Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


Our detective agency in Malaga is a firm with a long experience in investigations. Any type of research is covered in our office, if you need to research a topic related to your family, company, children … Contact professionals like us. We are experts in carrying out follow-ups and monitoring in order to clear your doubts or collect evidence since we have the necessary and most advanced technical means.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

We have experience in various sectors and at work, as í that if you suspect a disloyal employee tell us about your case, and if you also have doubts about something that happens to him in the family is one of the most demanded by our customers, contact us too. We can find out qui é n their children are related, if there is infidelity in their marriage, control over caregivers, paternity testing, compulsive gambling, drug use, alcohol or any other addiction … Tambi é n’ll help if you want to locate someone, check if a document is false and with fraud or possible crimes. You can trust us, we are discreet and professional. You will find us in Malaga, call us and we will inform you in more detail.


At our detective agency in Malaga, we are professional and serious, and we know how to act in each situation, so discretion and confidentiality is our main quality, as good private detectives as we are. If you have ALG ú n problem can come to us and tell all we can do in each situation, offering personalized attention. After analyzing the possibilities, we will decide how to proceed and we will explain everything we will do, such as follow-ups, surveillance with cameras, microphones …


If you agree with everything, a contract is signed in our agency and we will agree on a budget, which we will adjust to your case, your circumstances and your pocket.



Our detectives in Malaga are highly qualified resources to provide the best sense of response to all clients who need the best response regarding investigative work at a given time, which is why from our activities we have always chosen to provide the best of the best to all of our clients.


The detectives of our organization, are precious resources towards the construction of a first-rate job, with the aim of generating the best possible sense of responses to all our clients, the reputation that detectives have had in our city has been of great reference for the execution of investigations for infidelities.


The performance of our detectives in Malaga in the execution of their investigative work for infidelities has been quite noticeable towards the supply and response of various cases that are useful towards the resolution of various elements that have been identified as critical by our clients, with the aim of providing the best answers at the right time.


A Client who seeks the hiring of a service for infidelities undoubtedly wants to have the greatest certainty towards processes that help them in the clarification of any suspicion if their spouse is really cheating on them, that is why, above all, they must try to obtain of elements that provide the indicated answer and the greater certainty towards the questions and doubts that it has, for these reasons the construction of a case for infidelities should not fall into the hands of inexperienced.


The generation of an investigation process is something that is built through various phases, for this it is necessary to understand that everything begins when the client contacts us through some communication channel that we have established for this purpose, from this point we have managed to reach establish primary contact

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

with the client, an issue that ends up being a high point importance for the next steps to take into account the development of a case.


It is at this point, where a joint communication scheme is made that will be maintained with the client, until the end of each case, with the aim that he may have the possibility of wielding all the elements that are needed in The articulation of the investigation case, starting from this phase of development of the case, is where the interested party knows all the key points in the context of the investigation, this allows us to approach each situation with a great investigative personality and a sense of insight extremely agile.


Once all the most important information of our client has been obtained, we proceed to establish a deployment of resources and strategies that are linked to the generation of the elements initially supplied by our client, it is at this point where all the data are true and valid. Clues provided by the same we managed to develop clues, hypotheses and got to the root of the findings more efficiently. Using only the necessary resources and guaranteeing the collection of information that is key to clarifying the facts of an investigative act.


The construction of an investigation case in the hands of an agent of Grupo Arga, is something that is not only limited to following the indications and the hunches of the client, in this sense it is also sought by the execution of various elements that may mean the concretion strategy of various elements that help determine new facts and hypotheses that have a direct or indirect implication with the management of each investigation case.


In summary, an efficiently constructed investigation case represents the guarantee for an investigation that is in accordance with the client’s requirements. Here, the process of obtaining evidence of infidelity plays a key role in the establishment of a technical report by the agent who be able to represent all elements that are directly linked to the success of the research.


The construction of a response framework thought for the client is something that is achieved through the tests that can be collected in each investigation scenario, with this it provides a resolution in the conduct of each case highly efficient and guaranteed.


From Grupo Arga detectives we have brought to the city of Malaga first-rate investigation services that can support our clients in the management of key moments towards the development of investigations for infidelities that are valued in the field of research capable of generating the best criteria decision-making in the short, medium and long term for those clients who have a credible suspicion of an act of adultery on the other side of the relationship.




Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


From Grupo Arga detectives we have to say that they have been in search of investigation criteria that are capable of favoring the operations of our agents for more than 10 years, that is why our agents when they work in the construction of infidelity cases they do so with a high sense of precision.


The construction of investigative elements of our detectives in Malaga is conducive to the generation of aspects that help generate sufficient tranquility and certainty for those who need it, which is why in the case of our investigations in the region our agents are the best dealing with the construction of infidelity cases.


At Grupo Arga, through the strategic performance of our agents, we can provide the broadest criteria towards the construction of responses that are conducive to a fact of investigation, which is why our agents are considered a high-strategy resource towards the execution of the investigation for infidelities, an issue that generates a favorable response framework towards the construction of a specific investigation case. In Malaga we have the best infidelity detectives!


The construction of investigation cases in the city of Malaga mainly depends on the actions of our detective in Malaga, since he is a highly experienced resource that is responsible for managing all the concerns and questions of our clients regarding the transit of a certain investigation.


An investigation carried out by our agents is one that meets the requirements that can be established in order to provide the answers indicated in the development of a research operation to those who request it through a contract.



The structuring of operations that are carried out in the detective field allows us to establish a highly specialized criteria of action focused mainly on two parameters of action, 1) respond with the questions and proposed objectives of the case and 2) be timely in providing these tests in the shortest possible time, even if it is before the deadline to achieve these objectives, much better.


For these reasons, our detectives in Malaga are resources that are oriented towards the excellence of their activities, since they belong to an extremely exclusive operating criterion in the construction of a parameter that manages to channel with a high professional mystique everything that can be achieved. at the level of an investigation and research tasks that are directed towards the concretion of all the elements requested by our client.


The execution of a research operation is not something that comes by magic, it is something that it achieves through the concretion of organizational resources that are capable of representing greater agility and the implementation of innovation criteria at the service of the activity of research, an issue that ends up being a solid

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

advantage for all clients who find themselves having to obtain the most specialized data at the service of each task.


Building a research landscape that may have the ability to provide the necessary responses to all of our clients is possible to determine through strategic action in the field of research.This is made possible by materializing through the execution of skills. and organizational resources of


It is important to obtain evidence that can generate sufficient weight for the research work requested by a client.


From the point of view of our investigations, we not only settle for collecting all the direct evidence at the service of our clients, but we also focus on providing a criterion for action aimed at collecting elements that are linked to acting indirect of the case, an issue that is extremely useful when supplying the evidence that allows investigative problems to operate more quickly.


The generation of a point that can favor the investigative field towards a greater refinement of these tests in order that they have the ability to obtain better details in the structuring of a solid decision-making criterion, is mainly represented in the construction of a framework of comprehensive support for our agents, this means that from our organization we must support with the best resources and tools.


