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We offer you the greatest security and advice in the family, personal, work, business, IT sector, for example. You will be able to count on us for whatever you require. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are a Detective Agency in Spain, who will gladly guide you point by point throughout the entire investigation.

When a judicial investigation has begun, on some occasions not all evidence is in view of the facts, since there are many cases that can be highly complex, it is for this reason that it is necessary to establish a detective body that supports the search for objective facts in a task of this type.



We speak then of detectives for lawyers , these being an extremely valuable resource in the development of a judicial and police investigation with legal effects, since they have the capacity to strengthen with their discipline and mysticism the course of actions that have been unfolding in field of inquiry.



The detectives for lawyers that are available at Grupo Arga are an unparalleled resource capable of making use of the best of the search for clues and elements that help speed up the course of events in a legal investigation, which is why that, for a legal science professional, having a private investigation resource is more than an intelligent decision, it is a strategic action.

Obtaining elements that can be derived from the joint assistance of a private detective is of a high level by maintaining a resource that will explore all aspects worthy of investigation at the level of each case with an extremely high level of meticulousness.

A Lawyer, seen as a legal professional, is one who is able to find the formulation of a problem in legal matters, the investigative criteria used in this case is highly predictable towards the management of facts and burdens of proof with the legal system. In the legal system of the nation, the investigative capacity of the lawyer refers more to a legal instrumentation and an optimal expert opinion of facts that must be done regarding compliance with the law.

In this sense, where a Lawyer is an efficient resource to accurately exercise legal action, since it is the guarantor of establishing the necessary guidelines for compliance with various aspects that must be governed in the treatment of information and the evidence of fact that can support the application of a host of rules and sanctions, that is why a lawyer is a resource that must be supported by other activities and trades that are capable of providing the best answers and that are also in the ability to shorten the execution time of each case.

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight that the role played by detectives for lawyers is not the main one within a legal investigation, but it becomes transcendental enough when executing investigation processes and investigative expertise that is capable of supporting the legal actions that the lawyer needs to perform.

That is why a Lawyer who wants not only to speed up but also to demonstrate a point of view of his investigation through a key collection of evidence under a vision of professional expertise must resort to private investigation agents in order to have a sufficiently acceptable quality in the execution of research processes. Question that ends up representing for some cases a real difference between the success or failure of a case before a legal arbitration instance.

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight that a detective will always be considered as a case of reinforcement to all the tasks that need to be executed and that seek the concretion of efficient evidence in the short term in order to provide the answers that the lawyers need to guarantee an optimal execution of your research case.

The application of an investigative resource to legal processes is very useful to all those who consider executing investigative work under optimal standards, which is why a detective for the field of investigation represents a strategic sum in the resolution and determination of evidence and findings, at Grupo Arga detectives we are aware that Our agents represent the key piece to carry out investigation tasks that can mean the articulation of true solutions at the service of anyone who needs a high-level investigation service.

The construction of investigative processes can represent the best of the elements that a legal professional can count on, since while he is dedicated to managing all the legal aspects of a legal process, the detective will be in charge of supplying all the evidence through its technical report.

Additionally, the investigator is a resource that can also be used in the generation of elements that are capable of serving towards the management of the figure of expert witnesses, an issue that ends up being highly useful to support an investigation hypothesis through the objective determination of evidence and the participation of an objective and professional basis capable of providing the best answer to all the questions in a case.



All legal professionals who come to our services undoubtedly have the support of our detectives for lawyers, this with the aim of promoting an accumulation of necessary responses towards the construction of various elements that end up being a substantial difference around the construction evidence and facts of conviction that are supported with sufficient legal burden before a respective instance.

The construction of legal processes is something that originates through an optimal collection of evidence, reaching this point is possible thanks to the participation of an investigator who may be in sufficient capacity to generate a framework of acceptable responses towards the construction of an investigative case supported by legal action.

