In the event that you live in the province of Burgos and need to obtain information or find out something discreetly and safely, you should hire a private detective in Burgos , belonging to the Arga group, because they are the most prepared group in the entire territory. They can offer you the best research service in the entire city, since they have the best equipment and material in all of Spain, in addition to having the best training worthy of high-level professionals, at the best price on the international market.

The best possibility of contracting services that have the sufficient capacity to answer the questions that we need so much are represented through being able to access the contracting of  a detective in burgos,  a specialized agent who will be in charge of providing the best response criteria to all the research needs that we may have.

The construction of elements of conviction in an investigative process, is directed mainly towards the realization of complex facts that the client himself cannot specify to determine a fact, action or responsibility, which is why the private investigation service is so Requested throughout Spain.


The city of Burgos is currently an urban environment that frequently makes use of research and investigation services, all account that is the only tool with which research tasks can be established that end up representing a true solution for our clients under high stealth and cooperation tools. That is why by hiring a service of this type, a client is in effect making the best possible decision.

An investigation process, which has the capacity to establish the best of the formative elements towards the client, is one that is capable of providing the best answers and that can also guarantee the provision of an efficient service, by precisely concentrating all the elements that can be part of an activity under not only effectiveness parameters but also efficiency aspects. In this sense, investigative efficiency focuses on leading the client towards a decision-making process capable of representing the solution to an issue.

At the level of investigation from Grupo Arga detectives, we consider that a topic cannot be considered concluded until we get to the bottom of the facts, with the aim of collecting all possible evidence, which is of sufficient weight and full sense of validation towards the client. That is why through our activities we have always proposed to innovate and think about how to do our work better.

From Grupo Arga detectives we know that, if we face the challenge of doing research under a highly modernized approach, we are facing the construction of a process that allows us to solve the concerns of our clients with a highly expert criterion and also that we can implement with a high sense of modernity everything that can be directed towards an ability to respond to any research activity regardless of its level of complexity. A  detective in Burgos, of our organization is not only capable of satisfying all the requirements of its clients, but also seeks beyond the task entrusted with the aim of providing more transcendental elements capable of providing the client with the general vision that is needed to make a decision. correct.

The strategic positioning of this type of activities is made possible through the structuring of services that are extended not only to people but also to corporate environments with the aim of providing the sense of response that clients expect so much towards the construction of processes. that allow companies to have the best competitive tool.

In this case, a  detective in Burgos has the best opportunity to highlight, through the deployment of his services, elements that represent the structuring of key aspects towards business management, detective activities allow the company to know in depth aspects that may be negatively affecting, as is the example of fraudulent sick leave, a company that is not aware of how to deploy strategies that seek to maximize its cost structure does not end up generating a strategic position in the market and without a doubt ends up dying over time .

In this way, from the point of view of providing a strategic deployment of responses, it is also necessary to highlight that private investigation through the mystery customer technique (Mystery Shopping) allows high response patterns to be executed towards entities that wish to improve. in the structuring of customer service with the aim that they can improve in the various aspects that allow a high-level shopping experience to be configured.

For this and other reasons, an investigation service is always directed towards the execution of services that are capable of representing a solution to all our clients under specialization standards and high response with the aim of promoting in detail the various investigations for which the Clients need a highly reliable issue investigation process that is capable of providing the best strategic sense in terms of information and data obtained.




Because we know you wouldn’t want to hire a team that doesn’t know how to deal with difficulties or isn’t experienced enough, we offer the most experienced detectives you can get who have fallen a thousand times in different jobs but have risen to the top. to be able to keep going and always improve.

What we mean by this is that experience, good or bad, has always made our detectives the best and that they do not make mistakes twice, this makes experience a very valuable resource and makes them people with the ability to be wise in regards to your work and do not make mistakes when doing it.

If what you are looking for is the best detective team you can find, then you should already know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos, in case you do not know, we will summarize it for you and it is that it is simple, we are the best because we are dedicated to fulfilling with the objectives of the clients and have the best prices you can ask for.

A service like ours with the experience we have cannot be found anywhere, much less can you find experienced people in different fields capable of carrying out different jobs and achieving results more efficiently and quickly than others, our detectives are skilled thanks to the fact that They have the necessary experience.





The difficulty of a case marks a clear orientation on the type of response and operations that we develop, this ensures that any malicious event receives a correct analysis that draws an exact plan towards the disclosure of reality with substantial evidence following the guidelines of each sector or field. The design that we extend to a case is notable, it confirms the type of cause that we treat and the level of efficiency that can be used to combat any deception, we do not discern about the subject that you wish to investigate, only the details are estimated to establish the type of professionals who will cover the case.

A key instrument to know the truth is private investigation, this exercise is essential to identify if there is a deception or cause against you, we reinforce each area of ​​attention to guarantee that you receive a quality service, this type of professional contribution is reliable for have a series of reliable data at your fingertips. We exercise professional actions with the goal of helping to reveal reality, in the course of private investigation we implement specialized techniques, this occupation prevents any fraud that may be arising or limits it completely, so it never hurts to investigate and ratify the validity of each element.

