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Maybe you think it is really difficult to afford a service detectives private since are very costly to easily view, since you have the initiative to use modern and sophisticated artifacts, but it turns out to hire a service of private detectives is more attainable than what you think.



You may need a particular spy job, it all depends on what you want to focus on, but one of the best techniques handled by detective detectives is Mystery shopping , and it turns out that it is not as expensive as you imagine, besides that the quality and service deserves.

Sometimes when the opening of a business or premises takes place everything is going well and from one day to the next sales start to fall without knowing very well what happens when everything should go well.

The businessman falls into demoralization and does not know very well what to do. It is in this context when the entrepreneur begins to ask questions such as:

  • If everything was going well why has it stopped going now?
  • Why do the stores next door have customers and I don’t?
  • If I’m spending a lot on advertising, why don’t I make a profit?
  • In this context, Mystery Shopping services offered by Grupo Arga Detectives arise to provide answers to these types of questions.
  • It is intended to provide answers to questions such as:
  • The punctuality of opening and closing of the workers.
  • The quality of the sales service.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • The greeting by the worker.
  • If they answer the phones.
  • If the working of the contact forms is correct.
  • If advertising is suitable.
  • Business location.
  • Those things that go wrong like dirt, bad presentation, etc.
  • Through this service, everything can improve in your business. You can take charge and channel sales.



The Mystery Control service or Mystery Shopping was born in the United States to a demand from businessmen who wanted to know what was happening in their businesses when they were not there. To do this, the private detective observes and evaluates the behavior of workers with clients incognito.

It is a detailed study of the behavior of the workers themselves where their ability to treat customers is evaluated.

Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Over time this service was fitting very well in the different sectors and was consolidated. For this, the private detective records what happens, exports it to a report and delivers it to the businessman so that he can make decisions.

By implementing this service, the aim is to analyze and evaluate the operation of a business open to the public.


If you are a business owner, you will come across the need to figure out whether your staff members are taking good care of your customers or not. This is where you can think about seeking the assistance of mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers are capable of shopping for products or services that your business is offering, like the ordinary customers. Then they will evaluate whether a perfect customer is offered by your business or not. Based on their feedback, you can make appropriate changes to your business. Hence, there is a high demand for mystery shopping in Spain. You can contact Arga detectives Group and get the help of mystery shoppers.

Here are some of the most prominent reasons available for you to focus on mystery shopping in Spain. If you are convinced by these reasons, all you have to do is to get in touch with us at Arga detectives Group. Then we can deliver the services that you are looking forward to get.



Every single business is looking forward to enhance quality of service offered to customers. If your business is struggling hard to do the same, you need to think about getting the help of mystery shoppers. They will check whether your business is delivering a quality service to the customers or not. Therefore, you can make the changes that you have to do. If there is no proper supervision of employees or if you don’t clearly see how your employees are performing, you can rely on the reports that are provided by mystery shoppers.


Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Customers always prefer to stick to businesses that are offering the best quality services to them at the end of the day.

If you want to deliver such a quality service to all your customers and increase sales, you need to think about getting the help of mystery shoppers. Your business must be spending a considerable amount of money and effort on marketing. But if your business is not offering a quality service, all the money and effort that you spend will be in vain.

The mystery shoppers will provide you with exact details on how you should be improving your business. Therefore, you can end up with securing more sales at the end of the day.



Your company branding and image contributes a lot towards the success that you can reap at the end of the day. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are maintaining it at all times. This is where Arga detectives Group and its mystery shoppers can help you.

They will provide you with an understanding on whether you are having a good company image among general customers or not.

They will also provide suggestions to you on how to improve company image and branding. Therefore, you can position yourself high than the competitors.


Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

The mystery shoppers who work for your business will be able to deliver an excellent assistance to you with the decision making process of your business as well.

They will provide you with all the facts and you can rely on them.

Based on the facts, you can make the decisions to move forward and obtain the services that are available.



Mystery shoppers will be able to deliver all the support that you need with gathering evidences related to trouble. In some of the instances, your employees will not work according to the code of conduct that you have defined in the business. Hence, you will come across the need to take actions against them. When the employees are not performing, you will need to gather evidences. You will not be able to do this on your own. This is where you can rely on the evidences shared with you by the mystery shoppers.


Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping in Spain | Privates detectives en Spain expert in Mystery Shopping.

Last but not least, mystery shoppers will be able to help you with getting customer insights in an effective manner. As a business owner, you are interested in getting full, unbiased and direct information on what the customers are telling about the business.

Along with that, you will also come across the need to figure out what the customers would want to purchase as well. You can get all the customer insights in the reports shared with you by the mystery shopper. Based on that, you can make changes to the business.

As you can see, mystery shoppers can deliver many different benefits to your business. Hence, you should go ahead and get the help of mystery shoppers with Arga detectives Group. You will never regret about the services that are offered to you by the private detectives you hire.



The best investment you can have if you want to consider the performance of your employees is a Mystery Shopping

More than a surveillance camera or motion sensors, we are talking of using service of Mystery Shopping , to consider and discover any kind of suspicious circumstances in a business or a company, because with so many people doing work in the same Instead, an unexpected mishap is common.

In no business is the purpose of poor attention to users, or the theft or loss of information or company money , but that does not mean that it does not succeed through one or another employee who wants to go overboard, and use his position or position to favor himself.

It is there where the leaders or heads have to take a letter on the matter against the slightest suspicion of an incident of any kind, which achieves a large or short period impair the performance or production company, it is why they suggest to Entrepreneurs or managers take action on the matter and investigate who causes the conflicts within the company.

In this initiative also will approach the best satisfaction, well above a camera, is the head and the ability of an individual experienced in the discovery and investigation of the facts to achieve be going through prominent owners of a business, we are talking in terms easy to hire a private detective.



If this located in one of the cities of Spain, you can hire the detective agency of the Group Arga Detectives, which with their recognitions and experiences gives you superior service, and brings you the satisfaction your drawbacks of company, is the Mystery Shopping .

This is a service in which the employees of a company or business are analyzed through infiltration and are reported to the owners, whether they pose as other employees or as users.

Such service has a value of approximately 700 € to 2500 € and the service covers features such as:

  • Image that gives trade to customers
  • Operation of the customer support service.
  • Control collection
  • The attitude of the employee to sell
  • Supplier relationships
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Get to know what users feel when dealing with their employees
  • Check the rivalry of your employees.

Which it is a great investment because they give to homeowners the ability to understand depth the truth of their business, to thus be able to take action on the matter.



Something that worries quite a human being as a person who lives in a social network, is a violation of a rule or a law, and that this be recurring may become severe and irritating for other people, it is both why there opportunities that due to the violation of a law are brought before the justice or are socially isolated and viewed with a bad face.

The same happens in cases of labor provision of a service, since considerable questions that are often the human is is this legal ?, why is required informed that services and companies find ourselves using and whether or not they meet the statutes of the law, as it is in the situation of the Mystery Shopping of the detective agencies.



How legal is a report detailed a Mystery Shopping done by a professional in research as the situation of the detectives?

Man as a thinking animal has been operating since ancient times by rules that are stipulated by society for his benefit, such as the right to privacy or security, since in the absence of laws and the rights of people the planet would have come to an end

several centuries ago .

It is even an issue worldwide very alarming, because it goes on increasing occasions where it does not respect privacy of an individual, being also driven by the digital age and its permanent obsession with leaving all recorded on video and later uploaded to the communities or the internet.

That is why detectives, as well as some force that provides security services, study the laws that govern their country to find out how much privacy they have the ability to violate.

In cases such as detectives who specialize in information and evidence, as well as in the collection thereof, their work is supported by statutes ruled by the laws of the country, in this situation Spain.

It is for this reason that every private detective is asked for a detailed report of their occupations carried out throughout the working hours, this report not only talks about what he did throughout his service, but also that he has been able to research or learn about the person.

If you’re like the report of detectives born, so be cases of Mystery Shopping and research and infiltration to know the quality of service or development of workers in a company, it is considered not just a report completely legal, but also acceptable proof in cases where justice requires the professional’s sworn affirmation .

Companies like Grupo Arga Detectives who specialize in all these features of espionage and labor provision of service, claim to be respected in testing standards of privacy stipulated against the law, as well as to the progress reports data for test and endorsements of that information.

The Mystery Shopping or also called customer discreet, is a procedure used in the investigation of markets, companies use this ability to get specific information on services and products simultaneously to determine the quality of service assistance to the customer.

Thus, companies or businesses have the possibility of getting that feed -back completely finished and more than anything detailed of the experience of the users in their shops or customer support.




What is the true criterion of Mystery Shopping?

According to the private investigator who works as a Mystery Shopper , this criterion is very obsolete and has its origins in 1940, where at the beginning the purpose was to measure the integrity of employees. For the advancement of this skill, he used techniques such as video recordings, audio

and answer questionnaires.



Today, the sectors that use the enigmatic or phantom client the most are the hospitality industry, the automobile industry, chain stores, food outlets, film distributors, for example. And the information that they usually give is, for example, the following:

  1. The private detective corroborates How many employees are in the store?
  2. How long do I wait to be attended?
  3. Name of the employee who attended you and if this was kind?
  4. What questions did you get about the product and if they offered other products?
  5. Did the employee complete the sale and with what technique?
  6. Was the store clean?
  7. Were you invited to visit the store again?



Why should you use this system of Mystery Shopping for my business?

Every business has the mission to increase its profitability to increase not only enough to provide one excellent service or product, but also suggest an acceptable assistance to the customer, especially when we negotiate products that are able to be in some other place. To consider this effectiveness, it is customary to use the Mystery Shopper procedure .

This system provided by the private detective agency is applicable for commercial businesses, perfect for food places, clothing stores, supermarkets, franchises, banks, fast food , hotels, clubs, call centers, for example, more occupations involving the review of its users, employees or competitors.




How to use this methodology in my business?

If your company is medium to high, it is most likely that at some point you have already applied this methodology through consulting companies . But if your company is small , you have never applied it, however, it is never too late to do better, especially if we have the possibility

to use shapes as they are, which are ingenious.

  • First you have to find an individual professional perform pass as Mystery Shopper and you can find in Grupo Arga Detectives .
  • Second, identify who or who? And that? We want to consider.
  • Third, we make a questionnaire which will contain all the points that the enigmatic client must investigate.
  • Fourth, the ghost client is sent to visit the place or company.
  • Lastly, the report sent is analyzed and that’s it!

If you want to contract a Mystery Shopping service but do not know what is the reasonable budget to make payments for the execution of this work, contact the Arga Detectives Group in the town of Spain, a private detective agency that will prepare a configured budget for you to your requirements.



The Arga Detectives Group stands out for using a system predetermined by the different schools and associations of detectives in the various areas of Spain to establish their rates. In addition, the agency guarantees the new client a first consultation completely free of charge and a budget drawn up without duty.



Companies that want to find out about the development of the Mystery Shopper technique must sometimes know that it is sustained under the operation of a mysterious customer service, an issue that sometimes ends up being a surprise for those who have an idea of ​​the true usefulness of this type of services.

The generation of an investigation that has the capacity to generate a layer of findings and sufficient elements towards the generation of a policy that can be deployed to know the status of implementation of the customer service policy in a specific business.

When a company begins to present certain problems and drawbacks at the level of a customer acquisition strategy and even more importantly at the level of customer loyalty, it is when the implementation of the mysterious customer service is necessary , with the aim of getting to know Detail all the elements that are linked to the structuring of a policy that allows measuring the performance of a management policy for customer relations of the company in a specific market.

The foundation of this technique represents the great opportunity to know in detail and make an x-ray that can be performed in order to know the state of customer service in a particular store or commerce, that is why, when a company wants to analyze what it is which is failing to hire a detective so that he impersonates a client and also so that he can

perform the entire purchasing role incognito.

When a detective pretends to be a mystery customer, he can sneak into the merchant customer community, this allows him to get all the information about the customer who can visit the store, as he can start different conversations with all customers, this It will allow you to obtain a broader perception of what customer service is like in terms of quality, immediacy, and requirements management.

The possibility of living the entire shopping experience provides the detective with a range of aspects that help him to visualize the effectiveness of a business in terms of attention span and the execution of various elements that can be decisive when it comes to retaining a customer and establish a recurring purchase action.

Constantly studying all the elements that are linked to customer management for a company is sometimes a question that requires the application of a specialized technique of analysis and detection of processes that are sometimes carried out in business environments. without taking into account the consequences that may arise from such implementations.

When companies begin to notice a decrease in the recurrence of their customers on many occasions, they have not taken into account that everything derives mainly from the analysis of the shopping experience, an issue that will undoubtedly generate a sustained loss of their results. operational in case of not being taken into account.

For this, the most important thing for a company that presents a sustained drop in sales and a loss of loyalty of its main clients, is to focus on hiring a private detective who can establish mysterious client service in order to observe what the current status of the customer service policy, with the aim of detecting aspects that are in a state of weakness, as well as those that are in a state of strength for further reinforcement.

What a detective seeks through the application of the Mystery Shopping technique , is always related to a better precision of the investigative technique around knowing what the current conditions of the company and the business are with respect to the implementation of customer service. customers, an issue that represents a sum

strategic that can be a real solution to unravel various aspects of complexity that sometimes takes the company.

The strategic importance of the application of this technique can represent, to a great extent, the generation of various elements that may be in sync with greater efficiency in the customer service policy, and in the reception of aspects that allow establishing various strategies around management of weaknesses and strengths at the business level.



At Grupo Arga detectives we have the best investigators who have the possibility of determining the greatest number of research hypotheses at the business level in order that they can make the best decisions regarding their Customer Relationship Management policy, this wants To say that the application of the Mystery Shopping technique is of great



importance when knowing what are the aspects that allow you to leverage a growth strategy in the short, medium and long term.

The execution of various elements that guarantee a strategic advantage is part of a set of aspects that can serve towards the generation of an efficient deployment of resources around the maximization of the decision-making criteria that the company takes into account, that is why that the implementation of this investigative technique is of high value.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we have trained the various investigative agents towards the construction of a panorama that is capable of providing the necessary responses to various types of clients, clients that may be both individuals and companies, which is why within the execution From a favorable research framework we can establish all the elements that can be detected in favor of the generation of a case that is capable of reaching the heart of the facts and the elements that can be useful to describe a critical fact.

From Grupo Arga detectives, when we think about the execution of the mysterious client service, we do not stop improving and innovating towards all our clients, with the aim of promoting a high-level investigation service. Our group includes the best agents!

Within the leadership of your business, it is important to measure the type of care you are providing, to obtain this type of information it is simple thanks to the action of the mysterious client, Mystery Shopping service in Spain , being an effective method to interfere in the operation within some business.

This service area is famous and well covered by Grupo Arga, where we provide a specialist for the service area of ​​your business, understanding how the environment works, and putting ourselves in the customer’s place, in this way we obtain accurate information on the quality of the attention you pay every day.



Most of the businesses that provide customer service, choose to opt for a mystery customer, Mystery Shopping services in Spain , because it is a direct contact with the type of service provided, evaluating different qualities or elements being agreed by customers, as is the specialist.

These types of experts know in depth the type of trade they carry out, and combine this with their qualities of operating undercover, so as not to raise any suspicion about the control they are having, in addition to the fact that they are going to act normally, as if it were from one more client, since they don’t suspect it.

We also measure the existing characteristics of the place of services, such as cleaning, or the type of professional care provided, designing different standards that will be tested by our private detectives, this modality is effective in finding out what is wrong with your business and reinforce attention.

Every business, whether it be restaurants, hotels, car washes, among others, must ensure that they provide the customer with exactly what they need, to know what is wrong, it is necessary to measure the response that you emit to them, for this reason this mysterious customer enters in your business to live the experience of a real customer.

The findings by the mysterious customer service Mystery Shopping in Spain are valuable, they are a sign of everything that must improve, because often it is small details that you escape from the stress of everyday life , to access what happens within business, it is better to see it from within.

The capabilities of a mysterious client, lie on his extensive ability to track and monitor, perform cautious work to avoid raising any suspicion, in addition to measuring occurrences and capturing them through a photograph, video, or any other element, this serves as livelihood to demonstrate reality in your business.

Do not hesitate to hire this type of service to search for the truth within your business, we take care of identifying what happens with care within the premises, in this way you can correct and continue to grow, being more pleasant to receive a greater number of visits potentials.



The Mystery Shopping is a technique of commercial research is based on providing the best answers to the CRM services developed to the customer, it allows to know the quality status of deployment of some services by the company, aiming to know if it is capable of fulfilling

efficient with your goals.

The technique of market research is sometimes very expensive, this leads to the possibility of making decisions based on a comparison screen and more agile decision with the aim of meeting the standards required by the client at the level of a company being efficient in reducing costs.

In Arga Detectives group, we have developed the possibility of carrying out an intelligent investigation service, with the objective that the Mystery Shopping tasks are carried out successfully by our agents, the main part of this process is in the detection of key information to meet the needs of our customers.

In this sense, it is necessary to know the customer, their concerns and their needs, which is why Mystery Shopping is a technique that seeks to validate with the customer various decisions, behaviors and consumption habits that are disaggregated from it. Another key aspect in this research technique is to investigate, obtain accurate information, and develop all research resources without the client realizing that he is being analyzed.

The silent client research technique has not been new, many companies have developed them for some decades, it has been resembling over time with certain tools and tactics that are used in the business world to carry out a sort of short research that can be used to extract key customer information.



However, this technique is part of a rigorous research process, and not a conventional research process at the business level, since it is based on the collection of strategic information, with the greatest discretion and secrecy possible, while that the other techniques include even a direct interview with the client. When the mystery client is developed as a strategy instead, the opportunity is being provided to capture all the spontaneous actions of an individual, playing the role of user of the service that is under analysis, an issue that is more useful.

Throughout our 10 years of experience, we have installed this research technique in the execution of our processes, and it has been enormously beneficial for the different companies that want to be at the forefront of the quality of their services. he

92% of the companies that have hired our research in this matter show a degree of approval towards the usefulness of this tool.

On the other hand, 87% of the companies that have been clients in this area have implemented a reengineering process in their companies as a result of our analyzes and studies from the mysterious client technique, a question that indicates the level of assertiveness of this methodology. by revealing aspects of importance in the execution of the growth cycle of the different business entities.

In numbers we can also say that more than 4,000 companies, among SMEs, Multinational Companies and Startups, have requested our services, due to their high degree of acceptance we can highlight that this procedure is one of the flagship tools within the company since, that we are capable of deploying to the different types of business clients a first-rate research service.

