In the detective world, there is no magic formula, which is why the good performance of a detective in the field is always privileged first and foremost, since this effort is the total guarantee to generate a success of each operation. A Spain detective, must first of all take into account that the exercise of detective work in our country is linked with a rather competitive environment, this implies the need to stand out about not only other agencies but also on some

Renowned self-employed researchers, in the face of this our Arga Detectives Group has always made available not only the best detectives but also the best organization that can exist behind them. Not leaving a detective alone in the field, while it deploys its operations is a point of great complexity since this aspect allows it to obtain greater success in the development of its functions, that is why, the field researcher, not only focuses on the management and management of different situations related to his case, but also seeks to inform his team and rely on the organization to manage with the greatest precision each milestone that can be found at the level of the research you can visit our Private detectives agency in Madrid.

It is also necessary to emphasize that the application of different strategies for the Spain detective, is of vital importance, since his technique will always have to be variable to face not only the complexity of each case, but also to structure the best afloat exit of different elements and various hypotheses that can find the handle for the construction of different patterns that have the ability to detect a pattern of behavior and that of course can lead to the determination of responsibilities.

Another important element is the development of an investigation with the establishment of different aspects that are capable for the execution of an accurate operation, this entails taking into account that so many resources must be used at the time of initiating the investigation, in this sense knowing what type of case it faces, what elements are required to be found and what level of accuracy is required to extract such data and information are a very key factor when budgeting a field project of this style.



This is a question that many people often ask themselves, because first of all it is necessary to clarify that in this regard it is worth cancelling such a service, since first of all the person interested in obtaining such information is kept away from any action that may result in a likely penalty from a civil and criminal point of view. This means that, people on their own can try to extract information and obtain certain data of relevance, what they do not know in this regard is that sometimes to reach this point of determination must go down a tortuous path, which involves falling into the risk of transgressing different laws, so it is always advisable to leave these efforts in the hands of professionals, for this a Spanish detective, is the most indicated resource. Our Private detectives in Madrid are highly professionals. 

The services for which a customer is directed are usually related to establishing a search for lost information via the internet, the protection of their data and social networks, as well as the protection of their financial data. In the digital spectrum the Arga Detectives Group always takes the lead in establishing the main priorities of action and delegating to a highly qualified team all these tasks, with the aim of protecting our clients from unnecessary exposure events.

To do this, the action strategy that is always implemented through our group is always in line with the use of top-notch technological tools capable of providing different elements that are advantageous to people who are eager to obtain a timely research report. Another reason why detectives are hired is more in the way of resolving day-to-day research, these include the expert work to undertake a search related to a lost family objective and/or seniority, the search for lost pets from their family environments, the detection and investigation by infidelities, as well as the research that can be undertaken to reach the determination of criminal acts.



A Spanish detective, knows what a private agent is, but the most important thing is that he himself knows that although at some point he is very likely to have been a police detective, his work today has changed by about 180 degrees. This implies first and foremost the generation of different elements that are worth analyzing. Many people sometimes because of his ignorance, tends to interpret that a detective or private investigator has the same powers as a policeman, and this is not the case, since the police officer has the institutional backing of the law, this makes him look like the executing arm of the state’s coercive actions.

While, on the other hand, the detective is a highly trained resource that can accompany the conduct of various aspects related to the execution of different cases, this means that a private investigator detects, analyzes and interprets all the elements necessary for the transit of his investigations, however the exercise of criminal proceedings, as well as the determination of responsibilities depends to a large extent on the police officer and the authorities of the institutions intended for this purpose.

A Spain detective, knows what its main function is to extract data, information and analyze it according to the levels of complexity of each case, in this sense he himself is a guarantor of safeguarding the ethical and moral codes related to the daily work of his profession, with the aim of not generating the slightest possibility of making errors of gravity.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we always focus on making it very clear to all our agents that our main role is about assistance and therefore strengthening the administration of justice that are taught in our country. The work we do towards research and research always play a role of sync with the authorities, in this regard it is always necessary to emphasize that no private detective plays to try to be more than a police authority or a tax authority. what is known at this point are only guarantors of providing expert judgment and specialized information.


Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain


The best private detectives are available to our groups with the aim of making a high level private research service, this allows the great possibility of establishing the best strategic guidelines towards the realization of a top-level investigation with the aim of providing the best of the answers to everything our clients need at a given time. The best detective service is possible by generating various elements that guarantee the obtaining of results through an intelligent investigation, the procure such a research is possible by structuring high quality detective services, an issue that can only guarantee an organization.

In Grupo Arga detectives we seek to establish the best of the differentiating elements at the service of our clients through our research and research work, since they are the only guarantee of providing the best results to our clients through services that are able to generate a framework of stability and certainty towards the person requesting this type of activities.

The generation of advantages towards our clients looms mainly in the execution of a scheme that goes towards the consolidation of various positive aspects towards all the obtaining of information chains, this is based on the obtaining of the data collected by our private detectives, allows the realization of efficient results in the short , medium and long term towards our customers. The efficiency of a detective’s operations depends on not only the resources and strategies that he/she has in the field, in this sense the agent is the most valuable resource, since they are the only ones able to supply everything necessary to the client with respect to the guidelines drawn in the investigation.



Detective work is also supported in the use of tools and devices typical of technology, with the aim of expanding the efficiency in the collection of data, these devices and tools are used in an operations room that financially support any operation that manages to deploy the agent, with the aim of ensuring a successful case.

The strategic execution of operations, makes available to our clients, a high-level detective service and this is also possible by incorporating roles of operational scientific significance, which are able to ensure the most refined determination of results. This is where our lab experts work directly on DNA detection and fingerprint contrast issues.

The research services that are implemented end up being of high strategic relevance by ensuring the best process of testing, which focuses on the provision of specialized information based on stealth parameters and operational efficiency, this also represents the opportunity for our client to wait towards the process of gathering all the necessary information and then make the best possible decision.

From Grupo Arga detectives our passion in the daily work of the research has resulted in the possibility of directing an efficient investigation process towards our clients, this with the need to generate the greatest of stimuli so that people can lead a successful decision-making process. Resolving the questions and uncertainty schemes of our clients, represent the greatest work that we can carry out, since without a doubt we seek the opportunity to establish operations on a framework that allows to efficiently solve everything that the client needs.

In this sense, our customers are the most valuable of our organization and are the ones who make it possible for us to improve day by day in our services to the community. From Grupo Arga detectives the passion of our activities focus on our excellence in trying to be better by providing our services and establishing in an integral way a accumulation of solutions to all those interested in hiring us.



TELEPHONE INFORMATION :  +34.608.76.79.79








Our research agents are essential resources that allow the execution of all the tasks that are related to the activity of the professional research, this is the guarantee to generate in a timely manner all the answers that our customers need, since they are undoubtedly the most valuable resource that we have available to the market.

Our research agents, are those who through their discipline and all the strategies that were instilled in them in their training and training process can generate the greatest sense of responses to all our customers, this also means that they are that key piece that connects the management of customer requirements with the scope of high-level results.

The generation of elements that can be positive towards the resolution of complex aspects is made possible through a strategy, establishing a loop that allows us to develop them with a high criterion of development has allowed Arga Group with the passage of the years to move forward with solid steps in the construction of each research context, making this possible has taken us time and learning around our pace through each and every one of the communities where our services are deployed.

Our private detectives in Arga Group are resources considered as valuable around obtaining all the necessary elements to do research, since they represent the guarantee for the execution of successful research scheme, providing all our clients with the information they require in record time.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a private research organization with more than 10 years of experience, the criteria of innovation and improvement that we always apply are in line with the growth objectives of the organization and with our intentions to be resources of high worth to our entire community, in Grupo Arga detectives we are the best doing private research.



If you need to have a private detective Spain Official license, the best place to find it is through Grupo Arga, since we are a fully functional detective agency, because we have transformed private research into a tool capable of solving everything from everyday problems, to more complex. By relying on our services, you can count on the peace of mind that a true expert will take care of your problems, i.e. they have extensive training, which confirms them in the performance of their duties, as well as being licensed to meet the requirements imposed by law. Don´t continue looking for in google and visit us. 

There is no doubt that the most appropriate site to have a private detective Spain Official License is through Grupo Arga, where we have a range of services that meets most modern needs, we seek to maintain an active response to each complexity. In Spain the market for private research services is increasing, but you must take into account those who meet the requirements of the law, as well as the trajectory they have exercising, in this aspect, we remain pioneers by having an improved service area over time.

We set ourselves a goal of continuing to improve, not to settle for the testimonies of success, but to move forward to helping more people with our actions, because private research has challenged all skeptics, we respond with facts and strong evidence to any situation. For these reasons we are your best choice, besides that we have computer experts for those needs that have related to technology, since in this environment new problems are emerging, since it largely exposes your privacy, but this can be reduced thanks to our advice.





The virtues of a private detective Spain Official license are reinforced with each case solved, because every problem of users becomes a goal or a goal for the private investigator who attends it, since by empathizing with your case, we understand your position and work most effectively to provide you with evidence. An evidence today not only helps you close a case, but to know the truth, it helps you to reduce the impact of problems, since it is tedious to have to live with a doubt within your mind, the easiest thing is to deal with the hiring of a real private detective who guarantees you answers.

These become a solution against lies, because it blurs any intention to deceive you, for this reason it is important the role that private research has within society, because it becomes your best ally by having a report of immense evidentiary value. To operate freely we have a license and an important dedication, having the power to intervene in personal, business and labor causes without any abstention.

The best private research services are available to our clients, with the aim of promoting an expert sense towards the structuring of a model that may be able to respond efficiently to the requirements of our clients with the aim of promoting various research schemes that provide the best result in the shortest possible time. The generation of research that is able to respond quickly to the concerns of all our customers is possible through the realization of a solid research model.

The concreteness of a high-level private investigation depends on the generation of various elements that are able to be guaranteed throughout the development of a case through expert professionals, for this from Arga Detectives Group we have the right answers since we have undoubtedly been a resource that is able to provide the best answers at all times.

The generation of positive aspects in the development of an investigation, is done through the generation of a construct of elements that are possible towards the identification of which are the most critical and priority elements to solve in the transit of an investigation, this with the aim of taking advantage of the elements identified in an investigation and making good use of detective practice through the scope of transcendental milestones.

Our Detective Group certainly takes advantage of each case as a key opportunity in the deployment of their strategies and skills, as well as in the best resources that can be guaranteed to get to the root of the facts, this with the aim of ensuring the greatest satisfaction of our customers at the end of the provision of evidence of each case. The generation of important aspects towards the construction of research also depends on the criterion of innovation and updating of our managers, this has meant trying to be better in the day to day, with the aim of promoting a sense of immediate response in Grupo Arga we do not tire of innovating.

Grupo Arga Detectives is an organization that first and foremost thinks about the well-being of its clients, this with the aim of promoting a highly modern scheme of research, being the best in the deployment of its tools and resources.

Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain



A private detective is one resource that is able to provide the best of responses to its clients in a jointly established time frame, since the client itself is one that allows to establish a work scheme where dates and milestones can be drawn within the development of an investigation , so it can

ultimately be of great opportunity for it to have a resource of extensive experience towards the generation of various aspects that are positive in the determination of facts and responsibilities.

The construction of a case, occurs by the hand of an expert since it is the same that is in sufficient capacity to respond with great certainty all the elements that even once the investigation begins have a high propensity to be dispersed, that is why the researcher first and foremost is a resource that will seek to solve with a criterion of high experience and precision everything related to the structuring of an investigative criterion that allows you to obtain facts and hypotheses from a particular case at any given time.



Detective agencies in Spain abound, but we can guarantee that none of you provide you with the same specialized service that Arga Detectives Group provides, where we attend to any needs that our client may have quickly. Unlike the various detective agencies throughout the country, we are an agency that provides a safe, quality and accessible service for all pockets, being the number 1 choice of many throughout the national territory.

Detective agencies in Spain have been around for a long time, specifically since 1907 when the first of these agencies is founded and which received a lot of demand from clients regarding infidelities and locations. Over the years and the demand that this area had, it was officially recognized, so that today it is possible to train for this career in a university way to practice.

In this way, anyone who wishes today to study to practice this profession can do so, relying on matters related to the law and legal field of the country, since they are professionals who are covered by the law. In this way, today we can count on a variety of agencies that provide detective services, where we highlight Arga group that, as we mentioned, we are one of the agencies with the highest demand in the country.

Our agency is responsible for all kinds of research, mainly the investigations of infidelities and the location of people, in order to perform a quality work for the tranquility of our clients. As a detective agency regarding infidelity-related investigations, we guarantee our clients as much discretion as possible while such investigation is conducted.

Our detectives are trained to track who our customers want, providing information about their movements, the time at which they are performed, and all kinds of informatio. Likewise, one of our most requested services are the localization services, where the procedure we follow is the same, having all the discretion possible to collect the information required by our customers.

Such information will be delivered in photos and videos with the highest possible quality so that customers can obtain the information they want and determine whether it is a confirmation of their suspicions or not. All this information is collected through the best, and the most modern private research techniques where we also have the necessary technology to in detail about what our client needs.

Having our research services is extremely simple, because you only have to access our website where you will find all the information you need to get in touch. Just a call will be enough for you to have at your disposal our best investigators to get the information you need and say goodbye to the doubts that attack you every minute.

We are a reliable and effective service that gets the desired results in a short time, because as we mentioned, we have the best detectives in the country, so we are first choice for all people throughout Spain. Likewise, we should emphasize that we are a detective agency with the most affordable prices throughout the area, compared to the rest of the agencies throughout the country, being ideal and the most economical.

Once you contact us, you will have at your disposal a professional detective where, according to what you need, you can be provided with a quote and explanation of how we function as a detective agency. To provide you with even more security to opt for our services, feel free to consult with the experiences and opinions of our past customers, guaranteeing the above about the services provided by our agency.

As one of the most in-demand detective agencies, we have the testimony of multiple clients that confirm the veracity and speed of the service we provide as one of the best detective agencies. Among these testimonies we can highlight the following: in the case of Luis Pérez, he states that our services are immediate and the information collected was provided to him quickly. He literally states: “I received the information I expected in the shortest possible time, thus checking that my doubts were true. Either way, they are a serious and quite affordable agency in terms of money. I would have your services again.”


Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain



In this sense it is suggested to be a resource that is capable of establishing different elements of a quality investigation, since in some cases the guarantee of good results is conceived on the basis of the criteria that they be used around the different mechanisms and processes that Detective Spain decides to go towards in order to make an optimal resolution of the investigation. This means that it is in the possibility of establishing different elements that can be of use to carry out an operation successfully.

Usually the kind of procedures to be employed tends to vary in the development of an investigation, since the complexity that may be faced in each case determines aspects such as the agents or researchers that will be needed, as well as all the tools that will be used in each case.

For this reason, it is also necessary to establish that first and foremost the resolution of each case, depends on the successful determination of different previous elements, the diagnostic phase of the situation tells us the probability that a researcher has in identifying what are the critical elements that have to be traversed and additionally, what resources are needed to solve those components in the investigation.

This involves the resolution of different elements that may be of benefit to the client, since it expects as the last result the obtaining of timely information that makes him make the best possible decision, which means that the resolution of a case sometimes lead to the establishment of a strategic act of the detective Spain. Since since Arga Group we have always considered the execution of this phrase as an element of utmost importance to follow as part of the course of a process of inquiry.

The art of research, is a challenge for the performance of a detective in which he must ensure above all the detection of information that can be key to the optimal development of all hypotheses and all the elements involved in solving an investigation based on parameters of success.

A researcher cannot be a person who acts under a passive criterion, who expects that the clues will reach his feet, quite the opposite a researcher is a creative and highly dynamic resource, with the aim of establishing as a whole the progress of different processes towards the achievement of elements that are key and competitive to solve in a successful way any case and any complexity that is presented to him.

In this sense it is worth noting that within the investigative work is the possibility of being innovative, this means that a detective above all things must appeal to a combination of three factors already mentioned, the first of them is their training, the second the management of tools that guarantee the obtaining of appropriate mechanisms to obtain their results and the third of them is the instinct with which it is managed to establish an impeccable and clean investigation in every way.

This means in a nutshell that the innovation of the detective’s work comes from the hand of management with a sense of synergy of these three elements, since they represent the guarantee to lead different elements that can result as activators



We will provide you with a detective with a lot of experience in the private research sector, specialized for the area you want to investigate and with the full guarantee that who contributes it is Arga Detectives Group; all the detectives that make up our have been working for countless years as part of our professional team and with a percentage in their research of almost 100%. If you need a private detective in Spain do not hesitate to contact our detective agency.

We have detectives spread over all the cities of Spain that offer us maximum coverage anywhere in the Spanish territory. Although our main headquarters are in Madrid and Barcelona, we are progressively expanding more and more by opening new offices in the different cities that encompass the national territory so that we can offer you our services with the maximum guarantees of success.

Thanks to the professional association of Private Detectives of Spain, being members number 782, it allows us to have contact with other colleagues of the national territory. We have been conducting research throughout the country for many years with excellent results.

If you have a problem that you want to solve anywhere in Spain come to any of our offices in Madrid or Barcelona and we will gladly assist you. If you are looking for a cheap and qualified professional, contact our detectives in Madrid. We are a professional agency with optimal results for the client. We work all over Spain, our private detectives from Madrid move throughout the Spanish territory. Do not hesitate and ask us for your case.



Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain

A researcher in Spain, first of all, should know that the best guarantee for the optimal development of an operation is in the strengthening of its training process, this entails, the need to analyze the role of importance that the training and training role of detective plays for the development of an investigation.

The resolution of each case, depends on the innovation and creativity that each detective puts to the field, that is why a resource formed in the work of research must be known to learn in great detail all the techniques related to data extraction, the management of information, the use of technological devices and tools, among others.

In addition, a self-established detective will not only seek to learn different techniques and instrumental tools that guarantee the success of his work, he must also know that sometimes in the development of a case many events can be presented, that is why in his training also to keep his physical condition in shape.

The need for a Spain detective to keep his physical conditions in tune requires that he is not only in the form of having a physical stamina, but also of learning a little about personal development techniques, as well as some deterrent techniques that will help him get out of trouble in different situations where his safety can be compromised , in this sense from Grupo Arga detectives we are once again repetitive in cluding that each one has a different level of complexity and can lead to various surprises.

On the other hand, you will find the mental well-being of a detective, this implies that he must learn a little about different meditation techniques and also have to develop the management and management of soft skills such as emotional intelligence. This mainly leads to the researcher being aware of his actions and being able to measure between a good deed and different facts that can have civil and criminal repercussions.

From Grupo Arga, this element of training is quite rooted in the growth and training of our agents, since they are sometimes the guarantee that they know how to deal with different situations of pressure, as well as can manage in various ways some moments when the use of force must be rethought and directed to a diplomatic and intelligent management of each situation.

In this sense it is worth noting that a private detective, is not a police officer, and this leads to certain limitations, although a detective belonging to a company can carry a firearm with him, he knows that the use of it must be contemplated under extreme situations.




Arga Detectives Group will discuss the issue of prices and fees of private detectives in Spain as it is a subject much demanded by many.
Given the question of many of what private detectives in Spain charge the answer is that there is no fixed fee from a private detective to carry out their private research work in Spain, this is because each professional freely puts their rates according to the type of work they do, the place, the hours, the complexity, the technical and human means necessary to carry it out , the type of private detective, etc.

However, the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain establishes ostentatious guidelines or prices and we can see them we have published them in the rates section of the Arga website, you can go to it and look at it. There are different Associations and Private Detective Colleges in Spain so prices may vary slightly by one or the other. Arga Detectives Group takes as scale the guideline prices exposed by the Professional Association of Detectives

Spain to which we belong, however we will have to evaluate each particular case to see the specific problem that we face as well as the number of detectives needed, the type of technology necessary to carry it out correctly, the specific point where the private investigation is carried out.

It also varies according to the type of private research, such as whether it is business, work, family, computer, technological, etc. Having said that, we can therefore say that we need to value an endless element in order to provide an adequate budget. A fundamental element to consider to give the prices of a private detective in Spain is to value the necessary preparation of private detectives to carry it out successfully.



The truth is that there can be tremendous price differences between hiring in one particular detective office or another. The amount does not have to be a fundamental element, but it is common sense to charge a minimum for the feasibility of research. For example, the hours of private research in Spain range from 50 to 60 Euros the base price. If an office charges you well below, let’s take the example of 20 euros I distrusted. We strongly discourage the hiring of cheap detectives in Spain.

This is because the decrease in money is likely to lead to a decrease in different aspects such as:

  • Inexperience of the professionals in charge of research.
  • Do not have qualified personnel to develop a specific research.
  • Lack of necessary technical means, etc.

In the face of this we recommend spending a little more and ensure success in private research with real professionals such as Grupo Arga Detectives who give it a fair price according to the market.


Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain


The truth is that sometimes it is better to pay a little more for something and make sure that your production is correct and not take unnecessary risks. An operational deployment for example carries minimal costs that must be supplemented to perform a successful run.

Grupo Arga Detectives gives an individualized budget to each client according to the interests of the same as well as the commitment on their part to carry out the matter quickly. It is important to ensure that legally qualified private detectives are hired as the client would not otherwise be able to present the report issued by them to the Courts of Justice.

It is necessary to have a great deal of experience on the part of the professional appointed in this regard who knows how to carry out a proper investigation and to collect evidence legitimately since they could subsequently be presented to the Courts of Justice. Our work will have a major impact on the future of the matter concerning our client and will be a key element in making a decision on the matter.

The excellence that is guaranteed in the coverage of the operations of Grupo Arga, is synonymous with the commitment that we all have to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our detective Spain, have the best technical expertise to carry out the development of any work related to professional research, from there part the opportunity to establish.

Excellence from Grupo Arga detectives, is more than a cliché, since we always seek to obtain different criteria to meet the needs of each case, that is why our detectives are considered high impact resources that can generate certain solutions in the resolution of an investigation regardless of what the complexity of it is. In addition, each element that is associated with the structuring of an efficient research policy, in Grupo Arga we take it into account with the aim of keeping our agents updated, who make up our human talent and the best resource that our organization has.



Undoubtedly, all work carried out by a private detective can be presented in the courts with total value as long as it is done according to the legal order. Under the Private Security Act, any private detective’s actions in his private investigation work shall be governed by 3 principles:

  • Proportionality.
  • Fitness.
  • Need.

Under these three premises all performance of the private detective will move and all his performances must be adhered to. If the judge or court sees the slightest indication that any right to investigate has been violated, it will immediately throw away all the private detective’s work and will not be taken into consideration under any circumstances. In addition, the detective may be involved in any criminal offence with the corresponding civil liability and the security measure of separation of his duties.

That is why, when paying for a private detective in Spain, it is extremely important to hire a professional who knows the legal system completely and knows how to act within the law at all times. This is because the private detective is always in his private research work on the border with the right to privacy of the researcher.
There is sometimes a bad view of the private detective, as this one is sometimes classified as a kind of spy. The furst from reality, since the concept of spying has nothing to do with research. Private detectives have an apparent and clear social function by developing a function of social interest such as the discovery of truth.





A self-respecting Spain detective is a highly formed resource and not only seeks to generate an optimal appearance at the level of his training, he also guides his behavior based on the generation of different aspects, which are in line with his instinct. In addition, a detective, when he consults his sense of instinct, appeals to the need to manage different elements that can serve him to develop a research model that not only focused on the cluster of theoretical strength and practical training but also the same is the basis for the operation of a detective tactical quality scheme.

The elements that guide the theme of the development of detective work around the generation and updating of the detective’s instinct must be established that it does not come for free, comes the product of years of experience that can be useful and that represents a sum of added value in the field or theater of operations.

To do this the detective when he follows his instinct in the first place ignores coincidences, since he knows that some factors of an investigation are disguised as a sense of misleading obviousness, therefore for the as resource is more than necessary.

On the other hand, the detective must monitor everything that happens around his environment, since sometimes all the key elements in the resolution of a case can sometimes be found in some aspects that are laterally gravitating to the resolution of the case as clues and / or facets that can constitute in a certain way the constitution of a successful case.

A successful detective must not only listen to clues and not despise coincidences, in this sense it must be a resource that lends itself to facilitating the development of different hypotheses under a parallel scheme, a question that is possible yes and only if all the variables that are part of the investigation are taken into account.

This means that the investigator in question must be a resource that must pay attention to all witnesses and members who provide testimony since they can be considered a key factor in the resolution of different facts that can undoubtedly generate the solution of different elements that may be conducive to the correct causal analysis of a case.

On the other hand, an investigator who is a correct field agent must establish different parameters in preserving the integrity of each testimony, since each testimony has the ability to direct towards the root of the facts to the investigation.

Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain



Should an investigator tie up loose ends? In theory if!, a researcher is a resource that is available at any time to generate the union of different aspects that seem to be seen as separate, the analysis of a case depends even on formulating scenarios in which hypotheses that appear to be totally opposite are put together.

A private investigator knows that it should not be someone who ignores all evidence, any indication, since it is a recipient of information, and the information in the transit of a case is gold powder, so it must establish that no element that I sought the generation of a quality investigation should above all always establish the work of continuing to investigate until the evidence is sufficiently convincing to say that it has already been reached the root of a fact.

This means that sometimes some detectives are content to find evidence that is “sufficient” for the resolution of a case, knowing that different elements of the investigation remain in the air, which is why, from Arga Detectives Group, we do not we conform to the initial indications, for this we are resources that we are tested and that we always seek to determine all the hypotheses to get to the root of the facts.

This means that, sometimes when an investigation has different milestones that have initially been identified as central to the development of a case, it is also necessary to continue to review with a depth criterion all aspects that are still unresolved, since they may be able to provide us with additional clues about other elements that the detective conducting the investigation might not be aware of.

To do this the detective when he follows his instinct in the first place ignores coincidences, since he knows that some factors of an investigation are disguised as a sense of misleading obviousness, therefore for the as resource is more than necessary.

On the other hand, the detective must monitor everything that happens around his environment, since sometimes all the key elements in the resolution of a case can sometimes be found in some aspects that are laterally gravitating to the resolution of the case as clues and / or facets that can constitute in a certain way the constitution of a successful case.

A successful detective must not only listen to clues and not despise coincidences, in this sense it must be a resource that lends itself to facilitating the development of different hypotheses under a parallel scheme, a question that is possible yes and only if all the variables that are part of the investigation are taken into account.

This means that the investigator in question must be a resource that must pay attention to all witnesses and members who provide testimony since they can be considered a key factor in the resolution of different facts that can undoubtedly generate the solution of different elements that may be conducive to the correct causal analysis of a case.

On the other hand, an investigator who is a correct field agent must establish different parameters in preserving the integrity of each testimony, since each testimony has the ability to direct towards the root of the facts to the investigation. Should an investigator tie up loose ends? In theory if!, a researcher is a resource that is available at any time to generate the union of different aspects that seem to be seen as separate, the analysis of a case depends even on formulating scenarios in which hypotheses that appear to be totally opposite are put together.

A private investigator knows that it should not be someone who ignores all evidence, any indication, since it is a recipient of information, and the information in the transit of a case is gold powder, so it must establish that no element that I sought the generation of a quality investigation should above all always establish the work of continuing to investigate until the evidence is sufficiently convincing to say that it has already been reached the root of a fact.

This means that sometimes some detectives are content to find evidence that is “sufficient” for the resolution of a case, knowing that different elements of the investigation remain in the air, which is why, from Arga Detectives Group, we do not



The private detective’s work ends only after the judicial ratification of the private investigation and not after the completion of the private investigation as such. Otherwise, it could be said that the private investigation does not end until ratification occurs.
The investigation process would therefore be only one more phase of the entire private detective’s work phase during his duties.

Therefore, the judicial ratification phase is as important as any other phase of the investigation process. It is extremely important to have experience in ratification before the courts. This element is well known by Grupo Arga Detectives so it lectures all its professionals in the field to develop impeccable work.

That said, it’s clear that the work of a private detective is not just based on wearing a trench coat and a hat and conducting surveillance and follow-ups. A private detective must have a comprehensive background in all his work of having professional. The private detective must be a scholar of the word, capable of conveying to the judge the correct idea of everything that had been done in the private investigation.

The importance in the drafting of the report is extremely important, hence the Arga Group carefully conducting all the reports. Hence, there is a need for high training in the drafting of reports by the work of the detective and we should not downplay this phase of embodiing the evidence and development of the investigation.


Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain


As we have said on countless occasions, we fully discourage the hiring of cheap private detectives. This is extrapolable to all professions in every society, whether you hire a doctor, a psychologist, a teacher, a waiter or any other professional.

It is therefore common sense to say this, and prefer to spend the average price on any professional that guarantees results. If you want to continue the search in hiring cheap private detectives, from this point you will be aware of the possible consequences in this regard.
Arga Detectives Group will provide you with a budget according to the economy of each pocket after studying the details of your case and all the circumstances surrounding it




After the phone call to our private detective office in Madrid the first thing we usually do is make an appointment for the client to be personified in any of our units throughout the Spanish territory. We need to know what their concerns and interests are and what problem we are facing.

We have to get an idea of different points to be able to emit some price according. We need to assess issues of complexity and specialization such as:

  • Duration of the investigation. It’s not the same, because a three-hour private investigation as a 35-hour investigation. The time in the longer investigation will be charged more economically.
  • Time slot of the same and day. We need to distinguish whether the investigation takes place day or night and whether it takes place during the week or weekend or public holiday.
  • Place of realization. You have to assess the kilometers necessary to carry it out.
  • Type of research according to complexity. There is more complex research than others such as a follow-up at a large airport like Madrid that there are many people.
  • Necessary preparation of the private detective to carry it out. There is research that requires great preparation on the part of the professional. Examples of the elaboration of an economic report of a network of companies whose owners hide them in the name of family members.
  • Use of necessary technical means. There are for example traces that you need a large displacement motorcycle.



We often know when an investigation begins, but we don’t know when it’s going to be completed. So it can be the case that we follow someone who is driving or goes by train and leaves their city and goes to the least thoughtful place. The private detective’s work is unpredictable at times and we can’t always know a priori all the details in every investigation. However, in the face of such events, the private detective agency will call the client and ask him what his decision is about it.
At no time can the customer take a surprise about the hours he is intended to check in by our office. Before we continue we will contact it and communicate to you the reality that is being given so that it gives us the approval of whether we continue or terminate the service.

Transparency is a crucial factor between Office – Client, and being informed at all times of the course of the investigation is part of it. In this sense from Grupo Arga the first thing we do when a new client comes to our doors is to congratulate him on the decision he has made, since sometimes many people who take the way to try to get “quick results” are delayed in the fulfillment of their tasks and also fail to do such activity successfully.

Our Spain detectives are the best resources to take into account when consolidating the management of different eventualities that require management with expertise, this arises in the midst of the different cases that are observed in public opinion where many people for undertaking this style of initiatives end up even immersed in a problem of legal origin.

For them always our motto has been to leave these matters in the hands of experts, since Detective Spain, is the only qualified resources to be able to submit all the necessary elements of investigation and is also the one that is entitled to carry out the research work at a level of experience and precision beyond that which a person is trained outside the exercise of detective work.

All the time, our detective Spain, is a resource that manages to successfully differentiate itself from those who claim to be “professionals” from the investigation and who are sometimes even accredited to carry out such work, an issue that causes the person who falls for innocent in this type of services to be exposed to an unnecessary risk and is also prone to events similar to a scam or deception by his “investigator” , in this sense from Grupo Arga Detectives, we always take care of ensuring the best of the successes of each operation using the strategy of professional research as the main tool.

This means that the Arga Group detective is a resource that is able to not only successfully carry out the development of each operation but also to provide a bond of trust with the client, an issue that will make it work successfully in all its functions and activities. A Spain detective, a resource that unlike others and initiatives on his own that the client can undertake, guarantees a clean sweep of the stage and the investigative context, an issue that will generate different elements typical of the success of an investigation in a theater of operations.

The versatility that makes available to our clients the agent of Grupo Arga, through the practical operation of different strategies, guarantee in itself a solution for the optimal resolution of a case, in this sense it is not recommended under any circumstances to any interested party to go to “autonomous” who end up disappointing and tarnishing our noble work and also to undertake the solution by their hands , as it can have unintended consequences, why complicate your life if you can leave your case in the hands of experts? Find an Arga Group detective, now!



Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain

Grupo Arga Detectives offers its services to companies, individuals and/or specialists in certain professional fields (such as law firms). Our investigations and subsequent reports are conducted under the legal parameters established by law for private investigation. And as it cannot be otherwise, we maintain the discretion that all our customers claim. Effectiveness is a hallmark of our Private Detective agency.

We have a team of professionals who will keep you up to date with the research you are carrying out, informing you at all times of any new circumstances that are important. It will then be done delivery of a dossier with all the information collected following a timeline and the conclusions reached. In Grupo Arga Detectives we want to offer all the possibilities offered by private research to be able to respond to the entire diversity of catalog of existing situations, capable of being investigated.

Among them we have the possibility to highlight:

Company: Financial insolvencies, corporate fraud, embargoes, search for debtors, patents and trademarks, plagiarism, counterfeiting, espionage, sabotage, industrial property attacks, network controls and distributors, etc.
Labour: pre-hire reports, fake retirements, absenteeism, unfair work, duplication of employment, diversion of orders, materials and money, theft, professional intrusiveness, mystery shopper, etc.
Leases: duplicity of domicile or commercial premises, subletments, improper assignments, etc.
Personal: infidelities, suspicious reactions of children, family or friends, inheritances, DNA tests, gambling, vices, location of people, electronic sweep, listening inquiries, etc.




For any kind of anomalous circumstance that may arise in your life and is likely to be investigated, in Arga Private Detectives in Spain we will be able to get answers. To achieve this we provide the client with a team of private research professionals covering all fields (criminology, law, computer science, etc.).

But not only professional equipment is important when it comes to covering an investigation, it is also necessary to have the right tools that provide us with security when it comes to getting the evidence. At this point, the value of new technologies and information science comes into play. Forensic information is a crucial figure in conducting certain investigations related to this matter.

All the evidence we present is armed with the legal framework of collection, search, location and custody thereof. At the end of our task they can be corroborated by the investigator in charge. The ratification of a private detective in a court of law has quality of “testimony” and therefore total Validity.

In our agency Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain we budget your case by offering you the various options that you have to reach a quick, effective resolution with the least possible “complications”. Visit us, call us and a researcher in charge of the first reception to our clients will provide you with help to find the most favorable ways for your case. Our primary pillar is that we never observe situations as equals, on the contrary, our experience has taught us that from the similarity that two cases may present, it will always be necessary to work on differences and distinctive aspects.

The first visit to tell us your case and ask for a quote is free. We will cordially assist you by clearing doubts, answering any questions you ask us and verbalizing a budget based on the claims and objectives stated.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our commitment to the client is to meet their demands from the beginning, that you trust Arga Private Detectives Group to leave your problem in our hands and that you are sure that we will work to achieve it. You will have contact from the beginning of our professional relationship to the end with the same private investigator confiding to the same professional all your doubts or questions.



Prudence or wisdom in making a judgment of values may be considered a means of discretion, but the most valued quality of this word may be that of the action of storing a mystery or information in a fair and simple way.

Discretion is an essential quality for a private investigator. By law, as with other groups of professionals, it is already required by law that what a private investigation investigates as well as the information that arises between client-agency must be exclusively within the confined files that the Private Detective agency has. No one, absolutely anyone, can have access to found evidence, records or conversations with the client.

In order for all elements to be in a private research service to be clear, a contract is drawn up specifying all the points that need to be clarified and that the client must understand a priori. The confidentiality clause is one of these points that is contractually specified for customer peace of mind. Any private investigation professional who breaks the confidentiality required by the relationship with their client is exposed to having his detective license withdrawn.

Discretion is one of the most powerful weapons a private investigator has. On the one hand, customer interactions must be completely secret. On the other hand, during the research work itself, the researcher must know the most resolute ways to get out of any situation that involves being able to “pillar”. Without ever acting like in a spy movie (it’s clear that we’re not going to get in the way of a trench coat and hat), the detective must know how to move masterfully and have an arsenal of alibis so that, under an unexpected circumstance, he can get out unscathed.

Having current technological devices is also crucial to successfully achieving failure to be “caught”. For example, it is not the same to work with a video device with little reach in front of another that allows you to record from several meters and with good quality or for example, record in low light. In short, the experience of a private investigator and the materials he has are crucial elements that will favor the conclusion of a work satisfactorily.


Private detectivees in Spain

Private detectivees in Spain


The private investigations carried out by the respected Arga Detectives Group of Spain, are greatly recommended, thanks to a succession of things in their favor. Among these we can emphasize the record time with which we manage to finish the investigations requested by our clients, giving an answer up to 69% more effective in terms of results-time spent than another Detective Agency in Spain.

There are many cases that involve directly a private investigator (infidelity, custody, paternity, work leave, theft of information, fraud to insurers…). But it must be clear that the assumptions considered specifically by law (for us to understand ourselves, murder, robbery, kidnapping, etc.) cannot be investigated by a private detective as they are reserved by ex officio to the competent authorities.

Grupo Arga Detectives, is an agency that is responsible for doing private research in Spain, having more than 10 years of experience in the field of private research. The research that a private investigator can get to do are numerous, among which we can cite: labor investigations, investigations by family members of which there is no news in a time, investigations for harassment, cyberbullying, cyberbullying or investigations for infidelities, among others.

The latter, we can say that at present they are the most requested in Grupo Arga Detectives, getting up to 45% of the total investigations that detectives do. When an investigation of this kind is undertaken, it must be agreed that it is a very serious matter, which is why it must be carried out by a professional.

For someone outside the world of private investigation it might be easy for him to commit a crime against the privacy of the researcher. This is one of the main reasons why it is necessary to be sure that a true professional of the private research. Because hiring someone who claims to be able to do this type of work but who does not know completely the current legislation regarding privacy, security and data protection, could be incurring a crime stipulated in our Spanish penal code.



The main objective when hiring a private investigator is to know a truth that escapes us and whose ability to manage is impossible on our part. At Grupo Arga we echo the different needs presented by our customers and we attend and budget each case according to the needs and pretensions of each client. When hiring a private detective, it should be noted that it is quite possible that it requires the assistance of a third person to solve the situation, this circumstance is more common when monitoring or monitoring, which will make the value vary indisputably.

The private investigator will always contribute not only to achieve the result that the client needs but also, to the extent of its possibilities, to improve and expand the information that can be provided to the client. No person without competence in the professional field of private research may consider conducting an investigation. Economic, administrative and/or criminal sanctions can become of considerable relevance.

Undoubtedly, hiring the services of a private detective will make the situation you intend to find out about can be solved and more when we talk about an Arga Detectives Group professional, who have the fundamental knowledge and skills to clarify the most complex situations. Precisely the costs will change in relation to the service that the customer wants, taking as a reference that not all situations are equal beyond the same, the customer’s own claims are not the same in all these circumstances either, so the preferable way to understand whether

you have the money to hire or not a detective, is to carry out a consultation with the agency that you want to hire, so that it will add you out of a budget, which reflects how much the hiring of a detective would come out who gives answers to all his questions. It must be understood that on average contracting the services of a private detective in Spain ranges from 350 euros and frequently, in relation to the circumstance and the difficulty of the case, this price can exceed 2,000 euros.

That is why it is really advisable to go to our agency without any prejudice and request a quote of the research that you want to carry out. Do not hesitate to contact us. Do you need the service of a professional detective? Don’t know where to turn? If you currently live in Spain, then Arga Detectives Group has just what you require.

The agency guarantees not only the best work of a professional detective in the private research sector, but also a personalized and attentive treatment that will be reflected with facts. The maximum effectiveness in all our work is our cover letter in the private research sector.




In the face of the facts that can be established under an investigation scheme a detective becomes necessary that it can also be a bridge to the execution of the resolution of different cases, this means that Detective Spain, is a resource that can establish for the most part different elements that can be affordable to the construction of each case under a criterion of expertise and great responsibility.

A detective who wants to establish the optimal resolution of each case, must first of all recognize that it depends on the optimal achievement of clues and elements that can be useful for the determination of solutions, this generates the need to be extremely thorough with the procedures that he will establish.



At Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop in our desire to always get the best solutions for our customers, that is why we always consider being at the forefront of procedures and techniques that are successful for the development of our operations, which guarantees as a ultimate end the realization of many happy stories.

Arga Detectives Group, always seeks innovation, that is why we also strive to manage different aspects of the optimal resolution of cases, so that they can successfully manage it it is necessary to be attentive in the improvement of research processes, as well as new strategies that seek the

development of all research activities.

This creates the need to appeal to various mechanisms that are beneficial in the use of different alternatives that are useful towards the resolution of cases with different levels of complexity in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost to the affected person. Which means without a doubt the generation of different challenges for excellence.
In this sense Arga Detectives Group, never stagnates its work by the requirement of resources since at certain times we have had to appeal to techniques of yesteryear of detective work to successfully solve a specific problem, however, it always seeks the generation of optimal results.

The success of the operations that perform in Grupo Arga detectives rests largely on the seriousness of their agents, since they are the most visible face of our organization, this has undoubtedly generated us the urgent need not to hire those who

wish to enter but those who are most prepared from the theoretical, tactical and ethical point of view, an issue that is necessary to carry out this work.

From Grupo Arga detectives we always ensure that we do our work under a precision look, which makes the solidity of our investigations indisputable in the management of different aspects.



Whatever the downside, our agency is fully committed to all its clients to offer the greatest efficiency in any circumstance.

We are pioneers in novel techniques within criminal, forensic and other exploration. This is the case of fingerprinting or the use of technologies at the service of research.

The agency’s policy has been from our beginnings to support the use of novel technologies under the most rigorous inspection standards. Since in the reality that we have lived, we well know that we are not completely safe, Arga detectives in Spain offers you an unbeatable service so that you are safe in the answers you are looking for.

The purpose of the group has always been to offer the client not only the investigation of their case or the resolution of their problem, but also to achieve professional excellence in the correct and precise judicial resolution of the same.

For this reason it only puts at your service the most prepared personal, offering a budget adjusted to your need, the maximum discretion and confidentiality on the part of our researchers and the most important if possible, the best treatment towards you, both from the human and professional point of view.



Although there are several private researchers in Spain who continue to offer the same surveillance and monitoring services that several years ago, at Arga Detectives we have wanted to innovate always, introducing and pouring all our knowledge of the latest technologies to the expansion of


At Grupo Arga detectives we carry out tracking services in all The Spanish provinces, we also work the area of supervision and technological expertise, investigation of fraudulent job losses, in addition to countless services that you could not imagine that a detective could do.

The essential thing in a private researcher in Spain that provides professional quality is to carry out the execution within a strategic plan in a descriptive way. This must be clearly described in the contract signed by the client. To achieve effective work, a cautious study of the locations where the subject under investigation or requested location will be investigated.

A private detective must choose how to act, whether through personal tracking or through the use of computer tools, it is also essential that the detective takes notes of everything that happened in a very descriptive way whether on a recorder or on a pen and paper, it is not easy to remember as an established standard.

Location and tracking operations are sometimes set between a thin red line that can involve intrusion and violation of the person’s privacy. Our investigators know the latest legal loophole to take any action within the established legal framework.

Judicial inconveniences can arise from overline and cause serious harm to both the client and the investigator. Knowing the legal framework becomes essential for any good detective, at Arga Detectives we know it well and we work day by day to be aware of the laws that frame our performances.

In Grupo Arga Detectives we have more than 10 years of experience in the area of search, research, supervision and tracking, fulfilling the work assigned in a clean, professional and always within the legal parameters established by the Ministry of the Interior.

Visit our agency without any commitment, the first consultation will not cost you. You can trust our agency fully and trust that you will do a professional and effective work within the parameters in which we can act. If you

you prefer, you can call our lines of work that are operational 24 hours and you can find them on our website.

When we find ourselves unsure of something or in its failings for sure, but we want to do an investigation, the most direct and successful way is to turn to Private Detectives to solve the circumstance that presents us, whatever it may be.

The Arga Detectives Group in Spain has a rigorous group of detectives and criminologists prepared for the resolution of any conflict. They have the possibility to carry out within a wide range of services, work covering different areas within the private research sector. Fast, safe, effective and competent in the delivery of results in compliance with the agreement with the customer.



Think of you as a job and suddenly a man and a woman enter the company’s management office. They are well dressed and in a very peculiar way, besides carrying a briefcase: the first impression they give is to be business people.

After a while they call the entire office staff to the conference room. Everyone is looking forward to the uncertainty of the situation.

The company manager explains that these people are from an elite group of private detectives and that they have been conducting an investigation concerning some people who were tempted to tame the company and in the briefcase have all kinds of evidence to reveal it.

This story may seem partly a fragment of a film, however beyond reality, these kinds of stories are part of our daily routine. We are seeing more and more cases where businessmen hire our experts to meet employees who are carrying out their work with little morals and ethics.

At Private Detective Agency in Spain, you will find a group of experts able to get involved in a company with the greatest stealth and discretion to find inappropriate and unethical behavior by employees and senior executives.