The professional functions that remain available at Grupo Arga extend to private security, legal protection, expertise on different sectors, advisors and experts that are compatible with the type of situation you are experiencing, that is the root of the case and therefore It is the way to obtain useful evidence. The pattern of conduct or all the doubts of the case, become a good focus to address through the tools of private investigation, the action of our private detectives is faultless because we base our professional actions on the path of ethics and cooperation to reveal the truth.

We cover causes in Burgos with the resounding commitment to create services close to the suffering of society, we have professionals with sufficient knowledge and commitment to take this service to another level, it is a contract from which you can visualize reality with tangible and verified elements. To eradicate a hoax, there is nothing more effective than private investigation, we work discreetly so that you are not in danger or risk in any way, this is a completely safe alternative and the quality of the evidence that we offer ends up endorsing the type of action that we dedicate about your case.

It is important that you distinguish the discreet operations that we carry out from any other representation, because that is the key point that allows us to offer and deliver a final report that works as evidence or support of what happens, we collect evidence within legal measures with qualified specialists . If the problem you are facing needs forensic measures, at Grupo Arga we have this type of expert evaluation, from really attractive and accessible rates to amplify the opportunity to investigate, all the processes that a case needs remain available in the design of responses that we make up. to increase the level of resolution on a case.

Acting at the opportune moment with professionals like the ones we have, is undoubtedly one of the best measures you can take to avoid following the line of deception, this type of solution brings to light all kinds of circumstances, so it does not matter the type of issue to deal with, we always make a great effort to have truthful evidence.

To react to harmful events you need to consult with the capacity and response of our experts, this is an facility in all senses when fulfilling the purpose of obtaining information, the value of our services is measured by everything that we can avoid you or save with the proportion of irrefutable results. Harmful intentions are properly stopped when you have enough evidence, for this you need specialized management that you can find in Burgos when you hire us, all the information obtained is typical of the exhaustion of expert processes on the most requested sectors of private investigation.

To put an end to a deception, at Grupo Arga we offer you clear solutions, in a timely period the evidence you need is manifested, by carrying out the necessary procedures and compatible with the cause, any evidence sought with the necessary legal protocols ends up being of great help. to confirm a fact. Believe in private investigation as a service that supports you in the face of deception, especially with the knowledge of our experts who can maintain a really secretive action so as not to expose you for any reason, the priority is that in each area we have methods that respond to your request efficiently.

The connection with the case allows estimating the essential information until starting in the search for more evidence of the case, this position at the beginning of the case is favorable to have determining techniques and procedures, the qualification of a case is only an aid to have objectives that our professional skills fully comply.

Having private detectives who take care of your peace of mind above all is a great coverage, this is precisely what defines Grupo Arga in Burgos, initially we have an interpretation that visualizes all the variants of the case until assigning the competent team and you have legal evidence at the end that professional effort for your well-being.

We support you in conducting and preserving the effectiveness of a private investigation, the final result of our work proves or discredits a fact, this starting point allows us to find information that can stop any type of negative incidence against you, with our private detectives in Burgos you can count on any occasion with specialized coverage that has no comparison.






The realization of investigative services in the city of Burgos is only possible through the investigative activity that Grupo Arga has provided to the general public with respect to the structuring of the Burgos  Detectives Guide,  the implementation of this type of services mainly has the possibility of providing the best of the best towards the creation of elements that allow obtaining the best possible result for those who seek the realization of a quality investigation service. Quality research processes have always been carried out through work that allows the construction of a solid research case, capable of providing the best elements for efficient decision-making towards the client.



From Grupo Arga detectives we are always focused on building a first-rate investigation service, this leads us to think about the various forms and strategies that can be implemented to safeguard an effective investigation criteria towards all the requirements that clients have, with the The objective is that the research work is highly timely and also that it has the ability to keep a very close relationship with the aspects that may represent the solution that the clients have actually requested.

That is why, through the execution of our services, we have proposed to serve individuals through investigations that can really represent a true solution in matters related to their daily tasks, there are various elements that can make the best decision in the matter. client, and they are directed towards the knowledge of all the elements that may surround a matter that has sufficient investigative capacity.

The construction of efficient investigation processes through our  Burgos detectives Guide , not only seeks to manage a simple case towards a person, instead it intends to structure investigation tasks that can represent the interest and the possibility that many people have the best tools and informative inputs so that they can make the best possible decision.

A self-respecting detective service should not only be in charge of managing various elements of investigative processes that may represent the ideal solution for our clients through the performance of a specific field of operation, which is why through Our offer of services seeks to solve infidelity issues, as well as the construction of cases that allow us to respond to any investigative concern on a personal level, sometimes reaching the point of investigating legal documents or antiques of high sentimental and monetary value.

