutual and insurance companies, Inquiries about incited incidents, cars, industries, Inquiry and recomposition of traffic accidents, Verification of sick leave due to transitory disability, Verification of sequelae, Assessment of the level of disability, Demonstration of the level of disability after medical discharge, Calligraphic expertise, Recognition and authentication of signatures, etc.




Arga Detectives is highly specialized in business investigations, counting on a highly prepared group, whose task is to provide evidence to companies.


The basis of our labor stipulation on the part of the companies is based on showing a sequence of legitimate interests before third parties in the courts of justice and emerging victorious.


It should be remembered that the private detective is the exclusive certificate to carry out private investigation work.


Our private detectives have the collaboration of the bodies and security forces of the Spanish State. If you are trying to find a private detective agency in Marbella expert in labor investigations, contact us at this time, tell us your circumstance and we assure you that the best perfected detectives will contact you to suggest a quality service configured to your claims and in relation to your budget.


Do not hesitate, your answers are within reach with our private detectives experts in labor investigations in Marbella.


When an individual is looking for information, they will always look for someone to help them, they frequently seek technical assistance to find what they are trying to find.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


In Spain, specifically in Marbella, there are many detective agencies to search for descriptive information about an individual or a space, and they hire detectives to search for more information, mainly through networks with forensic computer detectives.







If you are searching for computer information and you live in Marbella, there are forensic computer agencies that specialize in a completely virtual investigation. Among these agencies, we are, Grupo Arga Detectives.


We are experts in boasting and searching for missing information, but we are also professionals in intensive research, is what we offer.


In the Marbella social network, it is common to see several agencies like ours, and people have the possibility to go peacefully to find out any kind of question they have or if they want to hire a service.


With their insights and experience, forensic computer scientists have the ability to conduct descriptive investigation online.


You will always be curious about something, or a thought that we do not have the possibility of getting out of your head, but there will be something that limits us and seeking external and professional assistance to clarify these concerns is common.


Computer forensic detectives can sift through the considerable networks that connect to browsers, thus obtaining the information needed by the client …


Undoubtedly, these forensic computer scientists offer their services to contribute to the social network that is seeking assistance, in search of information, and these people have the possibility of making that long-awaited search simpler.


We “GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES” are professionals in the field, offering information search services of any kind, including computing.


We have a guarantee of a safe, agile and truthful job for people who are looking for assistance, and we are not only in Marbella, but also different parts of the Spanish territory, thus being positioned as a detective agency around the whole country.




Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella




Only with an easy search in the browser of your choice will you be able to find our detective agency in Marbella, the prices for our services vary, you just have to find the preferable and most efficient, so that the person who hires these computer information services be satisfied.


Through us, your search for information will be safe because our private detectives have legal protection against the law, nothing is illegal and that is already a relief for those who contract these much-needed services in Marbella.


Today, and throughout the world, the present society has been created near technology and electronic devices, making these instruments part of everyday life.


The advances of these have exceeded creativity, because they have the possibility of being widely useful, however, it can harm thanks to the fact that, due to external causes, the information provided is very commonly related to cyber thefts. For that reason, private detectives have found a way to secure your information.






What is an Electronic Sweep?

It is increasingly recurring to hear that a hacker, whether or not popular, can enter your information in a snap of your fingers. Managing to get from saved information to listening and recording dialogues that no one else can get to.


This is why the most important companies had the talent to hire a service that provides them with the opportunity to check if there is indeed any person who has infiltrated their system through advanced or common espionage.


Grupo Arga Detectives, we are your ideal agency for these occasions and it is the so-called electronic scanning, one of our specialties, here we seek to discover through different tests and inspections if there is any spyware intercepted in electronic elements that you use in your home or work Commonly.


There are many ways to carry out espionage, the causes for doing it are as different as its elements. It can be from a couple trying to spy on a coworker or a job rivalry.


This is why it is considerable to have the advice and services indicated to prevent these occasions from reaching more, and the information provided passes into the wrong hands. Being also a fact that, espionage is a crime on many occasions.

Private Detectives Marbella

Private Detectives Marbella


Among the most recognized private detectives in Marbella we are, Grupo Arga Detectives, because we provide services to do everything from family investigations to computer science.


The steps to do these checks and fill out the electronic scan have the following actions:


Analysis ranging from an examination that verifies the electrical network of the home or office.

An examination of programs, phone lines and broadcasts, in this way as broadband warnings.

Verification and physical inspection in your city, or sites that you do not consider safe, to do a physical search for any instrument or set that is being used as a spy utility.

Being a procedure, totally safe and efficient.


Our popularity is not only because we have the best technology elements to discover these spy instruments, but we also have an incredible team that is mainly ready to attend to your requests regarding electronic sweeps.


Therefore, do not hesitate to locate them when required, because it is better to be safe than sorry. Much more when it comes to technology and electronics, because more and more people can enter them and therefore more people who suffer from plagiarism, fraud, espionage, etc.



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