Arga detectives IS A NATIONAL REGISTERED AGENCY of private investigation that combines youth and enthusiasm in a team of highly qualified professionals. All the personnel that make up the Arga Detectives Madrid staff are duly certified and have all the requirements that the Ministry of the Interior requires to carry out our work in Spain. To carry out the tasks of private detective in Madrid and the rest of Spain, it is necessary to pass a 3-year university diploma as well as obtain the Corresponding License from the Ministry of the Interior through the National Police Force.

We have diverse personnel that allow us a resounding success in all the investigations entrusted thanks to our qualification:

  • Diplomas in Private Investigation
  • Graduates in Criminology
  • Chief security officers of security
  • Judicial Expert Economists and Lawyers. (Computer experts, fingerprint, Graphology, Accident reconstruction, etc.)

Private investigation is a valuable resource to obtain information, since it is a lawful action to undertake an objective search for evidence of different nature, therefore it is a service enabled and adjusted for private as well as business purposes. When you want to start a private investigation and you are in the community of Madrid, you have the opportunity to consult the different services we offer in Grupo Arga, as a private detective agency we maintain a wide availability to enable the option to investigate at any time it is needed.

You do not have to worry about the legitimacy of the results, because we meet all the requirements of the Ministry of Interior to provide an efficient and risk-free development, each of our infidelity detectives are trained to perform any type of investigation. It is not necessary that in Madrid you have to keep doubts or do not obtain conclusive evidence on any matter, much less when Grupo Arga is at your entire disposal, this kind of coverage is favorable because each case is attended with effectiveness, efficiency and the secrecy that all aspects of the case receive.

Regardless of the type of private investigation you need, at the end of the procedures of obtaining information you will have valid reports accepted in court without any problem because we take care of the due process on each action, we also have a range of services to obtain valid evidence. Within the areas of private investigation in Grupo Arga for Madrid, we offer specialized investigations in cases of infidelity, for divorces and separations, location of people, sick leave and any other business incident, as well as other services that are attached to the demonstration of the truth.

The reliability of Grupo Arga’s services is demonstrated by the different awards it has received for the trajectory of its work, this clearly exemplifies the professional excellence we invest in the resolution of each case, you can bet on the credentials we have to provide you with solvency and credibility behind an inquiry. The private investigation services in Madrid that are at your disposal are fully specialized, each area or subject is covered by experts, we incorporate answers to computer incidents, that gives you the opportunity to have content recovery and even carry out computer surveys. We offer you the most advanced in each area of private investigation, in every instance you can preserve anonymity, all tests are performed under maximum discretion by our experts, it is a search for evidence that gives you a clear reflection of the reality of any area.





The latest technologies favor the results of private investigation, that allows our success rate remains high and in your favor, each detective exercises an immediate action to point out the necessary evidence to conclude the case successfully, that is the achievement to which you should aspire once you hire us.

All the evidence necessary to conclude a case is provided under the agreement that we draw from the hiring, to promote valid reports and generate solvency on the situation you are suffering, you have the option to do justice in court through the final results of the investigation. No area is unassisted thanks to the efforts of our private detectives, we even approach a specialized partnership with the IT environment, to ensure the recovery of messages that have been deleted, WhatsApp conversations, under a fully qualified computer forensics team.

The information material found in a mobile device is an important source of information that is exhausted with the experience of our computer specialists, there is no doubt that training is the success of private investigations, for each case a detective trained for that area is in charge.

The control over the facts and situations will be on your side, as long as you go in time to share your needs, that is the way to extract the evidence you are looking for without running risks of being discovered, or you can simply get advice to be sure about the undertaking of private investigation.

It is a reliable medium specialized in obtaining answers, state-of-the-art alternatives to speed up the answers and the type of coverage, under a notorious dedication that verifies all the facts in order to provide a solid report on the investigated situation. Private detectives in Madrid are fully capable, they cover all the incidents that arise in this huge city, all thanks to the different services that meet the purpose of obtaining information to deal with infidelities, fraud and other kinds of events, it is easy to narrow a contract on our professional functions. The private investigation work we do is independent, it only concentrates on the causes of the case, this is the way to help meet your expectations from the first moment, once your case is solved you will not hesitate to bet on the next occasion to constantly bet on the realization of an investigation.

The professional help that is at your disposal is authentic, our training goes beyond those simple infidelity inquiries, this service has advanced to a much more specialized point, more services and a thorough analysis emerge to study the situation and establish the most feasible way to obtain information. For any circumstance is key to hire our private detectives, so it is a profession that has gained relevance over time, this work from our agency focuses on expanding more areas and services to not be limited to any cause or circumstance.

It is necessary to highlight the work of a private detective, since as professionals this role seeks to obtain information by exhausting every avenue or source in an expert manner, this response serves to know the truth to deal with any type of problem under a specific procedure, as investigators we develop work processes to demonstrate the truth.





Do you need the services of a private detective agency in Madrid or any other geographical point that offers you guarantees? Arga Detectives Group is a Private Detectives Office located in the Center of the City of Madrid, expert in all kinds of private Investigations according to the Law; We have been developing private investigation tasks for individuals and companies with resounding success since our inception.

Since our birth more than a decade ago, our basic pillar at all times has been the full understanding of all our clients to achieve the results they seek. For this, full empathy with the problems exposed by our clients and an in-depth analysis of the necessary and achievable objectives on the part of the person who has a legitimate interest embodied in obtaining evidence from us, set in a report, is essential.



Arga Detectives Madrid carries out its activity throughout Spain and abroad, through the most important national and international associations of detectives, of which we collaborate with:

  • Association of private detectives of Spain. Member 782.
  • International Association of Private Detectives. I.K: D.
  • Association of Security Directors of Spain. Member 1289.

Thanks to these associations, it maintains collaboration agreements with Research Agencies abroad, thus guaranteeing its clients the complete resolution of the investigations that are presented to us. Contact us if you have any questions. Call our 24-hour service number 0034 913 866 294 and start by ending your problems decisively and forcefully thanks to our intervention. Let’s keep talking? Call us now, we are waiting for you.





Grupo Arga detectives understands the complexity of the exercise of each link of the investigative profession, which is why, at the same time, it understands that each detective must also comply with an ethical code with various duties that enclose the exercise of the profession. The Detectives (Grupo Arga) understand in this way, the following aspects that are of utmost importance for the exercise of detective work, which are capable of preserving the precepts of professional practice.

Ensure a sense of jurisdiction and competence: at Grupo de Detective Arga, we believe that if a fact reveals that a crime has occurred or that the corresponding investigations merit the participation of another authority, most of the entities with competence in the matter require that the agency is informed in a timely manner.

The citizen who acts as a complainant must report the case to the nearest authority and if required by our investigation agency, it must support any provision of documentation or evidence that has been detected during the resolution of the case. This generally does not imply a risk exposure of our work since in this sense we provide information that even helps to complement other cases.

Use only legal means to collect information and evidence: At Grupo Arga Detectives we do not take the processes of instrumentation of evidence at stake, these must follow a rigorous and meticulous approach, which is capable of visualizing the collection of evidence in a timely and precise manner and that in turn, can guarantee a neat praxis throughout the process, with the aim of not giving rise to technicalities with which the accusing party can be protected.

Additionally, this also means that in all the reports a careful and preventive judgment must be implemented when making the decision on the most appropriate and effective techniques to carry out an interview process, keeping in mind the “ethical duty to act with fairness, dignity, rigour, moderation, and impartiality, leaving aside any aspect related to political bias.We always take these elements into account at Grupo Arga Detectives when it comes to highlighting the exercise of our daily praxis.

Protection of the civil rights of those involved: The Detectives (Grupo Arga) must carry out the praxis of their interviews with a high sense of respect. In the course of this work, it is recommended that personal discussions with witnesses and other parties involved that are capable of causing alterations in the processes of administration of justice be avoided. In this sense and in a concrete way, a researcher must avoid asking questions with the purpose of offending or belittling an individual.

In the same way, we have to know that as a vital process that the Detectives (Grupo Arga) carry out on a daily basis, a careful treatment of all the personal information collected about the individuals involved and that is relevant to the course of the investigation must be established. . All personal information that may deal with race, religion, medical and criminal history, fingerprints and/or other elements that may cause personal exposure of an involved party must be protected.

Manage cohesion with their supervisors: In addition to this aspect, our Grupo Arga Detectives team always tries to establish an investigation in accordance with the policies of public entities and what is stipulated in the legal framework for this type of action, which is why our agents they report the findings and concerns to the investigative office in an objective and timely manner so that the field supervisors can generate the best guidance for each question. This in one way or another ensures that the investigation is stay within the established parameters.

Objective evaluation criteria: It is necessary to highlight that, from the Arga Detective Group, it must be preserved by objectively collecting facts, in order to determine if the probable crime was carried out by someone involved, additionally, recommendations must be made on the basis of an objective judgment, and should also be directed at future actions to be implemented, including the application of a legal norm and/or sanction. This is another element that serves to unite the element of integrity with the work represented. The Detectives (Grupo Arga) know this principle in depth and defend it fully.

Confidentiality criteria: The Detectives (Grupo Arga), must ensure that the information, sending of communications, as well as the personal documents related to the case remain confidential and for purposes of validation and evaluation are only shown and discussed with entities and persons empowered for this purpose. This is also closely related to the criteria for protecting the right to privacy of citizens enshrined in our legal system.

From the Arga detective group we have managed these duties with each agent member that is part of our organization, since it is necessary at all times to take into account the application of this code of duties, since it forms a strategy that is followed in conjunction with our code of ethics, and that is part of the correct act in the day to day of detective work.







The execution of operations that make hiring a private detective in Madrid, are related to the implementation of an investigation operation that allows to know data and specialized information, which allows to make the best decision making possible. This is how, by hiring a private detective in Madrid, all types of clients benefit from this type of operation, precisely carrying out an investigation operation that has the capacity to promote the best sense of response for those who need a private investigation.

This is how for individuals, hiring a private detective in Madrid is something that is extremely useful around the determination of facts that are related to the articulation of operations related to the detection of infidelities, as well as everything that is linked with the exercise of specialized investigative operations.

The management of all these research processes, without a doubt, promotes a fact of research that can be extremely useful for all those who need to find the best answers and even have the best sense of protection. From the last point of view, Grupo Arga does what is necessary to determine surveillance and counter-surveillance operations. The latter mentioned are important to promote the possibility of determining personal security activities for all those who wish to direct this type of process from a private point of view.

This is how, in the sense of reaffirming a sense of strategic protection, our private investigation agency has managed to develop elements that are in tune with digital investigation, which is the only one capable of promoting the best sense of response for all those who they want to minimize their exposure on the web and the risk of their personal data being captured by third parties.



Suspecting on your part that a behavior is taking place in your life that it is causing you an impairment, the most sensible thing is to go to qualified private investigators to assess your problem and propose solutions. Arga detectives carries on his back the positive conduct of hundreds of successful private investigations. We have done all kinds of private investigations in all sectors. The prestige of a private detective office is extremely important and Arga Detectives has it by far, it has been created over the years by hundreds of satisfied clients after hiring private investigation services in our detective agency in Madrid.

Arga Detectives carries out its private investigation tasks throughout Spain with complete success and even in other countries both in the European Union and in the rest of the world. We have extensive experience in all the cities of Spain, from Madrid to its coastal areas spread throughout the national territory. With an official 2464 license we are approved by the Ministry of the Interior to investigate in Spain, keeping ourselves within the legal framework in all our research.  We are members of the main associations and colleges of detectives in Spain, which frames us within a very professional code of ethics and grants us a condition of rectitude and legality at all times.

It is difficult to find opinions of detectives Private who work in Madrid, because it is a profession in which the main quality must be discretion, and of course, can you imagine a private detective from Madrid talking about his cases? It is somewhat unfeasible. What you can find is our clients commenting on how they have found our work, how to solve their case, and on some occasions, they will even tell you about our budgets, always low and adapted to the client.

We have clients who have contacted us for infidelity issues, and have been satisfied. If this is your case, come to know each other. Our office is located in the center of Madrid, and the first consultation is free and without obligation. Our best guarantee without a doubt has been the gratitude that hundreds of clients have shown for our private investigation services and in many cases, when necessary, they have trusted us again. A private detective can do much more for you than you think, our service and work have a great social interest due to the nature of the inquiries that we carry out and that help solve problems of all kinds, both at a private and business level.





Do you need the services of a Private  Detective in Madrid? By hiring the services of our private investigation firm, you can ensure resounding success in achieving all the objectives proposed by our clients by obtaining evidence. Arga Detectives has a multidisciplinary team made up of great professionals from private investigation whose main commitment is to fully satisfy our client after exposing us to their problems. What allows us to obtain the best results is the combination of the most modern technology together with the best team of private investigators.

With more than a decade of experience in all kinds of private investigations, we know perfectly all the streets and avenues of both the city of Madrid, its center as well as the rest of the Community of Madrid.


Arga Detectives is a safe bet when it comes to talking about Problem solving without forgetting reasonable prices offered by our private detective agency in Madrid. The prices and rates offered by our Madrid detectives are in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain. However, we issue a personalized quote to each client after exposing us their problem after the first interview. We value the particular circumstances of each private investigation before giving a price.

Are you looking for a cheap detective in Madrid? If you are looking for cheap detectives in Madrid, we strongly advise against it. Paying less many times can lead to a loss of money since a very steep drop in prices inevitably leads to an adequate disposition of both material and human resources.

The form of low prices of Arga Detectives Group is through research optimization. It consists of a study of the viability by professionals that leads to a saving in time and resources that results secondarily in a drop in prices but without undermining the quality of the research and guaranteeing safe results.


We are a Spanish Private Investigation agency whose headquarters is located in a privileged place right in the very heart and center of Madrid, providing coverage of our services both in Madrid as well as in any territorial point, both national and international. Our Agency, ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP, is one of the most cutting-edge and important agencies in all of Europe, maintaining collaborations with the most prestigious Private Detective agencies both in Spain and in the rest of the International Environment.

Always make sure to hire a Private Detective who is duly authorized and has carried out the corresponding studies to practice, which in our case is It requires a University Diploma in addition to being registered by the Central Unit of Private Security, regulatory body of our functions belonging to the National Police Force and in possession of its corresponding license number duly approved.





Arga Detectives Madrid, has been awarded in 2017 for its business career carried out in recent years through its resounding success in all private investigations carried out in Madrid and the rest of Spain. To do this, its General Director went to collect the award, where he was awarded the Gold Star, which reflects his impeccable professional career during the last 10 years of his professional career.

Our greatest achievement has been the satisfaction of all our clients over the years by achieving what they demanded of us in an honest and professional way. NTransparency with the client has been our basic pillar in all our private investigations and has led to an impeccable ethic on our part, adhering at all times to our code of ethics.



All the personnel that make up our private investigation office have extensive experience in each of the private investigation sectors. The high experimentation in the field of private investigation means that Arga Detectives becomes a safe bet when it comes to hiring a private detective in Madrid anywhere in the National and International Territory.

This great experience in the field of investigation has remained embodied over the many years of private investigation and in the hundreds of private investigations carried out not only in Madrid but throughout the national territory. The experimentation of the private detective is considered key when hiring the services of a private detective agency that meets the interests.

In Spain, the profession of Private Detective is regulated by law 5/2014 of April 5. In this law, the powers of Private Detectives are established, as well as regulating access to the profession. In order to work as a Private Detective, it is essential to have passed the academic tests necessary to obtain the corresponding license, called TIP, and which is issued by the Ministry of the Interior through the General Directorate of Police.

When you need to hire a Private Investigation service, always be clear that you hire legal professionals with compulsory license, and require that the work you request is carried out by authorized Private Detectives. This license It is issued by the General Directorate of the Police, and no card issued by a professional college of private detectives, replaces it.

If you want to make sure that you are hiring a Private Detective authorized by the General Directorate of Police, ask them to show you their license, it is the only way to verify that the private detective you are hiring is a legal private detective. Arga Detectives has been carrying out investigative tasks in Madrid, the rest of Spain and abroad for more than a decade.

By hiring our services you will be ensuring exclusive high quality services. All the private detectives that make up our detective agency in Madrid are part of our staff permanently and have an Official License. Unfortunately, there are many cases of detective offices that work with independent personnel and countless times they hire detective students who are not legally accredited to investigate or, in the worst case, people who are completely foreign to the profession.



The methodology of Arga Detectives has been developed over the years through of trial and error, having been filed and polished to unthinkable heights showing an efficiency worthy of the most reputable law firms in Spain for private investigation. The methodology of our private detective agency in Madrid varies depending on the type of work we have to do. Locating a person is not the same type of case as conducting a spousal follow-up for possible infidelity.

If you are looking for cheap detectives in Madrid without compromising on a poor and precarious methodology, Arga presents itself as a safe bet, contact us and you will not regret it. We offer you a free first consultation and a free estimate, tell us your case, we will assess it and give you the best option so that the result you obtain is what you need.

What can we do for you? We can end your problems, we can answer your questions, we can give light to a dark environment, we can dispel ghosts and we can finally change an unfair situation and that produces a lot of discomfort, whether emotional or physical. Roughly, we balance justice by making everything fairer after our intervention.





Our team at Arga Detectives Group is proud to say that we are the most reputed private detectives agency based in Spain. You can find how numerous sources are recommending us because of the quality work that we have delivered in the past. They include law enforcement officers and defense lawyers based in Madrid as well. You will therefore be able to get a service filled with professionalism from our experts. They will attend to the requirements that you have as well and make sure that you are getting a quality service from us at all times.

We are also a licensed private detectives agency in Spain. We have the legal authority to deliver our services to people who live in any part of Spain. All you have to do is to contact us and provide us with details related to your requirement. Then we will work on it and ensure that you get a quality service at the end of the day.

All the private detectives who work for our agency have gone through the tough rules and regulations that are needed to become expert private detectives. Therefore, you can make sure that you are receiving a fascinating service from us at all times. You will also love the steps that you have to go through to get the private detectives services that we offer. We make sure that you are receiving the best services at all times.



Requiring the services of a private detective implies choosing the perfect professional for your cause, that is, they must be specialists compatible with your claims, which is why at Grupo Arga Detective we have dedicated ourselves to creating an authentic response for each matter.

With a range of professional services we can provide quality results to each client, we progress based on the intervention of many areas or disciplines that together allow us to take advantage of obstacles, for this reason it must be accepted to leave problems in the hands of experts, in instead of looking for more complications. As soon as you communicate your problems to us, we seek to establish an empathy that gives you comfort, because we are concerned about treating each client well, that is what working for the well-being of users is all about, the rest is left aside, we are ready to improve and make a proposal that meets your needs.

Needing the attention of a private detective is more common than you think, in the labor, personal, business and other sectors, it is used with total comfort due to the results it has provided, but also due to the growing demand for the application of technology. , which leaves a minimum percentage of exposing your privacy. Instead of taking risks, having a hard time or getting overwhelmed, it is best to assume that you need a private detective, but not just any, one with a license, capacity, dedication and an accessible budget, within this profile your best ally is to have Grupo Arga Detectives to take charge.





Manuel Gil de San Vicente, a young man from Murcia, shared his testimony with us a few days ago, “In a situation that made me extremely suspicious regarding my relationship, I had doubts about going to an investigation process and I constantly asked myself, do I need a detective? private? It was something that was always there, until the day my girlfriend took on a somewhat suspicious and recurring behavior, which meant that I had to go to the Grupo Arga detectives.”

It is there where the articulation of operations that is carried out at the level of our agency provides the best sense of resolution to any type of situation. For this, we turn to Manuel’s testimony “Once I went to the services of these agents in a matter of Hours I knew that my partner was really cheating on me, which is why I felt extremely assisted by verifying information that I suspected.”

For this reason, the management of these processes undoubtedly means that all our private clients are assisted at all times. Imagine what would have happened if Manuel had continued to ask himself, Do I need a private detective? obviously he would not have been able to verify that his partner was cheating on him and perhaps not having started that step would not have led him to make a decision regarding a specific issue.



We can say that this type of case is also present in those who face the day to day in the company, this is how we talk about the story of Arturo Gómez, who after having proposed a growth plan for his company at the level of the automotive sector, came to our services. Arturo Gómez, who was CEO of his company, highlights in his testimony “I always ask myself if I need a private detective, to know if they can provide me with all the elements that can make a greater strategic positioning viable for my market work. , which is why one day I decided to contact the agents of Grupo Arga”.

Arturo continues telling us “that is why, first of all, I approached their headquarters with a great sense of curiosity, from the moment I was attended I understood that it was a highly professional investigation service, it is for this reason that I decided to hire them to make a mysterious client technique in 22 branches that it had throughout Spain”. A few days later Arturo highlights “in a matter of less than 10 days, I had results I had never thought of, in the past I even hired an international market research agency and it never managed to provide me with such precise results of the aspects that were becoming a weakness with respect to customer service.

Reason why Arturo ends up justifying “this type of research was not only accurate but also had the ability to alleviate a large number of headaches that I had in the organization, it is incredible how the decisions that were made in the company as a result of These technical reports provided by Grupo Arga agents caused revenues to rise by 28% for the fourth quarter of 2019, which is why I will always keep in mind that I need a private detective to determine a strategic scope of my operations. to future”. For all those who have this type of doubt, it should be made clear that the operations made possible by our Grupo Arga agents have the objective of providing the best evidence, with the greatest discretion and agility that characterizes this type of investigative operation.





All those who ask themselves the question, do I need a private detective? They should, without a doubt, go to Grupo Arga detectives, where they will have a first class attention capable of promoting the best sense of specialization and response to each case that can be investigated in the shortest possible time.

The management of the investigation cases that our agents make possible is closely related to the rigor with which they have been trained, an issue that is always synonymous with dedication, dedication and responsibility. That is why we are orienting this type of research process towards the resolution of new elements that can provide both our private clients and our corporate clients with the best sense of collecting evidence and specialized data.



What services does the Arga Detectives Group provide? Grupo Arga Detectives, gives a proportion of multi-services which have the possibility of dividing into:


Laboral investigations

Many times a boss gives security to an employee and this security in turn creates conflicts at work. It is worth noting the phantom losses or the feigned losses. Private detectives in Spain may infiltrate a job to have a greater source of investigation and in the same way observe who on the labor issue has ways of proceeding out of the ordinary, or is doing outside work for the employee’s own benefit . So do not wait much longer and hire our private detective agency and they will solve all the mishaps that you have within your labor issue.


Business investigations.

The frequent business cases that require a private detective agency in Spain is intrusion, since an industrial espionage case may be required that requires expert personnel against professional espionage or an employee who is preparing illegal documents, such as signatures, stamps or marks.


Technological Private investigations

In this branch of technology, our agency has the highest quality experts to investigate any situation in which you are presenting some type of problem, such as “hidden cameras, microphones, microphones “. In this same way, a subtle superior service can be provided so that no one has suspicions related to this topic, being our private detectives in Spain essential in private Investigations in Spain since they respect the entire legal issue without breaking the privacy laws.




Grupo Arga detectives is a pioneering private investigation agency in electronic scanning techniques throughout Spain and the most relevant in all of Spain. Her track record of well over ten years in charge of all kinds of cases related to marital investigations, electronic investigations and the execution of electronic sweeps support her. Recently, this private investigation agency in Spain was awarded with recognitions for excellence through its relevant work done by legally qualified detectives and graduates in accordance with Spanish law.

Grupo Arga Detectives private investigators have the latest equipment and the most up-to-date spy microphone discovery techniques, so that if you need an immediate electronic scan in a precise space, you will receive the most remarkable and safest of the jobs that a legally licensed private company can give you.

Grupo Arga detectives will ensure you know if your room, office or place of life is subject to the participation of telephone lines, use of active listening gadgets or if there are hidden cameras in them and, if you discover it, you will receive the best advice in the matter to take legal actions and protect your privacy. Our private experts will advise you on everything related to preventive measures of this kind of irregular practices, such as espionage and information theft.

Today, if you are not careful, you can also be the victim of information theft through your computer gadgets such as computers or latest generation phones. Grupo Arga Detectives also makes special computer experts available to you. Feel free to come to our work areas to receive the best advice and special costs.


Forensic computer scientist.

In this situation it is spoken of the police informatics or forensic informatics, in this subject they deal with the documents that are eliminated or falsified for a legal subject or some legitimate contract. For example, we can investigate through the forensic computer investigation how a substantial file was transferred to another place without the consent of the owner of the attachment or some process of money stolen by the hacker. Grupo Arga Detectives has very advanced computer technology that makes it easy for its detectives to progress effectively and detect any hacker.



In our private investigation agency in Spain, what is truly requested is private investigation, since it is currently targeted in the search for people and although it sounds very simple, sometimes it is very difficult to exercise since not all people get lost in A single locality but they leave the country or simply hide without leaving traces for any kind of circumstance. That is why we have work areas in many parts of our state and we are able to find the desired person. Our detectives are characterized by acting with transparency at the moment of investigating the situations of our users and offering them a unique job.

Grupo Arga are professionals in relation to inquiries, obtaining information, surveillance and monitoring with detailed recognition throughout Spain. We do an excellent job in relation to the suitability when investigating the situations of the users, planning the actions together with the exploration teams and in offering the final results in the reports in a formal, legal and complete way. Our private investigations for individuals provide information and obtain pertinent information and evidence related to the needs of our clients.

When hiring our investigations for individuals, our detectives will provide you with all the data collected from the exploration, evidence and clarifications which allow you to act efficiently and capable, both in the most intimate and personal and judicial settings. Evidence has the potential to become a primary part of court proceedings.





Grupo Arga Detectives, has a staff of incredible divorce investigation experts. Among the services provided by this agency are the following:

Pension calculation:

This investigation is regularly requested when it is required to corroborate the real income of one of the parties, when the court has a knowledge of a pension that does not correspond to the truth.

Child custody:

At times persistent custody is asserted to one of the parties assuming it is the best choice. However, there is an opportunity that this is not the case. The private detective will be able to check if there is neglect or punishment for the children, with the aim of revoking the original custody.

Demonstrate infidelity:

Throughout the development of divorce, showing the infidelity of one of the spouses can influence the judge’s choices. So an infidelity detective is essential in this situation.

Compliance with precautionary measures:

It is generally impossible to argue in court that the former partner is failing to comply with the injunctions without evidence. One of the objectives of the private detective is to get them with the intention of reporting the fact.

False complaints:

Sometimes one of the parties in the couple makes false complaints about their spouse, such as drug and alcohol addiction, attack, sexual abuse, etc. Family detectives are in the capacity to show the reality of the circumstance.



When high-precision tasks are required in search of obtaining and consolidating information, it is necessary to go to the intelligence services, for this Detectives (Grupo Arga) have the best strategy to achieve the construction of good cases and investigations under a highly professional. On some occasions, it is necessary to highlight that those who carry out detective work are those who can generate different aspects in favor of the construction of an investigation carried out with a highly demanding degree of rigor, which is why the investigations that are carried out are a consequence of the consolidation of a chain of events, getting to this is not easy.





The detectives who are dedicated to the creation of different theaters of operations to promote the necessary tasks know that above all the necessary conditions must be created to start each case and each investigation, so it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a job that only someone qualified can generate the desired effect in this type of work.

For this, Detectives (Grupo Arga), has the ability to generate different scenarios that are capable of structuring different elements that are capable of starting a master operation with the collection of the necessary evidence to provide the opening of a major investigation.

The modernization of different espionage operations is capable of generating a quantum leap in how these investigations are carried out, additionally it is necessary to highlight that with the passage of technology and the innovations of different communication tools and devices, the industry of equipment linked to the operation of agents has not been left behind either.

But not only innovation at the level of detective work is an aspect that can be managed based on the modernization of technological assets, since it is also achieved through  the modernization of different mechanisms and processes that may be decisive for the success of a case in which the Arga Detectives Group is called upon to fulfill its assignment.



It is necessary to take into account that a private detective is not the main resource of an investigation if a lawyer, business entity or individual requires the hiring of their services, they must know that the agent is a support staff, in this case if someone is in the course of a judicial investigation, you can hire a resource of this type to resort to it as an element that is capable of monitoring

A private detective, in short, is someone who will help you find information and testify if necessary, but the main task of a problem is to know what is on your own, since the agent is not a magician who works wonders out of a sleeve, instead is someone who devotes himself with arduous discipline and understanding of a process to procuring all the necessary information.

The information collected, aims to add to the consolidation of milestones of an investigation and also to the collection of different elements that can be the sum of a whole to generate a validation of some previously formulated hypothesis, that is why its main importance, the collection of data does not imply intrusion of privacy or the generation of an investigative process that is capable of going over the authorities.

That is why the hiring of this resource must be taken into account as a vital support element within these operations since it is not a central factor, sometimes many people tend to confuse these aspects and see in the researcher the obtaining of an absolute advantage, well, it is an advantage but it is certainly necessary to execute different processes that must serve for the praxis and specification of different tests and facts that serve to determine findings and responsibilities.

When the Detectives (Arga Group) are hired, it must be taken into account that they are a strategic resource, which sometimes have the utility of issuing an expert judgment or a technical report to third parties in case any instance requires it, but you must also understand that they are limited by their performance, since their development is perfectly enshrined in the law.

It is at this point where it is necessary to know that a private investigator and his organization make his work possible through different elements that are conceived in multiple legal organizations, since, despite the fact that a private detective academy may have more and better resources than a public institution, must abide by the guidelines issued by the authorities, since it seeks to streamline and also does not have the coercive power of the law, an issue that is inherent in all institutions.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we know that each case must be executed in accordance with the principles and guidelines emanating from the organizations and the legal provisions, so it is necessary to take into account that these, more than a requirement, are norms that must be established to give excellent performance of our work, which is why, if required, we work in full cooperation with the authorities on the matter.

The administration of justice and ensuring the well-being of its citizens at the level of security policies are the responsibility of state entities, and in this case, tasks such as those carried out by Grupo Arga are not above these powers, since, as we have clarified what we do effectively is to be a reinforcing instrument that is capable of analyzing different types of information in a timely manner, seeking to meet the objectives in a given scenario.





An efficient alternative to setting up a private investigation can be found on Grupo Arga, transparent services that are available to you at affordable prices and rates, in exchange for quality representation based on specialised training in each field that we offer to address numerous causes. Do not hesitate to ask for our private investigation agency, the need to check a fact arises from the attention we offer through our best private detectives, which focus on all the doubts you have about a specific situation, it is an optimal exercise in the search for the truth.

Do not think twice about getting to know all the methodologies implemented within this exercise, where the consultation is transformed into a direct encounter with your needs to appoint specialists in that area to provide you with hard evidence, the main mission is to maintain a breadth of private investigation services. The design of a private investigation closely follows all the details of the case, because the situations maintain a personalised resolution from the vision that we develop in Grupo Arga, in the face of possible deceit and fraud, a professional intervention is the support that you need so much.

Understanding what private detectives can do for you, ends up being highlighted so that you trust their expert actions, in an optimal time span and under a dedication attached to all the incidences of the case, best of all, the case information follows a private treatment so that confidentiality is safe. The objectives that we establish in relation to the facts of the case, end up being achieved through the efficient monitoring that we carry out on all aspects that you share of the situation, in Grupo Arga we inform you about what private investigation means so that you can trust each of our expert private detectives.

The main recommendation before making a decision, is that you consider the power of knowing the truth when investigating a particular circumstance, we have the best detectives for their level of qualification to deal with various issues with specialty, so our services are the most appropriate when seeking the truth. As a private investigation agency we organise ourselves to work in a way that is appropriate to what you are going through, that is the kind of security you deserve to receive in order to make progress on the uncovering of your case, while at the same time abiding by all legal measures so that the evidence has sufficient validity.

One of the aspects that you should trust the most about Grupo Arga is the trajectory, because we then use that experience to solve your case, each of the enquiries we make are accurate, choose our services to go in search of the truth at all costs, that is the priority that you need to cover. You do not have to worry about the nature of the evidence, because we have technological areas with the flow of activities that arise on the internet, these means of interaction are processed rigorously without violating the integrity or data of any file to be decisive in the defence of a fact or a case.

The staff that is part of our private investigation agency is apt, they strive for the demonstration of the truth by understanding every detail that pertains to the case, this is a way to form key services when wanting answers, the value of the evidence is truly extensive when it comes from trained specialists. If you are subject to a search for a family member, if you are suspicious of your employee, or if your partner shows sufficient reason to doubt your fidelity among other situations, consider each eventuality as sufficient reason to consider private investigation as a means of solution and assistance.

The work of seeking answers is essential to cover all those doubts and all the demands pertaining to a case, you should not stay away from these services because we offer you a budget adjusted to all the characteristics of the situation, but it is a means to have the expert training of our private detectives. The knowledge that our private detectives possess, makes them the best in their field to deal with each issue in a special way, the performance is proportional to your needs to cover all aspects involved, the diversity of our services causes the answers to be outstanding and work to the problems.



The reference that you should keep about Grupo Arga is the quality point that persists on all our services, which are estimated from flexible costs so that you receive an indescribable accompaniment, the group of experts that we have formed are responsible for transmitting empathy and results on time.

The provision of our private investigation services includes a set of areas according to the classification of the case, this is the professional way to deal with any questions, we stipulate the necessary actions until we get evidence about what is happening, it is usual that this means is in charge of reaching the truth.

Once you indicate what is worrying you, it is much more feasible to determine what is going on, previously agreeing the conditions to be covered by our private detectives, because they design a plan of action tailored to the purposes of the case, the contract we establish ends up being productive for you.

All the laws and statutes regarding this professional practice are covered in a specialised manner, so you will not have to face inconveniences due to legitimacy issues, unlike doing the investigation on your own, you don’t have to run that kind of risk when our private detectives represent you and accompany you over this kind of complications.

It is advantageous to have the organisation of the best private detectives, as an organisation we integrate numerous answers in order not to reject any kind of case, but on the contrary we take care of the evaluation of the facts to form a determined strategy about the facts you experience.

The sector to which the investigation of your case belongs, is defended with the caution and knowledge of our private detectives, that is why the response we can offer for each circumstance stands out, the assignment of the service is compatible in every way, they are effective works with real and optimal prices.



An efficient private investigation service falls to Grupo Arga, because as soon as we receive a request for assistance we focus on knowing all the details of the case to find the most viable alternative for its resolution, we have the competence to bring to a successful conclusion any case without transgressing any legal norm. An effective search for the truth arises under the representation of our private detectives, the value of this professional assistance is unquestionable because we deal with different sectors through the same contract, it is a group of private investigators specialised to cover different situations.

The seriousness that every situation requires is covered by the expert actions of our private detectives, who design an action plan based on the needs of the case, in order to know if it is necessary to carry out a follow-up or surveillance as part of the field actions implemented to obtain answers about the steps of the subject to be investigated. We provide private investigation services throughout Spain, so we have the willingness to go to each request, thanks to the organization of areas to locate and prove those situations of deception that are manifesting, the achievements we reach from the private investigation agency are authentic and functional.

The introduction of the details of the case is relevant to our experts, it is the way to understand what scenario our private detectives are facing, this is the way to collect evidence under absolute security, you should feel confident of the kind of representation we can perform on your case. Use our services to put an end to any kind of insecurity, the hiring of our experts develops a discreet treatment, at all times you will feel safe because of the quality of the evidence we can provide, both for business and personal purposes the evidences are functional.



Don’t assume or underestimate the services of private investigation, from an initial consultation you have the opportunity to find out more about what we can do for you, as well as the different types of work that are available, this initial consultation is free so you can really get to know what we are capable of.

Everything you ask or seek to clarify through private investigation is considered, it is a progress that has to do with the experience of our private detectives, the budget that we design takes into account all the demands that arise on the case, so that the dedication on it is fully met.

The functions of private detectives are outstanding, because they can make a direct contact with reality in a timely manner for you, what is valued at the time of taking on the case is the goal to pursue to prove the truth, also we put ourselves in the place of each client at the same time so as not to underestimate any need.

Conveying the truth or the accuracy of the facts is precisely one of our objectives. Nowadays, private investigation increases its effectiveness in all phases of the process, the cause of your doubts or the facts become the focus of the investigation work, do not hesitate to expose the questions to cover the suspicions.

The best private investigation services belong to Grupo Arga, the relationship that is preserved throughout the exploration process is quality and guarantee on the evidence we obtain, it is a discovery of the truth that seeks to be impeccable considering the variations and specifications associated with the case.

We estimate the capabilities and functions of our private detectives, the quality of the private investigation has to do with the preparation to take care of your doubts, the avant-garde level of our answers allows us to have the best at your disposal, you can count on a group of committed investigators. Wherever you are in Spain, we can help you, we have the dedication to carry out private investigation work that provides convincing results, from basic services to the most advanced, in view of the knowledge that our private detectives have to tackle the difficulty of a particular case.

The estimation of the case is also a great facility to finish the kind of techniques that the case requires, we use the best to determine the truth, either under surveillance and monitoring or by means of advanced technological tools, the essential thing is that we have elements to study any kind of information. The mastery of private detectives is a quality that qualifies them to deal with any subject, the facts are not manipulated but we record the truth in a legal way, that margin of action is part of a largely professional vocation, the resolution of your case is safe once you trust in what we do.

The successful resolution of a case is achieved by hiring our services, it is the way to obtain the evidence you need, from a measured investment in the difficulty of the facts, it is beneficial to count on the professional virtues of private detectives.  The search for truth is effective in constituting the demonstration of facts in an irrefutable way, this is what generates peace of mind by not overlooking any situation, but on the contrary we consider eliminating lies and checking what happens in any kind of environment.

For each area we present an expert who is in charge of getting answers, it is important to prevent any kind of fraud by hiring our services, especially because it is about trusting in the capabilities of our private detectives who strive to be better to meet your needs.
In cases of urgency you should think about requesting a quote, the help of private investigation is effective and keeps everything under absolute discretion, it is a responsible work in your favour, you should not doubt this premise of our services, in fact it is the way in which you get to evaluate the situation to obtain more information about our methodology of action.