At Grupo Arga we have channeled the training process of our agents towards being able to establish a host of elements that are conducive to the participation of aspects that are favorable towards the generation of tasks that implicitly provide operational assistance to all our legal professional clients. with the objective that they can take care of the most important aspects when executing a case where our work is required.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has been in the field of private investigation for more than 10 years, this has been a sign of our commitment and dedication that each of our agents incorporates into their daily work, with the objective to provide the best of the best to each of our clients.




First of all, it is necessary to highlight that the police forces have a very specific range of action, since they are in the task of establishing an operation at a tactical level, the strategic part is sometimes carried out by those who hold the degree of detectives and commissioners.

Up to this point everything is going great, however, at Grupo Arga Detectives we know that this is where the problems begin since they begin to participate in multiple cases, sometimes the reality that such large cities live in does not generate a collapse in the service provision capacity of the entities and authorities in the security field, but if they prevent these cases from being resolved with the required brevity, this is how procedural delay or non-action also occurs on some occasions. from the competent entities.

This affects the issue that we are facing a complexity that sometimes ends up generating different repercussions at a legal and legal level, since detectives are required for lawyers, with the aim that they can speed up tasks such as the search for evidence and also the concretion of phases of an investigation, this is so important that it can make the difference that a criminal action is not questioned for not having enough evidence or also that a citizen is unfairly sanctioned for lack of information. 

Sometimes, for legal professionals, the work carried out by a police investigator who may be directed under their demands is not very understandable, and it is that a private investigator has the possibility of being a bridge of support for the exercise of his work. research, however, not all lawyers manage to fully understand this aspect in their first years of professional practice, an issue that they only learn with practice and over the years.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that those who want to be excellent practitioners of evidentiary law and of everything related to the exercise of litigation, must have detectives for lawyers, with the aim of taking into account an optimal resolution of each case, this being a key competitive factor in guaranteeing the success of your professional career.

At Grupo Arga, we take care to ensure an optimal reputation of those who practice law, for them our detectives are trained based on the best standards and updates of the legal provisions of our nation, thus promoting an agile, dynamic agent , proactive but also knowing the legal framework that governs the exercise of their work and also that encompasses most of the cases in which we are hired, acting in this way at the right time.

The detective who usually works as a lawyer’s assistant for the exercise of his functions and different investigations, can be a key factor when serving as an objective witness, since he may be the only one competent to issue towards a judged an objective, exact and precise testimony. For many lawyers this seems to be somewhat uncertain, however an objective witness sometimes for a jury or a court has more weight than a conventional witness account, which can be loaded with great subjectivity and sometimes considerable emotional weight. .

For this it is necessary to know that the objective witnesses being personified in a court by detectives who perform this investigative function in most cases are well referenced, since they count on their training and professional mystique with the deployment of active observation, In summary, this is aimed at the fact that he should focus on a single point of attention to solve a problem, identifying what that critical point is that depends on the challenge of his work.

Additionally, the personality that a professional establishes in the field of investigation makes him look more confident before a jury, an issue that means that in most cases when taking into account the testimony of a detective, he is involved as the central part. of all the basic elements to make a decision, leaving what other actors in the case say in a reinforcement plane. At Arga detectives we are aware that we currently play a strategic role in training professionals with these characteristics.




Detection of faked casualties: When sometimes at the level of opinion people usually talk about faked casualties, (it is not usually a constant), in general, the appearance of these cases does not cease to be portrayed before the press, an issue for which the The work of the detective is usually of the utmost importance, which is why the work that we carry out at Grupo Arga Detectives is widely referenced. On a few occasions there will be a dismissal that can legitimately apply to this classification, it is also common that there is a lot of speculation around this aspect.

Follow-up of commercial actors: If we all had an idea of how important it is to establish a detective follow-up in the midst of any situation, many would seek to have a head detective per family, however, as this is not reality, there is something that if It is necessary to emphasize that detectives are not always called for police or legal investigations.

