There are different cities in which our detectives operate, it is worth saying that our experts can work nationwide without problems and that is why you should know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos , our professionals specialize in doing excellent work like no other. another no matter where.



Burgos can be a very beautiful municipality that has its peculiarities like any other city, however, it is not exempt from needing a private detective, because regardless of the city, professional investigative work is often required to be able to find the different information that we require whether or not personal we can help you.

At Arga detectives we take care of carrying out the best investigative work that you can find throughout the country, guaranteeing a result in most cases, if not all, because after all we are more than qualified experts to give clients what they need and have no problem delivering the data you require.

Did you know that regardless of the city you are in, you can always need information of some kind, it does not matter if you are in a city on the other side of the country, we can give you the necessary data completely legitimate and legal without problems, everything that you need at your fingertips without having to move.




One of the advantages of hiring our services is that you can get a large number of options to choose exactly what you need, no matter if this is a job due to marital problems or due to some inconsistency in what you can or cannot think of in any other theme, we are the best because we offer you a precise job.

While in other agencies they only offer you a type of job that is not specialized and many times they want to sell you something that is not necessary, we care about our clients giving them the quality they deserve because we are the best private detectives in Burgos , we offer you the best only in this city but also in others.

We have all kinds of jobs or services that you can think of, from tracking or searching services to even information retrieval on the web or in a data storage service, our detectives have the highest amount of knowledge in different jobs that make them the most skilled.

We offer a large number of services not only for clients, we would be lying to them if we said that is the case, the truth is that we want our detectives to have as much experience in different fields as possible and that is why our detectives have the knowledge to handle different problems or services.






It is better to be able to ascertain any type of information and that is why we offer our clients the greatest amount of proof and evidence of the information we provide because we want them to be able to realize that the word of our detectives has incredible value since they do not lie. in no time for a profit.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we offer the best quality in evidence and evidence of all kinds, both audible and photogenic, even video, which allows us to give you what you need and rectify or confirm whether our clients’ doubts are real or not. false, whatever the case may be, we are here to help you.

We always seek to be able to have the information hand in hand with the evidence so that in this way no word of our detectives can be misinterpreted, in the same way our detectives take the evidence in a way that they cannot be misinterpreted because there are always angles that can harm a person and it is because of the camera.

At the moment you decide to hire our services, you will receive an incredible quality that you will not find in any other detective agency because we put our best effort to deliver what the client needs quickly and without having legal problems or with the misinterpretation of the data. facts we guarantee good results.



As we mentioned before, our detectives are necessary in any part of the country for different reasons, among which the most common is to eliminate any doubt or suspicion that a person may have of information, data or even of a person, that is why we are to avoid any personal problems and that you get what you need.

Although it is not believed to carry out investigations on your own, it is something illegal that if the person you are following or the information that you are stealing in a certain way, the person realizes, you can even go to prison for espionage, harassment or any other crime, that is why that you should leave it to capable hands and that legally speaking they can do this type of task.

Regardless of how you see it, private detectives can become useful in almost every city in the world because they find out things that are necessary after all information is something valuable that people live or die for or perhaps without taking it to the extreme it can guarantee a gain or a loss of or both goods and feelings.

Detectives are skilled people capable of obtaining information that a person usually cannot get, that is why you should know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and one of the reasons is because our quality work is not compared to that of any other and in the need of an investigation we are the appropriate ones.





Throughout the international community, Grupo Arga Detectives is considered the best detective investigation company with high prestige and a level of professionalism. It has a large number of offices located throughout Spain, each one equipped with the best technology materials on the market and the most competent, prepared and professional staff from around the world.

The city of Burgos is no exception, as one of the aforementioned private investigation establishments is located there, with a large number of successfully completed orders. Here you can hire all the services that Grupo Arga provides at the most competitive costs in the international market.

The detective agency in Burgos, belonging to the Arga group, as in other offices in Spain, offers a large number of multiservices, which are adapted according to the needs of each consumer in order to fully satisfy each request or job that is requested, achieving the best results. Always respecting the legal statutes of our organization, those imposed by law and the moralists that govern our work.

This research agency in Burgos, as in the other offices in Spain, offers a large number of services to suit the consumer, which are adapted according to the needs of each client in order to fully satisfy each request or job that is demanded, obtaining the best results. The types of services offered by this great company could be classified as follows:

  • Investigations in the computer field, in this case high-level professionals with years of experience related to technology and its advances work here, in order to obtain the best answers from the investigations carried out
  • Professional and industrial investigations, a group of qualified people work here to carry out investigations on trademarks, copies or plagiarism, espionage, surveillance, sabotage at an industrial level, attacks against assets, recognition and authentication of signatures and fingerprints, expertreports of different types, skills, among others.
  • Investigations in the field of insurers and organizations, in this case work another group of people specialized in the subject, fully qualified to investigate accidents, consequences, false or fake casualties, accident reconstruction, exaggeration of facts, simulated accidents or fraud.
  • Investigations in the family and individual sphere, for these investigations another group of professionals is prepared to proceed with the investigation of facts such as threats, injustices, discrimination, slander, infidelity, pensions, mistreatment, asocial, mistreatment, gambling, addictions, etc.
  • Investigations in the labor field, as in the previous cases, a group of professionals is in charge of this type of investigation, investigating facts such as CV checks, duplication of employment, dismissals, unfair or unfair competition, false or false dismissals, etc.
  • Investigations in the real estate field, finally in this case there is another group of professionals who are in charge of investigations in this area focusing on improper subletting, absences, overdue rent, evictions, concealment of interior reform, etc.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email arga@argadetectives.com or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries



At Grupo Arga detectives, we offer the structuring of investigation services that are capable of managing with great precision all the information elements that our clients need in the corporate sector, this means that our value offer is not only aimed at people, but also we focus on offering quality services to business groups that are aware of the strategic relevance that is obtained through specialized data collection and management processes.

The application that we make at Grupo Arga detectives towards the construction of efficient investigation processes, we make it possible for companies in various ways to represent a solid solution when offering the construction of investigation cases due to poor work, as well as the cases that are related to the implementation of the Mystery Shopping technique, thus promoting a high sense of response to anyone who is in a position to need it.

The satisfaction of the needs of the business world does not vary greatly with the requirements that must be achieved at the level of an investigation of individuals, because the great burden of these elements lies in the concretion of useful and accurate information.

The construction of a first-class investigation case represents the possibility that many people provide the best of the best to our Burgos clients. Our Burgos detective guide is the most complete catalog of investigation service in the region!



If you have doubts about your partner, you distrust him/her, you feel that he/she is hiding things from you and you feel desperate, do not hesitate to hire a private detective from Burgos, belonging to the Arga Detectives Group.

These detectives are a group of trained professionals with years of experience in the field of detective investigation, thus being able to obtain all the necessary information to be able to verify if your partner is being unfaithful to you or not.