There are quite a few businessmen, natural and legal persons who ask for their services to investigate various situations that may occur within a company. These services range from finding who is responsible for stealing computer security files to investigating personnel who sell company information to possible theft of material from it by an employee.

How do we carry out this kind of research work? We have a large group of detectives specialized in labor investigations. They filter into companies without raising the slightest suspicion and with technological support and helped from various previous experiences, they manage to find out the most hidden of secrets an employee can keep.

If as an entrepreneur you have to carry out a Private Investigation in Spain, be assured that in Grupo Arga Detectives you will find the best human and professional group that making use of the latest technological advances manage to solve in the shortest time any type of research that is requested.

Not only do we provide security, discretion and efficiency are assured in such investigations. You won’t need to be concerned while we are immersed in our work as researchers. You will be informed at all times and you will get the results you are looking for with the highest excellence that the best group of professionals can give.



Arga detective agency in Spain always willing and able to solve cases within the wide range that the world of private investigation can provide. From infidelities, fraud, disappearances, extortion, problems in the network, custody to the demonstration of a paternity.

The right to privacy is a fundamental right that our laws contain and is a constituent of crime in the event of unlawful use by another. Any private investigator knows this and must be consistent with his actions. Knowledgeable of the thin red line that separates the public and the private, all our detectives in Arga Group constantly review and update all that information that has to do with this topic to know how far they can go with any type of research.

It is of great consideration to note that the detectives of the Arga Group, are able to work on judicial action projects if you need it, that is, our investigators are prepared and accustomed to speak in front of the judicial authority to ratify what described in the dossier given to the client.

Doing such actions with conviction, from an objective point of view and demonstrating professional is indispensable for the judge to take seriously the evidence presented by our client as true and truthful.

The detective agency in Spain integrated into the Arga Detectives Group provides its services to all citizens regardless of their place of residence or the place where the company, person or situation under investigation is located. We move to any corner of the country, covering the extensive map of regions that make up our country.


Private research in Spain is on a constant journey, that is, there is a documentary and practical evolution that needs to be known to obtain the greatest of returns when carrying out a private investigation. In case we are clear that in an ever-changing world, information is power and through knowledge our detectives manage to be in the industry elite.

We are in constant contact with the Ministry of the Interior and its delegations who send us relevant information that is our responsibility. Links that help us in the theoretical knowledge of all those we need to know, directions where to go to obtain specific information about people, places or

companies, limits on professional actions, etc.

In short, we must and are connected with those authorities and administrations that help us to keep up with everything that is necessary for us.

The private investigations in Spain that we have carried out during these years from Grupo Arga Detectives are so diverse that it would be impossible for us to list them. It is true that in a very way we can divide the main topics that converge in private research into two: those that are related to the company or organizations and those that are framed within the personal plane of the client.

We search, find and record the most diverse evidence through photographs, audios and videos made with the mechanisms at our fingertips that are many and varied. We have the latest technological and computer equipment in addition to the updated knowledge for its correct use.

The rates of Grupo Arga Detectives are diverse in terms of analysis of each case individually and we evaluate the difficulty of the same, necessary personnel, as well as the implementation required to carry out a successful execution plan.

In the end the customer should not come to fear of receiving an exorbitant and out-of-reach quote in order to know what they want. We attend to each specific need and situation, trying to adjust as much as possible to what each client requests.



From Grupo Arga Detectives we ensure that our rates are transparent and reflect the reality of what private investigations are. In Spain there are many researchers who offer their services at a small price. However, the customer must acknowledge that he does not sell “smoke”. That is, a job

poorly completed and with no valid evidence to present in a trial for example.

Beyond a fad, private research has become paramount to society in Spain. Arga Detectives Group has at its disposal a specialized set of professionals able to solve concerns or offer essential material



The prestige of our private research company lies in the positive results that our customers receive. Whether it’s business, financial, personal or computer research, our impetus to come to a complete end and in line with what our client asks us is the engine that moves us to successfully carry out all our work.

For us, technology plays a very important role in successfully completing almost all investigations. While there are jobs like a follow-up that requires our researcher’s professional skill, it’s always improved with the use of devices that can help, for example, get a sharper image from a farther distance.

The compatibility between researcher and tools on which it is based, encourages a tandem that indisputably generates the best results and at Arga Detectives we know this and that is why we encourage our researchers to know, use and support as much material as possible.

The Arga Detectives group represents a group of private investigators, deployed throughout the extensive Spanish territory. We are specialized in different types of research ranging from “basic” such as monitoring and monitoring of people to more sophisticated ones where technological elements and highly specialized knowledge come in.

We are located in all regions of Spain. Through our website you will be able to know us and know a little more about us. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote. We provide you with the best advice and budget that best suits your personal needs.



There are many characteristics that a private detective must possess, being some of the most noteworthy discretion, updating knowledge and mainly, the ability to search and find as closely as possible answers to the customer’s pretensions without losing in the process, functionality, quality and efficiency.

The effectiveness and speed with which a private detective seeks answers is paramount to the client, mainly because in this class of services people require agile and quick evidence in the face of the possibility of being victims of fraud, infidelity, theft of information, eavesdrops, etc.

Private detectives in Spain have gained enormous popularity in recent years, more and more citizens realize that a private investigator can help solve a problem of their daily lives. Despite this, there are many cases of labour intrusiveness. Forgive that without a license you enter a world that must be reserved for true professionals.

In Grupo Arga Detectives we have a group of experts specialized in the different fields of private research. You will be guaranteed that you hire the best researchers. We offer proven effectiveness for our years of research results, objective results, discretion and of course, we work based on the individual needs of each client. We offer particular answers to specific problems.

Regardless of the issue before us, we give quick answers through a quality service. Backed by the help of the latest technological tools, we help them and our team of researchers who are always up to date in computer knowledge, to obtain agile and proven results so that our client can solve their situation as diligently as possible.

Spain is a reference country for the training of private researchers. In the last decade he has suffered a significant increase in students from other countries to train in crucial subjects to become an excellent detective. Universities bet on careers, masters and specific training to train the best. From this trend it follows that in Spain we have the best and Grupo Arga Detectives is a clear example of this.



It is really difficult to guess when a private detective will need to be hired, most of the inconveniences that require these services, manifest unexpectedly, altering the peace or calm of people, and sometimes of companies and institutions.

Once the fact that the services of a private investigation are required are accepted, the irretrievable doubt arises How much will your hiring cost me? And indecision makes its way through our doubts of knowing where and how to start the task of hiring a detective.

When digging into the subject of private detectives in Spain, the main option that appears is online inquiry. The Internet offers a multitude of pages and advertising from private researchers that offer all kinds of services.

However, it is inescapable to indicate that, before choosing a private detective in Spain, an analysis exercise and review of the agencies differences should be carried out to examine reviews, as well as identify those researchers who conform to the characteristics required by the service you request. Do not doubt that in Arga

Private Detectives can and guarantee what we promise our customers.



Spain has a significant number of private detectives. Among them is our agency, Arga Detectives Group. The members of our staff are researchers tanned after years of experience without abandoning on the other hand, learning new knowledge, indispensable to achieve in our day to day positive results and guaranteed in each of the services we provide.

Our agency is also characterized by budgeting its services always adjusted to the need of each client, using reliable information source and using the network as an essential tool in the reality that we currently live.

The Arga Detectives Group has investigators who are accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year. In addition to effective service, our agency’s detectives are identified by the surprising treatment of their clients and the satisfactory results they get.

Mention aside deserves the fact that our work as private investigators is regulated by Spanish laws and from our agency we comply without regard all the legal imperatives to which we are subject.

Returning to the issue of fees we can say that the costs vary for each agency. We can point out that in the diversity of agency, there are those that charge from 40 euros per hour those that charge up to 300 euros per day; while others have the possibility to charge up to 550 and 700 euros per day, however, it is substantial to indicate that the value will also depend on the case.

But always keep in mind that if you want a professional job, done at the hands of qualified experts who guarantee you a top job, no doubt Arga Detectives Group is your best choice in both national and international services.



Arga Detectives Group are researchers who have the necessary experience to solve all kinds of cases. For example, if we go to Paris (the capital of love), we will see couples in love taking pleasant walks along the banks of the Seine, declaring their mutual love.

But is this really a couple in love? Each case is different, sometimes he is an entrepreneur who goes on a trip for “work” matters with his secretary. At other times, a husband says he’s going to visit a family member and actually goes with his lover. All these lies can be uncovered by the Arga detective agency.

Our specialist will provide you with the answers you need to clarify all your doubts.

In Spain, as in countries, infidelity is the order of the day. We have all heard or even known firsthand the infidelity of someone you know.

Since the beginning of time, the intrusion of a third person has been key to ending a relationship. We’re not going to find out now, these kinds of situations have been going on forever. Today, if any, with an increase mainly due to the use and abuse of new technologies.

From Arga Detectives we have specialists in the investigation of infidelities and lies between couples. We use high-resolution equipment to get the best photos and videos.



Sixty percent of the time (60%) people are turning to apply for the Private Research service in Spain to ensure that their relationship is not being affected by someone else.

Our specialized researchers guarantee results with the utmost discretion, which helped by the best technological material will be able to answer all your questions. The evidence will be placed on the table for you to see in the first person and without any doubt what is happening with your partner.

From Arga Detectives we have specific investigators who are dedicated exclusively to this type of cases, unlike in other agencies that the same researcher works in all cases. In this way we guarantee that the researcher assumes in a specialized way the case and that he knows the best way for its quick and effective resolution.

It is best to rely on experts who can masterfully and efficiently conduct your case. Proposing the best solution for its resolution.

People who already know us place their trust in us, having the full assurance that it hires real private research professionals.

If we want to apply for the services of a detective agency in Spain, can we get one that actually assigns experienced detectives to solve cases of infidelities?

The private investigator stands as a primary figure to bring order when a couple makes water due in a high percentage to a third person. According to all the experts, second chances work in very few cases and where there was already a dig, you will probably see it again.

At Detectives in Spain we are trained to provide our services to solve these cases. Phrases like “I’m tired from work,” “I’m going to spend the afternoon with my friend” or “I have to travel a few days for work” are already a little out of hand. At the first suspicion do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure that we will respond to your suspicions.



When the service of a company in Spain that is in charge is required, cases of infidelity will be solved many people think and look for Arga Group detectives.

Our private investigators have all the experience it takes to address your concerns, while having and handling top-notch technology to show you the evidence found. The trust you can place in us will be assured when you attend the delivery of the evidence you need to prove your partner’s infidelity.

“My partner is going on a trip with their co-workers for business reasons and I want to know if there is a private research agency in Spain that has branches elsewhere and what would I like to hire their services” Is this your case?

Our private detective agency in Spain has offices not only in various provinces but in various countries around the world. We move where necessary until we find the evidence we seek regardless of the country where it is needed to look.

We only need the information you have to start trading strategies for your case. The cost of these services will depend on what you need and how long the research lasts. All budgeted before and adjusted to what you ask us.

Under a contract drafted by our agency and accepted by both (agency and client) and with all points clarified so that our client knows in advance what it will cost you and how it will be carried out.

Our agency has the necessary qualities to satisfy those clients who are looking for responsible, reliable research professionals with years of experience in the field of monitoring, surveillance and infidelity detection.

If you want a group of experts who can solve your problem, quickly, safely, effectively and above all discreet, without a doubt your best option is to hire Arga Detectives group.

Are you afraid you’re being cheated by your partner? Don’t you have any evidence to deal with the situation? From our experience we know well that some people feel self-conscious when looking for a private investigator out of shame to tell their intimacies or personal problems

However, the client must understand that we are research professionals and that we are used to dealing with these personal situations. In addition, we will assist you in an environment of empathy where we kindly and without prejudice or judgment, we will answer all the questions you ask us.



Why is it so important to hire a legalized Private Detective? First and for the first reason, because a professional with a license granted by the Ministry of the Interior is going to give you some guarantees that someone else who claims to be engaged in research outside the law will not give you.

Secondly, when it comes to couples’ investigations for example, there are many cases that end up in a Spanish court. The private investigator emerges as a key figure in these situations as he gathers evidence against the other party. But this is not only left to the achievement of evidence since the private detective must ratify in front of the judge the conclusions found.

Finally, only a professional knows how to do a good job. At Grupo Arga Detectives we firmly believe in this.

Where can I hire a professional private infidelity detective in Spain?

If it is already totally difficult to find a quality private detective in Spain, imagine how complicated it can be to find one who is an expert exclusively on issues of infidelities. There are those that offer prices so low for a follow-up and surveillance service that the customer thinks it will be very cheap to know if their partner is cheating on him. In the end, that detective will end up charging an exorbitant number of hours.

But the truth is that when it comes to the truth, a true professional will never take advantage of working unnecessary hours. A good private detective is going to sit down with his client calmly and will perform a detailed interrogation to find the most likely schedule of catching

Private Detectives Barcelona “in fraganti” to your partner for example or to look for the most accurate places to start the investigation.

In Arga Detectives Group we will work hand in hand with you which is the main piece of information. Our initial goal is to have all the information to perform a good analysis and reduce material and human costs. Thus, our client will also be the main beneficiary.

The safest way to hire a private detective in Spain is to rate the positive reviews of other clients. The competition of a good Private Research agency is recognized through satisfaction with its clients. At Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain you will be assured that all our customers end up with a high degree of satisfaction.

In such delicate and emotional issues as infidelities, customers are looking for quick action responses because it is clear that the degree of anxiety about being deceived is so high that it does not let you live day to day in a normalized way.

Whoever knows himself cheated, wants to know. This is the essential premise for all our customers. To top it off, deception has evolved just as the pillars of civilization have. Human relationships are no longer just physically established, now the Internet exists and everything has changed dramatically.

You don’t need to go to a disco to meet a lover or you don’t need to flirt in the gym. Simply turn on a screen and hit a key to have a whole universe of chances of being unfaithful. Little is needed, simply by having the intention you can look for someone with the same thought.

We refer to these types of circumstances so that we understand how it is necessary to hire private researchers who have the right technological means to carry out this kind of current research.



How do I know if my husband is “screwing me” with a co-worker? It may be direct and even vulgar expression but unfortunately it is the phrase that best defines how someone who may be suffering from this situation feels.

The degree of anger and restlessness is very high when someone suspects that their partner may be cheating on them. These people come to our agency with such a degree of anger that the aforementioned expression becomes common to many of them.

In Grupo Arga Detective in Spain we are aware of the feeling that envelops the client in the face of a situation of infidelity. He wants speed and total discretion and we provide it to him.

We guarantee the utmost discretion, complete confidentiality and the assurance that we will do everything as professionals to give a satisfactory response to your demand. To make sure this is done, we do a thorough analysis of the case with the client and ask details

very concrete to minimise research hours and limit the chances of capturing evidence of infidelity. This methodology benefits the customer because it means a considerable reduction when paying our fees.



In Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best and most specialized private detectives in Spain. With several years of experience, you can be assured that in our agency you will find a roster of professionals to count on to investigate cases of any category.

We do not reduce our field of action to “simple” monitoring and surveillance. The evolution we have undergone over the last decade as a society has also affected us as professionals. What are we referring to? By way of example, if a few years ago the most common infidelities were the product of

relationships at work or commonplaces, nowadays social networks or chats allow people to get to know each other and look for friendships that can end in something else.

So you have to be prepared. Updating knowledge and having good technological tools that allow us to move around these new Internet nooks and crannies are essential features for every good detective.

The triumph of any company is always dependent on the dedication of its employees, so you have to have cautious and cautious processes when choosing workers, and the usefulness of the detective labor stipulation in this locality plays a considerable role.

Spain is a very relevant country in Europe as a whole, has advanced in all the points in previous years and represents a remarkable contribution in the commercial and tourism area for this country, owning a huge number of companies.

It should be noted that private detectives represent a utility of enormous tool when choosing corresponding personnel for a company.

In private research in Spain, they not only deal with job inquiries, but a wide variety of processionals can be found that provide research services on different areas. In Spain there are private detectives who provide services according to the type to which the situation is correct.

The most relevant thing when hiring a private detective or an agency is not the value offered by them, since it did not indicate at what level of quality the service was provided; so it is pointed out that what is really important in an agency in this industry lies in the kind of staff they have and

experience in the field that all of them have.

The person who will instantly choose a private investigator service should take into account that their inconvenience will be exposed and for this reason they should make sure that they will hire qualified investigators.

The Arga Detectives Group is a renowned group of private experts, whose highly recognized agency. It should be noted; that private research in this country is a known and regulated active, which can be exercised only by law-enabled and state-authorized researchers.

Currently, detectives in Spain have increased exponentially in the research market, being given their outstanding elaboration and professional training, there are quite a few experts.

However, you can find different agencies in this locality, such as that of Grupo Arga detectives that has an unparalleled track record characterized by the high definition of service and efficiency of its workers.

Private Research in Spain is a widely used instrument in Spain, whose market grew exponentially in recent times, so, at present, they have the possibility of finding different costs and promotions, which always go together with the rules established by the state; It should be noted that on internet and newspapers there is the possibility of finding promotion notices, some very attractive.




To begin with, private detectives in Spain are the only experts who have the possibility to guide you when finding the respective evidence so that you can report in a timely manner in some judicial entity..

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for giving the licenses to all private experts in Spain to manage to operate with complete independence in their investigations, since they know to what extent they have the possibility of knowing without violating the privacy of an individual.

Among the most common operations that have the possibility to guide you are: The search and supervision of people, premises, elements and animals. Verifications of documents, work or conjugal inquiries, and also family members, among several other orders that are often requested by their users.

In addition to having the possibility to guide you in your day to day while you are dedicated to your life, your work or your family, this is a key quality these days where people are very busy with everything and require technical assistance that has the experience to solve these kinds of orders.

Quite a few people make the mistake of hiring someone who volunteers for carrying out this kind of monitoring, searching or people research operations. With a huge number of private detectives in Spain for sure you can find an acceptable quality offer to help you.

We suggest you look for the best private detective agencies in the whole country, they are dedicated to making themselves seen through many publications in communities, internet pages, newspapers or magazines.

In the Arga Detectives Group you can find the best private detectives in Spain that you need to solve all the research problems you need, as well as advisory or guidance issues that have the possibility of being servible when we do not have the experience in the inconveniences that overwhelm us.

Plus, they have the best costs across the country in any queries you could make. Whether in search and location of people, personal, work or family checks, infidelity inquiries, message retrievals in computer interfaces, etc.

They have an offer that may interest you if you are looking for the best costs in contracts with private detectives in Spain, we talk that if you go to our office the consultation is free.

Private research services in Spain have an agency with a well-known experience that emphasizes it as one of the best for paying careful attention for well over 10 years in all the entrusted investigations.

Each detective service conducted in Spain is legally enabled for the exercise of its functionalities with a guarantee in all final reports in a short time as a demonstration of the tests found to offer start to a trial.



The best way to contact private detectives in Spain is through an agency that provides security and commitment to any investigation to assist you in the satisfaction of what you require, we are legally qualified to contemplate all the situations that require our attention.

Our group of detectives in Spain has an extensive and proven experience that makes it easier to make any inquiry that is made simpler, and thus make reports of the tests obtained in front of the competent authorities and thus process a trial of the events that have occurred.

Contact us and without duty we make your budget, we take present the contradiction that manages to have the research and we make a fair price compared to the quality of service and attention to our users, with the best detective agency found in Spain with areas of work throughout the country.

The Arga Detectives Group is an agency that provides legally enabled private research services in Spain, is known for having ten years in the market, costs are proportional and its quality of service of prominent level with state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the collection of evidence in a

short time.

Our detectives are relevant experts for their enormous development and in the distribution of the report with the evidence found demonstrate their dedication in all applications, their costs are tighter compared to other agencies found in Spain.

If you are in the search for private detectives, tea we suggest that you visit our website and report on our services with the preferable free advice for situations of work casualties, computer experts, family issues, etc.



Arga Detectives Group certainly has the best detectives in any kind of research sector that it requires. By asking for assistance at our Detective Agency in Spain, you will be able to get private research you will be able to get the best private investigators.

Our Detective company in Spain has all the legal bases. This means that they have to have a certification registered by the competent and relevant entities of Spain, in order for the client to have the precise and concrete support of the law over something else.

Detailing a written contract between both parties is then a substantial section at the time of seeking the services of such a company.

It is therefore strongly suggested to contact our agency Arga Detectives Group, since they have a proportion of years in the market, always giving the greatest experience to users and has one of the best reputations worldwide and the planet of private research.

Our company is based on legality, in relation we talk about private research, since it works together with lawyers and the law. The data obtained in the inquiries will be exposed in writing in the report and verified in a judicial development if required.

Our private detectives in Spain adapt to each client. This company provides services of all kinds, from personal to business. By attending our agency or office you will be provided with the first consultation completely free and without any duty, and will provide you with a budget according to your needs.

At the end of the investigation, detectives will provide all the data collected from the investigation, evidence and clarifications which allow to act efficiently and capable, both in the most intimate and personal picture and in judicial development.

Our Detectives in Spain seek the interests of their users and have a huge human set put in commitment to private and extensively trained research also having a huge experience in the resolution of inconveniences. Legality is a primary pillar for any private detective firm to provide accountability and efficiency.

The company Grupo Arga Detectives provides you with the costs offered by the “Association of Private Detectives in Spain” but since that case is exclusive, with its own difficulty and its need for particular dedication, that is, that each case requires a price in relation to its difficulty and its particular dedication.

The costs that will now be given are the costs in general detailed by the “Association of Private Detectives in Spain”



Detective costs in Spain according to the type of strategy:

Monitoring and monitoring: Work tracking, time control at work, cheating rivalry, job failure and follow-ups of ways to proceed.

Hourly price 70 euros
Price of one (1) to five (5) hours per detective 350 euros
For every hour plus 70 euros
It should be emphasized that in FESTIVE days and NIGHT times all agreed costs increase by 50%. Add to these costs the costs of detective mobilization, meals, test collection materials, and public record costs.
Technological research: Patents and trademarks, counterespionage, and other similar operations.
When region controls are required, transport, more people’s assistance will apply the rates set out in point one. In the event that other unsports contracted services are required, a price is set taking into account the difficulty of the work and the added time required.
Bilateral investigations and insurance companies: Accident tracking
In these situations the costs of observation and supervision will be applied, the detective agency in Spain will create a particular quota for the situation taking into account its difficulty and the time calculated for the execution of the service.
Information services:
Pre-labor reports with initial price from 800 euros.
Financial reports with initial price from 800 euros (Solvency reports, reports of seized property locations, and similar services). Detective in Spain
Personal reports with initial from 1,000 euros.
Leases with late payments with initial price from 800 euros (sublets, transfers, real estate allocation, and other similar services).
Electronic security jobs: Audio discovery services (phones and environmental), camera discovery and control.



When you require to hire Private Detectives in Spain, be clear, that you must always hire experts in the field, with the respective legal requirements, that is, basically you have a compulsory license, and require that the work you request is created by qualified private detectives with enormous

work experience.

Our agency, Arga Detectives Group, gives you the best services that we have at hand, with one of the most expert staff on all our surfaces, always ready to assist in the pretensions and demands of our clientele.

If you are needing a private investigation in Spain, please contact us. We give you a free and duty-free first consultation, where we will give you numerous configurations on what would be preferable to the elections to make your case a triumph.

Our group is multidisciplinary, we provide all kinds of private research services in Spain, from personal, such as fingerprinting, searching and location of people, searching for family, friends, even family members, as well as rare habits of our family members, bad company of our children, lousy habits, etc.

It is really known that hiring the services of a private detective has never been so simple. Count on a leading research agency such as the agency of Grupo Arga Detectives, where private investigations are carried out in Spain, with well over ten years of experience in the area of private research.

Over the years, we have undoubtedly become one of the best research agencies in Spain and our users were pleasantly grateful for our services, and many of them, if the situation were to go, have rehired our private research services in Spain.

It is clear that the services of a private research agency are very diverse. Our agency has all kinds of services such as electronic sweeps, rehabilitation of WhatsApps, marital, personal, family, work or expert issues. Industrial and trademarks and patents.

Consult with us, it is free and without duty, our enormous professional rivalry in all areas of private research in Spain is produced by the enormous academic training of our detectives, their enormous experience and the continuous action of recycling and renewal in the corresponding matter.



One thing to keep in mind when hiring a private research agency in Spain, is that it is legal and qualified, it is a guarantee that you must have at the time of deciding by one agency or another.

Our detective agency in Spain gives all kinds of research services to the best costs and with the best experts, qualified and legal, you should only consult us.

Arga Detectives Group has a huge multidisciplinary ensemble formed with the ability to cover all private investigative areas competently, giving you the highlights in technology, and the greater work experience on the part of all our detectives, and of course, the best training you have the possibility of having.

It will always be a success to hire detectives in Spain like those who belong to our detective agency, because it is the exclusive way to save money, and without losing quality.

We provide a tight budget lower than other experts in the area of private research, so you can contact us for whatever you require.

In this way how to ask us for an approximate budget of your case, and then compare it with the rest of detective agencies in Spain.

To all the above, add that we are a legally constituted and well-trained agency with extensive experience, so if it also requires that the evidence we have obtained be considered expert evidence in a court of photographs or videographics, and we agree to ratify them, you should only ask us.

Our detectives in Spain will go to the court or the courts of justice that are necessary so that the report we have given you takes even more strength and more weight, and the objective purposes of our users are fulfilled.




When you decide to contact our private research agency in Spain, do so from the different sources we recommend now. You can phone us at the next phone numbers: 913.866.294 or 912.536.045.

You can send us a WhatsApp on 608 767 979, if you require more information about our agency and you can also email us at

You can use one of the sources named above, in the situation where you ultimately decide that you want your research to be resolved conveniently, with an optimal budget and in line with what you require in relation to economic results and costs.

Have an agency like ours, why? because you will not find other private detectives in Spain like us, with the truly advance in technology, experienced staff with extensive experience, that apart from being economic, we are legally qualified and prepared for some circumstance.

Think, Why spend so much eN agencies that meet your requirements, or are you professionals? Because you waste time with unqualified agencies with little experience on your surfaces, when you can contact our agency on a low budget, where we will provide you with the most outstanding of our services.

You are our client, then, you should always receive the best of our agency, when you require a private detective in Spain, to conduct an investigation on several of our surfaces, do not think so much, look for our notes, and contact us.

Our private detective agency is consolidated as the number one agency in Spain, and all our users do not regret investing their time with us. We do not cut in quality or experience, we are because we are attracted to all users having the opportunity to enter a research service.

The demands of our users, become our greatest priority, let us understand what you want to solve or fulfill, we are always at the order.

Grupo Arga Detectives, is a private detective agency in Spain, which is present throughout the Spanish territory, being recognized by its excellent private investigators. They offer a wide variety of services, among which are people search, infidelities, electronic sweeps, labor research, among others.

Highlighting in an extraordinary way the renowned Arga Detectives Group, whose trajectory in this market is unmatched. The pillar of this organization’s triumph is based on the efficiency of responding to its servers and their total discretion at the time of doing their jobs.



The best private detectives in Spain

Currently you can find various private detective agencies in Spain, however, none has the trajectory that Arga Detectives Group has, who are the best in terms of investigations.

However, given the huge offer of private detectives there will also be servers working in search of their profit, so it is suggested to be quite cautious when deciding on an investigator.

The causes for attending a private detective agency in Spain are multiple and differ in each client; Having as interesting the special private detectives is guaranteed to be perfected to investigate or solve each case that arises, and very considerable to be these, the country know precisely the sites of the region and adjacent sites.

Private detectives Spain
In addition to this, experience also increases these understandings, in the same way it is confirmed that these experts always work at all times within the legal framework.

The popular and already cited Arga Detectives Group represent a group of detectives who have achieved a professional career in the research sector, and who are prepared to prioritize the total liking of their client and offer response in the shortest period of time possible.

As the case may be; this group of experts is not only familiar with caution when doing their job, but they also have the latest in digital technology in terms of this subject.

One of the most important advantages in the contract of private detectives in Spain, is that of an absolute guarantee of personified attention and complete confidentiality, primary pillar of a private investigator; it should be noted that not only are services for individuals, but will be able to find services in the same way for companies and organizations.




Arga Detectives Group and the Price of Private Detectives in Spain

It is really difficult to guess when a private detective will need to be hired, most of the inconveniences they need from these services are displayed unexpectedly, disturbing the peace or calm of the person, and sometimes of companies and institutions.

Once the fact of accepting that this system is required, the indecision of how much it has the possibility of asking for a private investigator appears instantly.

When delving into the theme of private detectives in Spain, the primary property to be valued is value, for that is a requirement to name that in this territory you can find a range of different promotions, in different media: guides of virtual detectives, newspapers, portals of novelties, communities, etc.

It is inescapable to indicate that, before choosing a private detective in Spain, a small examination must be done on the points that identify the situation, as well as the characteristics with which the service needs.

Frequent situations to follow the approval of a private detective consist of suspicion of infidelities, assumptions of wrongdoing, hidden information of a company or a subject, etc.

Spain counts among its immensity of private detectives an agency called Grupo Arga Detectives, whose belongings have as strength: cunning, effectiveness and enormous skills, without abandoning professionalism at the time of carrying out their work.

Mentioned above, the agency is also characterized by suggesting its services always at practical costs for everyone, being many sources of information and testimonies of people in the network.

The Arga Detectives Group has detectives who are accessible 24 hours a year, in addition to an effective service, the detectives of this well-known agency are identified by the surprising treatment towards its users, and by the light satisfaction of the case that is presented to them. The execution of this task is regulated by Spanish laws and this organization literally complies with them.

As already mentioned in previous written content, the costs vary for each agency, however they have the possibility to point out that at present in this locality you have the possibility of finding services of detective agencies, which charge from 40 euros per hour onwards, and up to 300 euros per day; In others have the possibility to charge up to 550 and 700 euros per day, however it is considerable to indicate that the value will also depend on the case.

Contact our Arga Group detective agency that offers full coverage nationwide.



Grupo Arga, is a detective agency dedicated to the investigation in Madrid and the rest of Spain, specialized in monitoring and business intelligence.

Our research office was born 10 years ago as a result of a meticulous and well thought-out project, at the hands of the agency’s director, who, far from wanting to confirm himself with what was on the market, aspired to build, which is today, one of the most important investigation agencies in the country.


In our private detective agency, we have experts in practically all matters. Our professional staff is made up of investigators, criminologists, legal experts, security directors, and even escorts.

To each client that comes to our office with the question of How much does a private detective charge ?, we respond by offering endless possibilities, so that the case that has been presented to us, optimizes time and fair money.

In these times crisis, our agency offers solutions tailored to each person and each circumstance. We do not like to market with pain and suffering, and that is why, in our delegations, the first consultation will always be free and the budget will be without commitment. Request your appointment, we guarantee that we will adapt to your situation and the need you have at that time.



We are not a customary agency, we are much more than that. We have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for a decade now, and we have a wide background in topics as complicated as infidelity or the location of people.

Cuando un familiar, un amigo, o un conocido desaparecen, deja un hueco muy difícil de cubrir. La desazón por encontrarlo hace que busquemos ayuda y soluciones en nuestro entorno, y cualquier cosa nos parece poco para dar con esa persona que ha desaparecido. Las desapariciones siempre son dolorosas, y más aún, si se desconoce el motivo de por qué esa persona ha decidido marcharse, por qué se ha ido, por qué nos ha abandonado, qué motivo le llevó a hacer tal cosa o tal otra… Son muchas las inquietudes y las preguntas que inundan nuestra mente y nuestro corazón, y como norma general, es muy poca la ayuda que tenemos. De ahí nace el equipo experto en localización de personas de Grupo Arga. Nace del sentimiento profundo de abandono, de los interrogantes sin resolver, y de la necesidad por darles respuesta a todos esos clientes que nos contactan para que les ayudemos.

When a family member, friend, or acquaintance disappears, it leaves a very difficult hole to fill. The unease at finding him makes us look for help and solutions in our environment, and anything seems to us little to find that person who has disappeared. Disappearances are always painful, and even more so, if the reason why that person has decided to leave, why he has left, why he has abandoned us, what reason led him to do such or such is unknown … There are many the concerns and questions that flood our minds and hearts, and as a general rule, very little help is available. This is the origin of Arga’s expert team for locating people. It is born from the deep feeling of abandonment, from the questions unresolved, and the need to respond to all those customers who contact us for help.

In these types of cases, in which there is a disappearance involved, feelings are a fundamental part of providing the necessary help so that the result is positive. Our team has a special talent for dealing with the client in this matter, and tries to empathize as much as possible with the situation. We put ourselves in the other’s place, and we try to think and feel like our client, because only in this way, involving ourselves at this level, can we achieve an optimal result in terms of solving the case.

Our private detectives, always up-to-date in terms of private security, offer their experience in other types of cases, in which the heart, feelings and insecurity also mix. They are the cases of infidelities.

What happens in a couple to become infidel? Why can this insidious act bequeath to destroy a marriage? The answer to these questions, we have in ourselves. We fall into apathy, monotony, neglect towards our partner, the relationship cracks, and it is in these cases, when the other, or the other person, looks outside for what is not inside.

He takes refuge in external flattery, in whom he fills with attention and pampering every minute they spend together, in a false reality, which sometimes does not compensate to destroy a lifetime of relationship, marriage or coexistence.

And it is at this point that the figure of the researcher comes into play.

That hound that tracks down every corner, that goes camera in hand after his partner, and witnesses a lie, a falsehood, an infidelity, after all.



We turn every follow-up of infidelities almost into a movie film, in which there is no established script, everything seems spontaneous, without apparent order, but with a calculated ending: Discover red-handed to the infidel. The person who is going to commit infidelity does not have specific guidelines of what he is going to do, hence the naturalness when it comes to behaving. This person, whom we will call “Our investigated” “, is carried away by the moment he is living, by the need to cover the gaps left by his partner with affection, by feeling loved , by feel important to someone … and although in his case, naturalness and a spontaneous attitude prevail, in ours everything is measured, organized and calculated down to the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is meticulously measured so that the result of investigating such a case is the recording and the final report of a marital infidelity.

We have clients, that either because of age or because of habit, they live mired in sadness because they are immersed in this type of relationship in which lies are the greatest exponent.

They do not decide to end their partners, and they trust in the work and in the decision of Arga detectives group, it is as if we had become a salvation. We have come to have long conversations with them, in which they, by talking about us and recommending us, qualify us as part of their family, as we help them through the hard work of finding out the truth about their partner.

There is a specific client who, when he contacts us, always tells us: How are my favorite detectives?

For us, above the economic issue, there is that., The feeling of helping those who ask us, the satisfaction that our work is recognized, and the merit that time and time again, our clients trust us.

The most heard and read question in our sector is always the same, and it is given in two ways. of asking. How much does a private detective cost? And how much does a private detective charge?

These are the million dollar questions. And although the answer sometimes tends to be obvious, because there are offices that always charge the same, whatever the case may be, and whatever the client may be, as far as we are concerned, it is not so much. In our case there is no concrete answer.

And why not? Very simple. Because like all human beings we are not the same, neither are our clients and their cases.



We think of each person who comes and contacts us. Each individual who crosses the line, and tells us their case in an intimate and confidential way. Each person who leaves his comfort zone to deal with his problem with a stranger, whom he has never seen, and who, suddenly, he has to introduce into his life, making him part of his deepest fears and his most painful intimacies. And those are us.

That is Arga Detectives Group. A team of human beings, who go out of their way to each client so that they feel calm, clothed and confident, because obviously, each one in his universe lives his pain as something immense, for us, treating them as cases different from each other, is something essential.

We are not all the same, all cases do not require the same need, and most importantly, not all pockets are measured by the same standard. Individuals, families, are governed by their own characteristics, and  Arga Detectives Group is never offered the same budget for two different clients.

When we feel cheated, defrauded, the first human reaction is always the same. “This cannot be happening to me.” The second is the assimilation of the problem, and the third and last, but not least, is to seek help in the environment, near or far, but seek a solution to that which takes away our sleep.


Arga Detectives Group, has its headquarters in the Community of Madrid, in the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the city, just a few meters from the mythical Madrid Gran Via. In that office, with such a privileged location, they are cooked and chewed from the coldest cases, such as a computer subject, to cases that require a special paste, because there are mixed feelings and interests.

The variety of cases that an agency can handle is endless. In our case, we carry out labor investigations in the same way that we carry out family follow-ups. For us, all cases are equally important, and we pay equal attention to each and every one of them.

The cases in which workers are involved who use the confidence of their superiors to fake a leave, or practice absenteeism, are the most demanded.



There is a high percentage of people, who drop out pretending a disease that does not exist, and the reason may be very different. We have from workers who are working in another company collecting undeclared money, to employees who use the job leave to extend their vacations. There is everything, and all the cases, despite the fact that their nature is different, have the same common purpose: To demonstrate that the sick leave is fraudulent and to proceed with the dismissal due to serious misconduct.

In this society, riddled with lies and falsehoods, it is difficult to find someone honest, who shows you that you can trust him or her, and that life is serious, but you have to take it in the best way possible. Sometimes an agency like ours goes from being a Investigation office to almost a psychological office, where our clients come, tell us about their problems, and seek a solution to them.

We have to start demystifying the researcher, the detective. We have to stop seeing it as that pipe, hat and raincoat figure, to see it as a useful tool in our day to day. We are in charge of investigating, getting to the bottom of all those cases that arise, and we discover fraud, infidelity, lies, deceit …

We are not like the police. We are not that investigating and arresting agent. We are different, and we work, within the framework of private security, using ingenuity, cunning and sometimes picaresque.

Why become a private detective person? In our case, it was by vocation. We liked to carry out investigations abroad, travel for work, meet first-hand the forensic computer scientist who detects network hacking, attend the detective conventions in Spain … etc.

When a person dedicates himself to what he likes, he stops considering it a job, an obligation, an imposition, and that is the point where we are at Arga Detectives Group. Our team, made up of women and men, has a wide baggage in the field of family investigations. There is no case to resist them, and although it is sometimes difficult to achieve the result that the client expects, we always give everything of ourselves so that he is satisfied.



Our team likes the work they do, not only because the profession is interesting, but because the job they do is to help the client who asks us.

We know that taking the step of telling our problems to a third party, is something difficult and complicated, and for this reason, we have attending to our clients, professionals who empathize with the situation of each person, who strive to give everything of them, and who make the client feel comfortable and calm.

We also have a forensic computer lab that delights any fan of this world. In this laboratory we carry cases of mobile hacking, network hacking, duplication of WhatsApp, and even file traceability.

Everything is covered by expert hands, which at the end of the investigation, provide the result in a report with absolute guarantee, confidentiality, and legal validity.

A private detective, with the necessary logistics, is a professional capable of carrying out all kinds of private investigations, from computer research, to a series of complicated business investigations, investigations of infidelities, or even technological investigations, in which professionalism and patience, are the main qualities for everything to come out of the mouth.

At the point of needing private detectives in Madrid, the next question or the next question to be dealt with would be to know the madrid detective fees.

As we have explained before, to know if what we are hiring are cheap detectives or not, we have first to know certain issues to properly assess the case, optimize the time, and reduce the cost to the customer.

These issues contain information of the person to investigate, that is, vehicles that he uses to move, area in which we have to work, hours a day, it is also important to know whether the person has been investigated before or not, have a starting point, and an idea of what he will do initially, or at least, even if he later changes, know the initial plan

When a potential customer uses google’s search engine to locate the best professionals and says “Detectives Madrid” or “Real Madrid Detectives”, they skip thousands of results, but how do you know what is the best option?

Very simple. Call, make an appointment, and verify that the detectives or investigators you are hiring are legally qualified professionals, that they have their documentation in order, and that they are enabled by the police.

At Arga Detectives Group, we not only settle for working in the national territory, but we open our sights and cross borders. We act as international detectives in those places where we are required and where the work in question is allowed.

In this sense, Grupo Arga offers a comprehensive research service, because it has the means to practice and investigate, both nationally and internationally.

There are many young people who are excited about this beautiful profession, and it is flattering to receive resumes from candidates who have started to make little paints in this world of private investigation, and do you know what the requirements to be private detective are?

Do you want to work as a detective?

To practice as a private investigator in Spain, you have to pass a series of tests, and be approved by the private security brigade of the national police.

Private detectives must meet the following requirements:

  • Having the nationality of one or more of the Member States of the European Union or a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area would also serve as a national of a third State which has agreed with Spain an international convention in which each party approves the exercise of the detective’s own functions.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Not to have been convicted of an unlawful meddling offence or other fundamental rights in the five years prior to the application.
  • Have the physical and psychological capacity for the development of the functions of the profession.
  • He has not been removed from any state security force, military or Spanish navy.
  • Have a professional Degree, or have your own private detective degree, duly approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Do not have sanctions in the previous two or four years for serious or very serious infringement, in terms of private security.
  • Have no criminal record for crime listed in the penal code.
  • Pass the tests required by the Ministry of the Interior for the obtaining of the degree and the qualification.

Once you have detailed the requirements, if you are thinking of training as a private detective, you can contact us, we will help you in the process and try to offer you, always according to the university, the practices that best suit your need.


In  Arga Detectives Group we are committed to the promotion of continuous training, and for this reason, the members who form the agency, are always in constant learning of new subjects and technologies.

We have expert researchers trained in the field of electronic Investigations, in case your case was specifically a hidden microphone detection or the analysis of your home for cameras or spy devices.

If you are looking for a company, an agency, or an office that guarantees 100% a result, be wary of all those who provide it, since, our work is not based on results, but on the achievement of the fact, that is, in full research, always guaranteeing honesty, and professionalism, together with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Come to Arga  Detective Group, we are a respected agency in the world of private Investigation, we have extensive experience demonstrable over time, and we can assure you that if you put yourself in the hands of Arga Detectives  Group, you will be choosing the best of options to deal with your case. We always work within the margins that the law marks, and in each and every investigation, we always sign a service contract in which the protocol to be followed is established, the data of the contractor, the person to investigate, the previously accepted budget, and of course, the privacy and confidentiality clause.

Trust Arga Group, we are your best choice.

The areas that a detective for individuals can address are so wide and varied, that from Grupo Arga, we will detail those, in the best results are obtained, those that are most demanded, and in which the figure of the detective brings more truth to the case in question. And here are the following:

Paternity tests: There is a possibility, that at some point in your life, you have had the doubt of what your origins truly are. In this sense, a private investigator can delve into the matter. We, as qualified professionals, offer the service of tracking and collecting biological material, so that you can check if your father is biological. If, on the other hand, you need to prove that a particular person is the parent of your child, we can also help. If you suspect that you have a child who has not been informed or is an illegitimate or adopted child, consult with our professionals, because by simply collecting a biological sample and crossing the genetic load of both carriers, you may emerge from doubts in your kinship with the person being investigated, and most importantly, for less money than you imagine.

Inheritances: Luckily or unfortunately, in all families, inheritances end up being distributed, some with better results than others, and it is, in the latter case, in which the figure of the expert detective in inheritances, takes special interest. If you are in this situation and need advice on the subject of an inheritance, our team of expert heritage detectives can help. We can advise you on the registration of last wills, the opening of a will, the conditions under which it can be opened and those in which such openness would not be valid. Consult before doing anything, with a team of professionals like ours.

Infidelities and divorces: It is hard to go through a divorce, but it is more difficult, if it is also preceded by infidelity. If you need an expert infidelity detective to find your partner’s deception, consult an agency specialized in the subject, otherwise you would not only lose a partner, but also lose time and money. The monitoring of an infidelity is done with recording of each and every movement that the person to investigate is making, and at the end of it, it is delivered to those videos and the corresponding report. If it’s a divorce problem, and you need to check your former partner’s current work activity, contact us, we can help.

Addictions: What can a private detective do for you in an addiction case? Well, we can help you find that the person we are investigating has a problem, that there is a specific pattern of behavior, and make the legal report corresponding to the matter in question. You will be able to provide that report to the body you consider, such as the police in the case of drugs or social affairs in the event of a family, and to help the person we have followed thoroughly.

Child control: When you have children, life looks different. Everything is a potential danger, and when they take to the streets without our supervision, it kills us the uncertainty of whether they will be all right, with whom, how and where. If you need to know what your kids do when they leave home, consult a private detective agency who has a team of investigators who are expert in child control and tracking. We will follow your son or daughter, and tell you where you have been at all times, with whom, who you have made, and whether you have consumed any kind of substance you should not or should not. We record everything on video, so you can check yourselves later, the status, companies and attitudes, that your children have on the street.

Sects: What is a sect? What are the dangers of being or belonging to one? A sect is an organization, usually religious, that departs from traditional doctrines or officials and adopts a secret character for those who do not belong to it; especially when it is considered to be alienating or destructive to its followers. Are you reflected in this description? Check with a detective agency to put an end to your problem, your family member’s or your friend or partner’s problem. A cult is something, potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to control as it should. In this sense, if you suspect that someone in your environment may be mixed with such organizations. Check with us. Be wary of the good words of the so-called leader of it, all he wants is his money, his property and his estate, and outside of that, they are of no interest else.

Doubts about domestic service: How difficult it is sometimes to trust the people we don’t know, and it becomes even more difficult, when we have to put it in our house and leave them alone. If you suspect your intern, domestic service, or the company that will clean your home or office or office, consult a professional in the field. We can install a hidden camera that controls what the cleaning service does when it has no continuous supervision, we will then extract the videos and make a report with full legal validity, which will provide light to the case. If your domestic service steals you when you’re away, don’t think about it and hire a team of professional researchers.