This is expressed in providing our researchers with organizational supports that translate into the specification of aspects that can represent a strategic sum in the field of research, as well as a sufficient element towards the construction of a research case with the best elements. of conviction.


That is why our detectives in Malaga rely on the use of various techniques and different investigative processes, but they also find the necessary answers in the execution of various investigative cases through the implementation of technological resources and investigation tools. research that represents a strategic sum towards the construction of various hypotheses and the determination of clues that serve to close a specific case.


The performance of our detectives in the city of Malaga, is not only limited to the execution of various investigative standards, but is also one that seeks to generate the best sense of response to all the questions that our clients have, efficiently fulfilling all the principles that underpin the duty of our work.


Grupo Arga detectives, is a private investigation organization that has more than 10 years of experience at the national level, which has made it referenced in the management of infidelity investigations, as well as all investigative operations related to the execution of procedures at the level of personal investigations. Having from our operations group a broad conception of detective work on a private level.


In the same way, the experts of Grupo Arga, deploy their activities at the investigation level through our detectives in Malaga in that city to not only undertake the investigations to individuals but also to carry out effective work of investigation at the service of companies and private entities that may require a high quality research service.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

The construction of high-level research processes is mainly represented by the management of various aspects that allow us to establish a series of situations that end up being favorable towards the construction of research criteria that may represent the response that our clients are needing.


At Grupo Arga, we are detectives with a capital “D”, these mean that our commitment is focused on providing the best of the best to our clients, with the aim of not getting stuck in an obsolete operating dynamic, this is how we always Through our training processes we maintain a high criterion of updating towards the activities that we carry out in our day to day. Investigative work is something that can represent a real solution for those who request a first-rate research service.





Detectives in Malaga are a human talent that can be of benefit before the Courts of Justice, since they provide the opportunity to deploy expert judgment around the generation of various milestones that facilitate the concretion of events and the determination of responsibilities before the authorities.

A private detective is one who allows himself by issuing a specialized report to get to the bottom of the events, in order to establish the best possibility of responding to the needs of our clients and the application of an investigation that has the capacity to reinforce the elements of administration of justice that the Law contemplates.


Detectives in Malaga are those who provide the best answers to the entities where their participation is required, when we mention this we cannot fail to demonstrate the aspect of the Courts of Justice, since it is in this instance where the themselves

They provide great support for the functions that are deployed in the public sphere.


From Grupo Arga detectives, we have carried day by day the banner of being a leading investigative agency throughout Spain with the aim of accompanying our clients at all times and at all times, the appearance of cases related to the administration of justice for private investigation, it represents a key factor previously delimited by the rule of law since the public detective or judicial investigation officer has special competence there, however, private detectives can act as a reinforcing resource.


The provision of information by a private detective is of vital importance since it provides the opportunity to establish under a cluster of elements the aspects that are most important within a case, which will be objectively reflected in your report.


The non-performance of a professional private detective can result in the following elements being presented where the administration of justice cannot be carried out effectively.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


             Cases not closed: cases where the victims are not vindicated with the action of justice, this is generated because in some occasions there is not enough evidence to determine responsibilities, as well as all the elements that surrounded the action of the case.


            Accidentally involved in a case: people who due to circumstantial factors are involved in a criminal scenario or are also the target of a legal sanction of a different nature, an issue that has a highly unsuccessful impact on the correct administration of justice in the judicial system.


            Cases that take a long time: this factor is not as noticeable in our country, but on some occasions there have been cases where the judicial process of sanctions is affected and its duration is substantially extended, due to the late collection of evidence.


            It is for these reasons that the administration of justice always requires the participation of a private expert, with the aim that he can substantiate, with an expert gaze, everything that happens in an investigation-prone event.


For this, it is necessary to highlight that Grupo Arga Detectives, carefully carries out the work of training the best agents capable of establishing under a criterion of expertise the best resolution of the conflict of the different clients. That is why, we have detectives willing to act in Courts of Justice, ready to expedite any investigation of a legal nature.





            Administering justice taking into account participation under a synchrony scheme from the hand of private detectives and also from the hand of detectives who actually perform under public investigative tasks, can be quite a challenge, but today in Spain this scheme is possible. That is why from the public entities a role of joint action is always established with the detectives of the Arga Group.


            The Courts of Justice play a fundamental role in carrying out the execution of processes under expert synchrony and not only that, they allow the private detective to take care of such critical aspects as are the phases of evidence collection, as well as the identification of all the factors found around an investigation (context, actors, affected, presumed elements of fact, and situations related to the cause of the event prone to investigation).


The joint participation of justice entities and private detectives today is possible since the innovation criteria set by a private detective agency can represent a great solution towards the determination of leads and new findings that allow answering quickly everything related 



With the case of research, this in some public dependencies is of great help, since they sometimes do not have a sufficient budget that allows them to immediately respond to all the demands of the urban reality of Malaga.



Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

    The Courts of Justice know that they must establish the rigor of a procedure at a forensic level, in the execution of all the elements that surround the investigation the participation of the private detective is contemplated, through the establishment of unique parameters for each case, with the objective of keeping in mind a whole decantation in the evidence collection process, thus guaranteeing its objectivity before being assigned to a phase of analysis and evaluation.




            From Grupo Arga detectives, we can generate the greatest commitment to our clients, with the aim of complying with our assignments based on a high criterion of excellence in the research environment, more than 10 years have characterized us in the exercise of our work.


            Grupo Arga detectives has been working on the possibility of being efficient around the strategy that allows acting in Courts of Justice in great detail, in Malaga our agents can cooperate with the authorities precisely, this is the guarantee for the execution of a case of research considering the application of parameters of success and institutional cooperation.


            Grupo Arga detectives is the leading investigative agency in Spain, which is why it aims to continue to be a pillar of innovation with the aim of always betting on the continuous improvement of processes and elements that represent the key operation of a solid investigation proposal at community service.


The construction of research cases related to obtaining evidence is where the management of all the resources available to our organization is aimed at and which somehow make up the great possibility of doing highly accurate research available to our clients. .


Doing research in Malaga is a matter that is very interesting for our agents since we can determine, based on the generation of each case, the indicated responses in order to provide a framework of logical propositions that help disaggregate the various levels of complexity that each investigation.




The construction of an investigation case at the service of our clients is something that we have been able to achieve based on our mystique and professional dedication. These elements make up a substantial part of the evidence-gathering process, since only these aspects represent a guarantee. for an optimal execution of various research hypotheses that make possible the collection of key elements in each research.


The generation of an investigation process is something that is built through various phases, for this it is necessary to understand that everything begins when the client contacts us through some communication channel that we have established for this purpose, from this point we have managed to reach establish primary contact with the client, an issue that ends up being a point of high importance for the next steps to take into account the development of a case.