From our Operations Group we have not limited ourselves to only establishing this type of services for people, which is why we have always sought the opportunity to offer the best in terms of research, this leads us to the possibility of formulating a unique construction criterion in the generation of an investigation case that has the capacity to promote the best possible sense of responsibility in various actions and events that may be subject to sanctions in the digital spectrum.

For these reasons, from Grupo Arga detectives, we have displayed in great detail everything that has to do with the structuring of investigations that are responsible for implementing a high-level information and protection barrier towards people who browse the web, with the objective of making viable a criterion of personal protection through first-rate digital investigations.

The structuring of investigations that are related to the implementation of electronic sweep procedures is also enshrined in our service guide, thus offering the best accumulation of strategies and elements that may be prone to the construction of personal data protection barriers and all what may be in accordance with processes that may represent the non-exposure of people in their intimate environments or in their digital activity.

 Our Arga Detectives Group, through the  Burgos Detectives Guide , has always maintained sufficient operating criteria towards the structuring of activities that allow us to respond with great precision to all the elements that are part of a private investigation policy capable of accurately responding to all elements that represent a great advantage to the client so that he himself can meet his needs. That is why through Grupo Arga detectives we are always focused on generating various research elements that are useful to all people who are looking for an efficient investigation service.



From Grupo Arga detectives, we offer the structuring of investigation services that are capable of managing with great precision all the information elements that our clients need in the corporate sector, this means that our value offer is not only aimed at people, but also We focus on offering quality services to business groups that know the strategic relevance that is obtained through specialized data collection and management processes.

The application that Grupo Arga Detectives makes towards the construction of efficient investigation processes makes it possible for companies in various ways to be able to represent a solid solution when offering the construction of investigation cases for low labor as well as cases that They are related to the implementation of the Mystery Shopping technique, thus promoting a high sense of response to anyone who is able to need it.

Satisfying the needs of the business world does not vary greatly with the requirements that must be achieved at the level of an investigation of individuals, because the great burden of these elements lies in the specification of useful and accurate information. The construction of a first-rate investigation case represents the possibility for many people to provide the best of the best to our Burgos clients. Our  Burgos detectives guide  is the most complete catalog of investigative services in the region!





The best Burgos infidelity detectives are available to all those who seek to hire a staff that has the ability to provide the best sense of response at a given moment with all those who intend to carry out the best sense of investigation at the level of a case or an issue that may be representing an obstacle.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the use of elements that can provide the best sense of development of an investigation process can make transmissible in the construction of aspects that have the capacity to provide the best sense of response at the level of a sentimental investigation, our detectives Burgos infidelities are elements of strategic guarantee for the development of strategic elements in the short, medium and long term.



At Grupo Arga detectives, our Burgos infidelity detectives are resources that provide the best sense of resolution for someone who may have doubts as to whether their partner is really cheating on them, an issue that is observed through a highly detailed monitoring process focused on detecting patterns. abnormal behavior.

The agents that are dedicated to doing this type of research, are mainly in charge of generating a meticulous follow-up of all the elements that can provide the best sense of resolution towards a determination of an accurate scheme of all those who may be interested in concentrating the best research process in the short, medium and long term.

In Grupo Arga detectives, the generation of an investigative operation is mainly responsible for providing the best sense of response for all those who require the application of a specialized process around providing a clarification of elements through the establishment in the theater of operations of some follow-up activities to the investigated.

This is how, from our agency we make viable the construction of an investigative process that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution through contrasting the assumptions and data provided by the client with what is really happening in the life of the person under investigation. It is there where the itinerary is carefully monitored, as well as all the people that it is frequenting in its day-to-day life are located with great precision. Our detectives Burgos infidelities,They are investigative resources that promote the best sense of resolution for all those who suspect that their partner is cheating on them through the application of processes such as those described above and the deployment of tools that in the field make the collection of evidence viable. videographic level with the objective of supporting all the evidentiary documentation of each case.

At Grupo Arga detectives, we make it possible for our agents to additionally carry out a much broader and more detailed investigation, understanding that the execution of an investigative process at the level of infidelity, sometimes implies electronic monitoring, since each type of operation of this type not only takes place through face-to-face follow-up, it also has the investigations that are carried out at the couple level, they have a foothold in the construction of an investigation process that can promote the best sense of response at the level of a digital investigation , because today there are even researches in these ranges.

Our work is mainly aimed at providing the best sense of response for all those who need an investigation device that can provide all the necessary information with high discretion, this is a key element when considering that all these aspects end up being preponderant to carry out an operation of this type.

When one part of the relationship tries to investigate what the other is doing, in most cases it is discovered, an issue from which everything related to discussions and extremely unpleasant moments of confrontation originate, an issue that can even result in a formal accusation pointing out intrusion into privacy, which is why detectives Burgos infidelities, are resources that pride themselves on the exercise of a job that can provide the best evidence to all our clients, making the progress of an investigation case a price and to deliver the best data.