How necessary is a private detective for a company? The answer is simple, fast and objective: IT IS FUNDAMENTAL, BASIC AND ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. The reasons, we explain below.

The private detective is the notary of reality, that is, he objectively finds and attests to everything he sees, what he investigates, what he records and what happens, in the course of the investigation he has at that time. And what kind of research can a private investigator conduct for a company? Well, many, the most important… These:

Brand Duplicity: You’ve been cloned the brand you have, copied your designs, made copies of your work and all the hours of production for years, and now what? For it is enough to demonstrate, through a private and thorough investigation, from when you have that mark, those designs and that production, because it is no longer only worth demonstrating the patent or the trademark, now you have to prove from when you are making use of it, you have to check who is behind that mark, if there are benefits… we have to show a lot more things, and who can help you? Well, a private investigator who is an expert in patents and trademarks. Contact us

Commercial reports: What is sometimes necessary is a commercial report when we are going to open a company with another person. Will you have more companies than you’ve told me? Will you have debts? Will you have a wealth to back up the transactions with, or will I lose mine? These and many other issues are what we ask ourselves when we’re going to partner with someone, and who do we stand on? Well, in the hands of a detective who is an expert in commercial reports, who brings us clarity to a murky subject like the one that hangs around our minds. Opening a partnership with someone is not a children’s game, you have to be very safe and you have to have real professionals, who provide us with truthful and real information of our future partner. Ask us for a quote, it is without obligation and adapted to each room and pocket.

Corporate reports: If you have decided to form a partnership with another person, there are several aspects that you must be clear about before signing the minutes. You must decide whether the company you are creating will be a dependent or dominant company, what are the requirements and conditions of each and the requirements and obligations. If you need advice or research that your potential partner may have, contact professional private investigators who simplify the way for you to get where you plan to go.



Every agency always has special surveillance and investigation services. This type of service is not special because of its pricing, what makes it special is the team of professionals that performs it. It is a group of qualified professionals specialized in the specific matter, so that, when the case comes into their hands, they establish a protocol of action, which rarely gives a different result to the one that the client himself expects from the subject. The different fields of action with which Grupo Arga has, are as follows:

Searching and locating people

When a family member, friend or someone around us disappears, it leaves a feeling of very large unease. In our agency  Arga Detectives Group, you can find a solution to that hard moment that you are going through right now.

Fingerprint analysis

A fingerprint analysis can only be done by a fingerprint expert, and at Grupo Arga, we have it. Need to reveal the prints of an object that has been tampered with and you don’t know by whom? Count on a firm with a reputation and experience in the field as an Arga Group. Fingerprint revealing is a thorough and specific service that requires exquisite preparation. If you need a quote for fingerprint revealing on an object, tell us the case, tell us what type of object you think the fingerprints are, and we’ll give you a free quote.

Mistery Shopping

What do your workers do when you’re gone? What image is given of your company? What business profile do your employees have when you leave? If you have questions about everything we have asked you above, you need a mistery shopping service. What is it? This service consists of visiting your business when you are not, making us pose as customers and simulate a purchase. With this action, we value the attention received, the cleanliness of the premises, the way of treating the client, the interest of the employee…, and after all this, we prepare a report with all the information collected, we attach the images recorded with hidden camera inside the premises and all this, with full legal validity.


International Investigation

International research is also available at Grupo Arga. If you need detectives or investigations abroad, please contact us. Tell us where you need detectives in and we’ll give you a quote. If your partner is going on vacation to Cuba, and you need to know if you are going alone or alone, or if you are going to see someone there, please check your case with us in advance. We will give you a solution and an action plan according to your pocket, and you will ultimately decide whether the international research is carried out or not.

Private detectives for lawyers

Lawyers and private detectives, the perfect tandem. Can a private detective assist a lawyer in a court proceeding? The answer is YES. In a family process, a private detective can help resolve the issue of alimony, compensatory pension, or even prove your ex’s partner’s overnight stay, to eliminate mortgage payments or recover family home.

Arga Group collaborates with several of the most important firms nationally, and the result is the one that is always expected of us.

All our investigations are accompanied by the respective videos and the corresponding report. Our cases, being made within the legal framework that orders law and private security regulations, can be used in any court, whether family, commercial, civil, and depending on the nature of the investigation, even criminal.

Old income surrogacy

Sometimes it’s difficult to have a home because of the problems it entails. If you have a property with old rent, and you suspect that the main owner does not reside in it, contact us as soon as possible. In such cases, so sensitive, because of the cunning of the person to investigate, we work in a different way from the rest of the research services we have. We come under a well-worked subterfuge, and record with hidden camera everything the customer needs. We will focus on whoever opens the door to us, we will investigate who lives there with the environment, and we will provide everything gathered in a report so that they can present it in a court of law. And of course, all with full legal validity.


Illegal lease

If you have rented your home, and your tenants have sublet it, call us. When one of the clauses that make up the rental agreement is broken, this contract is completely invalidated and free to be terminated.  That our tenants subled our home carries a risk. They can tear our house apart. If this is the case, contact us as soon as possible. We will do a thorough investigation into the environment to find out from when you have sub-leased, what money has been asked for it, and even who is paid and whether it is cash or not. Check out our rates with expert detectives on illegal leasing.

Against surveillance

How many times have we thought we were being spied on? Do you suspect you’re being followed and you don’t know who? We conduct these types of investigations as counter-surveillance at our Arga Group detective agency. Tell us in which area and at what time you suspect you are being monitored, and we will give you a budget according to your pocket, and your circumstance.




If you want to benefit from our special rates, ask us for an appointment without obligation and we will help you solve your problem. We will provide you with a budget according to your needs, your pocket and your circumstance.

The most repeated questions in an agency are:

  • Detective Prices in Madrid

The prices of our jobs as private detectives, are very varied. We can give you an appointment, tell us your case, and guide you on how we can help you. All our budgets are free and without obligation. The prices of a private detective office vary depending on the type of case we are going to deal with, but never depending on the type of client. We are characterized by adapting our prices and conditions to all pockets, so fear not, we can help you.

  • Budget.

Requesting a budget without obligation from a private detective agency and not being charged anything can be very difficult. We at  Arga Detectives Group, offer a complete service of free quote and advice for the client to come and visit us. In that free consultation, we discuss the details of the case, and adjust our rates to the maximum possible so that the achievement of the result is as satisfactory as possible.

  • What can a private detective do for me?

A private detective is a qualified professional who can offer you the necessary clues so that what you need to find out is done in the best possible way and with the best measures and guarantees. Always ensure that investigations are going to be conducted by a professional and qualified private detective. With its license in force and duly authorized by the ministry of the interior.




For Arga Group, it is very important what a real customer thinks of us. At our private detective agency we always try to make the client satisfied. In an office like ours, image is important, because competition, and above all, bad competition, is the order of the day.

Our detectives always try to make all investigations go as the client expects, but each case is different, and therefore the result is also. In an important research agency like ours, what matters most to us, is that the client, whether private or company, is happy and satisfied with the result, for that reason, we always try to make it work out as best as possible, although although it is true, the end result is not up to us, but on the person or the fact to investigate.

Sometimes our customers have an opinion on google’s company listing, and here are some of their opinions. We are fully grateful that this happens, such as that we have made a hole in our website, and here are some of them:




You will get the requirement to hire a private detective in Spain at any given time.

In all such situations, it is extremely important to make sure that you are hiring a detective that has a license.

That’s because only such an expert detective will be able to deliver an authentic, reliable and trustworthy service to you at the end of the day.



All the private detectives who want to offer their services to clients should obtain a license. That’s because obtaining the license ensures that they are getting a quality service at the end of the day. This quality service can cater to the needs of anyone.

In order to offer such a quality service, the private investigator needs to be equipped with certain skills. These skills will be analyzed at the time of offering the license. If a private investigator doesn’t have the required skills, he will not be provided with the license that is needed. Hence, obtaining the license is extremely important to make sure that a quality service is offered to the clients at the end of the day.

You should make it a habit to verify license related information before you get in touch with private detectives and obtain the services that they offer. In most of the instances, you can find the license related information available on the web. If the information that you want are not available on the web, you should ask for them. The private detectives usually tend to provide information upon request.

If such information is not provided upon request, you will need to configure it as a red flag. Hence, you must think twice before obtaining the services that are available.



The team at Arga Detectives Group will be able to deliver an expert service to you at all times. You can get our expertise and obtain the service at all times. This will be a fascinating service and you will be able to get the requirement catered at all times.

We are focusing heavily on delivering an excellent customer service. You can trust on us and obtain the services that we are delivering to you at all times. This can deliver a perfect overall experience to you at all times. You will be able to receive the outstanding service that we offer and get the requirements catered.

We are constantly looking forward to deliver customer satisfaction to our clients. This has provided us with the opportunity to stay ahead of competition as well. We will make sure that we don’t disappoint our customers at any given time as well. We will remain honest and open when offering these services.

You can get in touch with us and discuss about the requirements that you want to obtain at all times. If we cannot offer a specific service that you request, we will not promise to deliver that to you. Therefore, you will be able to make sure that you don’t face any issues at the end of the day. Here’s a quick overview of the main services that we offer


We are experts in offering background checks for the clients who are in need of them. We will get to know about your requirements and then try our best to deliver a quality service to you at the end of the day. You can tell us about the specific pieces of information that you need to obtain. Based on that, you can get our support and assistance to overcome the struggles that you are facing.


We can also provide a great service to you with process serving. This service include working on divorce petitions, witness summonses, claim forms, injuctions and bankruptcy petitions. Since the team of private investigators who work for Arga Detectives Group has an extensive knowledge on this, you will be able to receive a top quality service from us at all times.


The surveillance related services that we offer have received lots of positive attention. We can carry out surveillances in any part of Spain and deliver a top quality service to you. The agents also have extensive experience. They can work with efficiency and discretion to make sure that you receive a top quality service at all times.


We can provide personal checks as well. In other words, we will be able to check and confirm if a person is well alive or not.

Based on our findings, we will provide you with relevant information as well.

If you need any of these services or any related service, you can contact our team at Arga Detectives Group and get the support you need.




To sustain the quality of the services that are proposed in our country, our private detectives in Spain have been required to have a series of conditions, just like all professionals who wish to be included in this planet of private investigation.

Such requirements are:

Be of legal age,

Be a native of any state in the huge European Union

Have good physical and mental health.

The person does not have the possibility of having a criminal record, not being accused of a physical attack on any citizen, having no breach in security matters for at least 4 years before, not being discharged from any security force or body, etc. .

Pass the tests and have the baccalaureate approved.



Grupo Arga Dete ctives is your best alternative !

Everything that was said before is asked of a private investigator from Spain because it is necessary that all the professionals that enter are possessing enormous values ​​and capacities so that the services they provide have the highest viable quality.

Our detective agency in Spain offers its users countless benefits such as the absolute discretion with which these situations are handled and even more so the identity and data of the client.

The costs vary a lot in relation to the case presented by the client, there is also a great diversity of services which fit any kind of pocket.

To accurately understand the costs of your case, you can enter our website where you will find some data and information about your case and there they will tell you how much is the estimated value of your service.


In the town of Spain there are many agencies that provide detective services, but the preferred one is Grupo Arga Detectives.

If you require the services of an optimal private detective in Spain, you can search the internet for these services, but the best agency that you can contact is Grupo Arga Detectives.

Grupo Arga Detectives was awarded for its efficient quality service, and our success rate in relation to our inquiries in Spain is the most prominent in the industry.

The services of the Arga Group extend throughout the national territory of Spain, our group has all the demands to do our work proposed by the Ministry of the Interior.




To be a private detective at Grupo Arga, a 3-year diploma is essential and you also have to be in possession of a license provided by the Ministry of the Interior.

Grupo Arga’s private detectives are certified as follows:

Heads in security



Graduates of criminology

Security Directors

Computer experts.


Frequently situations will require other experts for their success, therefore, Grupo Arga has agreements with:


Psychology experts


Forensic informants



Technicians of the Scientific Researcher

Among others

All the time Our private detective office executes variants in its Investigative techniques to utilize the use of innovative technologies that help the work to be carried out successfully.

One of the other things it takes to be a private detective in Spain is talent and the most optimal way to act in an agile way, that is, to make independent elections that are based on the legal issue and that do not harm any person by violating their rights. We must make fast elections under pressure since we are going to have many changers against it and these elections must be exact and correct when we act.




What services does the Arga Detectives Group provide?

Grupo Arga Detectives, gives a proportion of multi-services which have the possibility of dividing into:


Many times a boss gives security to an employee and this security in turn creates conflicts at work. It is worth noting the phantom losses or the feigned losses. Private detectives in Spain may infiltrate a job to have a greater source of investigation and in the same way observe who on the labor issue has ways of proceeding out of the ordinary, or is doing outside work for the employee’s own benefit . So do not wait much longer and hire our private detective agency and they will solve all the mishaps that you have within your labor issue.


The frequent business cases that require a private detective agency in Spain is intrusion, since an industrial espionage case may be required that requires expert personnel against professional espionage or an employee who is preparing illegal documents, such as signatures, stamps or marks.


In this branch of technology, our agency has the highest quality experts to investigate any situation in which you are presenting some type of problem, such as “hidden cameras, microphones, microphones “. In this same way, a subtle superior service can be provided so that no one has suspicions related to this topic, being our private detectives in Spain essential in private Investigations in Spain since they respect the entire legal issue without breaking the privacy laws.

Forensic computer scientist.

In this situation it is spoken of the police informatics or forensic informatics, in this subject they deal with the documents that are eliminated or falsified for a legal subject or some legitimate contract. For example, we can investigate through the forensic computer investigation how a substantial file was transferred to another place without the consent of the owner of the attachment or some process of money stolen by the hacker. Grupo Arga Detectives has very advanced computer technology that makes it easy for its detectives to progress effectively and detect any hacker.


In our private investigation agency in Spain, what is truly requested is private investigation, since it is currently targeted in the search for people and although it sounds very simple, sometimes it is very difficult to exercise since not all people get lost in A single locality but they leave the country or simply hide without leaving traces for any kind of circumstance. That is why we have work areas in many parts of our state and we are able to find the desired person.



Every day the demand for private detectives who are experts in family investigations on divorce matters is growing. Throughout this development, delicate occasions are generated that have the possibility of upsetting the emotions of the entire family. Therefore, it is substantial to have experts to help throughout development.

Having the best professional advice is key to overcome a divorce circumstance without trauma. Among the multidisciplinary team that should accompany the couple should be a lawyer, a psychologist and in several cases a private detective.



In the course of a divorce proceeding, choices have to be made that have the potential to harm the lives of the people involved. A divorce can take place in different ways. A division can be produced by mutual agreement , a dispute, with pensions or distribution of assets, etc. It is always substantial to have advice from private detectives in divorce investigation.

In many divorce cases, reaching a friendly settlement is very complicated, which is why both parties are always trying to find legal elements to find any evidence that will allow them any benefit. In this sense, detectives experts in family investigations of divorces play a very substantial role.



Grupo Arga Detectives, has a staff of incredible divorce investigation experts. Among the services provided by this agency are the following:

Pension calculation:

This investigation is regularly requested when it is required to corroborate the real income of one of the parties, when the court has a knowledge of a pension that does not correspond to the truth.

Child custody:

At times persistent custody is asserted to one of the parties assuming it is the best choice. However, there is an opportunity that this is not the case. The private detective will be able to check if there is neglect or punishment for the children, with the aim of revoking the original custody.

Demonstrate infidelity:

Throughout the development of divorce, showing the infidelity of one of the spouses can influence the judge’s choices. So an infidelity detective is essential in this situation.

Compliance with precautionary measures:

It is generally impossible to argue in court that the former partner is failing to comply with the injunctions without evidence. One of the objectives of the private detective is to get them with the intention of reporting the fact.

False complaints:

Sometimes one of the parties in the couple makes false complaints about their spouse, such as drug and alcohol addiction, attack, sexual abuse, etc. Family detectives are in the capacity to show the reality of the circumstance.



Since according to the legislation of Spain, the private detective is the exclusive professional prepared to evaluate the facts through the contribution of reality, Grupo Arga Detectives, it is stated that its expert staff complies with all legal regulations so that your testimony is valid in court.

Our private experts have comprehensive training, which is why in addition to specializing in the field of research, they also have tremendous training from the ethical standpoint, which is why throughout their research they empathize with the client, standing out his sensitivity thanks to the delicate circumstance with which he deals.

g the services that our private detective office in Spain can provide, there is a branch prepared to attend to family matters and everything related to couples and divorces, in addition.

Family inquiries have the potential to provide evidence or at least the information required to sustain a case in a much more objective way.

The prices of our private family detectives have the possibility of changing and not in all cases are according to your budget, but we always get the best results.



Detectives who are trained in family investigations also have the opportunity to attend divorce cases and, as a detective specialized in divorces, give evidence they can collect.

In difficult divorce cases our partner could be found lying or providing information that has the possibility of being false. Searching for the evidence on our own is not in all cases favorable, since it reminds us of the position of “your word against mine”.

Our private family detectives have better and more practical utilities that will allow us to obtain information efficiently and impeccably.

There are cases that are going to be less simple than others and therefore require much more work on the part of the detective.

There are cases where information relevant to the change of custody or the change in relation to the pension has to be investigated and what one of the parties is doing to see itself in that circumstance, may be committing an irregularity or being within the legal framework.



Many areas of work of our private detectives in Spain make an initial investigation at an approximate price of what they could predict to spend on the day, both in the expenditure of their time, and in the expenditure of elements and utilities that they must have in your investigation.

Each investigation is different and then the costs are adjusted to the elements of time and knowledge that I manage to use.

Grupo Arga Detectives has an hourly price table that works in a similar way. Initially, an initial budget is executed where the basic cost of a first investigation is covered based on the necessary efforts according to the expected results and the characteristics of the investigation.

If insufficient information is found in the first round of research, the costs will go up and a much deeper one will be carried out .

Some inquiries are not economic and have the possibility of representing a huge expense for us, however, in the long term, the costs will be rewarded by what was achieved by our expert detectives in family investigations.

The collection of evidence can be essential in case of facing a legal development with a partner.



One of the most serious disadvantages at the business level is those workers who take information from your company to sell it to other competitors. A private computer detective can guide you through these situations and, with other experts, can lead you to a fair trial where those responsible are punished.

But for this to take place, it is necessary that you hire the best business investigations, that allow them to find evidence of these acts, which undoubtedly you would not have the possibility to carry out alone, nor would you know what the judicial entities require. In this article you will find all the information you need.



Many times the worker himself is using the information of the company for his benefit and, in the medium or long period, he could transform himself into a competing company.

Another way where the worker can take advantage of the company’s information is by selling it to another company where they will be able to take advantage of it. It may be the case, for example, that the worker will be aware of their next movements, reaching places before you, offering a type of product much earlier, among many other ways.

For all the aforementioned, you should have the evidence to prove it. And we are not talking about simple images where the worker is seen suspiciously, we are talking about images that argue that the employee is selling information or that he is taking it out of the company and for that, real private detectives are required, through business investigations hired only from the best as Grupo Arga.



The private computer detective can guide you by installing spy cameras, microphones and some other type of procedures that he / she sees favorable to find the worker in the wrong way, without realizing that an investigation is being carried out.

A professional detective expert in labor issues can also be useful for this and several other events, since they are perfected in this kind of inconvenience and have a lot of experience to understand how to act in any circumstance as well.

Fortunately Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency that has a lot of experience, both in the area of ​​computer investigations and in labor problems, given that together they would form the two most requested contracts in the world currently due to the enormous business heyday and the digital age.



Having already obtained the essential evidence, you only need to make the complaint in a judicial entity, either for selling evidence to the rivalry or for breaching the company contract, where insurance will be punished precisely and under the laws that protect you.

An electronic sweep or a forensic computer investigation could be the best if you want to start a business and end up falling into cyber risk thanks to malicious software. Detectives are those who have the possibility to guide you on this matter, but they are also professionals on the subject and want to contribute the best in each contracted business investigation .

We offer the best results through the techniques we use to emerge graceful from adversity. Hiring a private detective to get the necessary evidence is synonymous with quality in the security of your business, it does not hurt and at this time it is the preferable alternative.



By contracting a business investigation you can have a highly valuable asset: Security. Security is what will defend us from within the company and will ensure that we have the possibility of facing the difficult occasions that a high definition business may suffer. In addition, we would give the same security to our users and they would be happy with the services given.




Electronic scans are done to detect spy elements, among other things, hidden cameras. People believe that these cameras are the same ones that are viewed on the internet or on TV, but it is not in this way, they are much more complex and impossible to be detected by a person who is not a professional like us.

Grupo Arga Detectives belongs to the specialized branch of private business investigation and has a huge specialty in this regard, so you can proceed to investigate and inspect its facilities.




Our private computer detectives are part of the business investigation sector and cooperate to make society more   covered in cyber issues.

Contact the best private investigation professionals in business investigation topics such as Grupo Arga Detectives.

We have specialized private detectives. The first consultation is free.




Our Grupo Arga Detectives Agency has the best forensic computer scientists in all of Spain. Do you need to understand if they are spying on you through your electronic gadgets such as phones, portable PCs , etc.? This is a normal custom in all kinds of people passionate about the IT sector today. So, with just a little

enthusiasm, they will be able to violate your security and privacy.

So, having technical assistance in this regard is the best option you can carry out. Find the most qualified forensic computer scientists in Spain!

Given that the internet has covered so much in today’s life, that everything is handled digitally, this makes the criminals look to take advantage, computer detectives have had an arduous task in investigating how and who are the people who affect their users, swindling them cybernetically.

All those who use the internet are exposed to a cyber scammer appropriating the information to get a profit from this, so it is good to be aware of this drawback, to avoid being the victims of these network predators.



The computer scam, a scourge that is developing, how can you avoid it and how can a computer detective guide you?

Since the internet took over bank transfers, transactions, and online sales, everything had a very large development, which is why the mafias and the owners of the outsiders look for this option that is more productive for them, due to that from a single computer they have the possibility of having a greater number of victims without exposing themselves as much.

In this way, as security has increased, hackers looked for options to carry out their tactics in a functional way, to get the most out of this kind of scam. There is a vast amount of electronic scams, ranging from stealing information over the network to intercepting a password.

With these clarifications obtained, computer criminals have the possibility of being able to carry out fraud, scams, robberies, blackmail and counterfeiting of cards, they have the possibility of making them use their funds to their advantage, carrying out consumptions and purchases with their data. .



¿ How to avoid becoming a victim of the computer fraud?

Make a backup or livelihood, recurrently, even manually, saving it in removable gadgets such as pen drives, external hard drives, etc. With correct programs to do this action.

It is forbidden to converse through emails, telephones, giving clarifications, less filling out forms that reach your email.

Place keys with a high level of inconsistency, placing upper and lower case letters, with numbers and letters, and particular numbers . Do not give keys by mail, chats, networks and do not use the same key for different sites.

Enable Mac: which is a device connected to the network, it executes the filtering capacity so that only the gadgets selected for that can connect to your network.

The bank’s requests are personalized, it is necessary to attend to them to avoid being a victim of phishing , an important fact is that the messages of the scammers are usually more generic in this regard.

Be very careful with Internet addresses that contain the symbol of “@” included, it is normal in fraudulent sites, which seek to defraud those who visit this address.

If you happen to be the victim of an electronic scam, contact us, Grupo Arga Detectives, with a long history in Spain in cases of this style, we have a faultless assessment and we have the best detectives in the country, they will protect your interests as if they were your own .

Currently, technology has covered an important part of people’s daily lives, which is why the use of computer detectives is more frequent, dedicated to solving technological problems and unknowns. Putting this knowledge to the order of the clientele, and of justice when it is warranted.

In various crimes or offenses carried out in which this class of gadgets is involved, they are stored in the set. Frequently they manage to return as it was even after the suspect was sure that he erased all evidence, here is the consideration of this class of experts.



What Are the goals of a professional forensic computer investigator?

Computer detectives are a substantial part of today’s investigation, computer crimes are increasingly recurring, prevention and prosecution are increasingly in demand. The objectives of forensic informatics are:

Seek to admit the harm caused by digital criminals

Seek to bring to justice and punish those responsible for these crimes

Create correct measures to prevent these crimes from repeating, the most relevant measure is the collection of evidence

Prevent crimes and prosecute criminals, enforcing the respective sanction, intervening in crimes that are frequently unrelated to information technology, such as : scams , murders, sale of substance, tax evasion, etc.

They also intervene in cases of discrimination, divorces, insurance research, business issues, various types of harassment (sexual, labor, among others), theft, internal declarations, industrial espionage, and many more areas and situations, where it is used as accompaniment in all kinds of cases.



Grupo Arga Detectives are the right group to turn to when you need an expert of this kind, we have the most effective experts with several years of experience, they will be at your entire disposal. We guarantee the client an intense and precise investigation. As long as they are within the standards of the law.

The computer detectives of this company are appropriately trained in legal matters so that the work they do is valid in court. Always attached to the norms that justice dictates in Spain, and with the responsibility and discretion that these types of cases deserve, locating a satisfaction to their inconvenience in a precise and light way

If you are short on money and are slowed down by thinking that you are going to spend a fortune capitalizing on a computer detective, you are wrong, because this group gives you the possibility that your first consultation is free, you will not have to cancel anything in your first approach with expert experts on these issues.

Prices at Grupo Arga Detectives will vary according to the level of disappointment that the situation warrants, but we assure you that our rates are among the most tempting in relation to quality and record resolution time. So have no doubts, locate our office closest to your home or workplace, and hire a quality researcher.




Computer experts have the ability to administer incredible computer sweeps, these are carried out with enormous continuity in situations that merit the restoration and study of computer equipment, either from the physical abilities of the group or from the information it contains.

These forensic computer scientists play an essential role in collecting evidence from computers, external devices, USB sticks and mobiles, in this way, as in the most common networks at the moment, through this it is feasible to find enormous information of importance for most of the situations.

Computer professionals are the solution to gather that information that was supposed to be lost.

In the private investigations of us, Grupo Arga Detectives, we make the so-called electronic sweeps, it is classified as the most relevant measure of security of electronic equipment, which is to systematically search with the correct investigation instruments for an invasive system that are in electronic equipment, as well as, telephones, cell phones and radios

Our experts at Grupo Arga Detectives, not only propose high-definition computer expertise, but also guarantee the performance of a licensed collegiate computer expert, which gives you that added value in court. It is important to highlight the consideration of the titular expert opinion since it will have more value over non-events, in the legislative framework.

Even when technological research and expertise obtains information through networks and digital information extracted from electronic devices, computer experts are aware that physical evidence is essential to support the information. In this sense, the team must work together in order to achieve the ultimate objective.



There are some companies that are susceptible to corporate espionage, so it is not uncommon for them to be victims of hidden cameras, microphones, or some other gadget designed to remove information. Using the latest technologies in Grupo Arga detectives, it is feasible to follow any of these devices.

This work is carried out by an interdisciplinary set of experts who guarantee efficiency and discretion. It is considerable to maintain secrecy in the investigation, with the aim of not raising any suspicion and being able to reach the perpetrators to bring them before the law.

It should be noted that there are different prosecutors with whom we have worked during our history as Grupo Arga Detectives, this feeds back the experience in investigations of the entire professional staff of the agency, generating security and prestige in what is the legislative framework of the entire area, that is why our clientele is completely satisfied.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have multiple recognitions, thanks to the recurring technological originality, as well as the enormous experience gained over the years, which has generated security for its users until now.

Be sure to have computer experts throughout Spain. We have a specialized staff to assist you. Reach out and ask about your concerns

In the directory of experts in computer expertise investigations, we mainly include Grupo Arga Detectives. We are creditors of the Professional Excellence Award in 2017, we have experts certified and duly accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, through the Police Force with the Professional Identity Card, combining youth and professional development with enthusiasm, the vocation of service and the experience of the most recognized experts applied to this task.

On our website you can see the quality of service of computer investigations, also the profile of our agents, the fees and prices of the service established in the rate system, the trajectory of the agency, the areas of investigation, the types of techniques and procedures used for in the different tasks, and mainly those that concern computer investigations, where among the various services, we offer electronic sweeps, which are one of the techniques with greater approval and security.



The directory of profession agencies is an instrument that makes it easier for clients to project their efforts and plan their investigation beforehand, as well as offering utilities to clarify their concerns regarding the form and time that their specific case may require. This is essential to be a satisfied client regarding private investigation.

The entry of this information is persistent and within the reach of any individual, but by detailing direct contact with the chosen detective agency, the client obtains a sound orientation tailored to their needs, which is generally free.

With this prior orientation, the client is able to choose whether to start a job of this nature to offer satisfaction to their concerns with the technical support of one of the best private computer research companies.

In addition, you can verify the professional profile of the computer experts, and choose if you want the services of one in particular, that meets your expectations and considers suitable to do the job.

It is helpful to understand the skills of the experts on the part of the client, since they know their scope and requirements with confidence, so they can actively and correctly take part in satisfying their case.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we are transparent and cordial in the treatment of our users, since we know the importance of private computer research for people’s lives and generally for the advancement of organizations.

For this reason, we always seek to make available to the market all the information, technology and communication utilities that manage to serve them to carry out investigations of all kinds, from the simplest to the most complicated or complex, such as computer science, where the usual denominator is always quality and


It is simply a matter of having the correct information, which is feasible with the slight virtual consultation of our Grupo Arga Detectives blog. There is no doubt that, throughout Spain, we are the preferred agency to obtain the data and reliable evidence in computer expertise, thus being able to respond to your problem with the professionalism and speed that meet the expectations of the most rigorous.



As it is known, our forensic computer scientists are equipped with the latest generation technological tools and utilities that accept to examine in an effective and simple way the inconveniences that they may have at the computer level.

Hiring only qualified forensic computer detectives like those that belong to Grupo Arga is your solution. This is a wise choice when hiring the services of forensic informatics, since it guarantees that the work will be carried out as soon as possible and with all the quality and expected results.

If you need the services of an optimal forensic computer detective, it is best to do a very thorough search, because not everyone can do the jobs that expert forensic computer scientists do in computer surfaces, software, hardware, OS, computer networks, information protocols, programming languages ​​for apps and others.

So, we suggest you visit Grupo Arga detectives. We were awarded for our efficient quality service, and our success rate in relation to computer forensic investigations is the most prominent in the industry. In 2017, our group was awarded the gold star for the 10 years that we have provided services, with impeccable ethics and transparency for our users.

Grupo Arga has an unrivaled discretion so that the client can feel safe getting the services they need.

If you have problems in relation to your communities, you should not worry because the detective will do all the essential work to protect you.

Through our official website on the internet you will be able to contact our experts, ready at all times for the solution of your problems . Do not hesitate to find us and resolve your conflict immediately!



Our Agency Grupo Arga Detectives is a company with a huge business history, being known in 2017 for its countless inquiries carried out with success in Spain. However, the work of this company managed to cross borders, since they also offer their services abroad.

As is well known, one of the primary and essential properties of being a detective is discretion, and this is a substantial quality that our forensic computer scientists give.



Making contact with our forensic computer scientists is very simple. Simply enter our website or call us on our phone number to have our services. With well over ten years of experience, we have managed to cover different areas of computer forensic investigation as well as family, marital and technological issues, among several others.

And, who at some point did not feel the need to hire a forensic computer scientist and has not done so because of lack of security with a particular company? Our forensic informatics agency consists of personnel highly trained and empowered by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out the necessary exploration not only for individuals but also for companies that need an investigation.

It should be remembered that the forensic computer detective is regulated and controlled by the Private Security Brigade of the National Police, which offers security to those people or companies with interests in forensic computer services.

Occasionally events occur that require the search for private detectives to solve what happened. In most cases, something that is always requested is that you have absolute discretion, this taking into account that you do not want to involve many people in the subject.

However, when you are a victim of computer assaults, the duty is to act with time and not let it pass, because inadvertently, this can unleash an endless number of problems that can end up damaging third parties.



Why use professional forensic computer detectives? ¿ What should be understood to hire?

Computer forensics, as its name implies, is simply the branch through which it is possible to carry out investigations of a general and complicated nature, according to assaults or sometimes negative, that occur through computer science. Fundamentally, there is talk of the execution of investigations that go far beyond the superficial.

Resorting to private detectives who are professionals in forensic informatics is the ideal, because they are the most qualified experts to help in the group of investigations that undoubtedly must be done, in relation to the case and in relation to everything that is important to achieve the completion of the investigation that is being merited.

On the other hand, another reason why this class of detectives is chosen, lies in the specific fact that, to carry out some types of investigations, it is required to carry a sequence of authorized licenses and privileges that not everyone can carry out, is you need to study for this.

What must be understood to contract these services. It is the fact of verifying if they really have all the licenses and privileges up to date, in addition they should be informed of the city where they are assigned and what the resume is, and all the jobs that the detective could do before.



How to contract the services of one of the best detective agencies in Spain?

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we provide a host of experts to guide you in any circumstance, according to your needs, and that also goes hand in hand with the entire subject of investigation. We are valued as one of the best detective agencies, which you will have the possibility to find in the country, and we have a high reputation.

We have experts with privileges and licenses duly enabled, and in a timely manner. It is enough that you consult our services that you can provide to your customers so that you do not suppose it anymore and begin to get out of all the troubles that you have the possibility of creating some occasions.

The professional detectives in forensic informatics are, perhaps, the experts who find it most difficult to find, thanks to all that corresponds to their work, however, here at Grupo Arga Detectives, we have them.

The subject of the search for private detectives is something that, beyond being granted in a non-recurring way, always creates a dispute because you have the possibility of offering opportunities in which, occasionally, you must resort to one. The most frequent would be forensic computer scientists.

In this same order of ideas, finding professionals in the computer sector is not something that we have the possibility to achieve with much simplicity, however, there are what would be private detective agencies in Spain in which we managed to find the best professionals , it is only enough to search accordingly.



Is it very difficult to find professionals in forensic informatics in Spain?

Whenever you are looking for professionals in a specific sector, you must take into account multiple causes that should not be overlooked. First of all, you must take into account that it is a requirement to find reliability, ethics and professionalism. Since these are the primary values ​​that have the possibility of captivating a distinguished clientele.

Secondly, in the situation of forensic computer scientists, you should look at the path of the experts you want to hire. On the other hand, it must also be ensured that they have the approved licenses and capacities, since this will be the guarantor of having the possibility of achieving the desired results.

Finding this type of private detectives in Spain is not difficult at all, in fact, one of the best groups you can count on is us, Grupo Arga Detectives. We are a detective agency with appropriately trained experts, also, we have all the necessary information, with this we make decision-making easier.

When hiring this class of experts, you must be clear about what is going to be carried out, what information you want to find, and how long the investigation can take. In addition, you should take into account that any kind of information found can be useful for achieving the desired objectives.



How to get to the best detectives? Are they really expensive?

In many opportunities, finding the right people is not a simple task, much less going to be simple to get with professional forensic computer detectives. However, it is a search that can become much faster if you as a user are clear about the type of job you are looking to get.

The type of investigation that most of the cases these experts do also needs a lot of discretion, being this one of those points that we precisely do not have the possibility of omitting. Beyond this, it does not mean that these experts have much higher costs for their services and fees.

Grupo Arga Detectives, among other things, managed to establish ourselves as one of the most widely used options in relation to these experts, because we precisely have the best prices and the personnel prepared to ensure that all our users have the pleasure of a job well carried out. cape.

Our rates have the best value for money, in addition, this depends on the agreements reached with our organization.



Hiring the services of the best forensic computer scientists is very simple. Grupo Arga Detectives stands out for giving resolutions and proposals that hit the spot with the information you require.

Our forensic informatics agency executes a contract detailing the hours the exploration begins and ends, the budget and all the information on the person or company requesting the service, as well as the person or group to be investigated . In this contract, the person or company and the agency will have to sign this contract as a way of guarantee in case of judgment since it cannot be investigated with verbal agreements.

In the detective market, there are different options, but our forensic computer scientists, unlike the rest,  give quality and have the purpose of solving people’s concerns in a very efficient and reliable way. We are well-trained experts for this job, who will provide you with a successful job response, and we will do our best to do it with the necessary discretion and commitment that such special and meticulous work entails.

Feel free to choose how you want to do the exploration and which professionals you want to work with, but do not hesitate to ask Grupo Arga, since the first consultation we will give you is free.




When you want to hire a private detective who specializes in labor matters, such as fake casualties, you need a private investigator with high training in the situation. A feigned discharge could lead to the suspect being immediately dismissed.

If you suspect that a worker is carrying out a scam, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Detectives to resolve your concerns.

The labor investigation is  hired by many companies because of the irresponsibility and lies exposed by the workers, since they are using a fraudulent disability to get their earnings without the need to work and since that is illegal, many companies are looking for detectives labor experts in fraudulent work casualties.

The truth can be understood through the enormous disparity of elements at the moment of having labor conflicts that have the possibility of being offered between a worker and the company.

The consideration of an impeccable investigation is the writing of an optimal report that our labor detectives will deliver to you.




Already when it is at the level of idealization, a good labor detective should know himself as the palm of his hand the labor legislation that is currently circulating, all those probable sources that have some reference to the aforementioned topic and thus be able to focus the investigation to get the essential evidence that can destroy any fraudulent work leave.

At a formal level, it could be commented that the report cannot have any error or exaggerated statement that is not detached from the observation made and thus be able to achieve the proposed tests.

Something simple that a detective should understand when he has a labor matter, the really basic thing would be to get an intensive formation of labor rights, and it is a requirement for the correct accomplishment of all labor investigation.



GruPo Arga Detectives in Spain has an extensive diversity of professionals, with knowledge on the labor issue to achieve in this way getting the necessary information that the client requires to continue with the dismissal of the alleged inventor.

When it is required to comment on the value of labor detectives, the truly common thing would be to search for Grupo Arga Detectives, given that you have the possibility of obtaining the evidence you need without any hesitation.

It is important to understand that not all detectives have the same price for the proposed investigation, because they have the possibility of having a low or high value.

When hiring a Labor Detective, the first thing that people look for the most is the economy, but on the contrary the costs derive in relation to what services the client requires or what costs the client achieves through the search for some satisfaction you need ..

Extra expenses in the event that there are, should be justified. You have the possibility to list below:

Travel expenses. Since carrying out a search at 10 kilometers is not the same as carrying out a search at 200 kilometers.

Some costs that have the possibility of deriving such as registration, which are registration, ownership, highway ticket, etc. To achieve achieve give the information that is required.

Given that if you are looking for an economic detective, when obtaining it, it would be recommended that you not hire him since it could be much more expensive for him to waste time in most cases, since sometimes they do not have the correct understandings for research.



If you are looking for technical advice on technological investigations, Grupo Arga detectives is the agency of private experts that will provide you with the highest service that can be used in the entire market.

In today’s society, you are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. However, elements such as communities and the Internet greatly violate the privacy of their individuals.

Similarly, thanks to this growing dependence on digital media, they are suitable for all kinds of computer crimes.

This is when it becomes a requirement, an intense technological investigation based on concepts of forensic informatics.

Grupo Arga Detectives has one of the best groups of technological detectives in Spain, these are very different, given that they come from different surfaces of the national territory and the panorama worldwide. Grupo Arga detectives has one of the most specialized law firms in private technological investigations with rigorous excellence and discretion.



Technological research is a development by means of which, through scientific techniques applied in forensic computing, it is possible to save, retrieve and investigate computer data from different technological infrastructures associated with equipment.

Commonly, the data flowing from computer inquiries are used in legal proceedings, therefore, the computer experts who carry out the investigations must be meticulous in obtaining the information.

If you are looking for the preferable usable advice in technological matters, Grupo Arga Detectives’ computer experts are the preferable alternative that you will find in the market, not only for their incredible professional development, but for their incomparable costs throughout Spain.

We are going to explain why Grupo Arga detectives is the preferable of the private investigation agencies in Spain.



The private agency Grupo Arga detectives is popular for two things: its professionalism and track record. These properties were recognized by the business sector with an excellence award thanks to outstanding research carried out successfully in the business area.

With this, he only makes his career even more current, with well over ten years doing a job in Spain and throughout the country.

And it happens that the private experts of Grupo Arga Detectives mix two essential elements throughout their inquiries: professionalism (our researchers are appropriately titled) and the impetus that only youth can offer to an investigation.

Grupo Arga Detectives’ private experts are experts in all kinds of private investigations similar to marital inconveniences, business investigations, computer sweeps and technological investigations.



Our researchers are linked to spectacular settings, creating a unique bond of empathy and security that stimulates the achievement of objectives successfully.

Grupo Arga detectives is a company that stands out for the development of its personnel, which is titled in the same way that the Spanish laws on the matter establish, in this way as with close expert ties with graphologists, psychiatrists, scientific researcher technicians, experts, computer professionals, etc. experts who have the ability to give your research.

If you are looking for the best computer consultants in Spain, go to Grupo Arga Detectives. We guarantee to find the information that is required to benefit your technological research.

Our work areas offer you the first advice for free, at the best costs, go to the best private experts in all of Spain. Grupo Arga Detectives guarantees you success in your investigation.

A widely used counterintelligence technique is electronic scanning. If you want to confirm that your privacy and access to your personal information is only yours and your circle of security, the best way to ensure this is with a sweep by Grupo Arga Detectives.

Nowadays, with the technological advances in all the probable spaces (this has inside active listening equipment, spy programs and innovative telephone participation elements) it becomes increasingly difficult to keep our privacy. That is why we must take some provisions intended to preserve it, which we will talk about now.



In counter-espionage matters, one of the most used techniques to prevent information theft is electronic scanning. This is a conglomerate of techniques and the use of different premeditated devices to discover all kinds of information gathering devices such as active listening gadgets.

These gadgets have the possibility of being spy microphones, hidden cameras, information theft gadgets, the discovery of intervened telephone lines, in short, basically any spy element lodged in an unauthorized way in our homes or work areas.

Undoubtedly, if you require these services, you will want to understand which is the company focused on private investigation that has the best experts legally authorized to carry out computer sweeps in Spain? That company is Grupo Arga Detectives.



Grupo Arga detectives is a pioneering private investigation agency in electronic scanning techniques throughout Spain and the most relevant in all of Spain. Her track record of well over ten years in charge of all kinds of cases related to marital investigations, electronic investigations and the execution of electronic sweeps support her.

Recently, this private investigation agency in Spain was awarded with recognitions for excellence through its relevant work done by legally qualified detectives and graduates in accordance with Spanish law.

Grupo Arga Detectives private investigators have the latest equipment and the most up-to-date spy microphone discovery techniques, so that if you need an immediate electronic scan in a precise space, you will receive the most remarkable and safest of the jobs that a legally licensed private company can give you.

Gupo Arga detectives will ensure you know if your room, office or place of life is subject to the participation of telephone lines, use of active listening gadgets or if there are hidden cameras in them and, if you discover it, you will receive the best advice in the matter to take legal actions and protect your privacy.

Our private experts will advise you on everything related to preventive measures of this kind of irregular practices, such as espionage and information theft.

Today, if you are not careful, you can also be the victim of information theft through your computer gadgets such as computers or latest generation phones. Grupo Arga Detectives also makes special computer experts available to you.

Feel free to come to our work areas to receive the best advice and special costs.



Is it essential to hire the best private technological detectives? Modern advances have made the technological configurations of private detectives in a complete update, so we must always have information on par with technological advances.

Our Agency provides services of all kinds, both for individuals and companies. In the technology sector, GPS services are proposed, followed by Smartphone . It is worth mentioning; recover any kind of data, such as written content messages, call and internet history, contacts, etc.

When the client comes to see us at our office, our private detectives will provide the first consultation completely free of charge and without obligation, and will provide an action plan along with a budget.

Private Technology Investigations specialize in the latest advancements in technology. Technological detectives have the possibility of obtaining information required by our clients.



Our detectives will provide you with all the data collected in the contracted private investigation. This is evidence and clarifications, which have the possibility of transforming into a fundamental part in judicial processes.

Our technology detectives must have a legal computer base to do their job properly.

At the signing a one contract with our detectives will have all fees start to follow the development of exploration, under the aegis of the experience and professionalism of the best.

You can enter the official page of the Arga Group where you will have approximate prices on our fees .

In Spain there are many agencies that provide detective services, but the best is Grupo Arga for many reasons, among them due to our age and commitment to quality.

The value undoubtedly belongs to the primary causes when considering a service and Grupo Arga Detectives is aware of this.

However, it is a requirement to take into account the value for money, since frequently the mistake of choosing a service is paid for which less is paid and in the end the expected results are not achieved or responses that do not meet our expectations are achieved .




The best detectives are part of the Arga Group, which is a company that deals with strict exploration, either to have true evidence in any judicial process, or simply to please the curiosity of an individual or business group.

For this, it is a requirement that the company provide security to its users or people with interests in this special system such as private exploration. That is why our agency is an incredible alternative, since it has been more than ten years in the labor field offering the best services.