The issue of infidelity is something extremely common in couples today, we say that an infidelity is committed when the relationship ceases to be monogamous by one of the two parties and sexual relations or even as a couple are maintained without any type of consent . That is why Grupo Argas Detectives offers the best services for investigations focused on this topic, with the most prepared personnel on the market and the best work tools to achieve accurate results.

We know that it is never easy to admit or go through a situation of infidelity, since there are cases in which you are not completely sure if you are committing said act or not, it is for them that our detective agency in Burgos , as well as in all those located throughout Spain, offer a totally secret, discreet and confidential service. Since the motto of every highly prestigious private investigator is always to maintain discretion and caution when carrying out detective work, thus protecting all our distinguished clientele and in turn being able to deliver everything necessary to determine the act of infidelity.

In life, each service demands an associated cost, it is common to think that hiring a private detective can be extremely expensive and almost impossible for an ordinary person who does not have excess resources. But not everything is as it seems because the agencies of the Arga Detectives Group have the most competitive and accessible prices in the entire market, thus being able to contract their services to any natural personnel without having to make a representative expense in their pocket.

Having all this information, do not be left with the doubt that, if your partner is being unfaithful to you, look for and hire a private detective in any of our agencies, and thus evaluate for yourself what is happening with all the tests that our group of experts will get you.



The divorce process can be a long and difficult process, which is why professionals such as the Arga Detectives Group should be consulted , to help bring the truth to light and thus the judge can issue a fair decision.

A private detective plays a primary role as a key element in making decisions by the judge presiding over the case. The intervention of the Arga Detectives Group may cause the trial to tilt in our favor and obtain better benefits in the long term.

There are different events for which a Burgos private detective is hired in divorce or separation proceedings. On certain occasions it must be demonstrated with evidence that the research subject shares the home, others verify the true income obtained per month and per year and other times that the descendants within the marriage with the age of majority are working.


We know in advance how important and decisive our action can be throughout the process and we act with the greatest possible professionalism and tact. This internationally renowned organization can help you prove the following facts:

  • Demonstration of whether or not the other party is competent to care for their offspring.
  • Demonstration of whether the solvencies of the other party are real or false.
  • Demonstrate whether the precautionary measures (if any) ordered by the judicial authority of the state are being complied with.
  • Demonstrate the real monetary income of the other spouse to check if the calculation of the maintenance is correct.

If you want and need any of these services, you should go to our private detective headquarters in Burgos and tell us all the pertinent details about it, in this case an investigation will be carried out and you will benefit from the results obtained.

It should be noted that also in these cases, alimony after separation can become a real nightmare if there is not a group of professionals prepared and specialized in this type of issue. You must remember that the Arga Detectives Group has the highest caliber professionals in all of Spain, so it is expected that the result obtained will be of complete benefit to you.

In general, all lawyers recommend that you hire a private detective, since they are the only ones who can obtain evidence in order to attest to the realities that you live.


This type of services also has a cost which can be established with the detective in the company depending on the scope of the work requested, but remember that Grupo Arga Detectives offers the best prices in the entire market, so it is feasible to hire this company.


At present, technology is a fundamental pillar in our routine, which is why experts in the field are needed when carrying out an investigation of this type, the Arga Detectives Group has the most qualified personnel in this area, being able to carry out any type of investigation that is required in a fast, efficient and totally discreet way.

Secret investigation or espionage is an action that has spread today with great dimensions due to how easy and accessible it is to buy espionage devices today. Being so much more frequent than we think and each of us are likely to be victims of a secret investigation at the hands of a private detective.

For a long time, Grupo Arga Detectives has been carrying out counterespionage work with great results. With all these technological investigations we can avoid all these acts of espionage against us or one of ours.

Today you can find small and even almost invisible hidden cameras on the technology market, as well as microphones that can be placed in the most hidden corners that we can even imagine.

Thanks to the application of the latest technologies together with a number of private detectives in Burgos, we can search for these signals and this kind of espionage devices, thus being able to correct the violation of personal rights that is taking place and thus be able to put it on trial. authorities.

The services offered by Grupo Arga Detectives focused on this topic are varied and can be broken down as follows:

  • Installation of hidden cameras.
  • Hidden camera detection.
  • Technology and security
  • Debugging of audio and video material
  • Development and design of security and control countermeasures.
  • International investigations.
  • Electronic sweep
  • Informatic security.
  • Microphone detection.
  • Fingerprint analysis.

It is important to highlight that with this number of services at your disposal, you are capable of detecting audio and video communications, cameras, microphones, cables and power supplies, vulnerability in computer and network security, intrusive systems in telephone switchboards and registry systems. on the telephone line.

Currently there is a highly used and renowned system, which is the global location system (GLS) that allows obtaining the exact and precise location of the emitter and the trajectory it takes in real time. This system is widely used for the control and tracking of commercial vehicles and for the control of materials or merchandise that is planned to be moved from one place to another.

That is why you should always have a technology professional at your disposal and Grupo Arga Detectives has them for you at the best market price.


How much is a detective worth in Burgos? ®


In Burgos, there is one of the detective headquarters belonging to the Argas Detectives Group , fully equipped with the highest caliber and quality material on the market, in addition to having the most qualified, responsible, dedicated and totally professional staff to carry out the work that be assigned.

The detectives in Burgos, belonging to this organization, are one of the most qualified groups to carry out any assignment in a professional manner, ensuring a fast, efficient, serious and safe job; in addition to having totally affordable prices to the common pocket of the average citizen.

If you want to contract the services offered by the detective agency in Burgos , you only have to go to our facilities and request the service you want. Always remember that discretion is our best ally since it is the essence of a qualified private detective and that is why in our agency it is vital to be discreet.

The prices of a private detective in Burgos usually vary according to the requested service, in general these are:

  • From 1-5 hours, per individual and per day are 350 euros. Per hour and additional person an additional 70 euros will be collected. On holidays and night shifts the cost will increase by 50% of the established price


  • In matters such as systematic investigations or insurance investigations, the minimum amount will also be used or, as the expenditure of resources, the investment of time and the difficulty of the investigation, a budget will be made between the parties, and this will be mutually recognized according to the materials used


  • In explorations and locations of individuals, the cost will be the agreed, first. In a matter of very specific inquiry, the elementary price is used, which is 350 euros.

But it should be emphasized that, at our detective headquarters in Burgos, we accommodate the cost of investigations to each consumer, since, since each investigation is different, each client is also different.

Do not hesitate to hire our services, we are the best detective organization in the world. Contact Us.


The human being has become accustomed to having a mentality of doubt in this new century, most of the things that we usually perceive as very good or very modern we label as expensive and difficult to afford, but there are several things for which you can still get a fair price and also a quality service, a private detective in Burgos is one of them.

Spain has always been a pioneer in the field of private investigations, which is why the demand for detectives is immense, both for private cases, business cases, legal requirements, etc.


