Today it is possible to count on the services of detectives at any time, being extremely ideal for emergencies. In this way, investigations can be carried out when required by the client and at no additional cost.

These detectives generally have affordable rates that include different types of investigative services, as well as the collection of evidence and the preparation of a report that allows them to proceed legally in any situation.





Detectives in Granada can be found working for various investigative agencies. In these agencies you will be able to find all the information you require and that is important to contract any investigation service. Despite the variety of them, for years at Grupo Arga detectives we have been the main option of many people to have any detective. This is thanks to the fact that we have provided a professional and responsible service.

We have detectives who are in charge of carrying out an investigation ethically and in the shortest time possible, in order to provide timely responses as soon as possible to all our clients. Likewise, we have stood out for being an agency that has a 24-hour service and rates with the best value for money. Our clients can contact us at any time they wish to start any investigation.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain all the necessary information about our services and start your investigation. You will receive the results of your investment in the shortest possible time, obtaining all the answers you need.



In addition to having attention available 24 hours a day through our means of contact, by having Arga detectives group you will have at your disposal a variety of investigation services such as the




  • infidelities

Investigations for infidelity is one of the most requested in Granada, generally by women who harbor the suspicion that this situation may be happening to them during working hours.

Faced with this doubt, they resort to the help of a detective who allows them to obtain peace of mind. For this, we have the best and specialized professionals in the area for a quick investigation.

  • Labor

These are especially ideal services for large and small companies that are in Granada, as it is a town where fraudulent sick leave is usually more common than you think.

Likewise, labor detectives are also in charge of carrying out investigations for insurance companies, trying to provide a service that allows them to greatly reduce the losses of their company.

  • Business

It is also an extremely useful service for any company where our detectives are in charge of carrying out mystery investigations. shoppyng , which are highly requested.

They are also in charge of studies in the financial, industrial, counter-espionage areas, solvency reports, non-uniformed surveillance, among other services that can provide help to a company.

  • Computing

In Granada, our computer experts are also highly sought after by companies in the province, as they are professionals who provide various types of services to guarantee discretion to a company’s information.

These services include online cleaning, IP tracking of a computer, recovery of WhatsApp and lost information, research on social networks, analysis of mobile devices, detection of spyware, among others.

  • Familiar

At Grupo Arga detectives we are known for providing an effective family-oriented investigation service to solve inheritance problems, divorces, alimony, gender violence investigations and other common problems.

  • Other services

Finally, in addition to all those mentioned above, our detectives are also in charge of calligraphy surveys, fingerprint analysis, contacting international detectives, property investigations, among others.

In this way, you can count on us for any research you need and at any time. Our detectives will be in charge of making you a free estimate to start the work.





As there are a variety of investigation agencies in Granada, it is common for many people to question this service, so it is important to keep in mind that they are professionals who can provide many benefits.

Among the most common, we can highlight:

  • Emergency service

As they are agencies that provide an uninterrupted service, such as the Arga detectives group , our clients will be able to get in touch whenever they need it and without having to pay extra fees.

In this way, when it comes to an emergency such as the location of a lost person, our detectives will be at your disposal to provide help, which these same professionals will ensure is quick and effective.

  • affordable rates

Apart from having a service available at any time, the best thing is to have a service with low rates. In Granada it can be difficult to find an accessible service, but in Grupo Arga detectives we guarantee the best.



Our detectives have the best value for money in the entire area, so that our clients can hire us to carry out any investigation they need with peace of mind and confidence.

  • verifiable service

Given the doubt that hiring a detective may generate , our clients have the option of consulting the opinions and experiences of past clients, in order to feel safer and more confident when hiring the investigation service.

  • advisory

detectives are responsible for providing , we must emphasize that they are qualified professionals to provide advice and guidance to a client on any situation that concerns him.

In this way, it is a professional whom you can trust to consult various elements, because thanks to the experience in their work, they are people with extensive knowledge.

  • Tranquillity

Many of the people in Granada turn to the investigative services of our detectives to regain their tranquility and calm. In these difficult situations, many feel powerless as they cannot help as they wish.

Our detectives will be in charge of providing you with help in any situation, so do not hesitate to contact our agency. You will have all the information and services you need at the exact time you need it.





Our detectives in Granada are based in an office with headquarters in Madrid, and with branches in Granada. You should know that we, private detectives, are facing one of the most intrusive professions there is. And for this reason, you should always request the documentation from those professionals in the sector whom you are going to hire.
With a professional career of more than 10 years of experience and continuous presence in the world of private investigation, our private detective agency has a mixed and multidisciplinary team, capable of carrying out any type of investigation by stranger at any time. whatever you think.
Our Granada detectives take the work we do very seriously. We offer security, reliability, discretion, honesty, and all this under the cloak of the strictest legality. All of our Granada detectives enjoy their work, and it shows in the results.

The detectives in Granada are resources that are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the aim of formulating the answers that the investigation client needs.

The execution of successful operations is synonymous with teamwork that is done taking into account various actors, including the client, the investigator and, last but not least, the organization.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

Solved Cases
Satisfied Customers
Official Accreditations
Interventions in Countries







It is completely legal to hire infidelity detectives in Granada , for any circumstance of a private nature. Today the demand for investigation companies is growing all the time. Unfortunately, on some occasions there is the possibility of hiring fake detectives without a license, without experience and we must be very alert to them.

The profession of detective or investigator is highly regulated in Granada, there are organizations that provide the certainty of professionalism against investigation companies. It is considerable to check the experience and legality of the detectives in Granada who are experts in infidelity that we intend to hire .




Infidelity is among the most lacerating acts of betrayal that exists and for this reason many couples separate, one individual cheats on another, fidelity should be the primary pillar that supports the relationship. Both women and men today are unfaithful.

The consequences of infidelity are many and lead to psychological problems and divorces, infidelity is not only direct, there is indirect, virtual, physical, affective, sexual, forced, addiction, acceptance.

If there are assumptions of deception, the only way to corroborate is by using expert detectives. Studies assure that 85% of the situations in the assumptions are positive. Deciding to hire an investigator or detective is an act that must be really thought through.

In the search for research companies, the experience they have must be taken into account, that it be a company with extensive and extensive experience, that it has a license and is authorized, the licenses up to date certify that the work is being carried out well.