On some occasions, they are the ones who establish a follow-up of business partners and corporate personalities in different diners, taverns and bars. Thus generating the opportunity to know and filter privileged information.

For this, those who work as detectives for lawyers play a fundamental role, because it is a vitally important aspect for them to establish information gathering work on all those who wish to have a step ahead of a partner and/or a corporate competitor. , leaving aside the conventional detective practice and transforming this work into something that transcends its old borders, although at Grupo Arga some of our experts point out that these activities at the company level are not something that catches them by surprise, apparently they have its praxis longer than we imagined.

Inadequacies in the treasury: although it may not seem like it, this is one of the most common reasons why a professional trained in the ranks of Grupo Arga Detectives is requested, since sometimes there are businesses that do not know how their treasury has been a total disaster, apparently everything happens overnight and it is very likely that as a result of a great trust that bosses and employers delegate to their employees, the loss of the day’s profits in some businesses is established .

The work of a detective for lawyers in this matter is highly useful, since on many occasions they come to establish a basis for reinforcing the legal expertise that they do on the management of treasuries, an issue that ends up generating as a result timely action, thus saving the contracting company or entity and its economic dividends.

We do not mean to say that dishonest workers are found on all occasions, for this, our team of detectives has the experience and expertise necessary to carry out different studies and analyzes that allow them to make an adequate judgment with reality and additionally to be able to establish all the detected elements in a high level report. Said report is drawn up with such an objective that they are the perfect tool to clear up the doubt about the probability of fault that may exist on a worker.

Investigations of this type have been present in small and medium-sized Spanish companies, where on some occasions this type of incident has occurred, however, it is necessary to emphasize that this is an aspect of investigation that is not carried out correctly, can cause a great conflict, therefore, the secrecy of our investigation and operation sometimes

is a key factor in order not to offend susceptibilities in the human treatment or in the personnel who are working, since as good investigators from Grupo Arga we refer only to what is found on the table as evidence, and we cannot make value judgments until the evidence leads us to logic guides us to the factual sense of the facts.




It is important to highlight that the collection of evidence in a judicial case or a police investigation is a very important factor, at Grupo Arga Detectives we have found throughout the experiences of more than 10 years, the determination of different elements that generate the non- agility in this regard.

Unsolved cases: cases where the victims are not vindicated with the action of justice, this is generated because on some occasions there is not enough evidence to determine responsibilities, as well as all the elements that surrounded the action of the case.

Innocent sanctioned: people who, due to circumstantial factors, are involved in a criminal scenario or are also the target of a legal sanction of a different nature, an issue that has a highly unsuccessful impact on the correct administration of justice in the judicial system.

Procedural delays: this factor is not as noticeable in our country, but on some occasions there have been cases in which the judicial sanctioning process is affected and its duration is substantially extended, due to the late collection of evidence.

Judicial impunity: Cases in which the participation of an individual in a criminal act of any kind exists, unfortunately, the legal defense of some occasions also plays on the chessboard, an issue that makes them take hold of legal technicalities to obtain the acquittal of his client, the latter take place in 80% of the cases due to failure to obtain evidence.

To do this, it is necessary to highlight that Grupo Arga Detectives has in itself the task of training the best agents capable of establishing, under a criterion of expertise, the best resolution of the conflict of the different clients. That is why we have detectives for lawyers , willing to expedite any legal investigation.



Private detectives for Lawyers | Detectives collaborating for lawyers . On many occasions, saying that an efficient process is required seems to be a mere cliché, however, when establishing an investigation of this type, it is necessary to know that the different members of a detective body cannot be played a hoax, since, to carry out a process of this style, it is necessary to be as thorough as possible.

Detectives for lawyers play a fundamental role in carrying out the execution of processes under expert synchrony and not only that, they must take care of such critical aspects as the evidence collection process, as well as the identification of all the factors that surround an investigation (context, actors, affected, presumable elements of fact, and situations related to the cause of the criminal event).