Most common rates of private detectives in Burgos

It has become a highly demanded type of profession and according to a basic principle of economics, while the demand increases, the offer decreases, but you must also take into account that, if you require a quality service, it will obviously cost you a little more than an average service.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best private detectives in Burgos, although there is no reason to say that they are very expensive, their mission is to solve problems that citizens may have quickly, easily and at an affordable price, which is why which has obtained recognition both nationally and internationally and is qualified as one of the best agencies in the world.

  • Any service charge per hour ranges between 50 and 100 euros depending on the type of contract and its difficulty, the use of additional tools usually also influences.
  • For 5 hours of investigation, the private detective usually charges between 200 and 300 euros.
  • For contracts such as investigations of personal financial reports, family members, one or several friends, a partner (or former partner) or a particular person, it is 800 euros.
  • In the case of search and surveillance, if they are very specific, a rate of 5 hours will be charged in the contract (200 to 300 euros), otherwise it will be the agreement between the detective and his client.
  • Guides, advice and consultations on a particular topic or situation, private detectives usually charge between 50 to 80 euros per hour, if the meeting takes place in the investigator’s office.
  • Labor reports or the type of leases (dedication of the property, duplication of address, assignments and transfers, subrogations or other similar information) are from 800 euros per contract.
  • The hours included between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. for surveillance and search purposes will have an increase of 50%. Like work on holidays or parties.

The rates shown above are for you to use as a guide, in order to get an idea of how profitable the investigators of Grupo Arga Detectives can be .

In the same way, we advise you to visit the private investigator in Burgos , express your problems and you will be offered a budget that suits your needs, no other agency offers a free consultation in their offices on your first visit, take advantage of the opportunity.



For all those who want to know how much detective is worth in Burgos , we have the best answers, since before making a decision whether to hire said service or not, we must establish an analysis of what it really means to carry out an investigation process with the objective that we can understand all the elements that are implicit in the development of a research tool.

How much is a detective worth in Burgos is a question that Grupo Arga provides the best answer for all those who may be interested in executing a high-level investigative activity.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we do everything possible to try to generate the best possible execution of the investigative procedure with the implementation of aspects that can provide the best sense of resolution to a specific problem that a client may have, in the beginning they always arrive with a great sense of urgency, an issue that for us is imperative to maintain a research apparatus that can respond with great precision to all the concerns that our clients have.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we manage our processes based on aspects where we can provide a sense of adequate response to all the needs of both our corporate clients and our private clients, an issue that is undoubtedly synonymous with the wide application of the investigation processes.

When Grupo Arga responds , How much is a detective worth in Burgos , is something that can provide a clear framework to all those who want to know what an investigation process implies, in this case we must be as precise as possible when determining various elements that provide a framework for the development of each research context in the shortest possible time.

The structuring of elements that can provide the rapid development of a case, implies that our agents can be trained with the best training elements and the best resources, this is how from our pool of agents we handle cutting-edge processes to provide the best professional development of all those who wish to start an investigative career with us.

These elements are very important since they allow to do precisely everything that is related to the execution of investigative aspects that can promote the best sense of resolution that is ideal for all our clients in different investigation cases, an issue that allows us to make a precise work in the face of any complexity.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the execution of these aspects is not enough since we also need all the resources that are necessary to determine as much as possible the elements that are linked to the delimitation of various hypotheses in relation to a case. specifically private.

This last element implies the implementation of various tools at a technological level that facilitate logistics at the level of an investigative process, an issue that undoubtedly makes it possible to determine with greater precision all the activities that have the capacity to collect information. evidence and elements of conviction that have a direct and indirect weight in the management of each problem.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these processes provides the best sense of response for anyone who might be interested in hiring an investigation service at any level, an issue that makes it possible to promote the best sense of assistance in the short term, medium and long term.

Taking into account all these elements, we say that how much detective in Burgos is worth is something that we certainly cannot establish under a standardized price, in this sense we have to emphasize that each operation we carry out is unique and each requirement that the client has involves Our part is to design a strategy and a logistic link that allows him to achieve everything he needs to obtain.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of all our investigation processes is implemented to promote the best development of activities for people and companies, ranging from investigations of infidelity to security operations such as surveillance techniques, counter -surveillance and digital investigations, including the management of economic intelligence processes through the application of the mysterious client technique and the investigation of sick leaves.

The application of these aspects, without a doubt, makes it possible for us to provide the best sense of response for a very broad execution of research services. Having already analyzed everything that our detectives do, we can say that as an investigation group we are not willing to sacrifice price for quality in the development of these services.


At Grupo Arga, we establish the best sense of execution for all cases where our detectives can operate with great precision any investigation where private investigation work is entrusted, thus doing everything that is related to the structuring of a response framework and all the solutions available to our customers.

Anyone who wonders how much detective in Burgos is worth must undoubtedly know that the execution of all these processes implies a level of complexity and that this level of complexity cannot be resolved with the same precision on our own. It is there, where you need someone who knows how to direct an investigation process and this is only possible from a professional who is versed in the matter.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we are willing to make possible the execution of a personalized service process, which is why, through our communication channels, we make possible the management of processes that promote a sense of immediate reception with the needs they have. our clients and each particular case.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the execution of all these processes is guaranteed, thus safeguarding everything that is related to the determination of a first level investigation environment. For Burgos we do the best!





One of the most common cases for which private detectives are required is because we can give any evidence of infidelity to a person who suspects their partner, in fact it is one of the services in which we have more experience because it is one of the most quoted in Spain and if you want to clear up doubts there is nothing better.

Because we know that many times following your intuition is or better, we want to offer you the best investigative service that you can get from a detective agency, we guarantee you to obtain evidence of any type of infidelity if there is one, the best way to be sure that something is done well is that an expert does or verifies it.

In order to be sure of information we need evidence and as we already told you we are the best in providing all kinds of data and evidence, you will not find a better agency than ours because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and we want to offer you the best detective service that you can find in the city.

If what you want is quality, security when delivering information, confidentiality a very important point and above all expert people in the area of work then there is no better option than our agency with which you will get what you require and at the best price. possible for a service of excellent quality that has no comparison.



The computer detective is very similar to the common detective, in fact nowadays it can be said that they are the same person since a detective in Spain prepares himself in various branches, this being one of them, he is in charge of retrieving all kinds of information or that would be a little summarized what a detective can do and it is something that is very necessary.

In any part of the world, it often happens that we need to recover deleted, damaged information or that it may even be that due to some joke or virus or other error in the computer, it hid or put the files in a different place that we cannot find on our own. , that’s where a computer detective comes in to fix this.

Of all the detective agencies that you can find throughout Spain you will not find any other like ours that offers you not only expert detectives in different fields but also handle the computer side and capable of giving you the information you need. without having problems or without the need to lose all the files in some way.

A computer detective is necessary when you need to recover files, passwords, emails or even when things get complicated with your computer data and everything may already be damaged, in any case you should know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and a of the reasons is because of our computer work.