Choose a company with an optimal set of detectives with enormous human talent to satisfy the requirements of the users. The initiative is to add an acceptable investigation with an optimal compendium of technological tests for the special advancement of the investigation.

Since the report has judicial validity, it must be accompanied by evidence and an acceptable wording, a poorly written report with modified evidence could result in the nullity of the lawsuit.



After making sure that the labor stipulation of the private detectives of infidelities in Granada is legal, it must be taken into account what actions we must take and that we must request and have an acceptable communication in the face of what we really want to have as a result.

The experts in investigation of infidelities have the legal regulation. The laws are established so that the exercise is clean and clear, private detectives in Granada must have a license and it is necessary. The authorized detective is the exclusive professional who can carry out an investigation in Granada.

There are currently developed statutes which detectives and lawyers have to be informed of, detectives have to be accompanied by demonstrable experience, quality advice and professional mystery and guarantee of confidentiality.

Inquiries in Granada on family issues are highly sought after, that is why you have to have total security in front of the detective and that the detective knows from the beginning to the end of the conflict, that will help a lot during the litigation period.

The private detective agency for infidelities in Granada, Grupo Arga has offices throughout Spain to solve cases in any corner of the nation wherever you are, so you will not have to worry, wherever you are they will be there for you.

Do not feel ashamed to request an appointment in one of their agencies, since there is nothing worse than being left with the indecision of what is really happening and thus not being able to sleep at night. You don’t have to take it anymore.




You do not have to stay at home worrying about what your partner does when he leaves work

Although we are in the era of gender equality, and currently the two sexes are treated equally and the fact that each one continues to be alone, it is common that, on some occasions, couples spend more hours in the office solving contingencies that do not have the possibility of waiting for one more night to pass.

As private detectives of infidelities in Granada we fully understand the circumstance since part of our work consists of working night hours in order to solve situations promptly and not lose track of what we are doing.

We understand that Granada is a town where you can carry out a lot of night life, so when you leave work you can comfortably enjoy some activity to recreate yourself and relax your head, the inconvenience is when you are married and your partner begins to take you to out without you… or so you think.

The infidelity private detectives in Granada are accessible to get to the end of the matter and understand in this way what your partner is really doing after completing his work schedule, you will know if he is really doing a job hours plus or makes life at night without you.




Should I be aware of any signs that my partner is unfaithful to me?

Reality has no way of making us understand with complete certainty that your partner is unfaithful to you, but without a doubt you can be alert to a certain pattern that people tend to continue when they are passionate about surprising someone else:


  • Notice if he suddenly cares more about his facade, if he gets dressed more than before to go to work and gets annoyed by the smallest aspect like a poorly pressed shirt.
  • The use of perfume is essential when you want to impress someone, for that reason you have to alert yourself if you change the fragrance or use it more continuously.
  • If he tells you that he is going to be late at the office, you can offer to take him around to bring him a surprise “snack”, who knows what you will be able to find…


Grupo Arga Detectives, we are your satisfaction

At Grupo Arga Detectives they have the special private detectives for infidelities in Granada, professionals in supervision and tracking who will help you understand what your husband does after completing his working hours.



Computer detectives in Granada are one of the most requested services in the area, since they are professionals who are in charge of providing different services that allow a company to safeguard and protect its information from anyone.


These computer detectives can be found at the Arga detectives group agency, where we have the best computer specialists for any service you need. Similarly, these are professionals who have the best rates.



Thanks to the great demand that computer detectives have had , in the Arga detectives group we take care of making the best computer experts available to everyone for any service they require.

These detectives are characterized by searching, analyzing and verifying information through digital platforms, thus being in charge of covering a wide field of work; These are especially ideal for those who work on the web.

In this way, there are many companies that opt for these services in different situations. At Grupo Arga detectives we provide services such as mobile device analysis, spyware detection, social network analysis and internet recovery.

They are also in charge of tracking IP addresses, computer expert reports, identity theft on the web, and even cleaning up a reputation online. All these jobs are done quickly and easily.

Finally, we must emphasize that these are professionals with the best rates in all of Granada, so do not hesitate to contact us and request your free estimate to start any investigation that is necessary.



Computer detectives provide various benefits, mainly exploitable by companies that manage their information through digital platforms. Therefore, it is also important to highlight the following:

  • Security

Being a professional with knowledge in your area, we guarantee that our computer detectives will carry out quality research and work, which will be of great help in keeping your information safe.

  • Diagnosis

Just as they are a great help in any inconvenience, the detectives Computer experts can be of great help when a problem is suspected. They will check your computer and do whatever is necessary to protect your information.

  • Confidentiality

Like any other detective, the work carried out by our professionals is carried out with the utmost confidentiality, providing information about what happened only to those who hire their services.

  • advisory

Being professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in their area, they are qualified to provide advice and guidance on the proper way to start an investigation.

  • affordable rates

Contrary to what many think, in Grupo Arga detectives we offer the best option of computer detectives , those whose service has an excellent value for money, so that anyone who needs it can have the services.

These are some of the reasons why these professionals are highly sought after in Granada, so please do not hesitate to contact us, as we will ensure that we provide you with prompt service.



Depending on the type of investigation you need to carry out, you can count on private computer detectives from the Arga group to initiate this investigation, which may be classified according to the following criteria:

  1. Computer forensics

This work is carried out when the client requires the activity carried out on his computer as a test mode. This detective will be in charge of analyzing the data and making a report that gives legal validity to your history.

This is one of the most requested jobs and the one that is ideal when our client is going through a judicial process, since all our work is valid in court. It is also ideal when you need to recover deleted information.

  1. mobile research

In this case, the work carried out is similar to the previous one, since the computer detective must understand the mobile device and track the necessary information for the client, which may be photos, messages, videos, GPS, among others.

  1. computer security

A computer detective will be in charge of reviewing and protecting your computer, thus checking if this element has been perpetrated by someone you trust or even used in a crime.

This is a service of the utmost importance and help when dealing with a person who requires this tool to work, either independently or with your company, so it is vital to protect your information.

  1. crime investigation team

computer detectives perform is this, where a team meets to verify if your computer has been used in a crime and prevent you from being blamed, thus collecting valuable information to verify this.