It is at this point, where a joint communication scheme is made that will be maintained with the client, until the end of each case, with the aim that he may have the possibility of wielding all the elements that are needed in The articulation of the investigation case, starting from this phase of development of the case, is where the

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

interested party knows all the key points in the context of the investigation, this allows us to approach each situation with a great investigative personality and a sense of insight extremely agile.


Once all the most important information of our client has been obtained, we proceed to establish a deployment of resources and strategies that are linked to the generation of the elements initially supplied by our client, it is at this point where all the data are true and valid. Clues provided by the same we managed to develop clues, hypotheses and got to the root of the findings more efficiently. Using only the necessary resources and guaranteeing the collection of information that is key to clarifying the facts of an investigative act.


The construction of an investigation case in the hands of an agent of Grupo Arga, is something that is not only limited to following the indications and the hunches of the client, in this sense it is also sought by the execution of various elements that may mean the concretion strategy of various elements that help determine new facts and hypotheses that have a direct or indirect implication with the management of each investigation case.


In summary, an efficiently constructed investigation case represents the guarantee for an investigation that is in accordance with the client’s requirements, here the process of obtaining evidence plays a key role in the establishment of a technical report by the agent who is capable to represent all the elements that are directly linked to the success of the research.


The construction of a response framework thought for the client is something that is achieved through the tests that can be collected in each investigation scenario, with this it provides a resolution in the conduct of each case highly efficient and guaranteed.


Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that understands that each case of investigation is achieved through the achievement of evidence that is sufficiently optimal, a matter that will undoubtedly determine the most useful results at the level of the execution of each operation, taking into account a series of facts that have sufficient elements of conviction and support, so that they can be useful in the subsequent argument by our client before other instances.




From Grupo Arga detectives we have learned in our more than 10 years of experience that investigation is something that is accomplished over time, a good investigation is not resolved in a desperate race over time, in this sense it is worth noting that although there are an importance towards cutting response times.


It is very necessary to consider that the detective, rather than playing with immediacy, must establish a criterion where the quality of his analysis and of his processes of obtaining evidence prevail, with the aim of providing the best findings to the client.


The construction of a solid investigation case is made possible by Grupo Arga detectives, where we have definitively left under a spectrum of execution and deployment of resources and skills having at hand the best elements of conviction with the highest quality and precision. Possible issue that undoubtedly ensures optimal performance of each operation.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Research that prides itself on being useful to clients, provides the opportunity to answer not only all the questions that the client initially asks, but also has the ability to provide new elements towards the construction of a better investigation case in a determined time, in order to give more detail to the client of all the elements that make up a critical priority for him regarding his desire to acquire specialized information and data.


At Grupo Arga detectives we have always been focused on managing a process that is capable of promoting the best services to our clients, which is why we are always focused on process management and the modernization of our investigative techniques with the Aim to offer the best of the best. In Grupo Arga you find the best!




Hiring detectives in Malaga is the best alternative that those interested in knowing how they can obtain high-level information about a problem they wish to know or that is also making a substantial weight in some facet of their lives can take.


A self-respecting private investigator is a resource that can advance around the concretion of various elements that may be linked to the generation of leads and the validation of hypotheses that is sufficient towards the detection of new elements that can provide the best criteria for decision making regarding a specific topic.


Having a problem, many people wonder if a detective is the solution to their problems, well, it not only represents a set of optimal solutions for managing their requirements, but is also the best-trained resource to do this work. This requires the possibility of having sufficient economic resources to be able to hire an agent of this level.


Malaga is a city that stands out for its wide cultural contrasts, this also requires the need to appeal to various research techniques that are capable of determining the best results that can be oriented towards the detection of patterns, elements and behaviors in such a changing urban environment and dynamic.


The best thing that a client can do is to hire our detectives in Malaga, since they are resources that can represent a substantial difference in the method applied and the process executed from the beginning of each case, in order to provide the best answers to our customer segment.


A private detective, is a resource that has been trained with the most efficient standards and techniques of research and investigation, and which in turn guarantees results in the shortest possible time with a touch of highly professional expertise, which is why from Grupo Arga detectives have always thought about the scenario of generating continuous improvement towards all our agents, since they are the guarantee for a successful resolution of a case, and therefore are the highest representatives of our organization.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


The imprint of our agents and detectives in Malaga is the same that they carry with them throughout Spain, however, this does not deserve to leave aside the high creative sense and the excellent capacity for problem solving that all our investigators have in said city, a question that ends up generating a sum of added value to all clients in this region who contract our services.


Mainly, the guarantee of a good investigation is focused on providing the elements under an agility scheme with the highest criterion of objectivity and impartiality possible, this represents then the best work that can be applied to get to the bottom of the facts and determine responsibilities in case that there was a need to do so. From Grupo Arga detectives we know that our agents can give this and much more around the generation of solutions to all the applicants of our cases.


The best that our field agents can do is supported by investigative work with a high precision touch, however, when duty knocks on our door, the detective instinct of each of our agents represents a solution to the various challenges and complexities that are sometimes present in various investigations.


That is why a detective who works in our investigative group will always be willing to generate the greatest sense of solution to all the requirements of our clients, he himself through investigative practice has the ability to unite all the elements that can be considered as critical or scattered in the course of an investigation.


The generation of various elements that are prone to the development of a high-level research criterion is made possible through the deployment of various resources, they are a large number of technological tools that are capable of providing the best answer at the moment. indicated to all our clients.


The guarantee of execution of these services is intrinsically linked to the performance of each of our agents in Campo, this means that all possible support must be provided to the same. At Grupo Arga we have always thought about how to respond to different concerns and how to generate a contingency action plan for the different unexpected events that may arise in the development of a case.




Grupo Arga detectives, is a private investigation organization that has the capacity to carry out all kinds of activities that are in favor of generating a tangible solution for our clients, which leads to the need to analyze in detail all the elements that surround each case For this, from Our Organization, we have always advocated a constant updating effort in our methods and in the development of various strategies.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Maintaining an updating criterion allows us to improve on a day-to-day basis, this is also the guarantee necessary to profile the best of services towards a client whose expectations are changing and highly demanding over time.


At Grupo Arga our discipline and our commitment is a synonym of success for our detectives in Malaga since through various efforts our agents allow us to be at the forefront of every investigative event, this gives us the possibility of training a resource that can provide not only the necessary responses, but you can also act with a sufficient ethical element. For this it is not superfluous to say that in Grupo Arga you will find the best.


  In Grupo Arga detectives, the best detectives are at the disposal of the Malaga community, since it has been 10 years that have filled us with multiple experiences and learning and it is precisely that time that has made the difference between our successes and overcoming of all our challenges and obstacles.



Private Investigations in Malaga have the possibility of being hired if required:


Obtain information about the whereabouts, identity, conduct or probability of an individual or company.Detectives Málaga


Perform background checks or searches for likely lovers, business partners or companies.

Following someone to see if they are unfaithful.

Pre-select an applicant or business colleague.

Verify the legitimacy of a viable investment.