Sometimes, a company needs a research agent for different reasons, but the most important thing is to take into account the following, for companies the time lost translates into large sums of money, this makes it possible for the company to have They have to go through different critical phases to obtain a performance curve that allows them to move in the shortest possible time.



Through the investigations carried out by the Mystery Shopping processes , it can be highlighted that Grupo Arga detectives has had a great acceptance of this type of services, being the same highly requested towards a spectrum of decision-making in the Spanish business environment.

Making an analogy through what can be the ignition of a vehicle, let’s say then that the information obtained is the fuel for the car in question to start, this facilitates the possibility of moving strategically in the market, almost like a competition vehicle.

In order for the company to obtain this agile displacement, a Mystery Shopping service is then needed , which is capable of providing the indicated information in the shortest possible time, and at the lowest possible cost.

This technique compared to conventional research tools, provides an efficiency ratio when establishing the opportunity cost comparison standard, since it is executed with the deployment of a field agent, the same per se, has

the necessary tools to obtain information, other strategies do not do it this way, since they consider making a separate budget to establish a team that can investigate and logistically cover all that research operation that is not able to get to the root of the facts.

That is why, above all, those who leverage this type of techniques can have the main benefit of supporting the work of their business group and, in summary, they can obtain multiple advantages that are disaggregated from this research technique linked under a financial perception and a constant validation approach with the client.

On the other hand, this is not the only aspect for which a company requires the services of an investigation agency, since it also provides private entities with a host of services that are related to the investigation of sick leave as well as Also the research of strategic information that an entrepreneur can demand, as long as the request for it is framed within the compliance with the laws and the Spanish legal system.

We have been at Grupo Arga for more than 10 years doing excellence work towards our clients, this places us in the possibility of providing them with the best of the best, an issue that stands out when offering services that represent a tangible solution to our segment.

When you are in front of a business, and begin to notice that things are not going well, you may have to ask yourself if the problem does not come from the attention you give, to check the quality of it, you should only hire Mystery Shopper , service mystery shopping as an effective solution.

There is no more effective method of measuring the care you provide in your business, but through a private detective who works undercover as a mystery customer, he is in charge of living the same experience as a regular customer, to understand what is happening. with your service or product.





If you need to identify what happens within your business, there is no doubt that hiring Mystery Shopper , mystery shopping service is a great way out, where you will not have to undergo some uncomfortable process with your team, but they will secretly receive a visit of a mysterious client who will evaluate their performance.

This mysterious buyer, evaluates certain criteria, first of all the qualities of the environment, that it is clean, the response time to any requirement, as well as any other question that you want to explore as a result of our services, everything you need to know you we provide.

Quality control is totally viable to grow exponentially, since a business requires above all that attention be paid to what the client thinks or needs, in this way you can have a greater number of visits and without causing inconvenience among the staff What is the most important.

Through this type of service, we use surveillance and monitoring skills to qualify the place or what is happening, in addition to providing you with evidence such as photographs, videos and others when you want to confront an employee.

By hiring Mystery Shopper , mystery shopping service you get a complete study of the attention provided to the client, since from the very skin of the same, our private detectives are in charge of making this visit, without the other employees knowing to measure your response genuinely.

In addition to being able to find out everything that happens in the store without putting anyone on notice to act normally, this work is compatible in restaurants, car washes, supermarkets, all kinds of stores, that is, any environment where care is established to the client.

The important thing about this service is that it allows you to improve, identify the problem to start providing the customer with what they need, is like a marketing companion, but empathizing with the figure of anyone who comes to your business, generating an important opportunity to know what happens.

The hiring of these services is simple, and in addition to everything you can use it in your favor, since you can impose the identifiers to evaluate as a client, before visiting your business we obtain information about that sector to understand how it should work, in addition to complying with the requirements that you impose on us.



The execution of an investigation process that may be related to the execution of the operation of the mysterious client is a procedure that can be of great advantage to those who wish to contract this service, since its application represents the great opportunity to know in detail everything that is related to a thorough review of the customer management policies that are taught in the company.

The construction of processes that are related to research, at the business level, generate various responses that are highly useful for the management of an organization towards decision-making that must be carried out in the short, medium and long term.

From Grupo Arga detectives we have valued the execution of various investigative elements that are related to detective action in order to serve the community, one of the strategies that we have used with great precision and dedication to service to our clients is related to the structuring of research services for the entire business community in Spain with the aim of establishing services that can be efficient towards growth policies that may be proposed by corporate entities.

The link between these research aspects and decision-making lies in providing in an agile way everything that is related to key information and data, which may mean identifying critical aspects that, if not managed in the short term, or with a high sense of priority they may end up generating various distortions towards desire

to meet the objectives set by any corporate initiative.

This is how it can be highlighted that there are companies that start with a good corporate approach, however, they are not involved in time with their business mission and vision. How do they get to this point? As it is simple, many deficiencies and distortions begin to arise from inefficient customer service, then improvisations come and as an unequivocal result, a total decline.

In order to avoid these situations, companies today have appealed to more precise and more professional information criteria. Market studies have left behind the fact that through “major” processes, the facts about what was happening in A business environment, although our interest is not to detract with this type of business technique, but we must show that the scope of the details is expressed in simplicity, a matter for which a research technique may be the most favorable and the most efficient from the economic point of view to determine the phenomena that are making present in a business environment.

That is why through our research processes we provide the answers that companies need through the application of the mysterious client, a question that will undoubtedly generate the advantage to the founders of the company in knowing in depth what is What may be happening in various commercial nodes of your business and how the current



situation regarding the level of attention may be.

The construction of a research criterion that can provide the directive leadership of an organization with sufficient evidence and indications of the real state regarding the deployment of its services and purchasing experience allows each corporate client to obtain a great advantage over its competition. since based on an inexpensive service, key data and elements can be obtained that allow obtaining a great profitability in the medium and long term.

The construction of the Mystery Shopping technique , also allows us to know which one or the commercial nodes may be executing the best service policy, allows us to equally identify weaknesses and all the elements that may represent an opportunity and a threat at the level of building a business model that is sustainable over time, which is why

Our detectives are considered to be resources that can establish the best answer at any given time.



The construction of a case of investigation applied to the company allows, above all, to be useful towards tasks that allow a strategic positioning by a private entity, those who do not know that the company can benefit from intelligence and investigation, because we must say that the time has come when you can get to know all this aspect, in order to provide the best answers, research activities provide corporate environments with a host of competitive advantages so that they tend to function efficiently in the market.

A mysterious client trained in the detective quarry of Grupo Arga detectives is a resource that is mainly directed towards the detection of elements that are scattered in the deployment of a customer service policy, this is how our detectives manage to identify all the elements that they are executed in a scenario of this type, as well as they dare to talk with the public and other clients to determine precisely what is the state of perception they have about the business.

More than 10 years we have been conducting research at Grupo Arga detectives at the service of our community, both individuals and companies benefit from the discipline and commitment with which we assume our work, which is why when establishing a criterion research excellence we allow ourselves to operate with our agents and the best resources that we make available to clients.

Grupo Arga Detectives is an organization that through these services is proposed to route various schemes responses to service those interested in attending our recruitment and requesting accurate information and discrete issue that ends up being highly useful the time to deploy a service first-class research.

Within the effectiveness of business, there are various tools that can measure its performance, within these the service of Mystery Shopping Madrid stands out , which can be used for different causes, but what is most striking is that it has been become a recurring alternative for its results.

If you still do not know the usefulness of this type of services, it is the appropriate time for you to discover everything you can achieve through Grupo Arga Detectives, because our offerings are increasing as time goes by, seeking to be unconditional support especially in the business and industrial field.

Mystery Shopping Madrid emerges as a strong option to know how your business operates and everything that happens on a day-to-day basis, all this can be determined under the visit of a mysterious client who will be in charge of gathering evidence of everything that happens. , the System of attention and the conduct of the employees is put to the test.

To achieve and opt for these services, you can go with complete confidence to Grupo Arga Detectives to access a free consultation, because in our office we exercise this service with total effectiveness, attending to each case under a personalized approach, because we establish an adaptation to the circumstances.

If you are concerned about the management of your company, carrying out actions such as these is essential, because in most cases it is due to a resounding need for what your workers do when no one is watching, or you can also find your way around what is being said between customers regarding their brand or venue.

For this reason we provide an optimal response to this situation, because it allows us to make decisions regarding what is happening, through this service you can count on a client who will take special actions, these clients will be nothing more and nothing less than our private detectives .

Each of our detectives are professionals of high caliber, who will be undercover to impersonate clients, this is the best way to measure or determine the performance of a business, in turn it is useful to estimate the attention each client receives. .

Through infiltration, a situation or scene of realism is generated, which shows the way in which they serve each client or how they carry out their roles during work, by faking a transaction while keeping all the real details, may reflect the attention given to it

dedicated to each customer.



Through our professionals we can be your eyes, we carry out an exhaustive investigation under the observation method, where a really thorough attitude will be maintained , you will not have to worry about what happens in your business, because this type of service precisely pursues this purpose .

After this work, you will be able to obtain the opinion of each client in less time, which will be very useful for both a commercial strategy and to defend yourself with tests against any irregularity, we seek to convince each client of the importance of having an accurate diagnosis of any event of your company.



If you are thinking of hiring our Mystery Shopping Madrid services, you should take into account the benefits it provides for your greater peace of mind, since they are characterized by a totally professional quality performance, because our fully trained private investigator will act as a mysterious client.

We offer authentic care regardless of the kind of needs you have, especially because you can make a first consultation for free, we are professionals and we seek to establish guarantees within each job we do every day and for each client, because we think of your peace of mind before everything.

Grupo Arga is in charge of carrying out a very detailed study of your business, under real situations or ways to live the experience that a client takes after visiting his company, to have direct contact with what is happening in his company, this method allows you to find hard evidence of what is happening.

Everything is about or is based on our private investigator visiting the facilities as if he were going to buy, through habitual behaviors of any other client, but with an approach that allows him to get in touch with the attention of the place, because these processes generate an image of any involvement that is generated with your employees.

As a serious company with a long history we can offer this and all kinds of services that seek to collect information, under an effort and a dedication of quality to solve their cause without problems, because every client deserves strong results in all kinds of situations.

By virtue of these results, clients will be able to build a marketing strategy that will help them improve their business and obtain a greater number of profits, because the client must be cared for first and foremost, in addition to being the appropriate way to improve and be able to get advantage over your competition.

Because this service allows you to make an evaluation of the measures you use in customer service, to correct and significantly increase your sales, since our professionals can provide you with an exact picture of what is happening, you need to be aware of the management of your business.

By contacting our services, you can receive fair assistance to the same extent as your needs, that is, we take care of meeting your expectations, especially when you require certain specific responses, to form a clear assessment of what is happening with your business or company. , is a complete alternative.

This is because we are a company specialized in providing an impeccable service, no matter what it is we place on your professional needs that they have the tools and training to provide you with timely responses, especially before clients who need information from phantom clients, we we order.

Most of the cases carried out under the action of Mystery Shopping Madrid demonstrate an absolute dedication to their cause, because we have carried out a large number of works like this in which we instill testimonies of resounding success, since we seek to provide each client with complete results .

Within each job we operate with great objectivity, to fully capture the behavior of each worker who is in the environment, our specialty is to be able to capture even the smallest detail of what happens after the visit of our professional, where it can be captured. the form of action of each employee.

The treatment provided to each client must be safeguarded first and foremost, that is why our team is shielded by first-rate professionals, each private detective who focuses on registering and supplying the behavior adopted by each worker when having contact with a client. .

Workers are a clear image of the company’s representation, so it must be ensured that they maintain an integrated posture with each client, in the same way that each function is covered in a good way, under this type of needs we have a high knowledge to operate as it should.

In this field, an extreme commitment is required, because a behavior that does not raise suspicions during the investigations must be dedicated, within these needs we can a



lso exercise advanced tools such as the implantation of hidden cameras in the event that the needs are of another type. of doubts.

We have a variety of highly technological products and research techniques to keep up with any incident, in the same way they generate the tranquility of knowing what is happening, as well as acting in the form of safety and well-being for the operation of your company or business .

When there is an irregularity with sales, the most appropriate thing is to make sure and record what is really happening, especially to protect the client, since he is the main protagonist of any business or company, as products or services must also be protected, that they are used for essential purposes.

We can offer you professional help, for this type of purpose you can count on our services, in turn we can provide you with advice on any action you wish to undertake or what may arise, through a single consultation you will be convinced of the scope that has this type of service.

The necessary information of your business or company can be obtained through our professionals, after each experience with customers we strive to improve each area of ​​our service for a different brand on the problems that may arise, in turn with this option we support you to correct any flaws with your business.

Globally we study events according to your needs, in addition to sticking to the policy of your company or business, that is, we exercise the same concern for your interests, under empathy that leaves no doubt, because it is the best way to help you solve any concerns and provide answers.




The benefits obtained by opting for Mystery Shopping Madrid are obvious, to the point that it is classified as a tool, because a mysterious client provides internal information that is very useful to correct everything that is necessary to have better performance. and that is reflected in sales.

The results obtained are professional, this can be used as a countermeasure to prevent and detect in time the problems that arise within the work of the employees, this is vital when you want to obtain a significant increase in sales, especially in a market currently so competitive.

We impose guarantees at all costs based on the quality we impart in each job, we have a privileged service to offer you, if your company invests too much in advertising without obtaining results, there are latent customer complaints, and you need answers, it is best to have with a mystery customer.

This not only allows you to correct what is wrong, but to have an improvement in a short time, in this way the clients will significantly increase their business, because regardless of the industry or the activity that is carried out, you cannot neglect the I treat clients, because they are the fundamental pillars of the success of a business.

In the same way, the quality of a service must be maintained above all, since this is a latent sign of business growth, that’s why our services provide you with a clear image of what is wrong with the care you provide, our private detectives will be able to Capture the quality of each employee and the loyalty they provide when serving.

This is the best alternative to change the course of your business, this service is a smart investment to make a leap in quality within the internal workings of your business or company, because to reflect quality you must correct what is wrong from within, under precise monitoring of each care process.

Your company can be covered and measured under our services without worsening the work environment, since no employee finds it comfortable to feel supervised, that is, it causes a feeling of total distrust, so they must choose more effective alternatives so that their personnel do not feel singled out but lead to improvement.

Measuring the service provided to each client is the exceptional starting point to change positively, especially when we provide a group of inspectors who specialize in this task without any problem, we impose the characteristics that you most want to have that Mysterious client to meet your expectations.

Our private detectives have an advanced system to provide a very explicit report of the evidenced events, that is to say, an accurate analysis is generated on what happened, at the end of the visit, each fact is reflected in this written report, you can count on this information in the shortest possible time.





After the visit and management of the Mystery Shopping Madrid service, you can have a justification and essential findings of its services, every business owner yearns to be able to improve to point towards an increase in important sales, where our help to work is embedded based on our information.

We house an important variety of clients such as car agency or car wash, optical service company, bar or disco, some bakery, boutique or stationery business, also cafeteria, jewelry, butcher shop and even an amusement park, casinos, patisserie , candy store or hardware store, all kinds of customer service.

You should only consult our offer to adapt to your needs, since through each service we seek to make a connection with your problems to solve them as soon as possible, in addition to employing professional advice, we are a loyal detective agency with current demands.

We specialize in a great way in the provision of the mysterious client service, being a very busy field of action on which we maintain a great experience, in this way we generate a projection of a necessary work carried out with the greatest possible professionalism.

The effort is based on the in-depth evaluation of your customer service, to the point of understanding what is wrong, under essential methods for this environment, so that you can carry out competition with other industries or companies efficiently, starting from correcting your own system to score results.

This mysterious client is prepared for every situation, especially since we use a real operational base, since in each job we must maintain jobs with broad guarantees without any doubt, in addition to focusing on honesty after providing our abilities to shine transparency.

We can undertake these kinds of problems without your staff knowing about it, but at the same time without violating the ethical code, since our actions are focused on the margin of legality, which prevents them from being involved in violation of rights or much Less, it’s a flawless performance entirely.

Grupo Arga is fully in charge of fully complying with the law, but at the same time with each claim, our evaluators are committed to their needs to capture each perceived behavior, which will be explained accurately and truthfully through the reports.

These results are based on real life events, that is, in a precise situation at the exact moment, so it is not based on assumptions, far from it, because through the experience of our mysterious buyers we obtain details of how It turns out to buy or acquire a service through your company.

We reflect the final results of said evaluation under an orientation to improve, that is, they are constructive criticisms carried out by a professional who adopts knowledge related to the environment to be covered to provoke recommendations or focus of attention that must be corrected as soon as possible.




Services Mystery Shopping Madrid are vital to decide and take action on their staff, because through this professional consultation can engage directly with running your company from within, you can break down the roles and the way in which it must really be attended to.

This method gives you the tools you need to undertake a business strategy, the function of these services is based on having accurate information on the performance of your worker, to proceed to correct and impose an action plan that helps you stand out from great way.

This is vital for any company, and at the same time demonstrates a remarkable concern for each client, being a fundamental element within each company or company, especially through quality services where a broad sense of confidentiality prevails over their needs.

The effectiveness of our results are not in doubt, but rather contribute to making an accurate assessment of what is happening, this method of action is ideal for handling and managing situations with the greatest possible tact, this encourages the growth of each store, brand , or service, is a demonstration of the care they provide.

All activity carried out in these environments deserves punctual supervision, this review is useful to fix the client’s posture, and also the functions of each employee, this is the best way to correct and then separate under the effectiveness of any kind of competition .

The information and results provided by a mysterious client is first-rate, this role is key within any company because you can work and adjust the type of work they provide daily, in addition to evaluating who provides them to know if you are carrying out the actions. appropriate to the situation.



These results are key to making timely decisions, these actions contribute positively within an organization, especially because it can stimulate its operation to establish radical change, so these services are decisive within

any scope.

There are no limitations for the development of the actions of a private detective, we even influence the operation of a company, so a phantom client may be the best alternative to this scenario, in addition to working cautiously mostly so as not to be discovered.

Under no circumstances will your employees realize that this is not a client that evaluates them, so that they act more normally and their conduct is successfully recorded, this step is crucial to have guaranteed results, so caution is essential for fill this role with professionalism.