Now, explaining a bit of the work carried out by this type of detective, it can be said that they carry out a kind of methodology that makes their work easy for them, that is, a method of obtaining information or data is proposed in order to later extract it or be able to repair them in some way and that they are not lost in any way.

The computer detective has its methods to obtain information through different tools such as searching directly on the hard drive for any information stored in its folders with tools such as DiskDigger , widely used in the process, or even performing a manual search that includes accurate review.

They don’t always leave everything to data recovery tools but use their intellect to be able to figure out where to find all the data they need and restore it in some way, after all anyway all that information is somehow a math or some data that then we see somehow.

Regardless of what the detective looks like, he has to know what he is doing to avoid not only having problems with the data, but not only making the case worse and ending up deleting all the files, which is why it is recommended to leave it with the experts because we are the best detectives private in Burgos we can help you get what you need without difficulties.



The real question would be why would a detective be necessary for these cases? Many times we think that we have all the passwords saved or written down in a specific place but it turns out that due to an inconvenience all that can be deleted or lost, which is when a computer detective comes in to save the day.

The moment you hire a detective, you can save yourself from some tedious procedures, such as the case of using an email for legal matters, losing the password and having to change the email because it requires it to be able to carry out the procedures, or directly the email that you use in the bank, it is something very necessary to always have it up to date.

Not only this, but all the information that a detective can retrieve makes your job much easier, guaranteeing not only that any type of investigation is legal and that a search for private information can be made on the web, but that they are experts in doing this. without having any danger or risk of breaking the law.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, you can obtain the most legal, trained and effective service that you will get from any agency, regardless of the field in which it is necessary, we can mention that any of our detectives is capable of carrying out an efficient job. and to perform the services assigned to it.



You may worry about both computer and physical security, that is why we provide one of the best services to avoid any kind of espionage not only of telephone lines but also of spy devices, we say this right after the computer detectives because it has to do a bit with the issue of sweeps.

The sweeps are a way to end any electronic device that is somehow carrying out some type of data transmission to a user, thus stealing any file or direct information from a company, computer detectives can often get to work in this area because know about any flaw in the firewall.

In other words, our agency offers services that in one way or another are connected in terms of knowledge, in a certain way a computer detective checks if there is any intruder in the firewall and then in the sweep to carry out a physical review of the area. This is why our work complements each other.

In any case, this type of work is specialized to guarantee any confidentiality in any area that is desired and thus be able to obtain that area without leaking information, normally it is done in meeting rooms or similar and if you want security then you already know why we are the best . private detectives in Burgos.



First of all, you should know that in our agency there is only the best service thanks to the fact that we are a company that has all the legality and years of service for clients in Spain, this means that we have all the papers up to date and not only this but that our detectives are the most prepared and certified by the Ministry of the Interior that there can be.

When we mention that the private detectives we have are the best that can be found with the greatest possible legality, it is because they are endorsed by the test they did in the Ministry of the Interior, which makes them official detectives capable of investigating different cases without breaking the law in any way. moment, always counting on the legal strip.

Saying that we have the legal strip is that they always work outside what they can do legally speaking, this makes them the most honest and incapable of breaking the law for any investigation, this means that at any time you need a detective deprived of our agency your word has more value than that of almost any person.

To be able to enter the best agency you have to be one of the best in your work, that is why you should know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and throughout the country because our quality does not compare to that of any other with the highest amount of experience and knowledge in our detectives and always verifying that they are legal.



In order to determine that a detective is legal there are some ways, first of all a private detective whom you want to hire must always have with him his professional identification card or TIP which allows him in a certain way to have the endorsement before society and be the most as close as possible to a law enforcement entity in terms of legality.

You should know that legal detectives are in a certain way like those closest to being legal entities, more than anything because they have to take a test before the Ministry of the Interior to be granted this license and be a private detective, returning to the subject without one of these you should not trust the person who claims to be a detective because it can be fraud.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and throughout the country, we will give you enough information to detect which is a professional identification card, starting because the false ones usually have a logo of the Ministry of the Interior or they want to pass themselves off as workers of the Ministry of the Interior.

Not only this, but at the time of verifying the information you must take into account the number. Identification and the date it was issued, this must be at the end of the card and you can verify it by calling the nearest police agency and verifying it directly is the best way to detect a legal or illegal detective and thus not have problems.



If you decide to hire a detective who is legal in a case, it can be very helpful, this of course under some circumstances, such as the detective having seen or obtained information about the event that occurred and in no way is there any evidence to refute the data provided by the detective.

Whatever the case, we can say that private detectives are often the ones that give the advantage in a case, whether you are the defendant or the person making the claim, the information of a detective is crucial when it comes to having an argument because it gives to put it in some way, the validity that said argument needs and gives weight to your word.

Remember that we told you that private detectives in a certain way are the closest thing to a legal entity closer to the police, because the word of a policeman has value just like that of a detective because after all he carried out a test before the Ministry thus demonstrating that it has a value towards society and before the law.

Then a private detective gives you what is necessary not only in evidence but if he witnesses an act or circumstance he can testify to said event and give weight to what happened, becoming more valuable than a simple civilian, that is why you should know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and because choosing our detectives is the best.


Trust between detective and client is essential for us, because we need you as a person to trust the information we are giving you as much as we have to trust the data you give us to carry out our work, if you want someone to do something well it is better to trust your abilities and it is something we demonstrate.

Our skills, experience and knowledge make our clients trust our work, making it possible for us to carry out our work in a simple way and always have what they require because, after all, they know that we are hard-working people who do not rest until we complete our work, dedicating ourselves to 100% to our trade.

A private detective is similar to a police officer in this area because he can run out of clues but still does not rest until he can obtain what the client requires, he is someone who is persistent and finds a way to find what he needs and be able to connect the dots. loose and then deliver all information and evidence to customers without inconvenience or problems.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos , we give you what no other agency has been able to offer you: the confidence that you will get an excellent job, the confidence that we are one of the best agencies in the country, the confidence that our detectives will do their best to carry out your work in the shortest time and trust in the truthful evidence.



We may only focus on some of our detective work or some services, however, we only do so because we consider them among the most requested by our clients and you may be interested in all the information we offer on said services, as is the case with the work of searching and locating people.

If what you need is to look for someone, then there is no better investment than hiring a private detective because not only do you save time, but they are also the only ones who know how to do this simple and fast job because they know the streets of Burgos like the palm of their hand and their experience means that they can find almost anyone.

There are very few exceptions of more complicated cases in which there is neither evidence nor enough information to be able to find the whereabouts of a person, but they are very few and the number of successful cases we have had is one of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and why you should hire us.

Not everything is due to experience or knowledge but also due to the tools, cunning and intelligence of our detectives that we can say that we do a job like no other regardless of the person you are looking for, we guarantee to give the maximum to be able to find the said person and that you do not you have to deal with them and do not have to waste your time.