Knowing this, you can request the service that will help you the most to protect your data. Do not hesitate to contact our computer detectives to start this investigation, as we work 24 hours a day.



Given the demand that computer detectives have had in Granada, many people choose to train as one to get a job in the different investigative agencies in Granada.

For this, they can be academically trained in the different universities of the province and, in general, in the country. On the other hand, there are those who choose to learn this profession and reinforce it with courses and workshops.


With this, they will be able to opt not only for a computer detective title , but they will be able to become a computer forensic specialist, computer forensic analyst, computer forensic examiner, among others.

Once a person becomes a computer detective , they will be able to dominate and provide the most demanded services in Granada to any person, these being the investigations in social networks for harassment and the cleaning of the reputation.

They will also be in charge of all kinds of electronic fraud and the preparation of reports and certificates of expert reports, as well as the endless services mentioned above.

For this reason, if you have any questions, problems or news, you can contact our detectives, as they will be in charge of helping you in any necessary situation, thus providing you with a trustworthy and professional service.




For anyone who wants to know Computer Forensics Granada , it is undoubtedly a very sensible decision on the part of all our clients and individuals interested in hiring us. This question allows them to know everything that management implies. Research processes.

Computer forensics Granada is a service that always offers the opportunity to publicize, from the work of our agents, everything that is related in detail during each process and openly investigate the case in order to give the client the answers given.


Many people who are hesitant about whether or not to hire a private investigator sometimes need to understand that the processes involved in managing investigative activities present a problem that appears to be a solution. A problem that we cannot solve alone.

With this in mind, before meeting with Computer Forensics Granada and trying to make a hasty decision, it is imperative that we understand when it is not about solving this problem that we are going through. Question that will undoubtedly only be answered in our inner judgment.

When hiring a professional, it is possible to have an investigative resource capable of providing the best possible sense of response, and without, for all types of activities that the client may request and that fall within the scope of the investigation. Questioning doubts will give the best results.

The construction of a digital investigation process allows people who entrust this type of activity to obtain, under a wide margin of discretion, everything related to the management of investigation processes with the aim of matching them. You can make the best possible decision at your fingertips and thus achieve a strategic advantage in every situation.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, the members of our investigation panel provide all our clients with the best sense of reaction through a sufficient collection of evidence and elements of conviction that, in any investigation, have the capacity to promote the resolution of a case. in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost.

The management of investigative processes in the digital spectrum that our agency makes feasible has the ability to encourage the best possible response to people and entrepreneurs. This problem will be reflected in the generation of various elements in order to carry out a timely and adequate investigation. any search context.

At Grupo Arga detectives, our agents have the best training to carry out any type of operation at the level of social networks and compliance spaces in the 2.0 spectrum. They differ in the handling of elements that undoubtedly allow the use of elements of different levels of complexity, a problem that only one person cannot. what to do

Therefore, by hiring our Grupo Arga agents to carry out the investigation work, both individuals and companies have access to a world-class investigation service that is capable of promoting the best possible response to concerns and doubts. that they can have . in connection with any investigative process.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, creating a scheme that allows our clients to get the best of the best is undoubtedly a pride in the construction of various elements that open up the possibility of knowing everything related to the management of a process that can promote a response quickly to a situation conducive to research.

At Grupo Arga detectives our agents can direct everything related to the management of processes that promote the best sense of resolution at the level of special cases such as the investigation of infidelities, as well as everything related to any type After a personal investigation, without a doubt, it is sometimes the best sense of resolution for someone who requires the use of a particular process of private investigation.

With the Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our corporate clients also becomes profitable at the level of the structuring processes that allow us to get the best of the best to structure an article that allows investigations on sick leave as well as the application of the technique by Mystery Shopper .

These two types of research promote the best sense of responsiveness at the corporate level because today an effective decision-making process must be closely addressed, an issue that undoubtedly goes hand in hand. Specialized management of an investigation case.

If we analyze all these aspects, we can conclude that it is impossible to ask the Grenada computer forensic specialist for a standardized price, since trying to classify a transaction at a price will harm the customer in the region. would . Provide quality research services that we monetize for clients.


At Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our processes undoubtedly leads us to offer all our clients the best possible investigation service, so that

specialized management of our processes is a reality.

The management of digital investigation processes through our Granada computer forensics for all our corporate and private clients undoubtedly promotes the best sense of solution at the level of various activities, an issue that undoubtedly promotes a sense of development that is extremely important in instructing precise operations in the customer service and its requirement of digital operation.

Anyone who has doubts about the work of Granada’s forensic computer scientists has the excellent answer of joint work by several experts in the field of investigations, capable of responding with a great sense of authority about anything that comes to mind. Path. it is associated with the application of a specialized research process.

Grupo Arga detectives guarantee the management of all the needs of our clients with the aim of giving them the opportunity to make the best possible decision on a particular problem.




Computer experts in Granada


The Term of Digital Gender Violence can be defined as all types of psychological action that attacks a person carried out by an individual through new technologies such as email, social networks such as WhatsApp among others, against their partner or ex-partner constantly, seeking to discriminate, dominate and interfere without consent with respect to the victim’s right to privacy.


Having the necessary information and assistance to detect any cyberbullying behavior on the Internet, social networks and technological devices is essential, since it violates basic constitutional rights and privacy in the telecommunications sector. code .


Veteran computer experts

It is important to have experts who are capable of recognizing the situations and causes of digital gender violence, who are capable of analyzing them and implementing measures to prevent and detect cyberbullying . For this reason, from the Consortium we designed a specialized course on digital gender violence.


A Computer Justice Professional or Legal Specialist is a professional who must possess solid and extensive knowledge in the field of computer engineering, both due to their qualifications (the law establishes that a judicial examiner must officially hold a diploma in their discipline), their professional experience and their specific training in the exercise of the profession.


A computer expert must have extensive experience mainly through their professional associations, providing the information or advice established to judges and courts of justice, as well as to companies, professionals or individuals in matters of their own in the field of their discipline, in this case, computer products, activities or services, by means of an expert report and, where appropriate, a pertinent legal declaration.