The prices and rates of the exploration service have the possibility of fluctuating in relation to the type of service requested, since our agency provides multidisciplinary services since we have specialized private detectives in different areas. Our company allows all kinds of approval, from labor fraud, family or marital problems, including for the search of people to the most complex technological investigations .

As stated before, the rates provided will depend on the type of exploration contracted. Now some examples:

The budget for monitoring and surveillance, which would be everything that includes the time control that is dedicated to work, behavior control, etc., range from 70.00 euros per hour and per detective. It is important to emphasize that costs increase if it is a public holiday or if the service is carried out at night.

The price of a technological investigation will depend on the specialized service contracted. As an example we highlight the services more against all :

The installation of a hidden camera can range from € 450 to € 1,400 depending on the complexity.

The realization of an electronic sweep will range from € 1,100 onwards depending on its complexity as well as the space to be covered.

A forensic computer investigation will start at € 550. Being able to fluctuate a lot depending on what you intend to hire. Thus, for example, detecting if a mobile phone has any spyware will have a basic cost of € 550. A study in social networks will cost from € 1,300 depending on the complexity. An online reputation cleanup

will start at € 1,500.



If you want to get in touch with the best technological detectives, without a doubt, your best choice is Grupo Arga detectives. All our detectives are constantly retraining their knowledge in the latest technology applied to private investigation.

You can make an appointment with us through our 24-hour telephone number 913866294. A professional will assist you and guide you throughout the process so that the investigation is as pleasant as possible.



Our agency Grupo Arga Detectives has the best private investigation professionals from all over the national and international scene. Our detectives are very different, since they are experts on different surfaces. Our group of detectives has one of the most specialized law firms in private investigations with rigor, excellence and discretion.

Our private investigators are authorized to carry out investigations for individuals that are essential, always at the request of a third party entitled to obtain the evidence and information that are conclusive for the situation.



Our detectives are characterized by acting with transparency at the moment of investigating the situations of our users and offering them a unique job.

Grupo Arga are professionals in relation to inquiries, obtaining information, surveillance and monitoring with detailed recognition throughout Spain. We do an excellent job in relation to the suitability when investigating the situations of the users, planning the actions together with the exploration teams and in offering the

final results in the reports in a formal, legal and complete way.

Our private investigations for individuals provide information and obtain pertinent information and evidence related to the needs of our clients.

When hiring our investigations for individuals, our detectives will provide you with all the data collected from the exploration, evidence and clarifications which allow you to act efficiently and capable, both in the most intimate and personal and judicial settings. Evidence has the potential to become a primary part of court proceedings.



Our private detectives are characterized by discretion, experience, duty and effectiveness, essential pillars to offer our future users positive results.

Our detectives contribute to effective resolutions and results in your company or on a personal level in a confidential way. All the data obtained from the inquiries will be exposed in writing in the report and verified in a judicial development if required.

The private detective who forms Arga Detectives is a professional trained under legal standards, carrying out in- depth investigations of each case that the client wants for a profit, whether personal or legal.

As all of our detectives have a legal basis, we will comply, without a doubt, with giving you a contract that will detail the type of order to be contracted, hours from the beginning and the completion, the data of the client and the investigator, which will be signed by both, the client and the agency. You will have copies for backup of both. Avoid contracts that are verbal or detective which do not give you guarantees.

If you want to hire an optimal detective you have to keep in mind Grupo Arga, which has been offering its services in all plots for 10 years.



Our agency provides services of all kinds, from issues of particular interest to issues of judicial interest. By attending our office, our detectives will give you the first consultation completely free of charge and without any obligation, and read we will propose an action plan together with a budget.

In any situation, the private detective has the function of cataloging the information, including taking photos on the scene, and then presenting them to the client for whom he was hired, then the client will take the appropriate measures and use the evidence collected based on his interest.

Our private detectives are trained and qualified to obtain information more quickly and to obtain pertinent information and evidence regarding accusations or crimes that have the possibility of being prosecuted at the request of a party,

At the conclusion of the private investigation, our private detectives will provide you with all the data collected from the examination, evidence and clarifications.

Our private detectives seek excellence in customer support and the most outstanding viable deal. We have a huge human team committed to all private investigations and extensively trained, also having enormous experience in solving problems.

We are the best private investigation professionals to carry out private investigations, obtain information, surveillance and follow-up.




Private Detectives Agency in Spain ®


When you are about to use the services offered by Private Detectives Agency Arga Group, you will get many different questions to your mind.

It is better if you can find answers to all those questions and move forward in the process of obtaining the services that are available.

Then you can enjoy peace of mind that will be provided to you in the long run.

Here is a list of answers to some of the most common and prominent questions that you will get about the services offered by Private Detectives Agency Arga Group.



Private investigation is the process where an expert investigator conducts a process in order to locate certain evidences that are available related to a case.

You can provide the case and the private investigators will be able to start working on it and provide you with evidence that you wish to get hold of at the end of the day.

It is important for the private investigators to be equipped with a license to offer these services to the people in need.

In most of the instances, it is possible to see retired military personnel and police officers working as private investigators. They find it as an easy task to offer the services because of the background knowledge they have.



The expert private investigators are in a position to deliver support and assistance to you with solving many different types of cases. In most of the instances, you can find how these private investigators are provided with divorce, child custody, infidelity, family law and child support related cases. Along with these, they also come across cases that are related to personal injuries or accidents, where they have to reconstruct the incident.

You can also find people who seek the help of Private Detectives Agency Arga Group in order to locate people or assets. If you want to do a background checks for employees that you are planning to join in for the company, you can think about obtaining the services that are made available by the private investigators. They will be able to do all the work and provide you with support and assistance needed to help you overcome struggles.

In the meantime, you will also need to know what the Private Detectives Agency Arga Group is not capable of doing. Then you will be able to analyze your case and determine whether you need to take that case to private investigators or not.

It is true that private investigators have access to several sources of information that belong to the government. However, they are ordinary citizen like you. Hence, they are not entitled to do certain things. For example, a private investigator will not be able to pose in the form of a law enforcement officer. On the other hand, they cannot do anything that is considered as illegal according to the law that exists in the country. It is also important to note that the private investigators are not provided with legal permission in order to wiretap the telephones as well.



You will have to do certain things before hiring a private investigator. Then you can make sure that you are receiving an appropriate service as offered by them at all times. In fact, there are few steps, you must follow and execute due diligence. Then you will be able to obtain the services that are available to you without keeping any doubts in mind.

You should sign a contract before you make the payment to obtain the services that are offered by the Private Detectives Agency Arga Group. The contract should contain all information related to the service. For example, it should contain information related to the specific service that you are getting and how much you agree to pay for it. The payment terms and conditions must clearly be indicated in the contract as well. Then you can obtain the services without facing any major issues.

You should not rush through the decision of obtaining the services of Private Detectives Agency Arga Group. Instead, you need to ask questions and make sure that you clarify all the doubts that you have in mind. Once you clarify those doubts, you can proceed to the next stage and obtain the services that are available to you by the private investigators. Keep these facts in your mind and you will be able to make sure that you are receiving expert services from private investigators.

The Arga Detectives Group can guarantee positive results for all the clients who get in touch with the agency. That’s because we are delivering our services based on past expertise. We are aware about the legal components that will come into play when offering the service. On the other hand, we also have the knowledge needed to deliver the services that you want as well. Therefore, we are in a position to take forward your case and make sure that you are ending up with outstanding results at all times.

The private investigators who work along with Arga Detectives Group are credible. They will be able to dig deeper into the situation and uncover lots of information. All the information will be documented, so that nothing is lost. Hence, you can get your hands on a report, which you can trust and rely on at all times. Moreover, video footage and audio footage will also be delivered, so that you can trust on what you are getting from the private detective at all times.

Contact our team at Arga Detectives Group now. They will be able to deliver the services that you want to receive. You can achieve all your goals with our expert private detective services as well.



Are you looking for methods to investigate an event? Look no further and consider our offer from Grupo Arga, where you have the opportunity to carry out private investigation activities quoted at the best prices so that you get answers and key evidence to clarify your case.

Implementing expert actions on your case will undoubtedly always be a correct decision, especially when you take into account the wide range that we have throughout the service areas, which maintain a clear design and goal of protection against deception, that’s why you must make sure to get rid of doubts through our services.

Traditionally in our private investigation agency we promote a sense of open response to any request, the key step is to open yourself up to trust all the details of the case that is going to be treated, therefore you will be reciprocated with a deployment of a considerable strategy for all the circumstances to be faced.

We receive cases to offer the greatest possible attention, which is why resorting to professional assistance regarding our services is ideal. We are also available to answer any questions 24 hours a day, through a variety of means of communication that generate the opportunity. that you know the scope of private investigation.

All the service channels that we establish at your disposal provide unconditional support, understanding how important it is in many situations to know the truth in the face of evidence that makes it easier to act so as not to live under an unfair circumstance for you, so the first thing you are going to achieve it is a genuine and empathic management.

Regardless of the level of difficulty of the case, all the circumstances involved are estimated by our private detectives with the function of drawing up an appropriate strategy, they are also professionals who are endowed with solid training in each service area they represent.

In any scenario, our professionals carry out state-of-the-art investigations, since that is the way to get to the bottom of each matter in a much shorter period of time, added to this is the ability to implement innovative techniques and resources, which allows that private investigation be qualified.

The scope of the truth happens when all the instances of the search for the truth are exhausted, following phases that yield results in most cases, although certain steps are adjusted as part of the customization that your cause receives, it is a Thorough professional handling that is hard to find through other dealership.

The tasks that we develop on the different cases of private investigation are related to the nature of the matter, that is why there is the capacity to meet and exceed the requirements of any case in an optimal way, this kind of vigilance on the conclusive evidence is kept under a attractive offer.

All the initial answers about the case are established through the formation of a neutral and objective space, a consultation helps you feel safe to share all the key details to continue an investigation process that ends up being effective, that is exposed under the success of the operations we carry out throughout our history.

Anticipating the occurrence of a deception happens only after the proactive efforts of committed private detectives, at Grupo Arga we form a staff that classifies each professional based on effectiveness criteria to be certain that they can take charge of each situation and demonstrate it. through our reputation.

Effective hiring is synonymous with the articulation of specialized help, to dispel the lies that may be involved about an environment, in addition, intelligence belongs to the main skills that are assigned to the disclosure of a case, all this organization causes you to have your disposal the best private detectives in Spain.

The resource of private investigation is not as expensive as you think, much less if you do not lose sight of all the evidence that you can get as part of the solution to deception through a quality process, with guidelines based on criminalistics so that all information is verified.

On a daily basis at Grupo Arga we deal with problems of different kinds, which means that the investigative work can be perfected based on the circumstances of the case, to establish totally personalized areas, so the processes are a motivation to resort to experts who are worth the effort. worth investing.

In the face of great complexities, you should consider the service proposal that we design for the personal, family, work, business, computer and other areas, you will find an expert who continues to lead the investigations in these areas, that is an aspect to highlight so that you can solve any problem in the hands of qualified professionals.

Each problem is classified in order to add professional criteria that serve as a solution to that situation, no matter how much you want to investigate as a form of prevention, you should know that it is the best way to obtain 100% verified information, it works to create a base on an issue and be able to make a decision that does not turn against you.

The private investigation course has the application of innovative tools, to process each type of information expertly and without altering the content of the evidence, in addition, this class of operations represents you in all aspects to specify the conclusions about a situation .

Each case receives a professional impulse of notable commitment, in this way the type of help that we can offer increases, do not doubt that in Grupo Arga you have the option of sharing different facts so that an investigation process is directed towards the demonstration of what It happens in any field.

If you feel that desire to act to discover the truth, do not think so much about hiring the expert services of Grupo Arga, where you will not only receive warm and professional representation, but also flexible prices compared to the situation to be investigated, without the need to get involved. with this work and alter the evidence collected.



The first reactions when dealing with the details of your case, focus on creating an action plan that is consistent with what you are going through, this is a personalized formula to determine the necessary tests, this type of result is valuable to take action in the matter and even expose someone involved in an illegal act.

Any attempt at deception is limited from the truth, there is no need to reach a point of extreme uncertainty, but rather you can rely on the professional advice of Grupo Arga, this is a full guarantee of success in knowing the truth, so exposing the evidence should not mean a failure or a greater effort without results.

Professional action avoids errors of any kind, on the contrary this is a method that speeds up the obtaining of information on the matter to be investigated, it is important to highlight the functions offered in Grupo Arga because they emphasize a practice in which they evaluate all the indications to reality check.

The creation of reference points to reveal useful evidence, can be achieved on all the characteristics of the case that allow litigation against illegal situations, where you will not feel intimidated by having evidence during this process, this is a way in which your space is not affected by deception.

The response by our private detectives is associated with efficient methods in this field, each element and tool is used to pursue the expected and timely desired of the area related to the case under investigation, therefore you have an absolute capacity to meet the demands of private investigation.

All those details that you specify at the time of the case, is essential to get to the bottom of the matter, in addition, this corresponds to the first steps when drawing up the contract for the representation of private investigation, because it works as a basis to prosecute the direction of the investigation.

The problems can be reduced with the information obtained in a lawful manner, which generates a clear benefit to establish responsibilities in the face of deception, thanks to the study of the evidentiary elements obtained throughout the investigative process, which sets as a goal to obtain evidence under a absolute precision and advanced operations.

To analyze all the aspects involved in private investigation, it is necessary that you have a reference of the scope of our services, from the first moment in which all the details of the case are shared , personalized objectives are established, that type of precision allows the Expert work generates solid evidence.

The study of the situation marks all the challenges involved, in this way the action plan has a scheme that includes the services that we have in Grupo Arga at the moment of complementing the development of a private investigation, where each one of the processes complies with the requirements of the case.

The level of attention is worth it, that’s why hiring private detectives is a solution, mostly with prices that prevent you from being able to resist trusting these professional services, private investigation operations are integral to clearly share what happens in relation to Your case.

The indications that you express at the beginning of the case are taken seriously by our experts to increase the possibilities of resolution by executing processes according to the information and data that you have shared, that is why honesty in the face of the problems you face is crucial.

To transmit the investigative work to our experts, it is essential so that you do not have to go through a complex emotional process, but this can be saved thanks to the objectivity of the professionals who cover every detail of the case, this means that you will not be affected by the progress of the case, but you can wait for evidence to be obtained.

Professional help is distinguished when creating hypotheses that are really decisive, especially because actions that are outside of a due process that preserve the legal value of the information found are taken care of, in this way the services can consolidate the freedom of act before a court.

Solving a case is not an action to be taken lightly, in fact it is a job that must be composed by a professional vision that considers your concerns primarily, because that allows you to receive expert collaboration to reach the ultimate consequences of the discovery. of the truth from a legal margin.

To better deal with your doubts, the objective support of private detectives is everything, since all the elements are analyzed and processed by the area of the nature of the information to ensure that they are valid evidence, at Grupo Arga we maintain empathetic assistance on your needs.

The value that is assigned to clients translates into a prioritization that is treated throughout the case, the mission of proving the truth becomes simple with the representation at your disposal by our private detectives who focus on sharing a performance efficient when in doubt.

Facing consequences happens effectively when you have real evidence in your hands, that is a significant advantage that information offers you, because it is much easier to act from the demonstration of the facts, which only happens when private investigation agents assume this commitment.

The most direct and solid path to the truth arises when carrying out a private investigation from professional means, that is why we generate an offer through an accessible price to develop the achievement of more answers, with instruments and operations at the forefront of each sector. .

The professional value of our services at Grupo Arga is reflected in the strategy we create to expose the truth, at the same time there is no rest with the completion of the action plan designed for your case, until the evidence necessary to establish a position is determined. .



The needs at the time of research are met by Grupo Arga, where we establish opportunity prices in relation to the plan that we can design until we get concrete answers, this is ensured by having qualified areas and endowed with the best resources in each sector to create a wide representation.

The private investigation process is simplified thanks to the training of our experts, this type of training allows you to get guaranteed answers, the objective of our services is based on mobilizing all the actions and qualities at your disposal to clarify what happens in relation to your case.

Each element or doubt is verified thanks to the exhausted processes through our professional services, that is the guarantee so that you have in your favor the main answers that prove the truth, it ends up being a contract that exhausts all the possibilities until creating a proposal according to your needs. finances and the exigencies of the case.

There is no doubt that the contribution of evidence is positive and time supports the service areas that we offer in Grupo Arga, it is feasible to have high value evidence with this contract as the most effective alternative, this is verified by being advised by the best of the environment that develop an efficient work.

Specifying the details related to the case is the purpose of this contract, so by establishing this objective we can support you together with updated field work and focused on the medium on which the private investigation is going to be carried out, the most important is that we are at the service of your needs with a functional practice.

The most optimal solution for your case is specified through a personalized and flexible structure with the facts, in addition, the professional offer guarantees that you will have a broad criterion in favor of executing information verification processes to promulgate complete satisfaction and exceed the expectations of the client. case.

The private detectives of Grupo Arga make this possibility of proving a fact a reality, they carry out investigations with high-caliber activities in this area, with innovative tactics that fit the situations to be analyzed to collect evidence through legal techniques at your entire disposal. to finish the case.

The legal authorization is one of the qualities of this contract, to expose any type of mysterious activity that ratifies the occurrence of a deception, in Grupo Arga you receive an expert intervention to clarify the obtaining of elements on some fact or circumstance, so that you make decisions certain about the problem you are facing.

As customers you can count on a specialized offer, any problem that is generating a doubt is reduced with professional and expert action, these senses are compatible in commercial, family, personal, work or other areas, where each peculiarity is thoroughly explored to identify the tests you can use.

The experts associated with Grupo Arga develop actions on specific geographical areas, as part of a specialized coverage, we identify a strategy on the places that the investigated subject frequents, as part of a management that does not miss any type of detail, on the contrary, all minimal relationship is exploited by our services.

All the factors of the case are the subject of study to get to the bottom of the clarification of the situation, it is about exhausting the ways to throw solid evidence, the care during the investigation ends up generating a convincing result, this happens thanks to the fact that the aspects are supervised meticulously before forming the action plan.

Considering the details is decisive for the case, but at Grupo Arga we adopt changes about the services to improve the type of response we offer in each case, in this way we have the opportunity to expand the services we provide within the investigation of the truth.

If you want a sense of tranquility, it is vital that you exhaust all avenues of searching for the truth, through our private investigation agency where you can get a reaction to the possible deceptions that are being presented against you, the usefulness of each area of Service strengthens your posture in the face of problems.

State-of-the-art private investigation techniques are intended for the development of a last-level investigation, where tools associated with the world or the field that is linked to the subject of investigation are implemented, this is done to cause the process of obtaining evidence to be much shorter.

Obtaining information is a part of the critical investigative process, since it sheds light on what happens in that environment to which you are related, each technique complements a rigorous effort, this is distinguished from the traditional performance of this professional, because we seek keep us in constant evolution.

Discretion is a superior action that is offered throughout the investigation process, in this way it is feasible to correspond to the action plan outlined from the beginning of the case, on the other hand the initial interview must be assumed as a great option to share the primary details of the case and go in search of more clues.

The ability to find information represents the resolution for the problem you face, this is exercised for more than 10 years that confirm the trajectory as a private investigation organization to execute data collection processes that work, therefore the benefits of this hiring are notorious .

The various service areas of Grupo Arga are at the service of your needs, maintaining the quality necessary for you to obtain compelling evidence, for each matter an expert is assigned who uses tools related to the circumstances of the case, that is why the usefulness of our services It is wide.

Every client of our private investigation agency ends up confirming the skill of analysis and study that they can apply to a problem, at the same time the support of technology is integrated as a notable advantage when it comes to specifying the achievement of decisive data for the case.



The inquiries you make through our services at Grupo Arga, follow a line of useful questions to form the cycle or investigation process, this development allows the evidence to be revealed in a timely manner, this means that even large corporations end up trusting our professional actions.

All kinds of companies have the opportunity to investigate the staff, the competition and partners without raising suspicions, we accept the challenge of revealing the truth about any agreement without affecting the activity of that medium, this is remarkable when you are looking for answers and above all of expert representation.

We carry out an investigation that completely covers your doubts, the intention is that you know what is happening in a transparent manner in the shortest possible time, so that commercial claims are kept safe from contracting our services, if you need an investigator who adapts to the circumstances this is the way to achieve it.

The wasted time and the constant doubt really do imply a clear loss of money, as well as an impact on your peace of mind, all of that stops with the opportunity prices that belong to the service areas offered by Grupo Arga, the critical phases of a situation you step aside with the evidence in your hands.

It allows our private detectives to move and obtain evidence in a short time, we evaluate the situation detail by detail to form an effective action plan, that is why our work acquires a higher price in terms of the scope of tranquility, without a doubt the decision to inquire is the most assertive in any circumstance.

The passion that our investigators put in motion is a factor in your favor, especially to complete the procedures designed to deal with the situation that manifests itself in your case, regardless of the type of client you are, you will receive guidance and a clear sense of private investigation that benefits you.

Allowing our experts to analyze the circumstances is still a positive decision for you, acquire the courage to entrust your problems to our experience in each field, we promote strategies for each environment, through specialized attention to determine the truth.

Starting a private investigation is simple, thanks to the fact that we exhaust effective deadlines that limit your headaches, it is about conducting processes that end up yielding key answers, that problem or that doubt should not imply a failure for you when you get involved in a situation illegal, but you should bet on experts.

The expert answers on a fact are issued from the efforts of Grupo Arga, this allows the evidence to follow an agile presentation through the ability to provide key information, in the shortest possible time and without exaggerated fees, you have the alternative of demonstrating a fact.

The level of efficiency that is part of our services is high, but this does not mean that the cost-benefit ratio is ignored, in fact one of the objectives is to keep our offer accessible to receive a greater number of demands to cover cases, to through the field work of our agents and the provision of effective tools.

Availability is wide through our private investigation agency, because we consider the different needs that may arise, to this is added the experience in various fields to build professional response methods focused on a solution intention.

Before gathering the team that is going to carry out the formed action plan, a budget is prepared that covers the entire operation, so that you approve those logistical measures that will be implemented on the private investigation process, that means that in a special way You have decision-making power throughout the investigative process.

It is definitive that you have in your favor the decision-making on your case, because that choice allows you to build a direct link with the collection of evidence, what is real is that you are going to get excellent coverage for the investigation techniques that are developed where all the questions and hidden situations in the case are perceived.

The approach to validate all the information present in the case is sustained by the level of training of the experts involved in the case, in fact we constantly have the opportunity to appeal to specialists who dominate the exploration of other branches, so that you are well represented in each instance.

As a client you receive special attention to your needs, the services of our private investigation agency offer a clear closeness on the problems that affect each investigation request, for this reason the tasks end up being fundamental to find information, especially when following a path of strategic action.

Undertaking a private investigation generates a high level of demand that we cover, which indicates that all the requirements you have are covered through actions attached to the legal provisions to provide valid evidence on the Spanish legal system.

The request for our services opens the door to obtaining useful information for different areas, this type of availability allows entities, companies and individuals to receive the help they need, for this we improve the provision of services so that you get better attention and receptivity about your problems.

The research proposals have an economic value within your reach, this development of detective activities can work in your favor through hiring, this type of participation ends up being of great value because everything that happens in the environment related to the facts is processes from our services.

All private investigation management remains legal, thanks to the fact that private detectives are empowered to carry out a detailed investigation, to the point of providing crucial evidence for the case, so as an interested party in proving the truth you should consider the benefits that causes this hiring.



At any time of the day, if you want to know what events the private investigation can take care of, you have the alternative of calling and consulting Grupo Arga, or simply through a click to obtain data to make the decision to trust this type of service. , until you know the type of operation that is compatible with your case.

As long as you recognize the benefits that we offer you from private investigation, any circumstance is the order of the day to know the reality about the facts, through an economic cost to receive an expert judgment to address a doubt or question in the appropriate way.

The acute sense of private detectives to search for information is promoted on the analysis of data, which is executed according to the type of client we represent, the response of our specialists extends to anyone who needs evidence from a service of quality and highly profitable.

The entire scheme of the private investigation action plan is personalized, that is why we create solid strategies for each case, in this way the demonstration of the truth cannot be avoided, they do everything possible to benefit individuals and companies to obtain valid tests and certificates.

A private investigation is formed by processes that use personalized resources and tools, without leaving aside the vocation of service that stands out on their actions by working permanently on the closest resolution to the case, this is a reflection of the passion that exists about the search for truth.

For every private detective it is a dream to represent cases with the purpose of exposing the truth, especially when following a personalized structure that is coupled to the case that is subject to the investigation of our experts, this is assumed thanks to the fact that as professionals they recognize their role and scope when issuing solutions.

The interest in hiring a representation in the area of private investigation has to do with this recognition of the search for evidence, through techniques and procedures directed by experts in that area, so the evidence obtained has an important weight to agree on. negotiations and end any uncertainty.

An effective management is one that our experts prioritize, to provide a precise response to limit all those doubts that arise in you, so the elements collected are subjected to a process to clarify the origin of said information, to provide a resolution according to the facts.

To connect the facts with the tests at Grupo Arga we carry out an exhaustive investigation, but under a high analytical sense to process what happens, that is, a critical point arrives in which the hypotheses are validated or discarded, to form a final report. that is really forceful about your judicial purposes.

The context of any private investigation is maintained on the promotion of activities with a high degree of capacity and ingenuity, in order to get a quick response to your case, which are based on evidence that undergoes a precise evaluation so that they are the appropriate medium to meet your needs.

Various investigation processes that are directed to a case maintain a personalized perspective, to which concentrated actions are integrated at a high level of expertise so that the resolution of your problems is guaranteed in all aspects, as well as the execution of related activities. with the case is an efficient way to get answers.

The next steps to be carried out, as soon as you comment on the situation they are going through, are based on the expert knowledge of the area to ensure the incursion in the correct direction, this is done through the observation of the details related to the case, since they are managed as indications that establish the way to solve your situation.

The experience in case resolution allows the structure of our services to be ideal to get to the bottom of any problem, especially to set the steps that are developed when looking for evidence, that is, everything is a system measured based on the resolved cases to set a pattern of success in the face of deception.

This kind of expert answers facilitates that waiting times are shortened significantly, mostly by using techniques that focus on common behaviors in the consummation of a deception, all this increases the probability of capturing all kinds of evidence related to the deception. case.

Designating better investigation techniques is the commitment that we exercise on the problems raised, that guarantees that when making the contract you meet highly specialized criteria, these work as a clear identification of the evidence that circulates on the investigated field.

All the data and evidence are subjected to a technical and scientific verification, everything depends on the operations that you approve and pay for, in your hands is the possibility of paying a much more expert representation than you imagine, the available studies maintain processes linked to the DNA study and much more.

The expert attention is presented thanks to Grupo Arga, where we use innovative tools to safeguard that feeling of protection, that is, the services are oriented to the implementation of qualified techniques and manipulation, until transmitting a timely response to the situation to be faced.

The operation of the private investigation processes is agile, thanks to the discipline that characterizes each of our specialists in private investigations, that is the way to transmit an excellent treatment of the evidentiary elements until leading to the revelation of reality.

The work provided by our private investigation agency is comfortable, each unit has a striking trajectory for each area, so behind each hiring there is a clear effort to prove the truth, hand in hand with licensed specialists who do not compromise risk the use of the information.



The methodology associated with private investigation is effectively covered, all client requirements are covered under the articulation of expert methods in which we guarantee the delivery of evidence with the appropriate criteria for each area, this kind of advice allows you to take the most convenient decision.

The investigations follow the investigation process outlined from the action plan, through a group of highly qualified experts, that is the guarantee of obtaining a resolution according to your case, legal care is important so that you provide this evidence before organizations, thanks to the fact that the detectives develop police measures.

The tasks associated with the contracting of private investigation mark a differential point, because all the details are considered to cover the totality of the reality that is subject to a particular problem, for this reason the attention is always devoted to your needs to provide expert guidance.

The price of our services is striking, in view of the training to carry out precise skills to the point of gathering the decisive and relevant information to know what is happening, the opening of a case allows us to have a look at the truth with the leadership of experts who the resolution alternatives increase in your favor.

The coverage of private investigation is established throughout Spain, to extend the range of action that we can exercise by virtue of the defense of the truth, that is the position that we assume when sharing the breadth of our services, so that it is a much more frequent option to avoid having to expose yourself to deception.

Each office that we have receives your problems, to offer you an effective solution on the services that are open to each cause, to this is added the passionate human talent in sharing the capacities of this sector as part of a beneficial response that is imposed before the fraud and doubts.

Nationally and internationally recognized investigations are carried out, that is why you should contact us to know the prices of the representation that we can offer you, in each case we want to demonstrate that professional success that defines us, by promoting a totally personalized attention focused on human and technical alternatives to your disposal.

The composition of our services has to do with qualified experts who follow the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to adopting methods of proceeding that are also followed by the National Police, after all, all these estimates cause the evidence to acquire greater legal value.

The best alternative to obtain evidence lies with Grupo Arga, because suspicions come to the surface without having to participate in a process that is exhausting for you, instead our private detectives have the necessary training to assume this type of commitment, no matter the nature of the problems we can help you to know the truth.

If you are fighting commercial, labor, marital, legal or personal problems, you should rely on private investigation, as it is a means where all sources of information are exhausted in detail, it is a way of knowing who is lying to you and how it is happening, the cases are assumed by experts from that medium.

In a short time it becomes an effective source against those risks that are causing you headaches, since we have a staff of expert private detectives to design alternatives of great opportunity for your case, since behind each query what prevails it is a high sense of creativity to find solutions for the case.

The decision of what is best for your case, you can make it through the advice and approach of our specialists, also regardless of the problems you go through, a personalized plan is sought so that you are satisfied as a client and even have the option to cover economically the services offered.

The satisfaction of a case is based on the demonstration of the truth, that is why a clear effort is made to fulfill that purpose, from the union of various fronts of private investigation, thus the duty to help cover the needs of clients is fully supported with actions that generate the best results.

The trust that you can assign to Grupo Arga ends up paying off, since in a short time you will receive information, from a discreet management that is implemented from the first moment, because the achievement of results depends precisely on confidentiality, so it is a non-negotiable value. that we guarantee.

The hiring of suitable private detectives allows you to have at your disposal various services that you can learn about through a simple contact, that is the only thing that separates you from having professionals who provide you with answers through an appropriate budget, in addition to the analysis of the situation occurs free of charge.

Do not wait any longer to find out what Grupo Arga’s coverage can do for you, that is the true passion of our private detectives, maintaining a clear focus on helping more clients, in fact it is a way of demonstrating their knowledge, regardless of the circumstances. circumstances involved with the case, it is your best chance of getting support.

Previously in the consultation of the case the details are estimated, such as a window to create an action plan and a budget, but it also allows you to feel that warmth through which we dedicate ourselves to looking for convincing evidence for your situation, this type of alternative it ends up being a favorable success for you.

Choose a service that understands your needs, and that exercises the most innovative in the area of private investigation, that is why it is the way to describe your case, that is a starting point to reach the evidence that you need so much, hiring a private detective trained for national and international affairs is answered from the offer of Grupo Arga.



The offer that we actively support at Grupo Arga is broad, because it allows you to resolve cases in a safe and confidential manner, what you can expect from this representation is the scope of useful evidence for the problem you are trying to combat, this happens with the experience that we have acquired throughout each administration.

The main thing to cover in a private investigation is your desire to rediscover the truth, which is why the investigative work follows the north of honesty and transparency, without forgetting the strict adherence to legality so that the outcome of the services ends. being favorable even to summon a legal cause.

Doubts about how much a private detective earns are answered by studying the facts related to the case, because these situations are the ones that cause complications that must be overcome by virtue of the professional qualities of our experts, but do not hesitate to they deal with allied areas working for the same cause.

At the same time, the type of research to be carried out plays a key role when sharing a figure, which is why the first thing to get a figure is to express all those doubts that go through your mind to know the type of operations that must be carried out, that kind of of aspects directly influences the fees of our expert private detectives.

Depending on the type of work that is going to be carried out in favor of your case, an optimal rate is set, in addition, adjustments can be made to the resolution methods, since in your hands is the possibility of selecting the route of the action plan that you can cover, that’s why the query implies a clear solution for you.

The evidence to be exhausted is of the highest level, considering a shorter period of time so that it is possible to find evidence as a great opportunity to recover your peace of mind, consult your doubts for free, that way you can view the private investigation service from All possible optics.

The budgets are framed and designed in your favor, that allows your needs to be covered without much difficulty, so that it becomes a resource capable of combating deception that is emerging against you or an environment where you are clearly harmed, until you achieve convincing results. to face your case in the best way.

Making a contract of this nature is compatible with the work, business, personal, family and other environment, where each issue is taken seriously as part of the commitment that exists to prove a fact, we accept different issues to verify the truth about various fields of private investigation.

The fields that we keep at your disposal cover incidents in the industrial, labor, commercial areas, infidelities, location of people, and even state-of-the-art computer processes such as electronic scanning, this is a clear sign of staying open to any problem, that’s why we have the power to study any problem raised.

When we face a case, we carry out an action plan to obtain irrefutable evidence, which means that the disclosure of a problem is prioritized, acting in a specialized manner as required by the field, in this way an action that is out of place with the circumstances is not carried out. to face.

Every study carried out by Grupo Arga maintains a consultancy by our team of experts, within the actions integration with legal and technological measures is added, because that allows the findings to maintain wide recognition, that guarantee is what you need so that your case be a symbol of justice.

The rigor of private investigation follows a path of objectivity, especially by having clear private detectives about the progress of your case, that sincerity allows you to take the appropriate actions to defend your interests, and above all to understand what is happening, evidence helps you figure out what’s going on.

Having the private detectives that we have at Grupo Arga is being under the guidance of experts who seek true results, find through a consultation the opportunity to present evidence that clarifies what is happening, we find solid evidence in favor of your peace of mind.

The first time you consult our services, you will have access to a budget focused on all the expert actions directed towards your case, you should not establish a hasty commitment, much less, the information we offer you is free and evaluates all the difficulties of the case.

There are plenty of reasons to think about the economic coverage of our services, the invitation to get in touch with our experts is positioned as a broad and effective solution, in the face of each complication think that it is best to leave this kind of delicate situation to an expert. of the area.

The personnel belonging to Grupo Arga are oriented to your concerns from the first moment, especially when sharing a budget, because the ultimate goal of each service area is satisfaction, without neglecting the improvement of all methods of obtaining answers to promote functional operations.

The execution of the services provided by Grupo Arga entails a high performance that is at your entire disposal, it is important that you know everything that private investigation as a resource can provide you to know the truth, as you accept the scope of our services you will to be able to determine what happens in an area.

The resolution of the case depends clearly on the estimation of the variables of the case, those points are what define the procedures of the private investigation to be exhausted, we have the mission of following all the indications thanks to a plan oriented and thought of your concerns, that is ideal that you consider the professional contribution of our private detectives.

Professional help is on our offer, so that you have investigations and operations that expose the truth, that motivation to express the reality on evidence arises and the hiring of our high-quality services with legal guarantees becomes a reality.



The main thought that resides on our private detectives is focused on the estimation of all the details present in your case, since this approach demonstrates a greater degree of ability when searching for evidence related to the situation that motivates you to investigate further. through professional channels.

The elements that we have in Grupo Arga to confront a case are propitious, thanks to the fact that a logical plan is designed in which intelligence operations can be carried out to carry out totally effective surveillance and monitoring, that is why, for each type of case, Allocate a specialized plan.

The training of each of the private detectives that we have at your disposal, follows the same initial objective of planning the course of the private investigation until its success is guaranteed, that is, it is about being careful to obtain the key information for the case, they also know how to handle the resources and tools in this field.

For each area of Spain we design a reception oriented to your needs, because the purpose is to offer a wide adaptation, that is why the initial study works to detect all the resolution measures as well as the expectations you have, in turn the lifestyle of each community is estimated to launch research operations.

The performance behind each of the private investigations is optimal, that is why we have built a solid reputation to deal with cases of a different nature without limitation, so it does not matter what type of obstacle your case presents, we can still meet the goals of the case. , so regardless of the occasions or needs you can go for an efficient hiring.

The duties of every specialist private detective is to get to the bottom of each question, thanks to the modernization of knowledge that facilitates the application of optimal plans to complete their work, which means that the best decision to know the truth is about hiring. of our services.

The opportunity to act against suspicions is based on the resources that we have at Grupo Arga, every case of private investigation seeks to expose answers as soon as possible, thanks to the quality work carried out on the investigations according to the case.

The simple request to investigate inspires timely responses from Grupo Arga, the development of a doubt is always privileged, especially with the certainty that each private detective is licensed to take on cases of any level, for that reason it is a useful task and fully enabled.

The proportion of answers at the right time when you need it is everything, at Grupo Arga we have answers based on inquiries available within our services, which pursue deception at work, emotional, personal and in any other field, because we make an effort for helping in any way.

The diversity of the services offered within our private investigation agency strengthens the achievement of valid evidence, which undoubtedly becomes a key support when faced with problems where you need evidence and information to make a decision according to the circumstances.

The establishment of the investigations follows the course of the circumstances of the case, so that all individual, work, business and other needs obtain a specialization with the inclusion of elements of high-level private investigation, to design the best answers about the environment in which which our services are developed.

As a client you will obtain a totally close and transparent validation of your concerns, so the attention for each client ends up being special, that is what you should aspire to with each query, do not omit any data because it is crucial to exhaust the entire investigation process private.

The solutions proposed for each case follow the trend of the theme to which they belong, all this is associated with the investigative work, where the capabilities of the private detectives who assume this commitment stand out, so resorting to our services is synonymous with knowing and taste reality.

Every case and client is different, for this reason you must allow us to evaluate the situation until we classify what is happening until we find an effective alternative solution. The actions carried out by our private detectives are initially preventive until the signs are handled properly.

Your emotional well-being is not affected by the course of the private investigation, since you do not need to get involved and expose yourself, rather our private detectives take charge of what happens with expert criteria, together with precise tools for the type of situation to be covered. , until you have the option to make appropriate decisions.

The detective services are close to your needs, the possibility of making this contract is real and demonstrates the professional skill that an investigation requires, for this you only have to share your concerns with our experts, since they have the vision of managing planning until detecting a cheated.

The promotion of evidence is a resource that you must exhaust, the optimization of cases is a duty that every professional private detective assumes, you should not wait any longer for the solution to your problems, it is a necessary contract because every scenario is evaluated and analyzed effectively until the fundamental evidence is provided.

The observation of your case is the initial promise to arrive at the demonstration of the truth, the activities that are carried out within the work of private investigation are effective in achieving true results, in Grupo Arga the sense of exploration remains optimal for Create a high standard process.

The role of a private detective has to do with the ability to respond to each requirement, this type of hiring is made up of several phases where you get the advantage of comparing your suspicions with reality, to determine the collection of evidence and provide peace of mind.



When it comes to having precision to prove the truth, it is vital to go to Grupo Arga for professional attention, from the initial agreement that occurs when you report your concerns, it is an effective starting point, where we establish the way of encountering reality with these optimal processes.

The interest in hiring our private investigation services is based on the successful outcome that we implement on the follow-up work, under the structure of expert responses that pursue each clue related to the case, for this reason private detectives become faithful witnesses of reality.

The designated private investigation agent is dedicated to pursuing the demonstration of the truth, this type of contribution allows to build a reality based on facts, because they establish an expert coverage on all the indications of the case until generating the fundamental evidence that your case needs.

All the clues come from a chain of events followed by our private detectives, whose mission is to solve the case based on your initial questions, which is why it is a process of great importance in conjunction with personalized service areas that combine all aspects. of this profession.

Obtaining evidence is a sample of the high level that our private detectives exercise, thanks to the identification of problems and the degree of difficulty as a first professional action, where the initial scheme is typical of the circumstances present in the case to be addressed.

On the other hand, the experience invested in handling the case is striking, that increases the support of our services, because as an organization we comply with the affirmation of clarifying the reality of the facts with solid evidence, that is, we are a guarantee of exposing the best in the field of private investigation.

The precision to determine the truth is part of the professional answers that we issue, where the resolution rate of each topic is taken into account, so that this pattern is a form of help on future hiring, for this reason private investigation is a great reference to expose an act that you strongly suspect.

All the elements that are carried out in the development of private investigation, cover your needs since your concerns are in the hands of experts, that is a fully functional multidisciplinary service from any point of view, because it highlights reality in a tangible way. and undoubted.

For all kinds of situations we implement a work related to the defense of the truth, through stealthy actions, all this reinforces the importance of this profession and the level of guarantees it offers when confronting a problem, you must assess the ability to obtain answers to make reality that interest in getting a comfortable contract.

The distinction of our various services has to do with the resolution they offer, when carrying out high-level research, you have the decision to request this representation compatible with different areas, where the tests build an expression of reality so that you do not continue under that wear constant emotional.

Undertaking a private investigation demands a permanent approach, because the events that are occurring need to be revealed objectively and without manipulation, for this the observation of our expert detectives is key, to the point of verifying and discarding any type of hypothesis under the evidentiary elements.

A contract of this kind is cheap compared to the benefits offered, where all dispersion and doubt are dismantled thanks to the evidence related to each case of private investigation, it is a specific service due to the type of resources that are allocated to verify and process related data.

Any act of fraud or deception can be exposed through the scope of the private investigation, due to the scope of the meticulous follow-ups that are carried out where precision stands out, each type of deception is treated accordingly, given that the investigation is linked to the made to customize actions.

All kinds of investigative work is covered through the contracting of services, where ratified procedures are contemplated, during the course of the follow-up no detail of the routine is omitted, on the contrary, any event can be of great importance for the case, for that reason deployment is complete.

The operations available in the development of the private investigation are crucial, thanks to the fact that a profile is established to follow based on the details of the case, these suspicions can be denied or confirmed only with this legal channel, it is an initial and responsible way of get evidence about a situation

The clarification on a particular topic occurs with the level of preparation of suitable private detectives, this has caused us to achieve a solid reputation, that is the main characteristic that draws the attention of Grupo Arga, the strategic will is the best answer in your favor to summarize the doubts of the case.

The organizational areas present in Grupo Arga respond to each incident, because it is about the development of a wide-ranging professional response, it is about not concentrating on the facts due to the emotional impact, but from the doubt of exposing the truth, with the follow-up of the day-to-day life of the person involved in the case.

The advantages increase when hiring professional private detectives, it is a very assertive decision due to the coverage of the requirements, so investing in these expert services is an ideal management to clarify the occurrence of a fact, it is only necessary to share the indications so that The case gains strength by exposing the truth.

The expert skills of our private detectives are unique, they remain synchronized and at the level of the doubts about the case, much more with the professional training of these agents who represent you throughout the investigation process, the topics are deepened with the analysis and the articulation of different services that affect the verification of the truth.



The value of the services of our private detectives is worth it, due to the level of practice that they constantly develop when taking on a case, to obtain those elements that end up being key to dismantling a hoax, so the more evidence that is generated, the greater the certainties about a situation.

Any disclosure of clues, findings and evidence, allows establishing a more solid position in the face of any suspicious fact, the proposition of a case implies a commitment to carry out investigations with experts from the private sector who generate a solution for each case, much more with specialized techniques. to address a specific situation.

The support you are looking for is presented behind the deployment of operations based on different fields, this kind of articulation is characteristic of the breadth of Grupo Arga at your entire disposal, the usefulness of this hiring has no description, it ends up being a broad deployment.

The scenarios that private investigation contemplates are wide, and even receive the incorporation of precise tools, this is the formula to cover the field of private investigation, the tactical work is within your reach with this service that supports you in each instance, we are an organization attentive to your needs.

The search for the meaning of truth stops through our expert services, where the final answer on a matter is shortened by the effectiveness of the actions we undertake based on the expertise at the time of processing the information found during the investigations.

Obtaining evidence is positioned as the key approach that we defend, all the events that take place within a case are analyzed, through high-level professional criteria, at the end of this investigation you have the opportunity to make decisions in the face of that illegal act what is being committed

The possibilities to cover within a case are exhausted by the vision of our expert private detectives, this kind of care allows the investigation to be successful, to the point of proving what happens through the construction of a strong case, all the pieces of evidence end up being accurate.

The tests are the most indicated to get rid of any type of suspicion, instead of falling into meaningless worries that affect your lifestyle, private investigation is infallible to guarantee the analysis of all the facts, as well as to obtain evidence that exceeds a valid expert process.

Support on all those doubts that prevent you from living without peace of mind, is enabled in the services of Grupo Arga, where highly technological resources arise to cover the entire field of research and be up to the circumstances present in the problem you raise. .

The ability of our private detectives to share answers is permanently enabled to cover you, this is possible thanks to the experience they carry out on cases of different natures in the same place, over time we facilitate the process of obtaining answers for each case.

Situations deserve appropriate treatment for each cause, that is possible by building a strong and efficient private investigation process, we offer you far-reaching answers by considering each context, private investigation processes are responsible with the needs you have about a case .

In the shortest possible time, the resolution of your case is estimated, for this a feasible development arises with quality methods of this profession, to establish a way of exposing the requirements present in the situation, the ideal is to deploy alternatives to find a solution. forceful and that has led to customer loyalty with private investigation.