For this, it is necessary to emphasize that the members of a detective corps must be highly proactive, and must know how to correctly identify all the patterns that are part of a fact, at Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that any element that surrounds the probability of a punishable act should not be taken as a simple coincidence, it must in this sense incorporate different elements of the generation of the intertwining of a chain of facts and events.

A detective for lawyers knows that he must establish the rigor of a procedure at a forensic level in the execution of all the elements that surround the investigation, through the establishment of unique parameters for each case, with the aim of having a whole decantation presented. in the process of collecting evidence, thus guaranteeing its cleanliness before being sent to an analysis and evaluation phase.



At the Arga Detectives group, we know the complexity involved in determining the different stages of a major investigation, sometimes synchrony with police entities or authorities in the matter, are not enough to guarantee the success of an operation.

It is there where innovation, creativity and improvements to our processes represent a key factor for updating our agents, since they can sometimes become overwhelmed, like any detective, but we know that their comprehensive education and training are the sufficient guarantee so that they manage to deal with those obstacles and can, in the end, resolve each case with great mysticism and determination.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the field of criminal action sometimes seems to go a step forward, since official and private organizations do not react with the desired agility within the incursion into an operations scenario, however, it should be noted that For this, it is necessary to implement new techniques and technological assets that allow establishing greater coverage and capacity of the body on the different investigations entrusted.

A detective for lawyers knows that he must deal with great complexity and pressure, just as any member of this type of organization does, however, he must also know that the relationship of constant interaction with a legal professional makes him deal with an element of additional demand, since it must be up to the legal requirements of those who perform this type of work.

Additionally, the outstanding staff in these functions must know that it is necessary to understand the different handling of tools, as well as to understand the different aspects that surround the investigative topic, with the aim of not having to be left behind in the first line. of battle, which is fought at the time of starting any investigation .



At Grupo Arga Detectives, we know that our body of detectives, who are in charge of providing tactical and strategic support to legal operations, must not only be perceptive in the handling and resolution of evidence, they must, in this sense, go beyond the duty fulfilled and the logic necessary to solve a conventional investigation, in short, are very sophisticated resources to be able to solve a case and reach the decisive course in determining the facts.

A leading researcher who is part of our staff is one who is capable of establishing the search for patterns, solving tests and intertwining coincidences with the aim of seeking to structure a chain of causality. All of this generates the optimum resolution of a case that can be seen as one that is successfully completed at the moment in which the state of undertaking an investigation has been fully achieved.

The researcher who wants to work in this field must be someone who is proactive, non-stop creative and, above all, must know how to play with the overwhelm of different information and facts that can generate a certain distraction, which is why, from our group, our applicants they are prosecuted in a work of great discipline, capturing capacity and attention, regarding the identification of the objective and the realization of different strategies that can allow its achievement.

For this reason, an investigator of this caliber must not only depend on his experience, he must in this sense know that he has a whole structure to promote the course of the investigation and must know that above all things he is a gear within an organization that is responsible for obtaining the most specialized information, in the shortest possible time with the lowest possible cost of time.

The researcher knows the reality of an environment, knows that he has different operational resources to carry out his work, and that he must also seek the end in the realization of each case in a successful manner, with the aim of not being left behind, and promoting his work. towards continuous excellence.



Regarding the management of all cases related to the reception of clients who practice law, it is necessary to know that an investigator can represent a great support base for the deployment of different strategic factors when providing the necessary answers that are capable of to ensure a greater probability of success in the conclusion of each case.

It is necessary to highlight that the success of a legal investigation with a normative legal repercussion at the level of compliance with a law, is achieved with a greater probability of obtaining information, this implies the generation and implementation of different elements that can guarantee a way to get it. The structuring of intelligence tasks and the articulation of information networks is key.

When everything related to the collection of information is discussed, it is necessary to emphasize that the investigation of a case is not something that is guided by academic principles learned in a university, since in them the amalgamation of various elements that facilitate an investigation is important. a more tactical approach, intelligence work, the identification of patterns and the assessment of situational schemes, are the only ones capable of providing an opportunistic response to the current complexity.