Education in computer expertise in Granada

Formal computer engineering schools with specialized specialists are also appointed by the court to practice before the court, performing the same activities:

  • Software Intellectual Property
  • Contracts for the development or implementation of computer systems
  • Purchase and sale of computers and software
  • Scams, scams, pederasty and other prolonged situations
  • Digital Evidence Storage


A citizen or a company can register with the Official College of their Autonomous Community of the Board of Colleges of Computer Engineers to be designated as a specialist in computer forensics.


Currently, there are a number of organizations or associations that are not official associations and provide unregistered computer forensics specialists and therefore we cannot guarantee that such specialists are qualified and experienced.

IT Specialist in Granada

Our IT specialists are trained to prepare all kinds of documents and technical reports and to carry out legal due diligence, as well as for defense in court when necessary. A computer scientist is a person who conducts research to collect computer evidence applied in judicial matters so that a judge or court can use it to decide an issue.


Its main mission is to transmit the maximum knowledge and experience in information technology to a judge or court. The work of a computer scientist includes analyzing computer elements, looking for what data can establish a useful evidence or signal for a judge or court to resolve a dispute.

A computer expert must have a clear technical profile, to the extent that he knows the maximum experience in the field of computing, data analysis and recovery techniques.


We are lawyers, computer scientists, experts in the field of technology. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience that includes technical experts specialized in forensic methods and computer law (information technology).


We guarantee 100% the legal bases of our computer experts

We strive to guarantee compliance with the legal and technical requirements derived from forensic methods, who are responsible for resolving all incidents, from a technical and forensic point of view, derived from the non-implementation of an orderly information security plan. in your company.


Our team is made up of qualified computer engineers. Each was chosen for their deep understanding of cybersecurity and cybercrime .
Trust the most professional computer forensics.

Grupo Arga and our computer experts guarantee a 100% reliable, rigorous and quality experience

In years of computer preparation, we have won countless cases, we offer you the experience and professionalism you need. We provide personalized services to law firms, individuals and companies.


All our experts are from the Official College of Computer Engineers and are experts as computer engineers, facing every day all possible scenarios of access to technological devices. This accumulated experience allows them to make solid and well-founded diagnoses and prepare standardized evaluations for judges.

Computer experts provide security to companies and individuals by analyzing and collecting computer evidence. This is done by extracting information from electronic devices that allow conclusions and reports to be drawn with sufficient information to present in court.


Said inspection is carried out when there is an inappropriate use of technology.

  • Cases of espionage or attacks against property.
  • Distribution of personal data.
  • Technological fraud.
  • Change or access software without permission.
  • Copy or use programs without a license.
  • Eliminate inappropriate use of technology.

What are the stages of the expertise of a computer expert?

This process consists of 3 steps:


Conservation :

Preserve testimonials or statements without losing or damaging them. It’s important to know that IT staff face judicial scrutiny, so the information they’ll be working with needs to be very detailed. Any entrances or portals that could result in the loss of information should also be blocked. In addition, the collected material must be stored in an appropriate place.

Key copy and hash

This type of specialization requires data to be copied and key hash calculations to be performed because the data can be easily manipulated.

Deep analysis

To perform an expert computer analysis you need:

  • Objectivity and sincerity.
  • Record the procedure correctly.
  • Indicate what process was used to verify the facts.


Because the court will carry out a review of the work of the computer expert and also of what has been stated.



IT specialist in Granada expert in recovering deleted WhatsApp


WhatsApp has become an important tool in the day-to-day life of many people, it could be said that it is indispensable in society. It is currently one of the most popular messaging applications in the world with an impressive number of active users, surpassing Facebook and other social networks.


Although it is an application that is used every day, there are many tricks that even its most popular users are unaware of. Like, for example, being able to listen to audio without anyone noticing, privatize your online connection or hide the last one, but is it possible to read messages from deleted chats?


You can read and recover the deleted WhatsApp

It is not possible to recover old deleted or lost WhatsApp history by you from conventional applications. Therefore, from the application itself, it is not possible to read the messages deleted by the user. However, there are methods to read deleted messages through cloud storage services if a backup is available.


Deleted WhatsApp messages cannot be recovered if regular backups are not performed first, the device service may perform automatic backups or scheduled backups, depending on the settings selected.


However, when this backup is not done on the device and for some reason we go from a WhatsApp full of messages to a completely deleted WhatsApp history, to recover the messages it is necessary to turn to a computer expert in deleted WhatsApp .


At Grupo Arga Detective in Granada we work on a set of techniques and processes to be able to recover deleted or lost files, which, sometimes, due to physical or digital damage, may not be visible or accessible manually, when we must use these techniques to recover files.


As we mentioned, there are different techniques to recover deleted WhatsApp and lost files, which is why Grupo Argas detectives work in a personalized way to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using each file on a case-by-case basis. recovery technique can lead to. and WhatsApp removed and adapted to the root cause of the possible problem, be it hardware or software.


When to recover deleted WhatsApp?

Deleted WhatsApp recovery should be done when for some reason we have some errors in our storage, or just by human action, they can be discarded. In most cases, we recover lost or deleted files due to update issues, computer formatting, or upgrades.


The best thing you can do to avoid having to restore deleted files, although it seems obvious, is to make regular backup copies, it can save you money quite often.


In most cases, Grupo Arga Detectives is your trusted store in Granada to recover deleted WhatsApp , we tell you the situation and real possibilities to recover deleted files or lose yours, but you better be safe.

The importance of the participation of WhatsApp computer experts has been eliminated due to the complete and correct restoration of the presentation of chats, data, images, videos, audios and documents in WhatsApp chats in a certified manner, in accordance with the regulations applicable and through a qualified and experienced professional.


When you are looking for experts in WhatsApp, you may need a laboratory like ours, which has the certification machines known to state security forces, along with all the tools you need to act quickly.


Why do I need the expertise of a deleted WhatsApp IT expert?

As we mentioned, if you want to present documents, images, chats, videos or any other type of files that you have sent or received through WhatsApp, you will need these files to be certified and you must also meet a series of requirements. To make sure they are not tampered with (chain of custody).


For this reason, it should always be taken into account that this type of evidence can only be verified and validated by an expert who specializes in deleted WhatsApp.


Duties of a deleted WhatsApp IT professional in Granada

The digital environment is changing by leaps and bounds, information is sent through digital channels in the blink of an eye. One of these mobile channels, WhatsApp, has more than a billion users worldwide.