Ethical private investigation is one that follows the margin of the law, that impetus is exercised from Grupo Arga, because we compile the precise elements to reveal all the questions of the case, this is part of the service that we offer in the face of any type of requirement without import its dimensions.

The resolution of any situation arises thanks to the expert direction of our private detectives, where discipline and training in the different fields that make up private investigation are demonstrated, in personal, labor, business and other cases, we are your solution.

The most immediate reaction to problems is hiring Grupo Arga, because you cover any need to find the crucial evidence to clarify a case, that is the smartest way to stop any event that is affecting your life, the resource of the private investigation is essential.

Any area of your life that is being linked to fraud or deception can be covered with the skills of an agent who provides evidence that is clearly advantageous when facing any doubt, that is why the execution of investigative measures is key to determine a fact and stop thinking about hypotheses or assumptions.

Grupo Arga’s vision is to remain at the service of clients, which is why the requirement is focused on improving the professional actions that we carry out, especially as we have a staff of top-level private detectives who handle all types of requests. compare with real situations.

The necessary answers for your cause are presented through the guidance of experts within that field, until forming strategies that generate those results that you expect so much, that causes us to be the main reference to go in search of the resolution of concerns and we maintain coverage on Your interests.

The study that we carry out to obtain information is personalized, everything happens by segmenting the spaces involved and the routine that the subject in question performs, to guide the operations towards that direction, that causes the acceptance of private investigation to make sense.

Express your concerns to have an expert vocation at your disposal, all your needs are understood by each of our private detectives, where investigations are carried out adjusted to the circumstances of the case, we remain at the forefront to perfect our resources towards each claim.


Best Private Detectives in Spain ®


Whether you are dealing with an infidelity case or a child dispute case, you need to make sure that you are hiring the best Private Detectives in Spain. Then you will be able to get a top quality service, which matches with your preferences and expectations. In order to get such a quality service, you need to make sure that you are moving forward with the most reputed Private Detectives in Spain.

How can you make sure that you are hiring the best Private Detectives in Spain? This will never be a confusing thing for you, if you can pay your attention towards the basics that transform any private detective into an expert private detective. You can do this when you are hiring Private Detectives in Spain or a private detective agency that operates within the country.

Here are the basics that you will need to focus on.



The expert Private Detectives in Spain have a clear pricing structure. When you are obtaining the service, you will notice that you are getting a top quality service for the amount of money that you are spending on the service. In other words, you will not notice that you are getting ripped off by the Private Detectives in Spain that you hire to get the work done.

You will be asked to pay an advance payment to obtain the services offered as well. In such a situation, you must clearly agree upon the milestones. Then youcan understand how you will need to make the payments on the service that is offered to you. You just need to stick to the payment plan and it will make sure that you are receiving quality returns at the end of the day.



It is important for any private detective who operates in Spain to be equipped with a license. You need to check and see whether your private detective is licensed or not. You can simply ask for license related information. Then you will be able to get a better understanding about the license. Based on that, you can receive a credible service from the private investigator that you are working with as well.

Make sure that you cross check the license before obtaining the services. Then you can ensure that you are receiving the services from a service provider that you can trust at all times. You will not have to keep any doubts in mind when you are getting the help of such a service provider.



You must also take a look at the previous work completed by Private Detectives in Spain. Based on the previous work, you can get a quick picture on what kind of a service that you can receive. When you are going through the list of previously completed work, you need to check and see whether any similar work has been done in the past. Then you should pay special attention towards such cases and understand whether the service has been delivered according to the requirements or not. That’s because you will be getting such a service at the end of the day.



While handing over a task to Private Detectives in Spain, you shouldn’t complete the transaction online and handover the task. Instead, you need to make sure that you are meeting the private detectives in person. This will help you to get a clear picture on what you will be able to receive from the service provider at the end of the day.

It is better if you can walk into the office of Private Detectives in Spain. Then you can get a better picture about the level of professionalism that is being maintained at all times. Along with that, you must also check and see whether the Private Detectives in Spain are willing to meet you in person and develop a strong connection with you, until the moment you are provided with a top notch service at the end of the day.


Last but not least, you need to make sure that you sign a contract and agree upon the scope of service that is made available to you by the Private Detectives in Spain.

The contract will include all the services that you will receive and the amount of money that you have to pay.

In addition to that, all the terms and conditions associated with the service will be clearly explained in the contract as well. Based on that, you can make the decision to hire Private Detectives in Spain.


How much does it cost a private detective in Spain? 



When you are about to hire a Private Investigator in Spain, you will come across the need to find answers to the question on how much does it cost.

You must have a strong understanding about the expenses before you obtain the services.

Then you can make an informed decision to get the services and overcome struggles that you may have to encounter.



There are two different types of charging mechanisms that you must follow while you are obtaining the services offered by a Private Investigator in Spain. They include flat rate expenses and hourly rate expenses.

You will be able to get basic services that are offered by the Private Investigator in Spain for a flat rate. That’s because the private detectives have a clear understanding about the amount of time that will be taken in order to offer the services that you wish to get.

Here are the services that the private detectives will charge a flat rate fee from you.


  • Vehicle registration searches
  • Detection of phone numbers
  • Background checks
  • GPS monitoring
  • Bug sweeps
  • Criminal record searches

The investigators are charging a flat rate fee for these services. That’s because the work that they have to do are straightforward. The Private Investigator in Spain can stick to the standard procedure and get the job done with ease. Along with previous experience, they also have a better understanding about the amount of time that is taken to complete offering the services as well.

However, some of the services will be charged with an hourly rate. If the case is a complex one, the private investigators will come across the need to charge an hourly rate. If the private investigators cannot follow the standardized path and obtain the services, they will go ahead with this pricing scheme.

For example, the private investigators are charging an hourly fee when they are offering infidelity related cases. On the other hand, they also tend to charge on an hourly basis on the cases where they have to locate people, especially if whereabouts of the person are not known. Apart from these common cases, any case that involves a high level of surveillance or research will be charged with an hourly rate.

The hourly rate that you will have to pay in order to obtain the services of a private detective would vary from 50 Euros to 200 Euros. The average is in between 50 to 100 hours. At the beginning of the project, you can receive a high level calculation about the number of hours that will be consumed to deliver the service. Based on that, you can also determine how many hours that you will have to pay for the service that is delivered by Private Investigator in Spain.

It is also important to keep in mind that these are not the only expenses that you will have to bear when you are obtaining the service offered by private detectives. There are many other types of jobs, where you will get the need to obtain the support offered by private detectives.

For example, the private detectives who work for you might have to travel for longer distances in order to deliver the service that you are looking forward to get. Based on that, you will have to spend more money on the hotel stays, transportation expenses and on gas. The average mileage expense is around 0.50 Euros per hour.

On the other hand, the private detectives will get the need to purchase GPS trackers to offer the services as well. For a GPS tracker, it will cost around 50 Euros per day. Likewise, videos and photos will be provided to you with a flat fee.

The private detectives will often come across challenges when they are trying to deliver the services that you are looking to get. In such situations, you will need to be ready to spend extra amounts of money out of your pocket. However, the Private Investigator in Spain should be able to notify you about these changes to pricing beforehand, so that you can make sure that you don’t run into any major issues.

In some of the instances, the cost of equipment is included within the hourly fee. The Private Investigator in Spain should be clear about this.

On top of everything, you are strongly encouraged not to go ahead with private detectives who offer their services at the lowest price tag. You will need to hire private detectives who offer their services to you at a decent price tag. That’s where Arga Detectives Group will be able to deliver support and assistance to you with.




We have numerous years of long experience in cases of all possible types of private investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results and with the best prices. All of our private detectives have many years of experience in the private investigation sector, each with their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our facilities and resources that characterize us is our professionalism used in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies, as well as by the work carried out by private detectives specialized in each specific case that we do. Our work is to investigate with total discretion, as well as with absolute professional confidentiality, fully ensuring, according to the guarantee of each contract we make.



When it comes to investing money, there are many factors to consider before choosing where, but one of the main ones is security. In the market, there are numerous investment possibilities, but which are the safest investments?


Security of an investment

It is not a secret that every investment is at risk; Otherwise, there would be no economic benefits as a counterpart. Therefore, it can be considered a safe investment, which offers the greatest (ever) guarantees of cash income, that is, less risk of loss. Consequently, the main recommendation when investing with full security is usually risk diversification.

Security is generally inversely proportional to the possibility of generating profits with the financial operation. That is, for greater security, less profitability. Another factor in the investment times that can give an idea of the security of an investment. In this case, above all, the duration of fixed income, like profitability, is inversely proportional to security, so that the longer the duration, the greater the risk.

Finally, liquidity is another aspect to consider if an investment is safe or not. The more difficult it is to convert the assets you have invested into clean money, the safer the investment, the more risk of loss along the way. This is the case, for example, of investment in real estate assets.

On the part of the Arga Group, this proposal for specialized attention will not be lacking, when the objectives of the investigation become an objective for each of the detectives assigned to cover the case, all the details of the case as merit.

We have rates of highly qualified professionals, this investment will undoubtedly give you important results, it is the determination of the truth to combat your concerns, all thanks to the level of knowledge of the research experts that we make available to you in each administration of services.

The private investigation areas offered by the Arga Group are made up of notable actions, which are largely based on a response capacity for each type of situation, which are analyzed until your complaints with the solutions offered by this service turn out to be an investment. that meets your needs.

The work that we have done for the private investigation agency is effective, it is also maintained over time subject to the principles of efficiency and quality of the arguments that support a fact, so it is a functional service in all directions, because each case has received assigning the best of our actions.

Private investigation is about delivering answers, for each client, the work aims to corroborate what is really happening and the tests are done to reduce the conclusion, you should not continue to be a victim of disappointment, even less on our behalf. .

The information that our private detectives find is to recognize the actions of the crime of the moment, to maintain a service at the pace of all the social incidents of the moment, the number of our private detectives is recognized for the quality of the solutions it provides.

Given the various problems, the private investigation areas are extremely useful, your concerns must be managed by this coverage that you can hire efficiently, especially for private approved detectives to take care of your problems.

The evidence derived from the representation of the group is valid, they cannot be canceled because they meet all the obtaining parameters, each legal attempt can be made with this evidence, so it is worth trusting our private services.


Experts in the field of research

The experts that we have in the field of private investigation end up representing different areas to continue any type of incident, which means that each job will be carried out effectively, allowing you to verify a fact over a period of time and not follow the boring disappointments.

The work of the Arga group is presented after the needs it expresses, we pay attention to the solution of any problem, the answers that we can determine are of great help in dealing with all kinds of conflicts, a fast performance of our private detectives for purposes the key for you.

The problems with which you decide to deal with the advice of Grupo Arga are specialized, without the fact that the details are revealed or judged, is to develop a trustworthy environment to emphasize the ways to continue showing the truth, since it is not first when Share their cause, we were careful to act.

You can do the necessary justice for your case from our specialized observation, because the intention is to provide you with support under the presentation of evidence with different effective tools that are updated so as not to minimize the steps, verify and provide success.

A private investigation offer for us is a clear commitment, which is why in Spain we emphasize differential attention, thanks to the capacity and creativity of our private detectives, who also allocate their greatest experience in all the areas that belong to our services.

The adventure of discovering the truth can be made up of many risks, this is another weight to demonstrate what is happening, in particular in the specialized advice that can be provided by one of our private detectives to form the plan of action projected from the beginning of the launch. of overwhelming evidence.

Exposing all the possibilities means depending on our experts, because this is exactly what we do when you have to do a private investigation presenting all the details of the case, we immediately begin to investigate so that in a short time you have in your Elimination, the final relationship with all the evolution and resolution of the situation.

Our private detectives know each area that represents the Arga Group, a search for experts is developed from the beginning, the main offer that remains within these services has to do with the generation of a link with the truth of the legitimate contribution of the evidence. .

What is in all circumstances is the demonstration of reality, thanks to a considerable budget in operations that really deserve it, access to the truth is a great will that is part of the services of the Arga group, you will receive a very dedication . Detailed in the circumstances.

The professionals associated with Grupo Arga have a license for specialized investigation, the cases will receive a complete delivery with each agency, this type of representation is the best for you, you cannot deny that facing reality with evidence is much easier for you.



An effective alternative to creating private investigations is about the Arga group, these are transparent services available through viable prices and rates, in exchange for quality representation based on specialized training in each field that we offer to participate in many causes.


Feel free to order our private investigation agency, the need to verify a fact arises from the attention we offer thanks to our best private detectives, which focuses on all the doubts you have in a specific situation, it is an ideal exercise for investigation for truth

You no longer think about knowing all the methodologies implemented in this exercise, where the query becomes the direct meeting with your needs to designate specialists in this field who provide proof of funding, the main mission is to maintain an issue of private investigation services.

The design of a private investigation is closely linked to all the details of the case, because the situations maintain a personalized resolution of the vision that we develop in the Arga group, given the possible deception and fraud, professional intervention is the support you need much.

Understand what you can do with private detectives for you, ends up high, private treatment for confidentiality is safe. The objectives that we establish in the events of the case end up achieved through the effective surveillance that we achieve in all the aspects that it shares with the situation, in Grupo Arga, reports what private investigation means. That you can trust each of our specialists in private detectives.

The main recommendation before making a decision is that you consider the power of knowing the truth that investigates a specific circumstance, we have the best detectives for their level of qualification to deal with various specialized problems; Therefore, our services are the most appropriate at this time seek the truth.

As a private investigation agency, we organize ourselves to work correctly according to what you are, this is the type of security you deserve to receive to progress in revealing your case, we follow all legal measures so that the evidence has sufficient validity at the same time .

One of the safest aspects of the group is the trajectory, because then we use this experience to solve your case, each of the applications that we make is correct, choose our services to seek the truth at all costs, that is, the priority needs to cover .

You do not have to worry about the nature of the instructions, since we have technological areas in front of the flow of activities that occur on the Internet, these means of interaction are strictly processed without violating the integrity or data of a file so that decisive in the defense of a fact or a case.

The team that is part of our private investigation agency is adequate, fighting for the demonstration of the truth to understand all the details that belong to the case is a way of training when you want to answer answers, the value of the evidence is really wide.

Send to the search of the parents, if you suspect that your worker or your partner shows enough reasons to doubt their loyalty, among other situations, consider all the possibilities as sufficient reasons to consider private investigation as a means of solution and help.

The work is essential to cover all these doubts and all the applications that belong to a case, you should not stay away from these services, because we offer a budget adjusted to all the characteristics of the situation, but it is a means of having an expert in training of our private detectives.


The knowledge of our particular detectives makes them the best in their field to confront you with problems

The reference that you must maintain in the Arga Group is the quality point that persists in all our services, wanted for flexible costs, for which you can receive indescribable support, the group of experts that we form is responsible for empathy and the transmission of time additional.

The provision of our private investigation services includes a set of areas, depending on the classification of the case, this is the professional way of dealing with any question, we stipulate the necessary actions until the evidence occurs, it is common to understand the truth.

Once it indicates that it is a feasible determinant that predicts the conditions of the pact that they must cook for the detection of private naked, because they Dieñan , an accident plan.


All the laws on this professional practice are specialized; Therefore, you do not have to deal with the disadvantages of legitimacy problems, unlike the investigation, you do not have to take this type of risk when our private detectives represent you and accompany you on these types of complications.


It is advantageous to organize the best private detectives, like the organization, we integrate many responses so as not to reject cases, but instead, we take care of the facts to form a certain strategy on the fact that you are experiencing.


The sector to which the investigation of your case belongs is defended with the caution and knowledge of our private detectives, so that the response that we can offer for each circumstance, the assignment of the service that is compatible with all the routes is a job.




Thanks to the associated private detectives, you will find an answer to what can be sent, that is, that we know exactly what to do or what happens in each case, because they fulfill a great promise, thanks to the cooperation this. Is cooked cooperation reversed in each case?


The main reason for trusting us is concentrated at any time in the breadth of services we offer, in each case implementing a proportion of knowledge that deception continues to grow.


Specialized investigation is an investigation that is based on an extension of the training of each of our private investigators, who guide and become the eyes to deceive, everything is due to the quality that is involved in each case, because in the end End of accounting these final solutions.


By including a situation, it will always be true thanks to the delivery of concentrated evidence to stop fraud, a great experience is invested to make timely decisions, which is appropriate in each case that is presented to us daily, it helps to answer it.


By opting for this type of service, you decide to leave this error stack, as well as the generation time, the usefulness of private investigation is accentuated after each step we take, but especially in the problems that arise that show what is really happening .


Instead of having to expose the information yourself, this contract remains, which allows you to obtain the results you expect, but also a good economy, because we know exactly where to start, how to verify the data and, therefore, direct a certainty to this appropriate case.


Because everything is going well, we have to make the decision to put an end to the performance of our private detectives, in practice, we look for very useful clues for this huge problem that affects you, doubt is the worst betrayal that you can live in your mind.


Private investigation only requires solid representation, this is exactly what we offer, we consolidate a service as an excellent opportunity to find this evidence that mitigates the error, we understand our role for this purpose, we respond with quality services.


Each area of attention works, under the promise of providing high guarantees on the instructions that we corroborate, so that they can become reliable evidence by requesting our services, it will definitely show the functions that private investigation fills another effective perspective.


We satisfy your needs with a specialty


First, thanks to the private detectives associated with Madrid, we help you achieve these answers in certain specific cases, we perform the function of looking for energy data that you put aside between the two, there is nothing more powerful than a convincing element for this.


The best thing to prefer our services is the board obtained from the first moment the contract is formulated, all thanks to the professional practice that each of our private detectives has carried out, because in each case they contribute in another way, grant this supplement that distinguishes them in search of information.


We can offer the best preparation advice we have acquired in different areas, and then apply the best forensic techniques and tools that help ratify even the smallest proportion of the existing information in the specific case to participate.


We have taken a receptive position all the time to respond to your concerns, this contract does not generate complications, but in full, it is available every day of the year, establishing a wide receipt in cases that occur in an emergency to plan them as a priority.


We seek to break this enthusiasm or underestimation of private investigation services, estimated as expensive, but this is not the case, the price is estimated at any time, according to the processes or techniques that your case requires, everything depends on its complexity.

The evaluation of our services ends at any time, the services of our private investigators are loved under a flexible posture, always available to all this person who needs to find a truth on this subject, we commit ourselves to their needs as participation for the first time.


We have the best costs in the market, private investigation has no reason to be an inaccessible service, but on the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity to certify the truth about a problem, we also apply our quality of action immediately.


Helping with a service involves thinking about the needs of other people, so we work quickly, we understand the value that evidence represents to solve this problem that generates so many concerns, as private detectives who look for this evidence in the shortest possible time.


These types of functions should not be considered a great difficulty, but as a professional action that generates excellent results, only after a simple hiring that is postulated as a resounding commitment to the concerns that they refer to.


We offer frank tests and advances that you could never imagine that, at any time, thanks to this tireless effort of our private detectives, who exercise their duty to seek the truth under an ethic that is not abandoned, no matter how difficult they commit us from the beginning to the end.




Grupo Arga detectives have prices available for clients to know at any time that expenses may mean their private investigation. As we recommend, the cost of a private detective depends on the problem to be done with the client, so that each quote is personalized due to the complexity subject to the investigation, as well as the details linked to the investigation. The prices of our private detectives are adjusted to a cost where the following things are taken into account:


The first telephone consultation is free, this is where the client presents the details of the case and tells the investigators the details to achieve the same. The costs of a private detective will increase between 22 and 8 am and a form of vacation. When the investigation situation is more than 50 km from the investigator’s professional office, the minimum hours to reach a person and a day, regardless of the manufactured workforce, will change according to the section that must be resorted to.


But the costs of a private detective are stipulated specifically with the client, because the budgets are flexible for each situation according to the complexity compared to the case.


It should be clear that when you work with Grupo Arga detectives, efficiency goes hand in hand with excellent cost. Thanks to this, we are a considerably tight agency and we said that restraint and compromise will never go away during the development of the problem, and the evidence obtained is licensed in its entirety and usable in any court or jury. For these cognitions, if, if you need to agree with this guy, communicate with the disadvantages in a very effective, correct and decent way.


How much to pay for a detective with a single phone call to 608 76 79 79. Detectives at a good price and without compromising quality. When you do a short search for levels of private detectives through different resources: social networks, newspapers, web portals, etc. It encounters a different cost race, but despite the cost of a private detective is substantial for the client, generally when they find extremely weak and attractive proposals, they can face their hair, it is specified that in this city there are private detectives with great efficiency, like those of the group that offer good Quality of services and prices.


A scenario between prices and private group detective


There is no company that can benefit from the needs of the user and that engages them in exceptional work, such as Grupo Arga, that the free date cycle, which has still established them, a series of versatile elements that add the most important to its effect on people.


Making and reconstructing all the substances with which to implement research models is not the mucus of Peru; It has a very causal involvement of events that the group has been able to take time and therefore at some point here. You must see the reference allusions of your site, where the prices and the pairs for the research models are also kept in constant comments from the clients and the people interested in choosing the rest, because we know that the taste of the majority is not new thing.


The service and rectification are wise, and the group has done so steadily, not only in its derivative research from computer science, to electronics, to the business space, to the family member, or whatever you need and have the ability to to respond, the group has given and hopes to continue giving what everyone needs, these cheap detectives who expect so many things that they call.


One might think that the prices have nothing more than simple errors or that we deceive you in one way or another, because it happens that we do not look at the costs of an ordinary agency, depending on this we decide to do it.


According to the expected paradigms and also the justice that should be for both parties


You may think that our prices may be higher than average on certain jobs, what is happening is not that they are high, but we have decided to do quality work, so some services are a little cheaper than others, since we can dedicate The quality of the hardest work without costing much.


When you joined our agency, you realize that anyone can afford it


Our prices are agreements with the value of a standard detective, but for another average detective in Spain, ensuring that the services we provide are excellence and do not compare.


Detective at the forefront of technology and knowledge


Our private detectives are the best, since they are not only investigators who study once in their life to do their job, the detective is the specialty that must always learn new ways to obtain the information you need, which is why we are at the forefront of the technology and knowledge.


Choosing our private detectives at any time will not only provide the necessary information or data, but also you can get it as soon as possible, because we have no means that any other agency can obtain information thanks to the fact that our detectives are maintained all the time. time, honing your skills.


The hard work of our detectives is the reason why AGA detectives have the best prices of private detectives, we say this because everything we do is dedicated to them in an incomparable way that the work is impeccable and that all the information that is in a position to the ideal conditions to serve the client.


We may have briefly mentioned before, but the detectives we work at our agency don’t compare to what it takes to be a detective, because not only do they have college degrees and everything they need for an investigative business, but they can also specialize in the work Different fields.


What we mean by reference to the fact that our detectives do not have a comparison is that whatever he does or does, it must be because we have enough knowledge.


Knowledge is vital when you do a job because without them you don’t know the procedure or the way to achieve the action or what to do, in other people the uninformed person can’t carry out an activity like this, and that’s why we are the best capable of having all the knowledge.


Since we want you to trust others, we can show everything we know, doing our job in a unique and fast way, our detectives in Spain have the best quality at the lowest price and at the same time you access a lot of knowledge and experience.


Private Detective Gratification


An instinctive detective will always want to stop until he finds what the customer needs. This is what private detectives reward, because our agency offers not only the best prices, but also with the best taste, because Arga detectives have the best private detective prices in order to satisfy the client.


Although the client is satisfied with the results given by the detective, they have the pleasure of having been able to finish the action without problems and therefore what they want, because after all what we want a lot between us we can complete our tasks. and continue working on what we like.


As we like to do our work, we are happy to help everyone without problems, so we do not care so much about the price, but about the service that we can offer our clients, so we not only have a client, but it feels good to help to customers in some way.


Involved in the quality of work


Since we want to be the best in investigation and detective activities, each of our detectives promises not only to support the client with everything they need, but we mention before helping, because they are satisfied, in the way we are always determined to do our job.


Quality is what each of the detectives defines as their cover letter that the detective who has the least resolved cases is what can be said to have not done his job in the right direction. That’s why we take great care with excellent service and always promise to do what it takes to get the job done.




Sometimes we find the typical interest of the calls to know the price of a private detective, per hour or a closed budget, curiously, without being interested in any other circumstance, in particular when there is a private and very important investigation, because he did not forget the importance of the issues discussed, as well as the data and information used and obtained, sometimes the greatest importance to the service seeker is so surprising that they only need and worry about finding the cheapest private detective.


In general, law firms, professionals, companies or private clients, when they need the professional services of a private detective, go to… Professionals are logical, the guarantee of success in the investigation makes them avoid fanatics or invaders. However, there are always some who do not appreciate professionalism, and seek only cheap, experience has taught us that, in particular, research, substitutes are never cheaper, but on the contrary, more expensive, because in the end they have no results. , and this is important, the results and never be the cheapest private detective.


Why not choose the cheapest private detective?


For someone who is not aware of the private investigation sector, it may be logical to look for the cheapest private detective, because investing less money saves costs. That’s why questions like:


Why do I have to pay more for a credit report, when I can get it online for less if I ask or tell you? Is not the same?


Why do I have to pay for an older detective order when I can find a cheaper private detective? After all, hire the cheapest price, I can get twice more research than with other detective office, but the important thing is not only study many hours, but study properly and get it. The results for which the service was hired, would otherwise be to waste money.


However, the recruitment of cheaper private detectives usually does not go according to plan, because the hiring of a private investigation professional, with market costs and the necessary experience, can carry out the corresponding investigation in less time and at the same time. time to get results ; On the contrary, he offered the cheapest detective services, perhaps due to lack of professionalism, he generally uses many more hours and does not get the expected results, with the damage involved by the entrepreneur of the investigation service, so those who they are supposed to be cheaper, without a doubt, they are more expensive, cheaper and in the lack of resolution of the issue in question.


cheap is expensive


A few weeks ago, a lawyer came to our office to find support, through a trial contribution to a sentence that will be carried out soon; The question was the need to locate two essential witnesses so that you can find them and obtain essential information in the case.


The lawyer tells us that his client worked with another partner that he knew, who was a detective, although he hoped that we could also help him, because he was very satisfied with our detective office, which, for the previous services that we had to do. your office. Finally, the other partner convinced him to lead the investigation with his detective, especially since the minute was cheaper, until it reached half the usual industry average price.


Obviously, I will not comply with respect, because the decision of each client is completely respectable; Although, showing that the professional’s brief experience and, if necessary, the lack of professional advice, which continues as the only reference to be the cheapest detective. The case was a place of people, in this case witnesses to a case; This type of service, in principle, if you have the necessary information, does not have many complications. In addition, one of the people had a strange name, that is, it was not typical. Therefore, in general, its location is usually easier.


Three weeks later, the client called the office, very nervous, telling me that he was in a desperate situation, because the person was not there, the trial date was approaching and he did not know what to do. Given this situation, he chose to hire the services of our detective office; It started immediately, at the end of the same day, we were able to obtain the necessary information and data to locate testimonies from a neighboring city. To verify the data obtained, we moved to this city and ratified the testimony of the witness and his presence, with which the client could carry out the interview with these testimonies.


As it would be easy to deduce, there are several cases and situations with similar characteristics, the clients who initially chose the cheapest private detective, emphasizing that certain cases, the lack of experience and the means began to damage, in a way, the investigation, which was no longer possible to carry out, because the studies indicated the investigation action to which they were presented, thus motivating the permanent warning.


With the only reason to expose the situation in certain cases, to emphasize, for example, a detective that his publication was to offer the cheapest price services by requesting a field investigation, obtaining data and testimonials.


Face with the case, because it defends it in a case of complaint for a very important amount at an economic level; For the reason of lack of experience in these questions, lack of means, or for any other reason, the point is that after a month of research, the results were collected in the middle folio or what to say, when he went to our office to try to change the situation, it was no longer possible, on the one hand, because there was no time and, on the other hand, because the clients themselves recognized that the matter was burnt; So, is it useful to hire the cheapest services if they do not help solve the problem for which these services are requested?


On the other hand, we can mention the issue of certain businessmen, who know if a particular person was suitable for a specific position, chose to request the typical personal report that some market information companies usually do in the market, a reference to the market solvency and professional history. The result of this report was positive, that is, the job candidate, because these companies cannot investigate.


Is it better to hire the most expensive private detective?


The answer is quick and forceful, no. It is obvious that having higher prices or costs is not synonymous with good work, other circumstances, such as professionalism, experience, media, etc.


In terms of private investigation, the client must take into account the fact that sometimes they are problems that directly and personally affect the companies, the family, etc. For this reason, it is important to know that we leave our objects in our hands and that it is important not to worry about looking for the cheapest detectives. Consequently, a professional who has been professionally successful for more than 20 years is the guarantee of doing the work, seriously and with perseverance, always in customer service, who brings us your problem.


In short, when the only criteria for choosing an investigative professional is money, the most necessary criteria for choosing the right professional is loss, because the goal is to get results. Therefore, hiring the cheapest private detective is not always the best, but hiring the best is always cheaper.


Since Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, but not only that, because our agency is focused not only on prices, but on the way we say the generation of satisfaction to achieve what our clients want. , we always want the best customers, otherwise we will not be the best quality.


At all times we promise to do and get results to ensure the quality of our work and that clients are satisfied at 100% of us, a detective does not stop doing his job until it is finished and always focuses on being efficient enough and at the same time, excellence has no problems with users.


We have reached the objectives


According to the clients and users of our services, we can be what we want is that our detectives can be the best. To achieve our objective, we propose to do our work in the best way, always focused on the clues and information collected so that we do not lose the course of investigation and, therefore, achieve not only achieve objectives, but with quality. But with the quality that the customer expects all the time.


You might think that we only think about doing a bad job at our price, but the truth is that we care about our quality, because Arga detectives have the best prices for the private detectives they need without having to compromise on quality. I don’t want them to think that the best price is mediocre.


Everything you need in terms of research we have, so the different field work that allows you to help is in various tasks, facilitating research.


What considerations does a detective have when making an estimate?


When you make a budget, there are many factors that can influence not only the price, but also the quality of a service, because there are times when they do cheap work, we can think that the budget does not need certain tools and that of How do we save on certain things?


It turns out that several times, detectives should think about the cost of travel, with the time that can occur after a person, that they should invest in certain external factors, such as the fact that the food that they will need that they need to look for the person you are looking for or the information you need.


As Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, we also care about offering the best budget to customers without enjoying, it can be quality work at an excellent price, but it does not depend on other factors, everything is adjusted for this . to the fairest.


To mention the fairest, we feel what we do with the prices that we have better, we decided to implement quality at a lower price, we not only have cheap tools, but the best equipment, but in some they are not so expensive, because several this this requires the ability to detect rather than its tools.


Resources used in a survey


Being a detective is not a simple task, sometimes you have to do a very demanding job, they require resources to complete an efficient and quality job. These characteristics vary from the vehicle gasoline you need to get a refreshment gain of more than 200% than normal.


Of the resources, we must also understand that there are a little more expensive than others, the detectives who must take care of all the costs, which are tools for data collection, such as cameras, video or even an audio recorder, like this one, they should be covered by the budget as well.


It is several times more to do an investigation, but you do not have to worry, because Arga detectives have the best prices for private service detectives, but the best.


research artifacts


To do the research work, as we have mentioned, we must have several tools that allow them to test them, in any case.


That is why the price generally increases in a detective service, but this will not happen to us because Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, because, although we have the best equipment, our detectives know how to take care of them and use them perfectly, so we have no problems with these expenses.


If you want to be an independent private detective, if you want to take the risk of paying for a repair, as you sometimes go through certain problems. When doing a job, detectives must be guaranteed in one way or another that at least one of the artifacts they use, because this and their costs can sometimes be very expensive, the job investigation can be a lot of man.


The other side understands that they need to guarantee everything that can import more customers.




The efficiency of private investigation depends on all the time to follow each standard to practice this profession, if not the total effort, it is destroyed by reducing the value of the evidence, through private detectives in Madrid, this risk has been protected from the information from The information that once obtained under a remarkable experience has been made.


The learning of each of our private detectives leads them to act under a legal approach, but at the same time it is part of conducting an effective private investigation.


The data of each person who hires us is safe, we do not reveal any personal information for any reason that the situation is aggravated. This type of private investigation service is generated by a specialist in this profession, an appropriate exercise in this professional role is that each client deserves, it ends up being part of the remuneration of their trust and also of the investment made in our services.


The security that is positioned in our services is based on an additional reason to prefer to hire us without spending a certain type of investment, we can make this difference in each case to achieve a successful completion, where the tests are obtained under a harmony and development free of risks.


In the private investigation sector, we seek to be leaders thanks to professional actions that leave great satisfaction for each client, the service areas we have are extremely broad, organized all the time to improve and exercise effectiveness in this profession.


We are looking for and find an action plan simply adapted to the case, because each situation deserves a personalized response, which we generate thanks to a human team formulated to formulate this type of coverage, until it reaches the bottom of each material with distinction, with a high specialization level.


The actions of our private detectives clearly lead to the value they have, causing security, good and response to all the problems that arise daily as a request for service, the experience is also acquired with associations and support for high legal knowledge.


Thanks to this commitment, each client can carry out the tests they need, for a short time, which is reflected in the final report, which is positioned as an instrument for making decisions related to the legal field and the creation of any type of strategy.


The dispute is based on this evidence, because the origin and obtaining of them are guaranteed, when we attend each case, our goal is to ensure that professional delivery defines us as a company and emphasizes discretion and confidentiality values.


We have your confidence with the best service proposal in the sector


Any need becomes a solution after our professional performance, since Madrid private detectives associated with this, we innovate every time we innovate when we approve the frequency of error, because we also have the maintenance of a clear improvement of the mind to be able to and respond after each case.


Each of our services is made safe and effective, exactly what you are looking for to change the final course of error, we also have high-quality supervised actions, based on the training we receive, we attend this accelerated stage of error for Madrid.


The areas that we have established are recognized for the broad effect they have, from a positive perspective, they end up setting a precedent to combat this search for the incidents of each case.


In all cases, we provide the impact of different areas in the same service, as well as legal and criminal actions, both in combination, the results are ratified under medical legal integrity, taking into account these problems, our results acquire value.


We also provide firm evidence covered by the law, it is the main north of the exercise of our profession and we do it, we seek to emphasize during the exercise of a priority service approach to the concerns that each client is the protagonist of the action or advantages of the private investigation.


Thanks to our services, we carry out different types of investigation, in the same training guarantee, all because our detectives react, they are at the top of the situation that each client formulates us, with a quality that we can generate peace of mind.


We have done a strict job thanks to legal medical techniques and tools, responsible for imposing a resounding seal of credibility on each convincing element, we generate an effective response to the question or the people to investigate, where we detail each step and study the movement .

Given each requirement that we implement processes with a large dose of discretion, you can pay the best attention to meet these requirements with quality actions, which led to the provision of information or evidence of all kinds, because we have the experience of mastering the treatment. of each observation.


To confirm and demonstrate the appearance of an event, we present solid evidence, we have a personal value based on the bad experience that goes through the situation in which it is, with the information that we obtain that we are going to leave the ticket and the power, which is a mistake.


We support a significant supply of technology, as well as tools for each situation, everything you need to know or verify, this will be done for a remarkable period, immediacy is a value for which we do not abandon that it is a guarantee of efficiency.




With the development of the Internet and the increase in the number of users, the number of fake detective offices opened by a private detective agency on the Internet and the people who were deceived in this way began to increase.


This situation, on the one hand, poses problems and damages to the people and organizations that expect the service of private detectives, on the other hand, prevents the development of the private profession and its transformation in the sector. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid these bogus private detective agencies.


Private detective services are becoming more common. It’s a joyous situation, but there are also disturbing events heard every day. Until recently, there were no detective agencies in our country to offer private detective services. The requirements of this direction were somewhat unwise. The people who did this worked with completely amateur methods, far from a professional approach.

A private detective law was first written in 1980, when the activities of private detectives, which were considered a specialty since the early 1980s, began to take on a serious dimension. Although this project was not promulgated and, in a way, was below. When the Association of Private Detectors was created in 1994, this project was included in the agenda, but still without consequences.


As such, the legal gap benefited those who tried to make money from this company. The number of private detective agencies that could be called pirates increased rapidly. These people, who say they are doing private detective work without showing real office management and using their real identity, are disappointed in people or organizations looking for solutions to their private problems. That is why it is so important for those who need to choose reliable detectives.


The naturalness of the detective, which are not recipes and land documents supplemented in private by the people and organizations that request this service. The basic principle of the private detective profession is that these results are still confidential and are not shared with anyone. However, unreliable detectives can use this information to blackmail and try to gain an unfair advantage through threats. The reliability of private detectives is also very important in this regard.


This illegal situation diminishes the private profession mentioned above, and private detectives who do this work are sincerely approached with suspicion. Interestingly, no one filed a criminal complaint against these bogus detectives. Because these people are not real, they walk around with fake identities and use fake offices. In addition, some sell and use phone spyware, hidden cameras, and electronic devices used for many practices that violate privacy.


We are leaders who know how to understand our client instead of being under fraud, we help him to clarify each situation. Our private investigation services are essential to the manifestation of fraud, error, prefer blows.


In the midst of a painful situation, it is possible to have our private detectives obtain crucial data for the resolution of each case in which we receive daily performance.


We study all aspects of the controversial situation, nothing can be followed in the shadow of the error, but on the contrary, we formulate a clearly special response that reduces these serious consequences due to an affordable investment that can protect and separate the enormous risk caused . for a farce


Depending on the request of the case, we have established a process that will be implemented, which allows to obtain reliable evidence that exposes what happened, we do an exceptional job, without delays, excuses or much less, it turns out to discover the truth through our recruitment.


We are committed to providing and doing quality work at any time, due to the fact that we use the best private investigation techniques, it is a major impetus for this substantial conclusion of the evidence, a forensic channel for information becomes a guarantee of the results. .


Our work ends up being transparent and valid to clarify doubts about this specific problem that is treated, it is a necessary step for quality information, we have advanced methods that allow us to ratify and issue the results in a shorter period.


Once possible, you will have solid evidence on your case and you are completely legal evidence, to use them with full freedom in all kinds of legal measures, so we operate under license because we recognize the limit of this profession and the act of homage.


We find the solutions of each case, we classify the problem of the area that has impacted, it is covered by the most competent expert in the field in question, which implies a task and attention to the cases, because we will not leave your problem in the hands of any but the best.


Given the appearance of unusual behavior, signs that cannot be ignored, the presence of a private detective is essential, each person perceives or begins to feel, and when it comes to this point, there is not much to think about, it is only necessary to tell our services to investigate this.


We have skills gained from intense training, this allows us to take private investigations to another level, telling you criteria they don’t provide anywhere else, always keeping your concerns top of mind, so you get precious answers when you need it or more.


Private detectives in Madrid with a large group of discretion


Years of experience in the industry allow our private investigators to provide detailed treatment, knowledge, and a guarantee of success. At the Arga group agency, our detectives are experts in solving every need.


We are located in the center of Madrid and offer protection to detectives from private groups, authorized by the ministry to take your case anywhere in Spain. First, we have a group of professional detectives in the group who can help you in all aspects of your personal life.


Family. Alternatively, you can hire a detective from the Arga group, an ethical and sensitive professional who deals with family confidentiality issues. Deal. Also, hiring the detective from the private group is always a cost-effective tool to help solve and avoid many situations.


Search for private groups discreetly


The presentation of the group of private detectives is transformed into a report that documents the corresponding investigation, revealing the truth about any uncertainty, that is, people, companies or families. Therefore, our profession is regulated by the private security law.


In this way, all the private detectives of our Arga group have the ability to investigate and discover all the reasons that allow us to register and notify our clients of the disadvantages of their daily life, both personal and commercial and family.


That is why we guarantee maximum determination and a successful result. Once the Arga private group investigator completes his work, your case will be included in the final report, which can be used as evidence before any legal process. All the information found by the private investigators of the Arga Group will be detailed in the report and will provide all the evidence and information that will be legally binding to the judge.


In this way, you can discover the truth in front of a jury thanks to the reports prepared by our agency. Grupo Arga detectives: the solution for every need, twenty years of professional practice, offering the best advice to carry out the necessary tests.


Ultimate private detectives with great discretion


Our team of Arga detectives is highly qualified, discreet and dedicated. Regardless, we’ll provide the resources you need to eliminate truth questions. We have a group office in Madrid, where we are working with private detectives who have the necessary powers to face your case at any time in Spain.


The results of our private investigator are published in a private document and all the evidence and details obtained will be collected. Therefore, our profession is regulated by the private security law.


Consequently, our Grupo Arga private detectives are legally authorized to detect, investigate and discover all possible causes that allow us to document and inform our clients at the same time personal, commercial and cleaning.


From the beginning, we provide a free operational consultation service. Obviously, the report will have legal effects before the judge. Our private investigator can approve our investigation. In fact, this report will be subject to comprehensive quality control.




The prices of a detective in Madrid vary according to the type of investigation. In all cases, our Arga detective agency offers free estimates and commitments to all our clients.


We love what we do and we show in the result. We offer budgets and prices, depending on our client’s pocket, so that they are not afraid. Consult your case with us and we will give you a free evaluation.


Common prices cannot be generalized by hiring a private detective in Madrid. In fact, each house is unique and has specific characteristics, we can say that the price of hiring a detective in Madrid varies from €40 to €80.


Different elements like:


The training required for the type of investigation. It is not the same as a simple surveillance of a building tour of a few people at the exit of a large airport or a bus or train station, the time and day of the survey, therefore, inquire about the business day during the week. It will be cheaper than canceling weekend or holidays.


The elements necessary to carry out the investigation. If an excellent motorcycle is required to follow another or a simple follow. The reality is that when we speak of a special service such as a private investigation, it should not be corrected to cost us, but rather as the stipulation of the work of a particular detective can be to us. For this reason, the value should always be proportional to what has been achieved.


Many private economic detectives are not fully activated or fully aware of how to proceed with private investigation. For this reason, several users have bad experiences.


What is the part of a private detective specialist in family applications?


The price is not unbeatable for our agency, with us you will find the best private applications at affordable costs for each citizen. Downloading this way you have seen if you want quality, you have to pay more.


All the frequent change of private investigation, since they are not all the same and the elements that must be used are not the same. To really say that a price for private investigation would be lying because they have the opportunity to solve different methods, which implies variants compared to costs.


On the other hand, our supervision level of 5 hours is 350 euros. Therefore, everything used as a specific feature will be added to the budget. The night has an increase in value, everything mentioned can be consulted: contact us, the first consultation remains free.


The costs of a private detective are related to resolved situations, although through experience, these costs are reduced by certain agencies, which makes them more accessible to the public.


In these specific situations, the importance of the development of the investigation is indicated, although the budget is provided to the person at the beginning, to reach the agency and the maintenance, they can change when the reports are achieved, but according to the development of the case and also the validation of the private detective itself.


As for the opportunities, ask yourself if you need private detective services to obtain safe and true information that you cannot obtain according to your means, to know any kind of lying or hidden circumstance, that is why the cost of the private detective question .


These services are accessible to enough people and, in most situations, private investigation has become a more viable service to pay for the upper, middle class in Spain.


You can find different types of private detectives this way as different agencies, which will offer their services at different costs, it is considerable to check and contrast the costs of a private detective.


And one of the main suggestions before hiring a private detective should not be assumed by the cheapest costs because they are generally detectives who are not legally accredited as private detectives.


This does not make them a certificate approved by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, which supports them, and the service provided is not the most effective and the results are not expected.


The costs of a private detective have the opportunity to be established or divided into fixed rates or prices subject to change, and everything mentioned is thanks to the fact that private investigation is a service that varies enormously thanks to the difficulty of the work and the varieties that can occur in your periods.


Rates of the Vienna landlines given by the proposal of the daily hours that will work with the detective in the rates subject to modifications are given by the whole, the equipment, the distances, the transport or gas to the private car, etc., which are things that have the opportunity to change during the investigation period and should be added to the budget.



The generation of a high-quality investigation service sometimes leads us to ask how much a detective is worth in Spain, doing everything related to the management of an investigation case that can be in accordance with the resolution and cover all the requirements of our customers.


In a detection group, the generation of elements that promotes the resolution made to all those that need to be structural of elements that request rails and live elements.


The general prices of private investigators in Spain when you want to use a private detective, there are several problems, such as costs. Detective fees in Spain vary according to different aspects, such as: the necessary task, the means of order, the time or duration of the investigation, etc.


If you pay for quality work, of course, its value will be a little higher, but it will be worth the investment, because the situation of many anecdotes that some clients have experienced using specialists in private experts from them. Barcelona services to the necessary references. The most notable warnings that an agency or company accepts your task are: experience, certified experts, quality of their conclusions, final tests or reports and recognition from their clients.


We need to mention that the detectives of the group have the peculiarities mentioned above and many others.


  • Private detectives generally charge consultations or advice in a total of 50 to 80 euros per hour and 100 euros when they are taken out of their office (Grupo Arga, the first one will be free). The minimum service that can be requested is one hour, with promotions and discounts for contracts over 5 hours, with the 4-hour service ranging from 250 to 300 euros.