Grupo Arga Detectives is specialized in the search and location of people and evidence, with a prominent set of experts and advanced technology instruments. Private detectives experts in obtaining evidence provide the greatest of services always with a great definition. The service provided by Private Detectives experts in obtaining evidence, ranges from a regular individual, to huge companies recognized in the Obtaining Evidence different markets in the cities of Spain and places around the world.



In court you can have the evidence and effective testimony of Arga Detectives. To request the service of a Private Detective expert in obtaining evidence, you do not have to do a lot of paperwork if you go to our offices. We are characterized by the large number of people who come to us to request the services requested from the company “Arga Detectives”

In the same way, our Detective Agency, expert in obtaining evidence, has the function of choosing the best of its experts that is suitable for the situation to be investigated. For their part, the Detectives who are experts in obtaining evidence when they talk about the different private investigations mentioned above, dedicate themselves to investigating in depth down to the smallest detail.

The service of Private Detectives experts in obtaining, as it is a private case, the best are selected and that are up to that approval, given that any Private Investigation in Spain is adjusted to any request by the interested party. Many will wonder at the moment of appearing in the Judicial Courts, what can be carried out for your defense, regardless of what the situation is. Arga Detectives will provide you with the essential evidence to support your defense or claim in the situation.



Arga Detectives, have the ability to adjust to different cases, whether they are personal or work cases. These detectives have extensive understanding to obtain all kinds of information in this way, having the highest quality of technological equipment to ensure the quality of these, whether they are videos, photos or recordings. It is convenient to remember the essential thing that a detective service manages to solve the situation, for that reason Arga Detectives puts in front of the best experts in investigation matters, that is, detectives up to the task to clarify all kinds of unknowns by the interested party.

The Private Detectives who are experts in obtaining evidence have particular properties to solve the different cases to be carried out, since they know how to move at any point of the investigation in the country. For this reason, the training of the expert private detective in obtaining evidence is essential for the satisfaction of each case that is assigned. It is worth emphasizing that the private investigations to obtain evidence provided by our private detectives are studied by the authorized staff under the supervision of investigative professionals. Grupo Arga Detectives is the one who executes private investigations in the different locations.

Our function is to offer superior service, made up of a group of professional detectives, with the latest technology, apps and knowledge of community management to find what you are looking for Obtaining Evidence. This system of private detectives is aimed at individuals, and companies both large and small, since the agency is in a position to manage different cases of a judicial nature.





The best proof is the testimony of a professional with the essential evidence obtained in the course of the private investigation. Expert private detectives in obtaining evidence contribute to what is the testimony that is part of the evidence of different cases, in many opportunities the final choice of a jury is dependent on our intervention, that is to say that the testimony of a private detective who has managed his task can be that accurate witness that guarantees the victory of the case.

The detectives that are part of Arga Detectives generally invite all people to make inquiries digitally, to advise them with the information they require, in this way the agency has enormous privilege throughout the territory, always highlighting its expert private detectives in obtaining evidence.

Bearing in mind what was previously highlighted, the private investigations carried out by private detectives who are experts in obtaining evidence from Arga Detectives, provide recurrent supervision without restrictions on the sites with the necessary discretion, always taking care of the client’s intimacy.

Highlighting the previous paragraph, this belongs to the fundamental foundations by which the company managed to grow as a company, causing security throughout Spain, this being known by other agencies and by the different legislative entities. To manage a quality result in investigation, you must have the latest in investigative technology, do not hesitate to contact our Arga Detectives agency, which will offer you the advice you require, depending on the work you want to do.



The results that were achieved in the investigations, in this way, as the evidence has the possibility of being the primary evidence for judicial methods, it is essential that the detective who provides the evidence be certified so that the evidence is validated without any objection. It should be emphasized that the methods, conditions of the investigation and its claims will help you achieve an achievable quota so that you are satisfied with the development and results of the private investigations.

The Arga Detectives set has the skills, advanced technical set, and utilities to do whatever investigative work comes your way. We tend to stand out on most occasions in work related to: infidelities, location, custody of inferiors and false casualties, computer forensic investigations, electronic sweeps, technological investigations, business investigations, etc.

With this, it is convincing to deduce that, if it is feasible to bring evidence from a detective to trial, it will be enough for the detective to be certified as appropriate and that the evidence is not adulterated, in fact, it is feasible for the detective or private investigator to testify in front of the jury to ensure its accuracy. Arga Detectives, your private investigation company expert in obtaining evidence that is required for the victory of the trial.



The rates and prices of detectives in Madrid may vary from one agency to another. Luckily, at Arga Detectives, we offer private investigation services at affordable prices. Have a great agency reputation as ours if what you need is a professional research service according to what you need us.

Our budget is free and without commitment, come to our office, we are in the center of Madrid, and we will give you a budget without commitment and according to your circumstances. Are you looking for cheap detectives in Madrid? As we have already pointed out on many occasions, we do not recommend hiring a cheap detective. The reason is clear, removing guarantees to lower prices is not an option. Cutting both technical and human resources results in most of the times in a botched job, where in the long run it will be more expensive.  Hire the services of a fair detective agency, capable of offering adjusted rates without reducing material and human resources.





A professional research service must be made up of a team of qualified and qualified professionals capable of solving any setback that could arise in the course of the investigation. Arga detectives offer the best detective professionals at exceptional prices. All the detective professionals who are members of our staff have the following features:

  • Experience Academic training
  • Private investigator skills
  • Official license
  • Perseverance

Only after an exhaustive interview, our human resources department, after evaluating these professional detectives, chooses the best ones. All the detective professionals who form our private investigation company have the best credentials. We offer private investigation services at the best prices in all kinds of areas and topics.

From private investigations such as locating people, checking fingerprints, personal reports, questionable behaviors, family (such as bad habits such as alcoholism, bad company of children, investigation of infidelities, modification of alimony); to technological investigations such as electronic scan, detection of hidden microphones, spy devices, placement of hidden cameras, etc.;

Labor investigations such as fraudulent medical leave, leakage of information to the competition, simulation of aftermath, monitoring of commercials, tones and internal thefts …; Computer forensic investigations offering the best forensic computer experts in Madrid capable of detecting all kinds of spyware. Recover deleted or deleted information such as WhatsApp, detect authors of anonymous threats, information leakage, etc. Other type of investigations such as fingerprint tests, fingerprints, accident reconstruction. Have a professional private detective agency like Arga Detectives, we are guarantee, professionalism and experience.



The prices of a detective in Madrid They vary depending on the type of research. In any case, our detective agency Arga Detectives offers free and no-obligation estimates for all our clients. We like what we do, and that shows in the result. We offer budgets and prices according to the pocket of our client, so do not fear. Check with us your case, and we will give you a free assessment. Common prices cannot be generalized when hiring a private detective in Madrid. This is because each house is unique and presents some specific peculiarities. Broadly speaking, we can say that the price for hiring a detective in Madrid ranges from € 60 to € 100 per hour. Here different elements will come into play such as:

  • The necessary training for the type of research. A mere surveillance of an exit from a building with few people at the exit of a large airport or a bus or train station is not the same, the time and day of the investigation, so investigating during work hours during the week will be cheaper to do it at hours and / or weekend or holidays.
  • The elements necessary to carry out the investigation. If a large motorcycle is necessary to follow another or a mere follow-up on foot.




If you have any questions, we invite you to meet with us and present your case, your interests at stake and your claims after our intervention. You can write to our email or call us at our 24-hour service telephone number 913 866 294 and a professional will assist you.

At Arga Detectives we know how to understand our clients and treat them with the greatest tact they deserve at all times. We have a workforce made up of the best professionals in the sector who work with enthusiasm and are committed to the search for truth, adhering to a scrupulous code of ethics in all our actions. Similarly, it is substantial to emphasize the effort and work that all our private investigators in Spain do, who have been nurtured and trained to carry out the enormous task of investigating and carrying out the requested assignments.

Spain is full of successful people and Private Investigators in Spain who, regardless of their arduous rivalry, work all the time for the efficient fulfillment of their cases and promptly provide the answers expected by the passionate. infidelity, divorces, separations, fraudulent sick leaves, computer forensic investigations, etc., is what arrives all the time at the work areas of our Detective Agency in Spain, cases that are instantly assigned to their private Experts in Spain.

It is no mystery to anyone that daily life is full of inexplicable moments and completely unheard of cases, which is very common among our private investigators in Spain, since they live to be useful and offer the precise answer to each case and be able to solve and clarify the unknownof several in the Arga Detectives Group.

Without a doubt, Grupo Arga Detectives is the best option you can take when wanting to carry out any type of private investigation. Remember that we have the best professionals in the national and international market, the best research teams and, without a doubt, the most competitive prices in the market. We are always at your disposal to carry out any type of investigation that is required and remember that our service is totally secret and confidential.



Private detectives Madrid

Private detectives Madrid

Throughout Spain, our detectives are resources that operate under a high strategic sense, this is a sign of the approval of our services since it has a relative percentage of approval of 97% in its customer database. Question that tells us that we are a leading research agency in the market. For the Grupo Arga detectives, our clients come first, which is why we have always considered the possibility of managing our operations with great orientation and loyalty to the client so that they are ready to solve each problem again. or a matter of weight. that can be presented.

Detectives Grupo Arga is an investigation agency that, within the framework, makes sure that its client does not feel worried so  as not to make mistakes , since as an agency we will not stop innovating through its client-oriented services, this is the key to continuous structuring within our investigation of different cycles that guarantee the execution of optimal strategies for the internal improvement of our processes.

Grupo Arga’s agent is a highly qualified detective, capable of responding to new customer demands, a matter that places him on par with his commitments as an exemplary public servant. The possibility of improvement through the different innovation mechanisms offered by the organization allows our Detectives to be highly valued resources for research and investigation.

The mystique with which our services are developed testifies that our work is synonymous with dedication, discipline and a lot of dedication, this allows us to always be at the forefront of research events with the aim of not leaving everything behind. For the execution of a successful case, that is why at Grupo Arga detectives we are aligned with the management of various elements that can ensure an update of the processes and methods of management and insertion in each investigation offered by our agents.



Occasionally different problems occur, which not only cause economic damage, but also immense mental discomfort, where doubt ends up causing great torment for anyone’s life, especially when it comes to  investigating infidelities , scams, fraud, absenteeism, among others. other situations where there is deception involved. b In the midst of this type of panorama, the functions of our  Madrid detectives fit in , because they have a high level of experience, thanks to their dedicated training, to cover with knowledge the different service areas that are within our service proposal. to all users.

When you need an ally who goes in search of the truth for you, especially because they have very precise and innovative techniques of private investigation, to provide as a final result, verified data, with the necessary validity to present it before the legal instances . n Obtaining a report ends up being a relief for all users, since it contains the accumulation of evidence obtained throughout the investigation, where initially an action plan is drawn up that is approved by each user, in which the objectives to be covered and the information to be brought to light are set.

The prices of our Grupo Arga detectives are elements that are prepared to provide the best answers in the most demanding environments at the investigative level, this means that they focus on the deployment of the best investigative techniques capable of promoting the development of an operation in around the generation and determination of hypotheses and tests capable of finding the development and location of each case.

Above all, a detective is a resource that thinks about how he can deploy the best strategies to give the answers proposed to the client, from there he resorts to the need to execute a program – response action that can represent when the execution of the case the scope of the representative steps towards the success of the investigation. The best thing a private investigator can do is dedicate the response phase to the client as an element of utmost importance, since optimal results can be established towards the main resolution of the case.

The possibility of managing a need to obtain data and specialized information places the investigator of Detectives Grupo Arga in the possibility of establishing various characteristic elements of an exemplary work around the achievement of objectives that can be oriented towards the execution of an operation scheme successful, but the main aspect to consider in each research case focuses on receiving initial information from the client.



For those who intend to subscribe to surveillance services through our  detectives in Madrid , it should be noted that this type of service is widely used throughout Madrid. The goal is for our agents to help implement personal safety guidelines as many people feel persecuted and threatened, although this has yet to be determined. Hence, the investigation and surveillance service of these people is a good solution. If we believe that our security is seriously at risk, then hiring detectives in Madrid is one of the best jobs we can do.

Through Grupo Arga, you get a high-level commitment and professional response, where we have the reality of clarifying any type of event that arises, at a bargain price, without the need to renounce quality, especially when we strengthen the effects generated by our operations every day. The best way to practice private investigation is with the design of tactics that put aside the deceptions that are stalking the client, who will receive the best advice from our private detectives willing to attend to your problems under a 24-hour disposition. hours to schedule your problems. The execution of the private investigation is accompanied under a quality perspective that is recognized and noted on the results that we issue, for each client we manage the best for their case, that is, each situation itself demands certain needs, which are treated in a special way by our private detectives.

The tasks that are within the work of a private detective, are performed under distinguished training, in Grupo Arga we assume a position of providing the answers that are needed in a case, especially to form a complete service that is in charge of cover strategically and also culminate with efficiency.



Private detectives Madrid

Private detectives Madrid

The scenarios that arise within a case are very varied, they can become extremely complex, as well as with an urgency of legality to file a complaint in a legal entity, before both estimates in Grupo Arga we offer you the best advice and compilation of information. Each one of our private detectives focuses on the detection of evidence, managing the processing of all types of formats, from digital to physical, all thanks to the deployment of the capabilities of our professionals, who stand out in their professional practice with a distinguished enthusiasm and dedication.

With Grupo Arga’s detectives you manage to execute actions that cover each of your needs, where they analyze the case to apply the right tools, even with the necessary dose of technology, as well as the different experts within an area that fulfill a role specifically to get to the truth. The performance of our private detectives is adjusted to the incidents of each case, where important elements of conviction are generated that end up building the demonstration of the truth in each case that we assume with the commitment to support a large number of clients who They need evidence and answers.

When you find yourself in the middle of an infidelity, doubt about your work staff, you feel that your devices have been punctured, you need expert coverage, in the end it is not just any situation, but rather it is about what matters to you and owns a weight within your quality of life in a significant way. In view of the difficulty or relevance of the different cases that you need to investigate, that is why at Grupo Arga we stand out for taking on each of your problems with total commitment, everything is due to the constant acquisition of knowledge that reinforces our training to face each circumstance.

The greatest favor that private investigation offers you is the knowledge that is part of our private detectives, thanks to the training that accompanies them and is necessary to have a license to practice, and this in turn ratifies them as empowered to assume any class of cases. Regardless of the situation or the nature of the matter you face, at Grupo Arga we establish a simple solution for you, especially when we have decision and evaluation criteria when evaluating the facts that are present in each case to search for an effective plan of action that fits the circumstances.

The professional and legal support that we extend to you at your disposal is a reliable example that we love what we do, each of our agents is committed from the first moment to obtaining the necessary evidence, especially with the use of the most avant-garde resources and top notch tools. All the best, to respond to your needs, in the same way the budget established to exercise or carry out each process, all those that are necessary to provide you with convincing evidence, through the best price that you will observe as a fair investment, in return of a better life for you.




The burden that a problem generates, such as the doubt of infidelity, doubts about a sick leave presented by an employee, not knowing where a relative is, or undertaking a legal situation, pushes you to think day and night what you can do to solve it, but this has an effective solution regardless of the date or day. Seeking the truth is always part of the objectives and actions of  Madrid private detectives , being responsible for unmasking all kinds of deception, in Grupo Arga there is a complete group of experts willing to find answers in record time, for this reason it is a effective outlet for different causes.

The best  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all types of investigations  are those that enable process management that undoubtedly have the ability to promote the best sense of resolution in response to all those who are interested in participating in a Investigation process. high level that runs by the detectives of Grupo Arga.

Detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all kinds of investigations  are at a great advantage for those who need to carry out an investigation process at the lowest possible cost, in the shortest possible time and with the greatest possible discretion, a problem that they undoubtedly pose those who request it. This type of activity can feel extremely comfortable at any time when applying these services.



Problems never look at days or dates, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives you will find a proposal for services that completely eradicate this type of situation, with an attention that you cannot refuse, since it helps to completely defeat those deceptions that seek to disturb your life. Instead of getting used to uncertainty,  Madrid private detectives  search for the truth without any excuse, everything starts by communicating in different ways, in any corner of Spain, and also with international links, you will have an efficient service available to you at all times, to start analyzing what worries you.

The virtues of a private investigator, is to put in context so quickly with the situation that you present, to create an entire action plan that is compatible to reach a prompt solution, the attention that we provide you is different from that found in another agency, because we really have experience and vocation. These two powerful elements always drive us to improve with each passing year, creating a dynamic team that is up to any circumstance, in the case of family, commercial, work and even technological situations, all of them have a solution after the efforts of our experts. .

Each area is represented by authentic detectives, who love what they do, act with precision, their effort does not measure excuses, far from it, understanding in addition to everything that there is a lot to do, in some cases there can be no delay, but everything On the contrary, chasing a trail is a matter of speed. There is no limitation when dealing with a case, so when an emergency increases the headaches it causes you, it is time to act and trust in the capabilities of our work force, to put aside all those who seek harm you through deception.

It is easy to come out of the assumptions with the truth, these pieces of evidence are the only ones that have the power to show you if your partner is really acting against you, if your employee is not fulfilling his duties, regardless of what it is, when there is a lie involved, a convincing proof is needed. The most important thing is that you know that after a contract, you will find the widest and most suitable variety of services, which are available to anyone who requires it, our margin of success is responsible for speaking for us, based on each case resolved, we care about improving more and these for each client.


Private detectives Madrid

Private detectives Madrid


There is no doubt about the level of stress that is generated due to dishonesty that invades your personal, work and commercial world, where the figure of  private detectives Madrid fits with great superiority, because they have the virtue of reaching where others cannot, finding ratified information. Through the verification of each piece of information, it is that you can confront those who try to fill your life with lies, it will never be healthy to live in the midst of uncertainty, and only by obtaining information do you get the power to confront events, the real possibility of getting answers is in your hands.

You cannot leave without effect your right to take care of your privacy, this hiring can bring you great benefits, that is why the figure of a private detective ends up being a success, for becoming an exceptional witness, no matter what happens in your life, private investigation brings key solutions. The only way to leave behind the worry of not knowing for sure what is happening in your life, is to seek the truth at all times, this is the only alternative to really have accurate data, you must bear in mind that through Grupo Arga Detectives you find a lot of solutions.

After a single hiring you get the best part of the specialization that we have obtained over time, and also under exclusive training, all doubts dissipate when it comes to believing in us, because we leave you a lot of reasons to Don’t think more than twice. With only the name that we have built year after year is enough, where our results end up reversing the complications, we have resistance within the different cases that we take on, because dedication is required to get to the bottom of the situations, and this is precisely what we have in Grupo Arga.

We are a company capable of obtaining all the evidence you need, at the moment it is most needed, this is the best way to deal with complications, instead of regrets, all that remains to be done is to act, and let the experts are in charge of representing your cause, with their objectivity they ensure the integrity of the data.

You cannot forget that when you decide to go in search of information, you must leave it in the hands of private detectives, because they are specialists and, in addition to everything, they know exactly how to obtain precision to present them in legal instances, because you cannot ignore acts or facts that harm. Falling for a hoax is usually due to good planning, forgery, false alibis, and with suspicion you won’t be able to do much, instead with evidence everything changes completely, because they are sufficient reasons to confront those guilty of designing such an attempt at hoax .



The first step to create a trustworthy image that motivates clients to choose us, focuses precisely on being available at all times, responding as it should with a professional performance that is up to your problems, at Grupo Arga Detectives we seek to be your alternative major. Private  detectives Madrid  assert your rights to bring the truth to light, instead of being in the middle of so many complications, which we solve immediately, it is not just another case, but a real concern, behind each problem the tranquility of a person is hidden precisely.

Understanding the true reasons behind each cause, your case is not called into question, but this leads us to work with greater effort, every request is delicate, but we face it responsibly, therefore you can have full confidence in which we exercise an intervention without limits, to offer you the best. When you least imagine it, you may be involved in a deception, when you begin to suspect that something is wrong within your relationship, in an environment where your own employee may be charging without fulfilling his duties, among other situations, everything is possible, no you can trust blindly but keep track of everything.

The occurrences within different planes must be thoroughly verified, you cannot lower your guard, but leave them in the hands of experts who leave you except for being one more victim, sometimes it may not be absolute protection, but if we reduce the concurrence of deceptions of all kinds. Each one of our experts is prepared for any requirement that may arise, you respond on time, there is no complication that is too big for us, so there is not much to think about when choosing us to solve your situation, when looking for a solution for mitigating deception, research is ideal.

The benefits of private investigation are evident, they reverse any lie, and in addition to everything, they give you a great advantage over those who remain under deception in front of you, even negotiating instead of facing an entire legal situation, shortening the time and an unnecessary process. The 24 hours that any deception is presented, you can communicate through the different technological means, where you can communicate and express what you need to respond with work on time, this positions us as a benchmark over time, where in addition to everything We innovate after each year.We do not rest to find effective solutions to your case, this hard work is reflected behind a strict action plan that we comply with, let us know what concerns you to act for you, look for each test for you without you having to worry, far from it expose to cross the margin of the law.



As a detective agency we provide a first class service, especially because as  private detectives Madrid we focus on mastering different areas with the help of experts, that is to say that no matter what the event is, it will be solved by the best. We are committed to finding crucial answers for your life, because if your partner is being unfaithful to you, if your employee is presenting fake documents, you deserve to know them, as well as the location of someone important to you, there is no doubt that this job ends up changing you. view of the problems. Peace of mind is in your hands after a simple contract, shortens the distances and the consequences of a deception, through a simple call, we completely exceed your expectations, since you will be impressed with the precision of each piece of evidence, which ends up being fully ratified by forensic character.

The skills that are lacking in this environment, we exercise with total commitment, we fight for the truth, it is the only way to make other people feel safe, it cannot be believed all day today, technology lends itself for many things, even to create false alibis. Faced with the growth of falsehoods, the only thing that corresponds is to act with professionals who come to capture and prove the truth, because it is not enough to know a fact, but it is necessary to prove it, tell the world what really happens, without leaving them an opportunity to deny it.

In checking the facts, we are the best, we seek to stop those lies that do not leave you alone, the main thing for your life is to find answers regarding a problem, the most important thing is that we do not discriminate what leads you to hire us, much less to betray you to those who seek to harm you. If you do not know what is really happening, to dispel suspicions, you need to collect different pieces of evidence that help you do justice, we understand this need and carry out the fundamental task of providing you with answers, in the right time and without you having to wait too long.

Delays and excuses are eliminated, behind the efficiency that hides behind our services, whether it is a technological incident or something like that, we have the capacity and enough experts to respond to cover your needs first and foremost. We love working for the causes of each client, because they have the right to seek their stability, and the only way is through the truth, this will be the only certainty of knowing what they are facing, in addition to leaving behind the martyrdom of being in the midst of a deception, nothing is far from your reach, after our virtues.In a short time, you will be able to count on definitive evidence that illustrates your situation, this is the change that everyone needs to see the problems in another way, obtaining key pieces for your case, distorting those annoying deceptions that do not let you progress.



Private detectives Madrid

Private detectives Madrid

The investigation services that our agency Arga deploys in the city of Madrid, allow our detectives to be at the service of all those who can undoubtedly provide the best sense of resolution to a problem, from the activity we carry out. do on a day-to-day basis, we have been able to give a sense of viability to all those who need the best private investigation service in the shortest possible time.

The construction of investigative processes that come from the hand of our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all types of investigations , undoubtedly promotes the best sense of development of private investigation for all those who wish to execute the best. the best in favor of providing its clients with the best evidence to make the best decision.

From the Grupo Arga detectives, we have made possible the construction of processes that undoubtedly promote the best sense of resolution in everything related to the execution of the processes at the investigative level capable of providing the best evidence and the best elements of conviction. that are linked to the execution of each case.

Our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all kinds of investigations  allow Grupo Arga to manage specialized processes at the investigation level to be extremely precise around the construction of aspects that can undoubtedly favor the best sense. response through the deployment that our agents make to get to the root of the events.

At Grupo Arga we make viable the sense of private investigation and investigation for both individuals and companies, which is why, from our agency, we have done everything possible to ensure sufficient coordination. at the level of private investigation services, an issue that undoubtedly has a very broad conception in terms of this type of activity.

With respect to natural persons, we carry out investigative operations that are linked to the detection of infidelity processes, as well as all kinds of personal investigations, this undoubtedly leads us to review elements that have the capacity to Promote a logical framework of response to all operations carried out by our agents, thus favoring precisely everything that concerns a solid investigative apparatus.

In Grupo Arga’s detectives, private clients can also count on an investigation agency that enables the articulation of personal protection, surveillance, counter-surveillance and digital investigation services, with the aim of precisely establishing activities where the resolution of this type of problems has the best sense of resolution possible. At Grupo Arga, the management of these processes undoubtedly ends up providing the best sense of resolution to all our clients, since the operation of our organization makes possible a set of elements that can also be useful for all our client companies.

The collection of specialized evidence and elements of conviction that come from the management of research processes in companies is undoubtedly possible thanks to the articulation of research systems that seek above all to give the best meaning. strategic resolution for a private entity to be highly competitive in its sector.

For this reason, from our investigation agency, with our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all kinds of investigations , we make possible the construction of elements that undoubtedly favor the best sense of resolution towards construction. an element of inquiry that has the capacity to promote the execution of relevant investigations.

At Grupo Arga detectives, building a private investigation process focuses on generating elements that can undoubtedly provide the best benefit to all those who need to make the best possible decision in their business environment, which is why we carry out the work related to investigation due to sick leave, as well as everything related to the structuring of the investigation processes related to the application of the Mystery Shopping technique.

On the other hand, the execution of digital investigations by our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all types of investigations , allows our detectives to establish the best sense of resolution to all those who can find the Grupo Arga survey is the best tool to get to the root of events and thus make the best possible decision.



At Grupo Arga detectives we do everything possible with our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all kinds of investigations , that is why the management of elements that undoubtedly promote the best sense of solution through investigation undoubtedly offers the better sense of security and confidence for all. our clients.

Build an investigative process that can provide the identification of patterns and logical elements where the correct decision-making at a personal and business level is undoubtedly something that is only possible by hiring an agent. Grupo Arga, because not only does it have the understanding of each situation, but it can also develop the best sense of how to solve each problem.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have been doing our best for Madrid for more than 10 years, which is why, from our mission and our vision as an investigative agency, we always seek to serve from the perspective of excellence, our discipline, our dedication and our responsibility. They are an example of it. Our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day for all kinds of investigations solve any problem !




The performance of our private detectives is first class, meets your standards from the first moment, because we look for the answers you need, through an effective service response, complying at all times with love for the profession, as well as with the duties that are established on the subject of serving. Every investigation reaches the most convenient direction and course, because situations cannot be handled under personal impulse, but rather with a resounding impartiality, just like what we have offered you through Grupo Arga for more than 10 years. This is how we continue to commit ourselves over time.

The intention is to continue leading this type of service under a great distinction, because that is the correct way to become a reference within this field, covering the execution of different types of research, all based on the knowledge that accompanies us within each case assumed. The investigation procedures that we apply to Grupo Arga are carried out in the appropriate way, for each request the expert in that area is postulated so that he can receive a unique answer, we even have computer experts, as in the other areas, if you offer is because we have the greatest preparation for this purpose.

Do not leave the decision to get out of problems for later, it is not an option to continue suspecting day after day, especially when you have the key element of the capabilities of our detectives in Madrid, where we execute operations from the first moment to extend the best help as part of the accuracy of our services.

We promote a response attached to the events that are taking place in your life, because at Grupo Arga we take the necessary action on each case, just at the right time, and in addition to everything, relating to the details of the case so as not to let the means of resolution. We do everything possible to satisfy your needs, but without failing to respect the parameters of private investigation, which implies improving care, and for this we have specialized knowledge, because that helps us to respond with accuracy to requirements.





Private investigation services are highly crowded, but what distinguishes us from the competition is that through Grupo Arga we can manage private investigation processes with greater specialization and in less time, without exaggerated costs, and in the end the other offers They don’t even have a license to practice. The best service to provide a professional response is Grupo Arga, where we add the action of serving under a broad will and enthusiasm, this in turn merges with the knowledge and utilities that help reveal important evidence, which is why there are more and more people interested in trusting private investigation.

While you communicate your problems to us, we can act to find the appropriate solution, this meets the needs of each client that is resolved by investigating each person, each event and all the variants involved, the best sign of quality and commitment is to offer you convincing evidence that will keep you from being deceived. Our trajectory motivates us to continue providing better attention, we seek to be better as time goes by, because private investigation evolves and is positioned as the best answer to get out of any complication that accompanies you, we have the best detectives in Madrid and the rest of Spain for it.

The answers that originate through private investigation, end up ending the conditions and situations that overwhelm you, for this reason we seek to connect with each type of client, that is the best answer that we can offer you and in turn distinguishes us before the resolution of any specific problem. Our private detectives are available 24 hours a day, when you contact us we schedule your cause to work as soon as possible on that search for information that you need to feel much calmer and supported, we articulate areas of attention available for you and your stability. We build a resolution model for each situation that arises, computing is attended by computer experts, and so on with the others, the intention is that your problems are well represented, so you can forget about any headache that may arise.

When seeking to clarify all kinds of situations, which in one way or another affect you, they must be carried out by professionals, which is why it has become a standard when choosing a private detective agency, and at Grupo Arga we comply with this imposition by continuously strengthen training. To investigate any problem, we take care of analyzing what happens in the most optimal way, so that you can be attended by a group of expert professionals in that area, who will be able to implement an entire action plan based on the facts expressed by part of the client.



As a detective agency we postulate ourselves to be a source of attention and professional offer, if you decide to trust us with your problems, we take care of carrying out a study where each of the factors or consequences that are triggered by these events are contained, and especially if you are in the presence of a crime. Professionalism allows us to have the criterion throughout the investigation to analyze and take a position on what happens, but above all to avoid instilling false expectations, all investigation produces a result or an important impact on those involved, therefore the tests require effective management.

You require experts who thoroughly understand each of the incidents in the sector your case is about, where we focus on providing you with the key evidence that will guarantee you a complete solution to this problem, which is why the private investigation yields elements keys such as evidence. A successful case depends entirely on the detective spirit that postulates the different turns of the case, anticipates what may happen, and seeks to take control of each of the circumstances, because the intention is that each client obtains the complete satisfaction of your case.

For Grupo Arga it is valuable to base our professional actions on convincing results, and for this we execute a strategic response for each investigation model, if it is about infidelities for example, we have experts in personal causes that respond to this type of problem. The guarantee of a successful investigation is precisely the specialization, because it turns its back on improvisation, to follow the purpose of this profession in an attached way, following the chain of custody at all times, to germinate solid evidence that will clarify the situation and you can do justice with these data. The exercise of our professional operations is carried out by detectives with a firm conviction to get to the bottom of any situation, before each complexity the best way to emerge victorious with the truth is analyzed, because in the end that is the greatest advantage of hiring us.



The advantage of building and offering research processes is always based on the level of preparation that defines the specialty to meet your needs within this field, where any personnel, partner, industrial competence or other that is acting against you. The professional response is what every client is looking for, and many other services can offer you fleeting data, follow-ups or any kind of actions, but they do not have a license, and in the end these data do not work for you to do justice or to confront the situation, especially if they are obtained in violation of the law.

For Grupo Arga there is a full responsibility to ensure that you obtain the evidence you need, the execution of our services and phases of the investigation are oriented to the conditions of your case, for this reason you feel well covered, because we take care of believing in the success of your case under the necessary actions. We instill in each of our agents a deep love or passion for dealing with each case, that is, when resolving a situation, they only intend to continue bringing the truth to new terms, to a national level that reaches every corner where it is necessary to present information that help you out of a problem.

The sense of belonging in the exercise of private investigation is based largely on belief, but also on professionalism that causes an important feeling of discipline, commitment and, above all, commitment to the resolution behind each case or situation. to keep under constant scrutiny. Being at the service of society is not only about applying as a detective agency, but Grupo Arga works every day to gain more knowledge, have more resources, and this is what allows us to exercise a professional treatment above everything, being a clear answer to everything. The results that



each situation or case warrants, they are attached to the actions of our private detectives, whose main objective is to obtain the information you need and in the shortest time possible, therefore each specialized service is a solution for your concerns .



Behind each problem, there is a scenario of circumstances and occurrences, which is why it requires a much deeper analysis, this is what leads to the issuance of a firm response, especially with the implementation of our comprehensive investigation processes and latest technology. The investigations that we carry out at Grupo Arga follow the professional practice that defines private detectives, which is why we lead this sector with a transparent and above all very useful action because we can deal with labor, business, personal, computer and other cases, with the professionalism that characterizes us.

On the other hand is the commitment to exercise ethics and respect for your claims, under our services you will not be judged for any reason, but rather we stick to your goals, because this is the best way to meet the needs presented with total freedom and leaving aside fear. You only have to file a request for attention, and we take care of the rest, because at Grupo Arga we seek to make your cause possible, so that we can immediately dedicate ourselves to detecting the information you need, for this we establish different communication channels that you can go to to consult your case without obligation.

Grupo Arga’s preparation ends with an emphasis on each job we carry out, for each type of client or circumstance we respond with the best support for that area, our response is very precise to put aside any kind of inconvenience as soon as possible, that It is the intention above all. We generate a first level action to always be one step ahead of any circumstance that generates stress, because private investigation contributes to an improvement in your quality of life, under actions that support you in a situation that threatens your privacy, your finances , as well as your peace of mind. There is no doubt that there are more and more cases of fraud, in the face of which we take care to make the greatest effort to get to the bottom of what is happening, so that you do not have to go through any risk, or live with anxiety. that your data is exposed or that you do not know the whole truth about a matter.



Private investigation mechanisms are welcomed every day as a clear response to deception, for years this type of professional response has gone from being just a way out of infidelities, but also as part of advice and defense of business, labor, computers and others. For this reason, at Grupo Arga we have strengthened the service channels from the first moment, to offer a better service, obtaining key evidence, which is precisely the mission of private investigation, which we carry out under constant innovation as the best support. .

The best provision that we can offer each client is the proposal to be under a study of our services, to reinvent ourselves and strengthen each of the areas that are at your disposal, being a sophisticated strategy to cover any incident of deception that can be resolved through private investigation. We dedicate ourselves to the objectives of each case, under a series of outstanding actions, framed in a highly professional feeling, for this reason our services become a resource available to you, so that you can obtain the evidence you need and in addition to everything we think for and for the client at all times.

As time progresses, we only seek to perfect the ways to help more people, as well as extend the strategic alliances that help us cover each sector of the Spanish territory with distinction, and more and more professional processes are invested, this is what allows us to make a difference. Currently we want to become a first level detective agency, executing more and more types of operations, but above all gaining more precision in the search for information, everything that is related to the case or to the sector of that investigation is investigated by our private detectives.





If you find yourself going through a complex situation, as a client we want to present you our services so that you can analyze any problem without limitation, we are at your disposal under the strengthening of our actions, where we always look for the best for the case, and future attention, for this reason we are constantly improving.

As a private investigation agency, we always want to maintain a continuous spirit of innovation, our services are increasingly oriented to current needs, because we are in a deep investigation of social emergence, and for each situation we seek to impose responses and services that support events.

The structure of our services is designed at all times to meet the needs of customers, in addition to everything under real time cycles, this is the optimization of efforts that can be applied in your favor, all thanks to that desire to be better for you, that’s why our agents qualify themselves even more about the area they serve.

At Grupo Arga we care about improving each of the processes that we carry out, through our qualified response we can attend to a greater number of cases with the responsibility they deserve, especially when we deal with expanding attention to the demands of the customers that occur most frequently. As long as you find an agile process, simplified and attentive to your needs, you will feel that you are in the right place, it really is like that because Grupo Arga hosts a first class service, and above all that unwavering commitment to serve more and more people, we want to be exemplary when exercising our services.

Each investigation mechanism undergoes innovation so that you can be much calmer, we organize ourselves so that clients can access our services without so many complications, for this reason we seek to cover most of the national territory, and be part of a very priced for your needs. The development of our services pursues an incredible mystique, because that speaks of the dedication that is established behind each process, where we extend a clear work so that it is a synonym of discipline to grow, and cover more and more situations with the potential that currently pursuing private investigation.

The clear goal we have is to make each client value and recognize the usefulness of hiring our services, especially because within the private investigation we can keep you away and warn you of many deceptions, as well as prevent and defend yourself from certain attacks against your privacy. At Grupo Arga we align ourselves with the current needs, to treat them with a service designed under the broadest quality, as well as the passion that is found as a lifestyle of our agents, who seek to serve with distinction at every opportunity that arises. present a case. We ensure the growth of our professional response, all thanks to the updating of each investigation process, because this is the best offer we can offer every day, so that when clients come for a contract they can find a professional welcome.



Grupo Arga’s trajectory of more than 10 years is a clear reflection of the persistence that we have had to be the best, applying techniques and tools of the highest level, so that you can know each evidence, get to the bottom of each detail, and In addition to everything, we update ourselves before the needs of each era to be a current solution. We have the best private detectives, but also with the best disposition to serve you, this is what makes up an authentic service, since the essence and the intention of supporting more people, is what for us acquires much more value, always available to meet your expectations at all times.

We allow ourselves to manage various circumstances, all thanks to permanent preparation, but also seeking efficiency in each process carried out to promote tests and results in the shortest possible time, and above all with affordable prices, all budgets designed to meet the demands of the case at hand. Present. As long as a better case can be managed, it will be the triumph or success of the private investigation itself, especially since it starts to be exercised or sued as a tool in the face of difficulties that call into question your privacy, which is why we offer clients the best benefit of discovering the truth effectively.

All contracts that you make with our private detectives, you can be convinced that it is a positive decision, because we take care of extending the services every time, in addition to diversifying them, the key is also about obtaining better qualifications to further specialize our response processes. . After each case we seek to exercise the best actions as a solid example of the commitment we have with this service area, as well as with the management of utilities that are necessary to provide the best possible resolution to the causes that we receive from the clients, our professional activities are effective. For individuals, as well as for companies, we develop the best coverage, this enhances the usefulness of private investigation, and we promote a response that meets the needs that arise, especially when detecting the information you need, to validate and demonstrate any fact that is occurring.