Can messages from business partners or personal chats be presented as evidence in court? Our experts emphasize that WhatsApp’s expertise is necessary to recognize the evidence and thus rule out the possibility that it has been manipulated.


Aspects that the expert computer specialist of WhatsApp erased unchecked so that the messages were admissible evidence:


  1. Relevance

For the evidence to be admissible at trial, it must have been legally and factually related. For example, if a woman wants to testify against her husband through a WhatsApp message to prove that the man is unfaithful to her, she can do so in the divorce process, but not in the divorce process. A test of all kinds.

  1. need an expert


  1. Enter as much information as possible


  1. Meet legal eligibility requirements

WhatsApp is the world’s favorite online SMS social networking app. Facebook, Messenger and WeChat are other examples of platforms that have emerged globally. With these multiple options, it is essential to behave correctly when submitting a legal report from a cell phone that contains chat.


These are the main aspects that a WhatsApp computer scientist with a degree in computer science checks to send instant messages to the court: for this, it is essential that you have an expert in it.


It should be noted that while the evidence contained in deleted WhatsApp messages can be said to be reliable, a court can also declare it unreliable. For this reason, testing should be performed by a qualified IT professional. Otherwise, a court will disprove all the evidence.




For those who want to know Granada electronic sweeps , we have the best answers, because before deciding whether to discontinue this service or not, we need to make an analysis of what it really means to carry out an investigation process with the objective that this can understand all the elements that play a role in the development of a research tool.

Electronic sweeps Granada offers Grupo Arga the best sense of reaction for anyone who may be interested in carrying out a high-level investigative activity.


From Grupo Arga detectives we do everything possible to achieve the best possible execution of the investigation process by implementing aspects that provide the best possible feeling to solve a particular problem that a client can. So that they always arrive with great urgency at the beginning, an issue that is of crucial importance to us in order to support a research system that is capable of responding to all the concerns of our clients with great precision.

At Grupo Arga detectives we manage our processes according to aspects in which we can convey a sense of the appropriate response to all the needs of our corporate clients and our private clients, a problem that is undoubtedly synonymous with broad request. Research processes.

When at Grupo Arga we carry out Granada electronic scans that are useful in various research tasks in Granada, we understand that this activity can provide a clear framework for anyone who wants to know what it means to carry out an investigation process. In this case, we must be as specific as possible in identifying various elements that will provide a framework for the development of each research context in the shortest possible time.

The structuring of the elements that allow the rapid development of a file implies that our agents can be trained with the best elements and training resources. In this way we manage a state-of-the-art process from our pool of agents to ensure the best professional development for everyone. those who want to start a research career with us.

These elements are very important as they allow us to do exactly everything related to the execution of the aspects of the investigation in order to promote the best sense of an ideal solution for all our clients in different investigation files.

In the case of the Grupo Arga detectives, it is not enough to carry out these aspects, since all the necessary resources must also be used to determine, as far as possible, the elements that intervene in the delimitation of various relative hypotheses to a specific case.

This last element implies the implementation of various technological tools that facilitate logistics at the level of a research process. This problem certainly allows us to identify any activity that the data may collect. Data. the evidence and elements of belief that have direct and indirect weight in addressing any problem.

With Grupo Arga detectives, the management of these electronic and situational scanning processes offers the best response for anyone interested in hiring an investigation service at any level. This issue fosters the best short-term sense of support. medium and long term.

With all these elements in mind, we say that electronic scanning in Granada is something that we definitely cannot establish with a standardized price. With this in mind, we must emphasize that each operation we carry out is unique and that the requirements of each client on our part imply the development of said strategy and a logistical connection to achieve everything necessary.

Grupo Arga detectives implement the management of all our investigative processes in order to promote the best possible development of the activities of individuals and companies, the investigation of infidelities and even security measures such as surveillance techniques, counter -surveillance and digital investigations. , including the management of economic intelligence processes through the application of the mystery shopper technique and the investigation of sick leave.


The application of these aspects certainly allows us to provide the best sense of response for an extremely broad performance of search services. Having already analyzed everything that our detectives do, we can say that as an investigative group we are not willing to sacrifice price for quality in the development of these services.

At Grupo Arga, we create the best sense of execution in all cases where our detectives can perform Granada electronic sweeps, any investigation commissioned for a private investigation with the utmost precision, doing everything related to the structuring of a response framework. . and all the solutions available to our customers.

Anyone wondering how electronic scanning works and how useful it is in Granada must surely know that there is a degree of complexity involved in carrying out all these processes, and that this degree of complexity cannot be resolved with the same precision. In our name. This is where you need someone who knows how to conduct an investigation process and this can only be done by a professional familiar with the subject.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are prepared to enable a personalized attention process to be carried out. For this reason, through our communication channels, we enable the management of processes that promote the feeling of immediate acceptance with the respective needs. our clients and in particular.

At Grupo Arga, we promote the best sense of specialization and diverse use of our services, as could be seen, this type of investigation adapts to any operation where it is required, it is only possible through Grupo Arga agents. .

With the Grupo Arga detectives, the execution of all these processes is guaranteed, which ensures everything related to the definition of a first-class investigation environment. We are doing everything possible for Granada!




Granada detectives that make up our organization are a resource that takes all of the above into account, since they have access to the truth and also allow them to set a program of action. another, capable of providing the greatest number of answers possible, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.


  • Infidelity investigation: with the aim that people can find out if their partner is engaging in unfaithful behavior.
  • Sick Leave Investigation: Where to look if the reason is sick leave that employees claim is legal.
  • Mystery Shopping: A survey technique that is intended to promote proof of the company’s customer service claims.
  • Personal investigations: due to loss of important documents, loss of objects, antiques and others.
  • Electronic scanning: the goal is to protect people’s privacy by protecting their data on the web, spectrum 2.0 but also without the existence of intrusive electronic devices in your home.


It should be noted that each of our agents will be able to establish different useful criteria to carry out any type of investigation, however, at Grupo Arga we always maintain our definition of records according to their performance, its objective is to provide clients with the most accurate detectives in each research area.




At Grupo Arga detectives, we make sure to create different factors capable of establishing positive cumulative probabilities to manage and resolve each hypothesis of the case, which allows us to be proactive in identifying facts that can help build cases of efficiency and productivity.