For the city of Burgos, from Grupo Arga we have developed a research work of around 10 years, where without a doubt we have been able to generate the best sense of resolution for all those who need to structure a process that allows them to obtain the best answers in the possible time. In Grupo Arga, our detectives Burgos infidelitiesThey are those who without a doubt promote the best sense of development for all those who make possible the best sense of research in the short, medium and long term, the reason why this is presented is because the seriousness and responsibility with the that our agents execute their activities make each operation have a distinctive touch around the way in which the best elements are conducted to deliver the favorable results to our clients.

Our detectives Burgos infidelities are widely recommended by the community, this is the case of Almudena who, at the age of 29, hired a service of this type and without a doubt was able to get out of a situation that, if it had been perpetuated, would have led her to make a big mistake ” I was about to get married, when after my commitment was made, a friend of my work approached me to tell me that my partner was cheating on me. Having this suspicion latent, I turned to the investigation agents of Grupo Arga, who responded in less than 72 hours. precisely to my case and they verified that my friend’s testimony was correct, an issue that made me abandon any life plan I had with my partner at that time”.

Testimonials like those of Almudena make us reflect on the vision that we build every day as a group in favor of the articulation of an investigative apparatus that can provide the best sense of clarification of each case for anyone who requires it. At Grupo Arga we have the best infidelity agents!







Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that through its 10 years of experience has proposed the construction of investigation processes that are capable of providing the best sense of response to all the concerns that our different types of clients have, the fact that An investigative agent can serve both companies and individuals show the various scopes of private investigation, since in summary it embodies the possibility of establishing new frontiers of cooperation where detective action is valued as a high resource.

From Grupo Arga Detectives we are focused on providing the best solutions to the different clients that we have as a detective group, which is why, taking into account the contrasts typical of the Iberian Peninsula, we have decided to implement a high-level training process for our detectives in Burgos . , an issue that is undoubtedly reflected in the quality with which our services are provided in the short, medium and long term.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that, faithful to the commitment of its clients, intends to apply the best investigative processes in Burgos, with the aim that they benefit from a highly efficient investigation process. For Burgos Grupo Arga offers the best!

One of the most common cases for which private detectives are required is because we can provide any evidence of infidelity to a person who suspects their partner, in fact it is one of the services in which we have more experience because it is one of the most sought after in Spain and if you want to clear up your doubts there is nothing better.

Because we know that many times following intuition is or rather we want to offer you the best investigative service you can get from a detective agency, we guarantee to obtain evidence of any type of infidelity in the event of any, the best way to be sure that something is done right is for an expert to do it or verify it.

In order to be sure of information we need evidence and as we already told you, we are the best in providing all kinds of data and evidence. You will not find a better agency than ours because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and we want to offer you the best detective service. that you can find in the city.

If what you want is quality, security when delivering information, confidentiality, a very important point, and above all, experts in the area of ​​work, then there is no better option than our agency, with which you will get what you need and at the best price. possible for an excellent quality service that has no comparison.



The computer detective is very similar to the common detective, in fact currently it can be said that they are the same person since a detective in Spain is trained in various branches, this being one of them, he is in charge of recovering all kinds of information or that would be a little summarized what a detective can do and it is something that is very necessary. In any part of the world, it often happens that we need to recover deleted, damaged information or that, due to some joke or virus or other error in the computer, might even hide or put the files in a different place that we cannot find on our own. , that’s where a computer detective comes in to solve this.

Of all the detective agencies that you can find throughout Spain, you will not find any other like ours that offers you not only expert detectives in different fields but also handles the computer side and is capable of giving you the information you need. without running into problems or needing to lose all the files somehow. A computer detective is necessary when you need to recover files, passwords, emails or even when things get complicated with the data on your computer and everything may already be damaged, in any case you should know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and a One of the reasons is because of our computer work.





You may worry about both computer and physical security, which is why we provide one of the best services to prevent any kind of espionage, not only from telephone lines but also from spy devices, we say this right after the computer detectives because it has to do a little with the subject of sweeps. The sweeps are a way of ending any electronic device that is carrying out some type of data transmission to a user, thus stealing any file or direct information from a company, computer detectives can often work in this area because know about any failures in the firewall.

In other words, our agency offers services that in one way or another are connected in terms of knowledge, in a certain way a computer detective checks if there is an intruder in the firewall and then, during the sweep, he performs a physical review of the area. This is why our works complement each other. In any case, this type of work is specialized to guarantee any confidentiality in any area that is desired and thus be able to obtain that area without information leaks, it is usually done in meeting rooms or similar and if you want security then you know why we are the best private detectives in Burgos.

In this case we decided to carry out the work because it is commonly required to go to an office or a place where there are people and it is necessary to evacuate the room, something that is not the case during quarantine, quite the contrary, the offices are already evacuated doing our job more simple and without so much exposure to contagion, for this reason we decided to carry out the sweep. First of all you should know how we do this and everything we touch we try to do with gloves as we have already mentioned but not only this but all the devices we use are disinfected when finished, we always keep the distance between detectives and staff trained and with the masks always on.