The best detectives are in the city of Madrid 24 hours a day with the aim of promoting an investigation service that can adapt to the needs of our clients and all the people who are interested in learning about all our services and subsequently hiring them. . Detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day are   a real solution.

Detectives in Madrid 24 hours , are those who have the ability to promote the best resolution of a problem where investigative participation is required, an issue that undoubtedly means that the person who hires an agent of our organization may have details you need to know about a particular situation with high discretion.



What can be hidden behind a private investigation in Madrid is related to the execution of a scheme that can undoubtedly promote the best sense of response to all those who are looking for the best result at the investigative level to obtain all the elements that may be surrounding a particular situation.

In the execution of the operations that can be established at the level of an investigative apparatus, we can highlight that the  detectives in Madrid 24 hours of Grupo Arga are the only ones who are not only authorized to manage a situation of this type, but are also those who without a doubt, they promote a highly specialized sense for the management of elements that can represent the best answer for anyone who finds himself having answers. At Grupo Arga detectives we make it possible for investigative operations to be carried out to promote the best service to the community of Madrid, it is for this reason that from our agency we do the best of the best to generate a broad sense of response both to individuals like companies.

Towards individuals, Grupo Arga detectives has always set out to establish a sense of constant versatility in the services it provides. It is for this reason that through our agency we make possible the management of elements that undoubtedly promote the best sense of performance for all those who wish to hire a detective to find out if they are victims of acts of infidelity, as well as the execution of a personal investigation process that can provide the best sense of response for all those who are in search of an investigation process that can represent the solution to a specific issue making it possible to manage these elements based on a quick and detailed response regarding the management of a particular matter.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we do not stop at deploying cooperation borders that allow our services to work optimally for our clients, it is for this reason that the management of these elements undoubtedly means that from our work we can execute the best possible service. through the use of the most sophisticated tools, making possible the execution of digital investigations, as well as any type of electronic investigation whose ultimate goal is to promote a sense of immediate response towards the protection of our client.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we have always thought of structuring a first class service for all our clients, which is why for the corporate clients of our investigation company we make viable the operation scheme that is related to the execution of operation that is highly related to the execution of research processes related to the investigation of sick leave, as well as the implementation of the mysterious client technique.

From Grupo Arga the work that extends to our corporate clients does not stop here, which is why from what we do on a day-to-day basis we deploy the best operation service to all those who wish to hire research work in the business environment with the aim of promoting a strengthening of its electronic security system through the action of our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day , promoting from our experts the best sense of resolution. Towards a particular investigative problem for the company that wants to undertake the best decision making.



At Grupo Arga Detectives, we do our best to provide all our clients with the best investigative service. This is how, from the operations that we have been carrying out for more than 10 years, we have carried out various tasks that undoubtedly end up providing the best criteria. response to all those who need to contract research work

Grupo Arga detectives, faithful to its tradition of service, has maintained the opportunity to promote the best private investigation and investigation service through the best agents. Getting to this point has not been easy for the agency, since that it has maintained a highly professional training criterion for all our agents with the objective that when deploying their skills they can do so even in cases with a high level of complexity.

The commitment of the agents of Grupo Arga is expressed in the great dedication and discipline that they impart to their work, it is for this reason that the services that we promote from our company are synonymous with the great performance that they carry out day by day. our  detectives in Madrid 24 hours a day,  making viable an operation scheme that without a doubt can promote the solution to all the problems of our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we do the best of the best for individuals and companies, proof of which is the acceptance of our services in the city of Madrid, and in environments that always request private investigation activity, this undoubtedly promotes the better sense of resolution and clarification of each case, in order to make it possible for our troops to have the capacity to gather the best evidence. For Madrid we do the best!

The best investigation services are found by  detectives Madrid , which carries out highly specialized investigation work and is capable of providing the best sense of resolution for all those who are interested in hiring a high-level corporate investigation service, thus having the mission from our agency to get the best sense of resolution of a particular case.

At Grupo Arga, the management of our research processes is aimed at establishing the best sense of response for all those who need our investigative apparatus to decisively resolve everything that is related to the articulation of various research activities. private in the short, medium and long term. That is why our Madrid detectives are important!





The Madrid detectives are sometimes in great demand due to their great dedication to the exercise of the detective activity, this also implies the analysis by the client of a whole series of elements that are directly related to the determination of all the aspects that are required currently when hiring a detective investigative job. When we talk about this type of investigation, we also discuss everything that has to do with its prices and costs, since they have been authorized to launch a number of elements conducive to generating a high-level investigation.

A private detective is a resource that allows obtaining the best information at the right time, this is possible thanks to the systemic understanding with which a field agent of this type acts, the knowledge and the development of the different techniques with which it is deployed. the detective. his work, these are the main characteristic elements that help drive him to meet all customer requirements.

A private detective in the exercise of his profession is not limited by the prices and fees that he may receive at the time of the execution of each case, because as a good detective he seeks above all to support himself by developing what he knows and what has been trained throughout his life, is undoubtedly the best guarantee to optimally perform all the elements and aspects related to the development of his professional career.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we have established different elements that are likely to generate ethical behaviors that allow the agent to behave with great experience and an excellent sense of diligence in the field. The best thing that our detectives have right now is that they are resources oriented towards the achievement of our clients, client satisfaction for a private investigator is the greatest reward they receive on a day-to-day basis because it is the best guarantee of establishing an optimal development of the operations.

The detective who seeks in one way or another to perform effectively must be an element capable of better satisfying each of the requirements that he initially draws with the client, because through this joint plan he can achieve the execution of various aspects that are capable of guaranteeing the best of the developments of an operation, is the sufficient guarantee to carry out an investigative work.

A  Madrid detective  sets prices and fees, but on certain occasions he knows that his clients have limited budgets, in this sense, the duty of his action leads him to analyze various aspects that he must review and that are contained beyond any financial or economic aspect, this is where the detective needs to be more empathetic and consistent with the moment that others are going through in order to generate the greatest sense of response to the client’s needs.

A self-respecting private detective always seeks to generate the possibility of not leaving his client alone, this allows him to resolve and investigate each question raised, the best that a Grupo Arga detective investigator could do regarding the resolution. Scenarios of this type focus on the articulation of responses under the operation of different scenarios, which are the only ones capable of implementing a feeling of effective response towards the client.

A detective who always trusts his organization to develop the best possible scenario taking into account the client’s budget availability is a trusted public servant capable of establishing the best management sense and responding to any concerns that the client may have. account its limitations in order to establish the best possible room for manoeuvre.

The detective who wishes to be a member of Grupo Arga must first of all know that the private investigation career is full of multiple requirements that we must satisfy in favor of excellence and the best guarantee to carry out this type of investigation. he business lies in fully understanding our clients, as this makes us more human and more empathic.



Grupo Arga detectives are resources that in themselves have the possibility of acting as information channels that may be able to establish the best responses to our clients, this means being responsible for different stages in order to serve our clients. With the best. B Detectives Grupo Arga is an organization that has been working in the field of professional investigation throughout Madrid for more than 10 years, it is a sign of our commitment and dedication to satisfying our clients, our rhythm and our spirit of ‘Constant innovation drives the operational scheme that we carry out as a private research group, with the aim of completing a series of functionalities at our service with the best prices and professional fees.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the discipline, dedication and willingness of our agents to carry out operations is very effective, since our training processes guide the investigator to achieve their objectives. Detectives Grupo Arga is an organization that has managed to generate great acceptance in all the services that it has proposed to deploy in Madrid, this was an example of the percentage of acceptance of our value proposition when consulting our client base and being the It is superior to 93%, question that is not asked as a leading agency in the field.In addition, Grupo Arga detectives have made all their contact channels available to our clients through social networks and through our website with the aim of expanding support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In Grupo Arga you will find the best!


The range of research services, go hand in hand with the needs of each client, this has been demonstrated within the design as a company that we have established in Grupo Arga, where we can always support you in the face of difficulties, through a group of experts from each area that loves what it does. This is the best stimulus to provide a private investigation full of guarantees, that is, always under the promise of success or the most effective resolution, and best of all, we have an extension over all the cities of Spain, to reach each client. that requires it.

The personal, work, business, computer and other aspects are covered through the action and persistence of Grupo Arga, where we have demonstrated the immense strength of resolution that is found after the good intervention of private investigation. When it comes to searching for and using proven information, at Grupo Arga you get convincing data which really sheds light on what may be happening, especially when we have a high level of specialization in each of the types of research that we carry out in order to conserve extensive guarantee.

We have versatile operations because it is the least that each of our clients expects, in addition, no area is left out of receiving this type of support, because we seek to establish ourselves as a national proposal that promotes the collection of evidence that is so necessary today. Investigation processes such as infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, electronic sweeps, among others, are covered no matter where you are, everything is about taking care to the last instance that is tailored to latent needs, because it is the best way to effectively resolve each situation.



The whereabouts of the data and information that you are looking for and need so much are a reality through Grupo Arga, where we offer you a high level of guarantee in each city in Spain, even within the digital incidents that have recently become highly demanded by part of the users. For anyone who needs to carry out a private investigation, empathetic attention is paid to each of the details that make up the case itself, because in this way a correct analysis is linked to provide much more appropriate resolution channels, always under a realistic plane. The relevance of our services at Grupo Arga is based largely on the compliance that has been sown within each of the cases assigned to us, where we have sealed our commitment through a high margin of success that demonstrates the culmination of a case. , through the issuance of overwhelming evidence.



The best way to dissipate the concurrence of fraud, theft and others, is taking the foresight to investigate at all times, especially with rates that allow you not to be in doubt, but rather to invest for that escape from any stress and financial loss. that occurs before some intruder that is exposed with our action. The visualization of the best solution in a case is found after hiring our private detectives, which is why we are pioneers in establishing a wide variety of services at your disposal to thoroughly investigate all kinds of incidents that may be occurring, especially with the best techniques in this field.

The responses of our services are structured under the provision of permanent support, which implies high precision in order to collect the necessary evidence, for this reason the training of our agents is a priority to always guide a process full of category and elements. forensics as collateral. The possibility of closing a case is under the reality of our services, so you can calmly trust what we can do for your case, when they are observed, it is clearly revealed if there is any real way out with which you can excite, and at the same time expect the best presentation after the final report.

The preparation at the time of attending a case is not an advertising action, but rather a permanent push, because this service requires quality activities, because this is the best favor that we can offer each client who sees in Grupo Arga a clear solution. For this reason, when you have our private detectives, you can have no doubt that you find the best evidence analyzed and processed, in addition to everything, it is not necessary to wait too long, because our agents work against all odds, those forecasts are what ultimately generate the expected results.

The high level within the investigation has been demonstrated over time, because as a detective agency we plan to establish optimal performance on each of the cases addressed, which is why we have state-of-the-art processes that facilitate reaching the expected findings.

The need to search for information is latent today, and is resolved by contracting our private investigation services, where we generate the best response over time, especially with experts from all areas, because is the best way to support clear development. All concerns can be covered with a professional observation that is designed at all times for customer satisfaction, all thanks to the fact that at Grupo Arga we have been responsible for promoting a wide range of special responses for each area.

The faculty to serve, is earned under the training requirement that we have implemented on each private detective, who meet all the requirements to practice with notoriety, therefore the solution of your problems is viable when you opt for the private investigation faculties. In the face of any concern, you can count on special attention, where we will dedicate the best disposition to your case, because the idea is that you fill yourself with peace of mind and have direct contact with more details to take this starting point until a better in-depth investigation about your cause



The investment of the best professional skills, ensures that your case can have the best evidence on time, this type of resolution is the one that rewards your peace of mind, because you get results that positively impact your quality of life in every way, since that you have strong evidence in your hands.

The cases for individuals, as well as for businesses, because the orientation of this tool fits with any area where it is necessary to cover one’s back with an effective search for information, therefore our operations are compatible with any problem that may arise. The demand of the clients can be treated under a professional treatment, where their concerns are dissolved by the first generation processes, which is combined with the updating of knowledge that merges with an exceptional practice that generates a clear strategy to solve each situation. .

Experience is an added value that shines on the performance of our private detectives, because the more cases we manage to solve, the more confidence we acquire to adapt to the most complex situations, this is part of the continuous will to support each case until its end. successful way. The most positive performance of private investigation is found when clear evidence is promoted on each matter, because we postulate clear training criteria to deal with problems in a qualified manner that is the ideal resource to obtain the information you need.

On the most opportune occasion we filter the information you are looking for, it is all about establishing the best resolution path, that is why we want to provide the most suitable management for each client, that is why when you request our private investigation services you find a loyal accompaniment on your causes. We indicate top-level tools to detect any obvious deception, which is why at Grupo Arga we take care of providing an extremely useful service, where the best customer satisfaction is noted on the offer we can make, where all kinds of investigations are housed.



The feeling of being covered after the comparison of Grupo Arga services is a leap in quality, because your concerns get unique attention, especially through a better period of time that is responsible for dispelling any fear, this has to see when your privacy is compromised in a situation.

The attention that we extend through Grupo Arga is unconditionally guaranteed, because our successful investigation processes are anchored towards an open agenda of your concerns, to work on them as soon as possible and that the traces of information cannot be lost. . In the private investigation market, there are different services, but at Grupo Arga we stand out thanks to the fact that we insistently commit to improving, all thanks to pursuing the clues and evidence that the case needs, which is why it is previously analyzed with a clear observation to find the most realistic alternative.



The synchrony of our private investigation agents is placed on each case with the fulfillment of significant tasks, which establish a clear path towards the best resolution of the situation, but without creating or sowing false expectations, but everything is created under a absolute realism. High levels of complexity may arise but through Grupo Arga we respond, always aspiring to detect a large number of clues that will dazzle the path and therefore the simplest resolution, this is what is important so that you can present these discoveries before legal instances.

The skills and nose of every detective is marked by the interest in attending to each case, where time is the main advantage because the performance of our private detectives does not stop, but instead looks for the best alternative for you, this is the operation that every customer must wait at Grupo Arga. Do not give up in the face of any cause, because the best example of dedication is to provide an unconditional service, which covers each of the cities of Spain, because private investigation is increasingly useful and people should not be left without this benefit that is Modernize according to your needs.

When you want to carry out some kind of investigation, no matter what it is, you can always find qualified attention from the first moment you trust Grupo Arga, especially because we have a logistical response, because it is about finding the best way to act so that you feel supported. Each process that we execute reveals a great truth for that environment that is warned by some doubt, that is why our tools delimit all kinds of excuses in exchange for consistent certainties, because only through elements of conviction will you be able to assert the truth in any flat.

At Grupo Arga we have a vision of always improving, which is why we are not satisfied with one type of service, but rather we adopt more experts who can have a positive effect within the service area they come to exercise, providing solutions and methods of first level. Given the requirements of your case, we respond with guarantees, always with an honest response so as not to aggravate your situation for any reason, through the transparent exercise is that justice can be done for your cause at all times.




In the Grupo Arga detectives are the agents designated to develop this central aspect of the detectives’ incursion into high-level activities, with the aim of facilitating the obtaining of very useful information, being of a private and specialized nature. The generation of a set of elements that promote intelligent research is reciprocal with the desire for training and more information that our research group needs.

The best that we have been able to deploy from the Grupo Arga detectives is contained in a high-level investigation service capable of completing all the necessary elements for the execution of intelligence and counter-espionage tasks. Countersurveillance experts, like our  Madrid detectives , are exclusive high-level resources that can promote an investigation with high standards of experience and practice, somehow ensuring that the data is obtained. and critical priority events that need to be explained and analyzed in detail to ensure effective decision making.The detective investigators of Grupo Arga have been trained with a great sense of excellence, this allows them to be agile resources for the resolution of any problem, with the aim of satisfying the requirements of each client, this is motivated by the fact that the clients are our main reason of being.

At Grupo Arga, we know that business management in a city like Madrid, for any field, is extremely demanding, an issue that always puts all businessmen and entrepreneurs who operate in a highly competitive city to the test, for this reason, our detectives in the capital they are always there to provide any corporate client who needs it with the best sense of execution of research activities.

Grupo Arga detectives made known through various information channels all the work they intended to carry out, this with the guarantee of establishing an optimal service for all those who wish to contract investigation services and services that seek to increase investigative work. For companies in Madrid, we provide the best!

That is why from our investigation agency we allow ourselves to do everything related to the specialized handling of a case, where in most cases we have encountered episodes of domestic aggression, as well as cases of sentimental deception in a house. These last two investigations at this level are also accompanied by cases of mental incapacity of certain members of the family nucleus, as well as other facts related to the structuring of a legal separation that has economic implications.

Among Grupo Arga’s detectives, our agents are not only experienced but also allow themselves to carry out this type of investigation as quickly as possible, doing precisely everything within their power regarding the deployment of the best security techniques. . research as well as all the elements available for the development of a theater of operations and the validation of research hypotheses.

In this way, it is necessary to emphasize that the agents of our organization are not alone, since they can count on logistical support at any time in their operations, the same in this case allows them to have the best support at the operations level that will take them to behave more quickly in the resolution of a specific investigation file. At Grupo Arga, our agents have the opportunity to promote the best sense of resolution and collect evidence for entities interested in conducting family investigations, a problem that undoubtedly provides the best solution for all those who need the necessary evidence. in the shortest possible time.

With the Grupo Arga detectives, the implementation of the processes that we make possible from our agency that we put into practice to promote the best sense of response, our agents dedicated to the resolution of investigations in the family sphere, it is only necessary to deploy with the capacity adequate logistics to get to the truth of the matter in a few days.

This undoubtedly provides a sense of highly timely technical response and argumentation so that whoever needs this type of work at the right time, on many occasions members of a family environment seek legal protection against incidents. that mainly affect the generation of these cases, an issue that the only way to support this type of action lies in the possibility of having the criteria and assessment of our Madrid detectives. At Grupo Arga, the management of these processes is focused on building elements that can provide all stakeholders with the best sense of response in the shortest possible time, making this activity extremely precise and efficient.



Madrid detective services  are the best guarantee that our clients have towards the execution of a service full of excellence with the aim of establishing the best answers to our clients in terms of their very specific and specialized information needs. The generation of several elements that ensure the structuring of a level detection criterion is possible by hiring an agent who is under the orders of an organization, sometimes people tend to look for resources and independent elements which end up generating frustration. and reverse fraud by not generating the initially desired results.



The best guarantee that a client has to request a high-level survey is to hire our  Detectives Madrid  that is backed by an accredited organization, we say this in view of our experience where over time we have detected how there are people who are right now hiring detectives as part of a freelance scheme and this hiring is not giving them the results they need.

On some occasions it is also necessary to point out that the generation of aspects towards the structuring of a solid investigation revolves around putting on the table various strategies that guarantee the greatest aspects of certainty to the client. In addition, it is necessary to highlight that our investigators have the possibility of being resources offering sufficient confidence towards all the operations deployed at the detective level. When a client contacts a freelance detective on her behalf, he often ignores the typical elements of lead generation, as the detective lacks the organizational or structural capabilities to support an investigation. under high demands and response models

At Grupo Arga detectives we know in depth the different differences that exist between private investigators and freelance investigators, since sometimes they do not provide a feeling of satisfaction with all the operations that must be launched in order to establish an adequate response. to the client. These elements have been thoroughly reviewed by our organization and we have made important decisions at the time and that today provide us with a customer-friendly implementation service in the execution of our services.

The generation of a panorama capable of generating a great sense of investigation towards our clients is possible thanks to our Madrid detectives since they are the only ones with the capacity to generate an optimal service towards the construction of various elements that tend to direct a positive process towards the development of high-level detective services.

The structuring of quality detective services in Madrid not only depends on organizational capacity, it also comes from working within a framework of strategic resolution on everything related to an investigative case, with the aim of proposing an unparalleled offer at the investigation level. and quality surveys among our clients, in the short, medium and long term. The generation of elements that allow the application of an investigation seen from the strategy of a systemic vision is the only one capable of establishing a process capable of responding to the requests of our clients as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost. As low as possible.

This translates into the participation of roles capable of accurately guaranteeing all the elements contained in the process of delimitation and validation of evidence in an expert environment, with the aim of establishing the elements in the resolution of a case sufficient to go to the root. of the facts, that is why, at the investigation level, we will almost always integrate, in addition to the participation of the detective, the assistance of laboratory experts, as well as experts capable of providing the best information in computer investigation facilities. In addition, an investigator is also accompanied in the exercise of his activities by the performance of an expert in the field of strategic operations capable of establishing, as a constructive means, the best scenarios so that the detective can behave with confidence.



Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation organization that seeks above all to set up a first-class investigation service with the aim of generating quality investigation details, in order to precisely strengthen work and time management. detectives. response to our clients, because they represent the greatest guarantee of growth for our organization. Detectives Grupo Arga is an organization that has been in Madrid for more than 10 years, and over time it has always offered to carry out its work with a high sense of discipline and professionalism, an issue that serves to identify the level of execution that our agents compare with solving a problem.What a Grupo Arga agent can generate around the generation of a file can benefit the client in various aspects, but more essentially, it can allow him to establish optimal decision-making to obtain a good Benefit from the resource of the survey.

Grupo Arga detectives will not stop innovating and improving in favor of their clients, with the aim of establishing a very sophisticated response criterion that can meet the needs of our clients in terms of obtaining highly specialized information. and timely, this with the generation of a construction of facts that guarantees a detective work based on great criteria of objectivity. At  Grupo Arga’s Madrid detectives  , our different clients can learn more about our services through the blog and social networks, as well as using these channels as a contact channel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At Grupo Arga, our detectives in the capital are here to serve you!





The investigations carried out by our  Madrid detectives , without a doubt, can provide the best sense of operation for anyone who needs to manage with a great sense of precision everything that is linked to the optimal resolution of each case worthy of investigation. At Grupo Arga, the management of our investigation processes, without a doubt, is provided through our  Madrid detectives , since we seek to be that support point for anyone who requires a highly detailed operation of our resources, in the least amount of time. possible.

It is well known that sometimes the non-recurrence to a detective can cause various consequences, among them we can highlight as the main element that some unfortunate events can be generated, be it from discussions and altercations between couples, to episodes of phishing or also very frequent the development of an attempted kidnapping.

These are episodes where the management of each case undoubtedly requires immediate action on the part of the detective. It is a fact that people who underestimate this type of situation end up losing focus and falling unexpectedly into the scenarios described above. At Grupo Arga detectives, we know that everyone who uses our investigation services in the capital through our  Madrid detectives has the best investigation and development tool for various elements that can promote agile development in any private investigation case. , which is why there is always a latent interest on our part to manage and timely cover all the research needs of our clients.

At Grupo Arga, we provide the best sense of response for all those who require the optimal management of investigative processes, which is why through our investigation processes we promote the best sense of response for all those who require our operations in the least. possible time.At Grupo Arga, the management of our operations provides the best around the structuring of private investigation operations, this is how, from our investigation agency, we make possible the possibility of carrying out personal investigation operations, making possible the search and resolution of documents for all those who require our research resources in the search and location of the same, as well as we have scheduled everything that is appreciated towards the execution of private research and investigation schemes that can resolve findings of lost antiquities, lost identity documents among others.

Is the use of an investigative detective from Grupo Arga everyday use? Well, when faced with this question, we must say that a detective is not someone who is going to investigate a planter in a house (laughs), instead he is an extremely valuable resource capable of developing those moments of uncertainty that we can have, who at this moment does not feel a certain uncertainty in their relationship? Who hasn’t had the need to know what is really happening with their life in the digital spectrum and wants to feel more secure?

These aspects lead to operations, these operations without a doubt allow us to establish a host of elements and resolve the evidence that our personal clients are needing, because it is better to resort to a detective than not having the right tools to solve a problem. particular research case.

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight that for a person it can be somewhat onerous to have a research resource that can provide the best resolution to a given problem, however, it is worth noting that these types of activities have a certain implicit load in the development of various elements that can provide the best sense of resolution to various activities, it is a fact, detectives have a technique that ordinary people cannot generate, and that technique comes from the hand of their trajectory and the time where they have stood out in the resolution of results.



Activities, such as the management of computer investigation operations, can reveal the weaknesses of our client in various spaces of digital concurrence, as well as everything related to the execution of infidelity operations, they can also determine if a member of a couple is cheating on their better half, we must emphasize that this sense of operations without a doubt provides the most accurate answers to all our clients

At Grupo Arga, process management can undoubtedly provide the best response criteria for all those who require the management of various activities through investigation, the precision and agility of our Madrid detectives, makes it possible for each case to be resolve in a matter of hours without taking into account its level of complexity, therefore, one must be extremely responsible when taking into account the why? Of the hiring of this resource.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our investigative operations makes it possible for our agency to direct various elements that can provide a highly key sense of resolution around the construction of a scheme that can promote the best evidence and elements of most accurate conviction for all of our clients. At Grupo Arga, we can highlight that our experience in the capital through our  Madrid detectives makes it possible for us to manage some processes with great precision that allow us to carry out the best private investigation service for all our clients. Grupo Arga promotes a sense of agility and innovation in each investigation in order to provide the best operational investigation service for all those who are interested in hiring us.




The management of activities that our  Madrid detectives make possible , without a doubt, can provide a key element of resolution for all those who are interested in having various elements at hand that can ensure the construction of a highly propitious investigation case adapted to all the needs of our customers. At Grupo Arga, we have the possibility of decisively promoting everything that has to do with the structuring of investigation cases that can implement a true sense of relief for our clients, highlighting in this way that the investigation management of our  Madrid detectives , without a doubt, it is applied to the digital spectrum, attending to new investigative realities.





Through our Madrid detectives, at Grupo Arga we do everything possible to promote an agile sense of investigation, being extremely precise in the construction of investigation operations that can provide the best response to all our clients, the management of each investigation case Privately, it allows our agents to have the opportunity to precisely serve everything related to the management of an investigation that can meet the demands of anyone who needs the application of investigation cases at the computer level.

This is how, at first, we have the case of Julio Rada where he tells us, “when I was starting my activity on social networks, I really did not know how to distinguish between the dangers and the advantages that relating to what the Grupo Arga detectives call it “spaces of concurrence” well, because of my little propensity to socialize (I am a very shy person) one day I began to try to get out of that scheme and that is how I began to add all the women that were attractive to me in my personal account”.

As the days go by, Julio continues to tell us, “it is there where, without realizing it, I was speaking separately with three women who seemed very attractive to me, it was almost unreal and very addictive, one of them began to be a little more active in this type of communicational scheme that we maintained and inclusive I tried to make a little bridge of intimacy with myself and I liked that”.

Julio continues detailing “This began to progress very quickly, however, the management of this particular process generated great hope in me, an issue that was going to be decisive when determining a point of personal weakness. This case led me to fall into an episode of electronic fraud, since the woman in question began to ask me for money, and since she already had a point of trust, earning enough with me, I agreed to make periodic payments.

“When I realized one day of the management of my personal accounts, I realized that this type of case generated tremendous anxiety in me, she received some messages from me, requested money and then disappeared for a long time, it is there in where I decided to resort to Grupo Arga detectives, and in a matter of hours I managed to find the reason and the whereabouts of this scheme, it turns out that the woman who contacted me daily was not the person who appeared in the profile photo.

Julio stands out as the final point in the story “By taking this into account, I was able to confront the person one day who decided to contact me again and I decided to block his accounts, if he had not resorted to the investigative practices of the Madrid detectives, this The case would have remained unresolved and I would even have had to see myself in trouble with such and provide this person with the money he needed. Cases like Julio’s are the ones that motivate us to do better every day around investigative operations, since they are the ones that without a doubt can provide an immediate response to anyone who feels helpless and unassisted from the point of view of from the point of view of the private investigation.



At Grupo Arga, we know that there is a large number of people who require the best investigative response from us. It is necessary to highlight that the structuring of operations in our agency makes it possible for many people to manage all the results with a great sense of precision. at the investigative level.

That is why through all the operations we make it possible to carry out highly precise private investigation cases and at the order of all those who require the management of a detailed investigation process, complying with the execution of the private investigation is everything for us. a privilege of being able to generate the best sense of coverage of the needs of our clients at a computer and digital level.

For this, from Grupo Arga through our Madrid detectives, we can ensure with a great sense of resolution that we have the best elements to meet all the requirements of our clients, which is why through our operations we do the most feasible to establish an immediate sense of resolve in every task entrusted to us.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the management of our investigation processes, without a doubt, allow us to establish a highly practical sense of resolution towards all situations where investigative resources are needed, doing private investigation work as we promote it from our agency is a great opportunity that we have in complying with highly detailed processes for all our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our history and tradition of service are intertwined with the great sense of commitment and responsibility that our agents have regarding excellence in the performance and conduct of an investigation case, promoting a sense of high resolution to all those who that requires a computer investigation is the central task of our  Madrid detectives.

A cutting-edge investigation service carried out in Madrid has also been possible thanks to the  Madrid detectives , since they contain the possibility of executing with high standards all the hypotheses related to the execution of an investigative case, this allows us to be very proactive in all the search criteria that Grupo Arga can implement with our clients in mind. The critical chain of information that we can deploy from our research group is in the ability to generate the answers that all our clients need at some point, this leads us to the ability to be very rigorous in any execution of our Activities.



Many people, when they consult the research and investigation services that they can find in Madrid, sometimes wonder if they can save money and this leads them to make somewhat short-term decisions that end up working against them in the long term, this is something that many people ignore when hiring specialized investigation services. The best thing that a detective who investigates the direction of movement of different hypotheses can do to successfully determine the generation and construction of a case is precisely to be able to attend to all the client’s requirements in the shortest possible time with the least amount of time. of resources.

In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize that a client is a resource that can provide the best answers, for this, from Grupo Arga detectives, we have generated the possibility of building strength training elements to build the best. customer inquiries. This implies generating the growth of our agents in processes that guarantee the optimal resolution of the results.

In the training aspect of our agents, the study of various techniques and strategies of criminal action is focused, with the aim of generating the development of a very rigorous investigative ability, the ability to generate answers to clients depends on the detective instinct towards the construction schemes capable of providing a logical framework of elements conducive to the necessary conclusion of each investigation, this implies having different elements of high priority for the successful resolution of each case, elements that Grupo Arga supports each investigator in their training process to through experience.

This process is possible by obtaining the official license that our agents have, since, from Grupo Arga, this milestone within our organization is not reached by the detective who wants it, but by the one who can due to merit and achievement. . Throughout their professional career, the delimitation of the internal processes of growth and promotion of our agents is accompanied by a rigorous training process, capable of establishing the development of a coherent professional career rich in elements. demanding.

An agent or our  detectives Madrid , are resources whose ultimate goal is the resolution of various aspects capable of promoting their professional career, this implies not only the duration of years of service in their detective work, but also the achievement of successful cases. and the resolution of highly complex cases. As well as, the approval received by all the clients that it has handled over time.

Reaching this point of resolution is said to be easy, but in summary it implies the management of points that can generate optimal management of all the processes that the client needs, in this sense it should be noted that reaching this level of resolution is no more easy. which involved the trajectory and learning of all our agents and simultaneously of the entire organization that offered to provide the appropriate answers, as well as generate the greatest certainty in the client.

Investigation and investigation services in Madrid are in great demand, which is why in 2019 our agency received more than 7 thousand investigation files, 58% of which were related to the management of infidelity investigations, on the 32nd day. was in the conduct of commercial investigations and the remaining 10% referred to the practice of personal investigations, which include investigation of lost property and electronic scans.





Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that always thinks in favor of the client, this means that we never stop providing the most appropriate answers, with the aim of establishing the resolution of each investigation file with a high level of experience and technical deployment of skills, at Grupo Arga our  Madrid detectives not only use their skills and experience to deploy their activities in the field, but also take advantage of the valuable organizational resources that the organization has managed to deploy over time with its modernization stage.

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight that, based on the Grupo Arga detectives, we have managed to generate the best of the processes towards the realization of various tactical and strategic elements capable of supporting our agents in the field, this implies the need to Integrate the work of laboratory and computer experts capable of generating greater agility with respect to all the investigative elements deployed within the framework of an investigation.

Detectives Grupo Arga is an organization that has been operating throughout Madrid for more than 10 years, and that undoubtedly seeks to generate the best sense of the construction of each case, based on parameters of high agility and quality and a rapid response. to our clients, in order to be punctual in the deployment of our skills and resources. N At Grupo Arga, we promote the best sense of assistance for all those who require a highly practical research resource aimed at solving the diverse needs of all our clients. Grupo Arga detectives are resources that will always seek excellence in the development of all their day-to-day operations.



The search for sufficient quality in obtaining results has as its ultimate objective the guarantee of an optimal execution of the services, this leads to the possibility that optimal services can be carried out in terms of the search and management of clients and their requirements, in a specific research context. The best detectives are those that offer the possibility of being hired in various detective scenarios in Madrid that can be executed for the client, the real detective is not after the money, the real detective is the one who is activated as a member of high expertise for the resolution of a case, in this sense a detective is like a pack leader, his main interest is hunting.

For this reason, at Grupo Arga detectives, we have provided the best tools with which our agents can attract a new client, being above all empathetic with the situation they are going through, and also with all the elements that are part of their Budget constraint. Many people are sometimes paralyzed when they want to hire a private investigator who is trained to get to the bottom of things and be able to structure a possible solution for their clients because they feel that they are requesting this type of service. it is something that can result in a higher expense. Well, the experience that Grupo Arga detectives have been able to determine throughout their journey through Madrid has generated the possibility of observing how many clients turn to us because they feel cheated by many independent investigators and even with other organizations that offer prizes. very economical to develop a professional research process.

It has also been a source of frustration for our clients since they see how this initial effort does not generate a solid and coherent result capable of making the best decisions in a time horizon, which is why our researchers are valuable elements that can guarantee the achieving good results, which is why we always take very seriously the power of understanding the economic reality of many of our clients.

As we understand these elements, we must also emphasize that at the same time that our services are based on providing our clients with the best of the best, then we try not to sacrifice the quality of our services for the benefit of offering a “good price” since Grupo Arga considers that those who execute a strategy of this type are deceiving their client. Therefore, above all, we are honest with our clients in defining the feasible scope of each survey according to their budgetary capacity to finance the deployment of all our elements and resources.

The budget work that we carry out with the Grupo Arga detectives facilitates the possibility of choosing a range of services for our clients because at the moment they need our services, we can determine all the elements with a boost of highly professional expertise. that are necessary to achieve these results, it is at this stage that our agency develops three budget scenarios that guarantee the execution of the detective work and that are capable of satisfying all our clients.

Research work is something exciting, so by defining these three budget scenarios we guarantee a persistence effect to deploy our organizational elements “yes or yes” in a given theater of operations. Grupo Arga detectives have always managed their  Madrid detectives  according to a high-precision program with the aim of providing all the key elements for the development of an investigation and guaranteeing our clients the best possible results.



At Grupo Arga detectives we have been carrying out detective work for more than 10 years, it is a sign of our dedication and the commitment that we always generate towards excellence in all our activities and operations, at Grupo Arga detectives the fundamental axis of the operation of our organization is focused on our clients. Grupo Arga Detectives is an organization that through its  Madrid detectives , based on the merit and experience of detective work, has managed to generate for all its clients the answers that are currently necessary to promote high-level investigative processes. The best thing that a client who wants to resort to expert investigation processes can do is generate the possibility of hiring an agent from the Arga group, since they are sufficient guarantee for the generation of answers that allow him to make the best decision on the horizon. temporary.

From the detectives of Grupo Arga, the discipline in the performance of our work is something that sets the tone in our day to day, it is also proof of the high training and professionalism with which our detectives manage to perform in the field, giving a strategic sense to those wishes of our clients in terms of obtaining data and specialized information.

The most important thing we have done at Grupo Arga detectives is to serve our clients, because they are the ones who solidly support our organizational actions, innovating and modernizing all our processes means the guarantee of the success of our group, because in some kind way we toast with solidity the best answers, at the right time, Grupo Arga’s detectives are synonymous with quality and excellence, which is why Madrid makes its best detectives available to its clients.



The main objective that we set ourselves at Grupo Arga is based on providing the best professional responses, but above all to conclude each case with the preparation of a detailed report of the findings found, because in the end these elements will be the key to guaranteeing your peace of mind. . The role of private investigation in the face of different causes, is responsible above all for promoting mechanisms for obtaining information with a forensic nature, this is what causes the data to be backed up under a large dose of authenticity, that is, this is the weapon for a later action of the care of your rights.

By contracting our services, you will be able to have the confidence and security of having, and even using, the final report that we issue, because it is not only about reaching the conclusion of a fact, but also that the correct execution of our services is find endowed with a margin of quality and precision that distinguishes us. We have different investigative processes that provide irrefutable evidence against the deception that is taking place in your life, regardless of the field, we have experts who apply their professional judgment when evaluating each piece of evidence and in turn build a solid report that protects your needs. The management of various service areas, causes us to promote a clear and professional response, being the best attitude that can be had towards clients, who need evidence to know what is really happening, and have the elements of conviction in your hands. that allow you to do justice over all adversity.



The best answer is issued by the final report, which contains each of the incidents that take place within the private investigation, we are a private detective agency, committed at all times to revealing the truth, through forensic processes that take care of the integrity of the information. In the same way, to have a conclusive report, special training is required within this area, which is why we have the best detectives in Madrid, with a preparation that helps each operation to be carried out under legal parameters and so on. the final report will be a legal instrument for your rights.



The best way to gather the evidence that your case needs is to trust in the virtues of service and attention that are behind Grupo Arga where we deploy professional coverage for each operation that needs to be executed, the investigations always pursue that due process so that are valid at all times. It is reasonable to leave your case under the vision of our experts, who design a complete action plan, all under the client’s pretensions, as well as in the attributions that the exercise of private investigation can cover, which is gaining more and more ground on situations of all kinds, including computer science.