If you need a private detective, there is nothing better than hiring an expert in the field, this job or service is one of the most sought after in all of Spain, whether to find a person who owes you or a family member or acquaintance, either as whatever the case all the detectives do an excellent job conducting searches locating the target

Many times it is required to know about other investigative works in order to find the objective, which is why our detectives have the necessary experience obtained from various jobs in different fields to be able to act quickly and to be able to achieve results in the best time without the need for have an impact on quality.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we offer the best services you can have, and speaking of searching and locating people, we are experts since we have everything you need, both personally and in terms of tools, to perform at your best when carrying out this job. another agency will give the effort that we give.

This is why we consider ourselves experts in this type of work and in other areas as well, what makes us the best is not the fact that we know more or have more experience, which are actually factors that we already have, but that we care about giving you the best customer service and always give the maximum in each task to prove our worth.



Because we know that you would not like to hire a team that does not know how to face difficulties or that does not have enough experience many times, we offer the most experienced detectives that can be obtained that have fallen a thousand times in different jobs but have gotten up to to be able to move forward and always improve.

What we mean by this is that experience, good or bad, has always made our detectives the best and that they do not comment on mistakes twice, this makes experience a very valuable resource and makes them people with the ability to be wise about your work and not make mistakes when doing it.

If what you are looking for is the best team of detectives that you can find, then you should already know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos, in case you do not know, we will summarize it for you and it is simple, we are the best because we are dedicated to fulfilling with the objectives of the clients and to have the best prices that you can ask for.

A service like ours with the experience we have cannot be found anywhere, and much less do you get experienced people in different fields capable of carrying out different jobs and achieving results more efficiently and quickly than others, our detectives are skilled thanks to the fact that They have the necessary experience.



As we have already mentioned, there are different reasons to hire our services and one of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Burgos? It would be for our fair price for the clients and for the detectives, however now we are not going to get to that, but we are going to mention the reason for our prices.

First of all, it should be noted that our detectives agree to give the best price to clients because we want to be recognized not for our high prices but for our excellent services and that prices are reasonable for both the client and the detective and that it is something affordable if necessary.

It should be noted that our price range may vary depending on the job, an electronic sweep that depends on many tools and handling them that require a lot of experience can be very different from being able to search for information on the Internet or perform a job that doesn’t require as many artifacts.

To put an end to the uncertainty, we can even say that our price range can be around seventy euros per hour for a detective to even hundreds of dollars for a complete service, in any case, in the complete service such as sweeping, at least five tools and experience to use them, this raises the price of the service.



There are different reasons why it can be a high price for a detective, among those one of the most likely causes is caused by the fees after all the detectives spend years at least in Spain to be able to be professional detectives since they need a title university to be able to exercise, in any case there are other factors.

Among the other factors may be the amount of artifacts used during the work there are some who think that price is equal to quality when sometimes it is not, they spend a lot on their evidence material but in the end the quality is similar to some cameras or cheaper recorders but they also include it in the price of the service.

We have already seen the fees and artifacts to be able to obtain evidence, however, it is not the only thing that influences the price of private detectives, they can also be influenced by the area or the amount of competition that there is in a place, but the most The important thing is that you already know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos, at least in terms of price.

And if it has not been clear to you, it is that we are not influenced by some factors such as the area or the number of artifacts we have, because first of all we want quality-price in our work, granting the best prices for unparalleled quality, the second and last is that we give the maximum regardless of the work giving the best.



If you decide to hire a cheap detective, this can end up being more expensive than you expected, more than anything because if you found a cheap detective, the quality will never be the same regardless of whether it is your relative or acquaintance who left it cheaper. , you will always have a slight change in quality for the price.

Let’s remember one thing, the best price will not always be the best quality, this is something that will not happen to you with our detective agency because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and throughout the country, that is why we will never recommend you go with some cheap detective, since you also take more risks than just quality.

One of the reasons why you should not choose a cheap detective is that it can result in a scam, what we mean by not this is that they can scam you by telling you or giving you evidence of something that in the end is not true or that they did not give their maximum to find out from said information, whatever the case, you always run the risk of being scammed by a cheap detective.

Not only do you run that risk, but you can also endanger yourself by giving him information or, in the case of being a computer detective, giving him your personal data, which is why you must make sure that you do not hire a cheap detective who may not even be legal and that could harm you or worse lead you to jail.



We know that the quality of cheap services never last as long as they should or give us more problems than the solutions they promised, which is why it is often more expensive to perform this type of cheaper service or accept a free service from a relative who It can legally harm you for not having the requirements to do a search.

Regardless of the case, you must make sure that the least the detective has is the license or professional identification card, without this basically you not only run the risk of being extorted or kidnapped or even worse, but you can also go to imprisoned for being an accomplice or sending someone without authorization to follow another person.

Many times they can offer you something and then they can charge you much more for obtaining said information because they know that they are valuable things for you if you consider spending on a cheap detective you can end up spending much more than with a legal and legitimate agency This is why you should know how to choose well which agencies you choose.

Do not choose any agency, better choose the one that guarantees you a good result or at least the maximum to achieve the results that are deserved despite the fact that you do not always obtain them, that is when we come in because we are the best private detectives in Burgos that you can get the best price with the best quality that exists in the market.



The answer to this question can be summed up in two simple things: the first if the person has a license to operate as a detective and the second would be how legal are their methods of obtaining the information, if it does not go beyond the first part then you are hiring a illegal service and can harm you as we have already mentioned before.

In the event that the person has professional identification, then you have to see that many times hiring a cheap detective is getting a service that can become illegal in terms of the methods of obtaining information and that can also harm you in some way. This is why we never recommend a cheap service.

You have to look at both the price and the quality, something for which we characterize ourselves is because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and throughout the nation, they choose us not so much for having the cheapest price but for the best price in relation to quality. of excellence, we are unique in this regard and no one equals our services.

In any case, if you decide to hire a friend or relative who has the license, the only thing left is the factor of trust and confidentiality between you, if you think that this person can give you the trust you deserve, in addition to the confidentiality between the client and the detective. then it may or may not be a good option, in any case we are here to support you.



As we have previously explained, our work is for anyone who requires it because our services are very varied and we give what the client needs at the time they need it, regardless of the situation, we solve the information or data problems necessary to proceed. to action.

To be able to achieve something you have to make an approach and think what is the best to be able to proceed, first of all you need enough information to know if what you need to do is that moment in which you need a private detective to be able to solve doubts or to be able to have what you need in certain areas.

Our detectives work both in cases of infidelity and economic areas such as looking at a person’s information to find out if they are lying on a resume or something like that, we have everything you need to find out because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and the best thing you can ask for is variety and quality.

The best of all is that our detectives trained to perform multiple tasks are the best since they adhere to their knowledge and experiences improving their result when it comes to obtaining the evidence in the shortest possible time, you can trust our services because we have been of experience offering them throughout Spain.



What makes us special in each of our jobs is the dedication we put into them, we are able to work for hours to get the good results they want, while in other agencies they will try to make you pay for hours that you may not they are for work and that they really only served to fill his pocket.