We try to avoid any exposure and for this reason we also test our detectives when they do these jobs to prevent them from infecting both customers and other detectives, we keep health a high priority and therefore we are very strict in terms of safety and the use of preventive measures of contagion.

Because we are the best private detectives in Burgos, we want to offer the guarantee of not having any virus or exposing the client at any time, which is why, despite continuing to work to continue with our lives, we decided to be strict with prevention methods and always keep distance between client and detectives.


We may focus on just some of the work of our detectives or some services, however, we only do it because we consider them to be among the most requested by our clients and you may be interested in all the information we offer about these services, as in this case with the work of searching and locating people. If what you need is to look for someone, then there is no better investment than hiring a private detective because not only do you save time but they are also the only ones who know how to do this simple and fast job because they know the streets of Burgos like the palm of their hand and their experience means that they can find almost anyone.

There are very few exceptions to more complicated cases in which there is neither evidence nor enough information to be able to find the whereabouts of a person, but they are very rare and the number of successful cases we have had is one of the reasons why we are the best private detectives in Burgos and why you should hire us. Not everything is due to experience or knowledge, but also due to the tools, cunning and intelligence of our detectives that we can say that we do a job like no other, regardless of the person you are looking for, we guarantee to do our best to find that person and that you do not. you have to take care of them and you don’t have to spend your time.

The investigations being carried out by Grupo Arga detectives in our town make our resources known as experts in locating people in Burgos , because they are the ones who can carry out the work of private investigation in the shortest possible time. for any time and at the most appropriate time.

Our Location of people in Burgos , are the ones that give a greater sense of resolution to various elements that can undoubtedly provide the best element of resolution regarding a certain situation of private investigation, this investigation has different connotations, an issue that we are going to clarify in detail. in Arga Group.





The management of our investigative processes by our best agents in the city of Burgos is a reality today since Grupo Arga detectives offer all our clients the best response criteria, why for all these clients, what do you questions? At Burgos Computer Detectives we give the best of the best in the shortest possible time.

Burgos Computer Detectives are the best question that we can guarantee to all those who want to obtain the best results at the level of private investigations. As a result, our agency can develop the best reaction feeling for all our clients and optimally verify the application of these procedures at the possible price.

For our Grupo Arga agents, the application of these processes undoubtedly offers the best search criteria available to our clients. In this way, from our agency we can carry out the structuring of operations towards individuals and companies with the aim of offering the best of the best to all our clients.

Burgos Computer Detectives and their cost is a question that we cannot answer so quickly, since the management of these processes undoubtedly contributes to the construction of elements that allow the articulation of a precise digital investigation file at the service of the client, as a of dossier, the investigation certainly gives us the opportunity. Promote a logistics structure at the service of all those who want to commission our private investigation processes. At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes is based on the management of a liquidation process that focuses mainly on formulating evidence that can help solve a case by identifying weighty elements. directly and indirectly in the management of each investigation.

For the Grupo Arga detectives, the most valuable element that we focus on to promote a management process for our business is undoubtedly related to the management of the elements that the client initially contributes to the investigation process, since it is used to drill down to the search context. that the agent has to deal with.

At Detectives Grupo Arga we understand a sense of integration in the management of processes at the service of our clients through the generation of elements that provide the best possible response to all our private and commercial clients. That is why, from our agency, we make possible the articulation of operations that can provide what our clients are looking for at the level of any device.

At Grupo Arga, thanks to the participation of a highly qualified detective who reacts to any type of situation, our clients can determine the solution to the elements that represent an important strategic sum for them. Computer detective Burgos fades into the background when we analyze how our agents manage to carry out everything related to investigative processes at the level of infidelity detection, as well as any type of personal investigation.

On the other hand, our agents promote the best sense of response to people through activities that help structure security measures related to surveillance and counter-surveillance, as well as everything related to the execution of elements. Those that allow us to experience a sense of personal protection through digital research that can create a sense of protection in our clients.

With the detectives from Grupo Arga, we did not stop there. That is why we manage our investigations in such a way that they work around the structuring of elements that offer all our client companies the best research criteria, with the aim that they are the ones that determine a very effective decision-making process.

For this reason, from our research company we enable everything related to the management of processes that can make disease research possible, as well as everything related to the management of the elements that allow establishing the best sense of decision through an Experience. purchase using the mystery shopper technique.

When we meet the Burgos Computer Detectives at Grupo Arga detectives, we can also know that all our agents can offer the best possible response thanks to a security policy that allows us to create the best feeling of protection for everyone in development environments. through digital research. that can offer companies the best possible protection.



Throughout the international community, Grupo Arga Detectives is considered the best detective investigation company with a high prestige and level of professionalism. This has a large number of offices located throughout Spain, each one equipped with the best technological materials on the market and the most competent, prepared and professional staff from around the world.

The city of Burgos is no exception, as one of the aforementioned private investigation establishments with a large number of successful commissions is located there. Here you can hire all the services that Grupo Arga provides at the most competitive prices in the international market.