On the other hand, the strategic structuring of this entire operating framework has been well conceptualized by Grupo Arga Detectives, since it plays a very important role when establishing different elements that are conducive to obtaining more and better information. Legal research is sometimes closely linked to an academic connotation, an issue that makes it useful to a certain extent, since it has often failed to combine a more effective scheme around the demands of agility.

On the other hand, the police investigation also has different positive elements but nevertheless does not cover aspects of academic investigation that are necessary to raise the level of the central element of the investigations. It is necessary to emphasize that each of these investigation strategies separately do not generate an agile point of investigation, since they lack a synergistic element, hence the importance that detectives for lawyers can execute a combined praxis of these two approaches. , and be a point of support of great value to those who practice law for the purpose of legal strategic research.



It is necessary to highlight that a key aspect in the security policy of a modern society deals with the room for maneuver and therefore the strength of a legal system, since the administration of justice is the only one capable of guaranteeing sufficient certainty and trust from the State work, towards the citizenry, however these tasks do not fully cover an efficient management of these cases, instead, private investigation is a reinforcement.

Private investigators, in different aspects, are those who can guarantee the articulation of different efforts that lead to greater agility around the determination of evidence and the elaboration of elements that successfully make these elements a task that seeks to make the state methods of criminal investigation something truly infallible.

That is why detectives for lawyers currently represent different elements of strategies and agility to provide results that are capable of strengthening the administration of justice and security policy. At Grupo Arga Detectives we are aware of the fact that the detective who is directed in these tasks is a fundamental piece to establish different aspects that facilitate the correct implementation of investigations of this type.

Comprehensive security is a factor that is watched over not only from the hard work implemented through the security policy of state agencies, but also from private deployment activities that seek to reinforce said policy, with the aim of being able to permeate with ease in the new criminal association schemes and be able to neutralize it at all times.



Throughout this article we have addressed the issue of the superior importance that detectives have for lawyers in the criminal area, however it is necessary to emphasize that in order to generate a broader explanation, we leave with the comparison and subsequent analysis that may result. useful to those who still have questions.

gathering processes and other aspects of intelligence and strategic investigation in crimes that are likely to be classified as prosecutable, however this aspect does not mean that they are not required in other areas related to the execution of the criminal field.

When an investigation is carried out, it is really lacking whether there may be a criminally relevant fact behind it, an issue that makes the probability of execution an unavoidable necessity, of an entire investigation structure as soon as a major investigation is glimpsed. Question that makes the work of detectives for lawyers something of the utmost importance.

In this regard, it is necessary to clarify that the detective in favor of preserving the spirit of his praxis must adhere to a total fidelity of the evidence that he collects, since they are synonymous with a source of information and represent the word that is extracted from the facts. ,

Taking this to an example: from Grupo Arga, we can mention in the case of a treasury imbalance, that until an investigation fails to determine the guilt of an employee, it cannot generate an opinion on his criminal responsibility, since sometimes the loss of money can be triggering according to an oversight in the bar of the business and/or an inefficient collection policy.



We want to offer you our services and some of them are:

  1. Labor sphere

There are opportunities, where people or companies abuse each other. Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain wishes to assist you, in case you have a worker that you want to carry out an investigation of, given that you have concerns about their development, are late arrivals, or even show rest periods that become suspicious. For these situations, count on our Private Detectives in Spain where we will make a work plan to investigate and clarify your concerns.

  1. Individual or family

Private or family inquiries are difficult in themselves. Grupo Arga Detectives , through an extensive trajectory, we have met parents in an effort to understand who their children are with and how they get along, we also had the situation of relatives worried about understanding how they waste money, we also have cases where there are suppositions of some kind infidelity. For all these situations you must have a Private Detective in Spain who is professional with the aim of being able to get answers to each concern

  1. Business field

It is possible that your case requires an office such as Grupo Arga Detectives. Perhaps it has a theme of intrusion, industrial espionage or patents and trademarks. In some of the previous occasions we have the possibility of assisting you.