Help investigate a private crime, evil, or threat.

Find the cause of fires, property damage or accidents and / or the people causing them.

Safeguard the facilities, property, assets, people or even information of your business.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Locate and recover lost or stolen property

Verify employee claims, such as workers’ compensation claims.

Investigate a scene or question a witness.

Access updated computer databases of public records.



Every exploration is different, and people are unpredictable. We always start an exploration with an open head and we are ready for everything the investigator finds.


There are a few things we can do to maximize our options for receiving the test that will confirm our suspicions.


There are different private detective agencies in Malaga, which can be easily located, since through all the new technologies that exist, they were modernized basically day after day, in order to provide the most remarkable services tom all its users. However, among all of them, Arga Detectives Group stands out without a doubt.


We have applied these technologies to achieve functional web pages, to provide you with all the viable assistance, and we have also applied them to all the surfaces where our detectives have specialized, thanks to the various new teams that allow us to carry out our I work quickly and accurately.



What services do our private detectives provide in Malaga?


Within the claims that have to hire a private detective in Malaga, the first thing that must be clear is why you want to hire him, since they are highly qualified and perfected in all the services they provide.


In Grupo Arga Detectives you will find everything that is necessary for you, just by visiting our web portal or by personally contacting our detective agency. In our agency you will have the possibility to contract us for all kinds of services, depending on what you need, which are:


Investigations into infidelities, separations and divorces, since in most cases they must have evidence that can be fully certified in relation to their uniqueness.

Relevant inquiries that have to do with the respective compliance with the law or legal measures that were given to an individual, which have the possibility of being the custody of an individual who has not yet reached adulthood, attached with the hours of visit and places where they have to take.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Investigations of some kind of absence or flight of an individual who has not yet reached adulthood at any precise moment.


Follow-ups of an individual without him noticing to verify his actions on different occasions in his history.

You can quickly hire a private detective in Malaga. If you require some kind of exploration because someone is threatening you and exploiting the circumstance to do some kind of bullying ,

Follow-ups to an individual suspected of addiction and you want to find out, which have the possibility of being some kind of gambling, drug addiction, alcoholism or some sect.

Another service that they have the possibility to offer you, is in the situation that you need to investigate gender abuse, whether it is to a family member or to an individual close to your life.

These services are the most generalized that you can find in our Grupo Arga detective agency, regardless of which one you need, we are the most competent and serious private detectives in Malaga, where we also work with sensitivity and tact to make you feel the most comfortable and thus be able to assist you with much more simplicity.


Among the different services that we have the possibility of suggesting through the labor stipulation of a private detective in Malaga, we will offer you multiple configurations of the execution of our follow-ups, since they have the possibility of being done as you require or however simple for us.


The follow-ups in most cases are usually done with the support of a means of transport, among which the simplest to use are motorcycles since it is among the most versatile means of transport on the planet and that it would simply go unnoticed without raising any kind of suspicion.





Why Hire Detective Services In Malaga?


After the exploration is complete, the investigator will discard any information that is not relevant to the situation, leaving only what is of interest to the client. The exploration lies in conducting interviews with similar people with the aforementioned situation in order to have available information that is considerable and relevant.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Sometimes the investigation may be about a missing or distant relative or some other important information. Through these interviews combined with her own exploration, there is evidence to be presented before judicial entities with verified and authentic information.


If private detectives are hired in Malaga to understand an individual, regardless of their field of work, day-to-day occupations and hobbies, then the detectives will have to follow up.


This requires observation of an individual without him realizing where he is going and what he is doing and this information will be sent to the client in a recurring renewal of the circumstance.




The detective’s presumption of certainty is in the report that is delivered to our client.


A private detective in Malaga is easy to find because the demand is great, more than anything in infidelity situations. In Malaga, as in other towns, there is a great diversity of detectives, although the best choice can undoubtedly be found in Grupo Arga.


Private detectives carefully investigate, search for clues, and do a good job. Our detectives are fully prepared. The most wanted matters are those related to the investigation of infidelity and fraudulent work leave.


Good detectives have to be very curious, observant, intuitive, to have logical thoughts, to have the correct set, preferably of high technology, because the informative assistance is within the main utilities.


Detectives have to be able to work alone, over medium or long periods of time, to have a specialty when investigating, to administer a number of cases, to deal with all kinds of people, and to drive confidentiality information.


The skills to lead work groups, keep records, advise, concentration, communication or being communicative are some of the many properties that a detective should not miss.


Our private detectives in Málaga help individuals, law enforcement agencies and companies to obtain considerable information for them, whether they are going to use this information in front of judicial entities or not.


The primary task of a private investigator is exploration. You must collect information that comes from records, information on the Internet or verification of any kind of background.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

One of the most used social services in recent times is that of private detectives in Malaga, who are dedicated to doing any kind of investigation that you require quickly, safely and above all credibly, which for sure is what you more requires.


For that, you have the opportunity to have different private research agencies in Malaga, but our agency offers you the most outstanding services that you have the possibility of hiring, also having competitive prices and rates in the market, such as those of the Group. Arga Detectives.





Services provided by our private detectives in Malaga with total discretion and guarantee.


In our detective agency we have the enormous virtue of having different types of private detectives in Malaga who specialize in the different branches that exist, and where we are committed to guaranteeing maximum discretion and effectiveness from all of them so that you do not have no doubt in choose us to do your private investigation.


We list the different types of professionals that make up our private detective agency in Malaga for you to know, assuming that you come to require any of them, which are the following:


Private detectives.

Security chiefs.

Security Directors.

Professional lawyers in the different surfaces that are needed.

Judicial experts.

And experts in the different surfaces that are needed for the private exploration of each case, which have the possibility of being:

Computer experts.

Expert calligraphers.

Experts in the different techniques that exist in fingerprinting.

Experts in the recomposition of an event or a particular incident.

Or professionals in the discovery of some kind of scam.

Experts in electronic sweeps.

Our private detective agency in Malaga is completely legal and is able to make any kind of commission that is required in any type of relevant investigation, counting on the best and expert detectives in the investigation sector, being qualified and legal.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


To be part of or be a private detective in Malaga, it is required as a primary requirement that detectives have a legal certification, given by different government entities.



Are cheap private detectives in Malaga recommended?


On the planet of espionage, there are different types of private detective agencies in Malaga, but there are very few that give cheaper costs below the average stipulated by the general fee of what a detective must charge on his working day so that the investigation is correct.


One of the agencies that you can find with prices in accordance with the quality service offered are those of Grupo Arga Detectives, where we offer to give you the most outstanding of our services in a legal and completely transparent manner to provide you with great security.


It is substantial that you know that unfortunately not all cheap private detectives in Malaga are legally entitled to provide any kind of exploration, espionage or investigation, which may cause you a loss of money because the evidence they collect is not valid in no type of court or legal entity.


With our agency you will not have that type of inconvenience, because we will offer you the most outstanding of capitals, not the cheapest but the most effective, which you can find attached with the guarantee and legality of our services due to the great efficiency in addition to being easy to hire today.