The most important aspect of this achievement is that the operational activity that Grupo Arga carries out through its detectives in Granada preserves everything related to the new standards of detective work. Standards are achieved through innovation and continuous improvement.




If a client wants to establish the hiring of quality detective services, they must rely on the analysis of experts and this is possible thanks to the investigative private detectives of Granada, who can verify different means of verification of their assumptions. and at the same time act in unison towards the success of each investigation.


In general, in the city of Granada there is a need for research focused on the need to detect various factors that may be useful to a client, these are specific aspects that arise when establishing a priority with the private sector. investigation .


The detective can be indicated to what he wants, it seems very beautiful, but it is necessary to emphasize that the detectives of Grupo Arga are trained to create an optimal deployment of their resources and skills with him to create the achievement of the improved objectives, a positive final question it hangs on the development of the work.


This creates the need for these wonderful city residents to use the Granada detectives because they ensure an investigation can be successfully completed. Grupo Arga detectives had the opportunity to establish the different elements as part of a single training process for each generation of detectives trained according to our learning methods and skills.


Ability to work effectively in our daily task agreements with creative capabilities, betting on the process of creating new strategies and accessing each case in strict customization perspectives, because there are no cases in which our clients have not been done as a formula where some factors apply.


This creates very active possibilities to find all the factors that are directly related to the study, organizing evidence, clues and all the doomed factors that surround an investigation, collected by the application of different strategies and strategies that grenade detectives have for this purpose.


This means that capability elements are of great advantage to people who require high-opportunity information to establish different elements of a quality survey and meet case requirements. To configure different improvements during the research process, follows the main reason why you should exist between upgrade and provides a comparative advantage for our customers by ways to promote the results you want.


In addition, it must be emphasized that the ability to add aspects and several variables of weight is in the detection of investigators as an important factor, capable of establishing different factors that can be useful to create multiple action programs that allow each case to be treated in a strategic approach and all of these factors can detect different aspects of the greatest importance to make the conclusions the success in the implementation process.


The researchers are a resource that can create different elements to guarantee the success of the operation, but they do not work alone, because behind their work they are capable of an organization that allows the growth and maintenance of a group of a subject to maximize its development based on effective criteria, such as private investigators, who seek to establish the needs of clients, for this purpose, allowed to act with an unparalleled technical criterion, because in these factors, their professionalism determines the maximum of different criteria that allows it to become a resource of opportunity.




Generation of an investigation system of investigators for each case not used, on certain occasions, we find that, if it is applied in the other private agencies, where they are not clients, comments are taken, in this regard, from Grupo Arga detectives, always We bet by creating a planning process for each case, they are in agreement between clients and search engines.


A private investigator is also supported by his organization because, as described above, he is a specialized resource for accessing the context of the investigation itself, a related topic. From establishing an investigative role at the crime scene, regardless of the level of Grupo Arga Detectives, there are also other professionals who can help with all our Granada detective work in the same investigation room. In practice, the synergy of these two types of factors creates in itself a guarantee of good results.


People who wish to contact Grupo Arga detectives in the city of Granada can communicate their wish to use our services through our telephone number, fax or email. Our social network is also used as a representative channel to receive various cases and queries related to our services.


In addition, different interested persons who not only want to know our service but also want to know a little more information about our more than 10 years of experience can refer to our website so that they can have a more complete vision of all the activities that the Group Arga Detective carries out throughout Spain, with the aim of leading the professional investigation market.


The tireless modernization work carried out by Grupo Arga’s senior management never stops, so this is a process that we intend to undertake with great responsibility towards our organization, because continuous updating makes us better every day.




Our extensive experience in providing private investigation services to professionals allows us to ensure that our reports are presented as key elements of the forensic strategy, for the proceedings at the end of the trial. In this sense, our private detectives in Granada work every day so that the reports we present are of the highest possible quality, and together with the video reports that we provide, they are also the strongest evidence to leave no doubts. about the fact under investigation.


We are a private detective agency in Granada that provides investigative services for legal proceedings as we have a team of qualified, professional and experienced legal professionals who can carry out investigations even in a short and tight time frame.



If you are looking for detectives in Granada, you should know that having a legal and regulated private detective office will give you the necessary guarantees for hiring a private detective in question, with guaranteed success and without wasting time and money.


Our detective agency in Granada offers a wide variety of private investigation services to cover all the needs of our clients. We offer services of locating and locating people or defaulters, marriage monitoring in case your partner suspects infidelity, social investigations, such as dismissal fraud, absenteeism, unfair competition, undeclared competitive work.


We also provide technology and computer research services such as WhatsApp recovery, electronic search for spy devices installed without consent, installation of hidden cameras to monitor employees in the country.


Any type of investigative work is carried out by our detectives within Granada, and always within the limits established by the Privacy Law. And in this sense, we can guarantee that the final report that we will send you has full legal and legal validity, so it can be presented in court as expert evidence and you can even request the approval of said report before the respective court.




If you come here, it is because you really need to hire private detectives in Granada. Any type of investigation is brought to our detective agency and in this way, we are able to provide a complete search service for all our clients.


When you decided to sign a contract with private detectives in Granada , you must do important factors that will save you time and money. It is always included in activated private detectives, which means that they have the right to investigate any type of case, it can only be given if the private detective wants to hire, have all the necessary documents.


All private detectives are activated, they must be released from social security, there must be the necessary qualifications as an essential requirement, and above all they must have a professional identity card with a professional individual distributors and impossible transfer, people. Recognizing him as a private detective enabled in private.


Always hire private detectives who meet all these requirements, like the detectives we have in our detective office in Granada, this is the only way to be sure that you will not waste time or money, and it will serve you well. your very well forensic examination in court, if you decide to present the report that was given to you at the end of the investigation.




Currently one of the most requested services by clients is the sick leave investigation service. This is a specific investigative service, what you are trying to prove is conduct that causes great harm to the company that is experiencing it. Every year thousands of euros are lost, because some employees of a company are sick, which turns out to be a scam, since it is used to work elsewhere.


In other cases, these false permits are requested from the respective GP to prolong vacations or simply to stay home doing nothing. Many workers request this type of layoff alleging back problems or dizziness, then they are caught driving or carrying heavy objects, sometimes in everyday situations, but mostly, it is the case to develop a second work activity, in addition to sick leave.