Through our detective agency, we take care of deploying our best effort to clarify each case, where in addition to everything we present you the progress of the situation to continue making decisions and that you get enough evidence, that is why our professional practice is of the first level. . Within the execution of our professional activities, there is the intervention of distinguished tools, which help to comply with the designed action plan, this type of strategy causes that forensic role is always pursued, as well as professional within the investigation of each event.

It is very different to have information, that these data are confirmed and analyzed so that they become a resounding element of conviction, under this perspective the functions of our private detectives stand out, which have the best utilities, as well as laboratories capable of your disposal.

Every case we receive is automatically handled by an expert in that area, who focuses on that search for evidence that is required, especially under a comparison of techniques that help ensure the integrity of each data, this happens as are the DNA tests that serve as a key in paternity cases. The work that we develop through Grupo Arga is made up of a series of precise actions, which are supported by first-rate investigation techniques that help to reveal the situation through convincing evidence, since it is the only thing that has value within the legal plane and is fulfilled after our abilities.

The knowledge of our private detectives helps make the decisions that correspond to each case, so you will have the best guide to build a solid case when doing justice in any instance, especially with the power of technological innovation which is a tool in demand today. In any case of investigation, we have the professional domain to search for the necessary evidence that establishes justice as a priority, for this reason pursuing the truth is part of the attributions of our private detectives, who carry out each process with ethics and forensic follow-up, analyzing each data.

Hiring our services implies directly having a final report fully supported by the evidence obtained, which is accepted to protect your rights and other damages that you may be experiencing, which is why we serve you with full professional support. Once we have contact with the details of the case, we do not give up when investigating, but we strengthen each stage of the process, especially with the professional contribution that characterizes us as experts, who lead the case in the most favorable direction that we allows for more information.

If you really need to have an investigation service that will take charge of exploring each of the incidents, at Grupo Arga you get that specialized attention that is sorely lacking so that you contain a useful report for each case that arises, which is why the investigation private works before legal estimates. We have special techniques that determine fraudulent sick leave, pension modification, and other situations where you need convincing elements to demonstrate any situation that is occurring, this investigation management is to explore every detail and gather enough evidence.Through Grupo Arga we deploy the best professional actions, we also incorporate higher level services that cause us to obtain a greater amount of evidence, these are the best response elements to be sure of obtaining results in a short time, and with forensic operations.



The advantages of having committed private detectives is that we can get directly to the collection of evidence, especially respecting the legal limits of professional practice, but also a highly accessible cost measure, although you can talk about our services so you can get a budget. In order to retain the management and treatment of our clients, we take care of providing care from the first moment with a receptive approach, so that people feel confident in leaving their problems in the hands of our experts, where we seek to satisfy and cover each one. of needs under a professional magnifying glass.When there is a case in the hands of our private detectives, the greatest analysis is immediately developed to find timely solutions, which are positioned under the best price so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to investigate each of the facts that are disturbing any scope of your life.

The important thing is that you keep in mind that for each problem, at Grupo Arga you get a technical and professional response, under an understanding that really motivates you to continue trusting in the attributes of private investigation, because it is a panorama available to you at all times, only You must communicate every detail of the event. There is no doubt that our private detectives are in charge of listening empathetically to what happens, in the same way they give you a clear observation about the possibilities of resolution, since if it is a case where there is not enough evidence, we do not fall into False promises, far from it.When a situation is studied, it is to offer an accessible budget, where there is a route of action that offers you and guarantees results with a great guarantee that you cannot give up, because we focus on achieving the objectives of your case, under the more rigorous processes and above all with available legal evidence.





The protection of privacy is characterized as a non-negotiable right, this goes both ways, that is, when you are the victim of some deception or negative event, the main thing is to want to confirm the intentions of the other person, but in that search for information there are limits laws that must be respected, even if he is guilty. For this reason, private investigation is an essential resource to keep in mind, since it leads you directly to convincing data, but in this development you have to comply with legal procedures, for this you will find the techniques of a private detective of the stature from Grupo Arga.

When investigating and searching for evidence, enormous care is required, so if you want to know the truth, you must be willing to count on the services of our private detectives, who are classified as legal actors, since they have a license to perform this role, that is, they are endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior to provide you with the necessary evidence. The news and the results that we offer you at Grupo Arga at the conclusion of a private investigation are really valid and for no reason are you going against the law, in fact it is characterized as a contract that protects you against any inconvenience, where in addition to everything gives advice.

Each case studied and attended within our detective agency, respects that legal margin, but at the same time the best utilities or resources are exercised to always be available to each client, so when you want to get out of any deception, you must be the first interested in having our faculties. Promoting an investigation process is the best action you can take to put aside infidelities, fraudulent sick leave, espionage and others, the best thing is that they are eradicated under legal action, this is the answer you need so that you do not You have to expose and alert those involved.



The precision of contracting the services of Grupo Arga is vital to forget about the problems within the process of a private investigation, where it is possible to determine any figure that is occurring within any area of ​​your life, and in turn the best solution to confront what What happens is knowing the truth. When you believe in the actions and capabilities of our private detectives at Grupo Arga, you automatically receive the best investigation processes in a guaranteed manner, where each element is studied as it should be, following the legal protocol and the chain of custody at all times, to resolve the case.

In the end, with an adequate professional dose, in each case the imposed objectives materialize, this is demonstrated by the gathering of sufficient elements of conviction that emerge at the conclusion of each type of investigation, because at Grupo Arga we diversify our attention to cover more concerns. social. The best sense in the face of problems is not to waste time and thoroughly investigate each event, because this undoubtedly helps to make decisions with clarity, and above all with the strength of the evidence that is capable of validating what is really happening, this is the true success of private investigation really. The legal path of an investigation is led by our agents above all because they are prepared to reveal the truth, without intruding on the privacy of other people, much less, which is why we offer our services unconditionally for 24 hours to that you manage to solve your problems.

Everything is due to the fact that we apply professional aspects to analyze each of the causes or incidents of the case, this is the contribution that we make in Grupo Arga as part of a guaranteed collection of information that will change the vision you have about any problem, and even achieve do justice thanks to the investigation. By hiring our services, you can count on obtaining evidence, with the best existing legal processes within this field, this is combined with the skills of our private detectives, who are perfecting investigative techniques to be more efficient. The organization that we design within Grupo Arga is an ideal defense for your claims, which you should not give up for any reason, private investigation is the best possible outlet because we carry out professional processes that lead us to a wealth of information that is essential for your case. .

The best meaning that each case adopts is done through the use or application of different tools, these are increasingly more technological because it is part of the source of information that is currently used, which are handled with total expertise because our agents are qualified to assume their role. We generate a professional performance on your case, which allows you to do justice, have the peace of mind you long for when knowing the truth, as well as any other type of positive sensations that arise, all thanks to the important findings that are produced when investigating background a situation.

The tests and other investigation processes are really forceful, through them it is possible to detect even infidelity, without violating for any reason the privacy of those involved, the same goes for other types of problems, this is the most important thing that should be done. receive each client, and in Grupo Arga it is a reality. We do everything possible under the professional mechanisms, so that you have elements of conviction in the shortest possible time, where a very precise and personalized resolution work is developed for your case, for this reason, betting on private investigation changes your life, especially with our 100% legal services.

Although the situation is complex, we have a response attached to the demands of your case, we focus on building hypotheses, action plans and other responses from the first moment in which we have contact with the details of the case, to then execute processes such as surveillance, counter surveillance, and so on. The operations that are presented and carried out within Grupo Arga, pursue a sense of innovation that is up to the problems of each client, all thanks to the fact that we take care of exercising the best possible treatment within each cause, but above all to promote much neater and more efficient developments.



The  private detectives in Madrid  that make up Grupo Arga, are a true sample of professionalism, where their preparation is the best guarantee that exists on obtaining information, which ends up being used in legal means, even, for being ratified under the forensic character. . Thanks to the fact that each of our private investigators has a license, through legal compliance, they can carry out this work, until they become a fundamental witness in the application of justice, which is precisely the goal that is pursued when there is a deception of via.

The operations in Madrid are elements that can benefit the  Madrid detectives , before the courts of justice, because they offer the possibility of deploying an expert criterion around the generation of various elements that facilitate the realization of the facts and the determination of the facts. . responsibilities before the authorities. A private investigator is one who is authorized through the issuance of a specialized report to get to the bottom of the facts in order to establish the best possibility of meeting the needs of our clients and the application of an investigation that has the capacity to reinforce the elements of the administration of justice provided for by law.





In the first place, it should be noted that the police have a very specific field of action, since their task is to establish an operation at the tactical level, the strategic part is sometimes carried out by those who hold the rank of detectives and commissioners. So far everything is going very well, however, at Grupo Arga Detectives we know that this is where the problems begin since they begin to participate in several cases, sometimes the reality that such large cities live in does not generate without collapse. in the ability to provide services to security entities and authorities, but if they prevent these cases from being resolved as soon as required, this is how delays or no procedural actions occur, also on certain opportune occasions with the relevant entities.

This affects the issue that we face with a complexity that sometimes ends up generating different legal and legal repercussions, since Madrid detectives are required, in the courts, with the aim of speeding up tasks such as the search for evidence and also the concretization of the phases of an investigation, it is so important that it can make a difference that a criminal action is not questioned for not having sufficient evidence or also that ‘a citizen is unfairly punished for lack of information.

It is important to highlight that the collection of evidence in a judicial case or a police investigation is a very important factor, from Detectives Grupo Arga that we have found throughout the experiences of more than 10 years, determining the different elements that generate non-agility in this sense. Unsolved cases: cases in which the victims are not justified by the action of justice, this is generated because on some occasions there is not enough evidence to determine the responsibilities, as well as all the elements. that surrounded the action of the case.

Innocents punished: people who, due to circumstantial circumstances, are involved in a criminal scenario or are also subject to a judicial sanction of a different nature, a problem that has very unsuccessful repercussions on the adequate administration of justice in the judicial system. Procedural delays: this factor is not so noticeable in our country, but on some occasions there have been cases in which the judicial process of sanctions is affected and its duration is considerably lengthened, due to the late obtaining of evidence.

Judicial impunity: cases in which there is irrefutably the participation of an individual in a criminal act of any kind, unfortunately the legal defense of certain occasions also plays on the chessboard, an issue that makes them consolidate in legal technicalities to reach the acquittal of their client, they are involved in 80% of cases due to lack of evidence.

For this, it should be noted that Grupo Arga Detectives has the mission of training the best agents capable of establishing, under a criterion of expertise, the best resolution of the conflict of the different clients. That is why we have detectives prepared to act in Madrid detectives, before the courts, prepared to speed up any legal investigation. On many occasions, saying that an effective process is necessary seems like a cliché, however, when setting up an investigation of this type, it is necessary to know that the different members of a detective corps cannot play a joke, because to fulfill a process of this style, you have to be as thorough as possible.

The  Madrid detectives , in the courts, play a fundamental role in the execution of the processes under an expert in synchrony and not only that, they allow the private investigator to take charge of such critical aspects as an information collection process. evidence, as well as the identification of all the factors surrounding an investigation (context, actors, interested parties, alleged facts and situations linked to the cause of the criminal act).

For this, it is necessary to emphasize that the members of a detective corps must be very proactive, and must know how to correctly identify all the models that are part of an event, at Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that all the elements that surround the The probability of a punishable act must not be considered as a mere coincidence, it must in this sense integrate different elements of the generation of the interweaving of a chain of facts and events.

The detectives in the capital have the best elements of preparation to determine the keys of the legal processes and thus assist all the lawyers in the open processes and all the elements that are related to the courts of justice, an issue that undoubtedly some represent a before and after in this type of research, all those interested in learning about our services know that they have great allies.

At  Detectives Madrid , before the courts of justice, he knows that they must establish the rigor of a procedure at the forensic level in the execution of all the elements that surround the investigation, for this he considers the participation of the private detective, by establishing unique parameters for each case, with the aim of having a complete facility in the evidence collection process, thus guaranteeing its cleanliness before being sent to the analysis and evaluation phase.



Without a doubt, the private detectives in Madrid that are part of Grupo Arga, are a key piece in the demonstration of some fact to confront some legal circumstance, be it some personal incident such as divorces or pensions, as well as another level that classifies the frauds. The consequences of being a victim of deception are high in all aspects, be it financially, as well as emotionally, there is much at risk and a quick reaction is warranted, which should be exercised by a private investigator. , being the true professional for these causes.



Obtaining information that they reach is high, maintaining their absolute integrity, to the point of presenting them before the court of justice, with the confirmation of the private detective, for being professionals capable of operating within this field and giving their testimony as expert. For these reasons, this profession is not only about searching for information, but about doing justice, all hand in hand with the actions of committed professionals, no problem will be enough of a challenge, to respond accordingly, and in addition to everything, give you back the peace of mind that you life needs.

The feeling of calm that a private investigator generates, this confidence is due to all the results that we manage to provide year after year, which reaffirm in advance that we dedicate ourselves completely to each cause that may arise, generating the alternative of asserting your rights. that makes the difference. The transcendence of a private detective always advances after each need that arises, that is, everything is about keeping up with current incidents, as worthy representatives of private investigation, which emerges as an effective tool in the face of a large number of problems.

There are many types of scams that are presented, which are prosecutable before the law, and you can do this thanks to the results provided by our private detectives, who anticipate the attempts to harm you that some undertake, who only seek to get away with yours and we can stop. For no reason can you miss the opportunity to claim your rights, but what matters most in any case, is to fight for your peace of mind, this alternative is only made a reality by a private detective, at Grupo Arga we seek to thoroughly study your problems until we collect the respective evidence.

There is no doubt that every time that time passes,  private detectives in Madrid are in charge of acquiring more knowledge to act with precision in the face of the growing commission of criminal acts, which can be stopped when they are thoroughly studied by a professional. Even when you get to obtain evidence, it becomes more viable to propose some negotiation, saving yourself from having to face an entire legal process, these advantages are important to solve different problems quickly, which can be exhausting at first, but it can be resolve after a simple hiring.

The main guarantee generated by private investigation is precisely to find important evidence that is of legal use above all, to offer you the peace of mind of having a verdict in your favor, but also to vindicate all the problems that are coming and cause great torment in your life. personal, work and business life.

Regardless of the type of sector in question, we seek to respond with a follow-up that is well attached to the law that then allows us to use said evidentiary elements, which will be in charge of speaking for you, they are the ones that clarify everything that happened, either before the courts, as well as before all those involved. There is no need to wait, nor let others get away with it, but act in time to have the possibility that no data escapes, time is always a factor that you must keep in mind, so leave everything in the hands of experts, who really understand this kind of claim.

The opportunity to obtain justice is alive thanks to the use of high-value evidence, especially because it is manipulated by specialists, 100% forensic, who apply for technological areas, fraud, fraudulent discharges, and other similar situations, which require a professional study. The manipulation of an expert always means that the evidence is estimated and maintained without alteration, where the integrity of the same plays a key role in the presentation in legal instances, for this reason the chain of custody must be ensured above all in its acquisition and exposure.

The information within a case is what marks the course within the final verdict, which is always in your favor when you gather enough evidence to support you, in a legal case in which there is a complaint you can accelerate its outcome with the help of a lots of supporting evidence. The mediator between truth and justice ends up being a private investigator, who focuses from beginning to end on obtaining verified information, otherwise his presentation in court is useless, therefore training is essential, which is reiterated after license presentation.To make sure that everything goes well, within the fight for your rights, you need the support of an expert who takes care to search for even the smallest piece of information, this type of information obtains greater relevance, above all in the legal field, to know with accuracy all the possibilities you have in the application of justice.



An investigator of this caliber must not only depend on his experience, he must in this sense know what a whole structure has to conduct the course of investigative events and must know that he is faced with various elements of advantage around the construction of research processes.  provision of evidence  within an organization responsible for obtaining the latest information, as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

Regarding the management of all the files related to the reception of clients in the practice of law, it should be known that an investigator can represent a great support base for the deployment of various strategic factors when providing the necessary answers and able. look for a higher probability of success in the conclusion of each case.

It is necessary to underline that the success of a judicial investigation with a legal normative impact on the level of respect for a law, is achieved with a greater probability of obtaining information, this implies the generation and implementation of different elements that can guarantee a form of acquire it and the  provision of key evidence . The structuring of intelligence work and the articulation of information networks are fundamental.

When talking about any topic related to the collection of information, it is necessary to emphasize that the investigation of a case is not something governed by academic principles learned in a university, because in them the fusion of various elements that facilitate a more tactical approach, the intelligence work, the identification of patterns and the evaluation of situational patterns, are the only ones capable of giving a timely response to the current complexity.

On the other hand, the strategic structuring of this entire operating framework has been well conceptualized by Grupo Arga Detectives, because it plays a very important role in establishing various elements that lead to obtaining more and better information. quality. Legal research is sometimes closely tied to an academic connotation, which makes it useful to some extent, as it has repeatedly failed to combine a more effective framework around requirements.

It should be noted that a key aspect of the security policy of a modern society refers to the room for maneuver and therefore the solidity of a legal system, since the administration of justice is the only one capable of guaranteeing certainty and sufficient trust on the part of the legal system. of the tasks of the State, towards the citizens, but these tasks do not fully include an effective management of these cases, on the contrary, private investigation is a reinforcement.

Private investigators, in different aspects, are the ones who can ensure the articulation of the different efforts that lead to greater agility in the determination of the evidence and the development of elements that make these elements a complete task. which seeks to make the state of the methods



criminal investigation something truly infallible. Therefore, detectives for lawyers currently represent different elements of strategy and agility to provide the achievement of results capable of strengthening the administration of justice and security policy. At Grupo Arga Detectives we are aware that the detective who directs these tasks is a fundamental part of establishing different aspects that facilitate the proper implementation of investigations of this type.

Global security is a factor that is ensured not only by the hard work it implements through the security policy of state agencies, but also by private deployment activities that seek to strengthen said policy, with the aim of being able to permeate with ease in the new patterns of criminal association and be able to neutralize it at any time.

Sometimes, for legal professionals, the work carried out by a police investigator that can be directed at their request is not understandable, since a private investigator has the opportunity to be a bridge of support for the performance of his work. However, not all lawyers are able to fully understand this aspect during their first years of professional practice, a problem that they only learn with practice and over the years. At Grupo Arga Detectives we know that those who want to be excellent practitioners of evidence law and everything related to litigation, must have detectives for lawyers, in order to take into account an optimal resolution of each case. case, this being a key competitive factor to ensure the success of your career.

At Grupo Arga we take care of ensuring an optimal reputation for those who practice law, for them our detectives are trained in the best standards and updates of the legal provisions of our nation, thus promoting an agile and dynamic agent. , proactive but also aware of the legal framework that governs the exercise of their work and that includes most of the cases in which we get involved, thus acting at the right time.



The detective, who usually works as an assistant to a lawyer for the performance of his duties and various investigations, can be a key factor when acting as an objective witness, since he may be the only competent one. to deliver objective, accurate and precise testimony regarding the stage of providing  evidence  in a case. To many lawyers this seems like a stretch, but sometimes an objective witness carries more weight with a jury or court than conventional testimony, which can be fraught with great subjectivity and sometimes considerable emotional weight.

For this, it must be known that the objective witnesses personified in court by the detectives who exercise this investigative function in most cases are well referenced, since they have, due to their training and their professional mystique, the deployment of Active Observation, in In short, it points to the fact that you should focus on a single point of attention to solve a problem, identifying on which critical point the challenge of your work depends.

Additionally, the personality that a professional establishes in the field of investigation makes them appear more confident in front of a jury, which means that in most cases when a detective’s testimony is taken into account, this is involved as part of the investigation. central. of all the basic elements to make a decision, leaving what the other actors in the case say in a reinforcement plan. At Arga detectives we are aware that we are currently playing a strategic role in the training of professionals with these characteristics.

Detection of simulated victims: When on occasions at the level of opinion there is talk of simulated victims, (this is generally not a constant), generally the appearance of these cases does not stop being portrayed in the press, ask what the work of the Detective is generally of the utmost importance, which is why the work we carry out at Grupo Arga Detectives is highly referenced. On a few occasions, a dismissal will have been obtained that can legitimately be applied to this classification, it is also common for there to be a lot of speculation about this aspect.

Business Player Tracking – If we all had an idea of ​​how important establishing a detective track is in the midst of any situation, many would look to have one head detective per family, however, as this is not the case. The reality, there is something that should be pointed out and that is that detectives are not always called for police or judicial investigations. On some occasions, they are the ones who follow up with business partners and corporate figures in different restaurants, taverns and bars. Thus generating the opportunity to know and filter privileged information.

For this, those who work as lawyer detectives play a fundamental task, because it is a vitally important aspect to establish an information gathering task among all those who want to be one step ahead of a partner and/or a competitor. , leaving conventional detective practice aside and transforming this work into something that transcends its old borders, although at Grupo Arga some of our experts point out that these company-level activities do not take them by surprise, they seem to take their praxis for a longer time than imagined.The legal assistance and the search for information that is found in Grupo Arga is first class, you can trust each of our services, which always end up standing out, in any instance or motivation that you have, we respond with resounding facts.



At the moment in which different circumstances arise that cause concerns, the immense doubts about the activities carried out by your partner, knowing if an employee is lying or not, in the same way as other similar ones, it is necessary to act in time, both for your Calm enough to know what’s going on. This is enough motivation to think about going to hire a specialist to be in charge of gathering information, these events can be discovered by a  private investigator in Madrid , but you cannot leave your affairs in the hands of just anyone, but the best, like those who they are in Grupo Arga Detectives.

Doubts always arise when hiring a private investigator in Madrid , but with the help of Grupo Arga Detectives’ efforts, you will be comfortable with this type of service, which is set up to protect you, look after your interests at all times, even get to collect the information you need. It is about leaving both the analysis of the case and its prompt resolution in the hands of experts, everything goes hand in hand, if there is a correct reading of the situation, it ends up obtaining good results for you, being a beneficial opinion in all senses , either to discover the truth, as well as to do justice.

Regardless of your motivation, you should also know that we maintain a high level of discretion, your problems, as each piece of trust is in the right hands, you will not receive more than first class attention, because of the high understanding, as well for never judging your motives. Each case always deserves a different attention, with its own demands, its own characteristics, these are the ones that end up giving the case a path to follow, which we always seek to be complete, respecting any procedure according to the imposed chain of custody.

These processes of obtaining information end up being the best guarantee to access the true certainties behind each case, that is, it is not just about getting more suspicions or clues, but final results that have been verified so that you can use them. to your measure Throughout this journey, we seek to provide a better service, covering each sector of Spain with the aim of combating all kinds of deception, that is, the sooner the lies are nipped in the bud, the better it ends up being to avoid future consequences, without taking over your well-being.



The passage of a lie is uncontrollable, it comes to take over your personal life when it comes to a family incident, like your entire work sector when it goes hand in hand with a situation with an employee, until you cannot put together a strategy for your company, for fear of being heard, so you must get rid of all this. We even have the most innovative techniques to stop cyber attacks, such as detecting espionage attempts with electronic sweeps, since our specialty has no limits, quite the opposite, installing more areas that are more useful at the present time, to be at the same level of the urgencies of each client.

There is no doubt that we position ourselves as the most reliable alternative within this sector, if you are going through a complicated situation, you can have the freedom to prefer us with just one query, you will know the methods that we can use to come up with an efficient response. When it comes to looking for a service that understands the urgency and the figure that private investigation fulfills in society, this is the most accurate way to know if your partner, employee, company, or competition, maintains a deception against you.

Those who need  highly useful detectives in Madrid undoubtedly take into account that they are highly specialized resources for managing an investigation that can provide the best element in terms of results and all the information they can. undoubtedly complement the search for the answers and the required data. A person who believes that they need  highly useful detectives in Madrid must undoubtedly know that the management of these processes can undoubtedly promote the best sense of the development of an investigative activity tailored to the needs of our clients, making the investigation private a total advantage.



For Grupo Arga, carrying out the best investigative activity in the city of Madrid is something that moves us on a daily basis, a problem that undoubtedly means that from our agency we can establish any type of operation. moment. Those who attend the agenda of the Arga Detective Agency undoubtedly have the guarantee of hiring a highly professional and discreet service, a problem that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of development towards all the processes that promote the best. sense of resolution. to our clients in the short, medium and long term.

From Grupo Arga, our  Detectives in Madrid with Great Utility  undoubtedly promote the best sense of resolution towards all the activities that can be carried out in favor of clarifying and solving certain problems, the investigative tool then constitutes the possibility of putting into operation an apparatus of investigation that has the capacity to promote the best sense of resolution for individuals and companies.

For individuals, Grupo Arga detectives have always intended to establish a feeling of constant versatility in the services it provides, and for this reason, through our agency, we make it possible to manage those elements that undoubtedly favor the best sense of performance for anyone who wants to hire a detective to find out if they are a victim of infidelity, as well as carry out a personal investigation process that can provide the best answer feeling for all those who are looking for an investigation process that can represent the solution to a specific problem to manage these elements on the basis of a quick and detailed response in terms of handling a particular problem.

On the part of Grupo Arga’s detectives, we are not satisfied with deploying borders of cooperation that allow an optimal functioning of our services towards our clients, which is why the management of these elements allows us without any doubt ‘to perform the best possible service for our work. through the use of the most sophisticated tools, making possible the execution of digital surveys, as well as any type of electronic survey whose ultimate goal is to promote a feeling of immediate response towards the protection of our client.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have always thought of structuring a first class service for all our clients, which is why for the client companies of our investigation company, we make possible the operational scheme linked to the execution of the schemes. of security. operation closely linked to the execution of the investigation processes linked to the investigation of sick leave, as well as the implementation of the mystery shopper technique.

At Grupo Arga, the tasks that extend to our corporate clients do not stop there, so, from what we do on a daily basis, we deploy the best operational service to all those who wish to undertake maintenance work. research in the business environment. with the aim of promoting a strengthening of its electronic security system thanks to the very useful performance of our detectives in Madrid, promoting the best sense of resolution by our experts. Towards a particular research problem for the company that wants to make the best decision. At Grupo Arga, the research services that we have managed to develop are mainly oriented towards the execution of elements and that can answer all of our clients’ questions, covering precisely everything that could form part of an element. uncertainty that it may have with respect to a certain decision making.

Du Grupo Arga, the execution of an investigation agenda, undoubtedly provides the best sense of resolution to all those who wish to obtain the best of the best according to the investigative processes, that is why process management is mainly oriented towards the establishment of a logical framework that may have the capacity to validate all the possible evidence, which has a direct and indirect weight in the execution of each case.

The commitment of the agents of Grupo Arga is expressed in the great dedication and discipline they give to their work, which is why the services that we promote from our company are synonymous with the great performance that we achieve every day. our detectives in Madrid with great utility, making possible an operation program that without a doubt can promote the solution to all the problems of our clients.

For Grupo Arga detectives, the possibility of carrying out investigative work in the city of Madrid represents the opportunity to promote the best investigative service, in the short, medium and long term for all our clients, the execution of these processes undoubtedly makes it possible for our clients can achieve the best in a temporary horizon. Our detectives in Madrid with great utility have the answers for all the cases in which their work is entrusted. At Grupo Arga our clients have the best ally in terms of research!





The figure and performance of a private investigator is increasingly understood and appreciated by society, based on the important results it yields, being able to know all the incidents on a matter, legally and even forcefully, thanks to the tests they provide after private investigation. The set of functions that accompany  private detectives Madrid , always point to the effective search for the truth, simplifying a large number of annoying situations that end up harming you from different points of view, for this reason it is necessary to nip it in the bud, by having in your hands the respective evidence.

Within the objectives that private detectives Madrid impose , there is always that firm intention to bring the truth to light, for this reason in Grupo Arga Detectives this claim ends up being a guarantee, after contracting our services there is the possibility of knowing and demonstrate each fact or event. Currently there are different complications, such as suspicions of infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, finding a person, combating information theft, detecting espionage attempts, and even measuring the quality of service of a business, all this and more, within different actions that they exercise.

Given all these types of circumstances, an effective response is designed to nullify any deception that is behind it, without a doubt they have a broad commitment when it comes to inquiring about any matter, no matter the difficulty of the case, because their observation and critical analysis is perfect for designing an action plan.

The most important thing about practicing private investigation is to maintain a real objective at all times, because a client always lives a need to finally go to a private detective, for this reason our function is to search for that truth in a professional way, always adjusted to the demands of your situation. The professional vision that we exercise on each case is what ends up being decisive in gathering the necessary evidence that provides an effective solution to your case, although within the powers that we exercise in private investigation there are also duties that set a precedent.

In the first place, we have the main mission of keeping ourselves constantly updated with knowledge, to be prepared at all times for each request, a case that requires physical aptitudes, but also an important accumulation of intellectual skills to find an ingenious alternative. All these elements in combination, classify us as your best allies, in the resolution of different conflicts there is no doubt that Grupo Arga is postulated as your best possibility, through which you get to handle important tests that bring you closer to the truth, reaching to the bottom of the matter.Given the diversity of services that a private investigator performs, without a doubt, it is appropriate to exercise them in the best way, always looking for the path that is most convenient for you, for this reason it is essential that within our aspirations we seek your benefit and at the same time cover your needs.



Without a doubt, to leave deception behind, the main action to take is to hire private detectives Madrid , their function will always be to collect useful information, that is, beyond knowing everything that is happening, it is also about having the opportunity to implement a complaint or whatever you consider doing. This freedom of alternatives is only presented by a true professional, who manages to investigate thoroughly after monitoring, surveillance and also the computer forensic, these elements end up being a direct path to the recognition of the truth, after a very detailed verification.

With efficiency, true evidence is discovered, because time is an important factor, in this way the trail of the facts that must be investigated or related to the case is not lost, so while you go to a private detective with more promptly, greater advantage is to investigate. The most ideal conditions to carry out private investigation are found on the side of professionals, who concentrate on discovering every clue for you, our usefulness always lies in the effective solution of big questions without you having to expose yourself or waste time imagining what happens.

The work of each one of our private investigators is accentuated by providing at the end of each investigation a very detailed final report with convincing evidence, which can always be presented in judicial instances, which adds greater value to this type of findings. the idea is to obtain peace of mind with the value of truth. Previously, each client had to remain in the uncertainty of an event, not knowing for sure if his partner was cheating on him, or what was behind a sick leave, but this is completely in the past after the increasing diversity of functions that have been acquiring these private investigators.

With the passage of time, needs emerge that are dissolved by private investigation, for always being up to the new complications of today, in view of these reasons it becomes more needed, expanding its usefulness with a range of care for each case or situation. Each matter must be taken seriously, there is no need to underestimate any cause, but rather focus on obtaining accurate data, because a true private investigator feels this vocation as part of himself, he is passionate about the resolution of each case, and with these results ends up expanding its usefulness.

The difference of knowing the truth is really noticeable, because it allows you to project yourself to make decisions knowing what happens, being perfect to do justice to your needs, obtaining evidence is guaranteed after the intervention of a private detective, as professionals we patent an attention special. We adjust to all kinds of stress, be it family, work and commercial, in any field we produce an important variety of tests, also taking advantage of the technological method to collect crucial data, regardless of where the data comes from, we end up obtaining substantial information for your case.There is no greater headache than spending day and night imagining what may be happening in your relationship, your company, as well as with the employees, each of these circumstances, our Madrid private detectives  focus on dismantling any kind of I doubt it is present.



It is really exhausting for every client to have to live under the shadow of a doubt, they had to stay with that suspicion, as well as face the false information that is easily created by the advancement of technology, which can be answered with methods just as effective as those we have at Grupo Arga Detectives. We are a private investigation company, really complete, we set ourselves the challenge of improving every time, for this reason we extend our attention, seeking greater specialization, fitting in with the aspirations that play a key role in the life of each person, because it is another feeling to know the truth.

Having the fortune to find the truth is a privilege for which you reach the point of considering private investigation as the best solution, as it is the ideal means to change your perspective on a matter, regardless of what it is, it is satisfied as a direct route to the truth. After the solid benefits that private investigation promulgates, it continues to be classified as a perfect tool to get to the bottom of the truth, from this statement, without a doubt, the enormous utility that accompanies this professional exercise is evident, but after each year, and each case increases its specialty.

It is not enough to limit yourself to a single area of ​​action, but to diversify everything that can be covered with the integration of a greater number of professionals, who are dedicated to serving a specific area, for these reasons a group is formed that defends your ideals to the last instance, with the aim of revealing evidence. Ratifying the events goes hand in hand with these private investigators, being another of the motivations for having these services, which fully fit to mitigate the passage of lies, which will never be fair for all those affected, causing personal problems to significant economic losses.

Identifying the scope of private investigation makes it the ideal means to trust that this path, being the most useful and simplest method to find the truth, is a solution that cannot be overlooked, but that is receiving more and more value. , especially within our trajectory where we have achieved great results. The resolution of a case only ends up pushing us to want to provide unconditional support after new causes, forming the best service, since we care about the needs of each client, this is the reason for giving life to a first level service of private investigation .



The firm trust in private detectives Madrid , focuses on each of the benefits that these professionals cause, believing in their training ends up producing definitive evidence to clarify your situation, this hiring is worth it, there is nothing to lose and everything to discover. Access to the truth ends up being a resounding guarantee, it is amazing how these private detectives come to have important evidence that vindicates your rights, where they do not have to make any effort to know what is happening within different areas .

The importance of each piece of evidence is to stay one step ahead of the events that occur, as well as shorten the deceptions in time, before they increase in size and cause greater harm to you, the intervention of private investigation really ends up being important. to know what happens. It is decisive to let a private investigator take care of acting for you, saving you all kinds of inconvenience, it ends up being highly valued by society itself, the clients are the ones who end up expanding the usefulness of private investigation, since it was not so well known before. for providing a direct path to the truth.

It is public knowledge, everything that a private detective is capable of providing, who understands what it means to suffer because of a deception, so as not to have to stay with any uncertainty involved, but go for information that interests you in a Record time.  The efficiency of a private detective who works on each cause is astonishing, since he dedicates himself completely to it, they serve to obtain valuable information, put together a series of evidence against someone or being a reaffirmation of what is happening, Get away from that life clouded by lies.

There is no need to settle for excuses, as well as those lies that violate any space or environment, since in a matter of a short time, the private detective is in charge of recovering substantial information, through forensic techniques that maintain the integrity of the same. The knowledge of a private investigator is really essential in order not to violate the information collection chain of custody, this is what reaffirms the value of all kinds of data, even digital, to present it in any legal instance, so it becomes a support of basic justice.

The main provider of proven information is a private detective, so you should always trust their professional actions, this hiring becomes a first-level need, reaching faster to discover the truth, arresting anyone who wants to maintain a cheated. Both in personal situations where you do not know how to respond, and in the management of a company, a professional response of monitoring, investigation and verification of each information is required, in this way it will be known if there is a deception that can be stopped. red-handed in full action.



         Within different scenarios, everything becomes a complete existential doubt, because there is no longer anything to believe in, being a starting point that leads to leaving everything in the hands of private investigation to obtain a much more concrete truth, in Grupo Arga our  private detectives Madrid are focused on your cause. In the midst of a difficulty, a large number of reasons are manifested, to take that firm step towards hiring a professional who will help you seek information that comforts you, by really knowing what is happening in your life, either in the personal, business and commercial level.

Commonly certain questions arise regarding some problems, as it happens within a relationship after the appearance of unusual behavior on the part of your partner, the first affirmation falls on the idea of ​​some infidelity, this type of doubt is also planted on your personal , and even unfair competition. The presence of our  private detectives in Madrid  on these problems is essential, because they delve into the search for the truth, whether in your personal life, at work, and also to face those actions that harm you by the competition, before which we react with an electronic sweep.

Given the variety of techniques and processes that are part of our performance, we can manage and assist any client that requires it, being the ideal means to search for information, all the unpublished details that are hidden behind a deception, can be discovered, as well as exposed after professional help. The main reason to think about hiring the services of private investigation is to obtain reliable information, get rid of that headache that appears after constantly thinking about what may or may not be happening, because until you know for sure that something is wrong , you will not be able to act to take a decision.



All manifestations of infidelity, espionage, fraudulent sick leave, end up being figures that occur, but require verification in this regard, especially to provide some evidence that helps in a divorce, pension modification, among other scenarios that require truthful information. Undoubtedly some other power that each of these private investigators possesses is focused on forensic management to take care of and investigate completely to raise the integrity of information, this increases the security and tranquility to have these tests to confront everything. one who keeps emitting a deception.

Behind every doubt, there is a deep need to seek confirmation of what is happening, so when searching for the truth, the most appropriate thing to do is to first make sure of reality, of your position in front of your partner, employee or before everyone involved. On the other hand, with the help of the performance of a private investigator, constant monitoring and investigation is obtained that helps keep each piece of data close to you, being an old field technique, but valid when combined with technology, is where the matter or the person to investigate is careless, and we can act.



         You cannot stay without doing anything, hoping that the economic losses will continue to increase when it comes to your dishonest competition looking for your industrial secrets after espionage, where it is required to undertake an electronic sweep to clean each area in which you concur. The  private detectives in Madrid  that make up Grupo Arga, are specialized in all these kinds of needs, also understanding that within a company it is very serious that an employee falls into presenting false information, and you have to issue a payment in this regard, which it’s not fair to anyone.

There are too many scenarios in which the intervention of private investigation becomes essential, understanding it as an effective tool for these issues, due to the fact that we have already produced important results, with a well-accentuated margin of success in the time of the trajectory of our services. We are dedicated to covering this sector with a marked level of professionalism, where we have managed to bring to light the demonstration of important situations such as infidelity, for example, being a problem in which follow-ups are used, deep investigations in social networks, as in the environment in which they develop.

In any matter of this type, we respond with dedication, especially to ensure that concern that ends up altering your life, emotionally it causes a severe blow to all those involved, to dissipate the situation a little, the best thing is to seek with arduous commitment the demonstration of each event. Undertaking some desperation investigation on your own does not help at all, it can be worse by putting those involved on alert, or simply finding out, but violating the privacy of others in the process, which ends up causing the evidence to be of no use to you. nothing, as well as falling into violations of the law.