Although our detectives do not look like the type of client who loves or acquires these services, they can obtain that appearance without any problem, a true image of one more client is maintained, these are guidelines that must be covered through the exercise of this profession with total property.




The role of a private investigator is essential for the performance of Mystery Shopping Madrid , because it is involved with its role of acting as if they were a customer, under habitual activities or requirements that must be met by employees, by simulating and living these circumstances. You can measure the response your business has.

In this way, private investigators can obtain information on the precise moments that they evidenced to point out the flaws to be corrected, this is done under an exhaustive analysis, where each result will be decisive in undertaking a market study, adopting a better posture while safeguarding the experience of the user.

These actions indicate an effective correction, because they indicate a direction to strive in this area, because when detecting weaknesses they can become strengths, it is an accurate job to establish a path of improvement, of hard work, which can be used as a sales technique.

It is projected as an aid to decide to change the employee or the work system that is established, in fact many companies choose this alternative because it is a direct way of recognizing or realizing any mistake, since it can always be improved, on all at the head of a business or company.

Anytime you need it most, you can count on a mysterious client, because they have a wide capacity to measure management, until you set a clear signal of where to go, with a single consultation you will have access to a action totally

The mysterious customer service is a presentation as a regular customer, which makes direct contact with the image that your company normally has before any requirement, to know if it has the appropriate response mechanisms, so that this response is immediately reported to the customer under an explicit report.

To measure the efficiency of the services and goods of your company, this service is effective to put it to the test, which are offered in the correct way by Grupo Arga without raising any suspicion, you can contract us without any problem, any establishment or service point and products is covered by our action.

By adopting this role, we ask crucial questions, such as the time it takes to be attended by employees, the speed of each service, the health conditions of the town, in addition to checking compliance with regulations such as greetings, signs, uniform, among other measures.

In the same way, the services they offer can be evidenced, based on quality, in addition to visualizing whether there is an effective description of the identification of employees, another facility of this service is based on a flexible budget compared to the advantages that can be get.

All the Mystery Shoppy services are precise and very effective, in addition to that in Grupo Arga you will be able to come across an office full of professionals who are committed from the first day to their objectives, in addition to being accredited and prepared to undertake these actions.

Grupo Arga is trained to cover incidents such as Mystery Shopping Madrid , in the same way it has great efficiency in each area of ​​offer, backed by the demands of the Ministry of the Interior which makes us specialists, in each case that we present we can respond.

Within this scope of action we have personalized attention, we understand what you are looking to analyze to go in that direction, based on our knowledge of this sector that has been highly demanded by business entities that are seeking to provide a better service.

For this objective or whatever they impose on us we use our maximum experience, which at the same time helps us to obtain answers in record time, for this we have the best technology, because we research in an advanced way, we approach the market that interests you to have as much empathy as possible.

The results will be ready at the agreed time, because we have full responsibility, because we want to adapt to your case and dedicate every minute of our training on it, this is the best way to make a big difference in this sector.

Every need of this nature is provided for by our private detectives, this is the advantage of having a specialized team that addresses different areas, so that each of them can have an expert so that their actions generate irrefutable results such as




very customer expects it.

Our Mystery Shopping Madrid service is a safe choice, it is used to have a better vision of what needs to be changed or improved, because the experience and feelings of each client are worth above all, it is what we just seek to act like real customers.

Maintaining a customer shopping experience at all costs is the first step to have higher level sales, that is why through our technique we use advanced parameters to better measure and structure it, where the performance or use of human resources.

On the other hand, the operation of your company or company is decisive to know how your business is doing, because it is a meticulous study, it allows you to know for sure what is happening, it is a variable to consider because each employee constitutes a step that leads towards a successful system.

In this way, an image of the magnitude of profitability that the company possesses can be projected, that is, of the growth that it can have in this context, to measure how far it can go by operating in this way, it is configured as a clear signal of estimation implemented.

In the end what we are looking for is that each brand, store, business or company can differentiate itself, or also beat the competition by protecting its own management, we can provide this possibility through this service, which is designed precisely to this cause above all.




Within the realization of Mystery Shopping Madrid we extend our attention to undertake constant studies on certain markets, in addition to the needs of the owners of companies or businesses, which yield significant results, that the staff is motivated by 30% when receiving training.

On the other hand, the staff needs to know what role they perform and how to do it, because they will be able to visualize what is expected of them to fully meet the objective, this can be achieved through results or tests that reflect a clear picture of what part of the service can be improved in a very detailed way.

Another positive aspect that could be revealed within the statistics of those who choose this service, is that then over time they can have a better work environment, because our private investigator will provide crucial information to correct, knowledge will always be the main power.

This is because the communication of the boss with his staff is improved, since he will gain time to design an appropriate response to change or work on the fault presented, in turn he must enact a clarification of the objectives of the company, as well as its role in the operation of the same so that it is committed.

The route or career that implies the success of a company, deserves the dedication of all the staff, that is, if the staff understands and is satisfied, it will be able to improve customer service, it is a teamwork totally, in addition to these findings they give way to a monitoring plan carried out based on the evaluation carried out.

As Grupo Arga we apply a dedicated methodology at all, in addition to that you can request the budget for free without any commitment, the first step is to inform yourself about this service to dispel any doubts, then you will think about all the benefits you can earn .

A phantom customer is necessary to mix with others and capture the behavior of employees, this exact measure generates results that motivate change, to focus on these actions on time, we are experts in providing you with the answers in time to reveal what happens to your business.

In the mystery client theme, we have a long successful experience, because our private detectives can go incognito to capture the information you need, when telling your case or concerns we know exactly what to look for, these inquiries are important in every way to impose the course of a business.

You will be able to get to know the minimum occurrence of your services quickly, we develop a strategy according to the type of market that you exercise or face, to draw a line on the common demands that are imposed within this environment, we base ourselves on what you need under professional and respectful actions.

All clients impose their conditions, then we take care of notifying each step to be followed, it is the best way to meet their needs, at the best time we will act to end operational problems, complaints or uncertainties of how superficially everything is going well but the sales say otherwise.




Our Mystery Shopping Madrid service is a quality practical study, especially since we attend to this situation with extreme care, any owner or manager of a company longs to have these results to change correctly, to obtain a professional posture above all.



There is no concern that is not covered by this evaluation, because instead of living that strenuous fight with the competition, or having employees who only act appropriately in their presence but when everything is not changed, these types of stressful situations can be determine, stop being a doubt to a specific point.

The Mystery Shopping is well known today to advance to the passage of its extensive results as a true act professionally and mystery shopper, being a branch of research, completely covered by specialists, since it provides accurate information on the status of your services and products.

The quality of a service and customer service are always in question, but in addition to this it can be registered under irrefutable facts, so as not to fall into excuses or confrontations with the staff, but to have reflected in a report the difficulties that it is going through to make way for the solutions you can exercise.

Each company that requests this service, receives a reward for having contact with verified details of what is malfunctioning, so that the experience of each client can improve significantly, in fact this discipline is old, has been carried out or carried out since 1940.

The bold actions that can be invested within the management of a business are crucial to grow within your business, being able to verify the integrity of each employee precisely to adjust what is necessary, this technique over time became modern, until having the confidential performance of researchers.

Each client seeking or contracting this service receives immediate satisfaction, because they can carry out a study under the questions they wish, in addition to locating answers on the number of employees who are operating at that time, the time it took to be attended, in addition of the kindness imparted or not.

These details are important for each client, they can determine to keep more visits or to be branded as a bad proportion of service or product, nobody wants to go through complex situations when making a simple purchase, because the offer and attention speaks volumes about a site.

Both courtesy and safety and hygiene standards are important to a client, ethical and committed compliance with each technique can guarantee that you obtain greater profitability within your business, not everything is based on the product and the service A touch of good dealing and humanity is also required.





Prices without competition provided by the private detective agency, Grupo Arga Detectives

The private detective agency of the Group Arga Detectives follows the guidelines established by the various colleges and associations Detectives in several areas of Spain as College of Detectives of Valencia or College of Detectives of Catalonia, and the Organization Professional Private Detectives of Spain .

According to this system this agency private detectives located in Spain, establishes the costs for the services they give, and which is recurrently hired their set of private detectives trained in research private and perfected in a field of research that you require.

You can attend them assuming you require a Mystery Shopping service. You only have to close an appointment before in one of your work areas in any city in Spain so that the agency can carry out a budget according to the type of work to be done by the private detective

and the difficulty of the task to be performed.




The first consultation with the Arga Detectives Group is completely free and they develop a budget without any duty

The Arga Detectives Group has a service policy designed exclusively for the client. For this reason, if you want to request their services at Mystery Shopping, contact the agency directly and make an appointment.



If you are a new client of the detective agency , the first consultation will be completely free of charge. You will be able to know exactly everything related to the performance of the agency, the specialized set of private detectives it has and the services it offers to the client.

However, you will also be able to request that a budget be calculated for the Mystery Shopping service that you require in your store. This budget will depend on the type of work, how many hours it requires to carry it out and the difficulty of the task.

Requesting a quote from the Arga Detectives Group does not require any duty, carrying out this does not imply an obligation to rigorously attend its services, on the contrary, you are free as a client to choose which agency you choose to handle your case.

However, Grupo Arga Detectives is one of the best in Mystery Shopping in Spain, it has the most remarkable set of private detectives trained in handling the latest generation technology to do a better job.

For Mystery Shopping services contact us. The first consultation is free and without obligation.

Do you know what a Mystery Shopper is ? Are you concerned about your company or business? Do you need to understand what your workers are doing when you are traveling? Do you want to understand what they say about your brand or place? Keep reading that we are going to explain everything to you.




The Mystery Shopping will be your customer, so we indicate how we work:

Our private detective, who works as an enigmatic client , is a professional who poses as a client to consider the effectiveness of a business, in addition to appreciating the attention of employees to users, and can also infiltrate like any other worker

and corroborate what attention is paid.

We will be your eyes on your business when you are not in it, this way you will know first-hand and through this kind of service, what users have of your business. And because? I come back and repeat again, because we are going to be your users.

Hire our Mystery Shopping services because they are of quality

Our private investigator who works as an enigmatic client , gives a quality service to all users who come to us, and the first consultation in our office is free. We are experts and that of course shows in the results.

Our company analyzes your business in a real way, without any simulations, a real customer is going to be in contact with your company and execute a real acquisition, with all the steps. In few expressions, in all these processes we have the possibility of measuring the involvement of your workers in your business.

Our investigation of private detectives provides quality service, both in this way, which makes it easier for the client to understand the marketing tactics of their rivalry. In this way, you will be able to consider yours and increase your sales, count on objective experts like us.




Contact us Mystery Shopping, we assure you the first free consultation

Do you want this valuation in your business or company? Contact us, the first visit to our office is free, Grupo Arga Detectives is a focused company to provide one excellent service and amazing quality in cases of users ghosts.

We have carried out different types of cases and all with favorable results for the client. In our work, the actions of the workers in the aforementioned premises are reflected in an objective and stable manner and it is also clear what kind of treatment they give to the client.



Our set of Mystery Shopping is made up of experts like private detectives, we know the field of investigation very well because we offer ourselves to it.

We use hidden cameras in the same way if it is a requirement so that the interior of the place or premises, the disposition of the sale products, the organization of them and the treatment given by the employees to the client could not be missing.

If you require advice with a Mystery Shopping service , contact us, we will provide you with the necessary and important information to better serve your company. Because evaluated on a global, we adapt very well to the claims and rules of your company.

The utility client enigmatic that we provide, we offer information that is objective, which is to prevent and locate the problems, then help increase so important sales.



The quality of the Mystery Shopping service is the highlight that we have the possibility to suggest

Today there are many companies that invest a lot of money in advertising, with the aim of attracting new users to their businesses. They leave aside the truly fundamental “Quality of service” and that is exactly what our private detective gives a quality service that offers loyalty to users.

We have choices for the optimization of the service that you give, since the recurring check-up of your company, causes in the workers the sensation of being under supervision and increases the effectiveness of the service to all the users. We have private detectives experts in mysteryshopping trained and according to the properties of your potential client.

Therefore, our private investigator has an automated system with which you’ll get a report written form instantly after the visit that he carried out his business.



If you have one of these businesses you need the assistance of our Mystery Shopping

If you own some of these companies, then in fact, you require the assistance of our Mystery Shopper , so check the following list:

  • Car research or car wash.
  • Optical service company, bar or disco.
  • A bakery, Boutique or stationery business.
  • A coffee shop, jewelry store, butcher shop or amusement park.
  • Some casino, patisserie, candy store or hardware store.
  • Company assistance to the client as a place of food, cosmetic, spa or pharmacy.
  • A self-service, gym, video game store or ice cream parlor.



Ask about us who are experts in mystery shopping.

We are an investigative office of private detectives perfected in an enigmatic client with the longest experience and market projection. We offer ourselves to the evaluation of customer support because we shape our own procedures that are greatly confronted.

We are an amazing set that is extremely smart and also have a real operational base, our purpose is based on pay , results in the same way we understand our work with honesty. All our processes and our way of acting are based on compliance with the ethical code.



All the work we do Grupo Arga Detectives is carried out in compliance with the laws, on the other hand, all our evaluators formally commit to continue a way of proceeding that is based on accurate, truthful and transparent information.

Expressing in this way the real experience of acquisition, our duty will always be to ensure that, through our evaluation, we obtain results reflected in sales.



Mystery Shopping is a modern term whose synonym could be “QUALITY CONTROL IN SHOPS”.
In the modern world where competitiveness means that there is a great rivalry between shops and is voracious, the degree of demand on the quality of the treatment received by the client must be magnificent for said establishment to function properly.

Arga, Detectives in Madrid through this quality service in Merchants, can check the degree of professionalism of its employees with respect to customers according to the way they behave. With this information, the businessman, once the reality is known, will be able to improve his trade by taking the measures he deems appropriate.

Through the control that we establish through the Mystery Shopping service , we can objectively verify the service received by customers.

Grupo Arga Detectives, has specialized personnel who make false purchases anonymously and objectively collects the relationships between the seller such as their attitude to sell, their attitude to relate to customers, etc., this will allow you to measure the quality of the service offered by its employees.




Invest in cameras or not invest in cameras? And there is the problem, this is a huge point of doubt in many places , since many bosses choose to protect the privacy of their businesses, their users and also employees.

What would you say if you could hire a private detective service to act as a camera, and tell you everything that happens in your business? Right now, you can do it because of the mystery shopping service , your employees will be able to be evaluated by the “clients” to understand about the news you have to do in your store.




What worries a business owner the most is the proportion of users who are satisfied with it, this is thanks to the fact that, if the customer is happy, several more users will come and look for the services that your business achieves. offer them, so your business is dependent on the proportion of users who visit them.

But if you are the owner of numerous premises or have enough personnel under your command, it is difficult to understand what service you are offering and if your employees are fulfilling the requirements of the position assigned to them. If you are not attentive enough they have the possibility of a disaster within working hours and therefore that sales decrease.

That is why several leaders or business owners make the choice to locate hidden security cameras. This is with the aim of controlling what happens.

But if you are one of those who choose not to use them enough, you can hire the private detective service and request a mystery shopping for your local. The best agency to carry out this kind of services in Spain is the Arga detective agency , it has the experience and

primordial decorations to suggest a quality service.



The mystery shopping in terms simple is used when you assume that the quality of your employees or the treatment they have towards the public generally is defective or not as good as they do look for you.

In this system, a detective investigator from the Arga group camouflages and infiltrates your business as a regular customer , and this begins to carry out issues related to the organization of a service, and simultaneously looks at the workers and the how the products are prepared.



This person analyzes the reactions to customers, and you reports on your employees and failures in general your business, leave you as boss to take action on the matter and get your business out afloat.

The employees are the heart of any business, are the cell responsible for sustaining the living organism to be local, and its predominance over users guarantee success of a local in relation to sales and service, so it is natural for Employees are given some benefit or permits to keep them happy and in this way the business can be improved.

Many times employees tend to abuse these permits and deteriorate the quality of their treatment and service for their customers. That foundation is advisable to detect the cancer cell and make it disappear from the body, but that will require testing, and is there where it enters the mystery shopping , which will help you get all the proof you need.



“My employees mistreat my audience and I need a report from a private detective to confirm it , I’m going to use the mystery shopping!”

As we mentioned before, employees are like a cell in an organism, they are of essential consideration for the precise performance of a business or premises, without them the business could not be contemplated with all the claims that its users have and would slowly fail, leading to this. bankruptcy.

Therefore, when hiring a staff to work in a position of a company or business, it is required to do a personality and characteristics test, since quite a few people do not dominate the work under pressure or are not good with the attention to the public generally nor quite less

to please their demands without complaint.


It is for this reason that employers are concentrated in the selection requires its staff, but like everything in life people change or pretend to be what not are. This can lead to several problems working with people to having no good relationship with users, and also to take advantage of their job titles.

If you suspect that your employees have the possibility of occasionally resorting to the theft of business assets, speaking badly to users, lack of punctuality or any inconvenience that warrants dismissal or reprimand is a first requirement , find the primary evidence to take that action finished.

And it is there where it enters service mystery shopping of Arga detective agency in Spain, whose service is concerned especially in the infiltration of a detective to consider in client mode campus who work in a company or business, and simultaneously report and carry out explained reports of incidents and visualizations to the leaders of said premises.

Thus, it is viable for a boss to have sufficient and irrefutable evidence, endorsed by the Arga group of detectives, of the attitude and treatment of the staff towards users or other coworkers , in order to be able to take action on the matter in relation to punishment, warning or dismissal.

Being in charge of ensuring the success of a business or project implies a great dedication, because despite working hard for its establishment, it does not end there, but it is a daily dedication, especially when having contact with clients, because they are the soul or the fundamental pillar of any business.

To measure the effectiveness of your care, one of the most successful services used is that of Mystery Shopping quality control , where a private detective will be able to capture a customer’s own experience, to take these conclusions as a reference to improve.




The mystery customer is a first-rate utility for any business, since it is an undercover intervention that opens the way to evaluating the care provided by this environment, so a Mystery shopping quality control is the best alternative to analyze what It really happens to correct it later.

This procedure has emerged as an advance in the market, because instead of dealing with unfair competition, the main thing is to begin to correct internal failures to continue to cause improvement in the development of your business, this is a proven modality that helps to collect information on the services provided.


The best way to capture information about the products you offer and the ways in which a sale is carried out, to fully evaluate the quality of the service, from the customer’s point of view, it is easier to feel how you feel about the assistance you receive. can set you up on a visit to the venue to get results.