We must bear in mind that when we talk about false sick leave, we are talking about an obvious fraud. In this sense, the worker receives salaries from the company for which he works, in the form of pay slips, and, furthermore, if it is proven that the dismissal is actually false, he incurs treasury fraud. and social security, because, logically, he should not be registered to claim wages, and, furthermore, to the company where he was put to work during the strike, where he receives two types of payment, one that is legal as a paycheck, and an “extra” to be paid in cash, almost certainly, and this is nowhere to be found.


If you think you are experiencing this type of mistreatment by your staff, contact our detectives in Granada and they will help you deal with it. The best Grupo Arga detective search process, we have resolved by providing the best looking style for everyone who needs an investigative work capable of pushing everything related to the structure. Factors that have no doubt, certainly create the most favorable conditions for anyone who suffers interest rates from private investigation activities.


Number of detectives in Granada , suspected that any person should be required at the level of private investigation services should be carried out due to the main investigative tasks related to the implementation of the implementation element. Provide the best response of the feeling, for this reason, it is our agency on Arga, we promote a client adapted to the clients, with the aim of having the best solution of a problem of investigation of your idea.


In the Arga group detectives, our investigators, environments with high-precision feelings, all are associated with the implementation of the allowed factors that will certainly increase the head of a case study according to a very objective resolution in the resolution of evidence and conviction factors. That makes it possible to perform the specific case as soon as possible.


Arga Groups for all those interested in hiring a specific investigation that promotes adultery detection service, as well as anything involved in the management of processes that can provide a sense of responding to the best progress through the operation of personal investigation. , in the feasible aspects of the combination of investigation teams for all those interested in knowing everything related to the exploitation of personal items, personal levels when implementing documents and objects with great economic and emotional values ​​are lost.


Detective Grupo Arga, also promotes the possibility of hiring an investigation service capable of providing a sense of personal protection, this is how from our agency we can carry out surveillance and anti-surveillance activities, as well as any digital investigation.


At Grupo Arga Detectives, the investigative work does not only consist of providing individuals with the best private investigation service, we also strive to promote a unique investigation service open to all those who are interested in using the services of our agents in the corporate sector.

This is how at Grupo Arga we stop research and everything related to the structure of professional research services around mysterious customer engineering, a topic that will surely bring an optimal level of response for each search context.


Detectives Grupo Arga, as an investigation agency that has above all the spirit of solving diverse problems, makes it clear that, through our investigation and case management tools, we have accessible through a logical device the answer to everything that a customer may need. That is why we also allow companies to create investigation tools aimed at building digital investigation processes, with the aim that companies can reinforce security criteria at the system level.


This is where, in our research agency, we are able to do the basic operation that can undoubtedly provide the best answer for anyone who needs to establish the best possible answer to a question that cannot be resolved in a short time. , has a high probability of being a hindrance, which is only possible thanks to our private detectives, since they are highly appreciated resources when it comes to demonstrating their abilities to carry out investigative work.


At Detectives Grupo Arga, whoever wants to know how much a Granada detective is worth should know that our services do not have a standard price, since the implementation of each technique undoubtedly makes it easier for individuals and companies to obtain the best possible. results , but achieving them also implies large-scale logistical implementations, which tend to vary according to the research needs of each client.




At Detective Grupo Arga, for all those who are wondering how much a Granada detective is worth , we invite you to consult the price of what can really be obtained by completing a process survey with our agent, without a doubt we offer the survey with the best relationship market quality-price.


Our agents are the most qualified to deal with any type of inconvenience associated with searching for clues and essential elements to make a good decision, this is how an agent Our team does everything possible to keep our training up to date in order to provide the best of the best of Granada.


At Detectives Grupo Arga we have been doing what we like for more than 10 years, investigating and investigating more! For all our clients, we have the widest range of private investigation services capable of providing the answers that people are looking for.




For the Granada area, Grupo Arga detectives always think of the best, which is why hiring a detective represents an important resource for anyone who may worry about hiring a detective resource. The prices of Detectives in Granada favor the possibility of carrying out a contracted service of these activities to solve a specific problem.


The prices of the detectives in Granada are the most competitive in the market, since they undoubtedly make it possible for our agents to satisfy the needs of everyone, even those who need the best information to make decisions.
When carrying out the investigation procedures carried out by Grupo Arga, there is no doubt that the capacity of a service to establish coverage that can provide the best solution for a given investigative context is considered.


Detective Grupo Arga, is a private investigation agency that is capable of developing, without a doubt, the best way to collect evidence that may directly and indirectly affect the execution of each investigative process, which is why we always operate with a broad vision to try to serve all types of customers, throughout Spain.


From the detectives of Grupo Arga our services have the capacity to set up operations attending to anyone who wants to consult our services, that is how from our agencies, we can do everything related to the investigation of unfaithful people, as well as what has to do with personal matters. transactions .


Carrying out our own investigation is a source of great satisfaction for us by carrying out all the processes involved in the management of investigations that involve any aspect of personal matters, for How to carry out surveys that prove your authenticity, investigation for pets and also for personal protection activities.


At Grupo Arga Detectives our agents are always thinking about doing everything possible to specify new cooperation frontiers, this is how we do everything related to technology operations in a simple, extremely agile way with which they have the ability to digitally configure investigations systems to protect the most important data of its customers.


Another of the ways that Grupo Arga detectives have been constantly looking for throughout Spain is the investigation services for companies, this is how, based on the work of our team, we can generate the elements that most attract the attention of all those businesses. , guided by the observations of the Granada Price Detectives, they can surely see what type of service best suits their needs.


Grupo Arga’s detectives, thinking about their clients, have always allowed us to create a service capable of promoting the best feeling of response for all business environments, this is how from the organization Our agency has various services that our agency is capable of promoting to all our corporate clients.


At Grupo Arga Detectives, through our Service Guide, we allow the activities of our organization to be oriented precisely towards building different elements capable of promoting very profitable feelings for decision-making, this is how we structure a search service for unemployment, where customers may know your employees are committing fraud with their employer they are not.

In addition to our agents, we are able to carry out mysterious activities related to customer engineering, a problem that certainly means that all this customer service improvement work can be done by hiring an agent who, thanks to their research skills, will establish the best possible diagnosis of your customer service status.