The detective agency in Burgos, belonging to the Arga group, as in other offices in Spain, offers a large number of multi-services, which are adapted according to the needs of each consumer in order to fully satisfy each request or job that is requested, achieving the best results. Always respecting the legal statutes of our organization, those imposed by law and the moralists that govern our work.

This research agency in Burgos, as in the other offices in Spain, offers a large number of services to suit the consumer, which are adapted according to the needs of each client in order to fully satisfy each request or job that is demanded, obtaining the best results. results. The types of services that



offers this great company could be classified as follows:

  • Investigations of the computer field, in this case, high-level professionals with years of experience related to technology and its advances work here, in order to obtain the best answers from the investigations carried out
  • Investigations in the professional and industrial fields, a group of qualified people work here to carry out inquiries about trademarks, copies or plagiarism, espionage, surveillance, sabotage at the industrial level, attacks on property, recognition and authentication of signatures and fingerprints, expert reports on different types, skills, among others.
  • Investigations in the field of insurers and organizations, in this case another group of people specialized in the subject work, fully qualified to investigate accidents, consequences, false or feigned casualties, reconstruction of claims, exaggeration of facts, simulated accidents or fraud.
  • Investigations in the family and individual sphere, for these investigations another group of professionals are prepared to proceed with the investigation of facts such as threats, injustices, discrimination, slander, infidelity, pensions, ill-treatment, asocial, mistreatment, gambling, addictions, etc.
  • Investigations in the labor field, as in the previous cases, a group of professionals is in charge of this type of investigation, investigating facts such as resume checks, duplication of employment, dismissals, unfair or unfair competition, false absences or absences, etc.
  • Investigations in the real estate field, finally in this case there is another group of professionals who are in charge of investigations in this area, focusing on improper subleasing, absences, expired rents, evictions, concealment of interior reform, etc.



If you have doubts about your partner, you don’t trust him/her, you feel that he/she is hiding things from you and you are desperate, do not hesitate to hire a private detective from Burgos, belonging to the Arga Detectives Group.  These detectives are a group of trained professionals with years of experience in the field of detective investigation, thus being able to obtain all the necessary information to be able to verify if your partner is being unfaithful or not.

The issue of infidelity is something extremely common in couples today, we say that infidelity is committed when the relationship ceases to be monogamous by one of the two parties and they have sexual relations or even as a couple without any type of consent. . That is why Grupo Argas Detectives offers the best services for investigations focused on this topic, with the most prepared personnel in the market and the best work instruments in order to achieve accurate results.

We know that it is never easy to admit or go through a situation of infidelity, since there are cases in which one is not completely sure if said act is being committed or not, it is because of them that our detective agency in Burgos , as well as in all those that are located throughout Spain, offer a totally secret, discreet and confidential service. Since the motto of every prestigious private investigator is always to maintain discretion and caution when carrying out detective work, thus protecting all our distinguished clientele and in turn being able to deliver everything necessary to determine the act of infidelity.

In life, each service demands an associated cost, it is common to think that hiring a private detective can be extremely expensive and almost impossible for a common person who does not have excess resources. But not everything is as it seems because the agencies of the Arga Detectives Group have the most competitive and accessible prices in the entire market, thus being able to contract their services with any natural staff without having to make significant out-of-pocket expenses. Having all this information, do not be left with the doubt that if your partner is being unfaithful, look for and hire a private detective in any of our agencies, and thus evaluate for yourself what is happening with all the tests that our group of experts will get you.





For a company, it is necessary to carry out this type of work to be able to know the truth behind information provided in a person’s resume and to know if they really meet the requirements for the job or they were simply lying in said resume and what they put in these places it is not even close to what they need. In any case, it is not the only thing we offer because there are different jobs in the labor area with which we can help, in the same way, many times you can investigate directly from the personal area to be able to take into account not only the criminal record but also any debtor or any threat to the person.

The latter is useful in the case of needing to have a partner, avoid any type of association with someone who is in trouble or who does not bring a good image to the company, you may see all the similar jobs or that the areas are somewhat similar, the truth is that the jobs are similar but never the same. Each job or service has its reason for being because we are the best private detectives in Burgos who want to be able to meet every need in terms of investigations and security, for this reason we also have jobs in which you can discover any lie or theft of information, even any feigned leave made by an employee.

In the absence of a good adviser, we  labor detectives are in Burgos , not because we do the same, although if they really put us in we wouldn’t do anything wrong because we fully enter into that type of training, but let’s be clear, the work in Burgos is important mood in the entire southern zone of northern Spain, and that weighs heavily.

For this reason, Grupo Arga attracts its eyes to this area of ​​Castilla y León, to give it that unparalleled support that is needed when there are bad experiences or the idea of ​​being close to having them with its employees. The private detective is the one who is based to look for what has not been lost, which sounds like a saying of a Sevillian grandfather who lived longer than the whole family thought he would, but who responds perfectly to understand what we want to say, which is that we are not looking for something that interests us, but something that interests you.