The details of the user experience can be obtained through this creative research technique, the criterion of this determination has evolved over time, since in principle it was only performed to measure the integrity of each employee or to avoid some kind of irregularity when the manager or boss was not there.

However, currently at Grupo Arga Detectives we invest in advanced techniques such as video recorders, audios, and we even respond to questionnaires prepared with the client to obtain the data you need, as well as providing special advice within the market area you exercise.






The function of the Mystery shopping quality control service is widely used by services such as hospitality, automobiles, chain stores, food places, cinema distributors, among other types of businesses, because they are types of companies or businesses that depend too much on customer service or quality of service.

The main question that a private detective imposes is the fact of counting the number of employees inside the store, to corroborate that the staff is present, and another parameter to evaluate is the waiting time at the time of being attended, as an aspect in which every client looks.

The kindness of the employee also plays an important role, the offer within the service, the technique to develop the sale, the neatness of the venue, as well as the farewell, since this must be accompanied by an invitation to continue visiting the facilities, These little details set trends within the liking.

Every business undoubtedly aspires to increase its sales, but it is not only based on putting together or designing a great service for it, sometimes it is about fixing a first-class customer assistance so that they want to return, since nobody returns to a place where it has been uncomfortable, especially when it comes to products.

To know the effectiveness of its services, it is best to opt for the mystery shopper procedure, because this type of system does not alert employees, capturing their habitual behavior, obtaining a clear image with which the common client encounters every day, in this way measure the quality of these meetings.

We provide this type of services without problems through Grupo Arga Detectives, which is commonly applied in commercial sectors of all kinds, especially those places where the review of users, employees is essential and also as a firm step to overcome the

competition, from an internal improvement.

This methodology has a resounding success in the midst of various companies of any size, the important thing is to keep in mind that it can always be improved, it is not too late for any business, and best of all, this service is at your disposal through from our detective agency, with real experts.



Through our exclusive services, you can count on a Mystery shopping quality control , especially through our staff accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to having experts who attend this type of case without problems without any abstention, to attend each user as he deserves.

We have a group of experts who implement the most advanced techniques on the market, to establish a broad guarantee by providing clear results of what happens with customer assistance to take the necessary measures and strengthen this sector to obtain increased sales. within your business.

We adapt to your needs, therefore through a simple consultation at Grupo Arga Detectives we can set a fair budget for both parties and get to work immediately on your cause, we adapt to your cause to dedicate ourselves to getting that evaluation of your staff immediately and any issues can be corrected.

We have the best research techniques to provide results in the shortest possible time, to increase the profitability of your business, this type of special actions can return you to the map of the competition, since with small adjustments you can provide the best attention to customers and be much more eye-catching with efficiency.

The Mystery Shopper service in Madrid carry out evaluations and paid visits as users to hotels and companies. Their job is mainly to consider the service and attention they provide to users.

Do you want to corroborate the quality of your staff of workers, your services or products and the precise performance of your business? An incredible mechanism to know all the previous exposed in the question, is in hiring the ghost client service.






First of all, ask yourself , what is a Mystery Shopper in Madrid?

The private detective who serves as Mystery Shopper in the town of Madrid , is an individual, so anonymous, discreet and without attracting enough attention works as a client to announce feedback objective of the service received.

This kind of service can practice in any company in which achieves be an interaction between the employee and the customer as they would be supermarkets, banks, meal sites, cafes, cinemas, bars, clothing stores, jewelry shops that sell cars cars etc.

With these actions carried out by the private investigator as an enigmatic client, it is checked whether his employees comply with the rules and also whether they propose a precise treatment to the public. Everything mentioned with a clear purpose, which is to do better, this will lead to the liking of users and therefore

both the increase in sales.

What gives the Mystery Shopper of the Arga Detectives Group?

Service Mystery Shopper that gives our private detective agency in Madrid , is designated to companies looking to find a product that is recommended at the point of sale, which simultaneously optimize their visibility and which comply with the agreements with the dealers.

Through this system, you as a business owner will know what is happening and how the relationships between clients and your staff that come to your company develop . You will receive this information in a personalized way , adjusting to its claims so that you know what you really need.

Through our extensive network of branches and delegates Mystery Shopper throughout the territory, we are able to give a huge virtue with which you have the chance to get to do this not only checks in Madrid, also in other sectors of the country.

If you think meet new outlets in other locations, please note that we have delegations in other areas highlights of Spain like Seville, Barcelona and Malaga.

Consult us and request some information without duty

Trust the experts and choose a Mystery Shopper service , Mystery Guest or a successful enigmatic client through Grupo Arga Detectives on the Madrid social network .

Request information and consult us without any duty , we assure you that one of our delegates will contact you to detail your demands, as well as all your claims.

Through our indiscreet customer service , you will be able to find a bigger sale for your business and also an incredible suggestion at the points of sale. But for this you must contact us and consult us with all your problems.

What are the Mystery Shopper services for ? First to choose on if you keep a worker or not, second to use tactics commercial certain by the company, third for the pleasure of users on quality of service, room the effectiveness of employees evaluated and more.

It is a perfect methodology for clothing stores, food store chains , franchises and any activity that involves the review of users, employees and competitors.




The information that the private detective offers under the role of Mystery Shopper , is essential for the company that contracts the service as well as whoever offers it. Because based on it, notable choices are made to improve the performance of an organization.

The action of the phantom client must be the truly discreet feasible, at no time do they have the possibility of saying that they are not a real client, which is why, although we are not a recurring client of this type of product, we seem to be. And the guidelines for a phantom client action are suggested by our client.



A private investigator who shows up as an incognito client must be like a regular client and start the same type of activity as a regular client and place himself in the same type of situations. The information obtained throughout the visit is communicated and recorded.

Following that is running one examination of the various points of information obtained, since it will contribute to programs research market, communications and training a company, helping them to identify the areas of strength and opportunities for optimization.

But What situation this procedure giving the private detective agencies attends to choose whether to hold or not an employee and do better selling techniques? If the truth is that many companies it used as a threat, deciding their employees any occasion sent to a ghost client for evaluation.

Consult with us experts from the Mystery Shopper service .

The exhibition we do as a regular customer, is executed with the aim of considering the services and goods that gives one company. The findings we obtain are reported to the client and are used to improve the service.



The dynamics applied by Grupo Arga Detectives is to consider the services of the company that hires us, our detectives are given a list of things to consider in the store, place, company or company that offers it to the client or ourselves, this may include:

  • How long does it take to be attended by employees?
  • What is the service agility ?
  • How is the cleaning of the premises?
  • Verify compliance with business rules: greetings, signage, dress code , etc.?
  • What services do you offer?
  • Description and names of employees?




How many employees went to work today? What is the waiting time to place an order? Did you know that with the technique of the Mystery Shopping can understand firsthand that think the users on the quality of the service they receive?

With Mystery Shopping you can get important information , anywhere in Spain and will let you detect if there are inconveniences and deficiencies in the sales and customer support processes, identifying optimization opportunities , so essential to be able to have an incredible experience for your users.

The Mystery Shopping is based on hiring a professional, to pretend to be a regular customer, to make purchases or use a service, but also executes questions, notes complaints and ways of proceeding, rating some properties of the company and its employees, previously established.

At the end of the work of the undercover client, they have to give a detailed report on the result of their investigation, with the evaluation of the company visited, the service received and the attention of their employees, in those parameters that have been agreed before hiring the service.

If your business sales are falling so do not get detailed, and complaints by poor attendance at the customer have increased a private detective agency can assist, using one of the most popular techniques of investigation of markets.

A detective agency to conduct a market investigation ?

On a first impression, it may seem unlikely to hire a private detective agency to do a market investigation . But the truth is that, nowadays, it is common for companies to hire these experts to make inquiries of Mystery shopping .

The companies hire different professionals to make market inquiries, and thus be able to consider the excellence of their processes. And private detective agencies are one of the configurations increasingly used in these studies, to understand, from the criterion of the client, their perception of the service provided.




The best professional private detectives in Mystery Shopping are part of Grupo Arga.

Arga Detectives Group is a private detective agency in Spain , professionals make inquiries of Mystery Shopping , with far more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Its experts are appropriately certified, and they are experts in the undercover client technique.

The detectives of the Arga Detectives Group carry out an incomparable job , with the utmost discretion, and will give you a finished report at the end of the investigation, which will contain all the information obtained, in addition to proposals that will be of great impetus to create improvement projects. of the evaluated processes.



It is significant to note that, should be paramount, this report has any legal validity to be announced in court.

If you want to understand truly what they think the users of your business and the goods and services it provides, or if you want to understand what happens in your business when you are not, the detective agency in Spain that requires is Arga Detectives.




The costs of a Mystery Shopping mainly depend on the industry where your company works , what topic your company is dedicated to . Apart from the number of people or explained in another way the proportion of employees to be considered.

In any case, depending on the difficulty and duration, therefore, the rates for this type of service are dependent on the contract between the office that offers Mystery Shopping and the client, who in this situation is the owner of the company.

How much does a Mystery Shopping visit to your company or business cost?

The investment as it has been said at the beginning is variable, on each visit for which you must make payments to the private detective to act as Mystery Shopping in your company, it is dependent on numerous elements which will be reflected in the cost allocation and you

we will provide below:

  1. First are the proportion of visits , of course, the more visitors make larger will be the amount invested by all of them.
  2. Second, the time that the enigmatic client will have to invest for the execution of the inspection. Time to make an assessment ranges from 15 minutes to days or weeks, this aspect anyway influences the value.
  3. Third Assessment exclusive or periods of time, the private investigator who gives this system of Mystery Shopping, gives you the option to invest in the software finished for 12 months or for periods shorter time.

What other components influence the costs of a Mystery Shopping?

This is undoubtedly the million dollar question, the one that the entire planet wants to understand and whose answer is key for the crowd to decide to choose for the Mystery Shopping service , the amount you are going to have to make, the payments a Once the report or contract has been completed, it is dependent on various elements and components.

Which, of course, prevents a clear answer to this question, but nevertheless and beyond them, we have the possibility of offering a few guidelines.

Among other things, there are visits where the client can pay some minimum amount of money, but also the private detective agency is paid the cost of dinner or lunch.

This is THE minimum limit of this system we would have the opportunity to say, but on the other side are the amounts much more high where you have to make payments as customer visits are tariffed for hours of work, where not make payment any consumption, only advice. These are usually done by business owners who sell luxury cars or jewelry stores.

What requirements must be before the page is worth a service Mystery Shopping?

In order to provide a quote tailored to your expectations and entrepreneurship, we invite you to contact Grupo Arga Detectives and they will gladly clarify your concerns. But before you have to meet two fundamental requirements , which are very simple, but necessary:

That you as a company know about which points you want to investigate and sign a contract with us.




For strange as it may seem at any moment all owners of the premises was made this question at some time in their lives and do I understand everything that happens in my business? Most of them simply ignore this doubt in their minds and continue

in I tweeted with its history, and it is there where most fail in their business.



Some solve this question with the use of security cameras in the premises, but it is useless if the employees know where they are, there is always a blind spot and that is the one they use to carry out offenses to the company, for which today we offer a chance to monitor your business with the use of mystery shopping through the best detectives in Spain.




You can watch your own world, that is, your premises with the mistery shopping through a professional in the art and science of espionage, if you need a detective

Whatever it is you want to detect, the truth is that it is significant for you and so do not have to accept that abuse it or some event occurs achieve harm it through your employees.

It is rare that it happens but the bad treatment of a client by an employee can be the trigger for a chain opposition that will gradually lead you to bankruptcy, and you don’t even know how this happens .

But what you can understand is how to avoid it before it even happens or when you start with the assumptions, and that is simply the use of the utilities of the mystery shopping services through an art professional such as private detectives. from our detective agency.

Arga detectives belongs to the best in the presence and service of mistery shopping in Spain, being also the detective agency with the most awards and the best detectives for professional inquiries in the sector.



Detectives meet capacity at the moment of starting the contract infiltrate the premises of which are owner posing as simple users occasional, in fact they are so good that neither you going to give that are there.

Once inside the premises they will be attended by your employees, putting them sometimes where they will be able to consider the quality of service and attention they give and in this way you will know if their services are what you need in your business .

In companies and businesses is a requirement that users are always served with great kindness and amazing service so in opportunities resorts to the use of Mystery Shopping, which is a utility of huge tool since put into evidence the deficiencies that have the campus with the intention of improving the quality of the service, its agency and administration.

The paper or functionality that are able to carry out the person hired to do the mystery shopping can change in relation to what is required in each company, and therefore is required to engage the work wants to meet the person who performed that activity.




Mystery Shopping, is a huge technique to do better service and quality in your business

The Mystery Shopping technique is characterized by considering and investigating the quality of the customer support service, it also helps with the optimization of the goods and services of the companies since the ” enigmatic customer ” carefully studies the entire purchase-sale relationship, since who is a professional prepared for this purpose.

The benefit and opportunities that this ” enigmatic customer” option offers you are many among which we have the possibility to name that optimizing the service and attention of your business personnel, examines the development and performance of your employees and knows how to please your users therefore have the chance to get one more victory in your business.

You can hire the Mystery shopping service to corroborate the development and management that is provided in your business when not those that are in your company, through the internet you have the possibility of locating different companies destined to this task to better do the performance of your business.

Many companies targeting this work which has one extensive network of mysterious visitors from the planet, highly trained and perfected that conform to the claims and demands that require the customer so he will be able to perform the technique with enough professionalism and enormous triumph.

The companies aimed at implementing the utility of client enigmatic offer different services and all staff prepared, efficiently and with great knowledge, thus the results positive to the use this option of huge tool will be felt quickly.

Worldwide it was increasing the use of this resource as it generated results soon, offering its users the best services by applying different mechanisms and methods with the intention to do better every day services of the companies they are hired.

Yes want to do better sales, image and quality of service of your business, have no doubt in resorting to the tool of the Mystery Shopping, because it is a technique that was able to encourage many companies using its various utilities to do better the service quality and development of employees.

There are many techniques and procedures that exist today to do better and achieve the success that you want in your business, so it is a requirement that you investigate the wide variety of configurations that the market gives you , to carry out those objectives that you have set but that you require additional assistance and guidance that propels you



to carry out these missions.




What can we do for you with our Mystery shopping service? How many employees are present in the store today? Why do sales come down every day? Did you know that with the Mystery Shopping technique you can consider the quality of customer service and the conduct of your employees throughout sales development ?

The Mystery Shopping can be a utility very important for your company. If your business is receiving many complaints from users about the quality of the service you offer, if sales are down, finally something is walking well, and

you are in need to understand what it is.




But what is Mystery Shopping?

The client enigmatic, mystery shopper, customer enigmatic or Mystery Shopping lies in hiring a professional to emulate being a customer usual to consider some attributes and properties of the company, which were previously established.

These undercover users , interspersed with real users , to see and rate the treatment of staff, their conduct as employees, their knowledge of the goods and benefits that the company gives , in this way how to catch the criticism of real users with the that are related.

The people who do this Mystery Shopping job have to be skilled detectives , trained and experienced. The private detective agencies play a role essential in this kind of exploration market.

Grupo Arga Detectives is the ideal agency if you want to hire a mystery shopping service, since it has highly qualified experts in the sector, so that you can receive completely satisfactory results if you decide to hire their services. Still standing reading if you want to understand more about it.

The mystery shopping can make various types of studies according to their methodology. Several of the studies that an enigmatic customer executes are considering standards, customer support processes and the service they receive from the employees of a business.

The mystery shoppers make visits to stores, meal sites or businesses to investigate as if it were a client one, and as you do this perform a specific role, making issues, buying something, making returns, etc., with the intention to consider employee standards.

After completing the visit to the business, the mystery shopper executes a fully detailed report of what he saw throughout the evaluation he achieved in the business where he worked.

They recognize mystery shopping in many ways, among these are the enigmatic customer, mystery customer , undercover evaluation, ghost customer, for example. His intention is to be useful to know how things are done in a business when supervisors are not present, and to improve some deficiency in the premises on the part of the employees.




The report that is given to you after of the examination of the mystery shopping can be useful assistance to determine the areas in which we must do better business, likewise through the results have the possibility to make training programs raise the quality of customer support from your employees.

Plus, you can reward employees who do their jobs well to incentivize them to keep working as they do, and find ways to make your place safer for both your users and your workers.

May be usable to make an orientation of efforts by staff and make the entire set of work do your part to provide better care and service to users.



A great way to get your employees to work is to let them know they are going to be evaluated without telling them when or who is going to do it, so that they always give an incredible service to all the users who step on the store.

If you want to hire a mystery shopping agency that offers you expert resolutions, you can contact Grupo Arga Detectives .

They have experts trained in the field of covert evaluation, you get to receive an examination of what happens to your business when you do not find this.

If you want to consider the quality of customer support of your employees within your business, you can hire a mystery shopping service or incognito customer. If you want to know more information about this system remains standing reading this article.




The mystery shopping is essentially a kind of detective who enters as a client usual to your premises to make shopping and consume the service they give, with the intention to carry out an evaluation in relation to the service of assisting the client in his experience within the deal.

This development has a specific methodology where purchases are made , complaints are registered, particular habits are carried out to create reactions in the employees, they ask some questions, etc. , all the aforementioned to consider how it is that

The worker handles the circumstance and measure the quality of customer support that your employees provide in the business.

Lastly, once all the evaluation development has been carried out , the mystery shopper carries out a detailed study and resupply in relation to the experience he had in the place where he worked.

This study is informed of any deficiencies you have noticed throughout their stay in business, in this way as the points positive employees.

Similarly, certain warnings are given regarding what can be done better in the business to increase the development of workers.

It should be emphasized that the organizations that provide this system warn that the results of the research have to be used to make programs that encourage workers to improve their development, and punishing or firing them are inappropriate uses of the information given.




If you are excited about the mystery shopping service , you can contact Grupo Arga Detectives . They propose a quality service so that you can understand what is happening in your business, with highly qualified criteria in the sector of customer service and services.

Our experts will carry out the development of acquisition enigmatic the manner more thorough feasible and going completely unnoticed, giving you a test of its fully experience true and I aim to get to choose what to perform about this with what happens in your business.

By contacting Grupo Arga Detectives you will have the possibility to get your mystery shopping service budget without any duty . Thus, you can ask everything that is necessary for you to understand in relation to the mystery shopper service and get the budget for it completely free of charge.