One of the things that makes us different from other agencies is that we care about our clients and we want them to receive what is fair, for this reason we have the best prices and the best results when giving evidence or the data you need, this makes us Let’s become one of the few quality-price agencies that cares about customers.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos , we offer the best of the best, providing quality in each service or job we do, something that not everyone can say they do is have a job of excellence, excellence means dedication, dedication and, above all, a job well done so that anyone is satisfied with the results.

We are the only agency capable of maintaining prices for unmatched quality with the best service, the best instruments and tools and above all the best detectives that can be found throughout the country and even in some international areas, if you want quality in a service Going with us is one of your best options.



Many times it may be thought that there is no added value in detectives when the truth is that if our detectives have qualities that may or may not be appreciated by clients, such as the fact of having the responsibility to face clients in order to give the information or also have the responsibility to do a job well done.

There are many qualities that detectives can offer to clients, among them the honesty that they have in telling everything they saw and delivering all the evidence that they have collected at any time, another added value that you can see is the dedication to the work that allows you to continue despite the adversities that arise.

No matter how many qualities you describe, there are some that stand out among others of our detectives, such as the example of compliance with duty and with the law, something very important for our detectives and what drives them in a certain way to be firm and in a certain way that they can be seen as an entity of the law, even if the work is minimal.

Without knowing what the qualities are or how many they have, you cannot judge a book by the cover, that is why we invite you to hire our services because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and that we can help you whenever it is within our hands to comply with the information you require thanks to our services and extra value.



What we mean by this is that there are certain areas in which we divide our work, in this case the personal area would be everything related to a person, that is, information about it from criminal records, any psychological background or even find out whatever you need to know about his life, that’s what we’re here for.

We will take care of finding out what you need to know about a person because that is what we do, from seeing if they have any kind of personal secret, such as infidelity, to even if they are lying about some fact, such as the amount of income they may have to give them equity. your children and that they get what they deserve.

You may think that there is a case that gets out of hand but the truth is that no, in all investigations we have professionals who can give you what you need to know regardless of what our work is because as we mentioned we are the most varied in terms of quantity of work and always maintaining the quality of our service.

Do you want to find out if you have any close relatives or if your parents are really your parents? Then we can help you because we can do from paternity tests with the necessary DNA to even a similarity between distant relatives to see who we do not know, because we are the best private detectives in Burgos we take care of everything



For a company it is necessary to carry out this type of work in order to know the truth behind the information provided in a person’s resume and to know if he really meets the requirements for the job or was simply lying on said resume and what he put in these places is not even close to what they need.

In any case, it is not the only thing we offer because there are different jobs in the labor area with which we can help, in the same way many times you can investigate directly from the personal area to be able to take into account not only the criminal record but also any debtor or any threat to the person.

The latter is useful in the case of needing to have a partner, avoid any type of association with someone who is in trouble or who does not bring a good image to the company, you may see all the similar jobs or that the areas are are a bit similar, the truth is that the jobs are similar but never the same.

Each job or service has its reason for being because we are the best private detectives in Burgos who want to be able to attend to every need in terms of investigations and security, for this reason we also have jobs in which you can discover any

lying or theft of information, including any feigned termination by an employee.



We can provide different information in this area, being also some things both personal and work, between the expenses and income that a person has in order to help know what the status is and if you should invest with this person as a partner or if it is someone. kind of scammer who is just looking for your money.

Everything has a reason for being and that is why we offer this kind of work, we want to assure you that you have enough information about a person to know if you can trust him or her, regardless of how we can find out many things such as the assets that he or she may possess or which can have embargoes or even if the person is bankrupt.

In any case, we have everything you need to solve your misinformation problems, because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we want you to have the best for doing business and to be able to win at all times, there is nothing better than investing in information before investing. You must know what you are investing in.

That is why we are here to help you have everything you need and know everything you need to know about a person, this can also help someone in the marriage issue to be able to give you the equity that is necessary for your children or for you. , see the income statement and compare it with the expenses before a judge and get what is fair.



If you thought that with the previous areas it was all, then you are wrong because we offer more than just in the personal, economic and labor area, we have different jobs for all occasions as it can happen and this one if you want to know if your business or home appears duplicated in the registration we can take care of it.

In addition to this, we carry out other work such as making reports on distributors and suppliers or verifying if the rented home is being used for any illegal act, what you need at your fingertips, one of the most requested jobs would be market research for businesses and franchises because they are essential research.

If what you want is to improve your trade, business or franchise, then the best thing for you will be to hire us to find out what you need. Market research is crucial if you want to improve. Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we give you the points of view that you did not think could help you to improve the service for clients.

Nothing more than doing a good job is necessary to be recognized as an excellent service and we guarantee that we can prove to you that we are the best to provide any necessary information and we also have extensive experience doing work such as Mystery Shopping, that is, market research work.



We have a lot of variety and that is why our jobs go beyond just conducting research, we have some other jobs that can be said to go a little hand in hand with research because they are co -dependent in some way, an example of this is security, you can’t be sure of something if you don’t investigate.

In addition to security, which is a job we can do for any event, whether large or small, if you need a little more security or someone undercover is found among the event’s audience to safeguard any circumstance and not take risks, we offer counter espionage services for counteract any data leaks.

Electronic scanning can be considered as one of the services apart from counter espionage and the security of those who request the most, which is not related in a certain way to investigations but rather requires a review more than an investigation, we have several

works of different prices so you can see which one is the most useful or interests you.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we want you to have the best service of all, no matter what the job is, that is why we work to the maximum offering you all possible services inside and outside the field of investigations so that you are satisfied and find what you need. that you need to have at any time.



First of all we want our clients to feel comfortable and not have to resort to another agency that they do not fully trust, that is why we are the best, we want to offer the best service of all in all areas, it is the main reason why we cover so many services, however, we have other reasons too.

The second reason would be that our detectives need experience in all possible jobs to be able to perform better in all activities, which is why we want them to be able to flow regardless of the work they do and make the best decisions regardless of the difficulties that arise. , a prepared detective is worth two.

We continue to have several reasons, such as the fact that we have to offer the greatest variety of jobs if we want our agency to be of excellence, how can you consider an agency if it does not have the jobs you require, that is why we want to give our clients variety without losing the quality of the work.

Whatever the case, we want you to have what it takes to have the information you need and when you need it, one of the most important reasons why we do so much work is because we want to be able to provide the necessary solutions to the client, because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and that means giving the best.



There are many things that can influence the price of a detective from his environment to even the years of service that the detective has been working, these are the main ones and many times due to the fees and the time of the detective’s studies, they can arrive The most experienced and knowledgeable detectives tend to command fairly high prices.

Detectives are also influenced by the amount of competition that there is, this can increase or decrease their price, which is why it may be that in an area where there are many agencies they may have cheaper or perhaps more expensive prices to differentiate themselves from others. However, it is not the only thing that matters when taking into account the prices.