Either from something with a positive assumption, such as looking for data of a family scope, such as the inquiry that a minor represented by his parents is in bad steps and wants to interpret what he is doing, with whom he is doing it, and how it does it, or something more dissident like the decryption of data from a ghost computer.

The strength of the private detective prevails over the contexts, because they attract a large number of skills that enable them to carry out investigations of almost any type with authority. Even more so when these investigations are integrated at the service of a group of experts capable of providing feedback with an appropriate and fixed interconnection.

Either to find unforeseen bad news like the typical news that floats in our reports, to corroborate information that you almost know for sure, such as, without being unseemly, that they are being victims of infidelity. All of these are included in the compendium of the possible areas of development of the good private detective.

And what about the workplace in Burgos? That is where we want to get to, since it is a fact that the profound progressiveness of an industrial metropolis such as Burgos concerns experts like us, and by us we refer to all kinds of private detectives, and of course  detectives are included in those labor in Burgos .







One of the areas with the highest incidence in terms  of fraudulent sick leave investigations is Burgos . Its extensive concentric communion with all of northern Spain and its lived extension towards demographic and industrial expansion endowed it with innumerable virtues that would become eternal if we based this space to count them. But if we are private detectives, and we know what a high industrial and labor development accounting translates into, and just as we know it, we also run to attack its cause and its worst ghosts. Here is the Arga Group.

The history experienced by a meeting of geographical and administrative conditions in Burgos is undoubtedly commendable, almost idyllic for the vast majority of cities and even countries throughout Europe, concentrating on its limits a large number of job creation potentials that rival mega cities. like Berlin. The flourishing of this city in the autonomous community of Castilla y León is determined to be, if it is not already, a model city that Europe always wants to emulate when it comes to the development of diversification, coupling and adjustment of the economy, production, distribution, import and export, and even self-sufficiency.

As you can see, the city of Burgos is something like the desire of any lover of the development and progress of small, medium and large companies, since it has large brands that are awarded headquarters and even central organizations in the area and periphery of Burgos, undoubtedly counting on its unbeatable quality in terms of connectivity with cities throughout Europe.

Not to mention that it has extensive development of road and air communication that makes distribution look like something implicitly simple and easy to digest for the introduction of new, and at the same time large companies, a longitudinal paradise of the structure of an industrialized city that has not stopped growing, and no less surprising.

But surprises do not occur as we all want them to. The irruption of so much industrialization and the desire for progress and mercantilist enrichment is a very good thing, but with it it brings its ballast, and for that we, Grupo Arga, are hired to show those stones that the river current brings, at the expense of  labor investigations throughout Burgos .



In Burgos, there is one of the detective headquarters belonging to the Argas Detectives Group , fully equipped with the highest caliber and quality material on the market, in addition to having the most qualified, responsible, dedicated and totally professional personnel to carry out the work that be assigned. The detectives in Burgos, belonging to this organization, are one of the most qualified groups to carry out any assignment in a professional manner, ensuring fast, efficient, serious and safe work; in addition to having prices that are totally affordable for the common pocket of the average citizen.

If you want to contract the services offered by the detective agency in Burgos , you only have to come to our facilities and request the service you want. Always remember that discretion is our best ally since it is the essence of a qualified private detective and that is why in our agency it is vital to be discreet. The prices of a private detective in Burgos usually vary according to the requested service, in general these are:

  • From 1-5 hours, per individual and per day are 350 euros. An additional 70 euros will be collected per hour and additional person. On holidays and night shifts the cost will increase by 50% of the established price
  • In matters such as systematic investigations or insurance investigations, the minimum amount will also be used or, as the expense of resources, the investment of time and the difficulty of the investigation, a budget will be made between the parties, and this will be mutually recognized according to the materials used
  • In explorations and locations of individuals, the cost will be agreed, first. In a matter of the investigation being very specific, the elementary price is used, which is 350 euros.

But it must be emphasized that, at our detective headquarters in Burgos, we adjust the cost of the investigations to each consumer, since, since each investigation is different, each client is different as well. Do not hesitate to hire our services, we are the best detective organization in the world. Contact Us.



Human beings have become accustomed to having a mentality of doubt in this new century, most of the things that we tend to perceive as very good or very modern we label as expensive and difficult to afford, but there are several things that can still be get a fair price and also a quality service, a private detective in Burgos is one of them. Spain has always been a pioneer country in terms of private investigations, which is why the demand for detectives is immense, both for private cases, business cases, legal requirements, etc. Most common rates for private detectives in Burgos

It has become a kind of profession that is in high demand and according to a basic principle of economy, while the demand goes up the offer goes down, but you should also take into account that if you require a quality service, obviously it will cost you a little more than average service. At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best private detectives in Burgos, although this is not a reason to say that they are very expensive, their mission is to solve problems that citizens may have quickly, easily and at an affordable price, which is why which has obtained recognition both nationally and internationally and is qualified as one of the best agencies in the world.