  • If the investigation service is more than fifty kilometers from the region, the minimum hours for the bill will be 8 hours (50 and 100 euros each hour compared to the detective).
  • Aube hours (from 10 pm to 6 am) will have an additional 50%. The best private detectives in Spain are the best to solve a specific problem when a search effort is required. Therefore, the activities carried out by the Arga Group are undoubtedly designed for its development as soon as possible.


In the city of Spain, there is a conglomerate of companies and public institutions. Reason, the field of private investigation is very challenging. Where the group is located, thanks to its career, experience and quality of work, he emphasized, as one of the best private detective agencies in Spain.


Private prices are difficult to establish because, due to the importance of the province in this area, it is a challenge to establish it. Consequently, there is no fixed rate, but without finding affordable prices that you can do your research, you just need to know where to go and what to hire.


Based on these differences in taxes, the Professional Association in Spain has established standard prices. That serve as a reference to agencies and clients when they need to hire the services of private investigators.


That is why Grupo Arga offers its clients a first meeting in which, without obligation, they are given advice and a free estimate. When our professionals listen to the case and indicate the best methods and techniques or use. We present below the rates of the most requested services by our clients in Spain:


  1. Private and family investigation: where infidelity stands out


  • Infidelity: if your partner is suspicious, it is better to hire the services of private detectives. The Arga group has the best professionals trained to investigate and collect evidence to help you suspect. The cost of this service if the investigation is in the region is 350 euros.


  • Places: the city of Santander has recently been characterized as a place widely used to hide people. Therefore, our investigators are experts in all kinds of traces and places of people, with the average price of the service being 350 euros.


  1. Commercial investigation


This type of research based companies. Where we have a variety of services, all types of companies, multinational financial institutions, small and medium. Who during these ten years put all his trust in the Arga group.


Among the services most requested by the business field, we have simulated bad security, event security and surveillance, employment history, suspicion, unfair competition, among many others.


  • Regarding business, where you want to know information, potential partners, suppliers and employees. Grupo Arga will implement the necessary investigation in a discreet, objective and effective manner. This type service is one of the most requested companies, which costs approximately 400 euros.


It is noteworthy that all the services provided by our agency are among the standards established by the Spanish Detective Association. Besides. We have a wide range of services in which we are trained to work with all types of clients, from large multinationals to individuals.


He always offers the best of our agency, to solve the case and, therefore, the clients. Therefore, the professional costs, which we eat from the arga group , depend on the difficulty of each particular case. Therefore, when our clients hire the service, ensure the best from the best hands.





At Arga Groups Detectives, when we address everything related to the value of a detective, they are able to provide the best sense of response to all of our clients.


In Grupo Arga detectives, we have all our clients, you have the best sense of execution of detectives regarding the management of various elements that can carry out operations for both people and companies, so that the operational opinion, Do all we are linked to promoting the best research service possible.


The Grupo Arga detectives are the ones who can undoubtedly provide the best sense of resolution to all those who need elements that can undoubtedly carry out an investigation mechanism that undoubtedly promotes the answers that all our clients expect.


From our Arga investigation agency, our employees can establish the best sense of resolution in all tasks that, without a doubt, to the application of an unfaithful investigation, as well as to all kinds of personal investigation.


For this reason, the research that Grupo Arga makes available to people is, without a doubt, a person linked to the development of elements that can promote the best sense of response as soon as possible at the lowest cost.


It also thinks of our clients and a great logic of execution of our services, our agents allow the structuring of operations that, without a doubt, that, on the part of our agency, we apply everything related to the services such as the surveillance of the services and the control.


At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents undoubtedly respond to answers to business requirements, with the goal that business and business managers can gain the greatest possible competitive advantage.


From our investigation agency, we allow the execution of elements related to the structuring of activities such as investigation for victims of work, as well as the execution of mysterious operations of clients, the latter being cheaper than market research and more useful. that several elements that can provide the best feeling of response to the intention of improving customer service.


For all the people who might ask the question of running investigative services and exclaim what a detective is like, the best way to answer is with another question and it would be worth resolving a situation that makes a lot of sense. A question that certainly highlights the best sense of operation for anyone who wants to implement an investigation that can effectively find where some clues are.


we do the best


Those who ask how much a detective is worth certainly have various items that can be set to apply extremely precise aiming. Therefore, it can involve a resolution of evidence in the service of the community, which is why our feeling of investigation continues to offer the best of our clients.


The Arga detective group is an investigation agency that promotes the resolution of each case, thanks to the generation of a process of great experience, a problem that undoubtedly offers the best meaning of the solution and the response to all our clients at least possible. cost.


The agency that group the agents, without a doubt, linked to the management of elements that can provide the best sense of use with respect to a specific question. Our agents are extremely trained and precisely oriented to resolve all aspects of the investigation.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we do everything possible for our clients, so we always have a vision of executing investigative elements that can provide the best answer at the lowest time, with the lowest characteristics that are used.

Grupo Arga, is a private investigation entity, which firstly intends to be the best solution for its clients, those who ask how much a detective should not worry because, with our agency, they find the best quality relationship around the execution of these services. Do your best!


The price always varies, because everything depends on the case, that is, the time, the tools and many other variables that are used, but we do not have to worry that our service offers a discount on your budget, which gives two confidences In two of the two parties and a much more favorable service you can hire us for weeks or hours, the most common is from 2 to 8 hours of investigation, giving all the necessary contribution to your case.


During hours, the price can be from 50 to 60 euros, but, as was said at the end of the case, a count and documentation will be made, forming the price out of the client’s pocket, because our first intention is to solve the case. At our agency, our private professionals do their best to get it resolved as soon as possible and with the smallest budget.




We dominate with a specific knowledge of each of the service areas, in private detectives that we want to solve a different service, in particular, we end up publishing positive results, so that each sector is followed by the best help in private investigation.


When we think about why we have chosen, you can be sure that we mainly represent your ideals, thanks to the fact that we have given the best care in action thanks to professional coverage, all our areas are well represented through our specialists.


When we conduct private investigations, you can have completely valid evidence across all services, there is perfect expert representation, increasing the chance of getting enough evidence to help expose the life span lie.


We go to the problems of all kinds of clients, that is, a personal and family work situation, we are open to their approaches, we are aware of listening all the time, we are an agency that does not stop to help, but in, For the Otherwise, we are looking for the best solution for you.


We thank you for your preference, for which we remain remarkable training, we try to invest this passion that reminds you of it, but above all it is reflected in the final results published in the final report, our research covers each telescope to attract the research part. private.


We offer commitment values that you do not find in other types of private investigation services, compared to all the areas we can respond with high value, we do not let the details exceed for any reason, you can advise you without obligation, We offer a better instant service possible.


We have numerous experts who are willing to help, we want this promise to provide excellent evidence at the end of each private survey, this guarantee is based on the continuation of the cases we receive, because you need certainty to face a scam.


Given the analysis of your situation, we find the best way to collect information, as well as work discreetly, we keep your concern, so that your integrity does not attach pleasure, before it protects you at all costs.


In our many tasks that we seek to do justice, the combination of each determines what happened by solid evidence, once obtained, there is no doubt that it is different to be in the middle of a problem full of questions to do all the evidence in the hands .


In the private investigation sector, we seek to make a difference, especially the opposite, but we offer the best solution. We are references as private detectives Madrid, you are that our concerns are updated, every time you put them and organize them, we give you something better about the investigation of the LA, if it is so unique.


Whatever point of view, we convince you to trust us, because the economic side does not represent a problem, but rather an opportunity to find this necessary information through the prices and fair rates that we have for your case, to verify each data with distinction.


We can operate with total distinction for the investigation and location of people, we have innovative computer fields to end incidents that occur due to cyber attacks, because technology turns out to be an effective tool today, but at great risk.


The activation of the advantages of private investigation occurs from the beginning of the contract, which leaves a commitment that we respect, despite all the circumstances that may arise; Impositions when we impose we take a case.


Behind our services, find complete specialized care, we also establish a policy based on our discretion, honesty and responsibility values, which requires us to deal with each case under a resounding distinction, classifying it as worthy of an expert. become a position.


The level of preparation of our private detectives to respond to each of the events that manifest in the development of this tool is remarkable, because it is the only way to provide each person with remarkable satisfaction, which is easy and calm with the result. what do we do.


When you begin this path in search of the truth, you can have absolute confidence that we will get to the bottom of everything, applying the corresponding techniques for this opportune situation that generated so much chaos, so much that you need.


We generate a capable private detective agency, thinking about all the current problems presented, placing a series of processes through which each case presented is studied, being the authors of the best private investigation service that you can obtain.


Advantages of choosing our detectives


There is a possibility that he does not provide enough information but it is completely the opposite that we do not get to the part where he finds out because Arga detectives have the best prices of private detectives, what we can say is that when you choose him, you get different benefits or advantages, it is worth it.


Our advantages are quite varied and we have said throughout this article, because we want you to absorb as much information about our services and know what we really value the other external factors or the real price of our agency with its years later.


You cannot always guarantee the advantages when buying a product or service, in this case, if we want you to know what you need to know and this is not a negative point for us as an agency, because we care, we care about dealing with customers and we want what better for them.


All we show that we are worth more than the price we will charge when you tell us because you will not see more efficiency than ours, each of our detectives make the effort and care of what customers deserve to get what they want, all without excluding more money or even cheat in one way or another.


Affordable prices


This is one of the points to take into account in our agency that cannot be assimilated to any other, we offer the most affordable prices and the fair price that you need or really should cost excellence, we are not like the other agencies and we made thousands of Spanish . Choose our services for a long time.


We are not the best, because Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, but we also have the best detectives that can be found and they have years of experience in a triple detective than our agency, but we always hire values from honest people and good.


We can guarantee that the values that you will find in the detectives of our agency are not comparable to those of other detectives or in some cases certain people, we have college education that we need and much more so that the values that our detectives are much more than more than the studies they have.


Stop looking for cheaper rates, because not only can you lose money, but there are different consequences of this type of contract, but it is better to go for the best price trunk so that you can get what you need without any problem.


Years of service


We may have mentioned a little bit about what the experience was like, but as such we only mentioned a little bit about the agency that we have mentioned in full, saying that we are referring to the brand that the agency has worked with for decades, which is of the most reliable.


Our years serving the Spanish or being in the country of Spain is unmatched by any other, so when looking for the best detective agencies in the country, we came up with each other over the years. And especially with our work. You may think that detective agencies get a lot of money, but this verifies the information or data recovery when you need it.


Not everyone can say that they have been at the service of the residents of Spain for decades, much less to say that the reputation that precedes them goes beyond this country, because something that we did not tell you is that our private detectives can work in other countries. , they are the most qualified and have no problems with international cases.


We do our work anywhere

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can get an international job because we are the best studied, not only Spain could say it of the entire European Union, because being a detective in Spain, he has it in university studies that normally they do not.


Can you think of what to do? Well, everything must be done, because it is incredible, if we can work throughout Spain, because AGA detectives have the best prices for private detectives, even if the work carried out by our agency internationally, one of the few to solve investigative problems private.


When you choose our work, you choose quality, professionalism, experience and more than what we mention throughout the article, because we have nothing or someone that is more like everything, because we are unique and offer what no one else can offer the service detailed customer with the utmost respect, no matter anywhere.


You want a detective who can work anywhere and when you have to hire the detectives of our agency, it is one of the best options, because we give you not only the experience and intelligence of trained people, but also the possibility of solving any research, wherever you are inside or outside the country.




We respect this statement to know the truth, we need a difficult preparation to be in terms of the problems that arise, but to date, as associated Madrid private detectives, we understand the responsibility and beauty of this profession to achieve great discipline and dedication. .


Establishing and searching for an answer is always associated with private investigative work, where you can put your trust in our results, because they are equipped with a prominent legal margin, which means that a situation can be used before the illegal defense that violates your peace of mind.


For the requirements of the client, as well as those of the law, we focus on the scope of the level of knowledge to respond to the time you need. From the moment of the operation to the exercise of a specialty, we are accompanied by the experience of this sector, as well as the reading that goes further.


Every request for our services ends up being a call to service, further motivation to take action against this backbone for your good. The ability that accompanies us after the approach of each case is what allows you to give the situation to those who are most willing to solve it, so that we can say with any confidence that we have established one of the best private service investigations, us. have the purpose of being continuously.


We use investigation procedures that have not been observed flaws, the position of rehala was re-elected, unlike the false promise, the intention to use the technique that ended up with a major restaurant in general.


The request for their own legs, but served as a direct link to the prosecutions that will be of great value, they end up acclaiming each of the suspicions that were born the root of the complication, the sea of the sea of the sea of the annoyance of the sea of Facts to have a dessert.


Simple recruitment management produces the activation of a whole series of actions that are used in favor, we seek to benefit from the truth that it is so long that we will promote special areas and knowledge to build this path, we seek to explore the enormous utility.


We practice this profession under the values of trust, combined with the capacity that comes from in-depth training, where each of our private investigators does their part, when the case passes through their hands, fully dedicated to the objectives imposed.


The costs of a private detective are complete in the same way, in their work, which lasts hours for detectives. Various invoices for a minimum number of hours and the use of different types of technologies.

The best thing is that your concern is not the costs of a private detective and there are many investigative agencies that take into account, so they indicate a list of costs that they extend to their employees to adapt to it.


Consequently, in this situation, many agencies launch low-cost marketing of some of their projects for effective research, while other companies offer their services for free for a period of hours.


It is also stated that the costs of a private detective license, depending on the agency, the detective and the special case. If what is needed for you, these are the services of a private detective, which is therefore not to see, there is always the comparison of the capitals, you will have the opportunity to go to another agency and verify which investment is appropriate for you.


Without a doubt, the best thing to do is go to an agency with the name of Grupo Arga detectives. You will receive fair prices. Do not play with cheap detectives and you know nothing.




Therefore, as in the same example of the pipe, a Plumber has in relation to the contradiction, the use of the benefits and the time he must do the work, this occurs with the work of an investigator.


When you hire a private detective, you must understand that you pay for a service and you have an advantage, especially the profit that you have the opportunity to solve this disadvantaged problem or a very serious problem and never think that it was a bad investment.


The really recommended would be to meet the best known detective agencies and try to find what best suits your claims. On the Internet, there is a lot of information about the value of each type of service to achieve a quote or even provide one.


Grupo Arga detectives offer a wide selection of services, where they work very professionally and quickly, these characteristics were what made this company among the best agencies in the country and the best in the world.


The Arga Agency is a company with more than ten years in the service granted mainly to people who need a private investigator to solve their disadvantages, many contracts and investigations were mentioned in this company.

Although the agency mentioned above, the greatest success and reward will and should be contributing to users every day, offering the highest search service that can be created in the field.


In addition, if prices and fees are discussed, there are many offers of good quality and affordable prices that adhere to the customer’s claims and usable budget.


In the work camps, Grupo Arga detectives will receive an initial budget and a free, private and personalized initial interview, the first consultation is completely free and without service.


All private experts affiliated with this agency have a certification issued by the Ministry of the Interior and guarantee incredible quality tests and with their final report during the deduction of the situation. Visit the work areas and web pages for more details and contact.


The professional honor that the private detective assigns himself in several cases is less than 2000 euros for an average survey of three days, it is very unlikely that this price will increase at the end of the case, it even decreases, but if it increases because Maybe the situation she wasn’t suspicious.


Another opportunity to increase the final budget is that your chosen detective is a bandit, so be careful! To escape from these occasions, get where you go and how private detective costs are always worried about being made to see certifications. What is really advised is that you went to expert agencies.


On the planet, there are enough people who care for evil and were sandwiched between the experts to try and get their strokes. So you need to know who hires. Look for real tips from Internet sites with professional jurisdiction.


People may not have to spend on their ways or their business to contact a private detective, but asking, about him, you will not get bad answers, maybe even what is ready incredible suggestion.


The costs of a private detective are not always resolved, since it will depend on the contradiction of the case, the elements that the detective will have to resort to in his evolution. That is why, when the file increases, the detective will provide an approximate price that can increase or decrease compared to the contradiction of the investigation.


In general, the first consultation or visit is free, establishing a minimum parameter of 4 hours per detective and per day. The costs of a private detective at night increase by % of the value, which should be added to the costs that arise in the investigation period because they are transported by the client.


Today, the stipulation of private detective work has increased, thanks to the fact that the judge and court took the detective as the main witness and favored him with great weight in the elections held at trial.


The costs of private detectives are stipulated according to the number of hours that the investigation lasts, the technical means used, the necessary expenses derived from the investigation, the new agents involved, the means of transportation used, the diets and the trips.

Therefore, it is advisable to contact our detectives and expose your specific case to guide and offer a total confidentiality estimate as much as possible, free of charge and without obligation.


When you intend to hire a private detective, it is important that before our conversation or appointment, as much information as possible for the person, the company or the investigation, to facilitate the procedures and that we can start investigating in the shortest possible time. .


You can contact us by phone and send an email or go to our physical offices. Ask our detectives for a free first consultation and a no obligation quote.


When choosing a private detective service, one of the most notable causes for the client is the most interesting value, but many precautions must be taken, because prices and rates can also reflect probable times.


That is why, for opportunities, value is not synonymous with quality for the stipulation of a private detective, it is essential that the evaluation of the person or the agency has been evaluated in detail.


Our private detectives are a main element in the national market of this country, as well as in the many promoters and a great publicity of detectives in this city, it is generally full of experts, well-educated people because of the way that there are different specific entities and detectives, there are also prices.


Previously, value was not akin to quality, so the very popular Arga detective group is an institution where not only price and affordable prices can be found, but also the group’s experts perfected different surfaces, emphasize what that the agency has the capacity to resolve any situation.


This substantial and obvious entity has stood out in the market since its inception, with a track record that seems inaccessible. When an individual decides to carry out a quick internet search on detectives, they can find very attractive promotions, many of which have a good recent discount; Once again, it is stated that this city can find the most remarkable price and highest service compared to private experts.


The diversity of prices and rates in the Spanish market is given by the incredible increase in organizations that are more and more than this market, because, as has been said, it is well recognized, where many of these organizations have these services in foreigners, something very appreciated during the recruitment, among other things, a transnational company.


Finally, it is inevitable to call that the value established by a detective agency will also be given by the specific properties of each case, because they are not the same for all, and some are more complex than others, and they are also completely different; In this sense, we must also make the dimension that prices and rates should look for opinions in Spanish.


The group of detectives is synonymous with cost and efficiency at your disposal. When the urge to use a private investigator arises, the first question at hand is: What is the price? It turns out that this question is quite common, but it is essential that a cost or an economic rate does not guarantee the degree of category with which the service will be provided.


Private investigators in Barcelona can have very affordable costs, since it must be overcome every moment. Each company must provide payments compared to those stipulated by the association of private detectives in Spain in terms of guidance, however, each private investigation office has different multiplicity and logistics to obtain the necessary evidence that allows the client to meet their questions. On the other hand, it must be revealed that, due to the great competition between the different private detective agencies in Barcelona, it is essential to ensure that the selected service has all the parameters that must be defined as this client.


It is imperative to stigmatize that no detective agency has to designate a rate without knowing the characteristics of the event, because they vary for each person, so they must be very cautious when the opinions indicate that they are offered. It is infallible to remember that it is the client’s heritage and comfort that is at risk during impulsive choices.


Grupo Arga detectives are classified among the best alternatives for their costs adjusted to each economy, for example, when protection and care refer to the price of time, which varies from an average of €70; €350 per camera




The Arga group is a private investigation organization that has a ten-year career throughout Spain, to provide the best answers at that time indicated to its clients, the acceptance that our group of investigators was fantastic, as one of the one of Leading private detective companies, this means the possibility of establishing the usefulness of promoting an environment of help for whose needs are interested in contracting our service needs.


The generation of several positive aspects to create a quality investigation case is possible in the training process that we can establish in our agents, to guarantee the ideal execution of our operations, so that our agents are trained for a detailed investigation, the determination of specialists in hypotheses and the delimitation of other aspects that solidly achieve the best criteria of investigation and response of our processes.


The investigators of the Arga group are our most precious resources, because they guarantee the implementation of all the group’s operations, with our detective agency, we ensure that our operations are satisfactory as soon as possible and at the lowest cost.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we have a great commitment to the entire Spanish community to finally establish a very effective investigation service.


The true importance of the performance of private detectives is that their role in society is evaluated by the offer of justice, because, thanks to obtaining information, significant evidence can be collected, which allows the creation of legal actions, that is. , very advantages for those who fight for their law.


Therefore, the profession becomes useful from this point of view, without neglecting the most basic that implies demonstrating the truth of what happens to each user, the motivation of a detective refers to the effects caused by his investigation, because they promote a state of tranquility because the user discovers what is happening on his own. That is why the client and the budget to pay are essential


The comfort in this service is high so that access to information is guaranteed, we work for the well of each cause, we have the firm purpose of continuing to leave this profession; In fact, our detective agency was rewarded for the excellence of our work.


The company received us as an important service in its life, thanks to the quality of the results that we can provide in its situation, because we try to leave actions that remain over time, so we established special advice on each situation that it presents to us. with your needs.


Due to these actions, we grow, until a large number of users to whom we respond with a wide variety of services, which define us as the best solution, there is no doubt that through private detectives they can know and ratify any type of information.


The ultimate satisfaction is ending the case with a good supportive relationship that can be used to take your legal actions to the last case; In this way, you can fully claim your rights, that is, we become tools to provide evidence that allows you to do justice in the last resort.

A remarkable professionalism in this area


Private investigation exercise for a high commitment to cause good in general: the work is part of the express mission as private detectives in Madrid, where a differentiated offer is not formed that is not in other services in this area, the best way to ask it is under excellence.


As much as you need a criminologist or the intervention of a computer specialist, all these needs are covered by our private investigation services, which transcend current needs at any time, so that a wide breadth of services.


Each of our private detectives involves training associated with fraud or incidents of deception; Therefore, thanks to our knowledge, attention can be exercised, which is positioned as a life support before this accelerated stage of deception that hits day by day.


Before any action to exercise, we seek to respect the impositions of the Ministry of the Interior; So approved without problems. Having a quality professional is part of the well-supported proposal that is part of our services, so we can cover any type of problem that arises, because we have the means and techniques to respond, cover a need that is simply treated with vocational training. .


We generate immense peace of mind for each client, because their situation is assisted by experts who are completely dedicated to the performance of their duties, thanks to the acquisition of modern knowledge to agree with everything that arises.


Obtain evidence that confirms the demonstration of an event, without a doubt, it is something that fascinates and defines us, because we try to respond to all kinds of suspicions, as well as to declare an event that manifests, through our knowledge, we feel that you feel that you can solve your problems.

The private investigation sector has never been better supplied, which is why this service becomes one of the busiest, we have exceptional coverage, which allows strict monitoring to study each of the incidents that occur in the case.


In addition, a higher reason to choose is the problem of costs, since it should not be another additional concern for your problem, but to facilitate, because the budget is totally simply with the actions to be taken, to be a greater initiative to save as many negative consequences with this contract.


We really offer a service on each subject to investigate, affirming the needs present in the case; Therefore, without obligation, you can discover our skills, especially since we publish as experts in this area.




Detectives Grupo Arga, we do it for an investigation service that can structure an operation that can undoubtedly promote a high sense of resolution for all those who seek service investigations that can provide a response element adapted to all client applications.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we are not in charge of promoting the best investigation service for individuals and companies, so we are still going to establish an investigation device that has the capacity to structure any type of operation.


That is why when it comes to launching investigative activities with specialized meaning, we are dealing with execution elements that can provide an immediate sense of relief to the client, this is only achieved through private investigations, because it is the only way to be able to to do so by providing the best short-term response to all our customers.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we did everything possible to establish the best response to all those who wish to establish an investigation service for infidelity, as well as everything that is linked to the execution of processes that, without a doubt, are linked to the exercise of personalized research activity.


Who did not have the loss of a valuable document? Who has not lost an object of their possession? These are questions that are simply answered by a service that has a strong link with the execution of personal research.


On the other hand, the research that can be carried to the best in the direction of coverage in terms of professional research. At the detectives of the Arga group, we also take the opportunity to establish a digital investigation for anyone who wants to perform the best resolution criteria around their web environment, a problem that can undoubtedly promote the best service management and respond thanks to the research that can activate the best sense of control and detection of the electronic route.


In Grupo Arga detectives, in addition to our detectives at the best price , we carry out investigation elements that can provide the best sense of response to all those who require the execution of the best sense of investigation, for a short behavior.


A survey is of high quality for all concerned, it certainly requires the application of logistics in terms of research and then requires a researcher to establish a specific budget for each case.


For Grupo Arga’s detective companies, he designed several elements that, without a doubt, promote the best sense of development in environments that can provide a logical scheme to determine questions to all the clients of the companies that wish to hire this investigation.


In the Grupo Arga detectives, the agents developed in the city take into account the generation of all the implicit strategies in the execution of the investigation for the business sector, because they are undoubtedly linked to the exercise of aspects of the investigation. Labor investigation, such as labor victims, all related to the development of elements that promote a strong sense of resolution in the execution of specialized investigative elements.


When, from the point of view of private investigation, we deal with specialized tools, we mention everything related to the execution of elements related to the exercise of the mysterious technique of the client, carrying out a deep examination of all the standards that the service policies are structured by Experience and customer sales in any type of business.


Given the best price detective design , we say that it is a bit inefficient and that would be a non-normal quality, which may be responsible for promoting the best feeling of response in the short term.




From the Arga group, our cheap detectives can fulfill a great criterion of specialization on the execution of high-quality investigation, a problem that is undoubtedly possible thanks to the generation of elements that can provide the best possible sense for the specific management of an investigation.


Our cheap detectives are, without a doubt, the answer to all the needs of our clients, accurately achieving everything related to process management that can undoubtedly establish the best sense of resolution in the short, medium and long term.


The activities we do for the best price


Thinking of cheap detectives is something that can offer the best sense of resolution to someone who needs the best investigation service at the best price , it does not imply that they fall radically to give aspects that have the capacity to promote the best sense of resolution for each one. situation.

The Grupo Arga detectives, who consider a structuring of services that lead to the resolution of various elements of investigation, without a doubt carrying out viable investigation cases that have the capacity to provide the best response in the short, medium and long term.


For all types of clients of Grupo Arga detectives, it provides the possibility of operating under a great sense of specialization for a viable investigation of excellent details and capable of providing the best possible result.


In the detectives of the Arga group, we do the best style of investigation, for those who need an investigation device that can provide the best sense of resolution at the level of evidence and specific elements of conviction that have the ability to establish the best state of clarification. for a specific research case.


Grupo Arga detectives, our agents are directly resources to determine an investigation context capable of providing everything related to the execution of evidence at the level of intelligent investigation. In the Arga Group, everything that has to do with the execution of a research system, without a doubt, on the most affordable price.


That is why, above all, we promote the possibility of establishing a budgetary scenario that can establish the best sense of resolution for all those who require an investigation apparatus with a strong disposition, to carry out a viable investigation process.


that can provide the best to improve our customers in the city. But above all, our research agency must be extremely responsible, emphasizing that our interpretation of the best possible price is undoubtedly the one that accurately collects a drastic drop, because we are not ready to negotiate the quality of our services.


Detectives Grupo Arga, our activities are especially aimed at promoting a sense of enlightenment that is very conducive to each case, a problem that undoubtedly offers the best sense of response to people and companies.


For one Grupo Arga in particular, it was able to develop services closely related to the execution of investigation processes in terms of infidelity, as well as everything related to the exercise of all personal investigations. That is why, from our agency, we also carry out viable digital research to make sense of the protection of our valid client.


In addition, based on Grupo Arga detectives, we have established the possibility of performing a service linked to the structuring of the investigative elements available to the private company, without a doubt we will do everything related to the generation of elements that can be promoted.


The best feelings of response to our commercial clients through services related to the investigation of labor victims and the implementation of the client’s mysterious technique. On the other hand, companies, undoubtedly the best for our commercial clients, thanks to digital research, can provide enough protection to anyone who wants to hire.


In groups, we do our best


Grupo Arga detectives, directed to a vocation of high service, have always tried to implement everything that can be more effective for the client, so that our detectives are always processed in the implementation of the best techniques and the best functions of each. operation.


Grupo Arga detectives make possible the structuring of the private investigation model, capable of providing the best possible fishing for all our clients, to leave a mark around a high-level investigation activity capable of carrying out the best tests as soon as possible. .


At Grupo Arga, our cheap detectives certainly provide the best service on this subject in the city, which without a doubt gives us this solution that any type of client needs. We are doing our best! Detectives of Grupo Arga, we go to the agile resolution of cases, this is how our operational opinion, we have always implemented in search of the best feeling of development in each investigation context, capable of leading everyone to an ideal manufacturing decision.


Cheap detectives, a difficult object?


The first of the phalanxes that we must start is to know the first thing we have the opportunity to congratulate Google for not convincing me, the only thing I know is my mother’s friend and it is a bit played in the spirit, a disaster. We’re always introduced to this fortress as soon as we want to find them, because it’s not difficult, we’re just misplaced, we’re like a service that leaves enough to be desired in terms of marketing, because even our detective specializes in you haven’t used, but we’ll leave it later.


What is clear is that, for the rush and history of private detectives, the reality of the market is that we are something superfluous and far from what a person usually pretends to say that we are not a service that we are looking for when something hurts or that we have on hand when we order a pizza directly at home.


Therefore, we become a very dynamic, but at the same time very punctual, that generates a busy box that we will be until the end of time, a service focused on very defined points. Which leaves detective service as one of these service concepts that you rarely use, maybe one throughout your life, but if you do use it, it’s very hard to find the real perspective, good and cheap, so far it doesn’t exist .




At Grupo Arga, we carry out high-quality research. Our best price detectives take into account the strategic opportunity presented by our community service agents, thanks to the exercise of short and medium term research.


Our investigation officers are the only ones capable of promoting the best sense of specialization compared to all those who wish to establish an investigation process at the service of their business, in particular and in the business.


At Grupo Arga, our detectives are the necessary resources for the high resolution of various investigation problems, with the aim of providing all our clients with the indicated solution in the field of managing a specific search case.


Our detectives at the best prices definitely evolve in terms of solving all the questions of our clients, so from our agency we make a client choose between an extremely prominent mode, all this is the investigation budget linked to the execution that You must select between a conservative, intermediate and ideal scenario.


At Grupo Arga detectives, our detectives at prices allow you to apply various elements to the realization of aspects that can provide the best sense of resolution in a specific investigation problem, thanks to the precise collection of evidence and elements of conviction. that each research process is part of each other.


In the detectives of the Arga group, the detection of evidence is viable not only for the processes that allow the elements of implementation of skills, as well as everything related to the exercise of the investigative technique, in this order they would take into account that behind that Each agent is a private group investigation that can make available the most specific response mechanisms for all our clients.


In Grupo Arga detectives, these mechanisms are linked to all the elements that can be provided at the organizational level, as well as everything that is linked to the execution of a diagram that can send the best response feeling to all our clients Thanks to the implementation of technological tools and high knowledge functions that can generate the best sense of performance for all our agents.


Our detectives, at the best prices, are, without a doubt, those who make the generation of viable operations for individuals thanks to the implementation of techniques that allow the construction of a high knowledge process around the realization of evidence and elements of elements. .


Type of personal research that can make a viable research system suitable for all our clients. At Grupo Arga, the research that allows us to process people into elements that can provide the best sense of response to anyone who wants to have an extremely precise sense of resolution in extremely complex environments.


It also discusses the case construction our detectives do to provide the best investigative response that can provide the best sense of protection through activities related to monitoring and ticket operations as well as surveillance and breach operations, as well as for digital research.


Detectives Grupo Arga, our agents are covered to provide the best feeling of response to all those who, without a doubt, carry out investigations on corporate matters, to provide the best feeling of response to companies that wish to hire.


At Grupo Arga detectives, the commercial investigation that we undoubtedly carry out the best sense of response to companies that are eager to implement the best sense of decision making. Our top price sleuths are extremely helpful in generating these skins.


That is why we make it possible to carry out operations related to the application of fraudulent victims to prosecute the client.


The Arga group is an investigation agency with more than 10 years of experience in investigation that occurs throughout Spain, the precision and quality of our services make any type of customer tax in our activities.


If the execution carried out by our detectives at better prices, we can definitely come to the conclusion, that it is the most intelligent decision that a person can make about the execution of a specific investigation case, taking into account the components such as high discretion and theft. in the data supply service that we want to have under control.


In group detectives, our agents are responsible for the exercise of their work with a great sense of dedication and effort for all their activities, so, from our agency, we do everything possible to position the work.


Why do Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives?


Detectives specialize in doing all kinds of work, they vary from investigative work of all kinds to certain additional cases, such as counterparty cases or private security, this is what we want, this is to teach water detectives who have the best prices of private detectives throughout Spain.


The main reason is that we want to show that to provide research or similar jobs, this is not the necessary price that can exist in the detector market. The only way to test foundation and proof and much more without having to absorb a lot of time and have what you need.


We will start with the basics and want to mention why our prices are very low, even though our detectives are the elite and why we can do the job in the best possible way without charging too much detective for the clients.




Why do we have the best prices in the market?


We want to demonstrate in one way or another that you don’t need to hire an extremely expensive service to demonstrate that you have excellent service or that your experts are the best, and we also want the competition or value of other services.


In order to offer these incredible prices we choose to do different jobs and have a variety, what I want to say is that Arga detectives have the best prices of private detectives, we have much more experience. Anyone and not only that, but we can manage different situations without problems reacting quickly.


What we want to explain with this is that we decided to have fewer workers, but they are of excellence for each job, that is, we look for detectives who carry out the work as impeccably and quickly as possible, so that the detectives can do the detectives, a job different from a lower price without problems.


This does not mean that we are cheap detectives, but unlike the price that we can obtain in any other agency, what we want first is that we are recognized that the client puts first and that we can always work at an affordable price and without problems with the quantity. of money anywhere.


We have already mentioned a little to have a fairly wide variety of services, these services allow us to manage a decent profit margin, although it is not the largest possible bill, because depending on the type of work, you are charged more or less, it depends on the type of service required, the time required, among others.


Since Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, because we want to make sure that everything that is excellent and with cheap prices is bad, in our case, we want to clearly indicate that we offer all kinds of specific jobs to choose this way of not having to pay for unnecessary things.


It’s simple, we decided to focus on quality work for our clients who can use our services.


What matters to us at the moment is that anyone can choose our services or be useful without paying the fortune, so we not only trust our clients, but we can also work to try to have the best quality and the best service in Spain. .


How much does our experience cost?


Our agency has a few years of experience enough to collect more, but we are one of the best agencies in Spain and it is because AGA detectives have the best prices for private detectives throughout the country, we realize thanks to our unique and to our Efficiency Operating Methods and capable of obtaining the desired information.


Our experience precedes us not only to glory, but also gives us the improvement of our skills, an example that we can say is that we improve how to analyze things with the observation method to have more details than anyone else could easily pick up .


It is not the only thing that adds experience is the value, but also with this, we can say that we travel over all of Spain and that we almost know that all the corners of the cities, so that we do not escape anything in our hands and In the case of a problem or address, we have resolved it quickly with no worries.


Since it pays to work over the years, we know that what you want are subject matter experts, so we not only dedicate ourselves to polishing our experience, taking on all kinds of jobs, but we also have polished skills of a detective, who is careless and always alert to any situation, does the best for us.


Excellence is our forte


We want to clearly state that there is not a mediocre worker in our agency, so our value increases, however, we want to have the best prices to show that someone can get information without spending a fortune and that you will also get what you want.


What we guarantee in this way is not that our agency has ceased to be one of the cheapest, but price quality, because AGA detectives have the best prices for private detectives that can exist in all of Spain and we have no problems. Do the job with the best disposition.


We show not only with words, but with deeds each of our strengths and our detectives at work show their excellence at all times, because they are agile when they do their job, with a great intellectual and have all the enhanced skills from a private detective to what we maintain excellence.


The best way to demonstrate excellence is not with words, but in any case legitimately so that you do not risk at any time.


Legality during the game


You may think that because Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, we are not a completely legitimate agency and it is different, because we work without problems, because all the information is 100% legitimate.


When we mean 100% under the rule, it is in all the regulations imposed by the Home Office, so you know that we are not breaking the law at any point and that we are in fact registered to be able to work as detective thanks to the fact that all of our detectives took the test and passed it for exercise.


legal database files and that , furthermore, it is as if we had jurisdiction to work in particular for the government.


The best thing about all this is not the fact that we can do our job excellently and legitimately, but you don’t have to worry that you can steal the information you get or you can’t use it if you use it in any judgment. As we know that if you decide to hire a detective, sometimes you think that you use this data.


How to know that our private detectives are completely legitimate?


As we know, we not only want to know why Arga detectives have the best prices of private detectives, but we also decided to tell how to identify a legitimate detective from simple bases, one of which all private detectives have an identification card to that I can exercise.


This professional identification card or acronym is used to show professional identification, redundancy to clients, potential witnesses and anyone who needs a token of our legality, it is the safest way to know that a private detective is legal, but must be identified with what The identity card carries.


To identify a fake identification card, we can say that the most common mistake is that everyone who thinks they can fake these cards puts an emblem of the internal ministry, thinking that we work for them when it is not, but they only give us the proof to to be able to exercise and save ourselves.


However, this is not enough to always check the numbers of the last part of the card and the date of issue by calling the nearest police agency and requesting the registration of private detectives, they must register there and be completely excellent.


Why do you decide to hire other agencies?


Unlike other agencies, ours is security and we guarantee that all our detectives are completely legitimate because we do the tests to verify if a detective can work with us or not, regardless of the number of studies that do not have evidence from the ministry, no you can work with us.


Since Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives, you should know that our team is legitimate, we do not work with criminals, and if you think it is so fake, all those who attract information without being registered as detectives in the ministry. internal. He is a criminal who can register as a stalker.


Exactly, the person controlled by an illegal detective may always require not only to protect, but also to avoid using their information to other things or selling others and benefit from all this, it is preferable to avoid all these people who earn very cheaply for a service that can be more expensive.


The services we offer to our agency are not the same, so hiring us not only offers security for the information, confidentiality and experience you need, but also pays very little for value added skills a lot of research, that is, It is a work that its quality is invaluable.


Trust and confidentiality


You can believe in our detectives, but something if we can guarantee you and that all the information that comes into your hands is only classified between the client and the detective, unless the client requests to extend in front of a judge or a jury in order to win. a case or get an argument where detective and verbal information is needed.


Anyway, we can say that you can completely trust that all the information that we find from a person or data that is given to recover, in the case of a computer detective, we will have completely safe, without spreading everything that is best of all . That has our word because we have the code of ethics detective.

You will not find any other detective for the price that we decide to collect, much less respect this type of confidentiality as we do, because we want to trust our work, we will improve as much as possible so that the information is not published and that it reaches our hands.


As Arga Detectives have the best prices for private detectives, you can find for its value to be much better than the price is something you can trust in what you need quickly.


Private detectives with the best will to serve


Our private detectives engage at any time, because in the shortest possible time of all kinds they are bought to reveal what is happening, being only the most important thing that a client wants, this good stimulus of resolution lives our professionals in any moment.


The clear development of your case is done without any effort, because we know that the main satisfaction is to present evidence that ends any kind of rumor, which we put into practice over the years, so that we use the experience to improve and carry out tests. solid.


We provide the best results thanks to an effective private investigation, which is why we carry out an effective exercise, which is why we aim to express a clear availability at any time, which is why we impose a complete offer to deal with all kinds of situations without excuses .


We generate specialized resolutions to offer a safe offer; Therefore, by investigating, we can carry out all kinds of activities, after everything becomes a clear compliance to highlight the important instructions that occur, we provide such effective answers.


We are configuring an area of very versatile answers, taking into account the number of tools that we have to face with all kinds of events presented, so there are many reasons to clarify the solutions that the specific needs of the case. It’s time to hire our services, we are committed to good discoveries. Given the great uncertainty that arises, it takes the first moment when we have details.


We guarantee that each operation has special coverage for this field; Therefore, in our private investigation agency, we are responsible for ensuring quality investigation at any time, which implies these solid results that require a case for its effective completion.


Knowing the truth is a great defense, therefore, in the hands of experts, you can have complete contact with the verification of the truth, which does not abandon this threshold of economy and unconditionality that private investigation must support, where our detectives acquire a great autonomy to react to events.


Good management of the situation is obtained when a detective is finally followed to break the mold, it is not about being different from this profession, but seeking to make a difference with great results and, at the same time, with great knowledge.


At Grupo Arga, you will find that you need advice, where we can approach the case with extensive optimism, leaving questions so that you can face what is happening with the evidence in your hands.




Our team focuses on cost leaks, thanks to up-front cost-benefit studies by professionals, to reserve -S on unnecessary and temporary resources, this helps us to be more practical in the resolution circumstances phase. For which the client requires our services, Guarantee that you always provide safe solutions.


We have cheap detectives in León, who are legally prepared and with their university studies due to the dissipation of your case, they indicate how to proceed and prepare a free estimate that takes into account your needs , reaching an agreement on both sides to answer the question. to take into account your agitation.


In addition, they have the power holders required by law for a detective to exercise, this is what allows us to deliver justice in any situation where you need the legal action we can offer.


All these prices that we offer have a legal agreement with the viable and diligent profession of resolutions and your peace of mind is our top priority in any situation.


In addition to delivering prices, we have coverage all over the world because we have the immense advantage of having allies in high-quality agencies, which allows us to adapt to any culture and place, which is a great advantage if, for example, you got lost in Contact. with a parent or acquaintance and is not in our country.


Discretion is another thing that characterizes our cheap detectives, keep in mind the work ethic and the discretion with which they have to deal with each situation, they will act with caution, keeping all information confidential, which makes them more effective.


We are always ready to guide you and not leave you alone in any legal process you may have to face, so that your case is very resolved and, above all, transparent before someone.


You may not lose the opportunity to exercise the rights that serve you, but for us, the most important thing is to always fight for your safety, which a private detective can allow, we try to fully study your problems until you have overwhelming evidence and take legal actions.


Even if you decide to find a private detective on your own, you must be careful, because in order to proceed in case of a big scale, do not look for any freelance detective who gives cheap air to be part of the certificates.


The best solution for different group problems


The help that we offer from the Arga group is an authentic passion that we develop daily, the problems often requested because this is traditionally infidelity, which is described as a personal cause that must be corroborated with professional tools to confirm or eliminate this type of doubt.


If you are going through a situation where you do not know where a person is, we also have specialists in locating people with a very detailed investigation process, where all roads are sold by our highly trained private expert detectives.


Some environments and areas, such as companies, need actions that belong to private investigation, because all kinds of information, diversion and funds are processed.


Crossing divorce situations is also one of the causes of the use of private detectives, because their partner is the subject of investigation to demonstrate the type of behavior or life they carry out, which is why they have a decisive weight in the conservatives’ dispute and determine the maintenance.


Regarding the services of the Arga group that are developed based on high-level procedures, as well as electronic scanning operations to detect any spy element in a space, which means that with our services we can limit any attack on your privacy, this type of Do you receive a specialized observation?


When you think about hiring a private detective, you should focus on all the answers that will be available to you; On the other hand, there is a significant effort to address the success of private investigation, taking into account the requirements of the situation to obtain more data on the questions being asked.


For each cause, specialized actions are launched, so that it is formed as a clear opportunity to estimate all the requirements of the case, this initial study allows you to implement favorable tools to determine what happens, until you reach the defined objectives, this is known as the success of the research work.


The aim of a case is to keep track of the facts at will, as well as to maintain the accuracy and objectivity of the details of the case, so that the answers you are looking for are next to the professional actions available in the Arga. Group to ensure exposure to the test.


All the elements and responses that are part of the private investigation, create a structure at the service of your needs, the ability to establish signs and reality is clear through a simple contract, until a model is completed or you identify what happens in the case of collecting the data you need.


The desire to achieve the discovery of the truth is one of the goals of our private detectives, who have adequate vocational training, with this preparation, they clearly undertake to ideally do all the necessary procedures to prove a fact.


The professional implementation that we do has high quality human talents, this factor determines to demonstrate the truth, which is added to the integration of updated knowledge in each field, so that you are a mechanism of change and innovation when you act with our professional of performance.


The diversity of private investigation services refers to the coverage of all kinds of doubts, that is, the main task of this contract, in turn, is carried out in field search tasks that ratify the facts, it exists for the investigation and then useful for cause.


Knowing the evidence before making a decision is the advantage we offer, so our detectives are responsible for being the best and not neglecting their information skills thanks to dynamic proposals that correspond to all the details of the case.


The value of the group’s services is about the professional skills offered, so you realize the peace of mind that you seek both in your hands the evidence related to the case that all your needs can be met with this professional contract with the methods appropriate.


The qualities of private detectives stand out to act in the case of any type of case, all areas are specifically treated by experts that include each circumstance, it is the way to find evidence and remain at the service of all types of cause.


Private detectives provide all kinds of changes in the needs in private investigation areas to understand a higher level of creativity in the field of solution with the problems they face, so that all professional contacts with our services end up satisfying their needs.


According to the initial questions you can express your concerns, it is a key service that deserves to be hired to prove the excellence and passion that define the actions of our private detectives, all services are related to the purpose of various case receipts.