  1. IT

All those cases that require a forensic computer are covered in Grupo Arga Detectives where you will have a professional forensic computer that will provide help to recover deleted data, traceability of a file, expertise to a mobile terminal.

  1. Technological

In the technological field, Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain has a group of professional expert private detectives in the field. We provide services to: installed cameras or hidden microphones, electronic scanning, etc.



Sometimes when a loved one leaves an inheritance and the lawyer reads his will, we are surprised that there are unknown members of the family nucleus and also that it sometimes requires detectives for lawyers to be found.

Honestly, this is one of the many reasons why at Grupo Arga Detectives we believe in the support that detectives for lawyers provide to the legal resolutions of different cases, since sometimes people tend to disappear from any environment as if it were a act of magic, this implies taking the reins of a task that can serve for the location and strategic positioning of people, which is why this task is so exciting, since we do not get bored doing our job and locating different people who they can be of great importance for a family, company or simply an individual.

On some occasions, this work becomes arduous enough, since in countries like Spain, locating an individual is not an easy task, instead, it tends to generate different aspects that can complicate said investigation and that can result in the generation of different elements that cannot be easily resolved at the time of collecting an investigation.



The search for detectives for lawyers is sometimes fundamental, since it is very importantly intertwined with the detection of reliable evidence that leads to the determination of different aspects that are mitigating for the permanence of a marital commitment, an issue that reaches decisively influence the stability of a marital relationship. When the relationship of an act of this type is demonstrated with sufficient burden of proof, different justifications for ending the marriage union are determined with great weight.


A private investigator can play a fundamental role in verifying that a couple lives with another person, that they manage a relationship of economic dependence with them, and that without a doubt establishes an act of adultery, or in more serious cases, the verification of a state of bigamy, something that can be severely punished by law.

On the other hand, also from the execution of the investigations carried out by a member of a body of this type, it can be ascertained if a visitation regime is breached without any weighty justification being found and being verified. by third parties.

The fulfillment of these factors, in the establishment of this regime on some occasions becomes quite conflictive, for which it is always necessary to ensure the objective collection of the evidence, since it is capable of determining if the spouse who is subjected to this regimen manages to fully comply with it.

It is also necessary to point out that when detectives for lawyers find this type of infraction, they also detect in parallel that many of those sanctioned tend to confuse their working hours as a legitimate justification for being absent from their children’s visitation regime, which is why the work of an investigator must always be oriented to a timely collection of information, with the aim of generating the necessary corrective measures at the level of each of these tasks, promoting the healthy performance of the authorities in the matter.



On the other hand, a fundamental factor in which private investigation takes a strategic role is in the detection of income, since sometimes the spouses who are subjected to this type of sanctions manage to establish a successful cover-up of these, generating the possibility of evading responsibilities.

In one way or another, the denied income of a person manages to remain under the radar until a private investigator begins to establish his investigative work, it is necessary to further emphasize that private investigators are constituted as a fundamental actor in the detection of these cases. . Many young women have managed to secure their future and economic stability through the entry into force of actions of this type.



Once our Private Investigators in Spain have collected the pertinent evidence, they will be in charge of preparing a valid legal report where all the answers that they have been trying to find will be specified.

It is common to feel overwhelmed when trying to find a top quality private detective service in Spain , there seem to be many configurations to choose from; however, when numerous components are taken into account, the range narrows more and more, leaving only the experts of Grupo Arga Detectives, as the preferred configuration in the world of professional private investigation.

Being our detectives the only ones with enough prestige and experience to carry out any kind of work that its users request, in the most viable professional way.



Grupo Arga Detectives’ detective guide is the largest on the market worldwide

To start, you have to understand the really basics: what can offer a clearer idea of what is being done first and foremost when looking for a private detective.