Due to the fact that Grupo Arga Detectives has different work areas scattered throughout the town of Malaga, to contract our customized services, all you have to do is go to our office, through which you will be able to make direct contact or by phone call to any of our telephone numbers such as 608767979.


We will offer you a completely correct budget for your claims, which you must inform us in detail, since the proportion of hours that you require of a private detective depends on them, with which he will have to count to make the most of the exploration. viable.


It is essential that if you require a private detective in Malaga to check their legality, more than anything to make sure that the evidence he obtains and collects for you is legal, whether it be in a divorce, fraudulent work leave or tracing of a person.


So do not hesitate to contact us because we will offer you the most outstanding service, adapting to your wishes.




Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


Through our private detective services in Malaga we will provide you with all the viable guarantees.


For any kind of tracking that you require to carry out, in the same way that any of the services that our group of private detectives in Malaga may suggest, we will offer you the highest quality, we have the possibility of providing you with an excellent service for that you feel safe with the labor provision of our services.


For this reason, any kind of consultation that you may ask us before continuing with the labor stipulation of our services, you can ask us in any of our areas of work completely free, since our goal is that you feel all the viable security so that you achieve this way contract us effectively.


Our agency Grupo Arga Detectives offers you a service of private legal detectives, respectively certified. Hire the best detectives with a private investigative agency to back you up if your studies and specialties need to be verified.


Since someone can impersonate someone who is not, that is why we require our staff to have their own licenses on hand as legally authorized somewhere at all times where they are carrying out their work.


Within the consultation that you are going to ask us, you may question us about any type of doubt that you have, especially in the execution of the methods that we do and the costs and fees that we charge.


It is essential for us that you are fully informed that our private detective agency in Malaga, is completely honest and legal in all the jobs and services that you request from us, which we provide you through a service contract in relation to your claims, according to the information you have given us.


We will give you the basic principles that you must take into account through the labor stipulation of our services in our detective agency, which are:


Our proven experience according to the situation you require.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Tips that we have the possibility to offer and that will be in your benefit.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy as a guarantee.

For this reason we offer you to make your inquiry without any kind of value, so that in this way we have the possibility of clarifying your concerns so that you feel our total reliability in your particular case.





Job occupations: When you execute scams or frauds with false casualties, they are absent without any basis, and they want to collect without working.

Infidels: Infidelity is appreciated in couples, and is taken as the basis for divorces; Divorces lead to the distribution of assets, and child support.

Scams and scams: companies look for detectives to understand if an employee steals money from the company, if someone does illegal business.

Our private detectives in Malaga have all the cards to carry the triumph of our investigations. Detectives will become the client’s eyes. In Malaga, our detectives who have credentials, trained experts and who handle multiple fields are very popular.

Currently the communications have led to the detective market expanding, and therefore many imposters try to make use of it.

If you want to hire cheap detectives in Malaga, you need to consult experts, we work with complete confidentiality and discretion. Our duty was always with the client in guaranteeing them the achievement of the objectives that they set.


In addition our rates are transparent and you can also present our report as evidence in a trial, we can ratify all the content. Our reports have all the elements of triumph for judicial development, providing images, videos and recordings.


Our investigations consist of the execution of good investigations that will be very essential.  we get evidence and provide solutions.


In any investigation, the right to privacy must be recognized, there is no possibility of using means of services that violate the right of the person under investigation.


In exploration services, the detective does not participate in the resolution of crimes or facts, only distribution of the exploration report that does not constitute a public crime.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


Our private detectives in Malaga have years of experience in addition to the academic training required to carry out the investigations.


Private detectives in Malaga are very expert people, the considerable thing is that the client obtain the information he wants and that this is in accordance with the certainty of it.


You can wait for your investigator to do everything possible to find the proof you need.

Among other things, you can hire private detectives in Malaga to follow your spouse and find out if you are cheating on him or to control your ex-spouse when you have custody of your children. Your private investigator will be able to follow you anywhere in public, however if you go to someone’s home your investigator will have to wait outside until you are on the move again.


Of course, not everything is lost if this happens. Private detectives in Malaga are experts with several alternative action tutorials. Among other things, they could do a live site exploration to find out who owns the property and give you more


Details that might assist you in covering what your spouse may be doing at this address.


In the situation of custody and coexistence of the children, knowing who is the legitimate owner of the place of life can offer room for issues in the custody and alimony agreements.


Private residences and other private houses are generally not allowed, but bars, food places, and clubs are all public establishments that detectives usually have the opportunity to enter.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


After you have hired your investigator, you may be wondering what kind of evidence you might receive. The simplest way to express it is this: they won’t know until they see it.






Hiring private detectives is not simple, a detective must have everything essential to get an acceptable investigation. The detective contributes to the primary evidence to successfully complete any entrusted matter.


The probative capacity of the reports provided by detectives will be valid in trials, since it is the only acceptable evidence. The skills that detectives use are the source for their subsequent job stipulation.


The life of a private detective is very peculiar. Perhaps you may have imagined a detective hiding behind walls, dodging corners, wearing disguises, and sitting in a transport for several hours watching what someone else is doing, but the reality goes much further.


Detectives contribute to a diversity of users, as well as attorneys, companies, individuals, etc. One day, we investigate an individual for a divorce case, and the next, we can investigate a computer forensic investigation. Our private detectives in Malaga carry out all kinds of inquiries in different spaces. 





The work of a private detective has its own peculiarities. Hours are erratic, work can be risky, and employment can be sporadic, but if you thrive on excitement and intrigue, this can be a great job. A diversity of components establishes the salary of the private investigator, such as the locality, the time spent and caseloads.


Beyond the fact that situations never stop coming through the door in movies and TV, in real life, he probably finds time cycles when work is not a regular thing. This is going to have a major bump in the overall salary of a Private Investigator.

More and more people are meeting online today. In the old days, we used to meet people through friends who gave their stamp of acceptance, at this time, you never know who you are going to meet. In-depth background checks can be very helpful when you think about getting serious with someone you meet online. Better to prevent than regret!


Do you have a lawsuit against someone who refuses to pay, claiming they don’t have money? Our private detectives in Malaga can assist you. Decide if you want to take them to court for the money owed you? Save yourself time and legal fees by making it clear if there is something there to continue


Is your business ready to grow? It is the ideal time to bring new employees! But how do you know that the resume they send you is true? Protect yourself and your company from fraudulent employees by examining them before hiring them by scouting with our detectives in Malaga.


Are you trying to reconnect with someone? Are you trying to find someone to notify them of a family emergency? Trying to be helpful to someone with legal documents? Hire private detectives in Malaga to assist you find that person in no time! Detecting reports is simple, credible, and the best way to find someone.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Have you considered that someone has placed a listening gadget in your place of life or office? It has the possibility of being something personal or it has the possibility of being an opponent looking for confidential information. Hire a private investigator to conduct a review to locate a suspicious email.