Business, personal or bad issues of other private investigations are carried out from a much more effective contract because we create an ingenious strategy against the difficulties of the case that you can pay for in a way that you receive valid evidence.


The services of the Arga group, in addition to being modern, end up being essential to assume a situation, it is to emphasize the truth with the professional means that the work, this possible derives from the demand that our private detectives require the file purpose of helping actually prove reality.




The obstacle to prove the truth has to do with the lack of evidence, this in legal intentions is a great disadvantage for you, so the support of professional private detectives is a direct way to collect evidence even what this gives legal action to the suspicions you presented at the beginning of the case.


The evidence is obtained through ratified services, where you must cover several areas to act to the same extent as the needs of the case in the illegal action, they will be shown under the solution in this risk of life. With constant disappointments and fraud.


The fields of investigation that we propose do not omit any details of the case, all kinds of negligence should affect the development of the case; In fact, the present questions become a priority for our particular detectives, because it is the correct method to provide solutions.


Sensitive extreme circumstances, such as separations, domestic violence, infidelity, strange behavior, harassment, loss of money without justification, ignorance of the place where a person is and any other situation, can be addressed from the path of private investigation with guidance quality through which you will feel supported.


The attention mechanisms for the causes implemented by the Arga Group are necessary and are strictly focused on demonstrating the truth with the criminal media, because they are responsible for the professionals of these media who fully comply with an impeccable investigation process.


The satisfaction at the end of the private investigation is resounding, since it is based on strict techniques that certify 100% tests, it is valid to invest in services of this caliber, where observation is one of the greatest benefits of this representation that has have.


Strategies exercised by qualified experts.


A specific case receives the full support of the Arga Group, taking into account the specialists who defend each area that is offered behind the contract, which occurs with a low profile that keeps the work secret without suspicion, in addition to the analysis of the characteristics, is exercised neutrally.


There will be no discomfort during an event, thanks to the fact that their concerns will not be judged, but, on the contrary, they receive an empathetic vision, the beginning of an investigation examines all the possibilities of the environment involved in the answers, this is a way to extend the necessary tests.


Our private investigation detectives classify all the information, until the conclusive evidence of the case, made up of several elements, ends up generating precise content focused on the events that actually occur, so hiring our services is a solution for each route.


You get a brilliant plan by listening to all the details of the case, to insert a strategy attached to your needs, each of the services follows these objectives with flexible prices, but based on the quality of the specialized knowledge, in turn, the complications of search for the real search.


The hiring of specialized detectives is a measure of errors, they make a clear and ideal statement against demonstrating a fact, this type of response is enough to act in the face of the error, this professional action will surely have the support it has from unconditional experts.


There are many reasons why the Arga group represents a solution to your problems, you must seek the truth at all costs with these proven procedures, the detectives are responsible for dealing with different natural situations, the appearance of the detective is special during the ‘ Analysis of suspicion and achievements of realities.


Leave the anxiety and desperation of not knowing how to deal with a scam or living with doubts, with the representation of private investigators that we provide, you obtain a solidary intervention for the entire national and international community that requires evidence.


As a private detective agency, we address the most requested areas of this profession, any type of case you want to face, the important thing is that we have tools and experts involved in revealing facts, we have the power to project the most appropriate plan for your problems.


A quality service has everything to do with verifying the facts, which is possible with the extensive history that follows our services, the field of private investigation is followed by our actions, you can count on qualified and available teams.


The contribution of the group against deception is overwhelming, the mission is to bet on an effective resolution that avoids unnecessary suffering before the manifestation of various errors, the support of all private investigation areas even allows it to challenge the competence of experts.


Technological research is one of the areas that we charge, so you have the opportunity to study websites, electronic elements, blocks, social networks and others, therefore any possibility linked to digital interaction, since WhatsApp can be dealt with determination and training of our experts.


The technological team When the tests are another point in favor, because at the time of the investigation on these circumstances, we offer a highly professional service, the usefulness of such tools is clear, because the end of the case will be proven.


Find general services with personalized plans, so you get support throughout the investigation process, because the case can be distinguished to apply strategies that provide energetic results, you have the advice of our private detectives who understand your needs from the beginning.




Our agency covers all kinds of services, electronic scales or comparison fingerprints, technological research, WhatsApp recovery, file traceability, marital, personal, family, work or professional problems. Industrial and trademarks and patents. Take a look – Is is free and without obligation.


Our great professional competence in all areas of private investigation is produced by the main academic training of our detectives, their great experience and continuous recycling and updating of the action in the corresponding subject.


Legality is obtained with great knowledge of the law, a great commitment to social values and a code of ethics that includes all the ethics of our profession. The constant presence of a group is in the courts of law in all kinds of disputes throughout this century, clearly found how good and precise we act in each professional committee that we put.


At Grupo Arga detectives, our advice is free and a separate investigation is expected to be provided according to the information you provide. Our experienced private investigators will further guide you to protect your targets and optimizing investigation reports will always be a top priority.


Feel free to request a consultation on our websites or at one of the available telecommunications facilities. Our main virtues: our work group stands out for its ability to participate in the cases that are proposed, which makes it resolve, discreet and effective. We always control the security of our files.


In addition, our work collection work is supervised by our own office that guarantees the legality of the tests. We use the methods and technologies to date, we act every day of the year and 24 hours a day. Private investigation is essential to answer the doubts of the personal, family and economic fields that a person may have. That is why going to a detective for lawyers is the only way to get this information where it is not possible. Furthermore, the image of a private detective is completely legal in Spain and is regulated by law.


Price detectives. Free budget detectives. Each private investigator provides a certain fee that will be determined by the service to be provided. However, with respect to Grupo Arga detectives, they characterize us with the best quality prices. It is important to distinguish when you want to know the cost of a private investigator. The fact that the price is generally based on the time of the private investigation, so the total price will depend on the number of hours previously established in the contract.


How can you request your corresponding appointment with our private detective agency?


In our private detective agency, it is very easy to find your respective dates. You can request your free quote, in which we will request that you have all the information you have.


We will try everything that it will offer viable to offer you the consideration you deserve in the same way as all our users for a special service from a private detective. Over the years, we have learned that there are users who ask us for a quote with all the minimum necessary to contract our services without being too expensive and complicated to make payments.


It must be said that this type of private investigation is satisfactory in most cases due to our great professionalism. We also live in a different way, since there are people who request everything in their case, without saving expenses, so that they are resolved as a viable accelerated and where all the probable evidence is obtained, which is what is the price of the investigation.


Without explaining your case, with us, you will receive a totally guaranteed service, where we will dedicate you to the exploration as we should do, highlighting what you provide to start doing our corresponding exploration.


In the same way that we have mentioned, our prices are fair and transparent, which generally rise or fall according to the type of exploration that you need, especially during the time necessary to invest or complement that must be used in the exploration, also as a specialization of the detectives. For example, if our private detective has to move somewhere at night or, in fact, if he needs to spend the night thanks to the execution of the case.


In the same way, whatever the value of our services, in our free estimate, we will include the following:


  • Inform the editor what should be done for each case.
  • Evidence collected throughout the exploration.


It should be mentioned that all the equipment delivered to our client has the opportunity to be used in any legal development that he has to do or for personal use, like you.


Better I prefer. It is essential that before one of our private detectives first know that they can exercise this functionality legally with their corresponding certificates that support them in any situation.


Hiring private detectives is simple and can be inexpensive if you hire the first hands. Always have a team you can trust on your case, you can talk openly and you can ask for advice. Get in touch with our private detectives and eat your case. They will tell you the best option to follow to make your case a success. Our team has officially qualified and has specialized studies in each field of work.


The work of our detectives is usually an additional function in the courts of law, taking into account the reports that the court takes into account, at various times during the formulation of a decision in favor or against the opposing party. The results support more than 600 court ratings since we began our service as detectives.


The investigation reports of our agency are very valid and legal in court and the statements of our private detectives are irrefutable evidence in trials and the fundamental occasions are usually during the question of a conviction in favor of our client. Go to our agency to request a quote, the first consultation is free and the quote is under no obligation.




Prices and costs will always depend on the type of work you will request, as well as its duration, whether it is on vacation or if the services of the week are simply necessary. All this is present at the time of formulating a client rate, so Arga’s detectives judge it.


When other private investigation companies are double their normal costs for private applications. If you request a quote, this will not be useless, we have the possibility to formulate a basic quote without any value, which will probably address the minimum value of the service they request, the highest of what should be requested, all this the client has the opportunity Get an idea of the big picture and be ready.


The costs can change compared to the users’ claims, the time they need investigators from the Arga detective group or the task they need to perform, but simply quoted due to the professionalism of the company, which would hardly be obtained with another private investigator. , because these independent investigators hardly have a clear budget for their work, the culmination is always having our company of private detectives in Spain.


The prices of our private detectives in Seville float according to the type of work that must be done. If you have a case of marital infidelity, let’s say: do you think this happens and what kind of vehicle or means of transport, and we will help you find the truth. We will follow your partner from the beginning, that is, because he leaves work, until he returns home and in this course we will record everything. After we finish, we will give you a detailed account of everything that happened and a copy of all the videos we recorded. And all this, as well as a budget that fits perfectly in your pocket.


The Arga detective group is an agency with a complete and excellent track record that has been present and executed in all types of private services, which obviously integrates everything related to electronic exploration, so having the integration of our agents will undoubtedly be an alternative as the best solution of all.


Our team is accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, and we are an agency that has been recognized several times for its excellent tasks that have been successful. Grupo Arga has every feature that makes a complete private detective agency available to all of Spain.


Electronic scales are as necessary as they are constant. It is totally normal to feel insecure that the whole procedure is involved, which is why, at Grupo Arga, we deal completely with the development of this technique. It is a responsibility and a commitment that we were ready to take on.


There are no more obstacles to prevent a specialist in private services from being integrated into your situation. The Arga Group is concerned about making this feeling of protection for all our clients and meeting every expectation. We are the best private agents in Spain!


Grupo Arga is responsible for effective responses to all its customers


Going to our medical scientist will be a meeting point for the application of processes that will contribute to the structuring of data with a response criterion designed to respond to the processing case, whether it is an individual or commercial system. The Arga group will participate in your case until the end of the process.


A happiness of our clients is the immediacy that we attend to their requests, which is the key to resolving their concerns. Our most precious element is, without a doubt, the interpretation and application of ideal mechanisms as a sense of effective responses. No case is the same and therefore we apply their fair analysis.


Medical informatics scientists are taking research efforts to another level, ready to solve digital circumstances and promote the management process, to get all the details that need to be entered or resolved in the file, even in the case of processes.


The digital platform is a feature that we all have and gradually evolve, as well as the means to obtain and even use or disperse our personal data. Sometimes we don’t know the dangers we do when entering or transferring information, and it’s important to keep in mind that ignoring, or even the solution.


What are the detectives of the Arga detectives?


Specialty and discretion are synonymous with this company. The guarantee they give at the beginning of a task, efficiency and reliability earn our agency. Sometimes it’s hard to put our security up to people who don’t know how to do a job we need. That is why before knowing the history of the company and understand its strengths and weaknesses more intensely.


As indicated above, discretion is a material aspect for the company for the nature of its investigation involving a particular investigation. And that is why the detectives simply reflect the reality of the system because it implies enough respect.


However, it is possible to guarantee the information about the services that are previously offered through the users, who are mostly satisfied. In addition, the accessible rates are adapted to the public. However, it is essential to emphasize that they vary in relation to the type of examination to be performed. In the same way, the first consultation or visit is free and the quote given does not imply any obligation with the company.



Thanks to private associate detectives, we will offer you a real opportunity to solve your problems with this impetus generated by private investigation to verify every fact, we really focus on participation and service above all, it is the only thing that matters to us.


Thanks to a job well done, we can continue to improve, this is the way we can still prefer, we really want to leave a positive mark in the development of private investigation with convincing results, you can guarantee to collect this information that you need less time.


It is about seeing even invisible, observing traces that come out in the field, in the middle of social networks, among other environments, to establish a complete period, that is, a research profile adapted to your initially necessary needs is established, of this way, it ends up doing what it is.


Forming a capable action is another mission that we carry out on the basis of the knowledge that accompanies it, which cannot be interrupted, always actively improving to help all types of causes so that we can have a multidisciplinary team according to their vocational training.


Lies turn into a huge avalanche when they do not stop at that moment, they devastated everything in their path, between this is your emotional and economic stability, in order to obstruct this formation, it is necessary to clear the path or advanced by the same, determine where it started and who is the author.


Whatever the end of this situation, we seek to respond to the best possible technique, that is, to establish response mechanisms by areas, we classify the type of problem received daily, to obtain a graduated response on this subject.


We are responsible for obtaining results that guarantee calm and stability, so we are mainly interested in solving the whole problem as soon as possible, without missing the prayer to find information about legal paths and respecting the privacy of all involved.

This type of reading is not exercised by anyone; Therefore, you need to be sure who you invest your money in, because otherwise you may end up chewing research that goes nowhere or the exercise that has led you to the problems you initially had.


Consequently, evidence of authentic value cannot be obtained by a private detective, we know how this accreditation is responsible for speaking to us.




The value of private investigation is the first in the advantages that it can convey to each concern, it serves as a direct mechanism for the truth, as associate private detectives we promise to emphasize the importance of this tool for everyone in general.


At the legal level, the convincing environment is used to determine what are true situations, an evidence can be refuted. In Spain, the preference for private investigation has become common, so it is common for many more people to trust these services, because more private detectives are also trained.


We offer you a remarkable service at your disposal, without delays or exaggerated prices, but we prefer to extend the proposal to adopt as a direct resolution to the truth, without limitation of costs, because it is only the return to your biggest well.


It is not possible to continue in the midst of a great deviation from suspicion, even less with the virtues of this tool that looks for a blatant solution among all the details, this service is motivated to improve the scope of the truth, everything is a constant effort repetition and actions to obtain ratified information.


In all cases, we respond in a proportion of solid evidence, all thanks to this high level of training, which is part of the actions of each private detective, carrying out this work with excellence is a way to meet the expectations of each person, being a different improvement of each problem.


We continue our services to cover these main disadvantages that are generated after a scam, to be an economic getaway, a loss of information, but the worst thing is to lose confidence in everything you thought before, anything fatal to your daily lifestyle .


Each context has its own requirements, that is, for the workplace, advertising, computer, family and others, the answer may not be the same, but in a study that determines what is happening and is needed to finish to have his cause.


Private investigation has never been so effective before


Accuracy in the development of private investigation requires a permanent update of knowledge, it is the obligation that we have in Madrid associated private detectives to provide a response that is up to the circumstances.


Bringing to life the best investigation process, the merit of a constant experience and the fusion of the desire to serve, so we live as much as possible to learn until the profession, according to the private investigator, requires any time at any time.


Each of our detectives invests all their energy paying attention to these details in depth, to form a direct orientation towards the stages to be carried out and, above all, what area of private investigation, which represents the experts who matter to do it.


Whatever the type of case in question, we seek to have this evidence


In private detectives in Madrid, we promote primary care fields, which are mainly focused on your needs, these efforts are those that end up generating demonstrable results, all the resources of our detective agency are used to meet all kinds of needs.


A case requires special vigilance, to connect all the requirements with the elements found, it is a question of making the truth with each piece of evidence or the parts provided; Therefore, this work is essential to rely on the search for truth under great performance.


These services react when you need it most, we determine an action plan to cover as effectively as possible, all thanks to the knowledge that we have established as a creative contribution that creates an excellent tool to meet all these deep needs to find some answers.


We guarantee the course of each private investigation, thanks to the acquisition of remarkable knowledge that receives information theft. In the field of private investigation, there are different concerns between the two, which can only be dispelled by exposing the truth, at the most appropriate time, which serves as a clear response to combat errors that deteriorate quality.


In any environment, we have been able to intervene with a high specialization, which continues to ratify, as a reliable alternative to this information or event, there is no reason to continue postponing a lot of headache, but to clarify.


The work carried out by our private detectives cannot be carried out by anyone, because there are situations that require a secret operation, information monitoring or digital evidence, among other types of activities that, as professionals, dominate under a distinction obtained after the previous one. .


The knowledge obtained or acquired by the private detectives associated with Madrid is the source of all the attention we provide, basically of the specialties that can be caused by an effect, we have the ability to intervene in situations such as infidelity, fraud, Spanish. and remains.

Nothing can go unnoticed when you have such a decisive career on your side, the lowest data is analyzed and estimated to measure its truth, because for the private detective, everything is based on joining, many documents that tell this absolute truth.


The variety of services that we impose ends up meeting most of the expectations provided at the beginning of the case, which are met directly thanks to a professional method of responding to problems, the veracity of the evidence is the objective that is carried out and the main objective.


The functions of our private investigators are highlighted after providing the final power report, you face important questions thanks to established forensic techniques, given various problems that we evaluate all alternatives to apply the correct method.


After each interview, the start of a full career is scheduled to obtain information, this is the first way to contact the details, which are kept in the hands of our professionals who understand the way forward, establishing a private investigation, such as to tell the truth directly.


Within a large number of clients who require this type of service, companies predominate, one of the areas in which the greatest disappointment increases, the presence of our professionals can be a first step.


In order to reduce economic losses at a commercial level, it is essential and is in the possibilities generated by private investigation, which is used as a defense against these constant attempts to harm your business, so you should always think about this alternative to any matter.


We use different ways to search for information that differentiates


The level of trust that we have attributed to ourselves is an immense pride and the obligation to improve, the progress of private investigation turns out to be a fundamental solution in each case, we are completely professionals to find and verify the lowest data, from the physical to the digital information.

The progress of private investigation depends at any time on the data we provide, as well as the persistence of finding a way out, despite the difficulties that may arise in Spain, many similar services can be found, but we emphasize our commitment.


We seek to impose this alternative to help as many people as possible, because we form an adequate group, we can issue a first professional response that can be presented, to eliminate doubts is part of our mission,


The provision of our services is accessible to your hand, because you only need to contact us to easily receive an evaluation of your situation, as well as a very fair economic estimate, we make this decision on hiring.


There are many reasons why we prefer, in doubt, not tired of investigating. You are the most important thing to calm these deep concerns, our work is based on the professional skills that we are doing, which implies that each phase or action seeks a guaranteed objective.


The resolution of each case is another factor that identifies us as the best alternative, we eliminate these doubts, without neglecting this beautiful element of confidentiality, given the great demand to investigate a fact, we can respond with transcendental evidence about its cause.


We want to cause great advantages in each case, when each action has a significant value, we highlight a specific solution to the situation that has manifested itself, we study all the aspects that can influence the deception that occurs in your life.


Any harmful problem that arises can be solved through private investigations, ending infidelity, fraudulent work, information theft or any other negative scenario like this, which affects the emotional plan at the economic level.


As private investigators, we explore each area and test it until we know what should be in the process of effort and training that is observed. From the first time we know your point of view, we have been working to provide personalized help to your business, we have a duty to respond to the use of our knowledge as a help tool, to sympathize with personal causes, to respond more important.


The Arga group continues to stand out


Faced with complex situations of fraud and error, it is when the number of detectives associated with Madrid increases the most. Compared to other private investigation services, we mainly focus on projecting a special response, based on the preparation that we acquire over time, training will always be this element to follow, as a sign of an effective service to solve all kinds of problems. .


The culminating point is not a question of publicity, but of a remarkable effort, seeking that each person observes this concern, knowing that our private detectives have a strong control over their field of action, for each incident that there is a professional who will present the case in the best term.


From medical legal results we have made, a strong case against errors, to reach this data of interest as soon as possible, whether it is to keep track of someone, monitor an area or investigate to collect digital evidence, these needs and others they are covered.


Each private investigator remains in the same focus of his cause, understanding at any time what he needs, dealing with the case with a subtlety of another level, due to the degree of specialty that we invest in each service area, because these questions are addressed to the appropriate expert for this topic.


Once you decide to trust your problems, you will change these serious questions to clear solutions, even in an infiltration operation, we find that in your account it would be difficult to have a significant impact in situations that require close monitoring, such as location.


Depending on the situation of the investigation, its resolution changes completely, each problem is processed at its own request, where even digital platforms have an important place in these incidents of error and fraud, they deserve professional intervention to collect digital evidence.


The damage caused by information theft is really unfortunate, but instead of exhausting or rejecting the use of digital tools, everything is focused on imposing security measures, for this topic we also have those best tips with new tools in this region.


To deal with a problem, a high level of experience in the case or subject is always necessary, thus transmitting this security of knowing that it is in the best hands, we project a very useful service before the constant appearance of errors that seek alone. cause great damage.


The need to collect information is no longer a reason to be a great difficulty, because this task, each of our particular detectives is at your disposal, in addition to what it may be, infidelity, an establishment and surveillance or any other problem you have. a solution through our services.




We offer detective services for the lowest price, where we help you provide evidence and write legal reports and conclusions for you. Sometimes a person may be involved in sensitive situations that require severe investigation and go completely unnoticed.


Our team ensures the greatest discretion and specialized advice for any problem that concerns you. We have experience in finding possible solutions for complex situations.

When you need professional attention to uncover a question, our private detectives in Caceres are nominated because your case is seriously eliminated from the first moment, our attentive atmosphere builds trust so that you can express your needs with complete comfort.


The capacity we make available to you ensures that you find the evidence you need when you imagine, because we care about identifying everything that is irregular, but that, in addition to everything that causes emotional and financial devastation.


The best thing about hiring our private investigation services is that we don’t stop short of a level of success, but work continually evolving, which means that the representation we engage in ends with you not having the luxury of conducting all fraud.


The beginning of any process is to go to the analysis of our private detectives, since you understand the type of resolution available for your case, in addition to discovering the dedication given to a case, this is what distinguishes not obtaining this type of work for yourself. .


Given each fact, a thorough analysis is reflected in really knowing what is happening and, although we get more data, we always collect it, examining the effective guard chain, which makes the value of the data serve as an argument to prove your situation. .


In a group, you, with private detectives, able to adapt to what is happening with the type of investigations available, close the case in a timely manner. The dynamics inverted in each case can keep this margin of resolution at a high point, because we have the mystique to find information of all kinds, applying specialization processes that come out without arguments to all those who generate it.


All the evidence implicit in the case receives the best attention and the corresponding professional treatment, this is the key to having peace of mind to resolve your case, the main advice is always to trust in our virtues, because we can present your case.

After hiring our private investigation services, you will obtain the most authentic level of understanding, where, in addition to the nature of your case, it will be the one that requires the budget conditions and the resolution period, so our action is fast, before each case.


The efficiency that is part of our private detectives is a privileged characteristic that you can receive after a simple hiring, in all situations we take care to capture the necessary processes, we invest as much effort as possible when working on a case.


Unconditionally highest dedication


More than a detective agency, through the Arga Group, we receive each of the cases that are presented with empathy that is not easy to achieve, just as this role of humanity is also affirmed to have sensitivity to situations.


The scope of care was a guaranteed element that we offer on each occasion, which is of great help when the task of reaching the context of a situation is complicated, but our private detectives intend to face this scenario with methods. Extremely professional in determining the information required.


From the very beginning, there is a need for private detectives, there is no doubt that the group will get a firm answer to problems, especially when they need to see the scope of great attention, such as business, work, workforce and personnel, because there are many present risks.


We offer an extremely effective resolution, where the interests of the case are treated as they deserve, where, in addition to all of us who use data collection in different formats, because we exercise video recordings, photos and other types of digital support that IT. it is used to recreate what is really happening.


The visualization that follows the qualities of a case receives a good intervention from our detectives, who develop skills every time they work on more cases, where each hypothesis of fact also receives an important process with confidentiality, so as not to jeopardize the risk of results.


The search for a complete service should be put aside, because our private detectives in the pan are responsible for simple but extensive care, where every detail is received with a clinical posture, because in the end, the extreme of the proportion contains small incidents This define what happened.


From private investigation, the number of large fraud is limited, such as intrusion, because it is proposed to clarify each area or space of devices located to extract information, which can be discovered with effective electronic exploration that we have.


The private investigation profession is approaching a margin of resounding quality, where the north is not lost in the law at any time, because for this reason, the respective accreditation was received through the license, which we help to issue excellent salvations. about the raid of a legal process.


The great breadth of private detectives that we have is unconditionally to the clubs to respond to any type of problem, thanks to a simple contact of our services, we can develop a great technical reception, as well as to the different areas that we provide with a large quantity. service number one.


Instead of having questions, you may have a large budget to prevent you from losing the opportunity to investigate, because fair numbers are presented, thanks to a free view, you can increase to get the best way to solve the case, with a clear Coverage of needs through a modest figure.




When you want to hire detectives, at Grupo Arga, we promote the best feeling of response and specialization in relation to the coverage of our clients, so, thanks to the feeling of an extremely specialized operation, it promotes a great response to all the operations that we can be structured in favor of our clients.


Thanks to our services, especially attached to individuals and companies, we can consolidate everything related to the execution of corporate activities that, without a doubt, lead to a specialized process to clarify various research hypotheses and also in the resolution of each case.


First steps used to make a private detective


The best investigation services related to the implementation of surveillance and surveillance strategies are available to anyone who can hire private agents to obtain the necessary data and information in an indicated period. Carrying out this type of service can be a problem when people face the complexity of this situation, because sometimes they do not know who to turn to or who has the best idea of how to deal with the problem they are facing.


Many people when they need to go to an investigation service during the first change they don’t know what to do, this is how they try to go to the first expert they have, which means that at first they contact this person in A cup of press me with this social network profile published by the private detective service.


From the little information available, the best that a person who doesn’t know the details of each situation may be a matter of using immediate resources, and this is because the perception that their need can be provided immediately, well, from the group Arga, when we listen to the testimony of many people, we find several coincidences that they live at the moment of contracting these services, which consists of total dissatisfaction.


Many of these detectives do not provide the clearest answers and sometimes develop all their processes without considering the client of the development of the entire investigation strategy.


Consequently, this creates the client is not satisfied, so he begins to express certain signs of frustration and helplessness, a problem that is alleviated during contact with a professional in the field of research.


Grupo Arga Detectives, we have maintained a highly professional criteria of experience from our beginnings, capable of providing the best answers to the different types of clients who come to our agency to satisfy their concerns and needs, so that the investigation of ours managed to lead out an entire program capable of focusing on customer management as a key element.


Managing the needs of our clients in private investigation is not something that is done overnight to adapt to changes and requests from our clients, this means that it has been agile enough to provide the best response at that time.


Being agile when developing an investigation involved on our part, the implementation of new surveillance techniques requires several elements that can identify our response schedule because it is the only guarantee of properly managing these processes.


Customer management, satisfactory from the point of view, private investigation can not only generate the answer in each case, this point of view is a cover for a question, but also it is very necessary to consider that new elements can be developed to Establish the results that can lead to the best decision for the client, so our researchers include the situation in depth.


It is not possible without monitoring elements, because they allow them to establish various strategies that, in one way or another, guarantee obtaining a very precise process, capable of giving a positive meaning in the development of the client.


The generation of positive strategies to create an investigation case is also the possibility of establishing a state to improve structured services in relation to our clients in the short, medium and long term.



It is imperative to develop a private investigation that has associated with private detectives in Madrid, where we improve the process of this profession to strengthen the trust of each client, to be a unique, projected and thoughtful work for energy tests.


After studying our professionals, everything will be a simple procedure, the alternatives must be the technical processes and legal doctors to ratify the tests.


The results we end up with are completely safe, quality becomes this irrevocable label, but on the contrary, we strive to continue to do so, especially since we can investigate, adapt, we can be your best instrument to discover the truth.


We install it as a complete private investigation agency in Spanish, because we study the problems that arise over time, to find a solution in this effective offer that we have, which is always established by thinking of the user at any time.


We respond with privileged actions; Therefore, everyone who trusts in our virtues is convinced that they are in the right place, in another agency that will not help us, we focus on this strong motivation that shows evidence with the best resources that take care of your integrity. You can enjoy and handle it before the gate, which can be taken advantage of.


Both at the territorial and knowledge levels, we set the directive to develop a private investigation, where there is evidence with guaranteed integrity, that is, that its object cannot be refuted without any reason, the collaborations help us to develop a special attention.


We guarantee that, thanks to each rental, you end up fighting, for the best of us, as well as a process that encourages you, this is only done thanks to an education or preparation that helps us stand out, we create a more attentive. Private detective of the agency so you don’t feel alone.


Our functions have no limits because they clearly support the law, with its license that confirms us as professionals in these tasks, which can be very complicated in the hands of any person, you must leave it in our hands.


Both the legal authorization and the passion that we feel, helps us to make a professional response that covers your incidents, thanks to the fact that our act is focused on meticulous attention, we receive cases that need to invest in a minimum patience, to have good discoveries. in the end.


Thanks to our detective agency, full coverage is based on any type of situation presented, so the structure is designed to give a special response at the same height as the events in the middle of the investigation, which is attached to each particular detective.


The experience in each subject is applied to each situation presented, so that the certainty of obtaining professional anticipation can be preserved, because we have important resolutions before the various fields that are constantly required in relation to private investigation.


In much more personal situations, such as infidelity, you must have a greater contact and the Arga group, obtain this understanding, where you seek to speed up the information because the emotional good is at stake, so you only have to trust our services.

When it has our attention or coverage, there is a complete deployment, where we can cancel the problems of having alternatives -Chau, in particular that it will be projected specifically for this area, where there is a whole. treatment.


To interrupt any type of suffering that revolves around a problem, the production of private investigation is the best alternative that is currently presented; Therefore, every time a client contacts us, we focus on responding to a large investigation department that leaves any cause.


Avoiding all kinds of fraud is a reality through an extremely flexible budget, so that all kinds of circumstances receive in-depth treatment, thinking at any time with financial comfort, but without leaving the quality that is the net identity of our previous services. everyone.


The support presented in the various cases that arise is another example of the disabled commitment that we exercise, to guarantee the essential vigilance that cannot be lost in a case, where at the same time we make a great interaction with the different elements, since they themselves .


The effective monitoring established in its cases is developed under a technical movement, as well as the investment of important resources, which seek to follow the new functions presented closely, to combine these elements with the professional arguments of our private detectives.


In any case, you can go to the group with firm aspirations that support our ability, which leads us not to lose details about the hours, actions, gestures, in problems that add the entire panorama presented in a private investigation.


Our private detectives study the wishes of each client and then respond to the present conditions in the case and venture into what may manifest in the future to apply the answers and materialized evidence that provide color or conclusions to a case.




At the Arga group, we are pleased to provide high-value resources and tools to produce excellent results in a case, performing important procedures that are the source of research in an event, each occasion can think about innovation because the priority is to think about well-being. the client’s.


Although we can continue to give the sensation of specialization, each user can receive the answer from a specialist, being the same measure of the difficulties that have arisen, which can be seen from the beginning that there is complete contact with the testimony that is present. that its study for this reason is decisive.


At the beginning of the Grupo Arga investigation, we are careful to structure a great response thanks to the effective presentation of the evidence, so that every time you need a private detective, you can have the vital alternative to a situation that produces a great commitment. with our service.


Behind all private investigations, a great deal of effort is calculated to collect the results as soon as you are proactive. The results generally obtained at the end of a case study have a lot to do with the persistence in which the wide margin of specialization is applied and indicated to treat a case, which allows us to invest a degree of greater guarantee, where initially the initial The data appear to be within the framework of the initial study of a situation.


In the middle of a case, everything is set to respond with higher level processes, the path is always designed according to the background presented, so as a private investigation agency, we provide the best features, you can have this type of responsibility. for you to decide


Each point of the studied case is exploited according to its properties, this is part of the efficiency that constitutes a general case, where the different facts are subject to a very exhaustive magnifying glass so as not to lose everything that is developed in some circumstances.


It is essential that you obtain a temporary response that is generally established by our services, where we can determine the fraud events presented and the behavior of the people involved is studied to solve a model in this context.

Sometimes what is at stake in a case is not determining the investigation or having an organization that has a license to practice in different fields an essential accreditation license.


The professional contribution that we make at the time of participation in a case seeks height and is compatible. The objective behind each case seeks to develop the scent of the best detective who can reach the bottom of each subject, where there is a great attachment not only to the facts, but also to the various hypotheses that they attracted, reflecting this high level of investigation. what are we. able to establish maximum competence in each situation.


The accusations necessary to complete a case are followed very carefully, combining digital techniques, as well as field skills, where the surveillance and monitoring of the people involved in the case and before each one thinks that it is maintained, the police chain it is. ensure its validity.


Information processing is a clear security, so we project in each case a pleasant mission, where the professional field prevails so as not to lose the type of evidence, where it establishes clear criteria to seek the most precise path in resolving the problem. situation in which the investigation is subject to each subject allows us to develop the design of a clear response to achieve the objectives established in the case, where all the factors that are interferences in the situation are taken into account, to demonstrate the ability to satisfy the needs that arise within the Structure of the requirement of each investigation.


The momentum that exists when facing a case helps the complexities go away, in exchange for finding small spaces or areas of investigation that allow capturing a larger class of information, where our private detectives take advantage to capture each element that determines what is happening.


The knowledge that we have in different fields helps our professionals to adapt to a situation and the confidence in other resolutions, such as technology, where the skills are made and the complexities are dealt with by the professional response that we exercise in different cases.

The effective implementation presented in the resolution of the case is part of the appeal that we request that this investigation. The analysis we do to get more information is part of an effort to establish protection in a faster resolution, where not only we can not present information, but to protect it in cases where the identity or an event is replaced. Through which there is a kind of similar. fraud.


What we offer as detectives


As detectives, we have already talked about certain qualities that make us and what gives us an advantage over other detectives from other agencies, but this is not all, because care and dedication without knowledge are nothing, they are not useful. We, as detectives, are straight, honest people who give it our all.


As people, I could say that honesty, responsibility, comrade, will tell you that they are straight people who go by their intuition and good instinct. As detectives, we offer our knowledge and experience, but as people, we offer our dedication to all the stages that we do.


Since we are the best private detectives, there are no words that can be described as lazy, because those who have verified our work know that our qualities are mainly positive and that it is working more and more, our detectives have the greatest passion and respect.




Thanks to the huge request for private investigation, people who think they are well prepared and want to bypass the certification stage of a state justice agency and illegally display their services at very low prices and fees.


This has an impact on the reduction of the professional quality and the process of obtaining evidence, because only a certified detective knows the legal parameters that they should protect by controlling and persecuting an individual.


As mentioned above, there are many detective agencies, but the differentiation in quality between some can be very visible. Grupo Arga detectives have specialists in the investigation sector, with many more than ten years of experience serving citizens in complexes throughout the country.


Thanks to the effort and dedication, Grupo Arga detectives carry out the most remarkable viable work, we obtained a succession of recognition for our distribution in the field of investigation and the contribution of our tests and final reports of the investigation.


We should not be convinced that the number of private detectives is worth it because their astuteness and courage make risk managers spectacular, firm and the conjunction of the organs that inhabit the company, but, as we have said, this is covered by this mist, unintentionally inaccessible, manifesting only based on others.


Which allows us to hasten to say that, in essence, what a certain detective can be valid is a matter of unknown equality if the eyes of others are those that judge well in the first of the ways to sell our product. Obviously, with cunning and discipline, we can penetrate people, but more is needed. Therefore, the warming in the population, as in the case of Utrera, makes us oral water when we have more, represents almost all our work and, if this is not enough, you just have to see it.


We are not the media because it is wrong. A private detective has rarely been seen in the media, because this is what we dedicate to keeping the information alone, as a beneficiary, you have the right to see and, as legitimate detectives, the task of achieving, without leaving anything to be suit you. We are mainly the fact that it must be used, because to cover honor and secrecy and act with shadows and without irritating the platforms that we need, we bend all the circumstances, providing the service that we offer is the best. But what are the detectives that count? Of course, in groups.


To get an idea, the client team, according to official data, estimates that 60% of the Spanish population does not really know that a private detective is dedicated, a bias large enough to compare it with what we said for good alternatives. and it is also not praised by the officer villains.


Which brings us to the next point, what is the way to find the detectives that really serve the market? It seems simple, but this is not the case, considering the case that we said about the lack of knowledge of the people in the region, it is very difficult for people to have the option to assume that the problems of choice that are not used.


It is correct to say that we can be part of a delegation of private detectives to say that we are the bomb, what we really want is that they know that the ideas are happy with the choice of cheap detectives with the best alternative and according to the best advantage that they hire this customer agent interaction. Leading the way through these supporters Club: It is our saying that in order to build a case link with a private detective, you need to know if you first have the power to investigate, go through the process, have enough experience for him and case of an idea. to find out if it is possible to work with him or if it is beneficial for you.


These are things that we apply to the detectives at Grupo Arga, where our detectives are the favorite example of taking a good case, how to be experts in them and, above all, to specify with great success, without efficiency and with the highest professionalism. makes for the best cheap detective prospects on the market.


A scenario between prices and private group detective


There is no company that can benefit from the needs of the user and that engages them in exceptional work, such as Grupo Arga, that the free date cycle, which has still established them a series of versatile elements that add the most important to their effect on people. Making and reconstructing all the substances with which to implement research models is not the mucus of Peru; It has a very causal participation in the events that the Arga Group managed to take time and, therefore, for a time here.

You must see the reference allusions of your site, where the prices and the pairs for the research models are also kept in constant comments on the comments of the clients and the people interested in choosing the rest, because we know that we are the taste of the most is not a new thing.


The service and rectification are wise, and the group has done so steadily, not only in its derivative research from computer science, to electronics, to the business space, to the family member, or whatever you need and have the ability to to respond, the group has given and hopes to continue giving what everyone needs, these cheap detectives who expect so many things that they call.


Free personal tips


The agency is formed to advise what a client needs for free, not only to provide free appointments, but we can contact you to speak with our professionals to find out what you really need.


The tip is crucial because without this you can ask for information that you may not need because a lot of jobs have similar names but this doesn’t really mean the same times so a lot of detectives or agencies profit from these situations by getting money while you Don’t give what the customer needs.


There’s a perfect excuse for clients and they can say it’s the job I pick and I don’t deal with personal mistakes so not only get rid of not only any responsibility but take money with useless information and in the end it means you’ve wasted your time and money.


As they detect it, it has the price of private and that they completely trust us, the perhaps is a unique way for them to trust those who are looking for a series of ornaments.


online support


We adapt our services in a matter of time to be the most advantageous in technology and to be able to provide everything you need at any time. If you have thought that everything is wrong, because our place is another medium for you, because Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives.


We guarantee that you will not regret visiting our site or other articles on our page, because we can get you what you need to know about the work you need to order, specifically to provide work you do not need, not wasting time or money, but you are investing.


You want to know everything about us and look at the online support that we specifically tailored so that someone can come in and see what we need, what we offer and how we work at least based on the services we do, so we offer you security. You need to at least hire and demonstrate our excellence.


What do we offer to Arga detectives?


In addition to the reasons given why Arga detectives have the best prices of private detectives, we can say that other reasons are that we do not depend on a single service, there are detectives who focus on one service, which causes it Increase costs to survive and also to prove its quality several times. We do not see ourselves in trouble for this reason, so those who are always more in demand than them.


Infidelity cases for computer scientists, everything you need to know about our investigation services is here and more so that we can provide the amount of information necessary and no more than the lack of data or problems during the need to investigate, not suffer from scams or problems and stay with us.




The consolidation of a research case according to our experience, we can base that the price of the research work does not count when guaranteeing the quality of an operation, because there are other elements that are implemented.


When there are people who are looking for a piece of bread to take home at night in winter, there are also people who are looking for this type of service, because one way or another you have to take it seriously, it’s quite complicated and if we do it, we still more complicated, those who have the opportunity to respond, we will not have a place.


If you are looking for a quality service at an affordable price, we at the Arga group are your best option. We have a long career, in which we emphasize having various supplies for you as a customer. With a lot of care and dedication, we have been able to help and close more than 9,000 cases over 10 years. Among them, various services have been successfully provided, of which previous customers are recommended. We have the best cheap detectives.


Highly qualified specialists will attend directly, fully understand your situation, and are prepared to guide you through the entire investigation process. You also have our computer specialists. Responsible professionals in the digital and technological field.


It means that they are being implemented more and more by which several disadvantages are generated from the loss of precious information, by theft, through bullying problems, among others. To guarantee a quality service, not only to these experts. We have available, the best technological equipment of the moment. Even those that are perfectly implemented during the investigation. Thanks to them, we will take you tests in various formats such as


Photography, video, audio and much more. In addition, you will have a full orientation if applicable. You will learn the possible strategies and methods that will be implemented during the search, depending on the type of case you present. Therefore, you can feel secure in paying for the entire procedure. All the documentation, which specifies the evidence they can give, the support, is fully signed by the police and legal entities.

Therefore, you can bring legal action, if necessary, with the help of the evidence obtained by our team of experts for you. But if there is something that characterizes us as the best cheap detective agency, it is our rates, considered the best in the market, where the price quality comparison is a preferred point for you.


Our priority is to provide help, we do not seek benefits according to your problems. At Grupo Arga, we are difficult to provide real solutions in record time. Where you can feel listening; Receiving unique attention from our entire team. Your safety and security are our priority.


At Grupo Arga, we first offer a free estimate that adapts to your needs, to carry out a study before the case; Therefore, this budget will be completely personalized.


To suspect, we have in their disposal cars and motorcycles with their respective formats that have great experience in the field, this will give us ease and practice to carry out surveillance, you can also obtain these services for as long as you want and create practical things.


In this case, if necessary, more than one detective can be requested and, in addition, an expert also according to the seriousness of the matter. In addition, we have various services, such as: fingerprinting, infidelity, computer forensics, computer cleaning scams and cyber prevention, etc.


All this and much more are offered to private clients, lawyers, companies, insurers and mutuals, in short, for those who need cheap security detectives they are your best option and, at any time, if you have questions, you will be pleased with the best wish to guide you through the whole process.


Is it worth hiring a cheap detective?


This question is wrong, because it can be considered cheap, we always mention that the prices are good and affordable, but we never put the word cheap because Arga detectives have the best prices of private detectives, but it is not something cheap and disposable.


What we offer, you will not find by contacting cheap detectives, we offer the best price during our work, because our services are of quality and it is something that deserves to be hired, because several tops are better to buy a cheaper service, but It is of quality. do the opposite.


Several times, cheap detectives do not give what you must have and what excellent quality service, you do not have clear or decent quality tests, and may even ask you if it is worth paying, because we recommend that you do not opt. For a cheap detective, but an affordable and excellent price.


Because it is not the same to have a detective who has experience, studies, to be excellent and have the tools to carry professional cards and it can become more expensive than you think.




More than anyone, at private detectives associated with Madrid, we understand what it means to carry out private investigations, where to obtain evidence, which is why our multidisciplinary team acts with passion, continues with the efforts of these results that you are waiting for. to obtain as a final resolution.


The enthusiasm invested by our professionals ends in this short period during which they manage this great profession. The problems they raise are treated with really important attention, we attack these bugs in flawless performance, because the more we focus on what matters to us, we end up causing problems.


This concern to understand that it is a high degree of specialization, which is based on exclusive techniques and methods in this field, combining them with the computer plan that requires to be protected by a professional touch, being exactly what lives in our group of researchers .


To carry out our actions in each case, we not only have to take advantage of them and have them. We offer really extensive services in all the areas you see, there are many who prefer to invest our attention.


We end up being the best option, at a price that motivates others to believe, they prefer to save worries in exchange for a small guaranteed investment, according to the quality results that they are, we are an agency much more concerned with your problems than anything else .


We govern our situation


All the circumstances end or add to the budget problem, as well as the list of processes that will be carried out to achieve the truth, where the most important thing is to do good, achieve the truth with the most appropriate means, under a high-quality characterization.


In this search for private detectives in Madrid, you can automatically think of everything we offer, we see a tactic that is very attached to the concerns you have, which will be resolved with remarkable efficiency, instead of trying to pay less.


How do I know if I need a Family Order Detective Specialist?


There are some situations announced in our offices, but as experts in the Arga detective group we have been able to solve them. Private family investigation is, without a doubt, one of our preferences,


Since we offer a very important value for the coexistence of the healthy family. Several cases, among others, are when a father, mother or both suspect that their child took advantage of the opportunity to call evil.


Our detective private detectives in family information applications are quickly beginning to obtain information and evidence of what is really going on.


Another situation that tends to show up is when we don’t know where a parent is. As a family investigation, we must not miss the infidelity between a couple, providing assistance in this way to conclude if your partner is unfaithful or not. With us, they will certainly have an answer and evidence so that when the confrontation comes, they don’t reject it.


In the situation of family applications, a budget is given that breaks down the value that the investigation could have, when the probable costs that the detective would have during this period.


The researcher’s expenses include transportation.


As family applications cover many points, the approach that will provide information to clarify their problems is up to the customer. They mainly request a detective to attempt alleged infidelity, however, this type of application takes only one or two days, because it only needs one person to follow a person to get the scene where he sees the passion.


On the other hand, in family applications, they also ask for the investigation and the location of the people, the objectives of the detective invest in this investigation.


In addition, the orders are different, they maintain the same price compared to the costs of the detective; However, this is reflected during the duration of each investigation.


Arga’s detective group has experts to do all kinds of family information applications and it can be a special problem, since it is mainly related to family feelings, the detective will have the tactic of prudence without damage to his emotions.