It is always seen that this is a waste of time, but the truth is that nothing works better to understand something from the bases, than to understand what we are talking about, when we are talking about a criterion as used and misrepresented as that of the “private detective”. ”.

What are we talking about when we are talking about private experts in Spain ? Anyway, the answer is easy. First, we speak to a professional located in Spain; a private detective is a legal entity with the power to make information at a private, business or judicial level; abiding by the rules that are imposed on this development, and always maintaining moral rectitude to carry it out. Our professionals are experts with proven skills and impeccable experience.



When detectives are hired for lawyers , it is taken into account that they are trained in different areas, from Grupo Arga, this training is carried out in a meticulous manner, and despite the fact that our detectives have the possibility of starting in our group with the experience of the case, this path must sometimes be followed from scratch, since we consider training to be important but not sufficient.

That is why we take care of the training of comprehensive resources, who are not only capable of carrying out different actions at the level of investigation, tracking and information gathering, but who are also people who can ensure sufficiently specialized field expertise. , thus guaranteeing the success of any operation with respect to global requirements and demands, an issue that sometimes increases the level of requirement and complexity of each case.

Grupo Arga Detectives knows that a well-formed profile not only responds quickly, but also undertakes an analysis process that is capable of leading it to various schemes for obtaining information, for this it must not only rely on its detective instinct, its police practice or excellent handling of the law, but also that it is necessary to support a network that is diverse enough to reach the truth.



The professional who works under these functions knows that he cannot be moved by emotional factors, however, another element to highlight that can be a boost to be able to generate the desired relevance in the development of each case is the commitment to his work of agent, since he is capable of sowing a sense of belonging that is solid enough to put his professionalism and great ethical orientation on paper.

A self-respecting professional in this field must also guide his work with some precision, and with such a universal and diverse sense of importance that he is capable of asserting in the role of his work the preservation for the protection of a life, as well as the collecting the least information possible, since each case counts, and above all they are the vehicles to lead your professional career towards success.

Grupo Arga Detectives knows that these are tasks of the utmost importance and for this it is in charge of training all our agents under a strategic sense with the objective that they do not fail in their tasks, since their personal success and their sense of realization depends on the success of the organization, which is why we take each case as the beginning of a great adventure where the client-agency commitment code remains alive until the resolution of each case is presented.

For Grupo Arga, every well-resolved case represents the opportunity to keep many Spanish families safe, which is why we play a strategic factor in the resolution of personal and employer cases and, additionally, we develop by leveraging our experience in cases related to legal matters and police, with the aim of generating the result that we all want.



In this sense, the work of a private investigator is not limited only to numerous pieces of information. Our private detectives in Spain are enormously trained to not only search and collect information, evidence and people, but they are fully and legally permitted to use their knowledge in search of legal assistance for any client who requires it.

The reason is that Spain belongs to the few countries in the world, in which the profession of private detectives is officially collegiate. In Spain, Private Investigation is taken very seriously, as it is a resource that has become important over time for the state.

It is a judicial resource that is used continuously, both by individuals, as well as by legal entities, and also even by state institutions, which require the services that only a private detective provides.

It is not only a matter of tracking jobs, in addition, our private detective in Spain works in relation to searches of different types, introducing searches for people and goods, within the parameters established by law for this type of occupation. Admitting an optimal development in more than one circumstance.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that one client is different from another, and our detective agency in Spain understands that working on labor cases for a lawyer is not the same as working on infidelity cases, for example. In this sense, respect for the identity of the client is essential, as is respect for the legal framework.

Contact us and do not doubt the quality of our services, if what you require is discretion, efficiency and effectiveness, in the Arga Detectives Group in Spain we have the possibility of suggesting it.

In addition, when you visit us, your first consultation will be free and without obligation. Once the interview is over, we have the possibility of making a budget based on your expectations and adjusting to your availability, but always offering you the best services at the best price.





The services of expert investigators are increasingly in demand in different fields, for this reason at Grupo Arga Detectives we put together a range of important offerings so that each user can find in us the best solution through the quality work that we strive to do. .