Private detectives offer their services to users who hire them. Commonly conducting inquiries about missing persons, conducting background checks on individuals, and investigating information about legal or financial inquiries.


Private detectives in Malaga are not legally authorized to do acts that would otherwise be completed by a police officer (for example, arresting people or doing warranted searches), they have the ability to carry and use a firearm as long as they have the necessary privileges.


As its name would suggest, the primary job of a private investigator is to investigate. What they investigate is dependent on the job for which they were hired. Private detectives in Malaga frequently investigate private individuals as part of background checks and routine employment checks.


Detectives in Malaga also have the possibility of being hired to carry out examinations of alleged infidelities, divorces or child support or reports of missing persons.


Our private detectives in Malaga handle identity theft cases, asset searches, trial recoveries, and financial or insurance scam. Private scholars even have the ability to be used in retail stores to help prevent theft or devastation of property.




What Do Private Investigators Do In Malaga And Who Hires Them?


Private detectives are hired by individuals and companies in the legal, insurance, and corporate industries. Sometimes the results of a private scan are even used in court cases.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


Our private detectives in Malaga work in the field through interviews, supervisory efforts, or undercover investigations, and an important part of our work is performed online.


Private detectives in Malaga use public online records to access information about real estate and taxes, deeds, grantor / beneficiary rates and involuntary liens.


Accessing these documents makes it easier for private scholars to make more accurate and effective inquiries.


There is now a list of the most outstanding works that private students in Malaga have to carry out:


Interview people to gather information.

Tracking people involved in exploration.

Conduct interviews to catalog information.

Write reports based on findings.

Investigate information.

Reviewing legal or financial records.

Find information for exploration.

Verify the accuracy and source of all the information found.

Collecting evidence.

Performing supervision.

Suspects of crime or persons of interest for exploration.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Recording their occupations and whereabouts.

Inform users of the findings.

Investigate computer crimes and those of a private category.

A private detective is someone who digs deep, finds facts, and examines information about legal, financial, and personal matters. They propose various services, including people’s background checks, missing person tracing, cyber crime scanning and working with celebrities


Private detectives in Malaga use a variety of utilities when investigating the facts in a case. An important part of their work is carried out through telematic means, which makes it easier for them to get information quickly, such as phone , community site data and emails.





Know the Work Environment Of Our Private Investigators In Malaga.


Our detectives make phone calls to verify facts. Also, they interview people when they do a background scan. Private inquiries in Malaga are made guarding the identity of the users.


Our scholars have the possibility of going undercover, pretending to be someone else to go unnoticed, get information or see a suspect.


Private detectives in Malaga also supervise when investigating a case. They have the ability to view a site, such as a person’s place of life or office, commonly from a subtle space or transportation. Using photo and video cameras, binoculars, and global positioning systems (GPS), detectives gather information about people of interest.


Detectives and scholars need to take the law into account when making inquiries and covering general and local laws, such as laws that protect the right to privacy, well.


On the other hand, as the legality of some procedures may not be clear, scholars and detectives have to use good judgment when choosing how to pursue a case.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


As a good investigator, private detectives in Malaga use multiple sources of information to solve a case. The source most frequently related to private scholars is supervision.


The elementary initiative behind supervision is very simple: the researcher follows a purpose and documents where he is going and who he is with.


It is considered normal for a detective to work alone, but they have the possibility of working in a group with another investigator if the situation needs to contemplate more field and the information must be obtained in a short period of time.


The work may need confrontation with people at times that compromise the integrity of the researcher.


Detective agencies in Malaga have the added stress of having to deal with rigorous and sometimes distressed users. But it always seeks to calmly support the customer and provide quality service.


Private scholars in Malaga work on various types of exploration. They do not have the possibility to obtain information protected by state or local laws. Among other things, private scholars do not have the ability to get information from someone else’s bank account.


To find out what a private detective really does, just contact our private detectives in Malaga. Of course, there are private scholars who solve cases like those seen in movies, although on the other hand only some of the inquiries are as seen in the cinema.




Private detectives in Malaga focus on many areas of exploration, which have infidelity situations, finding missing persons, obtaining information about probable fraud, for example. It should be noted that a private investigator must work according to the law and all the evidence and information that he manages to gather have the possibility of being a tool in the course of a trial.

There are several misconceptions such as that private detectives violate the law regularly and obtain their information through illegal means. Commonly, private detectives in Malaga receive questions about whether they carry out any kind of illegal activity on their behalf, such as threatening, hacking mobile phones, etc. Being contracted sharply any contract of this type.


That is why there are misconceptions about the work of the private detective since it is thought that sometimes they have the possibility of exceeding when such a statement is not true in any of the ways.


A key element of supervisory work is usually to prove infidelity or fraudulent work leave.


Having a profile in the communities is surely a bad news if you are trying to stay off the radar of private detectives in Malaga, as it is a gold mine of information. The crowd likes to document their entire history. People who were theoretically “injured” at work were seen posting exercise images.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

In addition, you can know what transport an individual has thanks to online photographs. Detectives in Malaga have many ways to get the information that our client needs


For our private investigation agency in Malaga, it is too substantial for our client to obtain the greatest benefit that they are able to offer through our services, offering their first consultation completely free of charge, regardless of their case.


Currently we have multiple rivalry agencies that provide their services, but in contrast to them we strive to seek the satisfaction of our clients.





What do we have to offer you with the labor stipulation of one of our private detectives in Malaga?


Apart from that our private detectives in Malaga will be dedicated to doing everything essential that is required in your case, we will also offer you different complementary things, so that you feel much more secure, which with the following:

The first free consultation: as we said before, ask us about everything you consider pertinent to the satisfaction of your case, where we will study it and offer you all the probable resolutions that it has the possibility of having according to our enormous experience achieved with the pass the years.

Total confidentiality: one of our most essential services is confidentiality, since fulfilling this we have developed a very good popularity.

It is an added security fee that we have the possibility of suggesting through our work, which we have been doing for many years and that you have the possibility of enjoying just by making your first consultation, which as you already know is free.


We write a detailed report after having known everything essential in the first consultation and having started to track or the situation for which you requested our services, we will proceed with the execution of a detailed report of all that we believe favorable locate in it.


In our report, all the works that were completed by our private detectives in Malaga will be described in a descriptive way, in this way as the results that were obtained, as well as any kind of evidence collected, be it a photo, a video or audio recording that were obtained throughout the advance of the exploration.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


Our commitment as detectives in Malaga, is to find out what our client has requested, using our means and looking for evidence to verify it. During the investigation we will contact you to inform you about how it is evolving, we maintain what we call a CCA, that is, an open communication channel with our client, so we inform you of how your case is evolving, as long as the research allows. When we consider that the investigation or n has come to an end, we will deliver a report with everything we have achieved and evidence. Conf í and in our private detective M to Laga and be to pleased with the results.