In addition, Grupo Arga Detectives has the best prices and rates in the market with respect to the enigmatic customer service , so that you can receive an exam in relation to the development of your employees within your business when you are not present, at the best price.

Do not wait and contactate with Grupo Arga Detectives to ask about the budget service mystery shopping no duty whatsoever.

Understanding how good your company deals with customers is essential. There is a service offered by private detectives called quality control, that type of service is also known as Mystery shopping, where a private investigator can provide you with the information you require for the good performance of your company.

Often the entrepreneurs need to understand with accuracy that so fruitful are workers, and so to go further and understand where lies the problem. It is necessary to understand what the treatment of users at the moment of making purchases or any kind of business in relation to the type of company.




Arga detectives is on order to suggest you in superior service of Mystery Shopping and give your company superior profits

Arga Detectives you have the best private detectives that provide the Mystery Shopping service that you require. This way you will be able to understand how good your workers’ service is with customers, and in this way you have the possibility to see what are the corrections that must be made to achieve a higher sale.

The service Mystery Shopping of our detectives is the safest way to understand how to work your company inside. These detectives infiltrate his business, posing as one more client . Thus, while the mystery shopper is posing as a customer and



in a very efficient way, you will be able to observe the treatment that the worker has towards users.



These visits always tend to be surprise and in a very anonymous way so that the workers do not suspect anything, so it will be possible to understand more precisely if the workers are doing their duty.

Through the Mystery shopping service, what is sought is to understand what the customer asks for and clarify any doubts they may have to be satisfied.

If the business goes bad, this system is looking to find the weak points for your company to return and arrive giving a prominent performance. We must bear in mind that quality is synonymous with good sales and simultaneously ‘ll be becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Be a successful businessman and hire the best job detectives so you can get the most outstanding Mystery shopping service

Private detectives have as a procedure the use of recording cameras, which are their working instruments. Thus they will be able to gather the tests that they require. It should be noted that private detectives are the only experts trained to make private inquiries with this kind of methodology.

Frequently this system manages to be the lifesaver of many companies. Find the best agency like Arga detectives and make your company shine.

In many opportunities we need the assistance of experts to help us find the solutions to our problems, and our private detectives can be the assistants who give you the tools to solve them. We have the possibility of being satisfaction to the problems that are presented to the entrepreneur.

The research private service is a prominent performance, which has professionals qualified for the good resolution of your problems. If you are looking for the best agency like Arga Detectives , you can be confident that the staff that works there is highly qualified to take care of seeking satisfaction for your problems.




The best detectives can be found in Arga Detectives with cutting-edge technology for the best resolution of situations.

The best research agencies can be found in Spain, with highly qualified professionals , cutting-edge technology and a staff with prominent training to suggest the best viable assistance . The investigations private are conducted by private investigators capable of performing the demands of each client, no matter how complicated that is the situation.

Our mystery shopping experts are trained with the most advanced training and tools on the market. Check with our agency so that you can obtain all the information you require to obtain the results you require without any problems and with the best inductions in these situations.




If you visit the agency you will have an interview in which you will have the possibility to see what formats we offer you . In addition we will inform you what are the fees of a private detective of Mystery shopping, and you will be convinced and with a greater knowledge that

It will give you the security you need to contract the service.

Always remember that each service that you hire is specialized, in relation to the inconvenience that you present, you will have at your disposal the best private investigation detectives, directed and really well experts in solving and offering cavity to your problems. We have the possibility to guide you with the inconvenience that you present.

Our experts have the possibility to travel all over the corner just to get the tests they require to deliver them to you. Are dedicated to locating people, no matter the place where they are. They are trained to do all kinds of operations, it is evident, always attached to the law, they do not work under any type of departure from the law.

You can find out the costs of a mystery shopping expert private detective by calling us on the phone.

If you need to hire mystery shopping detectives , do not hesitate to visit the Arga Detectives agency, and you will find what you are looking for without wasting time. You will be satisfied with the results, in addition to the fact that you can present your case to us without any problem, keep in mind that our experts are at your disposal and are ready to provide you with the assistance you request.






Today, many companies lose money due to poor management in service to the customer from their employees. The Mystery Shopping is a utility considerably if they attract understand how are things in your business.

This ability of exploration market is performing increasingly more common to consider services and processes, and so simultaneously to discover opportunities, and weaknesses, which will serve as a basis for offering projects for professional improvement or process changes Recent .



Why Hire A Mystery Shoppping Service ?

When we talk about Mystery Shopping or hidden audit must appoint that we talk about a technique I exploration market, through which analyzes the development business and assisting the client in a company with the aim of understanding the perception of the users and look better to make the projected image ..

The primary purpose of most companies that hire this system, is to consider their company’s processes and the attitude of the employees who deal with the public, through visits from these false users, who anyway examine the treatment of the merchants, their attitude and the hygienic conditions of the premises, for example things.

In the process of Mystery Shopping , the scholars who impersonate users, will carry out shopping, ask the other users your impressions, that image have of the service and the product obtained, without getting to see their true intent.

This way you can get to know information and situations that happen in the evaluated processes, and that you only have the possibility of witnessing in the role of customer. All the researcher’s views and impressions will be captured in a report, which will be delivered to the company.



But does the report of Mystery Shopping detective agency has legal validity?

The Mystery shopping is shown as a satisfaction for managers to inform themselves so deep and accurate information about how to feel your brand and the actions of its employees, to achieve make choices that allow making better the

weaknesses found.

Firing some workers may be one of those elections, and several employers use these reports as an argument for layoffs.

Article 265.5l of a Civil Procedure Act (LEC), suggests precisely that the reports prepared and submitted by private detectives timely certificates are documents of witness evidence. This has inside, of course, the reports of Mystery Shopping .

Arga Detectives Group is a private detective agency in Madrid, which counts with experts timely certified professionals to make inquiries of Mystery Shopping , with well over 10 years of experience in the industry,

We work with the utmost discretion, and at the end of the process, we will deliver a report, with the proposals that would be necessary to improve the sales and customer assistance processes of your company, and which, if essential, has all the legal validity to be announced in court.

The Mystery Shopping pertence the techniques of exploration most popular market this time, and can be a useful very important for your company, if it attracts understand how they walk the things in your business.

If your business is receiving many complaints from users for poor care of traders and hosts, if complaints are within the quality of service you offer, if sales are down, strictly something this walk well.



Why Hire The Mystery Shopping Service?

Nowadays, any company that offers a product or service, if it wants to stay on time, in this very competitive planet, must watch over and ensure customer satisfaction, given that if a customer visits a business and does not return, it is truly insurance is that the business is not maintained.

Most of the companies that hire service Mystery Shopping , want to consider processes assistance to the customer and employee attitude towards users, through visits of experts hired to simulate users real.

These false users, what they really do is mix with real users , to see and consider the treatment of the staff, their knowledge of the goods and benefits they give, tracking the established rules, and the hygienic conditions of the premises, for example things.



And it happens that according to private detectives experts in mystery shopping, it will be possible to get to know if the employees work in a very different way when they believe that they are not seen or supervised, than when they know for sure that they are supervised.



What happens in my business when I am not present?

If this noting that their sales go down and that users We do not attend as they used to do this , but have no idea why, get into the skin of the customer, truly, it can be an acceptable way of knowing that is what is


When contracting the services of Mystery Shopping, in general the primary purpose is to understand what users have of your business, so for example things you will have the possibility of also understanding :

  • What is the impression of a client when they know their business for the first time
  • The opinion of the users about the quality and display of your product or service, if you indulge your expectations
  • How users perceive the behavior of employees, whether they are friendly, polite, and behave according to expected standards

. You will know how your business is having an effect , from the users’ criteria , and you will be able to make the choices that improve their perception of your business.

Hire the professional specials at Mystery Shopping by Arga Detectives group.

Grupo Arga Detectives, is a company of duly certified private detectives , with more than 10 years of experience in making inquiries of Mystery Shopping ,

Detectives Grupo Arga Detectives working with the utmost discretion, and will deliver a report detailed and easy to read, with proposals and recommendations that will be to create a plan for updates to your sales processes and attendance to the customer

If you want to truly understand what happens in your business when you are not present, the detective agency in Spain that you require is Arga Detectives.




What is the use of making a mystery shopper ?

According to some studies, a satisfied customer will tell three people about their good experience , while a dissatisfied customer will tell nine or ten of them.

In this sense, the purpose generally make one Mystery Shopping tends to understand that they think the users of a business in particular on its employees and on products given.

The purpose of this knowledge is to use it as a utility of optimization for the company, although this ability also can be used to understand the processes of assistance to the client ‘s competitors.

The company’s evaluation questionnaire can answer the following questions:

  • How many employees were in the store when you entered?
  • How long did they attend you?
  • Was the employee’s attention correct?
  • How were the responses received to the consultations carried out?
  • Does the requested product was in life?
  • How did the employee react to his questions about the quality of the product?
  • Did the employee invite you to visit them again?
  • What was the product display like ?

These are only some of the issues that have the potential to integrate in the questionnaire before you have to create and agree with the researcher.






Hire the professional specials at Mistery Shopping by Grupo Arga Detectives.

Detectives from the Group Arga Detectives working with the utmost discretion, and will deliver a report detailed and easy reading, with views and impressions of the researcher.

We are professionals in the Mystery Shopping technique , and attached to the report, we will deliver proposals and recommendations, which the company executives will use to create a novelty plan for their sales and customer support processes.

It is very possible that at some point you have seen TV or have heard comment on the figure of the Mystery Shopping , or undercover customer. This can be a very important utility for your company, and is increasingly used to ensure the

Compliance with quality standards.

The customer always has the cause, it is a maxim that is more valid than ever, so if your business is receiving many complaints about the quality of the service, you are in need of understanding what is not happening , and the Mystery Shopping It may be an alternative to find out.



How works the Mystery Shopping?

The client enigmatic is spoken of as one or several persons hired by the company concerned, to impersonate another client and mingle with the users actual, but with the distinction that to the carrying out purchases or consume a service, must comply some parameters that were established before.

. These undercover users make a regular purchase , like every customer, ask questions, observe and make complaints, to consider how merchants and other employees argue and react . The general purpose is to measure and qualify these processes so that the company can improve the excellence of its services.

This skill arose in the 40s of the last century, with the intention of considering the actions of employees, and today it is widely used in various surfaces such as department stores, cinema chains, chain food places, banks, gas stations shops, fast foods , and more.

Hire Mystery shopping service in Spain and get what you need.

Do you want to understand what users think of you and your business? Did you know that with a Mystery Shopping process you can consider your sales processes and understand what your users are saying in relation to the attention they are receiving?

It might seem at first that one private detective agency does not have any connection with exploration market. But these days, companies hire these professionals to make inquiries and consider sales and customer support processes , it is normal.



Business competitiveness on the modern planet causes there to be a huge rivalry between shopping malls. Ensuring customer loyalty, it causes that the level of demand on the quality of service received by the customer increasingly more

large and the companies resort to procedures never thought to guarantee the quality of the service.

Company owners, capitalist business men and women , and most of all marketing savvy managers, ask themselves daily: What is going wrong? Is the propaganda good and interesting? Because the rivalry has more users than our business?

The Mystery Shopping lies in locating experts disguised as workers or users, usually in department stores, banks, chain meal sites, franchises fast foods , and other commercial establishments, with the intention of measuring the level of assistance to the customer, for example things.

For a Arga Detectives can find to some experts private to deal with being Mystery Shopper (mystery shopper), which are primarily concerned with being mysterious, “buyers” with the intention to consider the care offered to users from certain stores or businesses.



In addition, these mysterious users tend to be of great assistance to companies and brands, because they evaluate their employees, with the aim of improving the excellence of their services and their welcome.




The users mysterious are not spies as such, because their work is done in full transparency with the mark and the sign that sponsor these assessments mysterious users and also with employees.

The purpose of Mystery Shoppers , of course, is to be an incognito customer, one like everyone. In contrast to a “normal” customer, they look quite closely at what is going on around them, examining the strengths and weaknesses of both the business and the employers it has.

The users mysterious are able to work in different sectors because this approach is of interest for all brands that want to better their customer experience.

So, this is related to the fact that they have the possibility of being a tool both in food places, hotels, clothing stores and others, fundamentally any kind of area.

How long can the service remain and what is its value?

The service time of an enigmatic client varies according to the client’s need, because, among other things, a large company that already has experience with users can be analyzed ( so it could be less time), or you can try an exclusive company that has very new employees in relation to the assistance to the customer.

Similarly, we would be referring to the fact that these services have the possibility of staying from 15 minutes to numerous days.

Also, the prices and rates of a private detective like Mystery Shopper , can change in the same way as the time of your service, because it is dependent on the duration of the goal assigned to you; that is why the service can range from a value of € 250 to even € 2,000 for a few hours of work depending on the degree of complexity and specialization required.

However, mystery shoppers tend to have a certain, very precise profile requirement , which is why they are so well paid, because they usually meet very sophisticated jewelers or tend to be luxury representatives.

In addition, the attitude that is needed is a bit rigorous, because it requires a lot of responsibility, since the reliability of the responses that these detectives perceive from people, will be decisive for the opinion of the business or / and employers. The which will later play a substantial role in our consumer society.

The costs of a Mystery Shopping mainly depend on the industry where your company works , that is, what topic your company is dedicated to and the proportion of employees to be considered.

The rates for this kind of service are dependent on the contract between the office offered by the Mystery Shopper and the client, who in this situation is the owner of the company.

How much does a Mystery Shopping visit to your company or business cost?

The investment as stated at the beginning is variable. The rates of the private detective to act as a Mystery Shopper in his company, is dependent on numerous elements which will be reflected in the allocation of costs and we will provide you below:

  1. First are the proportion of visits, of course, the greater the amount of investment for all of them.
  2. Second, the time that the enigmatic client will have to invest for the execution of the inspection. Time to make an assessment ranges from 15 minutes to days or weeks, this aspect anyway influences the value.
  3. Third Assessment exclusive or periods of time, the private investigator who gives this system of Mystery Shopper can go in a timely manner or cyclically.






What other causes influence the costs of a Mystery Shopping?

This is without a doubt the million dollar question, the one that the whole planet wants to understand and whose answer is key for the crowd to decide to choose for the Mystery Shopper service . The price that you will have to make as well as the payments once the report or contract has been completed, is dependent on several causal elements.

It is not possible to give an emphatic answer to this question, but nevertheless and beyond them, we have the possibility of offering some small guidelines.

Among other things, there are visits where the price depends on the complexity of the research. It should be noted that the expense of dinner or lunch will have to be paid to the private detective agency .

Apart from the minimum service of this system, we would have the possibility to say that on the other hand there are the much higher amounts , where you have to make payments as a client for visits that are priced for hours of work.





What requirements does a Mystery Shopping service have to have ?

In order to provide a quote tailored to your expectations and entrepreneurship, we invite you to contact Grupo Arga Detectives and they will gladly clarify your concerns.

It is essential that the entrepreneur be clear about what points they are trying to investigate.

At this time, it is normal for companies to choose to use the services of a Mystery Shopping to monitor employees, to the point of justifying that reason in order to measure effectiveness, ensure that the interests of the company are being safeguarded, check attendance and measure development.




Many owners of companies justify these practices of hiring a private detective for Mystery Shopper , as a way of checking that employees do not engage in serious misconduct that violate the service that gives the company to users, specifically bad service the customers.

Is controlling workers completely legal or not?

The private investigator’s legislation regarding this Mystery Shopper issue is very clear. Only the private detective is qualified to carry out the functions of mystery shopping.





In the end, mystery shoppers are of the utmost consideration for developing a business, because customer service is the foundation of a company’s success .

In the business world, an exclusive technique has been innovated to understand what the customer likes by applying Mystery Shopping, which in Spanish means enigmatic customer or incognito customer, mystery users work as recurring users who

They make an acquisition or need some service and then they deliver a report recounting their experience.

Not only can it be carried out by a regular individual with the relevant understandings , but it can also be carried out by a detective that you can hire in the Arga Detectives Group , it sounds strange but the detectives are the only ones trained for this kind of investigation thanks to their understandings of espionage.






It is better assistance to hire a private detective without a doubt to know how a business works inside.

Private detectives have the utilities paramount for this kind of work no matter how easy it may be, the primary job is to camouflage themselves or impersonate someone else to gather some information important in this situation the liking with the users by knowing a place.

The value of Mystery Shopping visits is variable, in all visits these experts think of numerous elements to grant a value as such, which are the following:

  • Number of visits: it makes sense that the more visits they make they have the possibility of suggesting an investment amount for all of them.
  • The time that the Mystery must invest in the execution of the inspection: the times to do the investigation have the possibility of being from 15 minutes, up to days, this aspect influences the value.
  • Exclusive evaluation for periods of time: if the entrepreneur chooses to invest in a finished pack of Mystery Shopping for a period of 12 months, a much lower investment value can be suggested , in addition there are projects that need few visits as well as they will help to do it.

There are numerous packs of service regarding the company in Mystery Shopping retain your prices and rates of the value of the investment are from 250 € to 2,000 €, depending on the package you want or that best suits your company.

The claims of the companies have different objectives, generally the visits are made to consider the level of service provided to the users, controlling the standard protocols and processes, but it can also be used to check the commercial rules that the company manages. in relation to their prices and rates and promotions.

The experts in Mystery Shopping, will observe that the employees are well presented and in the correct suit , that the place is clean and in optimal conditions, that the merchandise is well organized and in good condition and that the campus knows how to answer any questions that I managed to have a client.

The information gathered from the results that were obtained from the research is used to better the surfaces and the services they provide in a certain company, defining the claims training for employees and granting recognition or remuneration for the efforts they make every day in your homework.

What is the first thing you observe when entering your business, store or premises? The answer may be its composition, its decoration, the other people or customers who are exactly in the same place, the food in the situation of that offers it or even the attention they offer you when you arrive at the premises or place.

Maybe some of the above, including all of them, which is why it is essential for the owners of the premises to understand what the users are looking for, to later exploit that potential and attract more, so to understand what the users think of your business , why don’t you infiltrate someone to find out? a mystery shopping would be the satisfaction of your concerns



“The customer always has the cause, so I will use mystery shopping to understand what is the cause that the customer wants”

Although we want to avoid it, the image of a business is dependent on how it looks, how it feels or what its flavors are. If you notice, users notice and choose the stores from which they buy and invest their time and money, for which

senses of these, so what a successful business entrepreneur does is attract these senses.