There are people who consider a private detective as a confidential friend, because when they apply for this system, they must talk to this person to understand the foundation and the points involved in the investigation.


In addition to what private detectives use latest technological equipment, they are not reflected in the value of this system, because the detective has the obligation to deliver the client’s evidence that defends what was observed throughout the information.


Professional detectives in family information applications generally have clothes, depending on where they are, so that they do not attract attention, so that they can investigate.




Thanks to the private detectives of Madrid, we request highly ethical actions in each case, all backed by national legal compliance, in accordance with the purpose of providing substantial information, which constitutes elements of high value that ratify the quality of this service.


The areas of investigation that we provide end up producing significant results incorporated in the final report, whether it be infidelity, fraud in large or small companies, among other types of requests that we resolve with great distinction, as part of a good professional service.


Behind each job, the hands of qualified experts


In addition, there is no limitation due to the economic field, because our rates end up being really attractive for anyone, everything varies according to the hours of work, as well as the difficulty of the case, because the most complicated ones deserve larger legal medical techniques or processes for their quick resolution.


Everything depends on the participation in each case, that is, these are complete situations that deserve to be analyzed to find the best solution that to adapt to everything that should be revealed and then act quickly to solve the problem in question, this is what it is what’s what’s what’s what’s what’s what’s what’s what’s what’s what ‘s what’s what’s lets reveal the error as much as possible.


We study the problems that need to be investigated to plan them as a priority in our services, which always end up launching true tests, so we identify ourselves as a company that analyzes the release of the truth, from the round that ends up changing your life when you let it squeeze in.


They formulate a team of experts, they are part of our initial approach to the birth of an irresistible proposal, where the information can be provided at the same time, as well as the respective verification, which makes these results.


The value of private investigation becomes precious elements to reserve a certain error, which helps prevent many casualties, or at least lessen its impact, all under professional management, which causes relationships with personal intentions.


After the information obtained, it is possible to draw an important way to leave these suites behind the door and at the same time experts in each field. The main evidence of each case is sought under an effort that attracts attention, because we approach your problems as if they were our own, we try to offer and guarantee the best private investigation services, we have experts to find these answers to suit us.


Detective prices in Seville according to your pocket


If we are something, it is because users do not want to invest their money in private research without being safe. For this reason, the company offers the first appointment free and the quote offered to the client will erase all the unknowns.


To calculate the research budget, certain components such as:


  • The proportion of time that will be spent in the situation
  • The proportion of detectives who will participate
  • The search date (because holidays and night days, the value increases by 50%), etc.


It is essential to emphasize that in relation to the type of investigation that must be done by the situation that it brings to the table, there will be several associated costs. These costs are based on a sequence of principles, but the costs for the Association of Professional Detectors in Spain are considered a reference. Without a doubt, ask about the value for money.


Before you hire services, you must understand that you are trusting your personal track record to investigative experts, with years of experience trained to exercise with the necessary commitment.


Unqualified responses from private investigation


Private investigation services, which are formal at all times before each case, such as Madrid private detectives who seek to be the best in Exercise Said, all to create clients.


First, it is an obligation that we like to provide, expanding a clear response from the first query or maintenance, expanding transparent advice at any time, without having to be forced to hire our services, you can discover everything it can offer.

The costs are also considered another reason to believe in private investigation, so enjoy the benefits of the results provided by private detectives, in the dynamics of their work, it is possible to deny and ratify a fact that has been very long.


Understanding the importance of each test, he seeks to carry out a private investigation through a significant level of training that attracts the advantages of seeking information, which implies receiving knowledge, as well as the acquisition of skills in solved cases.


These concerns that seek answers seek to resolve it as soon as possible, which gives us at the same time ratified and approved by the Ministry of the Interior, which is a clear reflection of the reason why we can overcome the adversities of each case with success and distinction.


The attention of private investigators prepared through a remarkable specialization for each case is what motivates us to create different categories or service areas, designed to respond to each problem, this donation to solve a case offers greater lethality to satisfy your needs. needs.


Our main mission is to make the delivery that we exercise in each case, entering an honest and faithful process that does not abandon its objectives, we continue to put the action plan projected from the beginning that communicates this problem.


Anything that requires personnel, work, publicity and others is carried out by our private detectives, thanks to the preparation that must be involved in this type of circumstance; Therefore, each piece of evidence provided has great integrity and credibility to reverse any negative aspects of the situation.


Without disadvantages, it is possible to publish a final report of well-applied evidence, which is a key element to leave behind so many complications that generate or cause a scam, in the resolution of cases, we first focus on an effective response.


The hiring of private investigators appears as an effective, safe and reliable response to communicate your problems and receive reliable evidence that generates peace of mind, everything turns into the hands of our professionals who know exactly how they should respond.





Hiring a private detective in Spain is a more common action than you think, because his role has developed in recent years, trying and exploring more areas of attention, employees, business, finance and even technology. Special discipline to clarify all kinds of questions.


But just as there are clear advantages to this contract, it is adequate representation for your cause.


Considerations for trusting a private detective in Spain


The commitment to a private detective in Spain is justified by his ability to develop in depth, it is the main requirement of this contract, you must trust a private detective who has carried out the necessary studies to efficiently implicate your cause.


To verify their accreditation, you can see if the agents have a license to practice, in addition to having a private investigation agency, they make sure that each finding is valid by using it against certain future legal processes.


These professional faculties are important in order not to incur in violation of a legal standard, because with private detectives who do not have accreditation, they are only problems, it is essential to take care of a wise option based on their studies to clarify your case or situation.


The vision and capabilities of a private detective are measured by their preparation, so another point to focus on is that, from your case, you can be guided and assisted by a specialist on the subject. With a perfect answer.


Although you can find a detective agency that works in all service areas in the same rental, avoid having future functions so that they are important tests.


The strength of a test is based on the great choice of a private detective; Therefore, with these objectives, you are in the hands of experts, who are part of the group’s offer, being an excellent example to focus on hiring professionals who are very useful in all aspects.


To this consideration is added the experience, the group has and with impeccable results, so that more people bet in this way to solve their problems, so you need empathic representation to enter your place and have a greater precision of your case and its quick resolution.


You need criteria to choose a quality private detective


Faced with a wide variety of events, the action of a private detective is the key, so the decision of this contract is based on the search for commercial support with legal methods applied with total peace of mind; Therefore, although he is a private detective who fulfills this exclusive quality evidence.


The interest in the investigation cannot be interrupted, everything was born from the wise decision to have a great private detective who exceeds the legal parameters to be in charge of getting to the bottom of each cause; So when you bet on Grupo Arga, you will find a number of agents who want to do their best, that is, the delivery you are looking for and deserve.


The answer of this professional team is what the experts should analyze, while the help and reception are very exhaustive, you can have a formula or a means to reach the background of each subject, so that the requirement of taking into account is realized trust counts.


The hiring of a private detective can be specified according to the type of operation and actions capable of developing, to begin to obtain this data and vital information, because after the type of private investigation that is commonly carried out, a reflection.


When you think of a private detective, you should also predict more freely.


Understanding your cause is the central point of everything, because in this way you have a process linked to your needs, this type of management can be measured by anticipating the examination of your offer, that is, let’s say that the way or the formula Implement it, can promote a case with a total franchise.


The usefulness of a private detective in the face of your problems can be established thanks to his knowledge, because, therefore, he can exercise extreme vigilance in the incidents of the case with expert guidance, where each investigation is told in point of view.


To reaffirm in the right way for an investigation, you must also have professionals who provide progress, and finally every client must aspire. The application of a large private investigation depends on the exercise of experts, sometimes there is no impossible case of being under the professional action of a private investigation group is a means to cover any event and not abandon the possibility of knowing and exposing the truth .


The possibility of investigating each case is real under a large contract


Effective resolution results in a hire that is pre-assessed to see if you have an alternative associated with investigating the truth in all circumstances, because you can’t miss the opportunity to investigate all of these questions you affect.


To bring a concern for an effective solution, it is to rely on the powers of a great private detective, who deserves to be available to each client who requires it, providing an observation adjusted to each fact to find the right path that makes him find This set of evidence you have.


The implementation of a professional action to analyze each case is a firm hope of articulating an effective response to reach the bottom of the problems that interest you, it is added that the detectives can maintain this reaction and the values that contribute to obtaining convincing elements.


The varied specialization that is created within private investigation is another mottled so that the agents are not older people in the best way of expression, that is the guarantee, that he is looking for, that gave him pieces.


These types of professional activities should be measured by results; Therefore, you need to examine the margin of solved cases, it is a confirmation of your scope, so you will face the request of a suspicious fact that you can make decisions that protect you and direct the truth.


To order it correctly, you need attention


When you have a complete detective agency, you can count on an action adapted to each fact, to carry out first class private investigation processes, this type of resolution is what you are looking for, so that in the shortest moment you get obtain effective evidence.


However, resources are a factor to consider because having a private detective, in turn, requires your full attention to properly treat each donation of support you are seeking.


The teams become a great incentive for private detectives, as this allows us to take a deep advantage of fighting all fraud. The ability of a private detective is tested with each case, so he prefers to deserve.




The verification of a fact is presented under specialized techniques of the best private detectives that the group has for its causes, in addition to the support of the various means that constitute a private investigation as a cutting edge resource occurs during the de facto verification is an adapted work to different areas.


The services available to our private investigation agency provide specific information, they do not hesitate to make a specific query to develop a conclusion about reality, thanks to the functions of our professionals, which highlights the fact that “they work under cover to protect the anonymity.


At the same time, within the professional universities, the action carries out interviews to prepare a final energy report, the relevance of this type of report has to do with the presentation of the evidence before a judge, it can also take advantage of all areas that this service has tests of different formats.


The guilt of certain crimes or facts is determined by these tests, the greater the discovery of the evidence, the greater the time that the effort processes in all the information until the truth of these tests under an explanation according to the chronology events.


Find professional assistance when it comes to private investigation throughout the country, because the variety of services activated in Grupo Arga is found in large cities until it provides an unconditional response to all types of applications so that you can trust the geography of the extension of our services.


Any fraudulent situation that represents a risk for you or a specific environment can be faced with the specialized work of the Arga group, any case subject to investigation can even have the practice of electronic exploration, these are modern procedures to not lose sight of the . information.


If the events occur in electronic activities or mobile devices, we have the necessary knowledge to retrieve information, messages and fully analyze the storage of these technological elements because they represent an active source of information.


Each of the private investigation services is fast, but without neglecting the quality, this alternative is economical to make it a flexible and affordable coverage, you can compare our offer with other investigation agencies in Spain, so you can understand the level offer and The trajectory that verifies the quality of the services.


The professional profile of each of the private detectives allows you to hire the best when it comes to proving the truth, it is an action in which the attitudes of commitment and cunning are so characteristic of this profession, but the sum of these values, promote resolution of a case.


Private detectives at the top of a case are clear communication skills that facilitate peace of mind during the dismantling of the deception, because professionals do not lose this characteristic of humanity necessary to expose certain truths that end up being painful for many.


By conducting interviews or testimonial compilation, our private detectives can identify, when people lie or leave a sign of instructions that they can continue with our professional tools, the answers they offer represent a collaborative professional in their problems.


The basis of private investigation is made up of the qualities of private detectives found in the model of each service area, in which an exhaustive analysis of the facts is based on the search for real paths, the progression of a case It just depends on the professional. behavior.


The organization of the services available in the Arga Group must have professional detectives for the intervention of difficult cases that are used in a special terminal that awakens your condition, if it stands out.


All investigations must have the confidentiality offered by our professional answers, all the specialized benefits of private detectives are a profession in constant learning, because, based on this training, it is possible to act before the application that presents a case.


Unlike any other solution, private investigation is the only legal and safe method when obtaining information, which emphasizes the selection of this alternative to make the right way to prove the truth, with private detectives under a license in Spain, it is possible to dedicate The exposure of the truth of your case.


One of the first steps to find out the truth is to contact private investigators, to the point of establishing compatible alternatives, thanks to the fact that the details of the case are classified in the areas that work before the problems that are happening, all these forms. A complete and specified line of work.


The private investigation itself informs what is happening, which means that different jobs are meant to verify reality, the way it works is related to the nature of the case, in which the techniques are also reversed to process each piece of data involved in dissemination of a truth Ensures the integrity of evidence.


The beginning of the private investigation should generate trust, because it is a very important way to define a position before an event, this work communicates the reality of different situations, so the investigation is to carry out tests to know what is happening and it is essential that exposes the needs for broad coverage.






Grupo Arga detectives and the price of private detectives are really difficult to guess when you need to hire a private detective. Most of the times these unforeseen services are needed, disturbing the peace or calm of the person, and sometimes companies and institutions.


Once this need arises, that’s when you may need a private investigator. To deepen the problem of private detectives, the main property to be approved is not only the price. It should be noted that in this city you can find various promotions in different media: virtual detective guides, newspapers, gates, communities, etc.


It is inevitable to indicate that before choosing a private detective in Seville, a small examination of points that identify the situation must be carried out, as well as the characteristics necessary to carry out the service. Choosing a cheap private detective in Seville can be a mistake on several occasions. That is why we should weigh, as we said before, other characteristics, such as the quality of the services that will be received.


Choose the services of the detectives from the group that guarantees two points:


  • A successful price.
  • Quality service.


The frequent situations to continue hiring a private detective are suspicions of infidelity, hidden information of a company or subject, medical investigation, electronic exploration, fraudulent work matches, investigation and location of people, etc. Spain has its immensity of private detectives with a private investigation agency that the detectives of the Arga Group, whose private detectives have strength: cunning, efficiency and enormous skills, without letting professionalism do their job.


Our agency is also characterized by suggesting services always at a fair price and quality, with a great reputation among the various sources of information and the testimonials of people on the network. Grupo Arga detectives have private investigators accessible 24 hours a day, as well as an effective service. The detectives of our well-known agency are identified by the surprising treatment of their users and the total satisfaction of the case. The execution of this task is regulated by Spanish law and our organization literally complies.


As already mentioned in other sections of our site, the costs vary for each agency, but they have the opportunity to emphasize that in this city there is the possibility of finding detective agency services, earning 60 euros per time and up to 450 euros. for 450 days; Although others have the opportunity to charge up to 1,150 euros per day, it is not important to indicate that the amount will also depend on the case.


The diversity of costs in the city of Spain in relation to private detectives is useless and our detectives belong to this group of private investigators capable of guaranteeing the best results without losing money.




Hiring the services of a private detective has never been easy. It has a leading investigation agency, such as the Arga Detective Group Agency, with more than a decade of experience in the private investigation sector and a satisfied portfolio of client content that supports our results.


The Arga Group was born at the beginning of the century, before waiting for social assistance for a necessary and highly requested service, constituting the discovery of the truth.


It will be precisely this great emotion developing our social service that will gradually differentiate us from other private detective companies in Madrid and Spain. The approval of years will make us a great private detective agency installed in the center of the city of Madrid.


Over the years, our best approved case contracted our private investigation services. In the Arga group, we want to show in some way and the other person that you do not need to hire a very expensive service to show that you are superior to your service or to the professionals who are the best and also emphasize that we do not allow ourselves to have external factors, as competition or cost of other services.

We offer these great prices, we have chosen different jobs and we have diversity, which I mean, because AGA detectives have the best prices for private detectives, we have more experience than anyone else, and not only that, but we can manage many different . situations, regardless of the rapid response.


The best detectives in Madrid at the best prices


We have decided to have fewer employees, but experienced throughout the work, we are looking for infidelities in Madrid Rapid and this can carry out different low-cost activities in this way, generating more jobs.


Detective Arga has the best price for detectives in Madrid infidelity specialists, because we want to make sure that not everything is emphasized and that cheap prices are bad, in our case, we want to be clear that we give him all the specific tasks to you. And in this way, you do not have to pay for unnecessary things.


We have simply decided to focus on more employees for our customers, although our costs are often covered by us, we want to pay only mechanical costs that have no problems and can use the reject service.


This time is very important for us when people can choose our service or useful without paying the whole state; Therefore, we not only believe that our clients, we can also work to find the best quality and the best service of everything in Spain.


Our agency has many years of experience to register, but we are one of the best agencies in Spain, and this is due to the best AGA prices of these private detectives throughout the country, we receive it thanks to our unique and effective working methods. . they are likely to obtain the necessary information.


Our experience also facilitates the improvement of our skills, an example that we can say that we are analyzing everything with the observation method to obtain more detailed information about another person.


It is not the only thing that the case has, but we can say that we travel more to Spain and that we know almost every corner of the city, so it does not give up the wonder in our hands and in the case of the paragraphs or the break, we will decide quickly without fear.


Because our years of work have been so rewarding, we know you want to be an expert in your field, so we not only enrich our experience with various positions, but also enhance our common skills.


Detectives lack nothing and are awake in all situations to do their best.


Detective methodology based on professionalism.


This is a safe bet because the company has many specialized detectives trained to respond to client designated work. In addition, it has an electronic set to improve and more information about the person who inspects.


Being our company known and with this experience, the diversity of the detectives has also grown with it. In each case, we have several private detective experts on the problem.


Among other things, if you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, there is a particular group of detectives who are dedicated to the question of infidelity and therefore know how they should act to obtain more details on this subject.


Another normal example is when someone gets lost. For the investigation and the location of people, there is a succession of honed detectives on the site and they search for missing persons, and there is also the possibility of DNA testing, traffic snacks, etc.

Therefore, and much more than our private detectives can not. Our private investigators are the best of their work, for their commitment, their sacrifice, their power to obtain the best results provided before the task begins.


Initially, it can be difficult to find a reliable group of detectives in Spain. But because it is our private detective agency, which is part of the detective group, which is simply a company that deals with a private and real farm throughout Spain and abroad.


The company has solved a large part of the cases during its ten years of experience in the detective market and, therefore, it is the most recommended in Spain and abroad.




If you are looking for detectives in Madrid, contact us. We offer you a free and committed first date, where we will give you several options where the best alternatives would be for your case to be a success.


Our team is a multidisciplinary team, that is, we offer all kinds of investigation services, employees, such as fingerprints, investigation and location of people, family investigation, friends, parents, etc.


We also offer private business and professional investigation services, such as fraudulent job losses, information leaks, unfair competition, etc. If your case is a marriage issue, you are in good hands. We have a specific team for the investigation of marriage, if you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, contact us.


To carry out all kinds of research, we have a fundamental and necessary element to achieve it, we are talking about the most modern technological means that allow us to reach where others do not understand.


Experience is the second biggest pillar that a private detective office needs to complete, and as we have said, another group of AGA detectives have successfully completed hundreds of private investigations.


Are you looking for detectives?


From the first time a client contacts us, the contract is closed, the information is maintained and offered and guarantees maximum confidentiality. Our commitments with the legislation that exists today , to safeguard the legal security of all numbers and will be valid in gifts, before instituting the office.


The basic principle of our detective agency is to guarantee maximum confidentiality, all our clients, exquisite treatment and, above all, a free first consultation and a budget without obligation. Contact us if you need a private detective at the best price .


If you have reached this point, it is because you have to hire private detectives in Madrid or elsewhere. It is time to select the best, you must take into account the strengths and weaknesses, gaps and experience of each professional, their diplomas.


You must consider all this, because if the professional you hire does not ask for all this, it is possible, out of time, to lose money. We are the most professional intrusion profession out there, and we count and deal every day. Make sure you have to hire investigative professionals who are properly activated and regulated, turn down cheap professionals who are not qualified.


Since we started in this world of private investigation, we have been renewed inside and out. We began to offer private detective services in Madrid and today we offer investigation services throughout the national territory.


Our extensive experience as a detective agency in Madrid and the in-depth training of the team that makes up our agency allows us to offer various services in the field of private investigation and in different places, such as. If you are looking for private detectives, contact us.


On the one hand, we work on all kinds of professional research. Currently, the business field is the one that benefits the most from the services of private detectives. In our detective agency, we have clients of all kinds, small and medium-sized companies, a final client and self-employed … and we take care of work, economic complaints and complaints and intellectual property, among others.


In the field of private investigation, we take care of personal and family problems, such as bad business for minor children, marital infidelity, bad habits such as alcoholism, sects.




The services that we offer to Grupo Arga remain activated and specialized to guarantee a great availability, to study a complete and detailed monitoring and investigation, this type of service is specialized in several topics that we kept at your disposal.


The technical and professional team that defends the course of each case is effective, so any unsustainable situation is studied in accordance with, at the same time, certain rates are established according to the procedures to be dealt with, we carry out a fully qualified survey method used and on command.


The subjects associated with the development of private investigation follow the proven coverage models, that is, a specific means to respond to deception and fraud that may occur, since the case reaches the responsibilities of our private detectives, you should not hesitate for it to become a priority.


The result of the private investigation problem is to exhaust emergency or desperate situations .


The feeling that doubt is not healthy for you, finding peace of mind when you have to trust the Arga group because they understand the moment they come across, each case receives an exhaustive and personalized analysis; So the tip of the guy we provide is that the end becomes personal support.


To face a problem it may be easier for the promotion of specialized private investigation, the commitment we have made with the details of the case is honest, because we are interested in exposing the truth and demonstrating the value of this profession, we can offer several guidelines for resolution during the previous consultation.


In our office, we receive various problems that immediately turn into passionate detective studies, to formulate an effective and economical plan of action around the operations designed to process information, what must be evaluated is the demonstration of the truth to reverse this representation. .


The analysis that we develop in each case is essential, especially in search of answers through designated processes, as well as the work of responsible specialists who assume this type of responsibility to share reality, can count on this type of intervention.


The manipulation of the facts is a clear enemy of the truth, it can only be waged under the exposure of the truth, following all the objects of the case, which allows us to have a great reputation in the case, the first sign of trust that should Appreciate when hiring.


Consider the experience on the subject of private investigation, it facilitates that the completion of the investigation is ideal, all the initial actions carried out by private detectives end up adapting to the current situation, professional preparation adds as an undeniable virtue.


The budget designed by our experts follows a close relationship with the actions to realize the truth, all the efforts exerted by our private detectives allow to determine a flexible figure, that is, the image of the proceedings of the case that you will receive as soon as you Explore the details of the case.


Before beginning the revelation of the case, a profile of the methodology that requires verification of the truth is projected, thanks to the use of the capabilities of our private detectives who only seek to clarify a situation, each approach will receive a response specialist is satisfactory.


Any service you need is available in the areas we have; Therefore, a simple vision is to know in depth the best of private investigation until the evolution that has been followed today, the actions of all times appreciate your needs as the main objective.


The treatment of private investigation maintains the greatest interest in demonstrating what is happening. The training of our experts. Legal validity is one of the best purposes discussed in the development of private investigation, which extends internationally, it is known as a method to exhaust all cases until the truth is clarified, if you need services that serve those who serve, that are used for services that are not limited in any case, they are not the best option.


It is enough to indicate the type of need that happens, to trust the attributes of the group to determine the truth, if you have many questions in the Arga group, we provide a clear solution, from the action plan that was defined from the beginning For this, they coincide in a methodology that seems appropriate.


If we assume that the decision of the result of private investigation is a reality to your advantage, so we carry out reliable procedures, even lawyers need the performance of private detectives, as a sign of coordinating this service with other professionals, to meet the same Objective of sharing the truth of the tests.


In the midst of a legal process, the need for a private detective increases, in the midst of this type of process, it is essential that the private investigation follows you, we are on your side to resolve any type of conflict, this demonstration is compensation. to act in the face of errors of all kinds.


The recovery of trust is a reality in the Arga Group, we offer a complete collaboration, at a national and international level, this type of provision certifies that we take care of all the details about the demonstration of the truth, all the expectations that you have in our services are listened to and planned.




The work that we have done in associated private detectives has a great positive impact, it is exactly what we seek after each action, which is implemented as unconditional support for each incident that you want to install in your life, this can not pay, but seek the truth in your case


For It, the contrast of the contrast naked serfs a preferential offer of numbers detects in private, they are the best, in which they do, the kingdom, as a low, satisfied and uniform.


Behind the contracting of our services, the use and request of the best techniques to ratify these results is established, so it turns out to be an investment for your peace of mind, you can trust that, thanks to our services, you will obtain these overwhelming answers. particular.


All the details of private investigation are personalized in your applications, so that the work or effort that we also have a field of computer experts as a novelty.


The planning of a large number of services is what allows us to cover all kinds of situations, since we seek information, even in the digital plane, it is a repetition for our ability to be known by a domain that requires special attention.


You can be sure that you have the best services in these areas, because during the private investigation, we look for alternatives and apply more and more experts to ratify each data, knowing that it is the key to preparing the final report that promotes a truth for interested people.


From the beginning, we seek a deep link with the problems that the client has, that is, to raise awareness of the cause that we can look for evidence with additional motivation, this contact is finally used to continue maintaining a high level of trust in our service.


The value of money defined at the time of estimating a budget helps you to obtain guarantees in the final results of the private investigation, we consider all the variants of the case and the techniques that they will need, so there is no abuse in relation to the price, but remaining accessibility.


We exhibit private investigation, with caution to ensure the security of its integrity, as well as the discovery of each piece of evidence, so as not to be placed in a state of people involved, which makes viable information collection produce. More results in less time, be the most impressive.




When we know each problem, we intend to help cordially and establish an agreement above all empathetic, because, as private detectives associated with Madrid, we contribute at any time the best technical ability, which results from nothing but thanks to this effort. to the form and agree to that.


In order to guarantee a wide reputation, we take measures that cause a precedent in the case, therefore, we have high quality private detectives, where they use a high level of confidentiality, trust and careful and empathic treatment.


Each of these values ends up reflecting a final procedure, because our goal is to respond with a specialty after each situation that manifests itself as a request, that deserves energetic evidence, serving as a solution to any cause that has big questions.


When looking for information, the warning services we have on your cause can always support us


Behind our actions there is a solid criminal contribution, as well as computer support, an expert in incidents that occurs in this type of situation, to achieve a satisfactory closure of each case, that is, it alerts much more attention and trust.


The design of a functional service is something that is being prepared after serving a high dose of knowledge, because it is the best element to form several services that are on top of the situation that can occur in plan N ‘without’ all the days or formal.


Obtaining quality results is essentially our investment of methods and techniques that achieve promising results, these substantial elements that change the course in unfavorable situations, we reveal that information is so vital to your peace of mind.


The main intention of our services is to do justice before each requirement, reserve illegal acts that do not cause other emotional and economic discomfort, so that the physical and digital evidence is conclusive to determine a certain fact without any doubt.


We are looking for people to visualize, as an excellent solution to situations such as infidelity, fraud, espionage and other scenarios that harm anyone, its consequences can be placed when the certifications have been denied before all this threat is detrimental to the regular course of activities.


Understanding what it means to go through these unfortunate situations is the first step in formulating a service capable of responding, obtaining decisive information to dismantle these scenarios, we offer a technical response that increases and uses an affordable price for our service.


Our services are characterized by great functionality, we cover the smallest field of this profession with an effort that stands out above the rest, you can learn about each of our fields with a prior consultation that serves to address our proposal.


Inclusive tea sobs of the location of the people who absorb our specialists, by grace in the use of equipment and techniques, so that no being or the smallest provides the person who feels looking for a person.


We don’t breathe before we get information about you, when a stage or phase of the action plan ends, we continue moving forward to have more discoveries and reinforce the only support throughout the development so that you don’t lose hope for any reason.


The client’s optimism is high with the results, no false promise or anything of style is made, but we only show the capacity that accompanies us after the case of the decision and the realization of the techniques that are carried out before and we verify each one of the data present in the case.


We are doing the most complex simple procedures, depending on the subject of the case, so it is possible to obtain energy results, which differentiate us from the police or other entity, it is the personalization services that concentrate only on your cause and these paths have more requests.




For private detectives in Madrid, the issue of training is very serious, this is the principle in front of any service offer, it is that private investigation has no other way to exercise, but for the qualities acquired after knowledge after, as well as the physical ability to work with caution.


The way to get irrefutable evidence is completely accessible during the reaction and the tools to deal with each observation, which also has a great request for knowledge, because without the same, you cannot manipulate the tools that analyze each fact.


Before verifying and highlighting an event, we focus on identifying and studying the research prices at any given time. Once a method of uncovering the truth has been established, it is done with notorious commitment.


From the beginning that operates in a situation, it can connect with the concerns that inhabit the situation, which generates trust and a different reading of the case, to exercise the actions that it deserves, that is, we are reinforcing an effort for the circumstances.


There is no such complex or simple cause, they all have their own characteristics that we process from a professional perspective, in search of the most appropriate method to have irrefutable evidence that can be used anywhere or in the environment, even in legal actions.


In order to build or provide top-level action, we aim to take more and more areas, which are fully covered in a specialty that is observed at any time, because just by providing professional treatment, you get this feeling of being in the right place. .


However, to provide a specialized private investigation service, an intention is to serve. We seek to take care of these causes that arise, thanks to the training that will serve as a defense, as well as a method to find the answers to the needs of your case, our services are fully compatible with the needs of different fields.


To the point of discovering in the same service, the best proportion of professional care is to serve as exceptional support for each case that arises, so we have the ability to respond, intervene more and more situations thanks to the alternatives we have at your disposal.


Private detective office with all the guarantees


The Arga agency group has the best detectives in space and others from all over, through the work to solve different cases.


“Best” is the word that details the investigation market in each member of Grupo Arga’s detectives, who recognize themselves in solving situations with the maximum commitment, time and very low costs.


Arga’s group of detectives has the most notable profession for the solvency of each case, taking into account the criticism from their environment. If what you need is an excellent response and results, the Grupo Arga agency has a very affordable value, which corresponds to each economic circumstance in which it is exposed as a client.


Private investigation in Spain is of the highest quality for the client, regardless of the basis of the case on display. They are involved in research on any city and population.


For private investigators in Spain, it is a priority to comply with these requirements and have good communication with the client, because, thanks to him, you have the opportunity to obtain answers that may not be in full investigation or a question instantly about the private detective. in Spain.



detectives have the ability to adapt to different cases, whether personal or work. These detectives have a deep understanding to carry out all kinds of information in this way, with the highest quality of technological equipment to guarantee its quality, be it videos or recordings.


It is practical to agree, since a detective service can resolve the situation, for this reason. Experts in private detectives to obtain evidence have special properties to solve the various cases that will be made, because they know how to move to any part of the country survey. For this reason, the training of the expert in private detectives to obtain evidence is essential for the satisfaction of each assigned case.


It is noteworthy that private investigations to obtain evidence provided by our private detectives are studied by the authorized campus under the supervision of investigative professionals.


Group detectives are those who conduct private investigations in various locations. We have the function of offering the highest service, which consists of a group of professional detectives, with the latest technologies, applications and knowledge of community management to find what you are looking for.


This system of private detectives is intended for individuals and large and small companies, because the agency can manage different cases of a judicial nature.


Get Certified Detective Evidence


The results obtained in the investigation, therefore, because the evidence has the opportunity to be the main proof of the legal methods, it is substantial that the detective who provides the proof of this certificate so that the evidence stands without objection.


It is possible to emphasize that the methods, the conditions of investigation and their complaints will help them to achieve a viable participation to satisfy the development and results of private investigation.


The Arga detective set has the skills, the Advanced Technical Assembly and the advantages to carry out the presented investigative work. In general, we highlight most of the occasions in works related to: infidelity, location, bottom and fake socks, medical computer research, electron staging, technology research, business research, etc.


With this, it is overwhelming that if it is possible to prove a detective at trial, the detective is enough to guarantee his certainty. Detective Arga, your company specialized in private investigation to obtain evidence that requires victory in court.




At Madrid private detectives, we focus on court at any time in a better situation, you must have a lot, which requires us to maintain important associations with experts who provide more solutions and alternatives to the situation.


We have tried all the necessary means until we verify the truth, when we have legal areas, among others that help to measure the truth of the evidence obtained; Therefore, at the end of the investigation, you can have an expert report that guarantees its validity and presentation.


For both the legal good and the emotional good, our duties in private investigation are directed to this approach, because the most ideal is that the tests that have been ratified are promulgated, it is essential to win the mistakes that are made so damaging.


During the professional performance, we established a well-proven relationship with each client, satisfying the needs of companies, natural persons and other people who require the proof that we can provide them, thanks to the fact that these professional and confidentiality characteristics of the same s. ‘They look like this field.


Every year, there will always be a request to improve this position, we manage the resolution of the situation. The ways or means to achieve the truth are unconditionally established by our private investigators, we become those who react to the effect of errors and leave worse, leaving the client the only task of waiting for our effective results.


According to the disappointment, it can always be reconstructed when you can prove the truth, we close the events full of questions, thanks to the practice that causes the presentation of the evidence obtained after a dedicated investigation, which should not be exercised by someone other than our experts .


The best thing you can do before the actions that endanger your stability is to trust in the virtues of our services, which are postulated as the alternative that removes this mask or the double reality caused by lies so that you do not need to bring the confrontations devoid of meaning.


We always provide you with a direct route to provide elements of conviction that will be ratified by our experts, there is no doubt that we have the most appropriate means for this, to the point of using these elements with closed eyes, knowing that it is an irrefutable truth.




Thanks to private associate detectives, we have a variety of professional alternatives to find the instructions that can solve the specific case received, we offer all kinds of services according to the training we obtained during the training and after each assistance.


Whether they are victims of fraudulent work, missing persons, information theft, family investigation or any other requirement, we can fulfill the knowledge that places us as a detective agency capable of finding the truth especially.


We cover various areas of private investigation, and in the end, we realize the preference we receive when attending cases or consultations, because, when we contact our company, you will receive all the information about the services we have, which caused the discovery of the truth.


We divide the degree of knowledge that our private detectives need to establish a large series of services, which are precisely the most prepared to present this, that the analysis is of great help to differentiate the treatment or intervention in each case.


In commercial, family and technological situations, we act with distinction, we work under unlimited coverage, but with forensic techniques and tools that help verify each data obtained, until they extend the origin that comes from it, which. reliable form test.


Our fundamental action ends exclusively to investigate each situation, which tests the skills of our professionals, who respond with decisive evidence, which is obtained at an impressive cost to solve your problem for the truth.


We offer you a real opportunity to solve all the questions, all thanks to this commitment that we have in each cause, with an affordable budget, that is well established according to the processes and techniques that will be implemented, everything turns in relation to the difficulty. therefore, its analysis is important.

We involve all our experts to discover any questions, as well as new equipment that provides data in less time; Therefore, thanks to our reliable results, we can capture this service as a guaranteed investment to get out of this great stress of a problem.


Living Under the shadow of a lie, to gather the Tests, the expert of the tract that the mark differs. Learn more about our increasingly in-demand services that speak volumes about the existence of harmful errors that need to be reduced by private detectives who are gearing up to get hard evidence.


When you bet on the Arga detective group as a company that will provide a service, you need more presence agencies in Spain. Our company was awarded for its huge career in private orders during Spain, where it has received Star Gold for its unique development over the years. However, the company’s biggest success was the security and responsiveness it received to people.


Affordable costs vary depending on the examination to be performed. However, these are prices adapted to people, where the value for money is also incredibly favorable for obtaining the necessary information to resolve any eventuality.


To contact us, simply enter the web portal or call the telephone number that we indicate on the page 0034608767979. It is very simple and the first consultation is free, in addition to the budget executed, you have no right.


Do not get involved in cheap detectives through Internet portals


The Internet is a virtual world that can be very dangerous; Therefore, when hiring a private detective, it is important to know the agency that we request the service. One of the main questions that appears when someone weighs the possibility of hiring a private detective online is whether this activity is legal or, better, if hiring the service represents a crime as such because, if so, also a contact very abandoned. the professional.


In fact, even if we had participated in the action of private detectives in some of the best Hollywood movies, most of us do not imagine having the collaboration of an expert.


Unfortunately, on several occasions, life is responsible for proving: we are wrong, that we may need the help of an expert like that of Grupo Arga, essential to know the details of the legality of this practice.


Is it good to hire an online detective?


Without turning around, leaving all the delays, we can say that it is 100% fresh. Confidence in a private detective agency does not represent a crime, since their knowledge and experience have been approved by the entities responsible for the legislation.


The problem is that there are so many myths, urban legends around the activity of these professionals who have few who can feel intimidated and believe that they are committed. But none of this is true, because in the end, these workers have the corresponding legitimacy to achieve their task: to discover particular behaviors or events.


There is the key to this work, which involves obtaining and providing privileged information to the legal processes carried out, within the structure of Law 5/2014, of April 4, in private security and what are the scope of its professionals.


What is the law of hiring a private detective online?


Given that private investigation is a regulated activity and that the law itself establishes that the powers of these problems work in the sector, the margins of action are absolutely clarified and the first thing that knows and respects them is the detective himself, of course. Experts in the sector to hire private detective services anywhere.


Therefore, a private detective hired by third parties to delve into a series of facts in the private sphere can always assert that the objectives of this investigation are related to economic, labor, commercial or financial work, as well as personal, family or social life. The only exception is activity that occurs in private homes or places, and very important private detectives will not be able to investigate the crimes pursued by the officer.


Now, we insist on the need to do it with accredited professionals, demonstrable solvency and not save and hire without qualification people who not only usurp a very complex profession, but in this case an activity would be carried out outside the structure of the legality, which means, even for our own safety.


Why our quality price is the best?


This is a simple question to answer and it may seem repetitive, but what we want is for detectives and clients to feel comfortable, one with the service given and another for the salary a job gets, because we know that we give our donation. Let them spot at ease and ask customers too much.


Since Arga detectives have the best prices for private detectives to ensure that the services are adequate, fresh with the best disposition of our detectives and that clients do not have problems with the price, if you want something better than what we offer, it is very complicated because we have Efficiency and speed.


You may think that our detectives really benefit from this in many ways, but we want the best for both parties, just as we seek that the health of both parties can be the primary and secondary service, security, confidentiality and excellent service, to despite the fact that we want to be like this.


This is a job with a boom promotion, explained in a different way that always has a good application and that is why we do not mind doing the job at the most expensive or cheapest price that this job needs, everyone who needs it can ask for our services and be satisfied.


Now the truth is at your fingertips.


Sometimes, the private detectives in Madrid are highly required due to the great dedication printed on the activity of the detective, which also implies the analysis of the client of a group of complete elements that are directly related to the determination of all the aspects that are now needed. for Hire investigation and detective work.


When we talk about this type of research, we also address everything that has to do with its prices and costs, because they allowed them to establish a group of elements that lead to the generation of high-level research.


The success of any company still depends on the dedication of its employees; Therefore, you must have careful processes when choosing workers, and the utility that is stipulating the work of detectives in this city plays a considerable role.


Spain is a very important country in Europe in general, it has advanced to all points in previous years and represents a significant contribution to the commercial and tourist area of this country, with a large number of companies.


It is noteworthy that private detectives represent a useful tool when choosing the corresponding equipment for a company. In private investigations in Spain, they process not only job applications, but can be excellent


A variety of processions offering research services on different surfaces. In Spain, there are private detectives who provide services according to the typology in which the situation is correct.


The most important thing when hiring a private detective or an agency is not the value they offer, because this will not indicate what level of quality the service will be provided; Consequently, it is stated that the really important agency in an agency in this sector is in the type of people they have and the experience in the field that they all have.


The person who instantly chooses a private investigator service must keep in mind that his disadvantage will be exposed and that is why he must make sure that he will hire the investigators.


Grupo Arga Detective is a recognized group of private experts, including the well-known agency. You have to notice; This private investigation in this country is a known and regulated activation that can only be carried out by authorized investigators.




An effective private investigation service belongs to the Arga Group, due to the fact that as soon as we receive a request for assistance in which we focus on all the details of the case to find the most viable alternative for its resolution, we are competent to do, without transgressing, without legal regulation.


Effective investigation is under the representation of our private detectives, the value of this professional assistance is indisputable because we deal with different sectors for the same contract, it is a group of specialized private investigators to cover different situations.


The severity that each situation needs is covered by the expert actions of our private detectives, who project an action plan on the needs of the case, to find out if it is necessary to supervise the foundation structure actions that they implement Get answers on the subject to investigate.


We offer private investigation services throughout Spain, so we have the desire to go to each request, thanks to the organization of the areas to locate and test the situations of the errors that manifest, the successes that we made of the Investigation Agency Private are authentic and functional.


The introduction of the details of the case is relevant for our experts, it is the way of understanding the scenario of our private detectives. Play your cause. Use our services to put an end to any insecurity, the hiring of our experts develops a discreet treatment, at any time you feel safe for the quality of the tests that we can provide, for companies and for personal purposes, elements that are evidence is functional .


Do not assume or underestimate private investigation services, from a previous consultation, you have the opportunity to know more about what we can do for you, in addition to the different types of jobs available, this initial advice is the free truth that we can do.


Everything that you ask for or seek to clarify through private investigation is a progress that has to do with the experience of our private detectives, the budget that we project takes into account all the requirements that occur in the case, so that the dedication is perform completely.


The functions of private detectives are emphasized, since they can make direct contact with the timely reality, which is valued when it is assumed that the case is for the purpose of continuing to prove the truth, we also place each client in place even for time.


The transmission of the truth or the accuracy of the facts is precisely one of our objectives, currently private investigation increases its effectiveness in all phases of the process, the cause of your doubts or facts become the center of the investigation work , they do. not hesitate


The best private investigation services belong to the Arga group, the relationship that is preserved throughout the exploration process is the quality and guarantee of the evidence we have, it is a discovery of the truth that seeks to be impeccable, variations and associated specifications with or case.


I love the skills and functions of our private detectives, the quality of the private investigation is about preparing to take care of your questions, the bird level of our answers allows us to have the best at your disposal, you have a group of commitments . Researchers.


In Spain, we can help you, we have the dedication to carry out private investigation works that provide energetic results, they can be basic services for the most advanced, taking into account the knowledge that our private detectives should solve the difficulty of a special case. .


The estimation of the case is also a great facility to put an end to the type of techniques that the case requires, we use the best to determine the truth, either under surveillance, or through advanced technological tools, what is essential is that we have elements to study all kind of information.


The field of private detectives is a quality that qualifies them to address any issue, the facts are not manipulated, but they have legally registered the truth, that the margin of action is part of a widely professional vocation, the resolution of your case is to find Once of course, trust what we do.


The resolution of a successful case is obtained by contracting our services, it is the way in which you obtain the necessary evidence of an investment measured in the difficulty of the facts, it is advantageous to have professional virtues as a private detective.


The search for the truth is effective in constituting the demonstration of facts, because in an irrefutable way, this is what causes tranquility, it does not waste any situation, but on the contrary we consider the elimination of lies and find what happens in any environment type. For each area, there is a specialist who is in charge of the answers, it is important to meet your needs.


In emergency cases, you should think about asking for a quote, the help of private investigation is effective and maintains everything, it is responsible work in favor, you should not doubt that this premise of our services, in fact, the way it is. to be able to assess the situation to obtain more information about our methodology of action.




We have experience under the margin of knowledge that we use in each case, like private detectives in Madrid, we work with persistence, so that the final resolution in each case is favorable in any way, having excellent results that we obtain. Ready.


We always find a way to improve, that is, the best way to be a great detective agency is to stay under constant innovation; In this way, we can always discover the impending error that exists in your environment, instead of letting go of the control of your thoughts and worries.


Our private detectives focus on the continuation of each of the evidence involved in the matter, which is only manipulated by training on the subject, so that its validity is not committed, but the opposite guarantee.


We seek to capture each private investigation, authentic values, as well as seriousness and discretion are the main cases that persist in this professional practice, we carry out each function with a commitment that ends up leading us to obtain great evidence that will help you.


Our techniques and methods end up being largely technological, that is, they remain under extreme updating, we use the best for a more deceived peace.


We know the best way to deal with each case, we specialize in analyzing a problem, which is treated with a level of service that is not achieved in another detective agency, all thanks to responsible investigation. The guardianship that protects your intentions.


Requests to have professionals to keep your concerns secret, are safe thanks to the professional treatment we give, we are responsible for ensuring that you can survive before the mistake, to come out with resounding success in the face of adversity that ends the mission of our investigation services .


Each service area is under a wide avant-garde level, this effort allows us to apply a view at the height of the situation. Any investigation process is supervised in a growing effort for the intervention of computer techniques, as well as the criminal used in favor at any time, we end up being their best testimony to express the truth about certain events in the world.


We have formed a really sophisticated service, over time, we are moving forward to offer a much deeper investigation, mastering all kinds of hypotheses that arise, even in special causes, such as infidelities, which are the most common, they end. Manipulating – Gravity, so this happens with the other causes.


We have competent private detectives for your case


As private detectives in Madrid associations, we request as a service almost to approach each of the situations that may arise, which you can express with total freedom, we can highlight, even a boring theft of harmful information.


Having an intimacy or certainty that you are not cheated with a false cut, must be a guaranteed or common feeling for all, when this is in danger, it remains to trust in the virtues of our particular detectives, responsible for restoring this atmosphere of Peace of again you stay so long.


As we begin to listen to your needs, we know exactly what to do, to meet the same height you live in, we will project the best plan of action that can be adapted to the present circumstances in your case at hand.


Our work ends up fast and thoughtful, so your private or quiet life is at stake, there is no reason to expand this kind of feeling, we are the best ch