  • Any service charge per hour ranges between 50 and 100 euros depending on the type of contract and its difficulty, the use of additional tools also tends to influence.
  • For 5 hours of investigation, the private detective usually charges between 200 and 300 euros.
  • For contracts such as investigations of personal financial reports, family members, one or more friends, a partner (or ex-partner) or any person in particular, it is 800 euros.
  • In the case of search and surveillance, if they are very specific, a fee of 5 hours will be charged in the contract (200 to 300 euros), otherwise it will be the agreement between the detective and his client.
  • Guides, advice and consultations on a particular topic or situation, private detectives usually charge between 50 and 80 euros an hour, if the meeting happens to be held in the investigator’s office.
  • Labor or lease-type reports (dedication of the property, duplication of address, assignments and transfers, subrogations or other similar information) are from 800 euros per contract.
  • The hours included between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. for surveillance and search reasons will have an increase of 50%. Like work on holidays or parties.


The rates shown above are for you to use as a guide, in order to get an idea of ​​how profitable the investigators of Grupo Arga Detectives can be . In the same way, we recommend visiting a private investigator in Burgos , express your problems and you will be offered a budget that suits your needs, no other agency offers a free consultation in their offices on your first visit, take advantage of the opportunity.

For all those who want to know  how much a detective in Burgos is worth , we have the best of answers, since before making a decision whether to hire said service or not, we must establish an analysis of what it really implies to carry out an investigation process with the objective of that we can understand all the elements that are implicit in the development of a research tool. How much is a detective in Burgos worth , is a question that Grupo Arga provides the best answer for all those of us who may be interested in carrying out a high-level investigative activity.



From Grupo Arga detectives, we do everything possible to try to generate the best possible execution of the investigative procedure with the implementation of aspects that can provide the best sense of resolution to a specific problem that a client may have, in the beginning they always arrive with a great sense of urgency, an issue that for us is imperative to maintain a research apparatus that can respond with great precision to all the concerns that our clients have.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we manage our processes based on aspects where we can provide a sense of adequate response to all the needs of both our corporate clients and our private clients, an issue that is undoubtedly synonymous with the wide application of the research processes.

When from Grupo Arga we respond , How much is a detective in Burgos worth , it is something that can provide a clear framework to all those who want to know what an investigation process implies, in this case we must be as precise as possible when determining various elements that provide a development framework for each investigative context in the shortest possible time.

The structuring of elements that can provide the rapid development of a case, implies that our agents can be trained with the best training elements and the best resources, this is how from our pool of agents we manage cutting-edge processes to provide the best professional development of all those who wish to start a research career with us.

These elements are very important since they allow to do precisely everything that is related to the execution of investigative aspects that can promote the best sense of resolution that is ideal for all our clients in different investigation cases, an issue that allows making a Precise work in the face of any complexity.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the execution of these aspects is not enough since we also need all the resources that are necessary to determine as much as possible the elements that are linked to the delimitation of various hypotheses in relation to a case. specifically private.

This last element implies the implementation of various tools at the technological level that facilitate logistics at the level of an investigative process, an issue that undoubtedly makes it possible to determine with greater precision all the activities that have the capacity to collect the information. evidence and elements of conviction that have a direct and indirect weight in the management of each problem. At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these processes provide the best sense of response for anyone who might be interested in hiring an investigation service at any level, an issue that makes it possible to promote the best sense of assistance in the short term, medium and long term.

Taking all these elements into account, we say that  how much a detective in Burgos  is worth is something that without a doubt we cannot establish under a standardized price, in this sense we have to emphasize that each operation we carry out is unique and each requirement that the client has implies our part to design a strategy and a logistical connection that allows to achieve everything that he needs to obtain.

At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of all our investigation processes are implemented to promote the best development of activities for people and companies, ranging from investigations for infidelity, to security operations such as surveillance techniques, counter-surveillance and digital investigations, through the management of economic intelligence processes through the application of the mystery customer technique and the investigation of sick leave.

The application of these aspects, without a doubt, makes it possible for us to provide the best sense of response for a very broad execution of research services. Having already analyzed everything that our detectives do, we can say that as a research group we are not willing to sacrifice price for quality in the development of these services.




If you decide to hire a cheap detective, this can end up being more expensive than you expected, more than anything, because if you found a cheap detective, the quality will never be the same regardless of whether it is your relative or acquaintance who left it cheaper. It’s always going to have a slight change in quality for the price. Let’s remember one thing, the best price will not always be the best quality, this is something that will not happen to you with our detective agency because we are the best private detectives in Burgos and throughout the country, which is why we will never recommend you go with some cheap detective, as you also take more risks than just quality.

One of the reasons why you should not choose a cheap detective is that it can result in a scam, what we mean is that he can scam you by telling you or giving you evidence of something that in the end is not true or that he did not give his maximum to find out about said information, whatever the case, you always run the risk of being scammed by a cheap detective.

Not only do you run that risk, but you can also run a risk by giving them information or, in the case of being a computer detective, giving them your personal data, which is why you must make sure not to hire a cheap detective who may not even be legal and that may harm you or worse come to






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