If the view , you can simply put the best food, the best clothes or the most beautiful decoration to the vision of users, to thus attract their sense of curiosity and that the client ‘s vision locate your store.

In many occasions the smell is very important, keep in mind that it must be a satisfactory, relaxing, sweet aroma at the beginning when users perceive it , this is essential for those businesses where they propose food such as food places or bakeries, ensure that when Someone passing by the store falls in love with the aroma.

The same goes for touch and sound , since a feeling of joy, peace or tranquility in a setting, accompanied by satisfactory music tends to be a magnet to attract users to the premises.

But if what is necessary for you is to understand which of the senses to exploit the most, then hire a private detective to help you with the task, since they are experts in the mystery shopping technique , which is used to consider quality and perception. from users to a business through infiltration.






The Arga group of detectives gives you this super-equipped system with the best labor detectives in Spain.

It is an incredible investment that you recover in a short time, since at the end of the investigation you can recover the price paid to the detective by applying the knowledge learned that will lead to an improvement in your business.

You are an individual who knows what he wants, and how he wants it, sure of himself and who values truths and honesty against all things, and it happens that reality is nothing worse than knowing a lie, more if it comes or comes from your workplace , be it your company or your premises.

It is not simple to trust people, especially when you discover lies that were told to your face, or you have been denied realities of your work that happens when you are not, but enough of being the innocent boss , hire a detective with experience in mystery shopping and see what reality is like.

Enough of deception and lies at work, hire a private investigator with experience in mystery shopping and reveal the reality of your work

In a business, the most relevant thing is sales and security . The two have to be worked by all the members of the company, from the more reduced in rank to the manager, but also the security is a fragile thing that can be altered with simplicity, more than anything if you do not impose rules.

For this you only need to look for a detective agency expert in mystery shopping.

Once you have all the research in your possession, you can take action on the matter, and offer security to those who deserve security , and take action on those who betrayed that security.





One of the frequent uses is to consider the behavior of employees, observing how they work, how they interact and, in particular, how they carry out their task of customer service, identifying the notable and the deficient. It could happen that someone commits actions that manage to go in opposition to the interests of the company .

Another use common of the Mystery Shopping is getting information about what they think customers and their experience as a customer, knowing first hand, that your impression caused the place when I was passing by at the first opportunity.

If you want to consider the quality of the sales process and the attention of traders, if fully know the product they sell, and making it clear at that point have to do better, an undercover customer is going to provide first – hand information

Of course, the final report , where recommendations and configurations are proposed to make the customer’s experience better , is used as a utility to determine new care processes and to take the necessary corrections for the benefit of users.

Arga Detectives Group, has a staff of private detectives timely certificates, which are professional in making inquiries of Mystery Shopping , with well over 10 years of experience in the industry, using the superior techniques of exploration private.

The detectives of the Arga Detectives Group work with the utmost discretion, and at the end of the investigation, they will give you a final report , with the proposals and recommendations that will be to improve the development of sales and customer assistance for your business.

If you want to truly understand what users think about you and your business, the Madrid Detective Agency you require is Arga Detectives.

Today, the Mystery Shopping is a useful significant for the companies to which they attract understand how are things in relation to the assistance to the client, and to achieve monitor operations in different service channels and outlets.

The Mystery Shopping can provide information important to the accepting detect shortcomings and deficiencies in the sales process and assistance to the client, so that they are addressed and resolved, making opportunities for optimization, so indispensable in the planet ‘s competitive business we live today.

We talk about a technique of exploration market, which increasingly is more used to consider services and processes, and simultaneously locate opportunities and options for optimization. A superior service and experience of acquiring more successful for the customer, will get one more number of sales.

The Mystery Shopping , undercover customer, hidden customer or client enigmatic, lies in locating experts undercover in the company to consider, to pretend to be users recurring, make purchases or request a service, in order to measure such things, the quality of the service to customer .





¿ What kind of information about my business I will provide?

When hiring a professional in Mystery Shopping , it is advisable to create and agree on a survey model, and determine the information and key points that the client wants to consider .


The information usually will have in these investigations it is as follows:

  • Proportion of employees present when entering to buy or request the service
  • What was your first impression when entering
  • Time it takes for the client to receive the welcome
  • If the welcome meets the established standards
  • Products offered to customer
  • If the sales claim meets the established standards
  • Whether the seller made the sale or not
  • Suggested complementary products to the customer
  • If the dismissal meets established standards

If expectations related to service, quality, hygiene and exhibition are met

While gathering information, mystery shoppers commonly are interspersed with users real of the business and make them issues that relate to their experience as users. They also have the possibility of taking photos, if they consider it essential.

Grupo Arga Detectives , are professionals in making inquiries of Mystery Shopping . Tenesmus one set of private detectives certified and well over 10 years of experience in the industry, the guys used the superior techniques of exploration, ensuring welcomes its total users.

The detectives of Grupo Arga Detectives carry out professional work, with the utmost discretion, and will deliver a report at the end of the exploration, which will contain information obtained, in addition to the proposals and recommendations that will be of great impetus to do better the processes of sales and customer support of your business.

Arga Detectives is the detective agency in Madrid that required if you want to use the technique of Mystery Shopping to carry out developments in the experience of acquisition of users, how will result in increased sales. Contact us now!




To whom should I hire to do one Mystery Shopping?

The people who do this Mystery Shopping job have to be expert detectives with training and experience, with the ability to go shopping at different establishments without raising suspicions. A detective agencyprivate is paramount in this kind of exploration market.

It is a requirement essential to the person chosen to carry out the job is to be knowledgeable about the product or service that gives the company to meet, BONE , have to make certain profile, to avoid being discovered by employees. On no basis do they have the possibility of knowing that they are not a true customer, which is why they must act naturally.



And what kind of work does a Mystery Shopping do?

It is an alternative widely used in the hotel area and in the tourist area generally, given that as the customer is the base of their business, understanding their level of satisfaction and their perception of the service provided is essential.

The exploration of Mystery Shopping can be used for different purposes, which have to be agreed before, before making the visit, but in general, what the contractor wants is the following:

  • What image does the company project?
  • How is the customer service
  • Degree of training and knowledge of employees
  • As a market exploration study





The best professionals in Mystery Shopping belong to Grupo Arga Detectives.

Detectives from the Arga Detectives Group are professional in investigations of Mystery Shopping , guarantee a professional job carried out with complete discretion, and prepare a report ended with views and impressions of the researcher.

Without question , the detective agency you require is Arga Detectives ! Don’t think twice! The Spanish Detective Agency that you require is Arga Detectives.

The Mystery Shopping technique is recognized in many ways, such as: phantom customer, enigmatic customer, mystery customer , undercover assessment, service assessment and many other ways.

But no matter what they are called, after all, it is a very considerable utility for companies or companies that are attracted to know how their employees are doing things, how their users are treated and have control over the operation of their points selling.




This system of Mystery Shopping has many benefits

According to the private detective who works as an enigmatic client , there is such a competitive market in the product excellence sector and above all it plays a decisive consideration . He placed in the shoes of the customer end of our service or product is essential to cover what way they perceive it .

Among other things, what do you think of the price of the product? Do you know how to use it? Are they well cared for in our store? Is the rivalry employing the same tactics? For this reason, this ability has many applications and are the following:


  • The private investigator who works as a phantom client applies the knowledge of the real quality of the products that the final client feels .
  • In addition, they design and improve the services and products of the company to which they provide this system.
  • They also do a detailed and meticulous study of the rivalry.
  • Finally, they make the performance actual sales systems and equipment.

In few expressions and at the end of the day what users or clients really think and will occasionally say.



Why the companies require this system of Mystery Shopping?

The companies require service Mystery Shopping that gives the private detective agency because the subject competitive businesses there now, the companies that do not provide a service amazing to the customer not going to be on the market.

Businesses are fought not only through losses due to poor service, but also through the actions of their employees, who have the possibility of eliminating a brand that cost to create and also a lot of money. So the ghost client identifies potential inconveniences that the owner manages to address before they happen.

Where can I find the Mystery Shopping service at good prices?

In Group Arga Detectives you have the possibility of finding the best rivalry costs without service Mystery Shopping, as well as finding to the best experts in this sector.

This is so because they have focused on suggesting the viable superior service at a quota that is fair to citizens, and that simultaneously agrees with their claims. They have the possibility to fully adjust to your problem and do a personalized investigation procedure so that you can solve it.

Through these actions of the Mystery Shopping service they have gained recognition from all over the planet and from several countries, for being the agency with the most contracts completed with optimal and successful results, to the point that the least simple orders have been successfully completed .

Every company has as mission the liking of the customer, however, is very difficult for a owner or manager in a company hire a Mystery Shopping to find that this walk perfectly and if you have a low budget.

For this reason, many companies forgo hiring the users mysterious, to determine some aspect of doing better. Because they know this is a very big commitment and they have no idea how much this kind of service is really going to come out .




Yes you can afford a Mystery Shopping !

Indeed, you can costearte a private investigator to do the work of Mystery Shopper , because the value of this system is dependent on some components, such as the place where you live, in addition to the foundation to consider and the expenditure plus to perform the researcher.



Sometimes you do n’t need to buy anything, so the budget is cheaper . If the site is far of course going to be more expensive this system, if required you evaluate the company for a time more extended time, precisely will be greater price.



¿ Why you should hire a mystery cheap shopping?

To know today what are the costs of a private detective who works as an enigmatic client , that is, if you can make the payments beyond that you have a low budget, but before that we will reflect on the following: What do you plan to fix? its drawback?

Ponte to assume what the satisfaction of its inconvenience or what the problem itself that wants to resolve, if it is to regain the quality of your company to differentiate it from the competition, if it is to increase sales, if we talk about do better the assistance to the customer thinks that it would face end to these occasions, I think NO.

The most economical way to solve them, is by raising concerns about whether with a low budget, you could choose for this kind of Mystery Shopping service that the private detective agency provides. The highlight is that you call an office and that you manage to hire these services to advise you accordingly.

Because a professional can advise you, first of all, on the legal viability of your research, since every order received by an enigmatic client must respect current legislation , after which he will present an action plan, after which he will tell you the value and in the end if you have a low budget, how can you afford it?




The Mystery Shopping service is provided to companies that need to obtain highly specialized information, this then translates into the possibility of obtaining more information and more probability in the use of their resources.

Investigative agents also tend to dedicate themselves more commonly to other matters, however, research tasks carried out at the business level are linked to greater management and strategic benefit for decision-making in a time horizon.

We adapt or focus the investigation to the client’s needs, which can be some behaviors such as:

  • Image offered by commerce
  • Operation of customer service.
  • Control collection
  • The attitude of the employee to sell
  • Supplier relationships
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • The correct execution of special, promotional and punctual campaigns
  • We inform merchants of the collected information that has been obtained, which will help the merchant to:
  • Know the evolution of your company
  • Get to know what customers feel when dealing with their employees
  • Once the above is known and corrected, claims and complaints will decrease.
  • From the above, it follows that your company will have a better image.
  • Observe if the regulations and internal regulations of the company are complied with.
  • Check the competence of your employees, which could be reduced in efficiency, professionalism, their behavior and friendliness.

Arga Detectives in Madrid, will make surprise and anonymous visits posing as one more client with the aim of verifying those guidelines that the client has set for him, so according to the data he has obtained, the client will be able to define the quality of the service and correct all the possible deviations.

If you are really looking for a professional detective who will infiltrate your business and tell you how it really works inside, our Mystery Shopping company is the solution to your problem.


If your business is going bad, hire: Mystery Shopping detectivesGrupo Arga Detectives through this exclusive service, you will be able to check what is behind your business or if it is going well and everything is well-founded or on the contrary if errors have to be corrected. Through our intervention you will be able to take all the necessary measures to correct the negative of it.





In Arga Detectives group, we have developed the possibility of carrying out an intelligent investigation service, with the objective that the Mystery Shopping tasks are carried out successfully by our agents, the main part of this process is in the detection of key information to meet the needs of our customers.

In this sense, it is necessary to know the customer, their concerns and their needs, which is why Mystery Shopping is a technique that seeks to validate with the customer various decisions, behaviors and consumption habits that are disaggregated from it. Another key aspect of this research technique is to investigate, accurate information, research and develop all resources without the customer of that is being analyzed.

The silent client research technique has not been new, many companies have developed them for some decades, it has been resembling over time with certain tools and tactics that are used in the business world to carry out a sort of short research that can be used to extract key customer information.

However, this technique is part of a rigorous research process, and not a conventional research process at the business level, since it is based on the collection of strategic information, with the greatest discretion and secrecy possible, while the other techniques include even a direct interview with the client. When the mysterious client is developed as a strategy instead, it is providing the opportunity to capture all the spontaneous actions of a client and / or user, an issue that is more useful.

Throughout our 10 years of experience, we have installed this research technique in the execution of our processes, and it has been enormously beneficial for the different companies that want to be at the forefront of the quality of their services. 92% of the companies that have received our services in this matter express a degree of approval towards the usefulness of this research tool.

On the other hand, 87% of the companies that have been clients in this area have implemented a reengineering process in their companies as a result of our analyzes and studies from the mysterious client technique, a question that indicates the assertiveness of this methodology in reveal aspects of importance in the execution of the growth cycle of the different business entities.

In numbers we can also say that there are more than 4,000 companies, among SMEs, Multinational Companies and Startups that have requested our services and due to their high degree of acceptance we can highlight that this procedure is one of the flagship tools within the company that we are capable of. of deploying to different types of business customers.




The private investigator uses the hidden recording system as an investigative work method to test the intended conduct by recording it in a report with all the details of the Mystery Shopping private investigation . It should

Remember that in Spain, according to legislation, only the private detective is entitled to carry out private investigation tasks. No other professional can make a hidden recording.

Thus, the private detective is the only person who can carry a hidden camera, and Grupo Arga Detectives performs this function with absolute discretion. There is a proliferation of companies that advertise as Mystery shopping and perform these tasks without being private detectives and that is completely illegal. If they had to go to court to ratify, the evidence presented by them would not be valid in court. In addition, a crime against privacy and self-image would be taking place.

Therefore, it is clear that a private person or a professional who is not a private detective cannot record another in his workplace. A violation of rights is taking place. On the contrary, when all the evidence comes from a private detective, it is fully accepted by the Courts of Justice in all kinds of litigation.

Grupo Arga has the most modern technological elements to make hidden recordings in companies, we are also experts in preparing future reports that will go to trial.




The agent who stands out as a Mystery Shopper must have excellent communication skills, since most of their work and tasks entail having contact with other people, additionally, these researchers are what must have the ability to express themselves from the most clearly possible way to prepare your technical reports containing the entire shopping experience.

To be an agent specialized in the application of the Mystery Shopping technique, you need a formal education or training in the detective field, however, it is always necessary to have a habit of excellence and improvement of some skills, since Grupo Arga Detectives We impart a special induction that is capable of transmitting skills and all elements to consider during the execution of the investigation operation.

This activity is very taken into account in the Marketing branch, since the data collected is essential importance in the decision-making of certain business entities. In this sense, companies that require precise and highly specialized information hire those who act as mystery shoppers to better establish their customer service policies and also to improve



the other aspects of the service deployed in the commercial establishment, the which may be prone to failure, including product positioning and quality control techniques.

In general, these professionals are receptive to payment for their services shortly after having delivered their final report, from Grupo Arga Detectives, we always keep in mind that they should not neglect this part of the investigation since it is in this point where all the elements that are perceived in the store are substantiated with that detective rigor, a fact that allows good decisions to be made based on purely objective criteria.

Likewise, From Grupo Arga Detectives we always reimburse the money that they have invested by mobilizing to the commercial establishment (in order to cover all the transport, food and accommodation expenses necessary for their investigation) and also all the amount of euros they have spent on the acquisition of a product.

Due to the need to mobilize our agents, the selection for these tasks of researchers with a valid driver’s license and who own their own vehicle is usually preferred . Additionally, it is relevant to consider that this position usually demands that the work of

However, since many of these investigations are carried out in a somewhat autonomous environment, it should be noted that they are usually carried out with a criterion of pleasant flexibility.

The researcher who is part of Grupo Arga detectives, is a resource that in this area is capable of developing with a highly proactive and dynamic attitude, a practitioner of Mystery Shopping, not only is it an enviable resource for different organizations but it is also a person who is able to solve with great mysticism all the processes related to obtaining high quality data.




A detective from the Arga group, who is in charge of carrying out the work of the Mystery Shopper , is a proactive, creative, innovative and dynamic agent, capable of extracting the necessary data and information from the most complex realities that can be detected in the different types business, for this you must always reinforce different aspects almost as a decalogue that is capable of guaranteeing its good deployment as a resource in the field.

  • Excellent communication skills:

As previously stated, a detective who executes the Mystery Shopping technique must clearly communicate, both in writing and verbally, with the aim of expressing his requirements with great communication skills to the strategists of the company’s sales area and all Management interested in improving these procedures, additionally, must establish relationships with clients on the spot, an issue that is not easy at all and must produce different specialized reports.

  • Be clear about satisfying the requirements of customers (companies):

In this sense, the research that is carried out on occasions carries with it different ones capable of complexity, but beyond that, it also contains different aspects that are necessary for the development of various schemes that guarantee the obtaining of accurate information, this means that the The researcher must go directly to the data that, for the management of the company, are most critical in obtaining first-rate information to help them improve, debug and / or optimize any service area.

  • Ability to become your own boss:

Each investigator of Grupo Arga detectives who is in charge of carrying out the Mystery Shopping technique , as explained later on, sometimes has in himself the possibility of being a self-employed person, so it is always recommended to have a decision-making criterion sufficiently proactive at the moment, since he as a resource deployed in the field, is a person capable of linking the achievement of different objectives related to research, therefore, he must make decisions without consulting his superiors, but the same they must be in sync with the research and objectives of the client company.

  • Achievement-oriented, and with a great personality:

An investigator who, from our Arga Group, detectives must be a resource capable of supplying the required information, deploying a host of strategies that enable success in his operation, this is related to having a correct mix of a suitable personality , sufficient emotional intelligence and the fact that he himself is an element of strategic importance, therefore he must be a person who is capable of linking relationships with unknown totals, in a given context.

  • Organized and oriented to time management:

We describe this ability at Grupo Arga Detectives with being proactive and being able to manage several assignments at the same time, almost with a multitasking philosophy, with the aim of successfully carrying out each assignment and satisfying the achievement of different milestones in

similar delivery dates.