We will give you your judicial ratification, this is a requirement for each of the reports that we must write through the satisfaction of your case, since they serve as evidence to be provided in a judicial development and in front of a court, ratifying the evidence given by the detective in the same trial



Grupo Arga Detectives has a great reputation in the different private exploration agencies and this is due to our way of working and giving the outstanding quality of our services to all our users, which for us is what is truly precious.


Is tracking on a motorcycle the same as in the movies? This question is asked a lot of people by detectives in Malaga, but the supervision we do with this transport has nothing to do with the persecutions of the films.


On the contrary, they are simpler, since several of the individuals do not suspect that they are being investigated. Motorcycle detectives move like someone on the street, not hiding in gardens or garbage cans, just trying not to be seen.


What services do detectives do in Malaga on motorcycles?

The services that private detectives in Malaga do with the motorcycle are mainly tracking and surveillance.


In relation to the pursuits by car, it would not be advisable to carry it out, because the traffic of the region must be taken into account. And as Grupo Arga Detectives investigates throughout the center of the Malaga region, it is truly advisable to always carry out inquiries with a motorcycle.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Because it is simple to lose our investigator to traffic and blocked streets, extreme caution must be taken in how the person being investigated conducts.



Our private investigation agency in Malaga is committed to offering you the most confronted costs in the area of ​​motorcycle investigation. We have the most technologically advanced services, for that reason we always modernize the equipment and we are looking for the most qualified detectives .


You as a client will have at your disposal the best detectives in Malaga, as well as a complete report of the written investigation in which it shows off its quality and details.


To make your choice simpler, our researchers in Malaga have established a simple pricing, based on a pack that includes everything and all the services related to a private motorcycle exploration, the production of the written study and the mounting of tests.


In conclusion mode!


So that you know the conditions and terms of our motorcycle detectives, you can call and contact us instantly through the 24-hour telephone number 608 76 7979. We will be happy at all times to provide you and advise you on the details of your investigation.


The work that our private detectives in Malaga carry out is exclusively for the purpose of providing you as a client with operational information, useful information and that is required for making elections.




The services that our private detectives in Malaga offer are at a competitive price. We attend to the claims of companies and individuals, in order to position ourselves as the most complete and multidisciplinary private exploration firm.

Contact us without obligation and ask our experts who provide services of:

Labor Inquiries. This type of information deals with feigned casualties, work history, unfair rivalry, duplication of employment, absenteeism.

Financial Investigations. These kinds of inquiries are devoted to the topics of financial commitment, fraud and bankruptcy, trademark and patent exploration, feigned insolvency, accurate information for liens or financial reporting.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Search and surveillance inquiries. Detectives in Malaga also search for assets, people, addresses and documents in the registry or files. In addition to monitoring in hotels, commercial establishments, surveillance, labor, personal and custodians of people or goods.

Family inquiries. Private inquiries also address separations, divorces, infidelities, drug use discovery, location of heirs, review of compensatory pension, gambling, drug dependence and alcoholism.Detectives Málaga

Personal Investigations. Private detectives in Malaga make investigations of private crimes, location of people, tracking and control, professional intrusion, extortion and blackmail, leases and transfers, duplication of address, etc.

Hiring detectives in Malaga has never been so easy. We offer free estimates and according to each circumstance. Tell us your case and we will tell you which is the best option. You can hire private detectives in Malaga as an individual, but our agency also offers services for mutuals and insurers. Think that a false injured person can cost us a lot of money a year.

We are experts in verifying sequelae and injuries. If it has been time since your injury, contact us and we will tell you how to hire us as mutual detectives and insurers.

The security of companies today involves controlling both their physical presence and all that digital information that is handled internally and that can be vulnerable to many external threats. At Grupo Arga Detectives, we offer you professionals specialized in electronic scanning and computer security.




You can ask about our updated private detective rates in Malaga.


To give you the most outstanding of our services, we offer you before you decide to hire one of our private detectives in Malaga, a budget that has everything essential for your investigation, so that you know how much is the amount of money which requires.


Our prices roughly vary within the cost ranges from 60 to 100 euros, which correspond to the time that one of our private detectives in Malaga can charge, for that reason it is substantial that when requesting your budget, you do so descriptively and specific so that we have the possibility of offering a value close to the truth of the case.


Our private investigations in Malaga have different types of services with different experts in the sector and depending on the situation that one of them needs, they have the possibility of being more expensive or cheaper, because our budget is based on the claims of the client who contacts us and according to what is required of us.


The Grupo Arga Detectives company has some of the best private detective agencies with the most recognized Malaga detectives, of different specialties, since they come from different areas of Malaga and are well regarded worldwide.


Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Our private detectives have a lot to offer. Why expose employing people for these inquiries little or no professional when you have at your disposal a company as prestigious as this? Contact the country’s special detectives!


Grupo Arga Detectives undoubtedly has the best detectives in any kind of investigation sector that it requires. By requesting assistance from our Malaga Detective Agency, you will be able to get a private investigation you will be able to get the best private investigators.


Our Detective company in Malaga has all the legal bases. This means that they have to have a certification registered by the competent and relevant entities of Malaga, so that the client can have the precise and concrete support of the law above anything else.


Therefore, detailing a written contract between both parties constitutes a substantial section when it comes to requesting the services of a company of this kind.


For this reason it is strongly suggested to contact our agency Grupo Arga Detectives, since they have a proportion of years in the market, always giving the longest experience to users and has one of the best reputations worldwide and the planet of private investigation.


Our company is based on legality, in relation we speak of private investigations, since it works together with lawyers and the law. The data obtained in the investigations will be exposed in writing in the report and verified in a judicial development if required.


Our private detectives in Malaga adapt to each client. This company provides services of all kinds, from personal to business. By attending our agency or office the first consultation will be provided completely free of charge and without any duty, and they will provide you with a budget according to your needs.


At the end of the investigation, the detectives will provide all the data collected from the investigation, evidence and clarifications which will allow for efficient and capable action, both in the most intimate and personal context and in judicial development.


Our Detectives in Malaga seek the interests of their users and have a huge human team committed to private inquiries and trained extensively, also having an enormous experience in solving problems. Legality is a fundamental pillar for all private detective offices to offer responsibility and efficiency.


The company Grupo Arga Detectives provides you with the costs offered by the “Association of private detectives in Spain” but since each case is exclusive, with its own difficulty and its need for particular dedication, that is, each case requires a price in relation to their difficulty and their particular dedication.


The costs that are now going to occur are the costs in general detailed by the “Association of private detectives in Malaga”

Detective costs in Malaga according to the type of strategy:

Follow-ups and surveillance: Job tracking, time control at work, cheating rivalry, lack of work and follow-up of ways to proceed.

Price per hour 70 euros

Price of one (1) to five (5) hours per detective 350 euros

For every hour plus 70 euros

It should be emphasized that on HOLIDAYS and NIGHT- TIME hours all agreed costs increase by 50%. To these costs are added the costs of mobilizing the detective, meals, materials for collecting evidence and costs of public recordsDetectives Malaga

Technological investigations: Patents and trademarks, counter-espionage, and other similar operations.