This does not happen when you have an expert, since our specialists know their functions, as well as each limitation established by law to interfere in said matters, these situations are highly demanding, requiring a much more detailed vision. The knowledge that is required in order not to cause any collateral damage to the matter, which is why what predominates is a substantial action, thinking of all the possibilities generated by having evidence about what is happening, all of which are highly positive, to put an end to that amount of lies. that torment you

Putting an end to the lies becomes a real action, when you hire us, you become on the right track to find the evidence you need, which ends up changing everything, your perception of the matter becomes more objective, as well as the alternative of a judicial instance is opened. The best of all is to have at hand, at your disposal with just one click, the confirmation of an efficient service like ours, because you can contact us and plan the resolution of your situation, understand the budget and get to know each one of attention areas designed to expose each occurrence.

         The main demand for our services is commonly based on issues of infidelity, but that is not all that our  Madrid private detectives can cover . As more requirements arise, we respond with a highly functional solution, creating a truly complete service for your tranquility. There is a lot at stake for those who require these tests, so from the beginning we seek to empathize, after said connection we provide each client with a confirmation of being in the right place, from that moment a solution is made after a plan of action that brings satisfactory results.

In the search for the truth, it is always a question of doing justice, of meeting the objectives imposed from the beginning, to receive this type of impartial study is that it is necessary to hire a specialist who is able to take charge, since in the midst of so much stress it is impossible to think clearly about everything that is happening to you. By simply requesting the assistance of our experts, you receive a record well adjusted to all the elements involved, everything that matters to you, this will be well retained behind the means we have, since in the exercise of private investigation we distinguish ourselves, each response and process has been well studied.

There is always much to gain by preferring the services of our private detectives, who are ratified as specialists in this kind of claims, managing to put aside any deception, no matter how perfect it is designed, there is always a trail that we follow with great caution. . Without a doubt, there are plenty of reasons to prefer and hire us, Grupo Arga is a true example of the proper exercise of private investigation, everyone is mobilized to go for answers that help you, in the face of all possibilities and incidents we try to react and work accordingly.

Instead of falling into regrets, the best way to discard an idea for a statement is to investigate, whenever information is required, it is the only way to go, but being represented by experts, you will not run any risk, quite the opposite, in each case we always give our best. Looking for a private investigator who understands your cause is trusting us, since we have a license, preparation and above all experience, as well as an avant-garde strategy to always create an ingenious solution as the situation becomes more complicated, we have how to respond to your needs.We begin by giving life and another direction to the exercise of private investigation, from another point of view, from daily work, making a difference in each case, forming evidence that is useful, this will change your vision regarding the problem, It gives you many more options.





         The reasons when thinking about choosing us as your representatives of that concern within the search for the truth, begin with all the factors that are in our favor, we comply with social demands, as well as professionals imposed by law, we are definitely your better alternative. Each of our private detectives Madrid, focus on solving different situations in the same place, to eliminate that uncertainty of not wanting to leave your problems in the hands of anyone, this time they will be in the hands of true experts on the subject that overwhelms you. .

The stress caused by doubts must be limited, before it continues to gain pleasant moments of tranquility, to restore your confidence you only need to know the truth, that it is not a simple rumor or suspicion, but elements of conviction that they put aside all that accumulation of worries that torment you. The passage of deception always leaves great consequences, regardless of the environment in question, which forces us to act more quickly, this is fulfilled with a high level of vocation, being a clear signal to convince you of the commitment that your project will receive. case, since until it is solved it becomes a dedication for all the experts.

We set goals for your case that ultimately have an answer with our methods, because instead of increasing the anxiety that exists behind waiting for the truth, we focus on achieving results, this is what ends up convincing most of our clients. You can place your trust in us, after observing that we did not fail, from the first moment we are clear with the situation of your case, this transparency is to exercise our role responsibly, it could not be otherwise, since we are hired precisely to demonstrate the truth, which raises the commitment even more.

The answers from our experts will always end up being satisfactory for you, we give you a high guarantee on your case, we do this with the intention of transmitting security, which you can use to take that final step to hire us and know what happens. Instead of just falling into useless confrontations, because those involved will always deny what happened, or let your competition steal information from you, it is a matter of hiring us as a timely response measure, we really seek to cause a distinction within this profession. .

We are a company really focused on proving if there is a fake low, infidelity, the location of a person, some espionage device, we even help you recover your digital data, regardless of the context in which it is, we confirm what really it’s happening. It cuts the ties of deception, with the confirmation of each test, no matter how hard it ends up being to face it, there is no doubt about its credibility, especially since it is treated under a strict forensic process, which generates the opportunity to use it before an action legal, we ratify what happened as your best witnesses.

When the need to search for  private detectives is established , it is necessary to know the type of benefits that our services can provide you, because today we can provide you with more than you imagine. Our  private detectives  are a highly qualified resource, which seeks to preserve the collection of data and information, which may be adequate to collect the necessary elements to establish various essential aspects during an investigation.



The importance of our  private detectives in carrying out tasks is of great importance since their work is represented in the search for data and information that may be essential to solve a case and also to carry out any case. . necessary research, such a resource provides the opportunity to take the lead in all areas where it is needed. The strategic vision provided by an investigator in any field is extremely important, because it promotes the structuring of intelligence work and, in short, seeks to generate the largest number of inputs to make the best decision.

A private investigator must understand that his work sometimes transcends the police sphere, since he must know that it is necessary even for domestic investigations, so his main interest must be to act with sufficient insight and a sense of proactivity. exemplary, he claims to be able to comply with various elements, which are important for the resolution of a case.

Whoever performs the work of a private investigator must know that it will be necessary for different activities, but above all it is necessary to know why it will be necessary to focus on a systemic mentality for the resolution of cases, because they must try to carry out the deployment of their resources operations to achieve the proposed objectives. The use of private detectives stands out as a strategic element, since the city as an urban enclave contains many elements that must be analyzed and disaggregated, one by one, based on the slightest extraction of data in such a dynamic urban environment. . And change can make the difference between the success or failure of an operation.

The hiring of private investigators is sometimes not a task that should be overlooked, since they represent a key resource in the development of an investigation, their preparation and mystique provide a highly strategic operating framework, since it provides a key opportunity for the client. or the applicant for these services to anticipate the problem you want to resolve.

Currently, it should be noted that much has been written and mentioned about the figure of the private investigator, these opinions are not usually interpreted fairly, without having a field or knowledge inherent to the profession, and without knowing in depth the mystique of their profession. Daily exercise; Value judgments with this number are on the agenda, in this sense it is necessary to offer them from Grupo Arga Detectives a vision closer to reality of what a profession that has a certain level of difficulty is. this can offer your social acceptance.

In this sense, it should be noted that our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in different areas: the execution of investigations against individuals, companies and at the legal level. At Arga Detectives, we have highly qualified resources to advise based on a specialized strategy and thus be able to provide an adequate solution to the needs of our different clients and cases, having an entire organizational structure and the best use for it. technological resources.

Our  private detectives  know that using the best tools only gives you a tactical advantage over the entire situation, however, it is necessary to emphasize that their availability is not only a guarantee of success in itself, because the creativity and mystique with which it is approached each case reflects a necessary plus to ensure that it can come to a successful conclusion.





The investigation process, carried out by private detectives, must be more than a resource, manipulating certain techniques and assets of a technological nature that guarantee the success of its operation, on this basis it is necessary to emphasize that the creativity that is undertaken during the process plays a fundamental role, because sometimes thinking outside the box can be very representative of generating a different scheme to solve the problem.

A creative detective can allow himself to explore beyond the details of the investigative logic, he will explore new elements and new circumstances that may indicate the connection of different elements, he can generate the construction of different hypotheses and the creation of news. aspects and approaches that can get to the heart of the matter.

Therefore, a detective can be a creative person and also a useful person for the business he is building. At Arga Detectives we always seek to enhance the creativity of the investigator, since it helps us to solve cases with increasing precision, the conventional approach to problem solving sometimes does not lead to the total precision of each problem, but with guaranteed systems, thought can make a substantial difference in solving each complexity.

The only thing that is required to carry out these actions is the will of an agent to have to concentrate far beyond what the exercise of his profession implies, the risks and possible failures are the order of the day, l Emotional intelligence and everything what is related to the resolution of new cases allows to solve each proposed case with great precision.

In Spain there are different reasons to request the services of a private investigator, so it is necessary to know them all to know what benefit can be obtained by hiring a similar resource. Private  detectives  can establish different private, corporate and legal requirement operations, which we will detail below.

Private work: An investigator is required for private work when he is asked to determine cases related to the generation of different matrimonial inquiries, where he is required to verify probable cases related to bigamy, adultery, existence of children out of wedlock, among other aspects. . Although it does not seem like a very common reason why clients seek this type of service, since sometimes these aspects are necessary for the reading of wills, scenarios related to asset allocation, as well as different aspects. what separations or divorces are done at the level.

It is necessary to underline in this regard that, in this type of procedure, the testimonies of an investigator can generate a sufficient burden of proof to verify the facts and circumstances likely to affect a decision and therefore a conviction. judicial. Corporate Tasks: These tasks are not only used by companies and private entities, the Spanish private investigator must be aware that there are also very diverse institutions and countries that need data and choose to use it. as a strategic resource in a theater of operations by establishing strategic modeling at the business, corporate level and also at the level of strategic planning of a nation.

The optimal use of information in an economic sector can generate substantially infinite opportunities for companies, as well as the creation of various competitive advantages that lead to higher profits, based on a time horizon. As a result, this field and its recent evolution have gone hand in hand with these more competitive economic sectors marked by constant changes, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives we seek to structure the chain of all these processes, for those who give reasonable value to the insider information such as the technology, pharmaceutical and financial sectors. Thus, intelligence and research have focused on the study of companies, we could say that it is a subfield of economic intelligence (it is much more specialized in this work) since it allows the vision of companies to focus on the future by using foresight as the only means of evaluation in the current economic environment.

Private investigators must know that the business organizations of their clients require the study and analysis of changes, novelties or advances, so that the different results obtained can contribute to the opening of new commercial channels or also to better development. from different sectors. This acquires greater relevance in a business environment such as the current one, marked by globalization and sustained expansion based on the development of telecommunications, information and different levels of technological platforms. Detectives for judicial cases: Legal matters are those in which expert judgment is required with such rigor that it is capable of guaranteeing highly refined and clean results to generate an objective result in an investigation.




         The trajectory of a service always yields important benefits that we must take into account when making a contract, therefore when it comes to requiring the benefits of private investigation, at Grupo Arga we have the best offer according to the classification of our clients. .  Our  Madrid private detectives have been in charge of designing a solid image of good services, through their actions they spread and transmit an opinion, but above all a final result that must be beneficial, fulfilling each initial objective imposed as a real goal.

At Grupo Arga we take care of establishing a base after each year that we work, that is why we always look for the solution that adapts to the problem posed by the client, we really want to make a difference in this sector, that is why we always try to improve, so that our  private detectives Madrid are more efficient. The opinion of each client matters to us, it is the main motivation for wanting to make an effort in each case, because it is not a simple contract, but a concern that must be solved, that is why we empathize from the first moment so that needs are not overlooked.

We usually draw a commitment that is noticeable, and is reflected after the awards for excellence that we have reaped, being an important fruit of hard work, but at the same time it serves as a reiteration to continue connected with this profession, it is a sign of greater delivery. Our mission is to place the opinion and satisfaction of each client as a priority, this is really the only way to carry out private investigation with wide coverage, since otherwise it would not make sense, we seek privileged attention, therefore we extend professional attention .

We understand the leading role of each piece of evidence, which is why the route of obtaining information deserves to be precise, based on legal compliance so that it is completely legal, which is why our private investigators have a license to practice, which ratifies us as experts. for these types of requests. In each field of specialists we defend your concerns with a remarkable effort, we innovate with capable tools and techniques, leaving each client with a pleasant feeling of being unconditionally, for this reason they end up preferring us, in addition to imposing low rates compared to the quality of the performance.

We care at all times to let clients know that if we set real objectives, it is because these will be met satisfactorily, without raising false hopes, but always under a realistic claim, for us private investigation is everything, that is why the we leave at the top. Regardless of the time that passes, we want greater acceptance by customers, this materializes thanks to the convincing evidence that we provide, whether for family, commercial, and computer issues, we respond with the intervention of an expert who exercises each technique. cautiously.





For our private detectives Madrid, the most important thing is our clients, for this reason their satisfaction is the main intention that is noted within each case, our records end up being forceful so that they speak for us, in these lies the firm intention of helping more people. Private investigation is an essential tool that in the hands of our experts is used to provide you with convincing results, it ends up being the direct path to your peace of mind, therefore the main opinion that we seek to sow is one in which we offer you an important benefit.

To resign that enormous headache caused by uncertainty regarding a case, only evidence is needed, as they are the only ones that tell the truth without increasing or diminishing it, it is produced with accuracy, in addition to treating them as an evidentiary instrument that helps you to defend yourself against an illegal act. Many clients are grateful for each action, all thanks to the fact that they end up being living testimonies of the true usefulness of a private detective, who focus on providing timely evidence at all times that it is necessary, for this type of response is that we position ourselves as the best for your cause.

Without a doubt, when it is necessary to investigate a situation, to have decisive evidence, these clients recommend us, since they have been able to reverse their problems by demonstrating the facts, this being the best way to make a decision, and even know what is can do. Changing the face of difficulty is found in just one contract, which is classified as simple, which is why each of the clients ends up with unparalleled treatment, this is due to the deep dedication that is invested, to provide answers in a record time, is what is expected behind this service.

Going out to confront your problems is not easy, but clients end up changing their minds with the help of private investigation, this increases their preference over our actions, which always serve as an example of that good representation that we exercise even to protect you in the future. Obtaining the best advice is not a problem, within Grupo Arga we also seek to provoke a feeling of being safe in the future due to the recommendations we make on your situation, which is studied from beginning to end to carry out the most appropriate action according to your needs.

The best way to reject problems and fraud is obtained through the intervention of private investigation, this concept is the one that is planted on each of our clients, who postulate this path as the most successful to have access to those elements. substantial. It does not matter if you have been defrauded before, in Grupo Arga you will find a whole series of recommendations from clients that have changed our lives, for helping to corroborate any suspicion of infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, location of people, hacks, that is, a whole series of situations that require professional attention.

         The acceptance that exists for each of our clients is due to the important threshold of success that is applied to different cases, at Grupo Arga we seek to extend precisely this feeling, because each of our  Madrid private detectives intend to create a precedent for this profession. The figure of private investigation is closer to the needs of each client, therefore, in the event of any incident that may arise, you can consult the function of our experts to ensure the conclusion of your concerns, which is achieved through of strong data.

We continue with impeccable work, because in the improvement of each sector, lies a truly reliable image for customers, being one of the greatest virtues of our services, so that they can choose us with their eyes closed, we try that with these evidences problems are left behind. Within different scenarios, we operate with a wide level of distinction, being the fundamental idea of ​​each work that we assume, where we draw a line focused on meeting a greater number of needs, thanks to the fact that we act with the expected skill, in that fulfillment of expectations. that they end up preferring us.

Behind each case, the firm commitment to make a superior effort is hidden, this ends up being noticed, our clients appreciate it because they can leave behind immense doubts by having on their side the evidence that communicates the truth, being the main opinion of each person who trusts us. We do not rehearse with your case, but professional strategies are invested, we want you to see us as an unconditional solution, for a large number of topics we are available, behind communicating your problems you can come across a powerful action plan that makes it possible to get to the bottom of the matter.

The effort of our private detectives ends up clearly showing in the cases, which are not just another contract, but a need to which we try to find a timely response, we look at those details that are important to you, and at the same time they are for our specialists. Instead of having to live in a constant fight to get out of that deception on your own and create more inconvenience, clients appreciate the time savings that the evidence obtained by the detectives generates, since it does not cause them to lift a finger or have to expose, this is part of our functions.

At the center of the defense of your peace of mind are our private investigators, who look for even the smallest information, everything that is important to you, becomes so for our professionals, after this empathy is that they end up choosing us, it causes a greater liking by customers. The reference that places us above time is that of being a complete detective agency, where so many offers can be found at the same time, being able to investigate the integrity of each data, to use it with the greatest possible freedom, being an important welfare for legal issues especially.



         At the pace of time, at Grupo Arga we care about offering each client a wide opportunity to investigate each matter, our  Madrid private detectives are supported by an important result at the end of each case, as well as the opinion of the clients that ends up being a motivation to do your best. We seek that each case takes the course of collecting as much information as possible, everything is based on the wide level of knowledge that our experts invest, who with calm and precision end up being the ones indicated to do justice on each case that is complicated and has consequences. negative.

The impact of fraud within modern society is worrying, but for the defense of their interests there is the timely intervention of private investigation, which when carried out by our specialists ends up being the key step to put an end to a whole series of of complex events. We establish ourselves as defenders of the truth, these elements of conviction are manipulated, under a compliance attached to the chain of custody, that forensic concern is that it causes customers to be satisfied with what we provide, no matter the level of difficulty that exists , we respond in the best way.

Beyond the request of each client, we offer a complete result that our clients come to classify as a savior, since it puts an end to that martyrdom that generates a lie or suspicion, these tests are what the clients most estimate, there is much in game and our detectives are a great guarantee for your claims. We support the whole path to the truth, beyond what may be presented, we want to seek the resolution of each case, and our clients trust precisely in these actions, they feel safe when our professionals work for them, they are the spoiled ones who enjoy of these tests to do justice. As representatives of the truth, we seek to do the best possible, our clients end up classifying us as specialists to recover this evidence, which will serve to put your emotional and economic well-being in order at the same time, because deception ends up taking over everything and causing stress. above all.

We continue to perform our tasks under a margin of distinction that customers feel, which is why they end up opting for Grupo Arga at all times, we generate emotions and defend the truth at all times, we focus on demonstrating our own capacity, leaving aside what tarnishes your life, we prepare for it. Each acknowledgment is a living testimony of how they come to trust what we do with their eyes closed, it is that this action reduces the probability of being deceived, we take care that clients can obtain important findings, we watch over them and thus reaffirm it after the tranquility of each client.

The  best opinions of our clients , towards our detectives, are those that can give the best feeling of response to all our clients, taking into account the best price at the level of analysis in terms of value for money, an issue that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution for those who need the application of a private investigation to resolve a particular situation. The  best opinions of our clients , of Grupo Arga, are resources that are valued for the correct management of the elements that allow us to establish the best sense of response to all the concerns of our clients about the aspects that make up the management and collection of evidence. in a minimum time.

For Grupo Arga, having the best opinions from our clients is something that does not come by chance, it is more than 10 years of experience doing a job of the utmost importance for all those who require our research processes, it is for this reason that we always We value a point of great strategy in the structuring of research services.

Marta Saenz, 38, tells us about her relationship “after 5 years with my partner, she and I had decided to assume a greater commitment, an issue that undoubtedly led me to the path of happiness”, after the weeks we were both already making part of the invitations to all our close people and also to our families, however, “the generation of this type of events generated a stir of such magnitude in our circle of acquaintances, that one day a kid telling me that he had a relationship with my partner and that it was a real surprise for him to have found out about this news.

At first, I was in denial about the situation, but later several friends began to affirm the testimony of this person, emphasizing that he had remained silent for the simple fact that they did not want to hurt my feelings. To clear up any doubts, I turned to the Grupo Arga investigators, it is there that they resolved all my doubts in less than 48 hours, and provided me with all the evidence that was taking place according to all our plans. Once this behavior was detected, I brought the two families together, and I showed in the presence of all the results of the investigation that the detectives could come up with, I did this with the aim of neutralizing any explosive experience tendency in her.This was undoubtedly an element that caused our relationship to break, however the best thing was having made that decision and not having embarked on a deceitful relationship in the short, medium and long term.





The multiple agencies of Grupo Arga are established as a solution for a great infinity of problems, all thanks to the fact that they are trained by complying with the basic requirements of having a license to practice on each case that arises without any type of limitation, which implies that they follow the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior. For more details on the hiring of Grupo Arga, you can contact through different channels, with a wide availability to deal with problems that arise at the right time, because that is the best way for customers to choose this service as a specific proposal.

Making sure you have the evidence in your hands is a long way from hiring Grupo Arga, which is classified as one of the best agencies in the world, which is demonstrated through the different awards achieved through the actions that private detectives perform. On the other hand, there is the issue of the emotional values ​​that private detectives express when taking on a case, within this passion stands out, as well as the energy together to visualize the most optimal outcome within private investigation and provide the expected results.

The support of Grupo Arga is also demonstrated thanks to the technological utilities that are used to collect each data, these elements are handled by quality professionals to avoid any difficulty, and at the same time demonstrate the incidence of any crime of any kind. The expansion of private investigation is noticeable on the different matters that can be handled in the same place, especially because it is a detective agency that meets all cases in the best way, because each cause becomes a contract. to follow fully.The search for information is located on tracking and monitoring of people, to the point of executing electronic sweeps to release any spy presence, as well as the investigation of fraudulent sick leave, and even inquire about emotional issues such as infidelity, among other types of problem.



Obtaining evidence of any type or format becomes a reality through the hiring of private detectives from Grupo Arga, regardless of the request received, the quality of care is noted, because it is an unconditional offer, which considers himself special above others. For every need to present evidence, there are these private experts, which serve as a quick way to check what is happening, especially through a consultation where you can get in touch with the capabilities of the best private detectives on the market.

As they are qualified private investigators, you will be able to hire an efficient service that answers all your questions, especially when it comes to a problem where you do not know how to respond, where anguish appears, being something usual within scams and infidelities because there is a lot at stake. The issue of cost does not matter much, since with the quality of Grupo Arga, you get a wide range of services that allow the processing of quality tests, which means that it is a guaranteed investment to get to the bottom of any matter and present timely, solid evidence.

It is a total recommendation to trust Grupo Arga, because from the first moment that details about your case are known, in that same sense it acts to do justice by demonstrating the truth, there is no other more effective way, since otherwise it would be to fall into more controversies and waste your time. Observations on the operations of Grupo Arga always lead to a successful conclusion behind each case, which is why more and more people use this alternative to get out of a problem, reaching the point of obtaining evidence to mediate and avoid any annoying legal process.

When it comes to obtaining undeniable evidence, everything becomes much easier for you, since you can use it as appropriate for your case, so this service is a simple way to put an end to your problems, private investigation has more and more was worth today. Solutions abound when it comes to Grupo Arga, since they contribute with a continuous offer of research methods that yield revealing data, changing any adverse situation into a clear scenario to make the decisions that you consider appropriate.

Requiring evidence has become part of everyday life, because an affirmation or assumption is no longer valid, but must be verified, but this also helps you to know what is really happening and to make the corresponding decisions, so if you need to investigate alone You must do it with the best private detectives in Spain. To meet your needs of any kind, Grupo Arga is the best solution, they cover each job with an experience and specialization that defines them as favorites or allies to forget about any questions and make way for the reception of convincing evidence.







         At Grupo Arga we have always made it our mission to clarify doubts of any kind, as a detective agency it is part of our duty, but at the same time, we want each person who is going through a complicated situation or comes across it, to understand the work that we carry out year after year. Our  private detectives Madrid , have a strict duty to believe only in the facts and what can be proven, this is a maximum legal rule, but also of life, since otherwise they will only be assumptions, without certainties you will not be able to do nothing about it, not even confirming that you really have something to worry about.

From the first moment in which our  Madrid private detectives undertake to fulfill their profession, this implies having a deep vocation to retain the greatest amount of evidence of an entire event, especially finding an area of ​​specialty to cover, because we make sure to cover all needs. Through Grupo Arga you get a really defined group, through a clear proposal, which pursues that intention of knowing what is happening in the work, commercial and family environment, in this way we position ourselves as a real solution for any problem. to be presented.

Before each request our functions are activated, mainly the dedication to draw up an action plan that is real and achievable, to respond to each client with transparency, honesty is part of the duty in this profession, on the other hand there is also that sense of empathy to respect each case. We do not judge your cause for any reason, but we seek to understand you so that you can share as many details as possible and have a clear picture of where to start, and the reality of the matter, which is always treated under an extensive blanket of discretion, your cause will be protected in our hands.

It is never about aggravating the situation further, therefore you must respond at all times with the intention of helping others, under an objective, professional and serious reading, these basic pillars are the starting point for clients to trust us, the rest will be to take action to unveil the events. The role of a private investigator is demanded when there is a lot at stake, especially in emotional and economic matters, since we focus on collecting evidence, obtaining even the smallest piece of information that helps us, without a doubt this is the best route for know if you are really in the middle of a deception, where you can no longer be the victim.Each action by the detective ends up being a defense of an ideal of the client, to ensure their peace of mind, that they do not have to be worrying, you will know in advance if they are being unfaithful to you or not, if there is a justified work cause for not work, or also if someone is spying on your conversations, this and more.



         In the action of the  Madrid private detectives , the intention to solve each situation that is in their hands is hidden, because they put all their dedication in the follow-up of these important data, they do not stop in the face of adversities that may arise, they always respond with a professional action. Within the study of the case, it is also up to them to understand each trace, to understand the situation, to follow the thread of the events, extending the trail even to the digital medium, where a great deal of substantial information is found, as it is the current means of communication in the society.

The difference we make is incredible, since we have a license to operate, each researcher receives training that specializes in their field, therefore you can be sure that you are not being attended by just anyone, they are experts who are prepared to arrive at the bottom of any matter. It is evident that every time time passes, the need to update ourselves also arises, to be suitable for what you may need, this in the end ends up being demonstrated in the delivery of results, which is part of our functions, it is issued under a well-detailed final report that has legal validity in terms of its use.

The primary duty of a private investigator is to capture the truth, to be attached to what the facts are showing, not to be influenced at any time, but rather to use their experience when following a trail, this type of professional vision is what marks the difference when you intend to investigate on your own. Without a doubt, exercising the support that a person with aspirations to know the truth requires is a praiseworthy mission that we gladly fulfill, because really bringing a person the satisfaction of knowing the truth makes you feel good at the end of the day, every resolved case only commits us more to this profession.

In each case, agility is required, having critical thinking before what may arise, we are ready to respond, our role will always be to defend the truth, we speak for our private detectives, because they really deserve a distinction, which is reflected in that important margin of success behind Grupo Arga. In this extensive experience fulfilling the search for the truth, we really want to set a precedent, leave within the reach of each person, the opportunity to find out about an event, which affects them directly or not, regardless of the type of case that is presented. or your motivation, we are committed to your case.

This type of professional response, as well as human, is what makes us a reliable option, due to this high level of guarantees, before starting a case we seek that the client agrees with all the processes and techniques to be implemented that we They will lead you to discover the truth. In the same way, you will not have to worry about the budget, we make private investigation accessible to the needs of people, with a high level of quality, each job to be carried out is precisely detailed behind each price, which ends up being an investment. in the name of your peace of mind.



         Undertaking private investigation requires serious professionals who enforce each expectation and objective, which is why at Grupo Arga, each of our  Madrid private detectives causes or generates an important link from the first moment, with your concerns to solve them soon. Exercising this profession entails responsibility, and this feeling is assumed by each of our detectives, who really stick to each case in the best possible way, use their energy to find answers to your situation, first classifying what it is about, to stick to a serious plan of action.

Really, each one of these functions becomes more sensitive over time, because the situation is better understood, everything that is at stake, depending on the area in which the private investigation is carried out, this powerful tool can only be used by who prepare for it. The training acquired by our detectives is a clear reflection of a lawful exercise, of having the power to cover a large number of problems that are requested of us daily, to which we respond with a single intention, to present evidence to the client, solid facts that eliminate your questions.

So that people do not have to go through so many obstacles in their personal lives, not knowing what is happening with their partner, or where a loved one is, having the suspicion that an employee is submitting a false leave, or Any other scenario that requires our action will be answered with professionalism. The characteristics of every private detective always lies in the passion for what they do, being a sign that distinguishes our professionals the most, for loving what they do, truly feeling their role in society, in the face of each need we always trace a path that lead to that defining evidence gathering.

A test or a ratified fact ends up being better than any word, for this reason it is best to trust these elements of conviction, which go through a strict analysis before being presented, to grant greater reliability to them, without altering them, their handling is guaranteed by our experts. Each function is covered with distinction because they have techniques and professional training, so they know how to resolve different conflicts without spoiling the investigation, always preserving secrecy, audacity and giving you that proof you need, being the only bearer of the truth that every customer expects to get.Instead of letting people lose faith in others, in their own privacy, in facing a legal situation without the advantage of evidence, our detectives are in charge of reversing each of these scenarios, with convincing results, being what life of the clients look for and end up obtaining in Grupo Arga.

The intervention carried out by each of our  Madrid private detectives ends up marking a direct route to a discovery, not letting any detail go by is part of their mission and function, on that side you will have nothing to worry about, everything you need to investigate or knowing becomes reality our expert actions. Within the development of the actions of a private detective, what comes to light is a sense of belonging to defend the truth, its function will always be to provide a final report where there is not the slightest doubt about what happened, in addition to being all negative, you can take that burden off yourself.



In other words, if there is no deception, your peace of mind is restored, although for this, as private detectives, they fulfill their duty to issue you what is happening, and also fair advice for what the situation demands, it is about fitting in with the facts presented, forming a personalized response. Through this path it is possible to impose security measures or advice, so that you are not immune to deception again, for this reason it will always be positive, verifying any information that causes you doubts, especially in the labor and commercial sphere, is an environment very agitated where being attentive is not enough.

Whenever there is a need to seek the truth, explore what is happening in the middle of a situation, our private investigators position themselves as the ones indicated to fulfill this mission, their preparation is sufficient to demonstrate to the client everything that is happening through Of the tests. There will be no missing proof, each statement will be supported by a finding of what happened, these events undoubtedly have an impact on any environment, therefore within the functions that duty to work effectively is highlighted, there is no time to lose It is what every customer wants to get.

Beyond what is shown, this will always be the peace of mind for every client, that is why today’s private detective must be up to the task, master each requirement and work for the client’s expectations, this is what defines us as experts within that area, for focusing on complying with this. Behind the actions of each of our detectives, Grupo Arga is praised, we are a company that provides you with the best to investigate, where you can find those elements of conviction of any subject that is presented, which is attended only by the most prepared.

In each sector of Spain we have a group of private detectives ready to serve you as you deserve, this kind of response is what keeps us going over time, and at the same time leads us to equip ourselves with more functions, operating on a computer, family level , labor, commercial and others. Each sector of demand or need is covered by the experience of our private detectives, who beyond time seek to mark their conviction in the demonstration of an event.



For all those who are wondering about the  functions of our private investigators , we have the best answer regarding the execution of services related to private investigation that can undoubtedly provide the best sense of resolution, by precisely making an element that without Without a doubt, they can give the best feeling of response to all our clients, in the short, medium and long term. The  functions of our private investigators , without a doubt, is a question that many often ask, however, it is necessary to point out that it can be answered very easily in terms of the quality with which this type of investigators make these operations possible.

The investigations that Grupo Arga detectives have made possible for the construction of an investigative framework conducive to people and companies are undoubtedly a guarantee of excellence, seriousness and commitment in the exercise of our activities, an issue that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of development. in relation to a particular case. Managing these aspects undoubtedly provides the best investigative service for anyone who wishes to hire a detective, which is why at Grupo Arga we make possible the execution of operations for individuals and companies.

In the resolution of each case, not only can we locate an agent, but we can also sequentially do everything related to the generation of elements that can promote optimal development of our agency, which is why, from the construction of a investigation, we have made possible the construction of aspects that without a doubt can support the best sense of the concrete of a case.



When we talk about these elements, without a doubt, we refer to everything that we deploy behind the scenes of our agency, thus highlighting the synchronized operation of our IT agents as well as everything related to the precise operation of the subject matter experts. laboratory area with the aim of structuring a more expert sense around the collection of evidence and convictions of each case through the comparison of fingerprints, as well as everything related to the implementation of DNA tests and paternity in a case of instruction.

With this, our work becomes more precise and precise, being able to merge everything related to the exercise of the investigative technique, its skills, knowledge and the factual elements by which it must be guided, and everything that is related to it. with the implementation of master tools that allow, thanks to technological innovation, to exploit the greatest benefits to carry out any investigation case.

At Detectives Grupo Arga we make possible the investigation of people through the execution of operations related to the execution of investigations for infidelities, as well as everything related to the execution of processes related to operations. From the personal investigation, this is undoubtedly complemented by all the services that we have managed to establish in a sense of acceptable protection in all those who hire us, attending precisely to everything they have with surveillance and counter-surveillance operations.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the investigative work that we carry out in Spain does not stop at this stage, which is why we focus mainly on building services capable of providing the best sense of resolution and decision. of decision possible thanks to this implies exploiting each case with precision, thus favoring a very decisive direction towards the structuring of a stable decision criterion.

Anyone who wants to know the research services that Grupo Arga applies to the region of Spain should undoubtedly take a look at all the processes that, from the organization, are oriented towards the execution of processes that promote the implementation of the survey technique to sick leave as well as the mystery shopper survey technique (Mystery Shopping), executing with precision all the elements that can be useful to make the best economic decisions of the company and the management of customer relations.

Among the Grupo Arga detectives, the functions of our private detectives is a question that can also be answered by our agents in charge of corporate affairs, since they aim to promote the best sense of security policy towards companies, that is, That is why the structuring of the activities that said Group carries out throughout Spain is also aimed at resolving elements related to the implementation of a security policy in corporate environments through expert surveys. digital and electronic scans.

Anyone who requests the duties of our private investigators can certainly receive a response with the high quality and detail with which we deploy our operations, an investigative operation, as such, does not have a fixed budget, that is why we have a specific budget for each case, because all operations have something unique.



Grupo Arga detectives, faithful to their tradition of service, undoubtedly promote the best sense of development for anyone who wishes to develop the best investigation to solve a specific case, the functions of our private investigators are widely diverse and are at the order of all those that require a high-level investigation. At Grupo Arga, when we ask about the functions of our private investigators, we must emphasize that our agents are the best-trained resources in our agencies, the services that we lead in the city of Spain, are mainly aimed at promoting the best possible sense of resolution. For all those who wish to hire a first class service, that is why through our operations we do the best of the best since we have the most qualified resource, capable of responding to any situation regardless of its level of complexity. .

At Agencia Arga, we are determined to promote the best sense of specialization for all those who wish to carry out a highly efficient research process and can promote the best tests and indications in the shortest time possible. In Spain, our objective is that our clients make the best decision. That’s why we offer the best! The  functions of a private investigator  mark both what this character can do and what he should not and cannot do. The code of ethics, the private security law and Royal Decree 2364/1994 establish the framework to which it must remain faithful, without any justification for exceeding or contradicting the established limits. The first rule of the game is your own training and accreditation, which guarantees the hiring of a legally qualified professional for private investigation services. Research aimed at collecting data that will only be valid if they are carried out using methods that respect the rights of citizens.

In this way, the law protects researchers so that they can obtain and provide information on private behaviors and events, related to economic, professional, commercial, financial and, in general, personal, family or social life. The exception at this point, explain private investigators from Grupo Arga, occurs when these events or behaviors take place in private homes or reserved places.

Another area in which you can focus your efforts is that of crimes that can only be prosecuted at the request of those legitimated in the criminal process (semi-public and private crimes). From this maxim it follows that his figure is excluded from cases related to crimes subject to prosecution. In addition, you are obliged to report cases of this type if you come across them, providing the knowledge you have about them. Likewise, private investigators are empowered to monitor and obtain the necessary information to ensure the normal development of activities in hotels, fairs, exhibitions, exhibitions, contests, department stores, crowded places or the like.In any case, whatever the object of their investigation, private detectives may not in any case invoke personal or technical means violating the right to honor, private or family life, the image that – even or the secrecy of communications.

In accordance with the regulations, the list of cases in which the work of this character may be essential is very extensive. Among his various actions are: Services to companies: economic crimes, industrial counter-espionage, mysterious client, customer, supplier and competitor reports, bankruptcies, security audits, criminal compliance, electronic scans… Services to individuals: infidelities, location of people, demonstration of coexistence, problems with the spouse, family research. Services to lawyers, irregular leases, claims of asset insolvency, location of assets, false victims, traffic accidents, mobbing tests, modification



of measures in case of divorce, theft and internal theft private detective work.  However, these professionals may only carry out these missions when the applicant for the investigation has a professional, family or emotional relationship with the person under investigation. In other words, it is more than essential that a legitimate interest is always based on the background of the case.

Their functions will imply the obligation to prepare investigative reports, to ensure collaboration with the authorities (whether their actions are related to criminal acts or that affect public security) and to review their notes when necessary. Before hiring a private investigator, do not forget to verify that they have their professional identification card or TIP; document issued by the General Directorate of Police that enables him to carry out investigative work. The negligent or malicious hiring of false detectives is now punishable by fines of up to 2,000 euros, in addition to their complaints.Sometimes it is a fundamental question that any activity of the researcher related to obtaining results tends to guarantee total success and many times it is even thought that each researcher has a supercompetence to act in an excessively limited way in each case. where is the work entrusted.

In reality, this is not the case, because sometimes there are different legal provisions and normative elements that establish the functioning of this investigator as a support resource for the authorities, so this aspect must be taken into account before believing that they achieve having a great capacity, as described a few moments ago, their most supportive role is generally when they present themselves as experts, a matter already completely delimited by their name.




         In any legal process, the main tool that allows a satisfactory progress is to have convincing evidence, for which you should always choose our  private detectives Madrid , at Grupo Arga we take care of exercising the guarantee of using entirely legal evidence. The best help to get justice is that of a private investigator, who is responsible for restoring your rights, especially under the final issuance of the report, which is made up of valuable evidence, these are presented normally before the courts, for the exceptional witness role played by our professionals.