  • Analytical:

The detective who is responsible for investigating all aspects related to the strategic operation of a store or business, must trust his work, in his investigative sense, that leads him to delegate in his notes and the documentation collected corresponding to each case the success of the research operation, going further and analyzing all the elements that are necessary to obtain the requested data, it must be at the time of the assignment in order to prepare an objective technical report of the highest quality.

  • Retailer:

Details conforms initial indications to detect patterns, detect patterns lead to a point where you can determine findings and each type of findings have the ability to determine facts, so as made by if alone represent an element isolated within an investigation, but when a detective has the ability to link these elements with a succession of events, it is there INTRODUCTION TO MYSTERY SHOPPING IN SPAIN.that the success of the investigation is obtained through the observed detail. For this reason, every investigator in our Arga Detectives Group is a resource that keeps an eye on every detail, with the aim of guaranteeing the expected results obtained during the operation.

The work of the Mystery Shopper , sometimes requires a systemic understanding of business activities, which is why at Grupo Arga Detectives, we promote the possibility that these operations are guided by personnel who are trained not only to collect the required information, but also to give much more than expected, this means that the resource that grows here has a high-level training process.

A detective who establishes this type of services in a company is a resource that should not be known by employees, since they tend to generate the distortion of the environment in which they work in order to succeed in an evaluation process. This suggests, then, that It is necessary to manage all this operation around the personnel with greater hierarchical authority in the company in order to avoid information leakage towards the tactical and operational levels.

A field detective in charge of carrying out the work of investigating the mysterious client, must sometimes know that it is not necessary to compete with the immediacy of the information, but that it is also important to take all the time to analyze it. , since sometimes the environments of different business establishments are very demanding and dynamic, and therefore obtaining this information is not significant if you do not take the precaution of taking all the chains and facts necessary to carry out the operation. , a field detective to be playing a role of proactivity, development and ingenuity.



The main function of this service is undoubtedly the identification of behaviors of business employees facing the public. In other words, check if there is suitability between the behavior of the employees and the sale to the public.

Grupo Arga detectives values ​​the behavior of these workers, their responses, their attitude, etc. The Human Resources department is not always able to filter the perfect employees, and these many times, manage to transmit an attitude that is not the real one and

later when they are working, they behave as they really are when nobody sees them. Our role is to detect atypical behaviors that should not correspond.




The deployment of technological elements provide an unequaled advantage when establishing information related to the context studied, which is why from Grupo Arga Detectives, all the tasks performed by our agents in an operating theater are linked to a field exercise highly supported by technological resources.

The Mystery Shopping , and other investigative techniques requires accuracy in almost millimetric sense, hence the need for different establish schemes that are capable of obtaining a technological support that provides emerges a strong sense strategic operations that can be performed.

The technology used in these procedures is very diverse, and the same deals with the possibility of establishing different schemes that are viable towards the development of different sources obtainable from information, in order that the latter be captured as that necessary input present in the research structure of each agent.

The information that is collected is sustained by the support and collection of information mechanisms supported with a sufficient use and technological base, these being necessary towards the collection of elements that go beyond an investigation report, if within the deployment from these techniques actions, tones of voice, gestures and other aspects of expression can be collected from the one being analyzed is for us something that increases the probability of success of the executed deployment.



The work of a detective is required by a company, to establish an intelligent, agile data collection and also to provide a competitive advantage, a company that prides itself for being highly intelligent in the analysis strategies of its market must undoubtedly apply a Mystery Shopping procedure at least once a year.

The main investigative processes related to the investigations carried out by the Arga Detectives Group have revealed that these elements are detectable through sophisticated techniques that are used in the day-to-day business investigation, however, it is necessary to highlight that detective work for a company provides many benefits.

The benefits that could be extensible towards the determination of desired results in a company through the practice of the Mystery Shopper , are linked to the management of optimized data in a business entity, this

This means that throughout an entity, multiple divisions benefit from this type of work or research. The activities that are maximized as a result of research of this type in companies are:

  • Marketing: as mentioned above, advertising departments frequently request this technique, since it allows them to develop with expert judgment the achievement of their objectives around having different aspects of validation towards their customer segment, an issue that makes them highly efficient in discriminating techniques, tactics and


    strategies to use.

  • Customer service: The customer service department is another of the beneficiaries in a first-rate business environment with this type of work, since it draws on all the information gathered, and analyzes and interprets it based on various indicators and methods of I study the use of this information with the aim of not leaving aside the constant updating of its department around the coverage of customer needs, also remembering that customer management (CRM) is not just a department, it is an attitude !
  • Finance: Another area that benefits in the company around obtaining this type of services is the financial department, since the mimes is in charge of establishing based on an efficiency criterion in the use of economic resources with which The company has the entity’s budget, which allows it to achieve, in the shortest possible time and with an optimal amount of resources, everything the company needs to better serve its customers and users and thus raise the quality of its service provision.
  • Quality department : The quality departments in companies benefit from this type of research by directly obtaining a spontaneous opinion from the client, to the extent that they hide information the company is harmed, since by making an analogy It is a similar situation when on a flight a pilot’s airplane altimeter breaks down, he practically sails blindly. Therefore, the greater openness in obtaining data allows you to improve and profile your product based on customer requirements.
  • Process department: in general, the process department in a company has another name and it is related to the way a store is physically organized, as well as how the location of different departments is found in said activity, How is the collection process, do you have to wait long to pay for the product or service that is required? What does this imply in the degree of customer satisfaction? These are elements that an investigation is allowed to answer in the shortest possible time.




Researchers who practice Mystery Shopping , are also referred to as Mystery Shoppers or Anonymous Shoppers, they are usually hired as researchers by customer of stores, financial institutions, restaurants, as well as department stores, another element is to serve as suppliers. of information gathering services and for all kinds of companies and business entities, in order to establish a real metric of the level of customer service, product quality as well as the business concept.

Their main activity includes making purchases and making reports about their experience in the store in this regard, the work of these researchers plays a fundamental role in perceiving the fulfillment of customer expectations, since the agent who practices this practice as a resource,

They pretend to be ordinary customers and observe and detect various factors that require improvement.

Being a researcher who practices Mystery Shopping, is a job that is done through rigorous research and pattern identification, this gives the researcher an alternative, useful and complementary way of developing their professional work.

In the same way, it is necessary to highlight which are the functions that an agent that makes Mystery Shopping mainly deploys in a store , with the aim of knowing a little beyond its functions. Mainly his work is focused on visiting the commercial establishments in his charge to generate an evaluation of the shopping experience, thus maintaining anonymity, posing as a normal customer of the store, among his many activities a self-respecting detective to do good work, you must

1. Travel to main stores and branches if required.2. Locate a specific product or purchase any product randomly to check customer service readiness. 3. Support your actions in the field with notes during your visit that you can then use when developing your report with the results of the investigation. 4. Using available funds to carry out the action from your own funds, obviously the amount spent will be returned to you at the end of your assignment. Be cautious when making purchases not to exceed the amount or budgeted by the company to carry out such inquiries. 6. Safeguard purchase documents (invoices, delivery notes, among others) .7. Follow the purchasing processes established in the business 8. If possible, talk with other customers and users, probe opinions and perceptions of the product or service being provided.


When an agent does Mystery Shopping he goes into action with the employees, he must establish with extreme rigor an extraction of their ability to solve and manage the tasks for which they are hired in the company of the establishment where they are located, in this sense also :

  1. You should ask questions about a product or service in the way a conventional customer would.
  2. You must establish an evaluation of the level of customer service (CRM) provided by the employee and, in general terms, you must measure your skills around the sales process.
  3. You need to make certain observations about the behavior of the employees and the different answers provided, as well as their decisive attitude, in some cases, you must learn their names and you must be able to describe them.
  4. Sometimes you must carry an evaluation checklist and prepare a report about the visit, the service received, as well as all the details related to the shopping experience.
  5. Likewise, you must send the completed reports via email to your supervisors, highlighting in an attached way everything necessary to verify the fact of purchase (invoices, recommendations, photos, among others).
  6. You must wait for the company to agree with the elements collected in the investigation to proceed to close your case successfully.

From Grupo Arga Detectives, we establish these criteria as necessary for the execution of different strategies that are capable of establishing the obtaining of information in a timely manner for those who may be interested in obtaining it, with the aim of providing the greatest sense of investigation and possible research to generate efficient decision-making criteria within each entity requesting these services.




Sometimes a company needs an investigational agent for various reasons, but most important is to consider the following, for businesses the time spent translates into sums substantial money, this makes it possible, then that it has to go through different critical phases to obtain a performance curve that allows them to move in the shortest possible time.

Making an analogy through what can be the ignition of a vehicle, let’s say then that the information obtained is the fuel for the car in question to start, this facilitates the possibility of moving strategically in the market, almost like a competition vehicle.



In order for the company to obtain this agile displacement, it then needs a Mystery Shopping service , which is capable of providing the indicated information in the shortest possible time, and at the lowest possible cost.

This technique compared to conventional research tools, provides an efficiency ratio when establishing the cost-benefit comparison standard, since it is executed with the deployment of a field agent, the same per tools are available. Necessary to obtain information, other strategies do not do it this way, since they consider making a separate budget to establish a team that can investigate and logistically cover the entire investigation operation.

That is why, above all, those who leverage this type of techniques can have as their main benefit the support of the work of their business group and, in summary, they can obtain multiple benefits that are disaggregated from this research technique linked under a financial perception. and a constant validation approach with the client.

On the other hand, this is not the only aspect for which a company requires the services of an investigation agency, since it also provides private entities with a host of services that are related to the investigation of sick leave as well as also the research of strategic information that an entrepreneur can demand, as long as the request for it is framed within the compliance with the laws and the Spanish legal system.

For this, what a company has to do is request the services that Grupo Arga Detectives takes into account for the different companies and private entities, with the aim of improving their service provision and providing them with the best strategic position in the market, making of this a great possibility for the development of your value proposition.





When a Mystery Shopping technique is executed by Grupo Arga Detectives, the type of investigation that is carried out is aimed at obtaining key information that is capable of providing the best results to the company,

around the information objectives that you want to collect, this translates directly into establishing different elements of your own, indicated decision making, for this the most important thing for a company is to always be attentive to the results and the willingness to change that it may have in its environment.

When the detectives of our Group apply the Mystery Shopping technique , they undoubtedly put their information in the hands of their expertise, which allows them to be leaders in the field by deploying their resources.

Doing research in a business entity, is not related to that traditional image where an agent with an overcoat is going to be behind the counters of the company, standing next to a client to see what he hears, ¡ no! The same in contrast to this mental image, is a person who becomes part of the environment and who, at the least expected moment, begins to mix with the customers who come to the business, and extracts information through our best strategic relationship techniques and contact techniques. with unknown people.

The Detective Agent Grupo Arga, is that person who is in the possibility of establishing different aspects of business investigation and who is also a widely requested resource around obtaining information information and deploying their skills in the research field translated into the field of corporate research.

A Research Agent who prides himself on doing a good job, seeks above all things to preserve the performance of different elements that are proper to the exercise of business expertise, since this carries with it the manifestation of various operating schemes that are characteristic of a work that is done with stealth, cleanliness and neatness.

Above all, it is necessary to take into account that the tasks that a detective can carry out based on obtaining information are very varied, however, from Grupo Arga detectives we take care that it is aimed at establishing own expertise tasks with The aim is that they are able to provide you with a sense of greater strategy in detecting evidence and hypotheses that lead you to obtain information related to the objective search for facts that validate an investigation.

Generally speaking, when companies learn about the deployment of a Mystery Shopping job , they are always recurring in demanding these services. 2 out of 3 companies state in our statistics that they go back to investigate these elements, since they have had a degree of satisfaction. high with what has been obtained in terms of research and its final result.





Grupo Arga Detectives, through its detectives in the mysterious client investigation service, may have a behavior close to the workers or dependents. We can assess how they behave, when addressing clients, their responses, their interest in the interests of clients, their involvement, the help provided, etc. This way you will be able to know what type of workers you have and if they are behaving properly and making you earn or lose money.

It happens on many occasions that we think that a person behaves properly and it turns out that he does not know how to behave well or behave properly. This private investigation service is applied to all types of businesses without discriminate none and being useful in sales in a clear way. It can also be applied to Online sales and sales that are not



directly facing the public.




If a company wants to float with all the processes that are executed in order to direct successful investigations, it must know that the Mystery Shopping resource is the order of the day to satisfy all the necessary elements that allow it to extract data from the segment. of customers in the best possible way.

For this, the strategy that our agents always deploy, are based on specialized knowledge of the sales process, which sometimes requires that the researcher progressively develop a passion and detailed knowledge of everything that involves a process of Successful sales and purchases, the real difference from good research to research in this field, the proportion directly to the human resource that executes it, is there mainly that this is our fundamental factor to obtain good results.

Our Arga Detective Group is always directed towards a sense of high-level education and training of each of our agents, with the aim that they are highly useful resources for the tasks in which their judgment is required, guided by a criterion of excellence, expertise and proactivity that can focus on obtaining data of the utmost strategic importance towards the company.

Companies know that when requesting these services from Grupo Arga detectives, they may know different elements for companies, the same in most cases being of an unknown nature, generally when companies that are clients of this service come to us they ignore many aspects that are detrimental to the performance of companies around the fulfillment of their corporate objectives.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we will always be committed to carrying out each of our tasks with great mysticism and dedication, since they are the main source of all the aspects that are necessary to guide our activities towards success, having satisfied clients to we more than a job, it is a lifestyle that we dedicate ourselves to in our day to day, the quality of our services and the loyalty and reference of our clients demonstrate this.



The services mystery shopper , sometimes better known as the mysterious client, is a type of service used in different areas of the trade to carry out studies on a particular establishment or undertaking.

This service mystery shopper is carried out by private detectives who go undercover for various specific studies of an establishment, assessing not only the care provided by the same, but their products and others.

The service mystery shopper is a type of service that perform the various companies to evaluate various aspects of its operation, so as to modify and improve to grow as a company.

This service is also often known as a mystery customer or even as incognito customers and is carried out by private detectives in the area. The purpose of such work will clearly depend on the person who hires these services.

Likewise, this is a service that provides those who hire it with valuable information, since the detectives in charge of it carry out a report where, in addition to what has been observed, recommendations and specific aspects to improve for the company are attached.

Today there are many companies that instead of investing in these studies, spend large amounts of money to carry out advertising campaigns, without worrying about knowing and understanding the needs of their clients.

For this reason, it is important to have the services of a professional detective who can carry out these studies in order to improve a company and make it grow, obtaining immediate positive results.

In addition to the above, the person who performs the service of mystery shopper bears responsibility for Toras perform functions such as those mentioned below:

  1. Visit and evaluate

The services Mystery shopper are based on a detective targeting a specific establishment and acting as a client to perform more specific evaluations aspects to consider who contracts the service.

It is also in charge of taking notes of what has been observed in order to previously make a report, pay with its own money for the product to be consumed (which can sometimes be a specific one), and even keep invoices for purchases.

As we mentioned, all this is carried out to evaluate some specific aspect that will be expressed in the report that must be prepared by the client, accompanied by their opinions and recommendations for the company that has contracted the service.

  1. To interact

The main function to fulfill this service mystery shopper is to interact with employees responsible for serving customers, other customers and even to all kinds of questions that service offered by the company.

This is a factor that allows knowing and evaluating specific aspects, one of them being employees, in order to know their level of knowledge of their products, the level of attention they provide to customers and how they are treated.

  1. Make a report

As mentioned above, the services of mystery shopper end when the private detective delivers a report which specifies everything that has the person contracting the service and other aspects of the recommendations indicated.

When hiring these services, you must make sure that this report is included, since it is what will allow you to carry out an evaluation of the establishment in order to improve it and move forward with the help of these recommendations.





As mentioned above, these mystery shopper services are generally carried out by different private detective agencies, with these being their most requested services by multiple companies.

Likewise, it is also exercised by independent people, carrying it out as a part-time job or, it can be carried out by people who are dedicated to tourism and hospitality.

In the country, the easiest way to opt for these services is through private detectives, our agency being one of the most requested for these and more investigation services oriented to different areas.

For years we have Arga detective agency responsible for providing these services Mystery shopper to our customers, taking care to do a professional job and where possible to evaluate different aspects of business.

We have characterized ourselves for carrying out fast and quality work, as well as having extremely accessible prices compared to other agencies, making us the main option for multiple companies and private clients.




Services Mystery shopper have great advantages for a company and its performance in addition to those mentioned above, these being of great benefit and immediate results:

  • Improve service

The main aspect studied by the services of mystery shopper in a store is the care it provides to customers, so that when carrying out this study, we have alternatives to improve the service and attract more people.

  • Check performance

As we mentioned, with this study it will be possible to evaluate not only the company, but also those who work in it, in order to find what motivates employees to work better and provide a better service to all customers.

  • Understand customers

Customers are an important part of any company, so the key is to understand them and be able to provide them with a service that makes them want to return, so it is important to carry out this study and determine how to reach them.

Likewise, the services Mystery shopper provide opportunities to improve any marketing strategy, where in addition to pleasing existing customers, will be able to attract new customers to the company.

  • Study the competition

In addition to being oriented to be a service to improve a company, it is used by many people to study and learn about the strategies of their competition to integrate some into their own strategy, thus improving their position in the market.




The service mystery shopping is one of the most popular in Spain by allowing them to large and small companies to obtain results favorable to their growth and development, both economically and customers.

Said mystery shopping services in Spain are provided by multiple detective agencies, so the secret will be knowing how to choose the one that suits the needs of the company that requires said strategy to improve its management.

In Spain you can find a variety of detective agencies that are responsible for providing this service mystery shopping for any company in the country can grow and advance.

For this reason, it is possible to find a variety of agencies that currently provide these services, so the key will be to inform yourself to make the best choice, because even if this service is provided, they may vary from one to the other.

For this reason, for years we have been considered in Arga detectives group as the best option for the inhabitants of all of Spain, since we have been in charge of providing a quality service throughout the territory.



Group detectives Arga we have the best professional and experienced performing this service mystery shopping , so our customers can find a lot of evidence to support it .

Taking this into account, do not hesitate that we are the best option to carry out this work that allows your company to grow, being able to count on the service anywhere in Spain, which is characterized by being an economic and accessible service for all .

Why choose the mystery shopping service?