A detective can give you a quote for a service to a client and this can be influenced by the tools he uses to obtain the evidence, as we have already said some detectives are influenced by this, they buy the most expensive equipment and then their prices are

far above the others being very expensive for a fair service.

We know that you want the best of the best, that is why we offer the best quality of services that you can find throughout Spain and many times also internationally, because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we offer the best prices for all customers without exceptions because everyone deserves what is fair.



You may think that there are agencies that are similar to ours because they contain a lot of jobs or because they are in one of the lists heading the top ten of detective agencies, however, we are the only ones who are interested in our clients is because this that there is none that compares with us.

The most important thing is that our agency is unique for its quality and attention to clients, in addition to the fact that we have the most qualified people you can find in all of Spain, they know everything they need to know and much more, experienced in all branches of the knowledge of investigations and acting as quickly as possible.

You will not find any agency like ours because our detectives are unique in themselves, it is not that we are unique only as an agency but as people, we are one of the most humble, responsible and fair detectives as well as regulars at work because we want to give the best quality in everything we do is the only way to show our excellence.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos , we offer you what no one else offers: the comfort, quality and confidence that you need so much in this type of service because currently not even confidentiality is enough to have a job of excellence, which is why We are here to serve you and give you what you need.



At this time we have decided to take to the streets both figuratively speaking and literally to be able to give our clients what they need so that they do not have to worry about looking for such information on their own and that they are not exposed to any danger. , let us take the measures to find what is necessary.

We can do everything you need in the investigative topic because we have currently adapted to be able to carry out our jobs and services, what we mean by this is that the detectives and jobs have been updated or improved to be better at this time and take all the preventive measures necessary to avoid contagion.

We have made a different protocol to be able to work, this consists of using all kinds of protection means such as face masks and masks to avoid contagion and , if possible, avoid leaving our homes because there are jobs that do not require being exposed but easy remote jobs. to do, in other words we prevent leaving.

Only the detectives who need to do field work come out, on the other hand, at this time private computer detectives are on the rise, which is why we continue to work to provide what the client needs, because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we want to give them in each time the best to our customers without fail.



As we are commenting, we have implemented some measures or a protocol to be able to work, with the safety and health of both detectives and clients always being the priority, which is why we have made different changes in the work and the way of delivering information to avoid any contagion and stay safe always.

To begin with we can say that our detectives are wearing the mask and face shield at all times as we have already mentioned, the second is that they have also taken other measures such as always carrying a disinfectant gel or alcohol to disinfect certain areas apart from the gloves and statutory social distancing.

In any case, this is not the only thing, but we have also implemented methods such as the delivery of information through professional social networks, such as e-mail through PDF and other types of electronic resources that are certainly not as secure, but encryption is enough. safe in our files.

Of all the measures implemented, there is one special one above all and that is to use or make use of electronic methods to obtain all kinds of information. Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, our work has not stopped at any time but we have adapted and worked entirely from the network or the internet.



Despite what you think you can leave for after the pandemic, our work is not something you can leave for another day, quite the opposite. In fact, lawyers prefer to hire us right now to prepare for their cases and have time to counter all kinds of arguments. no problems, that’s when we’re best because we deliver what they need.

Many times information is necessary and at this time more than ever, that is why we continue working because this is the perfect time to carry out this work since you will not be busy with other things and you will be able to act after knowing everything you need. , is to put before the facts and prepare for any circumstance.

Because we want you to have what you need, we carry out different jobs at this time, taking advantage of the fact that everyone is unemployed at this time is something you must do to be able to advance in what you need and in the event that you need an investigation by a detective private you can do it without problems currently.

The services we provide will serve both now and in a few months when they are necessary, so why not use our services at this time if it is the best for you, because we are the best private detectives in Burgos , we will give you what you require without problems and with all the necessary measures not to infect or harm you.



As we have already mentioned, we are giving priority to computer detective work, however, we are also doing most other services because among the measures we have taken we have made it possible for these jobs to be carried out with the minimum possible risk for both parties, so which we are still operating at this time.

From the electronic sweeps to the search and location of people, we are carrying them out relatively normally, we have only taken certain measures such as the fact of doing it with certain protections such as gloves or in the case of looking for someone from a car, trying not to get out of the vehicle if not necessary, among other things.

Now, you must be asking how we do certain jobs, because we will tell you what you need to know about the jobs because we will tell you how and what are the jobs that we currently do that require going to a place or being on the street exposed to the contagion, so as not to keep going around the works that we currently carry out are:



In this case, we decided to carry out the work because it is commonly necessary to go to an office or a place where there are people and it is necessary to vacate the room, something that is not the case during quarantine, quite the opposite, the offices are already vacated, doing our job more simple and without so much exposure to contagion, that’s why we decided to do the sweep.

First of all you should know how we do this and that is that everything we touch we try to do with gloves as we have already mentioned but not only this but all the artifacts we use are disinfected at the end, we always keep the distance between the detectives and staff trained and with masks always on.

We try to avoid any exposure and for this reason we also test our detectives when they do these jobs to prevent them from infecting both clients and other detectives, we keep health as a high priority and therefore we are very strict about safety and security. the use of contagion preventive measures.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we want to offer the guarantee of not having any virus or exposing the client at any time, which is why, despite continuing to work to be able to continue with our lives, we decided to be strict with prevention methods and always keep distance between client and detectives.



You may wonder why we are so redundant with the aspect of using contagion prevention methods, but it is the only thing that protects us in the event that we do not have the vaccines from any type of infection or problem, and in a certain way we do not We don’t know if the vaccine can put an end to this, but rather that it can still give us despite the antibodies.

In any case, we have to mention how we carry out the work that is not remote to avoid doubts and that uncertainties or rumors are not created that our work is not well done when what we want is to maintain the health and excellence of our service, we can say that to look for people there is not much that can be prevented.

Among the measures we use to carry out prevention is the use of the chinstrap or mask, this is basic and none of the detectives take it off at any time, in addition to keeping a distance from any objective, something that we have always carried out, for this reason it is that this work has not been changed much and it is allowed to be carried out without difficulties.

What we mean is that this job requires very few measures when looking for someone it is usually done through personal transportation methods like cars that are somewhat “safe” for detectives and we maintain health for clients and detectives Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and we care.



We already talked about the services that are commonly requested, such as the search and the electronic sweeps that require the presence of our detectives, now that you know that we use measures with these cases, you have to know what the measures of our IT workers are, among them, as we mentioned remote work.

On the other hand, remote work is not the only thing we do because sometimes it is necessary to go to a client’s workplace or home to extract information directly from a computer and be able to work remotely, in other words, to be able to work storage bases we have chosen to get the information and work from home.

Because the job of a computer detective is to recover information, then they need to go to the client to obtain the damaged data or look for it wherever it is, for this the measures we have used are gloves and many times take our resources to avoid touching the machines . of the client, in addition to obviously the chinstrap and alcohol.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we take all the necessary measures to continue with our work, one of the ways to do it is through remote work, extracting the information from the storage base or in the case of work that requires data recovery. Internet is only done by electronic means.