When region controls, transportation, assistance of more people are required, the rates set forth in point one will apply. In the event that other non-contracted services are required, a price is established taking into account the difficulty of the work and the aggregate time required.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

Bilateral Investigations and Insurance Companies : Accident Tracking

In these situations the costs of observation and supervision will be applied, the detective agency in Malaga will create a particular fee for the situation taking into account its difficulty and the time calculated for the execution of the service.

Information services:

Pre-work reports with starting price from 800 euros.

Financial reports with initial price from 800 euros (Solvency reports, report of locations of seized goods, and similar services).

Personal reports with initial from 1,000 euros.

Leases with late payments with initial price from 800 euros (subleases, transfers, assignment of properties, and other similar services).

Electronic security work: Audio discovery services (telephones and environmental), camera discovery and control. The Price varies according to the sector where the discovery of electronic gadgets is going to be made.


Counter supervision and non-uniform supervision services.

Consultations: In the investigator’s office by consultation and the hour 70 euros if it is not hired finally, if the consultation is somewhere agreed upon, it is 100 euros and the mobilization fee of the researcher is also charged.


The costs paid will be placed on the invoice and VAT will have to be added to the located rates.


The years of experience of the private detectives who will intervene and their professional accreditation is the fundamental pillar on which our agency is based. The budget will not go according to these principles, because our detective agency in Malaga understands that a budget must go according to the circumstance of each client, and not the agency, so, for this reason, we offer free estimates and personalized to each client who requests it.

The number of private detectives who will be involved in monitoring is also a point to keep in mind when making a budget: In those investigations where it is not necessary, the use of a second detective will be avoided to reduce costs. But I know will inform the client when it is advisable for two or more detectives, justifying why. It is clear that the price of one private detective is not the same as that of two, and we cannot compare budgets without taking it into account.

Another important factor is the duration of the follow-up or the private investigation work requested.

Whether or not extra expenses are included in the budget, such as per diems and mileage, among others, and what they may be, is another point that we take into account when offering our fees.

For these reasons, we always recommend that you come and meet us, since the first consultation is free and the budget is non-binding, so call us and find out how much it can cost you to solve that problem that is on your mind.



Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga


Our private detective agency in Malaga offers services of all kinds, since it has a multidisciplinary team, each group specialized in a different type of investigation, and capable of making a legal and honest investigation with judicial validity. Research services in Malaga include professional, personal, work, computer, technological research … If you are looking for an old friend, or a family member who left a long time ago, contact us, we can help you. Detectives in Malaga at the best price, contact us without obligation.

Our Malaga detectives offer all kinds of private investigation services. Sometimes we need surveillance services for workers, for domestic employees, even electronic sweeps because we feel that we are being listened to or recorded … and the question arises as to whether our company is safe or not … How to know if there is no illegal device or spy installed in our work?

Electronic scanning is a security countermeasure. It consists of searching for active espionage devices, wiretapping and wiretapping systems. Consult with professionals, consult with Grupo Arga or with our detectives in Malaga, we offer you a free initial consultation and a free estimate.




It is substantial that you keep in mind!


The truly logical thing would be to suppose that the value conforms to the claims of the case, such as, among other things, the time invested, the means of materials used, the use of festive hours, at night, commuting, for example. It is the exclusive way to quantify the value of your research.


Grupo Arga Detectives offers you a free, cost-free budget from the start. Before making your choice to hire, we provide you with a personalized exploration study and you will see that the key is in the time spent.


Our primary purpose is based on making resolutions simpler by providing the essential reports and evidence that are valid in court, we also agree to contribute to making the right choices, guaranteeing discretion, experience, diligence and total confidentiality.


In short, the costs that our detectives in Malaga give are marked by the organization of private detectives and the college of detectives.


You should contact us, and as soon as possible, if you think that your partner is unfaithful to you, if you have a terminated worker, or if you need us to tell you what companies your children move with.

Private Detectives Málaga

Private Detectives Málaga

If you need to contact detectives Malaga, call us at 913866294 or email us at

Our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation.



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  50. Private detectives in La Coruña
  51. Private Detectives in Logroño
  52. Private Detectives in Málaga
  53. Private detectives in Mallorca
  54. Private detectives in Marbella
  55. Private Detectives in Murcia
  56. Private detectives Oviedo
  57. Private detectives Pamplona
  58. Private detectives Puerto Banús
  59. Private detectives Sabadell
  60. Private detectives Salamanca
  61. Private detectives in Santander 
  62. Private detectives Seville
  63. Private Detectives Tenerife
  64. Private Detectives Toledo
  65. Private Detectives Torremolinos
  66. Private detectives in Valencia
  67. Private detectives in Valladolid
  68. Private detectives in Vigo
  69. Private Detectives  in Vitoria 
  70. Private Detectives in Zaragoza
  71. Private investigators
  72. Private Investigators Castellón
  73. Private Investigators Albacete
  74. Private Investigators Almería
  75. Private investigators Andalucia
  76. Private Investigators in Asturias
  77. Private investigators in Badalona
  78. Private Investigators in Bilbao
  79. Private Investigators Burgos
  80. Private Investigators in Cartagena, Murcia
  81. Private Investigators in Castellón de la Plana
  82. Surveillance and Monitoring
  83. Private Investigators in Catalonia
  84. Private Investigators in Cordoba
  85. Private Investigators in Elche
  86. Private Investigators in Galicia
  87. Private Investigators in Gijón
  88. Private Investigators Granada
  89. Private Investigators Guadalajara
  90. Private Investigators Hospitalet de Llobregat
  91. Private Investigators Alicante
  92. Private Investigators in Barcelona
  93. Private Investigators Benidorm
  94. Private Investigators Ibiza
  95. Private Investigators in Madrid 
  96. Private investigators in Málaga
  97. Private Investigators in Mallorca
  98. Private Investigators in Marbella
  99. Private Investigators Murcia
  100. Prvate Investigators in Puerto Banús
  101. Private Investigators in Seville
  102. Private investigators in Spain
  103. Private Investigators tenerife
  104. Private Investigators Torremolinos
  105. Private Investigators Torrevieja
  106. Private Investigators Zaragoza
  107. Private Investigators in Jerez de la frontera
  108. Private Investigators La Coruña
  109. Private Investigators in la Coruña
  110. Private Investigators Logroño
  111. Private Investigators in Oviedo
  112. Private investigators in Pamplona
  113. Private Investigators Sabadell
  114. Private investigators Salamanca
  115. Private investigators in Santander 
  116. Private Investigators Tarrasa
  117. Private Investigators Toledo
  118. Private Investigators Valencia
  119. Private Investigators Valladolid
  120. Private Investigators in Vigo
  121. Private Investigators in Vitoria
  122. Private detectives Madrid prices and rates
  123. Services Private Detectives in Spàin

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