The service mystery shopping offered throughout Spain has been sued by several options besides growing a business according to different aspects, so we highlight the following:

  1. Provide information

These mystery shopping services are beneficial to obtain detailed information on some specific aspects of the company, thus being able to plan different strategies to solve these aspects and move forward.

  1. recommendations

Many of the companies tend to opt for these services since one of their advantages is to obtain a detailed report on the study that has been chosen, which will be accompanied by recommendations and alternatives provided by the detective.

Said alternative will suppose a solution to improve certain aspects of the company, being able to advance more quickly and effectively to achieve objectives by the director of the company.

  1. Evaluate employees

Among the information and benefits provided by mystery shopping services , among the main ones we can highlight the evaluation of employees, as they are in charge of making a customer buy from our company again.

With this study the managers of a company will be able to evaluate the performance of the employees, the dealings offered to the clients, the way in which they achieve a sale and others, evaluating every minimum detail of their work.

In the report that will be obtained by this service, it will also be possible to obtain a specific result that allows the tracing of certain strategies to increase the performance of employees and provide them with an incentive so that, with their help, the company continues to advance.

  1. Assess competition

In addition to being a strategy to evaluate the performance of our own company, it can be used as an alternative to directly evaluate the company, taking into account its details when working.

In this way, it will be possible to establish a comparison between both methods and reach a midpoint that allows us to increase the performance of our company, positioning ourselves as the main option instead of the competition.

  1. Verify behavior and keep expectations

The last reason to hire the services of mystery shopping that provide in Spain is able to assess the behaviors that employees do not face higher charge people.

In this way it will be possible to make any type of change in the organization of the company in favor of it. It also gives clients a certain expectation, making them try harder to make their assignments in the company.

For all this, all companies located throughout the country should consider opting for the services of mystery shopping , because as we said earlier, there are many reasons and benefits for its use.

It should also be noted that, in addition to the aforementioned, with this service it will be possible to obtain results from other studies that allow knowing multiple characteristics of the company.

These specified objectives should be done when the service is contracted by any private detective agency, thus ensuring that we obtain the expected and desired results.

Why hire us?

Just as there are a variety of reasons to have the services of mystery shopping for a company, there are many reasons why choosing detectives Arga group to carry out this work.

First of all, it is important to highlight that we are an agency that for years has been in charge of providing the best customer service, accompanied by professional research with updated techniques and tools.

Our detectives are responsible for carrying out the best investigative work, obtaining the answers to our clients’ concerns in the shortest possible time and with reliable evidence that can be used before a court.

We should also highlight that they have verifiable experience in carrying out this type of research, as well as finding a variety of testimonies from past clients regarding the work done.

Among other services that our agency is in charge of providing, we can highlight investigations of infidelities and those related to the digital sphere, as well as those aimed at the family and the workplace .

For these reasons and more, please do not contact us for availability of the services of mystery shopping , research and other services at the best cost throughout Spain, as well as work fastest of all.




The mystery shopping is a strategy that perform the various companies of the world to get results from specific characteristics of a specific enterprise or local with the help of a private investigator to conduct the investigation.



This mystery shopping is a strategy that has been used for years and that is beneficial, using different techniques to collect information that will be delivered to the owner of the company through a report with specifications and recommendations.

This strategy known as mystery shopping , or mystery customer in various parts of the world, is a strategy that is extremely useful to know certain characteristics of a company in terms of its projection with the public.

Carrying out this study, it will be possible to know the impact the company has had on people and the ways to improve it, in order to reach many more people and increase its popularity and sales.

It turns out to be an extremely beneficial study for many, which is why most of the companies in the country choose to have these services provided by the different detective agencies to guarantee positive results.

Similarly, below we present the advantages obtained by having this service for a company:

  1. Evaluate impression

With mystery shopping you will be able to know what is the initial impression of people who choose to visit an establishment, know what their first impression is and what aspects should be improved in terms of the company’s image.

Knowing this aspect is of great importance for a company since, having a person entering your establishment, you can be a potential customer who must know how to maintain for the benefit of that company.

  1. Reviews

As we mentioned, it turns out to be a very useful strategy to know the opinions and feelings of customers so that we can improve marketing strategies to achieve a good feeling in them and become repeat customers.

  1. Quality of sales

In addition to being a strategy to get to know the customers and their tastes, with mystery shopping you will be able to know the performance of the employees of said company, as well as the way in which they carry out sales and treat customers.

  1. Staff needs

As in the above, mystery shopping will prove to be a good option to know the needs of employees to do a good job, so that strategies can be carried out to motivate them.

  1. Offers alternatives

As we mentioned previously, when carrying out this strategy, possible alternatives can be obtained to improve the aspects that are highlighted by the private detective and obtain a better service and results for the company.

With all this, it is clear why it is important to hire a mystery shopping service for any company, be it large or small, as there will always be something to improve in order to continue growing.

This mystery shopping turns out to be one of the services most demanded by companies throughout the country, because as we mentioned earlier, it allows companies to obtain improvements for their advancement.

That is why we can currently have different private detective agencies that are in charge of making this service available to everyone with different characteristics and alternatives according to the agency.

Within all this, it should be noted that for years in Arga detectives group we have characterized ourselves as a good option for companies to carry out this strategy to improve and advance.

This is because we have professional and experienced detectives carrying out this work, which is why we carry it out efficiently and quickly, providing essential alternatives for companies.

Similarly, in addition to carrying out this report, our professionals are also trained to conduct a study of marketing and other services to also prove beneficial for businesses.

For all this, do not hesitate to contact us at Arga detectives to have our mystery shopping service , which has your report with the specifications and recommendations to advance your company.

The mystery shopping of a company can be carried out in order to achieve different objectives that grant the same advantages that were mentioned above, so we will highlight some of the aforementioned objectives below:

  • Company image

Studying the company image and how it can be perceived is one of the objectives of this strategy, being carried out in a surprising way for those who make life in the company.

At this point the objective is to study the way in which the company is viewed, the assessment of different aspects of it such as cleanliness, order and design, to determine if it is attractive to users or not.



  • Customer Support

As we mentioned previously, this is one of the aspects most studied by this strategy, where the objective is to determine the entire process from the moment the client contacts the seller, evaluating himself until greeting him.

  • Market study

The mystery shopping extremely effective for performing a market study if it is a company that distributes certain products, because at this point the goal is to identify which product most requested by customers.

This report is very useful, as mentioned, to modify the marketing strategies that are carried out with the company, since in the report delivered by the detective who carries out the case are the suggestions for improvement.

Taking all this into account, it will be much easier for a company to carry out the contracting of a mystery shopping to take advantage of the benefits that it provides for it, counting on our responsibility and efficiency.



The mystery shopping , known in many places as the mystery guest, is nothing more than a strategy employing different companies to know the thoughts and feelings of customers towards it, either for their services, for a product, among others.

Carrying out mystery shopping is very simple and many times it is recommended that companies carry it out from time to time to know the effectiveness that their products and services are having in the public, in order to improve and grow them.

The mystery shopping is a technique (also called tool) research is especially aimed at the commercial area of different companies to measure the acceptance or customers think about their services.

This method is very old, specifically used since 1940 with the original objective of verifying the integrity of the employees of a specific company; With this, the method that used to be used was that of surveys or questionnaires.

Thanks to the technological and social advancement that the world has had, today the ways of carrying out this mystery shopping are different , since it can be carried out from the undercover method, with the help of an employee, or through images, recordings, among others.

The objective of these mysterious customers today is not only to collect customer satisfaction in relation to the company, but they also help to understand how employees behave with customers, the treatment they are given, among others.

With all this, researchers will be able to prepare reports that diagnose those areas of the company that require improvement in customer service, while increasing sales and recognition among clients in the city or area.




The services to carry out mystery shopping in an appropriate way are carried out by a detective agency, since it is these that are in charge of carrying out any type of investigation and its report.

Currently these services require the help of a detective who participates undercover, as well as the best techniques and tools that allow them to go unnoticed among the clients of a company.

Therefore, it is possible to count on the help of multiple detective agencies, but none as effective as we are, the Arga group of detectives that for years have dedicated ourselves to providing the best investigation service.

For this last reason, we have the recognition of multiple clients throughout the country that accredit us as the best option to carry out an investigation. We characterize ourselves as a responsible group and provide responses as soon as possible.

Finally, we must emphasize that our mystery shopping service is the best in the area, as we have the latest techniques and the preparation of a report that can be used in the legal field, being one of the most economically accessible agencies in the area.



As we mentioned, mystery shopping is about a detective who is hired by the company, but without the knowledge of its employees of this, so that the detective goes to the establishment and evaluates the performance of the employees.

Once said detective is in place, the objective is for him to act naturally to prevent employees from becoming suspicious and, when contracting the company’s services or products, he will begin to evaluate certain aspects.

The criteria to be evaluated by mystery shopping will depend on what the business owner needs, so that the report prepared will be inclined to these aspects, with suggestions and recommendations, and then it will be delivered to whoever has contracted the service.

For example, if it were a company that is in charge of selling fast food, the mystery shopper should go to the place and act as a customer once they have agreed with the owner of the company what they want to evaluate.



This client must wait a prudent time to place his order and, once made, he will consume it in normal time, as if he were one more client and then, once he has paid, he will leave the place to write his report.

The importance of companies hiring this service is that they will know those aspects that do not allow them to grow in the economic world, since by providing a quality service they will be able to attract more customers and gain more popularity.



In the Arga group of detectives we take care of providing the best mystery shopping service , where the aspects that our detective will take into account will be varied, thus adjusting to general standards or to what the client wishes, these being some of them:

  • Attention

The attention provided by employees to clients is of utmost importance, as well as the treatment provided to them, since these factors will affect the clients’ feelings about the company, causing them to return or not to opt for their services.

  • Image

This aspect to be investigated by mystery shopping aims to know how the company is projected day by day through the attention that its employees provide to customers, as well as the image that the space provides in terms of order, cleanliness, clothing, among others.

  • Market study

Although it sounds complicated, it is one of the investigations most carried out by mystery shopping where the objective is to identify those brands most consumed by the customer. For example, when opting for a bottle of water, what brand does the customer require to receive.

  • Training of workers

This is an aspect where mystery shopping will be in charge of evaluating the response and development of employees in certain situations such as questions about products, whether they are capable of solving a problem with a customer, among others.

All these aspects are of utmost importance to promote a business in terms of popularity, so do not hesitate to hire the services of our mystery shopping detectives , who are in charge of providing the best possible job throughout the country.



Services of mystery shopping are provided by various detective agencies across the country as it is a strategy that allows us to investigate and detect certain failures at the operational level of a company that provides products or services.

These mystery shopping services need to be carried out by companies on a regular basis, because with this, they can improve certain aspects and grow in terms of customer recognition and demand, thus providing them with quality service.

As mentioned previously, mystery shopping is a technique used for many years, initially in the United States, to evaluate and correct certain aspects of establishments in terms of their treatment and development of customers.

It is a simple technique to perform, where generally the one who performs it is a private detective who hires the manager of the company to go to it in a covert manner and impersonate another client.

For this last reason, this is a technique that is also known as a “mystery customer” and is currently used by even the largest companies, since none escapes the small details that must be corrected.

As for where to hire him, this is a service provided by detectives from different agencies throughout the country, this being one of the most requested services in each of them by large and small companies.

For this reason, we can say that having the services of a detective who performs mystery shopping in the country is extremely simple, since it will only be enough to go to a detective agency.



In Arga detectives group we have the best option for professional detectives to carry out mystery shopping , because once you contact us, we will provide you with a fair budget according to what you need.

For this reason, we can highlight that our detectives have become the main option for many people throughout the country, as we take care of providing quality service at an affordable price.

The latter has allowed us to be the main detective agency in the country, with the testimonies of multiple clients who have opted for mystery shopping to evaluate the service that their company provides, and at the same time, to its employees.



Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us as the best agency for investigations, as our service is the fastest, with the best and most professional private detectives in the country.




  1. Adjust campaigns

When mystery shopping is carried out to evaluate a special promotion or service of the company, among the results that the detective can reach we can highlight adjusting said campaign.

The latter with the aim of modifying it in such a way that it is appealing to many more people and the scope of said campaign is greater, thus attracting more customers for the company.

  1. Get information

One of the objectives of this technique is to obtain information about who makes life in the company and the way in which it is seen by customers, thus facilitating decision-making in some aspects of it.

  1. Realistic projections

With this, the managers of the companies will know to what type of public to direct their advertising campaigns and what will be the certain percentage of sales, in addition to the fact that with the aforementioned adjustment it will be beneficial for the company’s planning.

  1. Taste evolution

The mystery shopping , as mentioned, is ideal for collecting information from such information can highlight the changing tastes and interests of customers, so as to advance them to succeed with the products.

  1. It is accessible and effective

This service provided by our agency Arga detectives is one of the most economically accessible in the country, so the investment to obtain this study will be recoverable for the company.

In turn, the results of this technique will be obtained in a short time, so that the company can quickly adapt to these results and begin to notice the beneficial progress it will bring to the company.

  1. Position

If it is a company that distributes a product or service, mystery shopping will be of great help to know in which position of preference it is among the customers that consume similar products or services more frequently.

  1. Multiple companies

Being a beneficial service for different companies, currently this study can be carried out by companies such as jewelry stores, restaurants and bars, bakery, boutique, stationery, among others of this style.

  1. Report

When a detective from our Arga agency performs this mystery shopping service , they will be in charge of preparing a detailed report with all the evidence they have collected, as well as including recommendations and suggestions for those who have requested this service.

For all the above, it should be noted that mystery shopping is an extremely beneficial service for the different companies in the country, because as we mentioned, it helps them modify different aspects for their evolution.

Such evolution is necessary so that companies can advance and gain popularity while increasing their income with the growth of customers; do not hesitate to contact us, as we guarantee the best service of all.



As we mentioned earlier, when a detective is in charge of carrying out this work, at the end he gives a detailed report of the investigation, the results of the investigation and may include suggestions and recommendations.

When carrying out mystery shopping by any agency, it is important that this report be made, since it will be here that all the information that the company requires to improve is housed.

This report is one of the services that our commissioned detectives provide, so do not hesitate to contact us to obtain the best answer based on your needs for the improvement of your company.




The mystery customer , also known as mystery shopping, is a strategy that companies use to learn about and evaluate different aspects of it, such as customer service, employee performance, products and others.



This mysterious client is a job that is carried out by private detectives, as well as people dedicated to the world of tourism and hospitality, being one of the most requested throughout the country by different companies with the aim of improving their service.



The mystery customer , known on other occasions as mystery shopping or even as a mystery visitor, is a person posing as a buyer to attend a company and evaluate different aspects of it.

This visit to the company determined by the person hiring the service, is accompanied by a report that describes what has been done, the agreed evaluation and suggestions and recommendations for the establishment.

This document is the most important element of this strategy, since it will include the aspects observed by those who carry out this work and, if it is for the benefit of a company, they will find ways to improve it.

As for who performs this work, today the mystery client is a technique that is professionally carried out by multiple private detectives, guaranteeing a quality study and result.

Similarly, there are multiple people who have adopted this mysterious client job to earn extra income, so we can choose these people to carry out this research.

Finally, we must emphasize that it is also carried out by many people in the tourism and hospitality sector, mainly to evaluate different aspects of this sector and improve it, since it is in constant growth.



As we mentioned previously, the mystery customer strategy is used by many companies to carry out studies and evaluations on specific criteria of the same in order to improve and advance.

In this way, we can also say that they include other advantages for companies that are as important as carrying out advertising strategies to attract more customers. Among them, we can highlight the following:

  1. Varied studies

The mysterious client allows the company to evaluate different aspects of it in the hands of a professional detective who has experience in this, being able to evaluate aspects such as customer service and the company’s image.

In the same way, other aspects such as the training and performance of workers can be evaluated, thus locating new strategies to increase their performance in their jobs, as well as the market study.

  1. Real vision

These mystery customer studies will allow the company to have a real and impartial view of what is happening in the company, from the tastes and preferences of its customers to the behavior of all its employees on any given day.

In this way, you can make choices that favor the company in terms of its strategy to attract customers, as well as new strategies that favor and improve the performance of staff in that company.

  1. Know the competition

In addition to being used as a strategy to grow a company, mystery customer service is adopted by many people to spy on their competition and adopt some of their attitudes to be more successful.

For example, a company hires a detective to carry out this service to find out what is the treatment, speed and attention provided by the competition to customers, in order to adopt a better technique and attract those and many more. customers.

Many people may interpret this technique as dishonest, but for many years ago it has been used to spy on the competition and match its successes in terms of attention and service to multiple clients.

  1. Check compliance with rules

Just as it is a technique used to evaluate the performance of employees during work, it is also often used to verify that the company’s norms and its quality criteria are fulfilled as they should.

  1. Follow campaigns and promotions

Finally, we can say that the mystery customer is a technique used to check the success and compliance of the campaigns and promotions that companies carry out to attract more customers and increase their sales.

For all the above, we can say that it is a marketing strategy that is extremely beneficial for many companies, so it is important to choose correctly who will be the mysterious client in charge of evaluating these important aspects.


Location of people in Spain | Private detectives experts in search and location of lost people.



In Arga detectives group we have been in charge of providing the mystery customer service for years, thus providing a quality and professional service to all those companies that need to grow and improve certain aspects.

Our detectives are in charge of carefully evaluating each aspect indicated by the person who hires our services, making a detailed report where we will be in charge of providing solutions and recommendations.

Likewise, we must emphasize that our detectives are available 24 hours a day, so that the person who requires these services should only contact them to receive such attention.

Likewise, we must emphasize that, compared to multiple agencies in the area, our mysterious customer service is the most economically accessible, so that it is a service available to anyone who needs it.

Thanks to the years of our agency providing these services, we have a large number of past clients who give their testimony of the experience and results obtained from the mysterious client service of our detectives.

Finally, we are a main option for many people because in addition to providing this mysterious client service , we are an agency in charge of providing multiple investigative services according to the needs of our clients.



Grupo Arga Detectives is a private investigation agency expert in private investigation services of Mystery shopping or mystery client. Our staff is highly qualified in this type of services and has an abundance of training functions Mystery Shopper .

Contact our professional team through our telephone number 24 hours 913 866 294. Do you have questions about this service? Call us and we will clarify all the details about this service and we will provide you with a free estimate.

Looking for answers? We will give them to you. What are you waiting for? Call now.





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