The usefulness of our work has had a positive influence on the delivery of justice, which is why we have detectives in Madrid for lawyers , since we are focused on modernizing each of our specialties to achieve results that allow us to solve different solutions, this is the main initiative of it.



When looking for and need detectives in Madrid for lawyers , do not hesitate to consult the proposal that we have at Grupo Arga Detectives, where we offer you an important margin of safety as well as the best advice within any sector of the exercise of the work of a lawyer, either work, business and other.

You can count on our services for this kind of situation with complete confidence, we are a company committed to your needs to focus completely on investigation, we have the best experts for lawyers where a high level of quality investigation is maintained.

In the midst of a judicial investigation, it becomes difficult to have reliable evidence to deal with this type of situation, for this reason the intervention of a professional with a different vision is vital to exercise the detective role, to support a search with greater knowledge to comply with the objectives of the case.

Having a detective in the middle of a legal process is an enormous advantage because using it as a resource to continue the development of the judicial and police investigation with additional help, in addition to the fact that our findings retain a legal effect because we have the capacity to count with a license to practice.

Our work is about a constant effort to carry out each action within the investigation with great care, because the field of private investigation within a judicial resolution requires mysticism and paying attention to small details, in these lies the trick to perform quality work together.



Beyond respecting the actions of the police forces in the middle of an investigation, they have the tactical role to play, but the practice of strategy is part of the level of knowledge of detectives and commissioners, but given the high demand for cases, it is not Others count on external help to speed up this process.

This is where the help of detectives in Madrid for lawyers comes into action , to provide additional assistance, because we act in a timely manner respecting the powers of the competent authorities, that is, we do not hinder the investigation because we have the necessary knowledge to intervene with expertise. .

At a legal level, the intervention of the detectives is crucial to try to reach an agreement with the counterpart, as well as to reach the resolution of the legal process, because with this alliance a great difference is made within the controversial fact, since determining evidence can be obtained to save time and money at the same time.

Because if a citizen tries to do this on their own, they contaminate the evidence by not knowing the chain of custody, which carries a legal sanction at the same time if any rule is violated, therefore instead of falling into this kind of situation The simplest thing is to have the services of Grupo Arga Detectives.

At the same time, the understanding of the case by the lawyer can motivate him to this hiring, especially when he does not fully trust the work of the police investigator, because the investigation carried out by an alternative professional means can be a satisfactory solution to conclude the investigation. case in the shortest possible time.

With the years of practice, lawyers increasingly opt for this alternative, which is why we comply with the effort to enable professionals trained to practice in the midst of this type of situation, to complement the excellent lawyers who only require additional evidence to carry the successful case.

We guarantee to carry out a meticulous investigation process to be successful in your case, by choosing our detective agency you obtain optimal attention because we comply with all training standards to intervene in this type of situation without any limitation, in addition to knowing the respective legal framework.



The detectives in Madrid for lawyers are agile professionals who become an alternative plan for the resolution of any case, we act as assistants to the lawyers to support them in case of any need to present evidence, in addition to being introduced in the process as a crucial witness, that is, as an expert in the area.

Each of our professionals are competent to ratify a testimony before the court, where information is provided that is usually more valuable than that of a conventional witness, since there is no emotional weight, but they are endowed with a significant proportion of impartiality. .

This is because our detectives receive professional training to exercise active observation within any legal process, we focus on resolving any controversial point within the debated situation, especially since they are accredited to exercise criteria with greater property in court. .

Through Grupo Arga Detectives we understand the leading figure that a detective has taken, for this reason we take care of having professionals who meet these types of requirements, that is, they are characterized for this type of situation, regardless of the subject matter of the legal issue. the lawyer is working.

Whether on a personal, business or commercial level, we respond with a professional performance, we take care of preparing ourselves for this type of utility of our professional, which is an evolution within the guild that ratifies the growth of the figure of a detective.







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The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

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