Showing up for your problems is part of the functions of our private detectives, who fulfill their mission from the first moment in which the contract is made, because it becomes the commitment to study your cause from start to finish, to designing a perfect defense of your rights in court. Getting out of the deceptions by legal means always helps you to be able to exercise important actions such as divorces, pensions, report the theft of information, among other legal figures, which gain value when they are exercised with evidence that supports what happened in a transparent manner.

All the values ​​that are required to search for the truth are part of the job of our private investigators, which at the same time generates peace of mind, because you know that your cases will be in the hands of the best, at Grupo Arga Detectives we design an offer to meet these types of needs. When doing justice is in your plans, you only need the conviction to go in search of the truth, to leave this task to the experts, in this way you can eradicate the step of deception that always tries to overshadow your lifestyle and your tranquility. .

Escaping from lies, is encountering the facts that have been previously ratified by our specialists, is part of the vocation that we acquired after extensive training to assert that legal margin at all times to present and obtain the information of your interest. By complying with any requirement of the law, we have the freedom to exercise and provide a testimony in front of the Court of Justice, as the main guarantor of the rights of citizens, but it gives you greater weight to present yourself with sufficient elements of conviction.Knowing perfectly what is happening depends on the evidence, to bring to light the procedural truth, being the one that really has value for every judge, the legal process always turns in favor of the one who makes the greatest evidentiary allegations, in this way if you have someone who is looking for these elements for you, you are safer and with more opportunity.



When a forensic investigation has been started, it happens that all the evidence does not take into account the facts, since many cases can be highly complex, which is why it is necessary to create a body of detectives. what supports the search for objective facts in a task of this type and everything that has to do with the  provision of evidence .

We speak then of detectives for lawyers, these being a highly valued resource in the development of a judicial and police investigation with legal effects and a great impact on the  provision of evidence , because they have the ability to reinforce with their discipline and mystique the course of the investigations. unfolding actions. in the area of ​​an investigation.

In the first place, it should be noted that the police have a very specific field of action, since their task is to establish an operation at the tactical level, the strategic part is sometimes carried out by those who hold the rank of detectives and commissioners. So far everything is going great, however, at Grupo Arga Detectives we know that this is where the problems begin since they begin to participate in multiple cases, sometimes the reality that such large cities live in does not generate collapse. in the ability to provide services to security entities and authorities, but if they prevent these cases from being resolved as soon as required, this is how delays or no procedural actions occur, also on certain opportune occasions with the relevant entities.

This affects the problem that we face with a complexity that sometimes ends up generating different legal and legal repercussions, since detectives are needed for lawyers, in order to speed up tasks such as the search for evidence and also its execution. phases of an investigation, it is so important that it can make a difference that a criminal action is not questioned for not having sufficient evidence or that a citizen is unjustly punished for lack of information.

Detectives for lawyers play a fundamental role in carrying out processes under expert synchronization and also in  providing evidence , they must be in charge of such critical aspects as the evidence collection process, as well as identifying all the factors. around an investigation (context, actors, facts in question, presumable and situations linked to the cause of the criminal act).



For this, it is necessary to emphasize that the members of a detective corps must be very proactive, and must know how to correctly identify all the models that are part of a fact, at Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that all the elements that constitute the probability of a fact punishable should not be considered as a mere coincidence, it must in this sense integrate different elements of the generation of the intertwining of a chain of facts and events.

A lawyer detective knows that he must establish the rigor of a procedure at the forensic level in the execution of all the elements that surround the investigation around the  provision of evidence , by establishing unique parameters for each case, in aspiring to have a full settlement. in the evidence collection process, thus ensuring its cleanliness before being sent for analysis and evaluation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we know that our detective corps, which is in charge of providing tactical and strategic support to legal operations, must not only be perceptive in the handling and resolution of evidence, it must, in this sense, go beyond duty fulfilled and logic. necessary to solve a conventional investigation, in short, they are very sophisticated resources to be able to solve a case and reach the decisive course in determining the facts.

A leading researcher who is part of our team is one who is capable of establishing pattern investigations, solving tests and interweaving coincidences with the aim of trying to structure a causal chain. All this generates the optimal resolution of a case that can be considered successfully completed when the state to initiate the investigation is reached.

The researcher who wants to develop in this field must be someone proactive, non-stop creative and, above all, must know how to play with the overwhelming information and different facts that can generate some distraction, so that, from our group, our applicants are pursued in a work of great discipline, capacity for attraction and attention, regarding the identification of the goal and the realization of different strategies that can allow its achievement.




The  Madrid private detectives that make up Grupo Arga are professionals who are completely dedicated to their training, this being the main guarantee of each service, through knowledge we have established different areas of attention, precisely because we have how to respond to each request. The reference of experts that our clients give us is due, first of all, to the wide range available, unlike other private investigation agencies, but it is not only about expanding the services, but also offering expert coverage in this regard, it is say specialized detectives.

Instead of having to go to different places, you can find the best alternative in one place, this classifies us above all as multifunctional, after a contract each client has the opportunity to apply different jobs or forensic processes, under the same budget and with guarantees of results, is what anyone longs for. For this reason, more and more clients prefer us, because after each year we carry out entirely professional actions, so as not to have to let anyone take care of your problems, instead of thinking of going with a dubious detective agency. or expose yourself, you can let Grupo Arga take care of it.

Building a reputation is about causing an important change within this guild, to improve over time, to be at the forefront of customer needs, that is why we care about covering the computer sector, being one of the main demands that require expert treatment. Each client who hires us always receives a personalized orientation of all the occurrences that exist about their case, with each emerging problem we learn, because none is the same as the other, the commitment that we trace with clients is unmatched, we empathize with the needs of each case.

The vision that we exercise when analyzing the events is also clearly professional and impartial, therefore you can count on a fair budget for the work to be carried out, always being cheaper than any other type of service, providing other reasons to trust Grupo Arga . It is not about offering services at a low price, but about maintaining high quality and effort on each case, because the search for the truth always implies causing a change of life and outlook for the client, for this reason, work must be carried out in a thorough, collecting evidence of great use, that is the intention.




The work of our Madrid private investigators is exclusive, because from the interview with each client at the beginning, the route to meet their needs is set by the best expert, so that your needs are covered by the one who knows them thoroughly. all incidents within that medium. This is what differentiates a great initial reading, compared to other services that can make you hundreds of promises, but in results it does not end up meeting your expectations or that the evidence is not obtained legally, leaving you without the possibility of any action, such as also attracting more trouble.

What in principle is postulated as the solution to your problems, can be one more of the bunch when you are not dealing with experts, because to undertake an investigation is not only about presenting facts, but it is about having the expertise, working with license that ratifies the hard preparation that each of our detectives have. By contracting our services, you receive the greatest commitment from Grupo Arga, since from start to finish we work to prove all the facts that are related to your concern, without making false promises, much less, always focused on terms real.

In other words, it is not only about knowing the truth, but about building evidence, about ratifying some event to have in your hands the possibility of unmasking some deception, this is key to acting in different areas, either for the legal path, or simply dismantle any kind of denial of the facts. Instead of continuing to live with that existential doubt that does not let you see clearly, there is nothing like having convincing evidence on your side that will serve to make a definitive decision, but above all, having that level of peace of mind that is what everyone needs. after spending so many stressful moments.

You really find true understanding and accompaniment at Grupo Arga, especially because we have an extensive track record, which allows us to address a creative solution on each case, which materializes with forensic methods that reaffirm the credibility of the information obtained. The assistance provided by our private detectives is up to your problems, being the only option to get out of a lie, because there is no greater insecurity than feeling surrounded by fraud at work, at home, or at the address of a company , as well as having no idea where a person is.

Clearing up any type of uncertainty is a reality for our private investigators, who cover this job with great dedication, even to the point of verifying the quality of service of your business through the mysterious client, that is, we have different modalities of professional attention. Everything you are looking for about verification of information, or revealing a hoax, imposition of computer security, and others, is in one place, at Grupo Arga we make sure that we are a multifunctional company, always available for every circumstance for which pass customers, as a great alliance.





First of all, our  Madrid private detectives always seek to provide you with the truth, regardless of whether it is favorable for you or not, transparency is always one of our main values, there is no negotiation in this regard, because this contract implies having experts at all times. From start to finish, we ensure that we collect evidence that is significant for your cause, but above all with a broad legal level, which is why any final result ends up providing the key within some legal transcendence, where our private investigators become exceptional witnesses about each case.

Given the variety of alternatives that we provide you on each case, it is that we end up being the main choice within the current needs to discover the truth, regardless of what it is, the intervention of a private detective is exclusive at the time of disposing of evidence to ward off all kinds of deception. If you are really tired of living in the midst of doubts, without any distinction that is infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, location of people, applying electronic sweeps, or some other complex scenario of this type, it is time to hire a private detective, who They are committed from the start.

In the middle of each case we exercise a high level of clarity that clients mostly cannot because they are involved, that is, in the end our expert analysis can help you get back on your feet, I always extend a possibility of resolution, that is why we always work under real facts, this you must keep in mind. If you want to consult the type of budget that is designed for your case, you only have to get in touch through the different digital platforms, as well as in each of the extensions that we have on the Spanish territory, since at all times and in any place, we are available to attend to your problems.

You cannot doubt the effort and all the commitment that we invest after each situation, this gives you a break, because you know that you are just one step away from getting answers, leaving aside those questions that only overwhelm the life of anyone. , although it is understandable and we take care to keep them at bay. Without losing hope or calm, you can find compelling clues, saving you any kind of work on your own that would be complicated, in addition to not having the same domain to collect data, if you want to have valid elements, it is a subject or field for an expert. within such demanding scenarios.When you want to have a different support, with a professional performance, you only have to go to the best, at Grupo Arga we are able to face whatever comes up in each request, where we act effectively so that you do not have to have a bad time, thanks to this hiring.

Stop the appearance of irregular situations within your work, your home, or any other space, it is necessary to make a firm decision about it, that is, to have the reins and go in search of the truth, for this the role of the  private detectives Madrid , which represent a wide variety of advantages behind their services. There is no doubt about the leading role that private investigation has today, as it is a valuable element for obtaining information, it ends up being a great help in countless situations, what was previously a little unknown, today is a reality, the Valuation of private detectives is evident from their results.

Within each case, a timely response is analyzed, which is why we have collaborated with this profession in always raising the figure of a private investigator, in different problems of all kinds, we managed to unmask any pretense of deception in time, this is what we distinguished within the medium. Curiously, we have gone from being sued within infidelities as a common call, until the technology sector has become typical, which reflects in one way or another, how the role of the private detective is able to adapt to modern trends, regardless of times we are here to serve you.

All this is due to the fact that in order to strengthen a service, it is necessary to put yourself in the client’s place, that is, to observe what overwhelms him, such as the lack of privacy within a space, suffering economic losses due to information leaks, as well as being always with headaches by not knowing what your partner is doing. Instead of immersing ourselves in the midst of this great variety of problems that affect you in inexplicable ways, which can be solved through private investigation, by understanding this, we have more than enough motivation to reinforce each sector of attention, always seeking to give the best and that each client receives an answer.

Knowing the truth always generates another air in the midst of complexities, from the final report you obtain, the opportunity to exercise legal action opens or grows, in fact when it comes to pensions, modifications, or other inheritance issues where it is required. a person’s home, we act with great efficiency. In the majority of scenarios that arise, we seek to address it with specific action plans, without overlooking anything, the exercise of this profession is based on detail and precaution, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives you get the best coverage possible, no doubt about it.As a result of the efficiency that we have obtained over the years, we want to continue making ourselves known to familiarize each citizen with the facilities that this type of service offers you, being a decisive means of gathering information to free you from any kind of of doubts.




Many scenarios become difficult to handle, because in the face of complications, it is not known for sure how to respond, that is, each circumstance is beyond you, a great level of knowledge is really required, which is why it is appropriate to hire  private detectives in Madrid with discretion. We make this wish come true, since at Grupo Arga Detectives we have a very broad human group to give life to different care sectors, giving life to a quality service, we cover from family, commercial, business, and even technological incidents, where We employ a high level of expertise.

Within the manifestation of different events, where a whole host of deceptions and lies is unleashed, a full certainty of the truth is required, but presumptions are not enough, much less affirmations, sometimes the vital thing is to provide evidence because it is the best way of expressing events. For the collection of information, the intervention of  private detectives Madrid is required, because they specialize with great dedication to this claim, previously it was not common to process the functions of a private investigator, but over time, they were exposed by never giving up in the face of deception.

Because despite the fact that you are overwhelmed by your partner’s excuses, the lack of credibility of your employees, being a victim of information theft, as well as being spied on, among other situations, end up being scenarios in which it is required its verification and verification to stop these events. Instead of always remaining in that victim position, having so many headaches, living with that anguish, it is best to hire a service that represents an effective solution to these incidents, and even with the opportunity to receive professional advice from us. .



We end up providing coverage for different problems, which is why through a contract a true commitment is made, from start to finish after each event, after each detail, no matter what happens, we will be on the lookout in a substantial way to gather authentic evidence that show what happens. At the end of each private investigation, we provide our clients with the provision of a final report composed of the evidence which can be presented within the legal instances without problem, in fact our experts can ratify each finding if necessary, asserting your Rights.

Whenever it comes to greater peace of mind, you don’t have much to think about, hiring a private investigator is a necessary step, because it shortens deception by providing a solid and forceful response, giving you the opportunity not only to find out about what happens, but also to take action against the culprit. Hiring and preferring Grupo Arga is a guaranteed investment, since we are a functional company in every way, with a distinctive service front, because without discriminating the type of situation, you receive detailed assistance, analyzing each piece of evidence thanks to the forensic techniques.



We are responsible for the investigation of your problem from start to finish, because through Grupo Arga we make up a select group of experts, each of our  Madrid private detectives works under the values ​​of discretion, objectivity, dedication and professionalism. because of the extensive training we have. This type of knowledge ends up being crucial to constituting evidence that serves in different areas, both for you as a relief when knowing the truth, and at a legal level for having in your hands a wide variety of elements that help you assert your right. to privacy.

Our action ends up being definitive on infidelities, labor fraud when presenting a fake leave, and even discovering if someone is spying on you, because today all the information provided about an environment is extracted through some device. To free your environments from any espionage attack, they need to be analyzed by means of an electronic sweep, this type of process is effective in bringing to light all kinds of maneuvers that seek to disclose your data, this practice has become widely implemented by the competition through commercial level.

The traits of professionalism that are present in our actions help us guide each case, where we observe every detail objectively, until thoroughly verifying its integrity, so that you can use it in legal instances, in addition to having clarity about your personal life. You cannot accept getting used to deceit, it is a big mistake because it will cause you greater problems in the future, instead you can intervene in time to stop the size of the lies, for this purpose we have the best team, through which we have established a wide margin of success that identifies us.

Changing the course of excuses is simple when in your hands you have evidence that does not allow excuses, in the face of love deceit this is crucial, both to end the relationship, and to fight for it, you need to know the truth, this causes another type feeling when dealing with problems. It really is important to hire the services of private investigation, they are an open door to find answers at all costs, above all the truth always ends up winning, this possibility becomes real when you have the support of our professionals who know about these problems.

This type of assistance ends up being essential to obtain evidence, which is assured based on the level of experience that we have within this profession, which gives us a broader vision, after each teaching of a case, it is a lesson to follow. improving and being at the forefront. Within the field of private investigation, we act with great distinction, as we have done after each year, it is a good decision to seek to leave problems behind with the help of the truth, which serves to restore your peace of mind, as well as to go in search of justice when it comes to some illegal circumstance.

All the deceptions they have built are automatically destroyed by means of the evidence presented, since they have the power to reveal the true face of the truth, which is extremely convenient in family, business, commercial and also technological situations. Thanks to our  private detectives in Madrid  and their skill, the waiting period ends up being short to collect evidence that manages to distort the problems, they are a classic symbol when trying to combat different situations, in the midst of the chaos of the moment that the deceptions are originating, not lose your way and contact us.

It is easy to communicate your problems to us, because we always seek to transmit a high level of empathy to each client, in this way they are free to tell us about what is happening, with these details it becomes in our hands to execute an action plan that is effective to get to the bottom of the truth. Taking a stand in the face of suspicion of infidelity, disloyalty of your staff, and espionage attempts by the competition, is to show that these types of situations are really happening, to be sure that you are not worrying or bothering yourself unnecessarily, you can stop these scenarios in time.

In your hands is the quick way out in the face of this kind of problem, or any other, because each time we extend our offer to be available for every need, so you can be sure to go to our services, where we are pleased to be able to collect evidence that is important to you. We also know that they end up being determining factors in a large number of problems, which motivates us to continue working and expanding forensic techniques, where the guarantee of providing you with results that have been previously verified, exercising the appropriate chain of custody, resides.

Instead of letting the situation worsen, you can stop the lies in time, with the use of evidence from a private investigation, there will be no doubt involved, you can join the intention of seeking the truth, when you act in collect information related to your situation. Everything you need to know, in the shortest possible time, you will have it, without a doubt to carry out an effective monitoring and surveillance of a person, a place, or some other circumstance, we have professionals, each one specializes in a specific area to that is covered by a large proportion of expertise.

We can take care of your concern, you only have to tell us what is wrong, so that we can immediately get to work with a high level of specialization, it is what characterizes us, that dedication to each client that is necessary so that more and more people Trust our profession. After each complication that arises in the middle of a private investigation, we know how to respond, getting to the bottom of every detail without raising suspicions, that is, we work with first-rate capabilities, for which anyone cannot carry out this kind of task.



The intervention of  private detectives in Madrid is worth it, it ends up being a contract that is required, instead of being subjected to believing lies, having that suspicion in your mind, it is best to verify even the smallest of facts, but with enough elements of conviction that will be of great help to you. Based on the results that we provide to each client, we manage to change their life completely, it makes more sense when faced with the determined facts, really discovering an infidelity in time can shorten some additional suffering that you do not have to live, with just make this decision on time you get it. You cannot give up in the face of circumstances, that is why we fight to finish all kinds of work, no matter what it is, we respond with impeccable performance, thanks to the fact that we focus on each situation, being the best way to guarantee success over time. the same, we always analyze objectively to ensure reality.

If you are waiting for help not to let deceit increase, the intervention of our specialists is necessary, this kind of services has a great social impact, we take care of helping you with the issue that is related to your problem, that is, if it is about technology , you will have a computer forensic. Through this classification it is possible to constitute a punctual answer for each case, for this reason the analysis is an important step, based on all the details that you provide us, we end up struggling to find answers, always measuring the real possibility of each situation that arises. introduce us.

You can not stay with doubts, let the private detectives go in search of the truth, because it is not necessary for you to undertake an adventure on your own, since you expose yourself without need, do not take risks, and save time with the help of our private investigators, who exercise each of their functions with great passion. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the face of the problems behind this contract, which brings you closer to having in your hands valuable elements of conviction, especially when it is a legal requirement for pension issues or others, this kind of legal situation and any other has a solution after our services.

There is no need to stay in the middle of suspicions, this is not a way of life, it can be shortened through the transmission of ratified evidence, by forensic methods, as well as within the technological plane with computer scientists, preserving digital data that can be very important in the future, on any ambit.  We provide you with a quick exit, so you can dismantle any kind of situation of infidelity, false loyalty of your employees, intruders by the competition, among other scenarios, we are able to meet a large number of requirements, do not hesitate about this hiring and place End lies for evidence.



Those who seek the best  discretion when investigating should undoubtedly resort to the investigative services of Grupo Arga, with the aim of establishing all the advantages that efficient private investigation can provide, and capable of making management viable. of elements of conviction to all private and corporate clients.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, our agents are focused on resolving precisely everything that is related to the management of processes that allow the structuring of a high-quality activity around obtaining the best data and information that allow taking the best decision to all our customers. The best  discretion when investigating is held by Grupo Arga agents.

The leading private detective agency in Spain, Grupo Arga, offers a wide range of services, both to companies as well as the best  discretion when it comes to investigating , both professionals and individuals. The figure of the private detective is recognized in society in the field of private investigation, having the legal capacity to deal with cases of this nature.

The entity chaired by Iván Rodríguez Castillo, aims to advise interested parties, seeking the most appropriate solution to their problems and always providing the necessary evidence, respecting proportionality and legality. Commitment, professionalism and discretion are the keys to their business and help them to provide a good service to their clients.

They carry out all kinds of private investigations, not only in Spain, but in any country that requests these services from our agency, making sure that they can help you, in any case. Once the service is finished and once the evidence has been obtained, they deliver to the client a high-quality report related to the subject matter. If necessary, these reports can be certified during the tests before the competent authority. Private detectives are treated as privileged witnesses by the Supreme Court in any legal proceedings that take place.

Grupo Arga Detectives, has more than 15 years of experience in the investigation industry, having resolved various investigations for all types of clients. In addition, an honorable mention assigned in 2010 by the Ministry of the Interior ratifies this experience and diploma in private security, which allows them to offer a quality bonus in complete security and surveillance solutions without a uniform.

For this reason, our detectives have specialized in all areas of practice with the aim of guaranteeing  discretion when investigating . This was possible after solving more than 1,200 cases against different situations that gave us more detailed information about the real world. And the needs of our customers. As a result, we are successful in the cases that come our way.

In this way, the detectives who work at Agencia Grupo Arga are prepared to offer a quality service adapted to each client. Of course, based on trust, with the utmost dedication and professionalism. In addition, positive results are always guaranteed. On the other hand, our headquarters are located in the heart of Spain, with detectives in different cities and municipalities. As the devices indicated by law 5/14 on private security authorize us.

In a world full of uncertainties, the detective can help you know if a risky situation is developing with  discretion when investigating . For example, unfair competition, false victims, inappropriate behavior, among others. Or in the personal or family sphere: divorces, custody, infidelities, inheritances, addictions, disappearances.

In this way, you avoid unnecessary expenses and excessive worries. This is where the professionalism of our detectives comes into play to investigate any information or obtain legal evidence. We will also advise you at all times on any problem or question that may arise.  All the information that our detectives discover will be detailed in a report that we will give you with all the evidence and information obtained by the team of detectives that will have legal validity before a judge.



First of all, the team of detectives will collect the information requested by our clients and obtain all kinds of evidence necessary for the investigation to be effective and in the shortest possible time. Second, with the services that detectives offer, you will save time, in many cases save money, and solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Finally, the detectives of our agency will inform you about the different prices linked to each service according to your needs. That is, in a personalized way and according to your case, always offering you advice without commitment. Our detectives will prepare a report detailing all valid investigations and investigative evidence. In this way, all the work carried out by the detectives will be reflected and will give it legal value.

From the collection of evidence, the investigations, the behaviors will be the only way to legally prove it before a judge. As a result, he will have the opportunity to find out everything about suspicions or unknown behavior. Thus, you will be able to demonstrate the truth, argued in said report, which will have the support of the legal department if you request it. On the other hand, we ensure compliance with the organic data protection law. Our experience as investigative agents means that 90% of cases are successfully resolved in the shortest possible time.

The contracting services of our Grupo Arga Agents may vary depending on the investigation and the resources used to obtain evidence with the greatest  discretion when investigating . First of all, you need to take into account the effort that detectives usually put into it. Since, depending on the case and the situation, there are cases that are resolved in advance and cases that need more time to achieve everything that the client demands.

For this reason, we have several rates from which the client can choose according to their research needs. In addition, the first consultation is completely free and without any commitment. To do this, you can complete the following form, you can contact by phone or if you want more comfort, our detectives can discreetly go to the place you want, an issue that undoubtedly implies the management of specialized processes for all our clients.






The needs that lead you to hire a private detective are enormous, from a family, commercial and work point of view, this means that there are different situations that are the result of the hand or job of private investigation, such as main tool when looking for answers. But the desperation of a moment, cannot make you fall into a bad decision, the resolution of your problems deserves  quality private detectives Madrid  , which do not end up being a fiasco, where your money and your peace of mind are safe, that is why there are many aspects to take into account at the time of hiring.



When you want to hire  private detectives Madrid you have to focus primarily on their ability, which is ratified when they have a license to practice within this world, with the special knowledge that is required, since any misstep ends up involving you in the breach of a legal norm. It is important to assert the right to privacy of everyone and everything involved in the case, therefore it is worth investigating and even asserting the legal requirements to operate this type of function with great commitment, this is only possible by having experts like the ones we have at Grupo Arga.

We are a multidisciplinary agency in which you can find experts in each area, each one is well attended with professional responses after each request received, this is precisely an important standard in the choice of private investigation services, as is getting all in one place. Thinking of trusting a detective is also easier or more feasible when accompanied by an extensive career in carrying out these functions, being a true representative of the search for the truth with important results, these in turn help to have more faith in this detective. ambit.

Each time the power of private investigation increases, serving as an effective response when resolving a large number of situations, therefore you cannot be blinded by the doubt of what your partner is doing, of the honesty of your employee , feel spied on, can read overwhelming, but you have to choose well. Behind a contract is the guarantee of the future results of a private investigation, because sometimes there are frustrated testimonies about the exercise of this profession, but in reality it is about having fallen into a scam of basic services or of people who do not even They are not even fit for it.

If you want a service that really ends up being a before and after for you, you need real researchers, who seek more than the truth, they intend to change your life for the better, with their data and revelations they are a firm step to shorten the path to the deception, it is important that you know what is happening but within the legal margin.


The client’s management for the detective is a critical phase since he considers that it gives him all the main place that he must dedicate as an agent for the execution of each file, this shows the possibility of continuing the collection. Initial investigations guided under a vision of success and high research. The generation of various competitive advantages around the structuring strategies of the research service guarantees the possibility of guaranteeing the success of the operations, around the achievement of the proposed objectives, it is the launch guarantee that Grupo Arga proposes to take into account It has a sophisticated training process for our agents, with the aim that they can show the best skills at the right time.

In order  not to make a mistake when hiring a detective, it is necessary to point out that he or she is a valuable resource for managing any issue of varying complexity, it is the guarantee for Grupo Arga to be sufficiently proactive in executing a solid value proposition around the services offered. Grupo Arga investigators are agents focused on solving the case of each client as if it were the last, this allows us to operate according to high performance criteria capable of offering a differentiated research proposal to the client, capable of offering a value that others do not have. . capable of being structured, this becomes possible when an expert case is considered not as one more task to be accomplished, but as a high-level element that must be fulfilled to ensure optimal deployment.

The generation of different investigation processes allows a Grupo Arga investigator to always seek to reinvent himself in order to stay at the forefront of the most sophisticated investigative techniques and strategies to deploy, this is a sign of his dedication and dedication to achieve the objectives set for the client.



How do you know when is the right time to hire a private investigator? From our professional experience we tell you that  hiring the best agency in Madrid is possible, in this regard from Grupo Arga we highlight that there are three main situations that we will analyze below. Hiring a private detective from Grupo Arga, in Madrid or in any other important Spanish city, is much more common than you think, so people are always willing to  hire the best agency in Madrid .

 And it is that, many people face problems and situations that they do not know very well how to get out of. That is when they decide to enlist professional help. So, just as someone with a health problem goes to the doctor, someone who faces a complex crossroads that borders on legality or needs additional information to make a final decision chooses to hire private detectives.



Currently, many situations are going through which make it necessary to hire the best agency in Madrid, which is why the services of our Grupo Arga Agents in the capital are always necessary, which is why from our private research group We do our best for all of our clients. The operations in which they stand out are the following:





At Grupo Arga, hiring a private detective makes it possible for our agents to have the best response to any type of situation prone to investigation, which is why our quarry, preparation and training processes are highly exemplary and have the parameters of update and modernization that make possible the resolution of any type of case with high levels of complexity.

At Grupo Arga, our people know that they can hire the best detective agency in Madrid, since our services make the smartest decision by hiring the best trained resource and also the agency that is willing to apply the best investigation processes. as well as the best tools for the development of an investigation. Hire the best agency in Madrid , it is possible!

At Grupo Arga detectives, we direct the management of our processes mainly towards the determination and resolution of top quality evidence, with the aim of making sure that all our clients benefit greatly from the investigative work that we carry out, it is for this reason that our investigation processes are mainly aimed at the specialized management of short, medium and long cases, offering the best in investigative services to our clients.



Undertaking private investigation can be classified as an art full of dedication, where beyond seeking information, it is also about manipulating or having in your hands the answer to an adverse situation for a person, you can change their life after the findings, that is, this adds greater commitment and importance.

This responsibility is exercised with great pleasure by Grupo Arga Detectives, since from the first day it seeks to be a benchmark within this field, but this entails effort and preparation, being precisely our basic pillars within the exercise of each service area. that we have



The entire service plan that Grupo Arga Detectives maintains begins by heading personal or family situations, up to the work level, where it is crucial to always maintain a strict level of security to verify even the smallest data, and also apply defensive actions on your computer security. , among other actions. We have a dynamic group of  Madrid private detectives  , behind each area there is the greatest effort to demonstrate their ability, a case will always be seen as an opportunity to try to make a difference, we know that in our hands is a great guarantee of provide you peace of mind.

What allows us to be at the forefront of this service is to think at all times about the satisfaction of each client, about what they expect to obtain, in this way we can deliver exactly what they need, the greatest learning is precisely to improve to be in a unconditional for every problem that arises. It is not possible to offer a half service, but a variety of processes that allow us to have a special coverage within the different cases that we receive, the particularity of the attention that we invest within each situation is always to keep the main values ​​at the top. as persistence, vocation and passion.

We love what we do, really at Grupo Arga Detectives we seek to leave a good feeling, by providing you with the final report, we design it as the solution to deny all those deceptions that harm you, where we even offer you legal advice so that you can present said evidence within legal instances. The follow-up within each case is vital, and we exercise it as an important task, because the traces within a case can be lost if they are not pursued in time, if they are not studied properly, especially when it comes to locating people , this type of service is a race against time based on the details you provide.

The essential thing is to make that first contact with the client something pleasant, because it is the means through which information is obtained from which we start working tirelessly, by creating a trustworthy atmosphere, clients open up to tell some things that they think they are unimportant, and they overlook themselves, so it is important.

We carry out each step within the investigation with tact, in this care it is possible to open a direct channel with the client, as well as to effectively design an action plan through which the imposed objectives are achieved, this will be a drawing of the budget to cover to have the results in your hands. Best of all, we seek to make each client feel comfortable, working with discretion and a high level of objectivity, this is what should prevail in each case, because it generates more security, the situation or the person in question cannot find out. that is being investigated, nor can its motivation be judged.



For the Community of Madrid, our detectives carry out the best infidelity investigation tasks and activities, an issue that undoubtedly favors anyone who really needs the management of a process that comes from the hand of an agent who can give the answers to everything. . concerns and questions that come from your customers.

Hiring  credentialed detectives in Madrid  is undoubtedly the best guarantee to establish a sense of highly effective response to all the concerns of the different types of clients in the market, this will undoubtedly provide the best resolution criteria for all. clients who must have known in detail what is really going on regarding their suspicions or doubts.

Grupo Arga detectives, our detectives with degrees in Madrid, undoubtedly promote the best sense of developing an investigation case for infidelity, above all what they do is related to the execution of elements that allow establishing a criterion to determine all the assumptions and initial indications that the client indicates with what can happen in reality.

That is why our  detectives with credentials in Madrid , through these initial clues, make an assessment of the context of the investigation in order to observe what can happen in relation to the situation that afflicts the client, this is achieved through establishment of contrast steps, which materialize in the best possible direction of evidence collection.

At Grupo Arga, our investigation officers, in order to make sense of the collection of viable evidence, must go directly to the root of all the facts, this implies that they must establish a thorough examination of the entire route and the model of conduct applied by the respondents in day to day, to get there, then it is necessary to establish an extremely precise and discreet follow-up in order to know who is subjected to this type of practice does not even realize it.



It is at this stage, where through a very detailed examination, certain aspects and behaviors that could be framed in a suspicious activity can be established, it is here where to know what type of friends frequented by the investigation, is your consumption model, the places you visit , among others. This, without a doubt, will allow the best sense of determination to carry out high caliber tests.

From Grupo Arga detectives we make it possible to build an investigative process that can undoubtedly promote the best sense of determination and resolution to all our clients, a problem that will be reflected in the generation of a logical framework of answers and solutions in the work of surveys. .

At Grupo Arga, our  detectives with credentials in Madrid  also carry out virtual research when it comes to observing whether there is an attitude of infidelity on the part of a member of a relationship, an issue that undoubtedly favors the most specialized feeling towards structuring. elements that have the ability to promote the best sense of resolution and experience in the digital and web 2.0 environment to determine if that person is not really behaving in a questionable or suspicious manner.

Athough it does not seems. The purpose of digital investigations to make effective the process of determining infidelities is undoubtedly effective, because currently the pattern of interaction of social networks allows detecting that in their lives there is Everything. a logical pattern that promotes a first instance of the act of adultery on this scale, so it is of great value to be able to observe this type of behavior at the level of this spectrum.




Grupo Arga Detectives Madrid, has been awarded in 2017 for its business trajectory carried out in recent years through its resounding success in all private investigations carried out in Madrid and the rest of Spain. To do this, his General Director went to collect the award where he was awarded the Gold star that certifies his impeccable professional career during the last 10 years of his professional career.

Our greatest achievement has been the satisfaction of all our clients over the years by achieving what they demanded of us in an honest and professional manner. Transparency with the client has been our basic pillar in all our private investigations and has led to impeccable ethics on our part, adhering to our code of ethics at all times.

The need to undertake a search, obtainment and verification of information, there is no need for these to be tasks that belong to private investigators, which can be found without any problem at the  Grupo Arga detective agency , where we house a large number of intelligence services. to meet your needs. Through these professionals, we impose personalized strategies for the resolution of each particular case, since we intervene within your problems with a highly outstanding performance, where the principles of discretion and efficiency govern to address your concerns with quality results above all.

The field of private investigation deserves a remarkable dedication, which only our experts can provide you, through our detective agency you will be able to find a proposal of undeniable services, where we seek to consolidate ourselves in the resolution of cases, demonstrating each fact to prepare a valid report. . These types of tasks are not easy, for this a hard preparation is required that helps us to function appropriately, we have consolidated ourselves by putting together a working group of professionals who work for each cause received, we have innovated the role of the detective by including functions that allow us to act more efficiently.

We are qualified to fully initiate this type of action. Above all, our Grupo Arga private detectives set a goal where their aspirations lie, on technical work that allows us to get to the bottom of the investigated matter in question, to carry out the respective investigation of each situation. We have perfected our service areas, to cover the technological tools that are so demanded today, due to the increase in espionage operations that can only be reduced with quality security measures, because we update ourselves within each sector, so that the functions of our detectives grow. The best thing about the work of our experts is that we bring together the work of the private investigator, along with the advice of lawyers, and other experts that cause the steps within the investigation to maintain a legal course at all times, therefore when wanting to hire our services we offer a very complete attention.





Placing a case in the hands of private detectives is to have the security of obtaining a faithful follow-up to the matter, in addition to corroborating all kinds of information to measure its veracity, thus avoiding deception, fraud and therefore economic losses that affect your quality of life, so their intervention is crucial. The capacity of a detective agency is focused on providing quality services, so that every user who resorts to Grupo Arga obtains a quality job, we strive to make your experience pleasant, without making false promises, we focus on studying your situation from the first moment to set an objective.

Our experts are licensed and qualified to testify in any court if necessary, we are dedicated to understanding your cause to attend to it with the greatest possible discipline, and provide you with the greatest contribution of necessary information, each piece of data obtained is a sum towards building a strong case. In the end, each finding works as a sum of a whole process carried out to ensure your peace of mind, an investigative process mixes the skills and virtues of each detective to get to the bottom of any problem, for this reason the hiring of our professionals is a support of another level to deal with any problem or process.

The tests or data go through different tests to determine their accuracy, since our results have a high level of credibility, we have strategic resources that end up generating a very valuable technical report for any user, always keeping the performance and development in the margin. of the law. At Grupo Arga we work each case under the guidelines of the judicial bodies, for this reason we establish a work route that allows us to meet the goals of the case without putting your rights or those of other people involved in the case at risk, we cooperate with the resolution of their problems and also with justice itself.

We watch over the well-being of each client with a great amount of responsibility in each phase of our actions, we are competent to deal with all kinds of situations such as infidelity, search for people, electronic sweeps, investigating fraud issues, or any type of eventuality where private investigation can add up. Around the work of private investigation, different service offers may arise, but through Grupo Arga you obtain the greatest guarantee of success, since we have an important track record that has supported us for years, in addition to hosting different awards that ratify our efforts to give the best.

A  detective agency does not have field agents that come from a movie, but professionals who have studied and have been prepared to obtain specific knowledge about each area, where the detective instinct is activated to have the vision to follow each piece of evidence or clues until they reach prove its existence with evidence. Issuing accusations without proof is a great waste of energy because everything becomes much slower and random, it gives the other person the opportunity to disappear evidence, but to shorten the bad times it is best to opt for the intervention of professionals who can lead their problems until the last instance before a court.

We deploy our professionals to thoroughly investigate your cause, to find the evidence you need, their expertise within each sector motivates us to offer each user true specialists, because we are committed to their needs, which is why we prepare more and more and increase the proposal. If you want a high caliber investigation, do not hesitate to consult the options of Grupo Arga, where you will undoubtedly find a large number of services that will convince you that we are your best ally to investigate any situation, do not leave room for deception or to the doubts, we provide you the certainties.

Do you need the Services of a Private Detective Agency in Madrid or any other geographical point that offers you guarantees? Grupo Arga Detectives is a Private Detectives Office located in the Center of the City of Madrid, expert in all types of Private Investigations according to the Law; We have been carrying out private investigation tasks for individuals and companies with resounding success since our beginnings.

Since our birth more than a decade ago, our basic pillar at all times has been the full understanding of all our clients to achieve the results they seek. For this, full empathy with the problems exposed by our clients and an in-depth analysis of the necessary and pursueable objectives by the person who has a legitimate interest embodied in obtaining evidence on our part set out in a report is essential.