The research agency that proposes to give Granada the best research service at the best possible price. cheaper not! It is to provide a good service with adequate resources to achieve the objectives in the established time, taking into account the client’s budgetary restrictions.


The focus of our investigation proposal is certainly about establishing a number of factors that would ensure eligibility to properly train all of our agents to provide the best investigation service possible.


Implementing aspects that promote a sense of better treatment for our clients has also been proven to be able to count on the full support of the organization for our detectives, for the purposes of the best practices that can be implemented.


The prices of detectives in Granada are sure to give our clients the best advantage, taking into account the factors involved in starting an operation, because not only does one detective move, but practically the entire agency moves him, he can announce the best feeling treated. for all types of clients.


For Granada, we have the best! This means that at Grupo Arga Detectives we are focused on structuring elements that undoubtedly favor a sense of better attending to each client’s need, an issue that makes the difference when addressing the best development of the process. The investigations may be in the order of those who claim the performance of the private detective.

There is no doubt that the work of a private investigator is one that is able to get the best out of himself to answer, with noble investigative execution, a question that is undoubtedly the true solution to all the questions of our clients. for the city of Granada.




At Grupo Arga, we detectives have been managing sick leave for more than 10 years, which is why the management manages our processes in private consultation, without a doubt providing the best verification of anyone who may be interested in hiring a service of this type.


Grupo Arga Detectives can certainly create an investigation service capable of promoting a sense of better resolution for all our corporate clients, thus highlighting a great sense of excellence in the work that is carried out.


The sick leave that we investigated at Grupo Arga detectives is related to the provision of services that, without a doubt, can provide the best sense of settlement to our clients, for which they were able to establish, through an element of proof of collection, all which imply the contrast of a research hypothesis that can give the best solution to a respectable decision.


At Grupo Arga Detectives, we do everything possible to give the best feeling of liquidation to all those who request a high-level investigation process, an issue that undoubtedly allows us to provide the best service in the shortest possible time. Our Grenada sick leave survey is at its best!




The application of a service that can investigate and locate people in Grenada, without a doubt, promotes the best possible service for anyone who has an urgent need to find parents or ensure the recruitment and placement of people who can be called by the police. to people and anything. private authority .


Grupo Arga detectives guarantees the best execution from the detective’s point of view, with the aim of providing the best evidence to all those who may be involved, which is precisely why the management of each case is 100% guaranteed.


At Grupo Arga detectives we do the best for our clients, which is why when we start up the best investigation services we also make sure that the search services find the people who can provide the best information and clues they may have. it is his central goal to solve each case.


At Grupo Arga we have also carried out this type of search in order to find out where the whereabouts of a person may be required by the courts, which is why it became necessary to search for and locate people in Granada.


Sometimes, a person may have an urgent need to be able to contact one of these authorities, either because they need to settle the matter with the law, or also because they need to find out about a particular matter, because it could be the division of the inheritance, as well as lost property that she did not recognize.


From this point of view, developing the activities promoted by our Grupo Arga detectives undoubtedly means that anyone who requires a professional investigation can benefit from carrying out With this type of activity, there is no doubt that anyone who is willing to hire this type of service through the collection of primary evidence can successfully resolve an investigation.


The construction of processes can be established to maintain the resolution according to the needs of all our clients, so the management of these Grupo Arga detective processes is mainly created in the construction of an investigation device that has the opportunity to promote the best response guidance for all those who need a private investigation, the production of research and the location of people in Granada, something very good for those who are looking for Grupo Arga detectives and the location of Granada residents .


We have the best method to imply that not only the implementation of the skills of our agents in this field, but also with respect to the pronunciation of the function is an extremely expert expert in the identification of the evidence and Follow-up of the situation, that’s right like we have computer science experts as well as all the people reviewing the experts like fingerprint collision.




Grupo Arga detectives, capable of carrying out searches and locating people in Granada , thanks to the deployment of the best investigative team, can advance the investigation service. The best inspection at the process management level can provide the best position of all in the shortest time.


At Detective Grupo Arga, our client is the highest priority we have at this time, which is why executing elements is beneficial for the development of a case with a high degree of accuracy. High precision in the shortest time, to achieve this a client at the end of each operation can be as satisfied as possible.


Undoubtedly, the construction of these elements by our agency gives the best sense of resolution to all the activities that we carry out from the Grupo Arga detectives, to carrying out the search, finding and locating the best people from Granada, a question which undoubtedly offers the best at a strategic level for anyone looking to lead the specialized process of data and information gathering and carefully identify people and objects.


At Grupo Arga, detectives do the best we can for our community, which is why finding and locating people in Granada is something natural that requires great chemistry. Our work is carried out with great responsibility and dedication to our clients. For Granada, we give our best!




In some cases, there is also a different systematic mechanism to shorten the time to be implemented to reduce your error rate, as there is also a lack of conviction and confidence. Grupo Arga allows you to emphasize that this type of operation will increase the percentage of success and will definitely provide a specific response to those who need our investigation recordings.


At Grupo Arga detectives in Granada, we have the best mechanism that allows us to create a reliable father study for the different people who want to contact our facilities to carry out this test. There is no doubt that this has given the different clients and users of this service the greatest confidence in knowing all the results of this type of test.


Therefore, in addition to our detectives performing these tests, there is an exclusive role for experienced laboratory experts in performing these procedures. Tasks can lead to successful conclusions. This allows us to be agile and take great responsibility in all the services we provide to the public. This puts you at the forefront of professional data acquisition and case resolution.




In order to conduct an investigation into behaviors or events that may occur, the hiring party must have a legitimate interest.


The legitimate interest, and explained familiarly, will be the existence of a direct relationship with the fact or the person to investigate. You cannot investigate the mere fact that you want to know or know without a legal reason.


Hire the services of Granada detectives, since the initial contact with the estimated distribution and budget , Grupo Arga, will prepare a service proposal as a contract between the client and the detective agency.


Subsequently, a personal interview will be held with the contracting party of the Services to collect the necessary information and establish the appropriate investigation operation,


During the investigation, you will be quickly informed of the progress made, as well as everything related to the development of the search for objects.


We will then prepare a detailed account of all the evidence obtained. This report presented to the contracting party will be ratified by the private detective of the court, upon request.






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