This is one of the jobs that also requires physical presence, which is why we also adapt these services to make them safe and have the guarantee of maintaining the health of the staff and the client. In the case of Mystery Shopping we have to go to the franchise to make the observation and ask for the order that requires the observation.

To put it simply, the Mystery Shopping consists of a purchase by an anonymous person who then does a special survey based on other market research, now for this you must go to the store and for that you need the common measurements and we also choose to place between some questions that have to do with biosafety.

We see the security measures of the premises such as the separation of people or even the preventive means of the franchise personnel, we detail this in the work report, this information is now delivered completely online to avoid contagion and to be faster.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, no matter the place, we currently go to the franchise to do the investigative work with all the necessary means and we test that it has the security measures to be one of the best places, we do the work to improve your business and that you do not worry about contagion.



The information and evidence that we currently collect are no longer delivered in person, but social media are used so that there is no risk of contagion when delivering the documents, in this way we not only avoid the use of paper but also any type of insecurity.

Now, the reports are delivered as we mentioned before through emails, which are the ones with the highest encryption and confidentiality. Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we want it to be completely private between the detective and the client to avoid any problem, regardless of the type. archive.

All the files that we deliver will be only through electronic means in this way we avoid contagion between the client or the detective, but in any case the written reports of any progress with the investigation can be done through means such as WhatsApp that is end-to-end encrypted. extreme to keep it confidential.

These are some of the methods that we have to be able to deliver the files, however, if you wish, you can always make an appointment or call to be able to give all kinds of information, this in part guarantees trust and confidentiality to the be more private and precise as it is a call that is not recorded.



You may believe that our methods are not secure enough to be able to send the information without it being compromised, however, we take all measures to ensure that it is secure when sending the information and that only such evidence remains in your hands, to that confidentiality is not compromised.

In any case, if you want, it can be delivered through other safer methods or if necessary, methods such as using an external hard drive can be used to be able to take the information with the minimum contagion and minimum risk, it would only be a matter of arriving use the

storage method and deliver research.

You will not find any other agency like ours Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and throughout the country with years adapting to all setbacks to be able to bring all the data to its destination safely, that is, directly into the hands of our clients by the best methods, if you need to know more contact us directly.

Not only will you get more information by contacting us, but we can also give you free quotes and even give you advice on what could be the most useful job for you because we want you to have what you need, since our word as an agency requires excellence. and provide excellent service to any customer.



The best Burgos detectives prices are available to all those who wish to promote a high sense of response with respect to a given case, which is why this type of investigation mainly seeks to generate elements that can promote the best sense of resolution in the short, medium and long term.

The operation of Burgos prices detectives , carry out their operations thinking about the articulation of investigative activities under a perspective that allows structuring the best results in the shortest possible time, an issue that is evidenced in the construction of a logical framework of responses at the service of the best decision making possible.


The structuring of operations that our Burgos prices detectives make possible , prides itself on the execution of an investigation panorama that makes it possible through the execution of investigative aspects and the implementation of techniques that allow the best possible results to be found in the short term. to all our clients.

A person who is interested in knowing Burgos detectives prices , without a doubt, takes into account only their point of view, however, the execution of an operation implies many elements that we are usually unaware of when wanting to execute an activity of this type.

The execution of operations at the research level requires, on the one hand, the applicability of a logistics scheme with the aim of providing the best of the best for all those who wish to promote an investigation that makes them take the best possible measure regarding a situation. in particular.

The fact that each particular operation has a logistical requirement undoubtedly makes it possible to promote the best response environments with a certain investigation process and the deployment of some tools that guarantee a greater delimitation and refinement of each test and element


of conviction

It is for this reason that, from our operation vision, we have to be as frank with our clients when saying that for reasons of safeguarding the quality status of each research operation, we cannot promote a standardized price for the execution of each type of activity. , since they undoubtedly tend to vary according to the demand and investigative requirements of each case.

That is why, at Grupo Arga, we are always committed to executing all operations at the budget level based on three scenarios, the first being conservative and the second having the possibility of providing an intermediate operating margin, as well as another scenario in where we contemplate the possibility of executing operations from the optimal point of view with an ideal degree of investigative and logistical resources.

Each of these scenarios will tend to vary in their response times to the client, so the client must know that if he hires us for a specific operation and opts for a conservative budget scenario, we cannot respond in 6 hours.

Burgos prices detectives are resources that are highly specialized and aimed at obtaining the best results for each and every one of those who need to execute an investigation operation, at the best possible price, but it is necessary to emphasize that when in an investigation process we speak of the “best price” we are dealing with executing an element of sufficient investigative quality.

Burgos prices detectives are those that can provide the best of the best to all our clients in the shortest possible time, that is why the response times of our investigation are always based on the client’s budgetary restriction, since These elements are what will provide the ability to respond to a given research context.

There are investigations for infidelities that are not so expensive, but on the other hand there is the need to know what may be happening with the security levels of a company, these two types of situations make us fall into a very different framework of action with some totally diverse resources, an issue that makes us think about the clarity that we can provide when establishing the best possible response criteria for all our clients.

It is necessary to be as responsible as possible when highlighting that there are different options on the market and that there are even self-employed investigators who provide their services for a lower price, however, the quality of these operations is not fully guaranteed, so we ask for a lot of prudence on the part of of our clients, and also in accordance with this sense of precaution, we make the call to trust our Grupo Arga detectives who end up being the best to carry out any investigative work.


At Grupo Arga our investigators do their best for Burgos, since they are directed towards the execution of an investigative framework that can provide the best possible results to all our clients, we have executed the execution of our operations with a great precision extremely expert, it is for this reason that from the management of our processes we have maintained the best sense of updating possible.

The execution of this type of activity undoubtedly makes us think about how we can provide the best response criteria for all our clients, both corporate and private, and for this reason, at detectives Burgos prices we do everything for private individuals that has to do with the execution of detection of infidelities, personal investigations and protection tasks where surveillance, counter -surveillance and digital investigations stand out.

In the case of investigations to companies, we do everything possible to manage elements that promote the best sense of response at the level of activities and operations that are linked to the investigation of sick leave, as well as the execution of the client’s technique. mysterious, on the other hand, we make possible the articulation of digital investigations with the aim of promoting a security barrier in companies.


For our town , Burgos Prices detectives are those who can respond with a great sense of precision to all those cases where their work can be entrusted to them, it shows the high commitment and responsibility that they have in the short, medium and long term. For Burgos we do the best!



For all those who need to know Cheap detectives in Burgos , we must first of all make it clear that these types of activities always have a cost, in that cost everything that is related to the logistical development of our activities is implicit.

The management of our processes, without a doubt, provides the best sense of resolution to all those who wish to ask Cheap detectives in Burgos , making this type of activity something extremely important for everyone who requires investigative work. The management of our processes, without a doubt, provides the best element of solution to any fact prone to investigation that may be required by both an individual and a corporate.






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