Arga detectives IS A NATIONAL REGISTERED AGENCY of private investigation that combines youth and enthusiasm in a team of highly qualified professionals. All the personnel that make up the staff of Grupo Arga Detectives Madrid are duly qualified and have all the requirements that the Ministry of the Interior requires to carry out our work in Spain. To carry out the tasks of Private Detective in Madrid and the rest of Spain, it is necessary to pass a 3-year University Diploma as well as obtain the Corresponding License from the Ministry of the Interior through the National Police Corps. We have a diverse staff that allows us a resounding success in all the investigations entrusted thanks to our qualification:

  • Diplomas in Private Investigation
  • Graduates in Criminology
  • security directors
  • Security Chiefs.
  • Economists and Lawyers
  • Judicial Experts. (Computer experts, dactyloscopy, graphology, accident reconstruction, etc.)



We maintain  collaboration agreements with professional experts  in areas related to research, such as: psychologists, graphologists, experts, auditors, scientific police technicians, laboratories, computer forensics experts, dactyloscopy experts, accident reconstruction experts, etc.
The way to contribute The solvency of our organization is based on the constant application of the most varied investigation techniques , with the use of  new technologies  that allow us to approach any type of investigation with the maximum guarantees, thus optimizing the resolution time as well as reinforcing the content. of our reports.

The use of cutting-edge technology allows us to go where others cannot and obtain all the evidence we need to prove the fact that supports us in each private investigation.
All this is reflected in a report that is delivered to our client later consisting of detailed information on the entire course of the investigation. Said report, in addition, is made up of images and video graphic elements taken by our detectives that leave no room for doubt about what happened and, if necessary, prove it before the Judge.

Our goal is to make  technical and human resources available to all our clients  with the utmost  seriousness, discretion and professionalism. B Our objective when it comes to offering you  our services as a Private Investigation agency is none other than to become for you the most suitable means to turn to, to resolve any issue that affects the proper functioning of your business.

The best results are undoubtedly achieved thanks to the experience of private detectives with extensive knowledge in the field and the use of the most modern private investigation technology.
Discretion in each of our private investigations is one of our priorities at all times and we take great care to act with the greatest possible discretion that differentiates us from the rest.





The repeated presence in the courts of justice confirms the  professionalism and effectiveness of the investigations that we carry out.  Thanks to our reports,  90% of the matters investigated are resolved by reaching an agreement between the parties,  these being the main element of pre-judicial negotiation.

All private investigations carried out by Grupo Arga Detectives Madrid are ratified by the Courts of Justice when we are required to do so, providing full legal validity in each case. Thanks to the intervention of our legal department we can focus on all those facts that we intend to prove in accordance with the legal system and that are necessary to prove without a doubt before the Judge the fact under investigation. After the completion of the investigation, all the work carried out is reflected in a report where all the information and evidence obtained is collected. Subsequently, said report is ratified in the Courts.

ARGA DETECTIVES has a wide client base , among which multinational companies, professional mutual insurance companies, financial entities, insurance agencies, etc. stand out, and of course, private clients and small and medium-sized companies, who trust in  our professionalism, discretion and confidentiality . We investigate for all types of people, whether individuals or companies, mutual or insurance companies, lawyers, hotels, companies, etc.

Our clients are spread all over the world, currently possessing a very wide portfolio of clients who trust us year after year. From the first interview with the client, we try to empathize with their concerns and properly understand them in order to know what their objectives are and the best way to carry them out. We treat all our clients with the greatest possible tact because we know how delicate the issues to be dealt with are most of the time, as well as the interests of our clients who depend on us.

Arga Detectives Madrid develops its activity throughout Spain and abroad , through the most important national and international detective associations, of which we collaborate with:  Thanks to these associations, it maintains collaboration agreements with Investigation Agencies abroad,  guaranteeing thus to its clients the complete resolution of the investigations  that are presented to us.

Contact us if you have questions about any issue. Call our 24-hour helpline 913 866 294 and start putting an end to your problems decisively and forcefully thanks to our intervention.
Let’s keep talking? Call us now, we are waiting for you.

Private investigation is a privileged resource to discover the truth, but to defend yourself from any deception with the confirmation of that truth, you need to hire the best in this field, in this sense Grupo Arga stands out for providing ideal advice about each topic. Depending on your situation, our detective agency is postulated as a quick action to collect the information you need, because they carry out operations of all kinds, where the forensic role is imposed as a rule to follow so that the investigation is valid on any plane or presentation.

The positive operation of each private investigation is based on the amount of utilities that are available to verify each data, that is, in Grupo Arga there are implements that are up to the needs and the controversial points that are immersed in a case. For greater guarantee and confidence, we carry out private investigations under the intervention of a laboratory technician together with an exhaustive analysis team to provide ratified results, this is a sample of the magnitude of the quality deployment that is invested after each case assumed by Grupo Arga.

More and more skills and actions are acquired that fit each case, to constitute a response model according to the situation, this has to do with the different hypotheses that are proposed to build a successful way of solving any problem that has been postulated. initially. The first level techniques of a committed detective agency is what makes the difference of this precise service when attending to each need, especially taking advantage of the experience that resides within our services to change the perception of this profession for a tool complete.

As an organization at Grupo Arga, we propose the firm conviction of solving a large number of problems, by subjecting each process and team to improving and updating their knowledge, because the idea is to fulfill the purposes of each client and only under the passion of love what is done can be achieved. The course of success of each case is built over time, where we gather more and more resources that guarantee a much faster collection of evidence, this speaks or shows the dedication that is invested in defending this profession that can clarify everything. class of situations.The specialty and capacity found on the private detectives Madrid Grupo Arga, is one more reason to carry out this type of contract with closed eyes, waiting to receive a complete final report, especially when it has been evaluated to design an adjusted action plan. to its conditions.



If you urgently need evidence that really shows what you are going through or thinking, there is no doubt that the detective’s nose is the best option, especially because in less time than you think, you have reliable evidence that helps you limit suspicions and find out what happens. Once the doubt arises about your partner, a worker, the operation of your electronic equipment, you may be in a hurry to find out what is happening, given that minimum period of time that you have, you must rely on the exercise of private investigation by part of Grupo Arga.

The professional, as well as emotional, help that you receive from this team of experts is important, since you will be able to know what is really happening, without them knowing that you are carrying out an investigation, much less you get erroneous results, everything goes hand in hand of the objectives of the case. By establishing the correct hiring of our private detectives, you have a discreet and effective performance, where each of the essential elements are established, and the sources of information that can be analyzed to gather important evidence that can disprove any established deception.

When you receive attention from the private detectives Madrid Grupo Arga, you find a fundamental response, where all the possibilities within a client’s case are covered, taking into account the knowledge that they possess within this profession, along with the details of the case. The attention that we establish within our detective agency is efficient but at the same time very comprehensive to have access to more details, these will be important elements within the investigation, this process is managed with first-class kindness and professionalism. The capacity of our detectives is evidenced when we take care of recognizing the needs of the clients, and in turn use responding with alternatives under different phases, from identifying the problem, to reaching the visualization of an action plan based on the real possibilities.

Once a client presents us with a problem, we immediately look for the right elements to find information, in turn the most innovative techniques in the sector are developed, leaving a clear sign of ability to collect the information that your case needs, and in the right time. At every moment of the investigation, you have a precise representation to execute the most innovative processes that allow us to get to the bottom of each matter, along with emotional support so that you know how to react and thus the anguish does not take over you.

The actions of the private detectives of Grupo Arga are translated as an intention to eliminate that fear and anxiety, by presenting convincing evidence, especially when they originate from an optimal investigation process, these are exercised by knowledge as well as by deep vision. What is behind each case? All the factors that intervene in the investigation of a case are determined and explored by our private detectives, they fulfill their role as a support resource regardless of the conditions of the case, as long as it is compatible to investigate, it is assumed with great responsibility. .

Regardless of the type of case you present, through Grupo Arga we offer you the best solution, although if it is a situation where your peace of mind is at stake, you cannot delegate it for any reason, but rather ensure that it is only attended by professionals in that field. A case always cries out for clarification on the facts or events that occur, therefore this type of information that is presented as a final result must have a high degree of validity, both so that you are left with the peace of mind of knowing the truth, as well as You have strong evidence to do justice. The success of an investigation is not only defined on its completion, but the veracity of each evidence provided must be measured, as well as the forensic distinction, because this opens another type of utility to present this evidence in any legal plane, which makes this work much more mystical and strict than you think.

The optimal deployment of Grupo Arga is available to all those who wish to carry out an impeccable investigation process, where the collection of evidence arises in record time, and each professional decision is made for the greatest benefit or future of the case, which It generates relaxation for your causes. Our services are professional support available to you, once you hire private detectives Madrid we have tools that help us process any kind of useful data for your case, this professional exercise is a great inspiration because we offer you the truth in a transparent way and irrefutable.

The efficiency of Grupo Arga’s attention mechanisms ends up convincing anyone of the importance of defending their privacy, in addition to being on the right side of the law, because in the end every fact is proven, especially with innovations by the technology that predominate with distinction. All your documents, and other information findings, are supported by the concurrence of different teams, on the other hand we advise you so that you do not become a victim of deception again, much less to be left vulnerable to this type of circumstance, being essential for the future.





Contemplating the integration of modern tools, within the investigation, requires mastery and knowledge, these elements are guaranteed through the preparation of the Grupo Arga team, where we handle different responses that strengthen our services for any type of purpose. Our service mechanisms are a great advantage for your case, because we adapt to the demands you have, you will not have to worry about the price, since it is estimated according to the difficulty, for this reason we can provide you with an optimal budget so that you can respond financially and discover the truth.

The tradition of serving and investigating is a reality that has accompanied our detective agency for over 10 years, all due to the full conviction of fulfilling the main goal of dealing with the cases of a large number of clients with a threshold of success that is keep on top.

You should think twice to trust another type of private detective other than Grupo Arga, because private investigation has a very broad market, but at the same time it is not effective when looking for evidence, so in Grupo Arga you get a way to find the evidence you require in a timely manner. The exercise of our functions always seeks to impart under an arduous excellence, but we want to make known the benefits of private investigation itself, since many people are completely unaware of its usefulness, when in fact it brings you closer to the path of revealing the TRUE.

Labor, business, computer, personal concerns, among others, can be resolved through the service channels that are established through private investigation, in any region of the Spanish territory that you are in, we can provide you with professional support to solve your problems. with evidence. By having a detective agency that has a level of prestige, where we have built a high personality service, especially by having certification by the Ministry of the Interior that defines us as a transparent agency that complies with the law in everything moment.

The accreditation of Grupo Arga is a very high sign, because it is possible to practice this profession legally but, in addition to everything, it has ideal aptitudes for that reason when contracting our investigation services, you receive a very careful exercise, until we become an alternative, to that you do not choose another agency because you are in a hurry. We have a detective guide to make sure you know each area of ​​services that we perform, you can also attend at any time to tell your situation and formulate a strategic plan that resolves it as soon as possible, we have the necessary means to obtain the necessary evidence and in the shortest time.

With so much technology and obvious fraud, you must protect yourself thanks to the advantages of private investigation, once you contact our services you are sure to reach the expected end, for this reason we have increased our presence throughout the Spanish territory, and we have incorporated first-class service areas level for you. We open the way for you to have reliable evidence, and to know the authentic capacity of private investigation, we also want to expand worldwide, and have more experts to support each person in the circumstances that are currently arising, such as an understanding of your needs.

Hiring detectives in Madrid, is postulated as a necessity in the face of the concurrence of crimes, as well as the desire to confirm any kind of information to stay safe, regardless of the purpose for which a private investigator is needed, the essential thing is that he has a level high professionalism and quality.

Thinking of Grupo Arga as your solution corresponds to a success due to the number of services it provides, but before taking this step and entering the true effectiveness, you need to know and point out the advantages that this service represents for the personal, work, business or any other.

It is notorious to get a private investigation service as interesting as Grupo Arga, since it gives positive answers for each event, due to the fact that it has a group of experts for each situation, therefore from the first moment the best guarantee is the specialization for each problem or request. All kinds of problems such as infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, cyber attacks and others, find an effective solution through the services of Grupo Arga in Madrid, and as time goes by, it extends its attention to different sectors or points of the country as an assistance unconditional.

In view of this offer, there is no limitation to cover with any standard that the cases present, in the same way they will be answered with the greatest possible efficiency, all thanks to the investment of knowledge that is reflected on each case, which is sustained under the experience within this market or activity. The trajectory that Grupo Arga projects, seeks to establish itself as a solution to modern problems, without people having to get involved on their own, but simply leaving everything in the hands of private detectives, who increasingly expand their functions to respond to each commitment of the society.

The first thing you get when consulting and hiring the private detectives at Grupo Arga is an empathic perception, because what is sought is to put yourself in the client’s place so that their concerns become a motor or a greater motivation for these professionals who They give you strong answers. The advantage of having a detective agency that thinks about your needs is unmatched, because that generates the freedom to trust even your most sensitive problems, with the conviction that their actions will translate into a favorable result for each client and their needs.As soon as a purpose to cover within the private investigation is proposed, these detectives do not stop, because they love what they do and think of your case as if it were a personal matter, without forgetting to emphasize that they are supported by impeccable training and constant to be up to every situation.

Hiring a private investigation specialist like the ones Grupo Arga has, guarantees you an objective and professional vision, in complex and emotional problems such as infidelity, where in addition to confirming what is happening, you also obtain additional information about the identity of those involved. The fulfillment of the private investigation is very complete, because it reveals details that you omitted, but in a forceful way, because it is not just about reporting what happens, but about carrying out a correct legal procedure to turn these facts into evidence and present before any legal entity.

The increase in situations of deception on a large scale, causes a great need to investigate all kinds of facts or situations, it is very common to be part of an infidelity, to be spied on by the competition, that your own staff presents false documents, in the face of all these risks , the best way out is thorough research. The power to reliably reveal the truth is under the services of committed private detectives such as those offered by Grupo Arga, because their assistance seeks to bring to light any kind of lie that is involved, therefore, in the slightest doubt about any situation, you can rely on the gifts of investigation.

The best way to gather enough convincing elements to defend yourself from any deception is through the persistence of Grupo Arga’s private detectives, who study each circumstance in depth to shape the best plan of action that leads to the necessary evidence. in less time.    Behind any suspicion, any type of deception can be hidden, but these are determined with the best utilities of private investigation, and Grupo Arga is precisely supplied with the latest technology tools to get to the bottom of each case with precision. Experience is another element that facilitates obtaining information, in Grupo Arga this advantage weighs because its private detectives have a high level of knowledge to deal with each case or situation more effectively, for each type of case there is a response designed for it level of difficulty presented.



The highlight of trusting in the virtues of Grupo Arga, is that you immediately access private detectives who visualize your conflicts from the first moment with a high dose of sensitivity, this without a doubt causes you to feel comfortable, and backed by the results. that appear in less time. Marital, work, family, computer and other problems obtain a professional vision when they are entrusted to the capabilities of Grupo Arga, for this reason it is qualified as an advantage to carry out this contract, which in addition to everything is sustained through accessible rates. compared to quality.

The clear bases that Grupo Arga uses within each case, is effectiveness, simplified work, confidentiality on every detail, and in addition to everything an enormous will to support you on your cause, regardless of the case, it works with a resounding optimism , but under a realistic vision to meet your expectations. Only with the values ​​that Grupo Arga maintains present at the time of carrying out the private investigation, you have the security of receiving a convincing final report, because the chain of custody is followed at all times, so as to present these results with great validity in any instance. legal. When you meet with the advice of top-level private detectives such as Grupo Arga, you obtain evidence of all kinds of formats, from images, videos, as well as verified documents that help reveal what is really happening, this is possible thanks to to the capacity of the Grupo Arga team.

Once you contact top-level professionals, discover any secret that may be involved in any situation, especially since you have the support of technological utilities that allow you to process all types of data, being essential in a modern society like the present. The set of experts found through this detective agency helps you to get a plan or an answer for any situation, therefore, for each demand, an ideal answer is found for each sector of daily life, to meet the requirements of each client and enjoy the peace of mind.

Discretion is an element that is coveted, because a successful private investigation is not only about providing good results, but also that those involved do not even know that they are being investigated, so it is a very useful feature to handle each problem with intelligence. and fewer problems until you get proof. On the other hand, an important advantage of having Grupo Arga is respect for your cause, that is to say, regardless of the outcome of the private investigation, what counts is the decision of each client, because professional support will always the same measure of your pretensions without judging.

Therefore, if you are looking to hire reliable professionals, Grupo Arga is the answer you are waiting for, especially when it comes to a case that is sensitive and important to you. In the same way, within this detective agency you have a perception of your cause, everything thanks to his high ethics for every situation. Each aspect of your case is studied and analyzed by experts within that area, which immediately activates the best processes to process information, and this in turn causes it to be possible to act on any scenario, in addition to responding as it should. to the needs of each person.

In the business field, the help of Grupo Arga becomes a backup in the face of the large number of negative circumstances that arise, such as industrial espionage, fraud, embezzlement, or other problems that can be stopped with the advice of security provided by the hiring of these private detectives.  As long as there is a lot of risk involved, such as the financial issue, or emotional suffering, the most appropriate thing is to act quickly to discover the truth and not continue in the middle of a deception, as well as security measures that can be installed in a future to avoid such consequences. Grupo Arga’s compatibility is high for your biggest drawbacks, especially because they offer a whole series of procedures that help respond to different problems that arise at any level, this generates the allusion of prevailing over private investigation with quality actions.





The investigation sector is strengthened through the virtues of Grupo Arga, since it not only has the best private detectives, but also the support of other types of professionals or experts who complement reaching forceful conclusions. . The opportunities to find the truth are present in Grupo Arga, because its attention from the first moment is effective so that you feel comfortable, and then you can count on the evidence that your case requires, being a sample of authentic justice that you can use. in any legal case.

In the face of any problem, through Grupo Arga it has a legal and professional perspective that acts as a consultancy to know what to do and how to proceed, which is important to respond to situations full of tension such as fraudulent dismissals, such as Also infidelities. The best thing about Grupo Arga is that it is intended to ensure perfect representation when investigating a problem, which is why it is postulated as an aid to solve some complexity in less time, because it reaches the origin of the matter in question, because This allows evidence to be collected more efficiently.

The specialization that Grupo Arga represents is reason enough to entrust your concerns to them, since they have the necessary mechanisms to respond with great attention, where the different existing techniques are put to the test to obtain information, therefore through a consultation notes the quality of service. At the time of executing an investigation, in Grupo Arga only one expert is in charge of your situation, this implies that it is not left in the hands of just anyone, and ensures you hit with convincing results, the guarantees of success is a good margin that supports this contract as a good decision to forget about the problems.

The search for information with recognized private detectives is a key way to have that professional testimony through irrefutable evidence, therefore, when operating each procedure, you have the resource of professionalism that inhabits each of these incredible private investigators. The strategy that is established on each case is part of the Grupo Arga sample as full advice that you can enjoy after a simple contract, for this reason it is a real opportunity so that in the shortest possible time you have the evidence you need and dissipate The doubts.

The guarantees of a true investigation service are manifested when you go for a particular answer, and you get the best offer and follow-up of your cause, since regardless of the conflict or the situation you go through, at Grupo Arga We serve you with the best specialists in that area. The investigation processes that we carry out cover concerns about infidelity, the demonstration of fraudulent sick leave, espionage of all kinds, business incidents, among other events, have privileged attention based on the highest professional level within this field.

Through Grupo Arga we offer you the best existing investigation service, all thanks to the coverage of each case, with the ingenuity of our private investigation agents who are responsible for ensuring your peace of mind under any circumstance, which is why you find yourself with the feeling of being in the right place to investigate your cause.

By contracting our research services, you will have a response at the same level as your needs, because we think at all times in the benefit of each client, especially when we have active media 24 hours a day to schedule your needs as part of our priority. Before different types of clients and investigations, we have true experts in this area, because it is the best way to be responsible for the appropriate term of each case, in addition to having the domain and expertise that are demanded within that set of actions. that have to do with your case.In other words, any area that is related to your case is carried out by the real specialists in the field, so you can have or keep the peace of mind that you leave your concerns in the hands of professionals, especially because we do our best to make you feel better and culminate the investigation in the best way with irrefutable evidence.



The exercise of private investigation that we take care of offering becomes a special tool to combat your problems, we study in depth the facts that are present about the case, to design the best response within that area, even in the computer field. We respond forcefully. Through Grupo Arga you get a full interest in the circumstances, which are detailed with first level procedures that help us to carry out the best research within that area, because this is the way to guarantee excellent first level results, complying with what is expected by each client. Our work within each area is structured under a full update of knowledge, as part of that impulse to give the best of our services regardless of the problem or situation in question, because the investigation process can respond under different scenarios. , that is the intention.

The search for evidence is not a process in vain, but rather a professional strategy which is designed within all the areas we work in, you cannot doubt our ability to analyze and receive causes of all kinds, the technical and logistical deployment is of the first level under any circumstance. The achievement of actions that are invested at the time of attending a case, are framed under the greatest protection of ethics and due process, especially because we think about what can be implemented to clarify any matter, even incidents that have to do with the computer field.

We created an important professional response system that covers you from any risk, where security and privacy are non-negotiable, we seek to establish ourselves in Spain as a full service so that it is feasible to attend to each situation with the best professional response, especially under observation to adapt to your needs. It is much easier to go to a single detective agency, where you get complete attention on all existing areas, all thanks to the fact that we think of everything a client must go through after a personal, work, business or other problem, and they can be clearly resolved with the help of private investigation.Each environment of daily life can be covered with the findings and scope of private investigation, we have a professional response for each of the controversial issues that arise, such as harmful circumstances such as hacks in the world of computing , and others that are fought.

The knowledge that we acquire throughout each area, allows us to develop processes and services at the level of electronic sweeps, this defines each of our different areas of action where the capacity that we promote is noted, to meet the objectives pursued by each of our of clients. We allow you to execute all kinds of operations freely, in addition to freeing yourself from suspicion and allowing you to make a clear decision in the face of problems by having the evidence that confirms what is happening, we have the resources to promote a thorough investigation so that you discover any obvious deception.

Our detective agency is in charge of carrying out top-level activities, based on the most sophisticated techniques in the sector, just as it is the improvement of the action of the mysterious client, which helps you take action regarding customer service that you provide, in one way or another, our answers combat your concerns. By contracting our services, you will be able to receive the best diagnosis, with a clear observation that determines the future of the investigation, as well as the processes available so that you can find much more information on the subject that causes you concern, all thanks to a service scheme that loyally accompanies you.

Every central fact is analyzed to frame it within an area, then the theme of the analysis comes into action that generates a clear plan of action, where the necessary evidence can be collected, this is a development of different disciplines or areas within a very diversity that can seek and present solutions to each issue. The guarantees of our service are postulated on the effective performance of each job, that is, it is not only about offering for mere advertising, but each service is well represented by a professional who masters each of the details that are already presented. they are in turn clarified.The organization of the service of our private detectives is oriented towards the coverage of more and more incidents, because we work continuously to find solutions to modern problems, seeking to impose private investigation as a firm tool, especially by having able detectives.

Once we design an operation, we take care of promoting the best means within that area, with a response and support at the most opportune moment, being a compatible action so that you can reconcile with your peace of mind, that is why we have more than 10 years leading this sector with a good presence and performance. We are able to solve your problems with a precision of another level, thanks to the fact that we make personal, work, business and other research a clear opportunity for you to get the answers you have been looking for so much, which will change your life in a positive way. because you will have contact with the truth.





The management that we impart in Grupo Arga to carry out all kinds of investigations is fed by the desire to learn more about each sector, because it is not only about serving or offering to be the best, but it must be demonstrated in the issuance of tests, as well as in the treatment given to each case presented. When we take on a case, we commit ourselves 100%, which is why we have built a wide variety of services that are available when you need them most, where we include better procedures, as well as efficient responses that help to generate peace of mind for each client, this is the level of our commitment.

Both a business investigation, as well as one for individuals, is carried out with a striking level of professionalism, everything is about considering and putting oneself in the place of each type of client, because without a doubt, each area manifests its own needs and a vision is needed. expert in that area to act. The trick lies in reaching a greater degree of specialization as time goes by, this is about being in a permanent search to offer a better service at all times, strengthening the procedures as well as the execution of different investigations hand in hand. of the most prepared.

We have a tactical and technical capacity, because it is the best way to carry out private investigation efficiently, for this reason we take care of reinforcing each investigation process, this gives each client the satisfaction of finding convincing answers through evidence that away from any deception.

The best parameters to carry out private investigation is to have Grupo Arga since as a detective agency we are in charge of having the best services in each area, where effective tools are developed in a timely manner with a distinguished operation on each type of investigation. We create an excellent service standard for each problem, there is no doubt about the function that private investigation currently has, because they currently analyze each case with the best trained in each area, maintaining a dedication and commitment work acting as an intermediary between The search of the truth.

In everyday life, different scenarios are presented that can be covered with the intervention of private investigation, where we respond under a series of first-level processes, in addition to being supported through a budget, so you will not have to worry anymore. that we handle the best rates. Within each service area we take care of imparting a grain of professional sand, addressing the problems of users by mastering different sectors after a simple contract, which ensures you different answers in the same place, applying as a detective agency made to order the measure of your needs.

For each time we impose an effective response, without restriction of the area in question, where we adjust an optimal budget that allows you to have this type of professional support that defends you in any circumstance, no expensive investigation is required, everything is to the extent of the difficulties presented by the case. The level of response and security that we issue from Grupo Arga is exceptional, because we respond clearly to everything thanks to the best professional judgment of each of our agents, because private investigation is a passion clearly demonstrated throughout our years of experience. .

The private investigation market is identified by our services, where we demonstrate quality in each area, since this is the best way to guarantee great results, since we owe it to each client, thinking about their causes, that we expose a better attention on the different areas with the best professional vision. It is necessary to act with caution in each situation that arises, therefore, regardless of the subject of private investigation, we guarantee you to ensure discretion, all your data is safe during this professional exercise, so that you can count on evidence and anonymity. of each investigation that allows you to do justice.

Our Grupo Arga detective agency is in charge of offering the best private investigation service, ensuring at all times to comply with the guarantee standards, starting with legal validity, as well as the discretion to present forceful results without alerting those involved. . It is all due to the experience that identifies us as a first-rate detective agency, thanks to the fact that we have diversified the areas of attention to adapt to each type of investigation that arises in the midst of the requests of each client, in this way we We take care of responding to the needs of this market.

Once you go through a situation in which you need the intervention of a private detective, you can have a free consultation, where you can find out how your problems can be solved through the areas of specialization that we have for you. Grupo Arga’s commitment has always been marked on dominating the private investigation market, for this it is necessary to provide guarantees, which arise from the training that can be received over time, to understand the best way to proceed before each case that arises.

The high points of traditional research are monitoring and surveillance, which has evolved to a technological level that allows investigating every aspect of this new source of information such as devices, for Grupo Arga it is essential to respond to this type of circumstance as well . While there is greater evolution within our different services, we can provide solutions on the family, work, computer, business and other levels, each one under the guarantees of professionalism, where the actions are in accordance with the demands of the case, which are answered under issuance of the final report.



The location of useful and proven information are part of the virtues of our services, we have experts for all kinds of problems, even the search for people is included in the professional action, which ends up throwing a report with each of the findings. The results provided by our private detectives are true, all thanks to the fact that they go through an arduous verification process, as is also obtained by specialists within that specific area, this allows us to reach bold solutions faster and stand out within the needs. of customers.Within the professional actions that we issue, are the electronic sweeps, this type of service frees any space from the threat of espionage, which is not of minor importance when technology has become the owner of each space and your privacy can be reached. to compromise after any oversight.

When you want to get out of your problems, and place your trust in private investigation, our private detectives provide you with loyal support for your cause at all times, in addition to all this service is provided through the best market price, without giving up that high dose of professionalism that defines us. The skills possessed by our detectives are due to strict training, but also to a tireless desire to improve by serving more people, because private investigation is an instrument that can be taken advantage of in an important way by taking care of your private life, as also when discovering the truth.

As a detective agency we have established ourselves legally to respond as a company that watches over the rights of each client, especially when our professionals take charge of searching for the evidence you need, we contribute with the best service within private investigation. To have your problems covered and discover the truth, you need professional follow-up from Grupo Arga, where you can talk calmly about your case, since our agents receive you with a totally empathic treatment so that you feel full of confidence and consult each of the incidences of your case.

On any topic, we have a hierarchical level of response, so when you contact our professionals, you have the best reception, where in addition to everything, during the course of the private investigation we manage to extend the guarantees of handling any data with discretion and absolute professionalism. When you trust Grupo Arga, you have the satisfaction of not being judged, much less, thinking of hiring the services of our private detectives becomes a success, because we can get to solve different problems that prevail within life itself, regardless of the area in which they occur.Once you consult with our services, you find yourself with special advice, because the need to resolve a situation causes stress, but in order to better manage the situation, you will have the answer from our experts in different subjects who are at your disposal.

The private investigation sector is well attended by Grupo Arga, case after case, we focus on improving each field of investigation, therefore the success of a case is at the same time a triumph for our company to continue growing. , there is no greater pleasure than helping a large number of people. For each of the incidents or problems presented by clients, we have a professional team, which dominates each discipline or area it covers, to be available for all kinds of circumstances that are a necessity today, so you can consult with freedom, the availability of our services.

Traditionally one of the most demanded private investigation services was that of infidelities, but over time, as the attention of this profession extended, it was postulated as a solution in the face of each adversity, this indicates a clear conversion or transformation of this area. as a tool for you. Private investigation deserves professional representation, because its exercise cannot be carried out by just anyone, within the information gathering process it is required to be stealthy and above all to respect the margin of the law at all times, for this reason when you go for our services you get nothing less.

Any slight suspicion of your sixth sense must be addressed when investigating, because it can hide a clear reality of deception, but you will not know until you really collect convincing evidence, through our professional attention you receive all the advice from our private detectives . When your problems come into contact with our professionals, we take care of exercising the best reading on it, to develop an action plan tailored to the circumstances, this is the guarantee of obtaining evidence and that it is a real and possible to cover, without false expectations.



For each case there is a specific and real solution, this is what gives you the peace of mind you need, because private investigation is capable of reaching where other tools cannot, which is why it has become a much more demanded service at the same rate of time, and with the prominent role of our private detectives.



For the different problems that arise in the midst of society, at Grupo Arga we seek a strategy that identifies us as the experts in each field, and in addition to offering incredible prices so that you cannot give up the benefits of private investigation, where we adjust to each case condition. You cannot feel fear when facing any circumstance, you need a professional vision to analyze your case, before making any hasty presumption, when we have access to the data of your situation, we take care of exercising the special actions that are compatible with the demands of the case.

On the other hand, we have the economic advantage of adapting to your budget, this allows your needs to be covered and you can carefully analyze the processes to be carried out to get to the bottom of the truth, which always represents an effective investment so that you feel calm. Your questions will be resolved with the actions and skills that are found within the behavior of each private detective, where we can provide a quick and proven response, satisfying your needs in the shortest possible time, with the hiring of our services, you are free from worries .

Once you contact our services, we take care of showing you each of the service areas that we have for you, at Grupo Arga we are committed to studying your case from the first moment, where each case is revealed by obtaining convincing data obtained after knowledge and experience. Throughout the Spanish territory, we postulate our services as part of an extension of care, because we want to address the concerns of a greater number of people and grow progressively, each investigation is led by a group of experts from each area.

Each one of our agents has a license, complies with the requirements imposed by law so that each step is exercised to the best of their ability, this is what grants a clean investigation development, we owe ourselves to each client that hires us and to obtaining of information based on the possibilities of all cases.

The field of action of a private detective is becoming stronger every day, but everything starts from the request for services, where key questions are asked to obtain more information from each client, since these are the exceptional starting points. to dig deeper. We are punctual within the exercise of private investigation, because the intention is to provide evidence in the shortest possible time, in a punctual manner our private detectives are in charge of covering the objectives that have been established within the action plan as part of the initial analysis.

There are plenty of reasons to apply as a private investigation resource that pursues excellence, especially when we have been awarded within the exercise of these activities, we guide each fact towards permanent surveillance, responding to the requests of each client. Each operation that is executed within the private investigation, arises under the domain that is born from the knowledge of our private detectives, which are applied to speed up all the procedures that are present within this process, for this reason a hiring of our services it is an advantage for you.

Information search tasks are a reality through the advantages that Grupo Arga provides you, where we analyze each panorama or scenario to be analyzed in depth, this is the capacity that everything is generated based on training and the passion to attend to each case. as if it were a personal cause. When a case is presented to us, we seek to analyze the most efficient outputs to execute, because this ultimately contributes to obtaining and presenting defined evidence, which will change the course of any case, because they are explanatory and end up revealing each one of the characteristics present in the investigation.

In the midst of collecting information, we make an effort and apply the best tools in the field, because this is the fastest and most effective way, if you want real evidence, there is not much to think about, at Grupo Arga we offer you a clear solution, we We provide solutions and support at all times. More than a service, we strengthen a professional alliance where we can analyze each of the problems that threaten your peace of mind, under which the resolution of suspected infidelities, computer fraud, labor, location of people, and all kinds of events where necessary stand out. prove the truth.



The demand for private investigation has arisen thanks to the different solutions it provides, since regardless of whether it is a labor, business, IT, or personal issue, all of these can be covered by the services of Grupo Arga, because it has top notch private investigators. In this way, when an incident arises, you should only go to Grupo Arga where there are plenty of techniques to solve these adversities, especially with the function or the key element such as discretion, this value is a vision that allows you to closely monitor each finding, you need to explore what these services do for you.

Grupo Arga’s demonstration of value is convincing, as they have an extensive service area that manages to provide you with the solutions that your case needs, all thanks to the training that each of the private investigators has, to issue and support the search for the truth. Quick responses to current events and crimes are obtained after an immense use of accessories and tools, which are managed by experts who guide you throughout the investigation process, because what you want is to have a quick response after every problem by uncovering the truth.

To seek the truth, only a good private investigator is required, especially with a detective agency that covers a large number of specialties. At Grupo Arga, measures are prepared to respond to each case, because the purpose is for our detectives to find the truth. what do you need. Increasingly establishing an investigation is more important to get to the bottom of any deception, what this service sector can do for you is to dismantle all kinds of events or damages built on lies, everything can be filled with greater lucidity and forcefulness thanks to the discoveries of private investigators.





The forensic character that is kept alive within each investigation, imparts results that serve as a first level evidentiary instrument, which in turn causes a full legal process to be carried out, as well as to avoid it, since With solid evidence you can reach or reach an agreement that benefits you completely. At the end of the investigation of a case, it is possible to put an end to all kinds of deception, and without alerting those involved, because each case and the elements involved are analyzed discreetly so that everything comes out according to what was agreed upon, which is exactly what was promised after the completion of each case.

Today a private investigator is a fundamental pillar to have contact with reality, since you find out directly what your partner, your employees, and what happens with your mobile devices, all this is defended by the spirit persistent that inhabits each private detective for offering the truth.

The investigation processes that are within the professional practice of Grupo Arga, generate an important relief for those situations in which you need to discover and confirm some truth, for this reason their attention is considered with the moment through which each client goes through an adversity. . The progress of the actions of our private investigators is due to a complete training in all the fields currently required, especially with regard to technology, where support and assistance can be provided through the internet, by receiving and schedule each of the requests.

When a private investigation is initiated or understood, there is a great possibility of success based on the effectiveness of this service sector, where the best information about your case is always at your disposal, and above all, a timely care plan that covers each one of the incidents that are present. The best way for Grupo Arga Detectives to stand out is through the guarantee of each service, but also ensuring that information is obtained in a real way, that is, without false promises, much less with an economic investment that does not bear fruit, within this agency comes up with a transparent and honest answer.Today there are many sources of information to reveal events, one of the most outstanding is through the internet where there is an immensity of data that can be used in favor or convenience of the case to provide the answers that correspond to your concern in the shortest possible time. The rigor of searching for information under professional means is a unique quality for Grupo Arga, because it generates the evidence you need, but without failing to respect the respective means of obtaining it so that it is valid for any entity or claim that you have about them, seeking deliver justice through truth.

The conformation of evidence through emails, monitoring and surveillance, is a quick way to get to the bottom of a matter, as well as being appraised through a realistic budget, this is what provides the greatest comfort because sometimes presupposes private investigation as costly. Every case with its own difficulties is analyzed as it deserves, that applies to the investigation processes, as well as the cost, since in Grupo Arga the care of this profession is structured to respond permanently, with a service proposal that It adapts to what each client is looking for.

The categories of services offered within Grupo Arga are studied as an unconditional support to cover every concern that a client presents, we seek to deal with all current issues that can be resolved through active research, and we strengthen the skills of our private investigators. The improvement for each service that is given within our detective agency, reaffirms the firm intention of being part of the solution of the problems of many people, for this reason it is necessary that you expose your case before a simple consultation, so that you find yourself with a professional offer about your situation.

In addition, you must take into account that you always act under legal impositions, so any type of evidence is conclusive, so when exercising this type of function you must be really meticulous, especially in the different types of cases where each one has his own sensitivity. When you go to professional private detectives you receive modern help, since they are specialized in each area in which they interact, by thinking of Grupo Arga you can immediately guarantee that you will be treated by the best experts to respond to your specific situation.



A service such as private investigation is mainly based on refining each method to search for information, which is why Grupo Arga can cover different problems, being a broad service provision for any need that arises from customers. To speed up any search, it is necessary to have references within private investigation such as Grupo Arga, where you can calmly unburden yourself, since our group of experts work with a marked sense of empathy, to put themselves in your place at all times, and respond with professional operations. Over time, Grupo Arga has established itself as a solution through the wide margin of success within each case assumed, this is what is offered for each corner of the Spanish territory, because assistance at a general level seeks to be the main ally when there is a latent situation of deception or lack of affirmation.

The key ingredient that defines the virtues of our private investigators is the tenacity to seek the truth above all else, always respecting the legal margin and protecting the author or promoter of private investigation, because discretion within this process becomes even a necessity for some customers. The fulfillment of each case can be taken for granted, when your situation has been analyzed and has an action plan, since that means that there is a real possibility of finding information by carrying out a specific investigation process, for this reason this task of investing to find the truth is extremely profitable.

By requesting the assistance and accompaniment of our private detectives, you receive a transparent investigation, where the best skills can be applied and exercised by each detective, it is essential to have this type of skills because it is a way to protect the satisfaction of closing each case with success and forcefulness. The opportunities found on private investigation are interesting, because it has been evolving at the same pace as modern needs, it went from being a simple follow-up to passionate topics, but rather a tool to protect your privacy and in turn test information and events within each domain.

When making a contract through Grupo Arga, you have a clear solution on infidelities, any kind of investigation of a family nature, as well as in the labor field, it has even been decisive for the search for people, even taking over the electronic plane. Every time in Spain people become more familiar with the new services and utilities of private investigation, which causes our private investigators to be sued, and given this need, our services are postulated as your best ally to get out of all kinds of doubts. .



The solutions of any case cause our professionals to enjoy greater experience, and this causes them to know how to respond to the problems you raise, for this reason they obtain a first-rate assessment for each person who comes for help, where the fundamental pillar of commitment for the cause received.

The way in which to approach a case is understood and traced 100% by Grupo Arga, so that each situation has the best professional management that can be invested, to take into account all the details that appear as variants, especially within of a personal case. The demonstration of preparation and timely response, is reflected by the amount of utilities that we have, so as not to deny any request for service, but quite the opposite, to have satisfaction and security above adversities, this is what the field that we exercise of private investigation.

The occupation of our private investigators is to watch over each of the events that occur in the most crowded or requested areas, for this reason we can affirm that the best experts will take charge of what overwhelms you so much, being an ideal option to calm your concerns. In the same way, you can trust each member of our team, since they are chosen under a rigorous selection that allows us to guarantee that we are a competent agency for each of the needs, which are covered with first-level exams and processes, to please each client.



The role of Grupo Arga is incredible because it will always carry out actions for you that lead to the unveiling of the truth, which is obtained through different means and even the technological ones that speed up all the conventional procedures, this is what makes us as a detective agency we can stand out The search for information is your main backup in the face of so many scams that are committed today, this service is a quick tool that allows you to find the answers you need, which is why it acquires more and more value as a special utility to get out of trouble. any problems.

Private investigation services are in demand for their infinity of virtues, since they provide convincing data in the event of all kinds of deception, among which infidelities, computer fraud, fraudulent discharges, and even the location of people stand out, all these intrigues are resolved by inquiry. Through Grupo Arga you get a complete service area to seek the truth in any situation, all thanks to the fact that each of its private detectives is prepared to take on each case of their specialty, this is what defines an exclusive service to avoid of any deception or problem.

The achievement of the private investigation becomes the revelation of an adverse situation, because in Grupo Arga there is a clear understanding of what it feels like to go through a concern or a doubt, especially when it compromises your emotional tranquility, as well as the financial issue. , that is, it becomes a big headache. But these problems can change completely when you receive in your hands the evidence of what is happening, so the offer to undertake a private investigation becomes a higher necessity, especially through a convincing fee depending on the level of difficulty that it presents. the case.

Personalized work regardless of the circumstances that concern you, obtain solutions when you trust a detective agency full of experts, who have a license endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior, for this reason it is a professional response that will be at the same height of your needs. When a private investigation is completed, a complete final report is issued containing all the details of the situation you are going through, it has legal relevance, so you can freely present it as a highly valuable evidentiary instrument, all thanks to the training of detectives as well as the forensic character.

The truth is emitted when you hire specialized services, this is what fully represents Grupo Arga where your objectives are a priority for each of the private detectives, who carry out very exhaustive investigation processes, this not only clarifies your situation, but it allows you to make decisions about it. The work of a private detective is reduced to seeking the truth of each matter, under effective methods, because they have a previous level of experience in the field they work every day, so carrying out this type of contract protects you from any inconvenience that is deteriorating your quality of life. The advantage of having Grupo Arga is that they have a variety of capable detectives, in a single case different experts can intervene to discover the truth much faster, in addition to taking on all kinds of cases without limitation, this is what that benefits each client, for expertly executing each process.



While a private investigation is being explored with state-of-the-art techniques, you obtain data with greater precision, this is exactly what Grupo Arga has, an efficient handling of your case with the best utilities, because these in turn speed up each process so that you limit the concerns thanks to the virtues of this profession. Each specialized investigation has the power to become your best ally, a resource to determine the truth, under the performance of a first level job, where you end up with ratified information, being a guarantee to fight for your rights, and above all everything to defend the truth in any situation.

It is all about thinking about the importance of the information you want to obtain, if it is of a higher level, it is necessary for a true professional to take charge, at the same level as the solution you want to find for your life in any field, in this sense Grupo Arga is positioned as a detective agency with the best investigations. By making the decision to leave everything in the hands of these experts, you get evidence that gives meaning to everything, they become an illusion of a quality service, because you quickly discover that infidelity, labor fraud, electronic espionage, any type of event that you worry

The details that are revealed through the work of Grupo Arga are precise, you get to have contact with hours, locations, graphic material such as images, and others, this is part of the persistence of private detectives who focus on protecting even the smallest detail. that occurs, following due process at all times. Each investigative task has a personalized strategy, because when you go to a consultation, the private detectives immediately set themselves the goal of establishing the best action plan that is convenient to carry out for your well-being, this is the optimal response that each client obtains and deserves when you trust Grupo Arga. An authentic private investigation quality service is one that accompanies you in every problem, it seeks to make you feel good at all times because there is a real possibility of providing you with verified information, because that is the best successful culmination that a case can go through. until the worries end.

The connection that is generated with private detectives from the first moment in which you report your problems has a lot to do with that belonging, that empathy for seeing your problems as something personal to look for the most appropriate professional solution, therefore when receiving a case becomes a compromise. With an emotional charge such as going through a deception, each private detective who attends to your case attends to you under the best ethics and the training he has works for you as peace of mind, knowing that you are in the best hands of this environment, what is done possible to control your emotions and respond with decisive actions.

Different details are linked to a case, each one must be thoroughly investigated to determine what is really happening, this is possible thanks to the outstanding expertise of each of Grupo Arga’s private detectives, who detect the type of deception that It comes from your experience. In the end, the quality is noticeable within the decision-making of private detectives, since it frames the physical scenario, along with their knowledge to discover in what type of scenario it occurs, that is, if it is an infidelity, the focus to investigate it is the work or the frequented places, the same happens in another class of problems.

The progress within each investigation marks the true power that this profession possesses, which is responsible for analyzing each case received with an authentic vision, where the patterns of the people or the facts involved are studied to reach the expected conclusions through irrefutable evidence. Detect methods and ways of finding information, it is just the smell that a quality private detective develops, where progress is made in the investigation of each detail, this is called a special ability that is acquired after a remarkable training which already claims to have assumed half success on the case. All kinds of answers that you request, obtain a great representation because from the moment you trust Grupo Arga, we seek to take into account each of the factors that influence within the case to act at the same pace that the situation demands, but above all under the traits of discretion.

The strategic models that Grupo Arga applies within each case is special, because each action is part of the controversy and is analyzed in detail, so that each process is responsible for revealing that deception on which you live, being a way of living unhealthy because it only generates anxiety. By exercising this type of services with experts you free yourself from any concern, because the means are made easier to collect the information that is needed, and in turn present it in a timely manner, because the means are strengthened with more tools and knowledge that drive unmasking. any deception.

Grupo Arga is only required to take care of your situation, above all because they promote the best action plan adjusted to the circumstances, as well as to your economic capacities, for this reason each agent pursues a broad commitment to help each client that requires it. The delivery behind each case is what this detective agency defines as a comprehensive way to solve your problems, in addition to postulating itself as a useful service for society where these measures can be circumvented and shortened under professional methods that are increasingly most demanded by society.





The authentic leaders within the investigation process are evaluated through the acquisition of knowledge, and this area Grupo Arga is concerned with gaining more and more skills to respond to the cases that arise every day, the search for information has been facilitated with modern methods and in the shortest possible time.

The display of attention that a detective agency of this size issues is evident not only by its training, but also by its 24-hour availability to schedule any type of request within the priorities of these capable agents, because only the desire to serve The passion with which private investigation is carried out, also helps to not view any case as complex, all are presented as a challenge to follow to give a sample of the preparation that each agent maintains when dealing with a case, each one receives the best care by the specialist in that field.

The representation of a private detective is a success to identify the necessary evidence that supports any truth, in the Spanish territory the services and the offer of Grupo Arga predominate for a long time, thanks to the great work that is carried out within each cause, that is to say all the necessary assistance to solve any doubt.

The facts are only clarified when compelling evidence is presented, otherwise they only become assumptions which leads to more problems, which is why the definition of a private detective is versatile today, but still retains that trait of discretion that motivates more people to trust this route. The fulfillment of each objective established after each case is a victory not only for the detective agency, but also for the discovery of the truth, so when you require the help of a private detective to respond to so many causes that concern you, you get a strong response after each case.

The exercise of private investigation demands a great deal of caution, during each step of the work in the case, the only thing that is sought is to ensure the tranquility of the client by issuing evidence that clarifies what is happening, therefore, as they are so valuable, it is necessary to be cautious in each case. next step, this is covered by a professional team like Grupo Arga.

The opportunities to find the truth are found under the acts of capable private detectives, that is why through this detective agency you get support in case of any suspicion of infidelity, work events, location of people, and even coverage of the computer sector. In many cases or problems, the virtues of Grupo Arga’s private detectives in Madrid are in charge not only of seeking the truth, but of advising you so that you make the right decision, because in the end the work is carried out for the benefit at all times. to the clients.




         Living calmer is being able to ensure your emotional stability, but above all not allowing a visible deception to exist within your life, once you are a victim of it, what corresponds is to act on time, with the hiring of  private detectives Madrid you get tests of great value in any plane. In every corner of Spain, we extend our services as a latent opportunity, to be available whenever necessary, when necessary, in this way Grupo Arga complies with the values ​​of being unconditional, efficient and attentive to the needs of each client.

There is no big or small problem for our private investigators, we provide all of them with the greatest possible dedication, with a personalized response on time, which ends up being changed and materialized by consistent results, with evidence that has been previously ratified for you to use. as it suits you. In contracting our services, there is the hope of putting an end to each problem, we understand this and we comply at all times with the legal requirements, both to exercise and to extract the information that the client needs, everything is coordinated for the end obtain valuable data that take care of your legal situation.

You cannot leave those who have crossed the margin of the law under total impunity, but go in search of that information that helps you to reverse your situation in your favor, with proof the whole panorama changes completely, honesty and good sense is let the experts be responsible for searching for each piece of evidence. Doubts must be completely disproved with convincing information, which requires special processing, this treatment can only be exercised by experts on the subject, no one knows better the subject of seeking information than a private investigator, instead of you having to fall into some physical exertion and go through legal consequences.

All the complications are saved when you let this be carried out by specialists, because on several occasions we support lawyers, as well as draw a direct line on the forensic methods that traditional justice performs, to use the same techniques, for them our tests. they are of great value. When there is so much deception, you only see enemies everywhere, anxiety grows every moment, and the only way to respond is to show what you feel is happening, to really base yourself on events that are ratified, so you don’t have to worry for no reason.

The legal support that a test requires, we exercise it by knowing what needs to be done, in addition to being intelligent when exercising a strategy that leads you directly to the evidence that changes the case to your benefit, we are attentive to each incident that occurs within of your requirement and we even provide you with legal advice.





Hiring a private detective can be both a great solution and a sea of ​​uncertainty for many. To avoid this situation, you can always contact us, since at Grupo Arga we are pleased to seek an effective response to your problems through our approach as extensive. The possibility of having our  private detectives Madrid  is in your hands at all times, especially since we have an extension of the service to every corner of Spain, as well as internationally, and with a wide variety of specialists so as not to give up no cause.



At the moment in which different circumstances arise where so many doubts are planted in you, surely you do not know what is the best decision to discover the truth, which is always just a click away or a call, because in Group Arga we have a large number of alternatives. Our  Madrid private detectives  are in charge of putting together a wide offer for the development of private investigation, with experts from the family, commercial, labor and even computer fields, this variety of coverage in each area is what guarantees you always find a solution after our services.

There is no doubt that when a trace of infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, espionage activities, or some other scenario appears, the best decision that remains to be made is focused on our private investigators, with whom you can count without as much paperwork as you imagine, a Once you tell us about your problems, everything starts. After the initial interview we seek to empathize for a greater vision within the case, after the respective action plan is formed, you can approve it or not under a fair budget, our prices are cheap compared to the quality we provide, it ends up being an investment for your tranquility.

From this point of view, we end up being your allies to collect that information that you need so much, you cannot walk away from our actions or professional offer just for fear of the economic estimate, it is much more expensive for you to continue living with the deception without noticing it or without certainties of the same. Instead of having to go through this kind of situation, you can respond with the help of private investigation, which we carry out with great pleasure, we dedicate ourselves to your case because it is part of the commitment of this profession, prices and rates will end up being an unimportant procedure after our results.

What is important or distinctive about our service is its quality, but also that important training to respond to different causes, because each of our specialists has a license to practice, this allows us to have a level of knowledge that in another agency of detectives do not offer you. At the first contact or suspicion of a deception, you will only have to contact us, to have access to this offer, which is thought and designed to put aside your concerns, as well as combat deception, we focus on those evidences that your case needs for prompt resolution.

The function of a private detective extends in every way to a much more diversified plane, this occurs thanks to a great training that we exercise, this places us at the top within the other alternatives, if you require a professional intervention you only have to think of Grupo Arga. Our  private detectives Madrid  defend your cause with the greatest concentration, and application of forensic techniques that are essential for the integrity of the evidence, especially when there is a legal aspiration involved, therefore this role cannot be exercised by anyone within the search for truth.

The world of private investigation needs a response to match, but above all on time, so we do not extend your concerns, but the action plan is launched as soon as the contract is made, so there are plenty of reasons to carry out this contracting and thus have this evidence soon. In this environment, it is required to operate with a license, this type of headache disappears after a reasonable price, the intention is not to increase your concern, but to look for an alternative that fits with the scenario witnessed, the study by the private investigator ends being the impulse to reach the truth.

A truth without proof will only end up being an assumption or your word put into question, so when making this contract we offer you enough evidence that cannot be denied, but through which you can do justice at all times. This possibility is only provided by our experts, it is a decision that you will not regret but on the contrary, you will have solutions that will help you reverse adversity, this is evidenced by the awards we have received after years of dedication and passion to demonstrate the truth.

Over time we have contributed to this expansion of private investigation, as well as to remain at the forefront of these services, because it is basically about being available to the current needs of each client, we maintain this type of approach year after year. year. There is no doubt, with the help of Grupo Arga you will be able to put aside those doubts that only serve to generate headaches, we intend that the figure of the private detective remains at the top, we ensure your peace of mind, this investment ends up bringing you closer to the bottom of an issue that can grow more, if we do not inquire about it.

Regardless of what it is, do not stop, we seek to help you through a wide variety of specialties, for this reason we want to keep our offer updated, the main motivation is to think and have a sense of belonging for each cause received by a client. Grupo Arga’s rates end up being flexible, we prioritize quality, and also fair compensation for the application and mastery of different techniques that help you have important findings within your case, everything ends up being a sum of efforts for you.

As we treat each case, we gain much more experience that drives us to give our best, so you can be sure that each rate is estimated fairly, to compensate for the process or technique to be implemented, ensuring that both parties end up satisfied. the success of the case is part of our success. In other words, by solving your personal situation, you end up eliminating from the root that concern that does not let you be calm, we contribute from the emotional as well as economic level, we offer you a wide coverage when searching for the truth, regardless of the problem that has arisen, We respond with forceful actions.The evidence that we provide you ends up being reliable, you will not be able to limit yourself when using or presenting it, but quite the opposite, you obtain the freedom to use its legal validity within any cause, everything is due to the forensic analysis that we use for its processing, therefore is that hiring becomes necessary.





At Grupo Arga we offer you incredible rates that you will not find in another detective agency, especially without giving up that proportion of quality, that is proven after a remarkable margin of success in the years that we have carried out this work, under a promise to comply with each real objective, without instilling any false expectations, much less. We agree with the claims imposed from the problem raised, from this communication we made a precise action plan that helps us obtain more evidence, it is a really precise path that ends up attracting reliable results, legally ratified to present them in legal instances.

Prices do not represent a problem, quite the contrary, they are an opportunity to access a special offer, we contemplate different areas and specialties attended by professionals, that is, they are not left to neglect, we make available the greatest possible human talent and vocation. By inverting these elements, the profession of seeking the truth becomes much more decisive but above all effective, we take care of covering the functions with a high level, so you can make the respective contract without the slightest doubt, we focus at all times is bring about the best results.

Obtaining evidence becomes essential to demonstrate different versions of reality, bringing to you that certainty that helps you discover if you are experiencing infidelity, fraudulent sick leave, knowing the whereabouts of a person, among all kinds of situations that call into question a truth. The love for research innovation defines us, because we seek to impose a pure specialty through our offer, we are here for everything you need, through these professional actions we make a difference, it is not necessary to worry anymore, especially when there are an affordable price.

The service proposal that we offer you at Grupo Arga is an expansion to take advantage of, since in one place you will find different means to find the truth, combining different skills in the field with the help of forensic techniques, forming a final opinion of great aid. Undertaking the hiring of a private investigator always represents your best alternative, at Grupo Arga we invest first-rate tools that drive us to obtain more accurate data, our  Madrid private detectives  are responsible for leading you to important discoveries about that problem that torments you.

The diagnosis of a situation is provided by the evidence, so you should always have an appointment pending with the benefits of private investigation, precisely through our services you get the best care and professional action to perform our functions with total freedom. The final outcome of the private investigation is in charge of leaving behind all those problems of immense doubts, which can only be eradicated with forceful facts, these end up speaking more than any other explanation, that is why by obtaining evidence you receive justice about your case.

Within different types of concerns, the intervention of a private detective is urgent in advance, when it is understood by clients, they end up trusting in advance the virtues of their actions, your peace of mind cannot be put at risk, quite the opposite, hire us to overcome those challenges in advance. The issue of estimation and budget ends up being a reference on the processes to be implemented, being the ones that will end up propitiating that information, a necessary path for a wonderful and beneficial end for you, it ends up reversing a whole problem in your favor.

The true face of the tranquility caused by private investigation is reflected on that feeling of satisfaction, of being about to have in your hands evidence that you can use according to your preference, what we intend is to make that desire to put aside come true. the negative consequences of cheating. As private detectives we focus on collecting valuable evidence, regardless of the type of problem that arises, we respond with a remarkable vocation, so when making any type of contract you can be sure that in the end you get evidence that will serve you in all planes or scenarios.

We put ourselves in your position to understand the incidents, in this way we draw up a true personalized plan, we put in the first place those concerns that you obtain a solution through that professional commitment that is marked as the years go by, this experience ends up being used to your favor The values ​​within the trajectory of our services drive us to make the development of each case something perfect, that is, we seek to respond to all kinds of complexities, by having training and a high level of knowledge to have greater skill in dealing with what that the case requires.Without waiting or hesitation for the contracting price of exercising private investigation will be the least of your worries, especially when we have an exclusive offer, which year after year is improved for the satisfaction of those personal, commercial, labor concerns and even informatics.

The best  free-budget private detectives  are those who can make the best sense of solving a particular problem where an investigative action is required, in this way the activities carried out by Grupo Arga are undoubtedly in favor of development in the shortest time. possible. possible research case with the best evidence. At Grupo Arga Detectives, our  free estimate private detectives  are the ones who take pride in executing an investigation that can promote the best sense of response to all our clients, which is why the execution of these aspects undoubtedly generate the best sense of resolution for any client interested in this type of activities.



When you find yourself in need of quality private detectives, but you are afraid to ask because of the price at which their services are estimated, this disappears when you choose Grupo Arga, where we settle as a detective agency with prices at your fingertips at all times. On the other hand, there is the attraction that we have a large number of service areas at your disposal, these end up encouraging you to think about depositing your problems within our services, since they end up becoming a fair investment because we comply with your requirements and expectations.

When choosing a detective agency, you need to have its promise of compliance, that is to say that in the end this service is postulated as a faithful guarantee, therefore, to have as many details and evidence as possible, you need to hire Grupo Arga in exchange for an exceptional rate for you. Through our services we take care of benefiting each client with the demonstration of the truth, for this we use the best investigation techniques that are available within this sector, where each case obtains a personalized evaluation to determine the indicated budget.

An optimal way to reveal any situation is through the virtues of our private detectives in Madrid, who develop a whole path towards revealing the truth, and it is presented through a highly verified final report, this in the end generates the freedom to use them before a legal entity. To get to determine the price of your case, you can go for a free consultation, where a clear communication with the client is developed, to get to have the fair details of the case that allow you to analyze the magnitude of the case and thus locate the price of investigation according to the number of processes to be exercised.

The processes within the investigation are the ones that ultimately determine the cost of carrying out your case, these are to the same extent as your difficulties, while you find yourself confronting a complex case, more professional actions will be needed to get to the bottom of the truth with solid evidence. At the beginning, each situation receives a hypothesis and an analysis, which precisely measure the viability of the case, because the prices are located under the reality of the context to be investigated, for no reason are false expectations imparted, for this reason you can count on Grupo Arga to answer you always with transparency in any case.The best thing of all is that when you communicate your concerns to us, they are attended to under a level of empathy that really connects us with the client and the case, this also helps to determine a resolution of the case, and likewise the budget that can be adjusted to your needs.



The investigations carried out through Grupo Arga are postulated through a highly accessible price, these are priced under a flexible position to be available for all kinds of needs, for this reason we become a detective agency chosen for any problem that arises Present. The level of research that we carry out within Grupo Arga is maximum, everything is because quality is not waived despite the price, this causes each service to be appreciated by customers who need to have this tool that leads you to the search for the truth, as well as under the action of doing justice.

We articulate a set of activities that allow us to get to the bottom of each situation, since this allows us to achieve the expected results, this leads to meeting each expectation presented by clients, all thanks to innovative techniques that produce a direct path to disclosure. of the truth. Management by Grupo Arga helps to ensure that obtaining information is not as costly as you expect, especially with specialized support that is responsible for thinking of the customer first, because the main thing is to prioritize the resolution of each case without be seen as an unattainable fact.

Our detective agents have a distinguished preparation and organization, in addition their actions are supported by the training received, therefore the investment guarantees that you discover the evidence you need in the shortest possible time, therefore only in this sense is it worth betting by Arga Group.

The adaptation by our agents to each case is empathic, since this is the determination you need to face your problems, for which we have structured different processes that allow us to address any type of complexity, therefore we can respond to each challenge that is presented to us. In the face of each requirement, we follow the impositions of the law at all times, this is an authentic sample of ethics that allows us to offer a first-class performance, through an opportunity price, for this reason we assume the work of private detectives in Spain and we We take care of imparting the best results.

At Grupo Arga we have established a special attention plan, because we are dedicated to covering personal, labor, business, computer problems and other areas, through experts in these areas who are in charge of developing highly innovative research processes, which help to be your best alternative. Executing an investigation process with the best expertise does not imply an exaggerated expense for you, once you need to carry out this type of operation, you will be able to consult any kind of situation under the guidance of our private detectives, who carry out a free first consultation so that you have the opportunity to communicate your situation.

We promote a clear decision not to be overcome by problems, but rather to concentrate on solving them as soon as possible, without being limited by money, much less, since through Grupo Arga you find a series of services available to you, in exchange of an extremely attractive rate that generates calm. Reconstructing the facts of a case is part of the mission that we carry out through our private detectives, who carry out their functions with great distinction, which help each case pursue a high level of resolution, regardless of the area on which it deals. the situation because we have the best mechanisms to respond. We link each of our private investigations to a clear response as recurring support, in addition to thinking at all times about the type of client involved, we have special rates set for each investigation process to be carried out, this is a first-class response level to meet your needs.

The pattern of professional services that we establish is exceptional, because it gives you the opportunity to develop all kinds of investigations, and at the same time obtain specialized advice, since our response is high-level management to promote investigations effectively and economically. within each case. We implement for each case, a special technique that guarantees you to be under the attention of the best detective agency, you will not have to worry about the price because it is about your peace of mind at the end of the day, we also take care of being the best in what we do, above all under the passion that accompanies us.



It is feasible to investigate your problems through Grupo Arga because we have modern solution models, as well as professional treatment at all times, so that you feel well cared for and have the confidence to reach a prompt resolution of your case, because under the private investigation we exercise a comprehensive solution. The best detectives are under our detective agency with the conviction of helping you in the shortest possible time, all thanks to the fact that we put at your disposal data and culminating information that is linked in an attached way with your case, we postulate ourselves as your best resource in exchange for a simple investment.

The action of investigating for years has been associated with issues of infidelity, however this profession today covers more events to seek to respond to the same step of acquiring expert professionals on these matters, where we do not sacrifice quality for any reason, it goes from hand according to the type of case and your demands. Exercising a detailed investigation is feasible through Grupo Arga, where we represent you so that you are accompanied, and we present a clear solution with our action plan and a budget that ends up convincing you, especially when you can use the free consultation to know the scope of private investigation.

The execution of labor, personal, business, computer science and any other investigation is available to anyone who needs it, especially through a procedure that is worth every proportion or figure, in exchange for the implementation of a set of experts who will give their best to resolve your cause. The detection of the possibility of finding answers rests under the function of our private detectives, who are in charge of analyzing in depth each one of the details of the case, to visualize the processes and techniques that must be applied and in turn the estimation of the price of the same. The policy that we use within our services is that of a vocation of permanent availability, where each process is carried out by an expert, so that your feeling within the private investigation is that of being well covered and waiting to obtain the best results as are hard evidence.

The best private investigators are those resources that provide the best answers at any given time to their clients, this is done with the importance of successfully completing everything related to obtaining a first class service. A service that can provide the best results to all our clients implies the generation of various important logistical elements that are part of any investigation, in this sense it is necessary to emphasize that a client should not stop for the  Madrid detectives  that they can find.





The best private investigation service is the one that is at your entire disposal, which is why at Grupo Arga you can count on the best assistance for 24 hours, where we seek to establish the best service in every corner of Spain, all thanks to ambitious management to expand service areas. In addition to maintaining a great offer, at Grupo Arga we seek to improve each service to guarantee the expected results, which is why we cover each of the operations with the best expert personnel, because this is the best way to serve customers by scheduling their needs as priority.

After the trajectory of Grupo Arga we have sought to be better, because this is what has kept us at the top of customer preferences, where we can involve our private detectives as the main architects to reveal a clear resolution of the different situations that be present in society. When facing a case, we set in motion the best disposition within this area, where we have designed the best dynamics so that we can achieve the expected results, we become a useful resource to solve your problems and at the same time increase preference over the private investigation.

In each case, we take care of building the best possible solution, especially with the objective vision of providing a clear response, without creating false expectations of any kind, this is a great solid attention that we take care of managing as part of the passion that We are sorry for the collection of information at every moment. It is a great opportunity to bet on Grupo Arga, where you can find the best service areas, where we can design a clear response after the correct execution of the different operations that our private detectives can carry out, who offer you the reality of knowing the truth effectively. .



Each client that needs to get to the bottom of the truth, you only need to explore each situation with the observation of Grupo Arga specialists, where we have the specialized means to process any kind of situation, this gives us the ability for each client to obtain the data you need at the right time. We always ensure compliance with legal parameters, so when you bet on our services, you can count on a quality performance, you will have a private detective on your side to generate a timely response, trusting in their professional traits that are acquired After an arduous professional training.

When we visualize a case, we develop congruent hypotheses, which allow us to carry out an action plan that will cause you important benefits, the investigation pursues the best sense when it is represented by professionals, this is part of our mission, to leave a positive mark within private investigation.

Carrying out a personal, labor, business, computer, and other investigation becomes a reality through Grupo Arga, because you can always have a private investigator who is in charge of your situation, especially since they have a high degree of specialization. on that specific matter, being the best intervention. This demonstrates the important qualified personnel that we have to take care of your situation, which is why we are accompanied by a high percentage of resolution on any matter, the best of all is that it is carried out in the shortest possible time, because the sooner the data is determined, it will be better for your case.

A professional investigation is always worth investing in, because we have the ability to take on different responsibilities, which is why we take on clients of all kinds, where the business sector little by little becomes much more in demand for this type of service, all thanks to the fact that the private investigation is a comprehensive resource. We generate first level responses to each case, this is due to the level of expertise that is acquired under the best training, so we can be prepared for all kinds of demands, where we can determine the responsibility of any actor or criminal, as well as the confirmation of some event.

Before each client, we take care of expressing the best empathetic vision, because this helps us to issue highly valued advice, this is due to the broad level of dedication when covering a case, seeking to reach the ultimate consequences in order to demonstrate the truth, monitoring its veracity. In the same way we have positive testimonials from our clients that prove the effectiveness of our services, all thanks to the fact that the revelation of the truth has changed their lives completely, where our private detectives manage to organize themselves and work together in the best way. way to issue findings.

Once you count on the performance of Grupo Arga, you will feel that you are not alone, because behind each development we give you the best solution, until we become the best support you can receive when you find yourself in the midst of so many unknowns, that is why it is It is necessary to execute the best search for information, which allows it to be a solution.

The expert intervention helps you see each fact or event with a much more objective magnifying glass, reaching the best forceful solution for your situation, all thanks to the fact that we have a criterion based on experience, as well as on the viability of the best way. to get to the hard evidence you need. The conclusions generated by each of our private detectives are reflected in the issuance of a convincing final report, which has legal validity to present it freely as part of the confirmation of a fact in the event of an illegal event, all thanks to the fact that We take care of the chain of custody at a high level.

The establishment of a private investigation service is due to the fact that in Grupo Arga we have proposed to integrate more and more services, which are highly competent with the needs of each client, we even have professionals from the computer sector, which is highly demanded in the present.  The experts that make up our detective agency make an effort on each case, to offer an in-depth study of all the incidents that are related to it, we take care of covering all the details that have to do with the case, for this we assume a direct path to innovation.





The seriousness that we emit in Grupo Arga, when taking on a case, is what postulates us as the most suitable to investigate your situation, where we take care of updating our knowledge to be up to every need that arises, where we design the best processes under the best possible receptivity. Each client we serve deserves to get the best of private investigation, because for us the most important thing is to serve, but above all to do it better and better, where the timely answers you expect can be issued, which will be able to exterminate your worries and you will be fine. freed from any deception.

Through Grupo Arga we take care of managing the best service, to be able to support each modern requirement, seeking that clients can feel good with the attention we can provide, for this reason as a detective agency we seek to be useful at every step that we take. an inconvenience arises in society itself.

Access to private investigation as a source of information is part of the main objective that we have established in Grupo Arga, where you only need a simple initiative to get to see what we are capable of doing for you, everything is based on a few simple minutes, to gain access to the best care. As a detective agency, we take care of generating the best coverage, especially when we have a great capacity for intelligence, ingenuity, and above all the commitment to improve, this is what has made it possible for us to continue at the top of this service , where we seek to cover each operation with excellence.

We seek to provide clear solutions for all those who go through a situation of infidelity, electronic fraud, fraudulent sick leave, location of people, as well as Mystery Shopping, this and much more is available after a simple contract that is rewarded with the greatest loyalty. to give you answers. The 24-hour assistance helps us to cover more and more situations, but above all that deception can be left aside, where our goal is based on adopting this field of services as a solution for a great infinity of circumstances, being the best path so that you can discover the truth with evidence.

You should not worry about the issue of cost, because private investigation offers you the best, that is, a great service through a highly flexible budget, we adapt to the amount you have, in addition, the estimates go to the same extent of the complexities that it presents, that is, totally personalized. The resolution environment is determined under the criteria of our private investigators, because when a client needs answers, we take care of looking for the best alternatives, ensuring at all times the care of the privacy of all those involved.

The validity of the tests that we offer you is one more reason to trust our services, since we always seek the legal path, always following an alternative that follows due process, which will allow you to use it and this is what distinguishes that an expert can take care of it, instead of doing it on your own.



The guarantee of hiring Grupo Arga is positioned as a firm way out of a deception, so that you no longer have to live under anxiety, because the intention is to generate peace of mind by knowing the truth, and above all to be clear about what you are facing, For this reason, each investigation file is a commitment for us. Before each client we take care of issuing a professional observation, but without moving away from that feeling of empathy, because that way the clients can see us as their best solution, and based on these estimates is that we set an action plan tailored to the needs of each client that requires it.

Best of all, is that you are not disconnected from the investigation process, but our private detectives keep you informed, before each phase of the process you will have the best support under the capacity of our specialists, who become worthy representatives of your concerns, under the best professional exercise. The conduct of each case is an effective action, especially because each circumstance is analyzed with a professional vision, where we take care of compiling the necessary evidence to clarify any type of problem, we have the necessary preparation to respond to each area with our experts. .

The multiple experts that we have at Grupo Arga allow us to deal with all kinds of problems, because everything is born through an outstanding level of professionalism, this is not achieved from one day to the next, but rather over long years or periods of exercises. professional, but above all to love what is done and to help each person. The passion of our private detectives, ends up positioning Grupo Arga at the top, it is the best way to calm your concerns, even a personal, labor, business and other cause, obtains outstanding attention under our offer that places us in the most tall.

At present, it is not possible to affirm the concurrence of some fact without evidence, this applies both in the legal plane, as well as in the personal, because if it would not be your word, against the denial of those involved, therefore the best way not to continue to fall under inconveniences, it is by presenting convincing evidence. In the middle of the processing of some situation, the figure of quality private detectives stands out, through Grupo Arga this hiring is simple and guaranteed because it has a unique professional offer, where each client is surrounded by a series of experts for each situation that is demanded.

Specify a case or a house of a labor, personal, business and technological nature, is carried out through the timely presentation of evidence, since it is the best way to confirm the manifestation of some event, where the development of the investigation is guided by the intuition and experience of the best private detectives. Although the case is a panorama full of complexity, the professionalism of Grupo Arga is at the height of all types of incidence, where there is the active possibility of finding and processing all types of data, this is due to the level of training with which the private detectives of Grupo Arga tell.

The skills that private detectives possess are forceful, they come into practice within each case to effectively determine the evidence that concludes the course of a private investigation, where in addition to everything there is the support of technological utilities that speed up any investigation. . The expert level of investigation ends up making a big difference when demonstrating a fact, because it is done through the corresponding channels, combining from physical aptitudes, as well as personalized strategies for each case, this fusion is what defines the good term of each case.

Facilitating the collection of evidence is to go to private detectives who know the appropriate means to achieve these objectives, as well as being trained for this type of need, because private investigation fits to resolve doubts and problems within different areas. Efficiency within private investigation is demonstrated through the exercise of Grupo Arga, where quick answers are issued for each case, by attending to each of the previous details, personalized actions are postulated to seek the necessary evidence to put an end to that doubt. latent.

The willingness to help and attend to a case is permanent because the intention is to improve to meet the needs that arise within each client, with each case successfully closed, the desire to continue practicing the profession of private detectives to search for the truth. The culmination of a case through Grupo Arga guarantees you a final report made up of key evidence. To identify it, it is necessary to exercise tactics that are accompanied by technological elements that ensure the integrity of each data. I determined it



Tracking is the ultimate goal of private investigation, so when you have to go in search of information it is crucial to choose the best, because that protects you from any type of surprise, as well as provides you with results in less time, being just what every customer wants.

On the other hand, the care of the presentation of evidence is due to the indication of the responsibility of some criminal action, for this reason it becomes a highly functional test, all the subjects and elements that are subject to the investigation are analyzed with a high level of precision. For a client, the best decision is to trust in the benefits of Grupo Arga, because they invest their greatest effort in each case they take on. This is largely due to the experience acquired by their private detectives, who have achieved a high level of success in each case. that comes through customers.



Channeling problems is part of the analytical vision of Grupo Arga’s private detectives, detailing from the first consultation what can be done for each case, where the aim is to obtain the data required to clarify the situation under discussion or controversy.

A well-executed private investigation helps to clarify all kinds of doubts, but for this it is necessary to carry out forensic operations, which are carried out naturally after the faculties of Grupo Arga, in Madrid as well as in a large part of the national territory is at your disposal. . The detective spirit is noticeable on the study of each case, because in the end this type of intuition reflects a high degree of efficiency, being the clear impulse to provide results and evidence according to the case or the situation investigated, through record time. , as well as through fair rates for each case.

When dealing with a detective agency such as Grupo Arga, a willingness to provide services for 10 years is installed, leaving very good results on Spain, this recognition has been built thanks to the permanent training and the approach that each of the cases assumed receives. A first level service composed of meticulous investigations, is the path that guarantees the development of obtaining information and data that acquire the classification as evidentiary element in any legal instance, all thanks to the culmination of operations through a lawful and ethical manner. .

The variety of professionals that Grupo Arga houses are conceived as a group of capable professionals who deploy the best tools for each case, which demonstrates the quality of service that this detective agency represents today, being an ideal proposal to cover your needs. concerns. The methods exercised are supported by that forensic action that makes the evidence useful to do justice of any kind, this is the main advantage of having and betting on private investigation, being a much more formal and effective way out, all thanks to the expertise that qualifies private detectives.

A reason that causes greater acceptance of Grupo Arga, is the level of efficiency that supports them over time as an ideal method to find convincing evidence, this is sufficient support to confront all kinds of problems, that is why private detectives exercise a large number of tasks within his specialty. At any time, Grupo Arga works as an effective alternative for each client, above all because as a company they intend to be better in the face of the opportunities that arise, for this reason you can delegate your concerns within the powers of these experts within the analysis of each case. Each request that is imposed through this detective agency, a response is installed within each area to favor the client, especially when clarifying any type of situation or doubt with proven facts, all thanks to the professional operations carried out out the most prepared professionals for that area .



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